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21 June 2003, 09:13 AM
I want to see what everyones opnion on the Confedracy....ok i know what you might be thinking "what am i tlaking about they get wiped out!"

My point is hjow its done and do some of the powers in the CIS survive, cause i think the Corporate Alliance survives....cause you see the Corporate Authority in the EU. But i noticed that anything that happens in the movies overides anything in EU so...
And what of the Genosians? you think they survive? cause theya re one of the few native races that went against the good guys :) finally. How many native races are on the good guys side....gungans and ewoks.

The TF would probably be dead and all cause old Palpy did this to strengthen the Republic and to give him power. And to destroy any threats....cause Large Corparations would be a threat.

Rogue Janson
21 June 2003, 09:39 AM
I don't know, I can see many of the corporations in the separatist federation surviving. One of the great things about a corporation (if you're evil) is the ability to avoid responsibility. Surely the corporation can't be responsible for it's actions, it's a concept (a 'legal fiction'). I'd imagine the directors would be removed and the corporations put into safe hands. Run, maybe, by trustworthy people appointed by the Supreme Chancellor.

21 June 2003, 11:42 AM
Folded into the Imperial bureaucracy, given puppet directors as RJ says, really we don't know. (The Corporate Sector Authority is unrelated to the Corporate Alliance.) Yes, the Geonosians survive, because genocide is no trivial matter and the Death Star's destruction of Alderaan is a unique and unthinkable atrocity.

(Of course, SW's treatment of capitalism is rather awkward: it takes the common liberal position of treating it as obviously evil on one hand without any serious concept of an alternative.)

Master Dao Rin
21 June 2003, 02:51 PM
I would think that those systems that didn't get pounded into a pulp by the Republic/Empire, would quietly join the Rebellion ...

21 June 2003, 06:48 PM
It said in the UAA that all but the InterGalactic Banking Union are destroyed and/or absorbed into the Empire. And that is that.

Caamasi Jedi49:plokoon:

24 June 2003, 02:42 AM
Well, them and the Mining Guild, obviously. :)

But your UAA reference is also supported by a bit of canon. I give you Biggs Darklighter in the cut Anchorhead scene of ANH:

You know the Empire's starting to nationalize commerce in the central systems.

I may not have gotten the quote exactly right, but I haven't seen THAT scene a million times, so sue me. It certainly wouldn't make sense for the Trade Fed, Corp Alliance, etc. to have any other fate but to be absorbed by the Empire. Otherwise, Palpy's got a bunch of rogue ex-tools who're pissed off that they were betrayed (much like Gunray already was).

OT, I'd just like to say that probably my favorite AOTC line is "She can't do that! Somebody shoot her, or something."

26 June 2003, 03:22 AM
You should be careful with that "so sue me remark" ;) :P
I also thought of the CIS being absorbed and all.....but thought do elements of it still existed in the Rebellion era. Like the Neimodians....did they die out...cause the Clone Wars would be the prefect excuse for Palpatine to annihilate the world of the troublesome sepcies....after all he is a Xenophobe. Its possible he might have made an excuse to ill of the Gungans....or even make the CIS do it.

An example of the extermination of the species is the Yinchori, they were in the comics. They were manipulated by Palpatine and fought the Jedi and Old Republic. Next time i see that planet...its a barren world used by the Emperor Elite Guard as a training centre with no native inhabitants.

26 June 2003, 04:47 AM
But Mike, keep in mind that quote, and the subsiquent scene was cut out of the movies, so biggs could or couldn't have said that. And Darth, yes, it has been said in many EU references, that the Neimodians are alive and well, as well as many of the other aliens of the CIS. And regrettfully, the gungans are around too, though they would be better off without a certain someone if you ask me (Hint Hint).

Caamasi Jedi49:plokoon:

26 June 2003, 06:29 AM
The Gungans are not that bad....only one person who has stained them....badly. Wonder happens to him? perhaps he gets his own starship and flies it into the sun :) hehe

And if all these races are alive then perhaps they may release new Rebellion Era books talking about some of these races then?

26 June 2003, 06:33 AM
Hopefully, but that probably won't happen until after Ep. III (if it was to happen), so their isn't a continuity error. And I guess your right, I was being too critical on the Gungans, with the exception of that "other" person(:gungan: )

Caamasi Jedi49:plokoon: