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Rogue Janson
1 July 2003, 08:59 AM
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Teruan station hangs in space, a huge conglomerate of a space station. Built up over thousands of years around an ancient jump beacon, the station has been added to incrementally, resulting in a patchwork mess of different styles, pieces and designs connected together with linking tubes and girders; the general effect making it seem like several space stations squashed into one. New additions are always on the outer edge of the kilometres long construction, closer to the landing bays and docking ports. Now the heart of the station is abandoned, dead and decaying. The numerous docking arrays and tubes for larger ships give it the appearance of some many limbed, spined sea creature. Every now and then a piece of the station detaches, revealing itself to be a starship. Conversely, as new details become visible, the fact that some starships are fixed permanently to the structure is apparent, ships that docked once and have never left.

For those able to sense the Force, Teruan station is a bright spot of life in the void of space. At a distance, with the emotions and thoughts of its inhabitants blurred into one indistinguishable mass, the constant activity and variety of the place can still be felt. Even for those who can touch the Force, space is cold and empty. Teruan station is a haven for life in the immense distance between the stars.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Three days ago, a random search of a light freighter docked at Teruan station had revealed a shocking, if all too common cargo. A dozen slaves, bound, presumably, for Hutt Space, bound and packed in a small sealed off hold. The captain and two of his crew had been caught red-handed, but the other three crew members had disappeared into the maze of the station.

What made this catch different from any others was the nature of the slaves. Humans, but from an unknown planet. Moreover one of the slaves claimed to be a notable dignitary and expressed interest opening relations with the Galactic Republic. The station's commander called the Republic. The Republic asked the assistance of the Jedi.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the forward briefing room of the Republic corvette Arrette, six beings watch as the ship approaches Teruan station. Jedi Master Shan Toleda, tall and serene, seemingly lost watching the ebb and flow of traffic around the space station. Her two apprentices, Adun-Isl and Mia-Lann Sarr, both stand in attendance behind her. At the back of the room, pacing up and down, is the powerful form of Kanner Ra'an, while at the table sits the refined Nakalya Renew Honaus. Finally, listening in to status reports over the internal comm, Lieutenant Gallagher Flint, a Jedi Auxiliary officer recently transferred to the Arrette and now charged with assisting the Jedi.
"Two minutes to docking," intones a quiet voice from the comm system.

1 July 2003, 09:38 AM
Gallagher’s fingers lightly tap against his console as he keeps an ear half-listening to the comm traffic. While the pattern comes as vaguely familiar, even the lieutenant cannot place the tune that runs through the back of his mind. His eyes gaze through the group of Jedi and past the window. They focus on nothing, simply letting the officer relax his mind in the solace of space.

Slowly his eyelids droop, his consciousness fading into the initial stage of sleep. Boredom begins to overwhelm Gallagher, who exhales a deep breath audibly at a rest in the music running idly through his mind.

Blinking rapidly, Gallagher stifles a yawn as he raises his fists above his head. Stretching them outward, he slowly lowers them to his sides. A few, barely audible pops escape from his back as tendons slip over bones, his body realigning itself to a proper posture. Reaching up, Gallagher scratches his neck briefly before pressing a switch to change frequencies.

Nothing, he thinks idly about the traffic.

Looking up to the Jedi Master, the Auxiliary stifles another yawn and then says, “Master Toleda, the traffic is quiet. We should latch up in a couple of minutes. Anything else we need to do to get ready by your counts?”

Vreel Kudarin
1 July 2003, 10:20 AM
Adun-Isl stands silently behind Master Toleda, beside his fellow Jedi student Mia-Lann. Never truely settled when he is away from the rolling farmland of Tanaab, Adun-Isl feels particularly uncomfortable now. He lifts one hand to his scaled neck, inside his raised slate-grey hood, and scratches with a sharp, hooked fingernail.

Through the viewport before him, he can see Teruan Station grow as the Arrette nears it's destination. Teruan Station is bringing back memories of the home he and his parents had left almost a decade ago. The home that was torn apart. Adun-Isl tries to block the memories of the blaster fire, the horrifying, bounding Mandalorian Basilisks. The Draethos inhales deeply, using a Jedi breathing technique, but it does little to alleviate his stress. Adun-Isl doesn't want to imagine how he will feel when he actually has to step onto this space station.

Adun-Isl welcomes the voice of Lieutenant Flint, asking a question of Master Toleda. He can listen to others rather than the unfocused and un-Jedi-like babble of his memories.

1 July 2003, 11:48 AM
Nika briefly checks the power pack on her blaster pistol, despite hopes that this particular outing would brook no violence. A quick wriggle confirmed her bootknives were still where they belonged.

She gazed idly at the stars, her mind unconsciously playing connect-the-dots with the stars and the local life energies. She started briefly when Master Toleda mentally nudged her with the Force, focusing her attention on a particular starship docked with the station. She assumed Master Toleda had determined that to be the starship in question.

A late model Corellian vessel, one of the new offerings from the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Not exactly up to BoSS standards, either, by the look of it. It was obviously a well-traveled vessel, and it practically oozed possibility to the young woman. Her attention fully captured, Nika was somewhat oblivious to her surroundings briefly...

Kanner Ra'an
1 July 2003, 01:07 PM
Kanner Ra'an paces around the breifing room. "Been a long time since i've been on one of these." He thinks, admiring the quality of the corvette. The last time he was on a starship was almost a decade ago. Kanner continues to move about the room. The Korun, used to the openness of the wild, has never really gotten used to the cramped confines, recycled air, and general staleness of a ship. He trys to hide his discomfort from the others though. Showing weakness, even small ones, is not in his nature.

He takes a moment to look himself over. His clothes show sgns of use, as do the weapons he carries. The two massive vibroshield on his arms gleem with polish that show the care he treats them with. The various other weapons he carries show similar signs of maintenance.

The Ghost
2 July 2003, 12:46 PM
Space was cold and lonely, when you really looked at it. It wasn't that the thought itself was comforting as the assuredness of what was behind it. This sent a shiver through Mia's consciousness as she turned it over a few times. Everything was so hard all the time, even the simple things required hours of work. Sometimes, she would wonder if she really wanted this life, if Adon Kur had been right about everything. She was greatful to have been given a second chance, a second family. But they weren't like her memories, and she always felt like they were watching her when she wasn't looking.

Time began to slip as she focused inward, lids half-closed as the shadows of dreams tugged at the precipice of her consciousness. Involuntarily, she sighed, as if expelling the dream. Realizing she did so out loud, she bit her lip, eyes darting around to see if anyone was watching her.

"...in a couple of minutes. Anything else we need to do to get ready by your counts?” She caught, coming out of her reverie, unsure of who was being asked the question. Mia-Lann remained silent, hoping it wasn't being directed at her.

Rogue Janson
2 July 2003, 03:10 PM
Shan Toleda stands unmoving at the viewport, giving no indication of registering Gallagher's query or any awareness of the rest of the room's occupants. In the Force, the Jedi Master seems empty, void of any concern or focus.

The silence hangs for several seconds before she turns, giving a tiny, slightly apologetic nod to Gallagher.

"The crew have everything in hand, I'm sure. Does everyone know why we've come to Teruan station? Who can tell me what we may have to do here? Why has the Republic called the Jedi and why have we responded?"

Her tone is steady, but contains a subtle reprimand for those who have let their attention wander.

2 July 2003, 03:56 PM
Gallagher had read the briefing files about the Jedi’s mission. He remembers the basics of the mission. The station found several illegal human slaves and the slaves requested to open negotiations with the Republic. The Republic leadership in turn dispatched the Jedi to handle the negotiations. Then the young lieutenant received the tasking to assist the Jedi with their assignment.

The Corellian appreciates working with the Jedi. He always feels the most at home with them, likely in part due to their raising him for the first eight years of his life as he studied the Jedi ways of the Force. He welcomes the change of pace from his typical naval life, always trying to get assignments to work with Jedi directly, instead of simply supporting their mission from the background.

His fingers rattle against the terminal again, continuing to provide the beat to a silent tune. Gallagher waits to answer the Jedi Master, assuming that he should take his usual role of the quiet background support officer. He pauses his drumbeat to scratch just below his eye and fails to stifle another yawn.

His itch scratched, Gallagher flips another switch on his station, jumping frequencies again and finding nothing of interest to study. Without even realizing it, the rhythmic patter of his fingers continues. The station looms closer, and Gallagher listens with half an ear to see if someone can answer the Jedi Master’s million-credit question.

Kanner Ra'an
2 July 2003, 06:19 PM
Kanner stands in the same spot, feeling no desire to answer the jedi masters question. Habitually he doesn't say much, always hoping to escape notice. Instead he just focus on keeping his mental barriars up, something he often does just to give him something to concentrate on. He is a little uncomfortable here with the Jedi, feeling threatened by their superior control of the force. " And maybe a little jelious." he says to himself.

Vreel Kudarin
3 July 2003, 02:00 AM
Adun-Isl studies his master carefully. Her questions have succeeded in focusing his mind and his presence in the Force. The young Draethos desires very much to find satisfactory answers by exercising his knowledge of the Jedi Code, but he feels great pressure with the other students of Master Toleda being present.

But no, he should not fear failure. Fear is not the Jedi way. Adun-Isl thinks carefully, opening his musings to the Force. After a few moments, he speaks, though his natural overbite gives the impression that he possesses no mouth:

"M-Master Toleda," he begins hesitantly, his black marble-like eyes fixed on her elegant features. They wander over her scar, "The Jedi are here as ambassadors for the Galactic Republic. Our assistance was called for as the Jedi represent the ideals of the Republic; which is important if we are to make overtures towards a new world joining the galactic community," Adun-Isl lowers his head for a second, almost hoping someone else will carry on his response, but then he continues, "As Jedi, we will be able to see things others would not. We should be able to discover the explanation for this situation quickly, and peacefully. If it is required, we have the ability to locate and apprehend the escaped slavers."

Rogue Janson
5 July 2003, 07:13 AM
"Very true. The Jedi represent the ideals of the Republic. The Republic authorities recognise that a people whose first contact with the galaxy has been slavers may need a lot of convincing that joining it will be a good thing, they view the Jedi as the best representative for the Republic. Hopefully we will meet their expectations."

Taking her eyes away from Adun-Isl, Toleda scans the room's other occupants.

"Why do we respond to the Republic's calls though? When there are so many other matters that may need the attention of the Jedi? When you could be safely training on Tanaab to become Jedi Knights."

Teruan station almost fills the whole viewport now and the Arrette turns, heading for the top right side of the station, next to the command module. The space traffic around the station is remarkably light. Few ships seem to be arriving and even fewer leaving. The main activity comes from the circling patrol vessels that loop round the station's great bulk.

5 July 2003, 01:29 PM
Nika breaks her attention from her study of the Corellian vessel briefly.

She braves the silence to answer Master Toleda's question. "There's more to peace then meditation and isolation. There's more to the Force then peace." She pauses, as if carefully considering her next words. "To be an advocate on behalf of the citizens of the Republic requires that you know the citizens of the Republic. Where better to start your relationship then at the beginning?"

Glancing briefly at Master Toleda, Nika returns to her contemplation of the stars.

Vreel Kudarin
6 July 2003, 03:22 AM
Listening to Nika's words, and relieved someone else is doing the talking, Adun-Isl inclines his head and bobs it once, slowly, in aggreement with the noble woman of Anaxes.

There is a limit to how far one can progress along the Jedi Path through training. Experience of the galaxy that the Jedi are bound to protect is essential to progress, thinks the Draethos.

The Arrette is closing in for final docking manoeuvres now. Adun-Isl is feeling calmer, though the unsettled edge to Mia's and Kanner's Force presences is there in the background. I am not the only one, then.

The Ghost
6 July 2003, 09:08 AM
"...Where better to start your relationship then at the beginning?" The woman said. But Mia-Lann wasn't entirely sure that was right. Maybe other people just didn't have such a difficult time and couldn''t understand it. She turned her head to look out the transparisteel windows, half hiding the slight frown.

does it matter why we are here or that we are here? she thinks to herself idly.

Rogue Janson
7 July 2003, 10:39 AM
Toleda smiles at the Nikalya's response, though she doesn't attempt to draw her attention back from the viewport, keeping her gaze spread between the room's occupants.

"A very perceptive answer. Thinking about why we are here is the first step in working out what we should do. In this case, it seems our duty is first to assist the Republic in this important matter and secondly to further our own understanding, of the galaxy and of the Force."

The Jedi Master idly turns her attention idly to the second of her Jedi students.

"Do you have anything to add Mia-Lann?" she asks the silent girl.

The thrum of the Arrette's engines changes pitch, deepening as the vessel decelerates, coming in on its final approach to the space station. A steady turn by the ship moves Teruan station slowly out of sight of the room's viewport, to the left of the Arrette. The only sight out of the briefing room is now the empty, star flecked blackness of space.

The Ghost
7 July 2003, 08:16 PM
Mia-Lann blinked, looking at her master.
"No, master. Everything to be said already has." She replies after a moment of thought. "I am here, because you are here., and it is not my place to question."

Rogue Janson
8 July 2003, 01:33 PM
Toleda turns her head fractionally to one side, displaying a fine profile against the black viewport.

"That is true. A student should not forget thier duty to their master, just as master must not forget their duty to their students. But they should not lose sight of the purpose of their relationship."

Any further discussion is precluded as the Arrette's engines suddenly cut out. The disembodied voice returns on the comm.
"Docking initiated."
The ship shakes slightly as the docking tractor beams latch on to it, guiding it into position with more accuracy than its engines can. The clamps engage with a metallic clang.
"Docking complete."

Gallagher Flint leads the party out of the briefing room to the docking ring a little way back on the Arrette's side. A single Navy trooper stands at attention to the side of the door, his blaster carbine raised diagonally across his body. The soldier briefly salutes Flint then returns to his stance.
Striding down the corridor, his boots rapping on the deck, comes Captain Fass Sorannan, a tall and sharply uniformed man, with a diminutive supply officer, lugging an oversize datapad, hurrying along behind him.

The trooper salutes again, then turns and taps a control panel. Beside him, the docking ring irises open, revealing a tube half dozen metres long, with the opposite end already open. A tiny breeze can be felt as the air pressures even out and the sounds of a busy space station begin to echo into the Arrette. Without waiting Sorannan heads down the tube onto Teruan station, followed by the supply officer, Master Toleda and her attendant party.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Teruan station is a typical bustling Jump Station. Even up here near the command and administration sections, beings of all kinds are busy coming and going. Aliens of all shapes and sizes hurry about doing whatever it is they do. The station's commander is a rotund, fast talking devaronian by the name of Kurn Nirran and he is busy explaining the situation while leading everyone through the station.

"...We picked up these slaves in a random search of a light freighter. Lucky for them we did, we don't have the resources or authority to conduct search many ships. Captain of the ship is called Vanda Dreenem, a Duros, already convicted of a number of minor offences by our records. We caught him red handed, along with a pair of Gamorreans he used as muscle. Dreenem seems very cooperative, it sounds like he regards being caught as one of the hazards of the job. The ship's three other crew members must have seen the search going on though, and made themselves scarce. Now they're hiding somewhere on Teruan station."
Nirran pauses briefly for breath then continues.
"When we talked to the slaves they'd been carrying, it turned out they were from a planet we didn't know about, somewhere further out towards the rim - Hanai they call themselves. They're all human and speak basic, so they must be lost colonists or similar. One of them claims to be from a leading family with some authority to negotiate. Naturally we contacted the Republic to send a delegation.
"Meanwhile, we're searching every outgoing ship to catch those smugglers - we're aware of the importance of that - though the delays are making everyone very unhappy. I don't think we can keep it up for more than a few days more without disturbances or even riots."

The sight of security troops with stun batons, body armour and lowered visors at the landing bays and docking areas they have passed makes this fear seem justified.

"Thank you, Commander. I will help conduct negotiations with the Hanai. My students will assist in finding these slavers," Toleda says.

"Any of my crew that can be spared will aid you security personnel. Lieutenant Flint here will help coordinate with the Jedi. When everything is done, we will escort the Hanai back to their planet on the Arrette." Sorannan's response is short and to the point, before Nirran starts talking again.

"Very well, Captain, Master Toleda. If you would come with me, we will arrange everything. Ensign Jeger." The commander calls to a passing crewman. "Help these people with anything they need, give them descriptions of the escaped slavers and an interview with Dreenem if they want." With that, Nirran takes off again, disappearing round a corner and leaving behind a bewildered and blinking ensign.

8 July 2003, 05:57 PM
Gallagher, in his assistant role to the Jedi, stood off to one side. His had the position to act as an interface, and now found that role filled by the station crewmembers. He did consider that while on the station he might allow for an additional interactive role for the Jedi Master: there would certainly be places that the Jedi would not receive such a warm welcome as that given by the station commander. Gallagher had more flexibility and background in speaking to such individuals than he suspected the Master’s pupils commanded. He would have to speak to Master Toleda about the possibility.

He takes the free moment to look at his surroundings in detail. His eyes dart about the local section of the station, taking in the sights. He keeps a particular watch out for local eateries, tapcafs, bars and other such hangouts for spacers. Having learned from his not-always-legal kin, Gallagher knows that sometimes you get the best information from such dives.

8 July 2003, 06:52 PM
Nika sighed, and popped the safety snaps from her blaster's holster. While she was disappointed that she would not be allowed to participate in negotations, in her opinion one of her fortes, she was at least satisfied that her diplomatic skills could be put to use tracking down the smugglers.

She noticed the adjunct scanning the terrain as they moved through the station, cannily noting the best possible places to seek information. He may end up being more help than I'd given him credit for. She kept her eyes open for a place where she could pick up a few more...tools that she might need for this particular undertaking.

"I'd like to interview the Duros, if I may." She glanced at Master Toleda, who nodded approvingly. She then looked over at Flint. "Do you have any experience in interrogation, Lieutenant?"

9 July 2003, 03:27 AM
"Do you have any experience in interrogation, Lieutenant?"

Gallagher chuckles, his chest rising and dropping quickly to coincide with the smirk that rapidly appears on his face. The quiet laughter comes as a part to cover the notion that he had not been paying clear attention, but the majority remains devoted to a response to her question.

Grinning broadly at the young lady, Gallagher replies, “Interrogation? No. Poking my nose around this station and finding things out? Absolutely.” For a brief moment he cannot keep his eyes from scanning over the young woman, evaluating her. She had a roguish quality that sparkled in her eyes and hinted at many great stories to tell at night. Immediately he regrets not getting to know the group any better during their voyage about the Arrette.

“But if you’re looking for someone to help ask the questions, I’d be honored to help you out.” His eyes shoot back to the Jedi Master, “Unless, Master, you need my services elsewhere.” While he phrased the comment to Master Toleda as a statement, his intention for it to act as a question remains abundantly clear.

Kanner Ra'an
9 July 2003, 07:07 AM
Kanner has remained quiet throughout the discussion. Hes been hard pressed to keeps his attention on the discussion rather then examinging the station. "Well, the jedi taught me some useful tecniques." He thinks, using the force to help him concentrate. For now he stays at the rear of the group listening to what the others say.

Kanner listens to Nika and Gallagher, and notices Nika undo her blaster holster. " I pity the poor scum." he thinks to himself, almost with a smile. Satisfied that the interview with the Duros is taken care of he makes his own request.

"Ensign Jeger." He says in a calm voice to the crewmen assigned to the group. "Your superior mentioned descriptions of the slavers, id like to see those, and anything else you may have on them."

Vreel Kudarin
9 July 2003, 09:47 AM
Adun-Isl follows attentively behind Master Toleda. His dark grey cloak floats just above the deckplates, and his arms are folded inside the volumous sleeves of his robe. All around him he can feel the Force presences of Teruan Station's inhabitants as they hurry about on errands, or stand talking in groups.

The Draethos's tiny black eyes flit about inside his hood, trying to spot anyone paying particular interest to the arrival of the group of students of the Force. He pays particular attention to the shadows and blindspots, whilst listening to what the station commander is saying.

Rogue Janson
9 July 2003, 10:34 AM
Leaving Master Toleda behind, Ensign Jeger takes the group through to one of the station's detention blocks. On the way, he describes the missing slavers.

"There are three, all male. Spekran-Fas, a Klatooinian, around 1.8 metres tall, dull orange skin, strong build, violent temper; Jara Dreenem - nephew of the captain or something - Duros in his teens, 1.6 metres or so, light blue-grey skin, very thin; Tehr Kinta, human, late thirties, weathered skin, wiry frame, rough facial hair, ragged, mid-length brown hair. I'll get you copies of our best impressions of them, and you can ask Dreenem yourself if you want to know any more."

The short trip is mainly through past administrative offices and quarters, so there is little sign of the sort of establishments Gallagher and Nikalya are looking for.

The detention block itself is a standard spartan, simple affair. The cost of keeping prisoners long term on a space station is too high, so there are only temporary facilities. Currently the cells are well filled, presumably a result of the current search policy.

Ensign Jeger talks briefly to a guard, who moves over to the cell containing the incarcerated Vanda Dreenem. He is visible through a small transparisteel window, sitting on the cell's bench looking bored but relatively unconcerned.
"If there's nothing more you need, I'll go get a code cylinder for Lieutenant Flint." The ensign throws a salute and begins to leave.

The prison guard runs a pass through the lock and taps in a combination and with a hiss the cell door opens.

9 July 2003, 10:57 AM
Nika slides through the door, plastering a smile on her face as she approached the incarcerated Duros.

"I hear you're the man I need to speak to, Captain Dreenem."

Looking wary, the Duros doesn't reply.

"I want to know a little bit about you, about your missing companions, and about your smuggling operation." She moves over so she's directly facing the Duros. "I'm going to ask you nicely, and I hope you'll respond in kind. Lieutenant Flint, " she pauses to cock her head at Gallagher, "isn't quite so patient as I, however."

"To start off, I'll let you ask me one question."

The Duros looks a little confused, but then asks "Who are you?"

Nika grins at him. "A good question! So I'll make my answer good. My name is Dame Nikalya of House Honaus. I'm here by request of the Republic senate to assist Jedi Master Toleda in arbiting the situation. I'm a student of Master Toleda's, although I would not consider myself a Jedi. You can call me 'Nika' if it makes you more comfortable." She smiles warmly at him. "He," she again nods towards Gallagher, "is Lieutenant Gallagher Flint, a Jedi Auxiliary officer currently assisting me. As I mentioned before, he's not terribly good at keeping his temper in check." She glances over at Gallagher and winks, hoping he catches on.

The Duros looks somewhat bewildered by her answer and barely manages an unsure "Oh."

"Now then, it's my turn, yes? Fair is fair. I want you to tell me how you came into possession of the people you were smuggling. Okay?"

The Ghost
9 July 2003, 02:32 PM
Life bustled about them, comforting and unsettling Mia-Lann simultaneously. Being alone was bad, but too many people... it was almost the same thing. She pushed the thought out of her mind and looked around, following Master Toleda. As she walked, she hummed an idle tune she didn't quite remember knowing and wondered when dinner was.

Rogue Janson
10 July 2003, 02:50 AM
Captain Vanda Dreenem is a middle aged Duros who has clearly been around the galaxy a bit. His dark, dull blue skin almost hangs off his thin frame and his red eyes are sunken in shadowed sockets. When he speaks, his Duros accent is tinged with a rough spacer twang. Despite his original air of insouance, he is clearly a little confused by the young woman questioning him. At her mention of ‘Jedi’ he clearly notices the two Jedi students, increasing his unease briefly, before he settles down again. Nika notices he does not seem to have reacted to her insinuations about Gallagher though.

"Now then, it's my turn, yes? Fair is fair. I want you to tell me how you came into possession of the people you were smuggling. Okay?"

Dreenem stares at Nikalya for a second then recover a little composure.

“I’ve already told everything to the station security. Go ask them.”

"Well we'd like to hear it from you. If you've said everything already, it's not too much to ask is it?" Nika presses him.

“Fine, I don’t see what else I’ve got to do in here,” Dreenem grumbles. “We were having some trouble with an angry customer, who was trying to blow the Honest Trader out of the sky so I decided to take an unorthodox route back towards the core. I was searching through the charts and I found this system – it was on the way and according to the records had a habitable planet that we could set down on if we needed repairs. So we jumped there and found some kind of distress beacon going off. Being a good citizen I went to help.”
Dreenem has clearly told this story more than once, as the details roll of his tongue rapidly.
“So we landed as near as we could to the beacon, in some clearing in the jungle. Some guy met us. When I told him we were traders, he asked us to do some trading for him – he didn’t seem that interested in leaving the planet. We exchanged our cargo for the slaves he had. Not a nice business, but we’ve all got to make a living somehow. We agreed to make another run for the guy, though I wasn’t keen on coming back. I’ll tell you I was glad to get off planet…” On that, he falls silent, a foul look passing across his face.
Only Mia-Lann recognises the flicker of fear in Dreenem's eyes from his recollection, his start at maybe having said more than he intended and the attempt to cover it up with another expression.

