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1 June 2003, 07:19 PM
Recent events have made fighters out of the commonly peaceful citizens of Naboo. The droid armies have swept through the population centers on the lush planet and imprisoned everyone they have encountered. The invaders have already arrested most of Naboo’s best and bravest defenders – her limited number of pilots and security officers – and a good number of her influential citizens and politicians.

A few brave citizens have evaded the armies thus far and joined to form the Naboo Underground. Unfortunately, to be effective, the Underground must expand its numbers and arm them, and their time is rapidly running out. The would-be adventurers – a group of friends from the Royal House of Learning in Theed – have been asked to meet with one of the leaders of the Underground, hopefully to join them and aid in their battle against their oppressors.

Accepting the offer to meet with the yet unnamed leader of the Underground, the heroes know the strength in numbers will help them overcome the Trade Federation. Meeting with the leader in the cellar of a country home on the outskirts of Theed a few days after their explosive initial battle with the invading droids, the discovery of the surprise identity of the leader shocks the former students.

Lucos Dannt, the former headmaster at the Royal House of Learning, now helps to lead the Underground. He expresses his own shock at confronting his former students in their combative and dangerous roles. Everyone recovers from his or her astonishment and they share a nervous laugh at their change of situation, trying to forget for a moment the perils they face for having their clandestine meeting.

“We currently have several teams of operatives working throughout the city, gathering intelligence and trying to disrupt the Trade Federation’s plans,” Lucos begins the briefing. “We have limited means of communications, and furthermore the teams’ missions are critical. But, we’ve just learned that the Trade Federation has recently captured a group of pilots and security officers. They have not yet been transferred to a permanent holding facility, and we have details on their current location.”

He continues by explaining that the Neimoidians have droids and some of the captives rapidly constructing another prison camp to house the new detainees. Once the camp is completed, the Trade Federation forces will transfer the security officers and pilots, and the Underground will lose the opportunity to rescue them.

Explaining that the Neimoidians have converted a now-empty building in the heart of Theed along an open plaza into a transitory detention center, the headmaster continues to outline the mission. “Currently, the place lacks heavy guards. The thinking must be that even if the prisoners did escape, they’d have to fight their way through the droid infested city before they could try to find sanctuary. This makes the current time our best opportunity to rescue these fine men and women.”

He adds that in addition to the prison, his intelligence seems to indicate that the Trade Federation has stashed a collection of weapons somewhere nearby the holding facility. Not only would the weapons be useful to the Underground, but they would also provide the ability to immediately arm the rescued prisoners. While a secondary objective to the jailbreak, the arms are invaluable in the midst of the current conflict.

Looking up at the group of heroes, Lucos’ face is taught with lines of tension and foreboding. Despite his fears, the headmaster attempts to maintain a positive attitude. “Carpe diem,” he says, quoting an ancient galactic language, considered dead by most modern scholars. “’Seize the day’,” he explains to the puzzled looks he receives. “Now, go forth and do good. Good luck,” he adds in a grave tone. “And may the Force be with you.”


The Underground has established a series of into and out of the city. Secure for now, their existence remains closely guarded, but it is only a matter of time before the Trade Federation stumbles across a team of the freedom fighters sneaking along the shadowy passages. Using one of the passages to sneak into the city’s central plaza, the heroes arrive some thirty meters away from abandoned building currently in use as a prison

The early evening sun casts deep shadows across the courtyard. The stone piazza glows a soft pink color as the solar rays reflect off the soft salmon hue of the clay flooring. Tall pillars stand alone in the open area, seemingly strewn about in some haphazard form. Flowering plants top the tan columns, a link to the beauty of Naboo’s capital from before the Trade Federation imposed martial rule.

A pair of Neimoidian guards loiters in the shadows near the main entrance of the temporary prison across the plaza. The only signs of life or activity in the vicinity, they appear to be the main obstacle in gaining access to the prisoners. Spying from a distance, the Underground team realizes that the building is a single story civic office. Sealed over with heavy durasteel plating welded into place, the windows offer unlikely access to the inhabitants. A second door, around to the side of the building, could be another entrance, but is just as likely to be a storage closet instead. Most likely the only way in is through the door behind the two guards.

Map 2.0 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.0.jpg)

Rogue Janson
2 June 2003, 03:13 AM
Taking stock of the situation, Arani quickly formulates a plan, followed by several back-up plans (the last of which is simply shooting the guards). She talks quietly to the rest of the group.
"If we can sneak round to that side door, we should be able to get into the main building. Even if there's no door, Rann or Sia-Lan can cut their way in." She looks over at Galak. "If Galak and someone else stay out here, they can cover the guards and move in if there's a problem. Sound like a good idea?"
Arani steps sideways and moves up to hide behind the nearest pillar. Rather than her normal bright garb, she wears a borrowed dark-blue cloak, and the yellow boots she had been wearing are replaced by ill-fitting black ones. She hopes to the guards she will look like nothing more than a shadow in the fading light.
"Probably best if we watch for a while, in case there are more guards around," Arani says, peering round the pillar to look at the guards.

With that, she rests her shoulder on the smooth stone, waiting for the comments of the others and trying to error-check her own ideas. The fact the prisoners were being guarded by Neimoidians was a bit of a surprise. The battle droids they had encountered before had certainly been dangerous, but on reflection they were not great fighters, and their droid programming made them predictable. Arani tries to remember what she knows about Neimoidians that could give them an advantage. Generally, she has been told, they are not inclined to physical violence, with a reputation for cowardliness. So if there really were only two guards perhaps they would not put up a fight. On the other hands, Neimoidians are known to be ruthless and cold-hearted, as demonstrated amply by the current situation. If anything went wrong... Arani's stomach as she thought of the possibilities for both them and the prisoners if they messed up.

The responsibility was heavy. When she had seen Lucos Dannt, Arani's thoughts had been along the lines of 'great, we escape an invasion, join the underground resistance and who is in command? our old headmaster'. But despite her thoughts, Arani liked and trusted the man and she hoped they would not disapoint his faith in them.

Howling Wookiee
2 June 2003, 08:12 AM
Rann listens to Arani's plan and nods. The plan seems like a sound one to him. However he is curious like Arani why Neimoidians and not battle droids are guarding the prisoners. Another thing that bothers the Jedi is how many more guards are in the building. This last part he can answer by using the force. He calms himself and reaches out to the force. He invisions the entire plaza in his head, like a map. He uses the force to find any lifeforms in the area. After he has found them, he tries to determine their mood (menacing, threating, or hostile). While Rann concentrates his mind drifts off to Lucos as the Underground leader. Rann held great respect for the the elder man, for he was a good taskmaster and had good intentions to all the students. It is a dire time indeed for Naboo and the heroes must do everything in their power to help liberate the world. They will start here and now by freeing the prisoners and strengthing their numbers. Rann goes back to his concentration of the force and the lifeforms.

((OOC: I'm not sure what skill that would be under. I'm assuming the Sense Feat but that does not have a skill check. Do what you think is appropriate Farr when interpreting my action.))

Kanner Ra'an
2 June 2003, 08:27 AM
Galak looks over the situation, trying his best to remember everything he was trained. When he sees the nemodians the first thought is an easy kill, but then like the others he remembers that nemodians are cowards. "Why dont we try take the sithin cowards alive. They wouldn't hold up two seconds to intrrogation, and they might tell us how to get in." he offers.

2 June 2003, 04:17 PM
Sia-Lan is happy that the resistance leader is Lucos Dannt. She admires the man for his intelligence and his kindness. At least it is someone she knows and can trust. Sia-Lan wonders what would be the best way to get into the building without causing too much commotion. Sia-Lan reply's, "I will stay out here with Galak and guard the escape if we use Arani's plan. I could also try to use the Force to alter their minds and convince them to surrender."

2 June 2003, 06:17 PM
Rann stretches out with his invisible senses to the area all around him. Almost as strong as he has ever felt his connection to the Force when attempting such a feat, Rann begins to sense the abundant life all around him. The plants and animals, from microscopic to small rodents in size, emanate unique Force signatures. Immediately he realizes that none of the signatures is a sentient life form, despite his excellent connection to the Force. ((-3VP))

Rogue Janson
3 June 2003, 02:23 AM
Arani ponders what everyone has said. She knows about many of the padawan's powers in the Force, but she would rather not rely on them if possible. They could come in very useful though.
"If we're over there in trouble." Arani points over to the prison's side door, while talking to Rann and Sia-Lan. "Can you two contact each other through the Force?"

She is slightly shocked by Galak's implication that they would kill the Neimoidians normally. So far they have only faced battle droids - the face of the Trade Federation invasion. Fighting those mindless automatons could be very different to living Neimoidians. Capturing them for interrogation could be useful for the resistance, but freeing the prisoners was their primary goal and they couldn't let it get in the. Still, Arani can't help herself thinking, it would look really good...

As everyone gives their final thoughts on the plan, Arani watches the guards closely, judging their alertness and trying to pick her moment to move to the next pillar.

OOC: ready to move to behind the pillar 7 or so m up & right, if everyone finishes talking.

Kanner Ra'an
3 June 2003, 12:54 PM
Galak listems to the others suggestions, examing them a hundred times over in his mind. His military mentality tells him to take the guards alive and find out if they know anything about what their guarding. His more violent side is screaming to run over and light up on the two cowards. Although the urge to get vengance for his earlier injuries is almost uncontrolable, he still waits patiently. He looks at the location, habitually noticing every point that would serve as a good spot for cover or give him the widest area he could cover. He does look at the second door several times, but dissmisses it, beleving that if it were of any value it would be guarded.

"Look, the guards most likly know where the prisoners and weapons are. If we take them now and find out we could save ourselves a lot of time and effort. Who knows, they might a code cylander or something that 'll lets us get around in there easier. We'll probably need any advantage we can get."

3 June 2003, 02:56 PM
Sia-Lan listens to everyone's suggestions and ponders them. The Force could be hard to use at such a far range and it would be difficult to get close to the guards without attracting their attention. She thinks that Arani's plan is the best one possible, considering Arani's stealth skills. Sia-Lan knows she would be in a better position to defend her friends if she was closer to the guards. When the plan is set, she wants to stay behind and cover her companions that go to the building.

"We should be able to use the Force to contact eachother. If we use Arani's plan I will volunteer to provide cover," Sia-Lan replies, "And if the guards are smarter than we thought and they discover us, we should try to take the guards hostage to find out if they have any information that is useful to the Resistance."

OOC: Ready to move to a pillar near the guards, out of their range to see Sia-Lan.

Howling Wookiee
3 June 2003, 03:11 PM
Rann shakes out of his Force concentration. He addresses the group quietly, "The range is too far. I can't get a clear sense on what's inside the building. Its just to far." Rann speaks this last bit with a hint of disappointment. He listens to Arani again about her plan and nods with her again. He takes in what Galak says about taking them alive and then gathering intel from them on what is inside the building and thinks it is wise. He looks to Sai-Lan, "Yes we should not have any trouble communicating with each other with the Force. I suggest we use Arani's plan. Me and her will move forward in a strike position with you 2 covering us. If things go south I will call Arani throught the Force for cover." I follow Arani as she moves up from pillar to pillar. I will open up myself to the Force as we move along, alert for any indications that we have been spotted or heard. I move quietly on the heels of Arani. I carry my unactivated lightsaber in my hand. My finger is poised over the activation switch as we move along.

((OOC: Move Silently on the way toward the guards. Once in range I will try a Empathy check on the guards to get a feel their mood.))

Kanner Ra'an
3 June 2003, 03:44 PM
Galak watchs as the Rann and Arani silently move towards the building. He stays a few meters behind Sia-Lann, trying to remain silent as well. He softly curses the pillars. Although they provide concealment, until he is at the last row they will interfere with any shot he takes. He draws his blaster quickly and checks the charge. He takes a deep breath. In more then one way he is looking forward to a little combat.

3 June 2003, 03:48 PM
When they decide on the plan, Sia-Lan takes her lightsaber into her hand and starts moving towards a pillar. She opens herself to the Force to try to get a connection open to Rann. She hopes they don't alert the guards and endanger their friends who are on their way to the building holding the prisoners.

