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20 July 2003, 06:45 PM
The Underground provides refuge after the risky evacuation from the city. Hiding outside the urban limits, the resistance fighters diligently strive to avoid detection from the roaming patrols from the Trade Federation. Reports return with the groups of operatives who sneak in and out of the city on a daily basis. The Trade Federation continues to solidify their stronghold, increasing the number of patrols and expanding their grasp of the territory.

The Neimoidian masters have established hundreds of prison camps throughout the city and nearby countryside. These detention centers act as miniature fortresses, heavily guarded by security droids and their alien masters. Inhabitants remain under control through isolation and the fear of immediate death if they mount an insurrection.

The reports continue to return dim outlooks. Occasionally the commando teams do not return, their members feared dead or captured during their clandestine activities within the zone of control. Thus far, the Trade Federation has not attacked any of the secret bases used by the Underground, and their furtive passages remain a secret. If the invaders have tortured the captured operatives, the members of the Underground have remained faithful and not divulged any of their secrets.

With the Trade Federation having shut down the standard news channels and information sources, the Underground’s ability to communicate has drastically reduced. The isolated pockets remain in contact using short-range but relatively secure communication systems. Some of their methods have not seen in decades or even centuries, but modern militaries do not scan for such classic techniques. The most common method, however, uses couriers to bring written and voice communications from cell to cell.

The news passed around details simplified versions of the daily operations. Most of the news details activities that involve spying on Trade Federation forces and reporting their status. Few, if any of the reports, involve actions as heroic as those performed by the group of five young friends who formerly attended Theed’s Royal House of Learning. Their exploits have made them well known among the many cells of Underground operatives.

Their day of respite leaves them slightly refreshed, even eagerly anticipating action to break the strange monotony of the downtime. The following morning, Lucos Dannt, their former headmaster, summons the group of friends. They take this as a sure sign that they just might return to the streets of Theed for additional activities.

“Good morning,” he says gruffly, as if his throat has become raw and he has not yet fully become awake, despite the empty cup of stimcaf on his makeshift desk. “Hope you enjoyed your day of rest.” Before they can reply, he continues, “Don’t get used to it. When this is done, I expect you to hurry back to your studies.” A strange twinkle in his eyes makes it impossible to determine just how serious he intends them to take his comment.

“There’s someone here to meet you; in fact, she specifically requested you. I initially balked at the idea, but then I guess it should really be up to you.” A young woman, about the age of the five friends, enters the room from a rear door. She has pulled her golden hair back into a ponytail, and her rumpled and dirty clothing demonstrates that she too has hidden away from the city for the past few days. Lines of weariness and worry streak her face, making her appear older.

Her voice cracks as she begins to speak, her right-hand rising to her throat before continuing upward to pull a lock of hair back away from her eyes. She holds her head high, with her shoulders pulled back, although the façade hardly holds up to any manner of scrutiny. “My name is Lialla Tane. My father, Kyu Tane, serves – um, served,” a pang of fear crosses through her eyes, “as the Minister of Culture for her Royal Highness. He and my mother could not escape the initial invasion of the city, and have been captured by the Trade Federation.”

“I have already been assigned another mission for the resistance, so I cannot go to rescue them. Your adventures and skills are well known, and I’m certain that with your abilities, you could save my family. I have nowhere else to go, and I’m afraid that my parents will soon die if they are not saved. I hear that their captors do not allow them bread or water or anything for their safety! Please, will you help me?” Her eyes betray her fear and silently beg for the heroes help.

Headmaster Dannt looks away from Lialla to the group of his former students. “This one is up to you. Lialla here knows the most about the complex, but you all have to decide if you want to take the risks yourselves.”

20 July 2003, 08:11 PM
Deel looks intensely at Dannt, then to Lialla, then back to Dannt,

To Lialla:

"Well, first off, I'd like to give you my expert opinon, my dear, your parents will be fine. Those creeps wouldnt dare risk harming them for the hot water they'd face in the senate for war crimes and atrocities to dignitaries. Nemoidians are really cowardly, once you get to know them."

Deel looks at the attractive young girl, and sees her beauty through her stressed features, never turning down the chance to impress a pretty girl, he turns to Dannt,

"Well, i supposea rescue presents no problems, my colleagues here have done something to that end already, of which im sure you are no doubt aware. So, pending thier approval of the situation, I'm certainly game."

21 July 2003, 03:31 AM
Dannt nods his approval in response to Deel’s comments. As his head stops moving, however, the corners of his lips turn downward into a frown, his brow furrowing as he clenches his jaw.

“I’m glad to hear that you’re ready to go, but your thoughts on the treatment of the prisoners is a bit off target.” His deep voice reverberates slightly against the walls of the small room. “Our intelligence reports have been returning with an even bleaker outlook for the prisoners. While you may hold the common opinion that the Neimoidian masters of the droid army are cowardly, that does not provide for the care of their captives. It seems that some of the droid guards have not been programmed to see to the needs of their prisoners, and perhaps the Neimoidians do not care as well.”

Dannt sighs, placing his hands on his hips before continuing, “And if we do not defeat our captors soon, their atrocities,” he emphasizes his last word, linking it to Deel’s rhetoric, “may go unnoticed. History has a strange way of being written by the victors.” A twinkle catches in his eye, a strange twist against his dark comments. “Or haven’t you been paying attention in your history classes?”

Rogue Janson
21 July 2003, 03:43 AM
Arani's initial reaction upon hearing Lialla Tane's request is one of hostility. The resistance does not have the resources to carry out rescue missions for more than those people it judges as very important. This reminds her that most of her own family is probably imprisoned in the Neimoidian camps - though she has heard word of some extended relatives who have joined other resistance cells. No attempt to rescue them has been made and the worry has been a constant trouble to Arani.

Watching the young woman, however, her attitude quickly softens. Lialla has clearly been through the same - or worse - as she and her friends experienced and has already bravely taken up a mission for the resistance. Her father is also one of the Queen's ministers. Arani wouldn't rate the Minister for Culture as one of the more important government figures in the current situation, but who knows what plans the Trade Federation might have.

Deel is already pledging himself (and everyone else) to the rescue. Arani mentally rolls her eyes as he mentions 'war crimes and atrocities'. Sometimes the Twi'lek's silver tongue runs away with him. Lucos Dannt's reprimand doesn't help soothe Lialla, but she guesses it is aimed to encouraging them to take up the mission. Apart from helping Lialla and her parents, Arani is keen on the rescue simply because she is becoming bored of reconnaissance and wants to do something dramatic, even if its strategic merits for the resistance may be a little dubious.
She steps forward and places a hand on Lialla's shoulder.

"We'll do everything we can to get your parents out. And if those Neimoidians or their droids try to stop us." She looks briefly at the two Jedi and Galak, with his blaster rifle slung, as always, over his shoulder. "Then they'll regret it."

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Kanner Ra'an
21 July 2003, 05:16 AM
Galak listens to the girls story. Immeadiatly the military part of his mind tells him this is the worst possible thing they could do. Missions like this could cost the resistance greatly and even if they suceed they can offer the group no advantage. Also Galaks opinion of politicians comes into play as well. He fears this minister might try influence ir take command over the resistance just to boost his image for the next election. Her silent begging goes unnoticed by Galak as he considers the pros and cons of the situation. He knows Sia-Lann will most likly try this. Her greatest desire is to free the people of Naboo. Rann might also if what he's heard about jedi is true. Finally he just comes out and says it.
" Lialla is their any way at all this mission benfits the resistance?" He asks bluntly, his voice showing no compassion or empathy for her situation.

Howling Wookiee
21 July 2003, 04:20 PM
Rann I-Kanu stands leaning against a wall as he listends to Lialla's plea for help. The Jedi Padawan has discarded his robe and has opted for more practical clothing, dark brown Jedi expedition coveralls, black leather gloves, and his lightsaber is hanging on a brown leather utility belt. His chin rests in his right hand as he takes in what all Lucos and Lialla have stated. He listens to Deel's "silver tounge" response as expected, Arani's aristocatic response, and Galak's "what's in it for us" reprise. Finally the Jedi padawan responds, "I feel that it is in our best intrest to make sure that innocent beings are removed from these hostile conditions. I will not stand by and allow fellow sentient beings being tortured and punished for things they have done. It is the will of the Force. Also I think that if we infiltrate the camp that Lialla's parents are being held at, we can get information on the security and layout of the camp for future rescues. If the Neiomodians follow thier own protocol every camp should be layed out the same. This will help the resistance in future attempts. By accomplishing this mission we will be rewarded two fold; one, freeing of the Queen's ministers, and two gain information that I'm sure we will need in the future." Rann finishes his long statement with a long breath. He's not one for talk but for action. He feels he has stated the case correctly and clearly. Rann looks to Lucos for approval.

21 July 2003, 04:27 PM
Sia-Lan is mortified by the new information. It is as she has feared, the Federation is not treating the prisoners well. She listens to the others to get their opinions, because she already knows her answer. "I agree, it is not good to leave innocent people in this position the Trade Federation has put them in. If we do this we might be able to rescue more people from the other camps." She looks to Galak and waits for his decision, hoping he will see the rightness in this mission.

Kanner Ra'an
21 July 2003, 06:52 PM
Galak thinks for a moment, a thousand possibilities run through his mind. His thoughts are full of indecision though he tries to hide it. Finally after a moment of consideration he reaches his decision.

"No. I will not go on this mission." He says sternly. " This is WAR. The moment we forget that is the moment we lose EVERYTHING. All our famalies, all our friends. We cannot afford to place personal fealings ver our duty to free everyone." At the mention of duty he glares at Lialla Tane. " You would have us devote resourses, possibly our lives just for your parents? WHY? What good will it do us. We need men and weapons, not useless ministers who will do nothing but put a bigger drain on what little we have. This is just a waste of time we could have spent fighting for something useful.

With that said Galak looks at Headmaster Dannt, and returns his shocked gaze with one of anger for even bothering them with this. He then gets up, trying not to look at his friends as he leaves.

Rogue Janson
22 July 2003, 02:21 AM
As Galak comes out with his rant and goes to leave, Arani quickly moves to follow him, stopping him and taking to one side. She thinks she understands his concerns, but she does not agree with them and she is aghast that he has come out with them so bluntly in front of the tearful Lialla.

"Galak," Arani talks quietly so the others might not hear, but her voice is stern. "There was no need for that outburst. Did you just want to upset Lialla? Calling her father useless? We don't just need men and weapons, we need people that can organise and lead and inspire. And what happens when we win and all our ministers have disappeared, are we going to be governed by a load of soldiers?"
She pauses briefly for breath and adopts a slightly softer tone.
"I'm worried about my family too, and I wish I could help them, but I just have to hope they'll be ok. The Trade Federation should treat them like any other prisoners. Lialla's father is a minister so there's no chance of that for him."
Arani's brown eyes stare into Galak's.
"I think we're forgetting kindness and hope. If we pass up any chance of helping people - even if it is only short term - and constantly think only about winning, we'll just come out like those droid soldiers. If we ignore everything we value just because we risk losing it, we will lose it for sure.
"At least come and listen to the rest of what Headmaster Dannt has to say. Surely you trust him not to even consider risking lives on a mission he doesn't consider important?"

22 July 2003, 08:32 AM
Lialla looks shocked at Galak’s sharp comments, and only recovers marginally when the others rebuke him. Headmaster Dannt nods his head as the Padawans and Arani speak. “Please, Galak, stay a moment and hear us out.”

“Here’s my reasoning why I would ask you to take on this mission. One, anytime that we can rescue more members of our people and bolster the numbers of the Resistance, we have that obligation. Lialla’s parents are not the only ones imprisoned in that internment facility. We have a moral obligation to help those in need.”

He does not pause before continuing, “Next, Lialla here has gathered a great deal of intelligence on this site; we know more about it than we do any other prison camp at the moment. If we can find out more about this one setup with an infiltration and rescue mission, then maybe we can have a better chance at tackling more of them in the future.”

“And,” he persists, raising a hand to keep the others quiet, “You forget how a single operation that appears unrelated might affect the greater effort of the Resistance. While you may not see much of a tactical or strategic advantage to this effort, but I will tell you that the attack may divert the attention of the Trade Federation from other, riskier missions to occur. So, Galak, if I came to you and asked you to undertake a mission to act as a distraction so that some other group could pull off a highly dangerous activity, would you deny it on the grounds that it did not benefit the Resistance?”

22 July 2003, 03:11 PM
Deel listens to Dannt's rhetoric, thinks for a moment, then, as usual, adds his two-cred's worth,

"Also, if we can go in, get these people and get out , still smelling like roses, it'll really shake 'em up, the more we do it, the more they'll second guess themselves, the more they'll consider leaving us alone. Ive heard of wars won by the underdogs beacuse they did little hit and fades and raids. It does more damage in morale than it does in terms of military gain. Also, youre a soldier, when it boils down to it, this is the kind of thing you exist to do. You're not interested in grand schemes or the big picture, just give you a blaster and some moving targets and you'll be happy, its not right or wrong, its just the way your kind are."

Deel knows he's sounding pretty harsh, but he wants to get through to his friend. He usually prefers lying in tough situations, but this just doesnt seem like the time or place to start that. Anyone that knows Deel can see he's traded his signature smirk for a look of total sincerity. Even not noticing his cigarette, which has fallen from the corner of his mouth in his little tirade and now smolders on the floor of the basement, at the young twi'lek's feet.

Kanner Ra'an
22 July 2003, 07:39 PM
Galak listen closely to the others. From a tactical standpoint it just doesn't make sense. The minister is more of a target of oppertunity in his mind then a legitament objective. When compared to rescuing the many fellow soldiers the trade federation has in custudy saving a useless politician seems wrong and tactically flawed. Arani's emotional sithspit does little to change his mind. Headmaster Dannt's arguement does have some merit though. However the fact that they are spending resourse rescuing politicians instead or the many militia men that the trade federation has imprisoned still strikes him as wrong and biased. He sees no reason why this man is given special status just because he is a polotician. The idea that a minister of culture could be a valuble leader for a military resistance is laughable at best. Considering the state of naboo's security before the invasion he doesn't beleve any of the planets leaders would benifit the resistance at all. However the mission in general does not seem like a complete waste. Though it is not the best thing to devote resourse to he can see how it could be worked to their advantage.

You're not interested in grand schemes or the big picture, just give you a blaster and some moving targets and you'll be happy, its not right or wrong, its just the way your kind are."

Deels comments cut through Galak like a knife through well done nerf meat. The fact that his friends see him as nothing more then a blaster wounds him, and for a breif second it shows. However he quickly hides it and turns to the headmaster.

Galak looks towards the headmaster. In a military tone he says " I will do whatever is ordered of me." His face and voice lacks all emotion, and his posture has changed also. It is as if he has switched to military mode.

Howling Wookiee
24 July 2003, 01:39 PM
Rann listens to everyone's opinion of the mission. The padawan pays close attention to Galak's response and open opinion. Rann opens himself up lightly to the Force. He notices all his friends in the Force with their own unique signature, but when Rann focuses on Galak there are waves of red energy flowing off of him and certain emotions that roll off of him. Rann gently releases his grasp of the Force and looks upon Galak. He walks over and puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder, "Clear your mind my warrior friend and you will see that this path is right. I understand your caution but this mission has its pros and cons. The ultimate goal is to help the ones that can not help themselves. That is our duty to all sentient beings in the galaxy. When we forget that we are no better than those that wish to take advantage of those innocences. Master Ali-Vor once told me this, 'Why would you help an elder Ithorian tribesman across a busy speeder intersection? He is able to cross it himself. You help the elder tribesman, because it will be safer for him with your young eyes and ears looking out for dangers to him.' In essence using our abilities to help those who need our help." Rann removes his hand from Galak's shoulder and hopes that his wise words have helped him and hopes that it doesn't sound ridiculous to everyone. Rann is no one for wisdom but he tries his best.

24 July 2003, 05:21 PM
Lucos Dannt nods his head at Galak’s sudden change in attitude, but accompanied acceptance of the mission. Lialla’s face slightly brightens with the group’s agreement to rescue her parents. Her head turns to the leader of the Resistance, waiting to hear his thoughts and plans for the team’s new adventure.

He receives her glance, and nodding his head again, begins. “Well, you’ve heard the basics. Lialla here has the best intel we’ve got on the prison, so I’m going to let her take over from here. Once you get all the details you want, head out to our Quartermaster, get what you think you’ll need and head out. The Quartermaster will tell you today’s approved passages and alternates in and out of the city.”

Lialla becomes the target of Dannt’s focus, and biting her lip as her eyes open wider, she looks to the group of five friends. “Well, the prison is set in one of the outlying suburbs of Theed. It’s in an open air market –“ she catches herself and shrinks a second at the thought which races through her mind, “er, former market there. Naturally it’s a guarded area.”

She frowns, thinking for a second. “But beyond that, I don’t really know what else would help you.” She bites her lip and a lock of hair falls over her right eye. She blows a puff of air out to try to push it away, and succeeds. “Why don’t you ask me questions? I’m much better answering questions.” The wisp of hair falls back into her eye. Unsuccessfully she tries to blow it away again, frowns at her failure, and moves it back to the top of her head with her hands, before crossing her arms and waiting for the question and answer session to start.

Howling Wookiee
24 July 2003, 05:56 PM
Rann listens to Lialla's vague discription of the "prison" with a skeptical look on his face. He crosses his arms in thought for a moment before stating his obvious quesitons, "Well Lialla I was expecting a little more details but I'm sure you can fill in the blanks with our questions. One, what kind of resistance can we expect from the prison? I'm sure you have some kinda count of patrols and guards. Are they Neiomodians or droids? Are the prisoners secured in a fenced in area or are they confined in buildings? When we free the prisoners we need to secure a route that would accomidate a large group of people and quickly. Will our tunnels suffice in this manner?" All Rann's questions are directed to the young Noobian except his last question is directed to both her and Lucos. As Rann I-Kanu waits for answers to his questions, his face is firm with concentration. It is apparent the would be Jedi is trying to formulate a plan. He will have to sort out the details then run it by his commrades before proceeding with the mission.

Kanner Ra'an
24 July 2003, 06:16 PM
"Ya, great intel. Great intel my wookiee." Galak thinks, but keeps to himself. He doesn't want to be any more trouble for the group. " Also an appraisal of the general mood of both the prisoners and the overseers would be important. As well just the general quality of these droids and prisons. Are they in lineworthy or rusted hunks." he adds in. Galak is trying to not lose control again but this girl has done nothing but frustrate him. When it was time to convince the party she claimed that she had scouted this area well. Now all she offers upfront are basic details Galak could have guessed off the top of his head. " Just stick to what you do best." he tells himself, then turns his full attention to the woman and her answers.

Rogue Janson
25 July 2003, 04:39 AM
Arani doesn't want to overwhelm Lialla with questions so she considers hers carefully. With the focus on rescuing Lialla's parents, they have not considered the other prisoners in the camp. She doesn't even know if they are meant to break everyone out or just their two main targets. With a group of only five, shepherding and protecting a large number of prisoners could be impossible.

"How many people do you think are being held in this camp?"

She hopes Lialla is just overwhelmed and can provide some serious information in response to their questions. Otherwise Galak's misgivings about the mission could be well founded.

25 July 2003, 08:46 PM
Sia-Lan is glad that Galak has agreed to help them. She doesn't want this to affect their friendship so she gives him a thankful look. Sia hopes he will see the good that will come out of this mission. Hearing Arani's question of how many prisoners there are, Sia-Lan asks, "And what age groups are they?" She knows that if there are elderly people or young children or babies that they will have to take extra precautions and maybe allow for more time to escape.

26 July 2003, 08:55 PM
Deel eyes the girl darkly, a freshly lit cigarette held between his fingers. She had made it sound like she actually had intelligent intelligence, not all this "you ask me" poodoo. While he never misses the chance to impress, Deel is not at all thrilled by the notion of "going in blind", and almost immediately goes the way of Galak, for even less deep reasons, although he hides it well,

"OK, so what youre telling all of us is that even though you said you have alot of information about the place, you want us to ask you for it, basically meaning that there's probably gonna be something we dont ask about thats gonna be really important but instead of your pretty little behind, its gonna be ours that is under the gun?"

The thought occurs to Deel that he might be sounding a bit insensitive, but compared to a possible deathtrap, he sees it as the lesser of the two evils.

27 July 2003, 03:20 AM
Lialla looks shocked at Deel’s harsh comments and her eyes go wide in fear. She had obviously not expected such retorts out of the heroes who gallantly liberated prisoners from the heart of Theed only two days prior. She turns to look at Lucos Dannt with a question, and he places his hand on her shoulder. He whispers something inaudible into her ear.

Turning back to look at the group, although not losing the worry in her eyes, she stammers as she begins to respond. After a moment, however, the hesitation disappears and she answers the questions presented in earnest. “The prison is made of portable energy walls. There are actually two layers of the walls, an inner and an outer layer. In between them are the generators and emitters which sustain the shielded barriers.”

She gets a quick, questioning look from the former headmaster, and nodding her head elaborates slightly. “The walls, I’ve learned, provide a sharp shock if touched, and also act as a shield against weapons. You can’t cut through them or break through them in any way without taking out the emitters or generators. That, apparently, could create a large explosion, however.”

“A single gate is the only point where the double walls link and it provides access into the holding area. A pair of standard security guards – I don’t think they have anything else with them, actually,” she adds, looking to Galak in the process, “guard the gate. They are supported by a pair of Neimoidian overseers who watch from a pre-fab hut nearby. I’ve seen the droids and the overseers enter a code to open the gate, but we haven’t been able to determine what it is.”