The Ghost
10 July 2003, 03:21 AM
Mia frowned, listening to the story. "What was on the planet that you didn't like?" She said, hesitantly but with compassion that showed she was more concerned for his feelings than interrogation. She shifted uneasily in the small space, trying not to touch the walls but remain as unobtrusive as possible.

10 July 2003, 08:10 AM
OOC: I apologize. I really was going to post right away, but you guys are too fast! ;)

"I'm going to ask you nicely, and I hope you'll respond in kind. Lieutenant Flint isn't quite so patient as I, however."
Immediately picking up on his cue, Gallagher crosses his arms and starts to tap his fingers against his biceps. Glaring at the Duros, he tries to look intimidating while keeping a careful watch of his target, looking for any crucial signs of deception or weaknesses. He would enjoy playing the part of the bad cop.

“I’ve already told everything to the station security. Go ask them.”
Gallagher clears his throat with a rough cough and inhales sharply, his shoulders rising towards his head while he simultaneously flexes his muscles. Even without playing the rough guy, the Jedi Auxiliary’s mood did not allow for the Duro spacer to toy with him or Nika.

As he stares over Nika’s shoulder, Gallagher recalls one of the few skills he grasped during his unsuccessful Jedi training. Usually he had the most success tapping into the Force when he closed his eyes, concentrating on the feeling the Force gave him, but Gallagher felt this unpractical given the current situation. Inhaling deeply again, he draws in confidence and then exudes invisible strength as he attempts to grasp the minor tendrils of the invisible field of energy that might hint at the Duro’s emotions. Hoping to establish an empathic link with the alien, Gallagher believes he might find some of the hidden feelings the spacer harbors.

Vreel Kudarin
10 July 2003, 10:06 AM
Adun-Isl watches Nika, Gallagher and Mia-Lann enter the small cell, and remains outside with Kanner. Silently, Adun-Isl makes a decision, then sighs to himself. He briefly studies the scene inside the cell as Nika begins speaking, then turns to his fellow student:

"It appears there is little for us to do here. I am going to explore this section of the station," without a further word, Adun-Isl quietly glides away down the well-lit corridor, seeking more public areas where he can experience some sentient traffic and get a feel for Teruan Station. His overiding aim is to work towards confronting his lack of confidence in social situations.

10 July 2003, 11:12 AM
Nika picks up on Gallagher's probing of the Duros, and works to assist him, having some fair degree of skill in the mental realms of the Force.

"Now then, you're welcome to ask me another question, or can I continue with mine Captain?"

Nika tries to put a little nudge behind her words, but is fairly sure she won't succeed. The Jedi Mind Trick is still a little bit out of her reach, she fears.

Kanner Ra'an
10 July 2003, 12:06 PM
Kanner leans up against the wall outside the cell, content to allow the others to preform the interogation. Having good hearing, he listens to every word said.

"It appears there is little for us to do here. I am going to explore this section of the station,"

Kanner looks up at his companion. "Dont get lost, its a big station." he says, then turns his attention back to the conversation happening in the cell. He almost runs in a kills the duros whenever one of his "honest man" comments comes up. What he can plainly feel is the two individuals using the force on the captains mind. It stands out like a sore rancor in this station.

Rogue Janson
10 July 2003, 01:13 PM
What was on the planet that you didn't like?"
Dreenem gives Mia-Lann a look she can't quite interpret.
"I just didn't want to stick around to talk," he replies tersely, "and those jungles aren't nice. Ask the slaves about them, they'll tell you."

"Now then, you're welcome to ask me another question, or can I continue with mine Captain?"
Nika's Force trick snaps Dreenem's attention back to her but she can't get a good grasp on the spacer's mind to twist his thoughts. Through his hazy Force connection, Gallagher can sense him trying to keep hold of his thoughts and emotions - even those without the Force can block things from their minds - though he can't tell whether this is a direct response to Nika.

A cynical, worldly expression reemerges on Dreenem's face and he leans forward slightly, his hands on his knees.

"You carry on, I'm being cooperative."

(OOC: gallagher & nika both down 2VPs)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This level of Teruan station is mostly taken up by administrative and command facilities. As he walks silently through the corridors, Adun-Isl passes offices, store rooms, quarters and refectories, with a few bars and other entertainments frequented by the station's personnel. Most people he passes barely give a glance to the cloaked Draethos. Different species are two a credit here, and as long as he doesn't bother them, they don't have any reason to pay attention to him. Only the security personnel seem interested in him as they scan passers by warily. Though he has felt it from others, the security troopers seem particularly on edge to Adun-Isl, giving the station a tense atmosphere.

11 July 2003, 03:05 AM
Gallagher’s frown becomes a real scowl as he cannot penetrate the Duros’ emotions. While not surprised at his inability to perceive the trickles from the Force correctly, the lieutenant had hoped to gain a better insight. Disappointment follows, furthering the glare as he begins to mentally beat up on himself for being let down with his limitations.

Before the downward spiral can get going too much, a familiar saying creeps into Gallagher’s mind. There is no emotion; there is peace. He closes his eyes and slowly exhales a breath he had not known he had held. The façade fades for a moment as he relaxes his inner self to release the tension.

Snapping back to the moment, his brow furrows again as he gets back into character. As he stares at Dreenem, Gallagher idly wonders if he has any effect on the guy. The captain certainly seems capable enough and likely not easily daunted by harsh looks and idle threats.

Vreel Kudarin
11 July 2003, 10:20 AM
Adun-Isl tries not to stare as he looks about at the various goings-on around him. He is fascinated with the activity, the varied non-humans. The species of most he doesn't know, which adds to the exotic feel of Teruan Station.

A helmeted guard meets his gaze, and watches the Draethos as he strolls past. The guard taps his baton in his palm, twitching with nervous energy in the Force. Adun-Isl, feeling the pressure of the attention, bows his head in his dark hood and makes a turn at a junction, heading away from the group of troops and further into the public areas.

He is seeking a bar or tapcaf to sit down in now, where he can watch the goings-on, and try to find peace in the Force when surrounded by others; something he has rarely achieved. Adun-Isl feels he will need to do this before he can achieve efficiency on this current mission.

11 July 2003, 10:47 AM
"Your companions, Captain. I'm assuming you knew them somewhat prior to bringing them aboard. Any idea where they may have gone to ground aboard the station?"

Nika locked her gaze on Dreenem's, waiting for the typical scoundrel "code of honor" excuse.

"I wouldn't want to turn in --"

"Spare me Captain. If you tell me what I want to know, I'll speak to the authorities on your behalf. It sounds like you were merely a victim of poor circumstances, and unfortunate enough to be the middle man in a bad deal."

Nika's gaze remained locked on Dreenem's, but she hoped Gallagher was playing up his bad cop role.

"You'd vouch on my behalf?" the Duros asked incredulously.

Nika smiled at Dreneem again. "I did not say vouch, Captain. I said I'd speak to them. I don't know you well enough to vouch for what sort of being you are. If, however, you can lead me to a few character witnesses..." she let the sentance trail off, the thought hanging in the air. She hoped the Duros would take her bait. The longer they had to work him over, the less likely their chances of catching up with the three missing crewmen were.

Rogue Janson
12 July 2003, 02:25 AM
Between Nika's 'good cop', Gallagher's attempt at the 'bad cop' and Mia-Lann's genuine concern, Vanda Dreenem is looking slightly confused. He sits in silence for a while, clearly thinking things over. Then he does the Duros impression of a snort.

"If you think I want any of those crooks as character witnesses, you're way off. They’ll only try to blame me for things. But so long as everyone’s clear that I’m being cooperative…
“I’d guess Fas would be somewhere around in sec7B10. That’s where they he did most of his business. Probably looking for a ship to hop off this station. Tehr, I couldn’t say, he always was unpredictable.”
Teruan station uses a three-dimensional location system – for sector 7B10, 7B refers to the horizontal location and 10 to the level. The complexities that have developed as the station has expanded mean that sectors are often in unexpected places, but 7B10 is in one of the older, more central areas.

After this, the captain sits back and returns Nika’s stare, clearly waiting to see if she has anything more to offer.

12 July 2003, 02:44 AM
Gallagher continues his silent, brooding role. He has decided that the best outcome will likely come if he does not say anything at all, and not push Dreenem into a corner. His stance relaxes, his arms slacking and his shoulders dropping. In addition to the near change of heart, his body had started to cramp, and screamed for a new posture.

A deep breath – almost a sigh – escapes from him and he begins to glance around the room. He uses the Duros as a base point, so that his search pattern goes from Dreenem to a spot on the walls, back to Dreenem and repeats. While partially his new activity comes to stave off boredom, Gallagher also uses the time to see if the Duros had done anything to the room. While the Jedi Auxiliary had not trained for the job of an investigator, he knew from watching the vids that the slightest clue might make the big difference later in his day.

Kanner Ra'an
12 July 2003, 04:09 AM
"That gives us somewhere to start" thinks Kanner, still waiting outside the room. Obviously he doesn't trust the captian, but it would be next to immpossible to find their quarry if they had to sarch the entire station. They have to be catious when in that area, some of the captins accosiates could be less agreable.

Vreel Kudarin
12 July 2003, 04:59 AM
Presently, after about ten standard minutes of walking, Adun-Isl finds a small tapcaf area situated at a crossroads. Railings seperate the counter and tables from the thoroughfare, with several gaps to allow customers to enter the area. He approaches hesitantly at first, but noticing how no-one gives him a second glance, the young Draethos takes a stool at a small table in a shadowy corner towards the edge of the tapcaf.

Adun-Isl feels safer with his back to the wall, and from where he is seated, he has a clear view of the junction. Allowing his breathing to slow, Adun-Isl relaxes, opening himself gradually to the flow of the Force in the area. He feels the buzz of activity, and slowly the voices of those nearby filter in. From inside his hood, he glances at the customers around him.

"...I tell you Jebo, if I don't get off this darned station tommorow..."

"...not like this out in Wild Space. I'm really tired of Nirran pushin' us around..."

"...Smeeleeya whao toupee upee..." *

"...I said: 'are you having a drink?' You! Goofy-teeth!"

Adun-Isl suddenly realises someone is addressing him. With a pang of embarassment at being singled out, his eyes fix on the bartender. Adun-Isl rises from his stool and walks over to the counter, trying to remain calm in the Force: "My apologies, sir. I shall have a..." realising he's not sure what to order, Adun-Isl glances at the customer seated to his left, and spots the steaming cup of caf in his paws, "...A mug of caf, please."

"What kind, house special?" smirks the man.

"Uh, yes, that will be fine," answers Adun-Isl.

"Done. That's two credits," responds the bartender, banging a large vessel of hot, thick black liquid in front of the young Jedi. Adun-Isl reaches for the small pouch of credits Master Toleda provided him with for the mission, and hands over two chips. He then returns to his stool, glad that no-one else in the tapcaf appears to have paid any attention. Adun-Isl, grimacing at the strong taste of the caf, returns to listening out for any infomation that might be useful on this assignment. Pulling the Force into himself, Adun-Isl expands and fine-tunes his senses.

( OOC * = Any characters speak Huttese? ["...Smile when you say that..."] )

12 July 2003, 07:23 AM
Nika smiles at Dreenem, then turns her back on him, gazing out at Kanner, who is standing at the doorway. "You've been most kind, Captain. I only have a few more questions to ask of you, and I promise I'll speak to the authorities for you."

Turning back to face the Duros, she shifts her bodyweight from one foot to another. "I'd like to know as much as you can tell me about the slaver who traded you your cargo."

After a brief pause and before Dreenem can say anything, she continues, "If we had them in custody, prosecuting you would be a waste of time, hm? I think you could slip away with some small fines, no brig time and maybe even owed a favor..."

She once again turns away from the Duros, studying the other members of the group. Most seem to be interested in hearing Dreneem's answer, while Gallagher seems a little winded from tapping into the Force. Something Nika filed away to ask him about in the future. Most Auxiliary officers were Force-Sensitives, but not at all skilled in using it. That Gallagher was meant he'd undergone some Jedi training and left the Order on good terms. That aroused her curiosity.

Rogue Janson
12 July 2003, 12:14 PM
Sitting back up against the wall again, a suspicious glare returns to Dreenem's face and Nika realises she has pushed her promises a little too far. It is clear that coming back to the subject of who the slaves were purchased from has immediately put him on edge again.

"What am I meant to know about people I met once on an uncharted planet? Like I said I didn't stick around to get to know them. Now if you've got any more questions, try asking those officers, I told them enough already."

(OOC: why do I feel like I'm not doing enough work here?)

12 July 2003, 12:50 PM
Gallagher taps Nika on the shoulder and leans in to whisper to her. “Just give me five minutes with him.” He attempts to maintain his appearance of the tough guy, although he’s seriously doubting that Dreenem has been intimidated in the slightest.

12 July 2003, 07:07 PM
Smiling, Nika nods to Flint. "He's all yours, Lieutenant."

She retreats to the doorway and pretends to become involved in a conversation with Kanner, her attention focused on the Duros' reaction to Gallagher's actions.

13 July 2003, 10:13 AM
Gallagher motions Mia-Lann to follow Nika and shuts the door behind the women, leaving him alone with the Duros captain.

He turns back to face Dreenem. He leans up against the wall of the cell for a moment in contemplation, watching the Duros and thinking to himself.

After a long pause, Gallagher speaks, “Well… I don’t think you’re frightened of me. Are you?”

Dreenem shakes his head casually. He has nothing to fear of this officer and felt bored and maybe even insulted by Gallagher’s feeble attempts.

Nodding in response, the Jedi Auxiliary sighs. “Didn’t think so. So, basically what we’ve got is a messed up situation. We’re here to help out the slaves and hopefully bring those that subjugate them to the atrocities to justice. I think you got caught in the middle. I don’t know why, and it really doesn’t matter, does it? So you got a chance now to try to help yourself out. After all, if you convince us, we can probably convince a Jedi Master, who in turn will have a lot of pull with your captors.”

He pauses, seeing if Dreenem follows. While the Duros makes little movement – he cautiously eyes Gallagher, wary of a trap – he does not object, which Gallagher takes as a sign to continue.

“I don’t think either of us wants to waste time. So, to hopefully get you a better deal with the prosecutors, what information do you think we should know to help resolve this little problem?”

Rogue Janson
13 July 2003, 10:38 AM
Alone in the cell with him, Dreenem tries to assess Gallagher, not having been convinced by his tough act.

"Well I guess I might know a bit more about where Fas and Tehr could be. In the interests of helping you out. There are a few bars we used to go to in 7beet - the Spacer's Head, the Flying Bantha and old Kir'thi's. It'd surprise me if he hadn't been into at least one of those. I expect he'd be looking for someone to get him off station as quickly as possible. Watch yourselves if you try to pick him up, you know I wouldn't want any of you good people to get hurt.
Tehr... I dunno, I can't imagine anyone wanting him on their starship even if he did offer them something. He's probably trying to wait it out, staying away from people as best he can. They can't keep the place shut up for long.
"You know I'd like to tell you more, but I can only try and guess at where they might be."

Gallagher can tell the Duros is not revealing everything he knows - that would be too much expect in the best circumstances. While he concentrates on the captain, his perception of the Duros' mind through the Force begins to come together. Dreenem's brain is ticking away like a mechanical chrono, gears turning as he considers what to say. As the machine grinds to a halt, Gallagher feels this is the most they are likely to get from him. Dreenem exudes a slightly satisfied, but also relieved, air.

Without saying any more, Gallagher leaves the cell and rejoins the others who are standing outside with quizzical expressions. As he comes out, a crewman walks smartly over to him.
The crewman hands Gallagher a code cylinder to allow access to restricted areas of the station, and ID impressions of their suspects' appearances. He then turns on his heel and returns to work.

13 July 2003, 12:19 PM
Smiling, Gallagher took the code cylinder. “Thanks, crewman,” he responds politely before the uniformed man departs.

Turning to his cohorts, Gallagher grins. “Well, I didn’t really get too much more than you did, but we’ve got some direction to work on. I’m pretty sure that Dreenem is still hiding something, but we’re not going to get it. Well, not unless you’re willing to do something drastic, and I’m not willing to allow that to happen.”

“Dreenem thinks that Fas is likely hanging out in one of the bars in 7beet. Unless he jumped station already. They were regulars at a few of them.” He pauses, his eyes looking upward as he strives to recall their names. “He said the Spacer's Head, the Flying Bantha and old Kir'thi's.” Gallagher looks back at the group. “But watch out, as Fas might not take to kindly to someone tracking him down and instead lash out at you.”

“As for Tehr, Dreenem thinks he would have gone to ground until this thing blows over. And to me that means either a guy holed up in a no-name motel for a while, or hiding in the old, old sections of the station… or both. He’ll be the tough one to track down.”

He exhales audibly moving his shoulders back and his chest out as he holds his head high. “I think we need to split up and search them out. I’m familiar with the station, so I’m comfortable looking wherever. How do you guys want to handle this?”

13 July 2003, 12:55 PM
Nika turns away from Kanner as Gallagher exits the room, eyeing him carefully. His revelations revealed, she smiles, figuring he pulled some card she couldn't.

"I think, Lieutenant, that splitting up would be a fair idea. Is any of the places you mentioned reputed to be rougher than the others?" She cocks her eyebrow, then continues. "I think it would be wise if we sent the tougher among us in its particular direction."

She glances down at the comlink attached to her tunic and says, "Oh, and keep an open channel on your comlinks...so we can keep abreast of the situation."

Kanner Ra'an
13 July 2003, 01:49 PM
Kanner turns his attention away from his and Nika's false conversation to face Gallagher. He listens carefully as Flint recites the Duro's confessions. He is glad that this Fas is stupid and didn't do the smart thing and go underground with this Tehr.

"I think, Lieutenant, that splitting up would be a fair idea. Is any of the places you mentioned reputed to be rougher than the others?" She cocks her eyebrow, then continues. "I think it would be wise if we sent the tougher among us in its particular direction."

"Splitting up does make sense, otherwise we risk tipping off this Fas. I guess i'll take the Flying Bantha." Kanner says, chosing one at random. "Can i see those for a sec?" he asks a second afterwards, indicating the scetches of the slavers. He takes a very long look at the images, memorizing every detail like a predator taking a prey's scent. After he finishes he hands them back, then waits to see what the others plan to do.

Rogue Janson
15 July 2003, 10:31 AM
"Oh, and keep an open channel on your comlinks...so we can keep abreast of the situation."
"Um, we don't have comlinks..." Mia-Lann replies to Nika.
Taking the ID pictures from Kanner, she looks them over. Spekran-Fas and Tehr Kinta look like grizzled, experienced spacers. Jara Dreenem is the exception, in his late teens. She realises they have no information about where the young Duros might be.
"Gallagher, did Captain Dreenem mention anything about his nephew?"

15 July 2003, 11:51 AM
Nika is somewhat bemused that not everyone has a comlink on them. "Hm. Think we'll be able to acquire some comlinks before splitting up, Lieutenant?"

She also realizes that they received no information about the Captain's nephew, but dismisses it as an uncle's protection.

15 July 2003, 12:00 PM
Gallagher shakes his head negatively, “Nope, no news on the squirt. Probably one of those things that he really won’t divulge. He may be able to call his nephew back in, but only if we give Dreenem something in return. That may be an important thought to remember, however.”

"Hm. Think we'll be able to acquire some comlinks before splitting up, Lieutenant?"
He turns to face Nika, “Yeah, I imagine that’s possible. We can probably even get the station to front them. Means that they’ll likely listen in, but that means we can get them cheap. We’d just have to ask.” Gallagher pauses before adding, “I don’t know if any of the places are rougher than the others. I really haven’t had the luxury,” the word comes out slightly strained, accompanied by an eye-roll, indicating his sarcasm, “to spend my time in the lesser slums of the station. It’s more central to the station, not as far as the closed off sections though, and maintains some access to space.”

Gallagher looks about the group, “For those not so familiar with our current port-of-call, the more central you get, the more dilapidated things get. It will be seedy and dangerous especially if you’re not accustomed to those kind of areas. Keep your eyes open and senses sharp; the folks that call those areas home don’t necessarily agree with many of the Republic’s grand notions, or necessarily follow or support their laws.”

Rogue Janson
19 July 2003, 05:28 AM
While Teruan station has its upscale areas (even the rich have to stop off when they’re travelling) and well ordered administration areas, its heart is the mass of accommodation, cargo storage, docking bays, workshops and bars that serve the thousands of freighter crews, emigrants and assorted others who pass through. Having acquired a pair of extra comlinks from an overworked looking officer, Mia-Lann, Kanner, Gallagher and Nikalya are on their way to investigate sector 7B10. Unlike more consciously designed space stations, moving between areas on Teruan station can be a complicated process. The party’s route takes them through several different sections, using several different lifts to travel down through the levels. As they approach their destination, they pass close to the station’s centre. Here the corridors are rusted, the lighting erratic. Occasionally, they pass sealed doors leading into the ancient, uninhabitable centre.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From what he can hear, this tapcaf seems to be popular with bulk freighter crews. Life on a bulk freighter is a dull one, stuck on large, lightly manned vessel for months on end, with only the occasional unpleasant chance of a hyperdrive malfunction or a pirate attack to liven things up. Despite this, no-one seems pleased about the restrictions on leaving the station, the general complaint being that this is a massive overreaction for a couple of missing criminals, even if they are slavers.

With the powerfully strong caf stimulating his senses Adun-Isl’s head begins to buzz as the volume level in the room seems to increase. In the busy room, he spots one being taking a particular interest in him. As he notices this, she walks over to him, moving lithely through the tables and customers. The being in question is a Bith, wearing a large, grey flightsuit of basic design. She smiles broadly at Adun-Isl, her round black eyes glinting. Without asking, she pulls up a chair facing him, leaning forward, with her head attentively resting on a hand.

“I haven’t seen you in here before,” she says to Adun-Isl. “We mostly get regulars. What brings you to this little tapcaf?”

20 July 2003, 01:13 PM
Gallagher mutters occasionally, quietly whispering to himself under his breath. His fingers nervously toy with the latch on the holster for his blaster pistol, making a steady series of pops as he repeatedly clasps and unclasps the device. His eyes dart hastily back and forth, scanning for the possible ambush waiting around any one of the many corners that the group must navigate en route to their destination.

The Jedi Auxiliary feels slightly nervous. Doing this alone would not be a problem in his mind. Experience has acclimated the young Corellian to slipping into and out of dangerous areas such as the one he approaches on Teruan station. Playing babysitter to a hulking brute and a couple of young ladies – all of who report directly to a Jedi Master – worries Gallagher. He would not mind watching out for his own back, but trying to watch all three of theirs, despite the attractiveness of the two ladies, may overtax his limited abilities.

Vreel Kudarin
20 July 2003, 01:28 PM
Adun-Isl tries to avoid the Bith's gaze, but with those large black eyes, he can't be sure exactly where they are looking. He lowers his head, as if to hide in the shadows of his hooded grey cloak.

"I am...I'm passing through the station. Waiting for my transport," responds Adun-Isl in his deep voice, scratching the side of his scaled purple and maroon head with sharp fingernails. He glances at the chrono on his left wrist.

"In fact, I had better make a move, lest I shall miss it," the Draethos adds, rising from his stool and leaving three quarters of the 'house special' caf untouched. He draws his cloak about himself and prepares to walk away from the table, back in the direction of the cell block where Dreenem was being questioned. Adun-Isl gets a fleeting idea of staying and trying to get information on the runaway slavers, but he doesn't want to create a stir. Some patrons here might wonder why Adun-Isl is so interested.

Kanner Ra'an
20 July 2003, 02:37 PM
Kanner walks at a quick pace to the Flying Bantha bar. He manages to move rather quickly throught the crowds. He is hindered more by having to look at the direction signs more then the masses of people. As he gets closer to his destination he notices that Gallagher said was a bity of an understatement. The good quality and care he observed earlier is absent here, replaced with grime and rust. Aside from a few beggers noone even anknowledges Kanner. When he enters he takes a long look around for his quarry (spot check) though he makes it look more like hes looking for a table then a person. Note: Use this only if he doesn't spot him Afterwards he moves towards the bar. After serving a very drunk Iortan the bartender turns to Kanner and asks him for his order. "Corillia Crossing and a shot of Krekella's Nefrer." he says casually. The bartender walks over to a cabinet and brings back several bottles. He pours the fragrent wookiee liquor into a small glass then starts mixing Kanner's crossing. Kanner takes down the shot of hard liquor in one gulp and has to use the force to avoid gagging. Krekella's Nefrer is a light drink for most wookiee's, but a few shots can leave even a Zabrak on the ground. "Good stuff." He comments as the bartender finishes his second drink. "Straight from the homeworld. Twelve cred please." Kanner slides over a large credit piece over to the bartender. " I require some assistance as well." he says casually as the bartender eyes the credit greedily. "Thier is a certian individual my employer wishes to hire for a job on Rodia. However i cannot locate this individual and i need to be thier in several days. I did learn that he's a regular here however. He's called Spekran-Fas, know of him?" The moment Kanner speaks these words he uses the force to try read the bartenders reaction. Pressing hard against his mind. Like all Korun Kanner has good telepathic abilities so the attempt is almost instinctive.