4 June 2003, 03:15 AM
The young adventurers begin to spread out across the plaza towards their intended destinations. Padawan Rann stretches out with the Force, gentle probing the mind and emotions of the guard nearest him. Rann’s feels his connection to the Force today as strong as it has ever been. Obviously bored with the assignment, the Neimoidian guard’s emotions are incredibly easy to read. The monotony and simplistic nature of his assignment weigh heavy on the alien’s mind, and consequently he pays little attention to his surroundings. ((-2VP; +3 to interaction skills))

Sia-Lan tries to stretch out through the Force to connect with Rann, attempting to establish a form of communication with her fellow Padawan. Despite knowing that Jedi have the ability to communicate telepathically, Sia-Lan falls far short in her attempt. Not only does she find it impossible to communicate with Rann, the human female lacks the ability to even distinguish Rann amongst the general sensation she receives of the Force in her immediate vicinity. With time, perhaps, she will have the talent to better sense the life around her, but at the moment her control of the Force remains limited to herself and the ability to affect her surroundings. The others with Sia-Lan sneak about the courtyard, oblivious to the pair of guards.

OOC: Map 2.1 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.1.jpg)

Howling Wookiee
4 June 2003, 05:21 AM
Rann speaks quietly to Arani after my Force probe on the guard, "I've probed one of the guards. They are bored and are not really paying attention. We should not have a problem sneaking up on them and surprising them." After finishing, the young Jedi looks around and try to find Sia-Lan. Rann tap's his head thinking she should have already established contact with him. He can't not feel her presense and can't communicate with her. Rann decides he will not try to communicate with her and focus all of his attention back to the task at hand. He decides that if they get in a bind the Jedi will try to contact her. Rann continues to move forward with Arani to a strike position. The young Padawan's unactivated lightsaber is still in my hand at the ready.

Rogue Janson
4 June 2003, 06:21 AM
Arani nods at Rann's information and suppresses a smile as she watches him peer in Sia-Lan's direction tapping his head.
"We'll skirt round, keeping our distance from the guards" she says, pointing at the column ahead of them, "then we should be safe once we've got the wall between us and them."
Darting between pillars in the picturesque Naboo evening, Arani feels a little thrill. This is more like what she's used to and what she's good at, the only difference is the stakes are much more important. Though she is concerned about hurting them, Arani can't deny that the presence of the Neimoidian guards gives an opportunity to get a little revenge - something that's wasted on battle droids.

Keeping her eyes trained on the guards, she tries to judge when they are looking away, and taps Rann on the shoulder to get him to go, following on shortly after.

OOC: double move will get us to the pillar directly right.

4 June 2003, 03:04 PM
Sia-Lan is frustrated that she can't make contact with Rann. She hopes he will try to contact her if they are in trouble. She turns her attention back to her task at hand. Sia-Lan knows she is getting close to the guards so she decides to get cover behind the pillar strait in front of her. She knows that Galak will find a good position to shoot from. Fingering her lightsaber, she watches as Rann and Arani move around the outskirts of the plaza. Ready to spring from behind the pillar in case of an emergency, she waits.

6 June 2003, 08:20 AM
Isolated from communicating with each other, the two groups move forward at a relatively steady pace. Their stealthy approach eludes the lackadaisical sentries in front of the building. As the heroes look about, they realize again that this is the only building under watch anywhere across the immediate plaza, which likely helps the four friends avoid detection.

Weapons in hand, the groups sneak amongst the pillars, using the tall cylinders as protective cover both from the guards’ eyesight as well as cover incase someone spots them and starts shooting. Arani and Rann arrive behind their last pillar, which masks them from the Neimoidians, knowing that shortly they will have to reveal themselves into the open space in front of the building.

Sia-Lan and Galak take to separate pillars directly in front of the sentinels. Somehow, they took the straight-ahead approach and managed to avoid detection. Luckily for the rescuers, the pillars that populate the square come within scant meters of the building’s front. Nevertheless, for either of them to advance any further, they risk sure detection to an unknown end.

OOC: Map 2.2 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.2.jpg) (cropped from previous maps to exclude space to the left)

Kanner Ra'an
6 June 2003, 11:47 AM
Galak very slowly gos down to one knee, trying his best not to make any sound. He carefully aims his deadly weapon at one of the nemodians. He thinks to himself that it was ironic he was the one who wanted to take them alive. O well, theirs a lot of weapons in their that'll let me get at more of these b*******. He then mentaly hits himself for not paying attention and concentrates on keeping his aim on the nemodian.

OOC: Galak is reading his action for now. If either nemodian looks like hes gonna do something then he will attack the one on the right.

6 June 2003, 02:01 PM
Sia-Lan is glad she has made it this far without being detected. She kneels behind the pillar to get more cover. Sia-Lan places her thumb on the lightsabers activation stud, and ready's herself for anything the guards might do.

OOC: ready to spring up and run towards the nearest neimodian and then attack if anything goes wrong.

Rogue Janson
6 June 2003, 02:14 PM
Arani stands close behind Rann, putting her hands on his back. She feels the Jedi's breathing; quick, from the short dashes they have made, but steady. Not being seen is always about timing and Rann seems to have a good feeling for when the guards' attention is wandering. Which, is most of of the time, thankfully. Lacking the assistance of the Force, Arani has to use her eyes to assess the guards and she watches as they shift positions uncomfortably, talk to one another and cast occasional desultory glances around the plaza. No wonder the Trade Federation uses battle droids if this is what their soldiers are like. No sign of any other guards too, which is good news.

She glances over to Sia-Lan and Galak, both concealed behind stone columns, Galak crouched and leaning out to one side with his blaster trained on a guard. Arani steadies her nerves ready to make the last dash as both guards turn their attention away. Rann is already moving as she gives him a gentle push forward and follows on rapidly behind, trying to keep her profile low and her steps soft.

Howling Wookiee
6 June 2003, 03:44 PM
Rann feels Arani's hand on his back. It gives him reassurance. The young Jedi slows his breathing down and calms himself for the stike. The thoughts, "there is no fear, there is no panic, there is only the Force," run through his head. He takes one last deep breath and holds it for a second.....then he lunges forward. Rann is closely followed by Arani. He must not let the prisoners or his friends down. He must succeed. Even before he is out from behind the pillar his blue blade leaps from the silver hilt and the Jedi Padawan is ready to strike the closest guard. Hopefully they have caught them off guard.

6 June 2003, 07:35 PM
Rann’s explosion from behind the column accompanied by the distinctive snap-hiss of his lightsaber caught everyone’s attention. Starting good fifteen meters from the closest guard, but with his connection remaining strongly tied to the Neimoidian’s emotions, Rann charges the front of the building. Completely caught by surprise, the Neimoidian barely has time for his eyes to widen in shock.

The azure blade does not even pause with resistance as it sheers through the sentry’s torso. Rann’s retains acceptable control over his weapon, nothing that a full Jedi Knight would be proud of, but commendable for a Padawan. The Neimoidian falls back against the building, slumping to the ground. His heart did not have a chance to try to fight to keep him alive against the damage from a lethal lightsaber. Rann pauses at the end of his charge, standing over the corpse.

Arani remains several steps behind, having been moving slower and more cautiously than her companion has. Her natural instincts keep her closer to cover, and she finds she has only made it as far as the next closest pillar by the time that Rann has finished eliminating half of their resistance. The blaster pistol felt comfortable in her hand, although if Rann continued his pattern, she would not need to use it.

Surprised at the suddenness of the attack, the other Neimoidian trembles in fright. Most of the galaxy believes that a Jedi stands out as fearsome in battle. Those same sentients associate Jedi with lightsabers, and few can tell the difference between a Jedi and a Padawan. For all that the sentinel knows, his companion just became the victim of a vicious Jedi assault. Even though Rann’s empathic connection had been with the late alien, the Padawan can feel the fear pulsating from the second protector of the prison.

Sia-Lan and Galak watch the situation unfold from their hidden positions. The situation has suddenly changed. Furthermore, the heroes’ odds have increased from two to one to four to one. Perhaps they will not have to fight their way in and out through far worse probabilities.

OOC: Map 2.3 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.3.jpg)

6 June 2003, 07:44 PM
Sia-Lan springs from her position and ignights her pink blade. She rushes at the remaining guard and yells, "Put down your weapon and you will not be harmed." She hopes that will do the trick. If she can force his surrender he could give them some much needed information and a way to get into the building.

Rogue Janson
7 June 2003, 03:38 AM
Starting her run for cover, Arani is alarmed as Rann ignites his lightsabre and heads directly for the nearest sentry. She briefly considers trying to stop him, but it's too late now. Arani slows her run and takes position next to another pillar, where the sentries are visible, but she can quickly move into cover. As Rann cleaves through the sentry with ease, Sia-Lan dashes towards the other. The noise and the brightness of the two lightsabres is a startling contrast to the peace bare seconds ago.

"Put down your weapon and you will not be harmed."
At least Sia-Lan has the presence of mind to ask for a surrender. Arani holds her breath as she waits for the guard's reaction. If he panics and starts firing they will be forced to attack him as well and the noise of a blaster could bring reinforcement.
Though she is concerned about the remaining guard, Arani is equally worried about the possibility that there are more inside the building. She keeps her eyes warily on the side door to her left.

Howling Wookiee
7 June 2003, 05:42 AM
Rann looks immediately to the other guard, even before the guard he cleaved hits the ground. The Jedi looks to the fallen guard and shakes his head in disbelief. He did not intend to kill the guard, only to wound him. He must have gotten carried away in the moment. That is not good. Sai-Lan's ultimatum pops Rann's attention back to the other guard. He points his lightsaber at the guard, "Put your weapon down and you will not end up like your friend here." I keep my attention on the guard but remain alert for other hostiles in the immediate area.

((OOC: I'll try Intimidate on the guard and see where that get's me.))

Kanner Ra'an
7 June 2003, 05:55 AM
Galak watches the scene unfold, suprised the jedi attacked at all, but doesn't feel any simpathy for the dead guard. Not wanting the other one to get away, he walks out behind his pillar and trains his deadly tool on the nemodians bulbous head. His bodly language makes it emphatically clear that he wants the alien dead. "Just give me an excuse." he says, trying to add more to Rann's threat. Though he would rather shoot the alien right now he remembers that they need whatever info he has.

7 June 2003, 10:41 AM
Sia-Lan closes two-thirds of the distance that separates her from the guard in a split-second. The two lightsaber blades strike a strange harmony as their energy pulses out of phase with each other. All four weapons brought by the young friends train on the Neimoidian’s body, daring him to act.

The sight of a second Jedi and then the sudden appearance of a native soldier combined with the brutal murder of his companion strikes fear deep into the heart of the remaining guard. The blaster pistol clatters against the ground after almost passing through his hand as if it had not been holding the grip. The unarmed invader’s wide eyes dart amongst those who threaten him and he begins to stumble backwards, trying to put distance between himself and the four individuals whom he perceives as commandos.

Having put a couple of meters between himself and the attackers, the lone sentry turns and runs around the corner of the building, racing away from the heroes. For appearing as a very shoddy guard, he certainly can run. The pitter-patter of his footsteps against the stone disappears before any of the heroes can respond.

Suddenly they group finds themselves alone on the plaza. Arani keeps an eye on the second door, but neither it nor the main door do anything. Pausing for a second, waiting for anything to happen, the friends realize that they succeeded in either eliminating or scaring off the guards.

OOC: Map 2.4 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.4.jpg)

7 June 2003, 06:56 PM
Sia-Lan extinguishes her lightsaber and says sarcastically, "Well, that was good." She glances at her friends and asks, "What should we do now." She was hoping that the guard would surrender and is disappointed that he ran away. They could have used the information he had. Hopefully the prisoners are ok.

