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10 November 2003, 01:10 PM
The two days following the liberation of the prisoners placed great strain on all those involved with the resistance cell. While the recovery of the prisoners and the defeat of a Trade Federation prison bring great joy, the events remain clouded by the tragic loss of young Galak. Headmaster Dannt held a short memorial service for his former student in the makeshift medical bay, so that his wounded colleagues could participate.

While the resistance cell did not have access to a full bacta tank, their pilfering of supplies had netted a cache of medical equipment. Deel’s and Arani’s wounds had not yet fully healed, but they were well on their way to recovery. Sia-Lann spent several hours each day with each of them, directing the Force into their bodies and speeding along the healing process.

Lialla’s father, the Minister of Culture, as a small token of thanks and consolation, passes along four hundred credits, directly to the group of four friends, for use as they see fit. His wife further offers to always welcome them into her home, once she can return to it after the invasion. Lialla cannot stop thanking them enough, and promises to help them when she can in their future. For his part, Headmaster Dannt praises the group’s tenacity and courage.

With their two friends still unauthorized to leave the infirmary, the two Padawan Learners have little to do with their time. Lucos Dannt continues to ignore any of their requests to participate in missions over the past two days, restricting them to the farmlands, primarily the farmhouse itself, in which his cell had taken refuge.

Most of the other former prisoners had taken leave to seek out their own families, offering little at the time to Dannt’s group of volunteers and recruits. The palace guards had joined other field units in the cell after their own wounds had recovered, and brought back snippets of intelligence each day.

The group of four friends, after four days of being cooped up in the farmhouse and specifically the sickbay for Deel and Arani has begun to take a toll. Tensions build as the Trade Federation’s grip tightens on their home planet. Before long, action will have to occur.

Howling Wookiee
10 November 2003, 03:41 PM
Rann avoids his friends at all costs. He spends most of his time in solitude. He is often seen practicing with his lightsaber alone in a solitary field. In one particular instance he is alone in a slightly wooded area going through his lightsaber drills that his master taught him. He squares up with a rather large tree and slashes it with 2 quick horizontal attacks, the top of the tree crashes several meters away. Before the logs hit the ground he slices them length ways, bringing the perfectly cut and smoking logs to the ground. Rann grips his lightsaber as though he is hanging on for dear life, the veins in his arms clearly visible from the strain of the grip. He is hunched over breathing heavily from the over exertion when notices a flash from the corner of his eye. Immediately, thinking it is a threat, Rann takes an offensive pose and challenges his would be attack, "Come out now and I will make it painless." All the blood drains from his face and a look of shock crosses his face as Galak walks out from behind a large tree several meters away. Rann takes a step back as "Galak" brings his blaster rifle to bear on him. The student of the force holds his hands up in a non threating manner when his "friend" speaks, "You left me to die, just like you did your parents. You are a poor excuse for a friend as you are a son." A crimson blaster bolt leaps from "Galak's" blaster rifle and charges at Rann. He does not try to block it but stands in shock as the bolt passes, harmlessly through his body. Galak's haunting image merely looks at Rann and smiles, "I'll be seeing you 'buddy'!"

Rann wakes up in his dark corner of the farmhouse. His hand quickly goes to his lightsaber but he remembers that it is just the nightmare that visits him everynight since Galak sacrificed himself for the group and Rann. The padawan beats the back of his head against the wall he is resting against. He thinks, "I've failed again..........I'm sorry Galak........It should have been me." Rann gets up, wearily, and walks out side to get some fresh air after he quietly checks in on Arani and Deel. He enjoys the cool, clean, and fresh air. Rann takes a deep breath and exhales deeply to clear all the negative and dark emotions that he's been feeling. He remembers Master Yoda's teachings, "Pain, anger, despair........they lead to the dark side. These you must avoid." Rann thinks to himself, "I wish it were that easy Master........." The Jedi padawan looks up at the stays and lets his mind drift from the "real" world for a few seconds, but "Galak's" image rises up like it always does with that sinister and evil grin.

Rogue Janson
13 November 2003, 10:44 AM
The medics tell Arani she should consider herself lucky to be alive. If the battle droids’ aim had been a little more true, even Sia-Lan’s healing powers would not have helped her. Watching Deel’s sickly coloured, unconscious body, she doesn’t need reminding.

Confined to the makeshift infirmary, Arani initially spends her time watching Deel slowly being nursed back to health. When the meds allow her, she finds things to do to help the resistance – cleaning and maintaining weapons, running through intelligence and reconnaissance data, trying to learn what useful knowledge she can from those around her. She talks to Deel, once he is conscious and Sia-Lan visits regularly, spending much of her time in the infirmary. Rann comes rarely, reluctantly, maybe forced by Sia-Lan and clearly distraught by his role in Galak’s death.

It took Arani about two seconds to push aside any blame from the Jedi padawan, but she can’t shake the feeling of guilt about the mission. Galak didn’t even want to go. Only their persuasion had pushed him into it. Then right from the start things went wrong; only Galak kept things together, his shooting saving their lives time and again. A wretched feeling runs through her body, something more than the pain of her injury. In ersatz hospital clothes, her arm securely bandaged and a large bacta patch on her shoulder, she probably looks as bad as she feels.

Though she respects their dedication and expertise, Arani ignores their insistence that she rest her arm, determined not to let it deteriorate, determined to be ready when she is needed. She strains against the orders confining her to the infirmary as soon as she is strong enough to wander about without feeling dizzy or light headed from the pain killers. Unfortunately everyone else seems determined to keep her locked up “for her own good” and she can’t seem to muster her usual charm and powers of persuasion.

One thing is clear to Arani and that is how much she hates the Trade Federation and their droid minions who have invaded her world, her city and killed her friend. Once I get out. Once I get out, they’re going to pay. She thinks Galak would appreciate it.

13 November 2003, 02:53 PM
Sia-Lan visits her friends in the infirmary whenever she has the chance. She has gotten lots of practice helping her friends heal through the Force. Her days are filled with helping other groups prepare for their missions, looking over intelligence reports, and helping out wherever else she could be of use. In between all of this she meditates and tries to help Rann through this tough time.

She has seen Rann very little, but when she does she tries to talk to him or at least get him to visit his wounded friends. She tells him that Galak’s death was not his fault. Sia-Lan tells him Galak was ready to go and had decided his fate and no one could have changed his mind. That he was willing to die, to save all of the innocent freed prisoners and his friends and that Galak wouldn’t want to see him this way. Most of the time, she doesn’t think he listens. She hopes that her thoughts will get through to him and bring him around. If not, he will go dangerously close to the dark side.

After much meditation, Sia is at peace with Galak’s death. She knows that he will always be with her; all she has to do is reach out and touch the Force. She is not haunted by his presence, but is comforted by it. She hopes that Rann will realize that their friend is still with them.

20 November 2003, 02:53 AM
Deel felt as if he were swimming to the surface of a deep pond…the water made his body seem distant somehow from his brain, as if e could count the seconds before he tried to move an arm or leg and it actually moved. And while it wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, his mind told him he needed to get to the surface. It seemed as if the silvery ceiling of the pond was miles above him and approaching painfully slow. In the back of his mind something told him he wasn’t going to make it. Make it? he asked himself, Make what?…Before what? Deel didn’t stop to ponder this, he just kept swimming, up…up…up. Dimly, his mind told him his lungs should be burning if he were really underwater, but again, he didn’t stop to wonder at this, only kept swimming, as the urgency kept growing. Suddenly, about the time that his urgency turned to outright panic, he blinked. And in that blink, the metallic surface of the water went from being miles away to mere inches. Deel felt his body break water into alarmingly chilly air. Almost instinctively, he drew a sharp, deep breath of cool, fresh air…

A member of the resistance medical staff looked over as patient #32, Surool, Deel: Twi’lek stirred once, then twice. Finally, the young twi’lek’s gold eyes fluttered open.

The first thing Deel remembered after the prickly burning sensation at the plaza was brown. A big dark brown blur. After a moment he tried to turn his head, then winced and moaned softly in pain. Blinking a few times, he tried to make sense out of the unfocused earthtones in front of him. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Deel’s brain made sense out of what his eyes were telling him. The first thing he noticed was that he was in a familiar looking building.

The farmhouse, his subconscious told him. He made a determined effort to turn his head, and this time succeeded, despite the pain from sore, unused muscles. Upon turning, he saw the simple medical unit that he was attached to by several tiny clear tubes that entered his left arm. Trying to focus on a lighter colored blob some distance away, he blinked. His eyes were extremely dry, the second thing he noticed.

From living off a drip for a long time, he recalled from the days he spent in a rehab center on Coruscant. Deel took a test swallow, which confirmed his suspicions, his mouth was bone dry, almost painfully so, which indicated he’d been out of it for at least a day, possibly two. Long enough so that his body was definiely living off of the drip. Blinking again, he was glad that his focus was getting sharper and quicker by the minute. The lighter colored blob, he saw, was an attractive young human female. This was the third thing he noticed.

And just like that, Deel was back.

With this thought, Deel cracked his first sly grin since before the crap hit the fan at the plaza. In grinning, he managed to split his dry lower lip in three places. Upon seeing one of her patients regain consciousness, the orderly hurried over to his bed.

“Can you hear me?”, the concerned young woman asked.

Deel started to speak, but only made a pathetic hissing-whining. Finally, he gave up. Slightly embarassed, he simply mouthed ‘water’ at the girl. Smartly nodding she hurried over to a faucet near the door and came back with a small glass of water, which Deel downed in nothing flat. While the tiny amount of liquid did nothing except agitate his immense thirst, it did allow him to speak. When he again said something to the young woman, he didn’t even bother to ask for another drink. Whichever doctor was in charge of him would surely want to do a post-op diagnosis of his condition, which would be fouled up by and fluids in his system. That an IV drip only put in what fluids were absolutely necessay was a side benfit of their use.

Swallowing a few times to moisten his vocal cords, he made a second attempt at speech,

“My dear”, more swallowing, “Just how long has it been since the brought me in? How did the mission turn out? Is everyone okay?”, the rest of Deel’s inquiries are cut off by a terrible wave of coughing that wracks his entire body. The nurse calmly adjusts Deel’s drip unit and puts a tiny amount of muscle relaxer into his medicine, to supress the coughing, she also reduces the amount of water. Now that he was awake, he could decide thirst for himself, after his diagnosis, of course.

“Try not to talk so much, Master Surool. You’re recovery has been remarkably quick, you’ve only been here in this bed for a day or so. Everyone that returned from the mission is doing fine with the exception of yourself and Miss Korden. Although I don’t believe either of your injuries will cause any permanent loss of ability, you both definitely required serious medical attention. In addition, your mission was a great success, all of the prisoners were rescued.”

Still partially out of it, Deel does not catch the nurse’s careful wording. At this, some of the urgency in Deel’s attitude immediately leaves. At one point he happens to appraise his own physical appearance. His analysis dissappoints him: he’d figured they’d change him out of his expensive robes and into whatever the resistance could scrounge up from local hospitals abandoned during the invasion, but the pale green one-size-fits-all coverall they’d chosen for him was about as bad as he’d ever known it to get. Even the garb at the rehab center in the core had three different sizes and had thin blue stripes. The pale, sick greenness of his clothing attracted his attention to the atrocious hue his skin had taken on. What had once been fresh, young looking, almost luminescent green skin now resembled a yellow-white sack draped over him. He could see dark purple veins prominently beneath the foul skin of his poor lekku.

Just great, he thought to himself, this is gonna take a lot of cream to fix.

Settling back into his bed, the suddenly drowsy Deel slowly drifted back beneath the surface of that cold, deep pond…

20 November 2003, 05:38 PM
On the third morning after the liberation of the prisoners, Lucos Dannt arrives early, shortly after Rann and Sia-Lann, who brought their friends a hearty breakfast. Another man, in his late twenties, accompanies Dannt, dressed in a military uniform, and carrying a duffle of gear. The man stands at the door, allowing the Headmaster to come forward and speak with the foursome.

Only the four friends remain in the infirmary, all others having cleared out and returned to other duties. Still, the room smelled strongly of disinfectant and bandages. The nurse had given Arani a clean bill of health that morning, and taken away any of the medical equipment remaining by the girl, for use on the likely future patients. Deel remains hooked to a single drip bag, nearly healed himself, through the combination of traditional medicine, as well as Sia-Lann’s Jedi techniques.

“As you all know, you performed a very honorable and heroic deed, amid great cost and sacrifice. We don’t know how long this occupation will endure, but with teams like you fighting our battles, the Trade Federation will learn that they cannot strong arm even a peaceful culture like our own for their corrupt means. We will continue to disrupt their operations and free our fellow citizens until the Republic can provide greater assistance.”

Dannt looks over his shoulder at the man standing at the door. He beckons him to approach, “This is Rayger Jindrak, a member of the Republic Intelligence Observational Peacekeepers. The Republic, apparently somewhat aware of the situation occurring here, dispatched a team of four of these RIOPs, and Rayger found his way to our group. He’s here to – well, I’ll let him explain his purpose for the trip all the way out here. Anyway, I’d like you all to get to know each other. Since you’re my number one team, I’m going to attach him to you.”

He turns his attention to Deel, “Son, the docs tell me you should be up and running tomorrow, so that’s when you all will likely go back out into the field. Take the day as one more for R-and-R and this little meet-and-greet. I’ll come back later on and see how things are going, but for now I’ve got to get moving.”

The headmaster rises and wishes them all well, before disappearing back out the door. The quartet remains with the human member of their team.

Kanner Ra'an
21 November 2003, 11:53 AM
The republic soldier approches each member of the group and offers to shake hands with them. He is of average hight, and has a build thats typical of someone in an armed force. His features are not very distinctive, with a slight beard that suggests he has not had a chance to shave, and dark brown hair that is cut very short. He is clad in blood red republic military fatigues, and by the markings on the left shoulder you can see he is a mid ranking officer. As he exchanges handshakes you notice a military stiffness that seems habitual.

" Hello." He says once finished. "As your headmaster said, i'm Rayger Jindrak. I am a member of RIOP, and my unit and myself have been sent in as a first wave insepection team. I'll be accompaning you on your missions and gaining intellegance on the invasion."

As Rayger speaks he looks over the group. Immeadiatly he reconises the two clad in brown robes. Jedi! Two Jedi? he thinks, I had no idea there were any on Naboo. The other two individuals are dressed more like locals. They must have had some rough times. he thinks at the sight of the Twi'leks medical equipment, I guess they are the best. The best always get the hard assignments. Perfect.

Rogue Janson
22 November 2003, 01:38 PM
Arani stares at the newcomer without trying to hide it. Despite looking quite handsome in his Republic uniform, he has a slightly self-satisfied air, putting her on edge. An observer? she thinks to herself why do they send observers when they should be sending soldiers? Just to observe us getting killed? Driving the thoughts from her head, Arani reaches for a more diplomatic tone.

“I am Arani Korden, from the City of Theed,” she says to Rayger, shaking his hand firmly.

“What sort of intelligence are you trying to gather, Rayger?” Arani asks, the question loaded with intent. If the Republic has just sent an observation mission it could mean Naboo is simply caught up in the bureaucratic wheels. In that case observers and officials could shuttle back and forth for ages without getting anything done. Still, he’s come to the right side at least. Maybe he’ll be useful.

“What are your rules of engagement?” she adds, looking the man rapidly up and down for weapons.

Howling Wookiee
22 November 2003, 03:10 PM
Rann approaches Rayger when the soldier extends his hand toward him and shakes his hand respectfully and firmly. He introduces himself, "Welcome to our 'rag tag' group. I am Jedi Padawan Rann I-Kanu." He motions to Sia-Lan, "My fellow Jedi and I represent the Jedi Order here, therefore representing the Republic. We could use your combat skills in the field on our missions and are a great welcome." After Rann's formal greeting and releasing Rayger's hand he takes a couple of steps back to insure that everyone else is ahead of him and no attention is centered on the Jedi. He is only a couple of steps back from the others and his his hands are clasped behind his back. Rann has loosened up and opened up in the past couple of days. The death of Galak still weighs heavily on his heart but he does not let it show. "Galak's ghost" still haunts him nightly but it is clearly visible with little effort to notice that Rann has built up a impeneratable wall around him. It is apparent that Rann I-Kanu is ready to get back into business. He appears almost too eager, with a twing of vengence hanging around him. He shakes his head at Arani's info probe, she is always down to business. Rann admires her for that and clearly in his mind accepts her as the improtu leader of the group. The young padawan smiles to himself as he remembers the metaphor that he though of the other day training, "Arani would be hand of the group, Deel would be the cunning and slyness of the group, and Sia-Lan and himself would be the sword." The group works 'almost' flawlessly together and Rann is eager to see where Rayger fits into the mix.

Kanner Ra'an
22 November 2003, 05:19 PM
“What sort of intelligence are you trying to gather, Rayger?” Arani asks, the question loaded with intent. If the Republic has just sent an observation mission it could mean Naboo is simply caught up in the bureaucratic wheels. In that case observers and officials could shuttle back and forth for ages without getting anything done. Still, he’s come to the right side at least. Maybe he’ll be useful.

“What are your rules of engagement?” she adds, looking the man rapidly up and down for weapons.

" We are a peliminary investigation team." He answers the woman. "The republic has only gotten a faint wind of what is happening here. A few garbled distress calls and the odd message plagued with static. My mission is to send back accurate data and details so as the republic military knows how to respond to your crisis. Furthermore i am tasked with gathering accurate details about the happenings of the crisis for later legal use." The speech sounds just slightly reheased, immplying that he has said something very similar several times before.

" As to the question of my rules of engagment. I am in all essence a soldier under the command of your leaders, like yourselves. I will comply with any and all rules of engagment set forth by them, so long as they comply with republic humanitarian regulations." he says, finishing with a slight emphisis on the last statment. Though he has stated that he is commited to helping them, Rayger knows full well that he cant and wont use the brutal and illegal tactics that have been employed in previous situations he's encountered.

Jindrak notices Arani's quick glances at him. Her eyes seem to focus on the lighter then average blaster carbine held tightly to his leg, and its partner, a standard issue republic blaster pistol, firmly secured in a shoulder holster on his left side.

The republic soldier then turns to the male Jedi, thanking him for his greeting. Probably forieners to this planet as well. Might be useful to note their reactions and feelings in particular. Both as Jedi, and as outsiders. Could provide some valuble information.

Howling Wookiee
25 November 2003, 09:37 AM
Rann watches the soldier closely as he scans the young Jedi. The student passes it off a mere curiostiy. Jedi are common but many beings in the galaxy spend their entire lives without seeing one. Rann continues the conversation, "Well I do hope you do intend to do more than observe. The missions we've been on will require a solid aim and sharp eye. I am more than sure your training has prepare you for this type of mission. If I might ask what type of missions have you been involved in? Have you been engaged with the battle droids? What ever you do, do not underestimate them. They are cold, calculating killing machines. There have been skilled, competent men killed by those machines. Be careful."

26 November 2003, 10:28 AM
Deel studies the man carefully with the eye of a merchant, like his father would study a hold full of goods that he was thinking about buying. From the way the man carried himself he could tell that he was very familiar with the weapons that hung at his side, ready at a moment's notice. Other than that, the man did not offer much. From first contact, Deel deemed that he was a likeable enough fellow, but being likeable was not very useful in a pitched firefight. Arani, Galak, and the Jedi had worked together like a well-oiled machine, then Deel had come to the group, the next thing he remembered, he was getting his meals through a needle. With another mind in the works, he didn't know what the future of the group could hold. Still, if the group was willing to accept him, Deel decided, he should be willing to accept this man.

“As you can see”, Deel gestures to his medical apparati, “It’s not all glamour. But you seem to be a competent enough fellow. And with that, allow me to introduce myself, Deel Surool, demigod.”

At this he cracks a slight sly grin, just to let everyone know that he was poking fun, and that he was his old self again. And, without realizing it, he really did prove that he was his old self again…

“And I truly must apologize for the horrid condition under which I have presented myself. This hospital-esque garb is anything but stylish and the color, atrocious alone, is absolutely hideous in this lighting and, especially against my skin tone, which I also must apologize for, given time and ointments, I hope I can get it back to its former condition. I really must make another run back to my old dorm to retrieve acceptable garments…”

Deel looks up abruptly to realize that everyone was staring at him.

“Okay, I’ll shut up now.” then turning to Jindrak, “Tell us what you think the Republic will do for the people.”

At this, Deel throws Rayger a hopeful glance.

Kanner Ra'an
26 November 2003, 11:35 AM
“Okay, I’ll shut up now.” then turning to Jindrak, “Tell us what you think the Republic will do for the people.”

Rayger keeps the same expression, though the Twi'leks ramblings on his appearance have the soldier a little confused. The next question though is far more expected, as Rayger has heard it too many times. Keeping his voice even he responds honestly.

"The republic will do whatevers appropriate. However first we have to learn what is appropriate. As of now the republic does not have substantial unbiased knowledge of the situation. That is my purpose here."

He tries not to sound cold, knowing the remark that what he has already learnt from their headmaster is not enough could possibly cause friction he does not need.

Howling Wookiee
26 November 2003, 04:24 PM
Rann regards then addresses the soldier with a raised eyebrow, "Rayger I hope you decide quickly 'what' is appropriate, because countless innocents have and will continue to lose their lives. I hope you can make this decision on your own.....we all know how slow the Republic can be when trying to make a decision. However I also know that you must know all factors before entering a battle field. Many think the Jedi pacifist, but we do learn battle field tactics and how to employ them. The Jedi can be deadly warriors when they are pushed hard enough." Suddenly Rann realizes that his fist are clenched, his muscles tense, a pounding in his ears, and blood rushing through his veins. He visible shakes out of his adrenalin rush and runs through a calming exercise to regain his posture. The padawan looks around the room at his friends then back to Rayger, "I just hope you are prepared and I feel that you are probably more prepared than any of us are." Rann looks out a window to avoid everyone's eyes and the embarassing silence that follows. Galak's image floats outside the window in mid air taunting him, "I'm 'preparing' you aren't I Rann." Rann cast his gaze back into the room with a unemotional mask over his face.

