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13 June 2003, 09:41 AM
The sun is setting on the Coruscant horizon, throwing a soft reddish light onto the towering buildings. The buildings cast dark shadows onto each other, and onto the bottom levels of the Jedi temple, which is tall enough to dwarf the other skyscrapers. A light breeze rustles across a landing pad jutting out from the walls of the temple, reverberating softly as it passes through the artificial tunnels and canyons of the city. The same wind flutters the rough garments covering the small knot of Jedi who are making their way along the ramp to the main bulk of the landing area.

Perched slightly off center on circular portion of the pad is a dilapidated ship. The sterile white of the pad lights only increases the ability to see the obvious scarring on its surface. Exposed wiring is even visible in several places. A large two barreled laser cannon sits in a turret atop the vessel, although judging from its condition, firing it might not be the best of ideas.

A chipped Republic logo is visible on the hull of the ship. The Jedi Order obviously borrowed this vessel from the Republic military, which decided to keep all of their useful ships and give away the scrap (at least, as far as fighting capacity goes). Just another sign of how the Clone Wars have taxed the resources of even the Republic. Still, the ship looks more or less spaceworthy.

A lone figure appears from the interior of the ship, briefly silhouetted by the light from the ship’s interior as she steps quickly down the boarding ramp. She smiles brightly as she nears the Jedi standing on the pad. The heavy brown hooded Jedi cloak hanging over her shoulders looks vaguely out of place on her slender frame, and contrasts with the light blue of her tunic. Her lightsaber is of fairly generic design, and hangs loosely from her belt.

“Le-Alli Basai,” she says by way of greeting. She turns partially makes a slight hand gesture toward the ship. “That’s the Fire Hawk. We can leave as soon as we get everyone aboard. I’ll warn you that I haven’t done anything more than a few short hops within Coruscant, but I went through a pilot course a few years ago.” Unlike most Jedi, she does little to shield her emotions, and her warm cheer fairly radiates from her.

She smiles again, her eyes sparkling with amusement in the faint light the landing pad lights provide against the deepening Coruscant dusk. “But don’t worry. They tell me it’s like a child learning how to ride a scooter. You never forget.”

13 June 2003, 12:59 PM
Bakht, the Mon Cal Jedi examined the ship and said:

"Well, it's not like we're going to ruin a state-of-the-art model! As long as we arrive safely, I won't object to any kind of piloting... and besides I could also take a fast course... I'm no pilot at all!"

The Ghost
13 June 2003, 11:30 PM
"One would rather prefer to leave such matters to an expert." The steady comment from the pale near-human could be heard from the back. His stolid gaze took in the vessel and then returned to the woman on the ramp.
"But the Force will never guide one astray if they heed it."

He blinked once, and then diverted his attention skyward. "I assume there is a reason we are flying a scrap-heap as sure as there is a reason Kuat is green."

15 June 2003, 07:37 AM
"Good point. But I think I've been rude, let me introduce myself. I'm Bakht Bidar, and I'm a healer, or at least that's what I think. Frankly I don't know why the Council assigned me to this mission, but it's not my position to judge that."

The Ghost
15 June 2003, 08:12 AM
"Aion Khonsu," was the terse reply. A half-glance towards the Mon Cal was given. He didn't press further with the conversation and just moved up the ramp.

15 June 2003, 10:59 AM
Le-Alli turns and watches as Aion walks briskly up the ramp, a half frown on her face.

“I’m not sure whether excessively pessimistic or just insufferable will prove to be the better description.” She turns to Bakht with a slight grin. “Besides, he’s probably just a big softie at heart.” She pauses. “Don’t tell him I said that.”

“Anyway, pleased to meet you, Bakht. I’m sure the Council has a good reason for asking you to come. But there’s only one way to find out.”

She steps to the side, allowing Bakht to pass, and then follows him up the ramp into the ship.

“Cockpit’s on the left,” she says as they enter from the ramp into a small living space. A scuffed table bolted directly to the floor is partially surrounded by a dull grayish booth along the wall. A small food preparation unit is set into another wall, and three doors dot the remaining wall space. The leftmost one lies open, leading to the cockpit. The cockpit is lit only by the faint light from the displays and the light cast in from the living area. The faint hum of the engines in standby permeates the ship.

“Bakht, Aion, you’re welcome to join me in the cockpit if you wish. Otherwise, there’s plenty of space out here or in the cabins. She steps into the cockpit and sits at the pilot seat, running through the startup procedure in the flickering light of the panels.

“If either of you forgot anything, now would be the time to mention it. Otherwise, we’ll be off.”

OOC: Consul Vido and Jamdo Hasyr may or may not be able to play at this point. If they are playing, assume their characters were already aboard the ship.

16 June 2003, 05:41 AM
Bakth turns to the cockpit, straps himself in one of the back seats (if any) and throws a glance at the controls.

"I wish I had the time to learn to operate one of these things, but then again, if I have not done so, it could be the will of the Force."

Consul Vido
16 June 2003, 07:29 AM
Quietly entering the cockpit, Myral speaks up. "Very true. The Force often guides us, in even the most insignificant seeming ways, so that we may better fulfill our roles in the greater scheme of things."

"Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier. I was lost in thought. My name is Myral Nubarri." Crossing her wrists across her chest, she bows slightly to the other Jedi, making the complicated patterns of tattooing on her forehead and the back of each hand all the more noticeable.

Jamdo Hasyr
16 June 2003, 09:22 AM
The final member of the party enters the cockpit, behind Myral.

"I apologize for my rudeness," he begins. "I have not introduced myself either. I am Armand Pentalon." The human nods to the assembled, but offers no comment on the nature of the Force like the others have.

"You'll excuse me, but I think I am out of my realm of expertise," he said dryly. He exited the cockpit and made his way back to the lounge.

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The Ghost
16 June 2003, 01:15 PM
"Then let us be on our way." Aion stated pointedly. He turned to seat himself on the floor out of the way in the lounge area and closed his eyes.

"There will be much time to debate wills in contrast to lack of action, i gather. For now, we are in your hands, pilot Le-Alli Basai."

16 June 2003, 09:38 PM
Le-Alli glances back into the lounge, then turns her attention to the displays. Speaking quietly, so as not to disrupt Armand and Aion, she addresses Myral and Bakth as she gestures to various parts of the control panels.

“Throttle, primary sensor display, drive status, shield control panel.”

She reaches over and adjusts the controls, and the ship lifts off the ground with a slight wobble. Frowning, she continues, “Repulsorlift.”

Her face stiffens in concentration as the Fire Hawk slides from the pad and into a dense Coruscant traffic pattern. With a growing rumble from the engines, the ship begins to accelerate, quickly crossing over to the night side of Coruscant. Below, the massive buildings stand like sentinels, lit by thousands of pinpricks of lights. The buildings appear to slowly shrink as the ship flies steadily toward space. Within a few moments, it clears the many rings of ships surrounding Coruscant. Le-Alli reaches forward and engages the hyperdrive, and for brief seconds the stars seem to stretch away as the ship leaps to hyperspace.


After over ten days of travel, the Fire Hawk drops from hyperspace above Sarett. However, the view of the mottled brown planet is marred by the proximity of a massive Republic Acclamator-class warship.

A sharp female voice comes over the comm. “Unidentified vessel, this is Captain Kymber Vandergraff of the Republic Shield. State your crew, cargo, and purpose immediately.”

The last harshly bitten word was left without an explicit threat, but with the Republic Shield hanging menacingly nearby, the consequences were obvious.

Le-Alli, her hand still on the hyperspace control, quickly recovers and keys the comm. “Republic Shield, this is Le-Alli Basai of the Fire Hawk. Myself and Knights Khonsu, Pentalon, Bidar, and Nubarri are here at the request of the Jedi Council.”

Captain Vandergraff responds quickly, her tone crisp and military. “Fire Hawk, bring your engines down to standby immediately and await verification.” The comm clicks as the connection is broken.

Captain Kymber Vandergraff is well known within the Republic, as is the Republic Shield. The ship has seen action in every major battle of the Clone Wars, and has the knack for overcoming incredible odds. Vandergraff herself is one of the most decorated captains in the fleet. But even beyond its military track record, the Republic Shield is most known for the occasions where it has seemingly dropped from the face of the galaxy. Rumor purports that the Republic Shield has been performing clandestine missions within enemy territory at the direct request of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

The Republic Shield’s presence at Parett, fitting with its track record, is extremely unusual. Parett is removed from the fighting of the Clone Wars, and it seems to make little sense to squander a brilliant captain and more than capable ship by patrolling Parett. But Captain Vandergraff does not seem to be the type to explain her actions. The Jedi are left to wait her response, and to decide how to react to the unexpected turn of events.

17 June 2003, 04:33 AM
"Not precisely a welcome committee, but then again who has time for pleasantries during this war."

The Mon Cal Jedi stood up and walked to the quarters.

"I'll go prepare myself."

The Ghost
17 June 2003, 12:39 PM
Listening in, Aion watched through the transparisteel cockpit at the vessel. He stood unobtrousively to the side when the Mon Cal stepped past.

"One cannot expect pleasantries from someone who bursts in unkown. The captain is doing her job, as we will do ours. This has no forethought to malice, just caution." He said, keeping his silver eyes focused out into the space over the planet.

Consul Vido
17 June 2003, 01:00 PM
Nodding to Knight Bidar in acknowledgement as he passes her, Myral shifts in her seat to get a better view of the planet and of the warship floating silently in front of them. Her brow furrows in thought and she begins to absent-mindedly comb the fingers of one hand through her long, dark hair.

After Knight Konsu speaks, Myral purses her lips momentarily. “I will be the first to admit I have little knowledge of military matters. However, it seems odd that they were not informed we were coming. But I suppose many things slip through the cracks in the chaos of war.”

17 June 2003, 01:28 PM
After the initial departure from the landing platform at Coruscant, an man walked in from one of the back compartments. Hints of grey hair glint through to confirm that he is not young in the universe. Placing his right hand on the back of a chair he bows and introduces himself, "I am sorry for not coming forward earlier, I was in meditations. I am Sotonn Daldolen. It seems the council has seen it to include me on our journey, I am sure the force will guide us well."

He walks around the back of the chair, and has a seat to enjoy the hyperspace trip.


Following the conversation and spoken concerns, Sotonn interjects as the others express unpleasantries, "They merely wish to confirm we are who we say we are. Even when expecting visitors, one would expect a ship with a history like the Republic Shield's would be especially certain to confirm all newcomers."

Sotonn stands relaxed in the cabin as they await the response.

Jamdo Hasyr
17 June 2003, 06:27 PM
Armand listened to Sotonn and nodded in somber agreement.

Inwardly, he had been wondering exactly why a ship the size of the Republic's Shield had been sent to an out-of-the-way planet for patrol duty. Weren't there more important things for that kind of ship to do?

He closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts. His overactive mind would do them no good while the Republic's Shield screened them. The only thing they could do was wait.

17 June 2003, 07:53 PM
After what it seemed like ages, Bakth returned from his cabin.

"I have meditated long enough. Any news from the Republic's Shield?"

17 June 2003, 09:44 PM
Le-Alli smiles wryly. “I take it the consensus is to wait patiently.” The cockpit settles into a quiet as the minutes stretch by. The Republic Sheild remains a steady sight from the cockpit of the Fire Hawk, seemingly as immovable as the stars that dot the view.

After a nearly twenty standard minutes, Bakth returns to the cockpit and voices a question on their current status.

“Still nothing,” Le-Alli replies. “They must be being especially thorough.”

As if on cue, the comm crackles to life, and Captain Vandergraff’s voice is audible again.

“Fire Hawk,” she begins, her voice betraying the faintest hint of weariness, “you are cleared to continue with your mission.” She hesitates for a moment, then continues. “I must advise caution. As I am sure your briefing mentioned, Sarett is a dangerous world, and braving its surface is not to be taken lightly. As it is said on my homeworld, be fleet of foot and sure of purpose.”

With that, the transmission ends.

Li-Alli, normally talkative, seems sobered by the pronouncement. Without a word, she reaches forward and powers up the drive, and the Fire Hawk accelerates smoothly toward the foreboding mountains of Parett.


With a dull thud, the Fire Hawk settles ponderously on the ground. On either side, sheer cliffs of unbroken rock rise up for hundreds of meters, vanishing into the clouds above. The Jedi descend the ramp and step onto the rocky ground, their footsteps echoing back and forth off the walls before fading into the depths above. A few hundred meters down the crevasse, a settlement is visible.

As the Jedi reach the outskirts of the settlement, they are better able to observe its makeup. The buildings are composed primarily of weathered duracrete, although some are constructed of crude combinations of rock and mortar. The entire town has a subtle natural feel to it, blending seamlessly with the surroundings, despite the presence of modern technologies such as powered lights and the rare speeder. The buildings are nestled closely together between the walls of the crevasse, and the vertical construction, sometimes reaching as many as six or eight stories, often branches out to connect to other buildings or clefts in the crevasse walls.

Despite the conflict that brought the request for Jedi mediation, the town is vibrant and alive. Citizens roam the streets, talking, purchasing goods, or tending to what appear to be crude hydroponics facilities strewn among the buildings.

Within moments of entering the town proper, a tall human approaches.

“Welcome to Parett, and welcome to Cebo!” He booms, sweeping his hand past the buildings, indicating that “Cebo” refers to the name of the settlement. “I’m Mayor Vansic Gemini.”

Gemini is the antithesis of everything that characterizes a Republic politician. He wears a white tunic and aging grey pants, in addition to a large light brown coat. Despite his loose clothing, it is obvious that he is extremely muscular and fit, and his bright green eyes take in the world from behind gray-streaked, brown hair that verges on being accurately described by ‘shaggy.’

He turns to lead the Jedi into the town, speaking as he walks the maze between the densely packed buildings. He ignores the curious looks the citizens cast toward the Jedi. “We’re very happy that you’re here, and we hope that your presence will help cool things down between our settlement and Yeriteq. The strife and senseless bloodshed help neither of us. Yeriteq’s mayor will be arriving tomorrow morning. The location of the conferences will then alternate between the towns until we come to a solution.”

“But that lies tomorrow. We have a few hours before the banquet tonight. I can answer any questions you have, or show you your rooms if you’d prefer. Otherwise, you’re free to wander the town until the banquet.”

He offers up a broad smile, “Oh. If you’re worried that the banquet will be a stuffy affair, don’t be. That’s not how we do things around here. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourselves.”

18 June 2003, 04:36 AM
Bakth asks the Major.

"Sir, what are the latest news about the dispute? And also, I'm curious, would you have a map or at least can yo tell me the distance to Yeriteq?"

After that, he visits the town, paying attention to the buildings engraved in the rock.

He also stops a passing town local:

"May the Force be with you! Would you be so kind as to show me where are your health services center?"

The Ghost
18 June 2003, 01:54 PM
"what are the security measures being taken to ensure the safety of your diplomatic meetings?" Aion asked, glancing here and there at the people they passed. Children shied from his indifferent glance, hiding behind parents or looking away.

This mattered little to him, he reached out through the Force, listening to the emotions of the town, searching for anything unusual.

His steady strides brought him down the street behind the leading mayor as he listened to the man speak about a banquet. "Should you really think about opulence when there is suffering going on around you? That money would be better suited to contributing to those affected by this skirmish, would they not?" He retorted, mentally frowning at such a waste.

Consul Vido
18 June 2003, 08:17 PM
While listening to the Mayor, Myral attempts to guage his character. She has learned that first impressions are often deceiving. The man seems friendly enough, but she knows she must strive to maintain her impartial view of the negotiations.

However, she cannot help but be moved by the hardship faced by the locals.

I must do my best to help these people. Those here and in Yeriteq.

Jamdo Hasyr
18 June 2003, 09:39 PM
Armand surveyed Gemini's clothing with great amusement. A smile crept across his features when the mayor told the group that the banquet would be "a casual affair." Dressed like Gemini was, Armand imagined that all of Cebo was casual.

Armand was a bit put off by Aion's rather pointed questioning of the mayor. Implying negligence on behalf of the local government was no way to begin a diplomatic exchange; the state of the Ceboan buildings and casual dress of local dignitaries told Armand that the government was putting on the banquet as a sign of respect or, possibly, to encourage the group to "see things their way" at the negotiating table. There would be politicking tonight, he thought, but was disappointed that Aion had tipped their hand prior to the banquet. He hoped that the mayor didn't accuse them of being less than impartial.

Then again, Aion's comment to the mayor may lower Aion's standings during the negotiations - the Cebo luminaries may ignore him altogether during the proceedings, figuring that Aion would side with the Yeriteq natives regardless of what was on the table. If the Cebo didn't group the Jedi together, then it only increased the stature of the other members during the conferences.

Armand walked and was filled with anticipation about the evening ahead of them. He found the air refreshing and was intrigued by the local architecture, which seemed to value function over aesthetics.

Armand took the mayor up on his offer to be shown his room.

"Excellency, if it would be possible to be shown my quarters at this time, I would appreciate it," he said respectfully, his voice showing no trace of aggression or friendliness. It was neutral, lacking almost any inflection.

The politicking that would occur at the banquet could indeed prove the crux of the negotiations. Armand needed time to meditate, rest, and think before twilight came. There was nothing worse, in his experience, than being unprepared.

18 June 2003, 11:57 PM
Sotonn walks alongside as Mayor Gemini explains the preparations made for tonight's banquet. He seems to be less focused on the mayor, and more focused on the landscape and the local people.
Tonight is sure to bring many mysteries.

Awaiting responses to the other's questions, Sotonn seems content to simply walk the town allowing the others to take the lead in their own requests. When each has finished he questions Gemini calmly with obvious curiosity, "Mayor Gemini, what is your view of the Yeriteq settlement and its mayor?"

19 June 2003, 07:50 AM
Gemini looks over at the Bakth. “The conflict is currently at a cease fire. Each side has roughly ten armed observers at the mine. The situation, admittedly, is tense, but there hasn’t been any violence since the request for mediation.”

“Yeriteq lies approximately 70 kilometers from here, but the route is treacherous, and even then only to climbers or skilled speeder pilots. It is utterly impassable to everyone else. The primary route to Yeriteq runs 80 kilometers north to the mine, and then back to the southeast toward their city. Since the bulk of the fighting has been conducted at the mine, it is difficult for soldiers to break through to attack the settlements proper. Both sides evacuated the mine months ago, but not before losing irreplaceable equipment to attacks. From that point onward, anyone who was not a direct combatant saw little of the fighting.” He pauses, going on quietly. “Saw little of the combat, but certainly saw the results. Our meager medical facilities were quickly overfilled, and soldiers returned daily with a count of the deaths, bringing bodies for burial when they could.”

He is quiet for a moment, then turns his attention to Aion. “The visiting mayor brings a security detail with him, composed of five armed individuals. The hosting mayor attends the meetings without a guard detail, but if the visiting mayor were to bring violence against him, the aggressor and his group would never live to escape the city.”

“We hope that this measure of … forced mutual trust will discourage violence.” He looks over the group of Jedi. “I have never met a Jedi Knight before today, but if the tales are true, five armed individuals, or even a town full of them, would hardly make a difference. Your presence adds an extra element to the security.”

Aion’s next sharp question causes a momentary shock, but Gemini recovers quickly, speaking with a forced calm. “Jedi, I am saddened that you would think that I would resort to such waste at any time, much less at a time of crisis. But I assure you, while I understand that celebration is a necessary part of building morale, and a necessary part of enjoying life, I also am fully aware of our limited resources. You will find the banquet far from opulent. It won’t be filled with needless bureaucratic trivialities, stuffy as I put it, but neither will it be opulent. You will see.”

Gemini turns to Armand in response to his request to see the rooms. “Certainly,” he says. “They are simple, I’m afraid, but they should suit your needs.”

As he leads the group toward a large building near the edge of the city, he listens to Sotonn’s question. “Perhaps I should begin with a history of the dispute. The Yeriteq discovered the mine eleven months ago. It is one of the richest lommite mines anywhere on Sarett. The Yeriteq mayor kept quiet about the discovery, building a mining operation there. In two months, we stumbled across the mine ourselves. According to the Sarett Code, the diplomatic document binding the towns here, major resources are to belong to the town that lies closest to them. Yeriteq’s mayor, Devin Baralein, argued that they had already developed the resource, and that the Code was more a recommendation than anything else, seeing that Sarett has no true organized central government.”

Gemini shrugs, “I wasn’t about to let such a valuable resource go, especially with the Code backing me. So I sent my own mining equipment, hoping that Baralein would take the hint. He didn’t, and he began sending armed guards to watch over the proceedings. I sent my own, knowing the value of the mining equipment that was now being used to pull ore alongside Yeriteq vehicles.”

“Eventually, the tension became overwhelming, and Yeriteq, believing the presence of Cebo to be a threat, opened fire. Within minutes, large portions of the mining equipment on both sides had been destroyed, and the remainder was fleeing from the battle zone under one of the most intense battles this planet has seen. Several months of fighting ensued.”

Gemini’s face adopts a scowl. “Though I despise Baralein and his treachery, this conflict has grown far too costly. A solution needs to be found.”

He reaches the building, a large duracrete structure built up against the natural stone walls, and walks inside.

“The upper floors of this building are the governmental center,” he informs you. “The lower ones are open to businesses, in general, though the government keeps a small block of rooms open for guests. That is where you will be staying.”

He walks past a number of storefronts. Aside from a lack of expensive technology, it is similar to many other low scale commercial districts on Coruscant. The rooms themselves are spartan but clean and well maintained, with beds in the corners, windows looking out into the town, and a generous amount of floor space.

Gemini speaks, “I hope you find these satisfactory. We have arranged to have a guard watch your rooms at night, if that is your preference. Occasionally, we have animals enter the town, and the animosity of the Yeriteq remains high. However, if you wish to forego the guard, that is perfectly acceptable. In either case, you are free to come and go as you please.”

“If you have any further questions or requests, I can address them now. Otherwise, I must see to preparing the banquet. Until then, you are welcome to remain here or to explore the town at your leisure.”

OOC [edit]: Please address both any comments to Gemini and what you wish to do with the time until the banquet. Meditate is an acceptable response to the second question, though it may not be terribly exciting unless you combine it with Farseeing. :P

19 June 2003, 08:02 AM
Bakth nods with respect towards Gemini.

"Thanks for your answers, Major. I will inspect your medical facilities later. I just have one last question, is there anyone who can give me a brief history of the planet and its settlements? I am particulary interested in this Sarett Code that you speak of."

Consul Vido
19 June 2003, 11:43 AM
Myral speaks up after Bakth. "I am also interested in your Code. Particularly in the details of why it was conceived. Establishing the history of the Code would greatly help to prove the legitimacy of your claim to the mine. However, that can wait until a more convenient time. If you will excuse me, I wish to see more of the town." Myral bows slightly to the Mayor and her fellow Jedi, and then leaves the building.

Once outside, Myral pulls up the hood of her Jedi robe, hoping to be less conspicuous, and sets off at a leisurely pace down the street. As she walks, she occasionally stops to speak with the locals, attempting to gain their perspective on their current situation.

The Ghost
19 June 2003, 01:25 PM
"No guards will be required outside my door." Aion adds, turning away from the assembly towards his room.

He would need a time alone with the other mayor to hear his side of the story, and that time would come later. Now was the moment to prepare, to rest and meditate upon what he had learned so far.

The door shut behind him as he removed his outer robe, letting it fall to the floor behind him. Moving into a meditative position, he began the rest of battle: stretching his awareness to encompass every part of the room while most of his body slept.

Images, memories, came to him as he slept. His home at Kuat, his foster parents, the pilot woman he had known and others he had met during his travels. The face showed neither joy or sorrow at these thoughts, but they fuled his plunge into the heart of the Force.

Jamdo Hasyr
19 June 2003, 01:36 PM
Mayor Gemini's response to Aion was largely what Armand had feared - it was now, at least to him, necessary to compensate for Aion's aggressive questioning.

Armand says to the mayor, "Thank you for your generosity in acquiring the rooms for us. The lack of creature comforts will keep us focused on the task in front of us. No guard will be required." He offered a respectful bow to the mayor and fellow Jedi and heads into his room.

After one hour of waiting (to be spent thinking and reflecting on the current situation), Armand quietly left his room and began to roam about the streets of Cebo prior to the banquet. His robe pulled tight, his head downcast, but ears alert, he hoped to glean information from each conversation that he overheard. He had postulated that direct questioning would be unproductive because of Gemini's rather courteous response to Aion, if that were any indicator of Ceboan custom, than the people were not fond of confrontation. It would be better to listen intently and discern their true motives while they enjoyed a sense of security, with their guard down, unaware that the plain-robed observer in their midst was listening.

(OOC: Jedi_Staailis, do you require any rolls for the actions I've described?)