OOC: To sum up for your conviniance. I need a Spot, bluff, and telepathy check.

20 July 2003, 04:06 PM
Keeping one eye on Gallagher's back and one eye on the crowds of people about them, Nika opens herself to the Force, searching for anyone particularly nervous, on-edge or frightened.

Tensions aboard the station are running high, and Nika finds it difficult to sift through all the emotions effectively. Sighing, she begins to feel as though she's over-exerting herself, and gives up, returning to studying bodylanguage instead.

Rogue Janson
21 July 2003, 03:41 AM
Exiting the tapcaf hastily, Adun-Isl is left once again out on his own. As he leaves, he feels the Bith watching him, but she makes no moves to follow.
Currently he is in one of the upper central regions of the station, not far from the administration levels where he started, and where he left his friends.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Of all the active areas of Teruan station, sector 7B10 has to be one of the most dilapidated. Around 250 metres square and covering three or four levels, it runs right up to the edge of the station's centre, where blast doors prevent any access. What is most noticeable about the area is that hardly anything appears to be used for its original purpose. Most corridors are narrow, but some are unusually broad passageways. The rollers of conveyor belts fixed into the floor betray their former use for cargo transferral. Many rooms seem to have been cut into the walls, and are often unusual shapes, as the creator has had to avoid cutting into a power conduit or another area. One Toydarian appears to be manning a stall based in a store cupboard. The air is a little stale and metallic and the whirring of outdated air circulation systems constant.

Despite the surroundings, the population of the sector does not seem entirely downtrodden. The cries of a busy marketplace echo through the central corridors and some storage facilities appear to be well manned and well protected.

In this sector, there is little sign of a security presence. The only personnel to be seen are at the docking areas, with their black visors permanently down and stun batons in their hands. The exception is a pair standing guarding a technician who is making some kind of repair to a damaged vent.

Through the Force, Nika can feel the emotions of all those around her, but they seem like one big blur. Giving up on the effort, she returns to using her eyes. People in this part of the station are even more upset about the mandatory searches than those elsewhere. Presumably, in this disreputable area, some among them may have more to hide. As they pass the technician, she notices people paying an unusual amount of attention to the work. Maybe it is simply a strange sight to see anyone doing repair down here, it is hard to tell.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

With typical confidence, Kanner has stalked ahead of his three companions, finding the Flying Bantha with ease. The bar is a run-down hole which seems to have been created by cutting through several rooms to make a single larger one. The establishment is about half full, most individuals drinking quietly on their own or in small groups, who take no more than cursory interest in the new entrant. Kanner sees no sign of any of his targets. Ordering a drink, he finds, surprisingly, that the liquor in the place is pretty good, with a wide variety of rare and specialist drinks on offer.

"There is a certain individual my employer wishes to hire for a job on Rodia. However I cannot locate this individual and I need to be there in several days. I did learn that he's a regular here however. He's called Spekran-Fas, know of him?"

Kanner can immediately tell that the bartender is suspicious of him, though not hostile. Kanner has never been particularly good at controlling his expressions and this human seems particularly sharp eyed.

"Spekran-Fas? I don't remember the name," the bartender replies absent mindedly. "Of course we get quite a lot of people in here, maybe he's just slipped my mind."

OOC: Nika & Kanner both -2VPs

Kanner Ra'an
21 July 2003, 05:37 AM
Kanner feels the bartenders suspision as he sips his drink.

"Spekran-Fas? I don't remember the name," the bartender replies absent mindedly. "Of course we get quite a lot of people in here, maybe he's just slipped my mind."

" Are you absolutly sure?" he asks. His voice is still calm as he completely expected this. He then gives a detailed desciption of Fas to the bartender, still trying to figure out if he's being lied to or not.

Vreel Kudarin
21 July 2003, 10:40 AM
Adun-Isl glances back for a moment to read the sign above the tapcaf area, so he can say where he has been if the others ask when he gets back.

As Adun-Isl walks briskly back towards the detention block, shaking off the effect of the caf, he reaches out ahead of himself the Force, seeking to locate the presences of the other students. He concentrates on finding Mia-Lann in particular, who, as a fellow Jedi, he is most familiar with. Gradually he widens his search, though the immense amount of life makes it hard to sift out individuals. He is determined to sense them, and contact Mia-Lann telepathically if possible. Perhaps I have been gone too long, he thinks.

21 July 2003, 12:38 PM
Gallagher watches as Kanner stalks ahead of the group, failing to conceal his surprise at the actions. The tall human’s mannerisms seem out of place, although Gallagher has a hard time determining exactly what does not fit with his actions. Shrugging off Kanner’s peculiarities, the Jedi Auxiliary strides after him, alongside the two young ladies.

Even more concerned with the safety of his charges in the depths of the station, he keeps his eyes open carefully with watching everything around him. As they enter the bar behind Kanner, the Corellian wishes they had planned this better, so that he could have slipped into the Flying Bantha a moment earlier, thus maintaining a quiet perspective on the bar’s occupants from the side of the room. As it stood now, Gallagher would make a grand entrance behind his tall companion for everyone in the bar to see.

Despite the likely impossibility to enter unnoticed Gallagher steps inside and excuses himself from his companions. He works his way around to the backside of the room, looking for an empty booth along a sidewall from the bar. No matter where he goes, he finds that he will only maintain a view of three-quarters of the room, with the large bar in the center of the room obstructing his vision. Sighing, he accepts this issue and attempts to find a place to sit, choosing the bar as the last alternative.

He hopes to avoid ordering a drink, although if a server approaches Gallagher plans in advance to order a Corellian Ale. If his two female companions join him, he politely offers to buy them a drink each as well. His main goal is to nonchalantly scan the room for anyone who takes a direct interest in Kanner’s questions of the bartender. Further, Gallagher searches for potential trouble, worried about the safety of those whom he has been assigned to protect.

21 July 2003, 01:19 PM
A little disturbed by the dingy interior of the Flying Bantha, Nika reminds herself that this is an opportunity to prove her ability as a diplomat to Master Toleda.

Casting her gaze around the room, she watches Gallagher pace about, presumably looking for somewhere to observe the room from. She instead looks for an easy mark. Spotting one, a middle-aged human, presuambly Corellian, presumably a smuggler, she smiles to herself.

She turns to the other woman and whispers "Mia-Lann, you should probably remain near the door in case someone makes a break for it."

She then saunters over to the Corellian and slides into his booth across from him. With a charming grin she says, "Hey handsome. Buy a girl a drink?"

OOC: BTW [b]Janson{/b] you never did PM me my VP.

Rogue Janson
22 July 2003, 03:03 AM
The tapcaf Adun-Isl has just left bears the name 'Quick Easy Caf', a further sign advertising its dangerous sounding house special, 'Red Hot Jawa Lava Caf'.
Around him, Adun-Isl can feel the traces of numerous beings, but he is unable at first to find the distinctive signs of his friends. As he broadens his perception however, he can feel a small, distinctively reserved, presence that could be Mia-Lann. Rather than being towards the detention block, she seems to be somewhere further down in the station.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Mia-Lann, you should probably remain near the door in case someone makes a break for it."
Mia-Lann nods silently and heads for a small table near the entrance, where she hopes no-one will attempt to join her. A fairy steady flow of customers of all shapes and sizes come past her, in and out of the bar. She can see Gallagher to one side of the room watching things avidly and nearer the centre, Nika making a pass at a spacer.

"Hey handsome. Buy a girl a drink?"

The Corellian's immediate reaction to Nika is one of surprise and for a second she wonders if she has been too obvious, or whether this spacer is more canny than he seems. Once he has looked the young woman up and down, however, the slightly inebriated man's instincts get the better of him.
"Sure darling." He takes a puff of tobacc, stifling a cough. "What are you having?"

To his annoyance, Gallagher finds that not only does the bar obscure his view, but the irregular shape of the room means further areas are out of sight. No-one seems to be particularly interested in his entrance; even the bartender is occupied with Kanner's questions. In fact, the majority of people in the Flying Bantha seems fairly self absorbed, concentrating on drinking and/or talking with their companions. Gallagher has seen establishments like this before, comparatively reputable bars that actually concentrate on providing drinks rather than meeting places for underworld types, fronts for criminal organisations and the like. Naturally they always face stiff competition from these, so the bar must be particularly well run.

Scanning the impressive selection of drinks on offer at the bar, and recognising a couple of his favourites, Gallagher suspects that in this case a simple focus on good quality beverages has won the bar its customers. The rare ales and exotic liqueurs are probably bought in the markets around here. Of course, they almost certainly come 'duty free' but that is to be expected in a place like this. Unable to find anyone of note in the room, Gallagher begins to find that corellian ale an ever more tempting prospect.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Are you absolutely sure?"
"It might take something to remind me."
As the human behind the bar takes his fingers from rubbing the stubble of his chin to rubbing the palm of the other hand, Kanner realises a little belatedly he is angling for some kind of reward for providing information.

OOC: Adun-Isl -4 VP.

22 July 2003, 03:17 AM
Gallagher sighs, his shoulders drooping with a mix of annoyance, frustration and a mild exhaustion. He then continues around the bar, looking for a spot to give the best view of the room, trying to keep Kanner in view at the same time. He bites his lower lip as he tries to rationalize that he can have a drink while on duty. Watching the trio he came with for a moment, he decides they just might be there a while, and one drink would cause no harm.

Taking a seat, he flags down a waitress and places his order. He looks around for a bowl of munchies, pulling a small container of nuts to his seat and popping one into his mouth cautiously. Most of the time, bars had salty food, but every once in a while he would find something with a strange, exotic spice, catching him off-guard. Gallagher prepared himself for the worst, but felt a wave of happy relief flow over him as a slight smile comes to his lips when all he tastes is salt and the sweet creamy flavor of Caamasi butternuts.

Waiting for his drink, Gallagher continues to keep his eyes cautiously scanning the room, although he allows himself to relax slightly, and rest heavily in his chair. Perhaps things would not go quite as poorly as he had suspected.

Kanner Ra'an
22 July 2003, 07:05 AM
"Ya sithin bastard" Kanner thinks as he reaches into his pocket and holds up a large credit chip for the bartender to see. "Now, information." he still holds onto the credit chip, making sure that the bartender will provide the information. He is tired of playing around and he invisions several other methods of getting information from this bartender in his mind. Obviously all involve the bartender bleeding.

22 July 2003, 08:24 AM
Nika smiles at the Corellian. "Anaxes afterburner," she says, responding to his query. The Corellian smirks, as the afterburner is one of the more expensive high-class liquors you're likely to find off its homeworld. But he shrugs and puts the order in, keeping his eyes on Nika.

"Thanks" she says cheerfully, plastering a toothy smile to her face. Leaning in closer to the smuggler, she whispers "I'm looking for someone who can track down a friend of mine aboard the station. He's very important to my family's fleet and I'd be willing to make it worth your while."

The smuggler, realizing the ditsy girl act was for the benefit of the other patrons and not himself, grins again, scratching his stubbly chin as he seems to ponder the offer.

Vreel Kudarin
23 July 2003, 10:35 AM
Adun-Isl's brisk step comes to a halt in a quite corridor. Closing his eyes, he focuses on the presence he believes to be Mia. Adun-Isl then draws on the natural Draethos ability to 'broadcast' thoughts. Through the eddies of the Force, he sends a telepathic message: "Mia-Lann?"

After a moment, he receives a quiet answer to the affirmative from the Jedi student. Again, Adun-Isl speaks through the Force: "I shall attempt to meet up with you and the others, please remain where you are if you can."

Adun-Isl gets a reply, more feeling than words, that the others will be in one place for a while. Opening his eyes, the young Jedi looks about himself for a turbolift, and attempts to make his way down towards where he felt Mia-Lann in the Force. The others are not more than five hundred metres from him 'as the mynock glides'.

The Ghost
23 July 2003, 05:50 PM
Murmuring to herself, Mia hunches her shoulders slightly. Adun-Isl would be along shortly, and that was good. The place was a little full, making her more than slightly uncomfortable. She watched the others work and made a point to not look anyone else in the eyes.

"I hope this goes well..."

Rogue Janson
24 July 2003, 03:03 AM
With money on offer, the bartender loosens up a little.
"Spekran-Fas, a Klatoonian right?" He nods to himself. "A member of Vanda Dreenem's crew. Not one of my better customers. He was in here yesterday though, talking to a couple of pilots and captains."
The bartender pauses slightly to see if Kanner will relinquish the credit chip, then adds some more.
"I couldn't tell you where he is now, but Drelv there," He nods his head towards the spacer Nika is talking to, "was one of the people Fas was sounding out. He might know more, though he seems to be a little occupied at the moment."

'Drelv' does not look surprised, but can't hide a slight hint of disappointment as Nikalya reveals her true intentions. He knocks back another Corellian brandy, looking suspiciously like he has been in the bar drinking all day. Fortunately, if that is so, it doesn't seem to have dulled his brain that much, as he attentively listens to Nika's proposal.

"You certainly know the quick ways to a Corellian's heart, young lady. Of course anyone can claim to represent an Anaxes fleet, so I'll need some proof of who you are, or something up front, but then I'll help you out."

Receiving a strong and pleasant tasting glass of ale, Gallagher continues his vigilance, intrigued to notice that the bartender has now directed Kanner's at the spacer Nika is talking to.

OOC: Mia's -2 VP for that TP.

Kanner Ra'an
24 July 2003, 06:26 AM
Kanner absorbs the bartenders information. "One of the people? Great he could have already arranged a ride off here as soon as the bans lifted." he says silently. "Good." He says passing over the credit chip. "And if Fas comes through here again...." " I'll relay your message." The bartender finsihes as he greedily snatches up the credit. "Where do i get him to cantact you?" "SITHSPIT." Kanner thinks. He remembers Nika's com code though and gives that to the bartender. " Consider it done." the bartender is happy to have gotten his credits, so Kanner assumes that he will follow through on his promise. He wont hold his breath on it though. "Another shot." he requests. The bartender quikly pours another shot glass full of nefer and then leaves to serve a duros couple.

He now turns his attention to this Delv. Nika seems to have his attention, and that of at least eight other males in the bar not counting Gallagher and himself. He walks over to an unoccupied table by Lieutenant Flint and sits in the chair adjacent to him. "Let her fool around with that sithspit, im tired of these fraggers." he says just before downing his shot.

24 July 2003, 12:43 PM
Nika smiles at the request. "Well, we could send a subspace communique to my father...but that would take a while."

She reaches down into her right boot, past the well-hidden bootknife and pulls a small velvet pouch out. "Or I could show you this." Nika pulls a ring out of the velvet pouch, letting the smuggler get a good look at it.

Seeming a little shocked, the spacer's face twists into a grin. "Well I'll be an Alderaanian nerf herder." He leans in closer, taking a good look, then whispers mostly to himself. "A House Honaus signet ring."

Nika quickly returns the ring to her pouch and the pouch to her boot as the serving girl arrives with more drinks, including her Afterburner. She grabs the 'burner and takes it down, keeping her eyes on the smuggler. "So. Enough proof for you, or do you require something else?"

Rogue Janson
25 July 2003, 04:31 AM
The spacer coughs slightly, turning his head to one side.
"Even the forgeries of those things are expensive." He smiles "So even if it's fake you've got money, which is all that matters. Who is this person you want to track down then?"

As Gallagher gets half way through his ale, he finally spots something of interest. One of the bar's recent entrants, a Duros of indeterminate age, wearing a hooded cloak, seems to be taking a particular interest in Nikalya's conversation. Already he has made two trips to the bar, passing their table both times. He now sits at a table across the bar from Gallagher, rapidly emptying his glass while surreptitiously watching Nika and 'Drelv'. Gallagher does the same, watching the Duros from the corner of his eye. Hooded cloaks are common enough on the rim not to be suspicious, but they are the natural choice of anyone wishing to conceal their identity. As the guy takes another swig of his drink, his hood falls back a little and Gallagher recognises the face. Jara Dreenem. The young Duros has clearly taken some pains to disguise his identity, but his eyes and jawline are unmistakable. Considering what to do, Gallagher is thankful he knows enough of the species to be adept at telling them apart.

25 July 2003, 04:54 AM
"I'm looking for a man named Tehr Kinta. I'm told he was last seen travelling with a Klatoonian and possibly a Duros."

She leans back in her chair a bit. "Kinta is important to me, the others would just be icing."

She smiles at the smuggler. "Before you ask. I can offer you at least a few posh cargo runs for my family. At best I can probably wrangle you an appointment to the fleet, but I'm afraid it would mean going to the Citadel if you wanted to be an officer." She frowns for a moment, then smiles again. "I can't guarantee a spot in the Citadel, but I have a feeling you could qualify."

27 July 2003, 11:04 AM
Gallagher watches his quarry for a moment. He takes another sip and sets his glass down, never taking his eyes off the young spacer. He tries to decide the best way to approach Jara. Finally, when the Duro has only a sip left in his glass, Gallagher polishes his own ale off and rises, aiming to arrive at the bartender at the same time as Jara. He lets Jara put his order in first and then orders the same.

As they wait for their glasses to return, Gallagher glances over at him. “Howdy,” he says, in a very noncommittal manner. “Guess you’re not flying today, huh?” He gets a strange look in return, and Gallagher points to the full glasses as the bartender sets them on the bar. “Let me get it for you,” the Jedi Auxiliary says, putting down a credit chip large enough to cover both drinks and a tip, then raises his hand in a small wave at the bartender, silently telling him to keep the change.

“You got your own ship?” Gallagher asks as he takes a sip of his drink.

Kanner Ra'an
27 July 2003, 11:24 AM
Kanner sits quietly at his table, taking a generous sip ever once and a while. His attention is focused on this Drelv Nika is talking to. She seems to be accomplishing whatever she intended, though he doesn't have the senses most jedi do to be certain. Kanner takes a gulp this time, enjoying the cold drink. " Cant get this stuff on taanab, thats for sure." he thinks. Its not an uncommon drink, but it doesn't taste very good unless properly mixed and the Gellum rum is at least ten years old. The fact that a place like this has the right stuff comes as a complete surprise. After looking up from his drink he notices Gallagher getting up and heading to the bar. It doesn't especially concern him until he notices that he's talking to a Duros. For a second he remembers that one of the slavers their looking for is a Duros, but dissmisses the idea. If it were Gallagher would have probably alerted him or one of the others. Even if it is, he's sure Flint would be able to take him down without anyones help.

Rogue Janson
28 July 2003, 03:09 AM
The spacer grins broadly at Nika, putting a finger to the side of his nose in a knowing gesture. He lowers his voice slightly when he speaks.

"I think I know the guy you mean. Smuggler, wild fellow. I'm guessing you don't really want him for the Honaus fleet - if you do I wouldn't recommend it. Though that's not my business. Spekran-Fas, the Klatoonian I was talking to in this very bar last night. Obviously this lockdown's something to do with him; he was trying to find someone to run him off the station. Now I refused, being a law abiding citizen, and not having the right hidden compartments for the job, but he only wanted passage for himself and that young Duros. So I don't think Kinta's with them. I would suggest the authorities picked him up too, but I'd guess you've already checked with them?"

"You got your own ship?" Gallagher asks as he takes a sip of his drink.
"What's it to you?"
Much like Vanda Dreenem's accent, Jara's is tinged with a harsh spacer drawl. Gallagher can sense no unease from him, only mild aggression at the unwarranted approach. Then he softens a little, as he takes a sip from his drink. Gallagher did pay for it after all, and even spacers have some rules of etiquette.
"No, I don't have my own ship. In fact I'm looking for a good captain at the moment."
Picking up his glass, Jara turns and leans back on the bar, allowing him to survey the room while he drinks.

While nearby, Kanner remains oblivious to the Duros' identity, Mia-Lann, glancing over from near the entrance to the bar has a flash of recognition and realises Gallagher is speaking to Jara Dreenem.

The Ghost
28 July 2003, 06:42 AM
The occasional half-nervous glance is made up towards the duros after she realizes who it is. Her hands fidget a little, hoping nothing bad comes out of it. She watches each player in the game, just to make sure. "Where are you, Adun-Isl" she murmurs under her breath.

Vreel Kudarin
28 July 2003, 10:02 AM
The aging turbolift clanks to a halt, and Adun-Isl waits for two burly Humans and a Rodian trader to shuffle out before stepping onto the level the other students of the Force occupy. The Draethos glances around with his beady black eyes, attempting to get his bearings. A Neimoidian barges past without apology. Adun-Isl watches him walk off, slightly irritated but silent.

Picking the corridor that feels right, Adun-Isl heads off at his usual quick, gliding pace, trying to keep to the edges of the way to avoid the increased sentient traffic in this area. He wonders what the others are up to. As he walks he glances surrepticiously at the faces of people he passes, keeping aware for any sign of their quarry.

28 July 2003, 05:45 PM
“What’s it to you?”
“You look the type; besides, just making conversation,” Gallagher starts, before the Duro continues.

"No, I don't have my own ship. In fact I'm looking for a good captain at the moment."
“Ah, I understand,” the Corellian replies, turning to watch the crowd along with Jara. “I’m more or less in the same boat,” he adds, casually trying to work out exactly how someone might understand his statement without having grounds to accuse him of lying. “Well, I guess that isn’t entirely true. I suppose I could sign back on with my old captain, but I thought there might be better opportunities. I decided to take our little bit of time on the station to poke around. Really, I’m looking for a Vanda Dreenem. I heard he was a good guy to work for.”

28 July 2003, 07:46 PM
Nika nods at the wily smuggler, reaches over to stroke his hand, putting on a show for any casual or interested observers.

"The station authorities haven't caught him yet, and my father's been looking for an in with the administrators. I figure this is an opportunity." She pauses. "I had a feeling Spekran-Fas wouldn't be too hard to track down, considering he's a Klatoonian. I was hoping Tehr Kinta'd be with him. He's wily...and dangerous."

She flags down the waitress, asking for a piece of flimsiplast and something to write with and a pad of ink. Handing her a fifty-cred chit and telling her to keep the remainder, she patiently waits for the waitress to return.

"You've been a big help Captain." She hands the smuggler a couple of hundred credit chits surreptitiously. The waitress returns bearing the supplies Nika asked for, and Nika thanks her.

She drafts a formal Letter of Introduction and Recommendation, pausing only to ask the smuggler for his name and to remove her signet ring from it's hiding place and stamping its seal on the flimsiplast. A piece of ribbon produced from a sleeve provides the means to bind the document and she hands it to Captain Drelv.

"This letter will get you into my father's house and will get you at least a few jobs. Anything beyond that is up to you, but I have little doubt you'll be able to impress my father. Maybe when I come home I'll see you in cadet's colors, hm?" She grins and winks at the rugged Corellian.

The man nods and grins back. "You may just, miss."

"Oh!" Nika pauses, and says "Almost forgot. My comm frequency is AX48-L11. If you hear anything, please let me know." Captain Drelv nods an affirmative, returning to nursing his whiskey as Nika departs his company to rejoin Mia-Lann.

Rogue Janson
29 July 2003, 04:05 AM
"Dreenem?" Jara replies blank faced, "never heard of him. What sort of work are you looking for?

His replies remain curt and unrevealing, but he does not display any aggression or nervousness, apparently taking Gallagher on good faith. The Jedi auxiliary finds a small worry developing in the back of his mind, though he can't tell quite what it is. He glances briefly around the room, but sees nothing of note.

(OOC: very little's happened here I'm afraid, only Gallagher's got anything to do.)

The Ghost
29 July 2003, 05:41 AM
"Adun-Isl should be along shortly," Mia-Lann said, as Nika sat.
"and Mr. Gallagher seems to have found our Duros." She glanced idly at some random patron in the direction other than the quarry. Mia relaxed slightly, but bits of dream had been cropping up in her head for some reason and she didn't like it at all.
"I suppose now we just sit and wait."

29 July 2003, 04:52 PM
Gallagher mulls over his options of claiming he would work as a spacehand or that he wants to hire Dreneem. Quickly he chooses an option.

“I heard that Captain Dreneem made good runs to interesting places. I’m looking to get out and see new things and making good money.” Immediately Gallagher knows that doors have started closing to press Jara for more information. “What kind of captain are you looking to hire? I may know a few people that could hook you up.”

Rogue Janson
31 July 2003, 03:44 AM
Hurrying through the corridors of the station, Adun-Isl notices he has reached the edge of section 7B10. Ignoring the numerous people who bustle past, he concentrates on finding his friends. Expanding his awareness with the Force, he recognises the presences of Kanner and controlled Mia-Lann. Adun-Isl notes how different the two are. While Mia-Lann does her best to keep herself withdrawn, the Force simply rippling off and around her, Kanner is much less controlled, the Force running through him like a current, traces of his thoughts and emotions seeping out all around him. Both are in the same place, perhaps, a hundred metres or so away. Keeping the direction fixed in his mind, Adun-Isl winds his way through the dilapidated corridors towards them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jara Dreenem seems to have lost patience with Gallagher's questioning, though his face remains unreadable.