Rogue Janson
27 November 2003, 02:56 AM
Arani takes Rann's arm in both hands at the bicep, looking at him for a second, then leaning out towards Rayger. Deel's return to 'form' has cheered her, as has Rayger's description of his status, but Rann is still not fully together again. Arani looks a little more light-hearted, trying to follow Deel and give their new team-member a more welcoming introduction.

"We certainly need more trained fighters, Rayger. The Naboo aren't used to warfare; we just have a small security force." That's getting smaller by the day, she almost adds. "I don't think it will take you long to decide on the situation once we get out and see it."

Deel also reminds her that she is still in hospital clothing, her brown hair mussed and tangled. The thought to have Sia-Lan bring her some different clothes hasn't occured to her over the past few days. Feeling a little self-conscious, she retreats to sit at the end of her bed.

9 December 2003, 04:16 AM
The conversation continues idly for a while longer before another visitor interrupts the group. Lialla enters the room bearing a duffel in each hand, and smiles when she sees the heroes who so bravely rescued her family at great costs. She steps forward and places one of the bags on Deel’s bed before putting the other on Arani’s.

“I thought you might like to have some real clothing, instead of those gowns.” She barely suppresses a giggle at Deel’s betraying gratitude. “I think that four days of that might force anyone to stay here longer, if for mental reasons only.” She pauses a bit, then adds, “I can only stay a minute. Headmaster Dannt needs me to do some errands this morning. But he also asked me to let you all know that he’ll be stopping by later.”

Lialla chats for a few more minutes, inquiring as to the healing status of the young heroes, and briefly meeting Rayger. She takes her leave and the group of five returns to their quiet chatting. Arani and Deel have the opportunity to step behind curtains and change with privacy, while still interacting with the discussion.

The conversation continues a while longer, going over a wide variety of subjects before another interruption occurs. A knock on the door precedes the entry of Lucos Dannt, Headmaster of the Theed’s Royal House of Learning. A man stays behind him, quietly off to the side, as the resistance cell leader speaks to his former students and their new team member.

“Arani and Deel, good to see that you are among the living now. You both had me scared when they brought you back.” The comment comes from the same line of remarks that Lucos has made over the past four days. “I’m glad to see that you’ve all had a chance to meet Rayger. While we can keep hoping that this will all end soon, we have no foresight, and if Rayger can get footage of these atrocities, perhaps we can get the Republic to send assistance faster.”

“I’ve got another surprise for you all, however. One that hopefully will help you against our enemy droids. I think you’ll all remember Kian Telsa,” Lucos says, motioning the other man in the room forward to join him. “He helped teach several of your computer courses. While Kian was not faculty – I’m sure he mentioned he was a graduate student at some point – he’s a computer wizard. Since we’re dealing with droid processing, which is more or less computations of one sort or another, Kian should be able to provide you all a level of expertise that I don’t think your team has at the moment.”

He turns to Kian, “Here’s your new assignment, son.”

9 December 2003, 03:25 PM
“ While Kian was not faculty – I’m sure he mentioned he was a graduate student at some point – he’s a computer wizard. Since we’re dealing with droid processing, which is more or less computations of one sort or another, Kian should be able to provide you all a level of expertise that I don’t think your team has at the moment.”

"Thanks, sir." replies Kian.

Kian looks at the group. Pale skin with short dark black hair, and a lithe frame. He nervously nods to everyone in the group "Nice to meet you all. I hope I can help out!"

Not knowing what more to say, he simply stands there, hoping that the headmaster would take over or dismiss him.

10 December 2003, 11:40 AM
Recognizing Kian from some of her computer courses, Sia-Lan steps forward. "Nice to see you again Kian," she extends her hand to him in greeting, "So, what brings you to the resistance? Did you have any trouble avoiding the droids?"

Howling Wookiee
11 December 2003, 04:10 AM
Rann stands with the group with his hand clasp behind his back. He returns Kian's nod, "Welcome to your group. Your expertise will be greatly needed and welcome." Rann shifts from one from to the other, "Headmaster Dannt, what is our next assignment. I do not intend to be impatient but we still have a lot of work left to do. And with all our people healed and capable, I suggest we move on." Rann finishes with an unreadable expression on his face as he waits for a reply.

11 December 2003, 05:14 AM
Recognizing Kian from some of her computer courses, Sia-Lan steps forward. "Nice to see you again Kian," she extends her hand to him in greeting, "So, what brings you to the resistance? Did you have any trouble avoiding the droids?"

Kian nods in agreement as he shakes her Sia-Lan's hand "And you."

He steps back, thinking about the question "Well, I realised that getting thrown into an internment camp wasn't really an option, so I thought fighting the Trade Federation would be a better option." He smirks, as he feels more comfortable "And it was hard to avoid the droids, but I got around them."

He continues "Hopefully, my skills can be useful to you guys. How did your last mission go?"

Listening to Rann, he too turns to the Headmaster to find out what their (his first) assignment will be.

Kanner Ra'an
11 December 2003, 11:22 AM
Rayger stays silent, though offering a polite nod and a wave. He fully realises he is the odd man out. All others present seem to know each other very well, probably all friends from before the invasion. For now he is content with this, as emotional distance is usually a must in such times. However he does feel good for them. Finding a comrad during a war is alway comforting. Considering the fact that this groups seems to have gone through a lot of combat, any comforts, not to mention aid, must be most welcome.

13 December 2003, 03:35 AM
The series of questions keep Headmaster Dannt in the room a moment longer than he plans, so that he can answer them. “As I mentioned this morning, I understand you’ll all be ready for another outing tomorrow, so I’ll be sending you back out to the field then. As to what your mission will be, I can’t be certain yet. That will depend on tomorrow’s intelligence first. But for right now, I’ve got to head out for a bit. I’ll leave you all to talk and enjoy your last day of quiet before you return to duty.” With that statement, the Headmaster departs the room, leaving the six team members alone.

Howling Wookiee
15 December 2003, 03:19 PM
Rann shifts from one foot to the other in the uneasy silence that fills the room after the headmaster leaves. He clears his thoat, "Well umm, Arani and Deel should change and we should eat something. That way we can get to know each other. " Rann is not the most sociable one of the group but he dislikes the silence more than anything. He starts toward the door to give Arani and Deel some privacy and calls over his shoulder, "We will meet you there." Rann ushers Rayger and Kian toward the door and lets Sia-Lan bring up the rear closely behind. As he shuts the door he strikes up some conversation, "So, Kian, I think your skills will come in very handy along with Rayger's. We are glad you guys are a part of the group. However you must be careful. We have lost friends in the past and I personally wish not to lose another one." Rann looks over his should to see what kind of look Sia-Lan gives him.

16 December 2003, 10:32 AM
The change of clothes seems to make Deel a new man. Even his skin seems a tad brighter as he rejoins the group in a simple outfit: light gold pants made of some soft, shiny fabric, with a sharp-looking, tight-fitting, dark blue shirt made of the same shimmering fabric.

After a few moments behind a curtain, he reappears and joins the rest of the group. Upon meeting Kian, Deel flashed him one of his usual stunning smiles. While he never really spent much time with the 'gearhead' in school, he was glad to see any familiar face, and told him so.

Still not sure about Rayger, Deel is cordial as ever, but is sure to keep his distance from the new addition to the group.

Seemingly back to normal, Deel walks with his comrades, out of the hospital and into the daylight on their way to the mess hall. In a sense, leaving his past to heal in the med bay as he moves on toward the future...

Kanner Ra'an
16 December 2003, 11:42 AM
So, Kian, I think your skills will come in very handy along with Rayger's. We are glad you guys are a part of the group. However you must be careful. We have lost friends in the past and I personally wish not to lose another one." Rann looks over his should to see what kind of look Sia-Lan gives him.

" Im sorry to hear that." Rayger replies at the mention of the lost comrades. " About your past missions. I've had the chance to talk among a few of your comrades, and i've heard some very immpressive things. 'Dannt's group' seems to be one of the best. If you dont mind, i'd like to hear, and possibly with your permission record, your version of some of these stories." He asks, to both of the accompaning Jedi. He is eager to hear the Jedis version, though he is a bit catious. Got to be careful where i go with this. This one guy.....Rann. He seems to get a little emotional. Dont want to step on any gundark toes at the very beginning.

Rogue Janson
16 December 2003, 12:51 PM
The time she takes sorting through the pile of clothes emptied onto her bed cuts Arani out from the group’s conversation. Eventually she decides, putting on dull blue trousers, a light, powder blue shirt and thin white gloves. She uses a patterned kerchief as a headscarf to cover her slightly unkempt hair. She listens in to the others outside but keeps quiet.

Arani hastily zips up her last piece of clothing, a green skirt and rushes out as her friends begin to leave, the rail of the curtains rattling behind her. She recognises Kial and skips along to catch up, laying a hand on his shoulder with a word of greeting when she does. Back in his usual clothes, Deel is back to his old self, not so much walking as insouciantly swaggering. After finishing stuffing garments back into her bag, Arani swings it lightly at the back of his head.

“Hey, leaving for food without me?” she asks with mock irritation, then composes herself to look calm and poised before the others turn to look at her.

18 December 2003, 03:24 PM
"Of course we wouldn't go without you Arani," Sia-Lan replies sarcastically as she turns to face her. Not being one for jokes, this is an entirely different side of Sia most people never get to see. Since meeting her friends and sharing near death experiences with them, she wants to open up a bit. Since her friends could not be here the next day she might as well have a little fun with them while she can. "Let's go," she says, putting her hand on Arani's shoulder.

23 December 2003, 08:58 PM
"So, Kian, I think your skills will come in very handy along with Rayger's. We are glad you guys are a part of the group. However you must be careful. We have lost friends in the past and I personally wish not to lose another one." Rann looks over his should to see what kind of look Sia-Lan gives him.

Kian falls in behind the group as they head to where food will be. Kian could honestly do with some food, having skipped a few too many meals lately trying to get his work done. "Yes, I think I could help." He pauses at hearing about the loss of one of the group and notices the interaction from Rann to Sia-Lan. "I'll try to be careful. My strong suit is code, but I've fired a blaster or two in my life, but nothing like what you guys have been through. Can you tell me what we're up against? I mean I've heard whispers, but what do you guys think?"