Kanner Ra'an
7 June 2003, 07:22 PM
"What should we do now."
"Good question" Galak says as he head over to the firsts guards corpse. Thinking they may come in handy later, he picks up both guards pistols and shoves them in his belt. After doing so he looks at the first guards body, hiding his disgust. He begins to carefully search it, looking for anything useful. It is a grisly task but it needs to be done. "Their better be something good here" he thinks to himself as he rumages throufh the nemodian's pockets.

Howling Wookiee
7 June 2003, 07:39 PM
Rann shuts down his lightsaber. He looks down at his "handy work" and his face turns white. His lightsaber handle shakes in his hand. It is apparent that the Jedi's actions has shaken the young man. Rann looks at the downed guard then to his friends, then to his lightsaber handle. He shakes out of his thoughts and gets back on the game plan. He addresses the group, "We need to secure the perimeter and get inside. Galak and Arani cover the immediate area. Sai-Lan and I will get in the building. I'll assume we will be getting company soon from our 'friend'. We need to move and move now." I will examine the door and locking system if there is one.

((OOC: What kind of door and security system is on the door Farr?))

Rogue Janson
8 June 2003, 03:56 AM
Arani walks over to the group, but keeps a little distance.
"I'll go.." She almost chokes on her words. A faint burnt smell drifts up from the slain guard. "..check the side room."
She starts off to the left to check the door, trying to regain some composure out of sight of the others.
"We need to be quick, in case that guard gets reinforcements," she calls back. Arani leaves the criticism of Rann's actions implicit. If the rest of the occupying forces can move as fast as that Neimoidian, they could be here any second she thinks. But events have dampened Arani's normal quick humour and she keeps the idea to herself. Everyone seems shaken, save maybe Galak, who has taken the unpleasant job of searching the guard's body.

8 June 2003, 05:10 AM
Galak rifles through the dead guards pockets. The blaster pistols from the two guards appear to be the most pertinent booty that the human soldier finds; apparently, the guard had little need for anything else while standing duty. Galak does find one other item of interest, although disappointment accompanies the discovery. The sentry carried a comlink, which possibly could have allowed the group to listen in on the enemies’ reports and possible advancements against the prison break. Unfortunately, Rann’s actions bisected the communication device as he dispatched the guard.

As Sia-Lan continues to observe the situation, Rann examines the door. Made of heavy, solid wood, the main entryway into the building actually opens by two doors. They seem very durable, a fine representation of quality Naboo craftsmanship. In fact, the Padawan surmises, the door could probably withstand a good barrage of small arms fire before buckling against an assault. His time on Naboo has taught him that the door would not have been built for that purpose, due to their passive and serene nature.

Lightly tapping the door reveals that a strong bolt locks the two doors in place. It appears to open inward, as hinges are not visible from the outside. A heavy bar could cross over the doors on the inside, or possibly a simple lock binds the doors together and restricts their movement. Looking around the door, Rann decides it has to be the easiest way into the building. The durasteel plating over the windows is even heavier than initially viewed from afar.

Arani slips off to the side, gaining a few moments of peace to herself. As she approaches, she hears a strange and soft buzzing noise. It grows gradually louder as she nears the door and its frame. Simple observation of the door reveals a solid wood door, similar in craftsmanship to the main front doors with detailed carvings for added decoration. The door sets in a simple metal frame and sports a brand-new electronic lock with what appears to be a card-access reader and possibly another sort of interface, although it seems foreign. Looking closely, Arani discerns that both the frame and the door hum with some sort of energy.

OOC: Map 2.5 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.5.jpg)

Kanner Ra'an
8 June 2003, 06:38 AM
"Sith, nothing we can use." Galak announces after searching the body. He curses their luck, it seems getting inside will be harder then he imagined. Although he keeps it quiet, mentaly he wonders what Rann was doing. "What the sith are you talking about." he silently thinks to himself "you probably wouldn't have waited and just killed the second one too." Trying to dispell those thoughts, Galak turns his attention to the door. After looking it over several times ha asks the Jedi "Do you think you can cut through it?"

Rogue Janson
8 June 2003, 07:36 AM
Arani stares at the door for several seconds, assessing the ways of getting through. If she had the right equipment, maybe she could hotwire the access, though it does looks new and advanced.
She wanders back to the corner of the building to talk to the others.
"There's no keycard or anything on that guard is there Galak? Looks like there's something valuable in the side room, it's got a new lock and some sort of protective field. Sia-Lan, Rann, we may need one of you to cut through to get in. Though it'll be a shame to damage such a nice door."
Arani remains at the building's corner, scanning the surrounding area in long sweeps and peering round to watch the progress towards breaking into the prison.

Kanner Ra'an
8 June 2003, 08:00 AM
There's no keycard or anything on that guard is there Galak?
Galak turns his attention away from the first door and walks over to the second. "Not that i saw." He replies as he looks over the door. "Theirs a better lock on this one then the guarded one" Galak thinks to shoot the lock but decides against it, hoping the jedis lightsabers may do it with less noise.

Howling Wookiee
8 June 2003, 04:48 PM
Rann regains his composure after his "slaughter" of the guard. He thinks, what is done is done and for the greater good. The Padawan listens to Arani as she states her facts about the side door. He shakes his head in thought, what could be behind that door for it to be sealed so thouroughly. He turns his attention back to the door he is examining. He taps it quietly trying to get a "feel" where the locking slide is. He has seen many of these elaborate doors around Theed. If he was to slip his lightsaber down the seam around the middle of the doors he should be able to cut the bolt into and they can easily push the doors open. Rann grasps his lightsaber, with his thumb on the activation switch. He addresses the others, "Fan out and cover the door when I'm done cutting it open. Be ready for blaster fire coming from within if there are other guards inside. If there are guards, don't hesitate to take them out. They will probably kill the prisoners when we barge in. Here we go." The Jedi activates his lightsaber and slides it inbetween the two doors about middle height. There is resistance as Rann sinks the blade in the door.

8 June 2003, 05:55 PM
The slight resistance as Rann’s blade slides through the door barely gives him a pause for thought. He can feel the minor additional opposition to he slices through the deadbolt then feels the easier passing of his blade as he finishes cutting through it. The doors shake lightly as Rann finishes the carving through the lock. He taps them open with his hand and the doors creak as they begin to swing inward.

A sudden clanking of metal on stone indicates that the door must have been alarmed. Rann’s destruction of the door’s lock apparently activated the signal. Alternatively, the scared guard might have alerted the roaming patrols to the situation. In any case, Galak and Arani look over their left shoulders and see a squad of four battle droids, marked with red coloring on their upper chests and the tops of their heads, approaching.

Sia-Lan hears the squad approaching from her left and hears another scuffling noise from her right. The only one of the four friends to be alerted to a possible flanking action from the automatons, Sia-Lan perceives a greater danger potential. Rann remains too enthralled with the door before him to know of any of the approaching droids.

OOC: Map 2.6 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.6.jpg)

Kanner Ra'an
8 June 2003, 06:04 PM
"eat vacuum buckets" Kanner shouts as he aims the pistol in his hand and blasts at one of the battle droid that just appeared. After he turns his head to Arani "Lets go, im sure as hell not gonna die at the hands of one of these sithin things." he then turns falls back to the door Rann was opening. "These things seem to be every -sithin-where."

Howling Wookiee
9 June 2003, 04:35 AM
Rann keeps his activated lightsaber in his hand as he pushes the door open. After the door opens the Jedi Padawan brings his lightsaber in an en guarde position in the doorway. He speaks over his shoulder, "Now that was not so hard. There was no ambush in here." The Jedi is totaly oblivious to the approaching danger outside, but feels the anxiety from the group. But he can't understand why they are anxious. He turns and addresses Sai-Lan, "What's the matter?" The first thought that goes through the young man's mind is, "What have I scewed up this time." Rann remains in the door way in a defensive posture looking inside the building.

Rogue Janson
9 June 2003, 05:22 AM
Arani steps back and braces herself against the wall. Holding her pistol at arms length, she steadies her outstretched arm by holding it at the wrist and fires as fast as she can pull the trigger at the nearby droids.

"These things seem to be every -sithin-where."
"Try not to get shot by them this time Galak. Medpacs don't grow on trees you know."

Trying to track the aim of the battle droids, Arani braces herself to dodge the inevitable attacks. She'll say one thing for the Trade Federation's automatons, they're quick to respond. Even as she blasts at the attackers, Arani keeps her eyes open for any more droids approaching. Unless they could scrap these droids quickly, there'd be no chance of checking the side room, but at least Rann should have got through to the prisoners now.

OOC: 2m & multifire. Dodge bonus on 2nd droid from left (it's looking at me funny).

9 June 2003, 08:17 PM
Sia-Lan hears the ambush coming. She is surprised that the droids have reacted this fast. They are usually slow in coming. She ignights her pink blade and runs at the nearest droid intending to do as much damage as she can.

10 June 2003, 08:21 PM
Sia-Lan rushes forward and makes a impulsive and rash attack at the nearest security droid. Her lightsaber hums in the late afternoon air and the pink blade reflects a soft scarlet glow against the droid’s metal frame. The droid hastily leans backwards to avoid the strike surprising the Padawan with its agility. Her attack goes unmet as she follows through with her swing, missing her target.

Squeezing off a shot before he moves towards the main front doors, Galak watches with pleasure as his target collapses in a pile of scorched metal. The blaster bolt ripped into the droid’s chest and shredded the torso’s armor. Jogging to the front of the building, Galak arrives at Rann’s side, already having eliminated one of the enemy troops.

The droid behind Sia-Lan’s target steps backwards several steps and then fires at the Padawan. In an effort to keep with its main programming and avoid damaging fellow security droids, the ranged attack is off and misses both Sia-Lan and the other droid that blocks an open line of sight. Marching into a battlefield in tight formation has hindered their attack actions as the fight went to close combat range.

Near Arani, the droids begin to spread out, tracking Galak as he runs across the plaza. The pair furthest from the young female scoundrel moves away from the building, trying to spread out to maximize their ability to cover and fire at the group. A pair of crimson bolts lances out at the young human soldier and brackets him nicely. Easily observing the first of the shots, Galak dodges out of the way but manages to direct himself almost into the path of the second shot. ((-8VP))

At this point, in addition to the blaster fire and the explosion of the super-heated stone in the walls before him, Rann knows an ambush has sprung. While he gets a glimpse of individuals inside the building, he sees them shrink back, shying away from the unknown battle, which begins to rage outside the heavy front doors. Rann cannot mistake the attack for what it is, and knows his friends defend themselves against the automaton forces of the Trade Federation again.

To help her friend out, Arani points her blaster towards the droids whom had blasted at Galak. Flipping the blaster’s fire setting to a double blast, she squeezes the trigger. Rewarded by a brilliant pair of minor explosions as the twin pair of bolts perfectly align with their targets and rupture through the outer armor, Arani watches as the droids tumble into heaps of scrap metal on the ground. Three-quarters of the closest attackers to the side door lay smoldering on the ground, out of the battle.

The trio of droids around Sia-Lan spread out in a standard procedure. They hope to gain better vantage on the Padawan and bring her down in a flurry of shots. Their success, despite their point-blank range, ranks at laughable at best, and abysmal at worst. The first moves to the saber-wielding warrior’s right, turning to fire at Sia-Lan and instead tearing up the stone ground near her feet. Her intended target, no more than thirty centimeters in front of her, fires and misses. The third moves away from her and to her right as well, but spins and targets the wrong body. The blaster bolt, she observes, strikes lethally, removing the first of the trio’s head at its neck, reducing her potential enemies from four to three, none of whom came close to delivering a damaging blow.

The last of the eight droids moves away from Arani, gaining distance and a better vantage point from which to attack. It fires upon reaching the new position and misses the young Naboo native by a wide margin. Instead, the outer wall of the building adds another scorch mark to its décor, sharply contrasting with the softer hues of the mauve stone walls.

OOC: Map 2.7 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.7.jpg)

Kanner Ra'an
11 June 2003, 03:39 AM
From where he is Galak aims at the last droid by arani. He fires a deadly crimson bolt directly at the droids torso. Deciding that one close call is enough, he walks in the door frame intending to use it as cover. "This is what i get for thinking of taking prisoners." He thinks to himself, firmly convinced that the guard who got away summuned the droids.

