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28 May 2003, 06:37 PM
Within the past week, the powerful Trade Federation with its mindless droid armies has established a blockade around the planet Naboo. Tension builds amongst the native population of the planet. Even the usually charismatic adolescent Queen Amidala has been unable to quell their fears.

Strolling the streets of the capital city, amongst the nervous crowds and trying to poll for the latest news, rumors and gossip, the band of friends from the Royal House of Learning notice that the area is unusually quiet. The sense of fear is so thick that a butcher could almost cut it with a dull cleaver. Doom is impending and foreboding, hinting at the dangers to come. Each of the friends senses the doom, giving them a bad feeling about the whole situation.

An unusual scream of an ion engine passes close over the city, a sharp crack of a sonic boom rattling the windows of the buildings shortly thereafter. A shadow veils the group and when they glance up to find the source, they spy a strange vehicle soaring through the skies overhead. The fear amongst the population on the streets escalates rapidly as the unusual starship is only the first in a long series of three-ship formations, filling the sky.

Cries erupt from the innocent citizens of Theed. The sounds of their horror and fear rattle in sharp contrast to the shrill whines of the droid starfighter engines. An erratic shopkeeper races past the heroes, pausing for a moment to cry in panic, “The invasion has begun! We’re doomed! Save yourselves!”

As the woman runs on past the group of friends, and a strange clatter of mechanical marching echoes through the streets and the party spots the first part of a column of skeletal battle droids marching around a corner and headed straight for the group. Blaster fire resounds from blocks nearby as the invading army occupies other parts of the city.

The small squad of mechanical troopers continues to advance on the band of friends. An abandoned speeder rests approximately twenty-five meters across the plaza from the group, offering a possible escape route away from the invading army that has apparently flooded the entire city.

Unfortunately, the squad of battle droids stands between the heroes and the speeder. Minimal opportunities exist for cover in the intervening space. The droids continue to advance on the friends and one announces in its dull, monotone voice, “Halt! You’re under arrest!”

OOC: Map 1.0 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_1.0.jpg)

28 May 2003, 07:16 PM
Sia-Lan can feel the fear of all the civilians around her. She tries to block it out to keep her focus. When she sees the battle droids, she is surprised at how quietly the Trade Federation had attacked the planet. She clears her mind of her questions and sets it to the task at hand. She pulls out her lightsaber and ignights it, letting the pink blade extend out. She sets herself for any attack that might come her way.

Rogue Janson
29 May 2003, 03:20 AM
Seeing the squad of battle droids and Sia-Lan's glowing lightsabre, Arani is shocked at how quickly the situation has deteriorated. She looks around the plaza for any sign of the Naboo defence forces, or anywhere to take cover from the droids, but sees neither and ducks behind Sia-Lan for protection.

"Maybe we can work this out," Arani suggests to her companions hopefully, trying to figure out why the droids might want them and what excuses might get them off. At the same time though, she grips tight onto the blaster pistol in the satchel at her waist. If one thing's certain it's that appealing to the battle droid's sense of compassion isn't going to help.

Kanner Ra'an
29 May 2003, 09:08 AM
Galak sees the advancing droids. His mind stops thinking and gives in to his training. He immediatly draws his blaster. He is nervous but he shuts that part of him down and prepares for combat. When the droid demands his surrender he angrily replies, "You have no authority here, leave or be destroyed." He knows the droid doesn't care but it makes him feel better to show defiance.

Kanner Ra'an
29 May 2003, 09:08 AM
Galak sees the advancing droids. His mind stops thinking and gives in to his training. He immediatly draws his blaster. He is nervous but he shuts that part of him down and prepares for combat. When the droid demands his surrender he angrily replies, "You have no authority here, leave or be destroyed." He knows the droid doesn't care but it makes him feel better to show defiance.

Howling Wookiee
29 May 2003, 11:33 AM
Rann is not surprised from the the sudden appearance of the battle droids with their lack of stealthy approach. The young Jedi Padawan shucks his outer Jedi robe and has his lightsaber in hand and activated before the robe hits the street. The azure blue blade hums in unison with Sai-Lan's pink blade. Rann's eyes narrow as he watches the droids approach. The rights side of his mouth rises in a grin at the leader droid's order to halt. He takes a quick scan of the immediate area to make sure there are not other threats then focuses on the group infront of them. Rann addresses the group without looking at them, "Ok guys here we go, pick your targets and don't stop hitting them until they are scrap."