Howling Wookiee
24 December 2003, 06:29 AM
The group makes it to a moderate food storage area in the basement of a cottage. Rann grabs some type of homemade bread product and a canteen of water and slides down a wall to eat his meal. He continues his conversation with the others and answers Kian's question, "Well mostly we've encountered stock battle droids in high numbers. Our last encounter was with destroyer droids, which we were not prepared for. Other than the occasional Neiomodian that is about it. We've really not encountered any heavy artillery or machinery just droids." Rann pauses to take a bite and take a drink then continues, "That about sums it up. If we could get you in somewhere that has a control interface maybe we could do some damage, but that will probably be the most guarded place on the planet. We will have to do some intel on that." Rann redirects his attention to Rayger, "Have you had any combat experience with battle droids or just flesh and blood? The droids are not very tactical but overwhelm in masses. If you have any strategies or tactics that you have come up with, now would be a good time to discuss them." The young Jedi student finishes and sits quietly eating his meger meal.

Rogue Janson
26 December 2003, 10:53 AM
Following Rann, Arani grabs a plate of food, unashamedly picking the best bits. She's been ill after all and the Jedi do like to live the ascetic lifestyle... She nods at Rann's description of the Trade Federation forces, a serious look coming all too easily to her face as she thinks about it.

"Like Rann says, the Trade Federation just sends in waves of battle droids. They just keep coming. If these fail, they'll use droidekas. We don't really have any way of taking these out."

She chokes back a comment about Galak, with a lump in her throat. The sound of the destroyer droids' guns still comes clearly into Arani's mind when she thinks about them.

"We've also seen a couple of STAPs, which they use for recon and fast attack. The droid fighters only seem to be used for patrolling and search and destroy, thankfully, I guess they're too much to use on small groups. I've heard their tanks are deployed at particular strategic locations and strongpoints in the city."

Kanner Ra'an
27 December 2003, 07:46 AM
"I do have combat experiance with both." Raygar says matter of factly, not offering much more detail. " It seems every corporation has their own enforcement armies now. Droids have too many weaknesses for my liking though. Their vunerable to a lot. Weather, ion weapons, programming glitches, emp's, and just faulty parts that you always get when you mass produce anything. Cheaper is the only thing they are." He takes a bite of a pastry then continues. " The best tactics to use on them is to simply divide and conquer. As you alll know they relay on numbers extensivly. Once you begin to break them up into smaller groups however, they become a far lesser challenge and easier to dispense of. I highly suggest just basic fient attacks."

7 January 2004, 05:51 PM
The conversation continues, with the parties discussing various strategies and past combat experiences. Naturally the Republic Intelligence Agent has a greater wealth of stories to relate, and the younger members of the group listen willingly. The newest member, Kian, tends to the quiet side of the conversation, taking in the information willingly, but apparently lacking many contributions.

In the dank basement of the cottage on the small countryside manor’s plot, at an opportune lull in the conversation, a familiar character lazily strolls down the steps, ducking his tall body nearly in half to avoid banging his head on the low ceiling on the stairway. Accompanied by a small droid, floating just behind his shoulder, the lanky Wookiee gives a roar as he stretches his arms wide approaching the group. All except Raygar recognize the likeable Rorworr, their faithful companion from the Royal House of Learning.

Even before the little droid translates, most everyone – Kian included, working from his base of knowledge gained in his travels and experiences – understands the jovial Wookiee’s meaning. “Master Rorworr is incredibly happy to see you,” the bland-voiced droid interprets. In his native tongue, Rorworr continues his conversation, allowing his M-TD droid to repeat his sentiments in Basic.

Changing to a first person dialog, the mode long preferred by Rorworr, the M-TD relates how happy the young Wookiee is to find his friends alive and well. Upon the question of how Rorworr managed to survive over the past week or so of occupation, the mechanical voice details a harried escape into the forests of Naboo, just outside the city of Theed. The brave young warrior then dodged the continued landing of Trade Federation troops, and witnessed their callous destruction of the wooded and swampy areas as they marched on the population centers of the peaceful world. The exploits seem mundane in the retelling compared to the rest of the groups wild adventures against the mighty droid armies, but in no way lessen the heroism of their brave friend.

Rorworr avoids asking about the fates of any of the other friends, and tells how his father, a diplomat formerly stationed in Theed, has also escaped to the placid wooded areas outside of the city. The older Wookiee, along with Rorworr’s mother, has established a series of very small camps, hidden in the forests and swamps, where they place refugees as they locate them. Rorworr tells that his father fears they cannot hold out for too much longer, despite the aged Wookiee’s instincts and abilities to survive in the wild, due to the needs of their human guests and victims of other species. The younger Wookiee vowed to return to the city and try to locate resistance cells rumored by the evacuees, and see if his skills cannot aid in overthrowing the oppressive occupation force.

Happy to find his friends in good health and spirits, and quick to comment on Deel’s latest wardrobe, the cheerful ally joins them in their unappetizing meal. Their conversation carries on, and before long they remain alone in the improvised dining facility.

Howling Wookiee
8 January 2004, 04:02 PM
Rann tries to enjoy his meal and keep up with the conversation. During the lull in conversation, the young Jedi student thinks about current events and the future. Suddenly his revere is disturbed by bellowing and a squeaky droid's voice. A smile beams across his face as he catches a glimpse of a walking carpet that is named Rorworr. Rann immediately gets up to greet the Wookiee, "Hey there big guy. I was begining to worry about you. But I figured you could handle yourself." The padawan extends his hand which is engulfed by the larger beings paw. "Your parents make it out?" Rann nods as he is told that both his parents are safe in the forest with refugees. Rann suddenly remembers protocol and gestures toward Raygar, "Rorworr, this is Raygar, the newest addition to our little group. Raygar, this is our friend Rorworr." Rann motions for the Wookiee to sit and offers him some food and drink, he retells most of the stories they have but dodges around anything that has to do about Galak. It is apparent the group is still uneasy about the loss of their good friend and commrade. Rann steps back and lets the others greet and speak with their Wookiee friend. For once in a long while Rann feels good. He lost a good friend but another one came back. Hopefully things will stay that way.

Rogue Janson
9 January 2004, 11:18 AM
When she sees Rorworr, Arani leaps to her feet, the days of confinement falling away as she rushes over to him. She reaches up to grab his shoulder in greeting, a twince of pain flashing across her shoulders at the stretch. The wookiee goes for a hug, but stops short as he sees the bandages across her chest. She steps back as Rann beings to talk to Rorworr, warmly but more calmly.

Another addition to their team - and she is sure he will be part of their team - and one that is most welcome. Not that she doesn't appreciate the other two, but she doesn't know Kian as well as Rorworr, let alone Rayger. And besides, there's something more reassuring about having a wookiee by your side in combat than a programmer.

Arani chats eagerly with Rorworr about his encounters, grateful that he doesn't mention any of their other friends. Some time we will have to tell him about Galak. She imagines the Trade Federation trying to track wookiees through the forests around Theed. Between them, she expects him and his family to have ambushed and torn apart at least a dozen MTTs and maintains this opinion despite her friend's denials.

11 January 2004, 09:26 AM
Seeing the wookiee Rorworr, Sia-Lan stands and greets the big fellow with a hug. After asking how he is doing, she sits down and lets the rest of their group greet him. Sitting and listening is what Sia-Lan does best, she talks little, only imputing forgotten facts from their missions. Imagining her friend in the forests of Naboo, ambushing patrols most likely, she knows that he would never have been taken by surprise and captured. No one she knows can match a wookiee for living in the forest.

As she listens to the recounts of their adventures, she is glad Rorworr has not asked about any fallen comrades. "I don't think the group is ready to deal with Galak's death, and I know that I am not yet ready," she thinks, "Well, with all these new additions, it will give us time to deal with it in our own way and dull the sting of his loss."

12 January 2004, 06:51 AM
Deel, thrilled with meeting old friends, embraces Rorworr warmly in an uncharacteristic display of camraderie. After which, he discreetly begins picking wookiee hair out of the fabric of his shirt. He trades tales with the only other non-human, about the shootout in the plaza, and hospital raiding before that, which Rorworr matched with stories of refugee evacuation and patrol ambush.

Throughout the conversation, Deel continues to fill a bowl with a spicy stew leftover form the last meal here in the dining hall, which another member of the resistance told him he was welcome to, should he be hungry. Now it seemed as though the appetite from the last few days was catching up to him, as the more he ate, it seemed, the more he was hungry.

He found himself, strangely, wanting to get back into the action. Despite his seemingly callous self-preservation streak, he found himself thinking more and more about doing his part to end the blockade and rescuing more captives of the Trade Federation. Though he realized he would never become a skilled warrior, he realized that there was a special niche in this kind of war for people like him.

Now though, he just enjoyed this lull in the action, away from the battle droids, to talk with old friends and make new ones.

13 January 2004, 02:47 AM
Kian stands when he sees the big Wookie approaching. He says politely "Nice to see you again big guy."

He returns to his seat, sipping on his drink, watching as the group as it interacts. Kian sees the importance of this Wookie in the eyes of the others. He smirks when he hears about the stories, joining in on the feeling of unity within the group. Kian's eyebrow raises at some of the stories, wondering how the hell these people survived some of the situations they have been in.

He looks forward to being part of this group, eventually having his own stories to tell. But that will take time...and trust.

14 January 2004, 04:52 AM
Hidden in the countryside estate, the members of the resistance cell go about their duties in a day not oriented to action, oblivious to the machinations of the Trade Federation. On the day of the fateful prison break, in the rushed fleeing of the battle scene, overlooked details prepare for an ominous consequence at the villa on the outskirts of Theed. A small spy droid, released from an overhead orbiting droid fighter, silently descended through the sewer opening and quietly tracked the progression of the former prisoners.

Designed to avoid detection, and cloaked by the shortsightedness of the heroes saddened by the recent loss of their close friend, the tracker traced their path through the watery caverns and out of the city. The location of the hidden outpost discovered, the Neimoidian overlords prepared a deadly assault, designed to eliminate or capture the freedom fighters, disposing of a threat to the illegal invasion.

A flight of four droid starfighters orbited lazily over the city, waiting for the signal. A platoon of troops, flanked by several droidekas rested between the villa and Theed, safely masked behind the crown of a hill. Additional units of battle droids quietly snuck through the underground chambers, closing in towards the cellars of the villa, preparing to ambush the freedom fighters. Alarms carefully disabled by utility droids not designed for combat, the countryside manor rests unaware of the danger that lies scant meters below them.


The group of five friends and two new allies relax jovially, continuing their conversations and stories. The day grows long and without any assigned missions, they idly pass the time. Occasionally another member of their cell stops by for a bite to eat and listens in for a moment; for the most part, however, no one bothers their reunion.

Without any warning, a door at the back of the room bursts into tiny fragments, showering splinters across tables and the cobblestone floor. Wafts of smoke rise from the opening, a sign recognized instantly by Deel and a moment after by Rayger as the use of explosives to take down the door. Out of the darkness, a mechanical voice calls for their surrender or subsequent death.


The flight of starfighters turn away from the city and race towards the countryside, firing explosive bolts of tightly packed energy from their weapons emplacements and tearing up the lush grass that surrounds the manor. Smoke rises from the burning points on the ground, although none come very close to the buildings. The burn marks make lines around the structures, although the dampness of the grass keeps a ring of fire from surrounding the villa grounds.