20 June 2003, 12:26 PM
“The Code dates back to the early days of the colonization of Sarett.” Gemini says in reply to Myral and Bakth. “For a number of years, the colonists were relatively peaceful, but as the chance for trade with the outside galaxy ended, the resources they were able to draw from the planet became more and more important. Skirmishes for resource laden areas became common, as well as violent raids of other cities. As the wars began to sap the resources of the towns, society started to decay. Winters were brutal, often killing more than half of the population of a town. Disease ran rampant. With their own deaths staring them in the face, the town leaders cobbled together the Code to develop a form of representation to the outside galaxy, and to regulate the interaction between towns. The representatives to Coruscant were, and still are, chosen by a council of town leaders drawn from across Sarett, though contact with Coruscant is more tenuous now than it has ever been. The Code also includes the provision that resources are to belong to the town that is closest geographically. This hastily constructed clause has worked remarkably well over the years, since its simplicity leaves little room for dispute. Larger towns have been able to buy territory from smaller ones, and thus expand as necessary. However, some, like Mayor Baralein, fell that the Code is archaic, and that Sarett should be headed toward a more economically feasible approach based on development. I think it will just lead us back to total war.”

Gemini lets his voice fall off. After a moment, he smiles. “The history of our planet is rather complex, despite the short period of its settlement. I hope I’ve been able to give an acceptable overview. There will be government legal experts and historians at the banquet who can fill you in on the finer points.”

After listening to Aion and Armand, Gemini smiles. “The rooms were the least I could do. It is I who should be grateful for your presence, and I am. The guard will be reassigned to other duties, since he is unneeded here. If you will excuse me, I need to attend to the preparations for the banquet. With that, he turns to leave, and the Jedi disperse to own separate tasks.


The sun is low in the sky, and the chill of night is beginning to show its face. Large, dark clouds are gathered around a nearby peak, swirling in the wind that scours the upper mountains.

Myral steps through the busy streets, weaving her way through the pedestrians crowding the storefronts that line many of the main thoroughfares. The deep hood of her Jedi robes hides her face from view, but also draws a few suspicious glances. However, the flowing brown robe is similar to the garments worn by most Ceboans, so the glances are both rare and fleeting. She wanders in and out of stores, listening to the chatter of the people inside. Most express a faint sense of optimism that the conflict will be resolved through diplomacy of the Jedi, and despite the backwater nature of the planet, few expect the Jedi to fight directly. Apparently, the nature of the Jedi Order is known by these people, perhaps passed down from years past.

There are exceptions, of course. As Myral is walking through the streets, she overhears a young boy’s excited whisper to his friend. “Hey, that person is hiding under the cloak! Do you think it’s one of the Jedi?”

“No, you stupid nerf herder,” comes the response. “It’s not flying, and Jedi fly.”

OOC: Gather Information [19+1+0+0=20]


Le-Alli walks through the streets with Bakth, taking a leisurely route to the medical center. Neither is hiding that they are Jedi, and the mere presence of Bakth makes is obvious. However, the people are helpful, and the local Bakth stopped to ask about the medical center was more than happy to give them directions.

As the two Jedi reach the medical center and enter, a thin middle aged man in a light grey medical uniform greets them.

“Welcome! Mayor Gemini informed the hospital that you would be coming. I would be honored to give you a tour of the facilities here.”

As the man leads them through the clinic, both Jedi are able to discern that it is clean and well maintained, and the doctors there seem to be professional. However, the lack of modern medical technology or knowledge is readily apparent.

The Jedi see few signs of the war, and their guide informs them that since the ceasefire, all but one of the of the war casualties has been released.

“And the last one?” Le-Alli asks quickly.

“This way,” the doctor says quietly, his tone somber, as he leads Bakth and Le-Alli to secluded room. Inside, connected to a primitive life support system, is a young man in perhaps his early twenties.

“He came in with a number of other casualties about two months ago. We treated all of the trauma we could detect, but he’s been in a coma ever since being injured on the battlefield.”

Le-Alli looks on in pity for a moment, closing her eyes and exhaling softly. She steps over to the side of the bed and lays a hand on the young man’s forehead. Her eyes flicker closed briefly, and Bakth can feel her drawing on the Force to evaluate the extent of the damage. The doctor goes slightly slack jawed as he stares at her. After a brief moment, Le-Alli opens her eyes.

“I believe he is stable. It should be treatable, but it will take several hours. Bakth, I will need your help.”

The doctor speaks up. “We will make certain his condition does not deteriorate. Remember not to forget that unless you are able to stop the conflict with the Yeriteq, many more will suffer his fate. Go to the banquet to better understand the conflict, and then come back afterward.”

He looks at Le-Alli, then to Bakth. “Thank you both. But I believe that you are about to miss a banquet.”


Armand slips quickly through the streets. Like Myral, his Jedi Robes set him at least slightly apart from the citizens, but Armand is experienced in how to project himself as a person of no interest, and little attention is paid to him.

The citizens seem to feel that the Jedi presence is a good thing, and that it means peace is around the corner, or at the very least that they will have several days of security, where violence would easily turn the Jedi opinion against the aggressor. Like most beings on opposite sides of a conflict, the Ceboans are secure in their belief that they walk the moral path. Despite their confidence that the Jedi will agree with them, their attitude toward the conflict is more weariness than anything. Peace seems more important to them than revenge.

As the time of the banquet nears, Armand manages to sit near a pair of off duty military scouts in a local bar. Keeping his back turned to them, Armand listens with growing interest.

“That cruiser is definitely entering the atmosphere. It’s faint, since they’re coming in away from settlements, but I made it out on the horizon.”

“What do you think it means? I don’t understand why they even came in the first place.”

“I’m not sure,” the first one growls. “It’s always the Clone Wars. I’ve got a friend in the planetary communications center where they get the occasional feed from Coruscant, retransmitted by Representative Mishkoll. Nothing but Clone Wars reports, and things appear to be bad. But Sarett is in the middle of nowhere, with no value for anyone. Why are they coming so close?”

“Well, it’s out of our hands. The leadership will decide what to do with the information.”

“Out of our hands today, yes. But that doesn’t say anything about tomorrow.”

OOC: Gather Information [18+1+9+2=30]


Aion settles into a deep meditation, sinking into the Force. Moments from his life flash before his eyes, beginning slowly in his early days, but speeding past his eyes faster and faster. The images begin to blur, and wash together, swirling through his consciousness, becoming more and more chaotic and random. He sees himself and the other Jedi on Sarett, but it is too distorted to make out clearly. Then the entire image breaks apart and fades to blackness.

Aion slowly opens his eyes, taking a deep breath. The chrono on the wall shows that he needs to leave for the banquet. Understanding the surreal mediation would have to wait.

The Ghost
20 June 2003, 09:54 PM
a quick few moments to gather himself are taken, the battle would begin soon, and that is what it was. Politics were the same as fighting, but harder to see your enemy. Perhaps this mayor was right, perhaps wrong. One story can never see all sides, but all sides can see one story.

"There is no emotion, there is peace."

Robes slipped over his shoulders as he girded himself to defend against the zealous endeavors these politicians would make to befriend him.

"There is no ignorance; there is knowledge."

They were not friends, they were not enemies, they simply were. Existance was enough that he was here, and his part of the judgement would lie in the truths between the words.

"There is no passion; there is serenity."

The door opened, and with steady stride, Aion moved to the battlefield of politics.

"There is no death; there is the Force."

Aion arrived, promptly at the time prescribed, arms clasped together in front but hidden by the oversized robe's arms. He closed his eyes, waiting for the others.

Jamdo Hasyr
21 June 2003, 03:48 PM
Armand Pentalon was perturbed. He had left the bar recounting the conversation he had overheard (or eavesdropped on?, he asked himself), turning it over in his head. The ship the two men had described - only the Republic's Shield fit that description. He had initially dismissed Captain Vandergraff's abrasive tone as just a manifestation of typical military hostility. Now, however, it seemed like Vandergraff had an agenda of her own - he needed to find out if she had been ordered to land, or if she had done it on her own - in short, if she had gone rogue. Vandergraff's involvement would complicate the negotiations, and Armand wasn't sure what the captain had to gain by inserting herself into the planet's tribal rivalries.

Armand was sure of one thing, though - he needed to tell his fellow Jedi, and soon. He pulled his robe tighter and his step quickened as he moved through the Ceboan streets.

There was the possibility that the two men had been tailing him, known of his role (hired by Gemini, perhaps?) as part of a Jedi diplomatic delegation, and ordered to disclose false information. Perhaps the two men had a vested interest in disturbing the negotiations, had hoped that this news would force the Jedi to negotiate quickly - and sloppily - and churn out a deal that was one-sided.

Gemini had said that leading scholars and government figures would be present at the banquet - and Armand shifted his objective from finding out more about the conflict (Gemini had been them a comprehensive overview of the Ceboan position anyway) to finding out more about this piece of information. Surely one of the various banquet guests would be willing to discuss this with an unassuming visitor?

He saw Aion as he approached the banquet hall, and watched various dignitaries enter the facilities. He drifted into a crowd, so as to appear inconspicuous (he could be tailed, after all), and drifted out to speak with him. As he approached Aion, he tugged back his robe a bit, to reveal his face.

"I have some news," he began, and watched for the others.

(OOC: I'd like to disclose the contents of the conversation as soon as everyone else comes to the banquet.)

21 June 2003, 09:59 PM
With deep sadness, Bakth abandoned the medical facility... he wanted so much to heal the injured man immediately.

"But I cannot fail in my mission. I will come back after the banquet. I promise"

The man could not hear his thoughts, but that didn't matter to him.

He followed Le-Alli and headed back to their quarters. Bakth washed his face and followed his fellow Jedi to the banquet.

Consul Vido
22 June 2003, 09:10 AM
While speaking with a young woman who had lost her fiancée during the fighting over the mine, Myral realizes that the sinking sun has caused her shadow to grow tall and that it is nearly time for the banquet. With one final consoling word to the woman, Myral heads towards the banquet hall.

When she arrives there, she leaves her hooded robe with the attendant who is taking coats and hats and stops to center herself before entering the banquet. She stands with her feet apart, her hands at her sides, and closes her eyes. She takes several deep breaths and lets each exhalation take with it all emotion, leaving her mind clear and focused.

After checking to make sure her appearance is in order, Myral opens the door and enters the banquet, immediately scanning the gathered crowd for her fellow Jedi. When she spots them, she crosses the room to stand with them.

22 June 2003, 03:59 PM
The evening sun lends a soft reddish glow to the banquet as the Jedi arrive, meeting quietly outside before entering. The banquet is being held on a large bluff a few hundred meters from the city. The bluff overlooks an enormously deep canyon below, and the sunlight bathes the rock formations that jut from the walls. Across the canyon are mountains as far as the eye can see, stretching up toward the darkening sky.

A huge number of blankets and rugs dot the bluff, and citizens of Cebo are visible everywhere. Off to the side, cooks are making the final preparations to a wide variety of dishes. The amount of food is staggering, and is probably designed to feed every person on the bluff. There is no obvious stage or platform, so the chances of any speeches are slim. In fact, there is no immediate way to separate governmental representatives from other citizens.

The entrance to the bluff goes through a tall rock archway perhaps three meters wide, with cliffs on either side. An attendant stands at the archway, greeting guests. As the Jedi arrive, he perks up noticeably.

“Greetings!” he says with a smile. “Mayor Gemini is over at the far end of the bluff.” The young man gestures toward a small grouping of people near an edge. “He does not have any specific expectations for you, so you may speak to him later if you prefer to discuss other matters or speak with the citizens first.”

Beside the attendant are several large racks with coats and hats. Apparently, many of Ceboans choose to check such things, even though the banquet is outside, perhaps alluding to a custom that the Jedi are not aware of. However, the attendant shows no surprise or shock when Myral, and then Le-Alli following suit, leave their heavy robes at the “door.” His reaction is equally indifferent when Aion declines to do so.

As the attendant takes the robes, he looks up toward the dark clouds hanging above.

“Looks like we might get a storm tonight,” he says. “If we do, they’ll probably move things to a governmental facility. If that happens, I’ll brink your cloaks there.” He shrugs. “But it may not hit until the banquet is over anyway.”

“Enjoy your meal,” he says as he turns to greet the next in the group of Ceboans at the arch.

As the Jedi enter through the arch and onto the bluff proper, Armand quickly relates what he has heard to his fellow Jedi, keeping his voice low and watching for eavesdroppers.

The Ghost
22 June 2003, 04:39 PM
Aion listened, watching the storm brew in the sky. What was the Republic Navy doing here. Answers were short in coming, and most likely would be so until the talks proceeded.
"We will need to speak with the other mayor alone at some point," he noted to the others. "And perhaps someone should go up and find out what the Navy is doing here."

22 June 2003, 09:48 PM
Sotonn spent the afternoon walking the settlement, getting a feeling for the people and their lifestyle. He marveled at the way technology had advanced, and how certain creature comforts and design concepts were missing, yet not for lack of technology.

* * * * *

Sotonn listened to the news intently. Curious that the Republic's Shield would land here, especially with Jedi around. Surely her Captain would expect them to be interested. But that was not his focus tonight.

"We should keep ourselves open to more information. I am sure that we will know why she's here soon enough."

He scans the banquet, and finds it refreshing that the citizens here all intermingle. He looks back to the others, "I think we should mingle a little. All of us together may be a bit intimidating to some here to speak comfortably."

Consul Vido
23 June 2003, 05:08 PM
“Perhaps Knight Daldolen is right. On the other hand, it is never a bad idea to err on the side of caution. If you wish to investigate, Knight Konsu, I would be glad to accompany you. However, for now I will attempt to make use of my time to reassure the people of our intentions to resolve this conflict. If you will excuse me?”

Myral turns away from the group of Knights and proceeds toward a group of gathered people. One of them, an elderly woman with her silver hair pulled back in a simple braid shows interest in Myral’s tattoos. “Master Jedi, the marks you bear are quite interesting. Are they part of your Jedi traditions?”

“No, they were actually given to me as an infant on the world where I was born, as they are given to everyone of my bloodline. They are symbols of the family’s role as advisors and protectors to that world, as mine are symbols of my role as an advisor and protector of the galaxy as a whole.”

“Interesting… My name is Aurisha. I am something of a student of alien cultures. If you have the time, I would love to speak with you more about your homeworld.”

“I tend to think of the Jedi temple as my home now, but I would be glad to talk more with you. I am called Myral Nubarri.”

The two women walk along the edge of the bluff, discussing the cultures of their respective worlds.

Jamdo Hasyr
23 June 2003, 05:35 PM
Armand nodded at Sotonn's words. "Yes, we should undoubtedly strike up conversations with natives - soothe their worries and personally involve ourselves in solving the crisis." With that, he excused himself from the group and walked over to Gemini.

He offered a low bow and began. "The banquet is lovely, Mr. Mayor. And a fine night for one, as well," he said as he scanned the horizon. "A beautiful sky you have here."

"I had the pleasure of speaking with captain Vandergraff before arriving on the planet. Have you conversed with the captain?"

(OOC: Would like to find out the ship's history, why it's here, etc. Basically anything that Gemini knows about the Republic's Shield and why it's entering the atmosphere. Jedi_Staailis, I'll let you roll for me.)

23 June 2003, 06:52 PM
As the Jedi move through the crowd, the chefs are doing the same, distributing food as they go.

Le-Alli looks over at Aion, a contemplative expression on her face. “I still can’t figure out why Captain Vandergraff would concern herself with this world, or our mission. It seems that a Republic warship commander would have more important things to do. Something must have changed up there. We just don’t yet know what.” She shakes her head. “If you decide to head out and figure out what the Republic Shield is doing and need a hand, let me know.” As she drifts toward the crowd, she half turns and winks at Aion. “We Jedi healers don’t get to snoop around much.”


“Captain Vandergraff?” Gemini replies to Armand’s question. “I assume you’re referring to our mystery ship. I know less than you do, I’m sure. The ship arrived in orbit four days ago. Sarett actually doesn’t have a subspace network, just a few personal comlinks and one old Holonet transceiver. We sent a messenger to use the planetary Holonet transceiver to try to contact the ship, but the equipment was down. Some sort of distortion. The downtime doesn’t really surprise me. We stopped receiving news communications from Representative Mishkoll seven days ago. Our scouts saw the ship coming in, but it’s been too far away to contact, since it’s not coming in directly above us.”

Gemini is interrupted by a young woman in a rough military uniform running up. “Sir! A moment with you in private.”

“Of course,” Gemini says. He turns to Armand, “If you’ll excuse us a moment.”

Gemini speaks quickly with the woman. After a moment, she pulls out a comlink, and speaks rapidly into it. They speak for another few moments, and then Gemini walks back over to Armand, his face carefully controlled, but very tense. “If you’ll just wait here a moment while messengers bring your fellow Jedi here, we have some rather important things to discuss.”

Within moments, the rest of the Jedi are led over by armed military guards. All are still carrying their lightsabers, and the guards’ weapons are holstered, but the quiet menace in the air is palatable.

Gemini begins without preamble, his tone harsh. “Just a few moments ago, a group of clone soldiers and military attack craft arrived at the edges of my city and insisted on speaking to you. I don’t consider a military force a proper diplomatic channel,” he growls, “So I asked them why they needed an army.”

“They kindly inform me that they’re hunting a group of rogue Jedi. Traitors to the Republic and responsible for the deaths of hundreds. Now, I’m a bit suspicious about their claims, so our scout played dumb and told them he didn’t know if you were still here or not. But my patience will not last if you are who they say you are. Jedi or not, I doubt you could survive a determined military assault. Explain, explain quickly, and explain well.”

The Ghost
23 June 2003, 09:57 PM
He watched the others walk away quietly. The healer-woman, Le-Alli, the last to leave him to his own thoughts. Quite the curious woman, indeed. Aion's stony gaze peered right past her attempts at... flirtation? joviality? Only words to him, he couldn't feel such things.

This was no place for his kind, it was obvious. The others would fare well enough mingling without his no-nonsense approach to things. Even he knew tact, and now was the time to listen, not speak.

Moving to a point against the wall near the entrance, he stood and closed his eyes. The stares pressed hard sometimes, and whispers about the odd albino Jedi always reached his ears. A galaxy of beings, but none like him ever found. This is where he found strength, where the Force held him in a warm embrace, understanding what nobody else could. He felt out through the gathering, trying to gain a sense of the people.

24 June 2003, 04:20 AM
The Mon Cal Jedi turns red, but he starts using the Force to control his frustration and anger.

"Mayor Gemini, I am a healer, not a murderer, much less a traitor. And even though I only know my fellow Jedi since the moment we started this assignment, I vouch for their integrity and devotion to the Republic."

(OOC: Do we have anything that links us to the Republic or the Jedi Council at least?)

Consul Vido
24 June 2003, 06:49 AM
Myral is momentarily taken aback by the Mayor's statement, but recovers quickly. Using the most soothing tone possible, she attempts to reason with the Mayor, hoping to avoid a confrontation.

“Sir, let me also say that we are by no means traitors or rogue Jedi.”

Myral points her finger up toward the sky above them. “When we first arrived at your world in our vessel, the Republic Shield, a fully-armed Warship, had ample time and ability to either apprehend or destroy us if they had wished to do so. But they did neither of these things. After they ran a check to see whether we were in fact ambassadors of the Republic, they allowed us to land. I ask you this: If we were rogues or traitors, why would they have let us land, to possibly endanger the lives of your citizens?”

“I fear, Mayor, that something far more sinister is at work here.”

OOC: Diplomacy check, if necessary [13+10 = 23]

The Ghost
24 June 2003, 07:13 AM
The sudden tap on his shoulder roused him to the now. Eyes slowly opened and looked at the guard who asked for him to gather with the others. Something wasn't right, it had become almost tangible in the air. He complied soundlessly, listening then to the accusations.

Obviously someone should have gone to the ship sooner, or perhaps that visit was yet to come.

"You have two choices mayor." Aion spoke up, stepping to the forefront. "You either believe us, or you do not. Either way does not have to lead to violence and i would suggest you make sure it does not. I would rather not be responsible for hurting your people. We are not rogues, nor would we have cause to be. The choice is in your hands alone" His unwavering gaze held the mayor's as he concluded.
"Choose, and act."

(ooc: no diplomacy, he can take the words at face value if he wants)

Jamdo Hasyr
24 June 2003, 08:46 AM
Armand nodded. The diplomat, Myral, had handled the situation admirably, but he felt he needed to emphasize certain points.

"Mr. Mayor, this situation is grave indeed. If the Republic military thinks that we are rogues of some kind, then I see no other course of action than to notify Representative Mishkoll and inform him of the situation. There must be a way to get around a communications failure. Perhaps if we launch a ship into orbit and begin a comm transmission that way?" His mind was working fast and his words were less than elegant, but he felt the danger they were in. They all did.

"We were sent by the Republic to negotiate a conflict on your planet, not to start one. That seems to be what the Republic's Shield wants to do."

24 June 2003, 08:51 AM
Sotonn's mingling through the crowd and non-direct discussions with various representatives from the wealthiest to the poorest, gives him an odd sense of feeling of content with these people. As his discussions continue, the odd sense shifts and he realizes that something else is troubling. Just then, a couple of guards approach him, one on each side, and ask that he join them and the mayor. He nods to the people he was currently talking with, and asks them to excuse him.

Upon his and the other's arrival, the mayor goes quite pointedly into his speach. Sotonn is not surprised by the mayor's concern over the matter, but the fact that the mayor had his scouts delay them was intriguing. His fellow Jedi's responses, thinking perhaps it be prudent to bring up one more point, "Honorable Mayor Gemini, would it not be strange for a group of rogue Jedi to attempt to hide-out by accepting a mission from the council? You have requested through the proper channels assistance with your dispute, and we as Jedi have been assigned to this task. Unless the Jedi Council had decided not to send representatives, traitors would be foolish to attempt to hide-out here. But I do agree, that for your own settlement's benefit, we all do our best to keep this from becoming a fight."

24 June 2003, 11:55 AM
Gemini is silent, his jaw clenched shut, as he listens to the Jedi. After they finish, he begins to speak. “I believe you. Representative Mishkoll told us that the Jedi Council had agreed to send representatives. You arrived in the time range he told us to expect you. If you were truly rogue Jedi, your influence here would be at most days, before the true Jedi arrived. And while I have no doubt that a group of Jedi Knights could wreak untold terrors in just a few days, there would be no reason for them to take the risk.”

“As for your claims to search a peaceful result, I share them. But peace will be beyond our grasp if they find you here.”

His face darkens. “I refuse to hand you over to them. You still remain our best hope of peace with the Yeriteq. Besides, you are here to help us, that is enough that I should help you.”

Gemini pauses to collect his thoughts. “I will tell them that you left the town earlier today, and went into the wilderness to meditate. I will then offer to let them search the town. There are caves and passageways that run deep into the mountains, and some have entrances from inside the town. You will be able to hide there.”

Abruptly, the character of the crowd changes, with tension and anxiety replacing cheer and festivity. A few yells of “clone soldiers!” are more than enough to place the source of their panic. In a chaotic rush, the people scramble to get clear of the bluff and back into the town proper. However, the small archway entrance proves to be a bottleneck, trapping hundreds on the bluff.

Beside the Jedi and Gemini, the officer is screaming into her comlink over the noise of the Ceboans. An instant later, a speeder is visible threading its way along a steep cliff toward the bluff, its repulsorlift whining as it attempts to remain seated on the steep rock face. Ahead, the guards that brought you to Gemini are now clearing the way to the edge of the bluff where the speeder is approaching.

Gemini turns to the Jedi. “Time is running short. If I don’t speak to them soon, they will grow even more suspicious. Let us go now.”

24 June 2003, 12:03 PM
Bakth speaks to the Jedi group:

"I am not a fighter, I'm a healer. We will spare the town any casualties if we move fast. I am the first to agree that all this situation is very uncomfortable, but we'll need to stay away from this place as soon as possible."

He begins to run towards the speeder provided by the Major, while he yells at his partners:

"If anyone else has an idea, please share it... in the speeder!"

(OOC: This is getting better!!!)

Jamdo Hasyr
24 June 2003, 04:26 PM
Armand nods and breaks into a sprint toward the speeder, beginning to collect his thoughts. He keeps his hand on his lightsaber, prepared to ignite it at any time. The bottlenecked character of the bluff's entrance begins to bother him - if shooting starts, there will be innocents around that will need to be protected. It could get messy.

But now, he just ran.

(OOC: Jedi_Staailis, I have a question. Do we still have access to the old ship with the Republic military logo? If so, then I may have an idea.)

Consul Vido
24 June 2003, 06:04 PM
With a final, hesitant look back at the frightened masses, Myral darts after the others for the speeder.

However, as she runs, a thought occurs to her. "Our robes! Mine and Le-Alli's are back at the entrance. If the Force is with us, they will not be recognized, but perhaps someone should dispose of them, just the same."

