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14 October 2003, 05:57 AM
Hey community folks and whatnot,

Just thought I would give a "state of the Raptors" report, for those special few even still remotely interested in our site....

First, I realize that we are now almost +2 months past the promised revamp roll out. All I can say is that I'm sorry, of course.

For those interested in the reasons, I'll give em to ya.

1) Nuptuals!

Yep, as some of you may know, Tracy "Elfgirl" Hart, the Baroness of SWAG and I are getting hitched in the next few weeks. So, some of my time has been occupied in getting things ready for the big day.

2) Work!

Work has shifted my hours, so that I'm now actually getting to bed earlier than usual...thus, less hours to work on my site. In addition, they have shut down my internet access to the RS site, so while I used to be able to spend my lunch hours working on the update..I can't anymore.

3) The actual Game.

Raptor Squad took an extended break between April and July of this year. Normally a break like this will only hit during the holidays, but for various reasons it happened earlier.

As most of you know, an unplanned extended break can sometimes "kill" the momentum of the game. That happened to us and kinda sent the game spiriling downward. The upside is that we are back in the groove, playing once and month and have brought in a new player! So hopefully when the site gets back on it's feet you will see some new faces at some point.

4) Burnout!

Happens to all of us. You put your nose to the grindstone for so long you look up one day and it's gone. Between my site, SWAG and the OJ I've been going into overdrive for the past year and a half. Ultimately it led to me having to drop my positions at both SWAG and the OJ ...not something I wanted to do but I didn't feel as though I was able to keep up the quality of work and diligence the positions required.

Creativity is a funny thing. Many folks think it is an endless stream you can drink from indefinitely. It's not. It's more like a well that fills up slowly. You go to it too often and one day you have nothing left..and need to wait until it replenishes itself before you can tap it again.


The upside is that I'm feeling the well slowly start to fill again. Hopefully sometime after the honeymoon and perhaps during the holidays I will have the time/desire to get the site revamp finished and present something new and unique to the community.

We have a ton of new material to present, and some surprises as well. It's killed me that when we debuted the site back in 2001, Khara Doone (our resident Wroonian Thief) and Xander Paddox (Our arrogant Tapani Noble) were both rolled out with the site, but as of yet no one has really heard the story as to HOW they came to join the team. Hopefully in the next 4-6 months we'll rectify that with some new fiction, including the final two chapters in the "Prophecy of the Fates" storyline.

Hopefully you will all feel it was all worth the wait.

Anyway, thanks for reading and please leave your thoughts and comments. It's always a shot in the arm to hear feedback!!!!

Chris Curtis
14 October 2003, 09:53 AM
Psha... like wedding planning/preparations take up time. Get real! And burnout? I don't believe that either! [grin]

Nah, I hear you, Bob. Your fans are still here and we'll be here when the revamp and new material are ready. Take it easy and enjoy yourself for now!

Boca Jantho
14 October 2003, 07:25 PM
Hey Chris thanks for the support.

We did have a momentum killer over the summer but as Bob said we are back at it and the tension is building.

There are lots of changes in store both for the site and what has happaned in the game.

While we arent positive as of yet when we will be ready it will be soon and well worth the wait. So please continue to be patient with us, we appreciate all the support and feedback we get from everyone in the community.

as always thanks

Tony Garrett

16 October 2003, 05:40 AM
Thanks Chris!

17 October 2003, 11:37 PM
I know exactly how you feel bob, I'm in the process of 'Filling Back up' myself!! I hope you wedding goes as well as mine did 18 months ago! Have agreat time, both of you!

I look forward to the new content as and when it is delivered


19 October 2003, 08:06 PM
Bob, you mean you let things like ... like ... a wedding get in the way?! Good god man, where are your priorities? :D ;)

Seriously, the Raptor Squad fans will be here when you're ready to release the new web site, and you gotta know that includes me. Do what you have to do now, and enjoy yourself! We'll be here when you want to pick it up again. :)

20 October 2003, 08:41 AM
Thanks for the kind words guys!

Well, again, I hope the revamp will live up to the hype. We are hoping to add some more "general" SW material so that fans of both systems will find useful items to bring into their games.

And of course we are still striving to make the site a little more interactive and entertaining.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions I would love to hear them! The more community feedback the better, as far as Im concerned.

Just post em' here or feel free to e-mail me.


Jim Williams
20 October 2003, 09:08 AM
Originally posted by BRodgers
1) Nuptuals!

Yep, as some of you may know, Tracy "Elfgirl" Hart, the Baroness of SWAG and I are getting hitched in the next few weeks. So, some of my time has been occupied in getting things ready for the big day.

Have a great life together! Congradulations!

21 October 2003, 04:04 AM
Thanks Jim!

We both love the SWRPG...so thats definitely a step in the right direction...