With the first shot from the overhead droids, the platoon crests the hill and starts their rushed march towards the previously serene pastoral scene. The rolling droidekas slow their movement slightly to keep just ahead of the battle droids, forming a V-shaped assault on the grounds, with prongs advancing first to flank the target.

Rogue Janson
15 January 2004, 09:45 AM
Arani is in the middle of reminiscing about the best backroutes through Theed when the door explodes. She flinches away instinctively as splinters of wood fly around her, realisation of what is going on coming almost instantly to her. In the brief silence that follows, she hears a faint whine in her ears from the noise of the blast, before the digital voice of the battle droid comes from outside.

Without waiting to consider the situation, Arani grabs a heavy wood table and strains to upend it. As it topples, scattering dishes and cutlery across the floor, she ducks down behind, already rummaging through her bag to find the cold metal handle of her pistol.

Kanner Ra'an
15 January 2004, 11:26 AM
Rayger works quietly, reading some general information about Naboo and its people. It is nearly the twentieth time he's gone over the intel, and it is boring work. The sudden sound of explosivrs does much to change that. Whipping out his blaster carbine, he yells out "ATTACK." he immeadiatly starts making his way towards the entrance to the house, usuing careful, well trained movements branded into his memory.

Howling Wookiee
16 January 2004, 07:01 PM
Rann I-Kanu sits quietly against a wall in deep meditation. He is focusing his energy and the force at total relaxation. While in his deep trance the hairs on the back of his neck tingle as if something is amiss. Rann can't pinpoint the feeling but soon finds out what the feeling was when the door explodes. He quickly springs to his feet while simutaneously retrieving his lightsaber from his side and activating it. The surprise attack has certainly done its job, the entire group and compound was not aware of the attackers. The young padawan points his azure (deep blue) blade toward the lead battle droid, "What are you gonna do now?" Rann takes a step forward and putting all his weight on the balls of his feet. He is ready to attack and attack he will.........movement catches his eye as Rann notices a figure crossing briefly behind the lead battle droid. The figure is 'Galak' and Rann says outloud, "Not now!" He gets ready for battle.

20 January 2004, 03:44 AM
Kian is mid swallow when the doors explode. With Ariani he grabs the table and topples it over for cover. He quickly grabs his blaster from his shoulder holster and checks it to make sure it's working.

As he does so he looks at Rann moving forward with his lightsaber ready. He turns to Ariani "Ok, What's the plan here?"

He awaits for someone to tell him what to do. He didn't know if retreat was the option, attack...anything.

He could feel his palms were suddenly sweaty.

20 January 2004, 05:16 AM
Rayger initiates the action as he steps from his spot at the table and towards the stairs leading out of the subterranean room. Taking a few steps up the stairway, he sees the door at the top, which leads to an outside wall of the cottage, closed with no manner of knowing what lay beyond. The sound of blaster fire from the door across the basement room echoes through his ears and he cannot determine if similar noises racket anywhere else along the property.

As he surveys the scene, one of the battle droids steps into the room through the shattered doorway. It continues to fire its blaster, pouring smoke and fire into the confined room. The shots ricochet off the stone walls and the wooden tables and shelves, spraying shards of rock and wood into the air.

Rann steps forward from his seat and launches himself into the attack. Jumping on top of one of the tables that lay between his position and his target, he crouches to cross it avoiding the low ceiling, and then jumps to the ground a scant three strides later. Directly in front of the battle droid who first entered the room, Rann has closed to personal combat distance.

Behind him, Kian helps Arani overturn the table and they both crouch behind its defensive cover. A few meters from the base of the steps, the hide behind full cover from the onslaught of the incoming battle droids. Deel quickly joins the group behind the toppled, heavy wood harvest table. He smiles at them and quips, “It’ll be sure to take a millennia to blast through this ancient beast. Which is good too, because I’m tired of having them ruin my best outfits!” The quirky Twi’lek draws his sidearm and flashes a toothy grin as he prepares himself for a nasty fight.

The eyes of the second of the Padawans flash in shock at the intrusion. Why can’t we have just a little peace and quiet? Standing and drawing her own lightsaber, she ignites the pink blade, casting an aura around her weapon in the haze. I won’t let another one of my friends be taken by this war, she resolves, and draws on the Force to prepare herself for the coming battle. ((-4VP; +2 to attack))

Howling a battle cry at the unwelcome intrusion of the reunion, Rorworr lifts his bowcaster easily in one hand and fires a shot through the door. The walls muffle the explosion from the cellar, but the darkness beyond the door illuminates with the destruction of the battle droid. At least a squad of droids lies cloaked by the darkness.

Another two step forward into the room, replacing the one destroyed. Too close to Rann to engage, they fire their blaster rifles at the lone Padawaan in the center of the room. Sia-Lann dances lithely to avoid their deadly blasts and the shots careen into the walls behind her, lightly showering her companions hidden behind the table.

20 January 2004, 09:05 AM
With a determined sneer, Deel lines up on a battle droid still caught in the doorway, waiting to get in. Bracing his arms against the top edge of his impromptu barricade, he let fly on the battle droid, using shooting experience gained from weeks of duking it out with the skeletal automatons.

Kanner Ra'an
20 January 2004, 11:59 AM
Rayger turns around and fires two shots from his blaster carbine from his hip, aiming for the closest droid as it emerges from the doorway. " The exit upstairs might be our way out." He shouts over the blaster fire. He observes the droids as they come in. He notes that their was the oppertunity for surrender, indicating at least some humanity among the trade federation. He does not like the naboo's chances. This is no patrol that stumbled on their base. If it were the trade federation would have held off the attack. No, this is a full scale assult and Rayger is not opptimistic at what waits for the group on the other side of the doorway.

(OOC: Multifire)

Rogue Janson
20 January 2004, 12:23 PM
Sitting with back to the table, Arani pops her head over the top to take a look at the situation. Rann is ready to hold the droids off at the doorway and Kian and Deel are already lining up shots at the droids to his left, but she agrees with Rayger's assessment of the situation. This is a well planned attack and there are bound to be more droids behind these ones. Of course there are probably even more droids outside, but that's not the point.

Right now, they need to hold the droids off while they pull out. Arani takes one last look round then starts to stand.

"Kian, Deel, keep those droids back," she tells the pair beside her, "Sia-Lan, Rorworr, with me."

As she says this, Arani is already moving towards the door, though she stands aside to let the Jedi or the wookiee take point. Finally finding her pistol at the bottom of her back, Arani pulls it out, checking the power and settings as she watches the progress of the battle droids.

(OOC: suggest Kian uses suppression fire)

Howling Wookiee
21 January 2004, 05:23 AM
Rann tightens his grip on his lightsaber gets ready for the incoming fire that is sure to come his way. However they fire at his comrade, Sia-Lan. The young padawan grits his teeth in fustration, he is trying to draw fire from his friends and the battle droids are not taking it. Rann hears Arani's orders and he takes a step back calling over his shoulder, "Fall back I will bring up the rear. GO! I'm right behind you, we will get slaughtered in these close quarters." So the Jedi student stays behind to help Deel and Kian hold off any persuit and buy the others some time.

((OOC: Total Defense/Deflect))

23 January 2004, 06:25 AM
Rayger triggers a salvo on the nearest droid in his line of fire. The first shot tears into the target, decimating the skeletal warrior. As the metal limbs clatter to the cobblestone floor, Rayger’s second shot swings wide and tears into the shelving to the right of the attacking platoon, splintering burning the wood.

The droid directly in front of Rann moves off to the side, vying for a clear shot of the other Padawan. Rann slices at it as it moves, but misses the opportune attack. In the clear, the droid fires on Sia-Lann, although misjudges its aim after narrowly avoiding Rann’s assault. The end of the table near Sia-Lann glows from the scorch mark where the blaster bolt impacts.

A pair of shots rings out from behind the impromptu barricade that formerly served as the group’s lunch table in the cellar room. From their crouched positions behind the heavy table, Kian and Deel both fire on the droid immediately to Rann’s left. Kian’s shot slams into the stone wall above the droid, showering it with tiny pebbles but avoiding any real damage. The Twi’lek’s shot, however, finds the dead center of the enemy, and tears a gapping hole through its torso. The carcass falls forward into a heap on the ground, continuing to smolder, helping to fill the room with smoke.

Sia-Lann hesitates and chooses not to strike out with a wave of Force energy, since her friend would receive a portion of the impact. Tensing her upper body, she looks to Rorworr as he nervously releases a soft, guttural growl and cocks his head for her to take the lead. Taking his cue even before the translator droid verbalizes the Wookiee’s intentions, Sia-Lann bounds past Rayger and begins to start up the stairway.

Following shortly after the Padawann, Arani restrains from firing on the advancing droid party. The two women get almost to the door as Rorworr looses a quarrel at Sia-Lann’s assailant. Despite the Wookiee’s previous destruction of the first of the droids, this shot misses and tears into the table in front of the enemy droid. The bowcaster’s loud bark echoes against the stone walls, contrasting sharply with the barks from the blasters. The little translator droid continues to hover near the Wookiee’s shoulder, dodging the bolts of energy that streak through the hazy air.

Another pair of droids advances into the room, each firing as they move. The buzz from another blaster shot expertly blocked by the Padawann on point drowns out the distinct warning tone of an empty power pack from the other weapon of the second droid. The pair closes on Rann, beginning to flank him and creating the potential to surround him. Their movement begins to place restrictions on the ability of Rann’s companions to casually shoot into the melee.

A fourth pair of droids moves out of the darkness beyond the smoking hole where the door used to stand, coming ever closer to Rann. The first fires a blast which Rann deflects aside while another energy projection explodes into a wall somewhere behind him. The droids continue to swarm the young man in their midst, and while they may focus on shooting others in the room, Rann may soon find he lacks an escape route.

Howling Wookiee
24 January 2004, 05:57 AM
Rann calls out over his shoulder to the others as why are retreating, "Guys I need help with an exit." The young padawan decides he will have to make his own exit, and attacks the battle droid on his right. Hopefully he can destroy that one and he will have a clear shot to the stair, as his friends lay down some cover fire for him. Rann twirls the blue blade around over his head and brings the point down at the head of the battle droid to his right, in a stabbing motion.

((OOC: Attack/Move toward the others, if I destroy the droid blocking my way.))

Kanner Ra'an
24 January 2004, 09:30 AM
"Go, we'll cover you." Rayger urges the Jedi, holding his back tight against the wall and firing dangerous bolts towards the swarming droids assualting the padawan. The droids seem to be using typical swarming tactics, pushing their numbers against their enemies till they simply overwhealm them. An all too effective tactic.

(Multifire again. Also Farr, a PM coming about the wieght of my gear.)

Rogue Janson
24 January 2004, 11:14 AM
Arani watches as the battle droids advance to surround Rann, intent on pressing on into the room. Rayger is already firing to clear a path and Rann is slicing at one of the droids in his way. The air in the room is becoming hazy and acrid with the smoke from blaster impacts.