Kanner Ra'an
29 May 2003, 11:54 AM
IC: "Sounds good, lets do this!" Galak uses both hands and aims at the nearest battle droid, intent on making the scrap buisness a prosperous one here on Naboo.

OOC: Init 9+2=11

Rogue Janson
29 May 2003, 01:42 PM
As the others start to move forwards, Arani slips her compact pistol from the satchel. Ducking slightly to make herself a smaller target she begins to skirt quickly along the edge of the plaza, heading towards the cover provided by the corner of the building ahead. Though glancing sideways to check for more threats, she keeps her attention focused on the leading battle droid in case it raises its blaster to fire.

As the adrenaline starts to pump into her system, Arani allows herself a second to worry about the situation and whether taking on a squad of battle droids is really a good idea. But she finds confidence in her friends and their abilities and clutches her pistol tight, ready to start picking targets when the blaster bolts start flying.

OOC: targetting dodge bonus on the lead droid.

29 May 2003, 02:56 PM
Sia-Lan brings her blade up in a defensive position, ready for any shots that come near her. This is the time she has been waiting for! Now she can prove to herself that she was meant to be a Jedi. Sia-Lan clears her mind of unnecesarry thoughts and reaches for the Force to bulster her fighting skills. She heads strait for the main body of droids ready for any attacks.

OOC: Ready to use battlemind.

29 May 2003, 06:49 PM
Galak’s blaster barks with the sharp release of a bolt of energy almost simultaneously as the distinctive snap-hiss from the two Jedi’s lightsabers resounds through the air. The scent of ozone wafts through the air as the blaster bolt ionizes the air particles that it passes by during its flight towards the lead droid. Despite the droid closing on the group of young friends, the distance is greater than the soldier expected, and his aim goes wide, missing the droid.

As the five skeletal, automated soldiers advance in a sort of half-hearted run or a trot, lances of blaster fire leap out at the group of young, unsung heroes. Either the droids suffer the same fate that young Galak had, or they are just poor shots, as none of the dangerous bolts hit their mark, instead splattering uselessly against the stone floor of the open-air plaza.

The lead droid, in fact, pauses, looking down at its blaster in what can only be a bewildered manner. It slows its charge during this process and the four friends see a blaster clip fall to the ground from the underside of its blaster rifle. The droid produces a spare from its backpack and replaces it, then taking a moment to check over the weapon.

As it pauses, Arani squeezes off a single round from her blaster, the bolt races forward, but she realizes her aim is off. Dirt and stone superheat and explode at the lead droid’s feet, showering nearly a meter in the air, but causing no damage. However, the young girl’s stunt catches the attention of the lead droid, as she sees its head jerk towards her direction. On the other hand, since all four students are huddled together, that might just be coincidence.

In response, Sia-Lan strides forward, her lightsaber humming with energy and her desire to test her skills by fire overwhelming. She reaches deep into her soul and calls out to the Force as she moves forward. The young Padawan finds the Force elusive, and her connection could at best be termed noisy, if she put it in terms of the electronics she worked on in her classes. The Padawan’s desire barely accomplished with a faint haze isolating her surroundings, allowing her focus more directly on her targets. Far from her best attempt ever, she knows that her edge will be at least slightly increased during the forthcoming combat. ((OOC: -4VP, +2 Atk))

OOC: Map 1.1 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_1.1.jpg)

Howling Wookiee
30 May 2003, 03:39 AM
Rann sets his feet and grinds his teeth together. He holds his blue lightsaber high over his head with the tip pointing toward the gathered droids. The young Jedi's eyes narrow again with determination and charges. His target is the closest battle droid, the apparent leader. Upon reaching the droid, Rann brings the blade down in a sloppy chopping motion trying to cleave the droid in half. It appears that Rann's determination has got him in the thick of it again. Hopefully his teamates will cover his butt.
(OOC: charge bonus)

Rogue Janson
30 May 2003, 03:51 AM
Though none of the shooting so far has scored any hits, Arani is disconcerted by the gaze of the lead droid. She darts forward to try and find some cover. Since Rann is now attacking the nearest droid, Arani switches her attention to the group of four moving slowly forwards. As she runs, she tries to keep her aim level at the group of droids, squeezing the trigger when she thinks she has the pistol trained on the nearest one.

OOC: redirecting dodge bonus to the nearest droid of the group. I'm able to reach the corner of the steps where I should get at least a little bit of cover.

Kanner Ra'an
30 May 2003, 08:36 AM
IC: Galak angrily curses at his bad shot. He moves quicly towards the droids (OOC: as close as i can) with anger in his eyes. He raises his blaster and takes careful aim. He moves the blaster and aims it at the skeletal droids chest. He snaps off a quick shot at the nearest one.