The Ghost
24 June 2003, 06:10 PM
"Leave that to me." He says, lightsabre snapping into his hand but not igniting. "Do not worry, i shall catch up to you."

He gathered himself, mind focusing as he sprinted towards the cloak-check area. Speed was all that mattered, to move faster than the eye could see, to exist as thought only. He dodged the scrambling masses, moving closer.

24 June 2003, 06:25 PM
Sotonn looks to Gemini, his eyes calm and focused, "Be certain of what you say and do. I may disagree, but will leave for now. The force be with you." He turns and quickly heads off to catch up with the others that have already started to run.
I have a bad feeling about this...
Catching up with the others at the edge of the bluff, he looks back to assess their situation. Clone soldiers would be entering the only bottlenecked entrance... Civilians, both political and non, would be scrambling to escape through the same... A mayor hedging his bets that the soldiers do not notice the Jedi getting into a speeder... The whole situation leaves an empty feeling in Sotonn's stomach, that it would seem none of the food from the banquet, now scattered across the floor, could satisfy.

While running, thoughts flowed through his mind like water through a sieve. Strange that the Republic's Shield would be here, just as traitors were announced and we be targeted. Not to mention the extreme amount of time to confirm our official presence here. Then suddenly, he blinks and looks upon Le-Alli questioning, "Le-Alli, where did you say you got that ship?"

((OOC: If things work that Le-Alli doesn't run to the speeder, of course the question is not asked, but held for later. If the happenings at the entrance to the bluff become violent, I will not enter the speeder.
Also, the question was asked earlier if we had any way of proving our selves as represantatives of the Council on this mission or anything... Any chance of any of us having any JedCreds? :D ))

25 June 2003, 01:12 PM
Bakth sprints the remaining few meters to the speeder, now hovering at the precipitous edge of the bluff, and leaps over the side wall into the open topped speeder, tumbling into the back seat. Armand follows, then Myral. Sotonn, Le-Alli, and Gemini reach the speeder just behind them, scrambling aboard.

Sotonn has to yell his question to Le-Alli be heard over the high pitched whine of the repulsor.

“The Council assigned the ship directly to the mission,” she replies, leaning toward Sotonn to be heard. “I have no idea where they got it before that!”

A few of the civilians have noticed the speeder hovering, and begin to move toward it, as the guards organize into a rough blockade. But as more people notice the commotion, and hence the speeder, the crowd grows larger, and the blockade begins to buckle.

With a lurch, the speeder slides back along the cliff face, rocking slightly as the craft struggles to balance itself. The roar of the speeder becomes earsplitting.

“It sounds like the repulsor coil is about to give out!” Le-Alli yells toward the pilot. He turns, “We’re already at 110 percent of the recommending operating range! Your friend better hurry.”

Meanwhile, Aion is running at full speed toward the clothing racks, doing his best to avoid the Ceboans. Nonetheless every few moments he is jostled by another glancing impact with a startled citizen. When he reaches the racks, they’ve been overturned by the crowd, and garments are everywhere, smashed underfoot, in the debris of the racks, a few have even fallen from the bluff and have become lodged in the canyon walls some distance down. He digs quickly through the racks, now lying in splinters all around him, but he can find no trace of the Jedi cloaks. He glances back up to see the speeder now hovering two meters off from the edge of the bluff, nestled against the cliff. One of the guards stumbles to the ground under the force of the crowd. It will be only a few more moments before the remaining guards will be unable to hold it back.

OOC: Aion: Search [4 + 1 = 5]. Also, Skreem, I think you’ve got the situation a little mixed up. The bluff is a ways away from where the army is (the citizens know about the soldiers because the word was passed on from the edges of the city, where the army waits). I’ve attached a map that should clear things up. The “Mountainous” areas are steep cliffs, both above (in the case of the bottleneck) and below (in the case of the bluff). A few handholds and rocky natural paths are cut into them, but the going is by no means safe.

The Ghost
25 June 2003, 03:23 PM
Lost evidence is just as good as retrieving it. Aion shrugs, kicking the pile of clothes over the ledge. He looks up to gain his bearings, nothing the guards having troubles.

Rushing to his side, he reaches for the man, to help him up.
"Get these people out of here. They should be safe from the troops, if they're only after us."

Consul Vido
26 June 2003, 05:53 PM
As Myral watches the paniced citizens rush through the bottlenecked archway, and some attempt to push their way to the speeder, she is stricken with a sense of fear for these people. What will happen to them if their deception of the Republic is discovered? The panic of the people, and her own fear for them build up inside her, nearly overwhelming her.

Fear leads to the darkside.

Shutting her eyes, Myral attempts to block out the panicked cries and shouts of the citizens, hoping to gain back some of her composure. Now is not the time to panic. She must think clearly if she is to help the others.

There is no emotion, there is peace.

Reaching out with her mind, she calls to Aion.


OOC: Telepathy check 7+10 =17

26 June 2003, 06:27 PM
Leaning in to speak with Le-Alli, Sotonn seems perplexed, "Why are we running? It only serves to increase anxiety of the locals. This feels wrong. We have nothing to hide. I will go along, but only to the forest where the scout informed the soldiers we went to meditate."

As more people try to force their way onto it, Sotonn steps off the speeder in a determined and commanding manner. He takes a step back as someone rushes past the guard blockade to take his spot on the speeder. Speaking loudly to be heard over the noise, yet maintaining his calm manner, he addresses everyone, "Please everyone, calm down. There is no need for this. There is nothing to fear. Please, calmly return to your homes."

((OOC: Although I was a bit confused, the assessment in the prior post simply needs a few adjectives to suggest he is envisioning the future, which I will edit in now. Thank you... Also - he is well aware that the clone army has plenty of binoculars and they may very well still see what is happening on the bluff - scouts have a knack of climbing to get better vantage points.))

Jamdo Hasyr
26 June 2003, 07:26 PM
Armand watched, mesmerized, as his fellow Jedi attempted to calm the crowd.

What good will this do?, he thought, as he sat in the speeder. He kept one hand on his lightsaber, waiting for the advance scouts from the army to arrive.

If they didn't hurry, they were going to be in trouble.

The Ghost
26 June 2003, 07:59 PM

Aion looked up, towards the speeder. He sent a calm feeling back to them, moving to stand beside Sotonn.

"it will be better that someone stay behind to help these people." He said, turning his eyes towards the approaching crowd.

Perhaps being caught would garner more answers to this mess. He stood his ground, not prepared to relent the position.

26 June 2003, 09:15 PM
“At the moment, the people aren’t leaving because they’re expecting to use your escape vehicle,” the guard retorts as Aion lifts him back to his feet. “At the moment, my orders are to get you and the mayor away from here.”

The guard steps forward to rejoin the chain keeping the crowd at bay, struggling against the weight of dozens of panicked citizens.

Aion’s eyes quickly scan the bluff for more trouble, but he is interrupted by a brief flicker of Myral’s identity and the thought flashing through his mind. Hurry!

“Sotonn,” Le-Alli replies, her voice a strange mixture of edgy nervousness and suppressed humor, “Waiting around here increases my anxiety. I’d rather not walk into the hands of all those clone soldiers before we know what they’re really after.”

As the guards continue to stagger backward, Sotonn climbs off of the speeder to address the crowd.

“Sotonn, wait!” Le-Alli yells, a fraction of a second too late as Sotonn lands lightly on the edge of the bluff, addressing the mob. His words cause only the slightest hesitation in the crowd. As one races through and gets to the speeder, the rest become even bolder.

Meanwhile, the driver is growing even more tense. “Temp in the repulsor coils is way up! We need to get moving folks!”

Over the whine of the engine and the noise of the panicked crowd, the speeder’s comm is playing the traffic on the military channel.

“I’m sorry, sir, but you can’t enter the town yet. The mayor will be here in just a few moments to speak with you. I don’t have the authority or the knowledge on this matter to—”

The familiar low tone of a clone soldier is heard, slightly fainter over the Ceboan guard’s comlink. “This world is a member of the Republic. We are exercising authority to enter the town on a military necessity.”

Other Ceboan voices come over the comm, only partially intelligible with all of the voices on the same channel.

“—in position now. Clear line of sight.”

“—not fire. Repeat, do not fire! We don’t want to start—”

Although the conversations are broken, it is clear that whatever serves as the Ceboan military is adopting defensive positions near the clones, on their rudimentary training, but their disorganization is clear. Especially when placed against the impeccably trained clone armies of the Republic.

In the front of the speeder, Gemini is pale as he stares out at the crowd, and the two Jedi standing before it. The other four Jedi sit silently behind him. The comm continues to sound.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t enter the town. Sir. Sir!”

Then the comm carries the unmistakable sound of a blaster report. Time seems to slow as the crunch of plasteel armor failing crackles over the speaker. Above, from the tops of buildings at the far end of town, dozens of muzzle flashes are visible, and red bolts streak down toward the clones, invisible below. The comm channel becomes completely unintelligible with all of the shouting, as the first blue streaks of return fire flash toward the buildings.

Tactically, the clones are caught in a devastating crossfire, but their position isn’t as untenable as might be first thought. In the distance, two attack gunships rise up into sight. With a blinding flash, the first rakes turret fire across the building in front of it. The second gunship hovers a moment, then a tail of flame leaps from its missile launcher, and the missile streaks out, disappearing momentarily inside, before a tremendous explosion sends pieces of the building flying outward and raining down.

Gemini looks down and lets out a ragged breath. “Knight Nubarri, you were right. It is far more sinister.”

OOC: Myral -3VP
Sotonn: Diplomacy [6 +1 = 7]
Skreem: :) Nice recovery on the post. Fits seamlessly now.

27 June 2003, 04:00 AM
"What!? Major, do you have any idea of who these snipers are? And please, somebody get Sotonn back!"

Bakth tries to focus his senses up to determine the snipers who are taking on the clone army.

(OOC: Enhanced senses: roll + 3 + 11 + 2 = roll +16 )

Consul Vido
27 June 2003, 03:45 PM
"Mayor, your people will not last long against fully trained clone troopers. Perhaps you should evacuate the city."

A contemplative expression passes over her face for a moment.

" Maybe you could send everyone to hide in the mine, or to seek shelter in Yeriteq? But you must do something, or many people will die today."

27 June 2003, 04:51 PM
As if to mock him, the sounds of war crackle across the commlink just as Sotonn finishes telling everyone to calm down and go to their homes.
This is not good...
Sotonn whistles to get Aion's attention, then whips his head back in the direction of the speeder, and awaits Aion's reaction, then jumps onto the speeder with him.

((OOC: I will only jump onto the speeder if Aion looks like he's going to also... and will modify the post accordingly if needed.))

The Ghost
28 June 2003, 11:07 AM
Aion looked at Sotonn and then back at the speeder.

"i have a plan. Get them out of here." He returned his attention to assisting the guards against the mob.

28 June 2003, 02:16 PM
The mayor looks over at Bakth. “They are Ceboans. The forces we have mobilized to the buildings near the entrance to the town. Apparently,” he says quietly, “The clones started to enter, and one of the guards opened fire.” Gemini’s entire body is tense as he grips the paneled edge of the speeder. The comm has stopped signaling, replaced by the buzzing of a full fledged jamming. Every few moments, the low rumble of an explosion floats across the bluff. Gemini listens, his eyes lightly closed and his jaw trembling minutely.

Myral’s words break his reverie and he turns toward her to respond. “We don’t have enough speeders to evacuate everyone. Our best hope is to surrender quickly.”

He looks at the driver of the speeder. “Take me to the edge of the town and drop me off. I will try to speak to the clones before the entire city is destroyed. There is no time now to hide the Jedi in the caves. The clones are undoubtedly scouring the city as we speak. As soon as you drop me off, take the Jedi to the Yeriteq. We can only hope that they will trust the Jedi to be impartial.” Gemini swallows. “Remember, if they catch you, our entire story will crumble.”

The driver nods and wrenches the speeder around. With a roar, it shoots forward along the side of the cliff, lightly bouncing and skidding, seemingly only centimeters from losing its tenuous path along the steep slopes. Within moments, the speeder has reached the edge of the city proper. Above, an assault gunship is unloading a group of clone soldiers on a rooftop, while the second races over the city in a hasty search pattern. Gemini leaps out of the speeder, and turns back momentarily. “I wish things had turned out differently. I have made mistakes today, mistakes which will cost many lives.” He looks at each of the Jedi, his gaze betraying desperation and sorrow. “If I do not see you again, I am honored to have met you. Do not let your own lives be added to the ones lost today.” Gemini turns, and then runs into the city.

The crowd has now completely panicked and the bluff is a scene of chaos. However, with the departure of the speeder, the focus is now again at the bottleneck, giving the Jedi and the guards a momentary respite. From the distance it is impossible for Aion and Sotonn to tell if there is even any movement through it. With an earsplitting crack, lightning brilliantly illuminates the bluff, overcoming the evening dark. The speeder is back on the cliff, heading toward the bluff. After a moment, it comes to a sliding halt at the edge of the bluff.

As if to punctuate its arrival, the skies open and a torrential rain pours down, swirling rapidly as the wind whips through the mountains. Hail pings off the speeder and rock. Lighting and thunder flash every few seconds, but cannot overcome the sound of explosions still audible from the city.

Le-Alli leans over the edge of the speeder, gesturing Sotonn and Aion toward it. Oblivious to the conversation between Aion and Sotonn, she yells, “Aion! Sotonn! Come on!”

OOC: Korpil: No need for enhance senses in this case, because the mayor knows what the story is.

28 June 2003, 10:18 PM
Knight Aion returned his attention to the crowd and guards, and Sotonn stood fast. He looks up to the others on the speeder, then back to Aion, then back to the speeder. But before he can say anything, the speeder's engines roar and it traverses the ledge heading towards the city proper.

Sotonn refocuses his attention to Aion and the crowd. He helps stave off those attempting to break the line, struggling to prevent harm to everyone. He watches as the crowd backs off now that the speeder, the "escape" for those nearby, had left. He reaches out to touch Knight Aion on the shoulder, then comments, "Now is not the time for heroics."

Lightning pierces the sky, and illuminates the bluff, which allows Sotonn to see the speeder coming back. He looks back towards Aion commenting, "We should regroup..."

((OOC: Not sure if Aion is still around at this point ;) So I'll stop there.))

The Ghost
29 June 2003, 02:49 AM
"it isn't heroics." he stated, ignoring the touch as he keeps the guards from being overrun by mobbing citizens.

"perhaps with someone found, everyone else would have enough leeway to find out who is behind this." He explains, noting the return of the speeder. "Go, i'll take care of this."

29 June 2003, 11:38 AM
"If they find you - then the Mayor will have been aiding traitors. Someting feels very wrong about all of this. For the people here, we should leave."

Sotonn then jumps up on the speeder, not knowing for sure what Knight Aion is going to do. The force be with you

The Ghost
29 June 2003, 05:28 PM
"Then you're going to have to move quickly, aren't you. Go, i will stick to my story, that i was sent on a diplomatic mission. Your existances just may have slipped my mind."

He leaned back slightly and a fist moved through the space his head had just been occupying. Hopefully with the others away the mobbing would lessen.

"Besides, someone needs to get on that ship, why not take the most direct route."

Consul Vido
29 June 2003, 07:33 PM
Myral pushes her black hair, which has been somewhat disheveled by the speeder's velocity, out of her face with one hand, and looks at Aion. “But what will you do if their intention is not to capture Jedi, but kill them? If they are willing to attack and kill innocent civilians, what makes you think they will stop at Jedi?”

She hesitates for a moment. “But if we cannot change your mind, I fear we have no choice but to go on without you. I pray the force is with us all today.”

The Ghost
30 June 2003, 03:41 AM
"There is no time to play guessing games. We all must do what we must. I can only put my trust in the will of the Force that what i do next will be correct."

Another hand clawed to get past him and he easily turned it away.

"Get out of here while there is still time to do so. Find out what has happened to the other town..." He pushed a large man back.
"They may also be in danger. Something is very wrong with this entire situation. I will find out what i can, and contact you all if i am able to."

A bit of broken chair swung at his head, the makeshift club weilded by the man Aion had just pushed away. He dodged effortlessly, shoving the man back a little further this time.


30 June 2003, 12:12 PM
"May the Force be with you Aion. I'll be in touch with you via telepathy, if you need medical attention, please contact me! And don't play hero, we'll need every one of us to get out of this situation..."

The Ghost
30 June 2003, 12:56 PM
"There are no heros. Only those who do what is right."

He dodged the large fist but wasn't quite quick enough as the splintered club sailed past. A slight gash opened across his cheek, and a cerulean fluid swelled in the wound. It pooled and ran in a small blue river down his cheek, though he ignored the slight.

30 June 2003, 09:41 PM
(OOC: Sorry for the late post, I was hoping to get a post from Jamdo before posting this, but to no avial. I haven't heard of any extended absences, so I assume he'll be back to posting shortly.)

The driver of the speeder turns back to look at the Jedi over his shoulder. “Time to move folks. We’re not taking the long-but-safe path, so strap yourselves in.” He turns forward, his body tense as the speeder accelerates rapidly. Between the rain and the evening dark, visibility is a few meters at best, and the driver and the Jedi are hunched down behind the small windscreen on the front of the speeder, which provides some protection from the hail whizzing past. The transparisteel is already showing slight cracks and pits from the repeated impacts.

The Jedi do their best to stay seated as the mountains go by in a raging blur. The driver skids rapidly around another turn, and the speeder slides momentarily, tilting wildly before stabilizing and continuing on its reckless course.

Abruptly, the sound of rain is overwhelming by the roar of a rocket, and a fraction of a second later there is a blinding flash from a rock formation ahead. The shock of the blast rattles the speeder as hundreds of tiny rock fragments shower its occupants, cutting painfully.

The driver bites back a curse. “We’ve got trouble! Looks like they caught on to our escape.” Another rocket streaks from the gunship toward the speeder, and the driver swerves wildly, and the speeder jumps cleanly from the path out into open space. For an instant, the speeder is falling freely. The rocket explodes overhead, and the speeder shudders, twisting, then hits the ground below. The starboard side crunches into the ground, leaving a trail of sparks, but somehow the speeder rights itself, leaving small charred fragments of the side panel on the rock behind as it streaks forward.

“All it will take it one good hit and they’ll incinerate us!” the driver yells. Behind them, the attack gunship accelerates to move closer.


With the departure of the speeder, the raging crowd calms, but only for a few moments. An attack gunship thunders past low overhead, shaking the entire bluff. A few screams of panic are heard from the crowd, and the Ceboans begin with renewed energy to force through the gap and escape the bluff as quickly as possible. Above the city, the other gunship has stopped its search pattern and lifted to a higher altitude. For an instant it hovers menacingly, before accelerating toward the bluff. Aion turns to see the gunship approaching, and a single drop of blood falls from his chin to the stone below, quickly disappearing into the torrent of rain from the storm.

The Ghost
1 July 2003, 06:09 AM
No longer pressed to hold people back, Aion kneels and assumes his meditative posture. Now is the waiting game. He focuses his thoughts on the faces he has known, and settles into the state of awareness.

Jamdo Hasyr
1 July 2003, 09:36 PM
Armand was unhappy. The delay at the bluff had cost them precious time in their escape, and now a gunship was chasing them.

He yelled to the pilot, "Are there any weapons on board this thing?"

He watched the gunship tailing them, matching them in speed. "Try and hit some dense foliage where it can't track us," he suggested.

Consul Vido
2 July 2003, 09:26 AM
Desperate for a way to slow down or evade the pursuing gunship, Myral searches their surroundings for a way out. Then she spots something that might work.

Up ahead, near the top of the canyon wall, lies a large boulder. An idea begins to formulate in Myral's head. It might work.

She clears her mind, and draws deeply upon the power of the force. Then, at precisely the moment the speeder passes underneath the boulder, she reaches out with her mind and gives it a fierce tug, hoping to pull the boulder down to divert the gunship momentarily.

(OOC: I don't have my books or dice w/ me at the moment, so I'm afraid I have no way to make a Move Object skill check (modifiers = +4+2). The "drawing on the force" text is supposed to represent Myral using a force point to enhance the roll. I leave it up to you, Jedi Staailis, as to whether or not the ploy succeeds.)

2 July 2003, 10:27 AM
Bakth looks what Myral is trying to accomplish, and he starts looking into the Force, thus telepathically creating a link to help her.

(OOC: This is a new use for the Telepathy skill as indicated in Hero's Guide page 38, of course Jedi_Staailis you can disallow it, the rules say:

Force Boost: You may create a Force link between yourself and another being that augments their ability to use Force skills. When you target a character with this use of the Telepathy skill, that character gains a +2 Force bonus on all Force skill checks, and, when using any Force technique the vitality point multiplier is reduced by 1. This use of the Telepathy skill is a full-round action.

My telepathy roll is d20+3 (ability mod)+ 5 (ranks) = d20+8 )

2 July 2003, 05:51 PM
Knowing that even one more near-hit will cripple them, Sotonn focuses himself on the rocket-bays of the gunship. He awaits the next shot...

((OOC: Ready action - Move Object on the next, and all subsequent rockets - trying to turn them into the wall/ground/whatever. Move Object: d20 +8 ))

2 July 2003, 07:54 PM
The gunship streaks toward the bluff. The crowd is packed toward the entrance, and a few of the guards are trying to facilitate the travel through the gap. Aside from a few other guards, Aion is alone at the other end of the bluff, his eyes closed as he sits in concentration. The gunship levels off and heads toward the bluff in a dead straight line. And then it opens fire with all three of its turret laser cannons.

A slight twinge in the Force is Aion’s only warning, and he leaps to the side as the cannons open fire, tracking him as he dodges wildly. The misses send clouds of fiery rock fragments in all directions as they crater the bluff. A guard screams as he is cut down by a blast that skimmed past the Jedi by less than a meter. A second guard fires at the gunship, scorching the hull. An instant later, the explosion from a near miss throws him from the bluff and into the canyon below.

As the gunship streaks past, looping around for another attack run, the crowd becomes completely chaotic, dissolving into a panicked mob. Any chance of it organizing enough to get through the gap is now lost. But the crowd is the least of Aion’s worries.

(OOC: 9 attacks (3 per turret), 3 hits, -40VP, but amazingly enough, Aion is still intact)


The pilot answers Armand without looking over. “Nothing but my personal blaster and whatever you Jedi are carrying.” Despite his frantic piloting, the pilot still manages to let his voice slide to sarcasm. “They figured the open topped model would support passengers firing hand weapons.”

“Not too much foliage around, but I may be able to take a few alternate paths to keep them busy.” He sends the speeder into a tight turn and heads down a rocky mountain cut dotted with arches and uneven walls. The gunship follows, weaving slightly to avoid the obstructions and attempting to find a clear shot.

Despite the driving rain and hail, Myral spots a huge boulder, easily twice the size of a Delta-7 Jedi starfighter, sitting precariously above them. She closes her eyes, but can still see every detail of the boulder. The Force surges around her, and an instant later, she feels Bakth’s presence, lending support.

The boulder slides free from the canyon walls with a shower of gravel and tumbles down. The gunship maneuvers, but the clone pilot misjudges the position of the falling rock, and it smashes into the gunship just above the cockpit.

There is a sickening crunch as the armor plating gives way and the gunship dangerously noses down and rolls right. For a moment, it appears that it will recover, as the boulder begins to slide from the hull of the ship, but then the right wing catches the canyon floor and is instantly ripped from the hull of the ship. The boulder falls from the ship, thundering down the canyon for a few meters before coming to a halt. The force of the wing tearing off was more than the gunship pilot could compensate for, and the nose of the vessel plows into the ground, shredding instantly. The gunship breaks into thousands of shards, which tumble up the canyon before eventually settling.

Sotonn lets out a breath and with it the concentration he had been directing toward the gunship’s missile racks. It would be unnecessary now.

“Well,” the driver remarks, “so much for needing weapons.”

Le-Alli turns to look at him, then back to the wreckage of the gunship, now fading into the distance. She shivers, although it is unclear whether it was prompted by the cold rain and adrenaline letdown or the sight of the demolished gunship.

In the deepening darkness, the speeder continues through the rain and hail toward Yeriteq.

(OOC: [Myral: -16VP, -1FP], [Bakth: -3VP]. I wasn’t really expecting the boulder to be much more than a distraction, but the rolls for Myral were incredible, and the pilot roll for the clone trooper was catastrophically bad.)

3 July 2003, 03:50 AM
"Excellent effort, Myral!", comments Bakth.

"Well, now that we're out of immediate danger, what should our next course of action be?"

Consul Vido
3 July 2003, 07:11 AM
Myral nods her head to Knight Bidar. "Thank you, Bakth. Your assistance was most helpful."

"As to what we do now, I suggest we continue on to Yuriteq. Once there, we can formulate a plan for what our next objective should be. Perhaps the Yeriteq will know of a way for us to contact the Republic."

