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Vreel Kudarin
18 August 2003, 10:08 AM
This is the In-Character thread for the First Chapter in the Call of the Gods Campaign.


A long time ago, near a galaxy far far away....

Through the eternal, all-enveloping darkness of intergalactic space, an extensive convoy of rocky discs drift ever closer to a shining mass of stars. Appearing tiny against the vastness of the firmament, each of these objects is in fact over ten thousand metres in diameter. The worldships of the Yuuzhan Vong are nearing their Promised Land.

For the ancient worldship Rasau Tass, the long journey is coming to an end. Generation upon generation of Yuuzhan Vong, chosen of the True Gods, have lived and died on Rasau Tass. They had known nothing outside the sprawling organic caverns of the gigantic, faltering yorik-coral vessel.

The worldships are aging. Their life-support functions are failing. Some doubted the Supreme Overlord's ability to lead his people to their new worlds. But now the giant dovin basals at the core of each worldship stir. They reach out to the gravity fields of the Promised Land, and draw the Yuuzhan Vong towards their destiny...


Rising gently, the tendrils of grey-blue smoke move in slow, spiralling patterns. The scent is stimulating, lending a slight edge to the senses of those who inhale the vapour of smouldering k'lactchai hazel. Shuffling from one side of the spacious antechamber to the other, then back again, the pair of priests carrying the incense braziers then disappear through an unusually small sphincter-like portal to one side of the the entrance to Commander Mas Caer's audience chamber.

The obsidian-black robes of the priests cause them to sink immediately into the shadows on the other side of the doorway. Presently the deep-green sphincter contracts behind the priests, leaving five Yuuzhan Vong in the antechamber.

Unlike much of the worldship Rasau Tass, the walls here glow vibrantly. An eerie lime-green, and in places sickly, pale-yellow light plays over the rough yorik coral surface, shifting across the impressive arches adorning the ceiling where the decorative hlil moss grows.

Standing nearest to the audience chamber entrance are the young warriors Dos Ka'shek and Aktahl Rna. Even for one of the Warrior Caste, Dos Ka'shek is massively built; a hulking, broad figure. For his age, his face is heavily scarred, from both rituals and combat training. Ka'shek's fellow warrior Aktahl Rna, although of a more combat frame, is tightly muscled beneath his vonduun crab armour. His body is far less marked than his comrade's, the sign of an as yet untried warrior.

Near to Aktahl, towards the centre of the chamber, stands Riker Ge'are. Having just returned from a Yorik-et Coralskipper practice flight, he is clothed in an vacuum ooglith. A gnullith hangs over his shoulder, attached to a mollusc-like lungworm on his back - precautions against accidental exposure to vacuum. A warrior deserved an honourable death in battle, and every pilot would be needed for the coming invasion.

Across the chamber from these warriors stand two more figures. Executor She'nuu Zhass is an eye-grabbing figure. Tall and proud, he is still as a statue, occasionally watching the other individuals in the room with his one natural eye and his lookan implant. However, for the most part, he stares at the portal to Commander Caer's room, pale hands clasped at the small of his back officiously.

Savant Vira Eonk'asa stands near the wall opposite the audience chamber doorway, against the base of one of the uneven arches. As a member of the Shaper Caste, officially she ranks highest in social status of those in the antechamber, though Executor Zhass had barely acknowledged her when she had arrived. The shaper eyes the intendant warily as he stands with his back to her. Vira Eonk'asa knows him by name, and has heard he is knowledgable on the Infidels. However, Vira Eonk'asa is unfamiliar with the three warriors, who are below her concern at the moment.

With a soft squelch, the entrance to the antechamber retracts, and another Yuuzhan Vong enters. His dark green cloak marks him as another intendant, though none of the others recognise him. His name is Jiilek Kirl.

The quiet background pumping of the worldship's life functions that could be heard in the quiet room is suddenly broken by the opening of the audience chamber portal. Two sizeable plates of cream-coloured bone rasp slowly up into the top corners of the doorway, drawn by muscles buried in the wall. On the other side stand two warriors, amphistaffs held diagonally across their chests. Their armour is typical of that found on Rasau Tass, polished black, though as personal guards of Commander Caer, theirs is speckled with ruddy-brown in places. The guards part as the Yuuzhan Vong gathered in the antechamber move towards the portal, revealing a short female officer striding down the dark aisle beyond.

She comes to a stop at the doorway. As a Subcommander, her armour is well-developed, with curved spikes protruding from her shoulders and elbows. Her knees are implanted with retractable fighting claws. Her thick, greasy black hair is pulled back into a tight topknot, and her white flesh is criss-crossed with numerous scars. A deep-blue tattoo, matching the hue of her armour, covers her forehead, indicating her devotion to Yun-Yammka.

"Commander Mas Caer bids you enter. Follow me," comes the cracked voice of Ynys Caer, whom all of the gathered Yuuzhan Vong recognise. At some point the subcommander has suffered a wound to the larynx, which hinders her speech somewhat. Ynys Caer beckons with one sharp fingernail, a bizarre grin on her face, before she turns and walks confidently towards the dais at the other end of the long, shadowy grey yorik coral audience chamber.

18 August 2003, 10:40 AM
Shee'nu Zhass walked with his comrades, following the Sub-Commander into a large room. Her voice indicated that her throat had been injured, beyond that he could see that she had a perfectly scultped body with scars that showed her rank.

Like everything of the Yuuzhan Vong people, the audience chamber was filled with vibrant yorik coral. More polished then those found on other parts of the ship. Around the portal into the room stood the guards, standing still with complete discipline. Shee'nu gazed forward to see a large dias on which was a chair sculpted of perfect Yorik Coral, red spikes of coral pointing upwards like small spires. There he saw the form of Commander Mas Caer, an imposing individual. Shee'nus Lookan Eyeball twitched as it saw the body of the commander, covered with scars.

Shee'nu walked to the left side of the dias, while he surveyed the room. His comrade Yuuzhan Vong were adopted a similar arrangement around the room. The Executor gazed the others; he saw two warriors from the group from their arrangement of scars, another was a pilot, as judged from the lungworm that was around his back. Also a fellow Intendant had joined them. Shee'nu turned his face to the right and noticed that a female shaper was behind him but immediatly truned his face. He did not acknowledge her to be of any importance with the meeting with the Comander. Shee'nu turned his face forward and once again gazed at the commander, crossing both arms around his chest, the Executor bowed.

"Belek tiu Emminence"

Kanner Ra'an
18 August 2003, 12:54 PM
Ge'are makes sure he is the last to enter the room. The pilot does it automaticaly, for not turning his back on anyone is practically instinct to someone from his domain. He is not immpressed by the guards or even Caer himself, little does impress him. Like the others he offers the cerimonial greeting to Mas Caer " Belek Tiu." He only touchs his fist to his left shoulder. His right holds the mark of his domain and touching it while showing respect to another is the worst insult one can give to Yun Kimara. He has positioned himself so he is closer to his fellow warriors and away from those pathetic intendants. The fact that he is in the very room as them discusts him, and he is tempted to don his gnullith so he would not have to breathe the same air as them.

Rogue Janson
18 August 2003, 04:08 PM
Dos Ka'shek stands stiffly at the portal into Commander Caer's chamber. Rather than facing the entrance, he is at right angles to it, allowing him to view the rest of the room's occupants. Dos is a warrior and it is his duty to guard the commander, even in the safety of the worldship and he cannot do this with his back to the room. He hopes this will be appreciated and override any appearance of disrespect.

With Dos stands his friend and fellow warrior Atahl Rna as well along with coralskipper pilot whom he has encountered training, but whose name he does not know. He regards Executor Zhass with concealed distaste. He has heard the Executor is an authority on the foul infidels - many warriors are eager for stories of the new galaxy, though the heresies perpetrated there sicken them. The Executor's attitude is an arrogant one however. Dos grits his teeth as Zhass offers no sign of respect to his superior, Shaper Eonk'asa. The other intendant he knows nothing of and so reserves his judgement. Unlike some warriors, he will judge the intendants by their actions rather than the reputation of their caste. He does not expect put much trust in them, however.

Dos wonders what purpose Commander Caer could have in bringing together such a group - three warriors, among them a pilot, a shaper and two intendants. It is not his place to second-guess the commander's plans, but attempting to work them out for himself is a worthy challenge.

As the door beside him opens, he steps to one side, allowing the intendants and shaper to come between him and Aktahl. With two others speaking, Dos simply offers a salute, in synchronity with Aktahl. The sound of his powerful fist rapping on his armoured shoulder echoes slightly in the chamber.

18 August 2003, 06:27 PM
Aktahl keeps in synchrony with his long time ally Dos. Like the larger warrior, Aktahl says nothing, preferring to let his actions speak for him. He does not even bother to mentally question the composition of the party gathered before Commander Caer; he only serves without hesitation or reservation.

He can feel the tension in the room. To many it might be an annoyance, but it stirs Aktahl’s blood. He tenses himself, ready to unleash his spring-coiled muscles and embrace someone in battle for the glory of Yun-Yammka. The tantalizing hint of pain and blood rises through Aktahl’s memories and almost drives him into action. Only through his deep-routed training does he restrain from lashing out against those who show Commander Caer disrespect.

Throughout, however, Aktahl does not focus his eyes on anyone besides his commander. Caer has earned the young warrior’s respect through his service and self-sacrifice for the greater glory. Aktahl stands ready to accept and act on the Commander’s every wish and order, no matter what the cost.

19 August 2003, 10:17 AM
Vira Eonk'asa salutes Commander Caer and stands at attention ready to answer any questions that are asked her way. She distrusts the Intendants mostly because of their reputation. She reserves her judgement of the warriors until she finds out more about them and their motives. She shows her distaste with being with the warriors and intendants, because she knows her Caste has a higher social ranking then the other Castes in the room. She wonders what the Commander wants her to do with these lower ranking castes. She will know soon. She keeps her attention on the Commander knowing that if she didn't it would be a show great disrespect and that would probably make the warriors in the room go berserk. She smiles inwardly at that thought, warriors are so predictable.

Howling Wookiee
20 August 2003, 04:02 PM
Jiilek's green cloak withers and swirls as he enters the chamber in the middle of the group. His eyes are faced foward but he knows who and what is in and around the room. Scouts are breed to pay attention to detail. They pick up things where warriors, priest, shapers, and others miss. Upon entering the chamber and confronting Caer he touches a diamond shaped tatoo, signifying his domain, on his forehead with his index finger and bows low to the commander. Jiilek's tsaisi slithers around his right forearm then stiffens from a slight touch from its master's finger. The weapon tightens rigid into a spiraling gautlet around Jiilek's right forearm. The scout smiles at the intense pain and pressure the creature produces.

Jiilek turns toward Executor Zhass and gives him acknowledgement by simply touching his tatoo but now bowing. He then turns to the two warriors and merely gives them a smirk. Then he turns his attention the the shaper and gives her a nod. The intendant scout returns his attention back to the commander and the reason these different castes have been brought together.

Vreel Kudarin
21 August 2003, 09:52 AM
Commander Mas Caer (http://groups.msn.com/SWRPG/cotgnpcs.msnw) rises from his throne-like carmine perch and walks to the edge of the dais, muscled arms at his sides, his clawed fists opening and closing. The middle-aged Yuuzhan Vong pulses with fiery energy. His armour is black in the majority, but is striated with ultra-marine and brown in places. He turns his scarred face to regard each of those before him in turn.

Executor Jiilek Kirl is the only one of the group to spot someone apparently hiding in the dark grey chamber. The tall, robed figure stands in the shadows to the side of the Commander's throne.

The Commander's voice echoes down the long chamber: "Zhaelor Pure Ones. Ynys, introduce these chosen to each other. The sooner they are acquainted, the better."

Ynys Caer gives a curt nod to her superior and cousin, then turns to the assembled Yuuzhan Vong. Her croaking voice issues from her damaged throat, and she indicates whom she introduces with a sharp fingernail:

"Savant Vira Eonk'asa, a student of the Shaper Arts,"

"Executor She'nuu Zhass, a student of knowledge on the Infidels,"

"Riker Ge'are, a skilled pilot," Subcommander Caer holds Riker's gaze momentarily. She has flown against him in several training exercises.

"And the warriors Dos Ka'shek and Aktahl Rna," running her yellow eyes over the massive form of Dos for several seconds, Ynys Caer then retires to the dais, leaving the second Intendant unnamed.

"To answer your questions, he is Executor Jiilek Kirl," came the quiet voice of the figure that stepped from the shadows to the left of Commander Mas Caer. He nodded at Kirl. Vira, She'nuu, and Jiilek recognised him immediately as Prefect Edos'ar Varl, and the warriors could guess his identity from his rich attire and the fact that he stood on the dais beside the Commander. The Prefect was in charge of all non-military affairs on Rasau Tass. His appearance beside Mas Caer was strange, as the strained relations between the two were common knowledge on the worldship.

The Commander spoke: "Each of you has been selected for your competance and ability in certain areas. You show above-average expertise, and this has pleased me," turning his back on his audience, and stepping halfway back to his coral throne, Mas Caer continues: "You shall have special purpose in the coming cleansing of the Promised Land, for I have chosen you to serve in the Praetorite Vong!"

At this pronouncement, Commander Caer turns to glare down at his underlings, staring into each face with his grim visage, apparently trying to gauge reactions. To his left and slightly behind, Prefect Varl shifts, his emerald-green robe decorated with swirling mustard patterns swaying gently.

Kanner Ra'an
21 August 2003, 11:42 AM
Ge'ares scarred face does not show the disgust he feels. To serve Intendants, no. To obey them, he will never serve them, is a fate worse then dishonorable death. He looks the commander straight in the eye. He looks to the other warriors certain to see their distaste as well. Those of the Praetorite Vong are nothing more then sniviling cowards, hiding in the shadows. They prefer stealth an secrecy over glorious victories. The are spies, not warriors. What has he done to deserve this while other warriors go to the battlefield and stand and crush the infidel infestation. He returns his gaze to the subcommander, if looks were thud bugs, Mas Cear would be dead. One thought runs through his mind.

By my hand or the wrath of Yun Kimara I will see you pay for robbing me of my chance at honor.

21 August 2003, 12:01 PM
On hearing of the news, Executor Shee'nu Zhass concealed a smile. Finally, it begins, thought Shee'nu, the long waiting in the depths of the abyss were near an end. Shee'nu heard the name of the Shaper and Warriors, but gave little importance to them. For they would be serving the Intendants. The thought of which made him inwardly smile,
We shall have the glory, we shall draw first blood among the infidels.

21 August 2003, 05:37 PM
Vira hides her displeasure behind a mask of willingness. Intendants! Of all the castes she would have to serve, why did it have to be intendants? She hopes that she won't have to work with any of these other less important caste members. Maybe she will get to examine new species from the Promised Land with her shaper collegues. She smiles at the thought and hopes this might be true. Being one of the first to work with new species, what an opportunity!

Rogue Janson
23 August 2003, 04:03 AM
Dos struggles to keep his expression steady under the Commander's stare. Mixed emotions churn inside him. Commander Caer's words honour them, but serving under intendants is not to his liking. Even those in the Praetorite Vong do not truly understand combat like a warrior. Still, if the Commander judges that is the best place for them, so be it. At least they will be in the first wave to meet the infidels. Even the leadership of the intendants will not take that honour away.

Dos steels himself, offering a silent prayer to Yun Yammka. A whole galaxy of infidels out there awaiting the wrath of the Slayer.

23 August 2003, 05:11 AM
Fighting to maintain his composure, Aktahl allows his teeth to clench the inside of his cheek, drawing the sweet taste of blood across his tongue before trickling into his throat. His sharp fingernails tear into the fleshy parts of his palms, sending an equally succulent tingle of pain along his forearms. His years of training serve him well as he maintains a completely still posture, his head never quavering or his eyes moving from Commander Caer.

Praetorite Vong!

The very words grated across his mind unpleasantly. He wished that the Commander had simply cut off his extremities; at least Aktahl would then have the pleasure of pain. Still, the Commander has his prerogative; Aktahl exists to serve, and Commander Caer chooses when and where that service would come.