Arani leans to the side to aim past Roworr as he hurries up the stairs and holds her pistol at arms length. Confident that Rann will get out of the way, she draws it across the line of advancing droids, squeezing the trigger as fast as possible, hoping to keep them at bay and confuse their processors. The noise of all the blaster fire is almost painful in what had been a quiet hideway, now no longer a part of Naboo spared from the Trade Federation's violence.

24 January 2004, 12:12 PM
Sia-Lan stops at the top of the stairway. "I'll hold the door until everyone is through," she tells Arani and Rorworr. Without a blaster I can't attack from range, but I've got something better. Reaching out to tap the Force, she turns the power towards a battle droids rifle. Yanking with the Force, she attempts to grab the rifle and hurl it away from the droid. They can't do that much damage without them. This could give Rann time to get out of there.

(OOC: Move object on droids rifle.)

25 January 2004, 03:58 AM
Kian, grimaces as his first shot so easily misses the target. He sees the group beginning to move out of the room, but he also see Rann getting surrounded by the battle droids.

Kian takes a shot at the droids coming in the doorway, hoping to stop Rann getting surrounded and giving him a chance to retreat.

25 January 2004, 05:26 AM
Rayger again looses a pair of blasts. The first demolishes the droid closest to Rann, freeing him to move about even before he strikes at any of the targets near him. Rayger’s second blast, in an effort not to injure the aspiring Jedi, misses the group and leaves a burn across the large table.

The last automated trooper from the first wave, in a retaliatory move, lashes out at Deel and Kian’s fortified position. Hidden behind the heavy table, the pair watches as the blaster bolt collides with the thick wood, shaking it as the wood absorbs the impact. Smoke rises lazily from the charred mark, oblivious to the ensuing madness in the room.

Kian squeezes off a well-aimed shot through the doorway and eliminates one of the two threats visible beyond Rann and his melee. The droid absorbs the impact and careens backwards, landing with a muffled thud. No sound of explosion accompanies the disappearance, but the slicer feels certain that he eliminated the threat.

Deel uses the opportunity Kian provides to make his daring dash from behind the table and up the stairs. The Twi’lek knows that Rann certainly needs covering fire, but he also feels that his other friends and companions provide enough for the time being for the Padawan to retreat. Additionally, if everyone waits to sneak away from behind the fortified position, then the droids will eventually swarm that spot and not leave an escape route.

Through an invisible strand of Force, Sia-Lan connects with the weapon of the droid farthest from her. Yanking back with her control of the Force, she watches as the blaster snaps out of the droid’s hands and across the floor towards the bottom of the staircase. Unarmed, the droid looks about for another sort of weapon frantically, searching for a means to return to the aggressive mode programmed into its logic matrices. ((-1VP))

Rann’s blade stabs into the remaining droid that stands in his path to the stairs. The droid’s power core shorts out as the energy blade destroys it, and the droid begins to fall to the ground, no longer presenting a threat to the Padawan. Even before the droid clatters against the stone floor, Rann has already started moving towards his friends at the stairs and away from the swarming battle droids coming out of the access to the sewers.

With Arani’s heavy blaster pistol coughing a stream of plasma towards the droids, Rorworr nods at her and steps past her and Sia-Lan, then out the door and into the sunshine that lights the farm complex. The sounds of blasters and explosions thunder from the far side of the farm, hinting at another wave of troops attacking the Underground encampment. The Wookiee scout looks about, and while he does not see any of the other troops, he knows the time to retreat has come. With nearly twenty meters to the cover of the woods, Rorworr knows that the safety of the trees will provide the best option for his friends. His hovering droid translates for him, broadcasting down the stairwell “Retreat! To the trees!”

The remaining droid from the doorway attempts to fire its rifle into the room filling with smoke. Before it can release a charge targeting Rann, one of Arani’s blaster bolts strikes it down and turns it into a pile of broken parts. A fifth pair of droids steps up to replace those lost in the doorway, and let loose another pair of shots. The first continues to burn through the table, but the sturdy, handcrafted construction resists giving in and continues to hold. The second nearly slams into Rann, scorching his clothing as he barely dodges out of the way. For all of his careful defense against the automated soldier in melee combat, he finds himself nearly wounded by a shot in the back. ((-13 VP))

25 January 2004, 01:28 PM
Kian smiles when he sees the trapped Jedi moving from his position stuck between the swarming droids. He sees that the rest of the group has started moving towards the stairway, he fires a round of fire against the droid towards the far right of the doorway and then tries to make the stairs.

He hopes that the others will cover him.

Kanner Ra'an
25 January 2004, 02:55 PM
Rayger quickly moves down the stair, firing another shot this time at the droid across the room. He sees Rann and Kian moving towards the stairs. " Move, move, move! I'll hold them." he urges both of the resistance fighters. This better be proof enough for the senate. When they see droids firing on the Jedi of all people theirs gonna be a riot in..... Sith, my equipment. the soldier thinks, remembering the recording equipment vital to his mission.

Rogue Janson
26 January 2004, 11:06 AM
Taking her blaster in both hands, Arani continues firing rapidly, but aims more carefully, trying to pick off battle droids as they come through the door. She steps carefully backwards as she fires, retreating along the edge of the staircase to allow her friends to pass.

Feeling exposed on the stair, she silently wills Kian and Rann to hurry in their retreat and risks a quick glance over her shoulder to check outside, ready to break and run as soon as they are clear.

28 January 2004, 02:17 AM
Blaster bolts graze through the air from all sides endangering the occupants of the room. The flurry of activity keeps all of the shooters from taking close aim at their targets, and keeping all of the friends and the enemy droids from taking harm. The wild situation allows Kian to carefully bob and weave through the maze of flying energy, making his way partially up the stairs, while Deel and Sia-Lan take the opportunity to clear the staircase and follow the Wookiee out of the room and into the open. The sounds of the approaching army meet their ears when they step into the sunlight. They see that Rorworr has not yet moved from his vantage just outside of the cellar door, where he waits for his companions so they can flee into the nearby woods. Still inside the cellar, Rann’s lightsaber again bats away the lethal lances of energy from the attacking droids even as two more join the room and the unarmed one gathers up a discarded blaster rifle. He calls out to the trio of his team left on the stairs, “Go! I’ll cover our retreat! We’ve got to get out of here!”

Kanner Ra'an
28 January 2004, 07:52 AM
Rayger, seeing an oppertunity runs to his equipment instead of the exit. He jumps quickly off the stairs and makes a dash for the important bag. As soon as he can he grabs it and throws it over his shoulder, staying hunches the entire time to avoid the light show of blaster bolts and lightsaber swings.

Rogue Janson
28 January 2004, 09:40 AM
"Dammit, Rayger, did they never teach you to remember things in the military!" Arani shouts at the Republic observer's back. Backing further up the steps and out the room, she ducks into cover beside the door. The sunshine outside forces Arani to squint. She shades her eyes heavily with one hand so they don't adjust and stop her from picking out targets in the relative darkness of the basement. Popping out from behind the wall, she fires snap shots at the droids swarming into the room, trying to pick them off as they aim at her friends.

Come on..., Arani thinks, just a few more seconds and we're away. Of course, she can now hear the sounds of fighting from elsewhere around the farmhouse and knows things are far from over. But one step at a time. The pistol in her hand is already warm from her rapid firing and she worries about not having checked the charge.

"Rann, get youself out of there," she calls to the Jedi, whose lightsabre is weaving in a defensive pattern, but who remains a conspicuous target.

(OOC: suppression fire, lucky if I miss the initial roll)

31 January 2004, 02:07 AM
"You go it!"

Kian, doesn't need to be told twice to head up the stairs. He falls in beside the Wookie, his pistol at the ready.

He risks a glance of the surroundings at the top of the stairs, hoping to see anything more favourable than more droids.

Howling Wookiee
31 January 2004, 06:17 AM
The young Jedi padawan's arms cramps with exhaustion. He realizes that he can't keep this up for very much longer and takes a quick glance over his shoulder to see everyone making it to the top of the stairs. When suddenly the Republic soldier leaps off the stairs and grabs a bag. Rann's face tightens up, "Do we have time for this, Get moving or we are all deep fried......" Rann is cut off from his conversation by whipping his lightsaber up near his forehead to intercept a well placed shot by one of the battle droids, "That's it we moving out now, we have no room to fight down here." With that he continues to face the battle droids and starts forcing himself backwards up the stairs. If he encounters any obstacle he just pushes harder until everyone is moving up the stairs. Once out of the stair way he gathers with his friends that are at the exit of the cellar and surveys the situation.

2 February 2004, 03:53 PM
As Rann disengages from the room, following Arani up the stairs and towards freedom, the combat correspondent dives further into the fray. As Rann moves up the stairs, a bolt grazes his shoulder, burning into his flesh. The wound instantly cauterizes, but the pain brings humiliation with it, as the Padawan became unable to avoid or deflect all of the blasts. ((-12VP;-2WP))

The droids at the base of the stairs begin to move as they fire at Rayger. Arani picks a single one off, nearest to her, in a hail of deadly fire. The rest of her shots pepper the tables and floor around the droids, tossing debris into the smoky air. ((Used Lucky))

Rayger bobs and weaves as the air around him fills with scorching plasma from the barrels of the battle droid rifles. One comes too close and he winces as he hears some of his hair sizzle away. ((-5VP))

His bag firmly in hand, the Republic soldier realizes that another pair of enemy combatants enters the doorway, firing as they move. The odds heavily stacked against him, he pauses for a moment with the rest of the team safely out of the way at the top of the stairs.

Even with Arani providing cover fire, Rayger will have to defy six-to-one odds to escape without harm. Thus far he has been successful, but every moment he delays, the risks increase.

Kanner Ra'an
2 February 2004, 04:20 PM
"You want help from the senate, we need this stuff." The republic soldier replies to the various comments about his forgetfullness. Though he forgot the bag of equipment as he had been focusing on the attack as he is trained to, he does realise it was a stupid mistake and curses himself for it. Seeing the droids opposing him, and not needing to be a combat vertern to realise he is badly outnumbered, Rayger bolts out of the room and up the stairs at full speed as soon as he has the bag in his grasp.

Rogue Janson
3 February 2004, 01:35 PM
"You want help from the senate, we need this stuff."
"And we need you not shot full of holes!" Arani spits back at Rayger. Despite this, she waits until he is out of the room before breaking and sprinting after him.

The farmhouse behind her, Arani looks around as she runs, trying to figure out the situation, and spot any other activity. They could be getting into even worse trouble out here. Away from the colo claw and into the sando's grasp as the saying goes.

