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20 October 2000, 12:40 PM
Something i have toyed with many gaming sessions is allowing a character to dual specialise (double spec). I.e. Jurgan the new republic technician, has space xport repair, spec in t-334d freighters, dual spec in the jucie fruit (the parties ship) for example...

To get to this level, a character need only spend 3 consecutive months working with or around the thing he wishes to specialize in (dual), and then he get's an additional die above his normal spec level in it. He increases this dual level when he increases the BASE SKILL, not the specialty. If he ever spends more than one month away from it, he looses this benefit, that is until he spends another 3 months. A character can only have one dual spec for a paticular skill, but can transfer it by spending 3 months with his new focus...

Well what do you think of it???

21 October 2000, 04:29 AM
Like a 3rd level of specialisation?
Skill, then specialisation then this further concentration, right?
Sounds okay to me, Shadow Run 2nd Ed. had a similar idea, for example you would have Firearms skill, Heavy Pistol Concentration then an 'Ares Predator' specialisation.
(SR had skill, concentration, specialisation, in that order, as opposed to Wolverine's suggestion of Skill, specialisation, further-specialisation).
Though you'd have to make sure the character doesn't exploit this by getting a HUGE skill in their personal ship (destroying their ships ever so often discourages this exploitation! ;) ).

21 October 2000, 11:44 AM
Sorta kinda... I was thinking what benefits would a character earn if he spent all his time with say one ship. Then i came up with that idea... It is more for mech/tech than any other area, though i suppose a character could do it with others, i.e blaster-spec blaster pistol-dbl spec hvy blaster dl-44, or melee-spec swords-dbl spec katana (yes i have succumed to the dreaded katana curse, they are just so cool!!!!)......

24 October 2000, 10:34 AM
Oops. Just checked the Template i made that has it, as a listed benefit, and it's only 1 month, not 3.

24 October 2000, 01:45 PM
I dunno sounds kind of cool. maybe you can change it around too like have blaster repair specialty in blaster rifle then in something like Stroomtrooper One or E-11 or something similar and make it using the die increase in a different way too.

4 April 2003, 08:13 AM
OK. Made a few changes to this...

Focused specialty.

Requires base skill at 4d.
The owner takes 1 month (game time, not real) learning the in's and outs of ONE specific ship. If at anytime during that month, he works on ANY other ship or even vehicle, he has to start anew. He can then spend CP equal to increaseing the SPECIALTY 1 pip. He then garners the focused specialty at 1d higher than the base specialty. It affects rolls for that SHIP or vehicle only (eg han solo has 5d+2 space transport piloting, 6d+2 specialty in YT-1300, and 9d+1 in the Mellinium falcon).

When the character increases his BASE SKILL or the Base specialty, he also increases the focused specialty. He cannot increase it on it's own.
Benefits: It allows the players to get a bonus of 1D above their specialty when working on or with ONE specific ship/vehicle.
Penalties. If the character ever spends 2 or more consecutive months without doing ANY work with or in the ship/vehicle he focuses in, OR spends more than 1 week, working with ANYOTHER ship/vehicle, he looses the focus.

Emperor Xanderich II
5 April 2003, 09:54 AM
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9 November 2003, 02:15 PM
Well, it has been a while, and a number of new people have shown up. So i am resurecting this thread for new thoughts....

9 November 2003, 02:41 PM
Well, just from the peruse that I gave this (wonder why I didn't see it before), I'd only have a problem with the amount of time. One month seems too quick to gain an additional specialization. Three sounded better, as I've always viewed specializations as something that a person spends an AWFUL LOT of time working with. Every time I start at a new job in real life, I don't view myself as being specialized in the skills of the job after only one month. Three, yes...one, no.

So those are my thoughts, for what they're worth.

26 August 2005, 10:21 PM
By my powers as Lord High Thread Necromancer, i command thee. ARISE!

Well. it has been 2 years, plenty of new people.
Any new thoughts?

26 August 2005, 11:40 PM
Interesting Idea, thanks for the resurrection, I missed a lot of good posts on my quick once over.

I agree with the three months and I like the mechanics behind it, though I would just make it dormant until he refamiliarizes himself with whatever the equipement was.

But it seems like too many rules and not a lot of flexibility, plus there are other options that are more attractive

This doesn't compete against the advanced skills to me (A) skills are a better way to go

most have a minimum of 5D in the normal skills (Hideouts & Strongholds details most of the (A) skills requirements); all my mechs have had 5D in their Tech skills before starting to specialize anyway.

the first D costs 2 points and 2 weeks. This time can be shortened by spending more; but using the skill doesn't cut it for advanced skills, you still have to spenf the study time.

given three scenerios & two weeks of down time during or between scenarios I can boost the (A) Skill to 2D for 6 points
4 weeks of time during three scenarios and 12 points (4 per) I can have 3D
I'd still push to the 4D even though it'll cost me 6 points for each pip.
Because I can still advance my base skills and specialties and I still get the +4D adder


Another side is that I can specialize in Space Xport: Jucie Fruit, It'll cost me the same as any other specialization, I can advance it, and I won't lose it


That said I do like the idea of a double specialization

Lets set a prerequisite, say a minimum D in the specialization
it costs the following CPs
4.5 to go from 3D to 4D
6 to go from 4D to 5D
7.5 to go from 5D to 6D

OK let's make the min 5D and make it cost 1/3 as much as a full skill
that means it'll cost 1 2/3 to get 1 pip for 5D+1 (if they start as soon as they can)

This is a bit generous so we carry over the core from specializations:
Specializations seperate skills. If a character improves the basic skill, the specialization doesn't improve; if the specialization is improved, the basic skill doesn't go up.

Just one more thing: the skill can not be more than 2D over the specialization. If you feel it's going to be overused, start with a 1D difference, it's always easier to give players good stuff than it is to take it away.

There we go, two rules (only one of them really new), one carried over and we may have a working sub-specialization; now for a willing vic... volunteer to playtest it, any takers?