Aktahl begins to know that his focus on combat restricts him. He knows little about the Praetorite Vong, besides that they serve for the Intendants, and rumors speak that they will act as the first wave against the infidels. As he understands it, they do not declare their combat openly, nor do the Indendants permit the warriors to fight on their terms.

Dos would know, Aktahl assures himself, remembering to ask him later. No matter how Commander Caer plans for the assault to procede, the young warrior knows that he will have his chance to earn his honor and his scars of battle. Glory to Yun-Yammka!

Howling Wookiee
23 August 2003, 05:32 AM
Jiilek does visible acknowledge that he has spotted the figure in the shadows. He can not identify the individual but he knows who it is with out visible identifcation. The Yuuzhan Vong scout's eyes remain fixed straight ahead as the group is introduced. After the others are introduced and Jiilek's name was left out a smile crosses his face as he waits..........and Prefect Varl exits the shadows to introduce his protege and servant. Jiilek touches his domain tatoo again in respect for the Prefect and listens to the Commanders speech. So the group is operating under the Praetorite Vong. Finally the time has come for the cleansing. A broad smirk crosses Jiilek's face as he can only realize the distaste the warriors and shaper are feeling right now to know that their masters will be the Indendants, the true chosen leaders. Jiilek is ready to test the vast knowledge of skills in uncharted and untamed territory........the Promise Land is ripe for the picking.

Vreel Kudarin
23 August 2003, 02:21 PM
A vague smile gradually creeps into Commander Mas Caer's grey, scarred face, and, apparently satisfied with any reactions he may have noticed, he again turns his back on the gathered Yuuzhan Vong. This time he walks all the way to his throne, and slumps down onto it's hard, coarse surface. As Prefect Varl steps forward to continue the briefing, Mas Caer raps the sharp fingernails of his right hand on the arm of his chair, and rests the side of his head on his left fist, gazing off towards the portal the chosen individuals had entered through.

"You shall begin training immediately for advance insertion into the Infidel galaxy. Do not doubt the honour of the task you have been given. The Praetorite Vong will bring glory to the Gods and our race. Ours shall be the first strike, the opening blow, and a migh-"

Prefect Varl is interrupted by the Commander, who remains seated: "You shall move to new quarters and facilities upon leaving my chambers. Your training and further evaluation begins tommorow. Subcommander Caer will direct you to the zone. Ynys?"

The Subcommander steps forward once more, glancing up at the Prefect, who is looking over his shoulder at Mas, though the others in the chamber cannot see his expression. Bowing to her cousin and superior, Ynys steps through the group at a quick pace, simply saying: "Follow me."

Ynys Caer leads the group away from the core of Rasau Tass, through the warrior barracks that Aktahl and Dos had been stationed in, and past the Initiate shaper quarters. The Subcommander allows those who are following her to collect any personal items before they move on.

Eventually they enter one of the spiral arms of the worldship. Vira Eonk'asa is first to notice. As an extremety of the gigantic organic vessel, the the signs of age and failing life are more apparent. The occasional crack running along the coral walls, the sickly pallour of exposed sections of organ. It appears the area reserved for the Praetorite Vong is well-isolated from the main body of the training zones.

Instructing Jiilek, She'nuu and Vira to wait at a spacious, almost spherical junction point, Ynys Caer leads the three warriors to their new barracks. Although slightly smaller than their previous quarters, this chamber contains dozens of sleeping alcoves, and a number of vonduun-equipped individuals move about in the area. Most pause their activities to observe the newcomers. Without a further word, Ynys leaves the trio, and heads back to the junction.

She'nuu and Jiilek find themselves assigned to a chamber with ten other individuals, all intendants. Furtive, measuring glances are cast their way by their The sleeping alcoves here are lined with warm arksh moss, and the facilities slightly better maintained than those to which Dos, Riker, and Aktahl have been taken.

After leaving the Intendants, Vira follows Ynys to a smaller room still. Situated at a higher level than the others, Vira finds herself in quarters with only three other individuals. All are, like herself, shaper Initiates, as can be seen immediately from the headresses. Two are male, the other is a young female. Whilst the two males continue to talk in quiet tones, sat in their alcoves, the female walks over to greet Vira. Ynys quietly vacates the small, rocky chamber, leaving Vira to her introductions.

Howling Wookiee
24 August 2003, 05:03 AM
Jiilek walks into the room and upon entering immediately takes a sidestep to the right inside the portal door. Once he has made his entrance he quickly scans the room in all directions. Noticing potential exits, obstacles, and threats. After his quick analysis of the room he relaxes a bit. He turns to Executor Zhass as he enters the room. It has been awhile since the scout has seen Zhass, "Pol dwag." Jiilek touches his tatoo but does not bow which is his Domain's signal of respect to an equal. "It has been too many scars since we've seen one another. How has the glorious son of Domain Zhass been doing?" Jiilek waits patiently for Zhass' response and as he waits he keeps an eye on the other indivduals in the room. His masters and teachers always said not to trust anyone but yourself and your skills, including other intendants. Jiilek's tsaisi remains rigid in a spiraling gautlet on his right hand and his cloak withers about his shoulders.

24 August 2003, 05:16 AM
"Greetings Jiilek Kirl" bowing slightly to show his respect to his fellow Intendant. "It has indeed been a long time since we last met". Shee'nu Lookan Eyeball gazed at the Intendant, seeing his tsaisi around his arm. "I have been well Jiilek, though impatient but finally the Gods have gifted us with being the first to strike the Infidels. And what of you?"

Shee'nu took a moment to gaze around the room, where his Lookan implant saw small fractures around the room. Indicating the ships age and that it was near the end of its life. After which it will embrace glorious death. Shee'nu returned his sight to Jiilek.

24 August 2003, 11:40 AM
Taking in the structure of the spiral arm, Vira notices it's age. The great worldships of the Yuuzhan Vong were dying, and the sooner they got to the promised land the sooner her people would be able to inhabit new lands. After the Subcommander left her in her new quarters, she changes her thoughts to the present. She glances around the room and notices two male Initates, deep in conversation. Seeing the other occupant of the room, a female Initate, walking towards her she stands and greets her. "Pol dwag."

24 August 2003, 12:29 PM
Maintaining his icy silence, Aktahl puts his few belongings into an empty alcove. Since he chooses to leave his armor and weapons on his person, it takes short time to complete the task.

Having chosen a spot near Dos, he joins his ally and looks on at their new living area. Aktahl pays particular attention to Ge'ares, trying to understand the strange desire to command a coral skipper instead of taking the most honorable and painful route of the foot soldier. He continues his stoic mute study of the area, sizing up the abilities and experiences of the Praetorite Vong.

Kanner Ra'an
24 August 2003, 02:15 PM
Ge'are is still fuming as he stores his gear in the new quarters. He choses the bunk furthest from the door. He does not speak to the fellow warriors. Instead he focus on his anger, letting it build, letting it feed him, adding to his hate. The sting of being assigned to the Praetorite Vong still with him. No matter how much he contemplates and thinks he can find no honor in this posting. His people have always hated the Praetorite Vong. Their ranks find no refuge in Yun Kimara's fire*. So where does this leave him. The anger now no longer overcomes the frustration, and it clouds his thinking.

" To serve the Intendants like a Kane a bar. " He say outloud, not fearing the fact that the other warriors hear, in fact, taking pleasure in it. " To hide in the shadows. Surgical strikes, commando teams. IS THIS WHAT A WARRIOR DOES, is this how a servant of the gods is expected to act." he grabs a spike of coral hanging off the wall and uses it to slash his arm, the pain giving him focus again.

* Hell basically. Though that is what a true Yuuzhan Vong would wish. Eternal suffering.

Rogue Janson
24 August 2003, 03:07 PM
Dos enters the warriors' quarters barely glancing around. The stark room holds no interest to him. Like Aktahl, he keeps his weapons and armour on his person, but packs his personal effects - a small idol of Yun Yammka, a few items of clothing and an ornate couffee carved by shapers of his domain - in one of the room's alcoves. Rather than sitting he remains standing, enjoying the feeling of weight upon his legs and the bulk of armour on his body.
It proves a wise decision as Riker beings to speak.

" To serve the Intendants like a Kane a bar ... To hide in the shadows. Surgical strikes, commando teams. IS THIS WHAT A WARRIOR DOES, is this how a servant of the gods is expected to act."

Dos turns to face Riker, towering over the seated pilot. He has his own doubts about serving the Praetorite Vong, but vents his anger upon Riker, almost shouting at him.

"A servant of the gods is expected to respect his commander and not to question his orders.
"If the Commander judges this to be the best way to serve the gods then it is so."

Dos stares down at Riker, challenging him to disagree. His hands ball into fists, nails pressing into his palms, but not yet quite breaking the skin.

24 August 2003, 04:28 PM
Aktahl stands tall next to Dos, although appears nearly petite against the scarred one’s massive frame. He weighs his options for a moment, wondering if he should reinforce Dos’ comments to Riker or simply prepare for a glorious battle. While he would quickly challenge Dos for command of any given team, he also knows that the warrior serves capably as a leader.

With a gentle, almost imperceptible nudge, Aktahl transforms his amphistaff from its curled position along his arm into a spear, ready to lunge into battle. Despite its strong, rigid shape, he can feel gentle pulsations come from the creature-weapon’s body, as it seems to know that a strike nears.

Kanner Ra'an
24 August 2003, 04:36 PM
Dos turns to face Riker, towering over the seated pilot. He has his own doubts about serving the Praetorite Vong, but vents his anger upon Riker, almost shouting at him.

"A servant of the gods is expected to respect his commander and not to question his orders.
"If the Commander judges this to be the best way to serve the gods then it is so."

Dos stares down at Riker, challenging him to disagree. His hands ball into fists, nails pressing into his palms, but not yet quite breaking the skin.

Despite Dos' enourmous stature Ge'are shows no fear. " And no sub-commander, and by Yun Yuuzhan no one shall tell me otherwise. Clear yadag dakl, ignot!."

Needing no other provacation then the fact that he would hurt any who spat that curse at him, Ge'are launches a powerful fist at Dos' large face.

OOC: Ok, maybe im taking the religious fanatic thing to far, but it sounds right.

Not sure if your going to roll dice or if you want us to. If you do, im very lucky cause i just rolled a 20. If not, oh well.

24 August 2003, 05:14 PM
Clearly Ge'are does not know his place nor is he wise, thinks Aktahl as he sees the fist hurl towards his friend. Responding in turn, Aktahl urges his amphistaff forward, subtle motions driving it into a whip-spear and lashing out at the pilot’s feet. The unscarred warrior’s intends to bring the arrogant pilot to the ground, ending the foolish confrontation.

Rogue Janson
25 August 2003, 03:14 AM
Unafraid of Ge'are's attack, Dos makes little attempt to dodge, simply stepping back a pace, keeping his eyes locked with those of his attacker. He expects the punch will still contact but its force will be lessened and there will be no chance of his being knocked down. From the corner of his eye, he sees Aktahl's amphistaff uncoiling itself into his hands to strike.

If the coralskipper training produces warriors this undisciplined then maybe only intendants are willing to lead them, Dos thinks contemptuously.

Vreel Kudarin
25 August 2003, 01:40 PM
Riker's fist clips Dos's jaw as the huge warrior takes a step back. When the enraged pilot lashes out, Aktahl and Dos notice Riker's muscles tensing impressively underneath his vacuum ooglith. For a pilot he has obviously done a lot of physical exercise. A mere moment later, Aktahl, stepping forward to back Dos up, slashes his amphistaff in whip-spear form at Riker's legs. The flailing top-half of the weapon scores the coral floor centimetres from the pilot's feet.

All around, warriors are taking notice, most dashing over and forming a rough circle around the confrontation between the newcomers. A few roar, apparently through sheer appreciation of unexpected violence.

(OoC: Dos -5 VP)


"Greetings," said the young shaper, "I am Lat, Domain Zhass. Who are you?" In response, Vira introduces herself.

"We've just finished our evening training session, Vira Eonk'asa. You'll have to excuse Uuls and Kyaulot, they're excited about their evaluation results," Vira glances at the pair of male Yuuzhan Vong. They don't seem excited in the slightest, their quiet words almost inaudible even though they are a short distance away in the small sleeping chamber. Even their tentacled headresses are still, indicating calm states of mind. As she returns her attention to Lat, the two male shaper Initiates end their discussion, and pull their legs up into their alcoves, preparing for sleep. One of them reaches out and touches a lambent crystal embedded on the wall. It's pale green bioluminesence slowly fades, leaving only the lambent near Lat and Vira to light the dingy chamber. Lat sits down in her alcove, and gestures for Vira to take the remaining empty one.

Kanner Ra'an
25 August 2003, 03:54 PM
Ge'are takes pride at his well aimed punch, slightly surprised that he affected the enormous warrior. Not waiting to give his opponent a chance to react Ge'are moves to take another swing. However the other warrior grouped with them moves in, slashing his amphistaff and missing Ge'are's legs by only luck. He fires another right at the huge Yuuzhan Vong, now totally enraged. The fact that this warrior would attack another while in unarmed personal combat is unthinkable. As his fist flys towards Dos he shouts " Dishonorable Ignots!" He know that he must disable the Larger one first, then he will teach this other ignot honor.

Howling Wookiee
25 August 2003, 04:29 PM
Jiilek regards Shee'nu as he continues the conversation, "I have been............preparing for the upcoming mission we are about to partake. My mentors have been honing my skills so that I can bring all my knowledge to bear on the task at hand." The scout jesters with wide open arms, "The gods have blessed us with this task and we are prepared to undertake them." Jiilek brings his arms in and crosses them over his chest, then continues, "I could not help but notice the two warriors and pilot's faces when they found out they would be serving under the intendants." Jiilek chuckles, "Soon they will know who the true leaders are. They are useful but are like draft animals, they must have masters to direct them. They are powerful but we have something they do not..........deception and choas. The infidels will soon feel our sting and they will cower at our knees." Jiilek finishes with manipulating his tsaisi, which in turn tightens on his forearm, causing intense pain along the scout's arm.

26 August 2003, 05:07 AM
Shee'nu listened to what Jiilek Kirl had to say and could not help but chuckle. "Indeed, I to am greatly pleased with the assignment. Those warriors will despise their role in it but they must obey. Our Caste has been destined for greatness and finally our chance has come. Yun-Harla's blessings are with us" Shee'nu paused as he thought for a moment about all the reports he has memorised within his eyeball implant on the Promised Land.

Rogue Janson
26 August 2003, 05:09 AM
Grim faced, with a slight sneer, Dos finally responds to Riker's attack. He pivots rapidly round to his left, ducking his head back to avoid the pilot's second punch. While moving he catches Aktahl's eye briefly. He knows Aktahl will not intervene now it is clear this combat is truly underway. The thought of having another opponent at his back could distract Riker though, especially if he really believes they are dishonourable. Dos will soon prove that insult false and exact reparations in blood and pain.

As the pilot turns to face him, Dos aims a hard punch at his side, followed by a kick at his legs to try and keep Riker on the defensive.

Vreel Kudarin
27 August 2003, 10:01 AM
Continuing his attack, Riker Ge'are moves in on Dos Ka'shek, whilst Aktahl Rna backs off into the surrounding mob of warriors eager to see combat. The hulking warrior now takes up a fighting stance, sidestepping Riker's blows with impressive precision, before striking back. Dos's mighty fist brushes Riker's chest. Following up with a powerful kick at the side of Riker's left leg, Dos causes the pilot to dodge awkwardly to avoid the blow. Dos grunts satisfaction as his adrenaline comes into full effect. Riker, realigning himself with his opponent, begins to feel his arm throbbing where he cut himself. His black blood trickles from the wound.

(OoC: Riker -6 VP)

Kanner Ra'an
27 August 2003, 10:24 AM
The pilot does not stop, now feeding off the small pain from his wound. Howling a fierce battle cry Ge'are lets loose another fearsome attack, backed by controlled rage. He starts by sending his left elbow towards Dos' square chin, followed quickly by a strong kick from his right leg straight into the foul warriors ribs. Hopefully breaking a few. He is smiling now, in the zone, doing what every warriors is destined to do.

