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30 September 2003, 10:21 PM
Note: This is a short vignette I wrote several years ago to illustrate how a powerful Jedi armed only with a light saber and the power of the Force could conceivably damage a Star Destroyer.


Captain Langstrom did not like to be kept waiting. Especially not on the bridge of his own ship, the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Defenestrator'. He lived to serve the Emperor, not the effete lap dog who held Langstrom's fate in his hands.

The turbolift doors hissed open and High Inquisitor Tremayne strolled out on to the bridge.

"Enough of your games, Tremayne!" Langstrom hissed, "Do what you must and be gone." Langstrom was too old and too tired to fear the likes of Tremayne. If his life was to end today, so be it, otherwise he had work to do.

"Guard your tongue, Captain. I act on the Emperor's behalf, even in this insignificant corridor of the galaxy. The Emperor shares my doubts about your ability to quell the rebel uprising here. News of your humiliation on Horltheur has spread sectorwide. They mock you from a dozen systems."

Langstrom seethed but remained silent.

"Do you doubt my words?" Tremayne asked. "Know this, the Emperor wonders if my personal attention to this sector would not be necessary to restore the prestige you have so brazenly lost."

"You may tell Emperor Palpatine that he may safely devote his thoughts to other matters for the power of my experience and his starfleet will crush the rebellion and restore order."

Tremayne smiled, stepped up to Langstrom and whispered in his ear. "Captain, let me show you a thing or two about power."

Startled, Langstrom leapt back at the crack and hiss of Tremayne's igniting lightsaber. Tremayne held the blade towards Langstrom's throat but his eyes were closed. Suddenly Tremayne reversed the blade, dropped to his knees and thrust it into the deck plates at his feet.

Around the lightsaber, circuitry sizzled. Suddenly the bridge lurched to one side. Crew members scrambled to brace themselves as the entire Star Destroyer began to violently shake. A spider web of cracks lanced across one of the transparisteel view ports. In the bridge crew pits, electricity played across consoles and monitors which exploded in showers of glass and sparks. Then the lights went out, and everything went silent. As the tremors subsided, the Star Destroyer groaned painfully and continued to list to one side.

Tremayne stood up, his deactivated lightsaber vanishing into the folds of his cloak.

Emergency power came online and partial lighting flickered to life around the bridge. Captain Langstrom slowly regained his footing.

Tremayne took a deep breath. "Very well, Captain. I shall leave matters in your hands. Prepare my shuttle. I wish to depart."

Langstrom watched dully as Tremayne walked off his bridge.

1 October 2003, 06:16 AM
Nice work Mark!
I enjoyed the rythym and pace..it read like an actual encounter between two Imperials. The cadance of their speech and such...

nice work!