Howling Wookiee
11 June 2003, 04:46 AM
Rann jumps a little as the explosions rock the plaza. He finally realizes that the group is being ambushed. His friends are taking care of business as he gets his bearings. Galak and Arani are handling themselves well. He looks down to where Sia-Lan is and notices that she might need some help. Rann calls over his shoulder as he sprints (no charge) toward Sia-Lan, "Galak cover our backs. I'm going to help Sia-Lan." Rann's blue blade jumps from his lightsaber with a snap-hiss as he runs toward the other Jedi. The young Jedi Padawan brandishes himself for letting his guard down. He was the only one of the group that was surprised by the attack and he is a Jedi. He must be more alert and cautious, he thinks. Once he has made it to Sia-Lan's position, he will engage the closest droid to him. That look of determination is set in his eyes as Rann helps his fellow Jedi friend.

Rogue Janson
11 June 2003, 08:45 AM
With the odds dramatically switched in their favour, Arani stands her ground and continues her rapid fire at the last of the four droids. Between her and Galak, it should be scrap shortly. Which is a good thing, because she can hear the thrum of a lightsabre being used in combat and the fire of more battle droids. But from where she is standing, Arani has little idea how Sia-Lan and Rann are doing, or whether they have found prisoners inside the building.

12 June 2003, 07:04 PM
Sia-Lan strikes out with her lightsaber at the droid directly in front of her. She stumbles and somehow deactivates her lightsaber in the process. She finds herself defenseless from incoming blaster bolts and unable to strike at the droid. The shock catches her completely off guard and she loses her combat edge. ((Flatfooted))

Placing a square shot at his target, Galak rips a good chunk out of the battle droid and really preps it for Arani. The scoundrel’s pair of blaster bolts race from her pistol towards the droid. The first of her shots misses the droid but comes close enough to drive it further to its right. Her second shot lines square and eliminates the droid’s central processor by frying it as it soaked up the super-heated plasma from her attack. The droid pauses for a second with a giant hole in its cranium before shattering into many pieces as it collapses to the ground.

The droid behind Sia-Lan’s missed target fires twice again in rapid succession at her and does not even cause her concern, despite the fact that she had let her defenses drop. Instead of moving to a better vantage point to fire on the young Padawan, the droid stood still and kept up its attack. While a tactical error, the droid accomplishes multiple shots.

Rann rushes forward and continues the attack against Sia-Lan’s most dangerous adversary – the one directly in front of her. While not quite gaining an advantage of flanking the automaton, Rann does not seem to need it. Where his ally failed in her attack, Rann succeeds. Arcing through the droid’s torso with his lightsaber, Rann cuts into the power core and swiftly eliminates the combatant’s ability to remain effective on the battlefield.

The last remaining droid follows the lead of its companion. It sprays the lightsaber-wielding Padawans with lethal blaster fire, although none of it comes close to hitting them and instead scorches the ground. While Rann and Sia-Lan avoid piercing damage, the droids only have a matter of time before they score a painful hit.

OOC: Map 2.8 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.8.jpg)

Howling Wookiee
13 June 2003, 04:48 AM
After Rann dispatches the droid on Sia-Lan, he turns his attention to the two remaining droids. He calls over his shoulder, "Sia-Lan are you ok? You need to get it together. I need your help with these last two droids." The young Jedi looks back and forth between the two remaining droids. His tunic is dripping wet with sweat from the afternoon heat. It rolls down his face like water. Tactics and moves dash across Rann's mind. Parry this way, strike at this opening, dodge blaster fire.....It soon becomes overwhelming. He takes a long deep breath and lets it out. His mind is calm and he "sees" the move that he needs to make and how it should be done. Rann calls over his shoulder again, "Sia-Lan, I'll take the left one and you take the right. Press the attack and we will meet in the middle." The Jedi Padawan holds his lightsaber diagonally down, with the tip of the blue blade pointed toward the left battle droid.

Rogue Janson
13 June 2003, 07:01 AM
Arani takes a last look round in case more droids are approaching, before dashing round to the doorway Rann has forced open. Dodging inside, she casts her eyes over the room's occupants, trying to decide how much time they have to get away before more Trade Federation forces arrive. She hopes all the prisoners are in fit condition to move. They have been lucky so far, but more battle droids or even worse, heavier forces could easily cut off their escape.

OOC: even if Arani does see more droids coming, she'll still act the same.

Kanner Ra'an
13 June 2003, 08:55 AM
Galak races from his cover towards the ongoing battle with the droid. He takes a split second to make sure he doesn't accidently hit one of the two jedi. Then he pulls the trigger and hears the satisfying sound of the blastr discharging a bolt at the nearest droid.

14 June 2003, 09:40 PM
Sia-Lan reignights her weapon and says, "I'm alright, may the Force be with us." She brings her weapon up and advances toward the battle droid on the right intent on not failing this time. She brings the blade up in an overhead slash that should defeat it.

15 June 2003, 06:00 AM
Sia-Lan crosses behind Rann rapidly closing on her target. The droid fires on her as she approaches, but the Padawan weaves between the pair of blasts, dodging the inherent danger. A mere step away from the droid, Sia-Lan lashes out with her lightsaber, intent on eliminating the automated soldier from the battlefield. While she scores a hit, she lacks advanced control, which comes with experience, and the blade glances off the droid’s left shoulder, showering the area with sparks.

Initially believing that she accomplished nothing with her attack, the droid rewards Sia-Lan as its left arm displaces from the shoulder and hangs down from its grip on the barrel of the blaster. Unlike a muscled species, once the droid’s power lines severed, its does not release. Consequently, the barrel dips towards the ground due to the added weight, further impairing the droid’s combative abilities.

Galak rounds the corner of the building to see Rann rushing at the other remaining droid. As the Padawan looms closely towards the droid, the automaton burps plasma from its blaster, threatening to seriously wound Rann. As he reaches out with his lightsaber, he has to throw his body out of the way of the incoming blaster fire, consequently forcing him to completely miss the droid. Galak takes the opening, however, and watches as his energy bolt slams home into the droid’s body.

Exploding into dozens of small metal parts, the droid disappears from the battlefield. Rann covers his head as he rolls away in mid-air, dodging the ensuing shower of shrapnel. Rann hits the ground hard, knocking the wind out of him for a moment. Luckily, he deactivates his lightsaber before he lands, avoiding the dangerous energy blade from cutting into its owner. The weapon rolls out of his hand with the shock of the impact, but stops less than ten centimeters away from the Padawan. ((Rann is prone and stunned until next round.))

Arriving at the front doors, Arani peers inside. She spies half-a-dozen or so prisoners waiting quietly inside, cautiously watching the entranceway. Upon her initial assessment, Arani decides they all look fit to move of their own free will. While the Trade Federation may be capturing them, either the prisoners receive medical treatment, or those injured wind up in another location. One thing does catch Arani’s attention; the prisoners have not made a move to leave or aid the four young friends since Rann sliced through the doorway.

OOC: Map 2.9 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.9.jpg)

Howling Wookiee
15 June 2003, 06:27 AM
Rann hits the deck hard after the explosion. He is still for a moment, then the young Jedi Padawan stirs and rolls over. His clothes are not on fire but smoke rises from him as he moves around. Rann looks over at Galak from his prone position and mouths the words with narrowed eyes, "Thanks." The look on Rann's face is non too pleasing. He gets up with a grunt and stoops down painfully and gathers up his lightsaber. He tries to shake the ringing out of his ears, but that fails to help. The plaza spins around him for a minute from the close proximity of that blast. Eventually he gets his bearings and activates his lightsaber. Rann turns and engages the remaining battle droid that is on Sia-Lan. Contempt and anger flash across the young man's face for a minute before he attacks but he checks it and calms himself for the attack. Rann attempts a grand, diagonal sweeping arc attack (think reversed golf swing) at the battle droid.

((OOC: Using Heroic Surge for my 2 move actions and then my attack action.))

Rogue Janson
15 June 2003, 07:15 AM
Arani is slightly concerned about the prisoners' lack of movement, but she tries to ignore it and get them on their way.

"Come on friends, you've officially been rescued. Compliments of the resistance." She ducks her head towards them in a quick mockery of a formal Naboo bow.
The sound of a droid exploding outside briefly overwhelms the constant noise of lightsabres and crack of blaster fire.
"Ignore the noise," she tries to reassure the rescuees, "that's just some Jedi practising their moves."
"But we are in a bit of a rush..." she adds.

Arani stands sideways in the doorway to let the prisoners pass. Holding her pistol up warily out of the entrance, she splits her attention between watching for more droids and examining the prisoners, checking nothing is wrong.

15 June 2003, 09:00 AM
Sia-Lan is angry at her bad luck today. She just can't seem to take anything down in one hit. She banishes her anger and prepares to strike. Sia-Lan changes her downward swing into an upward one in an attempt to finish the droid. Then she steps back so Rann can have a whack at the droid.

Kanner Ra'an
15 June 2003, 10:34 AM

"Anytime." Galak says. He aims towards the last droid but finds it is being ripped to pieces by his two Jedi friends. Confident that it wont be any problem, Galak decides to turn his attention to their objective. A thought passes through his head. He quickly holsters his weapon and picks up on of the battle droid's blaster carbine, glad for a little extra firepower. Just before he heads over towards the door, he notes one of the battle droids servomotors are still moving sporatically. In a bit of a juvinail action he uses his new weapon to blast the part of the disabled droid and looks on with satifaction as his new toy blows the part to pieces. With a smile he starts towards the doors.

15 June 2003, 07:13 PM
Sia-Lan and Rann flank the remaining droid even as it fires blaster bolts in self-defense. The pair catches the droid completely unable to defend itself. The lightsabers come from opposite sides and delve into the metal shell, slicing towards each other as their owners impart rough, but deadly commands, directing the blades to destroy the hostile enemy. The resulting damage leaves the droid in roughly four unequal pieces that clatter harshly to the stony ground, leaving the Padawans at the ready, alert for additional trouble, but finding none.

Blaster fire catches the lightsaber-wielding combatants, but they turn to only find an amused young solider destroying the remnants of the crimson crested security droids. Galak proceeds to the door picking off the droid parts at leisure, letting the rifle in his hands drain as he lays down sporadic fire.

Arani hears a male voice call out “Whoa!” only a split second before she hears a loud crash at her feet. Looking to her left, she spies a royal security guard who has just barely missed her with a large chunk of something. She tries to figure out what the improvised weapon had come from, but the splinters of wood and stone reveal no hints to its past. The guard abruptly apologizes, and the scoundrel knows that he only barely stopped himself from following through with his attack.

The rest of the prisoners quickly shuffle to their feet, and the Naboo ruffian can tell they all have their wits about them and seem in good shape. Mumbles of thanks reach her ears as they move from the dark shadows of the lightless room into the evening air on the plaza. A few mutter questions regarding what the rest of the plan entails, and exactly how they can get safely out of the city. The seven former prisoners, however, express obvious joy at their newfound freedom.

OOC: Map 2.10 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_2.10.jpg) (The ex-prisoners are moving, but not shown on the map.)

Kanner Ra'an
15 June 2003, 07:24 PM
Galak looks at the devastation his blaster causes to the ex parts. "Luck sithers" he thinks, always having hated not being issued bigger weapons. Then he looks at the droids again "Ok maybe not". He start to enter the main room but stops, remembering the locked door. He looks at it and his blaster carbine, his gaze shifts back and forth several times. He walks right infront of the door and blasts the lock serveral times. " Lightsabers arn't the only thing that can cut open doors." he thinks to himself as he pumps deadly energy into the door, smiling the entire time.

15 June 2003, 07:27 PM
Sia-Lan disengages her saber and grimaces. She is concerned about her anger over not destroying the droid. She will have to meditate on this later. Sia-Lan walks over by the main door to see what is going on. She hopes everyone is ok inside.

