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25 June 2003, 09:48 AM
If anyone is interested, I would like to run a game in this here forum.

It will take place directly after the Star Wars Novel: "Solo Command" the last book detailing the adventures of Wraith Squadron before the NJO series. I need eight volunteers to play. The old Wraiths staying on will be:

Wraith One/Lead: Garik (Face) Loran
Wraith Five: Kell Tainer
Wraith Six: Hohass (Runt) Eckwesh
Wraith Eleven: Voort (Piggy) saBinRing.

And yes, all those names were from memory. :D I've read the entire Wraith trilogy more than a dozen times. It's my favorite trilogy in the entire SW universe and I figured it was about time I devote some energy to it.

13 July 2003, 01:10 PM
Question: Is no one interested or is this just a bad time for it?