30 May 2003, 02:33 PM
With the Force augmenting her fighting ability Sia-Lan finds her first target. Sia-Lan charges at the nearest droid and brings her pink blade down in an overhead slash. Then she sets herself for her next action.

30 May 2003, 04:07 PM
Galak strides forward taking much more care in lining his shot. Before the droids have the chance to squeeze off another shot, the soldier thins their number with a single well-placed shot. The crimson energy squarely scores the forehead of the emaciated droid, momentarily leaving a smoky mark before causing the droid’s cranium to explode in a shower of sparks and melted wires.

As the young male Padawan charges forward, his azure blade makes a colorful shine in the afternoon air. Covering the twenty meters in a matter of seconds, the tip of the blade elevates and comes crashing down into the lead droid, carving the mechanized infantry into two unequal pieces, which go crashing to the ground. Rann realizes that the droid’s brain has not stopped functioning, and its head swivels mildly even as it flaps against the hard stone floor of the plaza.

The droid’s partial body contains its left arm and it fires a random blaster shot towards the Padawan, but it clatters harmlessly away. A minor bit of stone and mortar flies up towards Rann’s midriff. The droid’s parting shot turned out to only be a waste of blaster energy.

The droid farthest from the group of young adventurers, in the back of the formation, lines up a shot aimed at the scoundrel who had already started moving from her initial position. The droid’s poor aim keeps the scoundrel easily safe from the superheated plasma. Chips of marble shower over Arani from the wall to her left as the blaster bolt impacts. A scar is left in the rock for future generations to remember the horrible invasion, and recognize that there are not always peaceful solutions to life’s problems.

Arani sneaks over towards the steps of the nearest building, seeking a bit of cover, and successfully gaining a small measure of protection. Keeping her eye on the droid remaining closest to her and at the same time, tracking it through the open sights of her blaster pistol, Arani steadies her aim. Pausing for a moment and controlling her breathing, she steadies her aim at the slowly advancing droid, she squeezes a trigger and receives an ample reward. The object of her antagonism spins around as the blaster bolt sears its left arm off. Lacking an arm, the droid continues its spin and falls down in a heap of scrap metal.

Sia-Lan continues her drive forward, closing on one of the last two remaining droids. Apparently, this group had little resistance to offer the group of young friends. Her lightsaber comes crashing down towards the battle droid. However, the droid turns and manages to avoid a good majority of the damage from the energy blade. Still, it’s right arm comes clattering off and the lightsaber scores into the droids body, although the Padawan’s aim must be off, because it seems to only mildly damage the droid.

Brining its weapon to bear on the lightsaber wielding female in front of it, the droid tries to shoot Sia-Lan. With one arm missing, however, its firing abilities are not near as stable, and the Jedi student cleanly avoids the shot from point blank range from the wounded mechanized soldier.

OOC: Map 1.2 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_1.2.jpg)

30 May 2003, 04:26 PM
Sia-Lan is frustrated that her first attack didn't down her opponent. She brings her blade across the droid's torso with a horizontal slash that should finish it off. Then she moves to get a better positon to defend the speeder so her friends can get to it.

Kanner Ra'an
30 May 2003, 04:32 PM
Galak beams at his shot, glad to see the droid fall apart. He takes note of what happens then acts quickly. He moves to the left (OOC:3 squares) to make sure he doesnt mistakenly hit Sia-Lan. He looks at the droid, moves a little closer(OOC 4 squares), then lets loose with another crimson bolt.

Rogue Janson
31 May 2003, 03:35 AM
Arani lets out a little victory shout as she sees her shot disable a droid. With the lightsabre wielding jedi and blaster toting Galak advancing on the remaining two droids, she runs forward to the speeder. Arani vaults in and starts looking for the ignition so they can get away before more of the invasion forces turn up.

Howling Wookiee
31 May 2003, 04:33 AM
Rann will look at his handy work for a moment then look up to see where the others are and if they are in need of any assistance. The young padawan moves over to engage the other battle droid beside San-Lia. A smile crosses Rann's face and seems to be enjoying the small skirmish. Beads of sweat run down his face in the afternoon heat and sun. He brings his azure blade down low and thrusts it up with all his might at the battle droid for an uppercut attack. This attack is slopply like the other, but this is the first time Rann has used his training in an actual fight. His master would be telling him, "Envision your attack before you execute it. Steady and smooth." Those instructions ring in Rann's ears.