“Additionally, a squad of battle droids patrols the area. I believe, but cannot prove, that a second squad is also located nearby. I can’t really tell them apart, but I’m pretty certain that a second was deployed to investigate someone who was providing a distraction for me while I was trying to get this info. Naturally, there could be additional forces sent to the area, but it would likely take a few minutes.” As one of the heroes shoots her a questioning look, she rolls her eyes and adds, “This is, after all, near the heart of Theed, where the Trade Federation is likely to have the majority of their forces assembled.”

She looks around, slightly confused for a moment, “Okay, someone asked for an appraisal of the prisoners’ and overseers’ moods. I don’t remember who asked that now, but the prisoners are disheartened and neglected. They don’t receive medical attention or food – not even a source of water – as far as I can tell. I’m guessing that’s to keep their energy low. Their also exposed to the weather, since the energy walls do not have a roof over them.” She pauses, thinking for a quick moment. “The Neimoidians seem bored. I can’t imagine this is a plush job for them. Their quarters are sparse, although they don’t appear to lack for food or water.”

Facing Arani, “My count put the number of prisoners around a dozen or so. But they could have added any number since I checked the place out yesterday. I haven’t seen them take any away, however. And most are our age to middle aged, with a few elderly. No kids.” A look of relief crosses her face with the last comment. Even though Dannt already knew, he sighs with solace as well.

Addressing Rann, “Sorry, I almost forgot one of your questions. I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t use the tunnels to bring the groups away. I mean, as long as you don’t get caught in the act, so that the Trade Federation could follow you.” A sudden look of shame and embarrassment crosses her face, “But you probably knew that.”

Quickly she looks back to the former headmaster, hoping that he will rescue her from her awkwardness in replying to Rann. Dannt looks over the group slowly, his eyes at last fixing on Deel. “You all seem to have missed something I said earlier, especially you, Deel. I said Lialla had gathered a great deal of intelligence about the prison; I never said she was a trained intel briefer. In addition, if someone had told you everything they knew about a subject, you would likely tune them out early on, since most of it would not be relevant to what you care to know. I am quite certain that all of you are guilty of that charge on at least one occasion during your time at the Royal House of Learning. So, it benefits you to ask pertinent questions, instead of one of us sitting up here and lecturing a treatise on a small prison in the outlying suburbs of Theed.”

Without giving a hint of pausing, for their responses, Dannt continues. “Furthermore, while it will be your ‘behinds’, as Deel so eloquently stated, that we are risking on this mission, you have several advantages that no other unit has. For one, you all have successfully completed a similar mission for the Resistance, so in essence, you are the closest thing to veterans we have. Two, you are very creative; I know more than you possible could imagine about your creativity Master Surool. If a situation arises that requires improvisation on the fly, between yourself and Miss Korden, I do not have a doubt that some interesting solution shall be created. And three, you have two Padawan Learners in your team; no other unit has their capabilities, and that gives you a magnificent asset. I have no doubts that you will succeed in this dangerous assignment.”

He pauses and the room goes silent for a long moment. A drop of water hits the ground and echoes across the space. Dannt unfolds his arms and leans back against his desk, watching everyone, but still maintaining the focus of unspoken conversation. He appears to be deciding if he should ask another question or make another comment, but his mouth remains closed. Half of a minute later, he inhales sharply and his eyes open wider as he moves his shoulders back, relaxing.

“Now, based on that, any more questions?”

Kanner Ra'an
27 July 2003, 05:29 AM
Galak thinks hard but cant remember ever being at this market. "Im not familiar with the area your talking about. Is their anything we should be aware about or could use to our advantage? Sniping positions? Good cover? And did you happen to bring a holocam while you did your recon? If we new exactly what we were looking for this operation would be a sith of a lot easier." He asks her. Galak can understand that she doesn't have training for this kind of stuff, but for someone used to breifings its annoying to have to ask these questions. " Oh ya, how close together did these droid squads travel and did you see anyone in the prison who was militia or volenteer police? Anyone who can help our escape." Galak hopes he knows the answer. If one or two grenades could disable a squad of the droids it would make the mission much easier. This is definitly not going to be a walk in theed. As it looks they'll have to find a way to bypass the droids, get to the nemodians, have them open the gate, then get those prisoners out.

Howling Wookiee
27 July 2003, 07:19 AM
Rann listens intently to Lialla and Luco's briefing. It is sketchy but thourough enough to satisfy his questions and the others. The padawan brushes aside the comment by the headmaster of skills of Jedi Padawan Learners, for Jedi do not know vanity, they only serve the Force. A plan continues to tumble in his young brain and needs some more detailed information before relaying it to the others, "The energy wall, how high is it? Also, the overseers hut, where is located in relation to the energy wall, in the middle or close to one side of the wall?" Rann decides to let everyone in on his train of thought. He addresses everyone in the group, "My thinking is Sia and myself clear the wall with some degree of cover once inside. Take the Neiomodians hostage and have them shut down the security guards and open the gate. Gather up the prisoners while someone causes a distraction for the patrols outside and away we go." After Rann hears himself tell the plan it sounds to easy and uncomplicated, but experience has taught him that not all plans go so easily. He continues, "Thoughts on this or any other plans will be good."

Rogue Janson
27 July 2003, 08:19 AM
Much happier now Lialla has begun providing information, Arani's lips twist into a wry smile as she considers how to get in, and out, of the prison camp. She nods to second Galak's questions about cover.

She considers Rann's plan carefully. Typically, it is direct and relatively simple. Simplicity is a virtue in planning, but directness may not be appropriate. Rann seems to intend for himself and Sia-Lan to clear the energy fence with the aid of the Force, then to compel the guards to shut down the security gate and the guard droids. The first part seems reasonable, but from their experiences all Federation droids seem to be controlled from orbit, so she doubts the Neimoidian guards will be able to shut them down. This could leave the Sia-Lan, Rann and the prisoners having to exit through the gate under fire from the droids, which would be deadly.

If they could turn off the generators for the fence, things would be different. The prisoners would be free to spread out and find cover rather than having to move through a 'choke point' (as Galak would call it). Arani reckons she could probably disable the generators, without them exploding. If the security gate is a standard type, she could probably get through that and in to the generators. That would need some kind of distraction, of course to get rid of the guard droids. A distraction should also get the patrol droids away from the area, though it would also probably alert reinforcements.
Arani outlines her plan to the others.

"Here are my thoughts. Deel, if you feel up to creating a distraction, you and Rann can draw away the droids at the gates, and hopefully the Neimoidians away. Sia-Lan and I will sneak up to the security gate and I'll try and break the lock. If I can't manage it, well that's where lightsabres come in. From there, I'll pull out some wires and disable the generators while Sia-Lan starts rounding up the prisoners to go. Galak can provide cover for the evac and step in if anything unexpected happens.
"I know it's more complex than Rann's suggestion, but it might help us avoid having to fight too many droids. And I don't like the idea of having to get everyone out through one narrow gate. It could be a deathtrap if they are under fire."

Pausing, Arani turns to Lialla and smiles apologetically.
"More questions, I'm afraid. Like Galak, I'd like to know what cover there is around the camp and also what size it is. Finally, what kind of lighting is there, and did you notice if the Neimoidians had any kind of night or low-light vision apparatus. I know you probably weren't looking for that, but it could make all the difference."

27 July 2003, 10:07 AM
Deel is at once taken aback and flattered by his headmasters comments, however, Deel is used to getting such reactions from people, and generally shrugs off the comments. He listens to both Rann and Arani's suggestions before he speaks,

"Rann, while your plan, in essence, really is more simple, I believe my dear Arani has the safer of the two. After all, if something should go wrong, you and Sia-Lan would pretty much become additional prisoners, something the Resistance simply cannot afford. Still, with recent enlightenment,"

he nods meaningfully at Lialla,

"This doesnt sound like all that difficult of a procedure. Arani, I like your ideas but would make a slight modification, I already have a distraction in mind, one that would cause horrid amounts of damage to those droids at relatively little risk to us, possibly even enough to destroy two whole patrols in one shot, but Galak would be more suited to aiding me."

Deel then returns his attention to Lialla, "My dear, as with Galak, this I must know about the area, what is nearby? Namely, buildings-wise. Also, what is the closests important location other than the prison itself, basically, how long would reinforcements take to arrive, and where would they be arriving from? Battle drois pose only a moderate threat, but if we were to encounter destroyer droids, or worse, repulsor tanks, we'd be toast."

27 July 2003, 06:25 PM
Lialla waits for most of the questions before replying. “Well, the plaza is where they usually have an open-air market. Of course, that’s naturally not set up right now. The Trade Federation has cleared out all of the area and put in their prison and their hut. The area is about a fifty meters by a fifty meters. There are buildings along three sides, and an embankment along the river on the south side. That’s where I did my recon from.

“The buildings looked locked up, but I didn’t get in to try them out. The market has a few trees and statues in it, but it’s mostly open space, so that rules out cover. If you’re a really good shot, I suppose you could shoot from the embankment, but I’m not familiar with that stuff, really.”

“I wish I had access to a holocam or something, to make this easier, but with our limited resources, I didn’t have that option. I’m sorry,” she apologizes to Galak with a very sincere look.

“The hut is located about fifteen or twenty meters from the prison; I guess the overseers didn’t want to be bothered by their charges. They have set up a few area lights, but I think that was mostly for the Neimoidians; I wouldn’t think the droids would need them… would they? I definitely didn’t see any night vision stuff, but I also wasn’t looking, like you said.”

“The patrol I saw walked the perimeter of the square every few minutes – maybe fifteen or so between passes. I guess their assigned area extends beyond the marketplace. As for help on the inside, I didn’t see anyone in particular. It looked like mostly folks from my father’s office. But I’m sure that if given the chance and inspiration, they would fight for their freedom.”

Without stopping, the young woman keeps going, the weariness in her face slowly subsiding as her hopes rise. “The prison itself was about ten meters by ten meters. It was about ten meters. It was about ten meters from the western row of buildings, and twenty from the northern row. Its walls, I’d say, are about three to five meters high. Like I said they are set up in a dual row, with the generators in between. They meet at the gate where the two walls come together at the gateposts. That pretty much means you can’t get to the generators, unfortunately, without shutting down the walls in the first place. And no, before you ask, I don’t know how they set it all up in the first place.” She smirks at the group, knowing the question might arise.

Turning to face Deel, one of her harshest critics, she frowns and begins to reply to his question. “You asked about distance to the closest facility for the Trade Federation. My answer is: I have no idea. I’m sorry.” Her eyes grow wide as she knows she has disappointed the Twi’lek miscreant.

Dannt speaks up at that moment, backing her up. “We are still working hard to map out their fortifications and depots. Unfortunately, that is taking a lot of time and resources, and those tend to be some of the most dangerous missions for our operatives. We have several areas of the city partially figured out, but nothing in this suburb yet. That will likely be your biggest unknown as you go into this assignment. You will just have to be ready to adapt to the situation.”

Kanner Ra'an
27 July 2003, 07:27 PM
" Every fifteen minutes." He quietly repeats. Fifteen minutes can be a long time if you make it. However they are moving a dozen or so people through an area with no effective cover, and by extension no concealment. "How deep and harsh is the river?" Galak asks " And does it pass by any of our tunnels?" His facial expressions tells her this could be vital. If the conditions are appropriate this could be a vital route. Considering droids cant function in water this could be a vital vien to allow recon teams into the area, not to mention a secure escape path.
After asking he looks towards Deel. " I think this would be a good time to explain that distraction now. If we can get those guys out in under fifteen minutes, Deel and i could lead the patrols way. If the rest of you can use the stream as an escape route we could probably get everyone out." Galak is now very hopeful. If he's right this is most likly the safest way for the prisoners.

28 July 2003, 10:25 AM
Deel, always ready to explain an idea he considers good, takes one last puff on his cigarette, and exhales slowly, thoughtfully, before beginning,

"The only thing that would really make my idea difficult is poor environment, hence my question."

He nods curtly to Lialla,

"About the absolute best thing we could hope for is some kind of construstion effort with scaffolding, battle damage to buildings, or a tunnel or archway of some sort between two buildings. Basically, my idea would consist of Galak and I slipping into the area approximately fourty-five minutes or so prior to the rest of you, which will give us time to see at least two patrols go by, and from that we can get a rough idea of the path they're taking and an exact idea of how long we have to do the next part.

"Using some shaped charges, or other medium to high explosive, I can set up a charge that can bring down that scaffolding in nothing flat. Basically then, we wait until about five minutes before that patrol would reach us then we cause some sort of a ruckuss, that'll bring at least one, maybe both patrols of battle droids our way. Either Galak or I, or both of us, acting as bait, would lure the patrol(s) into the area between the two buildings, and I'd set off the explosives, trapping all the droids. Any that managed to avoid the explosion would be crushed by the falling rubble, and any that escaped that would be easy pickings for me and Galak. Then after that, we high-tail it back into the underground passages. It'll look like a seemingly unrelated event to the rescue, that is, until after the whole thing's finished, and they're left to pick up the pieces."

Deel finished this last with a smug grin, as he takes another pull on the cigarette, mulls over what he just said for a moment, then exhales again, straight up to the ceiling, waiting for comments, compliments, or, most likely, complaints.

Oh well, he thinks to himself, If I have to take complaints, I wouldn't rather have anyone else but these people doing it.

At this thought, he smiles again, then returns his mysterious, confident gaze, to the rest of the people in the room.

Rogue Janson
28 July 2003, 02:48 PM
Lialla's information dashes a number of their hopes, with the shield wall more difficult to overcome than they'd imagined.

"I guess they must have used a remote to activate the fence generators," Arani comments. "At least that means the guards might have the remote and be able to shut the fencing down."

"Can you clear a barrier that high?" she asks Rann and Sia-Lan. Arani has only a limited idea of what the Jedi can do, but 3 to 5 metres seems too much for even them to jump vertically.

She turns to Deel with a slightly dubious look on her face.
"I was thinking something quieter for a distraction. Some thing that wouldn't get the entire droid army coming for us. But I guess I shouldn't have expected subtlety."
Having made a half serious dig at Deel's plan, she moves on to a more serious concern.
"I don't know the supply situation, but I can't imagine the resistance has much explosive, and I don't know if they'd want to use it simply for a distraction. Plus, Naboo architecture is all very solidly built, so you'd need quite a lot to bring one down onto the droids. Not to mention it's also all very pretty."

"I guess that probably takes up back to square one."
Combining ideas and thinking on her feat, Arani puts together a new plan, even more direct than the previous ones.
"Ok then, what about this. Deel and I will furnish a diversion. We'll take some potshots at the patrolling droids - or even better the guard droids - then we'll try and lead the patrol away from the area, into the streets. Since it looks like the gate is going to be the only way in, Rann and Sia-Lan may as well head straight for it. They'll need to be quick, but with their lightsabres they should be able to make short work of the two guard droids and the security gate. Galak can set himself up inside a building or on the embankment and provide cover with his blaster rifle."

Arani is not particularly happy with the plan, since it puts her and her friends in harms way too much for her liking, but their options have been narrowed considerably.

Howling Wookiee
28 July 2003, 04:06 PM
Rann continues to listen to each of his friend's ideas quietly. He shakes his head at Arani's question about the jump, "Sorry, but would be too high for our limited knowledge of the Force." He listens to Deel's idea about a distraction and a soft chuckle leaves his lips as he can only imagine what the imaginative Twi'lek has in mind. It is apparent that the main entrance to the prison is the gate. A distraction is going to be needed and then a swift entrance and escape. He shakes his head with fustration. "It's not gonna be easy but I think we can make it happen. Deel and Arani luring the patrols and hopefully the guards away, Sia and myself gaining entrance into the prison via the main gate, and Galak providing cover fire. I'm sure the plan will have to be modified once we see what's going down ourselves." Rann does not have anything to add on the others plans. He is just ready to serve whatever role is decided of him.

Kanner Ra'an
28 July 2003, 05:30 PM
" Look this has got to be a covert op." Galak speaks up. " Deel, Arani's right. What your suggesting would bring a lot of attention, more then we want. Theirs also a lot of "ifs" in their. My suggestion is we keep it simple. We wait until the droid patrol passes, take the overseerers and their station. We force them to open the gate then get those guys out." He looks towards the Jedi " No offense but those things probably couldn't cut as fast as we'd need them to. If need be we use a grenade or something to take out a few droids then lure them away. Otherwise i think we should try avoid confronting them. We bring the overseerers with us if their co-operative as POW's. If not........" he lets his voice trail off. Everyone here knows that they cant afford to have resistance members identified. " If we have the time well leave a small explosive, barly anything, on the generator which should slow any investigation. Use blasters on the control hut electronics. Basically leave nothing behind for them to find." He looks to the headmaster. "I think is our best bet. Its quick, simple, and accounts for all known variables."

28 July 2003, 08:23 PM
Deel pauses for a moment to toss his cigarette butt out the door before continuing,

"Okay, I admit I have a flair for the complicated, but didnt it sound good?"

He says this last with a sly grin.

"Anyway, How about we put me and Arani on sneaking into the hut, where we can hotwire the shield walls. Galak, you provide distraction on the other side of the compound, so we can get in and get the job done. As soon as they are indeed down, Rann and Sia can get the "precious cargo" the hell out of Dodge. As soon as they're in the clear, we'll destroy the hut's computers, Galak will quit distracting, and we'll all leave either via the river, or all in different directions, or whatever...sound feasible?"

After raising an eyebrow at everyone, Deel straightens out an imaginary wrinkle in his dark red robe, which features graceful flaps over its two large square pockets, as if to tell Galak, "no ashes allowed!".;)

EDIT: Minor but important and annoying spelling error that actually spelled a different word

Rogue Janson
29 July 2003, 04:04 AM
Arani shakes her head and can't quite help a slight grimace from appearing on her face. Rather than working out the details for one plan, they seem to be working at cross-purposes, each with different ideas.

"If there are droid patrols roughly every fifteen minutes, that means there are two within 7 minutes of the compound - I'd recommend being pessimistic and estimating 5 minutes. That should give us enough time to pull off whatever we need to there, but getting out could be a bit tight. I think, between them at least, Rann and Sia-Lan should be able to slice through the security door fast enough. It'd certainly be faster than capturing the guards and forcing them to open it, and they can take out the two guard droids while they're passing. Deel and I could sneak up on the Neimoidians' hut and hopefully take them unawares. If we're lucky, they'll be able to shut down the shield walls, if not, they might provide a little extra cover for unforeseen circumstances. We'll need to be in position shortly before Rann and Sia-Lan get going so we can intercept if the guards notice them. If needed, we can also provide a distraction. Galak, I think we're agreed you're best at providing cover, since you're the only one trained in using a blaster rifle.
"As for destroying the electronics and everything, that's not critical, so I'd leave it out at the moment. If we have the chance we'll do it."

In essence, the plan is simple, since the only element it relies on is the two padawans dealing with the guard droids and security gate. Arani hopes that this one will finally meet with everyone's approval. While she has time for meticulous planning, in this case simplicity and flexibility seems an advantage and now she is getting impatient.

Kanner Ra'an
29 July 2003, 06:14 AM
It'd certainly be faster than capturing the guards and forcing them to open it,

"You forget we're talking about nemodians. Im positive the moment they see a blaster they'll fold. Even if they dont we have to take the hut first to avoid allowing them to call for reenforcements. Then you give him the 'Tell me or meet the sith' line. If we do start hacking the door first and it proves to much to open quickly, the damage to it might prevent the overseerers from opening it. A lot of these things have built in safe guards like that. Oh ya if you do have time to blast up the hut wait till everyones out for the same reason."

Galak realizes that theirs no general concenscious on a plan, though many factors are similar each has important differances. He though his own was the best. After all, this is what he's trained to do. However after thinking for a second he realizes that thats what the others are probably thinking as well. He's not used to this. An officer of his low rank takes orders and lets others plan. He pauses for a second and thinks. " We all have a fairly similar plan. Deel and Arani take the hut, the Jedi take out the guards at the door and hack it down if need be. I provide cover and a distraction if needed. If we can we take our targets of oppertunity. If we can. Lets leave it at that. If we plan too carefully mentally its harder to account for new things outside the plan (Its true)."

Galak is sure this is the best course of action and looks towards the others. He also looks to the headmaster for a little guidance. If the group cant come to a desision

He waits for a second then turns to the headmaster. " Explosives would be helpful. Maybe just two or three grenades. Preferably on with a timer to take out that generator. Do you think the resistance could help us out?" He also looks towards Lialla who hasn't yet had a chance to respond to his questions about the river.

29 July 2003, 06:26 AM
Dannt has remained quiet for their planning session. He knows that he has little tactical training, and that the group of former students has already successfully executed a similar mission. A frown crosses his face again, however, and he looks on, waiting for a break in the conversation. Galak’s question allows him to make a response and point out a potential flaw.

“I wish I had grenades to offer, Galak, but we just lack those resources. The best I can offer you all are blaster pistols, rifles and medpacs. We’ve only had a few days since the invasion began to scrounge for supplies, and many of those missions were set out to gather medical items as well as food. I understand your desires, but I cannot help you, unfortunately.”

Having brought the mood down another notch, Dannt chooses not to relinquish his moment to speak. “Further,” he adds before a response can arise, “I think you missed something. The gate is also an energy field, like the walls, unless I am mistaken.” He glances to Lialla, who shakes her head to indicate that the headmaster has the right idea. “If the walls cannot be cut, neither can the door. I think that you may have to get the code to deactivate the gate.”

Lialla nods her head and chimes in, “He’s right. Either you have to deactivate the energy gate, or somehow figure out how to shut down the generators. When I saw the droids and Neimoidians opening the gate, they punched the code into a console near the entrance. Then the field deactivated and they could put another prisoner in or something. Then they’d reactivate the door again.”

Rogue Janson
29 July 2003, 02:32 PM
Arani bites her lip and taps her hand impatiently on her leg. The Feds have certainly built this prison camp carefully. Still, every design has its weakness and in this case it seems to be the overseers.