Bringing glorious pain.

27 August 2003, 02:19 PM
Vira moves to the empty aclove and prepares for sleep. She wonders why Lat Zhass said the two males were excited. If they were wouldn't they be a bit louder and certainly their headdresses would not be in the calm position. She touches her lambent crystal and plunges the room into darkness. Vira stares into the darkness wondering why she has been chosen for this assignment. She will find out tomorrow. Vira Eonk'asa doesn't know if she can trust these other shapers, but she is tired and falls into a deep sleep. If anything happens to her she would never know about it.

Rogue Janson
28 August 2003, 09:46 AM
Dos meets Riker’s attacks aggressively, pushing in towards the pilot and hoping to drive him back a little. He tries to assess the pilot's fighting style while looking for an opening in his guard he can attack through.
He hears the cheers of the other warriors around him, but filters them out, focusing solely on himself and his opponent.

Vreel Kudarin
28 August 2003, 11:01 AM
Dos dodges Riker's elbow and kick, though it is a close call. Taking up the offensive, the muscular warrior presses forward, his fists flying as he looks for openings in Riker's defence. Several of his punches stretch the limits of Riker's evasion pattern. Around the pair, the warriors grow louder, several gesturing frantically, some appearing to pick a favourite. Aktahl, momentarily glancing away from the combat, notices a trio of warriors near the arched doorway snapping to attention.

(OoC: Dos -4 VP, Riker -4 VP)

Kanner Ra'an
28 August 2003, 11:16 AM
IC: Though completely absord in the brawl, Ge'are is still thinking tactically. Aknowledging the two could trade blows forever, the pilot decides to try take down the enourmous warrior now. Letting loose an cry of both anger and enjoyment, Riker puts everything he has into a huge kick square at front of Dos left knee.

OOC: Trip attack, hoping to take Dos legs out from underneath him.

Rogue Janson
28 August 2003, 11:49 AM
Not letting Riker's battle cry distract him, Dos notices the shift in his movements. He anticipates the kick just before it comes, and tries to transfer his weight on to his right leg and pivot his left out of the way. He hopes to use his momentum to swing round to hit and topple Riker while he is unbalanced from the attack.

(OOC: that's my free trip attack if Riker fails to knock me down.)

29 August 2003, 03:09 AM
Aktahl watches his longtime friend warily battle the outsider. With slight disappointment at not joining in the fray, he hopes that Dos puts the overconfident pilot in his place. Both he and Dos trained to serve as the crème of the crop for Yun-Yammka. No coral skipper driver could challenge them in any state of combat.

Receiving Aktahl’s subtle hand gestures, the amphistaff draws back up his forearm and returns to a coil around his wrist. Ridged edges make narrow cuts into his flesh, causing blood to trickle towards his dangling palms. The slight tingle of pain excites Aktahl, although he knows the body will heal, not leaving self-inflicted scars. Even if he had engaged the pilot, Aktahl does not believe scars gained from that battle would serve him well. However, scars gained in the campaign against the infidels, those he would wear with pride.

Catching the trio of warriors snap to attention, Aktahl begrudgingly does the same. He would much prefer to watch Dos teach the pilot respect and discipline, but more importantly knows his place. While he would also like to alert Dos to the approach of a superior, Aktahl thinks that the fighting pair might receive leniency, as they must resolve certain issues.

Vreel Kudarin
29 August 2003, 10:03 AM
As She'nuu and Jiilek talk, they notice more intendants entering the chamber. Several introduce themselves as they prepare for sleep. All are likewise of the rank of Executor. The two newcomers catch small parts of conversations as they move to their sleeping alcoves: "...begins proper tommorow...", "...it must be soon...", "...heard Prefect Da'Gara has already received the orders..."


Successfully pivoting with Riker's attempt to topple him, Dos hooks his chunky armoured leg around the back of the pilot's, and, twisting, expertly strikes him once in the chest with his open palm, causing Riker to fall backwards onto the hard floor of the barracks. A cheer goes up from some of the warriors. Several individuals step back as Riker thumps down, allowing Dos to see the warriors at attention near the door through the parting in the crowd.

Kanner Ra'an
29 August 2003, 10:14 AM
IC: Ge'are lets out another angry cry, this time showing a bit of frustration. He is oblivious to the fact some warriors are now at attention. Instead he is just getting angrier. Though he is doing well for someone who fights with coralskippers rather then fists, he is still not winning, and that in unacceptable. He rears his legs back then kicks them forward, propelling himself to his feet right infront of his opponent. Instead of gaining his balance he uses the momentum and propels his head towards Dos', confident the warrior does not have time to react.

Rogue Janson
29 August 2003, 10:51 AM
Seeing his opponent go down, Dos smiles inwardly. The pilot is a skilled combatant but clearly overextended himself with his last move. Now he is floored and vulnerable.

Rather than going for a kick however, Dos watches Riker's muscles tense and anticipates his next move. He raises his left arm into a blocking position and draws his right arm back. Then, as Riker springs lithely to his feet, Dos steps forward, dropping his block and hammering at his foe's head with a massive straight punch.

Vreel Kudarin
29 August 2003, 11:26 AM
Flipping to his feet, Riker comes straight into contact with Dos's meaty fist, ending his initial attempt at a counter-attack. A crack is heard all around the chamber, and Riker's nostrils erupt with black ichor. The sudden pain is almost overwhelming, but the frenzied follower of Yun-Kimara steels himself against it, and swings at Dos's throat. However, the large warrior easily dodges the blow.

(OoC: Riker -4 VP, -2 WP, Fatigued)

29 August 2003, 12:20 PM
Shee'nu stopped his conversation with Jiilek and got up form his alcove; walking to the other two Executors.

"Pol Dwag , fellow intendants. A question i must ask, what are the orders that Consul Da'Gara has recieved?" Shee'nu asked.

29 August 2003, 02:35 PM
Having been one of the warriors cheering Dos on, Aktahl stands at attention, allowing his eyes to dart between the door and the fight. He spends even time watching both activities. He prefers not to anger a commander by not showing respect, but cannot help but keep from observing Dos’ pummel the pilot.

His lips unmoving, Aktahl begins to recite a prayer to Yun-Yummka for Dos’ victory. He fights to repress a small smile of satisfaction at the battle, and further allows himself to imagine the sacrifice the pilot would make, if Dos chooses to take the fight that far. Unfortunately, Aktahl knows that killing the pilot, while enjoyable and understandable, may be against Commander Caer’s plans, since he brought the unique team together.

Vreel Kudarin
30 August 2003, 01:07 AM
As Aktahl Rna divides his attention between the fight and the entrance to the barracks, he observes a silouetted figure walk slowly into the chamber. It pauses in the doorway, gauntleted hands on its hips. The spikes and plating of the figure's armour are just visible, highlighted by the light from a lambent crystal outside. Warriors who notice the arrival snap their arms across their chests in salute. The crowd around Dos and Riker breaks up, the individuals attempting some semblance of order.

"By Yun-Yammka, has battle be joined already?!" booms an incredulous voice from the doorway. Quiet fills the room, and the superior walks slowly towards the pair of combatants. As he strolls into a patch of azure light, his impressive armour and stature are revealed. His face is more scarred than most of the warriors present, and his cheeks and chin are decorated with curving patterns representing the tentacles of Yun-Yammka. A quick assesment by Aktahl suggests this warrior is the Subaltern commanding the platoon they have been assigned to.

The Subaltern remains silent until he is almost face-to-face with Riker and Dos. Slowly rotating his tatooed face to regard each of the fighters, the Subaltern asks menacingly: "Why do you fight?"


(OoC: Sorry, that should have been 'Prefect Da'Gara')

One of the intendants She'nuu Zhass stands by raises his head and rests it on his hand, remaining horizontal in his sleeping alcove. Running his eyes over She'nuu in assessment, the young intendant answers: "Praise to Yun-Harla. I have heard our great Prefect moves for the first strike. The worldships of the Praetorite Vong shall soon land in the Infidel galaxy,"

"I only hope we are transferred before operations begin," responds the other intendant. Besides She'nuu and Jiilek, there are a score more of the same caste in the quarters, all of them preparing for sleep.

30 August 2003, 03:28 AM
OoC: Sorry also i thought you meant that but did not want to mess the roleplay up
IC: Shee'nu listens to what his fellow Intendants have to say.
The invasion is soon going to begin though Shee'nu and Nom Anor will no longer get all the glory. He knows that of all the people here, Shee'nu alone has the knowledge of the Infidels.

"Are there any more reports on our entry into the Promised Land" Shee'nu asked again of the same Intendant, . just cause he had the knowledge does not mean he shoudl be foolish in not asking for more

30 August 2003, 03:59 AM
As the other warriors snap their hands to their chests in a salute, Aktahl does the same, and holds it until the newcomer passes him. He admires the powerful warrior and wonders what they have done to warrant a visit from the Subaltern. Silently, he suddenly remains torn. If the Subaltern punishes Dos, then Aktahl will likely take charge of the platoon. However, Dos is a good friend, and Aktahl would rather not see the massive warrior chastised. Riker started the battle, and everyone in the room would back that up, the young, unscarred warrior is quite certain. Along with much of the room, Aktahl watches and waits for a judgment to be made.

Rogue Janson
30 August 2003, 04:29 AM
As he notices the subaltern's approach, Dos is slightly startled. He had been so involved in the combat he paid little attention to his surroundings. Dos draws a little pride from his focus, but chides himself for his lack of awareness. Turning his attention away from Riker, Dos snaps to atttention instinctively. Having landed the first serious blow and drawn blood, he is satisfied with the fight.

The Subaltern remains silent until he is almost face-to-face with Riker and Dos. Slowly rotating his tatooed face to regard each of the fighters, the Subaltern asks menacingly: "Why do you fight?"
Dos crossed his arms to his shoulders and inclines his head in respect and apology. He has no questions about the correctness of his actions, but he prefers to keep the nature of the dispute between his contemporaries. While he has no thought of answering any question untruthfully, he believes this matter is not worth the attention of his superior. As far as he is concenred, it is now closed, unless Riker returns to questioning his Commander.

"Belek tiu, subaltern. We fight over a point of honour."

Kanner Ra'an
30 August 2003, 05:15 AM
A bloody and batterd Ge'are speaks up a mere second after Dos'

" I fight, he defends." he state in a harsh but at the same time monotonus voice.

He stands tall when looking at the commander. He may have lost the fight but that does not mean he will lose his honor. By straight out confessing his wrongdoing he keeps a measure of his personal honor. Giving Dos' only a side glance to reasure him that he is taking full responsability for his actions, Ge'are turns his gaze to meet the commanders. Waiting for whatever punishment he wishes.

Vreel Kudarin
31 August 2003, 01:00 PM
The novice intendant considers She'nuu's question for a moment, then replies: "The only other thing I have heard is that Prefect Da'Gara's worldship will be first to land, followed by Prefect Ma'Shraid's. Prefect Ma'Shraid's worldship carries a greater body of warriors. I wonder if we will be transfered before The Landing." Most of the other intendants in the chamber appear to be drifting to sleep, and nearly all the lambents are now dark.


The Subaltern regards Riker's bleeding nostrils, and the lack of any wounds on Dos. "If this is his defence, his offence must be impressive," he responds, crossing his arms on his vonduun chestplate and letting out a brief snort of amusement. Then, looking around at the warriors watching from all sides, he says: "All of you should be resting. You're going to need it before training tommorow."

Warriors hastily move to their sleeping alcoves, shedding their armour and placing it in their storage recesses. The Subaltern indicates for Dos, Riker, and Aktahl to remain before him.

"You are my new warriors then? What are your names?" The trio state their names and Domains.

"Who questioned the honour of whom?" asks the Subaltern after a pause. His hands move to briefly stroke the amphistaff curled around the waist of his armour.

Rogue Janson
1 September 2003, 11:14 AM
"Pilot Riker Ge'are questions the honour of serving under Intendants, subaltern. I defend our Commander's wisdom in this matter."

Again, Dos limits the detail of his answer. If Riker wishes to say more, that is his decision; despite their disagreement, Dos will not say anything that could get him into serious trouble, unless commanded to do so. He keeps his eyes fixed ahead and his posture rigidly to attention.

Vreel Kudarin
2 September 2003, 10:07 AM
"I see," states the Subaltern, turning to face Riker, his expression difficult to read. Without looking back at the others, he says: "Aktahl, Dos, retire to your sleeping alcoves,"

Once they have left the Subaltern's presence, he speaks quietly to Riker: "Perhaps you should consider this, Riker: honour and glory come in many forms. Serving the Praetorite Vong, you will learn how to make your life count for more glory. You shall learn how to slay more Infidels before you yourself are slain, and purge more of the abominations that infest the Promised Land than any one regular warrior could ever hope to manage. There is still the honour of direct combat, but you shall learn techniques to bring greater and more precise damage to our foes. The odds against you will be far greater than any footsoldier will face. In this I think there is more glory," the Subaltern pauses, scratching his tatooed and scarred chin, before continuing: "Combat you will get plenty of. I suggest you reserve your fury for the Infidels, though over the next few days you shall get a chance to kill. And again in melee combat, since you have now demonstrated your abilities in the arenas of ground and space,"

Pausing again, watching the dark blood running from the injured pilot's nostrils, the Subaltern brings his face very close to Riker's, and whispers: "One more thing. I know Domain Ge'are. I suggest you keep any talk of Yun-Kimara quiet. I'm surprised you were even assigned here," the muscular, armoured Subaltern then turns to leave the barracks.

2 September 2003, 11:23 AM
As Shee'nu listenened to what the young Intendant had to see the lights in the room dimmed showing the signs that the lambents are being encouraged to shut off. Shee'nu walked to his alcove, walking in the dark, relying only on his senses and the an image of the room as it was light up provided by the Lookan implant. Sitting on the alcove, Shee'nu stroked the lambent to stop the light being emitted, then he secretly moved his hand to grab his coufee and placed it under a pillow. Just in case, then he laid down on the rough surface of the alcove and slowly drifted to sleep...

Howling Wookiee
3 September 2003, 03:10 PM
Jiilek shadows She'nu as he walks over to the new members of the chamber. He listens intently, mentally storing the new information, but does not divulge any input. After the brief conversation is finishes the Yuuzhan Vong scout starts making his way toward his assigned sleeping alcove. He calls over his shoulder, "We should get some rest. We will need all our strength for the coming onslaught." Jiilek slithers into his bed and extingushes the lamenant crystal. The scout gives his tsaisi a gently nudge then falls asleep with a feral grin on his face. His weapon uncoils from around his forearm and snakes to rest on Jiilek's chest, there the creature will stand guard and attack anyone that enters the scouts "personal" space. "Time is nearing for the hunt and all good hunting parties need a tracker and scout," Jillek thinks to himself as he falls asleep.

Vreel Kudarin
4 September 2003, 10:19 AM
The faint sounds of the life functions of Rasau Tass can be heard as the Praetorite Vong fall to sleep. Fluids roaring along massive vessels, waste being recycled.

Then dreams. Dreams of battle, of glory and slaughter; dreams of victory and promotion; dreams of the worlds of the Promised Land.


"STAND TO ATTENTION! GET OUT OF YOUR FESTERING HOLES YOU KANE A BAR!" screams the Subaltern, standing in the middle of the circular warrior barracks. The air fills with the sound of feet slapping onto yorik coral as warriors leap out of their sleeping alcoves and salute the platoon commander. Scant hours seem to have passed since the Subaltern was last in the barracks, questioning Riker Ge'are, Dos Ka'shek, and Aktahl Rna.

4 September 2003, 11:36 AM
Dreams. All Yuuzhan Vong dream of Glory. Of Escalation, for what greater goal is theere. Pain and suffering are the ways of life. Shee'nu knows that he is destined for greatest, the Favoured of Domain Zhass shall take his palce among the legends of his people. Soon....soon.....