31 May 2003, 05:34 AM
The young male soldier seems to be having a hit and miss day, and in his case, it is a literal statement. Despite the fact that he closed in on the remaining droid target, the crimson bolt leaps from his gun and misses in the shorter distance. A low-flying cloud of rocky debris scatters above the stone blocks in the ground. The droid does not stop its continued assault, albeit having stood still for the past several seconds, firing its blaster.

Advancing, Rann steps over the shattered ‘corpses’ of several battle droids, coming face to face with the last of the battle droids. The Padawan’s martial abilities are definitely on hand in this encounter, his calming techniques must have helped him. Bringing the blade around in a wide arc, Rann first disarms the droid at the elbows in a very literal manner. Despite his thoughts at his attack being sloppy, it appears to be rather effective. After severing the lower arms, the azure blade swings back through the torso and effortlessly cleaves the trunk of the droid in two. This attack, however, shows Rann’s sloppiness in his attacks. Whereas a Jedi Knight could make the attack and the top half would settle on the bottom half, at least for a second, Rann’s case is not quite so clean. Despite being impossible with a lightsaber, it seems that the Padawan’s blade catches inside the droid. The top flies off the body as if Rann had hit it with a club, scattering the metal head and shoulders across the stone ground with an almost unnatural, shrieking sound. The sweat still drizzling down his face, he stands over his conquest with his blue blade held high. The legs stand, holding up the pelvis and stomach of the mechanized unit until the Padawan taps it with his foot, and the remainder of the destroyed soldier topples to the ground in a loud clatter.

Arani bolts from her position, easily covering the distance and vaulting into the speeder. As she climbs into the driver’s seat, she spies a group of four battle droids, waiting in ambush directly in front of the speeder. With no offensive weapons on board the vehicle except for her personal blaster pistol, her options for attack are severely limited. On the upside, however, the vessel does provide an ample amount of cover, making her a much more difficult target, although restricting her ability to perform fancy footwork to keep from being hit.

Sia-Lan Wezz brings her blade back through the droid for a finishing blow with only a mild aggravation flowing with it through the droid’s body. This time, the mechanized warrior fares far worse than it had before. Already weakened from its previous damage care of the Padawan’s Jedi blade, the body seems to crumble before the young woman. The head of the droid seems to detach itself and crack in two, even before it hits the pavement, the droid’s small and yet complex brain spilling out of the metal shell. The backpack, containing communications and additional combat items also splits in two, and even detaches from the droid’s back, crashing to the ground in two. Apparently, the lightsaber hit a small power core, although the armor acts as a shield, protecting Sia-Lan from any blast. The droid’s innards, however, fare far worse, and when the armored shell drops, it sounds hollow, as if the inside had been completely consumed by the small detonation. Before the last parts of the droid had even begun to clatter against the hard floor of the plaza, the Padawan had continued toward her objective of the speeder. The din of the battle echoes across the courtyard, although with the rapid reduction of armed forces, it seems to die away.

As Sia-Lan approaches the speeder, a tingling warning deep in her mind alerts her to impending danger. Unheard over the commotion of battle, additional squads of battle droids have approached, flanking the Padawan and the speeder she guards. Having been facing away from the speeder, watching her friends approach the escape vehicle, she notices an additional pair behind them, at the far end of the plaza. An alarm must have been raised, alerting the Droid Control Ships to the commotion.

A trio of mechanized troops visualizes to the Padawan’s right, and she turns to face them. Three bolts of deadly energy lance out at the Padawan, but before she even has to raise her personal defenses, they fall short. One scatters into the speeder, peeling off paint and bursting through an outer hull panel. Smoke rises off the vehicle, although nothing explodes, which seems to be a good sign. The other two bolts tear up yet another pair of chucks out of the ground. The Padawan’s additional cover by the speeder seems to offer just enough cover to keep her safe for now.

A painful whine and the distinct bleeping of a blaster hinting that it is out of power can be heard over the din of the surrounding commotion. Seconds later a muffled explosion rocks the far corner where the most recent blaster fire came from. The trio of droids who had just fired upon Sia-Lan are thrown forward, scattering to the ground in front of the speeder. Arani squints as she watches parts from the fourth battle droid accompany the trio of soldiers out from the explosion and to the ground. The scoundrel recognizes that the fourth droid’s blaster overloaded, taking it out in a fiery death and knocking the three others to the ground.

An additional four battle droids had arrived in the corner across from the trio, which had miserably failed to attack Sia-Lan. The two closest to Galak point their barrels at the soldier and squeeze off combined rounds aimed towards him. He casually dances out of their way, although the sudden, unwanted attention could prove deadly if he is not careful.