"So Galak wins on the plan then, though he doesn't get his explosions. Deel and I will surprise the Neimoidian guards and get them to open the gates, or even better, shut off the fence. Between us and Galak we can deal with the two sentry droids. If the guards aren't cooperative, we can search their hut for codes or remotes, or try hotwiring the security panel. Rann and Sia-Lan can deal with - distract or destroy - the patrolling droids however they see fit."

Hoping that they now have a finalised plan, she leans back against the wall, watching for the reactions of everyone else.

29 July 2003, 05:07 PM
Sia -Lanhasn't had much experience with military planning so she waits to make her decision. Sia-Lan hears all of her friends ideas out before commenting. "Well since the gate can't be cut by a lightsaber, I will have to agree with Arani," Sia-Lan says, "But I think that Rann and I should destroy the patrols quickly so they have no time to report in to get reinforcements. We should also take the Neimodians with us since they will know who we are and they could give the resistance more intelligence also. That is if they are still with the living." She thinks for a second. This plan just may work.

Howling Wookiee
29 July 2003, 06:27 PM
Rann has remained quiet to let the planners do their thing. After a lull in the conversation he pipes up, "I think Arani and Galak's plan is the one to use. Sia-Lan and myself can take care of the guards and keep busy any passing patrols. Deel and Arani strongarm the overseers to open the gates. Galak covers our 6s while we execute the plan. He will be in reserve, our ace in the hole, if me or Sia-Lan need assistance or if Deel or Arani run into a problem. This seems like the most sensible way for me and it just feels right for some reason." Rann shrugs then continues, "I'm sure the plan will have to be modified for unknown reasons when we get there, but I feel that the prisoners are running out of time. I think it is time to act and rescue these prisoners." The young Jedi padawan's hand drops down to his lightsaber. It is apparent that Rann is getting impatient and ready to get the mission underway.

3 August 2003, 05:20 AM
The briefing adjourns leaving the quintet to prepare for their mission. Lialla thanks them again before she departs, and their former headmaster wishes them luck and success in their quest. As the party departs from his makeshift office, leaving the dank cellar room with its dripping in some unseen location, Dannt leads Lialla down the opposite corridor, ostensibly to have her return to her own cell.

Sunshine gleams through breaks in the dust and paint that purposefully covers the high windows that provide natural illumination to the highest floor of the cellar. An hour has past during the briefing, and a greater number of people move about the confined spaces than before the group of friends met with Dannt and Lialla.

The cramped quarters where the Resistance Cell hides starkly contrasts with the majority of the Naboo architecture. Instead of the broad arches that open up buildings into airy rooms, the underground quarters for the freedom fighters have ceilings that only barely allow most members not to stoop to avoid hitting their heads. The walls of the passages barely allow two individuals to pass by each other as well. The rich scent of moist earth generally fills the air, although the stale, pungent odor of cramped living conditions has begun to take over and helps to add a musty stench to the mix.

Meeting with the de facto quartermaster of the small unit in the lower level of the cellars, the group of five receives an offer of a blaster pistol and blaster rifle for each member, a medpac per person, and a single pair of macrobinoculars. She sheepishly apologizes for not being able to offer them anything else, although also suspects that they have any additional tools they require already.

Shortly before noon, the group finds themselves ready to approach the mission. With their issued and previously gathered equipment and a scrap of flimsiplast with a hastily drawn map of the safe passages to the plaza, they sit down to eat a hasty mid-day meal. The food scrounged by other resistance teams to form the basis of the cell’s stockpile has already ruined most everyone’s palette by continuing to provide the same bland menu at every meal. Nevertheless, the meal provides necessary nutrients and calories, and therefore serves its purpose.

After their meal, the former students follow Lialla’s directions on the flimsiplast into the city. It leads them through many different twists and turns. They may not have all been necessary; however, the switchbacks and careful movement makes it more difficult for anyone to follow them or to find their base of operations.

The tunnels end near the river. A spillway dribbles out of the mouth of the sewer tunnels into the waterway below, and an access hatch leads out of the ceiling to the surface of the levee. Crawling out of the hatch as instructed, the friends find themselves on the far side of the hill from the plaza area, masking their approach to the open-air market.

Hiding behind the crest of the hill, they move eastward towards the plaza, and along the river. They recall that most of the time if the streets do not look over the river, as in the layout of this section of the town, then usually a small scenic riverwalk path runs along the top of the levee. In the attempt to avoid detection, they stay away from the walk, and on the river’s side of the hill.

Fifty meters east of the hatch into the sewer system they pause, checking the map. Following its directions, Galak slowly snakes his way up to the top of the ridge, taking his role as point guard seriously and carefully. At the top of the hill, he quickly scans the area and sees no threat beyond two droids in front of the energy fence nearly thirty meters away.

Waving the rest of the group forward, Galak pulls out the macrobinoculars and scans the area. His friends pull up next to him and take in the view. On the northern edge of the plaza, a wide building rises nearly twenty meters into the air. Seven tall pillars hold a roof fifteen meters up, creating an open but covered area at the top of the steps of the town’s municipal center. The lack of activity in the square and on its steps strikes a strange dissonance to a typical afternoon in Theed.

Two identical buildings line the eastern and western edges of the mostly vacant square. Lesser governmental buildings for the local area, they top out at fifteen meters high with a central veranda between two open terraces. Naboo architects used the same construction methods for almost all the buildings in the area; the elevated, spacious designs constructed from granite and other natural stones help convey the sensation that the government has nothing to hide, and issues raised in the open remain for all to observe.

Reminiscent of dozens of other markets throughout the city, the plaza between the buildings usually holds stands for a variety of salesbeings hawking their wares from across the planet and even from around the galaxy. The bare energy wall prison and prefabricated hut replace the colorful stands. The plaza lacks usually pleasant sounds from vendors and musicians; instead, a faint buzz from the energy walls and their generators carries gently through the air.

The late afternoon sun rests two-thirds of its way from its zenith to the horizon, casting shadows across the square. Few insects and birds chirp along the flowing waters of the river behind the friends. If the Trade Federation had not chosen to launch their invasion, this might be the perfect setting for a casual picnic at the end of a day of studying.

Galak’s studying of the area through the macrobinoculars offers him an excellent chance to get a closer look at their situation. He counts seventeen prisoners in the walls. All wear soiled clothing and look weak and tired. A close inspection displayed dry and cracking lips, a sign that dehydration has started to take its toil on each of them. Galak’s surveillance also detailed a surprise addition to the recount that Lialla shared; besides the eleven civilians, the young soldier spies five Palace Guards and one Naboo Royal Defense Pilot.

Additionally, Galak took special note of two of the guardsmen. One served as his hand-to-hand combat instructor. The other acted as his small arms instructor during his training for his future career. The Trade Federation must have captured them in the past day, at least since Lialla’s reconnoitering, since she claimed not to have seen any soldiers in the pen. Two of the other guards unfortunately appeared wounded. The unit must have taken causalities in their efforts to avoid capture.

The quintet has now gotten their chance to do their own pre-assault recon. As the sun continues in its lazy arc towards the horizon, they have the opportunity to make final plans before launching their raid.

OOC: Map 3.8 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.8/Map_3.8.htm) (Click on a grid to enhance that image. Use the Browser’s “Back” button to return to the map.)

Rogue Janson
3 August 2003, 10:28 AM
When Galak has finished with the macrobinoculars - or rather, when she feels he's had enough time with them - Arani takes them off him and starts surveying the scene. She scans quickly over the prisoners, pleased to see some militia members among their number, even if two are injured. She pays better attention to the security gate, zooming in as far as possible to try and assess its design and quality. Lying flat on the bank, she leans her elbows on the ground to steady her hands, but still every slight jerk gives her an unpleasantly close view of a guard droid's chest rather than the security panel.

Having looked over the gate, Arani zooms back out and assesses the possibilities for infiltration, trying to work out where the windows and doors are on the guards' hut - including the sides she can't see. It appears their best option will be to loop round to the right, then hurry from the cover of the building to the hut. The distance is around 15m or so, if she is reading the scale on the macrobinoculars properly. That route will also have the advantage of putting the hut between them and the guard droids, though it will leave them exposed to anything coming along the road.

When she has finished surveying the area, Arani roles langorously onto her back to talk to the others. Lying on the warm ground, she seems relaxed, despite being inside an occupied city. For this mission, Arani has scavenged together an outfit she hopes will help her blend in, 'on loan' from various sources around the resistance cell. She wears a slate grey blouson, held in by a belt at her narrow waist and ornate bracers at her forearms, along with tight fitting blue-grey trousers and high black boots. This is rounded off by a dark blue cape gathered over her shoulders and extending down to the back of her knees. A thin scarf wrapped round her face conceals it from the nose down and her hair is held back with a band. The general aim is to be camouflaged and a little sinister but still look respectable - though these may be incompatible aims.

Passing the macrobinoculars on, Arani briefly voices her thoughts.
"I think Deel and I would be best moving out from that building there." She points behind her at the far corner of the right hand building. "Not sure where's best for Rann and Sia-Lan to go from."

5 August 2003, 10:18 AM
"Not sure where's best for Rann and Sia-Lan to go from."

"Can I see those, please?" Sia-Lan asks. After Arani hands over the macrobinoculars she scans the area. She sees the prisoners, the guard droids, and the guard hut. "I don't see the patrols," Sia-Lan says. After a moment of thought she offers up her plan, "Rann and I could spit up and search each side of the prison. When we finish on the sides we could meet up on the back side of the prison." She doesn't like the plan because if one person encounters both patrols the other wouldn't know what is going on. She is willing to take the risk though to find the patrols faster and neutralize them before they find her friends. She looks to Rann for his opinion of her plan.

Howling Wookiee
5 August 2003, 05:05 PM
Rann listens to Arani and Sia's observations. He thinks for a moment before responding, "I think splitting up would put us in greater danger. We need to stick together. If things went south it would take the other entirely to long to come and help. My though is move in and take out the guards. We should do this in time with Arani and Deel's strike on the hut. That way we avoid the risk of reinforcements arriving. What about if Arani and Deel make their way to the hut, Sia and myself wait here until they are in position then we strike hard and fast. What do you think?" Rann looks to the others for approval or dissapproval. His jumpsuit has grass stains on the knees and elbows from crawling on the levee and sweat is pouring off the young padawans face in the humidity of the day. He unlatches his lightsaber and holds it in his hand, another sign that he is ready to get this going.

Rogue Janson
6 August 2003, 03:16 PM
Arani waves lazily at Rann as he draws his lightsabre.
"I suggest we should wait 'till dark, since it'll make sneaking around much easier. And it'll give us plenty of time to monitor the patrols and watch for anything else interesting."
She closes her eyes against the bright sunlight.
"We could do a little reconnaisance before then though, scope out the buildings and maybe even track the patrols' routes for a bit. Really Deel and I are most skilled at that. You two could come along though if you wanted, just in case we do get into trouble. Since he's on overwatch duty, Galak can just lie here sunning himself if we go on any excursion."
Putting her hands behind her head and exuding calm it is clear that whatever they do, Arani is in no hurry to do it.

6 August 2003, 05:17 PM
Galak rolls onto his back and faces the sky. His lips contort into a strange position, making it indeterminable if he frowns or smiles. His voice remains silent throughout his companions’ conversation. As they wind down, he begins to speak slowly. “Two of the prisoners…”

He pauses, almost as if waiting for someone to ask him what he means, but before anyone gets the chance to question the military trainee, he continues. “They were… are… whatever – some of my combat instructors from my training. They are some of our best veterans.” A tone of reverence hides at the back of his voice. Perhaps Lialla wasn’t so wrong in sending us here after all.

Galak turns to face them again, while Deel sits quietly, still looking through the macrobinoculars. Leaning on his side, Galak addresses the mission. “I’d say the main walls to the side buildings are back about ten meters or so from the tops of the steps. While they have windows on all sides, breaking into them could make a lot of noise. You could also get trapped into them pretty easily too. I’m not so sure they make a good place to go.”

He pauses, thinking about the layout. “Unfortunately, if we do wait for night, we won’t know the layout of the lighting. That could work to or against our advantage.”

The group goes quiet. The birds continue to chirp in the lazy afternoon air.

Arani considers her observations. The hut had a single door on the southwest side of it, facing the prison. A simple construction, it lacks any windows that might help the group of friends with their plans.

Deel looks over at the group. “Okay, what’s the consensus? Do we wait or go now?”

7 August 2003, 07:23 PM
Deel looks over at the group. “Okay, what’s the consensus? Do we wait or go now?”

"I personally think we should go now. While darkness may help us conceal ourselves from the nemoidians, those droids can see us without problems in any lighting. I think we'd be hurting ourselves more than anything. I know I have excellent night-vision, but i'm not so sure about the rest of you. Also, if we ran into either of the patrols, that'd pretty much rule out any attempts at a rescue, because they'd invariably call for reinforcements."

Deel eyes his companions uneasily, his slender lekku writhing from his nervousness. Writhing...wriggling...giving him an idea,

"Hey!!!", he hisses quietly, "There's another twi'lek in there! If i could catch his eye, I could tell him what were planning, using lekku! He may or may not be able to warn the others. If he could tell the soldiers, that might change things real quick in the event of a fight."

He gives his friends an encouraging look, at his epiphany.

"That also looks like it may be one of the queen's handmaidens in there, I'm sure it'd be a good idea to bust her out, if possible."

"As for actual execution, I like Arani's idea about circling around. Since the only opening on the prefab is facing away from where we'd be coming in, the nemoidians'd never see it coming."

After another moment of thought, Deel turns to Rann, handing him his blaster rife,

"Take this, i never could shoot straight with anything that powerful, and when you guys make your big entrance, you can toss it to a soldier, he should know what to do with it."

With that, the young twi'lek rolls back onto his stomach. Only half taking Arani's advice, he has traded his brightly colored half capes for a cream-colored, long, loose sleeved tunic with a hood, modified for the twi'lek anatomy with two modest cuts in the fabric, for lekku to pass through, though he is not making use of the hood presently. He also wears a pair of loose, baggy silken pants that, wether by accident or design on the part of Deel, were a surprisingly good pick to wear on a mission, being totally silent as his pantlegs brushed together as he walked. All of his equipment, save the blaster rifle, is clipped to a broad sash, tied around his waist or is in a single inside pocket in his tunic, accessible thanks to the shirt's open front, that Deel keeps pulled shut at the top.

As an afterthough, the extracts a cigarette from his inside pocket. He is just about to light it when Arani smacks him, none too gently.

"What?!', Deel hisses, through his needle-like teeth.

Arani shoots him an incredulous glare, then gestures sharply at his almost lit cigarette.


Sheepishly, Deel stuffs the tiny object back into his pocket, making a mental promise to himself that that cigarette was reserved as a victory smoke, not to be indulged until the issue at hand was behind them.

Deel stares up at the cerulean sky for a moment before returning his gaze to his comrades, waiting for feedback. He believes he's struck the proverbial corusca gem with the lekku thing...

Rogue Janson
8 August 2003, 04:05 PM
Arani sits up, sliding down the slop a little so her head does not rise above the crest of the bank. She blows out a breath as she thinks.

"How close do you need to be to read Lekku though?" she asks Deel, spotting an immediate problem with his idea. "Telling the prisoners what's going on would be good, but they should figure out what they need to pretty quickly. All they need to do is run away and not get shot."

"I still think we should wait for night. We know the Neimoidians built those droids on the cheap and I'm willing to bet they didn't pay for night vision equipment. Even if they did, we'd still have some concealment, which is better than none. Worst case would be we run right into a squad of droids in the dark, and even then, with two Jedi and Galak's martial arts skills, I'd probably rather fight them at close range rather than long. And again, while we don' t know the layout of the lighting, whatever it is, it'll be better than light everyhere."

Arani hopes her arguments sound convincing. In reality, she is nervous about pushing the others towards the wrong decision. Ending up being tracked through the dark by battle droids for whom the night is clear as day would not be a good conclusion fo their mission. Nor would picking the wrong approach, being spotted early and having reinforcements called in. Arani tries to push away these doubts. At least she sounded like she was convinced in her opinion. She looks at the others in turn to reassure herself they are all competent to decide on things for themselves.
Except for Deel maybe, she notes as she spots him patting the cigarette in his pocket...

Howling Wookiee
8 August 2003, 04:45 PM
Rann listens as the others converse. Then suddenly he taps the butt end of his lightsaber non too gently across his temple. He thinks outloud to himself, "You need to think more you stupid padawan." He address the group, "Deel you've given me an idea. My talents in the force are strong in telepathy and such. I could 'contact' one of Galak's old instructors. Implant the image of Galak in his mind and I can 'tell' him one thought, Distraction. My thinking is that they could start a distraction in the prison, catch the Nemo and droid's attention and we

8 August 2003, 05:21 PM
Sia-Lan listens to the others suggestions and starts to think. Telepathy is Rann’s strong point. Maybe she could do something with one of her strong points. She begins to devise a plan. After she is done thinking, she tells the others her plan: “If Rann could send a message to one of Galak’s instructors with the Force, maybe I could give them some help also, I was thinking that maybe I could levitate them an object, like a blaster pistol or something of the kind. This could help them with the diversion that Rann mentioned. It would also help if it was dark out. But if the facility is too lighted this might not work very well.” Sia sits back and waits for the others criticism.

8 August 2003, 08:09 PM
The five friends continue to debate and finalize their plans as the afternoon sun continues to drift away through the sky. They observe droid patrols passing through the square nearly every fifteen minutes, just as Lialla had noted. Every patrol appears identical, covering the number of patrols actually roaming the streets through their similarities.

Deel’s previous attempts to contact his fellow Twi’lek had resulted in failure. While the Twi’lek had not seen Deel, neither had the security droids. Deel also knew not to press his luck; if he tried too hard to contact the other Twi’lek, the chances for discovery would have drastically increased.

As the horizon begins to burn a brilliant display of colors ranging from a blaze orange and cascading into a dazzling, fiery red, a small stock of food supplies emerges from capacious pockets to feed the group. The staples have little taste, but provide much needed nutrition for the upcoming assault.

As the heavens fade into a radiant indigo, the night stars slowly emerge, poking vivid pinholes of light through the darkness of the night. With only the distant stars to provide illumination, the city disappears into a cloak of darkness. Shortly after the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, an array of portable area lights flicker as they begin to receive power from their internal battery cells. The holding pen and portions of the market square brighten by the illumination of the lamps.

The Neimoidian overseers have remained hidden throughout the afternoon and evening. They never appeared to bring food or water to the prisoners. As the night air brings a chill, the overseers remain hidden within the warmth of their small hut, leaving the prisoners to shiver among the elements.

They huddle in small groups, trying to keep some warmth. The pair of security guards maintains their vigilant watch over the captured citizens of Naboo. The clanking of the patrols continues at regular intervals, drawing minor attention from the two guards, but otherwise raising no alarm.

Few noises beyond the clicking and buzzing of nocturnal insects drift through the evening air. The chilly air begins to worm its way through the weaves of the heroes’ clothing, tickling their skin and raising a rough patch of goose bumps and forcing them to shift and move their bodies to keep from getting too cold.

OOC: Map 3.10 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.10.jpg)

11 August 2003, 06:48 PM
Seeing the lights turn on as the day turns to night, Sia-Lan rethinks her idea of trying to move and object over the fence. "Maybe my idea won't work now," Sia says, "There is too much light and I wouldn't chance it." She thinks of some other way to free the prisoners. "Well it looks like we could sneak around behind the guard post and try to capture the neimodians. We could do this in between patrols." She looks to her friends waiting for an answer.

Howling Wookiee
12 August 2003, 08:55 AM
It is evident that Rann is getting impatient with the waiting game. He fiddles with his lightsaber and then looks over the levee to see that nothing has changed, then returns fiddling with his lightsaber. Finally he pipes up, "I'm tired of waiting and talking about this. We have a sound plan and I think we need to execute it. When the next patrol passes by I'm going to move as quietly as I can and dispatch those droid guards with Sia-Lan's help. You guys know your responsibilty in the plan. Those prisoners are not doing any better." The young Jedi Padawan grips his lightsaber in a combat style and rolls over onto his belly to look over the levee and to see when the next patrol is past.........

Rogue Janson
12 August 2003, 03:04 PM
Arani has been considering the layout of the lighting and how it will affect their plans. Her voice carries unnervingly in the still night air.

"It shouldn't be hard to sneak up behind the overseers' hut and as long as we don't make any noise they shouldn't notice us. Once we get round the front though, into the light, they'll see us for sure. So we may as well take the Neimoidians and the guard droids at the same time, since if we go for any one we're likely to get spotted by the other. Deel and I will still deal with the guards. Rann, you and Sia-Lan try and take out the droids without them firing their rifles. That way we might lessen the chance of alerting anyone else nearby."

Of course the two Jedi won't want the droids to fire anyway, since they will be the targets. Arani is still a little concerned by the fact that they don't know exactly how the droids' relay systems work - if everything is instantly uplinked to central command, there is no point trying to take them out before they get a warning out. Again, she puts her faith in the Trade Federation's parsimony, that they won't have spent the money to get instantaneous remote systems.

Arani checks her chrono and rises to a crouch, stretching her inactive muscles.

"We're about half way between patrols, we should go now."
She pats Galak on the shoulder. On the surface he has the simplest job - stay back and blast anything that looks dangerous - but she is sure he will find it hard watching everyone else take the risks.
"Keep an eye on us my friend. Rann, if you're going to try and contact one of those prisoners telepathically, now might be the best time."

12 August 2003, 04:24 PM
"All right the plan is sound," Sia-Lan says. She pulls her saber from her belt and pulls the hood on her dark cloak over her head. She moves up behind Rann and puts her thumb on the activation stud of her lightsaber, ready to ignight the pink blade at a moments notice. She reports her readiness by saying, "Well I'm ready, may the Force be with us."