"Thanks for the drink pal, but I can't help you."

With that, the Duros leaves his glass, unfinished, on the bar and begins to leave. As he goes, his composure is broken by an all too obvious glance as Nikalya, sitting by the door.

1 August 2003, 03:38 PM
Gallagher worries. The time has come to put up or shut up. His relatives, when running scams and trying to teach him how, often warned him about this very moment. Gallagher, however, had rarely put himself into such a position. Suddenly his little white lies had caught up to him, and he has a decision to make.

“Wait, Jara,” the Corellian whispers in an instant, suddenly showing his hand and betraying that he knew to whom he had been speaking the entire time. As the Duro spins to look at him, Gallagher’s eyes flash about the room, as if watching for someone who might launch an attack. “I have to talk to you… about Dreenem. And we should do this privately.”

Rogue Janson
2 August 2003, 04:30 AM
If Jara Dreenem is surprised Gallagher knows who he is, he hides it well.

"Come on then," he orders, beckoning Gallagher to follow him.

Rather than going out the main door, past Nikalya, Jara heads for an easily missed side door, in a sheltered section of the bar, out of sight of Nika and Mia-Lann, though not of Kanner. He lets Gallagher exit first, staying behind to glance suspiciously around the bar.

The side door leads out into a narrow passageway - the space station equivalent of an alley. It runs both ways, towards the front of the bar, where it bends to rejoin the main way and in the opposite direction, where another bend hides its destination. A couple of other doorways lead out into the alley, from other establishments. Above Gallagher, several vents pump stale air out into the passageway, giving it a humid, unpleasant atmosphere.

Hearing the door close behind him, Gallagher turns, with a nervous feeling rising in his stomach. With his attention distracted, Jara has produced a vibrodagger, which he is now holding close to Gallagher's chest. The young Duros now has an undisguised malevolent expression.

"Alright. First you're going to give me your blaster pistol, then you're going to tell me what you really want. And it's gonna take a lot to convince me you're not working for security."

2 August 2003, 04:54 AM
Gallagher immediately raises his hands, palms facing Jara, to shoulder level as the Duro begins to speak. The soft buzzing of the vibroblade gives a creepy undertone to the spacer’s words. Breathing slowly, trying to control his fear from rising from the pit of his stomach into his throat, Gallagher takes a moment to assess his very poor situation.

On one hand, he finally has Jara in a position where they can talk freely. On the other hand, Jara has all the power in the moment. Gallagher nods in agreement with Jara’s demand. At the same time, the Jedi Auxiliary reaches out to the Force, hoping to draw on his limited potential and enhance his agility and reflexes.

Pulling the weapon out of the holster very slowly gives Gallagher two benefits. One, he hopes not to startle Jara into rash action; the second advantage Gallagher gains comes from bought time to allow him to reach out and tap into the Force. Turning the blaster around, he holds it out for Jara to take, butt first. Gallagher’s left hand remains in the air, palm open and passive.

Completely understanding Jara’s position, Gallagher sympathizes. Not only has the spacer been through a lot recently with his uncle and crew getting taken in by security or having to go on the lam to avoid the dangerous threat of accusations of slavery, but now a stranger claims to know the Duro’s identity and called him on it. Gallagher’s relatives may have even shot someone in the Jedi Auxiliary’s position already, and so the Corellian hopes that Jara gives him a little more room to speak before cutting into his body.

“First off, I definitely don’t work for security,” Gallagher says quietly after Jara has taken the weapon, his right hand rising to the same level as the left. “But I do work for the Republic. And all I want to do is make sure that the folks you brought aboard the station are treated well and their relatives back on their home planet aren’t sold into slavery either.”

Expecting Jara to get angry at the unspoken accusation, Gallagher quickly keeps speaking to not give his adversary a chance to counter the point. “I’ve spoken with Captain Dreenem.” The spacer knows that using respectful titles can gain him far more than assuming an unwelcome hint of familiarity. “I know he wants you to be safe and not killed or roughly taken in. He wouldn’t speak about where he thought you might be, instead just talking about Fas and Tehr. He said they might be here. I recognized you first.”

“I offered to try to help Captain Dreenem out on the charges against him. I want to offer you the same. I believe your uncle’s story. The Republic does not want to try those who were coerced or forced into action against their will. They look out for the underdog. And it’s my job to figure out who’s story is the most accurate.” Gallagher’s body remains still while he hopes that Jara hears his message. “If I was security, I wouldn’t bother talking to you. With me, you’re likely going to get much better treatment than if one of their goon squads finds you. I’m not promising anything more than I will do everything I can to help you. Sending an innocent man to prison for crimes he had no choice but to commit is not my idea of justice. And I don’t think it’s yours either.”

Finally, he pauses, giving Jara a moment to respond. His body remains tall, but loose and ready to jump into movement. Gallagher’s hands do not droop from their position; he makes no movements to give Jara any reason not to trust him. Silently he hopes that the Jedi allies do not come barging in and throw a hydrospanner into the situation.

The Ghost
2 August 2003, 08:13 PM
"This isn't good..." Mia-Lann mutters, giving a nervous glance to Nika and Kanner. Once they are out the door and gone, she stands, moving towards it, looking back again. One hand on the control panel's open button, she pushes her ear to the door to listen for sounds of a scuffle. Now is not the time to charge in yet, maybe he had a plan, who knows.

(Listen mod +2)

Rogue Janson
3 August 2003, 05:12 AM
Jara Dreenem's eyes narrow as he considers Gallagher's words, but it seems the Corellian's bluffing has finally paid off. The Duros loosens his clenched grip on the vibrodagger and moves it slightly away from Gallagher. He makes no move, as yet, to take the offered blaster.

"Fine then." Jara takes a slow look around, up and down the alley. "Meet me tomorrow at 10.00 in Kir'thi's. You know where that is? Come alone. Then we'll talk about whether you can really do anything to help me. And you won't need this." He taps the butt of Gallagher's pistol, smiling rather menacingly.
"Now go back inside."

Though she gets some strange looks for standing with her ear at the door, Mia-Lann is able to hear most of the pair's conversation. She steps away and to the side, ready for Gallagher to re-enter.

(OOC: Gallagher -3VP)

Following his friends' Force signatures, Adun-Isl finds himself standing outside a suspect-looking bar called the Flying Bantha. Sure Mia-Lann and Kanner are inside, he gingerly heads inside.

3 August 2003, 05:30 AM
Gallagher sighs as he returns to the bar. His encounter with Dreenem’s nephew could have gone better. Still, he cannot think of another way to try to approach the problem when put to the press. Silently he wonders what a Jedi Master would have done, besides not being caught in a stupid situation.

Slipping into the crowded bar, Gallagher immediately spies Mia-Lann at the side. He silently shakes his head at her, hoping she will not approach him right away. He does not wish Jara to get jumpy and slice him from behind. Talk about paperwork. I’d never get through explaining that one.

Heading straight for the bar, Gallagher grabs a seat where he can watch the front entrance and the side door, and then orders a beer. After a minute of observation to see if Jara doubles back to watch or attack him, he signals Mia-Lann to come and grab a seat next to him. It is time to talk.

The Ghost
4 August 2003, 07:23 AM
Moving quietly, Mia sits beside the man, not looking up at him. "Just wanted to make sure there wasn't any trouble..." she explains almost timidly. Her eyes focus, trancelike, on her hands as they fold and rest on the counter.

Vreel Kudarin
8 August 2003, 09:29 AM
Stepping inside the Flying Bantha, Adun-Isl slows his pace to appear more casual. He slips his hooked fingernails into opposite sleeves across his lower torso, and glances about slowly, trying to remain calm in the bustle of life. Strolling towards the bar, the young Jedi spots Gallagher and Mia, and gives a quick nod to them. He stands still for a moment, glancing around to see if any of the escaped slavers are present in the area, remembering the images he was shown. Adun-Isl waits for a signal from his comrades to approach.

8 August 2003, 02:35 PM
Gallagher nods, sipping the drink that the bartender had just delivered. “Well…” he begins to reply to his companion, then catching sight of the Draethos. He motions the Jedi to join them. “Only a little,” he continues as he watches Adun-Isl approach.

Resuming his reply to Mia, “I blew my bluff and told him I know who he is. He didn’t take to kindly to that. But after convincing him that I really do want to help him out, he promised to meet me – alone and unarmed – tomorrow to… discuss the issue. That’s as far as I got.”

The Ghost
11 August 2003, 02:39 AM
"We better not all leave together then, huh?" She said after a few moments of silence. "No point in messing things up more. Of course, you won't be alone when you go to that meeting. Don't think he would either." She chews her lower lip thoughtfully, looking around at the others who are elsewhere in the place. "i hope nothing goes wrong..."

Vreel Kudarin
11 August 2003, 10:12 AM
Coming to a halt next to Mia and Gallagher, Adun-Isl stands facing away from the bar, trying to appear casual, but probably standing a little too rigidly.

"How goes everything?" he asks quietly, his overbite bobbing as his deep voice issues from his throat. He turns his purple and vermilion scaled face briefly to his fellow Force-users, then continues to scan the area visually for anyone who might be paying close attention to the three of them. He also tries to spot Kanner and Nika.

Rogue Janson
13 August 2003, 02:44 PM
Adun-Isl spots Kanner immediately. The big human is just walking round the bar to listen in to what Gallagher is saying. He nods as he meets Adun-Isl's gaze. Nika is still sat at her table near the centre of the room, for the moment concerned with her own thoughts and out of the conversation.

The bartender comes up to the group gathering at his bar.

"Are you people going to order anything?" he asks, a little gruffly, looking at Mia-Lann and Adun-Isl.

13 August 2003, 07:21 PM
Still considering the information Drelv departed onto her, Nika was trying to determine where Tehr Kinta would have headed. Not terribly concerned with Jara Dreneem -- she had already pinned him as the peaceable type from his brief face-off with Gallagher -- nor terribly concerned about finding Spekran-Fas -- Drelv had let her know he and Jara were still working together to find a way off the station -- she knew Kinta would be the hard target.

Keeping her eyes on the bar's main entrance, she ordered a spiced caf when the waitress approached her again, and began to mentally run down the people on the Station who she could call on for a favor.

She noticed a lot of sketchy characters moving through the doors, but kept an eye out for the particularly jumpy-looking ones. She'd decided that while nobody who owed her or her family a favor was particularly likely to know where she could find, and apprehend, Tehr Kinta, she had determined to try an ex-fleet petty officer who'd taken up residency on the station.

Kanner Ra'an
13 August 2003, 07:50 PM
OOC: Sorry for my lack of posting recently. Some things have been happening lately.

IC: The big Korunnai has been silent for most of the disscussion. He was confused earlier about what was happening. Though he has natural empathic skills, he cant read others as well as the disiplined Jedi can, and has been in the dark lately. As he listens to the recap he is angred by the apparent incompetance of his companions. Both Nika and Gallagher took a chance by letting those men go without getting solid information out of them, and for all they know Jara Dreeman has told the others who will now go to greater lengths to hide themselves. He unsuccessfully tries to calm himself down a bit, knowing full well that the jedi could probably read him like a book When the bartender comes asking Adun-Isl and Mia-Lann if their going to order he interupts the bartender halfway. . " Another Krekella's Nefrer. In fact better make it a double......"

OOC: Not really calling anyone incompetant. Just staying in character.

Vreel Kudarin
18 August 2003, 09:04 AM
The stim-effect of the 'Hot Lava Jawa' house special caf still receding, Adun-Isl looks over to the bartender, saying: "Nothing for me at the moment, thank you," before turning back to his comrades to hear what has happened in the Flying Bantha. Adun-Isl watches for the reactions of the other Force-users, and notices Kanner bristling after Gallagher recaps his encounter with Jara Dreenem.

18 August 2003, 09:49 AM
Nika stood up from her position and walked slowly towards the door, trying to catch one of her companions' attention. With a quick nod out the door, she moved out of the cantina herself.

Stepping into the run-down corridor, she narrowly avoided a darting Bothan, probably in a rush to report to his superior, and began to move towards the nearest turbolift. Not wanting to look back to see if any of her companions had caught her signal, she proceeded at a casual pace towards the lift.

She was determined to track down at least one of her father's contacts and hopefully one of them would be able to help her track down Tehr Kinta. Jara Dreneem and likely Spekran-Fas wouldn't be too difficult to track now that they knew their hangouts. But Kinta remained a wild card and Nika hadn't gleaned much information regarding his whereabouts.

Maybe Petty Officer Frakes would know more...she entered the lift, trying not to look at the other beings who stepped in, and selected the floor she knew would bring her closest to her destination: the maintenance and repair hangars.

18 August 2003, 06:35 PM
Gallagher recounts his story again, now that the others have joined. He spies Nika as she disappears, but opts not to raise anyone else’s attention to the matter. He brings it up again that he needs to meet with Jara the following day, but gives a look to anyone who tries to talk about the tactics of the meeting while still at the bar.

Finishing his beer, he looks around the room. He sees nothing and turns his attention to his companions. “Well, is there anything else you’d all like to do now, or should we head back for the day?”

Vreel Kudarin
19 August 2003, 09:06 AM
"Perhaps we may be attracting too much attention. I agree, we should probably move on," rumbles Adun-Isl quietly, not wanting to sound too forceful. He steps away from the bar, his hands concealed in the large sleeves of his slate-grey cloak. Adun-Isl is sure the others handled the situation as best they could. Besides, inter-personal skills are not his forte. The Draethos Jedi student notices Nika appears to have left the Flying Bantha. He hopes she isn't in any trouble. Adun-Isl will feel much safer once they are back in the command sections of Teruan Station.

The Ghost
19 August 2003, 12:26 PM
"Not all at once, i suppose." Mia-Lann says, standing to follow Adun-Isl. "we'll go first and see you later. be careful." Walking with her fellow padawan, Mia relaxes slightly, trying not to show how worried she had been.

"This perhaps isn't best left up to either of us." she says, finally when they are far enough away from the others.

Vreel Kudarin
20 August 2003, 09:05 AM
Keeping his small black eyes ahead as he walks alongside Mia, Adun-Isl says quietly: "We should convene with Master Toleda as soon as we are able. She must know that we have contacted one of our targets," The pair of Jedi students exit the Flying Bantha and head for a turbolift back to the command sections of the ramshackle space station.

Rogue Janson
22 August 2003, 03:55 PM
The four companions leave the Flying Bantha one by one, Gallagher checking his back nervously as he winds through the section's corridors. Kanner is the last to go, enjoying a couple more drinks and watching warily for anything more of note, before realising his money supply is limited and making his way back. Both he and Gallagher soon catch up with the two Jedi students. The feeling in the station is much as before, an atmosphere of rising tension and anger.

They soon arrive back at the admin levels, where an enormous and incongruously eager Herglic ensign informs them Master Toleda is still in talks with the Hanai. She offers to lead them either to Toleda or to the quarters they have been assigned.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Heading off on her own, Nika notices she attracts a slightly worrying amount of attention. A finely attired young lady like herself is not a common sight around these parts. She holds her head high, confident in her skills, and no-one approaches her, save for a few enthusiastic traders pushing their wares. Still, she presses the turbolift's buttons rapidly, and is a little relieved when she finds herself alone in the lift.

Nika's memory of the station's layout serves her well and she soon finds herself in the primary maintenance bays. The section is clearly an early addition to Teruan station. It branches out from the side of the main body, connected by numerous tubes and tunnels, along with several cargo conveyors big enough to move large starship parts or even starfighters. Nika enters along one of the lower connectors. Though the gravity does not change, she can the turbolift she is in angles to enter the slanting tube, then reorients itself to the station's norms as it arrive.

When the doors open Nika finds, surprisingly, that she is on a higher level, overlooking the whole of the section. The hangar is laid out in an open plan design, a hundred metres across, with numerous temporary gantries, cranes and other contraptions facilitating the repair crews' work. The arrangement allows for even large ships to be serviced, provided enough time is given to clear the area. Currently there are around a two dozen ships undergoing maintenance, mostly fighters, along with some shuttles. The largest craft is a 40 metre patrol cruiser in the far corner, whose engines appear to be in an advanced state of disassembly. Workers swarm around and over it, cranes and loading droids carry parts to and fro. At a distance, the scene appears almost random and comic, with the hustle and bustle of the tiny figures appearing to have no effect on the big vessel, which clearly isn't going to be flying anywhere any time soon. At the rear of the bay, numerous doors, several of them large blast doors lead into workshops, storerooms and offices. Unsurprisingly Nika is unable to spot Petty Officer Frakes.

She is so involved in the scene, she is almost misses the approach of security guard, carrying a blaster carbine carefully in both hands. A quick glance shows that there are quite a few guards patrolling the walkways around the edge of the hangar. The guard wears a very dark green uniform, with black pads of body armour. He wears a grey ovoid helmet which extends to protect the back of his neck. It also sports an opaque black visor, which thankfully isn't down at this moment. The guard hurries towards Nika from her right, while another moves closer on the opposite side, stopping when she reaches a walkway to the lower level and watching closely.

The first security trooper, a short but sturdy dark skinned human slows as he gets closer to Nika. His expression shows that he has obviously assessed her risk category and decided it is low. Still, his voice has a slightly wary, strained quality and it is clear he hopes to deal with her quickly.

"Maintenance section is off limits to civilians ma'am. Do you have any business here?"

22 August 2003, 04:15 PM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson
"Maintenance section is off limits to civilians ma'am. Do you have any business here?"

Putting on a smile for the guards, Nika determines to try the direct approach. "I'm looking for a man named Frakes. He's an associate of my father's that I was instructed to look up in an emergency...I'd say this is as good as any, hm?"

She winks at the guard who questioned her, while cannily locating the rest of the guards in case a fight does break out.

When the guard looks a little confused, she presses her angle. "Besides, not much one little human girl could do in such a well-guarded hangar anyway."

The Ghost
25 August 2003, 10:11 PM
"i could use some rest," she sighs slightly, looking at the others and then back at the Herglic. The dreams had come back again, a hazy past she wanted to forget. "unless you really need my help telling Master Toleda what's gone on"

Vreel Kudarin
26 August 2003, 09:11 AM
Waiting a moment for someone else to respond to the ensign, but then deciding to continue his aim of becoming more involved interpersonally, Adun-Isl says:"If you could lead us to Master Toleda, we would be happy to wait for her to conclude her meeting,"

The young Draethos inclines his hooded head in a slight bow to the massive blue-grey Herglic, feeling a little intimidated by the sentient's considerable stature; though he has heard the Herglic are a peaceful, considered people.

Rogue Janson
28 August 2003, 09:57 AM
“Excellent,” says the herglic in a booming voice. “If you will come with me, I’ll show you your quarters then take you to Jedi Master Toleda.” With that, she turns ponderously and begins to lead the way through the station’s corridors.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When the guard looks a little confused, she presses her angle. "Besides, not much one little human girl could do in such a well-guarded hangar anyway."

The trooper flicks his head in a brief nod at Nika.

“Ok, go on down. If you don’t see this Frakes, ask the deck officer.” He walks over to the rail and peers down at the landing bay, pointing at a figure near the rear. “The Khil there. The repair crews are busy right now though, so don’t waste their time.”

With that, he waves Nika to proceed down one of stairways. Then he starts back to his station, glancing back once to check on her.

29 August 2003, 03:06 AM
As they pass through the corridors, Gallagher’s mind moves through several options. He figures that all of the Jedi could use rest. They were likely much more used to training and studies than chasing down threats hidden in the depths of unfamiliar space stations. He finally raises his voice in an offer, “Hey, I can do the briefing to Master Toleda. You can all take a break if you’d like.”

As he speaks, Gallagher remains unaware of the rising feeling from within his body. Even if he knew of it, he might not be able to place the sensation correctly. His family would, of course. They would tell him his love for the great unknown and adventure returns. Even the Jedi cannot stifle a Correlian’s sense of danger and excitement forever.

Gallagher unconsciously hears the call of his roots, and without even realizing it, begins to heed the summons.

Kanner Ra'an
29 August 2003, 05:19 AM
As they pass through the corridors, Gallagher’s mind moves through several options. He figures that all of the Jedi could use rest. They were likely much more used to training and studies than chasing down threats hidden in the depths of unfamiliar space stations. He finally raises his voice in an offer, “Hey, I can do the briefing to Master Toleda. You can all take a break if you’d like.”

Though the thought of rest is appealing, Kanner decides he should hear everything the Jedi Master has to say. He has always liked hearing things firsthand as oppoesed to having it relayed through people.

" I am going to see her either way." he speaks up, not justify his comment.

29 August 2003, 09:14 AM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson
“Ok, go on down. If you don’t see this Frakes, ask the deck officer.” He walks over to the rail and peers down at the landing bay, pointing at a figure near the rear. “The Khil there. The repair crews are busy right now though, so don’t waste their time.”

With that, he waves Nika to proceed down one of stairways. Then he starts back to his station, glancing back once to check on her.

Smiling at the trooper, she departs to the deck and seeks out the Khil. Not really knowing much about Petty Officer Frakes, she approaches the Deck officer and asks where she could find him. He looks a little confused about her being on the deck, but points her in the direction Frakes should be. Thanking him, she heads off.

Rounding a corner and ducking under a spare hyperdrive assembly, she notices a lean, middle-aged human with elegant, peppered brown hair and a beard. "Are you Petty Officer Frakes?" she asks.

Glancing up from his work, apparently some fine adjustments to a navigation suite, he grunts at her. "Tha's me. But just Frakes is fine. Ain't no officer these days."

"Ah. I take it you know who I am, then?"

The man nods, returning to his work. "The admiral's little girl, aye. I'm supposed ta help you out if you're in a mess." Putting down his works for a moment he glances back at her and grins. "Seein' as you're aboard Teru right now, I'd say you're in a mess."

Humoring the man, she nods. "Indeed, although probably not the mess you're thinking of."

He grunts, his attention back on his work. "So what can I do fer you? Need passage off Teru?"

"Afraid not, Mr. Frakes. I need something a bit more difficult."

Chuckling, the man shrugs and says, "Go ahead an' shoot away then, Lady."

"I was hoping you could help me track down a man named Tehr Kinta."

Vreel Kudarin
29 August 2003, 10:17 AM
At Gallagher's offer, Adun-Isl realises he probably could do with some rest. Being near to so many life-forces had drained him a little. Turning to the Aux. officer, the Draethos responds in his quiet but deep voice: "That seems a good suggestion, Gallagher Flint. I think I shall retire to our quarters. I was not actually present for the contact, so there is little advantage to my presence when you brief Master Toleda. Thank you,"

Rarely does Adun-Isl consider his slightly antiquitated use of Basic. His parents were scholars, and taught him the formal version of the most widespread langauge in the galaxy. Increasingly Adun-Isl is coming into contact with the more relaxed jargon and turns of phrase that spacers use these days.

Rogue Janson
2 September 2003, 01:44 PM
"I was hoping you could help me track down a man named Tehr Kinta."
Frakes looks around for his superior quickly, then takes Nika aside, trying to get out of the bustle of the landing bay as best as possible. His expression turns a little more serious and thoughtful.

“Kinta’s the slaver, aye? Whole security crew’s lookin’ out for that guy. I dunno what I can do to help … I’m just a repair tech.”
“And we’re overworked at the moment – trying to keep all the patrol ships out all the time.”

“Is there anything you can do for me then Mr. Frakes?” Nika asks.
The former petty officer leans against a landing strut in contemplation, rubbing an oil smear on his jaw.

“I’ll tell you something I heard when I was talking with some of the downlevel maintenance guys. They’ve been called out a couple o’ times to fix up some vents. Seemed like someone had been taking them apart. They reckoned someone must have been goin’ inside – can’t see no other reason for it. Now I’ve been crawled inside there meself once or twice and it ain’t nice. You wouldn’t go in there ‘less you had to.”

Frakes pauses briefly, looking a little uncertain of himself.

“Thing is, the vent system goes into the old sections, that’re normally all sealed up. You’d have to be crazy to try and hide in there, but on the other hand no-one’s gonna come lookin’ for you. ’Course I’m just tryin’ to think of something for you, Lady, I wouldn’t want you goin’ in there just on my say so.”
“Now I’m afraid I’ve gotta get back to my job, before I get in trouble again.”
He starts to walk back to the hyperdrive he was working on.
“You could try checkin’ to see if anyone’s tried opening the blast doors. That’d be the first way if you wanted to get into the old sections.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Bustling down the corridors, the group’s Herglic guide often has to halt and turn sideways to allow people to pass. She makes up for these slowdowns by travelling extra fast along clear stretches. Her size means her pace is rapid and difficult to keep up with. Occasionally she notices someone lagging behind and slows, looking apologetic. But soon she is back up to speed, almost bowling a number of crew members over as they round corners.