The second pair out of the four units aims at the male Padawan instead of the soldier. Their aim is equally poor, and the energy from their weapons splashes harmlessly around the Force student, not even causing him to move his feet to avoid the incoming fire. Regardless, the addition of the now seven additional opponents could prove daunting in the very near future.

The situation rapidly deteriorates, and yet another pair arrives to Galak’s left. His only warning that they approach is the crack from their blaster rifles. Quickly turning his head to observe the inbound threat, the soldier narrowly dodges the first bolt, but catches the second full force in his left shoulder. With his feet in mid-air as he unsuccessfully attempts to dodge the second shot, the force of the shot spins him around, sweeping his feet out from under him and allowing him to fall a to the ground. Hitting the hard stone jolts his entire body, and momentarily knocks the wind out of him. His shoulder burns intensely and begins to bleed as the shock of the fall opens up the poorly cauterized wound. ((-11VP, -3WP, lying prone but conscious))

None of the friends is lucky enough to avoid becoming the target of the impersonal droids. Arani’s only indication of the danger is the ricochet of blaster bolts coming from behind her and to her left. Looking over her left shoulder, she spies a twin pair of combatants advancing, burping fire from their weapons as they advance from near where she had just been hiding. While they were not getting their aim any closer, the multiple blaster bolts posed an intimate danger to the fleeing scoundrel.

OOC: Map 1.3 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_1.3.jpg)

31 May 2003, 08:40 AM
Sia-Lan is thankful that the Force warned her of the ambush. She doesn't want to leave her position behind the speeder, so she decides to call on the Force to help her attack from a range. Like a giant punch she pushes with the Force toward the 3 droids in front of the speeder.

OOC: force strike on droids

Kanner Ra'an
31 May 2003, 09:16 AM
Galak swears at his luck. He looks over at his shoulder and thanks the force he was wearing armor, knowing it could have been far worse. Galak immediatly realizes he is a sitting duck out here. He gets up slowly, clutching his wounded shoulder, then makes his way as quickly as possible to the speeder, leaving a trail of his own blood on the way.

Howling Wookiee
31 May 2003, 09:23 AM
Rann jerks his head over toward Galak's position after dispatching the droids. He watches his commrade fall under the hail of fire from the battle droids. Rann scans the area and tries to inventory all the threats. The odds look like they are stacked against them. The Jedi Padawan makes his way toward the speeder and get's inbetween the speeder and the closest group of advancing battle droids. His posture is a defensive manner as he holds his azure lightsaber horizontally across his chest. He calls over his shoulder, "Get this thing going! We need to get out of here and fast. We will cover you until you get it started and we will hop in."

((OOC: Deflect Defend))

Rogue Janson
31 May 2003, 01:36 PM
Her hands suddenly clammy from her frayed nerves, Arani fiddles clumsily with the speeder's controls, hoping to see the glow of the instrument panels as it powers up. She keeps her head low behind the dashboard, the ominous figures of the battle droids moving in the upper half of her vision
"come on baby, don't let me down" Arani mutters to herself. Popping her head up briefly, she assesses the situation. If she accelerates forwards she should be able to scatter the droids in front of her, then reverse out and pick up the others. It could take some hard driving to pull off, but she is confident in her abilities.
"Come on people, time to go!" Arani shouts back to her friends. As she looks round, she is disconcerted at only seeing Sia-Lan and Rann. But reassuringly they don't look shocked or angry, only pressed, as the droids keep up a steady, if haphazard, fire.
He's probably just taking a nap, Arani thinks to herself.

31 May 2003, 06:59 PM
Gritting his teeth with the pain, Galak rises from his fallen position. The trail of blood he leaves is minor, a testament as how compression helps against a wound. The medpac on his belt flaps heavily against his right thigh as he hastily moves towards the speeder. He clutches his blaster in his wounded hand, saving the other for the compression. Galak arrives just at the edge of the speeder, preparing to hoist himself inside.

Arani fights with the controls to get the speeder turned on and operational. It takes her longer than she expected to get the engine fired up, stalling her plans to ram the droids. Additionally, they have not risen yet, which would make targeting them with her makeshift battering ram a bit more difficult. Although the young rogue believes that the repulsors would do them no favors.

