View Full Version : Shatterpoint Thoughts (SPOILERS)

17 June 2003, 02:36 PM
I just finished reading Shatterpoint last night. I loved the book! But like Traitor, it disturbed me a lot. Stover got his act together. At any rate my thoughts...

The book seemed to really have a good grasp on how the Clone War effects planets on a small scale with fringe wars being drawn into the main conflict because of support from one side or another.

The brutality of war was well documented without making me sick...

The whole jungle concept was very Apocalypse Now, and Mace's journal was similar to Sheen's character in the movie. And if anyone read Heart of Darkness you can get a very scary point of view. I felt very transported back to Panama myself; I was stationed there for a yearwhile I was in the army. Went to Jungle Expert school and saw a little action. This book brought me right back to it...

Depa is AWESOME! Period.

Mace is even more AWESOME than I thought. Just love him.

Jim Williams
18 June 2003, 04:49 AM
This book very much covers some ground I'm not sure GL will have time to go into in EpIII.

The most important thing I'm bringing into my NR-era/fledgling Jedi Order campaign is...

Jedi are not soldiers and should not fight in wars. They should end them. In a galaxy thrown into turmoil and war raging all around them, a Jedi should choose restraint instead of involvement.

Darned good book.

"A victory you say, Master Kenobi?"

Kanner Ra'an
19 June 2003, 07:39 AM
I loved it. It really developed Mace's character. A little to philisophical for my tastes, which is becoming a common trend in Star Wars novels. I also didn't like the unimmaginative Korunnai. Decendants of jedi who live in the forest, all human, all force sensitive. It just seems to lack immagination in that department. It was a very good book. I read it in a day.