They soon reach the quarters allocation for the Jedi and their companions, two four-person cabins, small but neat and well-looked after. Both are along the side of the station, with viewports out into space.

“These are just about the only guest quarters we have spare at the moment,” the ensign informs them. “There is a galley down there,” she points along the corridor, “and freshers just here.”

(OOC: no more favours for Nika for a week)

The Ghost
2 September 2003, 02:03 PM
Mia-Lann looks in, nodding a bit. "A bit of quiet is a good change from that crowded cantina... er." She bites her lip and slips past the others into the room. Pausing to look everything over, she moves to the viewport and stares for a while out into the cold black.

3 September 2003, 05:46 AM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson
“Thing is, the vent system goes into the old sections, that’re normally all sealed up. You’d have to be crazy to try and hide in there, but on the other hand no-one’s gonna come lookin’ for you. ’Course I’m just tryin’ to think of something for you, Lady, I wouldn’t want you goin’ in there just on my say so.”
“Now I’m afraid I’ve gotta get back to my job, before I get in trouble again.”
He starts to walk back to the hyperdrive he was working on.
“You could try checkin’ to see if anyone’s tried opening the blast doors. That’d be the first way if you wanted to get into the old sections.”

"Thank you, Mr. Frakes. I'll remember your assistance to my father. Good luck with your patrol ships." Smiling at the helpful former NCO, Nika departs the way she came, thanking the Deck Officer and the security guard on her way out.

Once she's safely outside their hearing range and into an area where passerby are only infrequent, she opens a channel to Gallagher on her comlink, sending additional copies of her message to the other members of the group. "Everyone, an old friend gave me some very interesting information. It seems downlevel maintenance has been complaining about having to replace vent covers around the sealed off old sections of the station. I think that's where our quarry may be hiding. We should probably pursue the avenue as soon as possible. I'm returning to our accomidations to speak to Master Toleda about the possibility...having station security open up the old sections might be difficult without her leverage." Nika closes the channel but adds an alert in case Gallagher tries to contact her back. Casually, she starts out of the section towards a turbolift.

Vreel Kudarin
4 September 2003, 10:04 AM
Entering one of the cabins, Adun-Isl looks over the accomodations. Now this reminded him of his childhood. The quarters he and his parents had lived in aboard the space station had been of a similar design. Thinking of his former home, Adun-Isl feels his body warm as he tries to block the memories of the Mandalorian attack. The room begins to feel stuffy, so the Draethos shrugs off his dark grey cloak, folding it neatly, and laying it on his bunk. Using a Jedi breathing technique to help calm himself, he sits down, closing his small eyes. The Jedi student soon finds his balance in the Force, and lies back, preparing to sleep.

4 September 2003, 01:52 PM
Thanking the Herglic guide, Gallagher sets off to find Master Toleda with Kanner in tow. On the way, he gets Nika’s message and listens to it twice to understand. He chooses not to reply just yet, instead waiting to hear what Master Toleda has to say.

Kanner Ra'an
4 September 2003, 06:59 PM
As Gallagher and Kanner follow the herglic officer though the much nicer sections of terun station, Kanner thoughts turn within. He cant help but feel uncomfortable here. The cold metal and large groups of people are an unwelcomed change for him. He rarely visited the cities on Tanaab, enjoying the wilds far more. It is in his blood. After we finsih i'm taking a long trip, maybe for a couple monthes this time. No one but me. These sections are starting to become monotonus for Kanner. Though their are differances, he hasn't spent enough time on the station to notice them. Nor would he want to.
Turning his attention away from his thoughts, he notices the leutenant listening to a message on his comlink. Paying attenton now he only catches the last few words. ".....be difficult without her leverage." Reconising the voice as Nika's he asks Flint about it.

" What was that about?" he says in his usual tone, not loud enough for their Herglic guide, who again is getting ahead again, to hear easily.

Rogue Janson
5 September 2003, 03:08 AM
After a short journey in a lift, taking them up several floors, Kanner and Gallagher are soon at one of the station's conference rooms. Inside, Kanner can feel the familiar presence of Master Toleda. He frowns as he notices something else, another person, not as powerful, but assured and aware. Sidestepping laboriously, out of the way of the door, the ensign salutes Gallagher, then activates the pad to open it.

The conference room is a small one, with a table for around eight people in the centre, several data terminals. At the back of the room sits Master Toleda. With her is a human male Kanner recognises as projecting an aura in the Force. Both stand to greet the visitors. Unsurprisingly, they appear to have been expecting Gallagher and Kanner’s arrival.

“Ah, Gallagher, Kanner,” Toleda says warmly and informally. “I would like you to meet our guest Shenjin Sira Ikeda.”

Ikeda gives a courteous bow. Almost entering middle age, he has noble Asiatic features. Of average height, his confidence and carefully measured movements give him an exception air of authority and dignity, while his deep brown eyes make him seem wiser than his years would suggest. He wears a simple tunic and breeches, with a band of material wrapped around his torso. Only this gives any indication of being more than functional, being coloured a deep maroon. His mid-length black hair is kept back with a patterned headband. Gallagher’s sharp eyes note that this seems to have a kind of holder for a jewel or some other item, but that is currently empty.

“Sira Ikeda, Lieutenant Gallagher Flint and Kanner Ra’an. I see you appear to have lost my apprentices and young lady Honaus already?”

Vreel Kudarin
8 September 2003, 12:14 PM
Lying on his back on the bunk, Adun-Isl tries to sleep, but he is having difficulty. He knows it is not the fact he is staying on a space station that is bothering him. The young Draethos feels he has overcome that particular doubt. No, it's Master Toleda. Adun-Isl is not reporting back to his Master. He reminds himself he was not even present for the encounter with one of the runaway slavers. It feels strange though, Lieutenant Flint reporting back to Master Toleda, instead of her closest students, Mia-Lann and Adun-Isl. Master Toleda has gently pushed me to become more independant from time to time, thinks Adun-Isl, I should relax. The Draethos turns on his side, and stares out the tiny porthole window at the stars. Scratching his scaled chin with his hooked fingernails, he closes his black eyes.

8 September 2003, 05:10 PM
Gallagher laughs lightly at the Jedi Master. “No, Master, I have merely put them to bed. Well, except for Nika, she’s quite a handful and definitely one to strike out on her own. But, I get away from myself.”

He turns to the Jedi’s guest. Bowing politely, he makes sure to go lower than the bow with which Ikeda honored him. “It is my honor to meet you, Shenjin Sira Ikeda. I am Gallagher Flint. I am here as an attaché for the Jedi and further for you. Please let me know if I can help you to interface with the station’s staff or residents.”

After a short, silent pause, Gallagher returns his attention to Master Toleda. “Master, I do have some news for you of our progress, when you have a moment.”

Rogue Janson
9 September 2003, 01:51 PM
“Thank you lieutenant, we would be most interested in hearing what progress you have made today. Please sit, if you wish.” Toleda looks past Gallagher at Kanner as she says this, then moves to sit herself. Ikeda, meanwhile, remains standing a short way back from the table. His attention is focused on Kanner and Gallagher, a polite but evaluating gaze.

The Ghost
9 September 2003, 11:20 PM
The ground was soft, and sludge-water crept into the tops of her boots, but she pressed on. The strange sensation that she'd been here, done this before, passed through her and caused an involuntary shivver.

Mia-Lann pressed forth in silence through the wasted land, past sickly trees and rotting vegetation. The place was withered, cold, lonely. Like...
A sudden noise caught her attention and she turned, reeling as the landscape changed suddenly. There was no more swamp. It was a village... It was her village. She looked around, seeing people fleeing in all directions and the cause of it all. Men clad in black, each held something in their hands she knew, but did not know.

The three looked down at the corpse of a woman, cut in half, and the crying child curled up against it. Then they looked up at Mia. She froze in terror, unable to act or think. They approached slowly. One clasped his hands together around the object, and a red beam of light emitted from it. He raised it over his head to swing...


Mia-Lann opened her eyes, finding it hard to breathe. Where was she, what was she doing here? Memory faded in and she looked around the quiet cabin. Slowly, she took in air and then she released it. Tears welled up and slid down her cheeks. Silently she remained there, half-curled up on the bed.

Kanner Ra'an
10 September 2003, 12:18 PM
Kanner take the jedi masters offer and sits, coming down a little heavy on the chair. He is more then aware of her gaze, but as usual says nothing unless he has something he feel is important to add. He does give Ikeda a polite nod but otherwise show little sign of protocal and etiquette.

10 September 2003, 12:35 PM
Gallagher grabs a seat and begins to explain how they started their search. He quickly realizes that Ikeda stares at him very closely, watching and listening for the details. Gallagher shrugs it off and continues his story.

“So that lead us to the Flying Bantha. Nika made some headway, I gather, by talking to a spacer there. Then she took off in search of her quarry. I just checked a comm message from her that said our next search might be the downlevel maintenance areas. But she also said that she’d be headed this way to brief you on the situation, so I opted to come up and we’ll meet here before pursuing that avenue.”

He paused for a moment, taking a breath to get ready to spill his tale. “I had a little more fun at the Flying Bantha. I actually met up with Dreenem’s nephew, Jara. It got dicey for a moment, but in the end he agreed to meet with me tomorrow, alone, at 10.00 in Kir'thi's. He also wants me unarmed. This may be a long shot, but it’s a chance to get him to come in peacefully. I offered to try to help him out on the charges against him, and try to make the most of the situation instead of simply blasting him on sight.”

Rogue Janson
11 September 2003, 04:02 AM
Sira Ikeda breaks his silence to reply to Gallagher's tale in a deliberate and strongly accented voice.
"Your patience and thoughtfulness does you credit, lieutenant Flint, but I do not believe these slave traders will face up to their crimes unless they are forced to."

"Don't let your patience blind you to opportunities that may not come again," Toleda adds, nodding. "It is important this situation is resolved quickly. Though maybe I shouldn't be discouraging a Corellian from being paitent. Don't take any risks in this meeting. There is no telling when Jara Dreenem, or his crewmates, will again consider you a threat."

"I still do not feel this disruption is appropriate. If I understand correctly, slavery is not an uncommon crime in the galaxy," Ikeda says, with a look somewhere between concern and embarassment on his face. Toleda gives him a wave of her hand.

"Commander Nirran would have it no other way. Talking him round would be more trouble than catching these criminals. I trust my students to solve this before we have serious disturbances.
"If you would comm Nika and suggest she retires for the night rather than coming all the way up here; it may be best if we resolve this in the morning, with everyone present. Thank you for your report Gallagher, Kanner. Rest yourselves well."

11 September 2003, 10:05 AM
Rising to take his leave of the Jedi Master and her guest, Gallagher bows politely before slipping out through the door. He retrieves his comlink and places a call to Nika, telling her the plan to meet and react in the morning.

He parts ways with Kanner as they near their transient quarters, and retires for the evening. Stretching out of his jacket, he throws it across a solitary chair at a desk in the room. Over the jacket he leaves his equipment and blaster belt, before sitting on the bed and flipping through channels on the vid-screen. Nothing catches his attention, and so he leaves the entertainment system displaying a grav-ball match with a pair of teams the Correllian does not recognize.

Opening his eyes, he surprises himself by having to rise up from a prone position on his bed. The sports game has long since ended and some infomercial has replaced it, selling wares that he could never imagine anyone needing, much less buying. He looks about the room in a bit of a stupor, and then decides not to bother trying to figure out the local time. He reasons that it cannot yet be morning, so after removing his shirt and boots, dims the lights, flicks off the screen and crawls into his bed for a few restful hours of apparently much needed sleep.

Kanner Ra'an
11 September 2003, 03:50 PM
Kanner enters his room. He goes over the days events several times. In the end he decides to just sleep on it and see what happens tommorow. He is not very tired, so he decides to go for a shower first. He drops the huge Vibroshields to the right of his bed, and places his large blaster pistol on the table beside it. He then takes a long shower. Afterwards he falls on the bed, falling asleep within ten minutes of touching the mattress. Unfortunatly the unatural conditions wake him up more then a few times.

11 September 2003, 06:03 PM
Nika had just entered the level where the Jedi party was accomidated when she received Gallagher's comm message. Shrugging, she retreated to her quarters and slipped into something a bit more comfortable. Focusing her attention on the viewport's starfield, she fell into a state somewhere between meditation and sleep where she could recouperate, but would be aware enough to react if she was needed.


The starfield spun into focus and then began to overwhelm the image, slowly draining the picture to white. Continued study of the white began to reveal eddies and flows within the otherwise solid white pattern. Definitions of persons and objects rippled into focus as Nika got the hang of observing the field of white.

As she did, she began exploring her white surroundings, discovering that she could move her awareness about the white field somewhat. Looking back, she could even make out the ebb and flow around her own body. A little confused by the events, she slowly let the starfield drain out of focus and returned to a more passive sort of meditation...

Rogue Janson
14 September 2003, 04:27 AM
One by one, the Jedi and their allies wake to a new morning. Though there is little special about a new day on a space station. Suitably rested - or not - they dress, freshen up, and make their way to the nearby mess hall for breakfast. Spindly service droids dole out portions of food, while an angry chef of a species no-one recognises shouts orders to all and sundry. As he does this, he balances an extroardinary array of plates and dishes full of food, sampling them and laying them out for the droids, his long tongue shooting out to grab morsels of food. Somehow he doesn't seem to notice that most people go for the basic foods on offer, supplied in large tubs or bowls, rather than whatever delicacies he and his staff have prepared.

"Yousa callin' dese pik eggs done? Mesa seen better brekky in a swamp! Yousa gonna be makin' dem sunny side up or mesa gonna give you a bombad crunchin!"

For some reason the frying machine this attack is directed at does not seem bothered.

Sitting a safe distance from this vision of culinary anger, and a little way from any of the rooms other occupants is Master Toleda. She sips on a cup of fruit juice and watches the room around her as she waits for her students to arrive.

Vreel Kudarin
14 September 2003, 12:54 PM
Momentarily intrigued by the strange non-Human chef's activities, Adun-Isl scans the room, standing amongst his fellow Force-users. Spotting Master Toleda, he begins to walk over, hands in opposite sleeves of his volumous slate-grey cloak, hooded head lowered. Reaching her table, he bows slightly.

"Good morning, Master Toleda," comes his deep voice, reverberating from his scaled purple throat. Inside his cloak, his stomach rumbles, eager for breakfast. He hopes his Master did not hear. Jedi should have more important priorities, he supposes.

14 September 2003, 08:09 PM
Taking her time and finding a couple of dishes of relatively edible food, Nika wanders over to Master Toleda at a rather languid pace, unsurprised to find someone has beaten her there.

Handing one of the platters of fruit and sweetbread to him she offers the other to Master Toleda while greeting her cheerfully. She finds a seat and slides into it, prepared to wait for the rest of the group to arrive before broaching any sort of case-related business.

Kanner Ra'an
15 September 2003, 11:36 AM
Kanner walks towards the others sitting by Master Toleda with two plates of food in his hands. He gives a half hearted greeting to the others as he arrives. Without really putting much thought into it, he choses a spot and sets down his plates, both full of delicious smelling food, mostly meat. He eagerly starts on some crispy bantha strips and chokes down a half glass of some drink even he does not reconise.

The Ghost
16 September 2003, 02:02 AM
Short hair tied back out of her face, face washed and fresh robes. Mia-Lann Saar stands quietly behind her master, slightly to the right. Eyes close as she listens to the movement of sentients all about her.

Rogue Janson
16 September 2003, 12:17 PM
Gallagher arrives last, grabbing a cup of caf and hurrying over to the group. He gratefully takes one of the sweetbreads Nika offers, but remains standing, mirroring Nika's position on the other side of the table.

“Eat well,” Master Toleda begins, “this could be a busy day for all of you.
“As I understand it Gallagher has arranged to meet Jara Dreenem, having persuaded him he will help with the authorities. Whether or not Dreenem believes this, we can’t be sure, so it would be wise not to take any risks.
“Nika has suspicions someone may be hiding in the abandoned areas of the station. I have spoken to Commander Nirran and he has authorised maintenance to open up a blast door for you, though he was very agitated at the thought of anyone going in. The centre of the station, apparently, can be a hazardous place. If you could explain your information Nika, then we can decide how you can all best help.”

16 September 2003, 12:54 PM
Nodding, Nika replies "Certainly, Master Toleda." She takes a sip of water and continues "I searched out a friend yesterday seeking the sort of scuttlebutt only a station native would know. Fortunately, his information was worth the trip, and he mentioned that downlevel maintenance had been complaining about having to replace the ventilation covers. They suspected someone had been removing them to travel to and from the center of the station."

Pausing to make sure this has sunk in, she smiles and says, "My friend also believed the person most likely to be hiding there is Tehr Kinta. My smuggler friend from the Bantha mentioned that Kinta was not the sort to be trifled with. Real bad attitude and quick to anger, apparently. Not well-liked from what he mentioned. So it follows a safe line of thinking that Kinta would be the person hiding out in the station center."

She leaned back in her seat, draping her left arm over the seatback and finished with "I'm interested in pursuing him immediately, but he's essentially a cornered rodent down there. He's not going anywhere we can't track now, but he's not going to be easy to flush out. So we should consider carefully how we want to approach Kinta before actually doing so."

Collecting a bit of stray hair and re-securing it behind her ear, she glanced at Master Toleda, signalling she was finished.

Kanner Ra'an
16 September 2003, 02:10 PM
Looking up from his fried bellest root, Kanner says " That about as solid a lead as we have so far." He takes a second and puts a few more of the tasty roots in his mouth, chews and swallows.

" If he is like you friend says though, we better be prepared to take him down if we go in there. A prey is most dangerous when cornered, and this guy knows hes being hunted." He pauses for a second. Takes a drink again, this time completely draining his glass, then starts again.

" I think Nika's right. We should go after this guy as soon as we can. If theirs any doubt, im volenteering." With that he finishes, satisfied that he's said everything he needs to.

16 September 2003, 09:34 PM
Gallagher frowns, pausing for a moment. “Eh, I don’t think I should join the group. One, Jara is already going to be waiting for me. I also don’t want to get involved in something and then not be able to make my meeting. I’m sure that as a group, you all can handle yourselves. That will leave me free to pursue these other options.” He faces the Jedi Master and sips his coffee. Putting the cup near his waste, he speaks again, “Master, with your permission, I’ll let the group go, and I’ll follow up this other lead.”

Rogue Janson
17 September 2003, 03:22 AM
"I believe Nika is right," Master Toleda interjects, "if Tehr Kinta is hiding out, he will not be going anywhere. Therefore you will do better directing all your attention on Jara Dreenem, before looking for Kinta. Certainly I don't think it would be wise for Gallagher to meet Dreenem on without help nearby. Remember you have not seen the remaining slaver, Spekran-Fas. For him to intervene and catch any of you unawares could be dangerous."

Vega Secure'A
17 September 2003, 11:04 PM

Rogue Janson
18 September 2003, 03:43 AM

Vreel Kudarin
18 September 2003, 09:10 AM
Adun-Isl, having thanked Nika for the plate of food she handed him, sits close to Master Toleda, and listens silently to the others as they discuss the plan for the day. His body briefly surges with energy at the prospect of exploring the inner zones of Teruan Station. If there is one thing my Jedi studies have lacked so far, it's adventure, thinks the young Draethos, At least it would be quieter and less crowded in the central section.

However, after Master Toleda advises that the group concentrate on the meeting with Dreenem first, Adun-Isl calms himself. He supposes that the group will have to disperse nearby again. Dreenem would likely be intimidated by a large group accompanying Lieutenant Flint. Then, if anything goes wrong, there will be Jedi on hand to solve the problem. Preventing calamities is supposed to be a speciality of the Jedi.

18 September 2003, 11:17 AM
"Probably the most prudent course." Nika replied. "It may be easy to coerce Kinta into surrender if he knows we've already got Jara."

She reaches into her boot, pulls out a knife and uses it to slice open some sort of ripe fruit. "I'm prepared for either situation, I think. So we'll assist Lieutenant Flint first."

Kanner Ra'an
18 September 2003, 11:38 AM
" I'd go with the two groups." He says, not really minding that he's contradicting the Jedi master. " We were all at the bar when Flint approched him. If he spots us he's gonna get real suspisious and bolt. Im not saying he should go alone, but the more of us their the more likly he'll spot one of us."

18 September 2003, 01:35 PM
Gallagher cocks his head, surprised at the responses. He had been expecting to go into this meeting completely alone, not with the entire group behind him. Looking around at their faces for a moment, he thinks. “Okay, I guess we’re going to have a much larger party than I had expected. If that’s the case, then we need to approach this carefully. Small groups of you guys need to go in ahead or behind of me, but I should go alone. And with you all there, I’m going unarmed. I don’t think Jara wants me dead anyway, he had a better opportunity to do it yesterday than he will today.”

He takes a sip of his stimcaf and continues, “But then we also have to consider that he likely won’t let me just sit out in the open for our discussion. So I want to know how good your skills are. Can you keep a bead on me to know how I’m doing if I’m in another room? That way I can move out of the main view, not have any bugs on me, and you can still come to my aid if need be. How does that sound?”

The Ghost
18 September 2003, 05:57 PM
hesitantly, Mia-Lann looks to her master then at the others. "i'll do what i can to help, though i'm not sure what that might be." she says lowly.

one thought immediately springs to mind and she pushes it away, knowing how badly it would turn out for her. The others seemed so sure of themselves, how was she to match their abilities. She wasn't even a Jedi yet.

Vreel Kudarin
19 September 2003, 10:02 AM
Adun-Isl feels a brief spark of something akin to indignation at Gallagher's questioning of his skills. Sometimes he thinks the Auxiliary Officer forgets the unique abilities of trained Jedi. He is a go-between, not a babysitter. However, Adun-Isl quickly cools his feelings. Pride could be dangerous, and a Jedi should remain calm and emotionless if he or she is to act in the best interests of the galaxy.

"I was not present for your encounter with Jara Dreenem, Lieutenant Flint, so I think there is little chance of my presence arousing suspicion. I believe I should be able to keep a low profile whilst monitoring your meeting with Dreenem," responds Adun-Isl quietly, sitting next to his Master. Though he is sure of his abilities of awareness, he finds it difficult to meet Gallagher's gaze.

Rogue Janson
19 September 2003, 12:32 PM
Master Toleda laughs gently, breaking out of a contemplative pose.

"I'm sure my students will keep you under close supervision, Gallagher. And Adun-Isl is right that Dreenem will not know him, even if he does recognise the others as your associates. It may be worth concealing your appearances somewhat before you go."

Toleda stands and spreads her hands out to the group.

"Be careful. This station has more dangers than three fugitive slavers. May the Force be with you."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Adun-Isl looks over Kir’thi’s bar from a walkway a storey up from a nominal ‘ground-level’. The bar seems to be made up of maybe half-dozen assorted rooms all linked together. From where he stands, he can see three different doors bearing the name of the establishment – one to his left, linked to the walkway he is on by a short bridge, one directly opposite him a level down and the opening to a corridor heading off diagonally right.

A fairly steady flow of people passes along the way that runs past the bar; parallel to the walkway Adun-Isl is on. He notices that generally only the more dangerous looking ones enter the Kir’thi’s. That and the multitude of exits – there could be more round the rear of the bar – could be reasons why Dreenem picked this location for meeting Gallagher Flint.

21 September 2003, 05:56 AM
Gallagher accepts the end decision and plan, although he does not feel that all of the Jedi should join him. In his mind, the more around, the more likely something will go wrong. However, the Jedi Master made up her mind, and he acknowledges her decision.

After dropping off his blaster in his quarters, Gallagher takes off on his own to the meeting spot. He arrives an hour before the agreed time, and finds himself a table near the door to watch for Jara. While the Corellian enjoys an ale from his homeworld, he also keeps his eyes open for the Jedi to arrive and take their positions.

21 September 2003, 06:54 AM
Having returned to her room to slip into something less conspicuous, as Master Toleda had advised, Nika found herself looking at the starfield again. Sighing and shifting her focus from the starfield to herself, she was satisfied she'd be less-than-obvious in the dark blue slacks, black spacer's boots and the heavy nerfhide jacket that was so ubiquitous amongst smugglers. She threw her hair back into a sloppy ponytail, and used some spare blaster grease to dirty herself up.

Again looking at her reflection in the viewport she giggled. She used to get dressed up like this and sneak off the manse to have a little fun with the cadets at home. She turned around, checking that everything fit right -- it was one thing to dress grungy, it was something else to dress poorly -- and replaced her bootknives into the spacer's boots and placed her blaster pistol in the low-slung hip holster. She also grabbed a stun baton and hid it up her left sleeve, being careful that it didn't inhibit free motion but could still drop out.

She slipped out of her quarters and took the back way out of the residence area, slipping through maintenance passageways to the meeting location. She had to have faith that the Jedi students would make their way there too. Passing through the seedy sections of Teruan station, she had to fend off several would-be suitors who thought she was genuinely some sort of fringe low-life. She wanted to giggle at their bravado, but it wouldn't fit her rough-and-tumble smuggler look. After a while she found herself approaching the intended destination, and found a place just outside one of the entrances where she could observe most of the interior without actually entering. She could see Lieutenant Flint sitting and waiting.