Even as the engine trembles to life for Arani – a testament to her innate abilities with machines – an adversary rises to challenge her. The situation worsens as the droid is joined by a second of its group, and two blasters point in Arani’s direction. Flinching as the pair of weapons flash, releasing their blaster bolts, Arani nearly gets singed by the superheated energy. One of the bolts strikes the front grill of the speeder, the second putting a clean hole in the front passenger seat next to the young girl. Only by the sheer fact that the speeder partially shields the young adventurer does she manage to avoid a direct hit.

The third of the group of fallen battle droids rises and fires immediate towards the female Padawan. The speeder provides partial cover between Sia-Lan and her assailant, and consequently – as well as perhaps resulting from the droid’s previous fall – the soldier’s aim is well off and Sia-Lan does not need to worry about dodging the assault.

Sia-Lan had waited until she had a clear shot of all three droids before sending a pulse of Force energy in their direction. Typically unstable, and not at all apt at dodging attacks, especially those that were impossible to detect through visual sensors, all three droids receive the full brunt of her attack. Stumbling backwards and crashing to the ground, small metal shards scatter off the droids, indicating real damage sustained by the automated warriors. ((-2VP for Force Strike))

Rann, the Jedi Padawan takes a defensive pose at the rear of the speeder, holding a guard against the four droids closest to him. Only two of the droids seem to target the student of the Force. An audible difference in their method of attack alerts Rann to a real increase of the danger they pose. The weapons spew superheated plasma at a high, cyclic rate towards the young Padawan, fully testing his limits. Three of the charges are deflected almost effortlessly, but the fourth challenges young Rann. Only barely having the chance to bring his blade back up, across his chest does the Jedi in training manage to avoid a near-perfect shot from the droid.

A third of the quad of droids facing Rann moves around its companions as they occupy the Padawan’s focus with their vicious attacks. Rann believes the attack will come at him, but watches at the blaster shot passes his right shoulder cleanly. As the target, Sia-Lan receives the faintest of warnings from the Force, causing her to glance over her should and mind the energy shatters into the wall in front of her. She seems to have attracted a bit more attention.

Another series of eruptions from the fourth of the quad attracts Rann’s attention, but he notices that they are not directed at him. Arani does not even know she is the target of the aggression until the sound of exploding stone, followed by the cry of seared hull plating accompanied by the soft shaking of the speed attracts her attention. The droids are getting closer in their attacks, and eventually one of the many blasts will hit their mark.

Rounding the corner after Galak are the two battle droids that wounded him. They continue their assault, although this time the soldier and the female Padawan divides their focus. Neither of their attacks comes close to the allies, although they do burn more holes in the previously beautiful stone tiling that covered the plaza ground.

The high rate of fire attacks continue as the two droids who had followed Arani from near her initial hiding spot open fire. Sia-Lan receives the honor of being the target of their aggression, although none of their four blasts causes her anything greater than an annoyance. When making their multiple attacks, apparently the droid’s already usually poor aim suffers even greater.

OOC: Map 1.4 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_1.4.jpg)

31 May 2003, 09:03 PM
Sia-Lan, seeing the odds against them, knows that it is time to leave. When she sees her compainions nearing the speeder she runs around the front of the speeder to get in. She jumps over the side of the speeder into the passengers seat next to Arani.

Kanner Ra'an
1 June 2003, 04:54 AM
Galak's relief is obvious when he finally gets to the speeder. He colapses into the speeder. Despite his urge to use his medpac, Galak is aware that they are not out of this yet. He aims for one of the droids, behind the speeder, all to aware of the pain it causes him to move his shoulder, and lets loose a shot, hoping to cover their escape.

Howling Wookiee
1 June 2003, 05:17 AM
Rann looks over his shoulder as Arani shouts, "Lets GO!". He makes sure that everyone is in or near the speeder. Rann double checks to make sure the wounded Galak is in the speeder and notices him already in there. The young Jedi looks back to the approaching droids. He realizes that he can not keep up deflect the incoming blaster shots. They will overwhelm him before too long. Rann pivots on his right foot and jumps with all his might in the speeder. Upon landing rather hard on the back seat, he yells, "Move it, We are all ready!" Once in he will direct his attention to the back of the speeder. He will deflect any shots coming in from the rear.

Rogue Janson
1 June 2003, 09:55 AM
With everyone on board, Arani slams her foot down hard on the accelerator and yanks the wheel to turn the speeder right. Still sitting low, she can only see the heads of the battle droids ahead, and resists the urge to try and clip them with the rear of the speeder as she passes. The whine of the engine powering up mixes with the hum of the two Jedi's lightsabres and the crack of Galaks blaster as they pull away from the attacking battle droids.