Rogue Janson
16 June 2003, 03:57 AM
Arani recovers quickly from the surprise of nearly being brained by one of the prisoners. Their faces light up as they realise who she is. She turns to her assailant, putting on her best patronising tone.

"Was there any need for that? Did the guards normally open the door with a lightsabre?"

She steps out of the doorway as Galak wanders past, happily swinging his newly found blaster. The two Jedi padawans have finished the last droid and are recovering their breath from the action.

"Anyone who can use one, pick up a blaster carbine," Arani tells the prisoners, gesturing at the remains of the battle droids scattered around. "The resistance will need the weapons. There's just one more thing we need to do before getting out of here."

As she says this, the crack of blaster fire opens up again, as Galak starts spraying the locked door with bolts. Several of the prisoners flinch reflexively at the noise. All they need to do now is check out the side room and they can call this a successful mission, despite Rann's rash actions. Turning her back on the building, Arani keeps watch, wary for the approach of any more Trade Federation forces.

Howling Wookiee
16 June 2003, 04:35 AM
Rann shuts down his lightsaber but it remains ready in his hand. He walks by Arani and gives her a thumbs up as he notices the prisoners filing out. The young Padawan wipes sweat from his brow with this tunic sleave, he has been sweating more than normal today. Could it be nerves. This is his first real combat engagement. Maybe it will come easier with experience. Rann continues walking around the corner of the building and come face to face with Galak shooting the door lock. The Jedi announces his presence, not wanting to spook the soldier and accidently getting shot, "Galak, you making any progress? If not we can use the lightsabers to cut our way in."(if Galak is making progress I will watch, if not) Rann activates his lightsaber and walks to the door. He looks for a soft spot in the door and sinks his blade into it. He plunges the blue blade in the lock first then around to where the hinges will be and the bolt that locks the door.

17 June 2003, 11:06 PM
The young ladies congregate with the freed prisoners outside of the main doors, watching for enemies and listening as the boys attack weapons stash. The prisoners mull about, excited with their freedom, but uncertain of a new direction, waiting for commands from the team who released them from capture. A few gather weapons, carrying multiple rifles and tucking pistols into waistbands. They stand guard next to Arani and Sia-Lan, content to leave Galak and Rann alone.

Galak’s blaster barks at the door, splintering the wood and leaving burn marks where the hot plasma scorches the artful craftsmanship. He can tell that while the damage must weaken the door, it will take him some time to damage it enough to destroy it. A shower of sparks erupts from the frame as a stray bolt connects. Subsequently, energy crackles and sizzles around the metal frame, hinting at a shocking surprise waiting for someone if one would try to force the door itself.

Rann steps in taking his turn to whack at the door. His lightsaber arcs in, slicing through metal frame, into the door, and towards the fancy new electronic lock in the center, already scored by Galak’s blaster fire. As soon as the lighsaber cuts into the lock, the Padawan immediately senses something has gone amiss. A simple tingle in the back of his mind alerts him to duck, which allows the Padawan to avoid the majority of the explosion.

By cutting into the lock, Rann triggers an overload of the generator that powered the doorframe’s electric security field. The overload thrusts a surge of energy through the lock resulting in a bright explosion. A combination of wood and metal shrapnel erupts from the doorway towards the two young men. Small pieces snake through their protective clothing, wounding the warriors as they impale themselves into the men’s bodies. ((Galak -3VP, -5WP; Rann -6VP, -2WP))

The duo rolls across the stone floor with their ears ringing and their eyes stinging from the blast. The pain from the two sensory organs overwhelms the throbbing that runs throughout the rest of their bodies. Nearby, Arani and Sia-Lan cannot help but hear the explosive blast, although from their position they cannot see either of their two friends.

Rogue Janson
18 June 2003, 03:24 AM
Arani steps to one side and peers round the corner to see Rann and Galak sprawled on the ground, their clothing slashed by splinters of wood and metal, blood beginning to seep into the material in places. They only seem to have minor injuries though. Arani's patience is wearing a little thin, her sympathy even thinner; that's what you get for constantly trying to blast your way through things, she thinks to herself.

Straightening up and striding round the corner, Arani adopts her best formal Naboo expression and puts on a solemn, haughty tone.
"Galak, Rann I-Kanu, your noble sacrifices will be remembered by the Naboo for generations to come," she intones as she passes by their prone bodies, "Sia-Lan will now ritually disembowl you both, as is our custom." The effect is only slightly spoiled by the fact Arani suspects they both have overwhelming tinnitus from the explosion.
"You have bravely given your lives to allow the resistance acces to this vital," she peers cautiously through the shattered door, "room."

OOC: I presume the door isn't an obstacle any more since it blew up?

Howling Wookiee
18 June 2003, 04:16 AM
Rann sits up in a sitting position with his hands over his head and his head between his knees. The Jedi groans painfully, but does not seem to be damaged that much. Rann looks at the door with blood shot eyes, "Twice, that is twice I've been knocked down today." He starts mocking himself, "Sure Rann, destroy the battle droid and let Galak shoot it and make it explode. Rann go cut open the door so it can, what explode?!! When am I gonna learn to be patient and find other solutions to our problems?" He looks up at Arani's approach and notices her mouth moving but with his ears ringing from the explosion, he can't hear her. He shouts, not realizing he is, "WHAT?" Rann looks back to the now open door and room. He hopes what ever is in there was worth it. The Padawan retrieves his lightsaber (if I dropped it) and slowly stands up (if not stunned). He brushes himself off and picks out the shrapnel he can get his fingers on.

((OOC: Farr, did we take any damage for that?))

Kanner Ra'an
18 June 2003, 07:31 AM
IC: "Thats one way to do it." Galak sits up slowly and takes inventory, making sure he still has all his body parts. The soldier also looks painfully at his armor, and the many holes hes put into it since the invasion started. "Damm, Panaka's gonna sluaghter me, if these doors dont first." He takes out his medpac and applys its contents to the more serious wounds. "Ok, lets see what the sith, ouch, was in their. It better have been worth getting blown up." He stands up, picks up his carbine, and walks through the now open doorway.

18 June 2003, 02:15 PM
Sia-Lan looks around the corner of the building to see what is going on. She sees that their injuries are minor, so she turns back to the freed captives, "All of you with weapons set up a perimiter around the ones that don't have any. I'm going to go and see what's in the room. Stay here." She walks around the corner and past her fallen comrades to the door and says, "Think before you shoot next time." She follows Arani into the room.

18 June 2003, 11:12 PM
As Galak tends to his wounds, the others enter the side room through the now-large opening where the door used to stand. Galak immediately feels the localized numbing as the medpac begins to work its magic across his body where he applied the healing salves. While he likely still has an injury or two still needing attention, the medpac quickly runs out, although the young soldier knows that he has achieved some benefit from his attempts. ((+2WP))

Arani enters the smoky room just before pair of Padawans. Smoke slips out of the doorway and the room remains dark after the power erupted during the blast. Inside, she – along with Rann and Sia-Lan – spies several racks with blaster rifles stored in what used to be neat rows. Now the racks lay toppled against the floor, their contents scattered about the room haphazardly. Several large, black duffels rest in the corner, now dusted lightly with plaster brought down by the explosion.

Against another wall the trio sees several boxes stacked, their walls lightly smoldering, likely having caught aflame during the blast. Strange markings – a foreign language, most likely – likely tell of their contents. The easiest way, Arani decides, to transport any of the material would be with the black bags, although with a rough estimate, she doubts that she could fit it all in the few bags.

In the plaza, the rescued prisoners keep watch. One approaches the remains of a battle droid. Despite the shredded chest plate and severely damaged body, the voice modulator in the head continues to speak. Something in the blast that destroyed the automaton must have forced the comlink to act as a speaker for the general comm calls used by the Trade Federation in the immediate vicinity.

As the group of adventurers continues their assessment of the room, a call comes from the plaza. “Uh… Hey, uh, guys?!” the cry begins. “Hey, you might want to hear this!”

Kanner Ra'an
19 June 2003, 03:22 AM
Hearing the call, the young soldier grabs his fallen carbine and walks over to the person calling. " By the force, what now?" he thinks as he walks over, still very sore and bleeding in some places from the groups explosive entrance, and in no mood for punishment. When he reaches the former prisoner he asks "Whats going on?"

Rogue Janson
19 June 2003, 03:38 AM
Arani assesses the weapons cache with gleaming eyes. Even she can appreciate the damage all this could do to the occupying Trade Federation forces. And Galak can add a blaster rifle to his collection.
"Sia, you want to go and organise some prisoners to help with this lot," she says to the Jedi behind her. Arani vaguely hears the prisoner calling to them outside, but ignores him for now. She concentrates on the scorched boxes, partly out of curiousity and partly because she is worried about what the heat might do to their contents. If they're going to blow up, I'll give them to Rann and Galak to carry. Piling up as many as she can carry safely, Arani carries the boxes and places them down outside the room.

Howling Wookiee
19 June 2003, 04:46 AM
Rann senses the tenseness from Arani through the Force. He knows that she might be unhappy with his "unorthidox" way of opening doors. The young Jedi gives her space as they enter the room. He is purely impresses by the firepower in the room. The Padawan realizes that these weapons will greatly increase the survival rate of the underground group. Rann grabs his side as a pain hits him, he grabs his medpac and applies it to his wounds. Apparently he is wounded more than he realized. As he is applying the medipac he addresses Arani, "Do you recognize that language on the boxes. I've never seen anything like that before. I think we should find a speeder or something to haul as much of this as we can, but we will be sitting Nabuian swans leaving out of here." He waits for a reply if he gets one out of the noble. Rann's head whips around and he grabs his lightsaber at hearing one of the "prisoners" call out. He runs around the corner but does not approach the group. The group does not need to get seperated or thinned out, so he is inbetween the prisoners and the weapons cache. Rann waits for someone to fill him in on what all the ruckus is about.

19 June 2003, 09:11 AM
"Sure I'll get some of the prisoners to help," Sia-Lan replies. She is glad that they have found this weapons cache. This could help the resistance bring the fight to the Trade Federation. She walks out to the group and asks for volunteers to help with the transfer of weapons. Sia-Lan leaves Galak to deal with the what the droid is saying, if it is very important he will share it later. She leads the volunteers back to the room and begins to load them up.

19 June 2003, 04:55 PM
The citizen standing over the blasted droid looks up to Galak, “Sir, it’s pretty tough to make out, I think that the droid’s receiver is on the fritz, probably from the explosion.” Getting an annoyed look from the soldier, the woman explains. “There have been intermittent broadcasts about trying to determine the situation here, I think. I have to imagine that they’ll be sending reinforcements sometime really soon.” The lady – at least ten years Galak’s senior – wears a concerned look, but waiting for direction from one of her saviors.

Rann rests against the corner of the building to apply his medpac gingerly to his many small wounds. As Galak had felt, Rann’s body tingles in isolated locations as he applies the healing salves from the emergency medical kit. Although trained to heal himself through the Force, the conventional means work faster in this case, bringing faster therapeutic care to the Padawan. ((+2WP))

Carrying several boxes out of the smoky storage room, Arani finds that the sun continues to rapidly disappear behind the horizon, leading shadows to grow deeper across the plaza. She sets the boxes down heavily and sees that the top box cracks opens slightly revealing its inner contents. This one contains an array of medical supplies by her initial glance, although their contents also remain mysterious due to the same strange alien writing.

Sia-Lan organizes two of the former prisoners into the side room and they quickly began placing blaster rifles into the duffel bags. The bags fill quickly, and Sia-Lan directs them to keep filling the third and fourth bags. She tries to lift one of the full containers and finds it rather heavy. Carrying it will weigh the bearer down, but the cache will definitely help the underground.