3 July 2003, 03:04 PM
"Very nicely done Myral." Sotonn looks back down the canyon at the wreckage. Turning back around, "However, there will be more coming shortly. How far are we from Yeriteq? And even so, do we want to bring this kind of trouble there?"

Sure hope Aion's doing better than we are...

4 July 2003, 12:47 AM
“Twenty minutes from Yeriteq, tops,” the driver replies. “As for other options, I don’t think you have any. It’s pretty barren in between the towns, and you aren’t equipped for that sort of survival.” He looks back at the drenched Jedi. “I’d be surprised if you lasted the night.”

“Besides, my orders are to take you to Yeriteq, so unless you plan to hitchhike to wherever you’d like to go, you’re stuck.” He stops speaking, as if daring the Jedi to disagree with him. Armand merely shrugs amiably.

Le-Alli speaks quietly. “I’m not sure we have any other choices besides Yeriteq. We need to find a way to establish contact with the Jedi Council. It will certainly involve risk for the people there, but the stakes are far too high. The Republic Shield is bent toward aggression against the same organization that it fights alongside, with no regard for civilian casualties. If something happens to us, it could easily be covered up as a starship crash or something similar. No one would know.”

The Ghost
4 July 2003, 03:56 AM
The ship turned for another pass. Skill could keep him alive for only so long if they remained hostile and escape was impossible without risking innocent lives. Aion stood straight, reattached his lightsabre to his belt, and raised his arms above his head in surrender. He couldn't pinpoint why one would want to turn against the Republic in such a violent manner. There was something very sinister behind this, and hopefully he could find out what. As he waited he bolstered himself with the Force, letting it flow to help him withstand the barrage of fire that may come again.

(Heal Self for vitality at +9)

Consul Vido
4 July 2003, 08:05 AM
Myral quirks an eyebrow at the driver's doubts about their survival. "I think you might be surprised by just what a Jedi can withstand.”

“However, as you say, we are only a short distance from Yeriteq, and that remains our best option.”

4 July 2003, 03:37 PM
"I agree that we should go to Yeriteq... but how are we going to communicate with the Council?"

Moving his head towards the pilot Bakth asks: "Do you know if they have any long range communications system?"

7 July 2003, 08:55 AM
The drive gives his challenge to the Jedi, and Sotonn merely sighs, "We're not gonna hitchhike, nor prevent you from following your orders."

The rain continues to pour down as they all discuss the situation. "We won't have long before the troopers find us at Yeriteq. We won't have time for pleasantries."

8 July 2003, 07:33 AM
(OOC: Aion, Heal Self [10 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 19], [2 + 2 = 4 VP Restored])

The attack gunship turns, swooping back toward Aion as he stands amidst the debris and bodies on the bluff. The crowd is now pressed as close to the gap as they can manage—and as far from Aion as possible. The gunship heads toward Aion, but at the last second it veers off, circling again for a few moments, its weapons still trained on the Jedi.

Then the gunship descends rapidly to the far end of the bluff, hovering a meter from the ground as clone soldiers swarm off of it and rush toward Aion. The gunship immediately lifts back into the air and hovers, its every weapon aimed at the Jedi. They stop roughly three meters away and raise their weapons, as two run forward, seizing Aion’s lightsaber and clamping his hands into a pair of binders behind him. A clone commander, as indicated by the yellow marks on his armor, walks over to Aion. The rain runs off of the armor in sheets as the commander stops in front of Aion.

“Jedi, tell me where your companions are going,” the officer growls.


The driver looks between the Jedi and mumbles, “Good.” He quickly changes the subject.

“As for long range communications, I doubt the Yeriteq have any. You’ll probably have to secure access, and repair, the planetary Holonet terminal. But if these attackers have any sense, they’ll be occupying it by now. However, if anyone can get you into the facility, it’ll be the Yeriteq.”

The sun is shedding the day’s last rays of light as the speeder approaches Yeriteq. The city occupies less space than Cebo, with smaller and less impressive buildings. The city sits on a large plateau, but only covers one end of it. What the Yeriteq may lack in economy and population, it makes up for with military prowess. As the Jedi come closer, they are able to distinguish weapon emplacements on the tall walls surrounding the city. Unlike the Ceboan forces, which resembled glorified police doubling as a military, the armed Yeriteq are clearly soldiers. Their uniforms are much more crisp and precise, and there is evidence of more sophisticated weaponry. The soldiers move briskly and with purpose, and the short visibility and freezing conditions seem to hardly hamper their efficiency. The speeder is certainly identified quickly enough, and moves slowly through a gate in the wall under the eyes—and weapons—of over a dozen Yeriteq.

As the speeder comes to a halt just inside the walls, it is quickly surrounded by armed Yeriteq, who are violently gesturing that the occupants are to leave the vehicle. The group climbs out of the speeder, their garments now heavy after being soaked through by their escape from Cebo. As they step onto the rough brown grass of the plateau, Le-Alli’s lightsaber glints slightly from her belt in the faint light. The Yeriteq officer notices and his eyes widen slightly. With a brief hand gesture, the blasters of the guards surrounding the Jedi are immediately holstered.

“Wait just a moment, please. Mayor Baralein is on his way.”

Within minutes, Baralein arrives, surrounded by six Yeriteq carrying large blaster rifles. He is tall and powerfully built, with sharp features and cold gray eyes. He glances over the group. “You’re early,” he says. “I take it things have not gone according to plan.”

The driver clears his throat before the Jedi can speak up. “No, sir. I’m Lieutenant Adson Crom. The city was attacked by a group of clone soldiers. I was under orders to bring the Jedi here. We were pursued, but managed to arrive. Our pursuer will not.”

Baralein’s features stiffen. “I see.” He looks to the Jedi. “And can you verify this?”

Le-Alli nods. “Though we believe the first shot was actually fired by the Ceboans, the clone army was trying to enter the city by threat of force. And once the shooting began, they showed a remarkable disinterest in,” she pauses, struggling for words, her face pained. “In how many lives were lost, or how many civilians were in the buildings they targeted.” She trails off.

“Sir,” a Yeriteq soldier says briskly.

“Speak,” Baralein replies.

“Though the reports haven’t officially come through the chain of command yet, some of our scouts are returning from observing Cebo. Though the destruction is not complete, it is extensive. Apparently, a number of buildings were damaged or destroyed completely, and nearby civilians and structures took collateral damage.”

Baralein’s face adopts a scowl. “Under other circumstances, I would have been happy that Cebo has been placed out of the picture. But this planet was build on a tradition of resistance to outside rule. It was the way of our ancestors who first settled here, and it is that way today.” He turns to a Yeriteq soldier with a heavily decorated uniform. “Commander, send messengers to other cities. Tell them what has happened, and that the Yeriteq will be happy to coordinate with them.” Baralein’s voice hardens. “I expect their reaction will be similar to mine. Then mobilize our forces. Double the scout patrols around the city, and assemble any heavy weapons you need to. From this point onward, the city is under wartime conditions.”

“Sir,” the Commander replies, then heads off at a full run.

Baralein returns his attention to the Jedi. “These crimes will not go unpunished. But I will need more information about what their aim is, and what your plans are.” He sighs. “Apparently, the mine negotiations have been superceded by a much more dangerous situation.”

8 July 2003, 07:47 AM
"For the time being, yes they have. My name is Bakth Bidar, Jedi Knight, and we will cooperate in all that we can to solve this matter, but if we are to prove who we really are, we need to get in touch with the Jedi Council. Our driver spoke about a damaged Holonet node, could you take us to it?"

Consul Vido
8 July 2003, 07:53 AM
As Myral opens her mouth to speak, her stomach rumbles in an all too audible and un-Jedi-like fashion, and she realizes she hasn't yet taken the opportunity to eat. An embarassed smirk lifts the corners of her mouth as she addresses the Mayor. "Perhaps, in the meantime, we could be shown somewhere that we can dry off and get something to eat."

The Ghost
8 July 2003, 12:39 PM
Aion doesn't even bother to resist, looking impassively at the commander. "i am Aion Khonsu, sent by the Jedi Council to this planet. i respectfully request to speak to your superior officer." He says firmly, obviously not going to play along with their act.
"i am quite sure the Council would also like to know that i am safe and will most assuredly carry out their wishes with all expediency once this mistake is cleared."

8 July 2003, 04:56 PM
Sotonn looks on in interest as they approach the new city. The efficiency under such conditions only proves to further his prior assessment of the technology level on this planet in general. They are greeted rather coldly and he cautiously followed the requests of the armed soldiers. He wonders inwardly what it was that tipped off the one soldier, but doesn't pay much more attention to it.

As is often his way, he allows the others to present their own questions and information to which he listens with interest. Then he addresses the mayor directly, "Mayor Baralein, I am Jedi Knight Sotonn. I can appreciate your position in this current situation, and understand your concerns. With that understanding, I believe it important for you to know that we believe the clone soldiers are after us Jedi. The soldiers believe us to be traitors. We do not know how or why they believe this." He pauses momentarily to sigh before continuing, "The only way that we currently have to dispute this is our presence here, as it would be simply illogical for traitor Jedi to travel to a system that has requested and been granted assistance from the Jedi Council. I do not wish for more casualties to be caused by the clone soldiers, but we currently have very few options."

9 July 2003, 11:10 AM
“The damaged Holonet station,” Baralein says. “It’s not far from here. Perhaps twenty kilometers. However, there are a few complications.” He points to a towering mountain range that the city lies near the feet of. “The Trembling Mountains. It is possible to traverse them by foot. In fact, many in our military specialize in mountaineering. However, just reaching the comm station, which lies on the other side of the nearest peaks, requires a two day journey.” Baralein smiles slightly. “Before you comment on the bad location, let’s just say that the comm station is a bit more accessible from the other side of the mountains.”

Baralein looks thoughtful for a moment. “If you think that by using the Holonet station, you can bring help, I think it would be worth the risk of sending a small team to assist you in navigating the mountains, and,” he adds, “bypassing the force that undoubtedly occupies it by now.”

He turns to address Sotonn’s comments. “From what my soldiers tell me, the actions of the clones have now widened the confrontation, whether they would wish to do so or not. They will eventually trace your path here, and when that time comes, we will be ready. I am also unable to understand why they pursue you, but when they began meddling in Sarett affairs uninvited, they lost their welcome, and their authority.”

Baralein is again silent a moment, his inscrutable face showing only concentration. Around the city, soldiers are hurrying about as the mobilization orders begin to filter through the command structure. The mayor seems more than ready to go to war, but whether it is from bloodlust or a powerful sense of justice is impossible to determine.

Myral’s stomach rumbles loudly, and Baralein looks up with a wisp of a smile at her question. “Certainly. Though we were not expecting you until later, we should have a few guest rooms available.” Baralein strides quickly through the city, where more and more soliders are becoming visible. Commands from officers are heard shouted over the rain as barricades and heavy weapons are set up.

Baralein passes under a tall archway and into a large hall with a polished stone floor. Around the room are a number of desks. He turns into a side corridor and indicates a number of doors. “Food and dry clothing will be delivered shortly,” he says, then raises an eyebrow. “And if you wish to attempt to cross the mountains, I’ll instruct them to bring something warmer.”


The clone officer looks at Aion for a few moments, as if evaluating him, then walks over to gunship, which has descended so he can enter. Aion is left standing for nearly an hour, during which time most of the crowd manages to leave the bluff, aside from a few Cebo guards that are clustered together at the other end, under the guns of yet another group of soldiers. There are more Ceboan guards than Aion saw on the bluff before, so he assumes that the clones are using the bluff as a sort of holding area. Several of the Ceboans have gruesome blaster wounds, but none dares to make a sound. The gunship is still hovering just above the ground as a second one roars in. A Republic officer climbs out, and as she nears, Aion reads the badge and recognizes Captain Vandergraff. Her uniform is covered with almost an absurd number of tour and battle decorations. As she walks over, her gait appears slightly more subdued that in her frequent appearances in the news holos.

“Jedi,” she says unemotionally. “There has been no mistake. My orders are very clear. Now tell me where the remainder of your party is. I came myself to ensure that you understood the full gravity of the situation.” She breaks eye contact for a moment, then looks back with dead eyes. “Remember: my orders supercede your well being.”

The Ghost
9 July 2003, 01:41 PM
Unmoving, the near-human stood where he was left. His thoughts focused inward to meditation as he waited. The cool green grass of Kuat, the blue of its waters. Simple things that many people overlooked. He felt the pain and suffering around him, but knew he could not help right now.

"i am Aion Khonsu, sent by the Jedi Council to this planet." He began, silver eyes focused on the woman. "i am on a mission of peace and will not bow to any threats against me, Captain. " The solid timbre of his voice remained monotone and unthreatening. "i advise you to let me speak with the Jedi Council before you make a terrible mistake."

9 July 2003, 11:54 PM
Sotonn follows along as Baralein walks them through the city to the guest quarters. The amount of military presence in the city is amazing. It is obvious to him, that the mayor is not one to go without a fight - into anything. Sotonn only hopes that these men are not forced to test there skills anytime soon. For no matter how effective the Yeriteq force is, the clone soldiers have far more numbers and better weaponry.

"I believe that I agree with Bakth, in that contacting the Council is our best bet right now. I suspect that communications are being jammed, but we'll just see what we can do about that when we get there. Thank you for your hospitatlity and help."

10 July 2003, 04:13 AM
Bakth proceeds to eat something along with his companions, meditating in the recent events.

"I am worried about Aion", he says. "I'll try to see if he is still alive."

(OOC: What would that be? Telepathy? Farseeing?)

Consul Vido
10 July 2003, 07:58 AM
As she gracefully puts another morsel of food in her mouth, Myral nods at the others' statements. Once she swallows, she speaks up.

"If we are to operate the holonet station, we will need a technician, as I do not believe any of us are skilled in that area, unless, perhaps, you have some training in that field, Le-Alli?"

"I too am concered for Aion. I wonder how he is faring with the clonetroopers. And I wonder how we ourselves will fare in the coming hours."

With that somewhat ominous statement, she returns to her meal.

10 July 2003, 11:36 AM
“Jedi Khonsu,” Vandergraff repeats quietly. “Unfortunately, I expected you to be resistant to the threat. However, like all threats, there is a consequence.” She turns and nods toward the gunship, and a tall man with gaunt features steps out. He wears a black and gray cloak with flowing tendrils of a silver material that wrap around the arms. The silver is matched by the gray streaks in his otherwise jet black hair. He hobbles over to the group, staring intently at Aion. A muscle in Vandergraff’s face twitches slightly as she hides her distaste.

“Extract the information from him,” she says, looking at Aion rather than the robed figure.

“Of course, Captain,” the man says, letting the word linger as he gazes intently at Aion. His gaze clouds slightly, then with stunning speed and force, he tightens his hand into a fist and smashes the back of it across Aion’s face.

Aion brings his vision back into focus, ignoring the pain of the blow. In front of him, the man shows no sign of emotion. “But a taste, Jedi. This is but a taste.”

Two clone soldiers climb out of the speeder, carrying a large crate between them, as another two clutch Aion’s arms and push him toward the path leading from the bluff. The other eight follow along. Captain Vandergraff climbs back into one of the gunships, which immediately lifts into the air and soars away.

Ahead, the captured Ceboans watch Aion in silence as the clones direct him away.


Le-Alli shakes her head, idly poking at her food, which appears to be more scattered than eaten. “Computers aren’t really my area of expertise. Not much on this mission has been.”

Armand speaks up. “Mayor Baralein seems to want to send Yeriteq along. I’m sure some of them would be knowledgeable in communication systems. I agree with Sotonn, however. The local operators may not be able to tell between a faulty system and jamming.”

Bakth closes his eyes and stretches out with the Force, trying to reach Aion. However, Aion’s mind remains indistinct and obscured by the distance.

“Nothing,” he says, shaking his head.

Myral frowns, then stretches out to the Force herself. After a few moments, she locks onto his presence, detecting stress, which Aion is carefully keeping under the surface. Myral jerks as a sharp pain suddenly surges over the link, and the connection is lost.

Immediately after the connection is broken, the door chime sounds. Raising her eyebrows slightly, Le-Alli walks over to open it, and a tall Yeriteq steps in. “Ma’am,” he says to Le-Alli with a quick nod, then is followed into the room by two others, both, like the first, wearing dark jumpsuits and carrying packs and cold weather gear.

“I’m Lieutenant Bren Mereel, and these two are Sergeants Braco and Kaiya Pralish.”

The woman smiles. “To answer the obvious question, Braco and I are related. Same military family upbringing.”

Merell continues. “We’ve been assigned to assist you in any mission to the Holonet facility. We all have mountaineering training and experience, and Kaiya knows everything we should need to repair the system.”

He sets his large load of equipment by the wall. “Take as much time here as you wish. We’ll be ready when you are.”

(OOC: Bakth: Telepathy [3+3+5=11], Myral: Telepathy [10+4+4+2=20]. All VP costs are assumed to be restored by the rest and food (along with any other vitality losses from the chase). If you want details on Aion’s situation, it will take farseeing and the hour of meditation that goes with it.)

10 July 2003, 11:59 AM
Bakth finishes his food hastily after the arrival of the Yeriteq.

"Thank you Lieutenant Mereel and Sergeants Pralish. Give me a few minutes and I'll be ready."

He turns to Myral and questions her: "What was it? I didn't like the reaction on your face, were you able to reach Aion?"

The Ghost
10 July 2003, 12:13 PM
Aion remained silent, letting himself be led. He would get the information he wanted out of the traitors eventually, but it was not time to plan for that now. Now was a time to meditate. He sat when shoved down, closing his eyes and concentrating.

pain is fleeting. pain is not reality. the Force keeps me and sustains me when i have need of it and i keep and sustain my duty when it has need of me. He began, the mantra he had designed decades ago still holding true. i will do what i must, when i must, and not give into the Dark Side. i am a Jedi.

The butt of a blaster rifle struck his temple. A short, barking order to stand then was heard. He stood, opened his eyes and went forward when prodded. i am a Jedi.

Consul Vido
10 July 2003, 12:52 PM
Myral rubs her temple with a fingertip as she addresses Bakth quietly, hoping to avoid distressing the Yeriteq with what she must tell him.

"I detected his presence for only a moment, but the link was broken by an intense sensation of pain. Too much for me, but I believe Aion was able to withstand it. It would appear that he has been captured as he planned. Now we can only trust in the Force that the rest of his plan works as he intended."

Reaching into the pouch on her belt, Myral removes a simple silver clip and uses it to fasten her long, slighty unkempt her back from her face. The bauble was the one gift she had received during her time with the Jedi Order that she had let herself keep. A member of the ruling council of a government for which Myral had mediated a dispute had given it to her, not realizing possession is forbidden to Jedi. But since it could come in handy from time to time, and was not a burden to carry, Myral had decided to keep it.

Turning to address the Yeriteq, she raises her voice. "I believe I am ready to depart."

11 July 2003, 10:15 AM
Sotonn joined in grabbing some food to attempt to feed the empty feeling he had in his stomach. The food satisfactorily aided in what bit it could, but most of the emptiness comes from the events of that evening. He looks up as Bakth and Myral speak quietly to eachother. Sensing Myral's desire for discretion, he quickly questions their visitors and guides, "I am Knight Sotonn, nice to meet you. What should we be expecting on this trip? And what is the likelyhood of being spotted during the hike?"

11 July 2003, 02:02 PM
Mereel frowns. “Well, the chances of being spotted by the clones are fairly slim. That weather pattern you flew through to get here is moving over the city, heading straight for the mountains. We can expect heavy snowfall, low visibility, and high winds. It doesn’t get much worse as far as climbing goes, but it will stop sensors in their tracks and may even ground aerial vehicles.

“Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we won’t run into some wildlife, and on the mountains the wildlife has the tendency to get a little vicious. But I don’t foresee that being a major problem if we’re careful.

“Once we get to the base itself, I’m going to assume they have it occupied. Expect a firefight, but if all goes to plan we can get in quickly, send a message, and get out.”

Sotonn gets the sense that Mereel is only paying half attention to the conversation at hand, since his eyes keep darting over to Myral and Bakth. “If you need more time to discuss anything else, we’d be happy to wait. However, I would appreciate if you informed me of anything that would be relevant to the mission.”

“Nothing relevant, Lieutenant,” Le-Alli says smiling, as she walks over to stand beside Sotonn. “If you’d give us a moment, though, we do have a few things to discuss.”

Lieutenant Mereel looks decidedly unhappy with this response, but he silently turns and leaves the room. “We’ll be just outside.”

As soon as the door has closed, Le-Alli turns to Myral and Bakth. “I take it things aren’t going well with Aion.” She exhales slowly. “I don’t think any of us really understood his plan, beyond that he was trying to be diplomatic, but things may be too far gone for that.

“Is it time to try to get him out?” Her voice shakes slightly as she continues. “It’s probably the opposite of what he’d have us do, and it seems like lunacy seeing that we just escaped. But I’m not about to let anyone else die if I can prevent it.” She draws a ragged breath. “There’s been far too much of that already.”

11 July 2003, 04:29 PM
"I believe that he wanted to get captured, with several ideas in mind, not the least of which was figureing out who was behind this. I suspect that he was hoping to be able to speak directly with Vandergraff to get a sense of the situation; and perhaps reason with the Captain to contact the Council." Sotonn releases a heavy breath, "At least, that's the only thing I could come up with. Judging by what little I heard from you though, things may not be going as planned."
... follow the will of the Force.
"Although I'm certain that going in to help Aion is the least suspected plan, I suspect that would be the most dangerous option. Although they would expect us to search-out the holonet transmitter, with the current weather patterns, it may be our best bet. Besides, the sooner we can clear our names via the Council, the sooner we can help Aion more directly. As a side note, I am fairly competent when it comes to computers... between our guides and myself I suspect we can figure something out."

12 July 2003, 10:47 AM
Bakth agrees: "Yes, what Sotonn speaks of is the better path in my judgement. We should go to the Holonet node."

Consul Vido
12 July 2003, 06:36 PM
Myral adds, "I must concur with Sotonn and Bakth. The sooner we clear ourselves of these false accusations, the sooner we can end this whole affair. Hopefully, with as little bloodshed as possible."

She turns to face Le-Alli. Her face has a somewhat pained expression. "And while I too am worried about Aion, at this time we know so little about what has happened to him, that we might actually worsen matters by attempting to help him."

16 July 2003, 10:41 PM
Le-Alli looks between her fellow Jedi, then gives a weak smile and nods.


Less than an hour later, the five Jedi are following their guides up the steep faces of the Trembling Mountains. The snowstorm is in full force, and the snow and wind sting the downcast faces of the climbers. Talking is impossible over the wind, so the group trudges through shin-deep snow in silence. Le-Alli makes a brief attempt to continue her mission logs on a datapad provided by the Yeriteq, but eventually abandons the task as futile and continues walking.

After a seeming eternity of raging snow and walking, the three guides call a halt and lead the group toward a small, shallow cave set into the rock. Though it is only a few meters deep, the cave provides shelter from the elements, and the shivering climbers squeeze as far from the storm as possible.

The rest is painfully short, as a piercing animal cry is heard over the winds.

“Sith,” Kaiya Pralish mutters, “Nnqueubss.”

“Probably a lot of them, too,” says Mereel. “Smaller groups are often quieter. Big ones employ a few to make a lot of noise, hoping to panic the prey into running into an ambush.”

“They were in the briefing,” Le-Alli says worriedly. “Just how intelligent are they?”

“Intelligent enough.” Mereel grimaces. “They set ambushes, perform coordinated attacks from multiple directions. They’re smart enough to learn both from their own mistakes and from the mistakes of other members of the pack. It’s not uncommon for them to change tactics midway through an attack.”

“And how do you keep them at bay?”

“Automatic weapons, normally,” says Kaiya quietly, staring out into the swirling snow. “That and range.”

Le-Alli looks at Kaiya for a moment then turns to look out of the entrance to the cave. Another Nnqueubss roar pierces through the sound of the wind, closer this time.

((OOC: Vitality damage from the cold: Myral -13VP, Armand: -17VP, Bakth -14VP. Sotonn had a high enough save and avoided damage altogether.))

17 July 2003, 04:29 AM
Bakth feels miserable about the cold and starts the Jedi technique to recover himself.

The creatures do not scare him but the cold does, and recalls the various memories of the cold injuries he has treated.

"The beasts are approaching and their number is large enough to prevent me an attempt to calm them. The question is how should we engage them? Is the wind noisy enough to baffle the blaster shots? If it is, then maybe we should provide cover for our honored Yeriteq guides and let them do the firing."

He rubs his hands thinking of a lonely beach in Mon Calamari.

17 July 2003, 11:58 AM
Sotonn constantly rubs his arms and hands together, doing his best to fight off the cold. By the mostly non-blueish color of his face, it would seem he's been rather effective so far.