1 June 2003, 11:33 AM
Pulling himself into the speeder in a very painful manner, Galak manages to gain the much-needed cover the speeder’s lightweight hull provides. Sharp, throbbing needles of pain shoot through his injured arm as he raises his blaster at the throng of foes behind the small vessel. The young soldier winces as he squeezes the trigger, and watches painfully as the weapon’s discharge goes nowhere near his intended target.

As a Jedi would, Rann makes a standing jump high in the air and causes the speeder to rock as he lands forcefully on the back seat. He spins around, turning to face the majority of the malicious automatons who continue with their inexhaustible assault. His cobalt blade shines brightly before his eyes as he prepares to defend his friends and himself.

As soon as Arani plants her foot on the accelerator, she senses something is wrong. Instead of the whine of the powering engine turning into a beautiful purr, she receives a nasty, hacking cough as the motor stalls and trembles as it begins to die. The sudden quiet from the repulsorlift engine makes for an eerie moment with the blasts still coming from the group’s assailants.

The trio of wounded battle droids rises on extremely shaky legs. They appear to have received massive damage from Sia-Lan’s brute application of Force. Nevertheless, their motives are simple and the droids one-minded. With one of them blocked from shooting by the other two, only two blasters point towards Arani in the driver’s seat. One blast goes far over the scoundrel’s head, perhaps an indication of serious damage caused by its falls. The other shot, however, comes much closer to hitting its mark, and leaves a scorching indication of the droid’s intentions on the front windshield of the speeder.

Sia-Lan runs in front of the speeder, but that puts her directly in harms way from the two closest battle droids, which recently rose and fired unsuccessfully on the other heroes. The first battle droid steps forward, raising its blaster rifle and nearly colliding with the Padawan’s face. Only by ducking, does she barely manage to avoid a nasty collision with the impromptu melee weapon. Unfortunately for her, that brings her in direct contact with the second droid’s opportunistic attack. Also aimed at her face, the blaster rifle swings horizontally and catches her square on the right cheek. Her motion continues to spin her around a full three hundred and sixty degrees, allowing her to continue on her path. Blood begins to trickle out of a thin but ragged cut the butt of the rifle left in her cheek while further blood starts to clot under the skin in the early formations of a bruise. Sia-Lan’s vision tunnels for a brief second, causing her to believe that she may pass out, but her willpower keeps her moving, all the way into the cab of the speeder. ((-5VP, -2WP))

Rann begins to feel as if he is in a training regiment, and becomes thankful for all the practice that Master Ali-Vor demanded. The Padawan deflects shot after shot, easily parrying four successive blasts aimed at himself and his friends. A fifth attack comes much closer and nearly takes him out. In fact, it burns a hole in his tunic and on through his cloak before passing harmlessly over the heads of the rest of the passengers. The young man’s perseverance testifies to the strength of his training, and he continues to bat away incoming fire, displacing a triplet of bolts in their attempt to knock him off his mount. ((-11VP))

The two droids that had wounded Galak must have a taste for his blood, the soldier decides, because they continue to aim at his wounded body. Three of the rapidly-fired shots either slam into the ground or the side of the speeder, but a fourth is more precisely aimed – or perhaps more luckily aimed – and connects with his hand as it rose up from the recoil after his own poorly aimed shot. The blaster tumbles into the speeder, falling in Galak’s lap as he yelps in pain. ((-4WP))

In the spirit of continuing an assault against a single target, the last two droids on the scene keep firing their weapons at Arani. Their shots fit the norm of the battle droids and merely break up stone from the ground or mar the left side of the speeder as they impact harmlessly. The droids have stopped their advance, only continuing to shoot at the young friends.

OOC: Map 1.5 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_1.5.jpg)

Kanner Ra'an
1 June 2003, 11:48 AM
Galak screams in pain, looking at his wounded left hand. Realizing that he is in danger of losing his left arm all together he decides to try treat his injuries. Galak sinks as low as he can in the speeder for some much needed protection and gets out his medpac. While he works Galak says "Next time theirs gonna be an invasion remind me to take the speeder in. Sithin thing couldn't have picked a worse time "

1 June 2003, 12:15 PM
Sia-Lan is stunned by the fact that she has finally been hit. She was thinking up to that point that she was invincible. She calls on the Force to restore some of her strength and ducks even lower in the speeder.