Shee'nu's eyes went wide open, showing the signs of being awakened. He could tell that that the day cycle has come on the Worldship. He slide his hand under his pillow, which was like all creatures of the Gods was alive, and saw that his coufee was still present. Good he thought, he turned his gaze to see the many sleeping bodies of his fellow Intendants, some were beginning to awaken. But those who were True awoke just as he did, as seen by Jiilek Kirl.

Shee'nu got up form his sleeping alcove, standing up he moved to his belongings. There he lifted his tsaisi, the creature hissed but recognised the scent of its master. Lifting the beast he let it slide around his arm and coil itself near his albow. Waiting for the orders to come in...

4 September 2003, 03:56 PM
Aktahl swings his feet out of his bunk and rises quickly. He takes a deep breath of the recycled air and brings a feeling of alertness to his body. The pains of sleeping in the confined quarters tingle his muscles and bring a smile to his lips. Wiping the smile from his face, he brings his body to the rigid stance of attention. The pain reverberates and he fights to keep the smile from returning. The amphistaff tightens its grip around his forearm and he stands tall, happy to serve his gods.

Kanner Ra'an
4 September 2003, 06:45 PM
Riker Ge'are springs out of bed. He stands firmly at attention, all his gear is still located in his bunk, save for his amphistaff, which is coiled around his waist. Last night he slept little, not for the pleasure from his injuries, but rather because he kept his guard up. Being threatend thanks to his domain is nothing new to him. Many domains were enemies of the Ge'ares of old, and bear grudges still. However caution is still in order. Considering the Pratorite vong prefer subterfuge to a straight out fight he did not dissmiss the possibility of an attack while he slept.
As he stands at attention he gives himself a once over. His nose still aches, and the movement caused by his rapid motion to stand made a small opening in the healing wound that a small ammount of blood sneaks through. He notices that the blood dried in a unigue way on his face. He will remember it when he nexts sees the shapers for more tattoos.

Rogue Janson
5 September 2003, 03:09 AM
The subaltern's shout wakes Dos up abruptly. Like any good warrior he is practised at catching as much sleep as he can, when he can, but awaking quickly. More by instinct than thought he swings his legs out from his bunk and stands. Not until he is upright do his eyes open, clear and adjust enough for him to see clearly. Dos tenses his muscles one by one, to warm them up.

All around other warriors are doing the same, rising from their slumber and standing alert in the bright glare of the morning lambents. Not an artificial dawn, like the infidels' abominations might generate, Dos thinks, but not a true one. Soon they will have the glory of seeing true dawns as they purge and cleanse planets for the Yuuzhan Vong. Having spent his life on the Rasau Tass worldship and warships, the thought of seeing, let alone standing on, a true planet fills him with awe. The gods have indeed led them to this galaxy to end their long pilgrimage and spread the light of the True Path.

This reminds Dos that some infidels, by their nature, may resist the True Path. Let them resist, he thinks, they are no match for the might of the Yuuzhan Vong. With that thought, he turns his full attention back to the present and his immediate duty as a warrior of the gods. The training for the Praetorite Vong will no doubt be arduous.

Vreel Kudarin
5 September 2003, 10:57 AM
The Subaltern strides around the large circle of warriors, dozens strong, his hands clasped behind his back. After a few minutes of inspection, he turns back to the door and nods at a pair of workers, who between them carry a suit of vonduun crab armour. They humbly shamble over, heads bowed deeply.

"Riker Ge'are. Come forward. Here is your vonduun armour. Today you shall be training with the ground troops. A reward for your spirited performance last night," smiles the Subaltern, taking the armour from the workers and shoving it into Riker's muscular chest. Riker is starting to feel his head pulse with a mild concussion from Dos's punch last night. The workers positively cower, and back off to the door, bowing repeatedly.

With that, the Subaltern walks back to the centre of the room. He glances around, singling out the other pilots, before ordering: "Pilots! To the Coralskipper node. Move it!" Twenty four vacuum ooglith-equipped Yuuzhan Vong hastily vacate the barracks.

"The rest of you, don your armour and follow me. Two columns, twenty-four deep. We're going for a little early exercise before we begin the dueling. Quick time!" continues the platoon commander, before he jogs out of the dark blue coral chamber. The Subaltern proceeds to lead his three columns of warriors at a run through a circuit of the Praetorite Vong training zone. The corridors are almost empty, the other members of the Praetorite Vong not having been awoken yet. Occasionally the platoon of burly warriors passes small groups of workers carrying out manual labour, or an Executor running an errand for a superior.


She'nuu soon realises he has woken hours before the normal sleep cycle ends. The score of other intendants sleep on in the dim light. Then She'nuu hears something: the sound of feet approaching at a jog. Now the young Executor registers voices. Moving to the doorway, he sees a group of pilots approaching, over twenty strong, presumably heading for early training. The two at the head of the group are discussing something, though their eyes remain ahead.

She'nuu catches a fragment of their conversation as they pass, heading further out along the arm of the worldship: "...You heard the Subaltern - 'Domain Ge'are'. This Riker is crazy. To openly question Commander Caer, and then attack this other...Dos is his name?"

"Yes, Dos Ka'shek," answered the other. The pilots rounded a curve in the organic corridor, and their voices became distant.

5 September 2003, 11:22 AM
Shee'nu Lookan Eyeball twitched as he saw the long row of warriors move down the corridors of the old yet mighty Worldship. He heard two warriors mention two names: Riker and Dos. From what was said it would seem that the pilot he met earlier had challenged the orders of the worldships commander of serving the Praetorite Vong , and Dos had defended is Commander leading to a fight between the pilot and the hulking warrior.

Interesting Shee'nu thought. As the pilot - this Riker is a member of the infamous Domain Ge'are. Shee'nu made sure that was committed to memory.....for such information would prove most useful in the future.

5 September 2003, 02:28 PM
Vira Eonk'asawakes slowly, but as soon as she knows what is going on, she gets out of her niche as fast as she can. She smiles inwardly, "Finally I will find out what I am here for!" She looks around the room and sees her fellow initates waking also. Vira is giddy with excitement, but holds her outward appearance in check. She wonders what this training will require, the one that Lat Zhass mentioned briefly last night. Vira stands at attention, waiting for her orders.

Vreel Kudarin
6 September 2003, 02:09 PM
For over a hour, the warriors run and jog after their Subaltern. They see no other platoons out exercising, but gradually the corridors become busier as the rest of the Praetorite Vong wake. Eventually, the platoon arrives at the doorway to the warriors' mess hall, and the Subaltern calls a halt.

"We eat. Assemble in the combat node in half a hour," he states simply, before entering the mess. Moving to the small raised pools along one side of the large chamber, the Subaltern thrusts his hands about, grabbing various living morsels. He snarls with satisfaction as a hyulok stabs its stinger into the white flesh of his hand, before raising it to his mouth and tearing off its brown insectoid head. Leaving his warriors to their meal, the Subaltern then strides away, still consuming the creatures he clenches in his iron grip.


Lat Zhass stretches her arms and yawns, before grooming her headress with her slender hands. Nearby, the other two shaper Initiates shake off their muscles and emerge from their alcoves. Lat looks over at Vira and nods.

"This morning our knowledge will be tested by our tutors," she began, "We will be questioned individually. They are quite thorough. I hope we will be shaping before the day is dead, sometimes I tire of all the questions...Let us eat,"

Once all four Initiates are ready, they head for the shaper mess chamber, to eat, lead by Lat Zhass.


She'nuu Zhass watches the other intendants as they rise, proud of already having awoken, though it has been tiresome waiting in the silence. His fellow Executors don full attire, and attach coufees and tsaisis to their webbing.

An older Executor, perhaps in his late twenties, appears at the doorway, and signals for them to follow him to the intendant mess hall for morning meal.

Kanner Ra'an
6 September 2003, 04:46 PM
Ge'are practically inhales his meal, enjoying the hyulok. He sits alone, as the only warriors here he knows were the ones he fought. His appetite is great from the workout. Though he is in good shape the added armour, not to mention his pleasently throbbing head, have made it more taxing then usual. He wishes he were with the other pilots, though he is enjoying the more physical training of the ground warriors. He is looking forward to the dualing part. He practices often with his amphistaff, and is eager to see how he compares to the warriors who use it often. He shifts over from the hyulok to some kind of small animal who's name escapes him.

As he eats he looks at Dos and Aktahl. He has gained respect for Dos, though in his mind part of him beleves had the fight continued he would not have been the only one bleeding. Aktahl's attack though was dishonorable, though Riker imagines he was thinking of his friends well being instead of his own honor. He does not know how to take this.

Howling Wookiee
6 September 2003, 06:29 PM
Jiilek wrestles out of his deep sleep. His tsaisi slithers up his neck and down his arm to coil tightly around his right forearm. The young Yuuzhan Vong springs from his sleeping alcove and stretches. He notices She'nu by the door and approaches him, "Glory and Pain! Sleep well?" Jiilek falls silent as he notices that the other Executor is listening to a conversation outside in the corridor. All that Jiilek catches is the names Riker and Dos. He shakes his head, there is no telling what those stuborn warriors have done now. He will have to keep a close eye on those 3 and keep them in check.

7 September 2003, 03:59 AM
Shee'nu turns to Jiilek, remembering that his fellow Executor had asked him a question.

"I...slept well. And you?" Shee'nu replied, just then he saw an older Executor enter the room and motioned for all the Intendants to follow. Shee'nu went with Jiilek as they made their way to the Intendant mess hall. Down the dark blue coral that covered the corridors. Occasionally passing by Ngdin on the floors, cleaning the dirt that covered the ancient worldship.

7 September 2003, 05:07 AM
Aktahl smiles as the muscles in his body burn from the exercise. The food tastes good as it works through his throat and into his stomach. Few things have caught his attention, and instead he eats silently next to Dos. The training thus far has been standard, and works, he imagines, to cull the weak from the group. The first few days or weeks – Aktahl is not sure the exact timeline, and knows better than to ask – will be tough to test everyone’s mettle. Some may not make it, but that does not concern the young warrior. Soon they will get to the real training and learn how these infidels they will face fight and how to overcome the opponents.

Rogue Janson
8 September 2003, 09:40 AM
Dos hungrily eats his way through a bowl of protein rich skei-worm gruel. The appetising smell of roasting hyulok drifts through the mess, but he ignores it. Such food is best consumed at a more leisurely pace and Dos expects this meal to be brief. Interrupting their warriors while they are eating is a favourite tactic of hard-driving subalterns. So Dos concentrates on getting the energy he needs for the day's training.

Vreel Kudarin
8 September 2003, 11:59 AM
The noise in the warriors' mess becomes a cacophony as four full platoons gnash and tear their way through the morning meal, noisily discussing the prospect of the imminent invasion. The time Aktahl, Dos, and Riker's platoon has been alloted quickly nears it's end. The warriors, perfectly tuned to the workings of their worldship, feel the deadline approaching, and rise to leave. One warrior, a tatoo of a flaming red orb on one cheek, brushes past Dos and Aktahl, grabbing a hyulok from atop a smouldering coral brazier. He hisses as his skin is seared, before stuffing the creature into his mouth. Crunching on a particularly tough bone, he leans towards Aktahl and says: "We should leave for the combat node. The Subaltern appreciates punctuality."


The shapers' mess is relatively small, a long, curving fetid green chamber. The few occupants move quietly about, selecting their foods from the narrow choice available. Most sit along benches of yorik coral, listening to colleagues describing shaping procedures, receiving and dispensing advice, and discussing methodology. As she walks alongside Lat Zhass, Vira Eonk'asa can see Initiates being called upon one by one to attend questioning sessions. She has been through the procedure before, and knows her time will come soon. In the past, Vira has always pleased her tutors. However, it would be sensible to expect more rigourous interrogation now that she is a member of the Praetorite Vong.


Jiilek Kirl and She'nuu Zhass stride into the intendants' mess, and the ten Executors from their quarters quickly diffuse into the groups mulling about, eating. Dozens of seperate conversations fill the air of the fiery-orange coloured chamber. Nearly all, naturally, concern the invasion. Here are those who will eventually lead the Praetorite Vong, those who will direct the energies of the warriors, and the work of the shapers. The pride emanating from the young Executors is almost tangible.

8 September 2003, 05:01 PM
Aktahl nods to the other warrior out of respect. He thinks for a moment about not taking the action he desires, but brushes it aside. He looks to Dos and gives him a feral grin. There is time for planning and then there is time for action. Now is the latter.

He stands before he calls out the name of his platoon, encouraging them to rise. “Now we move to training! Finish your meals on the run. Form into three ranks and let’s move out!”

Grinning again at Dos, Aktahl’s eyes flash with excitement. He generates a risk in taking command, but if it pays off, he could be handsomely rewarded. “Come, old friend,” he says to his large ally, “Let us lead these warriors into battle.”

Vreel Kudarin
10 September 2003, 10:41 AM
Platoon J'allfrib are all on their feet after Aktahl Rna's words. They move for the door. Several of the warriors exchange frowning glances at the order coming from their new comrade. The semblance of ranks is shoddy, but Aktahl attributes this to the fact that a new warrior is giving an order. Another platoon prepares to leave. As he passes, one warrior, taller than most, looks at Aktahl as if he is about to speak, but then glances up at the towering mass of Dos Ka'shek standing next to Aktahl, and has second thoughts. He sneers and leaves the mess.

Moving with their platoon, Riker Ge'are, Dos and Aktahl find their combat node is very near to the mess. It is a vast dark-brown chamber, it's domed roof having the appearance of the inside of a rib cage. Similar to their previous training facilities, though slightly smaller, Aktahl and Dos are thoroughly familiar with these surroundings.

The clash of amphistaff on amphistaff echoes through the combat node as two platoons spar in one-on-one combat about fifty metres away. Dos and Aktahl notice Subaltern J'allfrib walking over to his platoon. During their meal minutes ago, they had been told he prefered to be called simply 'Subaltern'.

"One rank, single file, facing me!" roars the Subaltern, his back to a fellow officer who orders his platoon to do the same. Two lines, of almost fifty warriors each, now stand facing each other.

"Draw your amphistaffs. Prepare for single combat against your opponents!" orders the Subaltern. Between the platoons lie large circles marked by a red patterning of the yorik coral. Paired combatants are to remain within these circles during their duels.

"Advance!" came the simultaneous cry from Subaltern J'allfrib and his peer. The warriors stalk forward into their respective circles. Aktahl's opponent turns out to be the warrior who earlier had appeared to be considering questioning his order. Dos, meanwhile, sizes up his opponent, who faces him with impressive aggression in his eyes. Riker, clutching his amphistaff tightly, looks over his assigned partner as he steps into his dueling circle. The Yuuzhan Vong warrior facing him twirls his amphistaff in a lazy figure of eight, then snaps it into quarterstaff form.

When dueling, an opponent is considered bested once a blow gets through his guard and strikes home. However, Riker, Dos, and Aktahl know, as do all the warriors, that a certain degree of wounding is acceptable. After all, they must be prepared for the rigours of true combat, and enjoy the opportunity to revel in personal pain. Spitting amphistaff venom is considered dishonourable in duels, though utilising the poison of an amphistaff bite is accepted as it requires a good hit.

Rogue Janson
10 September 2003, 11:17 AM
Dos briefly considers provoking his opponent and hoping he makes a mistake, but decides against it. To attack and strike the first blow in a combat is the honourable path. Letting out a short battle cry, he steps forward and swings his amphistaff two handed in a diagonal slash.
With his amphistaff in quarterstaff form, the warrior parries the attack easily, catching it on the section between his hands. He is still momentarily staggered by the weight behind Dos' blow, but recovers quickly, throwing him off and back with a snarl. Reversing one of his hands, he then pivots the staff, swinging, slightly awkwardly, at Dos.

Recognising the lack of power in the attack, Dos ducks rather than parrying. As he expected, a twitch of his opponent's hands and the staff's fanged maw is snapping at where his head had been. If he had parried it could have wrapped round his block to bite him. Again, the warrior recovers quickly, snap kicking with his left leg.