Howling Wookiee
13 August 2003, 04:42 AM
Rann nods his approval toward Arani, knowing that she is ready to get this going also. He also rises in a crouch and peers over the levee to the prison. The padawan shakes his head at Arani's statement about contacted on of the prisoners, "I've decided that will not do us any good. Worse yet it could increase the danger to the prisoners. We are gonna have to do this on our own." He looks down at Galak, "Shoot true and accurate my friend." Rann regards Sia, who is behind him, "You ready? Ok, yes may the Force be with us all. If things go south we will rendevous back here and regroup. Let's do this." After finishing Rann starts making his way over the levee in a crouch.

13 August 2003, 07:28 AM
Deel conjures up his blaster pistol from inside his tunic and rises to a crouch to join Arani. Just before they head off toward the hut, he turns to the Jedi,

"Timin's gonna be critical here, and you guys wont have much cover. Dont ignite your sabers till you absolutely have to."

Turning back to Arani,

"Allright, Let's go."

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14 August 2003, 06:02 PM
The foursome leave Galak as they skirt along the southern edge of the levee, behind the crest of the hill, using the bank to hide them from the prying eyes of the two guard droids. The soft murmur of the running water continues to contrast the natural peacefulness of Theed against the combative actions the friends prepare to begin. Reaching the eastern edge of the square, they pause and carefully rise to the ridge, wary of any other guards they might encounter. Seeing none, they return to the safer route along the river and continue to the east several dozen meters more to the far eastern edge of the building.

Arani continues to lead the way, carefully trying to get her small team to the northern edge of the eastern building, hoping to get them closer to their targets with less time in the dangerous open air. They crest the hill and pause to look down the street before them.

Visibly empty, the lane promises a likely safe passage, especially while they skirt out of Galak’s visibility and through the sheer darkness of the empty city. Unfortunately, the path before them offers no additional lights, relying strictly on the ambient light from the night sky, but also bathed in the shadows between the civic building and a structure even farther to the east. A slight shiver runs through each of their bodies; the chill of the night air might serve as the culprit, although the possibility remains that the trembling comes from the lack of pure insight as to the dangers that might inherently lay in the dark street.

Creeping their way down the levee and across the cross street, they enter the shadowy route and begin to make their way to the north. The backside of the civic building is far less ornate than its front along the plaza. The street’s designers kept this route much more utilitarian, although still included the artistic touch that paints most of Theed. The tedious journey allows them to reach the street to the north of the civic building.

They pause again, checking to see that they have not attracted any unwanted attention and that the northern street that runs into the plaza does not contain any droid patrol. Finding the area clear, Arani motions the group to continue, now heading west and back towards the square. They arrive unceremoniously at the northeastern corner of the plaza and pause while Arani surveys the scene again.

She checks her chrono and sees that they have spent a little over four minutes making their trek to this vantage. By her estimates, that gives them probably less than five minutes before the next droid patrol passes through the square. She recalls the route and remembers that they would have to pass right through the area where she waits with her friends.

Deciding that she should not wait around, in case the patrol comes early, Arani stares intently out at the pair of guards in front of the small prison. A shiver runs through her again, either from the cold night air when it blows across the beads of sweat that have now collected on her body, or from the image of the downtrodden prisoners huddling together for warmth in their open-air prison. She notices that the droids both look in the other direction and she quickly urges her companions to follow her as she sprints off towards the back of the overseers’ hut.

Not having covered half of the distance to their target, Arani and Deel feel a sudden pressure land against their lower backs accompanied by a gasp of surprise from behind them. The pressure drops and catches their heels, causing them to begin to fall towards the hard ground. Rann gasps again as he sees that mayhem he continues to cause and feels his own body collapse into his friends. A brief moment later, he feels Sia-Lan collide into his own back as she runs into her fellow Padawan.

The group drops in a heap to the cold, stony floor of the market in a loud crash. The element of surprise fleets away into the night air. A soft rolling boom of thunder echoes across the plains and into the city. Apparently, even the Maker has decided to add to the night fun with a building rainstorm.

Galak, turns to quickly glance over his shoulder, at the noise, hoping to verify that the noise comes from nature and not a passing trio of droid starfighters as they break through the sonic barrier. A flash of lightning in the distance alleviates those fears, allowing the soldier to return his attention to the mess his friends have created for themselves. His focus draws to the pair of droids, hoping to see that they completely missed the pile-up Rann has created.

As Sia-Lan tries to climb off the top of the pile, Deel attempts to pull himself out from underneath the group. Galak watches the group try to untangle although the sixty-some meters between them strains his eyes, especially in the darkness of the night. His fears come to life as the droids step away from their post and move towards the heap of the assault force.

“Halt! You are under arrest!”

As the voice reaches the position of Galak’s friends, they look up and see that the droids have picked them out. Still over twenty meters from their respective destinations, they obviously have lost their edge of surprise. The night air grows perceptibly chillier in that instant. The wind begins to blow, bringing the scent of rain to their nostrils. A flash of lightning on the horizon precedes another boom of thunder as the storm builds and approaches.

OOC: Map 3.11 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.11.jpg)

Rogue Janson
16 August 2003, 09:15 AM
Arani ahs scant warning of Rann's fall as she hears him stumble behind her. She hits the ground hard, the padawan's shoulder falling on her legs as her knees slam onto the paving. While the smooth stone means her hands are barely grazed, the shock jars her wrists and she narrowly avoids hitting her face on the ground. Though she knows she should get up and continue, for a couple of seconds she just lies recovering her composure.
As Rann and Sia-Lan shift their weight uncomfortably, she pulls her legs from out under the pile, tucking them underneath her body and pushing away.

“Halt! You are under arrest!”
Arani's stomach clamps as she hears the droid's voice loud and clear and knows their surprise is well and truly gone. Her legs feeling fragile and battered beneath her, she tries to make it to cover behind the corner of the hut before the firing starts. Her nerves are on edge as she listens for the sound of the blaster rifles, hoping to hear the more distant sound of Galak shooting before the droids open up.

Howling Wookiee
16 August 2003, 11:59 AM
Rann does not have time to be embarassed by his fall. They have been made and it is time to act. The padawan pulls himself off the stone floor painfully. Apparently he has hit harder than he thought. Once on his feet he instinctively ignites his lightsaber and starts sprinting toward the two guards. He zigs and zags making himself a harder target to hit as the closes the distance between himself and his targets. Upon reaching the guards he attacks the right one with an over head slash.....

(OOC - Charge)

Kanner Ra'an
16 August 2003, 02:45 PM
OOC: Immmmm baaaaack....

IC: Galak patiently watch the situation unfold. He is on his stomach and is using a stone in place of a tripod. He scans around carefully, keeping an eye out for approching patrols, ready to 'divert' any aggressors. He stares in the direcetion of his friends, his good vision coming in handy. Remembering something Panaka told him, he takes out his heavy blaster and places it close to his left hand where it will be easier to reach should someone ambush him. He is almost starting to got board until he notices the group fall together in a heap. Holding back a series of vile curse he shifts his aim towards the battle droid, heart pounding. His fears are verified. The droids are starting towards the group, blasters raised. He pauses for a second, far to long for him. Fireing give away his position, but not firing is too great a risk to his friends. He takes aim, directing the barrel to the droids body obbosed to his head. He fires off a shot. If hes lucky the droids wont be able to tell the noise from the lightning, meaning they couldn't find his position as quickly.

18 August 2003, 11:07 AM
"Blast!" Sia-Lan thinks to herself. Knowing the element of surprise is gone she springs to her feet and runs at the droids as fast as she can. The pain of the fall is barely noticable on the outside, but on the inside she is wincing in pain with every step she takes. While she is running she seems to remember her saber and ignights the pink blade. Hoping that the droids haven't reported in yet, she readies herself for an attack when she gets in range.

18 August 2003, 01:50 PM
The bark from Galak’s blaster rifle rips across the square only a brief moment behind the crimson bolt from his weapon. The young militant’s aim does not waiver and his target erupts in a shower of sparks as the bolt explodes against the metal torso. The clattering of the remaining pieces ricochets across the square as the enemy forces reduce to half their previous strength.

Galak watches as his masterful destruction plays out and his friends begin running to their target destinations. The Padawans charge towards the droids, covering a third of the distance to their objective. Arani and Deel sprint off towards the safety of the cover of the pre-fab hut. The latter pair has a much shorter distance and safely arrives behind the domed structure.

The remaining droid’s head spins quickly, searching for the invisible threat. Not finding it, the droid reverts to basic self-preservation and security programming. It moves towards the charging warriors and opens fire at them. The blaster spray goes wide, popping the stone floor of the market as it superheats an isolated patch. Small fragments rain over the two Padawans, causing a minor annoyance but lacking any harm.

As the droid moves, another flash of lightning illuminates the plaza for an instant. A sharp crack of thunder follows almost immediately, a sure sign that the rainstorm moves in quickly, almost over the city. As the thunder rumbles like an angry god of war, the droid sends a brief, unheard transmission: “Alert! We are under attack! Send reinforcements!”

Inside the hut, a red lamp on a terminal begins to flash impatiently. A dull klaxon releases an audio alarm that echoes against the curved walls. Looking up from the datapad he had been intently reading, a Neimoidian’s eyes go wide with shock. He looks to his companion in a stupor for the appropriate response.

Recovering faster than his ally, Jurlay scrambles from his seat. He glances around the room and curses the lack of windows. Climbing over a low table, he grabs at the console and shuts off the alarm. He checks a status screen and sees that it displays one droid offline and the other as under attack.

By this time, Lufa has joined Jurlay and read the same screen. He moves to a comlink and attempts to raise central command. A burst of static returns his hail, a sure sign of interference from the storm. Jurlay curses again and manual keys an entry into the terminal. His eyes dart back around the room and quickly to the door.

“Lock it!” he shouts, urging Lufa into action. Returning quickly from the barricaded entrance, Lufa retrieves a pair of worn blaster pistols from a portable box underneath their central table. Instinctively they hide behind the console, watching the terminal screen as a status bar slowly ticks upward, indicating their request for help continues to prepare for transmission.

“Stupid worthless junk!”

OOC: Map 3.12 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.12.jpg)

18 August 2003, 07:04 PM
The bark of a high-powered blaster rings in Deel's ears for a moment, and he fervently hopes it was Galak, and not a droid patrol. In a flash of lightning, Deel sees the shadows of his Jedi peers, seemingly etched in the bright white of the lighning dazzled pavement of the marketplace. In that second the thought struck him that that might be the last he ever saw of them, alive. The thought made him shivver.

Seconds after the lightning, the heavens opened up, and the inbound torrents of rain started, not like normal storms, a drop at a time, gently gaining intensitty, but all at once, as if someone flipped a switch. Within seconds, Deel's earthtone garb was drenched.

Suddenly remembering the mission, he stole a glance around the southern edge of the hut...only to see an attentive blaster, with the droid attached, of course;) slowly taking notice of him. Jerking back around the corner, he felt his foot try to slip out from under him on the wet stone. As an afterthought, he drew his blaster and trained it on the edge of the building, waiting for the droid...

(OOC: readied action, aiming, the works)

19 August 2003, 10:22 AM
Seeing the one of the droid guards go down gives Sia-Lan a moment of happiness, one less thing to worry about. She is glad that Galak is a great marksman. She continues toward her target in a straight line as fast as she can. She hopes she can get to it before it shoots again, because if she doesn't she will be an easy target. Getting set for a strike Sia-Lan clears her mind and reaches to the Force for a moment to get reasurrence in her abilities. Knowing this is the right thing to do she concentrates on her target.

Rogue Janson
19 August 2003, 02:47 PM
Despite their situation, the pains in her legs and the newly added dark spots on her vision from the droid's explosion, Arani can't help but smile at Galak's shooting. The remaining battle droid is clearly confused at having its companion blown away by a single shot from an unseen attacker, giving them vital seconds to destroy it. While the dual spinning blades of Rann and Sia-Lan should keep them fairly safe from the droid's fire, Arani is not happy to miss the opportunity to add to attack on the droid and hopefully prevent any chance of the pair being hit. Unfortunately, she has other concerns, namely the guards in the hut. If they were to come out and attack the Jedi from the rear, they could be caught in a deadly crossfire.

To prevent this, Arani moves swiftly along the side of the hut, until she is at a corner where she can see the entrance. She draws her pistol as she goes and points it round the corner, ready to fire if the Neimoidians emerge.

Howling Wookiee
20 August 2003, 03:43 PM
Rann's feet lightly touch the wet stone of the plaza. A grin crosses his face as he watches a crimson blaster bolt streak from Galak's position and strike one of the battle droids. One down and one to go. Rann opens himself up to the Force. Sounds, feelings, and sensations flood his senses; but he blocks them out and concentrates on his target. Rann thinks only one thing, "Concentrate on the target!" The young padawan's blue lightsaber is ignited and cocked back over his right shoulder ready to deliever a devestating blow. Sia-Lan's presense burns brightly in the Force beside him.

21 August 2003, 06:27 PM
From his veiled perch, Galak gently squeezes the trigger on his blaster rifle for a second time. A second crimson bolt zips into the plaza, evaporating drops of rain as it intersects with them in flight. Even the fierce and sudden downpour cannot deter its path and again Galak finds his target. The second droid follows the lead of its partner and bursts into shreds as the blaster bolt collides with its back.

The arms and legs scatter in four directions. The head jumps skyward several meters before falling forcibly against the ground. Shrapnel from the torso scatters outward and litters the stone floor of the marketplace. In the illumination from the lights around the prison, all the prisoners easily observe the droid’s destruction.

Deel ducks behind the corner moments after explosion, his body already in motion. Drawing his blaster, he realizes that he no longer requires it to protect him from the threat that Galak so casually dispatched. His clothing, while more functional than his preferred garb, did not come designed for protection from the elements. Before long the coldness of the night interacts with the rain and causes shivers to run along Deel’s spine.

Arani reaches her destination and carefully holds her watch. The rain shower continues to soak her, plastering her hair against her skull in a manner that does anything but flatter. Her careful surveillance of the door reveals nothing, as the door does not open. While her target does not move, she does get a perfect view of Galak’s precise shot and the two Padawan charging forward towards the scene of destruction.

Rann and Sia-Lan do not stop their momentum forward, unable to keep pressing towards their target before Galak dispatches of it. The duo arrives with their lightsabers humming and ready to strike out, but without a target. The rain crackles against their weapons as their clothing saturates with the cloudburst. Surveying the scene, they find the battlefield wiped of threats, but still most of the prisoners huddled in their pen.

A few of the soldiers watch on, but do not move from their corner. The majority of the rest of the group stays hunched over, trying to hide from the rain. A flash of lightning makes the plaza as bright as day; thunder rips apart the sky above the stone ground. The heroes remain alone in the zone of combat, unopposed as they continue in their mission.

Inside the hut, the pair of Neimoidians remain hidden behind the console, watching the screen as a task bar makes it way to completion. Their eyes widen as they see the second droid’s status goes to offline. Simultaneously the transmission bar shows complete. A response comes immediately, indicating that reinforcements are en route.

“At last! Help is on the way!”

OOC: Map 3.13 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.13.jpg)

Rogue Janson
23 August 2003, 04:55 AM
Arani's smile broadens as another precise shot from Galak shatters the remaining guard droid. The falling rain begins to soak into her garments, but she is alert and recovered from her fall now and her brain is rapidly running through the situation for the fastest way to get the prisoners out.

Deel or her could probably hotwire the gate controls, but it would take some time. The guards are still their best bet to open the prison up, but they are ensconsed in their hut. Anyone trying to enter would probably be met by a hail of fire from them.

As she knows from talking with Galak, normally a a grenade of some kind would be used in a situation like this to clear the room. They don't have any grenades though. But of course the Neimoidians don't know that, Arani realises, grinning.

"Sia-Lan, get back here!" she shouts at her friend, cupping a hand to one side of her mouth, "I need you to burn a hole in this wall."

Howling Wookiee
23 August 2003, 05:12 AM
Rann ignores the down pour and concentrates on the moment. He catches Arani in the corner of his eye calling out. The padawan strains to listen.....It appears that Arani needs Sia's assistance. Rann elbows her and points in Arani's direction hoping she gets the message. He calls out over the noise of the rain and thunder, "Go see what she needs. I will defend the prisoners. Tell them to hurry up, this is taking too long. That patrol will be here in a minute." Rann finishes by looking over his shoulder at the huddled prisoners. He will defend them until he has no breath left in his body. The Jedi in training walks over infront of the gate control and turns his back to the prison. He has his still activated lightsaber in his hand and it is pointing down infront of him in a defensive manner. Rann is ready for anything.

Kanner Ra'an
23 August 2003, 05:44 AM
Galaks eyes go wide at his shot. His skill has always been with pistols as opposed to rifles, and he has never had the oppertunity to practice sniping against moving targets. Considering the conditions as well, after the war he may well consider transferring to a sniping position.

Get your mind on the sithin mission before your skrilling fodder. Another part of Galak tells himself. He listens to it and turns his attention back to scanning the area. They did not dispatch the droids so quickly that they can rule out a disstress call. His hand tightens on the grip of his large rifle, and the deadly black object moves back and fourth as he observes the area.

OOC: Readying an action. If anything shows up, ill blast it right away.

23 August 2003, 05:51 PM
Deel smirks to himself upon seeing Galak's shot hit home. For all the damage this rain was doing to his attire, and for all the danger of this mission, he was intensely enjoying himself.

The droid's explosion signaling the extinction of immediate threats, Deel knew what he should do. Though the nemoidians' opening the prison for them would undoubtedly be the quickest option, Deel was not so sure that it would actually happen, so, with a quick dart of his eyes around the plaza, so as to spot incoming enemies, he reaches down to his belt, retrieving a metallic cylindrical case, his security kit. Hastily, in a low crouch, he sprints over to Rann, in front of the prison gate.

"I'm gonna get to hotwiring this thing, just in case. If the nemoidians are cooperative, they'll shut the whole thing down, so it wont hurt. Cover me."

With that, Deel immerses himself in the task of hotwiring the control panel beside the gate. As he lifts off an access panel, he becomes noticable calmer, performing an activity he's done so many times before. Deel is in his zone, having forgotten about the rain, the firefight, and even the blockade, trying his best to outsmart the nemoidian-made lock."

23 August 2003, 08:42 PM
Sia is glad that the threat of the droids is over for now. But she knows more could be on the way at any moment. Feeling Ranns elbow in her side she extinguishes her blade and concentrates on what he is saying.

"Go see what she needs. I will defend the prisoners. Tell them to hurry up, this is taking too long. That patrol will be here in a minute."

She turns and jogs over to Arani's position to find out what she wants. As she is jogging she looks into the night for more danger. When she reaches Arani she asks, "What do you need?"

Rogue Janson
24 August 2003, 03:35 AM
"I'm gonna get to hotwiring this thing, just in case. If the nemoidians are cooperative, they'll shut the whole thing down, so it wont hurt. Cover me."
"Just don't break it," Arani calls after Deel as he hurries away towards the gate.

She watches Sia-Lan approach, while keeping half an eye on the hut's door, in case the overseers should decide to come out.

"What do you need?"
"Can you cut a hole about this size in the wall?" Arani asks hurriedly, indicating a diameter of about a foot with her hands. "Make sure you stand to the side so they don't try to shoot you."

"Then we'll threaten to chuck in some grenades if they don't come out."
And we'll see what kind of nerve these Neimoidians have, she thinks to herself.

24 August 2003, 11:26 AM
Sia-Lan nods at Arani's question, moves to the wall and says, "I'll see what I can do." She ignights the pink blade and moves to the side of the saber. Taking a deep breath she plunges the blade into the wall and she moves it in a circular motion. She hopes this will work and the neimodians believe that they have grenades. "I hope they don't have reinforcements on the way. Then they might never come out."

24 August 2003, 04:21 PM
Galak watches from afar as his friends reposition themselves around the plaza. They lack his trained sense of tactical planning and execution, and he notes several techniques they could have executed in a better fashion, but they get the job done. Deel and Rann move to the gate into the prison while the women stake out the hut. The Padawans’ lightsabers serve as beacons in the stormy night, most likely to the dismay of the pair of ruffians who accompany them, although under the lights around the facility, the visibility of group remains high.

Arriving at nearly the same moment, Deel and Rann settle in before the front energy gate. Rann turns his back to the field, keeping a watch for any threats to approach. Deel crouches as the rain continues to chill his body. After a moment of study, he finds the access panel screws and removes them, allowing for the opening of the panel. He studies the innards for a second before noticing someone approach from his left flank.

Deel spins his head and sees a soldier approach from behind the energy field. Galak watches as a familiar face approaches the Twi’lek. His hand-to-hand instructor keeps a careful meter from the field, vigilant not to touch it. Deel hears the gruff voice speak over the cackle of the rain against the field of energy. “Whoa, son, be careful. I’m pretty certain the security system has a power feedback system into the generators. I’d bet that they could blow if the wrong wires are crossed as you try to hotwire it.”

Sia-Lan plunges her weapon into the wall and immediately the superheated permacrete begins to melt around the blade. Designed to withstand almost any environment, but not to stand permanently, the material does not yield instantly to the Padawan’s cut. The molten rock slowly dribbles down the side of the hut, cooling quickly in the night rain and forming a teardrop shape residue beneath the humming pink blade. Without knowing exactly how thick the wall goes, Sia-Lan cannot determine how long it will take her to cut the hole for Arani.