Settling in to wait for Jara Dreenem, Nika continued to fend off some of the more persistant suitors and almost blushed at some of the propositions. She avoided resorting to violence and creating a scene, trying to keep her eyes on the interior and Gallagher.

The Ghost
21 September 2003, 07:07 AM
Changing, she knew, wasn't going to be of much help, as she looked in the mirror. She pondered for quite a while and decided upon her own course of action, pulling a pair of black gloves on. Stopping to speak with some of the security officers, she acquired two blaster pistols that she hid in the small of her back, tucked into the waistband of her belt. She commed the others then, informing them of where she would be and what she was carrying "just in case."

With some trouble, she found the place, and snuck about the back alley, and waited.

It was empty and dirty, but quieter than the main walkways. Her gloves itched slightly, but it was a better precaution than touching used blasters. Who knew what horrid experiences they held within their memories. And if nothing, Mia-Lann knew about memories of many things. even something like a blaster had a history, and few were ever pleasant.

She slumped down against the wall, pulling her hood up over her head, counting in her head to clear the thoughts away.

Kanner Ra'an
21 September 2003, 07:40 AM
After accepting the jedi masters desion Kanner returned to his quarters. Grabbing a pair of black pants, white shirt, leather fingerless gloves, and a black batha hide jacket that hung to just over his knees. He puts on his blaster belt, keeping the large gun on his left side with the grip forward so its easier to draw. Even though they are distinctive weapons, he takes the large vibroshields and puts them into their holding position on his upper arm. Last he takes his vibrodagger and puts it in its usual hiding spot under his right arm. Looking at himself in the mirror in his room, he cant help but crack a smile at how well he replicated the merc look.

Quickly leaving after dressing he heads to the meeting place. Though he was slightly delayed by having to deal with a skrilling who didn't understand he didn't want to sell his vibroshields, he arrives around the same time as the Jedi and Gallagher. Scanning the area, he spots the bar and heads towards it. The big Korunnai moves a Duros out of the way and orders a P.L.K, having heard the drink was good, if slightly expensive. He pays using a few credits provided by the stations staff, and procedes to flirt with a Zabrak female, doing his best to blend in to the surroundings.

Rogue Janson
22 September 2003, 12:04 PM
The occupants of Kir’thi’s are a distinctly rough looking assortment of low-lifes of all species. Most sit or stand around drinking, as if simply passing the time, but a large minority are clearly involved in the sort of dealing and negotiating that occurs in a million bars across the galaxy that serve as meeting places for the underworld. Unsurprisingly, those snatches of conversation that can be heard normally seem to relate to the embargo operating on the station. Occasionally raised voices and even scuffles can be heard in one or more of the side rooms. The bartender is a massive droid seemingly converted from some kind of war robot. A dark, sandy yellow, it’s back is a hunched, armoured shell, making it appear somewhat beetle-like. This impression is reinforced by the droid’s four arms – two with hand-like manipulators that it uses for serving drinks and two with pincers that look like they would crush any glasses they attempted to pick up.

Unlike the Flying Bantha, many of the customers in Kir’thi’s take a clear interest in newcomers. This dies down after a while, but suspicious eyes still glance towards Kanner, Gallagher and Nika from time to time.

Vreel Kudarin
23 September 2003, 10:00 AM
Passersby outside Kir'thi's shift and gossip, deal, laugh, shout, and drink below Adun-Isl as he stands on the walkway overlooking the front of the bar. Leaning heavily on the safety rail, Adun-Isl tries his best to look casual as he scans the area with his keen, beady eyes from inside his hood. His dark-grey Jedi robe is tied around his waist with a wide brown belt, leaving most of the material gathered behind his legs. His ochre trousers are loose about the thighs, but gathered halfway up his shins where his black, metal-plated boots end. His ornate lightsaber hilt is concealed at his back, out of sight.

One by one, he sees the others enter the bar. Adun-Isl breates deeply, in an attempt to calm his nerves, then makes his way over the short bridge, into a first-floor room of [I]Kir'thi's[I]. With slight annoyance, he realises there is no balcony overlooking the main floor of the bar, and begins to stroll on through the busy room, heading for the stairs, all the time keeping his senses finely tuned for trouble.

Rogue Janson
23 September 2003, 11:55 AM
While Gallagher is slowly sipping through yet another glass of ale, Jara Dreenem enters the bar. He looks around calmly, but Gallagher has enough experience with Duros to recognise the tension in his muscles that gives away his nervousness. Giving a slight nod to Gallagher, Jara motions for him to follow, then leads him up the stairs to the second storey of the Kir’thi’s. He takes a table directly to the left and sits with his back to them, facing the outer wall of the room.

“So tell me about yourself Mr. do-gooder,” he asks Gallagher. Jara’s voice is contemptuous and his eyes suspicious. For Gallagher the only consolation is that he has actually come to the meeting at all, suggesting perhaps he can be won over. “What can you say to convince me you’re not an undercover security man or a Republic snitch?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Around the back of Kir’thi’s, Mia-Lan hears the metallic clang of boots on the deck as someone comes up the narrow corridor. Turning, she sees a large figure, dressed in loose dark brown trousers and tunic, with a shirt of banded red leather covering his torso. It is an alien, she can tell from the leathery orange skin, and a male one. He carries a dull silver force pike slung under one arm like a lance. The figure’s face is covered by a scarf so it is not until he has stared at her for a few seconds that recognition flashes through Mia’s mind. By this time, a glint in the Klatooinian’s eyes shows he clearly has an idea who she is as well.

“Hello little girl, what are you doing here?” Spekran-Fas asks. Though his mouth is covered, Mia can tell it is forming a malicious grin. Without having to reach out through the Force, she can feel the sadistic pleasure he takes in intimidation, the urge to carry out violence. Barely half a dozen metres away, Fas swings the force pike up so that he holds it like a staff and steps towards Mia-Lan.

Vreel Kudarin
24 September 2003, 10:44 AM
A few seconds before he reaches the stairs down to the bar, Adun-Isl spots Gallagher and Jara ascending. Pausing momentarily to compose himself, the Draethos Jedi student then walks on, passing the Jedi Aux. officer and their target without any sign of acknowledgement. He carries on down to the busy bar, sidling into a space. Head bowed, he waits until the unusual droid bartender thuds over in his direction, then asks for a pint of lum over the din of conversation. Collecting his drink and sliding a couple of Republic credits onto the counter, Adun-Isl then walks back upstairs, all the time watching the patrons about him carefully, trying to listen in to conversations he passes.

Sipping his lum, one clawed hand loose at his side, Adun-Isl looks about for an empty table on the opposite side of the room from Lieutenant Flint and Jara Dreenem, from where he can observe the proceedings. He hopes he won't have to sit with anyone, which could distract his attention.

24 September 2003, 12:41 PM
Seeing that Jara and Gallagher are moving into an area of the bar out of her range of visibility, she grabs a random passerby, hitches her arm through his and begins walking around the bar, looking for a vantage point that gives her a better angle.

Making small talk with the unfortunate guy who happened to be walking by, she keeps her attention firmly on the task at hand, and her hand firmly on her unwitting accomplice's.

The Ghost
24 September 2003, 01:54 PM
Mia's mind whirrs a thousand kilometers a minute as she staggers to her feet, backing away a few steps.

"i... i was just resting here. No crime in that, is there?" She says, letting a good deal of nervousness creep into her voice. Not to say that she was cool and collected, no. She just wasn't afraid of this person, but letting him think she was could prove useful. She made herself look smaller, hugging her waist inside the robe as it enveloped her. Hand on the lightsabre unhooking it. "You, you don't really want to hurt me do you?" She asked, pleading eyes staring up at the vicious being.

one thought rang through her senses, reaching out past the alleyway, hopefully to its intended recipient.


Telepathy mod +4
knocks me down 3vp either way.

27 September 2003, 05:38 AM
Gallagher sighs at Jara’s questions. “Nothing,” he replies simply. “I cannot change your mind unless you want it to be changed. But I came when and where you requested, and unarmed to boot. Although I must say that the last part puts me off a bit; not because I think I’ll need a weapon in this encounter, but it’s the getting back to my temporary quarters that makes me nervous.”

As he speaks, Gallagher attempts again to probe lightly into Jara’s emotions. If he gets a sense of what the Duro feels, the knowledge could prove valuable. But he continues with his side of the conversation. “So, in the nature of good will, I want to tell you something up front. One, I’m certain you have backup here. Two, I think I might. Some of my friends were less than eager to let me come here alone. I tried not to let them follow me, but I can’t be certain they didn’t.”

Gallagher keeps his hands above and on the table, in a very non-confrontational manner. He exposes his palms to Jara, occasionally rotating them to the ceiling, and then back to face the nervous spacer. “What you do want to know is that I met with your uncle and he told me he was worried about you - probably because if the Republic security forces get to you before I did, they might shoot first and ask questions later. They seem to have a belief that you are an evil outlaw, with no respect for them and would want to shoot them on sight. So, I told your uncle I’d try to help you out. That’s my story.”

Rogue Janson
27 September 2003, 12:10 PM
Nika first notices she may have made a mistake when she finds herself being led rather than leading. The man she has picked on – a fellow of average height, with a close shaved and remarkably ovoid head – has seized her hand with a firm grip.
“You just come round ‘ere with me,” he tells Nika insistently. “I’ve got a good table for two.”
Though a little unwilling, Nika goes along with the man, not having an opportunity to break away. On the plus side, the table he chooses does allow her to watch Gallagher.
“The names Darv M’llair. What’s yours, darling?”

Something about ‘Darv’ suddenly makes Nika rather worried.

Down by the bar, Kanner has also attracted attention. Though the skrilling he met earlier has mercifully not reappeared, someone else has noticed his imposing vibroshields. A Krish of at least Kanner’s stature approaches him. The alien has an energetic and edgy manner, possibly influenced by drugs or alcohol and wears a brace of vibrodaggers across his chest. He sways and paces slightly, like a boxer, while he talks to Kanner.

“Hey big man. I’ve no seen you here before. Are ye looking for work, aye? Well how’d ye like to join the Black Hand mercs? We’ll give you a trial out an’ you’ll be in no problem.”

As he sways, the Krish taps Kanner repeatedly on the shoulder and chest in a way that is disconcerting, if not yet aggressive.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“So you expect me to just give myself up because you say you’ll help me out? I’ve not been caught yet!” For a second, Jara’s arrogance and petulance remind Gallagher of his age as he leans over the table, his voice low and his red eyes wide in defiance.. “The Republic Security forces could hit the side of a Bantha and couldn’t catch the Cardooine chills. Maybe I’ll need your help if they catch me, pal, but not before.”
With that, he stands and turns to head down the stairs.

Gallagher struggles to read the Duros, both with his eyes and ears and through the Force. The flashes of emotion he gets from Jara give him clues but don’t let him piece them together. To take the risk of arranging a meeting and then to dismiss it do quickly seems stupid, but he just can’t tell whether the Duros was really expecting different, or is trying to extract a solid concession from him or even what sort of concession he could offer. He does spot Jara’s hand straying to his beltline as he rises though, a place where a weapon could easily be concealed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The tables in the upper rooms seem fairly busy to Adun-Isl. Just as he spots one free, Nika lead by some random bar patron flash past and take it. He weaves his way a little further in on the chance he has missed a table.

"i... i was just resting here. No crime in that, is there?"
"You, you don't really want to hurt me do you?"
“Of course I want to hurt you. That’s what I do. And who’s going to know, who’s going to care?”
Taking a deliberate look around at the empty corridor to emphasise the point, Spekran-Fas advances to within a metre of Mia-Lann.

The thought that jumps into his mind is alarmed but not panicked. Naturally telepathic and used to Jedi, Adun-Isl does not waste effort looking around for Mia-Lann, instead concentrating to make sure he is in control. Through the Force, he can easily feel her presence, where she has taken up position behind the bar, a sense of urgency still reaching out to him. In the alley, Mia-Lann knows she has contact with her fellow student.

(OOC: Mia-Lann –2VPs, Gallagher –2VPs; Nika is at the corner down and to the left from the stairs.)

The Ghost
27 September 2003, 03:51 PM
"A few people would know." She said with a frown.

Her hand tensed as he closed in, eyes focusing on the force pike and then she struck, turning from prey to predator. The snap-hiss of her lightsabre coming to life as she swung at the weapon.

using Attack An Object vs his weapon to lop it in half.
+7 to attack with lightsabre.

Kanner Ra'an
28 September 2003, 09:53 AM
“Hey big man. I’ve no seen you here before. Are ye looking for work, aye? Well how’d ye like to join the Black Hand mercs? We’ll give you a trial out an’ you’ll be in no problem.”

Kanner turns from the Zabrak woman to face the Krish. The alien is obviously under the influence of something, and could possible blow his cover. He is a fighter though, so intimidation or a brawl isn't going to solve this. Frag it. I'll just play along. Hope this guy is to hopped up un clephane that he has no clue what im talking about. With that thought though he realizes he knows nothing about this group, the black hand mercenaries.

" Am always looking for work, I. Tell me about Black Hand mercenaries, you should. Heard something about you guys, think I. Been while though. Fighting in the outer territories for a while time, I. Not very up to date." he speaks in his Korunnai version of basic that he tried for such a long time to get rid of. The fact that it will add to his lie about having spent a long time in the colonies and expansion region though makes it quite useful.

28 September 2003, 05:01 PM
Taking a moment to get a look at the man across the table from her, Nika responds "Nika Ren," and keeps a rather stern expression on her face as she tries to keep an eye on Gallagher and Dreneem.

Darv asks her something about what she's doing on Teruan, but Nika isn't really paying a whole lot of attention to him.

"I'm a first mate on a light transport out of Anaxes," she replies instantly, falling into a pre-fabricated story she had put together with her father in case of a sketchy situation like this one. Her attention, however, remained squarely on Gallagher and she wasn't watching Darv for his reactions.

29 September 2003, 01:54 AM
Gallagher wonders how far he can take the situation he is in without getting himself killed. Dismissing the odds, he calls out again, “My offer is not good, if the Republic has already caught you. At that point, I lose my leverage.” He lets Jara take another few paces and throws out, “I guess that means you know that they’ve brought in Jedi to look for you now, don’t you?”

Vreel Kudarin
30 September 2003, 09:19 AM
Shocked at the psychic cry for aid, Adun-Isl almost drops his pint of lum. Handing the drink off to a slightly startled Human male, the Draethos Jedi student whirls about, hustling down the stairs, trying to avoid knocking into bypassers, but making speed his priority. He rushes out the front door, and heads for the back of Kirthi's. Bounding into the alley, Adun-Isl quickly attempts to assess the situation. His scaled vermillion hand reaches back under his gathered cloak for the pommel of his lightsaber, unclipping the weapon from his belt. In front of him, Mia-Lann sweeps her incandescent energy blade through the air at her apparent attacker.

Rogue Janson
1 October 2003, 04:46 AM
" Am always looking for work, I. Tell me about Black Hand mercenaries, you should. Heard something about you guys, think I. Been while though. Fighting in the outer territories for a while time, I. Not very up to date."
Impossibly, the Krish’s perpetual grin becomes even wider at Kanner’s reaction.
“We’re the best merc company around these parts. Worked for everyone – pulled a few missions for the Hutts not long ago. Aye, we’ve even worked for the Corroi cluster pirates. Whatd’you say?”
Before Kanner can respond to this, he is distracted by the sight of Adun-Isl dashing through the bar and out the door. Several curses follow the Draethos from people whom he has clipped or whose drinks he has knocked.

With speed and precision, Mia-Lann draws and ignites her lightsabre, the blade seeming to leap out from centrifugal force as she swings it up. Spekran-Fas gives a grunt of surprise and slashes his force pike at her. Too late the Klatooinian realises his weapon is her target as Mia parries forcefully, her sabre shearing clean through the pike’s metal shaft with a shower of sparks. While the lower section remains in Fas’ hands, the upper part scatters off to one side, clattering on the deck.

Rather than backing off however, Spekran-Fas lets out an angry cry and slams himself into Mia. Though she manages to bring her lightsabre back down, burning into the flesh of his arm with a sickening hiss, he still impacts with considerable force, knocking Mia off her feat and into a bulkhead. With Mia-Lann down, he rushes past her down the corridor, clutching a hand to his wounded arm.

“My offer is not good, if the Republic has already caught you. At that point, I lose my leverage.
“I guess that means you know that they’ve brought in Jedi to look for you now, don’t you?”
Jara, now partially down the stairs stops as Gallagher finishes. Before Gallagher can gauge any reaction, he hears something faintly over the noise of the bar, a shout of anger or pain. Whatever it is, Jara hears it as well, as he sprints off down the stairs a second later.

Either taking Kanner's silence as assent or simply inebriated and over-enthusiastic, the Krish merc calls out to friends in the bar.
“Looks like we might have a new recruit lads! How’s aboot we put him to the test!”
At this suggestion, several tables reveal themselves to be mercenaries by raising their glasses in support. The bar’s other occupants look slightly less enthusiastic.

Suddenly, Jara Dreenem hurtles down the stairs. Dodging his way through tables and drinkers, he pushes several aside and vaults over the bar, ignoring the bartender’s shout of protest. Several bottles and glasses are sent flying by the young Duros, to shatter on the ground or against the wall, but he manages to evade the bartender’s wildly grasping pincers and disappears into the bar’s back-room.

Meanwhile, back up stairs, Darv M’llair remains enraptured, talking about himself and not seeming to notice, for now, Nika’s lack of attention.

Kanner Ra'an
5 October 2003, 07:12 PM
Oh Frag.

Theirs lots of them.


Kanner metally debates his options. A second a go he would have just dissmissed the mercenary. However seeing he has lots of friends changes the situation.

" Frag. Draethos buddy in trouble 'gain." He says motioning to Adun-Isl as the jedi move in an obvious hurry. " Made promise to watch out for him, did i." he says as though he didn't really want to leave the group of drunken fighters. "Be back in one second, then we talk iniation." Wanting to make sure the merc beleives him he decides on one more thing. " If cant make back in time comm, I." realising he doesn't have a comm-link he gives him the next best thing, Nika's comm number.

With that he starts heading after the alien Jedi, finding it much easier as people seem much more inclined to move when your as big as him.

The Ghost
6 October 2003, 12:31 PM
Mia-Lann stands, visibly shaken by the blow. Her lightsaber turns off as she holds her head with one hand, dazed from hitting it against the bulkhead.

As Adun-Isl comes through she points the way Fas went. "He went that way, i got him on the arm."

6 October 2003, 06:29 PM
Nika stands up tries to catch Kanner's eye, but the big Korunnai is focused on Adun-Isl's back.

Glancing at Darv she sort of smiles and says, "I need to go help a shipmate out." Having acknowledged his presence, she begins to move toward the stairway.

Vreel Kudarin
8 October 2003, 12:24 PM
Nodding at Mia, then dashing off in the direction she indicated, Adun-Isl sprints with his black lightsaber hilt in his left hand. Senses open and keen, Adun-Isl reaches out in the Force to best follow Mia's attacker as he weaves his way through the corridors of the station. He hopes his fellow Force students will not be far behind.

8 October 2003, 03:08 PM

Chasing wildly after Jara, Gallagher attempts to keep pace, disregarding the chaos erupting around him. “Jara! Wait!”

Rogue Janson
11 October 2003, 08:44 AM
Like so many bar fights, it is impossible to tell who strikes the first blow in Kir’thi’s, but within moments the place is in uproar. The fighting spreads like a disease, from table to table and into the other rooms. The bar’s occupants leap, lumber or stagger to their feet. Some eagerly join the spirit of things, immediately laying into the nearest target, others keep their heads down and picking their way towards the exits.

Bare seconds behind Jara Dreenem, Gallagher finds himself having to dodge attacks, both aimed at him and those aimed at others. An alien with whip-like tentacles lashes out at him, but he runs on past the strike, immediately having to duck as a metal chair sails past his head. Reaching the bar, he jumps up onto it and off the other side, picking up speed as he dashes into the backroom. Once again, the droid bartender’s bulky claws snap away, but are unable to catch him.

" Frag. Draethos buddy in trouble 'gain. Made promise to watch out for him, did i. Be back in one second, then we talk iniation. If cant make back in time comm, I."
The Krish mercenary simply grins in response to Kanner, making no motion to stop him. Already, the fight has begun to develop, with clear space appearing around especially tough individuals and more coordinated groups. The black hand mercs are one such group, pushing outwards aggressively, appearing intent to expand their ‘territory’ from the tables they occupied.
Though there are only half a dozen metres between Kanner and the door, the route is filled with a swirling mass of combatants. At first, he elbows several aside, but before he is able to get out, a strong hand grabs his shoulder and spins him round. Kanner finds himself facing the chitinous orange head of a semi-crustacean Nordap. A Nordap in the middle of roundhouse punch which he barely manages to dodge. Only the trailing feelers on the alien’s hand make contact, stinging Kanner’s face.

Gallagher is close enough behind to see Jara Dreenem’s head jerk with surprise as he sees Mia just outside. Still, he recovers well, sprinting past her before she can make a move, down the corridor Spekran-Fas has just fled along.

Adun-Isl’s breath comes hard as he runs after the Klatooinian, but he finds himself slipping into a state of relaxation. Though he can see Spekran-Fas thirty metres, Adun-Isl has reached out for – and found - him in the Force. In doing so, he has found something more. He can feel Fas’ anger and his pain, but these emotions, so dangerous for a Jedi, are balanced by the calm Adun-Isl feels, for once sure in his purpose and his abilities. He senses Gallagher somewhere behind him, rushing to catch up, Mia still standing, gathering herself together, Kanner and Nika slightly more distant but determined.

Coming to the end of the corridor, Spekran-Fas breaks left. Adun-Isl hears a challenge, followed by a loud retort, in a language that could be Huttese. Then he rounds the corner to see Fas slipping through a doorway, with an agitated looking green Nikto standing guard outside it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Still in the upper room of Kir’thi’s, Nika finds herself in an unexpectedly dangerous situation. Before she can get more than a couple of paces away, Darv takes her by the arm, holding her firmly. Twisting round to look at him, Nika glimpses a vibrodagger in his other hand, pointed at her back.

“You just come with me pretty,” he tells her.

With the disruption around, none of the other patrons seem to notice Nika’s situation.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back down in the main room, some new subroutine appears to have kicked in for the bartender.


(OOC: Kanner –6VPs, Adun-Isl –1VP)

11 October 2003, 09:47 AM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson
Still in the upper room of Kir’thi’s, Nika finds herself in an unexpectedly dangerous situation. Before she can get more than a couple of paces away, Darv takes her by the arm, holding her firmly. Twisting round to look at him, Nika glimpses a vibrodagger in his other hand, pointed at her back.

“You just come with me pretty,” he tells her.

With the disruption around, none of the other patrons seem to notice Nika’s situation.

Fortunately for Nika, her martial training hasn't been lax. Shifting her weight viciously, she lashes out at Darv with her free elbow, trying to knock the wind out of him.

Kanner Ra'an
11 October 2003, 11:28 AM
Though there are only half a dozen metres between Kanner and the door, the route is filled with a swirling mass of combatants. At first, he elbows several aside, but before he is able to get out, a strong hand grabs his shoulder and spins him round. Kanner finds himself facing the chitinous orange head of a semi-crustacean Nordap. A Nordap in the middle of roundhouse punch which he barely manages to dodge. Only the trailing feelers on the alien’s hand make contact, stinging Kanner’s face.

Kanner ingnores the stinging sensation on his face. " You fraggin son of a gundark." Instinctivly he uses the force, drawing power to his already powerful muscles. Though not visible under his jacket, his muscles start to enlarge. Feeling the power surging through him he launches an unbeleviably hard punch at the Nordap attacker.

OOC: taking ten on enhance ability (strength) making it +4 instead of +2, and using power attack(+2 damage, -2 attack.)

The Ghost
11 October 2003, 12:15 PM
Seeing Gallagher coming, Mia draws the blaster from its hidden spot, breaking into a run beside him.

"Here." she says, handing it off and glad to have it out of her hands.

She winces slightly for a split second and then shakes it off, continuing pursuit.

Vreel Kudarin
13 October 2003, 10:49 AM
"You must let me pass," states Adun-Isl, striding toward the veridian-skinned Nikto, speaking with as much confidence as he can muster. The hilt of his lightsaber hangs in his left hand, one finger ready to slide the activation plate and ignite the energy blade should he need to defend himself. Adun-Isl doesn't want to lose track of Spekran-Fas. He must deal with this Nikto quickly and efficiently. The young Draethos is about to discover if he can effectively apply the teachings of Master Toleda.

Taking a deep breath, Adun-Isl comes to a halt before the Nikto guard, and draws the power of the Force into himself, sharpening his mental prowess in anticipation of possible combat.