Howling Wookiee
3 February 2004, 01:54 PM
As Rann scrambles up the stairway a droid gets a lucky shot and the young padawan is nearly spun around from the impact of the crimson bolt. He winces in pain but keeps his momentum going up the stairs as he hears and feels near misses behind him. Upon reaching the top of the stairs and outside he leans heavily on his knees, obviously in pain from his wounds. Rann straightens up and hides his pain but it is clearly evident that the young man is in some considerable pain. He addresses the group, "Where.....to? Trees? We need cover.......and regroup." The student of the force keeps his lightsaber activated just incase as he waits painfully and patiently for a response from the group.

4 February 2004, 08:30 AM
Deel pauses at the top of the stairs to lay down a hail of cover fire back down into the basement in an attempt to buy Rayger an extra few seconds. As soon as Rayger starts up the steps, he will turn and chase after his companions toward the relative safety of the trees.

((OOC: Cover fire.))

4 February 2004, 01:42 PM
Deel’s flurry of blasts pepper the bottom of the stairs just before Rayger starts up them. The correspondent hefts his gear and continues to zig-zag and bob and weave, narrowly avoiding a volley of fire from the eight battle droids that continue into the room and follow his steps to the bottom of the staircase. Blaster fire lances out of the door, almost catching him as he steps away from the opening.

Outside of the little cottage, Rorworr already leads the group towards the trees. The team has spread out, with two to five meters between each individual, leaving Rayger and Rann together at the rear. None of the advancing force has started to fire on them, although they see other buildings in flames or stormed by the droids. It will only be a matter of moments before the enemy forces overrun their position.

Others from the resistance cell have already disappeared into the forest. The sounds of battle carry across the grounds indicating some of the martial members of the cell oppose the Trade Federation units, buying time for the rest to escape.

Near the trees, Rorworr howls and waves his arm, beckoning the group to hurry to the protection of the trees.

5 February 2004, 03:24 PM
Sia-Lan extinguishes her lightsaber. As the pink blade recedes, she begins to run toward Rorworr and the safety of the treeline. That was a close one! I hope that everyone made it out ok. She reaches Rorworr and turns to look out at the advancing droids. How could they have found our secret base? Could they have followed us from our last mission? Looking back, she sees the group coming up to the trees.

Howling Wookiee
5 February 2004, 05:35 PM
Rann waits a heartbeat to make sure that Rayger is bringing up the rear, then takes off running when he does indeed see Rayger making a run for it with the others. The young padawan winces with each step he takes and tries to gather the Force into his body to give him strength, but Rann can't concentrate enough through the pain to coax the Force into him. He nearly topples over on himself on a root but regains his balance in a flailing motion. All he watches is the tree line getting closer and concentrates on getting there with his friends. Rann notices the sounds and smells of battle going on around him but he merely concentrates on the tree line, "Must make it to the treeline." He watches as his Wookiee friend urges them on and Rann looks around to make sure everyone is present and accounted for. His lightsaber still burns bright blue as he starts to slow down near the treeline. Once there he addresses the group out of breath, "What's next? We can't hide here forever. We need a plan of action and we need it now." Rann leans heavily on a tree as he finishes. He closes his eyes half way and reaches out to the Force to replenish his body and to give him strength.

((OOC: Prolong Force and Heal Self if we are no in any immediate danger.))

Kanner Ra'an
5 February 2004, 06:11 PM
Rayger comes crashing through the treeline, the last of the group to do so. He opens his duffel that he just risked his life for and removes his holorecorder. Turning the unit on, he starts recording the attack. He keeps a broad view of the attack, trying to make sure to record everything. If neccessary individual things can be focused on later by image techies. For now he need to get footage of the actually event.

As he films Rayger says "As much as i'd like to stay and get all of this, we should probably move, and now. The trade federation is going to start for the woods as soon as the heavy fighting in the compound is finished." confident he has enough footage, Rayger steps away from the treeline to face the others. He does not elaborate on his suggestion. He is an observer, and he wants to see how the group operates on its own. He makes sure to keep filming. If this is the pride of the naboo resistance, their actions will be signifigant in judging the credability of the entire group.

Rogue Janson
6 February 2004, 05:54 AM
Arani hits the treeline just ahead of Rann and Rayge, deftly cutting through the foliage and ducking down beside a tree. From this position, she catches her breath, looks around at the situation and rummages around in her bag for a spare power pack.

"Where to now, Rorworr?" she asks, deferring to the wookiee's experience. She itches to get back into combat and defend the rest of the resistance group, but it seems they are out of position, with no-one else nearby. So perhaps their best bet is to get away cleanly and meet up with the rest later.

9 February 2004, 03:54 AM
Rann’s rest lasts a brief moment while the group catches their breath. Rorworr pauses only for an instant before continuing his charge into the trees. He grunts something to his companion droid, who continues to dart forward, leading the group, encouraging them to keep up. Astonishing his friends, the Wookiee deftly scales a tall tree, almost faster than the brain can imagine, disappearing into the foliage.

The translator droid does not wait for his master, instead following the orders to lead deeper into the swamplands. The group continues on the run, and after a moment hears leaves rustling in the canopy above their heads. Deel, Kian and Rayger catch glimpses of the brown furry flash that can only be Rorworr leaping from tree to tree. The six on the ground arrive in a clearing and become startled when the Wookiee provides a surprise by jumping to the ground, landing softly in an opening in front of them.

Immediately the droid begins translating the guttural comments. “The battle droids completely overran the compound. It appears, however, that many managed to escape first. Most fled on foot, into the swamps as we have. We should be able to find them; there are few places they will likely rendezvous at. Commander Dannt should know of these safe locations. Unfortunately, our progress will be slow, so we do not lead the overhead droid starfighters or STAPs along with us.”

The Wookiee pauses, considering his next course of action. “I would like to get moving again soon, but you all seem like you might need some rest first. We will move forward on your schedule.”

9 February 2004, 06:01 AM
As soon as he makes it to the treeline, Deel takes a deep breath of the fresh, outside air. Now, mingled with the smells of battle, namely ozone and burnt circuitry, he also detects rotting vegetation, mud, and a few of naboo's wide array of wildflowers. After listening to the droid, he speaks up,

"Well, I cant speak for anyone else, but so long as we'll be moving slowly, I feel I can catch my breath as we move. I, for one, suggest that we dont stay in any one place very long at all."

For the first time since his last mission, Deel has time, health, and frustration all at the same time. Almost instinctively, he reaches into a shirt pocket and pulls out his pack of cigarettes.

Howling Wookiee
10 February 2004, 05:44 PM
Rann accepts the strength that the force fills into his body. He gets his "second wind" but he is still exhausted from his wounds. He looks up as Rorworr makes the statement about pressing on and Rann merely nods his head as he agrees with Deel's statement. The padawan pushes off the tree he was leaning on and runs with the group but remains at back of the group, because of his healing wounds. He watches in amazement as his Wookiee friend travels the treetops effortlessly. Rann keeps his eyes and ears peeled for any sign of patroling battle droids or STAPs. He trusts Rorworr fully in leading them in the right direction. Rann looks around at the group and past Arani and notices a figure paralleling them in the dense trees. Just before Rann halts the group to take cover, he gets a good glimpse of the figure as the familiar ghostly image smiles back at him. The young Jedi student shakes his head vigorously, looks forward, and presses on. After a couple of painful meters, Rann looks back past Arani and notices the figure is gone, Rann nods his head in approval and concentrates on keeping his feet moving.

Rogue Janson
11 February 2004, 09:49 AM
The way Rorworr moves through the trees, Arani realises why he was able to hide out so well. She looks around alertly for any sign of pursuit, hearing the distant hum of droid fighters and sporadic crackle of blaster fire.

The Wookiee pauses, considering his next course of action. “I would like to get moving again soon, but you all seem like you might need some rest first. We will move forward on your schedule.”
"I think we should keep moving," Arani replies to Rorworr. Except for Rann, they are all a bit out of breath but fit. With Rann unable to move quickly, no-one else should have problems. The Jedi padawan is pale and acting slightly strangely, looking around in an odd way.
"Unless we can do something about Rann's injury," she adds, looking at Sia-Lan in case she can use the Force to help.

11 February 2004, 04:17 PM
"I agree with everyone else, we should keep moving, but if we need to move slowly, so be it," Sia-Lan states. Looking over the group, she notices that almost everyone is in good shape.

"Unless we can do something about Rann's injury," she adds, looking at Sia-Lan in case she can use the Force to help.

Making eye contact with Arani, Sia-Lan nods. "Rann, come over here, I'll try to help heal your wounds with the Force." Sia-Lan closes her eys and reaches out to the Force, she brings it's healing energy to Rann. Hoping that her skill with healing will help Rann, she opens her eyes to find out if Rann has improved any.

12 February 2004, 06:12 PM
During their brief sojourn, Sia-Lan lays hands upon Rann and the others watch in disappointment as the already cauterized wounds fail to shrivel in their sizes. Rann, however, feels rejuvenation to his body and mind, the Force pushing out weariness and refreshing the young Padawan. ((Rann’s VP:17/25, WP 11/13)) ((Sia-Lan’s VP:16/22, WP:12/12))

As soon as the mystic healing process has ended, Rorworr nods and begins to lead them forward again. This time he remains on the ground with them, taking his time as they progress deeper into the swamplands outside of Theed. The group marches on for hours, further from the familiar urban landscapes of the capitol city.

The sun sets through the canopy, long shadows stretch across the bog casting eerie images from childhood ghost stories in the alien landscape. The Wookiee guide insists they press forward, toward an unnamed goal. The darkness settles and a moon rises. The dense foliage of the tree tops splinter the light from the full moon, only allowing just barely enough illumination to slowly find a path through the wetlands.

With a sudden alarm, the Padawan learners sense a presence watching their movement. They quickly call for the party to stop, and weapons come to the ready, preparing for the unseen dangers lurking in the shaded fenland. Rorworr sniffs at the air, unable to trace a familiar scent. A lanky alien slips out of the darkness into a sliver of moonlight.

Just under two meters in height, and with a slight build, the long, floppy ears of the bizarre creature stand out as an identifiable factor. Two eyestalks protrude from the top of the forehead, over a bill-like mouth. It carries with it a long pike with a curved end as if to hold a ball of some sort. A conventional blaster pistol rests on the hip of the creature, providing a weapon with range. That the blaster remains holstered gives some reprieve to the group of freedom fighters.

“Ho ‘der, Rorworr. What-sen bringin’ you-sa ‘ere?” The alien’s eyes look cautiously over the suspect group, far away from their usual habitat.

Rorworr replies in his own guttural tongue, and the translator droid does not even bother to speak for the Wookiee. The conversation lasts a few moments before the alien steps forward, a grin spreading across his face. “De friends o’ Rorworr is-sen de friends o’ Toba.” He pauses, looking around again at the area. “But come-en. Dis-en not good camp. You-sa follow’en me-sa.” Without another word, the strange creature turns around and steps again into the thicket, leading the group in a new direction.

Rorworr does not pause for a moment, immediately stepping out to keep up with his companion. The march continues for another half-an-hour before they enter a clearing. A small fire brings a meager warmth and light to the area. Rayger notes its careful construction limits detection by searching droids; the alien guide apparently knows how to hide from sentries in this wilderness.