24 August 2003, 05:59 PM
Sia-Lan looks to Arani and says, "This could take a while, it is pretty dense and thick. I don't know if I will be able to cut all the way through!" She puts more pressure on the blade hoping to speed up the process. She sees the molten rock dribbling down the wall, so she must be making progress. She uses all of her strength to move the blade. Sia considers using the Force to enhance her strenght, but she decides against it. If she doesn't make much more progress she just might try it.

Howling Wookiee
25 August 2003, 04:40 PM
Rann calls over his shoulder without looking at the speaker of the familiar voice, "You would not by chance seen the code they've been putting in, have you?" The padawan scans the plaza in the low visibility as he waits for a response. He continues to open himself up to the Force but no so much as to distract him. Rann notices Sia's briliant and Arani's flickering force presenses by the hut. The group needs to hurry up, they are wasting too much valuable time. The Jedi padawan continues to have his lightsaber lite and infront of him, if someone is coming they already know they are there, so the lightsaber should not affect that any. Rann calls over his shoulder again with out looking, "Deel what do you think?"

Rogue Janson
26 August 2003, 10:32 AM
Arani stands by Sia-Lan and with one hand pushes her sodden hair away from her face. The lightsabre and molten rock illuminate the padawan with a warm glow. Arani finds the warmth coming off the wall quite pleasant as the rain continues to fall.

This could take a while, it is pretty dense and thick. I don't know if I will be able to cut all the way through!"
"Just do your best," Arani replies, giving her friend a slightly nervous smile. Looking over to Rann and Deel, she is fairly certain they are doing everything they can for now. Everything is going to depend on how quickly Trade Federation reinforcements turn up. She briefly considers calling Rann and asking him to take up a position where he can watch the street, but decides to leave him be for now.

Kanner Ra'an
26 August 2003, 05:03 PM
" C'mon, come on." Galak quietly encourages from his postition. They are taking far to long. The others seem to have split their attention, each trying some differant approch instead of focusing on one. Sith guys, hurry your bantha's up. His worry grows as the seconds tick buy. He wishes now that he had not stayed back but rather had accompanied them. He knows of course that he wouldn't make a differance like he can here, but it would make him feel alot better if he knew what the sith they were doing.

He continues scanning the area, more aware then ever that the droid patrol could be the differance between success and falure of this mission. Hopefully if they do show up he could disable most of them quickly. These droids dont seem to be able to accertain positions easily, as was evident from his first attack. He files this away, as it could be very useful in the future. For now he concentrates on the area, his keen eyes watchful for any movement whatsoever.

26 August 2003, 05:13 PM
"Stang!", Deel hisses upon hearing the soldier. He'd dealt with rigged systems before, but none with this kind of risk involved. And while he was pretty confident in his abilities, was he willing to put people's lives on his confidence?

The storm had now plastered his tunic to his green-tinged body, and the recent news, while intimidating him subconsciously, on the surface seems only a fitting form of icing on an already trying cake.

Thinking himself out of options, he turns to Rann, the old sarcastic Deel finally breaking through the shell of seriousness that the onset of the mission had necessitated. With a wry grin he looks up at his friend,

"Well, you tell me, you're the Jedi, think i should go for it?"

But even as he says it, it's clear he only means it as a joke. He dejectedly returns his security kit to his belt. He's not willing to risk innocent lives on an unnecessary endeavor. If it becomes necessary later, he'll reconsider, but not now...not yet...

29 August 2003, 03:05 AM
The soldier behind the crackling energy fence does not say anything to Deel as the Twi’lek returns his tools to their position. He tucks his arms together, folding them tightly across his chest, shivering as his leather outfit constricts in the cold and hard rain. While he does not return to his group, neither does he say another word as his eyes scan the area, looking for hidden threats. Either he did not hear Rann to respond to him, or his silence indicates that he had not seen the code. The Padawan cannot make the determination, however.

Galak observes the ladies at the edge of the hut, Sia-Lan’s pink lightsaber continuing to glow in the night, although most of the blade rests inside the wall of the structure. Sia-Lan and Arani continue to see the construction material melt around the blade as it drips down the side of the building. The rain hisses against the hot material, cooling it quickly, although not so fast that it bars Sia-Lan from realizing that she continues to make progress.

Darting their eyes between the front door and the terminal screen, the Neimoidians do not realize that their attackers slowly progress at making a second entrance to their quarters. Their limbs shake nervously, each silently wondering when the reinforcements would arrive and save them from this relentless assault. Too worried about their own skins, the thought of losing their prisoners remains far from their minds.

Rogue Janson
30 August 2003, 03:54 AM
Arani moves about agitatedly, nervous and cold. The rain drips from her brows, nose and chin. She has moved her scarf to cover her neck, but water is slowly seeping through it. She gives Sia-Lan a quick, reassuring pat on the shoulder, then moves away slightly to try and see how Deel is getting on. If they can't get the guards to come out and open the gates, they're going to rely on his hotwiring skills to free the prisoners. When she sees him standing idle, away from the gate controls, she swears, with feeling.

"Deel, what in stars are you doing?" Arani shouts at the Twi'lek, rather more loudly than is necessary. "Why aren't you working on the gate?"
As she says this, she realises her harsh tone is probably unjustified - Deel would not have stopped for no reason.

30 August 2003, 06:14 PM
"Deel, what in stars are you doing?"

At first Deel is irked at this, then hurt, then understanding. He knows that what he did was the responsible thing to do, so he simply explains things to Arani. In addition, he adds,

"By the way, hows Sia dong over there", and turning to the soldier on the other side of the fence, he yells over the crackling energy field, "HEY! You seen the code? Anything you know that could help us?"

Now out of his electronics-induced chi, the circumstances are starting to get to Deel. He shudders in a chill cause by the rain which, to Deel's slightly dulled perception, he thinks is starting to subside.

Too late now, I'm already drenched!

Glancing from side to side, almost grinning at Arani, he decides that their fancy footwork on the way in ruined just about any stealth they might have posessed, he fishes around his inner pocket, eventually retrieving a cigarette, which he proceeds to light and smoke. After a moment, he glances at Arani for approval.:D

31 August 2003, 08:36 AM
Sia-Lan nods her thanks to Arani. She knows she is getting somewhere by all the melting material. Hopefully she will be through the wall soon, and then they can do something. She takes a moment to glance over at Rann and Deel. Sia sees that Deel has given up on the securtiy panel. She hears Arani ask why he has done this, and she is glad with Deels answer. At least that way no innocents will be hurt.

1 September 2003, 05:06 PM
Another precious quarter of a minute passes as Sia-Lan’s blade continues to remove a portion of the hut’s wall. The rain comes down with less ferocity but no less quantity, keeping the Padawan soaking and cold. She stands alone keeping an eye on her work as Arani has slipped around the building to check on the boys. Finally, she spies a sliver of light coming from around the blade and removes her weapon carefully. With her pink-bladed lightsaber humming and hissing beside her in the dank weather, Sia-Lan sees that she has succeeded in her goal and created and opening for Arani’s bluff.

As the chilly water drips down his face, Galak continues to oversee the operation from his perch. Another trickle trails along the back of his head before slipping under his collar and down his spine, sending shivers throughout his body. Time ticks away, although he does not spot the droid patrols returning yet. He realizes they may have a chance that the Neimoidians did not call for backup, or do not know an assault progresses.

The gruff soldier shakes his soaked head from behind the energy field to Deel’s question. A clap of thunder masks his first attempt to vocally respond, but he repeats himself. “Nope, kid, none of us have figured it out yet. But we’re damn glad to see you.” His breath now escapes his lips with visible puffs in contrast to the cold air. Despite the fact that he has to be nearly frozen, he stands against the rain, his arms crossed and his eyes vigilant.

Rann glances at the rest of the soldiers quickly. The two wounded guards shiver visibly in the light from the tall poles, the other pair tending to them and trying to keep them huddled together for warmth. The rest of the prisoners shake in their small huddles. Despite their rescuers quite literally standing at the gates to their prison, the captured citizens do not show a sliver of hope against their poor fate.

Arani watches as Deel withdraws his cigarette and brings it to his smiling lips. Using his fancy lighter, he tries in vain to get it to light. He tries for several seconds, but the wind and rain have other plans for him. After a moment, they both realize that not only will the lighter not function properly, but further his cigarette has become completely drenched in the downpour.

The Neimoidians shiver, despite the heat provided with their quarters. The stare at the terminal screen and see that it still informs them of reinforcements on the way. Their green knuckles have now gone white against the grips of their weapons. Stealing glances at each other, their eyes betray their fear and worry that soon the attackers will turn towards them.

Rogue Janson
2 September 2003, 12:58 PM
Hearing the sound of Sia-Lan withdrawing her lightsabre, Arani dashes back to her. The hole the young Jedi has cut is small - Arani is surprised that the Trade Federation have built something so solid - but it should be enough for her plan.

"You should probably cover the door, for when they come out," she says gently to her friend. Then, mustering her most serious tone, and trying not to sound like she is mimicking Galak, she puts her head close to the hole and shouts at the guards inside.

"Listen up! In about five seconds we're going to start chucking grenades through this hole here. If you don't want to be blown into little pieces then come out. Now."
Cutting a second off for speaking time, Arani starts a countdown.

Howling Wookiee
2 September 2003, 03:46 PM
Rann looks at the prisoners then to Deel with a sorrowful look on his face. The young padawan looks up at the flashing lightning and thinks to himself, "Master Ali-Vor what would you do in a situation like this?" Of course the padawan is not answered but returns to the task at hand, opening the gate to release the prisoners. Rann rares back his lightsaber over his shoulder in fustration and brings it down on the security console.................but stops short. His master's words rings in his ears over the clapping of thunder, "Fustration and hopelessness leads to the dark side, my young student." The Jedi padawan brings his lightsaber back down in a defensive posture and calls over to Deel, "I'm going to get this gate open. Protect the prisoners at all costs." Rann starts sprinting over toward the hut when he hears Arani, "4..........."
He taps Sia-Lan on the shoulder to let her know that he is there, "We need them to open the gate. When they come out or when we go in and get them, we will persuade them to open the gate. Rann waits by the hut entrance to see what the Neimoidians' choice is going to be.

3 September 2003, 05:40 PM
"You should probably cover the door, for when they come out,"

"Ok, I'll make sure they don't get past me," Sia-Lan replies. At least they are making progress. She hopes the neimodians will give up without a fight. The species isn't really known for their courage, so that could work in their favor.

He taps Sia-Lan on the shoulder to let her know that he is there, "We need them to open the gate. When they come out or when we go in and get them, we will persuade them to open the gate."

Sia turns to Rann and says jokingly, "I could always use backup." Not knowing how Rann will take the statement, she turns and walks to the door. Sia moves to one side of the door and prepares her saber for action. She thinks, "This had better work."

4 September 2003, 05:09 PM
Still standing, freexing and wet, by the control panel, Deel eyes his companions uneasily. Beings in the type of situation those Nemoidians were in right now tended to act irrationally, like cornered animals. To aid his friends in their effort, he pulls out his blaster and aims it at the door, covering the area, and aiming directly for the spot where the Nemoidians will appear, should they choose to emerge.

OOC: Aiming

6 September 2003, 04:11 AM
Arani does not notice her companions setting up behind her in preparation for the Neimoidians to rush out of their hut. The rain muffles most of the noises in the area, and she concentrates too much on her objective. The downpour keeps her from hearing what occurs inside the building, especially with her targets keeping their voices low.

“Do you think they would do that?” Lufa asks of Jurlay, his eyes wide with fear.

“I don’t know,” the companion replies, orange-red eyes equally as wide. “They just might. I’m not ready to take that chance!”

Lufa frantically nods his head, “These prisoners aren’t worth dying for.” Still ducking behind the console, he raises his voice and attempts to respond, but a boom of a thunderclap overwhelms his cracking voice as it shakes the entire building.

“Wait! Wait!” he pleas hysterically, knowing his time decreases rapidly. “We are coming out, unarmed. Please, don’t shoot us!” Lufa tosses his blaster at Jurlay, who looks shocked and slightly angry at the implication that Lufa would remain unarmed, unlike his companion.

“They’d shoot you just as fast, idiot!” Jurlay counters, soft enough for Lufa’s ears only, tossing the blasters back into the storage box they came from earlier.

Lufa shakes his head nervously and rises, moving towards the door. “Hold on! Don’t kill us! We need a moment to get to the door!”

The trio of heroes standing around the building hears the commotion inside that accompanies the appeals for restraint. As the Neimoidians prepare to depart their temporary quarters, the rain begins to slowly reduce in force, turning from a torrential downpour to a cold, steady shower. Another flash of lighting brightens the horizon beyond the city and the accompanying thunderclap comes seconds later, a good indication of the time taken by the overseers to get to the door.

Rann and Sia-Lan hear a bolt click as it slides back, and the door unlocks. Slowly the door creeps open, the lights from inside the building creeping out into the rainy night. Water spills down either side of the doorway as it rushes off the domed roof before cascading down the sides of the building and to the concrete ground below.

Peering into the room around the door, the Padawans see three hands in the air. “Please, don’t shoot,” they hear in the strange Neimoidian dialect. “We are coming out. We are unarmed!”

Galak, his clothes completely soaked and cold from the steady rain, watches from his distant perch as the Neimoidians appear in the open. He has counted roughly ten seconds from Sia-Lan moving from the side of the building to the front, next to Rann. While the group takes their time to get things done, at least they managed to accomplish something.

Inside the overseers’ hut, unseen by anyone, the terminal screen pauses as it takes in more data. A light on the nearby comm board flashes, indicating and incoming message that no one receives. The terminal screen refreshes and indicates reinforcements will arrive in mere seconds.

A yellow tinted combat droid leads his squad through the soggy streets at a steady run. The clattering of their mechanical feet against the pavement remains muffled by the thin layer of water over the stone ground as well as by the continuing rain from the overhead clouds. The droid raises a comlink to its lips and speaks aloud for its squad to hear, along with the recipient of the transmission. The monotonous tone downplays the dangers of the message: “No contact with local forces. Assume the worst. Going in hot.”

Howling Wookiee
6 September 2003, 06:38 PM
As soon as the Neimoidians show their green faces, Rann flicks his lightsaber tip to the throat of the first one (not sure which one that is). He speaks in a smooth and steady, mono tone voice, "You have 10 seconds to open the gate. If you can't do it in time, I'll see how fast your friend is. 1................". Rann would not actually kill one of these beings but he presses the bluff to see how far he can go. He looks around the plaza an uneasy, yet unidentified feeling, creeping up his spine. Rann pulls the blade tip away from the Neimoidians and points it toward the gate, "2!".

OOC: My attention is on the Neimoidian but I'm on defensive.

Rogue Janson
7 September 2003, 03:17 AM
From inside the hut, Arani can hear frantic sounds of banging as the Neimoidians remove their makeshift barricade. With it clear that they really are coming out, she moves round to the door, in time to see it swing open to reveal two anxious looking Neimoidians. Anxious but dry, she notes. As the rain slackens, the stream of water running down her face and body slows to a constant dripping.

"You have 10 seconds to open the gate. If you can't do it in time, I'll see how fast your friend is. 1................"
With Rann leading one guard away, Arani takes charge of the second.

"You. Stay with me," she orders, waving her blaster in a dangerous fashion. Pausing briefly to give a broad wave at where she thinks Galak must be concealed, she enters the hut. The warmth is definitely pleasant and small puddles immediately start to form around Arani as she drip-dries. Looking quickly around the room, she tries to pick out the important controls and computers and anything else that could be useful.

9 September 2003, 03:01 PM
Sia-Lan watches the neimodians until Rann and Arani take them into their custody. She leaves her blade off, but still has it ready in her hand. Sia scans the surrounding area, looking for any reinforcements. "Turning to one of their new prisoners she asks him a question, "Did you notify your superiors of our prescence?" She hopes they didn't, but it is always good to know what could be coming their way, and how much time they had.

9 September 2003, 05:32 PM
A large, pot-bellied and weary-eyed Neimoidian strides irritably into a protected control post on the far reaches of an open field near Theed. Alarms no longer sound, but red lights strobe throughout the mobile unit. The flashing indicates action that he must respond to, despite his efforts to relax during the evening hours. “What is going on?” Chron Duann demanded harshly of the technicians studying the displays.

“We have an incident on-going at Internment Site 38.” The nasally voice emanated from a skinny, robed individual behind a pair of data-goggles. “Both security droids have gone off-line and we have lost contact with the overseer’s hut. The two foot patrols are almost in range, and I have dispatched a RADS as support. Two more are standing by in case they are needed.”

Chron Duann runs his hand over his green-gray skin. He stares at the monitors, as if they will present a solution, or at least some other part of the story. “We must have something the resistance movement wants pretty bad,” he mutters to himself, thinking how to make the best of the situation. His fingers form a steeple in front of his large stomach as he begins to pace the small room.

Not having gone three steps, he stops and turns. “Launch the reserves,” he barks the order sharply at the technician, causing the other two in the room to snap their attention back to their screens. “We will turn this assault into a rout against the resistance. Today their little skirmish will cost them dearly.”


Rann motivates his quarry to move through the cold night’s rain. The Neimoidian stumbles against the pavement and nearly falls to the ground. Keeping his balance, he trudges forward unhappily, clasping his hands around his torso in a feeble attempt to block out the night’s chill. They reach Deel, crouching against the foul weather the control panel, and pause for a moment, the Neimoidian shivering as the water drips off his bare head.

Sia-Lan stands in the doorway, just barely out of the rain as Arani follows the other prisoner into the hut. From their vantage point, neither sees any particular screens or controls; they all face so that the users could keep a clear eye on the door while monitoring their terminals. To the Padawan’s question, the Neimoidian glares a silent response, clearly choosing to not answer her.

Muffled by the rainshower, battle droids close their distance to their objective. The squad leader notifies his superiors and unit simultaneously to set for burst fire and when in range, open on any available targets. Rounding a corner, the lights in the square show the energy prison and the small hut. A trio of targets rests beyond the energy fence, standing at the prison gate controls.

“Close and engage!” orders the leader, in a tone audible only to his immediate unit.

From his distant vantage point, Galak sees a hint of beige rush into the far northeast corner of the square. His sharp eyes pick out a cluster of nearly two-meter tall units even through the darkness beyond the lights at the prison facility. He cannot determine the number of targets though their veiled cloak of darkness and rain, but the Trade Federation support has arrived.

Movement to his left draws his attention away; he spies a second group of battle droids moving in from the northwest through the light at the prison and towards the southwest corner of the facility. The two units outnumber his friends on the ground at nearly four-to-one and will soon flank them if allowed to advance unopposed.

OOC: Map 3.22 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.22.jpg)

Kanner Ra'an
10 September 2003, 11:34 AM
Two seconds ago Galak had almost begun to get board, not to mention uncomfortably wet. However the sudden appearance of the battle droids quickly changes that. We took to long, we took to sithin long. He knows the group is going faster then most would, but that only dampens his mood even more. Trying to push his thoughts aside he falls back on what he does best. Instincts ingrained in him from training tell him to resist the urge to look back at the firsty group and fire at the second since it gives him more time to aim. His weapon, supported on a stone and already in an aiming position, is nearly drawn towards the droids. Before shooting he yells at the top of his lungs "DROIDS ". He then lets off a shot. The flash from his mussel is much brighter in the rainy weather, and the bolt stands out as it flies towards the attacking droirds. Hopefully the others can follow the shot towards the attackers, and hopefully they will be divided between him and the team.

Howling Wookiee
10 September 2003, 03:44 PM
Rann points to the control panel of the prison with his blue blade, "Open it, Open it now........" A bright red flicker catches his eye as he watches a red bolt streak through the air. Rann slows things down in his head as he watches the bolt and its target (Matrix style). However he is unable to see the resulting hit through the rain and lightning. He returns his attention back to the others, "I think we may have company. Galak's firing at something but I can't make it out." He gives the Neimoidians a scornful look, "We don't have much time. Open the gate now." Rann expresses his command by tapping his blade tip against the energy wall. The Jedi padawan calls out to Sia-Lan and Arani, "We have company coming. Regroup and go defensive." He calls over his shoulder, "Deel make sure they open the gate. If the first one does not, shoot him, then make the other one do it." Rann races forward away from the prison to give himself some room and takes a defensive stance facing the direction Galak's shot was going.

((OOC: I'm using total defense until I have targets of opportunity.))

Rogue Janson
11 September 2003, 04:08 AM
Arani is just beginning to pick up on the layout of the consoles in the guards' hut when she hears a number of things happen. First comes the crack of a blaster shot, then a muffled shout that could be Galak.

"We have company coming. Regroup and go defensive."
Rann's call just confirms what Arani thinks. The battle droids have arrived.

Momentarily, she panics slightly. The droids have reacted too fast; they have not even got the camp's energy gate open yet. There doesn't seem to be any chance of turning the situation to their advantage, meaning they will probably just have to fight their way out under fire. For the tired and injured prisoners that could be deadly.

Blasting droids gives her soemthing to do though and she quickly moves to the door of the hut to look for their attackers. As she does this, she talks to their Neimoidian prisoner.

"Tell me what's in this room, what you can control," she orders. "Don't think I won't find time to shoot you if you don't help."
The threat is backed up by the anger and fear Arani is feeling.

11 September 2003, 02:21 PM
Sia-Lan hears Rann's call and ignights her blade, ready for action. She glances out the door to see where the droids are coming from. "This doesn't look good," Sia says aloud, "Arani, I think it would be good if we stayed here until the droids are in range, so I can use my saber. If not, that is a long way to run and not get shot down." Sia-Lan returns to the door and thinks. Thinking, she says, "Arani, watch the neimodian, and cover me, I'm going to have a look around and see just how many we're up against. I'll be back in a sec." Hoping that her speed will keep the droids attacks from hitting her, she runs as fast as she can towards Deel and Rann.