Hoping to absorb the force of the kick instead of avoid it and lose the opportunity for an attack, Dos drives forwards. This time he slashes diagonally upwards, a move that should be difficult for his opponent to parry.

Kanner Ra'an
10 September 2003, 11:53 AM
Ge'are is all buisness as he aproaches his dueling partner, standing face to face with him. He does not let the lazy figure eight affect his judgement in any way. He does not even allow any assesment of stratagy in. He does prep himself mentally, letting the intensity and instinct that serves him so well in the cockpit. He grabs him amphistaff at the neck, steadily pulling it from its coiled position at his waste, it tenses up after it leaves his body. After drawing his weapon he gives a nod to the other warrior, confirming that he is ready. With that confrimation he goes breserk. With a huge lunge he brings his staff like amphistaff down right towards the warriors neck. Knowing that he has to move to avoid it he slides his hand down the shaft and now holds them at both ends. He then throusts the other end towards the warriors armored chest, knowing that the warrior is off balance from his last attack already.

10 September 2003, 12:42 PM
Aktahl roars a battle cry and charges towards his enemy. Fear flees his mind and is replaced by rage. Leaving defense as a second priority, the young warrior opts to give everything into the attack. The amphistaff twists itself into spear in his hands, ready to thrust at his opponent as he closes the range. Aktahl’s warrior mind plays out a possible scenario that he likes, and if he can, he will try to spin around after his initial attack, lashing out at his opponent’s feet with the amphistaff in the form of a whip, pulling the enemy to the ground. An inferno burns inside his body at the exciting possibility of the forthcoming combat.

Howling Wookiee
10 September 2003, 03:26 PM
Jiilek selects alive creatures for his meal. He has always enjoyed slowly killing the creatures before he eats them, his hobby has always been watching lesser beings suffer a slow and painful death. The young Executioner snaps out of his repreive and starts a conversation with She'nu, "I'm wondering what our first target is going to be. I am sure that we need resources for our failing ships. I had heard Bonadan, but dismiss this because it is heavily populated. What are your thoughts?" Jiilek slowly tears the head off a hwolic and then eats the still withering body as he waits for a reply from his companion.

11 September 2003, 08:47 AM
Shee'nu grabs an eel like creature that was swimming in the large coral made tank. His right hand grabs the head of the eel, while the creature struggles as it is taken from its watery habitat. The "food" manages to turn its head and bite Shee'nu's hand, with its needle edged teeth. The sharp pain fills Sh'eenu's very being, soothing him. One must never shy away from pain, as life is pain, thought Shee'nu

Shee'nu then grabs the neck of the beast with his left hand and snaps the bone that made up its spine. He brings the carcass of the "food" to his mouth and bites deeply, savouring the taste.

"Remember Jiilek that stealth and subterfuge will serve us more then a brute attack. Once entering the Promised Land, we would have to secure land to rebuild and tend our worldships" Shee'nu said to Jiilek, both standing near a large chitin table where the coral water tank was. "The world of Bonadan is not worthy of a direct attack yet, also..." Shee'nu held back abit "..has machines". Shee'nu made sure their conversation was not heard, as the very words were dangerous.

"I would imagine a wiser decission would be to take a world that are on the edge of the Rim" Shee'nu continued "as these worlds would be more likely to be least defended"

Vreel Kudarin
11 September 2003, 11:41 AM
Dos Ka'shek's opponent's attempted kick sails past his huge armoured thigh, whilst the hulking warrior's slash slices the air just in front of the other Yuuzhan Vong's face. His opponent backs off slightly, eyes wide at the near miss of the amphistaff tail.

Nearby, the frenzied attacks of Riker Ge'are succeed in pressing his opponent to the limit. So preoccupied with avoiding the swipes of Riker's amphistaff, the warrior makes only a single half-hearted jab of his own. Maneouvering, Riker realises his nasal passages still ache from his brawl the previous night. He knows it could take the edge off his combat abilities.

Aktahl Rna watches the smile on his opponent's face as the warrior with the tattoo of a flaming orb charges him, amphistaff ready to lash out in whip-form. Thrusting out, the point of Aktahl's own weapon grates across the matte-black armour of his impetuous opponent. The warrior curses and swipes out with his flailing amphistaff, almost catching Aktahl's left ear. However, admitting his defeat in a single blow, the bested opponent turns to Subaltern J'allfrib. Aktahl knows he will be asked if he wishes to continue the fight, despite having triumphed.

"A precise victory, Aktahl Rna. Do you wish to continue?" asks the Subaltern over the din of the dueling.

(OoC: Aktahl -5 VP. Due to not having time to recover fully yet, Riker is on 6VP, and is down 2WPs, so is still Fatigued)

11 September 2003, 02:28 PM
Sitting with Lat Zhass, eating a wonderous meal, Vira thinks. " Why was she selected for this duty?" she asks herself. Vira still hasn't figured out the answer to this question yet. She hopes this question will be answered when she goes in for her questioning. She smiles with pleasure as she feels the slimy food go down her throat wiggling all the way, making her throat dry. "The way of the Yuuzhan Vong, everything we do is uncomfortable at the least, and painful most of the time," she thinks. Turning to Lat she asks, "So how long have you been here training to be part of the Praetorite Vong?"

Vreel Kudarin
12 September 2003, 10:21 AM
"For a little over a month I have trained for the specific activities of the Praetorite Vong. I have heard we will be dispatched as a reinforcing wave for the Praetorite Vong, to back up the initial infiltration and strikes. The skills of the shapers will be essential to maintain the initial stages of the invasion," says Lat Zhass, standing opposite Vira Eonk'asa. The young Initiate shifts uneasily on her feet. She is clearly nervous of the imminent interrogation by her superiors.

An Adept enters the mess, looking around the room for the Initiate he will summon for questioning. Apparently unable to locate his target, he shouts out, unnecessarily loud, over the quiet discussions of the shapers: "Vira Domain Eonk'asa. I am to accompany you to your questioning session,"

His gaze meets with Vira's as she steps forward, and he gestures to the door with his six-fingered shaper hand. "You're new," he states, looking her over. She follows the Adept a short distance to a portal, which irises open with a soft sucking sound when activated by her guide. Remaining outside the dark chamber beyond, he points inside, his expression unreadable. Experienced with this situation, Vira ducks and enters. The room is tiny, with the only adornment of the black, rocky surface being a raised, walled platform, behind which stands a Master Shaper framed by two Adepts. They look down at Vira as she stands in the centre of the small chamber, looking up at those who will question her on her knowledge of the Shaper Arts.


"Attention!" calls a Consul, standing at the centre of the intendants' mess, "The following Executors are to follow me and assemble in the Chk-rall Garden immediately.....Jiilek Domain Kirl, She'nuu Domain Zhass..." the Consul continues to recite names, though Jiilek and She'nuu are already on their feet and moving towards their superior.

Those asked for are few, and the small group of intendants are soon striding through the corridors behind the Consul, who leads them to the 'Garden'. Being towards the underbelly of the worldship, the walk takes some time. Jiilek and She'nuu are familiar with the Gardens of Rasua Tass; Jililek in particular, due to his scout training. There are several, all simulating the environments spoken about in legends of their home galaxy, though neither has entered Chk-rall before. Presumably it is exclusively for the use of the Praetorite Vong. The main use of the Gardens is as realistic proving grounds for the invasion forces, and they are even capable of simulating weather patterns.

The view inside the gargantuan cavern is stunning. The Executors stand on a rocky outcropping overlooking a vast bile-green swamp full of varied flora. Small creatures can occasionally be glimpsed out in the habitat, hunting or foraging. There are few light sources, so the view fades to blackness out beyond a copse of igrut thorn trees. The other side of the Garden cannot be seen. The Consul leaves his charges, asking them to remain until a superior arrives to brief them.

Rogue Janson
12 September 2003, 10:42 AM
"DAHRA TO'CHOK!" Dos shouts as he presses home his advantage. Following his opponent's retreat, he allows his amphistaff to swing round behind his back before striking a powerful overhead blow. The move leaves him a little exposed, but he doesn't think his opponent is fast enough to recover and take advantage of it.

Kanner Ra'an
14 September 2003, 05:59 AM
Riker shakes off the pleasant distraction of pain from his brawl last night. Realizing he has to keep up the pace and end this fight quickly he sends an armour kick his opponents right leg. Hoping it will slow him down slightly he takes a chance. He slides his right hand to the base of his weapon and takes a wide powerful strike at the head of the other warrior.

16 September 2003, 09:24 PM
Basking in the brief moment of glory, Aktahl grunts his satisfaction. Turning to face the subaltern, he grins a perfect smile, his teeth not yet damaged through the glory of battle. Lowering his amphistaff to a non-threatening position, he crosses his opposite arm to his chest in a loud clap of a salute. “Zhaetor-zhae”, cries the young warrior, ready to continue the battle.

17 September 2003, 10:43 AM
The Gardens are magnificent to behold, only the best and smartest of the Yuuzhan Vong are allowed here. Not like those warrior thought Shee'nu. He did not deny the fact that without the Warrior Caste their would be no glory for the Yuuzhan Vong. But this did not settle his distaste, he gazed around the Gardens. Watching and remembering all these events through his implant, as he did not ever want to forget the sight. The marvelous bakai trees whose deep roots went deeper into the ground. Though it was difficult to see, it was still a wondrous sight, just as Shee'nu had heard they would be.

Then Shee'nu prepared himself mentally, for his superior would be arriving and he must prove himself worthy. None shall deny my destiny.....

Vreel Kudarin
17 September 2003, 10:51 AM
The questions come quick and fast, following the pattern of the Master Shaper posing a shaping procedure, which requires Vira Eonk'asa to describe the method, and then the two Adepts imposing new conditions or problems upon the procedure. Vira has to answer and expand on her responses at a quick pace. It requires all the concentration she can muster to keep up with the questions. Though she only has access to the first three Corexes of the Qang Qahsa, and only then through the permission of a superior, what she does know, she is very competant with, and fully understands all the related protocols. After what seems hours, the questions cease, and the senior shapers, making no comment on Vira's success or lack thereof, allow her to leave. Vira knows she has passed their test. Outside, the junior Consul again gives her a look over, this time lingering more on her body. He smiles, then begins striding down the hallway. "You are to come with me now," he calls over his shoulder, "Hurry, we have far to go, you don't want to be late."


Upon Aktahl Rna's affirmative, the bested warrior launches himself back into action, again lashing his amphistaff in whip form, this time at Aktahl's waist. The tail of the bioweapon wraps around Aktahl's amphistaff, failing to ensnare him. Retaliating with a series of furious blows, Aktahl slashes his opponent across an exposed portion of his midriff, causing black blood to spray over the coral floor. Seeing his opportunity as the warrior winces in pain, Aktahl stabs him under his armpit, where there is no armour, partially impaling him. Their duel falls still and silent; then Aktahl's opponent slides off the spiked tail of his amphistaff, staggers, then drops to the floor, coughing up blood, eyes glazing over. He begins to writhe in pain, dark ichor pouring from his wounds.

His blow swinging round from behind, Dos Ka'shek clouts his opponent on the side of the skull, causing a loud crunch to be heard. The warrior's eyes lose their focus and he falls to his knees, stunned. It is several minutes before the warrior can stand again, and even then he has trouble walking. Subaltern J'allfrib strides past, commending Dos on his mighty blow. Walking on to Aktahl's circle, he also compliments him, ignoring the critically injured warrior at his feet. The Subaltern moves on to Riker, whose duel has taken longer.

Though this duel is quite a strain, Riker Ge'are finally manages to gain the upper hand, having frantically avoided and blocked a number of strikes from his opponent. Batting the warrior facing him across the stomach, and winding him, Riker opens up a gap in his defence, of which he takes full advantage. A pattern of powerful blows beat the warrior into submission. Dropping his weapon, he kneels before Riker, gasping for breath, his bruised open-handed gesture indicating his defeat.

"Impressive...Most impressive." cries the Subaltern, before letting out a brief cackle of satisfaction. All around, the last few duels are ending. "Some promising duels. But I want you all to hit harder and faster, like you actually want to beat your opponents. Before you finish your training WITH ME, I'M GOING TO HAVE YOU EATING DANGER AND DEFAECATING VICTORY!" roars the Subaltern.

Then, indicating that Dos, Riker, Aktahl, and six other warriors follow him, the Subaltern leads them away from the rest of the platoons, towards the edge of the combat node. They notice a Consul waiting for them by a doorway, a deep red cloak slung over his plated garments.

"You nine are to follow Consul Hoon to the Garden. After the briefing you receive there, you can retire to the barracks for the day."

Consul Hoon escorts the nine chosen warriors to a Garden none of them have entered before. Immediately it is clear that it far exceeds the others in its vast scale. Despite the far-reaching darkness of the collosal worldship chamber, it is clear it could stretch over a kilometre in length, though it is hard to judge its exact shape. The air pressure seems slightly greater in the Garden, the air more alive with scents rising from the flora below.

The warriors find themselves standing on a huge rocky outcropping, behind six young intendants, among them She'nuu Zhass and Jiilek Kirl. Minutes later, they are joined by three Initiate shapers, one of whom is Vira Eonk'asa, and three priest Adepts. The assembled Yuuzhan Vong stand before Consul Hoon seperated along Caste lines. The Consul claps his hands for attention, which seem to make a feeble noise in the vast hollow of Rasau Tass. The Consul stands towards the tip of the outcropping, which overlooks a collection of yorik coral pillars and a copse of stunted, thorny trees in a mist-covered swamp.

"I am Consul Hoon, overseer of the Praetorite Vong training programme on Rasau Tass. You have been gathered here so I may introduce you to the exercise you will undertake tommorow. You shall be divided into groups or cells. Each cell will compromise members of different Castes, for the Praetorite Vong draws its strength from its ability to closely pool the skills of it's members. The operations you will engage in against the Infidels will require the cooperation of small groups, possibly deep within enemy territory. Jiilek Kirl, She'nuu Zhass, Vira Eonk'asa, N'var Spis, Dos Ka'shek, Aktahl Rna, and Riker Ge'are...You shall comprise one group."

Howling Wookiee
17 September 2003, 04:00 PM
Jiilek stands off to himself to concentrate on the tasks that are going to arrive soon. He will have to be sharp and attentative to be victorious in his jobs. There is no doubt in his mind that he is ready for these tasks but he is impatient and wants to start them now. Before that thought exits his mind he notices Counsul Hoon and a group of warriors enter the gardens. At the group passes, Jiilek gives Hoon a deep respectful bow of respect and joins the group to the outcropping. He gives the warriors in the group a meger nod as they file along with the group. He catches She'nuu's eye and gives him a feral smile. He also catches Vira's eye and gives her a short respectful nod. It is time and Jiilek beams with pride at being a part of the group that will make up the tip of the spear into the infidel galaxy. Jiilek listens closely as Counsul Hoon calls out the cells and nods to himself as it is revealed that Jiilek will be in the cell with the others that he is familiar with. So the time has come. He thinks to himself, "Victory is Ours!"

Kanner Ra'an
17 September 2003, 04:31 PM
For the glory of the living ones. Ge'are thinks sarcastically. He stands firm at attention, which is more effort then it should be. A consequence of what he has put his body through as of late. He hides it though, not allowing any to see a shred of weakness.

He looks around at the other members of the group. His usual feelings of disgust and hatred are automatically ignored without effort. So far his experiance with any others in the new group but the other warriors is practically non-existant. The survivor in him, the part of him that has kept him from falling to those who wish harm on his domain hates this, and it tells him to make it a priority to rectify it.

18 September 2003, 08:00 AM
Once Shee'nu had bowed to the Consul and nodded to Jiilek. Then he saw the forms of people coming to the Gardens. He instantly knew that they were those he had met earlier in the Commander's chambers. Shee'nu almost growled at the thought of working with those warriors, but held the feeling at bay. They may prove useful thought Shee'nu, keeping a close eye on the Shaper, Vira and the Warrior Riker. Making sure that no one can see his gaze, he then kept attention on Consul Hoon as he was about to continue his speech. Shee'nu let his muscles relax abit but remained alert for those Chosen of the Gods have a destiny to fulfill.

