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9 July 2003, 10:04 AM
I'm trying to write up some ideas (i guess for the online Journel but wouldn't it be cool if the SW crew at WotC liked it, K nuff dreamin) and found myself tripping over the fact that information about droids, cybernetic replacement parts, lightsabers, hyperdrive capabilities, weapons and other similar items somewhere in between the hyperspace wars and 1000 BY (before yavin) is few and far between. I'm looking for something in the way of a protocal droid with as close to verbo brain capabilities as possible (it is possible to be a prototype of a military precursor to the civilian market versions) even if it has to be done through a broadcast system like the battle droids. I'd also like to know things like top speed of faster then light vessels (and if possible how far the momentum of a ship will carry it once the engines are turned off, like running out of gas at 280 mph)? Also what did blaster tech look like at the time, big cluncky things that fired one shot like a musket? Exactly when was the belt pack dropped from the sabers and when were practice sabres introduced? How about cybernetics? Looking at Anakins EP2 arm I'd expect tech from the earlier times to consist of wood and cat gut (or was his just temporary?). I'm looking for descreet limb replacement similar enough to Lukes hand.

Ultimately I'm looking to cut off a few old republic people from the rest of the universe via a no hyperspace zone. And I want the technological evolution to be equal to or even better than the New republic by the time palpy dies. I don't want to spoil it so I won't give away too much more. Basically I need to find a time when tech is booming but still begining and can take a completely differant path and flourish by avoiding the tech slowdown brought about by the political upsets that spread through the republic/empire.

Rogue Janson
9 July 2003, 10:52 AM
It's definitely a tricky era to find details on, but I can help with some things. Generally you'll just have to extrapolate and place technology somewhere between the level in the prequels and the Tales of the Jedi comics.

what did blaster tech look like at the time, big cluncky things that fired one shot like a musket?
Blaster weapons were virtually ubiquitous even by the TotJ era and back then the only apparent difference was that they tended to be somewhat larger (though probably their capabilities were a bit lower). 1,000 years BBY, blasters are probably virtually indistinguishable from their film era equivalents, maybe only lacking some slight refinements and advancements (a little reliability, rate of fire etc.).

Exactly when was the belt pack dropped from the sabers and when were practice sabres introduced?
The belt power pack was dropped before the Great Hyperspace War I think, definitely long before the Great Sith War (4,000 BBY). Practice sabres I can't say, they may well be a late development, because they are intended for younger students, and in the TotJ era Jedi generally did not start training until a later age.

How about cybernetics?
I think Anakin's arm was temporary (like Luke's hand without the synthflesh). Cybernetics are advanced enough in TotJ for Cay Qel Droma to have his arm cut off, spot a handy looking droid and have a replacement limb affixed a couple of pages later. Synthflesh might not be developed until later though, so cybernetics might still look a bit rough.

Finding the sort of era you want is going to be tricky, since technology moves so slowly in the SWU. 1,000 BBY might be an appropriate time for you if you imagine the great war with the brotherhood of darkness drained resources and slowed technological progression.

10 July 2003, 01:06 PM
Blasters: Consider that there's only so far someone will go with clunky blasters. This means that Blasters wouldn't have come into common use if slugthrowers were a better choice. So, I'd say that the odds are you won't find a blaster that's significantly larger than a slugthrower in common use. The D20 book, Arms and Equipment Guide mentions Pulse Wave weapons as predicessors to modern blasters. These are guns which release plasma bolts (much like the PPG of Babylon 5 tech), and have no stun setting. Those may have been prolific before blasters. The problems with a slug thrower is that it might punch a hole in a hull. It also doesn't work in a vacuum (normally). However, both of these deficits can be fixed with the propper ammunition. This means before blasters were common, people probably still used regular old guns.

I'm sorry that I can't say exactly when these various technologies were adopted or in common use.

Droids: Remember that droids tend to get either larger or dumber the farther back in time you go.

Cybernetics: That's a really tough question, and not one with a straight forward answer. When were cybernetics introduced in OUR world? Mioelectric hands have been with us for years now, and there have been successful eye implants granting minimal visual ability (something like 100 by 100 pixel resolution). I don't think you're going to find a fine line for cybernetics, but more a statement of how good and how cheap they are.

I think before a translator droid, there might have been a ship-mounted translator system which could pick up spoken language through comm and return a translation with a few seconds delay to surface units.

Hope some of these thoughts help or spark ideas.