11 September 2003, 07:40 PM
From his perch atop the levee, Galak watches as his bolt strikes true again and instantly tarnishes the droid with the yellow markings before his eyes. Through the slowly subsiding rain shower, he watches as small bursts of flame escape the metal body of the automated soldier before it crumples to the ground.

With their leader eliminated, the remaining seven battle droids of that squad continue to act on their last commands and primary programming. Advancing to the southwest corner of the prison, they split themselves to fire on their threats. Half of the original group points their weapons towards the invisible sniper on the hill, hoping to bring down the enemy in a hail of fire. Firing their weapons as they run, a quartet of energy flies through the air. The blaster bolts tear into the soaking, sizzling in the cool rain and causing small puffs of steam to rise harmlessly below Galak’s position.

The remaining three head towards the gate, firing on the closest of the resistance members. With the shorter range and visible target in the lights around the prison, they have better accuracy. Rann narrowly dodges the barrage, not yet ready to give in fully to defending himself and his friends. His cloak receives a pair of holes, while the third blast chars the wet pavement at his feet. Taking a moment after the weapons silence, he raises his weapon into his defensive guard and prepares for another assault. ((-16VP; they had initiative on you :())

With the added influence of the Padawan’s threat, Deel shoves his weapon into the Neimoidian’s side. “You heard the man,” he growls, his teeth still clenched around the soaked cigar and his demeanor souring with each passing moment. A sinister twitch in his eye visibly frightens the overseer, as does the fact that the droids are as likely to hit him as his newfound captors. The Neimoidian’s hands shake as he reaches out to nervously punch in the access code into the console. He mutters to no one in particular as his hands glide over the keys, “T-1-1-2-1-1-0”.

Without fanfare, the energy barrier simply disappears, allowing free access to the prisoners inside the remaining mobile walls of the internment facility. Three soldiers and a pilot rise quickly and approach Deel. The leader anxiously glances out at the approaching squad of battle droids, saying, “I think you’re going to need our help.” The remaining prisoners continue to huddle against the cold rain, but a gleam of hope appears in their eyes at the chance to escape.

Sia-Lan hears a clanking over her shoulder to the northeast and glances from her partial cover in the doorway. Another squad of battle droids rapidly approaches, flanking the prison and presenting a greater danger to her friends. Four of them squeeze off rounds in her direction. The building catches the bursts, although one gets close enough to pepper her with small fragments of duracrete, forcing her to quickly look away.

As the last of the debris falls, she glances back up to see the remaining four close on the prison. In a few moments, she realizes, they will have a much better angle on her position.

Looking over the Padawan’s shoulder, Arani realizes the same thing, although she cannot see the four battle droids that assaulted her friend. Splitting her attention between the droids on the outside and the Neimoidian on the inside, she barks her order to comply at the alien. Emboldened by the arrival of reinforcements, he laughs aloud, challenging her, “There’s not a chance in hell that I’ll help you! Especially now that you are outnumbered and outgunned! Surrender now and you might be spared!” Confident, he plops down in a chair behind a terminal, giving her less to shoot. Leaving the argument behind her, Sia-Lan dashes forward towards her fellow student of the Force, and into the fight.

OOC: Map 3.23 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.23.jpg)

12 September 2003, 11:59 AM
Sia-Lan says to Rann, "I'll take the ones coming from behind the guard hut. Try to get the freed security personel blasters!" She turns and runs at the nearest group coming from the north east. Bringing her pink blade up in an offensive position, she prepares to attack the droids once she gets in range. Now that they are closer, she could have a chance. If she doesn't distract these droids, they could begin to target the civilians. Sia knows that there is a possibility she could be injured, or worse killed, but she knows that a Jedi's duty is to protect the weak. Running, she concentrates on her targets.

Howling Wookiee
12 September 2003, 02:31 PM
Rann grimaces at the near misses and the draining of his energy at dodging the close shots. He grinds his teeth and tightens his grip on his lightsaber. The padawan nods at Sia-Lan's words with out looking at her. He states to no one in particular, "I'm going in!" Then he heads off the the other group coming in from the southwest. He thinks to himself as he races toward the group, "May the force guide my hand and steady my attack." He charges headlong into the group and attacks the first one that is within his reach. Rann slashes with all his might trying to destroy those that are trying to destroy them.

((OOC: Charge and Heroic Surge [another attack]))

Kanner Ra'an
12 September 2003, 05:03 PM
Die ya sithin skrilling fodder Galak wastes only that split second to rejoice in his shot. Immeadiatly he aims for another one of the droids firing at him. He takes a long second to get the droid in his sights then lets loose another bolt from his large rifle. How in the force are we gonna get outta here. he think. Its all to clear that they cant do anything till the droids are disabled, less the battle droids fire upon the unarmed and unarmoured prisoners.

Rogue Janson
13 September 2003, 03:32 AM
Arani rages silently at the arrogant Neimoidian, wishing she could think of something to cut him down to size. But a glance outside resolves the problem. With two squads of battle droids advancing, there is no time to do anything but shoot.

Putting her thoughts into action, Arani flicks off the safety on her pistol and fires two quick shots at the nearest droids. Leaning close in to the wall of the hut, she readies herself to dodge back into cover if they turn their blasters to her.

The droid squads have almost caught them in a deadly pincer movement. When the nearer clears the corner of the energy fence, they will have Deel, Rann, Sia-Lan and anyone leaving the prison camp in a crossfire. Their only choice will be to retreat inside the cover of the fence. Even as she thinks this, Arani notices Rann charging at a squad, wielding his lightsabre with impressive strength. For once the padawan's impetuousness could be to their advantage. Arani is sure she remembers Galak saying "the best way out of an ambush is to attack," or something like that.

"Get those soldiers armed!" she shouts towards Deel and Sia-Lan. They probably have enough initiative to do it themselves, but making sure makes Arani feel a bit better. They are going to need all the firepower they can to fight their way out of this.

15 September 2003, 06:45 PM
With another crack from his blaster, Galak continues his trend of dispatching the Trade Federation’s foot soldiers. With a brief spurt of flame, the armored torso splits on one of his assailants, and the droid shatters to the ground, removed from the fight. While the young guard-in-training works to even the odds, the battle below him continues to unfold at a rapid pace.

Out of his sight, however, Arani’s attention stays on the droids in front of her, leading to a nearly fatal mistake. With an intuition suddenly telling her to jolt to the left, a blast comes from behind her. While she had not watched the Neimoidian, the guard had retrieved his hidden blaster and caught her off-guard. The pre-fab wall to her side splinters as it absorbs the impact of the compact energy bundle, and showers her with the shards. The fragments pepper her right side, finding a few exposed areas and leaving small scrapes and scratches. ((-10VP))

His ally, now unguarded as Deel and Rann’s attention has diverted, sprints across the open plaza, fleeing from the fight. As the attention of the Underground’s fighters stays on the battle droids, the Neimoidian guard nears the southeast corner, vying to escape the dangerous battleground.

The squad of battle droids on the western half of the square quickly turns to a rapid assault mode on the rescue team. Switching their weapons to a higher rate of fire, they continue their assault of Rann and Galak. Still on the defensive, Rann dodges the projectiles while Galak hides behind the cover of the hill. The shots continue to tear up the plaza and the levee, as they miss the intended targets. Superheated gusts of steam escape the ground as the blaster gases contact the wet surfaces, but cause no harm to the freedom fighters.

Deel turns his attention to the assault squad and squeezes the trigger of his blaster pistol, intent on helping to thin the group of enemy droids. An annoying beeping comes from his weapon along with a curious lack of energy from the muzzle. Cursing in his native language, he pulls the blaster closer to his face and reads the charge as empty. Crouching again to make a smaller target of himself, he proceeds to go through the rarely practiced process of reloading the weapon.

The squad to the eastern half of the square continues to divide its attention, closing in on their targets, half towards the gates of the prison, the other half towards the hut’s entrance. Choosing the two female underground members, they open fire with their dangerous blaster rifles, but through skill and a bit of luck, the targets dodge the crimson bolts. As the ground continues to shatter under the assault, the droids continue their mission and work with the other squad to flank the young heroes.

With retaliation firmly in mind, Arani’s pair of shots lashes out at her quartet of assailants. Her aim true, half of the group explodes, scattering hot metal around the area as the blaster bolts find their power cores. While the enemies at her front have been weakened, she now finds herself flanked and in a tight corridor, with few options for places to move or hide.

Dropping his defensive posture, and turning to the offensive, Rann charges the squad attacking him. Against his powerful charge, the first target has no opportunity to resist and quickly finds the Padawan’s lightsaber impaled through its torso. Rann draws the blade upward, slicing through the shoulder, and severing the right arm from the body. Quickly he redirects his momentum and brings the weapon back through the droid’s body in a horizontal slash, cleanly dissecting the upper and lower halves of the lifeless shell.

He continues around in his circle, the tip of his lightsaber blade carving a path of light through the night sky. Rain sizzles as the blade intersects random drops in midair, and Rann finishes his pirouette, contacting a second target as he completes the spin. His blade angles towards the ground, wiping out the droid’s legs. Before the foot soldier’s form crashes against the ground, the Padawan reverses his attack again, and cuts deeply into the droid’s upper body. Gravity assists the assault as it pulls the head and shoulders to the ground, and the blade cuts effortlessly directly through the combat unit’s neck.

Behind him, Rann’s longtime friend and fellow Padawan rushes the opposite squad of battle droids. Quickly blocking a blast from her intended target, Sia-Lan brings her lightsaber down in a slash, cutting through the blaster rifle and rendering it useless. Before the droid can begin to respond, she presses her assault by arcing the pink blade in a diagonal strike up and to her right with a single hand. The droid’s cranium clatters to the ground as it drops to its knees. Already preparing for the next attack, Sia-Lan makes a full spin around, regaining her two-handed hold on her weapon and facing the remainder of the squad.

Galak’s small arms instructor rushes out of the energy prison, past Deel and recovers the dead security droid’s blaster. Remaining on a single knee, he targets the droid to Rann’s right and squeezes the trigger. With a strange, high-pitched squeal, the blaster discharges and sends a red bolt towards the droid. Absorbing the blast straight on, the droid slows and wobbles for a moment, but does not fall. Instead, it aims its blaster back at the soldier, ready to retaliate for the weak blast.

The close combat instructor rushes forward towards the droid to Rann’s left. He closes the gap and launches into a flying front snap kick to the soldier’s metal chest. The impact surprises the droid and its arms flail to its sides, exposing the body for a continued assault. As he lands, he follows the kick with a strong right uppercut, whipping the droid’s head back in an unnatural form. Quickly turning his body, the instructor grabs the head and uses it as a handle to pull the droid over his shoulder, slamming the automaton into the ground with a satisfying crunch. To eliminate the question of the droid possibly surviving, he finishes it off with a vicious boot to the head, cracking the neck and severing the processor from the body.

The pilot with the group moves forward cautiously, but pauses at the prison’s entrance, holding back from fighting without a weapon for her hands. The remaining guard charges boldly forward towards Sia-Lan, choosing a droid to her right. He pauses in front of it, trying to best decide how to engage hand-to-hand combat with the blaster-wielding droid. Recklessly, the soldier punches at the droid and hears a small crackle from behind the armor plating of its upper body.

Across the city, a status display steadily changes indicator lights next to designator names from green to red. Chron Duann growls in displeasure. “When are those reinforcements going to arrive?” His voiced grates the nerves of those working for him, the irritability at another likely successful Underground strike quickly spreading to all in the control room.

“They should start arriving in less than half a minute, sir,” the nervous technician with the data-goggles responds. His nasally voice contrasts sharply with the deeper tone of his superior.

“That won’t be enough,” the heavyset Neimoidian counters. Balling his fists, he grits his teeth as he weighs his options. The assaults by the insurgents cost him dearly with each battle droid they eliminate. Further, they bring shame upon him by showing that they can destroy his military might. Through clenched teeth, he growls another order. “Support the battle droids with droidekas. These rebels will pay dearly for their arrogance. We shall show them their insignificance in the face of our Trade Federation.”

The nasally technician pauses, staring at Chron Duann for a moment. He hesitates as he realizes that his commander has begun to take the fight personally. While not trained in battlefield strategy and the doctrines of war, the skinny aide knows that his Duann’s pride could result in greater losses. Still, his job is to obey, and only slightly before the fat Neimoidian catches him staring, the technician keys in the necessary commands and mumbles his acknowledgement, wondering all the time if he is making the right choice.

OOC: Map 3.24 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.24/Map_3.24.htm)

Kanner Ra'an
15 September 2003, 07:13 PM
Die SITHERS! Galak says silently to the droid. May you rot in hutt slime.

He takes a second to analize the situation. Theirs only eight droids left, but their doing a good job of choosing their targets and isolating their fire. The doors are now open, and Galak notices several familiar faces engaging the various droids. Though he is glad to see them he knows they cant be 100%. Just another incentive to end this battle, and soon. With that thought he turns his deadly weapon towards another droid. Not letting his emotions gain footing, he takes his time aiming, letting loose another crimson shot towards the droid squads closest to him.

16 September 2003, 02:37 PM
"We need to hurry," Sia-Lan thinks. Continuing her assault, she takes a small step to the left and slashes at her target. Hoping that is enough to take it down, she takes another small step to position herself for an attack on the droid to her right. "This had better work," Sia thinks, "If not, I could be getting a bolt in the back." Turning her attention back to the battle, she prepares for a strike at the battle droid.

Rogue Janson
16 September 2003, 03:04 PM
Shaking from the near miss Arani spins her head round to see the barrel of the Neimoidian's weapon still pointing at her, barely metres away. A look of surprise that she has dodged his shot is clear in the guard's eyes. Arani's blaster comes up, as rapidly as she can move, and the guard tenses to fire again. Arani tenses as well, an incredible spike of adrenaline making her feel sick and almost making her muslces seize up. She flattens herself against the wall and lets her needs flag and feet slip outwards, sliding down, hoping desperately to avoid the inevitable shot. Her finger shakes on the trigger of her pistol, in danger of firing before she has trained it on the guard.

(OOC: dodge bonus on the guard (surprise); multifire.)

17 September 2003, 04:41 AM
Deel turns to the pilot, who is smartly making herself inconspicious.

"Here", he tosses her the blaster he just reloaded, conjuring up his own hold-out blaster from beneath his robes, "Make good use of the thing, cover me."

With that, he turns to the rest of the prisoners,

"Allright, how many of you are healthy enough to fight, or at least get yourselves out of here?"

Not taking time out of the battle to coax an answer out of the assembly, he turns, crouching, to snap a shot off at the nearest battle droid with his personal sidearm.

Howling Wookiee
17 September 2003, 03:42 PM
Rann does not take the time to look at his handy work on the first two droids. He continues with his momentum and side steps to his left then stabs his lightsaber like a spear to the battle droid at his left. His combat mind is working and tells him that he needs to eliminate that target so he and the combat instructor are not flanked by the remaining droids. The young Jedi padawan calls almost excitedly over his shoulder to the instructor, "Work outside to inside and I'll meet you in the middle." It is obvious that Rann is enjoying the fight but does not get careless. He does not have time to asses what is going on with the others but he makes a note to survey the situation after his immediate threats are gone.

20 September 2003, 06:12 PM
Galak squeezes the trigger again, but breaks his streak of precision shots. As he attempts to carefully avoid hitting any of his allies currently engaged in close combat with the battle droids, he overcompensates his aim. The bolt sails over his intended target, bypassing the squad altogether and shattering a distant patch of the surface of the plaza.

His small arms instructor, who stands near Galak’s target, also has the same concerns, but has much greater experience and a much shorter range. Firing from the hip, he eliminates the battle droid that the younger soldier had attempted to destroy. In a burst of smoke and flame, quickly quelled by the night’s rain, the battle droid falls to the ground in a heap of mass-produced parts.

In the hut, across the plaza from the now defunct battle droid, Arani remains caught in a crossfire. The Neimoidian, still crouching behind his desk, fires a single shot at the young rogue. She attempts to sidestep the blast, but caught in the narrow corridor, she cannot avoid getting nicked in the shoulder by the blaster fire. Instantly cauterized, the wound in her upper arm still provides pain, although through sheer willpower, she resists the body’s urge to shutdown.

The Neimoidian’s companion continues to sprint to the southeast, disappearing into the darkness of the night and the many streets of Theed. He escapes with his life to survive and possibly fight another day.

Out of the squad of battle droids that came from the west, only a pair remains standing. They continue to fight with Rann and Galak’s instructors. Each squeezes off a pair of shots at the Padawan and the close combat instructor, but none of the quartet of crimson blasts finds their target. Popping sounds echo all around as the wet ground absorbs the lethal energy.

Deel shares his blaster and draws his remaining sidearm that he keeps with him at all times. The small weapon, reserved for emergencies, packs a small punch, but works in a pinch. Targeting the already damaged droid who had aimed toward Rann, the young Twi’lek finishes the automated soldier off with a clean shot, ending its career.

Galak’s martial arts instructor gathers up a blaster rifle from his feet and turns his attention to the squad behind him. Brining the weapon to his shoulder, he snaps off a single shot. Racing between the other palace guard and Sia-Lan, the instructor slays another of the Trade Federation’s foot soldiers, helping to reduce the threat to the group.

To his side, Rann dances amongst the wreckage of the droids and brings the last of the group to a quick death as he jabs the tip of his weapon into its chest with a lunge that would make his instructors proud. He continues to hear blaster fire come from behind him, but sees only the smoking carcasses of battle droids within his reach.

The palace guard, not distracted by the droid clattering to the ground to his left, continues to punch at his target, and hears a satisfying rattle as a quick response to his right hook. While he does not eliminate the droids as quickly as the veterans behind him, through his continued persistence, he helps to liberate his world from the unjustified oppression of the Trade Federation.

Unfortunately for him, his target responds very aggressively. The guard dodges the first shot, but receives the second square into his chest. The blaster bolt explodes as it connects through the rain soaked garment. The guard does not even have the chance to stagger back in shock. Falling to the ground with a wet thud, his eyes stare up into the rain clouds in surprise. He will never hear the answer to his unasked question of why he had to die.

A duo of battle droids, one the commander of the squad, behind the guard’s assailant continues to press the assault against Arani. They each fire twice towards the hut. A trio of crimson packs of energy eats at the hut’s outer dome, chipping away at the construction. The fourth, however, catches her by surprise as it slams into her back between her shoulder blades. Arani barely has the time to feel a faint trickle of blood run down her back as darkness flashes before her eyes. In slow motion, she feels herself fall forward, although never senses the impact against the ground. Her fingers never squeezed the trigger on her blaster pistol, and unconsciousness welcomes her into its folds, keeping her out of the battle. ((-4VP; -12WP; knocked out))

Already in motion, Sia-Lan side steps and separates the droid shooting at her at the waist with a single horizontal slice. As she moves, she watches her friend fall to the ground with the blaster bolt in her back. With her limited training, the young Padawan cannot immediately know if Arani lives or dies. Sia-Lan remains alone in the midst of the last three battle droids, apart from her friends, but with her pink lightsaber shining brightly in the night and with the Force as her ally.

The pilot, having accepted Deel’s spare weapon, calls to the other prisoners, coaxing the to come forward and prepare to evacuate their holding cell. As they move, she looks over her shoulder to the Twi’lek. “Well, what’s your plan?”

Chron Duann’s eyes flash even larger as his display indicates the destruction of the majority of the Trade Federation forces in the plaza. He wrings his hands in dire frustration. “Where are those reinforcements?” he demands of his aides. “Where are those droidekas?”

“They are seconds away, sir. They will engage in a few moments.” The technician shakes slightly, afraid of the repercussions if the battle is lost.

OOC: Map 3.25 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.25/Map_3.25.htm)

Kanner Ra'an
20 September 2003, 07:22 PM
" SITH." Galak shouts at the sight of the guard dying. "Deel, get them out of their. NOW!" The idea of more people dying because of this dammed rescue attempt enrages him. Having all of the prisoners by volitile power generators with blasters flying doesn't help his fears. The sight of droids shooting into the command hut does nothing to comfort him any either. I knew this was a fragged idea. Why the sith did i have to be right this time.

Deciding to let some of that anger out on the trade federation, Galak makes another attack. He aims and fires another bolt from his blaster rifle, this time at the battle droid firing into the control hut. He makes sure to aim for the skeletal droids fragile centre, deciding the glamoris head shot to be not worth it.

Howling Wookiee
21 September 2003, 03:58 AM
Rann tugs his blue blade out of the battle droid, which falls after the blade is removed. The padawan makes a grand sweeping jesture with his lightsaber as he turns 180 degrees to scan the dark plaza. Rann watches the combat instructor go down and feels a fire die in the force. He whispers under his breath as he looks out, "May the Force be with you....." He is saddened but there are still innocent people that need his help. The Jedi padawan strains his eyes to see the other side of the plaza where the hut is. He watches as it lights up red from the blaster fire from the droids. Apparently Arani and Sia-Lan are pinned down. Rann starts to make his way toward the hut when a piercing pain stabs at this mind through the force. He staggers in his run toward the hut and almost drops his weapon from the shock and pain. Rann can not identify the friend in danger but he "feels" that it is one of close friends. He jerks his head around to locate his three friends. He notices Deel by the prison, Galak is still shooting from his levee perch, it must be Arani or Sia-Lan in the hut. Rann gathers the force around him like a wool blanket and uses its energy to move his feet faster to speed up his sprint to the hut. The padawan charges into the group of battle droids harassing the ladies in the hut. He attacks his first target with an over the shoulder vertical slash, using the momentum of his charge.

((OOC: Charge))

21 September 2003, 01:17 PM
Sia-Lan feels the guards passing from the world of the living. This is the first time she has ever felt someone pass away, and it shocks her, this mission has lost it's first life and there could be one coming up quickly if she doesn't get to the hut. Ignoring the droid closest to her, she runs at the ones firing at the hut. Hoping that she can take one down and Galak can get the other, she brings her blade up in an overhead strike. If she can just get to Arani, maybe she can help her.