Rogue Janson
18 September 2003, 10:38 AM
Dos gazes out at the scene before them, trying to take it all in. The Garden is the largest expanse of terrain he has ever seen. He savours the thought for a while. The worldships have docking bays larger than this, catering for frigates and other small capital ships, but those are ordered, engineered spaces. This Garden is close to ... the warrior searches for the word ... a wilderness. A place that lives without the attention or guidance of the Yuuzhan Vong, their workers and their shapers. A place that serves no purpose other than to live.

Every living thing has a purpose, he reminds himself. And that purpose is to serve the Gods. The Gods have lead the Yuuzhan Vong to this new galaxy, to its planets and nature so that they may serve.

Dos pulls his attention away from the Garden as Consul Hoon claps his hands. He is pleased that they will be undertaking exercises here. It is surely a great honour to train in the most magnificent of the Gardens of the Rasau Tass. They will also have opportunity to see whether these intendants are indeed worthy allies. Or whether they live up to their reputations.

18 September 2003, 03:18 PM
Vira takes in the Garden with wide eyes, marveling at the amount of work put into this place. This is indeed the work of a Master shaper. Noticing Consul Hoon returning with 9 warriors, she directs her attention to him. Giving him a bow of respect, she glances at the warriors. Three of them she knows, from the meeting with the Commander. Listening to the Consul, she directs her attention to studying her fellow allies. Vira knows that if she has a chance of getting to the promised land, she must cooperate with these members of lower castes. "So be it," she thinks, "Working with them won't be so bad, especially with the reward of being one of the first to gaze upon the galaxy that they are to take from the infidels."

21 September 2003, 05:53 AM
Aktahl grins at the expanse before him. The Garden’s untamed beauty calls to him in a peculiar manner. He feels something deep inside of its fauna that remains hidden. He could enjoy a lifetime of searching for its treasures, fighting battles that others would quickly ignore. The vast array of scents pleasures his nose, tingling with a mild acrid pain that sends a tingle throughout his body.

Taking little note of the group that has formed again, the Yuuzhan Vong warrior wonders when the rhetoric will stop and the battles begin. The morning’s exercises challenged him, but left much to be desired. Waiting for the dismal for the day, Aktahl lets his senses explore the minute portion of the Garden that he can see from his position.

Vreel Kudarin
22 September 2003, 11:14 AM
As the cells are announced by Consul Hoon, who stands towards the end of the precipice, clutching the edges of his red cloak at his sides, several individuals glance around, apparently trying to discern who constitutes the other members of their group. One priest in particular stares momentarily in the direction of Aktahl, Riker, and Dos. He is short, and by the standard of the warriors, scrawny. It is hard to judge his age, as his face is hidden for the most part behind a white mask that rises to a tall peak that stands about fifty centimetres above his head, though it is likely that he is younger than the other Yuuzhan Vong assembled in the Chk-rall Garden. Emblazoned in dark-blue above the eye-slits of his mask is a representation of Yun-Yammka, the many-tentacled Slayer God. He wears a loose, sleeveless robe which is an organic patchwork of shades of grey. His bony fists are clenched at his sides, a fanatical sneer on his face.

"...Tommorow, acting in your cells, you shall undertake an exercise, here in Chk-rall, shaped to test the skills that the Praetorite Vong require of you," continues Consul Hoon, "Hopefully, the varying abilities of all your Castes shall be neccessary in the completion of your task. This exercise shall simulate certain conditions that are likely to arise in missions you will soon undertake against the Infidels," the Consul pauses thoughtfully, before adding: "That is, if you get through the training."

"Tommorow morning, assemble outside the Chapel of Torment, near the Combat Node. From there you shall be escorted here by my aide. Your cells will be required to traverse Chk-rall, and obtain an item similar in appearance to this," explained Consul Hoon, producing a lambent from a toothed pouch on his belt. It glowed with an unusual pulsing light that slowly shifted through the rainbow of colours, "Once in possession of this item, you must then exit the Garden with it. Of course, that makes it sound deceptively simple doesn't it?" smiles the Consul, "Weak though they are, once you are in Infidel territory, things would not be so easy, and thus they shall not be here. You may retire to your quarters for the remainder of the day to prepare."

As the Yuuzhan Vong begin the long walk back to the Praetorite Vong living areas, thoughts begin to circulate in their minds of how they can pass the hours before the training mission begins. Some think of prayer to their God, others of physical devotion, some of mental practice and focus. The various barracks contain antechambers with semi-private booths, each holding an Embrace of Pain for communal use. The bony young priest pushes his way into the vicinity of Jiilek, She'nuu, Vira, Riker, Dos and Aktahl, and introduces himself: "I am N'var Domain Spis. I look forward to tommorow. We shall bring some small glory to Yun-Yammka at least. Before the true purge begins. Before we take what it ours from the Infidels, and sacrifice the unworthy to the True Gods!" with that, N'var Spis quickens his pace further, and leaves the others.


Aktahl Rna, Dos Ka'shek, Riker Ge'are, Vira Eonk'asa, She'nuu Zhass, Jiilek Kirl, and N'var Spis stand upon a new outcropping of coral, this one larger, smoother, and higher than that which they were briefed upon the previous day. Vermillion in colour, it is over fifty metres in length and around twenty metres wide. The Consul has just given last-minute instructions that the group must exit the Garden at the opposite end, which is marked with a blue-coloured coral outcropping. The Consul exits through a massive armoured swarbrik, a structure which if attacked will exude a toxic gas and heal it's tissues at an increased rate. The swarbrik groans closed behind the Consul.

The cell is left alone atop the outcropping, which has a long, narrow, ledge-like slope to each side leading down the walls of the Garden to the habitat below. The deep-red branch of yorik coral overlooks a swamp-filled clearing which is partially obscured by a thin veil of mist. Enclosing the area of swamp is a large thicket of igrut thorn trees, though this dense copse does not appear to stretch all the way to the wall on the left. Gnarled and twisted, many-fingered pillars of coral stand up out of the murky marsh, lambents embedded in their surface providing minimal light. Beyond this the view fades to darkness. The ramp to the right leads into the thorn trees, whilst the path down to the left leads into open swamp.

Various equipment has been provided to the group for the training exercise in addition to their personal weapons. Dos, Aktahl, and Riker wear bandoliers across their vonduun armour, each holding ten thud bugs, one razorbug, and one blast bug. At his side, Jiilek carries a membranous pouch containing a kavaavik; a pale-green, fragile creature that can provide a wearer with sight in darkness by clasping his or her head, then inserting it's spine needle into the right tear duct and communicating it's echolocation information. She'nuu and Jiilek also carry bug bandoliers. Before Consul Hoon left, his slaves handed Vira a fleshy ochre bag containing six ooglith cloakers and six gnulliths. Vira has also brought her pouch of shaper tools, considering that it is always best to be prepared.

N'var Spis turns to the others with a sharp-toothed smile and shouts: "Today we are one step closer to GLORY!" beating his grey-robed chest with his fists.

(OoC: Everyone is back up to full VPs, and Riker Ge'are has healed 1 of the 2 wounds he lost)

Rogue Janson
24 September 2003, 10:12 AM
Standing on the outcropping, Dos considers where the lambent his party seeks could be. To find such a small object in such a large area could be impossible were it concealed. This leads him to think its location will be made apparent somehow, so they do not spend an eternity traversing the vast Garden in search.

N'var Spis turns to the others with a sharp-toothed smile and shouts: "Today we are one step closer to GLORY!" beating his grey-robed chest with his fists.
“For the glory of The Slayer and the Yuuzhan Vong,” Dos intones in response to the priest. Though the reply is almost automatic, he can indeed feel his heart rising as they come closer to seeing the galaxy the Gods have promised and the great crusade against the infidels.

With the prospect of a challenge before him, Dos spent the previous day largely in physical and mental preparation. Sparring with his fellow warriors, toning and loosening his muscles and ensuring he is rested from the exertions. He has, however, only performed limited devotions to Yun Yammka. This exercise, he believes, will serve as both a test and a tribute to the God. If he knows his people, success in the task will inevitably be bought with pain. That should be a superior offering to Yun Yammka – the God appreciates offerings that are earned.

Dos smiles a fanged grin as he thinks of something. Reaching their goal will require pain and struggle. Therefore to reach their goal they must search for pain and seek out resistance. He sets off down the path towards the thorn trees.

“Onward, fellows,” he calls back. “Wherever that lambent is hidden, it is not here.”

27 September 2003, 05:29 AM
Keeping pace with Dos, Aktahl remains vigilant for signs of ambush and attack. While typically vying for the role of leader with the larger warrior, he instead takes back seat this time, filling in as Dos’ second. The Garden calls to him again, as it had the day before, filling his body with excitement and anticipation. Something lurks in the depths of the wild, untamed region, and Aktahl remains certain he will come to know it.

Confident that his group will succeed in their mission, the young warrior eagerly approaches the unknown before him.

27 September 2003, 08:46 AM
The group continued its way through the Garden in search for the lambent. Shee'nu stayed at the back of the group keeping his real eye on them but letting his implant move around to see signs of the lambent.

"There is nothing in this region perhaps we should see another area" Shee'nu said out loud, not really caring if they agree or not. Just then moving his hand throw some branches Shee'nu hand scratched the surface of a thorn. Instead of taking his hand away and stopping the wound like a weakling, Shee'nu let the blood fall to the ground, where half a dozen insects scavenged the 'food'.

Blood for the Gods and more once i achieve greatness thought Shee'nu. The arrival of the Preist was a new turn in developments, but Shee'nu did not mind. He could tolerate Priests more then he could Warriors. But still that did not remove the thoughts of danger from his mind. Just then he watched the member of the Shaper Caste; an attractive member of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Just then Shee'nu went through his memory of the reports he had seen of the Promised Land and what it was infested with. Creatures that did not understand the concepts of pain and had no signs of devotion. Infidels. Thinking fo that almsot made Shee'nu storm off from this pointless search for a lambent, almost. Shee'nu brought his focus to the present.


27 September 2003, 09:59 AM
Vira hefts the pouch of ooglith cloakers and gnulliths. Following the warriors, she examines the Garden. It is a beautiful masterpiece of the shaping art. Studying her surroundings for the lambent, she also watches her companions, hoping to learn something about them from their physical actions. She catches Shee'nu looking at her. What could he want? She shrugs the thought away and continues to search.

Howling Wookiee
28 September 2003, 11:31 AM
Jiilek watches the others reactions and listens to their discussions intently. He waits patently to see who will take up the "leadership" role. The priest speaks up first, then the warriors act as tho they will lead the mission. The scout stays behind and let the others think that they have the lead. Jiilek looks to the swampy area then the thorny, more difficult path. He makes a suggestion from the middle of the group, "Great commrades I suggest we take the more difficult path." He points a pale scared finger toward the thorny path, "With sucess comes pain. The only way a Yuuzhan Vong can be sucessful is to embrace pain. I see much pain through this path." After finishing Jiilek does not wait for a reply and starts walking toward the thorn grove. He does not look over his shoulder to see if anyone else if following him, he knows they will follow him because of his knowledge of tracking and tranversing rough terrain. If the group is to suceed the group will need to use everyone's individual skills to pass this mission. Hopefully they will acknowledge that his skills are appropriate for this part of the mission. Jiilek enters the thorn grove and smiles at the small, sharp pain that he recieves from the "thirsty" plants.

Vreel Kudarin
30 September 2003, 09:47 AM
Though Dos Ka'shek is first to start down the path to the igrut thorn trees, Jiilek Kirl overtakes the massive warrior, taking point as the group of Yuuzhan Vong make their way down the increasingly narrow ledge. N'var Spis mutters under his breath, making gestures before his young, masked face. Though the others cannot hear his words, they assume them to be religious incantations. It takes a couple of minutes to reach the 'ground' level of the Garden, and by this time, the deep red ledge is a mere half-metre across. The visibility is only about a hundred metres, and the group has seen nothing indicating the possible location of the lambent crystal they seek. To their left, out of the pallid green swamp, rise several large and colourful coral growths that mimic the tortured arms of the thorn trees.

Jiilek places his foot onto the spongy, water-logged ground that the thorn trees grow from, and pushes his way through the twisted, gnarled ochre branches. A small, six-legged lizard scuttles inside a moist hole in a trunk near to Jiilek. Deeper in the copse, the scout can hear other creatures. Curved spikes of all sizes cover the arms of the hideous plants, providing ample opportunity for scratches and cuts as the group attempts to force its way through the copse. Their progress is slowed significantly by the increasingly thick tangle of flora.

As N'var Spis follows behind Dos and Aktahl, his long grey robe begins to rip in places, getting caught on the barbs of the wood. Milky pus issues from the tears, though the damage will heal over time. Occasionally the others can snatch parts of the phrases the priest utters to himself through his filed, needle-like teeth: "..All of them. Kill them all. Unbelievers. They'll submit or die..." The young priest momentarily pauses to wrench his robe from a giant thorn, his face flushing with anger, and Riker Ge'are passes him. The Coralskipper pilot hears: "Heretic," hissed at his back slyly.

Kanner Ra'an
5 October 2003, 07:02 PM
" Hold your words before i hold your foul tongue in my hand." Ge'are warns loud enough for the priest to hear. The only reason he doesn't kill the preist now is the knowledge that any such attempt would probably cost him his life. While his preformance against Dos was considered "spirited", he doubts greatly that the commanding officers would have any reason to tolerate the murder of a preist so soon afterwards. In fact it would be all the excuse they would need to execute him.

It is a common dilemma for him. Noone wishes to see any of Domain Ge'are achieve to honor.

He then simply continues on, searching carefully for evidence of their goal. He takes close inspection of the plant life. Many are thorned or such, but the Vonduum armor does not allow the plants pitiful defenses to pierce his tough grey skin. The area is..... right in a way. Though everything in Yuuzhan Vong society is alive this place is...... unrestricted, not every plant is conformed and controlled to make it of the most use. Though he knows everything should serve some purpose. He decides that really what he enjoys is the variety more then anything.

Rogue Janson
7 October 2003, 06:49 AM
Dos allows Jiilek Kirl to pass him, taking the lead through the thorn trees. He keeps half any eye on the intendant, trying to assess him. Kirl has kept himself to himself so far, but the way he watches and weaves his way through the rough ground betrays much time spent in the worldship's gardens. It is good to know that not all the inetndants are useless outside their comfy bureaucracy, that this scout still has strength and vigour. Perhaps he is even a worthy combatant. Dos reminds himself that the intendant class is adept at manipulating appearances, so everything is not what it seems, but he still smiles at the thought.

"Hold your words before i hold your foul tongue in my hand."
Dos glances back as he hears Riker's curse. Seeing the priest N'Var Spis behind, he can guess what prompted it. Then he returns his attention to where he is going. They can afford no distractions from their goal.

7 October 2003, 08:56 AM
Shee'nu watched Jiilek make his way through the dark expanse of the Garden. He had no doubt that the scout would find the path to their goal.

"..All of them. Kill them all. Unbelievers. They'll submit or die..." The young priest momentarily pauses to wrench his robe from a giant thorn, his face flushing with anger, and Riker Ge'are passes him. The Coralskipper pilot hears: "Heretic," hissed at his back slyly.

Walking at the end of the group Shee'nu could hear it clearly. The though of hearing those words may be directed at him made Shee'nus blood boil. Though it would be serious to attack a Priest, Shee'nu was about to make sure that no one insult him.

"Hold your words before i hold your foul tongue in my hand." Ge'are

Shee'nu lets the matter pass, for he could use the Priest in the future. Though it would be difficult Shee'nu felt it was not impossible. Shee'nu moved from the end of the group and decided it was time to join his fellow Intendant, he walked till he made it to Jiilek.

"Have you found the trail to the lambent" Shee'nu said, keeping his voice low to make sure that any details do not reach the others. He may have been ordered to work with these...other caste members but that does not mean he would trust them.