The guides lead them into the small cave... well, overhang, that pretends to be a cave, and they all crowd in taking advantage of the warmth from eachother. The local wildlife sounds-off in the distance. Sotonn takes notice of the distance, and the comments from their guides.

More likely to be a pack fo them... than just a few.
Sotonn looks over to the guides, "Do you suspect they will find us here? And if so, would they attempt to come in?" Sotonn's question is more analytical in nature than worried or concerned. Looking to the cave entrance, "Personally, Knight Bakth, I'd rather avoid engaging them if we can. We could probably hold them off, using the entrance as a strong defensive point. How many do you consider to be a lot of them? And would they give up on difficult prey?"

Consul Vido
17 July 2003, 12:14 PM
Myral's teeth chatter quietly from the cold as she listen to the others discuss their situation. Having been born on a warmer world than the rest, she is probably the least used to the frigid climate of the group.

"W-Well, if it comes to a fight, I c-can link us in the Force, give us m-more of an edge, if you think we'll n-need it."

She breaths on her hands, attempting to warm them. "B-but I think it would be best to hurry and get out of this d-dreadful weather."

18 July 2003, 10:42 AM
Mereel’s voice is just audible over the wind. “The fact that they’re making noise means that they know we’re here, and that they intend to attack. Occasionally packs have been known to cut their losses and run, but they generally make a determined effort first. A large pack can be as many as ten or twelve.

“The good news is that the sounds of blasters shouldn’t carry very far, not with the wind the way it is. I don’t think they’re out here in the mountains looking for us yet, either.”

He nods at Sotonn. “I think you and Jedi Bidar are right about the perimeter. But it’s a little small to swing those things around in here. You’ll have to stand just outside the entrance, which would make you a bit more vulnerable.”

He turns again to look out of the cave. “But there aren’t many other choices. Trying to move would probably prove a recipe for disaster. Apologies, Knight Nubarri,” he says with a faint smile, “but there are things worse than the col—” He stiffens in shock as a Nnqueubss comes racing out of the falling snow and leaps into the middle of the group, its jaws coming perilously close to Le-Alli as she dives just underneath it. She hits the snow just outside the cave, and rolls awkwardly to her feet in the deep snow.

Outside, two more Nnqueubss are rushing toward the cave at incredible speed through the snow. The first Nnqueubss slips slightly, baring its teeth toward the group as it turns and tenses, then springs toward Le-Alli, just as the other two Nnqueubss leap at her from both sides. She draws her lightsaber and sidesteps the first Nnqueubss, but the other two slam into her full force. She crashes into the ground, her lightsaber landing in the snow a short distance away. The snow reddens from a profusely bleeding bite wound on her arm.

Kaiya Pralish draws her blaster and fires, but the shot goes wide of the creatures as the Jedi scramble to react to the attack.

(OOC: Heal Self: Bakth: [15+10+2+1=28, 9VP restored], Spot: Myral [1+2+4=7], Armand [7+3=10], Sotonn [11+1=12], Bakth [15+3=18]. Nobody saw the Nnqueubss. Initiative: Nnqueubss Inside (22), Nnqueubss Outside (17), Le-Alli (17), Nnqueubss Outside (14), Kaiya Pralish (14), Sotonn (12), Mereel (11), Myral (11), Bakth (10), Bren Pralish (3), Armand (2))

18 July 2003, 11:02 AM
Bakth is surprised by the ferocious attack of the nnqueubss but he tries to react accordingly.

"Le-Alli, are you ok?"

He feels the Force flowing through him as his body prepares for the attack. He tries to move up to the front and protect Le-Alli so she can step up again.

(OOC: I try an Enhance abilities check: roll+11(ranks)+2(bonus), I can't recall if this is a full-round action, if it is so, then the next turn I want to move forward to protect Le-Alli. I won't try to attack any creature, just to defend the best I can).

18 July 2003, 09:42 PM
Sotonn is at once surprised by the attack, and amazed at the intelligence of these creatures. His hands rubbing his arms, makes the reach for his lightsaber easy as he quickly slips his hand to his belt and pulls the lightsaber from its clip. running to the side of Le-Alli he reaches out his hand and the force to move Le-Alli's saber to her hands.

He looks around and stares into the eyes of the nearest, his lightsaber dragging slowly across the snow in front of him.

((OOC: I assume you forgot about it, but the force sensitive feat allows for a Wisdom check to avoid surprise - since it requires a 17+ for almost everyone, we can just assume that everyone failed that also.
Going to move and draw and activate LS, then Move Object on her LS bringing it to her. MO=+8

How big are these things? What do they look like?))

Consul Vido
19 July 2003, 05:38 PM
Trying to ignore the cold and focus on the more important matter of defending against these creatures, Myral reaches out with the Force, gathering the others into its embrace, linking them on a level undetectable by mortal means.

(OOC: On Myral's initiative she uses Knight Mind as a full-round action to give everyone, except herself :( a +6 to Dexterity. Costs 19 VP. This lasts for 8 rounds.)

20 July 2003, 10:48 PM
Sotonn sprints the short distance to Le-Alli and with a quick gesture, her lightsaber flies into her hands and she scrambles to her feet, her lightsaber igniting to match Sotonn’s blade. She grits her teeth as the red stain spreads on the arm of her cold weather gear around the torn hole from the bite. “I’ve been better,” she bites out in response to Bakth’s question.

Mereel’s blaster flashes, the bolts streaking through the combat. Beside him, Myral is standing still with her eyes half closed, immersing herself in the Force. Bakth and Armand quickly head over to join Sotonn and Le-Alli as Bren Pralish opens fire on one of the Nnqueubss. The three creatures seem off balance for an instant in the confusion, but quickly fall back on instinct and leap toward Le-Alli, drawn to the wounded prey. In a single smooth motion, Sotonn, Bakth, and Armand move forward to intercept the creatures, which are just fast enough to dodge the flashing blades. Le-Alli dodges, trying to keep her weapon and the sabers of the other three Jedi between her and the Nnqueubss.

Bren Pralish opens fire, and the volume of blaster fire increases again. Explosions rip into the cliff face vaporizing snow and pock marking the rock.

In the glow of the lightsabers and the flash of the blasters, the three Nnqueubss press the attack.

(OOC: Too much to list here, please see the OOC thread. :))

21 July 2003, 12:41 AM
Sotonn's fingers feel the sting of the cold as they grip for a strike at the passing Nnqueubss, and the creature is able to easily dodge the strike. Noticing that despite the increase in numbers and defensive posture, these creatures opt to continue the assault on the wounded opponent. He adjusts his stance, and is now 45 degrees to Le-Alli. Taking a moment to focus his mind on this fight, he continues his minor adjustment and his eyes scan over the beasts.

Quickly glancing back to Le-Alli, "Got your balance?"

((OOC: Battlemind - take 10 = +7 +10 = +17 -> VP cost 5, Force Bonus +3 my attacks. Fighting Defensively (-4 to my attacks, +2 defense), and Aiding another - for Le-Alli's Defense.
I suspect that the Knight Mind was properly placed in Dex - A: helps with Defense, and B: I believe we all have Weapon Finesse :bothan: Going under that assumption that's
Attack Bonus: 11 +3 +3 -4 = +13
Defense Sotonn: 21 +3 +2 = +26
Defense Le-Alli: +2 (as long as I don't roll a 1) ))

23 July 2003, 04:19 AM
Bakth decides to fully engage the Nnqueubss this time, should anyone get badly hurt, Bakth will try to shield them.

The Ghost
23 July 2003, 06:00 PM
The cell was cold, uncomfortably so, but he didn't notice. Clouds of breath were exhaled every minute or so, and frost lightly covered the pale skin and hair. Multiple cuts were visible over his form and some hidden under his clothing, but he did not feel the pain anymore. Aion remained very still, waiting for the next round of torture.

23 July 2003, 10:13 PM
“I think so,” Le-Alli tells Sotonn, her lightsaber held low and angling upward and away from her in a defensive stance. She looks slightly uneasy with the weapon, but her stance and guard, though somewhat rudimentary, could have been drawn directly from a lightsaber lesson.

Lieutenant Mereel fires again, and the bolt catches a Nnqueubss in the upper leg. The creature staggers for a second before falling to the snow in a heap and going still. Its incapacitation seems no deterrent to the remaining two, which poise for attack. Myral steps forward to shield the three Yeriteq soldiers, who are firing steadily from crouches into the frenzy just meters away.

Bakth and Armand step forward through the hail of blaster shots, their lightsabers just missing the Nnqueubss, which split and dart in opposite directions, one nimbly slipping past to charge at Le-Alli. Sotonn lunges to the side, singing the creature’s fur as it passes. Myral steps forward to intercept the creature, her lightsaber digging a deep gash into its side. The Nnqueubss collapses to the ground, the lightsaber wound smoking. For a second, the third Nnqueubss halts its attack, then turns tail and warily heads away.

Le-Alli turns off her saber and lets her shoulders slump slightly, then glances over at Mereel. “I thought there were supposed to be a lot of them. Not that I’m complaining,” she smiles, then winces as she inadvertently moves her arm.

“I don’t know,” Mereel says contemplatively. “They usually only use the noise tactic when there are a lot around. But maybe they have some sort of rule of two to cut their losses.” Oblivious to the brief stricken looks on the faces of the Jedi, Mereel glances around.

“Regardless of whether there were more or not, we’re in no shape to keep hiking, and we’ve covered a full day’s distance already. We can set up camp at the cave.”


The cloaked man steps over to the small window of the cell, flanked by two clonetroopers. “For a Jedi,” he begins without preamble, “you’re rather stubborn.”

He lets the silence hang, his unblinking stare on Aion’s impassive face. “It doesn’t even matter if you resist. There are but two endings. You tell us where the others went, or we put you in enough pain that they realize your condition and attempt to rescue you.”

The man gives a tight smile. “Just to make sure you understand that the game was over before it truly began.”

He glances back as four more clonetroopers arrive. “Ah yes,” he says, looking from them back to Aion. “I believe we have a schedule to keep to make sure that we locate your Jedi friends as quickly as possible.”

(OOC: I’ll post up the dice results tomorrow, when I’ve had a bit more sleep and am more lucid. :))

The Ghost
23 July 2003, 11:25 PM
“For a Jedi, you’re rather stubborn.”

Aion opened his eyes, staring straight ahead instead of fully acknowledging the man.

“It doesn’t even matter if you resist. There are but two endings. You tell us where the others went, or we put you in enough pain that they realize your condition and attempt to rescue you.”

He blinked, remaining silent. Pain was inevitable for life to exist, but he had a feeling he would need to hold out as long as he could.

“Just to make sure you understand that the game was over before it truly began.”

No reply.

“Ah yes, I believe we have a schedule to keep to make sure that we locate your Jedi friends as quickly as possible.”

He stood when ordered, remaining passive. Despite the rough handling, he remained stoic as he was led down the hallway towards the interrogation room.

24 July 2003, 04:27 AM
"That was close! I hope we don't encounter more of these creatures!"

Bakth shuts down his lightsaber, throws a quick glance outside and faces the rest of the people.

"Is there anyone hurt? Let me heal you before resting."

(OOC: Bakth attempts to heal anyone who has lost VP or WP.
Heal Another=+3(WIS)+11(ranks)+2(feats)=+16)

Consul Vido
24 July 2003, 06:21 AM
Myral extinguishes the blue blade of her lightsaber and at Bakth's question looks over her fellow Jedi. The physical rush of combat has helped to warm her body, so she seems less affected by it now.

"Aside from Le-Alli's injury, I believe we avoided any physical harm. From the description you gave of these creatures, Lieutenant, it would appear we were quite fortunate."

24 July 2003, 11:20 AM
Sotonn stands, the stain of blood soaking the snow nearby, his lightsaber still active. ...when there are a lot around. He slowly scans the hillside, senses peaked, as the others wind-down from the combat. ...rule of two. The thoughts roll through his mind as he confirms that the Nnqueubss have ceased they assault. If they are as smart as they say...

Sotonn remembers back to when he was a child, playing games around the grounds inbetween training sessions. Simple games, yet even still, tactical in play. He figured out that by running the other way, his opponent might miscalculate. His mind still prepared for the battle, he reaches out with his senses.

((OOC: Not standing down yet. Enhance Senses and use Sense as needed. Sotonn's convinced this is a bait'n'switch type tactic. :hansolo: ))

25 July 2003, 12:29 PM
Aion’s vision is murky, as if seen through particularly brackish water. He is standing on a large rocky surface, with crowds of people all around him. He turns, his view distorting and twisting wildly with even the simple motion. He sees several others, Jedi, but he cannot remember their names. It seems like they should be familiar, but their names remain firmly out of his mind. The Jedi run toward a speeder, attempting to climb inside. But before they do they fade into nothingness.

Aion’s eyes slowly open, almost of their own accord. A dull throbbing pain assails him, but he becomes gradually aware of his surroundings. He is inside the small compound they had set up for him, being half carried and half dragged by two clone soldiers down the gravel path between the interrogation room and his cell. Rubble from a destroyed building lies scattered all around the path. Two more clone soldiers stand watch over the area, but no Ceboans are immediately visible.

Not that Aion had tried to look very hard. The mere effort of moving his head to look around caused spikes of pain. The latest round of torture had been particularly severe, which probably explained why he was being dragged back to his cell rather than told to walk to it.

Aion remembers that the cloaked man had not been pleased with the lack of progress. While that particular feeling had made things worse for Aion, it was a sign that Vandergraff was not making the progress she had hoped for.

Aion lets his head sag again, conserving his strength. But with an abruptness that shatters the quiet morning, a sharp crack of an explosion passes through the air, coming from somewhere within the city. The clone soldiers tense up and redouble their pace toward the cell. An instant later, the path is lit with a flurry of blaster bolts. One of the clonetroopers falls. Aion lands roughly on the ground as he is dropped and the three remaining soldiers scramble for cover. Aion tries to crawl to a slightly less vulnerable spot, but a sharp pain the movement brings forces him to simply lie still as the blaster bolts fly back and forth other his head.

Within a minute, the brief battle has ended. Aion is able to count four uniformed soldiers, and notes that the uniforms are different from the Ceboan guards. A middle aged woman in a Ceboan medical uniform leans over him.

“Well, they’ve certainly done a number on him. Ishale, help me carry him.”

A younger woman steps over, and the two of them begin to lift Aion.

“Halt!” one of the soldiers yells, and Aion determinedly glances over despite the pain, to see the cloaked man walking toward them. Before Aion can even summon the effort to shout a warning, the man reaches over and pulls a piece of metal from the debris and hurls it toward the group.

The metal fragment hits the doctor in the neck, and she crumples to the ground. All four soldiers open fire, but the cloaked man has already dodged into the debris. Three of the soldiers duck behind cover, and a fourth sweeps around to try to flank. In a fraction of a second, the cloaked figure has charged forward, and with a few quick blows, the soldier is subdued and the cloaked man is firing his blaster.

“Get him out of here!” one of the soldiers yells back at Ishale. It seems to jar her to action as she strains to lift Aion and pull him away from the battle, where the soldiers have managed to pin the cloaked man down.

Within moments, they are out of the tiny compound and into the ruined streets of Cebo. Whatever distraction the explosion was seems to have been short lived, since clonetroopers are beginning to fill the streets.

Searching frantically, Ishale pulls Aion into a demolished building, then locates an intact storage closet that is partially shielded by debris. She pulls Aion inside, then shuts the door, slumping down to sit against the back wall, with Aion cramped beside her.

To Aion, the hiding place is woefully inadequate, but Ishale seems more than a little panicked. Through the thin walls of the closet, the sound of attack gunships and the yelled orders of clone commanders grow closer.

(OOC: Aion has had a few moments to recuperate from his injuries, but is still weak. Though he can now walk, his Strength score is reduced to 4, and his Constitution and Dexterity are reduced to 6. VP are reduced to 10 and WP to 6.)


As Sotonn stands nervously watching for more Nnqueubss, Bakth examines Le-Alli’s injury. Drawing on the Force, he quickly sets to work repairing it. The Yeriteq soldiers keep glancing over, amazed at how the wound is visibly receding, but not bold enough to ask about the process.

Le-Alli looks up at them and smiles. “Just like modern medicine, only a little more effective and portable.” Within a few moments, the bite marks are all but invisible, a testament to near perfect concentration by Bakth.

Sotonn peers silently into the still falling snow. He sees no sign of the Nnqueubss, but continues watching for several minutes while the others set up camp. After a nearly twenty minute wait, and still no Nnqueubss, Sotonn walks the short distance over to cave, where Bren Pralish hands him a self heating package of food. The contents are a largely unidentifiable mush, with a taste to match, but after a battle and a long hike, any food is more than welcome.

“It will only take us a few hours to reach the comm center after we begin hiking tomorrow,” Mereel begins, again adopting the role of planning strategist. “We don’t have much intelligence about what the defenses are, but the building is designed to be a highly accessible building with a lot of traffic. There are plenty of entrances and exits, with many paths to them. Most are probably shut down, but with a little effort, or if necessary, with a few explosives, we should be able to get into the building. Once inside, it’s simply a matter of navigating the corridors to reach the engineering room and the main terminal, which are separated only by a short hallway. The enemy presence in this area will be heavy, but if we can get in, then we should be able to make any necessary repairs, and then send a transmission. After that, it’s out the way we came.

He smiles, “If we’re lucky, we may be able to procure some transportation as well.”

Outside, the snow storm is finally beginning to die down, with only a few misshapen flakes landing, partially covering the scene of the battle.

“I don’t have anything else. I think we’ll just have to wait to see what the next day brings. For now, we could all use some sleep. We’ll rotate guard shifts. Everyone except Knight Basai, that is. Miraculous Jedi healing powers or not, you were still bit by a Nnqueubss less than an hour ago.”

Le-Alli opens her mouth to protest, then smiles. “You know, he sounds exactly like me every time I have to treat some hotheaded Jedi who’s itching to get back out there. I guess I don’t really have any right to complain.”

(OOC: Bakth: Heal Another [14+3+11+2=30] -6VP, Le-Alli +12WP
Sotonn: Enhance Senses [1+1=2]
Spot [15+1=16]
No bait and switch yet! Hope you're not too disappointed. :))

25 July 2003, 12:44 PM
Given everyone's watch assignments, Bakth moves to speak with the Yeriteq before getting some sleep.

"We, Jedi Knights, are fortunate enough to have been graced by the Force to wield it in manners that the majority of the people would have never believed possible. But it also bears a great responsibility, both to ourselves and to the people who do not posess these capabilities.

But in the end we are all made of the same matter and we all have emotions and doubts. Don't be afraid to ask any question related to our use of the Force. I'll be happy to answer."

25 July 2003, 01:09 PM
Content that they will be unmolested for the time being, Sotonn returns to camp to partake of the available food. He notices that the Le-Alli has been healed nicely, and nods in agreement with Bakth.

His mind is already wandering to tomorrow's journey, and the obvious complications they will run into. He offers to take one of the the mid-night watches, to allow the others greater continuous sleep periods.

((OOC: haha no worries - just makes me more nervous.... :P Gotta love those rolls I'm getting though! :D ))

The Ghost
25 July 2003, 09:57 PM
"thank you."

The first words past his dry, cracked lips. Slowly he stands, getting a feel for what has been done to him. Though this was not his original intent, he must follow the path out now. His rescuers will not have died in vain, he vows silently.

"Waiting here is not safe. We must get out of the city quickly." He takes a step, almost crumpling to the ground as the full shock of his current state hits him. Leaning against the wall for a moment he closes his eyes. pain is only the illusion. the Force guides me now

With more strength in his voice now, he stands again. "Come."

27 July 2003, 11:36 PM
Mereel nods. “I appreciate the offer. But for now, it is enough merely to know that you’re on our side.”

He sighs, “I’ve been in the military for all of my adult life. When I’m on a mission, I stay focused. While I won’t deny that I’m a bit curious, I have orders to fulfill. I’ve made it through plenty of missions using this formula, and I don’t intend to change it.”

He stops briefly, as if realizing he’s babbling rather than voicing what he really means. “Even if this mission is the most dangerous I’ve ever been on. I want everyone to be cautious tomorrow. No undue risks: we don’t have backup, and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover to get back home.”

Le-Alli meets Mereel’s eyes for a moment, gives a brief, weak smile, and looks away.

“Right.” Mereel exhales. “Knight Daldolen has offered to take the middle watch, and he has it. I’ve got first watch, so rest up folks. Busy day tomorrow.”


“That place is as quiet as a tomb.”

Mereel’s neglects to look at the rest of the group as he continues to stare through the electrobinoculars. “I see two guards patrolling outside. Two. Why aren’t they seriously guarding it?”

Shifting on the muddy hillside overlooking the communications center, Bren Pralish answers. “We still don’t know what they have inside, sir.”

“Possible, but it’s not the tactical decision I’d make. They must have a huge situational advantage inside if they’re willing to let us get all the way in before engaging. Some sort of bulk firing weapon or something? Either that or they’ve decided the station is really badly damaged and isn’t worth protecting.”

The morning’s climb had been particularly easy. The snowstorm had ended, leaving a clear day and much warmer temperatures. As they descended out of the mountains, the snow gave way to a slushy ice and mud mix that had coated the group from head to toe. Now they are a few hundred meters from the center, nestled among the rocks and boulders for cover as Mereel scans the base.

“I don’t think it changes our strategy much. Get closer, eliminate resistance outside, enter, and get to the comm equipment. Unless anyone has a more elegant plan, I think it’s time to move.”


Ishale stares for a moment, then steps forward to help Aion stay on his feet, especially if it comes to faster movement.

“You can’t be serious! The soldiers will be here any moment!”

Aion steps slowly forward, glancing around the currently deserted alleyway. Ishale squeezes closer against him, and the distinction of who is supporting who becomes less clear.

Barked orders from clone officers echo through the empty streets. It’s not far from one of the cliffs that wall the city, and the caves dotted in the face, but the climb would not be easy in Aion’s state, and would involve up to half a minute exposed on the face. The path running to the mine is also close, but the road is exposed and continues for a distance lined with sheer cliff walls before it breaks down into more accessible terrain.

Nearby, a blaster report is heard, and there is a crunch as a wooden object gives way.


“Keep moving! They can’t have gone far.”

28 July 2003, 05:26 AM
Bakth calmly looks at the place...

"I don't like the idea of it being so lightly guarded. Maybe this is a trap."

Bakth draws on the Force to assimilate every possible detail on the surroundings. He can even hear the mountain crumble to adjust to the snow's weight.

(OOC: I realize an enhance senses check: =+3(wis)+11(ranks)+2(Aware)=+16 to see if there's anyone hidden in the hills or if I can hear conversations from the soldiers)

The Ghost
28 July 2003, 06:31 AM
"it is no use to sit and wait for them to come to us. if you know of somewhere safer, say so now."

He closed his eyes for a moment, listening to the sound of the troopers to get a feel for how close they were.

(listen mod +2)

he glanced up and down the alleyway again, heading in the direction away from the street, hoping to find another door to go into. without his equipment he couldn't face a squad of clonetroops, and even with it he did not want to. dying now would be contrary to the mission.

Consul Vido
28 July 2003, 09:00 AM
Myral appears uneasy as she peers at the comm center, the top of her head barely peeking out from among the rocks.

"I would have to agree with Bakth in that this makes me uneasy. They must be expecting someone to try and contact the Republic. If not us, then the natives. Outside help is the only defense that could stop them."

She sighs. "But really, we have little choice. We must contact the Jedi Council."

28 July 2003, 04:23 PM
Sotonn quietly nods in agreement to Myral's comments. It's obvious that he shares everyone's concern, but he also has no other suggestion knowing their current situation. He focuses his mind and body, then looks to Mereel, "Let's do this."

28 July 2003, 06:22 PM
Bakth strains his eyes toward the distance, his eyes penetrating the wide expanse of mountains around this half of the station, and the flat plains extending into the distance away from them. Aside from a few animals, the terrain is clear.

Shaking his head nervously, Bakth moves to follow the rest of the group in the creep down the hillside. Mereel motions the group to a halt about 35 meters out.

“I don’t think we can get much closer without them seeing us. It’s too bright outside, and those guards are too alert. But, we should be close enough.”

Beside them, Bren is assembling a sniper blaster.

“Bren is our sniper,” Mereel whispers. “We’ll need him as assault inside, but for now, his marksmanship will be useful. He’ll take the far guard, and Kaiya and I will get the other. As soon as we get done firing, everybody run toward the entrance that soldier is standing in front of. We’ll try to as far in as possible before they start locking things down.”