17 October 2003, 02:26 AM
Gallagher continues to charge forward, now armed with Mia’s blaster pistol. He prefers not to scare Jara, but also feels the comfortable weight of the weapon in his hand as chaos erupts around him in the bar. The Corellian suppresses the urge to call out to the Duro to wait, knowing that while on the run from a battle, the spacer will likely have little desire to halt his progress.

Rogue Janson
18 October 2003, 05:48 AM
The guard in front of Adun-Isl draws a bulky blaster pistol and trains it on the Draethos. He shouts something, clearly a warning, in his language. Adun-Isl can tell the Nikto is on edge, his finger hovering dangerously over the trigger. As the Force heightens his perceptions and reactions, he can sense the danger; how close he is to combat. Further down the corridor, two more guards approach – a gammorean with a large axe and a human wearing a jacket with enough suspicious bulges to conceal a small armoury.

“Do poot’cha Skell ti’ki!” the Nikto shouts again.

Suddenly, without warning, Adun-Isl is struck from behind, knocking him forwards and sideways. The guard fires instinctively, the bright red bolt passing clean over his head to ricochet noisily down the corridor.

Having bowled Adun-Isl out of the way, but with a burly Nikto now in his path, Jara Dreenem leaps desperately and grabs hold of the walkway above. Yanking himself up, he hammers in a combination on the door lock, glancing aside as Gallagher and Mia-Lann appear round the corner seconds later. Gallagher barely has time to register the scene before the guard fires again, forcing him to skid desperately to a halt. Right behind him, Mia-Lann fails to stop in time, crashing into Gallagher’s back and knocking him forward. Fortunately the blaster bolt still misses Gallagher, but passes bare centimetres from his chest.

Kanner’s punch is not quite as well aimed as it could be, but it does the job. There is an audible crack as the blow shatters one of the shell plates on the Nordap’s face. The alien staggers back, a return strike flailing in empty space. With his attacker out of the way, Kanner heads again for the exit, almost hurling aside the few people foolish enough to get in his way and surging through the crowd struggling to get out the door.

In the upper room, Nika’s finds her own unarmed combat skills slightly inadequate. As she jabs at him with her elbow, Darv simply moves his vibroblade to intercept, forcing her to stop the blow short before she impales herself. He then tries to yank her away, towards the door, but this time she has more success, twisting and turning to delay him for now.

(OOC: Kanner +6str, -3VPs; Gallagher –10VPs; Adun-Isl +3 battlemind, -5 VPs)

Vreel Kudarin
18 October 2003, 08:58 AM
Staggering back upright, Adun-Isl ignites the shining azure blade of the lightsaber Master Toleda gave him. Glancing at Jara Dreenem as he disappears from view, the Draethos Jedi student then makes a lunging slice at the Nikto guard, intending to destroy the blaster in his hand, in a last-ditch effort to avoid bloodshed.

18 October 2003, 09:18 AM
Glowering at her captor, Nika forces herself to calm down until she can concentrate enough to summon the Force to strengthen her. That done, she takes a moment to grab a boot knife when the crowd shoves Darv momentarily.

"Maybe you ought to let me go, before someone notices...like my shipmates."

18 October 2003, 02:03 PM
Gallagher forces himself back to his feet, thanking various deities he has come to know for the sheer miss. He dives forward, towards the door that Jara had just entered, hoping to catch it before it locks behind the Duro. He still wants to follow his only lead, but without knowing the code, this could be a dead end.

The Ghost
20 October 2003, 01:42 PM
Mia-Lann stifles a cry as she plows into her ally, pulling away as quickly as possible. Her eyes turn immediately towards the source of the blasterfire. The lightsabre hisses to life again as she takes up a defensive stance.

"Come on, then." she said to him, frowning.

(ooc: partial defense, using deflect-defense if needs be, or deflect-attack if possible.)

Kanner Ra'an
22 October 2003, 09:18 AM
Emerging from the frenzied bar brawl, Kanner tries to spot the Dreathos Jedi. As he looks about he see's no sign of him. Frag, now what. It only takes a moment for him to remember seeing Gallagher chasing after that Duros hutt slime behind the bar. Looking back at the ongoing brawl, he smiles and makes his way as quickly as he can towards them, 'removing' any patrons who get in his way.

Rogue Janson
23 October 2003, 09:47 AM
Stepping forward and straightening up, Adun-Isl strikes upwards at the Nikto guard’s blaster, with his arms outstretched. Though the guard tries to pull his weapon away, the lightsabre shears through the base of the barrel with brief of white light that illuminates the corridor. The guard drops the remains of his gun with a look of shock at the energy blade that has just whipped slashed past him and backs off rapidly. Behind him, however the two other thugs quicken their advance making it clear they are not yet put off. The Gamorrean lumbers past the retreating Nikto, hefting his axe, thick saliva drooling from his yellow fangs in anticipation of a fight. The human hangs back a bit more, reaching into his jacket and drawing a blocky and solid looking slugthrower pistol.

Dashing forward in Adun-Isl’s wake, Gallagher acrobatically manages a two-footed jump and grabs hold of the walkway above. Yanking himself up, he sees the door in front half-closed, the retreating legs of Jara Dreenem just visible through the gap. Seizing the chance, Gallagher gets one leg up and propels himself forward, rolling underneath into the warehouse. Unfortunately, his trailing leg is a little too slow and his foot catches on the door. As it presses down inexorably on his ankle, he tries to twist round to reach the door control, while the sound of Jara running gets further away.

After painful seconds, Gallagher manages to yank the open lever and release his leg. Standing takes some effort though and he realises his ankle is, at the least, badly bruised. Testing it gives him a little time to look around though. The room he is in contains of rows of dull-red painted shelves with various small boxes stacked on them. He recognises assorted electrical components in some, while others are unmarked and closed up. Through the shelves, he can just make out the back of Jara Dreenem just leaving through an opening in the far wall. There is no-one else in the room, but he can hear agitated shouts from further inside.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When a squat Gran elbows past Darv, Nika surreptitiously raises a foot and reaches for one of her bootknives. Though he curses the Gran and even takes his knife from Nika’s back to wave angrily at him, M’llair almost turns his attention back to her fast enough to notice. With the blade secure in her hand, Nika opens up to the Force drawing it in to herself. Though the bar is no place to concentrate, it is full of energy, and Nika has no trouble drawing strength into herself. Clearly more and more annoyed, Darv yanks her backwards violently. Instead of yielding, however, Nika easily stands firm and he stumbles back, almost losing his grip on her.

Downstairs, Kanner plunges back into the bar through a throng of people hurrying out. The room seems considerably emptier than before with only the unconscious, paralytic and unstably aggressive left. The exception in all this are the mercenaries, who are happily despatching the remaining combatants in one-on-one fistfights. The reason for this becomes clear a second later when Kanner spots the bartender. The droid holds an item which seems to be made up of a selection of cuboids stuck together in a line, at varying angles, ending in a cone, but is quite clearly a weapon. He flips several switches on the side, then levels it at one corner of the bar.

At this point the Krish merc leader sees Kanner, he shouts something uninterpretable, exposing a mouth full of sharp teeth. Then he looks at Kanner intently and taps his ears meaningfully.

(OOC: Gallagher, -1VP, -1WP; Nika -3VPs, +4 str)

Kanner Ra'an
23 October 2003, 10:51 AM
Sonic weapon. Kanner realises immeadiatly. He covers his ears, pressing very hard against them. He continues to move through the bar, reasling his hand from his ear only once to elbow a horrible drunk Zabrak out of the way. He contiues running, hoping to catch up to Gallagher and be of some use.

This station sucks. First i gotta deel with fraggin greedy bartenders, then mercenaries, now i dont even know what the sith is going on and i got a bartending droid shooting at me with sonic weapons. Someones gonna get fragged for this.

23 October 2003, 11:50 AM
Smirking as Darv yanks on her, Nika decides to pull the rug out from under his feet. Dropping her body down suddenly, she grabs onto the hand Darv is holding her arm with and throws herself into his legs, hoping to trip him.

Vreel Kudarin
25 October 2003, 06:09 AM
Buoyed by the successful disarmament of the Nikto, Adun-Isl feels his confidence grow. The reservations he had held before this mission have evaporated. Now he must continue to act with the precision and compassion required of the Jedi. His thoughts turn momentarily to Master Toleda, and his desire to fulfill her teachings. She had saved Adun-Isl and his family from the Mandalorians, and opened his eyes to the potential within him. For that, the young Draethos owed her everything.

Through his connection to the Force, he can anticipate the movements of those around him the moment before they act. Walking slowly towards the Gamorrean, dark grey cloak matching the hue of the grubby corridor panels, Adun-Isl scans the axe to determine if it uses vibro technology. Adun-Isl directs his deep but level voice at the porcine non-Human: "Please, lower your weapon and leave here, and you shall not be harmed,"

Adun-Isl points the glowing blue tip of his lightsabre at the ground before the Gamorrean's feet, but prepares to snap his weapon into guard position and sunder the axe should the thug strike out at him. He hopes the Gamorrean understands Basic.

The Ghost
25 October 2003, 06:42 AM
Mia-Lann shifts her attention to the slugthrower, moving closer to its owner. "Drop it." she says to him, lightsabre still at the ready. the black gloves squeak slightly as her grip tightens.

25 October 2003, 08:19 AM
Growling with the pain, Gallagher winces as he stumbles forward. Limping cautiously at first, he tests out the leg, moving forward as fast as he can after Jara. Slightly nervous about being alone after a dangerous spacer in an unknown environment, Gallagher again resists his urge to call out after the Duro. Instead, he tries to continue moving after his quarry, the borrowed blaster hanging ready in his palm.

Rogue Janson
25 October 2003, 11:36 AM
The bartending droid sweeps its weapon methodically across the room and the remaining brawlers drop one by one, mainly with their hands clutching their ears, or auditory organs. The Black Hand mercenaries, on the other hand seem quite unaffected. The droid’s obvious surprise at this almost gives Kanner time to slip past its sweep, but a second later the weapon is trained on him. First he hears a whine, a painful clash of meshing and shifting pitches that seems to pierce through and disrupt his brain. His hands go some way to muffling the effect, but then the beam aligns fully on him and everything goes silent. Kanner fights the effect briefly, holding back a retch at the nausea that fills him, but then his vision greys out and he slumps to the floor.

For once, Nika’s timing and execution are exquisite. Just as Darv corrects his fall backwards, she yanks him forward, twisting and hitting him at the knees with her body. Though the impact is not as powerful as it could be and Darv tries to recover, there is no way he can keep his balance with his legs going one way and his body the other. Nika barely touches the ground as she rolls away, returning smoothly to her feet as Darv topples to the ground, his arms splayed out. There are few people left in the room, engaged in futile slogging matches with one another. The noise of fighting from down the stairs is quieting now, replaced by a throbbing whine that seems to refract weirdly as it bounces through the metal walls.

When he recovers his feet and turns to face her, Nika sees cold murder in Darv M’llair’s eyes. While he lost his grip on her in his fall, he kept hold of his knife and he now lunges at Nika, forcing her to jump back. The blade whirrs as it slices through the air, coming centimetres away from slashing her chest.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The gamorrean now takes up almost the whole space of the corridor, almost bashing the walls as he leans to one side with each heavy step. He turns aside briefly to let the Nikto squeeze past, snorting something contemptuous when they are face to face. Behind him, the human guard pays no attention to Mia’s threat and paces from side to side slightly. With the gamorrean interposed between them, Mia-Lann is in no position to harm him, but equally, he is unable to shoot past his over-sized ally.

If the gamorrean understands Adun-Isl, he shows no sign, save maybe a momentary crease on confusion in his face. While Adun-Isl paces slowly forward, the guard increases his pace, raising his axe, a low-tech weapon constructed of a metal pole with a large wedge-shaped blade bolted to it, to his shoulder ready to attack. Adun-Isl brings his lightsabre up in a C-shaped arc reversing direction at the top to strike his opponent’s weapon. However the guard is moving deceptively quickly and before Adun-Isl is ready, his axe is swinging down. The Jedi student steps aside the heavy blow, but he is out of position for an attack, while the gamorrean’s inertia is still carrying it forward. With the porcine alien almost on top of him, Adun-Isl is forced to manoeuvre clumsily and his weak slash is batted aside by one of the creature’s elbows as it hefts its weapon again and tries to back off slightly.

With the Jedi engaged outside Gallagher is still on his own chasing through the warehouse, the metal floor beneath him clanging arrhythmically from his limping run. Coming out of the storeroom onto a small walkway, he gets a brief glimpse of the ‘ground floor’ level. Down to his left, a half dozen beings of assorted races head in different directions. Some, probably guards, head towards the main door. He catches a snatch of bellowed instructions from a burly human.
“…anything you have to to keep them out. Start clearing stuff out before the authorities come looking around…”
One of the guards spots Gallagher on the walkway and immediately reaches for a pistol, but the Jedi auxiliary is gone before he can shout a command or fire a shot.

The next room contains a series of aisles, each filled with rows of palettes stacked with boxes and assorted items. Droid loaders on rails move along between the aisles and up and down between the two floors replacing empty pallets with full ones. On the left side of the room a series of conveyor belts lead away from the warehouse, to carry stock to another part of the station. Peering through the rows, Gallagher sees Jara Dreenem break to the left, dashing onto one of the gangways leading out of the room alongside the conveyors. Other than a few droids ambling about, there doesn’t appear to be anyone else on this floor at the moment. Then Gallagher hears the pounding of feet coming up the stair behind him.

(OOC: Nika –7VPs)

25 October 2003, 12:09 PM
Gallagher curses to himself, trying to decide his next move. He knows that he has to stay on top of Jara, or risk losing him forever. He does not care for whatever the illegal activities below entail, yet he cannot risk a shot in the back by one of their guards. He continues forward, after Jara, and then spins, ready to fire on whomever is running up the stairs, if they present a threat to him.

Vreel Kudarin
25 October 2003, 12:36 PM
Adun-Isl's calm threatens to crumple as he struggles to avoid the attack of the hulking Gamorrean. Though the Draethos stands taller than the axe-wielding guard, the Gamorrean is easily twice his width, all muscle and thick green hide. The young Jedi student reconsiders his aim of disarming the dangerous opponent, aware of the further threat of the slugthrower-toting Human further along the corridor. Adun-Isl also notes the presence of Mia-Lann nearby, but at present she is unable to aid him in the narrow confines.

Deciding that even without his weapon, this brutish and low-witted combatant is unlikely to give up the fight, Adun-Isl reluctantly chooses to attack the Gamorrean directly. Looking for a crippling strike that will only deprive the thug of an extremity, and not his life, Adun-Isl swings his lightsabre in a diagonal slash from a raised position above his right shoulder; the Force boosting his perception of the duel.

The Ghost
2 November 2003, 02:21 PM
Reaching out with a gloved hand, Mia-Lann tugs with her mind, trying to pull the slugthrower out of the man's hand as Adun-Isl makes his move. Hopefully, taking him off guard.

come to me she thinks, focusing on the weapon.

2 November 2003, 02:40 PM
Nika sighs, hoping that her takedown would have been enough to deter the man. She decides she may as well reveal her weapon, slashing at Darv with the heretofore concealed knife.

Hoping that's enough to discourage him, she moves away towards the stairwell, keeping her eyes on him as she backs away. "You'd be well-advised to let this go now, Darv."

Rogue Janson
3 November 2003, 10:10 AM
Gallagher pauses at the end of the first row of storage. Watching the stairs with his blaster ready. To his left, a droid crane hums as it glides smoothly upwards and towards him; to his right, a clanking conveyor belt leads off out of the warehouse, a gantry running along the edge of the belt’s raised side. Gallagher tenses as he sees a head appear, green and tough, followed by a face surrounded by a distinctive crest of spike. The nikto carries a stubby slugthrower rifle on a sling, which he raises as soon as he has Gallagher in sight.

Gallagher’s finger tenses on the trigger, the blaster kicking back as it fires. The bolt catches his opponent on the shoulder just as he opens fire. The slugthrower stutters out a random pattern of bullets as the nikto is knocked to the side. Gallagher is caught with nowhere to dodge. The bullets ricochet off the metal wall and floor, one of them punching into his side and lodging there.

With no way of dodging or parrying, the gamorrean facing Adun-Isl tries to back off as he slashes down. The tip of the lightsabre cuts a diagonal gash across the guard’s front and he squeals in pain, and stumbles back, slumping against the wall, his eyes glazed but hands still gripping his weapon. With his opponent out of the way, Adun-Isl spins round, deactivating his lightsabre and jumps up to catch hold of the walkway just behind him. Yanking himself up, his lightsabre slips from his hand, rolling along the gangway. As he follows it roll along, Adun-Isl notices a stroke of good fortune - the door Gallagher entered through is still open.

Mia-Lann stretches out with the Force trying to pull the pistol towards her. A tendril of Force, an extension of her mind brushes the weapon, but much as she concentrates, she can’t grasp it and her control slips away. Unaware of the invisible power reaching for his weapon, the guard cants his aim upwards and fires two quick shots. One of the bullets comes close enough to Adun-Isl to make him duck back instinctively, but both pass harmlessly by, a series of sharp ‘pings’ echoing through the corridor as they bounce off the walls behind the two Jedi.

Over by the warehouse main entrance a head pops out, peering round the corner.

"Get back here!" it shouts at the guard in basic and he begins to retreat backwards towards the doorway.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Undeterred by Nika’s weapon – after all, he still has the larger knife – Darv M’llair continues his assault. His accurate and deft attacks betray a certain amount of practice, forcing Nika to put all her effort into dodging as she weaves carefully backwards through the mess of the bar.

“You want to put up a fight?” Darv snarls at her, a leer on his pockmarked face. “Wouldn’t be the first.”

When she has almost reached the top of the stairs and is checking behind her to make sure she doesn’t tumble down them, Darv presses forward particularly viciously. Nika has to block a hacking attack on her arm, the impact almost knocking her off balance.

(Gallagher –2WPs (edit: WPs not VPs), Mia-Lann –1VP, Nika –7VPs)

3 November 2003, 12:58 PM
“DAMN!” he cries as the bullet pierces his flesh. Turning, he runs after Jara, stumbling twice and having trouble moving. “Jara!” he shouts aloud, “wait!” Gallagher wills himself forward, away from the belligerent Nikto and further into the depths of the warehouse.

Vreel Kudarin
4 November 2003, 09:13 AM
Adun-Isl retrieves his extinguished lightsaber, hearing bullets striking metal nearby. Briefly he glances into the warehouse, before looking down at Mia-Lann.

"Mia-Lann, we must move on quickly. Lieutenant Flint may need our assistance," Adun-Isl says, reaching down a clawed hand to help pull his fellow Jedi student up should she wish to use his help. Remembering her shrugging-off of his attention in the Force earlier, he half expects Mia to decline his hand. Is it stubborness, or something more? he ponders.

Collecting his thoughts as the Force still surges through his conciousness, Adun-Isl then wonders where Nika is. However, he quickly focuses again on the moment, as Master Toleda has taught him to do.

Once Mia is up on the walkway, Adun-Isl jogs through the open door, igniting his lightsabre once more with a snap-hiss of channeled energy. Looking for Gallagher, and staying alert for any new threats, he moves quickly but carefully, as is his way.

The Ghost
4 November 2003, 12:38 PM
With a somewhat stern glance to the pistoleer, Mia disengages her lightsaber. She makes sure her gloves are secure and accepts the Draethos hand offered, though she recoils from Adun-Isl as soon as she's up.

"where did he go?"

Rogue Janson
7 November 2003, 04:15 AM
Gallagher moves as quickly as he can, trying to stop the blood leaking from his side with one hand and watching he doesn’t put too much weight on his swollen ankle. At least he’s fast enough to keep the guard behind him from firing again, but the Nikto is still pursuing, and when Gallagher risks a glance behind, he is ducking in and out of the aisles as he goes, wary of being shot at again.

Reaching the edge of the level, Gallagher can see out across the far side of the warehouse. Piles of packing crates and palettes are stacked all over the floor and two huge rows of racking, reaching up to the ceiling, dominate the area. A number of workers, largely bulky herglics, and droids continue their tasks, while a single gamorrean guard ambles round the perimeter, apparently oblivious to what is going on in the other sections. Gallagher pauses momentarily as he reaches the stairs and lift down and briefly spots both Jara and Spekran-Fas, before they disappear between the massive storage racks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nykos Ta’kla sat in his office, a particularly ugly Hutt on the vidscreen in front of him, a particularly beautiful pale skinned Twi’lek aide behind him.
“I assure you Ta’kla this disruption will not affect shipments. When I get off, I will meet with the Manchu dealers and cross-check the accounts for skimming. Our financial position is such that we can afford to cross-subsidise the Nairu export trade with local comestibles. Projections indicate that the transport of preciosities should create a big surplus for the frontier traders, with whom we can exchange truguts rather than credits…”
Nykos took in the minor Hutt’s financial report without successfully keeping the look of boredom from his face. The aide stepped up to his back, massaging a shoulder with one elegant, practised hand. Nykos sighed gently.
“Ta’kla! Ta’kla, are you listening to me?”

All of a sudden, heavy footsteps sounded outside and into the pristine burst a thick set, thick headed human.
“Boss, boss, there are Jedi in the warehouse!”
Nykos began to rise from his chair, ignoring the still protesting Hutt. Meddling Jedi could only mean trouble. Whatever they were doing they’d surely be followed by security officals, investigators…
“Sith!” he swore.
The minion looked puzzled.
“No boss,” he replied patiently. “Jedi.”

Nykos Ta’kla stormed out, demanding explanations from his minion and waving to his aide to continue the business. Arranging her lekku artfully over her shoulders, the twi’lek was left smiling beautifically at the bewildered Hutt.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Adun-Isl and Mia-Lann hurry through the rows of boxes and stores, following Gallagher into the warehouse. Reaching the room’s exit, Adun-Isl suddenly feels threatened. He ducks his head back inside just as a small volley of blaster bolts and slugs shoot up at the walkway from both sides. The sound of heavy feet stamping up stairs reverberates through the floor and walls from ahead. Both Jedi can sense the thuggish guards ready for them and closing in to cut them off.

“Hold your fire!” comes a new voice from down below - a cultured, aristocratic voice – followed by the sound of shuffling and the clank of weapons being lowered.

Adun-Isl ventures his head round the corner again. Hurrying along the corridor, with a dangerous but somehow apologetic looking human in tow, is a tall human, immaculately dressed in tailored black. Several guards with blasters and slugthrowers stand around, their eyes flicking between the human on their level and Adun-Isl above. As he watches, two more, armed with melee weapons, appear in the doorway opposite.

“The honourable Jedi?” the human directs the question up Adun-Isl. “My name is Nykos Ta’kla. I fear there has been some misunderstanding. Now if you’d just be good enough to let me convey you to my office, I’m sure we can come to an amicable agreement about whatever it is we need to.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fighting a losing battle, Nika is pushed back by Darv M’llair’s forceful attacks. She half retreats, is half forced down the stairs, but Darv is too close and alert for her to break away safely.

Kanner’s vision returns first, to an unpleasant view of a floor covered with shattered glass, scattered furniture and feet, along with a couple of unconscious bodies oriented like him. His limbs feel like rubber and his head like someone has injected a swarm of buzzing stingflies through both ears then sealed the ears off to prevent them escaping. As he tests out moving, he realises, from the neat positioning of his body, that he has been deliberately lain on the floor, moved from wherever he fell.

Lifting his head brings on a blast of nauseau, but Kanner finds he can prop himself up with his arms, as the strength returning to his body. A half dozen beings of mixed species stand around in the bar. With them all together, he can recognise black and red pieces of clothing, markings and symbols on all, marking them out as Black Hand mercenaries. With the fighting done, they seem to have got straight back to the drinking, seemingly unaffected by the sonic stunner used on the bar. Only a couple rest in righted chairs, tending cuts or mild concussions. Kanner can hear their conversation as an indistinct mumbling over the noise in his head.

It takes Kanner a little while to notice all the mercenaries have abruptly turned their attention towards the stairs on the opposite side of the room. Backing steadily down and mounting a fraught defence with a small knife against a human with a vibrodagger, is Nikalya. Nika has her back to the room, and the man’s view is still obscured by the floor, so neither has noticed the occupants yet.

(OOC: Kanner is a little unsteady but ok, apart from his hearing, which'll take a little longer.)

Vreel Kudarin
7 November 2003, 10:58 AM
Startled by the turn of events, Adun-Isl stares at the man addressing them, then extinguishes his energy blade, though he keeps the lightsaber hilt in his left, primary hand. Warily walking towards the speaker, he glances at the guards scattered around, then looks back to Mia-Lann, wondering if she has any advice on how to proceed.