Kanner Ra'an
19 June 2003, 07:33 PM
"SITH , sith, sith, sith, sith, sith." is all Galak thinks as the woman informs him that more droids will appear soon. "Dont worry will be long gone before any droids get here." Galak assures her as he kicks the droid hard, "Nothing to worry about. You two!" He shouts reffering to two of the armed ex-prisoners "Cover that area( points to the right), we should be outta here soon but we just wanna be careful." He makes sure to sound confident in his words though he does not entirly beleve them himself. Galak walks over to the other members of the rescue party, making sure to keep his voice low so not to alarm the prisoners. " Listen guys, Ooh." easily distracted by shiny weapons, Galak grabs one of the blaster rifles and start to look it over with great interest. remembering what he was doing (And getting annoyed looks by the others) he starts over." One of the droids was still transmitting. We gotta move quick. Im sure all of us know how long it takes those sithin things to move."

Howling Wookiee
20 June 2003, 04:42 AM
Rann feels at tad better after using the medpac. He will have to use the Force to tend to the rest of his wounds, but that will have to come later. There is a job that needs to be done. The young Padawan approaches the group of heroes just a Galak begins talking about more droids coming. Instinctively Rann takes out his lightsaber and looks around the plaza, expecting droids to come barreling out from behind the pillars. He returns his attention back to the group, "We need to hurry up and get as many weapons as we can then hyper outa here." Rann stretches out with the force to sense his surroundings. He knows he can't feel the droids but maybe the nearby wildlife will alert him to any approaching armies. He waits as the others make a decision on what to do.

((OOC: Farr, who much did the Medpac help out?))

Rogue Janson
20 June 2003, 05:50 AM
"Everyone come and grab some stuff to carry." Arani gestures to some of the unarmed prisoners. "Those of you who don't have guns, take the bags and boxes between you."
Noticing Galak's attention caught by the weapons, she points him towards the crate of medical supplies.
"Maybe these might be more useful for you Galak?"

"Rann and I will take the lead, Galak, you and Sia-Lan cover the rear and we'll try and keep this lot," she looks around at the rescuees, "safe in the middle. The Trade Federation still doesn't know about the tunnels we're using, so we really don't want to be seen leaving."

Tucking a brace of blaster rifles into her belt, stuffing several more roughly into her shoulder pack and carrying a crate under one arm, Arani starts off away from the building, trying not to rattle as she walks.

20 June 2003, 08:26 AM
Sia-Lan picks up one of the bags full of rifles. She hopes they get out of this without having to fight more droids. Rann and Galak are pretty beat up and they don't need another fight. "Pick up as many rifles and crates as you can, were leaving," she orders the two ex-prisoners. She pulls her lightsaber off her belt and prepares to leave. They might just get going quick enough to beat the droids here.

21 June 2003, 02:24 PM
The former prisoners readily accept their organization into defensive units and begin to scan the perimeter as Galak has directed, warily preparing for another round of assaults. As Galak moves off, Rann replaces him, standing watch with the freed citizens. As he does, the Padawan stretches out with his senses and the feeling he finds disturbs him. The normally abundant and pleasant wildlife has vacated the area. For a moment, Rann believes that perhaps he simply lacks the grasp needed to sense the life, but the resounding Force-images of his friends and his newfound allies indicates a successful application of the Force.

Despite Arani’s best attempts to avoid the clattering sound that several of the blaster rifles make as they strike against each other, the noise echoes across the stone plaza. Additionally, the weight and bulk of the weapons restrict her movement; Arani knows that if another wave of battle droids returns, she will have a harder time dodging their inferno of laser blasts.

Sia-Lan and her two helpers grab the five bags of rifles. All three move much slower – like Arani – as the large duffel bags weigh them down due to the mass of blasters. The group cleaned the storage room out, only leaving behind weapons that seem irrevocably damaged by the explosion of the door.

A single empty bag remains behind with Galak who continues to look over the state of affairs in which his and Rann’s stunt left the room. A few of the boxes - likely all of which contain the same style of medpacs that Arani found in the top box she removed – remain on the shelf, and the trio that Arani carried out of the supply room remains outside of the door. The smoke begins to irritate Galak’s eyes, and even feels as if it worms its way into his minor cuts, making them itch and burn.

Kanner Ra'an
21 June 2003, 04:06 PM
Galak looks at the boxes of medpacs. "I've used enough of them, i guess it wouldn't hurt to replace them." He thinks to himself. Galak grabs the last duffel bag and loads up the boxes(including the ones Arani brought outside) quickly, trying to ingnore the annoying stinging over most of his body. He works quickly, and hurries out of the room, glad to be free of the smoke. "Lets get going. If i'm late for dinner someone's gonna be skrilling fodder" he shouts to everyone. Now that they've acomplished their goal Galak wants to just get home, eat, swallow a bottle of painkillers, and sleep for a year of three.

Howling Wookiee
22 June 2003, 10:05 AM
Rann scans the plaza carefully after detecting the void of wildlife in the immediate area. It could be from the previous fire fight the group just had or something else has spooked them. Regardless, the feeling has disturbed him. He addresses the group quietly, "Guys we need to move out. Something doesn't feel right around here. I've got a bad feeling about this." The young Jedi Padawan nervously fiddles with his deactivated lightsaber in his hand as he stands watch. The small pains from the explosion keep reminding him of his inexperience and impatience. He thinks to himself, "Master Ali-Vor would be disappointed in me right now. I've got to learn to control my urges." Rann shakes out of his thoughts and returns his attention back to the task at hand, watching for the bad guys. Rann speaks with the closest liberated prisoner, "How much of Theed is occupied now and what is the status of the Queen?"

Rogue Janson
22 June 2003, 01:39 PM
Arani takes the lead, trying to set a decent pace despite the weight she is carrying. Several prisoners begin to follow, trailing just to her rear. After the noise and excitement of the lightfight, the Naboo evening is unnervingly quiet, though the calm is broken by Galak's shouting. The pillars in the plaza they are crossing are casting longer shadows, as the night closes in. Rann's warning makes her scans of the area even more uneasy. Having blasted their way in, the developing column of rescuers and rescuees, laden with stolen equipment and with two members injured seems vulnerable.

22 June 2003, 01:46 PM
Sia-Lan tells the two ex-prisoners that were helping her to go up with the rest of the refugees. She walks at the back of the group so that the refugees are covered from the front and the back. Hoping she won't have to use it, she fingers her lightsaber. She really doesn't want any more fighting today. Sia-Lan is already tired of fighting and she has only fought in real combat twice. She guesses that is why she is a Jedi, so she should try to find a peaceful solution to her problems instead of rushing into everything with her lightsaber waving. Sia-Lan can't wait to be in a peaceful place to sort out her thoughts and meditate on the will of the Force.

23 June 2003, 07:06 PM
The armed citizen turns his head to face the Padawan as Rann asks his question. A trickle of sweat slowly weaves its way down the man’s face, despite the almost chilly temperature of the evening’s air. He begins to reply, but his voice comes coarsely; he coughs and swallows to loosen his mouth. “I really don’t know,” he states in with a tremble hidden in the depths of his speech. “I assume the queen got rounded up like the rest of us. And I’d imagine those damn droids are all over the planet by now. Where could anyone hide from them?” His inflection drops off with his last words, allowing Rann to choose not to respond.

The rest of the group resists the urge to talk. The Trade Federation armies mount powerful sensors that could detect the conversations from afar. Despite the efforts of the group to remain silent, the clattering of the mass of equipment echoes against the stone in the plaza. Sia-Lan cocks her head to listen to a frightfully familiar sound similar to battle droids on the march. The resounding clattering from her party masks her ability to decide exactly what provides the source of the sound.

Arani keeps in step with the male Padawan. She chooses their path deliberately, hoping to avoid any random patrols and further protect their secret passages in and out of the city. She finds it interesting that she has not spotted any roving groups of the skeletal soldiers today. Occasionally the moan from a droid starfighter’s ion engines rumbles softly in the far distance, as the automated flying craft patrols the city and outlying countryside for the isolated pockets of resistance. To her relief, the moan does not turn into scream to signify the approach of one of the powerful weapons.

Bringing up the rear with Sia-Lan, the dark-skinned and young soldier shifts his shoulders, attempting to place the heavy duffle into a better position on his back. Interestingly enough, if a squad of droids shot him from behind, the medpacs would likely save his life, although not by their healing properties. The boxes of medical supplies creak as they resettle into their own positions, as if they in turn had to find a comfortable traveling arrangement. Immediately the irritation from their placement returns to plague Galak.

The line of young adventurers and misplaced citizens gradually snakes away from the plaza. As Galak and Sia-Lan cross out of the plaza and into the side streets of Theed, the shadows across the pink stone behind them have nearly merged into a solid sheet of gray. The chill in the air becomes more apparent, and two of the recently freed take a moment to turn their collars up in response. Breath against the air has yet to come out in a haze, although before the night turns into day it will certainly happen.

Rogue Janson
24 June 2003, 01:45 PM
Arani tries to keep her wits about her, but she is tired from the action and the equipment she is carrying. The adrenaline comedown is starting to hit her, and she feels the chill of a night breeze beginning to pick up. She tries to pull her cloak tighter but the awkward load means cold air gets through regardless.
Though she is not familiar with this part of the city, Arani is used to sneaking round Theed's backstreets, so she has a feel for the right paths, where they will be visible. Thankfully Naboo has a good network of alleys and side roads, and the group is only really exposed when crossing one of the broad main streets. Like a good young lady, Arani looks both ways, for trade federation forces, before hurrying her charges across.

"Rann, if we see any battle droids, you just stay put, don't go charging off after them ok?" she tells the Jedi padawan wearily. "We might have been able to blast our way in, but we really don't want to have to do that again."
Rescuing the prisoners has dampened Arani's anger at Rann, but she is still unhappy with him. The gun-happy Galak can be bad enough, but she would have thought more of the padawan.
"And if we run into any Neimoidians..." Arani trails off. The excitement and action they have seen has left her feeling empty and the disturbing sight of the Neimoidian guard lying lifeless on the ground is returning to her. The thought that she may see many more scenes like that, and worse dampens any joy she might feel at the success of their mission.

Kanner Ra'an
24 June 2003, 02:52 PM
"Spast, this thing is awkward. If I don’t get shot again....." realizing he is complaining that about not being shot, Galak silences his thought. He again shifts his load, trying to find a comfortable spot. Galak looks at his surroundings. It amazes him that of all places, gentle Theed would inspire dread and anger in him. The cold air doesn't help his demeanor. Galak starts looking around. Their job has been easy since leaving the former prison. Too easy. Galak almost wishes that a droid patrol would appear. At least that would put his fears of an ambush to rest. He shifts his load again, still failing to find a comfortable spot. "Frag, how can someone carrying enough guns to equip an army be this paranoid?” he thinks to himself, taking a look at his impressive collection of weaponry.

Howling Wookiee
24 June 2003, 05:00 PM
Rann draws his Jedi robes closer to himself. He can't remembering Theed being this cold at night. It might be something else that is giving him the chill and remains alert to the max. The Jedi Padawan does not look back at Arani and her comment. He merely gives her a thumbs up over his shoulder. Rann will not make that mistake twice. "Patience and rational thinking are in order now, " he thinks to himself. The Padawan uses the shadow to his benefit as he leads the group through the streets. He keeps his ears and eyes open for any sign of patrols. He also opens himself up to the Force, but not so much that it requires his full attention. The Force is there but at the back of his awareness. Rann also keeps his deactivated lightsaber in hand and at the ready.

((OOC: If we come to a intersection or junction I will use spot and listen checks when appropriate.))

24 June 2003, 08:21 PM
Sia-Lan is annoyed at the bag of weapons she is carrying. It won't hang in a good position. She tries to forget about the bag and concentrates on trying to be quiet. She glances behind the group to make sure nothing is coming up behind them. She fingers her lightsaber ready to use it to defend the ex-prisoners. If they get to the resistance without any fighting she will be happy. Sia-Lan want's to sort out her thoughts on the death of the nemodian and meditate on the will of the Force. Maybe the Force will show her what she should do in the next situation with live beings. It might not get anyone else killed. She hopes she can sort out her thoughts and prevent the deaths living beings, even if they are the enemy.

