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4 June 2003, 01:40 PM
I am not a complainer by nature, and i think this is the first thread I have started here in all my time, but I had to get this off my chest.

I am getting really tired of people comming on to these boards and requesting that people post copywrited material. Not only is it against the rules of the board, and against the law, but I get the feeling that people are just plain mooching. I am not rich, and I do not have all the WoTC books, but I do not go out publicly and request people post material publicly, from the copywrited book that they worked hard to get. If I want to share it with a few friends that is one thing, but that is a private matter. Wizards, with all their faults, pays dearly for a lisence to be able to print and produce this material. It's not cheap, and that sucks, but that is life.

And to people who respond byt saying "I didn't know", I say "well there is no reason why you shouldn't have known. READ THE RULES!" Do new people even read the holonet rules an FAQ before they post? I am thinking they do not, becaus this is clearly a violation. And besides copywrite law is pretty common knowledge, so I see no excuse besides pure laziness and blatant ignoring of the rules.

Boy when I rant I really don't write well...oh well.

4 June 2003, 02:20 PM
Originally posted by Dr_Worm
Boy when I rant I really don't write well...oh well.

I think that rants should be exempted from any review of writing skills. So I have to agree with you. Asking for a conversion is one thing, but wanting the original stats, c'mon! Sometimes I wonder if posting a conversion is giving too much information out. Long and short of it, I'll second your rant. But I'll add that even if you didn't read the FAQ, how many times do you have to read a similiar "STATS REQUEST" thread to learn that you can't get copyright stats here!!!

Rogue Janson
4 June 2003, 03:19 PM
I sometimes feel newer members should be cut a bit more slack for some issues - like posting in the wrong forum, it's easy not to understand the differences between the different swrpg forums on here.

Asking for copywrited stats is a bit much though. Sure, people may be confused by the fact this site has a huge archive of stats (none of them published of course), yes, people do post extracts of books regularly and yes, stats do get pmed around a fair bit. But surely they understand that copywrited material can't just be posted up all over the place.
As it is, it's not enough to be a real problem at the moment, I think we're jsut unlucky to have had a couple of people doing it at the same time.

One thing I'd love to know is how many new users read the FAQ. I've said in the past that it should be more visible, and Armage agreed. I know the holonet screen is a little cluttered, with lots of info and links on, but it might be worth putting a big link to the FAQ at the top.
Preferably with a big message saying "READ THE FAQ YOU B**TARDS!" That might get the message across.

Jim Williams
4 June 2003, 03:30 PM
Jim join rant... much greatly annoyed! Armage say read rules before posting, Jim do. Mods re...in...force instructions from The Great One, Jim human, sometimes forget. Jim understand that other do two. Requesting stats though...Jim rant and rant. Spend money like rest of consumer-driven society. If must need stat for emergency, contact friend via PM, e-mail. Careful though, only trust Rogue Janson as far as can throw him. With name like Janson, probably up to no good.

/rant off. Wow, I think I can type better now also!

Kidding, Tim, but I think, as an example, one time I asked Rogue Janson for info on how the dovin basals work for detail on an X-wing sourcebook I've, ahem, completed. Anyway, it was done quietly.

I'd hate for certain VIPs to come around and see some recent posts regarding stat requests.

4 June 2003, 04:27 PM
My rant would be the people requesting stats THAT ALREADY EXIST ON THIS WEBSITE!! JUST SEARCH!! IS THAT SO HARD!!! god i feel like a mod when i point out these stats to people....

and another thing.,..SEARCH if you think a topic has already been brought up in forums!!

Fred Getce
4 June 2003, 06:39 PM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson
...a big message saying "READ THE FAQ YOU B**TARDS!" That might get the message across.


I have the same problem with building databases. The current one I manage has a link that says "Report Database Errors Here."

Later I had to increase the font to size 4 so they would notice it amongst the buttons. Now I have a big fat button that says to report errors and it is bigger than any of the other buttons on the pages just they will notice it and use it instead of calling our operations manager about database errors.

Man funny stuff. :teary eyed smiley:

5 June 2003, 04:17 AM
I used to own an internet café, in order to protect the computers they had to enter a simple user/pwd combination : user as login and cafe as password, that's not hard, isn't it?

Well, I made sure that the background was white and in LARGE RED LETTERS it said USER: user PASSWORD: cafe and I lost count of how many people went to the counter and asked what they needed to do to start the computer...

To sum it all, basically these days people does not read at all!

You are given a manual for every appliance, yet three years later you punch the wrong button and discover a new function! Look ma, you can program the VCR!