Turning back to the smartly-dressed Human, Adun-Isl says: "I'm afraid any talk will have to wait, we are trailing criminals who may be taking refuge in your premises. We cannot allow them to escape. Please allow us safe passage through your property,"

Adun-Isl's beady black eyes regarded the black-suited Human man cooly. His appearance and speech mark him as one of noble stock. But that doesn't neccessarily mean he can be trusted, thinks the Jedi student. Adun-Isl is itching with the need to continue the chase, gradually feeling his focus in the Force slipping. Clearly some illegal activities are underway in this warehouse, though we must not be distracted from our immediate goal. We can report this place to the station authorities later.

Kanner Ra'an
7 November 2003, 11:40 AM
Ugh, lets not do that again.

It takes Kanner a minute to figure out whats going on around. The state of the bar is obviously not great. And after being unable to understand the words spoken by the mercenaries, his hearing in no better. It takes the sight of Nika in a pitched knife fight to finally knock things back into place.

Kanner draws his blaster pistol and starts accebdibg the stairs towards the two individuals, removing his jacket and tenses the huge muscles in his arms, a gesture that starts the vibroshields still resting on his large arms. His facial expression is one of anger, with the look of a very angry preadator stalking his prey. Only one thought is in his mind

finally i get to hit someone.

The Ghost
7 November 2003, 10:10 PM
Mia-Lann peeks her head out, regarding those around with the dark look of suspicion. "We're not here to bother you, just have your men leave us be please." She says, keeping behind the draethos. Her eyes dart here and there, looking for any sign of the fugitives.

she pushes the gentle thought towards the man while catching her breath. Her hands clench, squeaking the black gloves as she tenses in case her persuasion isn't good enough. please...

(ooc: Friendship +6 mod)

8 November 2003, 02:15 AM
Cursing again as he continues to chase the pair of wanted men, the Corellian opts for the stairs and tries to quickly descend them, gasping each time that his wound stretches or his foot falters. Having worked with Jedi before, Gallagher knows that they can help to heal a man injured to the extent of his wounds, but he also cannot be certain they will find him before he gets himself killed. The unpleasant thought ripples through his mind uneasily as he forces himself onward, hoping to catch up with Jara, and not face a firing squad in the process.

Rogue Janson
8 November 2003, 05:39 AM
Turning back to the smartly-dressed Human, Adun-Isl says: "I'm afraid any talk will have to wait, we are trailing criminals who may be taking refuge in your premises. We cannot allow them to escape. Please allow us safe passage through your property,"

Ta’kla continues to regard Adun-Isl doubtfully, tapping one hand on a leg. The guards shift uncomfortably.

Mia-Lann peeks her head out, regarding those around with the dark look of suspicion. "We're not here to bother you, just have your men leave us be please."

Mia’s appearance and her subtly nudge with the Force seems to have a dramatic effect on Nykos Ta’kla as he bursts into expressive speech.

“Criminals here! In this warehouse?!” With his head raised to talk to the Jedi, he glares down his nose at the guards opposite. “Of course, you must go find them. I’m sure if you had made your intentions clear from the start, these fellows would have assisted you.”

“Now, continue and please don’t let this misunderstanding between us distract you from your endeavour,” Ta’kla continues, gesturing at the thugs blocking Adun-Isl and Mia-Lann’s path to step aside. Despite the change in attitude, his manner betrays no sign of contradiction or unease. Turning away, he steps over to a terminal and picks out a small comlink, relaying instructions to other parts of the warehouse. With hurried thanks, the two Jedi sprint onwards, hoping to catch up with Gallagher Flint. The sound of an angry Nykos Ta’kla loudly berating his subordinates follows them, though his words are impossible to make out.

Gallagher’s pursuer stops to fire when he reaches the stairs. The Jedi auxiliary ducks between piles of stacked pallets as the bullets scatter around him. The fire stops suddenly, followed by Huttese swearing and the clinking sound of a magazine being clumsily changed. Unfortunately, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the two other guards in the area, who begin advancing towards him, shouting challenges.

All of a sudden, a herglic worker appears, waving his arms frantically.
“Stop firing! Stop firing!” he cries, “orders from the boss! Let them through!”
The guards look at him warily, but the workers waving arms are clearly persuasive and they lower their weapons. The gamorrean continues forward for a few paces regardless, before he remembers to stop.

Gallagher takes the opportunity to look for his pursuit. He thinks he saw them heading off towards the right, but can now see no sign of either Jara or Spekran-Fas.

The two uninjured Jedi students make up ground quickly, coming to the edge of their level to see Gallagher ahead, looking slightly more the worse for wear than before.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hearing the sound of Kanner coming up behind her, Nika glances round to see him. Darv M’llair must have noticed at the same moment, because his slash goes wild, knocking into the wall and giving Nika the chance to dodge down the last of the stairs and out of Kanner’s way.

Faced by a heavily armed warrior and a bar-full of supportive looking mercenaries, M’llair back up hurriedly, but trips on a step. He lands awkwardly on his back and ends up looking up directly into the angry face of Kanner Ra’an looming above him.

(OOC: Mia-Lann –2VPs)

8 November 2003, 01:58 PM
Not quite paying attention to the Jedi advancing on him, Gallagher simply breathes a sigh of relief with the guard getting called off his tail. Pressing forward, the Corellian wills each step, even though his body tingles with the pain from his injuries. He chooses the direction to the right, hoping that his memory serves him well. Wishing that he had the Jedi ability to track life signs, he tries to rely on his natural talents to help him track his targets.

Vreel Kudarin
9 November 2003, 03:12 AM
Spotting Gallagher, Adun-Isl sprints to catch up with him, noting that the Lieutenant appears to be injured. Still cautious of the warehouse guards standing around, that minutes earlier were hostile to the group, the Jedi student watches them carefully. In the back of his mind is the thought that the warehouse manager could be sending them into a trap.

Adun-Isl is slightly concerned with the man's reaction to him. Perhaps he holds some predjudice against non-Humans, or 'aliens' as he probably thought of them. Xenophobia, especially against more marginal species, is widespread across the galaxy. Luckily Mia had smoothed over the encounter with a touch of the Force. Focus on the moment! Adun-Isl silently chided himself.

Hoping to reach Lieutenant Flint before he runs into any more trouble, Adun-Isl holds his black lightsaber hilt ready in his purple, hook-clawed hand. He dashes along, dark grey cloak swirling as he leaps down the stairs, missing several steps with each bound.

The Ghost
9 November 2003, 02:55 PM
"Hold still, you're hurt." She says, looking at Gallagher's wounded side. She belts her lightsabre and removes the black gloves.

Mia-Lann hesitates for a moment, closing her eyes as she presses her hands against the wound. Drawing deeply from the Force, she wills the damage away. As she concentrates, she shifts in discomfort, breath growing rapid. Finishing, she pulls away, clutching at her side in pain.

Mia staggers back, the violence flashing through her mind along with the pain of being shot. She grits her teeth, pulling the gloves back on and trying to calm her breathing.

Kanner Ra'an
9 November 2003, 03:57 PM
Kanner eyes Nika for a second as she dodges out of his way, making sure she is not badly injured. Seeing she's ok, he refocuses his attention on her attacker. Seeing him run, only to trip over his own feet, almost brings a smile to his enraged face. Walking a few steps, Kanner looks down at Darv, his face full of anger, despite his ammusment at the mans situation. Without saying a word he slaps a switch on his blaster pistol and points it right at Darv, slapping off a brilliant blue stun shot off immeadiatly from point blank range.

Scumbag. Not even worth beating to death.

Rogue Janson
10 November 2003, 05:08 AM
Before he can get far, Gallagher is flagged down by Mia-Lann. Adun-Isl paces around looking out for their quarry, while the pair stand together. The guards and workers eye the trio with mixed wariness and interest. In the midst of the metallic warehouse, the Force surges and flows around Mia and Gallagher like a whirlpool as the young Jedi draws its power into herself. Mia’s hands pressing on his side, Gallagher feel his body straining to repair itself, normal feeling returning to his flesh. The Force washes through him clearing his head and mending his damages ankle.

Then Mia pulls back, the invisible threads of Force linking the pair straining before she cuts them off.

The bullet from Gallagher’s side chinks quietly as it drops to the floor.

Adun-Isl’s patience and observation pays off. Peering through the racks of stores, he spots a figure climbing, six or so metres up on the far row of shelving. Though he only sees the being only briefly before it ducks into hiding between the boxes, he recognises it as Spekran-Fas. Seconds later, he picks up the hiss of a door over the noise of the warehouse. Dashing over towards the side of the room, he glimpses Jara Dreenem sprinting away through the small secondary door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Darv M’llair twitches as Kanner’s stun bolt hits him, his eyes rolling back up into his head. As he looks over the unconscious body, Kanner feels a hand slapping him on his shoulder and looks round straight into a cheerful looking Krish face. Though his hearing is returning, he still can’t make out the words the mercenary is mouthing at him.

Nika looks around at the room full of rough mercenaries, wondering exactly what Kanner has been up to. Most of the people affected by the sonic stunner have come to now, though only a couple risk standing up. Most sit rubbing their heads or tapping their ears gingerly as if to try and dislodge the ringing in them.

(Gallagher +3 WPs, Mia-Lann –3VPs)

10 November 2003, 05:24 AM
Gallagher smiles, thanking Mia-Lann and turning his attention back to his chase. “C’mon,” he encourages them, following Adun-Isl’s lead, and looking to where he thinks Jara might have disappeared. If he finds them, he dashes forward, hoping that now that he is healed, he might be able to close the distance quickly instead of lagging behind.

Vreel Kudarin
11 November 2003, 09:53 AM
Seeing the healed Lieutenant Flint dashing off after Jara, Adun-Isl runs for the shelving he saw Spekran ascending, calling: "They've split up! I've got Spekran-Fas," over his shoulder. Considering Spekran to be the more dangerous of the pair, Adun-Isl glances behind himself to see if Mia is following, or if she has joined Gallagher, before climbing up after Spekran-Fas. He clips his lightsaber to his belt to keep his hands free.

Kanner Ra'an
11 November 2003, 11:29 AM
Kanner curses himself. Thats the last time i bluff instead of brawling, He thinks angrily, how the frag am i gonna get out a this one. He does not, however, allow it to show on his face. Though he is a fighter, he knows full well he cannot take on an entire group of drunken mercenaries. instead he simply taps his ear several times, shrugging afterwards. He does glance at Nika and gives her a quick wink to assure her that everythings Ok.

The Ghost
20 November 2003, 12:44 PM
Mia looks between the two as they dash in opposite directions. Adun-Isl, she knows, is a bit more capable of taking care of himself and so she dashes after Gallagher. "coming..."

Rogue Janson
22 November 2003, 04:26 AM
Dashing up to the racking Adun-Isl begins climbing up after Spekran-Fas, grabbing the girders and yanking himself up levels. The storage racking is made up of a grid-like metal frame divided into sections about one and a half metres high and wide, making it easy to climb. Over to his left, Fas reaches the top, six metres up, and ducks into cover among the stores, apparently unaware of the Jedi pursuing him.

Down below, Gallagher and Mia-Lann rush after Jara Dreenem. The back door of the warehouse leads out into a mid-sized corridor made cramped by piping and electrical lines, illuminated by the blue glow from fuel conduits. As they hurry along, they hear a shout, followed by the unmistakable sound of a blaster shot.

Scaling the shelves without difficulty, Adun-Isl springs up onto the top level. The ceiling is high enough for him to stand, but he has to remain crouched. Fas is only now noticing the Jedi who has pursued him and is rising to face his opponent. In the eight metres between the two is a varied array of empty palettes mixed stores and stacked boxes. In a couple of places slots are empty, leaving gaps to the level below.

As they reach an intersection, it becomes clear to Gallagher and Mia which way Jara has gone. A station security guard lies slumped against the wall by an open door, clutching a ragged burn mark on his blast-vest. Through the door is a landing bay, packed with starships.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two mercenaries have propped the unconscious Darv M’llair up against the bar and are looking him over.

“I’ve seen this guy around,” comments a human with a face so scarred and twisted it looks like a mask. “Bad sort.”

“Ah’m Barr Martheet, leader of these here people,” the Krish mercenary says to Nika. “Black Hand mercenaries. You mighta heard of us. You’re a braw lassie, but ye seem ta keep rough company. Can handle yeself a bit in a fight though.”

Sitting on a stool, he is much calmer than earlier, watching, Kanner and Nika keenly.

“Ah was just talking wi’ yer friend here ‘boot joinin’ the gang; we lost a few in the last job. Aye, so he looked good in the test – I’ve no seen many who can punch like that.
“And he brings his own weapons,” he adds with a grin, glancing at Kanner’s pistol and vibroshields.

23 November 2003, 05:07 PM
Gallagher cringes at the sight of the seriously wounded guard. “Can you help him?” he asks of Mia only slowing his stride for a moment. Choosing not to wait to hear the Jedi’s response to a question that was, at least in part, rhetorical, Gallagher breaks into a fast pace after Jara, hoping to close the distance before the Duro can hurt anyone else. “Jara!” the Corellian risks shouting, “Wait up! I want to help you before someone decides to shoot on sight!”

The Ghost
23 November 2003, 06:24 PM
Mia-Lann stops, kneeling and pressing her hands to the wound. She winces in pain as the wound seals.

(ooc: taking 10. stabilizing.)

As soon as she's sure he's ok, she gets back up and hurries on her way.

Vreel Kudarin
24 November 2003, 10:43 AM
Carefully beginning to pick his way towards Spekran, over the awkward shelving layout, Adun-Isl unfastens his lightsaber, knowing that Spekran is a violent individual.

"Please stand down. You are wanted by the Republic authorities on charges of slavery," Adun-Isl tries, attempting to sound commanding, but feeling his voice quaver as he tries to convince himself he can stand up to this aggressive criminal, "Drop your weapon and co-operate, and no harm shall come to you."

Adun-Isl doesn't believe for a moment Spekran will comply, though he doesn't ignite his azure energy blade, but prepares himself to do so in response to an offensive move. If Spekran attempts to escape, Adun-Isl will pursue him as best he can.

Kanner Ra'an
24 November 2003, 11:49 AM
Kanner stand beside Nika as the mercanry talks. He is glad to see that she is not wounded, and by the way the merc talks, she could have probably taken on this Darv all by herself. His hearing is also coming back, though he has a bit of a headache.

" Send this guy to republicans, we should." Kanner states, reverting once again to his Korrunai form of speaking. " Probably a price on one such as this." he suggest, sure the merc would be interested in splitting a bounty(if not taking the whole thing). He is also fairly sure that Ah’m Barr is not going to be quick to let him go after his promise to join up. However Kanner is eager to learn the fate of their other comrades. It all happened so fast, and he is not really sure what transpired.

24 November 2003, 06:43 PM
Taking a second to replace her knife where it belongs, she glances at the mercenary captain and shrugs. "He's a friend. One I can count on." Glancing around the establishment she wrinkles her nose in disgust. "I don't suppose you noticed where our shipmates ran off to, did you big guy?"

She glances at Kanner and nods her head towards the back door. "That way I'll bet. We need to hurry if we're going to catch up." She pauses, glancing at the mercenary captain. "I'm certain they're in all sorts of trouble. I'm also certain Master Martheet can handle turning Darv over to the proper authorities." She nudges Kanner, hoping he'll be quick enough to follow her as she starts working her way through the remnants of the brawl towards the back door.

Rogue Janson
25 November 2003, 11:59 AM
It seems Kanner’s suggestion has attracted Martheet’s attention.

“A boonty ye say? The Republic will’nae pay a boonty, but mebbe there’s someone else lookin’ fer this fella. Always keen ta help the authorities, ye ken. You go help yer wee Jedi friend. I’ll be seeing you around, aye? Hard fellow to miss that’s for sure.”

Trying not to look suspiciously uncomfortable, Kanner and Nika sidle casually towards the door.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spekran-Fas shouts gutturally, his eyes red with anger.

“Damn you Jedi! Never give up.”

Half crouched, facing Adun-Isl diagonally he rushes towards the Jedi student, the dangerous footing forcing him to take awkward strides and make small jumps. Several small boxes topple from their places, falling to the ground below. With a vibroblade drawn back in his right hand, Fas tries to get in close to thrust at the Draethos.

Adun-Isl is too quick though, igniting his sabre and bringing it up to high guard, pointed diagonally across his body and out towards his opponent. Fas is forced to stop abruptly, to avoid the deadly energy blade. As he pulls back to just out of range, Adun-Isl can see clearly the lines of burnt clothing and cauterised flesh on his left arm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As Mira-Lann kneels by him, the guard mumbles something at her, his eyes glazed. Ignoring him and concentrating on the power of the Force all around her, she tucks her hand in underneath the man’s blast vest. She feels the burn of the blaster wound; the ruptured tissue and scorched cells, but Mia-Lann can tell the injury is not deep. In her mind, it glows with life as she bathes it gently with the Force, cooling the heat, salving the pain and teasing the cells carefully into life and growth. The guard’s eyes begin to focus and he looks into hers, a half-smile on his lips.

“Thank the Force for blast vests,” he says in a quiet voice.

Leaving Mia-Lann behind, and entering the landing bay, Gallagher cannot see Jara Dreenem. The bay is a mid-sized on, about sixty metres long and thirty deep. To his left a magcon field opens out into black space, albeit space cut up like a puzzle by outer sections of the space station. The bay contains three starships. At the far end, a recognisably Corellian vessel, with a cylindrical central section surrounded by polygonal body sections. The ship’s ramp is down and assorted crates and equipment are visible at its base. In the middle is a strangely shaped ship, elegantly curved, with a solid aft tapering upwards towards the front to a cockpit section suspended several metres above the ground. Nearest him is a more conventional ship, a boxy shuttle. A bewildered and near-hysterical technician is hammering the closed door with all four arms shouting at it an unintelligible language.

Just as Gallagher approaches the ship, he hears the hum of it powering-up, followed immediately by the ominous whine of the repulsorlifts activating.

(Mia-Lann –1VP)

Vreel Kudarin
26 November 2003, 10:11 AM
Seeing Spekran-Fas's burnt flesh, Adun-Isl adopts a full defence, not wishing to cause any unnecessary damage in apprehending this thug if he can help it. the Draethos Jedi student makes no attacks, simply prepares to fend off any strike the Klatooinian makes. If Spekran flees, he will chase him down.

Adun-Isl's connection to the Force has returned to normal since he first drew upon it to enhance his awareness of combat, though his intense training still gifts him with swift reactions. Speaking over the hum of his azure lightsaber, Adun-Isl tries to convince Spekran to give himself up: "Surrender before any further harm befalls you," Violence for a Jedi should always be a final resort.

5 December 2003, 03:52 AM
“Oh, damn!” Gallagher curses, looking about for some option to pursue. He considers opening fire, and suddenly another choice presents itself. Pulling his comlink from his belt with his free hand and calls the central command, currently the default channel of communication. “Command, this is Lieutenant Flint. This is an emergency. I need you to lockdown docking bay… oh… um,” he quickly searches for the docking bay number, and if successfully finds it, relays it to the control center.

Rogue Janson
26 December 2003, 10:08 AM
Staring into Adun-Isl’s dark eyes, Spekran-Fas says nothing. He sidesteps along the girder he is standing on, watching as Adun-Isl’s lightsabre tracks him. For a brief while, the hum of the energy weapon and the faint whine of the vibroblade rise above the background noise of machinery and voices from down below. Then Fas attacks again. He slashes diagonally with his blade and manages to step inside Adun-Isl’s guard. With a roar half of rage and half of pain, he raises his injured arm, batting at the Jedi’s arm powerfully and knocking them away.

Deftly pirouetting, Adun-Isl spins to swipe at the vibroblade from the opposite direction. Spekran-Fas moves forward, trying to stay to his opponent’s side and stabs wildly with his weapon, but as he does this, one foot slips off a girder. He lands heavily on the level below and, unable to keep his balance falls again, crashing into a pile of boxes. Phials of a green substance spill out, rolling inexorably off the shelf and cascading to the floor below. Fas shakes slightly, but slowly begins to rise, his vibroblade still solidly in his grip.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Aye sir, closing bay doors…”

If the controller says any more, Gallagher doesn’t hear it, because at this point the landing bay fills with the roar of ion engines. Crates, containers and panicked tech crew scatter away from the superheated wash. The transport Jara Dreenem is piloting blasts out of the bay, and out into space. Or out into the web of Teruan station’s modules, rather. Gallagher sees the ship’s engines splutter as Jara pushes them too hard, flashing from pure white to dark blue, then cycling back up. The shuttle veers dangerous close to one of the station’s long, thin connecting modules before its pilot brings it back under control.

When Gallagher can hear the comlink again, the control is clearly in a bit of a panic. A variety of voices can be heard from the background.

“…away too fast, tractor beams can’t lock …” “…be heading for any of four jump points …” “…no patrols in area, SPC vectoring in, but might not be able to intercept in time…”

27 December 2003, 03:27 AM
“Dammit!” Gallagher curses again, running his hand through his hair, watching the transport blast away. He brings his comlink back to his mouth and stops moving for a moment, trying to decide on his next course of action. “Control, please try to track him and see where he goes. Although I think we just lost a wanted man.”

For another moment, Gallagher considers telling whomever is on the other end of the line to add shipjacking to Jara’s list of crimes, but he does not bother. He sees the angry owner of the starship still hoping with anger but wishes to avoid him as well. He turns his back on the bay and begins to retrace his steps, wanting to find the nearest lift to the prison deck.

Calling in another report, Gallagher adds, “Send a security detachment to my location. You’ve got an angry starship owner whom I think will want to file a report on a stolen starship.” Stepping forward he remembers the other problem, “Oh, and a medic this way too. You have a security member suffering from a blaster wound.”

Finding Mia takes little work, and Gallagher continues to coordinate with the medical team to bring them to the trooper’s location. Upon their arrival, he announces that he must depart, and heads off with their direction to the nearest lift. Welcome to allow Mia to join him, the Corellian also leaves her to choose to stay with her patient.

Riding the transport to the prison level, Gallagher heads off to see Jara’s uncle again, and tell him the bad news about the younger Duros.

Vreel Kudarin
27 December 2003, 09:30 AM
Adun-Isl closes down his energy blade, glaring down at his stubborn opponent. The Draethos Jedi then allows himself to drop to Spekran-Fas's level, using a light touch of the Force to cushion his body as he rolls skillfully to avoid any strikes by the thug. Slick green fluid coating his dark grey cloak, he comes up into a guard stance, re-igniting his azure lightsabre.

This Klatooinian seems to have a death-wish, thinks Adun-Isl, feeling his patience straining. What else can I say to make him desist? Taking his life is unneccessary, I must seek to avoid it!

"Please, cease!" pleads Adun-Isl desperately, assuming a fighting defence mode with his thrumming blade, looking to guard himself but ready to take the opportunity of any disabling blows that may present themselves. The muscular Klatooinian emits a low growl from his throat, his body flexing under his red banded leather armour. One burned arm hangs at his side, whilst he clutches his wicked looking vibroblade in his other hand.

Rogue Janson
27 December 2003, 10:03 AM
Spekran-Fas paces around slightly gauging Adun-Isl’s defence, but held at bay by Adun-Isl’s bright blade.
Before he can return to the attack, however, both combatants are distracted by the appearance of a head rising gracefully up alongside the racking they stand on.

Seeing the fight paused, Nykos Ta’kla allows the loader to lift him all the way up before speaking. He watches the pair with his head slightly tilted, his handsome chin slightly raised, one hand on a hip, the other by his side. Behind him stand two burly guards, whose attention is fixed firmly on Spekran-Fas. Injured, outmatched and outnumbered, he finally drops his vibroblade to the ground, his jowls drooping in defeat.

“My apologies for the delay in coming to your assistance, Master Jedi," Ta'kell says calmly. "Please allow my associates to help convey this criminal to the authorities.”

The Ghost
27 December 2003, 10:18 AM
Mia-Lann follows along quietly, having tended to the wounded man as best she could. She frowns, wondering what has happened to Adun-Isl in all the commotion. Her eyes blankly stare ahead as she withdraws into her own thoughts, lagging behind only slightly.

Flashes of violence race through her head, causing her to pause a moment. With steadied breathing, she catches back up to Gallagher, only half-listening to what's being said.

Rogue Janson
28 December 2003, 03:50 AM
With Spekran-Fas arrested and Jara Dreenem gone, the entire party ends up heading towards Teruan station’s main detention area. Gallagher Flint talks briefly to Vanda Dreenem, explaining the circumstances of his nephew’s escape. The older Duros seems pleased at the news, but less happy when he finds out Fas has not evaded capture. After this, Gallagher visits a med-bay to have his injuries seen to.

On their arrival, Nika and Kanner are spotted by a familiar face heading in the opposite direction, a Krish with an unnervingly broad smile stretched across his thick-set face. Barr Martheet is celebrating the reward for turning in the notorious Darv M’llair. A sector ranger visiting the station recognised the man as being wanted for killings and a string of other crimes across several planets. At Martheet’s insistence, Kanner and Nika find themselves in possession of a portion of the reward – the decent sum of 3,000 credits.