25 June 2003, 06:24 PM
The party continues to hustle through the streets with the jangling of their heavy loads betraying almost any attempt at stealth. While random patrols and reinforcements sent to the plaza have not encountered the group, the circling of the droid starfighters in the skies overhead gets closer with each passing minute. Their dull growling comes and goes as their flight paths arc over the city. The reverberations of the engines bounce off the streets and walls creating a strange background noise for the escapees march.

The rest of the city stands quietly against the invasion. While the droids have rounded the citizens up and escorted them to prison camps, the enemy’s army has no need for the public infrastructure, and the result comes as a bizarre peace. With minor exceptions, the pristine buildings remain unscathed by blaster fire; the peaceful society of Theed caved with little resistance against the overwhelming hostile forces from the Trade Federation.

With only the buildings to remind the small party of the culture they fight to protect, it could become easy to surrender their defenses. Happy citizens habitually fill the streets, parents chat while children play before dinnertime. Now only their ghosts haunt the empty parkways and alleys, waiting quietly for the return of normality.

Another starfighter screams over the streets. The intensity of its cry coming much louder than before and a muffled boom as it breaks the sound barrier resounds against the stone streets. Before long the starfighters will race overhead, their finely tuned sensors will pick up the signatures of the sentient party and direct enemies towards them. While none of the party voices the thought, nonetheless it jars most of their minds.

Arani presses on, her muscles begin to burn with the forced exertion. She turns a corner and recognizes a landmark. Rann stops, his eyes dart rapidly throughout the intersection, searching but not finding any signs of ambush. Silently he nods his assurances to Arani, and in doing so he feels the salt of his sweat drips into the cuts suffered from both explosions and stings as if a thousand small bugs bite him repeatedly.

Beginning her stride again, Arani keeps the party on the move. Another familiar building appears ahead indicating that they close their distance to the hidden entrance to the sewers. The room becomes familiar in her mind, and she thinks how it should appear. A deserted alley with a dumpster at one end marks the first reference point. To the left of the dumpster a stairwell descends almost two meters into the ground. A door opens inward, into the building and into a long hallway. Another five minutes and her hand will open that very door.

Rogue Janson
26 June 2003, 01:30 PM
Arani is not used to this sort of exertion and fatigue is really beginning to set in. Beside her, Rann seems to be doing a lot better, testament to the Jedi's physical training. She takes a glance behind. Some of the prisoners are clearly struggling, probably having been poorly fed by their captors. Of course, she suddenly remembers, some of them may not have been fit in the first since the Tradde Federation hasn't only imprisoned military personnel, but everyone in the city. Occasional sights of familiar streets remind Arani of what the city was like before the occupation. Now it is dark and cold, the Trade Federation having turned off the city's power supplies.
At the rear of the column, Sia-Lan and Galak are following steadily, but both look tired and irritable, though Sia-Lan doesn't give it away with a torrent of muttered curses like Galak.

The passing droid fighters seem slightly less frequent now. Arani guesses they must be concentrating on the normal routes out of the city, not knowing about the network of tunnels used by the resistance.

Poking her head round a corner, Arani stops suddenly as she recognises the alley concealing their exit. She stops Rann with a hand on his shoulder, beckons Galak and Sia-Lan over and starts giving out orders.
"Rann, you watch this way," she points to a doorway on their right that will provide some cover. "Galak, stick here and cover the rear; Sia-Lan you lead everyone into the tunnels. If we get spotted now it'll be a disaster." Seeing everything is clear, Arani herself runs as rapidly as she can across the road and takes up position at the entrance to the alley, watching the opposite direction to Rann. She sags heavily against the wall with relief at seeing their way out of the city and not seeing any battle droids.

Kanner Ra'an
26 June 2003, 02:08 PM
Galak listens to Aranis orders. "No problem." he says. Galak checks the charge in his rifle, makes sure the pack is in securly. "Take this, would ya" Galak hands off his bag to one of the prisoners. He crouches in a shooters position almost by reflex and begins to scan the area, ready to to blast anything that comes thier way. "Damm, those droids arn't gonna give me a chance to try my new gun out after all. Oh well, their are still plenty of droids around." he thinks to himself, actually quite releved that they didn't encounter any of the Federations dimwitted mechanical soldiers. He takes a breif second to watch as the exprisoners and his friends file into the ally. "Keep focused, we're almost outta here." He then turns his attention back to covering the groups retreat to the tunnels.

Howling Wookiee
26 June 2003, 06:13 PM
Rann merely gives Arani a nod. Then he jogs quietly over to the position she pointed out. The Jedi Padawan gets in a defensive posture but not as precise and defined as the specially trained soldier. Rann thinks to himself that maybe that is how he should approach his Jedi training. Approach it with a precise and defined method. He grunts to himself as he catches himself wandering off again. There are innocent lives at stake and he is responsible for their safety. He will not fail again. He will not let down those that he cares about......not like his........Rann decides he will have to mediate on this matter later.
The young Jedi directs his full attention to the area infront of him. He knows and trusts that his friends have his back. There is no doubt at all in his mind. The uses his eyes and hears but more importantly he uses the energies that ebb and flow throughout the universe. Those energies are the Force. Rann can feel Galak's cunning tactical mind, Arani's strong and iron willed essence, and Sia-Lan's determination. He is lucky to have friends like these. He hopes that they will survive long enough to get to know each other more. Rann listens and watches the shadows.

27 June 2003, 07:37 AM
"Alright," Sia-Lan replies. She turns to the ex-prisoners and says, "Follow me!" She leads the group down the alley, wary of anything that might pop out from a building or the dumpster. When they reach the top of the stairs Sia-Lan stops. "Stay here, I will go down and make sure there are no surprises waiting for us down there," then she starts walking down the stairs. She hopes there is nothing down there because she doesn't have her friends help right now. Sia-Lan doubts her fighting abilities after the last battle when she couldn't take down a droid in one hit. Maybe a squad of battle droids has found an entrance to the tunnels and are searching them right now. Or even worse a couple destroyer droids have made there way down there. She cringes at the thought.

She clears her mind of her doubts and worries, or at least tries to. Sia-Lan unclips her saber and places her thumb on the activation stud, just in case. When she reaches the door she takes a deep breath, clears her mind, and opens the door with the saber pointing into the tunnel, but doesn't turn it on yet.

27 June 2003, 06:45 PM
Arani receives a relief to find the alley exactly as she remembered it, without an ambush or signs of disturbance. As directed, her friends fan out and take her directions without question. The freed citizens cooperate precisely with any all orders from the small group of their rescuers. The lack of rhythmic marching indicates likely success.

Far above their heads, the repetitious cycling moans from the droid starfighters’ engines grow louder and softer as the airborne vessel continues in its search pattern. The low rumbling contrasts sharply in the residential areas below, which would commonly have children laughing and singing in the chilly evening air after they had finished their evening meals. The silence from the homes and streets harshly keeps attention focused to the immediate task of returning to the Underground so that they may overthrow the Trade Federation.

The duracrete beneath Sia-Lan’s feet crumbles slightly as she descends the stairway in the alley. The handle feels almost frigid under her soft hand; it takes her a moment to gather the willpower to force her hand to stay on the grip. As a shiver runs up her arm, the Padawan cannot help but question if the cold causes the physical reaction or the unknown that might lie beyond the door might frightens her.

From his perch, Galak surveys the streets, his back to the ex-prisoners following the female Padawan. His breath curls upwards in front of his face as a chill runs quickly through his body. His padded armor jumpsuit provides only marginal protection against the elements, although the night comes as unusually chilly compared to any other night in the past two weeks. The shadows from the sun have nearly disappeared, the night sky rising with a sheet of stars over the city. A row of lamps runs along the street, but does not flicker on despite the relative darkness. Galak’s nose twitches as he thinks about why the power would be out before he recalls that the droids would not need the ambient light.

The curious darkness of the street occurs to Rann as well, as he sits across from Galak. The soft humming of the starfighter in the distance reminds the Padawan that the droid armies rely much less on visual sensors. His breath floats before his open mouth before it begins to settle and disperse. A small symphony of insects begins to hum nearby, as if they prepare for a long night of orchestral entertainment. The chill in the air does not deter their dedication, or perhaps they do not sense the icy tension that plagues the stealthy party. A flicker of movement catches his eye, but he turns to see that the distraction merely came from the small group of rescued prisoners as they await Sia-Lan to open the door.

With only one choice in her mind, Sia-Lan exerts the mild force necessary to open the door inward and reveal the dark passage beyond. A mild light shines from soft glowstrips installed for emergency uses; it should provide just barely enough light to find their way through the initial hallway and into their next location. In a flash, the layout flashes through the young Padawan’s mind.

The hall runs for nearly thirty meters. At nearly five-meter intervals, doors split off to either side into adjacent rooms. The third door on the right, about fifteen meters down, leads into a utility room. In the back left corner of the room floor rests a hatch to the underground waterways. These waterways lead out of the city and away from the mass of armies.

Sia-Lan tentatively steps into the hallway. She can see only halfway down the passage, but finds nothing threatening.


A low motoring snaps Galak out of a momentary relaxation of his eyes. He had closed them to ease a tension growing up from his shoulders and into his neck. The foreign noise slowly grows louder. Immediately the solider knows that it does not reside from the starfighter; this noise has a higher pitch and frequency.


The lulling music of the night had slightly calmed Rann and for a moment, he had forgotten the potential dangers, which lay within the city limits. Three breaths pass before Rann notices that the music has dimmed, and in some cases, sections of the orchestra have ceased all together. Perhaps their song calls for the rest, but a strange sense in his stomach does not agree with that assessement.

Howling Wookiee
27 June 2003, 07:20 PM
Rann turns his head toward the singing insects as they quiet down. He thinks, "Something does not seem right." Then he pieces it together, how does prey protect itself.........to remain hidden and quiet. Danger is approaching and the Force has warned him. Immediately the Padawan panics. Many things run through his head but the one thing that screams in his thoughts is to warn the others. He quickly concentrates on the Force and projects one raw word to this friends through the Force, "DANGER!!!!!" Rann hopes that the others have "heard" his warning. He sets himself in a defesive posture and readies himself. The young Jedi decides that he will risk his life as long as his friends will make it to safety. His finger is poised over his activation button of his lightsaber and he waits in anticipation. Rann opens himself up completely to the Force, he is willing and ready for action. One incomplete thought runs through his mind as he waits for the threat to arrive, "I will not fail.........."

Kanner Ra'an
27 June 2003, 07:29 PM
"Oh sith what now." Galak thinks as he reconizes the new noise. "Rann somethings coming. Contact Sia-Lann, get her to hurry those fraggin guys up before we're skrilling fodder." he urgently asks his jedi friend. He aggressivly shifts his aim towards the direction of the sound, thumbing the safty off his blaster. He glares in the direction, breathing heavly and keeping his aim frightingly steady. In his military mind he sums up the odds. Two trained jedi, one already in the tunnel and most likly unable to help for the first few vital seconds of combat. A capable yet tired scruffy(:P ) noblewoman. Last himself, who when with Rann has a tendacy to cause explosions. Plus six tired, overloaded prisoners of unknown condition and training. Against, what best case senario, is a STAP, or worst case senario, a light droid skiff, or if their luck holds out, an AATor MTT. Unfortunatly Galak cant identify the vehicle. His experiance with Trade federation equipment is just too limited. "We just are sithed today. What the force did we do to desevre this?"

Rogue Janson
28 June 2003, 03:11 AM
Arani's head darts around as she keeps watch. The prospect of getting this far without notice and then being found makes her edgy and she rocks back and forth slightly in time with her heavy breathing. To her right, Sia-Lan has opened the door into the passages and disappeared inside, followed by several prisoners. Arani hurries the remainder along as they reach the relative shelter of the alley. She calls across the street in a loud whisper.
"Galak, Rann!"
Galak is hidden from her view, but when she sees Rann, it is obvious something is wrong. The Padawan has tensed up into a ready position, his view fixed looking down the street. Worried that the nervy padawan might do something rash, she calls him again.
"Rann, get over here and we can be away."