Rogue Janson
22 September 2003, 12:34 PM
Arani grits her teeth as the shot from the guard burns through the top of her shoulder. The sharp smell of burnt flesh and clothing instantly assails her nostrils. Despite the injured muscle and tendons screaming that raising her arm is a bad idea, her pistol continues to track towards the Neimoidian. Arani knows there will be no chance of avoiding his next shot, that she must shoot him first.

Suddenly, she hears a volley of blaster fire closer than the rest. Arani is thrown forward, an incredible pain flashing instaneously from right to left through her back. She pitches over silently, her gun tumbling from her grasp and scattering across the floor. Her left arm instinctively tries to come up to cushion the fall, but the muscles do not respond properly. Her vision darkening, she feels the pain fade to a terrible numbness. Her last thought is fear, for herself and her friends, before both her vision and mind black out completely.

24 September 2003, 05:23 PM
The rain reduces to a drizzle, no longer needing to soak the square’s occupants. The chilly water comes with a gentle breeze, keeping the night’s climate unpleasant. To the north, lightning occasionally flashes, profiling the skyline, although no one in the square has the time to observe the beauty of the architecture. Crimson flashes from the plaza join the steady ×××hsia and azure hues of the two lightsabers, although they too are lost on the battleground’s inhabitants.

Getting perfect aim from his vantage point, Galak slowly squeezes the trigger again, in the attempt to finish thinning the battle droids from among his friends. Instead of the satisfaction of a sharp crack from the end of his blaster rifle, he hears a winning beep. The sound seems vaguely familiar, although the young soldier does not place it immediately. After a moment, he realizes the mournful alarm of a drained power pack, halting his ability to cover the action below.

His small-arms instructor instinctively tries to make up where the young protégé had attempted to lend his support. A blast rips from the end of his liberated rifle towards the droid who had unceremoniously dispatched the fellow palace guard only moments before. Having to pause to avoid hitting the young Padawan in close proximity to the target, the instructor misses his aim and the bolt flies harmlessly into the darkness beyond the prison.

Having dispatched with the scoundrel in the doorway, the pair of droids turn their attention to the nearest combatant. With her bright pink blade, Sia-Lan stands out even under the pale illumination from the tall, overhead lamps. A group of four scarlet bolts race from the tips of the droids’ weapons. The agile Padawan narrowly dodges the first of the shots, although putting herself in the path of the second. Nimbly dancing out of its way at the last possibly moment, she feels her energy draining quickly as the battle intensifies. The third comes close to her left, forcing her to edge to her right. She realizes in a brief flash that she moved too far, as she feels an intense searing pain explode in her chest. ((-18VP; -11WP))

Through sheer willpower, Sia-Lan lunges forward towards her attackers. Nearly overcome by torturous burning from the close range attack, she stumbles and her attack falls short of her mark, the pink blade passing harmlessly by the yellow tinted command droid. Dangerously bringing her into point-blank range with the emotionless soldier, Sia-Lan knows that she can take little more before succumbing to the Force.

The third droid, having dispatched with the guard in front of it, turns its attention to the Twi’lek who begins to lead the pilot and the rest of the prisoners from their internment facility towards the refuge of the sewer tunnels. He rallies the group, and gets them to limp forward in the direction of the sewer entrance at the southwest corner of the plaza on the far side of the levee. The pair of blasts from the automated soldier eat at the ground near Deel’s feet, although do not cause him any harm.

Deel sees a flash race past him as Rann charges the Twi’lek’s assailant. The blue blade of the Padawan’s lightsaber leaves bright arcs in the misting rain as Rann closes the distance in short order. Awkwardly forcing the blade upward as he reaches the droid, Rann impales the tip of the weapon through the droid’s torso and tears it through the soldier’s back and neck, breaking the head into two clean halves. The droid showers the future Jedi with harmless sparks as it clatters to the wet ground noisily.

Racing besides her Twi’lek savior, the pilot urges her former and fellow captives forward in a rush. Joined by the armed close combat instructor who brings up the rear of the echelon, the gaggle of ex-inmates moves painfully through the rainy night. Cold, wet, tired, hungry and sore, they do their best to shuffle behind their leaders, attempting to reach freedom.

In an omen meant to oppress their spirits, a loud humming echoes against the stone walls of the buildings in the area. Throbbing as the engine strains to keep in full throttle, a bizarre speeder whips through the dark streets, commanded by an in-human pilot, bringing reinforcements to a losing battle. The speeder twists through the entrance to the plaza in the northeast, keeping low to the ground. Without even slowing down, the blue-tinted pilot droid adjusts his track to arc south of the hut and prison, dispatch his cargo and disappear again into the darkness of the rainy night.

Using bursts from repulsors embedded in the base of the carriage, a sled gently arrests itself from the meter-high fall from the back of the speeder. As the carrier quickly stops on the hard surface of the plaza, six battle droids unfold from its clutches and rise, arming themselves and facing the battle. With the precision of mechanized and highly duplicated troops, they each quickly release a single, deadly bolt of energy from their weapons towards the armed targets in front of the prison.

Half of the shots tear harmlessly through the misty atmosphere. The remainder catch only two of the targets, but bring devastating results. The palace pilot spins out of control as the first shot explodes in her chest, vaporizing several vital organs. The second of the trio of bolts finishes her off, so quickly that she does not even feel the cold and damp impact as she collides brutally with the hard ground.

The last of the shots impacts the wily leader of the pack, the street-smart Twi’lek. Catching him off-guard, and not giving him a chance to dodge out of its way, the shot connects with his left shoulder. Unable to resist the shock of the sudden pain that burns through his body, Deel collapses to his knees before falling unconscious. Nearby, his old friend Rann senses the rascal’s life quickly slipping away. While the Padawan cannot see the brazen wound, Deel’s blood begins to darken and mix with the rain soaked plaza. ((-12WP))

From his command center, Chron Duann smiles proudly. The command droid still on the scene relays information about the assailants that fall before the Trade Federations foot soldiers. “We shall show them that it is folly to battle our mighty armies with their insignificant rebellion.” Chuckling, his eyes glance to a secondary display that indicates the second RADS remain enroute, although not close enough to affect the battle for at least thirty seconds.

OOC: Map 3.26 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.26.jpg)

Kanner Ra'an
25 September 2003, 11:46 AM
Galak looks in horror as Sia-Lann and Deel take hits. He drops his used up blaster rifle, instead grabbing the pistol he left to his right at the start of the battle. He brings it into position as quickly as possible. He shoots straight at the new battle droids. We need that speeder. he thinks as he thinks of the wounded team members, And if you tin cans get in my way, may the force have mercy on you.

Howling Wookiee
25 September 2003, 01:57 PM
Rann screams out in pain and anger as he feels Deel and Sia-Lan's pain through the force. The young padawan's eyes glaze over and everything in the plaza turns red. His heart beats in his chest and Rann breaks out in a cold sweat. Rann hears his master's voice before the rage and anger rings it out of his ears, "No do not sucumb to the pain you must fight the dar.............." All that the young Jedi hears now is ringing in his ears and the pain of his friends in his heart. The instant before Rann charges the remaining droids in a ragin frenzy, Sia-Lan's face appears in his mind. He is not contacting throught the force but a backup that Rann has implanted in his brain if things went south. She speaks, "Rann, do not embrace the dark side. Turn from it and use the light as your allie. The light side will never fail you or will not come if not called. Embrace it!" The image and words vanish and Rann shakes the rage and anger away and start thinking tactically. They are out numbered, 3 friends are down, and leading slow and tired prisoners to safety. First he must protect and aide the fallen. He looks up at the two remaining droids that are around Sia-Lan and himself. He engages the left one with a horizontal strike from right to left. Hopefully he can connect with that droid and use his momentum to carry the attack to the next one. He only hopes that Galak and the other weapon carrying prisoners can keep the new arrivals busy.

25 September 2003, 08:36 PM
Sia-Lan winces in pain and clutches her chest. Knowing that she can not go on without calling on the Force for support, she tries to clear her mind. Sia has a hard time clearing her mind, because she has never experienced this amount of pain, but finally she does. Calling on the Force, she begins to draw on it's energy to give her strength, and heal her wounds. Hoping the Force will help her, she prepares to defend herself against further attacks.

1 October 2003, 04:33 PM
Firing as he stands, Galak watches as the potent energy from his blaster pistol rips across the expanse. Despite the great distance and the inaccuracy of the sidearm, his aim again is true and he hits his mark. The droid crumples against the blast, dismantling unnaturally in its fall to the ground.

Attempting to aid the young soldier, the small-arms instructor quickly squeezes the trigger on his liberated blaster rifle twice, but hears an annoyingly familiar beeping that coincides with the clicking of a trigger. The alarm indicating an empty blaster rifle nullifies his attempted assault, leaving him sorely lacking in the ability to pack an offensive punch.

The two droids in front of Sia-Lan, seeing the Padawan falter, redirect their fire towards the other lightsaber-wielding combatant. Four lances of energy streak from their twin blaster rifles towards Rann, as he charges towards them. Three miss him easily, but the fourth nearly catches him full force in the gut. By twisting his body at the last second, he turns a potentially deadly attack into a grazing pass. The burst of energy still eats into his skin and creates a deep burning in his side. ((-9VP; -2WP))

In a sense of calm, he strikes back at the droid to his left, the one with yellow markings. His lightsaber, leaving a bright haze in the drizzly night, bisects the command droid. Without ceremony, the dangerous enemy falls to Rann’s feet, leaving the two Padawans to face a single enemy droid.

Using the momentary lull from weapons fire directed at her, Sia-Lan draws the Force into herself and directs it to her muscles. The healing energy relaxes her body and revitalizes her to a degree. While she knows that she cannot continue indefinitely in the fight, the reprise will afford her some ability to retreat from the battle. ((+4VP))

Running towards the fallen Twi’lek, Galak’s other instructor fires at the new group of battle droids. Despite being an expert at close combat, years of training hone his aim. Another droid rips into shreds with a burst of flame upon impact. He moves to Deel’s side and looks at the crowd that now mills behind the falling Twi’lek. They ask him what they should do, and the guard looks bewildered. He checks Deel and finds him barely holding onto life, his wounds bleeding dangerously fast. Looking around again, the guard tries to find someone that could help direct them. Hollering over his shoulder, he cries out, “Jedi, where do we go? And this man needs help!” ((-1WP Deel))

Having had one of their number eliminated by a threat from the hill, the latest compliment of battle droids simultaneously turn and fire on Galak. Opting to try to make precise shots instead of a blanket of fire, only four bursts head in his direction. Three create steam near his feet as they impact the cold, wet ground. The fourth nearly takes his head off, causing him to duck at the last second to avoid a nasty blaster wound.

OOC: Map 3.27 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.27.jpg)

1 October 2003, 04:43 PM
Double Post

Kanner Ra'an
2 October 2003, 11:43 AM
Letting out a battle cry Galak charges with all the speed he can muster, making a b-line for the group of remianing battle droids. He closes the gap quickly, his body still fresh having remained prone during most of the fight. After closing some distance he swings up his pistol. Begging the dangerous black object for some more good luck he lets loose a blast towards the closet droid on his right, confident the speeders cover makes the two droids on the other side the lesser threat.

Howling Wookiee
2 October 2003, 03:48 PM
A stressed, pained look crosses Rann's face as he is struck by the glancing blow. "That was too close. I need to be more careful," he thinks to himself. He continues his charge after the painful shot, using the pain for momentum. After Rann dispatches one battle droid he takes a quick peak over his should to check on Sia-Lan. He can feel her draw on the force to strenghten her. He turns sideways to speak with her, "Go help the prisoners get Deel and start heading to the escape point. Send one of the instructors up here to help me with Arani." Galak's glorious charge catches Rann's eye and he smiles, "Me and Galak will cover the rear and pick up Arani. Go now. The prisoners are our primary goal here." After Rann finishes with his quick instructions to Sia-Lan he whips all the way around for a round house slash at the remaining droid's midsection. Determination and stress mask the padawan's face during the attack. The only thing that crosses his mind is that he has to get to Arani and take her to safety. He calls out to Galak, hopeing that he can hear him, "Galak! I'm going to get Arani and we are getting outta here. Cover me the best you can!!!"

6 October 2003, 01:48 PM
"Go help the prisoners get Deel and start heading to the escape point. Send one of the instructors up here to help me with Arani."

"Ok," Sia-Lan says, "Be careful." The amount of pain she is in is almost unbearable. "Got to do this for my friends," she thinks. She staggers over to the group of freed prisoners. Looking to one of the combat instructors she points to Rann and says, "Go and help Rann get my other friend." Looking at the rest of the group Sia says, "Let's get out of here." Pointing to some of the freed prisoners, she orders, "Pick up my friend here, we will move him to the escape route with us. When we are safe we can heal his wounds." Without saying anything else, she begins to lead the group.

8 October 2003, 03:06 PM
Firing on the run, Galak observes as another of his pistol’s shots solidly connects with the new batch of droids. A second falls by his hand, halving their initial number and bettering the chance that he can escape with his friends to safety. Closing from another direction, the expert marksman guard retrieves the blaster rifle from a fallen comrade and also fires into the group, taking out another droid.

At point-blank range, the droid nearest the Padawan pair fires rapidly at Rann, emitting two bolts from the tip of its weapon. Remarkably, neither comes close to the group and Rann takes the opportunity to strike out with his energy sword and shred his assailant. Even as the soldier smashes to the ground, Rann closes on the hut in an attempt to retrieve Arani.

Sia-Lan confers with the close combat instructor who balks at her orders. As he speaks, she senses Deel’s lifeforce slipping away at too rapid a pace. His blood darkens the pavement, and the danger becomes vocalized through the guard at her side. “Ma’am, he won’t make it. The shock will kill him if it’s not too late already. He needs attention and he needs it now.” The guard’s wide eyes speak louder than his words, telling the Padawan of the criticality of the situation.

The two remaining droids fire on Galak as he closes the gap, but their shots go wide, avoiding him as he dances left and right in his movement. While they obviously cannot aim as well as he can, their rifles and sheer numbers make up for the gap. Galak also realizes that even though his aim might improve with the shorter distance, so will theirs.

As Rann reaches the door, in instinct calls for him to drop his head, which allows him to narrowly avoid a well-timed blast that comes from inside the hut. While the attack misses, a hidden Neimoidian guard – the one whom Arani must have personally confronted – will make his rescue of the Naboo woman more difficult.

Chron Duann growls at his technicians, intent on demanding where those reinforcements were and why the pitiful guerillas were destroying expensive battle droids. Before he can speak, a voice calls to him from behind, and he spins around, agitated, to seek its source. “Sir, a call from the command ship.”

Ruffled and unsure of the reasoning behind the unexpected contact, the fat Neimoidian approaches a console and takes the call. Surprised to see his commander on the line, Chron goes through the appropriate formalities in a hurried greeting and feels mild relief as the superior officer waves them away. His shock returns quickly, however, as the superior delivers a strange set of orders.

“But, sir,” Chron retorts, “you want me to let them get away?”

“I did not ask to give you your opinion. I ordered you to withdraw the two remaining RADS. Leave a pair of droidekas en route. There are bigger plans than you know of. Do as you are told… or would you prefer to be relieved of command?”

Before the shocked Chron can begin to respond, the connection fades away, leaving him to stare at a blank screen. Whirling about, he challenges the technicians who quickly break their stares away and attempt to return to their work.

“You heard him! Call off the RADS!”

OOC: Map 3.28 (http://www.tc.umn.edu/~farr0095/IoT/Map_3.28/Map_3.28.htm)

8 October 2003, 03:17 PM
Feeling Deel's life slipping away, as she stands there, Sia-Lan knows she must do something. Calling the Force to her, she touches Deel on the head. Letting the Force flow from her into Deel's body, she let's it heal the most serious wound. Hoping that the Force is with her and that it helps Deel stabalize, she concentrates on Deel. Sia, knowing that she must keep her mind on Deel, hopes that the guard will start to round up the ex-prisoners.

Howling Wookiee
8 October 2003, 03:33 PM
Rann does not let up in stride as he takes down the battle droid and starts sprinting toward the hut. He rounds the corner carelessly and bounds in the door. As he enters the door one thought screams, loudly in his head, "DOWN!". Without hesitation the young padawan drops to a knee as a crimson bolt flashes millimeters over his head. He has recieved "instructions" from the force before, but nothing so raw and to the point. This perplexes the padawan for a moment then realizes that someone is using him for target practice.
Rann spots Arani's lifeless body on the floor then looks up to see his shooter. He grinds his teeth and sets his jaw and attacks. Rann needs to help Arani immediately but he can't do that with someone shooting at him. Without word, threat, or other action the padawan attacks with all his skills. His friend's life depends on it. He races forward, holding his lightsaber out like a lance and tries to stab its lethal point into the guard's chest.

Kanner Ra'an
8 October 2003, 04:56 PM
Galak gives a look of almost satisfaction and almost pride as he sees the droid go down. He forces it out of his mind though, remembering that it could easily make him overconfident. Not giving his persistant luck a chance to run dry, Galak continues his headlong charge towards the battle droids. Relaying on the assumtion that his Hand combat instructer will follow the trend and disable the droid to his left, he aims a shot towards the droid on the right.

9 October 2003, 05:45 PM
Continuing his running assault, Galak watches as his latest shot falls short of his target and instead steams the ground many meters in front of the two droids who continue to pepper the air around him with deadly blasterfire. A shot from his left quickly drops the droid farthest from the young soldier as his instructor wipes out another of the menacing droids, leaving Galak facing a single enemy at the end of his charge.

Before Rann has the ability to leap over Arani and charge the Neimoidian guard, hiding behind a desk, the alien fires on him with his sidearm. Rann feels the burning sensation as the bolt connects with his chest, causing him to wince. Forcing his way through the pain, Rann thrusts his lightsaber forward, burning through the makeshift shield and into the guard’s chest. Life drains from the Neimoidian’s eyes as Rann senses the Neimoidian slip into death’s cold embrace. ((-4WP))

Even as Rann takes another life, Sia-Lan courageously acts to save one not far away. Laying her hands upon Deel, she coaxes a bit of her own life force through their physical connection and into his body. Careful not to overextend herself, the Padawan offers only enough to stabilize her friend, so that she can help him seek better medical treatment later, while she may still have to potentially fight before they all escape. ((-1VP for Sia-Lan; Deel stabilized at –4WP)

Unsure of the activities in front of him, but knowing that he cannot help Sia-Lan, the guard at her side fires towards the latest group of battle droids and drops the last one. A strange lull passes over the battlefield as the last droid clatters to the ground with a muffled explosion and the blasterfire dies off.

13 October 2003, 02:19 PM
Sia-Lan comes out of her trance, knowing that she has at least stabilized Deel. "Alright, he should be fine until we get him to a medical facility or droid," Sia says, motioning to a few Nabooians, "You pick him up and carry him with the rest of the group. All right, everyone follow me!" Turning to the security guard, she gives him her medpac. "Go give this to the other Jedi, and help him bring my other friend. They know the way." Walking to the front of the group, she leads them away to safety, hopefully.

Kanner Ra'an
15 October 2003, 12:02 PM
Galak runs straight towards the vehicle the droids arrived in. Trying to keep calm even though he is aware of his companion's conditions, he searches for the vehicles controls. Upon finding them he says a few words under his breath threatening the vehicle should it not start, then tries to get the engines going.

If you dont work, so Sith me, i will rip you to 1001 peices. Come on, COME ON.

Howling Wookiee
15 October 2003, 05:12 PM
Rann dispatches the remaining guard and immediately turns to Arani's lifeless form. He bends down and scoops her head up in his arms. The Jedi Padawan touches a finger lightly to her forehead and reaches out through the force. He finds a faint flicker of light that represents her in the force. It is faint but there. He must get her aid and quickly. Rann searches her quickly, trying to find a med pack. He can not remember who had packed it before they left for the mission. Sia-Lan, must have it. He finds her in the force and sends her a mental image of Arani and a medpack. Hopefully she will get the message. He also feels Sia-Lan's desperation at getting the prisoners to safety. Rann does feel reassurance from Sia-Lan that a med pack is on the way. He releases his touch of the force and looks down to Arani, "Help's on the way. Hang in there."

18 October 2003, 02:46 AM
Closing the remaining distance to the droids’ delivery vehicle, Galak finds a very simple system. Although he looks all over for a set of vehicle controls, he finds none. The item looks more like a stand than a speeder. It has four tall antennas at both the fore and aft ends of the sled, two small stabilizer wings with guides that appear to slide into a set of rails on the fore end, and two bars that run down the centerline, apparently to allow the droids to connect to the sled. Recalling the deployment of the vehicle, Galak remembers that a second half of a speeder carried it in, dropped it off and allowed it to free-fall to the ground. With the way that the sled landed earlier, he surmises that it has repulsordisks on its undercarriage to allow it to land with a slightly softer impact, but it has no ability to operate without the parent unit.

Grabbing Arani, Rann steps out of the hut and a few meters forward. With the added weight, he knows that he will not be able to move quickly. He attempts to send the mental image of the medpac to his fellow Padawan, and while he cannot be certain that she did not receive the image, Rann does know that his body can no longer support the use of the Force. He cannot concentrate anymore and must rest very soon. ((Out of VP, Telepathy not possible.))

Sia-Lan, taking charge, does not receive his mental note. The Nabooians around her follow her orders readily, gathering up Deel and sending the guard towards Rann. Slowly, with Sia-Lan walking, the freed prisoners gaggle behind her and they make their way towards the levee. A tinge of fear sweeps across Sia-Lan’s mind unpredictably, and she realizes that it does not come from her. Like an early warning system, the fear precedes a flurry of quietly asked questions from the recent captives. They speak over each other, but the Padawan understands some of them, along with their general ideas.