The Jedi tense behind their cover, lightsabers in hand, while the three Yeriteq line up their targets. Then in quick succession, the three blasters fire. Bren’s shot is near perfect, hitting the soldier’s helmet and puncturing the armor. The clone trooper collapses wordlessly. But Mereel and Kaiya’s shots are both off the mark, scorching the walls of the communications center as they impact, leaving the Jedi just moments before the guard can sound the alarm.

(OOC: Bakth: Enhance Senses [9+3+11+2=25] -3VP, +8 bonus
Spot [18+3+8=29]
(The Listen DC at 300 meters is 75, so I didn’t bother rolling :D)
All the characters were considered to take 10 in sneaking toward the base.
Initiative (sans the remaining clone trooper, and taking into account the Yeriteq acting first): Bren Pralish, Mereel, Kaiya Pralish, Sotonn (19), Myral (16), Le-Alli (3), Bakth (2), Armand (1). You’re currently in the surprise round.
Edit: Also, assume full vitality after resting the night.)


Ishale shakes her head. “These buildings might have safer hiding places, but I don’t know of anything specifically. Not unless we can get out of the city and into the caves. And I haven’t even been deep in the caves since I was a child.”

Aion is silent a moment as he times the approach of the clone soldiers. He has a few minutes at best.

Ishale helps Aion as he hurries down the alleyway. The area seems to have been hit particularly hard, and most of the buildings are only half standing, with numerous holes blasted into them. It would be possible to go through the buildings and get out into another street or alleyway, but hiding places inside seem to be limited.

Ishale’s eyes are wide as she looks up at Aion. “We’re trapped, aren’t we?”

(OOC: Listen [13+2=15])

28 July 2003, 10:56 PM
Knowing that time is of the essence, Sotonn focused his mind on the shots from the Yeriteq. Without looking for results from the shots first, he springs to his feet and begins running as quickly as he feels is safe, through the slush, activating his lightsaber. Seeing that one of the guards is still standing, he realizes that this might be a very short trip.
Looks like we're not gonna make it in quietly...

29 July 2003, 04:07 AM
Bakth ignites his lightsaber and races behind everybody to look out for potential danger.

"I still don't like this..."

Consul Vido
29 July 2003, 11:32 AM
As she dashes behind Sotonn towards the communication center, Myral lets the force flow through her body, lets its energy enhance her natural abilities, giving her strength. She knows she will need every edge if she is to continue to serve the Republic and the Jedi Order this day.

(OOC: Enhance Ability: 6+0+11 = 17. Used to enhance her Strength.)

The Ghost
29 July 2003, 01:30 PM
"one is only trapped if they believe there is no way out."

He stepped through one of the holes in a building, finding a large pile of rubble and broken furniture, tugging the woman behind him.

"here. help me tunnel this out a little." He grabbed some of the larger shards of what used to be a table and moved them aside to create a little room against one wall. casual glances in, hopefully, wouldn't reveal them. Pushing some bits of fallen ceiling around made it look more like a large pile of debris than a constructed hiding place.

"in there, and make not a sound." moving in after her, he pulled more rubble around them to make it look more believable.

2 August 2003, 10:52 PM
The Jedi burst from their hiding places, sprinting down the hill toward the remaining clone trooper. Armand streaks ahead toward the clone in a blur. The soldier scrambles sideways to avoid Armand, his shouting audible through the helmet.

“West entrance under attack!”

The soldier snaps off a quick shot, but the bolt pings off of Armand’s saber and shatters the plasteel armor on the clone’s arm. The clone spins and tumbles to the ground.

The three Yeriteq sprint down the hill toward the Jedi, who had reached Armand only seconds later.

“Get us inside!” screams Mereel.

Armand sinks his lightsaber into the door and drags it in a sweeping triangle. After a few cuts, he is able to kick a piece inward and climb inside. The others quickly follow, with Mereel taking the lead in a sprint through the base. For perhaps forty-five seconds, the only sound breaking the low tones of the alarms is the footfalls of the Yeriteq soldiers and the Jedi clanging on the metal floors.

“Just a few more meters,” Mereel calls. “Get ready.”

(OOC: Myral: Enhance Ability (+2 Strength, -3VP. The bonus still has another 3 rounds (after the running) before it ends.)
Armand: Burst of Speed (-5VP)
Deflect: Attack [17+7=24] 9 dmg)


Aion moves the rubble away as quickly as possible. Beside him, Ishale is lifting the debris with enthusiasm born from terror. Within moments, they have cleared a small hole. Fighting intense dizziness from the exertion, Aion settles into the small hideout and pulls a few remaining pieces of wreckage in place to complete the disguise.

For a few tense moments there is no sound. The dust is intensely thick, and makes breathing difficult, and Aion falls back on his Jedi training to avoid coughing. Beside him, Ishale muffles a cough.

A soft, rhythmic, crunching slowly becomes evident and clarifies into the sound of clone trooper boots stepping through debris. The footsteps circle around the hiding place, then stop, and silence falls. Both Ishale and Aion hold their breath and lay in a tense, absolute stillness.

Then the boots begin to fade into the distance. “Clear!”

(OOC: Aion: Strength check [20-3=17]
Hide [12-2=10])

3 August 2003, 05:54 PM
Feeling the lightsaber firm in his grip, Sotonn continues the fast pace with the others down the corridor. Expecting to be running head-long into an ambush, he conserves his thoughts and actions - focusing on being ready for whatever they are going to see around the next corner.

((OOC: Am I correct in the assumption the Mereel makes that comment while still running/jogging/whatever? Not that she stops?))

4 August 2003, 05:09 AM
Bakth is a little nervous, things have been running more or less smoothly for the past events, but now he is not entirely sure about it.

"May the Force be with us!"

He says as he imbues himself in the power of the Force, feeling it strenghten him as he continues running.

(OOC: I use Enhance Ability on Strength: Roll+11(ranks)+2(attuned)=+13)

The Ghost
4 August 2003, 07:27 AM
"Rest." the word is almost soundless, he tears off one sleeve of his tunic, splitting that again in half. One he ties around his own nose and mouth, the other he offers to the lady. Here they would be safe for the moment, and he could have a chance to recouperate from the torture. Getting out of the city may be hard, but it might also be what they expect. Perhaps to remain within for now would prove more acceptable to finding out what was going on. He closed his eyes, falling into the waking sleep that came from combat.

Consul Vido
4 August 2003, 12:11 PM
Knowing she is not as skilled in combat as her fellow Jedi, Myral hangs back slightly, allowing the others to take the lead, while she stands ready to assist in any way she can. Her ignited lightsaber is in her right hand, ready to be used at any moment. She strongly hopes though, that that moment will not come. But chances of that seem slim at the moment.

5 August 2003, 01:58 PM
“Thanks,” Ishale whispers as she takes the piece of fabric from Aion. “I’m sorry that I’m not of much help. I’m only Dr. Solimar’s assistant… Was Dr. Solimar’s assistant.

Her voice is slightly tearful as she continues. “I’m quite adept at dealing with her schedule or the problematic patient or relative, but I don’t have medical or combat training. I came along because they couldn’t find anyone else. And the Yeriteq team was on a tight schedule. I’m grateful to them though. They said their orders were to disrupt the occupation in any way possible, and since the clones were after Jedi, their first move was to go after you.”


Aion opens his eyes in the dark, blinking a moment until he remembers where he is. A dry, raspy feeling in his throat overwhelms his other senses, and swallowing is a painful chore. Ishale is sleeping, her head resting on his shoulder.

Though his injuries are still painful and detrimental to his ability to fight, Aion is certainly in better condition than he was a few hours ago. But the burning in his throat is a reminder that further healing will be impossible if he dies of dehydration first.

(OOC: VP fully restored, modified by reduced Constitution (29 VP total [53-(8)(3)=29]), 1 WP Restored (currently 7), and 1 ability score point is restored (your choice).)


The Jedi race around the final corner and duck into the main control room. To everyone’s surprise, there is still no resistance.

Mereel is suspicious a moment, then shrugs. “I’ll take what I can get.”

The room is large and set on two levels, with ramps on either side of the room between the two. A large holoprojector lies in the center of the lower level, and both levels are covered with computer panels and a few large light transparisteel panels with technical data displayed on them. There are no signs of a struggle.

Kaiya Pralish runs to the lower level and activates the main holoprojector and the corresponding Holonet link, while the others stand ready, weapons focused on the door. A huge hologram appears, but the image is filled with a modulating static pattern that flickers across the image repeatedly. The sound is intense raw noise.

“Odd,” Pralish mutters, “I’ve never seen this before.”

But while the isolated Yeriteq soldier may have never seen this particular effect, it is well known to the Jedi. The Sarett Holonet is under the effects of a powerful jammer. Despite the background noise, the clattering of boots reverberates through the closed door to the control center.

(OOC: Bakth: Enhance Ability [4+11+0+2=17], (+4 Str, -3VP, currently five rounds remaining as of the end of the post)
Myral: The duration of Enhance Ability ends.)

Consul Vido
5 August 2003, 04:21 PM
"The signal's being jammed. We won't be sending any messages that way."

As the sound of a lot of boots on metal grows louder, Myral ignites her lightsaber and turns to face the door from her position on the near side of the holoprojector. "From the sounds of things, we're about to have some uninvited guests. Any ideas anyone?"

5 August 2003, 05:58 PM
Sotonn immediately begins scanning the room, "Knight Myral's right." He looks to Mereel, "You had a plan for another way out, right? Ventilation ducts, perhaps?" He continues his examination of the room. .... perhaps even someplace for the others to hide...

9 August 2003, 11:47 AM
“Jammed?” Kaiya mutters. “I take it we underestimated their capabilities.”

“Rather drastically,” Mereel cuts in. He turns to Myral and Sotonn. “The ventilation ducts to this room are too small for us to fit in. I looked into it before we came. We could use the explosives to blast our way into nearby rooms, and from there out to a hallway, but that’s about it. There are no hallways immediately accessible except for the one we just entered.”

Mereel is interrupted by a large clang at the door, followed the loud noise of a fusion cutter. The door begins to glow faintly.

“We have but a few seconds,” Le-Alli says grimly as she lifts her lightsaber to the ready.

“Rigging explosives this quickly will be dangerous,” Mereel says, his speech rapid and low. “If you think we can fight our way through, we should. Otherwise, I’ll have Sergeant Pralish start setting the charges. What will it be?”

(OOC: No luck for Sotonn as far as hiding places go. The room is open, with little more than consoles and the split level design for cover.))

The Ghost
11 August 2003, 02:46 AM
"Wake, we must go now." He pushed the thoughts of his aching to the back of his mind, focusing on letting his cells repair themselves as he gives the woman time to rouse herself.

*(up the con score by one, +9 to heal self check to hopefully heal ability damage to Con, if not then wound points or nothing)*

He stood, looking about. "Who do you know."

11 August 2003, 04:18 AM
"Oh, this is desperate, can't we just put the explosives and detonate them using the Force? Oh, I cannot think of anything else!"

Consul Vido
11 August 2003, 05:22 AM
Noting the frantic and almost panicked states of her companions and herself as well, Myral turns her attention fully to the door. Myral reaches out with the force, extending a tendril of awareness past the durasteel portal, hoping to sense how many foes they would soon be facing.

[OOC: I can't remember if you can use See Force to sense non-Force-Sensitives. If you can Myral will use it. If not, she will use Farseeing. She is hoping to gain some clue as to what they might be up against.]

11 August 2003, 11:22 PM
“The trick isn’t detonating them,” Pralish replies to Bakth as he pulls out a number of charges in case the order is given to use them. “The trick is linking enough to them together to blast down a wall without detonating any prematurely, and setting the whole thing up in just a few seconds.”

Meanwhile, Myral is standing with her eyes half closed, reaching with the Force to see beyond the weakening door. She manages to discern six hazy figures standing just outside the door, along with another pair down the hallway a few meters in each direction, lying in wait.

Mereel looks up at the Jedi for a decision. Despite his combat expertise, this situation seems to have him in over his head.

(OOC: Sense Surroundings (from PotJ) seemed to be the closest to what you were aiming for, Consul Vido. It costs Myral 2VP, lasts 10 rounds, and effectively lets Myral see through walls.)


Aion carefully glances out into the alleyway. There is a distant whine of attack gunship repulsorlifts, but there is no evidence of any clone soldiers nearby.

“Raile’s place isn’t too far from here, just a couple of blocks,” Ishale says in response to Aion’s question. “He and I had a fling a few years back, and we still aren’t on good terms. But, I don’t think he’d turn us away.

“If you think we can make it a ways farther into the city, I have some hospital friends. I’d feel better if we had a trained doctor to look after you.”

(OOC: Heal Self [13+2+5+2=22], -2VP, +5 Con. With the +1 from natural healing, that ups Aion’s Con to 12, meaning he now has 51VP. Technically, I should have been tracking the wounds as modified by Constitution, but I didn’t earlier, so I’m going to stick with saying that the reduced wounds were caused by injuries, and not just Con damage, so WP stays at 7 for now.)

12 August 2003, 04:41 AM
"Ok, stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. I'll be at the front, I'll deflect everything I can"

(OOC: I move to the front, preparing to use Full Defense in my Deflect rolls and also to use Dissipate Energy if any attack passes through)

Consul Vido
12 August 2003, 09:51 AM
Myral opens her eyes and addresses her comrades. "There are at least eight people out there. Six right outside the door and two more further down the hallway on either side. If the Force is with us, we might have a chance."

Myral moves into a position parrellel to Bakth's and takes a defensive posture. As she waits with barely restrained anticipation for what is about to come, she reaches out with the force to unite the minds of her allies.

(OOC: Myral will use Knight Mind again for Dexterity +6, costing VP = 12 +1 per person, and positions herself to provide cover from the doorway for the Yeriteq.)

13 August 2003, 10:05 PM
With a final screech, a large fragment of the door smashes into the room under the force of the fusion cutter. The weight of three clonetroopers clears the rest of the door, as the soldiers open fire from the doorway.

In the back of the room, the three Yeriteq commandos dive for cover behind panels and raise their weapons, but the four Jedi now standing at the door, Myral, Bakth, Sotonn, and Le-Alli, prevent them from having a clear shot. Armand stands a short distance behind the rest of the Jedi, ready to assist.

The first clonetrooper opens fire from short range at Bakth, the bolt coming perilously close before being intercepted by Bakth’s saber and sent smashing into a wall.

Sotonn steps forward and swings his saber in a short arc, slicing cleanly through the clone soldier’s armor. The soldier collapses to the ground, but immediately the two other soldiers fire. The shots display the prowess of the clones’ training, forcing Bakth and Sotonn to make difficult parries.

The two remaining soldiers, outnumbered and outmaneuvered, attempt to withdraw back out of the doorway, but Sotonn’s lightsaber catches one, tearing a large gap through the back of the armor as the clone falls to the decking with a crash. The third trooper scrambles out of the doorway and sideways down the hall, just as three grenades bounce into the room.

Myral, Le-Alli, and Armand are quick to react, and the grenades shoot back through the doorway. The three grenades detonate, causing biting cuts as the pieces of the grenades ricochet around the hallway and back through the door. Myral can see that all of the remaining six clonetroopers, who were further down the hall and protected by their armor, are all still moving, and are readying another attack.

(OOC: Posted in the OOC thread to keep things neat.)

14 August 2003, 05:05 AM
"Retreat you soldiers and let us talk to your leader!"

(OOC: I will continue parrying attacks and should I have one action remaining I'll use a Heal Self with Knight Mastery (to take 10))

Consul Vido
14 August 2003, 05:33 AM
Taking advantage of the momentary lull in the fighting, Myral uses a healing technique to restore some of her spent energy. She notices that Bakth appears to be seeming a little bit the worse for wear also.

Doubting how effect talk will be at this point, but hoping to possibly delay the troopers enough to give her time to think, Myral shouts out the door to the clones. "With the authority granted to the Jedi by the Republic, I ask you to cease this attack. By the charters and standards of the Republic we all serve, these actions are wrong." Afterwards, she turns to her fellow Jedi with a look that says 'it was worth a shot.'

(OOC: Heal Self: 1 + 6 + Dice roll to restore vitality. If there's time, she will use Heal Another: 4 + 4 + Dice roll targetting Bakth's vitality.)

14 August 2003, 10:55 PM
Myral draws the Force about her to rejuvenate herself, but finds her grasp tenuous and clumsy. The intensity of the battle leads her to try harder, but the Force seems even more distant.

Myral pushes the panic to the back of her mind, and joins Bakth’s diplomacy aimed at the soldiers. But only moments after the words have left their mouths, the clonetroopers renew their assault by throwing six grenades toward the doorway. Le-Alli and Armand manage to deflect the projectiles back out of the room, and the walls shake with the deafening explosions.

Mereel darts out as the explosions die down, staying low and partially covered by the banks of panels as he moves toward the entrance. “We can’t hold them off forever! We’ve got to get out of this room before they call for reinforcements!”

(OOC: Myral: Heal Self [1+7=8] -1VP
Sotonn: Delays until after Bakth and Myral to follow their lead.

Korpil, are you referring to Force Mastery? If so, Force Mastery reduces attack and move actions to free actions, but Heal Self is a full round action (Force Mastery also makes no reference to taking 10 in combat). So I’m a little confused; what am I missing?

And though both of you have actions posted for another round of combat, I decided to step ahead just one round so you can react to Mereel’s action and so that you have the chance to make any modifications to reflect the clonetroopers’ continued grenade use.)

15 August 2003, 05:05 AM
(OOC: Sorry, I had the wrong impression then, I always keep confusing Feats, and since i don't have my book at hand...)

15 August 2003, 10:16 AM
Looking over his shoulder to his fellow Jedi, Sotonn speaks to them, "When we escape these," the optimism in his voice trails, " there will be more." He blinks as a blaster bolt nearly tags him again. " We need to take their gunship."

((Unless the actions of others require, he continue's the slow traverse through the corridor... 1 2m step at a time if necessary :) )

Consul Vido
18 August 2003, 05:28 AM
Myral follows behind Sotonn, actively using her lightsaber to protect herself.

"What will we do once we have the gunship? Do you have something in mind?"

The Ghost
18 August 2003, 07:35 AM
"The hospital is a better idea. Lead me there." He said over his shoulder, keeping an eye out for any signs of movement.

Hopefully the others were faring better in their endeavor than he was in his. He had gotten answers, but not complete ones. And they had only left more questions. He would have frowned at this if he could, the thought was uneasy, but he didn't let it get to him.

There was much to be done.

20 August 2003, 12:53 PM
Sotonn steps out into the hallway, his lightsaber raised defensively toward the three clonetroopers ahead of him. For a few harrowing moments, he is defenseless against the three clone soldiers behind him, down the sterile grey hallway in the other direction, but Bakth and then Myral follow him, covering that side and creating a cordon around the hall in front of the doorway. Kaiya Pralish follows the Jedi out into the hall, moving forward to slightly behind and to the side of Sotonn, her blaster blazing toward the clones at the end of the hall. The bolts smash into the walls and floor, sending drops of liquid metal spraying into the corridor, but none of the shots find the clonetroopers.

The clonetroopers return fire, and the dim hallway is lit by the flashes of blasters. Sotonn stands in the hail, deflecting bolts off of his saber, grazing all three of the clones. One tumbles to the ground, a charred hole in his armor, but the other two shrug off the damage that penetrated their armor and continue to fire.

Bren Pralish darts out into the hallway, firing past Myral. One of his bolts grazes a clonetrooper, blackening the armor, but the soldier continues to fire, and is soon joined by his three comrades. Bren dodges to the side as a few shots slip past Myral. Le-Alli follows Bren out into the corridor. With a brief gesture, a blaster rifle is torn from the hands of one of the clones and soars down the corridor toward the Jedi.

Armand and Mereel quickly follow, merging into the middle of the group as the Jedi begin to move slowly down the corridor. Mereel fires a quick shot, the bolt hitting a section of armor already weakened by Sotonn’s deflected shots. The clonetrooper collapses face down onto the floor.

Bakth, sheltered slightly despite the intense firefight, concentrates on recovering from the battle at the doorway. Beside him, Kaiya and Bren continue to fire. Kaiya’s shot penetrates a soldier’s armor and throws him to the ground, a faint trail of smoke rising from the charred gap in the armor. Bren’s shot hits the armor of a clone soldier, but the trooper remains standing. The two remaining armed clones fire at Bren, and one of the shots hits just above his knee, and the Yeriteq soldier falls with a grunt of pain, clutching his wounded leg. Le-Alli catches him before he hits the ground, struggling under his weight briefly before moving him forward with the rest of the group as she works to heal the injury.

Mereel turns to fire past Myral at the remaining soldiers. The shot chars another portion of the armor of the already wounded soldier, and he drops to the unmoving to the deck. Ahead of Sotonn, the way is now clear, but two clone soldiers remain standing behind the group, one armed with a blaster, the other reaching for a grenade in lieu of his rifle, which now lies at Le-Alli’s feet.

(OOC: See OOC Thread)


“It’s not a hospital,” Ishale tells Aion quietly. “Just a residential area with doctors I know.”

She moves as quietly and stealthily as possible through the city, with Aion struggling behind her. Clone trooper patrols search the city, but the density is low enough that movement is not impossible.

The formerly vibrant city lies quiet, aside from the clonetroopers and attack gunships. A number of buildings are destroyed or heavily damaged, a testament to a struggle that now seems to have ended. Clonetroopers can be found in every bit of the city.

After a few tense minutes dodging patrols, Ishale leads Aion up a small stairwell to a series of apartments, then knocks at a door. After a moment, an older looking man opens it, starting a moment at the sight of Aion. “Is that who I think it is?” he asks Ishale hoarsely.

Ishale nods tightly. “I don’t mean to put you at risk. But we have nowhere else to go.”

The man nods and ushers them inside, taking a few more furtive glances to make sure no patrols had been uncomfortably close during the exchange, then steps in himself. “I don’t have too many medical supplies here, but I’ll try to help with whatever you need.”

(OOC: Aion Hide [10-2=8])

20 August 2003, 05:52 PM
Looking back and smiling quickly a Myral as she enters the hallway, Sotonn responds as he returns to face the troopers firing at him down the hallway, "Transportation mostly, but we might get around that jammer with it."

Sotonn watches as each of the troopers in front of him fall with the aid of his team, almost blinking in disbelief. The force is with us today. He then turns to notice Bren, fallen into Le-Alli's arms, wounded. Knowing that they have among them a Knifght focused on healing, as well as the look of weariness on the group's faces in general, he reaches out with the force to grab the grenade from the hands of the trooper.

((OOC: Not sure on our ranges here, but I would prefer to keep on my current side of the group - but if necessary, I will step forward. Move Object = d20 +8. If the device has not been activated - I will bring it to me. If it has been activated, then I will hold it above the troopers... but won't follow them with it.))

21 August 2003, 06:05 AM
Bakth moves to Le-Alli's side:

"Let me handle this. Bren, you will be just fine."

Bakth draws again on the Force, this time to allow Bren's healing to proceed.

(OOC: Heal Another roll at +16)

The Ghost
25 August 2003, 10:08 PM
"Do what you can." He found somewhere to sit and did so. This rebel faction of the Republic couldn't get away with this forever, what did they hope to accomplish by doing this thing?

what was it that made this world so important...

Consul Vido
26 August 2003, 09:27 AM
Sensing what Sotonn is attempting, Myral reaches out with the force, attempting to likewise disarm the other trooper of his rifle.

"You are outnumbered and outgunned, I suggest you leave now, if you value your lives."

(OOC: Move Object 1d20+6 to take the rifle from the trooper. Also, sorry about the delay.)

26 August 2003, 09:35 PM
Aion closes his eyes, ignoring the doctor’s patient and precise medkit use. Alone with his thoughts, he struggles over the motivation of the attackers, but answers are elusive. Eventually, he falls into a fitful sleep, painfully aware that his injuries will still keep him in need of frequent breaks and rest until they are properly treated with bacta or a skilled Jedi healer.


Aion wakes some time later. The room is dim, lit only by faint starlight falling around the edges of the drapes at the windows. Ishale sits beside one of the windows, staring out into the night through the vertical slit between the drapes and window frame. The doctor is nowhere to be seen, but is presumably in the apartment’s bedroom.

Aion’s efforts to heal himself through the Force while he rested had met with little success, and now it is time to consider his next move.


Sotonn reaches out with the Force, gripping the grenade in an invisible grasp. But the clone soldier resolutely maintains his hold on the weapon.

Myral is more successful, and the second clone’s blaster is torn from his grasp and skids down the corridor toward the Jedi.

Bakth takes Bren from Le-Alli and despite his exhaustion, struggles to help the wounded man. Within seconds, Bren’s injury is all but completely healed, and the soldier gives the two Jedi a look blending awe and thanks. Le-Alli, however, has already turned to the remaining clonetroopers. One still struggles with Sotonn over the control of a grenade, only to jerk free of the Jedi’s grasp momentarily and take the opportunity to throw it at the Jedi and Yeriteq. Le-Alli clumsily sends the grenade back in the direction it came, and it explodes just in front of the clonetroopers, tossing them backwards like rag dolls. Bleeding through thousands of tiny puncture wounds, they crawl down the corridor away from the Jedi, oblivious to the look of horror marring Le-Alli’s face.