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28 June 2003, 04:03 AM
As Arani spies Galak and begins to gather her flock, a sharp cry rings out in her mind. Galak’s eyes go wide as he suddenly experiences the shock of receiving the same alarm without warning. A few steps inside the door, Sia-Lan’s senses go on full alert as a much more familiar sensation passes through her; a call echoes out through the Force like a beacon. Completely unaware of the cause, all of the ex-prisoners shudder as they hear the silent warning as well. The mental shout comes like a burst from a loud siren.


28 June 2003, 08:26 AM
Sia-Lan can't ignore this warning from the Force. It is a strong sensation and one of impending danger. She ignights the saber out of reflex, and lets the pink blade free. Knowing that this will draw unwanted attention she shuts down the lightsaber. She looks around the tunnel and tell's the ex-prisoners to move away from the door. She steps outside the door to see what her friends are doing. Sia-Lan ducks low so she will not be seen and holds her position at the door waiting for her friends to arrive.

28 June 2003, 09:41 AM
Every member of the party tenses, Rann’s mental cry making them even edgier. As Rann’s muscles tighten in anticipation of another round of combat, he feels a deep sting in his gut; his eyelids clamp together and his teeth clench in pain. The exertion to make the call tore at something already tender from the previous fights. The pain subsides to a tolerable level, but weakens him in the process. ((-2WP))

Galak’s eyes scan the area as the humming gradually grows. His senses tell him that the vehicle approaches slowly. The noise continues to grow in pitch and frequency, but the echoes against the buildings and streets masks the precise location of the source.

Neither the soldier nor the Padawan prepare to move towards Arani as they ready a defense. Perhaps they hesitate a moment, or possibly they could not hear her whisper. The sounds of an encroaching engine reach her ears now; the humming pulsates against the streets. The ground beneath her does not vibrate, nor do the windows in the buildings around her rattle. The noise advances gradually, but without a mistake, something nears their position.


The flash of pink illuminates the hall as the saber snaps open and shut. The soft glow briefly aided the glowstrips in revealing the passage before her. The hall remains empty without any visible ambush or waiting assault forces.

Behind the female Padawan a nervous murmur ripples amongst the civilians. The group tentatively follows her instructions, most seeking some kind of refuge behind the dumpster, as they hesitate to raise their weapons toward the front of the alley.

Sia-Lan glances up the stairway and out the alley. She can barely view Arani from her vantage, and Galak and Rann remain invisible to her eyes. The reverberations of a light humming, high in pitch and frequency, softly echoes against the alley. The civilians behind and above her stir as fear runs rampantly through them.


Rann barely senses Galak’s spike of apprehension, as the sound suddenly grows louder, although not faster. Rann’s eyes scan the area before him but find nothing out of the ordinary.

The young soldier, however, finds the source of the commotion. A single STAP rounds the corner and its engine’s drone grows louder. The scout vehicle advances slowly down the street towards Galak. The droid with blue markings casually rotates its head from side to side searching for unwanted activity while the vehicle closes the forty-some meters from the alley. At its current rate, it should overcome the party in approximately twenty seconds.

Howling Wookiee
28 June 2003, 10:15 AM
The young Jedi Padawan turns and looks over his shoulder at the approaching noise on Galak's side of the street. Rann immediately notices the STAP cautiously advancing. He pivots on the balls of his feet and in the process of turing 108 degrees his lightsaber springs to life with a snap-hiss. The lightsaber blade casts an eiree blue light in the narrow street. Rann springs into action and the group that is in the alley only see brown flowing robes streak across the mouth of the alley. It is apparent that he does not hear Arani's words. Rann does not rush in and do anything stupid again, he runs infront of Galak with his lightsaber pointed toward the STAP. He calls over his shoulder without looking, "Galak, I'll be your shield. Fire around me and I'll intercept the incoming fire from the STAP. Hopefully we can keep him busy while the girls get the others to safety." Rann spreads his feet shoulder width apart and opens himself up to the Force. Time appears to slow down as he touches the Force. Everyone and everything around him moves in slow motion.

((OOC: I'm using Deflect Defense +1 and Total Defense +4. I'm inbetween Galak and the STAP))

Kanner Ra'an
28 June 2003, 10:30 AM
"You got it." Galak replies, not wasting a second. He takes aim, careful not to hit Rann. Never one for persision, he fires his deadly barrage (OOC: Multifire) at the larger STAP, not the droid. The satisfying crack of the blaster rifle and the two crimson bolts that leap out bring a great satisfaction to his mind. "This better work." is all that goes through his mind as the bolts sail towards the droid. Galak is all to aware that niether him nor Rann are fit for a long fight. "Get moving you sithin b******" Galak shouts inbetween shots. Even though he knows he's not helping, he hopes his angry orders will get the group of ex-prisoners moving faster.

Rogue Janson
28 June 2003, 10:44 AM
Damn that padawan, Arani think to herself as Rann runs out into the middle of the road. She doesn't know how quickly the Trade Federations computers work, but if Galak doesn't take out the STAP quickly, let alone if it gets away, they're going to be in big trouble. The tunnel should provide an escape, but the Federation would find out about it and start searching for others in the city, cutting off the resistance's best ways in and out.

"Galak, you'd better nail that thing quickly," she calls to the young soldier.
Arani tries to line her own pistol up for a shot, but she isn't confident about her accuracy at this range. If the STAP moves closer, past ran, she might try a shot. She turns briefly to Sia-Lan.
"Sia, you make sure the prisoners get out of here. We'll take this stap out, then be right behind you."
Arani hopes she is right; both Galak and Rann are already injured and they are all tired. Getting the prisoners out is the most important thing. Then getting themselves out, then making sure the tunnels remain secret. The nagging doubt that the last two priorities should be the other way round sticks in her head.

28 June 2003, 05:25 PM
As Rann sets up his defensive posture, the STAP closes Galak’s range by ten meters. The young soldier smiles as his two bolts home in on the STAP. The first strikes squarely, passing through a thin shield of armor and results in a small explosion on the side of the thin vehicle. As a piece of the small craft tumbles to the ground, the vehicle shakes wildly, causing the second shot to miss and impact into the building across the street.

The pilot droid fights to recover the vessel, slowly steadying its mount. It then turns its head forward, scanning for the source of the attack and plainly spotting the Padawan and soldier duo. The vessel accelerates, beginning to close the gap as the pilot fights to keep the shaking mount in a straight line for a standard attack run.

A pair of blaster bolts lance out from the linked blaster cannons under the STAPs stand and race towards the Jedi. Prepared to defend against the assault, Rann deflects the shots upwards into the sky, rendering the droid’s attacks harmless. The STAP races over the Padawan’s and soldier’s heads, the engine growling as it passes a scant meter above. The vehicle now has a growl in the engine, perhaps stemming from a loose piece of shrapnel ingested after receiving Galak’s shot.

As the speeder passes by Arani at a blinding pace, the young scoundrel turns, tracking it carefully and pulls the trigger before it has gone more than ten meters beyond her position. Unprotected from the rear, the pilot droid receives the full force of the blaster bolt. The energy projectile tears into its back and a small flash of light comes from within the chest only a moment before the torso puffs out, peeling the armored casing away from the body.

The droid’s head goes limp, tilting off to its left side as the STAP starts to roll right about its longitudial axis and sending it crashing into the front steps of a residential building another twenty meters beyond the alley. The vehicle and droid crumple with a sickening wrenching of metal, although the wreck does not result in a horrific explosion. Once the resistance repels the invaders, the local inhabitants of this block will certainly have some cleaning to do, but their homes should remain intact.

Galak looks down-range at his intended target but holds his shots as the noblewoman has reduced the STAP’s threat level. The blast echoes die quickly in the streets leaving a strange quiet again in the peaceful neighborhood.

Back in the alley at the foot of the stairs, the sounds of the crash reach Sia-Lan’s ears. While she cannot see the events that have transpired, she does not receive a sense of dread to indicate that her friends sustained any injuries from the collision. The Padawan beckons the recent prisoners to hurry into the hall. Quickly they comply, snaking away from the dumpster, down the steps and through the doorway. Those sporting blasters lead the way, cautiously entering the shadows within the passage.

As Sia-Lan holds the door, waiting for her friends to join her, she hears a soft cry come from the passage. “Where are we going?” one of the citizens asks, as the group of them stop and wait for further directions.

Kanner Ra'an
28 June 2003, 06:44 PM
Galak lets out a long sigh of relief. " Good going man," Galak remarks, reffering to the padawans exellent deflection "You can shield me any day." Not letting the relief give him false confidence, he immeadiatly turns his attention back to scanning the nearby area, remember that STAPs usually travel in pairs. In the back of his mind he is worried that the droids demise might draw attention to this area, and by extension might lead the droid armies to the hidden tunnels. "Go on," he says to Rann, gesturing to the Jedi to proceed with the others, "I'll bring up the rear." he offers. All the relief and humour is gone from his voice. He knows that his armor gives him the best chance in the tunnels should anyone follow them.
Another thought crosses through his mind. A thought that is louder then all his fears, concerns, and doubts combined. "YES, this rifle kicks droid A$$."

Howling Wookiee
28 June 2003, 07:39 PM
After Rann deflects the shot he watches as the STAP flies overhead. He grimaces at it still being operational and flying. The Padawan thinks they are dead now. Then suddenly a crimson bolt leaps from the noblewoman's blaster and finishes off the STAP, once and for all. The Jedi in training shuts down his lightsaber. And again Arani has saved Rann and Galak's hide. Rann nods to Galak's suggestion and pats him on the shoulder, "Anytime. We work good as a team." He jogs off toward the alleyway and gives Arani an apologetic smile, "Galak's bringing up the rear. We probably need to head out while we can." He does not wait for a response because he probably doesn't want to get chewed out. It will have to wait until later. Once he gets with in visual range of Sia-Lan he gives the all clear signal. Its time to pack it up and move out. The groups' main concern is getting the escapees to safety with the weapons they have.

Rogue Janson
29 June 2003, 01:37 PM
Arani heaves a sigh of relief as she watches the STAP smash into a building. She hadn't realised she'd been holding her breath since its appearance. She stays in position to make sure Rann and Galak are heading safely down the tunnels. Arani listens carefully for the sound of any more droids approaching, but can hear nothing but the distant hum of a fighter. As Galak enters the alley, she peels off and walks alongside him.

"YES, this rifle kicks droid A$$."
"Who was it hit that droid Galak?" Arani asks pointedly, tapping her pistol against her shoulder petulantly. She slaps the young soldier's arm with the back of her hand. "Now get down that tunnel before any more show up."

29 June 2003, 03:13 PM
Seeing Rann's all clear signal Sia-Lan stands down from her ready position. She clips her lightsaber to her belt and picks up the heavy bag of blaster rifles. Positioning it on her back, she walks into the tunnel to organize the prisoners. "I need anyone with weapons to position themselves at the front or back of the group, and those without weapons to stay in between them." Seeing that some of the ex-prisoners are worried she adds, "We will be going soon, we're just waiting for my friends to get in here, then we will take you to the Resistance base." Sia-Lan sets her bag down and waits for her friends to join them. She keeps her eye on the tunnel.

30 June 2003, 01:31 PM
Navigating through the sewers proves easier than traveling the streets of Theed. The Underground has marked the turns and passages carefully, but in a manner that allows its members to identify them clearly. Sia-Lan and Arani, along with Rann and Galak, lead the group through the subterranean tunnels safely out of the city and into the countryside.

Returning to the safe house, the four friends receive a warm welcome. The daring rescue of the prisoners brings cause for a celebration. The added cache of weapons and supplies brings icing to the cake and helps to raise everyone’s spirits to a new level. In the few short days since the invasion began, nothing the Underground accomplished has come close to today’s events.

Unfortunately, the chance of discovery and limited resources curbs the options for festivities. Hidden in the cellars under the country homes outside of the city, the members keep their revelry simple, singing traditional folks songs by the soft light from simple, low heat glowrods. Rare treats spice up the normally dull rations, bringing tingling sensations to the mouths of the diners.

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