OOC: heal self for vitality

Rogue Janson
1 June 2003, 12:42 PM
Cursing the speeder with vitriol and colour, Arani makes another attempt to get the group away from impending catastrophe. Despite stalling on her last try, she again tries to accelerate rather faster than is wise. But then again, staying around any longer in this situation is probably even less wise and she is too frantic to do things calmly.
The bloody gash on Sia-Lan's face and the sound of Galak being hit again, followed by some customary bad language, drill home the point. At least Rann seems fine, the sound of his sabre spinning and pivoting to meet incoming attacks regular and comforting behind Arani.
As the indicators on the speeder's panel rise into the green Arani offers a silent hope that this time it will work.

Howling Wookiee
1 June 2003, 02:41 PM
A look of panic crosses Rann's face as the speeder fails to stay running. Sweat is running down his face as he deflects and parries the incoming blaster bolts. He knows he cannot keep this defense up, sooner or later on of those droids is gonna get closer than the last time. Rann sets up to defend the back of the speeder as he hopes by the Force that Arani can get the speeder working. Rann speaks to Arani with out taking his attention off the droids, "Arani get this thing going or we are all gonna be dead!"

((OOC: Total Defense and Deflect Defense again for +5 to defense)

1 June 2003, 04:29 PM
Galak hastily tears open the simple medical device and slaps it over his shoulder. The shock of slapping the emergency first aid unit against his open wound startles him, and he only barely manages to stifle a yelp of pain. Almost immediately, he can feel the field gadget working. A general tingling as they partially numb the local area quickly replaces the initial sting from the drugs entering his blood stream. The soldier’s Self-Aid and Buddy Care training pays off and he knows that the healing process has begun. Unfortunately, through the same courses, he knows that his body will reject any further use of a medpac for the next twenty-four hours. ((WP +1))

In the passenger seat, another member of the small group begins the healing process, although in a different manner than her militaristic companion. Drawing therapeutic energies from around her into her body, Sia-Lan directs the Force towards her injuries. Knowing that additional battles may lay directly before her, the Padawan focuses the Force to loosen her taught muscles and increase her vigor. ((+7 VP))

Standing his ground, the brave Rann guards the back of the speeder against certain death if Arani does not get the vehicle operational. A series of blaster shots sore towards his lit blade and reflect away from the speeder as he bats them back, defending the group of friends. His body begins to ache; the lactic acid starts settling into the lean muscle. Despite his best abilities, Rann grows tired.

The speeder seems to hear Arani’s frustration and chooses to cooperate. Either that or the young scoundrel’s brute application of her palm against the dash kicks it into gear. From a harsh, throaty cough, the motor spits and then begins to whine as it quickly spools back up to full operational status. The whine blends into a soft purr and all indicators rise through the range of yellow and into the beautiful hue of sparkling emeralds.

Spinning the Gian speeder in place like a top, Arani changes direction immediately, facing the large opening of the plaza, which had been to her right. Rann, caught off guard by the very sudden maneuver, dances on the rear of the speeder trying to maintain his balance. The pilot further complicates his actions as she rapidly accelerates away from the deadly location, causing the speeder to buck a meter up in the air before settling back to its usual flight altitude of a meter and a half off the ground. Rann continues to try to maintain a solid footing as the vehicle races away from the danger. Finally, the Padawan manages to drop into the rear seat next to Galak, although not before firmly believing that Arani would buck him off and leave him behind to face the ever-increasing threat of the droid army.

1 June 2003, 05:25 PM
The Gian repulsorlift vehicle races away with the four unsung heroes nestled safely inside its marred sidewalls. Both the vehicle as well as the would-be adventurers bears scars from the battle, although all are remediable. In this instance, time really can heal all wounds.

The group speeds towards the setting sun, streaking away from the city, already infested with the lethal yet mindless warriors serving the Trade Federation. The friends’ destination is unknown, but they seek the refuge of the countryside, where the droid armies should be less likely to find them.

Perhaps there are others like themselves who refuse to allow the Trade Federation to annex Naboo. The citizens of the peaceful planet may not choose to keep war in their nature, but certainly not every one of them would sit out this fight.

As the sun continues its lazy path towards the western horizon, uncaring that a battle rages on the luscious planet it warms, Arani stretches the engine to its limits. Finding an abandoned country home well beyond the city limits, they choose to stop for the night. Parking the appropriated speeder in an outlying building, the group carefully makes their way through the home, searching for traps or any sign of inhabitants, but finding none.

Soon after dark, commotion comes from the cellar. Investigation of the source of the noise reveals a hidden passage previously overlooked. While the group of four friends find that they are not alone, they do discover a new alliance of friends who have already banded together against the invasion.

OOC: To Be Continued... (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12740&perpage=200)