With the current clonetroopers disabled, Mereel quickly takes control of the situation. “Knight Daldolen’s plan seems our best bet. There was a pair of gunships parked outside, if we hurry we can get to them. Move!”

The group breaks into a run, tracing a slightly different route to an exit Mereel has planned. They quickly exit the communications center, encountering no more clonetroopers, to find a single gunship hovering just off the ground outside. Two pilots sit at the helm, and spotting the Jedi, begin to power-up the gunship for flight and combat.

27 August 2003, 08:00 AM
"Great! Someone stop them!"

Bakth runs as fast as he can towards the gunship. If I'm in range I try to jump to board the gunship.

27 August 2003, 12:02 PM
Coming out of the building, Sotonn sees the gunships. Perfect. Then their engines begin to start. He looks over and nods at Bakth as they begin to sprint towards the gunships.

OOC: I'll sprint/dash/run/whatever is needed, and also do a force-enhanced jump to get to a gunship.

Consul Vido
28 August 2003, 09:56 AM
When Myral emerges from the building, she notices that there is only one gunship, whereas Mereel said there should be two. So she takes a short moment to scan the surrounding area and skyline for signs of the other gunship.

Spot Check = 13 +4 +2 = 19 (http://krisinchico.brinkster.net/searchroll.asp?username=myral#56877)

30 August 2003, 11:06 PM
Armand ignites his lightsaber and steps forward to shield the Yeriteq against potential fire from the gunship, while the soldiers look frantically for cover along the edge of the building. The featureless walls offer none.

Sotonn, Bakth, and Le-Alli, the group’s only pilot, run through the swirling dust as the gunship begins to lift off the ground and swivel its weapons toward the group clustered along the wall. Sotonn leaps upward, his Force boosted jump landing him in the rear of the gunship. Bakth’s jump misses by a meter, sending him stumbling to the ground as the gunship floats skyward above him. Le-Alli’s is just short, and she hits the decking waist high. Her fingers lose purchase on the slick metal and she begins to slide from the gunship. Sotonn dives and catches Le-Alli’s arm, pulling her back inside.

Myral quickly scans the sky and spots the other gunship over past the far end of the compound. As she watches it levels off from a tight turn and roars toward the Jedi, apparently alerted to the action.

2 September 2003, 06:45 AM
Bakth curses silently on Mon Calamarian, he stands up watching the gunship hover overboard...

Seeing he cannot get inside it anymore, he starts scanning the surroundings looking for the missing gunship.

Consul Vido
2 September 2003, 09:41 AM
"The other gunship is coming this way!" Myral yells over the whine of the repulsor engines of the nearby gunship.

She turns to the soldiers. "Are any of the weapons you carry capable of taking that gunship out of commission? If not, we had better hope that Sotonn and Le-Alli can take control of this one and get us out of here."

Myral glances back and forth between the two gunships, waiting to see which will fire on them first.

2 September 2003, 01:45 PM
Sotonn helps Le'Alli up onto the ship, knowing that she's going to be needed to help fly this thing, beacuse it just isn't his specialty.

He makes sure that she has her footing, then steps up behind the two soldiers at the helm, placing his hand on the pilot's shoulder, "Land now." Glancing over to the other soldier, he lowers his brow, "Or jump - the choice is yours."

OOC: Not sure how much time has passed since helping Le'Alli onto the gunship, nor exactly how high etc. I suspect that we're still basically pretty low to the ground and the pilot was turning about to take aim.

2 September 2003, 07:51 PM
Bakth begins to scan the sky for the missing gunship, even more frantically after Myral yells her warning. But the vessel, now rapidly approaching, is hard to miss.

Near the wall, Mereel yells a response to Myral over the repuslor. “Nothing that heavy, unless we could somehow attach explosives to it. Even then they might not destroy it.” But to Myral’s surprise, neither gunship fires.

The two helmeted heads turn to Sotonn, and without a word the ship begins to descend smoothly. Then abruptly, the missile lock alarm starts emitting a high pitched whine, and a fraction of a second later, the gunship bucks violently, throwing the Jedi forward into the controls and view panel. Sotonn grunts as he hits, causing painful bruises, but manages to avoid serious damage. The explosions envelop the ship, then fade, and the orange glow is replaced by the trails of debris streaming down. Le-Alli landed much more awkwardly than Sotonn and her left arm appears to be, at the least, dislocated and bleeding. Nevertheless, she climbs to her feet, yells something that Sotonn can’t interpret because of the intense ringing in his ears, and points her deactivated saber at the pilot, who quickly vacates the seat, and Le-Alli slides behind the controls.

Above Myral and Bakth, the gunship roars overhead, sweeping around after its attack run. The second gunship lists sideways, but is still floating a bare two or three meters from the ground, giving off a heavy cloud of black smoke that rises upward from the damaged craft.

Consul Vido
3 September 2003, 03:01 PM
Myral stares aghast at the smoking gunship. They fired on their own ship to try and kill us!

Seeing there is little she can do currently, she turns to the soldiers. "Perhaps we had better find some cover for now. I'm not sure what we can do from here. It's up to Sotonn and Le-Alli for the moment."

3 September 2003, 03:31 PM
Dizzy and confused from the blast, Sotonn shakes his head to relieve the ringing, but it is to no avail. He catches eye of Le-Alli taking the controls, and goes to sit down in the other seat... but then a thought strikes him - he leans in closer to Le-Alli, and consciously trying to avoid yelling in her ear, "Can you get me on that ship? Above, alongside something! Nod or shake your head."
The force will guide me actions...

OOC: Ok - assuming she CAN get close, I'm going to use another force jump... calling on the light-side of the force (gotta use those points sometime right?)... if I've got any action left, I'll use it to persuade them to land the ship.

7 September 2003, 10:08 PM
“You bet!” Mereel yells to Myral as he sprints across the open ground toward the rocks strewn at the foot of one of the Trembling Mounains. “This may be the break we need to get out from under those guns.”

Le-Alli looks over at Sotonn for a moment with a confused expression, and then nods. The gunship accelerates upward in pursuit. The leading gunship swoops around, taking potshots with its laser cannons that burn into the hull, shorting out systems and tearing through reinforcing beams. The pursuing vessel begins to vibrate violently. Ahead, the other gunship is lining up to bring its missile launchers to bear.

Le-Alli swerves wildly around, attempting to come alongside, as the enemy gunship tries to set up an accurate shot. The evasion manages to stay a missile firing, but the gunship pilots settle for a short range laser cannon barrage. The shots rip through the gunship, and with a sharp crack, the main drive overloads, dying with a massive flash and shower of sparks. As the second gunship races past, Sotonn leaps through the space between and lands cleanly. He hurries forward, much to the surprise and dismay of the clones, who surrender their vessel.

As Bakth, Myral, Armand, and the Yeriteq watch, the damaged gunship travels upward another few meters on its momentum, and then arcs over and begins to tumble toward their newfound “cover” in the rocks. Despite the looming gunship, Myral and Bakth spot a figure leaping from the damaged craft.

The Ghost
8 September 2003, 12:12 PM
"I will not be able to stay here for long, it endangers those who have seen me." He says, standing. Feeling better, but knowing he is nowhere near his best, he straightens his robes.

"There are caves, yes? Someway i can get out of this town into the wilds."

Consul Vido
8 September 2003, 07:19 PM
Seeing the desperate situation they have gotten themselves into, Myral shouts to the others. “Get out of here!”

Not waiting to see their reaction, she turns her attention back to the gunship and her falling comrade. Momentarily closing her eyes, she pulls deeply on the power of the lightside, until she feels its presence permeating her every pore. Opening her eyes, she reaches out with the force to grasp Le-Alli and slow her descent towards the ground to a safer pace.

Then, she gathers a larger surge of force into a push meant to divert the gunship away from herself and her comrades.

Force point to call on the lightside = 3d6 = 14
Move Object for Le-Alli = 1d20 +2 +4 +14 = 29
Move Object to divert gunship = 1d20 +2 +4 +14 = 39
Link to Dice rolls (http://krisinchico.brinkster.net/searchroll.asp?username=myral#58922)
Myral will use two move actions to attempt to both bring Le-Alli down safely and push the gunship away. She can move each of them up to 32 meters if that matters. I posted as if she succeeded on Le-Alli's benefit, since I thought 29 was a pretty decent roll for that, but wasn't sure what DC you set for the gunship, so I left that open. If I missed Le-Alli 8o I can change the post.

9 September 2003, 05:56 AM
Since Bakth's Move Object is laughable, I attempt to help Myral and give her a +2 bonus on her Force checks as in one of my previous posts.

Originally posted by Korpil
Bakth looks what Myral is trying to accomplish, and he starts looking into the Force, thus telepathically creating a link to help her.

(OOC: This is a new use for the Telepathy skill as indicated in Hero's Guide page 38, of course Jedi_Staailis you can disallow it, the rules say:

Force Boost: You may create a Force link between yourself and another being that augments their ability to use Force skills. When you target a character with this use of the Telepathy skill, that character gains a +2 Force bonus on all Force skill checks, and, when using any Force technique the vitality point multiplier is reduced by 1. This use of the Telepathy skill is a full-round action.

My telepathy roll is d20+3 (ability mod)+ 5 (ranks) = d20+8 )

9 September 2003, 08:02 PM
As the Yeriteq scramble away, Myral steps forward into the open. Bakth retreats a short distance from the crash site, then turns to Myral. He feels as she gathers the Force around her, and lends his support. Outstretching her hand and closing her eyes, Myral finds Le-Alli falling, and quickly works to slow her descent, knowing that the gunship is looming ever closer. With Le-Alli in a steady descent, Myral turns her attention to the falling gunship, hones her concentration, and then shoves the gunship.

With a creak, the gunship slows, then tumbles backwards away from the group, crumpling into a pile of debris as it impacts the ground amidst a massive cloud of dirt and dust. Chest heaving from exhaustion, Myral maintains her concentration long enough to control Le-Alli’s descent to the ground.

As the Yeriteq stare in awe at the remains of the gunship, Le-Alli leans into an awkward, one-armed embrace with Myral. “Thanks. I’m impressed. My control isn’t nearly that good.”

With a descending whine of a repulsorlift, the second gunship comes to a low hover behind them. The two clonetrooper pilots climb out of the ship without their weapons, with Sotonn standing behind them.

“That’d be our ride,” quips Le-Alli, smiling, despite her injured arm and the adrenaline letdown from the intensity of the last few seconds.

(OOC: Myral, -18 VP (16+2), leaving 10VP
Bakth, -3VP (I assumed Bakth took 10 and easily passed the difficulty), to 4VP
Sotonn stands at 39VP.

The DC on the ship was 35--30 for the weight and a +5 since it was falling. Even with Bakth’s link, Myral would normally have only averaged 10.5 (d20) + 10.5 (3d6, FP) + 8 (mods) = 29. I’m amazed that this strategy worked, and with flying colors, even. :))


Ishale turns toward Aion and nods slowly. “The mountains around the city are riddled with them. Maybe a ten minute walk from here. But most of the cave systems that connect directly to the buildings are well known. They act more like additional rooms—sometimes even streets, depending on the size of the cave. Outside of the city, there are plenty of the same extensive cave structures. But they’re labyrinthine. Nobody really knows what connects to what, and how deep they go.

“I don’t know about this, Aion. You’d probably have to stay near the surface to avoid getting lost, but then you’d be at least partially exposed to the elements and without food or water.”

She turns to look back out of the sliver of visible window that lets in the night. “Where do you need to go, Aion? Not to minimize damage to us, but where you can get away from this situation and rejoin your Jedi friends. I’m sure we can find a way to get you there.”

The Ghost
9 September 2003, 10:58 PM
The room fell into a slience for a long moment, as silver eyes stare past the reality into thought. The Force will provide. He stood.

"The cliff."

Communicators were useless, for no doubt the comm signals were all being listened to. He could only wait for others to contact him, and after the last time, it wasn't likely. His health was still ragged from the torture, but that was of little consequence now. Inaction was as deadly as the wrong action.

Consul Vido
10 September 2003, 09:39 AM
“It was my faith in the force, and Bakth’s faith in me that allowed me to save you. Without them, I surely would have failed. I am very glad, however, that I did not.” Myral smiles warmly at her Jedi companions.

Turning to face the gunship, she becomes more serious. “Perhaps now would be the time to discover what has happened to Aion.”

Closing her eyes, and focusing on the mental image of their missing Jedi ally, Myral reaches out with the force. Aion.

OOC: Telepathy check = 1d20 +10 = 22 (http://krisinchico.brinkster.net/searchroll.asp?username=myral#59061)

11 September 2003, 03:18 PM
Ishale’s response to Aion’s request goes unheard as Aion feels Myral’s presence reaching across the distance.


Aion’s presence flickers less stably than usual, and Myral gets the feeling the he is injured. But the Jedi’s intention is clear.


The contact fades, and the Jedi exchange parting thoughts. Myral opens her eyes to see the group standing around her.

“I presume we’re going back to Yeriteq?” Mereel asks. He looks suspiciously at Myral, his face hardening. “As much help as you’ve been, I hope a change of plans isn’t in the itinerary. I’m under orders.”


“Aion? Are you listening?” Ishale frowns. “I said that if you want to go to the cliff, we need to leave soon, before it gets light.”

(OOC: Consul Vido,Ghost, I wrote the telepathy in such a way that if you wish to exchange any more information or instructions, you can do so (it’s assumed to go in at the very end). Also, Myral loses 3VP to a current 7VP.)

11 September 2003, 05:23 PM
Disarmed troopers in the lead, Sotonn looks towards Le-Alli, smiling at her somewhat jovial tone. "Nice piloting there!" As the two relax their embrace, he motions to Myral, "I must say, that was amazing. I would think even the council masters would agree."

Scanning the group, he notices that everyone is showing signs of exhaustion. The day has been long and arduous, yet they are no closer to being through the situation than they were hours when they awoke. Turning the clone trooper main pilot to face him, Sotonn searches for words, "What... do you know of this mission?" Understanding that his interrogation skills are lacking for this situation, yet unaware of the other's abilities in this area, he throws out the simplest of questions in hopes the trooper will provide something to help them out.

The Ghost
12 September 2003, 09:21 PM
The vision of the cliff as it had been when they first arrived flickered through his mind, passing the image's sense off to the receiving end before the link was severed.

"We must go now." He said, not bothering to listen to the girl. "Others will be along soon and will need me."

He grabbed up his robe, throwing it on as he stepped into the main area.
His own exhaustion was easy to note, but he sensed the tension and tiredness on the other end as well. This would require all to work together now, and his answers were hard-earned if nothing else.

Consul Vido
13 September 2003, 09:55 AM
Myral misses Sotonn's comment as she is distracted by her mental contact with Aion. The image of the cliff still resides in her mind's eye as she opens her eyes and speaks in a voice quiet enough to not carry to the Republic troopers. "Aion will meet as at the cliff. We must hurry if we are to meet him."

14 September 2003, 09:33 PM
The clonetroopers look at Sotonn, as if weighing their options. Armand steps up behind the clonetroopers, close enough that his presence and proximity cannot go unnoticed, but instead addresses Sotonn.

“It is of little significance anyway. The facts could easily be extracted from them. I’m sure they’ve read the briefs on the Jedi abilities to influence minds.”

One of the clonetroopers turns to look up at Armand, who shrugs idly, his expression one of boredom. The clonetrooper is silent a moment, then begins to speak.

“Our orders were to kill as many Jedi as possible. Losses were only to be considered in relation to our ability to complete the mission at hand, and were considered irrelevant to the main goal. We know nothing more than that.”

Armand stares at the soldier, waiting for more information, but none is forthcoming. “That is all we need, then,” he says.

Myral leans in, quietly relating the news about Aion.

Le-Alli nods. “We should leave quickly. We can rest once Aion is out of danger.”

(OOC: Armand had a +11 intimidate, so I figured this was a situation for him. :) Speaking of Armand, Vega Secure'A will be taking over as Armand's player shortly, as soon as he's revised the character and read up on the story, so look for some posts by him/her in the coming days!)


Ishale doesn’t offer comments on Aion’s choice of action, and the two depart and begin to slip silently through the dark streets. After nearly half an hour of silent and labored movement, they are within sight of the cliff. For the moment, there is no sign of the Jedi, but there is a pair of clonetroopers standing on the cliff, postures alert and weapons ready. The soldiers scan their surroundings slowly. Though Aion and Ishale are a few dozen meters away, hidden in the rocky terrain at the edges of the city, if the clonetroopers begin to patrol, or are particularly perceptive, the two may be spotted.

15 September 2003, 04:27 PM
Although greatful that Armand was willing to step in and handle the negotiations, Sotonn doesn't share the same lackadaisical concern about the soldier's comments, but agrees that they should get moving.
He hops back into the gunship, and takes position in the back helping everyone get on.

"...kill as many Jedi as possible." repeats through Sotonn's mind as he considers the recent events. Wonder if we can get around their com-block... but later, don't want to give-away our position before we recover Aion.

OOC: With my pathetic Computer Use... do I think there's any chance of using the gunship's communication devices to get through to the Council?

Consul Vido
17 September 2003, 09:17 AM
Taken aback by the troopers statement, Myral silently joins the others in boarding the gunship. She leans against the wall while holding the hanging brace with her left arm.

What could they possibly hope to gain from this? There is no profit to be made from killing Jedi. It would only serve to draw more attention to themselves. Who ordered this attack? Captain Vandergraff? She is known to be a well decorated defender of the Republic. Could she have turned against us?

17 September 2003, 10:43 AM
Bakth does not like to sit idle while considering all these news.

He initiates a self Healing prompting anyone else if they need to be healed.

(OOC: Heal Self +13, Heal Another +16)

18 September 2003, 06:04 PM
The healers of the group spend a few minutes in an effort to rejuvenate themselves and the others, knowing that the exhaustion from previous battle may prove fatal. But despite their best efforts, the group is still showing signs of the wear of combat.

For the moment, however, there is no time to rest. Under Le-Alli’s piloting, the gunship lifts off and heads for Cebo. The sun is just beginning to become visible over the horizon, coloring the mountains in orange and red. The beauty of the sunrise from the gunship is marred by the incessant vibration and noise, serving to remind its occupants of the martial situation they find themselves in.

As the sun continues to rise, the Jedi draw ever nearer to Cebo.

19 September 2003, 04:10 AM
Bakth leans towards the communications console.

"Is the comm still working? Can we pickup anything, military or civil?"

Vega Secure'A
19 September 2003, 08:53 AM
Armand looks over to Bakth's position waiting for a reply, as he stands guard close to the clone troopers.

The Ghost
20 September 2003, 01:23 AM
"Stay here." he whispered after a few silent moments.
"If i fall, leave."

With that he moved slowly towards the pair of troops, trying to get close enough to distract them.

When he reached a safe point, he concentrated on the troopers and then on the voice of one, calling for them to get back to the ship.

His body tensed, ready to move if it did not work correctly.

yay fun. hopefully, i can get close enough without being in open area, waiting for such an opportune moment.

Affect Mind ("What was that?" version) +6 modifier.
afterwards ready to run using knight speed if necessary.

21 September 2003, 09:02 PM
Aion holds his breath from between two boulders as he waits for the reaction of the soldiers.

“Did you hear anything?” one asks the other quizzically.

“Nothing,” the other replies.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Been a long patrol, I guess.”

“A quiet one,” the clonetrooper says, glancing around the area. “Still nothing. Makes me wonder what happened to that Jedi.”

“And the rest of them that got away. We haven’t heard anything about them.”


Sotonn flicks on the comm systems and the group becomes quiet listening in. The Republic military comm frequencies are abuzz with reports.

“Temms patrol three. All clear here, no combat in this area.”

The town of Temms was mentioned in the Jedi’s pre-mission briefs. Apparently, the force from the Republic Shield is expanding its efforts. But for the moment, a local frequency is not going to garner much information. Sotonn changes the frequency.

“Outpost three outside of Hall reporting light fighting with a group of Sarett natives. Reinforcements are converging on the area and will attempt to cut them off and prevent them from escaping.”

“Things are quiet here for the moment. We can spare an attack gunship or two.”

“Appreciated. That sort of mobility will help us keep them from retreating again.”

Sotonn switches the frequency again.

“A number of units at the Holonet relay are not responding. No reports from the two stationed gunships either. They managed one report of hostiles making an attack, then nothing.”

Captain Vandergraff’s voice comes over the comm and Sotonn’s hand drifts from the dial. “So you have no idea where they are now?”

“No, Captain. We’re attempting to ascertain that now.”

Vandergraff’s voice is cold. “Contact me as soon as you have news.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The comm goes silent a moment, then Sotonn reaches to change the frequency again, but Le-Alli interrupts.

“We’re approaching the bluff. Get ready.”

Le-Alli slows the ship and attempts to slip quietly toward the bluff. However, it become apparent that stealth is doomed to failure.

“Looks like they have two clonetroopers on patrol,” she growls as they approach, nodding toward the armored specks in the distance, now moving frantically. “We’ve been spotted.”

With the repulsorlift screaming, the gunship leaps forward, as the clonetroopers scramble toward the only cover available on the bluff, the rocky canyons at the entrance.

Mereel looks at the troopers. “We don’t want any trouble from them, someone pin them down with the guns.”

Le-Alli scans the sky as the gunship rushes toward the bluff. “Mereel is right. This pickup needs to happen in record time before they scramble gunships our way. Just don’t shoot Aion.”


Aion looks on in horror as the two clonetroopers, running to escape the incoming gunship, are now headed directly toward his hiding place.

Vega Secure'A
23 September 2003, 01:44 PM
"I'm on it!" Armand rushes to the gun controls and takes a steady aim at the closest trooper.

23 September 2003, 06:20 PM
"Looks like we're gonna have trouble... and quickly! Anyone see Aion?" Sotonn scrutinizes the cliff, stretching out with his feelings for any signs of their fellow Jedi.

OOC: See Force +3 (hehehe I know, pathetic... :) )
PS - If/when Aion is spotted, Sotonn will jump-down to help him out (I'm sure he'll be toe-to-toe with the troopers) - of course he'll want Le-Alli to move the gunship closer since it's much faster than he is...

24 September 2003, 03:51 AM
Bakth moves to the other gun position,

"I'll take the other one... any signs of other activity?"

The Ghost
24 September 2003, 01:58 PM
After a moment, Aion stepped out of his hiding spot. Yes, he had just become a target, but the thing about that was, the troopers would need a steady shot, and become targets themselves.

He focused his thoughts upon movement then, pure movement. He vanished from the spot, moving faster than most eyes could see to a point behind where the clones had been.

Knight speed.
-8 vp for me.

24 September 2003, 07:14 PM
Sotonn senses the Force swirling around him, then detects Aion’s presence drawing on the Force. The next instant, Aion has surged from his hiding place, and the clone soldiers skid to a halt and open fire.

But Aion is moving far too rapidly to be targeted effectively. The bolts fly past, shattering harmlessly into the rocks as Aion passes the troopers in a blur and moves toward the gunship. It swoops forward to meet him, its weapons blazing around him as the bolts track the clones.

Sotonn jumps down from the deck of the gunship, snapping out his lightsaber and waiting for the clonetroopers to turn. But Armand and Bakth’s gunnery is too precise. The laser blasts flash across the short distance and smash through armor, sending the clonetroopers tumbling to the ground.

The weapons fall silent and Le-Alli yells over the engine’s standby noise. “Everybody back aboard! They’ll be after us shortly, and we need to be out of here and heading toward our next stop.”

25 September 2003, 05:43 AM
"Great job, Armand! Is everyone back on board?"

Bakth surveys the terrain looking for signs of enemy movement...

25 September 2003, 11:24 AM
The blur of motion moving past him as he lands on the ground, the troopers in the distance diving for cover from the incoming barrage, and Sotonn quickly realizes his saber will be unnecessary. Flipping the switch and reattaching it to his hip, he turns around and moves to help Aion back onto the ship before he jumps on himself.

He signals to Le-Alli that he's aboard, then looks over to Bakth and Armand, "Nice shooting, hopefully that will be last we need for a bit..." Holding on to various parts of the gunship for balance, he works his way back to the comm panel. "Now, let's get Mereel and company back to Yeriteq, then figure out our next plan of action."

26 September 2003, 02:23 PM
Le-Alli smiles back at Aion as he boards the gunship. “Glad to have you back in one piece, Aion.” Turning her attention back to flying, she accelerates the gunship away from the bluff. Below, clone soldiers are swarming out into the streets, but the gunship is moving too quickly, and within seconds it out of range. As the gunship races away from Cebo, a single gunship is seen lifting off at the far end of the city.

