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23 October 2003, 10:43 PM
Ok I wrote this for a school project, but hey ya go!

The stars reformed to their normal sparkling, twinkling selves as the Venturing Marauder came out of Hyperspace and returned to real space. On the bridge, the pilots fiddled with their controls and began to bring the small ship closer to the ancient space station, readying to dock.
Meanwhile, in the passenger quarters, Carron Thar meditation, searching for peace within the Force. Let the Force be your guide my young apprentice, the words of his former master sang within his head, a rare memory of the old man that he trusted. His Master had not only betrayed him and the Jedi Order, but he betrayed the Force its self.
“We’re just beginning docking procedure,” a filtered voice rang through the comm speakers, jolting Carron out of his meditative trance. Standing up and walking over to the comm Controls and flicked the speak button.
“Thank you Captain Floon, I’ll be ready by the time you dock,” he switched off the comm unit. As if in an un-metaphoric sign, the ship shuddered as it docked with the station.
Carron quickly collected his things and headed for the boarding ramp. He didn’t dress in the fashion of a Jedi, he gave up his robes long ago. Instead he dressed very casually, plain black pants and shirt and a black jacket made from the hide of some exotic animal. In fact the only thing marking him as a Jedi was the lightsaber dangling at his side.
At the boarding ramp, Captain Floon waiting to see him off. “It’s been good having you aboard Carr,” the burly looking old man said as he patted Carron on the shoulder. “More then once you saved my ship with your Jedi tricks, and for that I thank you.” The man had meant it, Carron had frequently been a key factor in the preservation of the Marauder.
“I should be thanking you, sir, if not for you, well, you know.” And with that the two parted ways, as Carron made his way down the ramp and through the docking tube.

0 0 0

Carron sat in a small cramped office, his satchel waited beside him on the plus ground. Across from him, seated in a large, comfortable looking chair and behind a steel desk, Sharin Holin sat. She was the station administrator, and from the look of her dull surroundings, she was probably an efficient woman.
“So tell me, Mr. Thar, what do you think you can do for our little station here?” He voice was very professional, and yet held a tone of patronization.
“Well, I’ve had training in hunting criminals before,” Carron said holding the woman’s iron gaze. Her eyes were as cold as ice, and her hair the colour of snow.
“Is it not true,” the woman followed up, “that you your self spent time with such criminals? And that you your self are wanted by several authorities for…”
“Those charges have been dropped,” the young man interrupted.
“Ahh yes, you have been absolved by the Jedi, and I am to trust their judgment.” She paused waiting for a reply. She didn’t get one, Carron had decided long ago not to argue with a woman. “Well, in this case, I suppose I should, but, I will be watching you, Jedi.” She smiled then, but to Carron it wasn’t the smile of a friendly person, it was the smile of a predator.

0 0 0

The old space transport sat in silence amid the dull glow of the hanger, Carron had decided to search it first. Sharin Holin had commissioned him to find a group of slavers, something was telling him to search their ship, which had been captured by the station security.
“Not much to look at,” Carron said, looking at the old model freighter. Blaster burns marked the outside in a chaotic pattern.
After making his way up the boarding ramp he felt a shiver in the Force. Someone was here, and as far as he could tell they were strong with the Force.
“I can sense you, so you might as well show your self,” he announced turning around. Across the hanger stood a figure, his features hidden by a looming shadow.
“How clever of you, I suppose you figured that the crook always returns to the scene of the crime, bravo” the man spoke in a raspy voice. Carron turned, grabbing his lightsaber, at that moment he herd the familiar snap-hiss of a lightsaber being ignited. He saw the red blade of energy in the man’s hand, illuminating his face. Now he could tell he was human, and now he could sense the darkside within him. He engaged his own lightsaber, the orange glow a warming contrast to the blood red blade of the other.
As Carron stepped down from the ramp onto the hanger floor, forks of lightning shot from the Dark Jedi’s hand, searching for Carron. The Jedi himself lifted his hand, sending his own forks forth to challenge the other’s.
The two forces of energy cancelled each other out after a moment, a silence fell upon the hanger.
“Lightsabers then?” the Dark Jedi asked, taking a few steps towards Carron.
“Aye,” was the Jedi’s answer and in a blaze of motion the two charged, lightsaber flailing.
The energy blades cracked and fizzed as they connected, again and again. Carron remained on the defensive, looking for a weakness, a flaw in his opponents technique.
So far it was flawless.
Carron flipped backwards, soaring through the air the he used the Force to guide him. Landing on his feet, he paused. “Tell me, what is a Dark Jedi doing with a lowly bunch of Slavers?”
The Dark Jedi slowly strode towards him, his steps deliberate and confident. “What’s wrong? Is the Jedi tired?” Again the warrior exploded into motion, an overhead swing aimed for Carron’s head. There’s the flaw, he thought seeing the over extension. Lifting his hand, he stopped the downward swing, making an invisible shield with the Force. With his other hand, the orange blade flashed.
The Dark Jedi fell back, the light in his eyes fading as blackness over took him.
It’s gonna be a long night, Carron thought, disengaging his lightsaber, I need a drink.