Vreel Kudarin
8 October 2003, 12:13 PM
Following Riker's retort, the young N'var Spis begins chattering to himself, cursing occasionally, struggling with his grey robe and pointed mask as he squeezes between the thorned branches. For a little over ten minutes the group pushes, crouches, and even crawls through the forest of igrut trees. As they make their way in the wake of Jiilek, they stay around a dozen metres from the towering brown wall of the Garden on their right. Labouriously they traverse two hundred metres of ground. Gradually, the trees thin, and in the patchy light of lambents imbedded randomally in the Garden wall, and on coral outcroppings visible ahead, open swamp looms beyond the copse.

Rogue Janson
16 October 2003, 06:15 AM
Dos stares out over the swamp, unhappy that they will have to traverse it. At least the igrut trees brought the honour of pain in service. The swamp simply promises to slow them or even – if it is deep enough and they careless enough – to drown them. The heavy armoured warriors will be particularly vulnerable on the soft ground.

The tactician in Dos kicks in, as he knows this place would be ideal for an ambush by lighter forces. He has no doubt that at some point they will have to fight to recover the lambent crystal. Straining his eyes in the gloom, he tries to spy out patches of cover that could conceal enemies.

“Executor Kirl, do you see a path through? Do you see any danger?” Dos calls to the intendant scout a little way ahead of him.

Vreel Kudarin
17 October 2003, 09:23 AM
As they manoeuvre out of the igrut trees, the group forms up along the spongy ground at the edge of the murky, mist-covered swamp. Jiilek Kirl stares out through the hazy white air. Visibility is low here, the pale light from nearby lambents being diffused by the thick vapour clinging to the mire. The Yuuzhan Vong can see nothing but bog before them. Jiilek continues to scan ahead for a few moments but he can pick out nothing accept the silouettes of several twisted coral outcroppings, the crimson and ultramarine arms rising over the mist. There has been no sign of anything that could indicate the wherabouts of the group's target lambent.

A large serpent-like creature moving on many legs undulates smoothly and quickly out of a hole under the roots of a thorn tree, heading deeper into the copse, away from the party of Yuuzhan Vong. The thick, greenish swamp water at their feet is almost still.

"Curse this! When shall we have a chance to honour the True Gods?" shouts the Savant priest N'var Spis. His hands are on the amphistaff curled around his robed waist. He turns his young face upwards, the tall point of his white mask becoming almost horizontal behind him. There is nothing but deep shadow above, the ceiling of the Chk-rall Garden cannot be seen.

17 October 2003, 12:19 PM
Shee'nus eye implant twitched as it adjusted to the darkness of the swamp. The place is a dangerous region for any creature for they might sink to their deaths. Shee'nu did not fear death but....there had to be a greater purpose. The tsasai around his arm had been resting and tensed. His eye implant got the sight of movement, moving his real eye he was seeing something slithering away in the dark. Shee'nu then returned hi gaze to Jiilek who had remained silent, scouting the area like a true member of the Intendants.

"Curse this! When shall we have a chance to honour the True Gods?" shouts the Savant priest N'var Spis

Shee'nu did not turn around to see the Savant, for it did not matter. What the Gods Will is for them to know alone and their servants to interpret.

Vreel Kudarin
22 October 2003, 09:30 AM
Growling in annoyance, N'var Spis plunges forward into the swamp, immediately sinking to his knees in the sludge. What had appeared to be of thick consistentcy is now revealed to be more fluid. Testing the ground beneath, the young priest N'var Spis wades forward a few steps.

"It is firm enough. Let's get on with our task, Yuuzhan Vong show no fear of the unknown. Follow me!" he says, moving forward. The level of the mire reaches his thighs, but holds at that depth as N'var Spis moves into the mist.

"This lambent objective will not be at the perimeter of Chk-rall, we should head deeper," continues the priest, grasping his amphistaff and using it to prod beneath the swamp water ahead of him. Spis's billowing grey robe hinders his movement somewhat, though he presses onwards. His route takes him away from the wall of the Garden at a slight angle, heading in the direction of the centre of gargantuan worldship chamber. The rest of the group find visibility is only a dozen or so metres as they follow in N'var Spis's wake. The sounds of creatures in the igrut forest fade. Silence, except for the sloshing of water, reigns. Ahead, the silouette of a twisted coral outcropping casts muted light through the mist from greenish lambents in its arms.

Kanner Ra'an
22 October 2003, 09:40 AM
Ge'are laughs silently at the priest. He allows the man to lead without any question. Though the act is brave in its own way, it is still stupid. The priest in his desire to lead could quickly find himself victem to any of the various obsticles of the always deadly training course.

As they walk Riker keeps his amphistaff at the ready, poised to take down anything that may emerge from the swamp water. The fact that their are no creatures around is not a good sign, and he takes his time, trying to make as little movement as possible, while still keeping up with the group. He is constantly peering into the water, and makes no attempt to hide it. Any warrior who beleive cation is cowardice is cannon fodder, not a warrior worthy of the gods notice.

Rogue Janson
23 October 2003, 12:12 PM
Dos surges through the muddy water, the smooth planes of his armoured legs leaving a V-shaped wake indented on the mire behind him. He is keen to get through the swamp as rapidly as possible, as it presents a greater obstacle than they anticipated. Despite his haste, he makes sure he follows N’Var Spis closely, allowing the priest to test the ground for safety before him. For the weighty warrior, the swamp is even more of a problem than for the priest and despite his strength and condition, Dos feels fatigue begin to burn slightly in his legs.

Dos glances back to check on those following him – Ge’are, Executor Shee’nu, Vira Eonk'asa and, already partly concealed in the mist, Aktahl Rna. Though his friend occupies the hindmost position, Dos suspects that not mean any lack of honour, since they are vulnerable to attack from any quarter in this murk. Keeping half an eye on the progress of N’Var Spis, Dos watches Executor Kirl closely, knowing that he is likely to have the best eyes and ears of the group and the first to know of any threat.

26 October 2003, 12:20 PM
"Stupid Preist!" Vira thinks. "Doesn't he know what the shapers could have put into the water." She hopes for his sake that he doesn't find out what could be in there. "Well," she thinks, "I'd better follow them. I don't want to be alone in this jungle." Following Dos and Riker she, walks into the water. She sinks to her knees in the mud, but she is strong enough to keep walking through it. This preist is very brave to go into the water! She hopes that he has picked a safe path or this could be bad.

Vreel Kudarin
26 October 2003, 01:21 PM
Vira considers what sort of creatures the Master Shapers could have placed in the Chk-rall swamp. Elshax, powerful aquatic serpents with rending claws along their sides are first to come to mind; followed by Netahf-Kabahl, tall, gangly, striding quadropeds with ferocious extendible maws hung under their body shell. To actually see such works of Shaper Art in their natural environments could be fascinating.

Jiilek Kirl, following just behind Dos Ka'shek, suddenly tenses. He signals a halt to the Yuuzhan Vong behind him, and lays a hand on the massive armoured shoulder of the warrior in front of him. Hearing the lack of movement behind him, N'var Spis soon stops and demands an explanation for the hold-up. Without looking at the ill-tempered priest, Jiilek gestures for silence, and then points out into the thick mist to the left of the group.

Aktahl and then Dos shift, spotting the group of grey silouettes moving along a course from the direction of the centre of the Garden that would soon meet their own should they continue. She'nuu, Vira, Riker, and N'var also soon spot what Jiilek had noticed. The obscured figures, wading about a dozen or so metres away, and slowly approaching, are shorter than the average Yuuzhan Vong, but stocky. Their profiles suggest Chazrach, the race enslaved generations ago by the Yuuzhan Vong, bioengineered to become unquestioning and expendable shock troops. As the group stands motionless, they hear the grunts and hisses of the approaching figures, and observe frantic, almost nervous, movements such as jerky glances and raising and lowering of weapons. The figures appear to be moving in an unorganised group around eight strong.

Kanner Ra'an
26 October 2003, 02:19 PM
"Chazrach." Riker mutters very softly. "Not the most honorable challenge. Maybe easy bait for a trap, and they do look like their expecting one." He looks at the group, an even more dead serious look on his face. "If their is a trap, i want to be the one making it. I will use stealth and approch them, try get as close as the gods will allow. Then, Yun Kimara will feast on their souls. Join me if you wish."

Not waiting for a response, Ge'are completly imerses himself in the swamp water. Moving very slowly and trying as hard as he can to make as little noise and movement as possible, he approches a spot directly in the slave soldiers path. Every few steps he raises his head very slowly to get his bearings. As soon as he is close to the spot where the soldiers will be, he takes his amphistaff in his left hand, and uses his right to pluck a thud bug from his bandoleir. Their he stays, waiting for them to reach him.

27 October 2003, 04:22 AM
Sight in the murky swamp proved to be most difficult. Just then Shee'nu heard noises, faint but enough to show that something was here.

Chazrach." Riker mutters very softly. "Not the most honorable challenge. Maybe easy bait for a trap, and they do look like their expecting one." He looks at the group, an even more dead serious look on his face. "If their is a trap, i want to be the one making it. I will use stealth and approch them, try get as close as the gods will allow. Then, Yun Kimara will feast on their souls. Join me if you wish."

The fool is just looking for ways to die quicker, thought Shee'nu better him then me. Events had proven to turn more interesting then Shee'nu had first thought.

Shee'nu turned to Dos Ka'shek "What say you Warrior on the best course of action?". The Tsasi on Shee'nus left arm tensed, ready for combat. Shee'nu impant eye took a gaze at the figures moving in the swamp. Coming closer.....closer......

Rogue Janson
27 October 2003, 09:52 AM
Shee'nu turned to Dos Ka'shek "What say you Warrior on the best course of action?". The Tsasi on Shee'nus left arm tensed, ready for combat. Shee'nu impant eye took a gaze at the figures moving in the swamp. Coming closer.....closer......
“These chazrach should pose no problem,” Dos replies quietly. “They are not worthy opponents, but some have learnt the art of ambush. We must kill them fast and let none escape.”
He watches as Ge’are advances using the swamp as cover. The warrior pilot seems to be showing surprising caution considering his earlier rashness. This could be interpreted as a sign of cowardice, but Dos does not jump to that conclusion, still trying to judge the pilot.

Rather than advancing directly forward, Dos moves out to the right, so that he closes on the chazrach only slightly faster than Riker. He gestures to Aktahl to move out on the other flank, hoping they may be able to prevent the group fleeing to either side. Dos gently strokes his amphistaff into shape, intoning a silent prayer to Yun Yammka and preparing his mind for action. He keeps his eyes left, watching the chazrach for any sign they have spotted the advancing Yuuzhan Vong and ready to surge forward through the water if they do.

27 October 2003, 02:32 PM
Aktahl acknowledges Dos’ command without comment, quietly moving off to the appointed position and reforming his amphistaff into a deadly weapon from the docile position on his forearm. He stands ready, his ears attentive to Dos’ movements. Aktahl figures there is no reason to attack the unworthy unless necessary; if there is an ambush, the chazrach are more likely bait than the attacking force.

Vreel Kudarin
30 October 2003, 09:30 AM
As the warriors slip away into the mist, leaving the two intendants, priest, and shaper behind, Vira Eonk'asa considers the presence of Chazrach in the Chk'rall Garden. The Chazrach are weak, barely intelligent shock troops, bred to be totally obedient, held in sway through calcified projections on their reptilian heads. The control organisms that direct Chazrach are usually carried in Yuuzhan Vong ground creatures such as the dome-like Thrall Herders, or massive armoured Rakamats (Warkeepers). Chazrach could also be controlled from Yorik-trema Transport Carriers in orbital landings or boarding operations.

As long as there is a control organism within range, Chazrach will never retreat or surrender. However, if this control is absent, Chazrach are prone to berserk rages, attacking everything and anything in sight, including each other. Silently watching the approaching reptoids, Vira notes the tactical caution in their behaviour.

"Are these worthless things really here to test us? By Yun-Yammka let's be done with this sneaking around," hisses N'var Spis quietly. He begins wading after Riker Ge'are, amphistaff clutched across his chest, making little attempt at subtlety.

Jiilek Kirl, observing the partially obscured movements of the reptoids as they neared Riker's concealed position, found his hand drifting to the membranous pouch at his waist that contained the kavaavik, the sight-enhancing creature he had been equipped with for this exercise.

(OoC: It'd be nice to have posts from Howling Wookiee and red5_5 before we continue)

30 October 2003, 02:26 PM
Vira decides to keep her distance from the battle. She will be of little use there. She moves toward the chazrach, but stays out of range. She will only fight if the chazrach come toward her. Vira will watch the battle from afar and inform the group of any surprises, or if the chazrach appear to be uncontrolled. Watching the sky, she keeps a look out for any transports that could be the control organism. She is pretty sure they could hear a ground transport that holds the device. She gives aks her god to give her companions strength in battle.

Vreel Kudarin
5 November 2003, 09:34 AM
The two reptoids at the head of the group of Chazrach are almost upon the submerged Riker Ge'are when those on the flanks start shouting challenges in the Yuuzhan Vog tongue, struggling to run through the swamp. They appear they have spotted Aktahl and Dos. Momentarily confused by the commotion, the main group of slave troopers, who Riker now reckons to number five, glance around readying their weapons, preparing to defend themselves against their unseen attackers.

"Now we know why they're here!" cries N'var Spis from behind Riker. The pilot realises the priest is charging towards the main force of Chazrach who stand before him.

Through the mist, sloshing in the water with great effort due to their short stature, four Chazrach charge the hulking form of Dos Ka'shek. With their typical low-minded impetuousness, the three at the fore throw themselves at Dos, slashing with coufees and stunted, immobile amphistaffs. Avoiding the blows, or allowing them to clip his armour, Dos counter-attacks.

As with Dos, a small group of slave troopers spot and charge Aktahl Rna, though only three come his way, attacking with ferocious but ill-considered blows. Parrying a coufee slash, Aktahl prepares to respond in kind.

Kanner Ra'an
5 November 2003, 11:30 AM
Ignoring the priest, carring little if he lives or dies, Riker jumps from the water. Immeadiatly he throws the thud bug towards one of the slave soldiers. Not even waiting to see the result, he slashes his amphistaff wildly at the nearest chazrach.

5 November 2003, 01:35 PM
For the briefest moment, Aktahl regards his assailants curiously, utterly unable to comprehend why the Chazrach would dare to conceive to attack a fully armed warrior. The perplexity quickly passes and instinctive combat abilities take over. Snapping his amphistaff out at the nearest of the grunts, Aktahl uses the whip-spear style of attack, looking to quickly put down one of the foot-soldiers to deal with the other two in turn. His training has taught him to avoid allowing the Chazrach to flank him, for then they maintain an advantage, even against a fully armed and armored warrior.

6 November 2003, 09:46 AM
Shee'nu grinned and began to take his position for the coming
Chazrach. Lifting his hand up the tsasai burst into rapid motion moving from Shee'nus arm to the hand. Shee'nu then commanded the tsasai to remain limp; so he could use it as a whip. Though not as long as the warriors amphistaff, the tsasai were no less deadly. From the fog it would seem that 5 Chazrach began to emerge. Shee'nu moved forward positioning himself between Aktahl and Dos.

"Now we know why they're here!" cries N'var Spis from behind Riker.

The Priest is mad thought Shee'nu but he did not allow that to concern him. Readying for the Chazrach attack, Sheenu waited for one to go near and when one did he tightened his grip on his tsasai and sent its whip form to a head of the closest Chazrach.

Rogue Janson
7 November 2003, 08:46 AM
Almost laughing at their inept attacks, Dos steps forward to meet the onrushing chazrach. Crouching down a little way, he swings his amphistaff low across the water with its tail outstretched, aiming to give creatures no chance to avoid the blow. Off guard from their clumsy strikes, he doubts any will be in a position to parry. Then it is simply a case of which fails to dodge. Left to the gods. Yun Yammka takes the hindmost as the old hunter's saying went.

