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19 October 2003, 09:10 PM
First off, this warning from GM Josh: Tony, Mike, Robert or Chris: Do not Read what follows. You will ruin the game for yourself. Additionally, if I find out, your character will die in the most painful way my creative mind can devise, but only after being humiliated in a ritual performed by a shaved Ewok.

You have been warned. Those of you who came to read a Prequel campaign idea, read on.

Ok, basically, I am about to start running a prequel era campaign taking place directly after TPM. I'm interested in exploring the ten year interim period as much as possible. I have given the players a rough idea of what to expect, but I've left out the real plot hook they will be following. Here's what I told them, in a kind of title crawl. Skip ahead if it's too much:

The Republic is crumbling from within. Corruption within the senate has forced Chancellor Valorum to resign. Senator Palpatine has been elected in his place, but it is too soon to tell whether he will be able to restore order and eliminate the bribery, vote trading and political fighting.

Meanwhile, the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo has just ended. The Viceroy of the Federation has been removed while he stands trial, but his organization continues on its own path. There are rumors that the Trade Federation had assistance from other corporate bodies, and already, a handful of worlds have broken away from the republic to form what will be known as the Separatists.

Finally, a group of Jedi has abandoned the order. Led by Count Dooku, they charge the senate with manipulating the Jedi Council, and using the Jedi as pawns.

The Jedi Council has decided to conduct its own investigation on these matters. Gathering a team of specialists, they instruct them to determine the extent of the corruption in the senate, the strength of the Separatist movement and the activities of the rogue Jedi.

So, that's the hook. But it has little to do with what I really plan on doing. Sure those elements will surface, but my main plot is this...

During the first session, there will be a cut scene wherein the Jedi Council is informed that Master Sifo-Dyas has been killed. The characters are dispatched to investigate. It will eventually be learned that Sifo-Dyas is a Clawdite. The characters will not be aware of it, but Dyas is alive and impersonating a council member, using the characters for his own evil purposes.

Even this early, the dark side is clouding events, and Yoda and the council are using the force at a diminished capacity. They cannot detect Diyas' deception.

So, Dyas is an agent of Sidious.

Sidious is trying to kick off the Clone Wars ten years earlier than in the movies. I've devised certain things the characters will be sent to do so that they are basically aiding that, without their knowledge. They will be finding accelerated growth research, implanted programming, etc. Additionally, I'm toying with the idea of some early assassination attempts on Amidala. My plan was to have Dyas plant the idea that Amidala is a shifter, and send the characters to assassinate her.

Anyway, I'm going to play with the characters as much as possible. I want this to be full of action, but with plenty of rewards for the players who really think through events and clues.

The final confrontation will be with Sifo-Dyas. The plan is to end with him dead and the Clone Wars delayed.

Well, That's the scoop. For those coming forward just to tell me they think Sifo-Dyas is really Character X (fill in the blank), Stuff it. :) I've researched Sifo to death, and I've decided that he's not Sidious, Dooku, Maul, Qui-Gon or any of the other theories out there. Besides, this is my timeline, and I'll bend as I please ;)

So, comments and ideas are very welcome. I'm filling in the gaps right now. I've got more than I've written, but, well, my fingers hurt.


Master Tryka
20 October 2003, 06:05 PM
Well, for starters, I'd say you have a hell of an idea brewing here, but I would caution attempting to provide something that will be re-written in Episode 3. The Sifo-Dyas issue will most likely be addressed a little atleast in the next movie, and I once got in a situation where a plot I laid out was then over-ruled by a book and it dissappointed my players a little. Just a suggestion based on past experience. Maybe leaving Sifo-Dyas just out of reach could alleviate such a situation. Otherwise, I would suggest picking up Rogue Planet and The Approaching Storm for some ideas, both occur in the time frame your looking at. I like the Amidala assassination attempt idea, some say it might be overdone, but oh well. There are other loyalist senators, or maybe some shadier loyalist put a hit out on a seperatist. I know the Jedi answer to the Chancellor somewhat, but I'd think before Geonosis, they protect the life of a Seperatist as well as a Loyalist.

If you do decide to go with a Sifo-Dyas finale, please make sure your players know this will tread into Infinities territory, and may deviate from the timline they expect.

20 October 2003, 06:29 PM
Thanks for the input Tryka!

As far as rewriting Sifo-Dyas' history goes, I had considered the consequences. Letting them know that events may diverge from the timeline is a good suggestion.

I think there are two things working in my favor. My players have short memories, and the movie is 2005. So, I'm guessing that by that time, we'll be on to another campaign.

Also, thanks for the book suggestions! I'll have to pick up both. I've been combing through the Star Wars Timeline Gold, which is an incredible resource...

Again, I appreciate the feedback...


Master Tryka
20 October 2003, 06:34 PM
n/p glad i could help... both books follow Obi/Anakin around, but they are both good reads IMHO.

Reverend Strone
20 October 2003, 06:53 PM
Rogue Planet has some great character writing in it, though the story does drag a bit. I'd echo the above sentiments that those books are worth reading though, and that you have some great ideas going in that synopsis above.

I really like that you're using players' preconceptions as SW fans to push them in usual directions. I think as long as you're comfortable with the infinities implications, you've got a heck of a game on your hands there.

Good luck!

20 October 2003, 07:33 PM
I'd consider going for someone other then amadala. there are thousands of senators. sides amadala didn't become senator until 3 years or so before ATOC IIRC

20 October 2003, 07:42 PM
Actually, I was thinking of having Sidious attempting to off Amidala while she was still Queen, the point being to create sympathy for the new Chancellor, and spur support for increased military strength.

I realize that throwing around main characters like gravy isn't the style of many GM's. Myself included. When I ran my ANH game, the players never met with anyone from the movies, or the books, or even the comics. I kept them isolated from all that.

But I want this one to have a different flavor. I want them to look around and say "Hey, I recognize that!" and feel like a part of events, instead of nameless drifters in the galaxy. But, good comments. I am doing my best to incorporate lesser known figures and I will, of course, be creating a majority of NPC's out of whole cloth.