“It’ll never catch us,” Le-Alli says. “We’re too far away already.”

Sure enough, the gunship merely circles as Cebo fades into the distance.

“I guess we got out of there fast enough.” Le-Alli grins. “It’s nice to be able to leave without a shootout.”

For several minutes, the gunship continues its flight toward Yeriteq. But as they approach, it becomes apparent that the city is not as it was.

Smoldering fires burn around the ruins of buildings, and large columns of black smoke billow and swirl in the wind as they rise to the sky.

From their vantage point above the city, it seems to be utter devastation. Misshapen walls are all that remain of buildings, and there is no sign of movement or activity below.

“Force,” Le-Alli breathes as she pilots the ship down in between two towering columns of smoke to land in a dusty, debris strewn clearing. The three Yeriteq are silent.

As the whine of the repulsor engines dies, the whispering of the wind and the sputtering flames are all that is heard as the Jedi and Yeriteq exit the gunship. Bodies lay strewn across the ground. Some wear military uniforms, but many appear to have been civilians. A few clonetrooper corpses are visible from their white armor, but the Yeriteq dead outnumber them at least ten to one.

Beside the Jedi, Mereel is struggling to compose himself. Eventually, he turns to the other Yeriteq. “Some of the … military, at least, will have survived to escape. We’ll need to head to the staging areas and regroup with them. As it is, we only tie down the Jedi.” He turns toward them, his words pained.

“We know where our duty lies. May your efforts at brokering peace be more successful in the future.” And he turns to pick his way through the ruins of the city.

Le-Alli stands silently, her eyes drawn inevitably toward the bodies lying all around. After several moments, she turns to the other Jedi, tears mixing with the soot on her face. “So much suffering and death follows us wherever we go, regardless of what we choose. As if we are cursed. Where will it end?” She again looks to dead lying in the streets. “Where will it end?”

The Ghost
26 September 2003, 08:01 PM
"It will end with one decision." Aion spoke up, regarding the disaster with a detached expression.

"Pain is inevitable to these people while we remain free." He turned to look at his fellow Jedi, meeting the eyes of each.
"But suffering will continue if we do not act. Their sorrow and anguish will not die with our lifeless bodies, it will increase. We must each do what we know we must, and trust the others to follow out their own destinies. There are answers, but never do they come easily." The monotone voice did not waiver to show even a hint of weakness though he knew himself to be far from in fair condition.

"Choose, and act."

Consul Vido
29 September 2003, 02:28 PM
OOC: Sorry about the extended absence. I was sick the end of last week, and my new house doesn't have internet access yet.

Myral sits down heavily on the edge of the gunship's troop deck, her eyes searching for any signs of movement or life among the wreckage, but in her heart she knows she will not find any.

Squinting her eyes to hold back tears, she speaks up vehemently. "By their actions Captain Vandergraff and those under her have shown themselves to be enemies of the Republic. They are murderers, guilty of the killing of countless innocent civilians. I am no warrior, but I swear by my saber, my life and my faith in the Force, that I will see justice done. Captain Vandergraff must be brought to task, as well as any who willingly took part in this... bloodbath."

Having said her peace, she rises and turns to walk a small distance away from the gunship and kneels down on the ground with her hands on top of her knees.

Overcome with emotion, she begins the mantra taught by the Jedi to remind them of their purpose and the ideals they stand for.

There is no emotion, there is peace...

The Ghost
29 September 2003, 05:05 PM
"It is not the captain you will be worrying about." He curtly remarks, turning away from the others as he sits on the durasteel floor. eyes close and he slips into resting wakefulness.

30 September 2003, 12:45 AM
"I do not... understand this!" The hesitation in Sotonn's voice apparent. "For every benefit we gain, we lose something else." A twinge of his eye shows the struggle for control happening within the Jedi, as he scans the ruins. "This cannot be allowed to continue."
Let the force guide you...
"Every fiber of my being agrees. But a small part believes this would stop if we all surrendered." Trust your feelings... "I know it's not true."

He looks towards the others, then his gaze rests on their Yeriteq companions, "They have their duty, and we have our duty. The Council, tradition, and the Force dictate the same lesson today. We know our duty, and we have the Force as our ally. The Force be with us."

30 September 2003, 03:49 AM
"Wait! What do you mean the Captain is not who should we worry about? What happened to you?"

Vega Secure'A
30 September 2003, 04:17 AM
Looking at Myral, "Myral, as a warrior in my own right I believe justice will done! The captain's ways have flooded all of us with dispair, but not I. I stand firm knowing that she will falter ... by my hands or that of another."

Armand glances everyone, then into space.

30 September 2003, 09:01 PM
Le-Alli looks at Aion a moment, her jaw trembling slightly as she struggles to control her emotions.

“Have you no heart, Aion? I don’t understand how you can be so--” she draws a ragged breath. “Impassive. The shadow in the Force left here is disturbing, terrifying.” Le-Alli, shivering, gazes back over the ruins of the town, her tears beginning anew as she listens to her fellow Jedi in their struggle to come to term with the bleak reality.

The Ghost
1 October 2003, 03:12 AM
The pale man stands, turning to look at those strugging to come to grips. His stoic eyes focus on Le-Alli for a long, uncomfortable moment.

"obviously, you and i are not completely alike." he says after some time, turning away again to rest and meditate. He suspected they did not want some answers, nor did they want to face them.

1 October 2003, 04:11 AM
"Hmm... ok... I hope either we find the answers ourselves or you find the right moment to tell...

Either way, we need to heal... a bunch of weak Jedi won't help anyone"

The Mon Cal asks for permission to check everyone's health status...

Consul Vido
1 October 2003, 09:37 AM
Sensing Bakth approaching, Myral opens her eyes. As the healer asks after her, she smiles a small smile and puts a hand on his arm.

"Thank you, my friend. I merely grow weary of this struggle. I should be fine with a few hours rest."

She turns her head slightly and observes him for a moment. "I am curious. You have not yet said what you wish to do now. As a healer, I would imagine seeing all of this suffering would affect you deeply. Do you have an idea for where the Force shall next lead us?"

1 October 2003, 09:52 AM
"None of us are completely alike. But it would seem that the Force manueverd us to this place and time, together. There is obviously something beyond any of our understanding happening, and we don't have time for petty arguments or assumptions." Sotonn looks directly at each of his fellow Jedi. "Aion is right, the suffering for the citizens of this system have not ended. And nothing we do, short of convincing the Republic Shield to leave will stop that. We cannot contact the Council, and we are severely outnumbered, but we are still Jedi."

He pauses to scan the skyline before continuing, "We are this system's only hope. Bakth is right, we all need some rest and recovery before we can do anything. So, who's got ideas?"

1 October 2003, 11:13 AM
"I don't have the skills to foresee the future, Myral... but all this events trouble me. I feel responsible at one point... maybe if we had surrendered we could have avoided suffering for the people in this planet. But I also wonder if the machinations of Capt. Vandergraff or anyone else behind this incident, used us as only a distraction or excuse to inflict all this pain."

Bakth turns to Sotonn. "Let me know if I can help you. As for your question, I'm a healer, not an active protector less a warrior; but I'm afraid the only thing we can do to help, is as I've heard an Ylesian say, take the reek by the horns... that is, to confront the Republic Shield by ourselves."

Vega Secure'A
1 October 2003, 04:15 PM
Armand pays no attention to the others, still staring into space, as he tries to contemplate what the big picture is, what Capt. Vandergraff will gain by her actions besides death and destruction.

Speaking to himself, "Are the jedi made to carry these burdens for others? NO, it cannot be this way! I will not be responsible for others actions, cannot live like this, the pain! ... But to protect and serve means just that, to ease the suffering of others at your expense." Armand closes his eyes, frowning at this prospect.

As the healer approaches and askes his health, he opens his eyes, the frown replaced with a smile. "I'm fine Bakth, ready for anything!" Looking concerned, "And how about you, how are you doing?"

2 October 2003, 03:57 AM
"I am fine, thanks... I just... want to help... it... relieves the pain... and keeps my mind busy..."

2 October 2003, 02:49 PM
“No,” Le-Alli says to Aion, adding her own thoughts after Sotonn has finished. “We are not entirely alike. I would not have us be. But we are both Jedi. We both are connected to the life around us.” She sighs. “Connected to the life, and connected to the death. A hard lesson, but perhaps the most important one of all.”

She lets her words trail off, staying still until Bakth approaches.

“I’m well, Bakth, thank you.” She gives him a wan smile. “Just tired. I’ve been isolated from death on this scale, and it is a lot to come to terms with.”

After a few moments, she speaks again.

“Sotonn and Bakth are right. We must rest, and then act.” She shudders. “There are probably plenty of hiding places within the debris, but I would prefer to stay on the gunship.”

2 October 2003, 07:59 PM
Smiling grimly as he nods his head to Le-Alli's latest suggsetion Sotonn's voice is soft, "I would hope that we all are unfamiliar with so much death." His smile fades as he takes one last scan of the ruins of the once living city, "If we rest in the gunship, we can take turns monitoring the radio."
...so much pain... what did they do to you Aion... ?
Heading towards the gunship, slow stride, arms swinging limply "I think I'm the most rested, so will stay up while everyone else rests a bit." He considers the others briefly, "Armand, I'll wake you after a few hours."

3 October 2003, 04:24 AM
"I will be ready after Armand, so please wake me up next... although I don't know if I will be able to sleep well..."

Consul Vido
3 October 2003, 09:33 AM
"Yes, I imagine sleep could be difficult to come by with so many troubling thoughts in our minds. But the force provides alternate means of resting a weary body and mind."

Rising into the gunship, Myral settles herself into a corner out of sight of the two side openings and closes her eyes, breathing in and out in a slow... steady... pattern.

(OOC: Hey everyone, remember if you have the Control feat, you can use a force trance to heal a bit faster than normal resting. I don't remember the exact rules for it, but that is what Myral is attempting.)

3 October 2003, 11:37 AM
Bakth follows Myral example and empties his mind out of any thought or feeling..

(ooc: I will do the same ;) )

The Ghost
3 October 2003, 12:15 PM
As Bakth approaches, he utters one word.


sleep consumed him then, stretching his being between rest and awareness.

(after he can +9 to Heal Self roll, using the Maximize Force if possible, for healing ability points to whatever's still broken.)

5 October 2003, 11:26 AM
As Aion settles into sleep, his vision does not fade comfortably into blackness. Images assail him—he sees Coruscant, and the Jedi Temple. At first, the Jedi move easily through the halls, but an enshrouding blackness envelops them, and the halls fall quiet, empty, and dark. He sees Jedi he recognizes, across the galaxy serving the Republic. But they dim, then fade away, and the other beings around them continue on, as if nothing had happened.

Aion then sees himself, sleeping quietly on the floor of an attack gunship, the Jedi around him resting. And the shadows creep closer, swiftly entering the confines of the vehicle. There is faint glimmer from the interior, and the shadows slide back for a moment. But then they flow with renewed vigor, and the interior of the gunship fades to blackness.

Out of the darkness comes a face, so heavily hidden in shadow that it is barely recognizable as a person. And it laughs—a menacing, evil sound. The kind of laugh that indicates that only the one laughing finds pleasure.

Aion wakes up abruptly. Myral is sitting at front of the gunship, listening to the reports of the fighting coming in over the comm. The other Jedi lie sleeping or meditating. As Myral scans through the channels, she picks up only minor, local reports. This is hardly unusual; since the single conversation in which they overheard Vandergraff, the command frequencies have been silent. Apparently, some time has passed, since Myral’s watch came after Sotonn’s, Armand’s, and Bakth’s.

As Myral scans through the range of frequencies again, the previously quiet channels used for overarching command spring to life. But the signals come across only as a garbled mess. Apparently, the encryption has now been changed. As Myral glances at the comm, she sees that virtually every frequency the Republic military reserves for command and control is being used. Though the specific information is unclear, Vandergraff is either implementing a complex bluff or a major operation is underway.

(OOC: Aion: Heal Self [16+9=25, 8 ability points restored (so Aion is now free of ability damage)]. Each member of the group receives sufficient rest to recover all VP.)

The Ghost
5 October 2003, 11:50 AM
He stands, looking around.

"Destroy the ship. We must leave now."

With that, he begins a hurried walk out of the gunship and away from it.

Consul Vido
6 October 2003, 09:21 AM
As Aion speaks, Myral turns in her chair to face him. "Why destroy the ship? It might prove useful."

As Aion begins to walk away, Myral stands, following him a short distance. "Do you have somewhere in mind for us to go? I grow rather tired of fleeing from one enemy after another."

6 October 2003, 12:14 PM
"I agree with not destructing the ship... is there anyway we can hid this thing?"

The Ghost
6 October 2003, 12:36 PM
"I trust in the Force to lead me where i need to go and to teach me what i need to learn. Do you not?" He queries, looking over his shoulder at them.

"What i have learned and what i have lost were no coincidence. I am here for a reason and accept that, even if it means my death." He scans the horizon, finally turning and walking, letting the Force guide him.

6 October 2003, 11:09 PM
With Aion's last comments, Sotonn stirs from his restful state. Aion begins walking off and Sotonn stares blankly at the others. "Did I hear you right? Aion wants to destroy the gunship?" Blinking his eyes, this time to help him focus and not just in disbelief, Sotonn stands from his somewhat awkward seating position, and stretches his back quickly as he comments to Myral. "Did you catch anything on the comm?"

Myral quickly explains, and Sotonn nods.
((OOC: Need a skill-check/GM confirmation here before continuing - How long might it have taken to reconfigure all the encryption keys? I'm going on the assumption right now that they figured out we had a gunship, went radio silence until they could re-encrypt, and are just now getting back on the air. Would that jive? Or is it way off base?))

7 October 2003, 06:53 PM
(OOC: Had Vandergraff gotten her comm officers cracking on the problem, she could have finished the job of re-encrypting long before now. There is also a certain small risk that with enough time, access to the gunship encryption module, and a hefty computer use check, the Jedi would be able to break the new codes. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that information. :))

Le-Alli comes awake at Aion’s words. After watching several seconds as he walks from the gunship, she hurries out after him, her quick strides rapidly closing the distance. Reaching him, she places a hand on his shoulder and tugs gently, urging him to stop.

“Aion, where are you going? You’re so closed that none of us knows what to think. Trust the Force, Aion, but also trust us. Explain why you want to leave, why you want to destroy the gunship. You can’t do this alone. One slip in your perception of the path the Force has set before you and you’ll end up throwing your life away!”

8 October 2003, 04:31 AM
"I couldn't find more accurate words, Le-Alli, to describe what I feel. But in the end is your call, Aion."

Vega Secure'A
9 October 2003, 05:09 AM
"I agree with Aion's suggestion! If not anything the ship would just slow us down, make us easier targets to locate."
Eyeing each of the jedi with a smile, "Thats why I purpose NOT to destroy it. I will stay behind and draw any attention from the Captain, the ship is big enough to warrent notice. If not I'll make it noticed. You all in the mean time proceed with the mission, I'll catch up with you later. If they do show up I will contact you via comlink. It has multi-channels that I could switch from frequency to another and encryption routines so it would be relatively safe to contact with."

Consul Vido
9 October 2003, 09:23 AM
Myral seems troubled with indecision. "We need to decide on some definite plan of action everyone. I'm tired of rushing headlong into things without some sort of an idea what we're trying to accomplish. Do we pursue Vandergraff, and find what motivated her in this butchery? Or have you come across another idea, Aion?"

9 October 2003, 10:13 AM
"If there is any way to stop all this butchery, Capt. Vandergraff must have at least a clue. Let's go track her... Now... about the gunship, let's try an alternate direction... we need to take out from it some piece of machinery that won't allow the clones to fly it... although... hmm... they may still destroy it... who knows... anyway, what do you think about it?"

The Ghost
9 October 2003, 02:03 PM
"i know who has persuaded the captain to follow her course. And that knowledge is useless. There will be no surcease from knowing the reason. This will stop when we stop it. Destroy it or not, it is no longer safe to be near this ship."

He turns his face skyward, closing his eyes for a moment.
"It is up to us to choose where we fight. The decision to fight has already come to pass. Their supplies are not unexhaustable, nor our skills nominal." He looks back to the others then. "Let them come to us."

10 October 2003, 09:10 AM
Looking towards the others still within the gunship, Sotonn seems a bit distraught, "This gunship was what afforded us the opportunity to rescue Aion. This gunship can travel faster and farther than us. Now, unless you think the troopers have a way of tracking it, I see no reason to abandon it. Besides, given some time, we might be able to crack the new encryption routine..." His voice fades off into thought.
"Oh yea, Armand, in response to your suggestion of staying behind; I am completely against it. We can't afford another sacrafice right now. Something serious obviously happened to Aion, and it would seem that he got the information we need... if only he'd share it."
He is obviously going over all the group's options, as he glances back and forth between Aion, confident that the Force is leading him away; and the ship, which Sotonn relates to as the key to their survival.
...believe in the Force...trust your instincts...What if your insticts differ from the Force? Sotonn focuses internally momentarily, searching for some answers to the several unknowns they face. Master Desh'doon was right - there is always mystery. The Force is my guide, not the answer.

12 October 2003, 08:43 PM
Le-Alli’s eyes narrow as she glares at Aion. “You have some idea to the motivations behind these actions and the information is useless?”

The normally cheerful Jedi is seething, and she slowly fails at keeping her voice down. “Aion, we’ve been in the dark since we landed, and you refuse to share information! It’s ridiculous!”

She turns and storms back toward the gunship in exasperation, turning her attention to the other suggestions.

“Okay, let’s take this in order. Armand, I agree with Sotonn. We don’t need to split up at this point, nor do we need a sacrifice. Bakth, I suspect they will destroy the ship as soon as they come across it. They haven’t shown any hesitation in expending equipment and lives before. Sotonn, it is possible they could track us. If Vandergraff anticipated us stealing the second gunship, then it would be easy to hide a homing beacon in the machinery of the ship. But it is a risk we have to take. Without the gunship, we will spend so much time hiking cross country that we will be useless. Myral is right, we need a plan of action.”

The Ghost
12 October 2003, 10:56 PM
"i did not say i knew a reason. i said i knew who was responsible. and yes, that knowledge is useless by itself."

13 October 2003, 05:03 AM
"Knowledge is never useless for eternity... the time may come when it can serve to our purposes."

Nodding to Le-Alli, "Ok, then let's dispose of this piece of junk..."

13 October 2003, 11:38 AM
"Dispose? You do mean get in and move, right? While we're going somewhere else, I could spend some time on the radio trying to crack their new encryption routine. It's a longshot, but the radio is useless without it, so there's no harm in trying. Besides, as it stands we don't really have enough information to form a plan.

"Le-Alli, of course they could have placed a tracking device on this ship, but I'm suspecting they weren't planning for us to take it. And we haven't been away from it at all. I'm with you, we need this ship - even if they are tracking it. At worst, it affords us the same speed as them.

"Aion, if you got a feeling of danger here, then let's leave. If you got a vision of danger involving the ship, then we should know. But - taking off in the way you did, with others still sleeping, and no explanation... is unacceptable! But we don't have time to argue about this now. Either way, I agree that we need to get far away from here right now."

Vega Secure'A
14 October 2003, 08:59 AM
"Please! Please! Everyone! This is all just one incoherant garble! Its getting us nowhere! If anyone has a better way to accomplish something, anything of our plight, I'm all ears!" He pauses to listen at anything they might say, "Then lets resolve this the simple way, one step at a time. At least we won't be wasting anymore precious time and be on our way. Ok, we all agree that we should leave as soon as possible. Now, who is in favor of using the ship instead of abandoning it, say I. I!" Armand then looks calmly at everyone else for a reply.

"As for the matter of our destination and purpose, since we have no leads and Aion refuses to divuldge any information, our best bet of gaining insight is to pursue Vandergraff. Accomplishing this task requires each of your input. Any ideas as to go about this!"

14 October 2003, 09:49 PM
Le-Alli climbs inside the gunship, glancing back at Armand as she steps onto the decking.

“I think my position is known already.”

She shrugs. “Everyone seems to agree that we need to leave this place quickly, and the only way we can do that is to use the gunship.

“As for tracking Vandergraff, I say we use the gunship to scout while Sotonn tries to break the encryption. The scouting will almost undoubtedly lead to being detected sooner, but without information we have no hope of success.”

Her face darkens. “I agree with Aion, combat is inevitable. We need to prepare for it, then step forward. The other paths have closed.”

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Vega Secure'A
15 October 2003, 03:13 AM
Armand steps into the gunship looking at Le-Alli, "I do know your position Le-Alli and that of Sotonn just trying to get somewhere instead of bickering." turning to the rest of the group, "How about it you guys? Aion?"

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15 October 2003, 05:47 AM
Bakth steps into the gunship and secures himself to it...

"OK, what are we waiting?"

Consul Vido
15 October 2003, 09:19 AM
Standing between Aion and the gunship, Myral looks back and forth between the two, then lowers her head with a sigh.

"As a diplomat, I always strive to give ear to both sides of a disagreement before making any decisions. But, Aion, since you seem to have no desire to explain your plan with us, I am afraid I must side with the others on whether or not to keep the gunship. I see many benefits to keeping it, and you have not yet explained any reasons why to get rid of it. I am sorry."

With that, she turns and heads back to the gunship.

The Ghost
15 October 2003, 12:53 PM
"This is your story now, and your decision." he replies quietly, returning to the gunship. Eyes turned away from the others, from their anger.
So easy to slip

15 October 2003, 03:49 PM
Looking over as the others pile into the gunship, Sotonn turns back to look at the comm controls. Knew I shoulda spent more time studying these... His doubt apparent on his face visible to Le-Alli sitting next to him, he smiles at her, "I'm not promising anything, but as this is our only comm device I won't want to make any mistakes so will take it slow." Myral entered the ship and Aion followed behind. "Alright then, let's get going. By the way, if anyone else has any experience with computers, I'd welcome the assistance."

((OOC: Man - I've never spent FPs like this before in my life! :) So take 20 (I suspect you'll allow that at the moment), spend a ForcePoint, and work that terminal :) ))

16 October 2003, 09:57 PM
The console crackles intermittently as Sotonn struggles with the encrypted signals streaming in over the comm. Le-Alli keeps the gunship low to the ground, having earlier explained that she wants to wait to give Sotonn a chance to try to break the codes before “announcing ourselves as a target.”

The scouting, limited by the low altitude, has not gathered much information--only a few signs of skirmishes fought in the mountains. The Jedi talk little, absorbed in their own thoughts.

Then abruptly, the comm hisses and becomes clear.

“Gunships in sector three reporting heavy anti air fire.”

Vandergraff’s voice. “Pull them back. Divert the ground forces in sector two to clear the emplacements out. I want artillery fire on any potential escape paths. This is our chance to subdue the bulk of the opposition in one operation.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Another voice. “Soldiers reporting they’ve broken though in sector nine, and expect to have resistance ended in their area within the hour.”

“Very good,” Vandergraff tells them. “Keep me posted.”

Reports from battlefield commanders continue to come in, clarifying the situation. Vandergraff has apparently cornered a large group of Sarett fighters and is engaging them with a preponderance of her forces. While fighting is still intense, it seems that Vandergraff has the upper hand.

“Sotonn,” Le-Alli says. “Can you get us a location on that?”

In seconds, the display is marked with the locations of groups of clone soldiers, gunships, and ground vehicles. In the center, the Republic Shield hangs several hundred meters from the ground, its weapons raining down on the battlefield. The Jedi’s gunship is visible on the edge of the display.

“Not far then,” Le-Alli muses. “I think it may be time to make a stand. If we do not fight now, our most valuable allies will be wiped out.”

(OOC: Sotonn: Computer Use [20+9+12=41])

17 October 2003, 05:03 AM
"It is time to engage, I believe", Bakth stands up and takes position on a gunnery station, concentrating trying to increase accuracy, while repeating himself the words of the Jedi Code

"there is no emotion, there is peace"

a blast breaks momentarily his concentration, but with renewed dedication he finishes the lethany

"there is no ignorance, there is knowledge
there is no passion, there is serenity
there is no death, there is the Force"

(OOC: on consecutive rounds I apply for Enhance Ability to Dexterity +13 and also Enhance Senses +16)

Consul Vido
17 October 2003, 09:24 AM
Bracing herself against the back of the co-pilot seat, Myral shouts over the increasing noise level. "So what is our target? Do we attempt to open a hole for the Sarett, or do we head for the Republic Shield and try to neutralize Captain Vandergraff?"

While waiting for a response from her comrades, Myral begins the all too familiar process of joining her companions into a single fighting unit linked on a subconscious level.

(OOC: Knight Mind, +6 Dex, targetting Aion, Bakth, Le-Alli, Armand and Sotonn. -17 VP.)