Unlike some of his allies, Dos' anger is not boiling over. The chazrach are weak opponents; the appearance of more just provides a little more sport. The only danger is that they may be slowed by the encounter, or that it may be a distraction for some other purpose. Dos pushes the thoughts from his head. Now is the time to concentrate on combat.

Howling Wookiee
8 November 2003, 04:18 AM
Jiilek regards the oncoming and rather irratic Chazrach. The scout coaxes his tsaisi to rigid form and holds it in a striking position across his shoulder. He does not know if he is amused or surprised a the warrior that is named Ge'are. He watches with intrest as Dos commands the others and She'nuu follows that command. The other Executioner must have a motive for doing so. Jiilek is trained in the art of ambush and attacking while being hidden, so he slips into the vegetation. He disappears, using his knowledge of camoflouge and moves silently around to the rear of the advancing shock troops. He will attack them from a position that will have them surrounded by the group.

((OOC: Move Silently))

Vreel Kudarin
9 November 2003, 03:34 AM
Lashing out with the whip-end of his amphistaff, Aktahl scores a dark green welt across the bare chest of a Chazrach. Clutching at the injury, the slave screams and falls back into the mire as the wound erupts with rivulets of dark blood. Swinging the spear-end back around, Aktahl deftly blocks an overhead strike from a second Chazrach, whilst the third's coufee slash glances off an armoured vonduun plate on his leg.

The sound of a Chazrach's knees being shattered by Dos's mighty blow resounds over the splashing of the swamp water. Squealing in agony, the reptilian creature topples, first sinking, then weakly trying to claw his way above the surface of the viscous grey liquid. Three reptoids are left, pressing upon Dos, undetered by the felling of their fellow shock trooper. The muscular warrior barges aside one amphistaff blow, and easily sidesteps a lunging stab from the Chazrach that takes the place of the one Dos has just slain.

Leaping from the water, Riker hurls his thud bug with great force at one of the lead Chazrach. Caught off guard, the reptoid takes the projectile in the head with skull-shattering force, blood gouting from his fanged jaws. Without even a whimper, the slave trooper sinks into the mire. Quickly moving to attack a second reptoid, Riker finds himself having to block a counter-attack by his target. Three more struggle forwards to engage the pilot, but do not manage to obtain good striking positions. Riker bats aside the only coufee to come close with his amphistaff.

Suddenly the grey-robed N'var Spis is at Riker's side, thrusting his spear-form amphistaff through the ribcage of a Chazrach at the left flank of the group. The priest of Yun-Yammka bellows praise to the Slayer God, a needle-toothed grin on his pale, wicked face, then raises his knee to push the reptoid backwards, sliding the slave off his weapon. The water around the pair of Yuuzhan Vong begins to cloud with black.

Wading forwards after N'var Spis, towards the centre of the skirmish, She'nuu prepares to strike at the first target to present itself, his tsaisi twitching with potential energy.

Slipping away into the green-tinted mist, Jiilek begins to circle the confrontation. The immediate area is open swamp, but Jiilek quickly finds a tangle of rotting branches to use as cover as he carefully and quietly moves to attack the Chazrach from the rear. The swamp slows his movement greatly, but he makes good progress as the sounds of skirmish echo over the bog. As he tries to see through the mist ahead, Jiilek thinks he can make out solid ground marking the edge of the swamp a little way ahead. Something large seems to creep along the shore with a sound like rushing wind, then comes to a halt, looming over but not entering the murky water. The kavaavik would allow me clearer vision, thinks the scout, considering removing the small organism from its pouch at his side and placing it over his face, allowing the creature to insert its needle spine into his right tear duct.

Left alone towards the back of the skirmish, Vira can see there is little chance of any Chazrach reaching her. The warriors and priest are making short work of them. However, the issue of the whereabouts of the control organism still worries her. In addition to this, in battle, Chazrach would normally receive specific orders from a Yuuzhan Vong overseer. Could there be a warrior out there?

10 November 2003, 10:52 AM
Had he not been so caught up in the thrill of the fight, Aktahl likely would have laughed at the ineptitude of the Chazrach assault. His fingers subtly gesture the living weapon in his hands to strengthen into the form of a spear just moments before he attempts to bring it down in a crashing strike over the second assailant’s cranium. The mighty warrior ignores the last of the pitiful thugs, savoring the final kill for its own moment.

Kanner Ra'an
10 November 2003, 11:23 AM
Riker smiles as himself and the priest battle the two remaining reptoids. When he finds a break in their offence he strikes immeadiatly. He first swings his amphistaff upward, slashing at the slave trooper. At the end of the swing he releases his grip for a bare second to reposition his hands then brings the tail end stabbing down towards the chest of his enemy.

10 November 2003, 06:27 PM
Vira contemplates the location of the control device. Maybe if we can find where the control device is located, it could give us a clue to advance the mission. Maybe there is a warrior there, charged with guarding the information or the lambent itself. Once her companions are finished with the Chazrach, she will relay her thoughts to them.

Rogue Janson
12 November 2003, 09:56 AM
Finishing his swipe, Dos swings his amphistaff up above his head. He keeps close to the chazrach is his side, aiming to deny the creature space to attack. Rather than slashing downwards, he twirls his staff and drives the pointed end towards the chest of the chazrach in front of him with both hands.

13 November 2003, 01:46 PM
The Battle is almost over, Shee'nu sees that. Almost dissappointed that he could not show his worth.No matter there will be plenty of opportunities. Shee'nu spares a glance to see the Shaper was not disturbed by any Chazrach from the battle.

"What do you say, Shaper of this battle" asked Shee'nu as he slowly moved backwards to the Shaper, to hear a response. Shee'nu commands the tsasai to harden its form, and he stood ready. Jilek seemed to have snuck off, perhaps to ambush the Chazrach. I will have to wait and see thought Shee'nu.

"As it was my understanding that Chazrach do not think for themselves in combat" trying to keep his tone respectful to the Shaper.

Howling Wookiee
19 November 2003, 11:18 AM
Jiilek continues on around trying to catch the advancing shock troops on the rear flank. He uses his skills to move him as quickly as possible through the rough terrain. He places the living vision enhancers on his face and smiles at the pain he recieves from them entering his skin. He surveys the area around the battle.

Vreel Kudarin
20 November 2003, 11:15 AM
Aktahl Rna's overhead blow crashes down on the skull of a Chazrach opponent, cracking one of his dome-shaped coral projections, and dispatching the reptoid easily. Apparently unfazed by the slaughter of his fellow Chazrach, the last slave trooper facing Aktahl lashes out wildy with the serrated edge of his coufee, meeting a horizontal amphistaff block from the warrior.

Driving one of the remaining three reptoids back with a powerful slash, Riker Ge'are reverses his grip on his amphistaff, and plunges the sharp tail-end under the ribcage of the slave trooper, felling him. Another Chazrach hacks at Riker, the strikes clattering off the warrior's amphistaff.

Fighting alongside Riker, N'var Spis lands an amphistaff swipe into the side of the third reptoid, causing the slave trooper to stagger back, though the blow does not slay him. Two reptoids still face N'var and Riker.

Dos Ka'shek deftly spins his amphistaff before stabbing its end into the torso of a Chazrach, rupturing a lung and the heart. Dark blood sprays out over the mighty warrior's black armour, running down through the grooves and gaps between plates. Keeping his remaining two opponents in check with strong fending blocks, Dos denies them an opportunity to strike back.

Jiilek Kirl's body threatens to shiver with pain as the kavaavik slides its needle spine into his tear duct. The small, pale-green creature hugs the top half of the scout's head with its tiny, tentacle-like appendages, and sends out its adavanced echolocation sense, interpreting what it 'sees' and communicating this information to Jiilek. As he glances about himself, the fog hanging over the swamp no longer obscures his view. Jillek can now 'see' things in recessed greyscale, and can judge distances. A few metres to his right, beyond the rotting branches he was using as cover, the huge dark-grey figure of Dos battles his diminuitive enemies. Sweeping his gaze around to the shore, about twenty metres ahead, Jiilek 'sees' a dark shape looming over the edge of the swamp. Dome shaped, nine and a half metres across, and standing on a mat of bristle-like cillia, before him clearly lies a Thrall Herder vehicle-creature, it's two volcano cannons jutting menacingly from the armoured rim of the hull.

Kanner Ra'an
20 November 2003, 11:51 AM
Heh heh heh. No challenge for a glorious warrior of Yun Kimara. DEATH TO THE UNWOTHRY. The thought races through the pilots mind. Though he loves flying his skip more then anything, he oftens wishes he could participate in the brutal combat as he is now. It is always more.... personal.

Relying on the priest to finish the wounded charzach, Riker focus on its unspoiled companion. He raises his amphistaff's head quickly, as if he were going to try spear the creature in the gut, only to bring the head up. The snakelike weapon responds to its masters command and spews a glob of black vile poison at the reptilian slave soldier. Taking advantage of whatever effect his attack had, the furious yuuzhan vong from domain ge'are drops his hands to the end of the staff, making a wide swing at the charzach thrall.

20 November 2003, 05:18 PM
Aktahl smiles at the defeat of another foe. Opting for a more personal kill, he entices his weapon to return to its resting place upon his arm, leaving him to face the enemy with his bare hands. Growling with hunger and anticipation for the kill, he trudges slowly through the murky swamp waters, entering a deadly dance with his prey. Knowing that the waters will nearly eliminate any possibility for kicking, the young warrior opts for a martial arts style that focuses killing power through the arms and hands.

The water sloshes about his calves, making a gentle background noise in the midst of a very fast-paced battle. The smell of the Chazrachs’ blood mixes unpleasantly with the stench from the swamp gases, but brings a strange sensation of pain from the warrior’s olfactory nerves. Inhaling deeply to allow the burning sensation to rise through his body, Aktahl feels a new wave of personal fortitude expand beyond his fingertips as he moves to close any remaining distance.

Allowing the Chazrach to make the first strike, Aktahl counts on the foot soldier to throw itself off balance in the swamp water, and create an opening for a flurry of hand strikes.

Rogue Janson
23 November 2003, 05:45 AM
Droplets of thick black blood spray off Dos' amphistaff as he forcefully parries the chazrachs' attacks. The strength of one of the blocks knocks a chazrach off balance, sending it stumbling back through the thick mire. Taking advantage of this, Dos swipes at the neck of the other chazrach, the head of his weapon hissing in anticipation as its tail slices through the murky air.

Seeing its enthusiasm for killing, Dos grins fiercely. Even these simple creatures understand that death is the true way of the universe. He allows himself time to glance towards the rest of the group, even though he trusts them to handle the situation. The two larger figures of N'var Spis and Riker Ge'are now battle only two diminutive chazrach. Aktahl is invisible in the mist, but surely slaughtering his opponents. The two intendants and the shaper remain at the rear, not getting involved in the combat. Typical of the intendants, Dos thinks.

Vreel Kudarin
30 December 2003, 03:14 AM
The glob of venom splatters over the reptilian face of the thrall, causing the Chazrach to drop his weapon and desperately try to scrape the thick fluid out of his eyes. The reptoid squeals in pain, blinded by the venom. Unable to defend itself, Riker Ge'are's follow-up amphistaff blow lands with a crunch in the reptoid's torso, shattering bones and slaying the creature.

Nearby, the fanatical priest of Yun-Yammka, N'var Spis, easily parries a weak hack from his wounded opponent, then swings his amphistaff about his pointed headress, altering his grip as the sharpened edge of the bio-weapon whistles through the air. The blow lops the Chazrach's scaled head from it's body, ichor fountaining from the almost neckless shoulders. Riker and N'var stand victorious in the gore-clouded swamp water, reptoid bodies slowing sinking into the murk around them.

Closing upon his Chazrach target, bare fists held before his armoured chest, Aktahl Rna waits for the inferior being to strike first. He sidesteps the ill-timed hack from the reptoid's stunted amphistaff, then makes full advantage of the opening to pound the creature with a devastating series of punches. His first winds the thrall, almost doubling him over; his second and third snap the slave trooper's head back, vertebrae audibly cracking; his final sideways slice with the side of his pale hand disconnects the Chazrach's lower jaw, sending bloody, broken teeth spraying into the dark water. The reptoid collapses with a splash, swallowed by the swamp and causing a crater-like ripple to spread out from it's limp body.

With a piercing snap, Dos Ka'shek's amphistaff head sinks it's fangs into the Chazrach's neck, filling it's pulmonary artery with poison. Tearing his amphistaff away, Dos leaves no time for the poison to take effect. The serpentine head comes away with the thrall's bloody gullet in it's mouth. The reptoid staggers backward, claws clasped around the ragged hole in it's throat where it's life pours out, unable to scream. Hearing his last opponent bounding through the water behind him, Dos turns his massive bulk, batting aside the coufee strike with a blow that sends the blade of sharpened chitin spinning away into the mist; then impales the last reptoid on the tail-end of his amphistaff. Hoisting the small body up out of the swamp, Dos allows the thrall to slide down his weapon until the shrill screams die out and the bare, punctured chest of the reptoid rests against his fists, clenched around the shaft of his amphistaff.

I'll add a bit more to this later to round off this section properly, but feel free to make final posts if you want. I'm waiting to hear back from a couple of you in the OoC thread.

31 December 2003, 03:12 AM
His sharp teeth gleaming with pleasure at the viscous defeat of his enemy, Aktahl takes a moment to scan the area, determining if the imminent threat has passed. Finding no other foot soldiers about, Aktahl sloshes through the swamp to Dos, rejoining the other warrior to compliment his skills in a battle well-fought.

Vreel Kudarin
3 January 2004, 02:22 AM
As the sloshing of water and clash of weapons dies out behind him, Jiilek hears a new sound. On the shore of the swamp in front of him, tens of giant cilia russle as the thrall herder shifts it's position. The two volcano cannons embedded in the armoured hull of the vehicle-creature now point out towards the main group of Praetorite Vong trainees.

Jiilek watches in recessed greyscale through the kaavavik wrapped around his eyes. The tips of the cannons contract for a moment, and then two incandescent globules are vomited in the direction of the Yuuzhan Vong in the swamp. Jiilek finds himself ducking slightly as the missiles scream overhead.

A twin roar sounds out over the swamp, causing Aktahl, Dos, Riker, and N'var to look up. Rocketing out of the white mist come a pair of flaming scarlet orbs. The projectiles pass overhead, for a few seconds replacing the faint green glow of nearby lambents with an ominous ruddy light.

The volcano cannon shots impact a few metres behind Vira and She'nuu, who waited a little way from the combat. Two columns of heated, greyish fluid erupt from the swamp, accompanied by clouds of steam and a deafening hiss. The shaper and the intendant are almost bowled over by the shockwave of the explosions.

Casting the kavaavik's echolocation organs back in the direction of the thrall herder, Jiilek 'sees' the tips of the organic cannons begin to contract again. The scout hunkers down in the cold, viscous water. If this is only the beginning of our challenges, this group has a long way to go....

5 January 2004, 02:09 AM
Aktahl grunts at the sight of the new threats. Unable to physically impact with those high above his head, a disappointment passes over him. Looking around, he realizes that he does not know the proper direction to head in order to find their goal. Looking towards Jiilek, a guttural voice emits from Aktahl’s mouth, issuing what is more of an order than a request, “Which way, scout?” From the tone, the young warrior does not like having to rely on those outside his own caste, and does so begrudgingly.

5 January 2004, 07:58 AM
The powerful sound of balls of plasma impacted the ground just behind Shee'nu shaking him back to the reality of the situation. The question he had asked the Shaper seemed pointless as the answer had just presented himself. The force of the blast shook the ground almost forcing Shee'nu to drop to his knees. This was unexpected thought Shee'nu the beast is probably being ready for another salvo. Shee'nu quickly got his balance and looked back to see if the Shaper was alright.

"We best move to a safer location" he told the Shaper quickly, then moved into a position so he could get closer to the Thrall Herder. Moving so that should anotehr salvo come it would not hit him. He stroked his tsasai casung the creature to preapre itself. He whispered "soon my pet we may taste blood after all."