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26 May 2003, 08:33 PM
Jungle, Day, 0530 hours

The jungle was silent, like it was too early for any creature to stir. A man in a guilee head-dress and suit brushes the bush from his eyes and takes out a pair of macrobinoculars.

Dan Solu grunted, and wiped dirt from his face. This was only the second jungle creep Dan had did in his 6 year career as a Selono Mercenary Corps Sniper, and he hoped he would never have to do it again. Dan peered through his high-powered macrobionculars at the village below. The village was alive with people, mostly the non-human native population. Dan quickly scanned to the approaching jeeps and trucks, his target was in the second jeep.

His target, a human by the name of Sancho Davaz, was the rebel leader on the world Dolat. He called his rebel party 'Freedom' but it was more just a mask for what it really was, a terroist group. 'Freedom' had bombed several buildings in the capital city of Dolat. The death toll was reaching 10,000 citizens, and climbing with every strike Davaz ordered. That was just the recorded casulties, anything out in the jungle here, well that was another story.

The Dolatite Army could not dispose of Davaz as there was leaks in the military, from the highest chain, but that was not Solu's job. His job was to elimate Davaz with the highest amount of prejudice. The trucks stopped and Dan took out his sniper rifle slowly, focusing the scope on the men gathering at the jeeps. Davaz got out first, he must think he is safe in the jungle from any sane man. Good the goverment decided to go SMC. Dan could not get a clear shot on Davaz so he shifted to the men exiting the trucks. Masked rebels, weilding powerful rifles. Dan squinted, those were Stormtrooper Rifles. Intresting.

The rebels took fire positions behind pre-made sanbag bunkers. Looks like they are setting up shop. Davaz nodded and talked to his lieutenant as they walked down the main village road, Davaz grabbed an apple from a green-skinned native woman and kissed her on the lips. He waved his lieutenant away and sat on one of the sandbags - watching the street and his men unload supplies.

Dan put his crosshair over Davaz's heart. Dan could almost hear Davaz's heart, everything was silent. It was only Dan and Davaz's, flesh versus bullet. Davaz's rubbed the apple on his shirt and took a bite. Dan fired, the recoile was loud - though no flash acompanied it. The bullet soared true and Davaz crumpled. Screams, yellling of orders. Then the jungle became alive, rebels moving to their guns. The jungle around Dan was littered with bullets and laser bolts. Dan just put back on his head-dress and slitherd back towards his pickup point. No remorse - they didn't even know he was there.

Chopper Alpha-Three, Day, 1300 hours

The Chopper roared over the jungle world of Dolate, above the treetops. A flock of bird flew out of the jungle at the noise.

Corporal Actiz Dou'la took a swig of his canteen, and yelled over the noise of the chopper. "Sarge its too goddamn hot for this! We have been on this planet for what? Six hours and I feel like I have lost ten pounds do to the ××××ing heat."
"Quit your ××××ing whining, Dou'la. The Sniper should be at his extraction point and then we are outta here. I have had no trouble with the damn heat so shut your hole." Sargeant Tuk Dav shouted back. Tuk was a large man, nearly 6'3 and weighing in at about 230 pounds.
"I still think he should find his own way home, damn snipers. Give me the creeps." That was Private Jon'el Monstrike, the rookie.
Tuk laughed. "You will learn to love'em, Monstrike." Tuk got up from his bench and slowly walked over to the cockpit and leaned in. "How far to the extraction point, LT?"
"Two minutes, we are going in hot so your boys be ready to put down any threat in the area. I don't want my chopper dented!"
"Then don't crash." Tuk smirked. "Right, we will give the sniper a few minutes to reach us." Tuk joined his fellow SMC troopers in the back. "LZ is hot boys, five meter spread when we get there. Scan the area. Don't shoot unless shot at, it might be our beloved sniper. Got it?"
"Hoo-ah Sargeant!" Drilled the four men in unison. The Chopper landed.

Jungle, Day, 1315 hours

Dan light a cigarette. The creep back had been uneventful. The rebels hadn't even followed him. Dan twirled the expended bullet casing in his fingers. The kill marked his thirteenth solo kill and his thirty-fourth combat kill. He was high on the kill board but will never reach Ken Sulak, he couldn't sleep at night remembering all those faces. Dan heard the rotar blades before he saw the chopper and grabbed his stuff and started to walk towards the clearing. Throwing his cigarette down and stepping on it.

The Chopper landed in the middle of the clearing and the troopers piled out, taking a perimeter. The knelt and scanned the area, Dan hunched down and started to jog across the clearing. He reached the chopper. "Target elimated. No followers. The Sargeant nodded. Dan hopped onto the Chopper and the troopers followed.
"Okay, now we are done with this world. ××××ing hell sitting in a Chopper for six hours in this heat. I didn't sign up for this tour of duty for this! I thought it would be intresting be on an extraction team. I changed my mind." Dou'la started to complain again.
"Shut up." Tuk signaled the pilot to take off, the Chopper lifted off.

A recoil of a blaster rifle echoed through the jungle. Dou'la screamed. Everything moved in slow motion for the team. Dou'la fell off his bench grabbing his helmet. A nice size laser burned through the back of Dou'la skull. Monstrike looked at Dou'la and froze "Jesus!"
"SNIPER!" The sweep gunner open fire with his door gun, sweeping the jungle floor in a hail of laser fire. The rest of the team opened fire with thier rifles, everyone was pouring fire out the west side of the Chopper. The Chopper swirved east to level the wieght.

Dan looked at the choas around him, he knelt down and tried to find Dou'la pulse. Nothing. Dan stopped, the exit wound came out of his forehead and into his left shoulder, and from where Dou'la was sitting, the shot couldn't have been from the west, it was from the east!

Dan grabbed his Sniper rifle and loaded it. He propped it up on his shoulder and scanned east of the shuttle. Nothing - then movement, the sniper getting up and jogging further east. He tried to focus a shot - the focus went high as the Chopper swirved.

The Sniper on the ground fired again, hitting the door-sweep gunner in the back of the head. Dan hadn't even seen the laser bolt. Dan ducked down. He brought his rifle up again. He closed his eyes and blanked everything out except what was in his scope. The sniper ran in his guilee suit, not much of a target, running a criss-cross pattern. He was trained, well. Too well.

Dan bobbed with the snipers running motions, he fired on the down. The bullet echoed in the jungle. The only sound Dan could hear was his heart beat. It spun, breaking the sound barrier - and hit the sniper in the back of the head spraying up blood. The sniper fell to the ground. An his rifle flew from his hands. A NightStingerSniper rifle, the Imperial Black Ops Sniper's weapon. The Invisable rifle. No wonder Dan hadn't seen it. Tuk stood there mouth agape. "You hit him! You hit him from a ××××ing Chopper!"

Dan sat, and put his rifle down. "He was Imperial. He was a ××××ing Imperial Sniper!"

26 May 2003, 08:42 PM
This story was extremely good. The author has a great grasp on the subject, and sniping is a difficult subject to do that with. It is difficult to write about an individual in combat, and the author does it extremely well. This is a classic sniper tale, and an excellent thought-provoking story for any militarily-concerned gamemaster. Keep up the good work.