“Where are we going?”

“Who’s in charge?”

“Why are we going so slow?”

“What if they come back?”

“Who are you people?”

The two experienced guards join Rann just as he feels the wave of fear as well. Rann can see that one of them carries Sia-Lan’s medpac, and makes the Padawan uncertain if his telepathic request actually worked or not. The three of them set Arani down and quickly work together to apply first aid. ((+1W to Arani))

Arani’s eyes flutter open as she winces with pain. Returning to consciousness, she feels the burning sensations from the wounds she received and a deep pain throughout her entire body. They help her to her feet, but she knows that she is no good in a fight right now. She can move, although rest is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

Kanner Ra'an
18 October 2003, 10:19 AM
Sith! Galak thinks, pounding his blaster butt against whatever looks easily damaged. He thinks for a split second, theorising about maybe trying to at least get the repulsar pads online and towing the pod, but balks at the time it would require. Abandoning the idea, he hops down of the transport. He takes a second and grabs the blaster carbines dropped by the destroyed trade federation soldiers, hoping the blaster pack can be used with his abandoned rifle lying near the river. As he aquires the arms he notes the various prisoners. Though he does not have the force, it is not hard to feel their sense of fear. The trade federation will have reinforcements here soon enough, so they have good reason to fear.

Howling Wookiee
19 October 2003, 04:32 PM
Rann helps Arani to her feet, "Sorry to rush, but we need to start moving. I feel as if reenforcements are coming soon. Sia-Lan is guiding the others to the escape route. Galak is down by the transport." He speaks to the two guards, "Take her and meet up with the others. My friend and I will cover our exit. Go now!" The padawan lets the trio out walk him as he diverts toward Galak. Once he thinks he is in Galak's earshot he calls out, "Nice shooting. Thanks for covering out butts back there. We need to head out. Sai-Lan has Deel and heading to the escape route, Arani is with two guards and following behind Sia-Lan. Me and you, ole buddy, need to cover our escape. You feel up to it?" Rann grabs his ribs as a wave of pain comes over him. He thinks, "Am I up to it!" Rann regains his composure and nods toward the retreating group, "Shall we?"

Kanner Ra'an
19 October 2003, 06:50 PM
"Sure am." Galak responds, at the same time thinking; By the force, he hurt'n. He avoid questioning the intelligance of the decsion, already knowing what the Jedi's response would be. Seeing the condition of the group has him raging inside.

This mission was dammed from the start. No more rescuing politicians. He is anrgy at himself for not arguing against this misson further. The quality and response time of these droids, not to mention the attention apparently devoted to the prison, were hugly understated. The presence of the soldiers as well, something Galak specifically inquired about, only reinforces his suspisions about the intellegance.

19 October 2003, 07:16 PM
Sia-Lan keeps walking but turns and addresses the Nabooians, "I will answer all of your questions once we get to safety. But for now could you all please be quiet so we won't be noticed by passing patrols." She quickens her pace a bit to try to reach the escape route faster. "By the Force that was bad back there!" Sia thinks, "So many lives lost, if only the intelligence was better." She shakes her head, "That was in the past. Now I have to think about the present." She keeps walking, looking around her, looking for patrols.

Rogue Janson
20 October 2003, 02:33 AM
Arani mutters a slurred thanks, leaning heavily on the Naboo guards. She can feel the effects of the medpac's drugs on her. The stim shot that brought her to consciousness makes her head buzz. Though numbed by the pack's analgesic, her body throbs with pain. The drug gives a horrible deadening sensation - she guesses Rann must have administered a pretty severe dose. The way her limbs react sluggishly and her vision fades out when she stumbles tells her that she needs proper medical attention soon.

Barely able to stand on her own, Arani has no choice but to move with the guards as they head towards the repulsor platform. She thinks she recognises Galak standing by it, illuminated intemittently by flashes of sparks from what must be more battle droid remains.

Slowly, Arani feels sensation returning to some of her extremeties, though this is not necessarily such a good thing, as for every ounce of feeling in her arms and legs she seems to get a pound of pain from her shoulder. The world begins to come into focus again, though it seems darker than before. Whether this is because of her or just the night, Arani can't tell. Clenching her right fist, she tries to summon the will to fight on, to gather herself and help the others. But underneath she knows she is now more a liability than an asset. She doesn't even have her blaster pistol, having lost it in the Neimoidian guards' hut.

22 October 2003, 01:43 AM
Everyone continues moving towards the drainage pipe access hatch on the top of the levee. Galak and Rann backstep slowly, their eyes darting across the plaza, littered with battle droid carcasses and a few corpses as well. At the rate the previous reinforcements came in and setup for battle, the refugees could have upwards of a minute in the line of fire at their current pace. Nevertheless, an eerie quiet seems to descend like a blanket of fog over the dripping battleground.


Chron Duann stares in shocked horror at the displays. The fact that such a small assault force had dispatched with three squads of battle droids worries him. He looks at the status of the pair of droidekas and twitches his lower face. They should almost be in range. Unfortunately, while droidekas were very good at destroying things, they lacked the ability to sufficiently assess and report back on a situation. Chron curses aloud at his dismay.


The pair of droidekas rolls rapidly through the streets. Closing on the plaza, they know nothing of emotion in preparation for their assault. They are perfect assault weapons, powerfully armed and armored, and fire on anything in their range. Two of them alone are able enough to wipe out several squads of standard troops, and definitely are enough to give a Jedi Master and Padawan a moment of pause in battle. They get closer to the plaza with only the whirling of their circular bodies over the pavement.

Kanner Ra'an
22 October 2003, 09:30 AM
Galak's eyes dart across the plaza. Looking at the scene he's amazed that any of them got out alive. He makes his way back to his sniping position, recovering his depleted rifle and exchanging the power pack for one of the salvaged trade federation ones. Next time we bring a lot more ammo, a lot. After looking back at the battle scene and the group, both rescuers and resquees, he thinks Next time we do a lot of things differantly. Telling himself that now is not the time, he takes up a position beside Rann mind and rifle at the ready for another wave of reenforcements.

Howling Wookiee
22 October 2003, 04:22 PM
Rann mentally urges the group forward. There is a nagging at the back of his mind that time is wasting and some danger is imminent. He watches Galak go and retrieve his blaster rifle and pop another power pack in it. The Jedi Padawan nods as the soldier returns beside him. The same gloom look on Galak's face is present on Rann's. He looks back at the retreating group then back to the plaza..........they are moving too slow. Reenforcements are surely on the way. They have to move faster. Many ideas and thoughts are running through Rann's mind. They need more time..........., "Galak? Do you have any spare power packs? If so throw one or two in our wake. If you could hit them they will likely give us a large enough explosion to cover our escape. That is if you can hit them." Rann finishes that last bit with a challenging tone, hoping to provoke the soldier and trying to lighten the mood. The student of the force knows that he grasping at straws but there are very little options. "What do you think," he asks Galak seriously.

((OOC: Total Defense and continuing to retreat with the group keep a watchful eye out.))

Kanner Ra'an
22 October 2003, 05:15 PM
Galak pulls a lever on the blaster rifle, reasing blaster gas into the coils and making the ubiquitous holofilm "gunslinger" noise. Resting the rifle on his shoulder and giving a fake cocky smile he says "I think i can do it." his face turing serious as well he looks around. " Smugglers have been known to blow power packs before, supposedly with the desired effect. Even if it doesn't work, the rapid release of power is sure to sith with their sensors. We wont have many tries though, i only got a few packs from 'em." He looks back towards the group, then back at Rann. " Worth a shot. If it doesn't work, this is the plan. You give me five seconds to find a position. I'll be able to hold anything they send at us long enough for you to get everyone out the sith outta here. Then i'll pull out and lead them away, meet up at the base after i've lost them."

Howling Wookiee
22 October 2003, 05:25 PM
Rann shakes his head at Galak's plan. "I don't like it your will be solo and it is too risky........." The padawan doubles over with pain and nearly drops his deactivated lightsaber. He regains his composure very quickly, "I don't like it but it might be our only shot. Just don't take any chances. We will blow the packs to give us more time "when" reenforcements arrive, then if that does not do it you can be the decoy. Just be careful and we'll meet you at the base. Rann remains on the defensive and alert.

Rogue Janson
26 October 2003, 04:34 AM
As she passes Rann and Galak, who are forming the rear-guard, Arani can see the worry on both their faces. Rann is looking shaky, a dark stain visible on the clothing over his chest. When Galak's eyes catch the light briefly, they are icy, hard and determined. For a moment she tries to think of what she can do to help, but the pain as she twists slightly to watch them as she passes remind her of her condition.
The best thing you can do is try and move quickly so they have to stay here as briefly as possible, Arani thinks to herself. She is shattered at the thought of leaving her friends, but it's not something she has a choice about now.

26 October 2003, 12:13 PM
Sia-Lan looks back at the group. It looks like the people carrying Deel are doing ok. "We're going too slow," Sia-Lan tells the Nabooians. "Could we pick up the pace please. The Trade Federation has probably sent reinforcements and they may be her soon." She begins to pick up the pace. Knowing that Deel will slow them down, she can't go too fast because that might tire the Nabooians carrying him down. "I'll just have to be extra alert," she thinks. "I hope that Galak and Rann get out of there ok."

27 October 2003, 03:30 AM
With Galak and Rann covering the rear guard, the entire group continues to press forward. The levee’s hill, soaked from the rain, makes for a more difficult climb for the group than it presented as a descent earlier in the day. The tired group slips and falls more than once, but always manage to help each other to their feet and to the top of the levee.

The majority of the group starts the westward trek to the opening in the sewer tunnels. The dynamic duo at the base of the hill hears a rumbling that slowly grows louder, as if something rolls across the stone streets. In a blinding flash, they spot a pair of rolling discs come out of the northeast corner of the plaza and close towards them.

Sia-Lan estimates she has another thirty meters to go, which should take her another twenty seconds or so at her current pace. She gets a twinge from the Force, and as she looks over her shoulder, sees the same discs that her companions below spot.

Closing to approximately twenty meters, the droidekas stop and unfold, and a shimmering shield bubbles around them, providing a protective barrier. Their guns aim menacingly towards the Padawan and young soldier, and both humans feel a chill run along their spines. With a long, crawl to the top of the hill, they know that they could be easily exposed during a perilous climb.

Kanner Ra'an
27 October 2003, 11:36 AM
" GO! GO! GO! GO!" Galak yells at the party. Destroyers he thinks, Sith, what did we step in t' deserve this. The fact that the trade federation has sent so strong a team after them is a shock to Galak. From what he had been told, droideka's guarded nemodian nobles or were sent into heavy conflict, not used as search and destroy units.

" Alright Rann, lets give your plan a try." Snatching one of the blaster packs salvaged from the trade federation troops from his belt, Galak takes a brief second to get an idea of the wieght then throws pack towards the two deadly soldiers. Not letting the fear of having the cannons aimed at him force him to rush, he raises his blaster rifle and aims, supporting his aim with every plea to lady luck he can think of. Alright, fry you trade federation son of a sither. With that thought in his mind and a horribly determined look on his face, Galak fires off one shot from his blaster rifle.

Howling Wookiee
28 October 2003, 04:37 AM
Rann's eyes grow wide with shock at the arrival of the destroyers. He is just about to start yelling to GO, but Galak has beat him to it. Atleast they are thinking along the same lines and that is good in a dreadful situation like this. Rann merely nods as Galak announces that he is going to try the power pack plan. The young padawan stands beside Galak but a couple of steps ahead of him. Rann hopes that he can catch whatever incoming rounds that are directed toward him and his soldier friend. The future Jedi takes a deep breath and gathers the force in around him. He feels the warmth penetrate him and he accepts its knowledge and strength. Rann's blue lightsaber blade springs to life infront of him and he holds it in a defensive posture. He calls out to Galak with out looking, "When those packs blow, we are turning tail and heading out. We won't have much time so don't take your time." Rann plants his feet and grits his teeth for the incoming onslaught.

((OOC: Total Defense))

30 October 2003, 02:20 PM
Sia-Lan can't believe their luck. More droids, and even worse, Destroyers! "Run!" Sia yells at the group. She turns and starts running for the entrance. Ignighting her saber, she looks back at the droids. "I hope Rann and Galak get out of there," she thinks. "In case they don't I might have to wait behind until all of the Nabooians are safe, so I will have to guard the entrance." Wishing Rann and Galak luck, she keeps running.

2 November 2003, 02:50 AM
The barrage of fire eats away at the hillside around Rann and Galak. Rann deflects a few of the dangerous shots that come closer to the group. While their luck holds for the moment, probability tells the future Jedi that if they remain in position long enough, then they will eventually succumb to one of the many salvos fired.

Galak successfully tosses the powerpack, but in the dark night, and under heavy fire without cover beyond his friend Rann, he cannot spot the small object near the base of the droidekas. Wiping at his eyes to try and readjust his vision, he opens them to see another near miss, so close that the hairs along the back of his neck stand at attention in fright. The light nearly blinds him, causing the young soldier to blink away the bright spots.

Sia-Lan gets her charges to the entrance to the sewers and one of them quickly opens the grate. He stands there, looking down at the tunnel incredulously before turning back towards the Padawan with her glowing pink blade. “You want us to go down there?” he asks, stupefied. The young Padawan can feel the tension continue to rise to new levels in the group around her, awaiting her decision.


Inside a shielded and armored Trade Federation battleship, far above the local commander, Chron Duann’s, domain, a senior combat commander watches a feed of holovideo from the battle. Far above the plaza, a single droid starfighter hovers, relaying images of the fight.

To his side, a lieutenant quietly approaches, and cannot determine if his superior has noticed his presence or not. The aide watches the feed for a moment, although twitches with unease as he waits for permission to report. The senior turns after a lengthy moment, and before the lieutenant can even begin to ask, his receives an answer to his question.

“Continue to have the droidekas fire for effect. If we get the rebels in the process, that is acceptable. But I have bigger plans for these insurrectionists than simple death or imprisonment.” Adding nothing further, the commander turns back to watch with mild amusement a skirmish taking place kilometers away on the surface.

Bowing formally, the lieutenant leaves without saying a word. He wonders why they would risk and lose so many assets to allow the rebel strike team to escape, but realizes he is not privy to such decisions.

Kanner Ra'an
2 November 2003, 11:20 AM
Sith, too close. Galak thinks as deadly near misses pass by him, coming far to close. Considering he is unable to see the power pack, he abandons the plan for a straight out slugging match. Its a horrible plan when outgunned, but Galak can see no other option. Aiming, he lets out two powerful shots at one of the destroyers, hoping to sneak one by their shields. Noticing the ex-prisoners arn't moving he looks to his Jedi friend.

"I cant see the power pack. Lets switch to plan B." He yells over the noise of his and the droids exchange of fire. While the idea of going it alone with the droids is unappealing, the federation doesn't seem to be presenting them many options. He is the only one uninjured, and the only one armored. Even if the quartermaster at the resistance still hasn't found him a new combat suit.

Howling Wookiee
2 November 2003, 04:47 PM
Rann does not hesitate when Galak suggests "plan B". He also shouts over the blaster fire, "GO! We will meet up with you later. Be careful!" Rann has to visibly swallow the bile that enters his throat at the thought of sending his friend to certain doom. But he is the most mobile and able at the time. If the others are to escape Galak is their only hope. Rann looks at the destroyers then back to the retreating group. He spins around with looking back and charges toward the retreating group. The young padawan does not look over his shoulder to see what Galak is doing. They know each other's part in the plan. Once he gets within ear shot of the escaped prisoners he shouts, "Move out, NOW!" He holds his lightsaber out like a bantha prod to discourage any hesitation or discussion. Rann will not let Galak's sacrifice slip from his fingers. He plans on herding the group straight into the storm drain.

((OOC: All out run.))

3 November 2003, 02:30 PM
“You want us to go down there?” he asks, stupefied.

"Would you like to stay out here and get mowed down by blaster fire?" Sia-Lan asks slightly irritated. "Just go in this is your only chance of survival." She brings her saber up in a defensive pose, guarding the entrance. She waits until all of the ex-prisoners are in before she goes into the sewers. Seeing Rann running towards them, she knows that the droids won't be far behind. "Let's get in there a little faster!" Sia shouts.

4 November 2003, 12:18 PM
The twin shots from Galak’s blaster rifle catch harmlessly against the droideka’s shields, flashing as they impact the energy sphere. As the ground erupts around him in a hail of suppressive fire, Galak realizes he may have made a fatal mistake. By further exposing himself to take the shot, he seems to attract the deadly fire. A pair of shots from the flurry of energy directed at him seems to catch him off-guard. Spinning as the first blast impacts his left shoulder, the young soldier exposes his back to the second shot. The latter lifts his body clear off the ground, rotating him violently through the dark night before he hits the ground with a bone-jarring crunch. The complete encounter lasts only seconds, and yet Galak is perhaps lucky that he fades into unconsciousness, as the blackness of his oblivion keeps him from feeling the intense pain as his body quickly slides towards death. ((-7VP, -23WP))

Rann nearly doubles over in pain as Galak absorbs the twin blasts from the heavy repeaters behind him. Sprinting to the top of the levee, he leaves the droidekas over forty meters behind him in the darkness of the night. He sees the light of Sia-Lan’s lightsaber almost fifteen meters ahead of him, right about where he remembers the sewer entrance to be, and it calls him forward to salvation.

The former prisoner continues to look skeptically at the young Padawan, and asks again, “You mean jump into waist deep water that could have enough force behind it to throw us out into the river and drown us??”

Before Sia-Lan can answer, another of the rescued responds, “Shut up and get in there. We’ll last a lot longer in there than up here with those droidekas!” Sliding down the ladder, he slips into the sewer pipe. “Come quickly!” he adds, “The water is only knee-deep!” He stretches out his arms and helps others into the tunnels, although they quickly find that they crowd around the opening, the only source of light, and without a leader to show them the escape route.

“Where to?” Sia-Lan hears from the tunnel below, as she stands guard with only Deel, Arani, their two escorts and Rann to join her.

6 November 2003, 02:46 PM
"Go upstream a little bit and wait for me!" Sia-Lan answers. She feels Galak's presence pass into the Force. "May the Force be with you my friend," She sends to his retreating spirit. Another life lost. The deaths have weighed heavily on her. She will have to spend some time meditating to gather her feelings. But right now is not the time to think about it. She stands guard above the entrance waiting for everyone to get inside.

Howling Wookiee
6 November 2003, 03:38 PM
Rann races up the hill followed closely by Galak. Rann runs as fast as his wounded body will let him but the world around him seems to be moving in slowmotion. He feels the first shot that hits Galak both physically and through the force. The first shot is closely followed by another shot. As the padawan looks over his shoulder he watches his young friend's lifeless body hit the levee. In a millisecond the black of night turns blood red in the padawan's eyes. Rage, hatred, anger, and fear all well up inside him. As he pauses to turn and engage his defile enemies a voice burns bright in his mind, it is the voice of Galak, "Run you fool!!! I did not die for nothing." This is not actually the young soldier's voice but Rann's conciousness calling out for survival. The padawan knows that Galak has sacrificed himself for the survival of the others. He abandons his suicidal engagement and night turns back black. Rann sprints even harder toward the light at the end of the tunnel, Sia-Lan's lightsaber.

Upon reaching the others he tells them to enter the drain. The dreadful look on his face discourages any discussion or argument. He will not risk another life and he will not let Galak's sacrifice go unheeded. He will stand guard until the others are inside and he will follow them. Rann tells the group with an unemotional expression on his face, "Galak will not be joining us." With that he herds the rag tag group foward.

Rogue Janson
7 November 2003, 08:34 AM
Arani continues forward, at the rear of the small column of escapees, still relying on the two militiamen to stop her from stumbling as she keeps pace. She attempts to keep track of the situation - Deel unconscious but stable, Sia-Lan leading the group to their escape route. Arani shudders with pain as she twists round to look for Galak and Rann. One the Naboo troopers gently tries to tell her not to, to stay focused ahead and not risk any more damage to her insides.

The high pitched pulsing sound of blaster fire comes from unseen opponents. Only destroyer droids fire that fast. What have we done to deserve this? Arani thinks. She can see the figure of Rann, at a dead run, his robe, trailing out behind him, briefly silhouetted by the blaster flashes before he skids down the bank towards them. But no Galak. He must have hunkered down, or slipped away in a different direction.

Seconds later, Galak is still not in sight. Arani’s mind is a wall as the truth forces its way through.

"Galak will not be joining us."
She just stares at Rann, unable to see anything on his face in the night; eyes caught by the patches of complete darkness where his clothing has been blackened by blaster burns, his body injured. They had no chance against droidekas. Galak stayed to buy them time, she knows that, but she can’t see how they can leave him. They came to rescue prisoners, not leave friends behind.

Only the strong arms of the militiamen who push her steadily on, keep Arani going forward, towards escape.

8 November 2003, 02:07 AM
Fire continues to pepper the hill behind the group as the droidekas persist with their assault. The fierce droids do not climb the levee, however, offering a small measure of hope for the remaining four friends. Those still waiting on the surface slip into the sewer and begin to lead the rescued prisoners onward and forward towards safety. Progression takes time as the battle-weary group slogs through the knee-deep, murky waters of the tunnels, but each step takes them further from the dangerous plaza.


The Neimoidian continues to watch from the safety of his armored bridge far above the planet’s surface through the relay of the starfighter droid. “What a waste,” he says, watching the young soldier die at the hands of the destroyer droids. “How can a group so foolish to leave a lone man against a pair of droidekas ever expect to defeat us?”

His eyes hover on the screen for a moment longer before he turns to address an aide, “Launch the tracker.”

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