Toba offers the group a scanty selection of dried fruits and meats as they gather around the fire. Rorworr and Toba tell how they met when both set out to explore the wilderness of Naboo individually. Toba, the group learns, hails from the other native species to the planet, the Gungans. He tells that his people have a history of conflict with the human population, whom he refers to with the same designation as the planet. The Gungans live in the wilderness and primarily under the waters of the planet.

The recent attack by the Trade Federation has affected both parties equally. Boss Nass, the leader of the settlement of Otoh Gunga, believed that the droid armies would bypass the Gungans. Unfortunately, his assessment turned out incorrectly, and in the past days, the Trade Federation found ways to strike at the underwater cities. Toba remains certain that the majority of the Gungans have fled deeper into the swamps, to holy places. His trek has already taken him through three abandoned sites, and tomorrow will take him to the next nearest one, where he hopes to meet up with his people.

He offers everyone to sleep peacefully in his camp for the evening. The droid patrols do not go so deep into the swamps, and he assures them safety from the local wildlife. Tomorrow he will lead them to the Gungan forces, where hopefully they can find safe haven.

13 February 2004, 03:51 AM
Kian stared for a few moments at the Gungan. He had seen some strange creatures in his lifetime, but nothing quite like that. His proportions seemed almost comic in nature.

He followed the group, going deeper and deeper into the forest. Happy to have a few bits to eat, since he never actually ate anything in the dining room. However, he did feel very out of place, he was a techie at heart and felt quite useless without a computer or even a viewscreen in sight.

Out of habit, he kept checking his blaster pistol, ensuring that it was still working and that he was ready if anything came upon them in the forest.

Frankly, the forest gave him the chills.

He asked the group "How long are we going to be out here?"

Howling Wookiee
15 February 2004, 05:52 AM
Rann tries to keep himself open to the force as they make their way through the swamp, but the young Jedi student is alarmed when a creature comes out to greet Rorworr. Rann's finger immediately presses on the activation stud on his lightsaber. He does not apply enough pressure to activate it but with a twitch of the finger his weapon will be ready. However, he releases his finger as he notices that Rorworr and the creature appear to know each other and this relaxes the padawan a little. He keeps an alert eye out for ambush as the Wookiee and creature converse.

Rann tries to follow the conversation but finds it hard to follow the creature that is later revealed as a Gungan. He had heard rumors about these creatures at the school but has never actually layed eyes on one. Rann listens intently to the Gungan's recount of information, about his leader and a secret rendevous. After the brief exchange of words the Gungan, named Toba, leads the group deeper into the swamp. Rann trusts his Wookiee friend and weakly brings up the rear of the group as they travel.

Upon reaching the "camp", Toba states that this is a safe place and everyone should get some rest. Rann does not argue the point as his wound, tho not serious, are taking a toll on his body. He finds two tree roots that parallel each other and takes some moss to cushion the ground. He tells himself that he will not sleep but from his wounds and the exhaustive journey finds himself fast asleep before his head hits the moss. It is not a restful sleep and the young student thrashes in the during his sleep as if being attacked by his dreams.

EDIT Forgot this: ((OOC: Heal Self/ Applied to VP if sucessful))

Kanner Ra'an
15 February 2004, 06:47 AM
Rayger does not exactly know what to make of the Gungan. His briefing had contained a very brief section on the native race of Naboo. It was very small however, simply stating that they did not share good relations with the Human population and were slightly more warlike then their peaceful nieghbors. Always on the job, he records the strange beings accounts of what happened to his people and files them in his holocams memory.

Its getting pretty obvious. he thinks to himself as he reflects on the new evidence. The trade federation's setting itself up for a long stay here. He considers the other reports. Those that the federation has everyone in camps, and has been starving the people of the planet. Though he does not take the rebel's testaments as fact, they do bring some disturbing thoughts. Whats in it for them. If the senate sees these acts then they'll be force to do something about it, no matter who they have on their payroll. So whats the advantage here. It cant earn them any profit. Even if they do want to convert Naboo into another export world, they need the population as a work force and their not doing anything thats giving any Nabooian incentive to do that. Something else is going on here, but whats worth that much on Naboo. Recalling everything that was passed on to him during the briefings, the republic soldier comes up with no answers to his questions.

Rayger decides to let it be for now. Feeling content that the aliens shelter is a good enough hiding place, the peacekeeper finds a spot to settle down. He strips off the jacket portion of his combat jumpsuit and sets it up as a pillow. Always catious in a warzone, he removes his blaster pistol from its shoulder holster. Checking to make sure the safty is on, he slides his hand with the gun still in it under his makeshift pillow and is silently asleep within a few minutes.

Rogue Janson
15 February 2004, 07:50 AM
Who’d have guessed Rorworr would get along with a Gungan, Arani thinks to herself. She is glad for the assistance though; without doubt no-one knows the wetlands better than them. There’s nothing for the Naboo in these areas, so they rarely come down. Frankly though, the idea of running into a band of Gungan warriors isn’t much more appealing to her than a squad of battle droids. At least they can blast the battle droids. Her family has had very occasional dealings with the Gungans in the past about trade and resource access and found them proud and stubborn. Best to leave them to the swamps and seas is the Naboo’s general attitude.

She leans back against a large tree, singing a quiet jizz song to herself and idly trying to clean the dirt from her fingernails. Arani wonders whether they shouldn’t be trying to find the rest of their resistance cell, rather than searching out these Gungan forces, but she doesn’t feel like arguing the point with Rorworr.

"How long are we going to be out here?"
“Who knows,” Arani calls over to Kian, “once we find the Gungans, I suppose we can get Rann patched up, grab some supplies and then get back to business.”
Like Kian, she finds the setting uncomfortable. The air is cold and damp and the ground soggy and uneven and sleep doesn’t seem likely.

17 February 2004, 08:07 PM
Sia-Lan senses a presence watching the group from the forest and she asks the group to stop. It doesn't feel threatening, but she rests her hand on her lightsaber, just in case. When she notices the figure coming out of the swamp, she recognizes it as a Gungan. I never thought I would meet one of these.

Sia listens to Toba and follows him to his camp, knowing that Rorworr would never betray them. Listening to Toba, she watches the rest of the group. Sia notices that Arani and Kian feel a little out of place, but she loves the feeling of being out in nature, where the Force is stronger, eventhough the Trade Federation is after them. She eats what Toba has to offer, then she settles in for the night, feeling exhaustion catching up to her. Sia takes off her Jedi robe and utility belt, setting the latter on the ground next to her. Laying on her side, she pulls her robe over herself. Sia thanks Toba for his help, then falls fast asleep.

18 February 2004, 04:06 AM
Chatting during idle time has become a favorite pastime of the small group of friends and now teammates. They pass the evening peacefully, and the sounds of nature lull them into a restful sleep. Exhausted from the activities of the previous afternoon, they all sleep deeply, despite any misgivings about the unfamiliar surroundings.

Toba wakes them the next morning and they rise to find their campsite surrounded by heavy fog. A stew warmed over the morning fire suffices for breakfast, providing sustenance for the journey of the day. Rorworr has left early in the morning, the Gungan tells the group, scouting a bit ahead on their trail. Toba plans to meet with him a short time later, on their way to a site of ancient ruins where the Gungan forces likely hide from the Trade Federation.

Everyone feels refreshed after the evening’s rest, although when Rann checks his wounds, he finds that it still has not healed naturally. Toba applies a healing salve and wraps a native cure over the damaged area. He assures the young Padawan that given time on their travels today, the wound should close, although they should certainly check it when they stop for the day.

Soon after the group has broken their fast, they follow instructions from the Gungan and break camp. He leads the team members into the thick fog that has refused to subside, forcing the group to stay close together for fear of disappearing in the marshlands. Before long, they enter another clearing and their guide raises a closed fist in the air, ordering their march to stop.

A tall dark shadow emerges through the haze, causing the paranoid group to ready their weapons. The tendrils of mist pull away from the shape, revealing the Wookiee companion. He and Toba share a few short words and then the Gungan bounds off into the swamp as the translator droid summarizes the terse conversation; Rorworr will continue the group along their path with Toba goes out to make contact with a nearby cluster of Gungans.

They plod along following the Wookiee who has obviously slowed his pace so the group may keep up with him. After a while, a tingle in the back of the Padawans’ minds grows, although they cannot determine the source. A short while later, Arani and Rayger feel certain that someone or something lurks beyond the thick veil of mist, but neither can spot the cause of their feeling. Finally, they mention the situation to Rorworr, who seems incredibly casual about the warning. He replies that the Gungans have been tracking them for quite a while, even before he took over for Toba, but the group has nothing to fear from the native warriors.

The fog begins to lift, and dilapidated statues of enormous proportions appear embedded in the murky and moist ground. The escort continues to remain elusive, although signs of recent life or activity also dot the emerging landscape, hidden amongst the large pillars of stone that once comprised the effigies. Rorworr leads them forward, following a path hidden to all other eyes, as if he has traveled these parts many times, his feet never faltering. Much less could be said of his companions, who had frequently stumbled and occasionally fallen into the murky swamp waters.

As they approach the left half of a face of one of the tall statues, the nose nearly two meters in length, the group glimpses the possibilities of the sheer magnitude the emblems must have once maintained. Now all that remains from the lost culture rests half eclipsed by mud and plants.

A pair of Gungans, riding bizarre mounts slip forward from behind a boulder – or perhaps additional rubble from the lost culture – and approach the urbanites. The warrior escorts sit atop scaly-skinned wingless avians with strong legs and smooth bodies and challenge the group before giving them an order to proceed cautiously forward. Rorworr continues to seem unaffected by the confrontation and casually follows their instructions, leading the pack deeper into the sacred place.

Toba joins them moments later and leads the squad through a maze of ruins, past encamped Gungan families and towards a central meeting area. The fog has lifted high above the enclave, allowing greater visibility for the group. They have become the center of attention, with their mounted escorts, as they nearly parade through the camp. Gungans stop their activities to stare and see what these people bring to their place of refuge.

Ahead of the group, speaking with a thin and ornately attired Gungan, Lucos Dannt surprises the resistance cell with his presence. The two sit together on a raised and improvised dais, communicating about some unknown situation. The commotion of the parade catches the attention of the two leaders, who in turn pause their conversation. Dannt rises and steps off the platform, rushing to his former students and their companions.

Greeting them warmly, he praises their tenacity and ability to evade the Trade Federation search parties. Ushering them to sit at a fire off to one side, the brilliantly clothed Gungan joins the group and the former headmaster explains how he escaped with other members of the resistance and ran into one of Residar’s patrols. The story continues, bringing the two organizations together against their common enemy, the Trade Federation.

The gracious hosts bring out refreshments and soon other members of Dannt’s organization join the recently arrived group. They tell how the Trade Federation wiped out the farm complex that had served as their base of operations and how the droid warriors killed or captured most of the people there. Everyone had feared that the celebrated unit had suffered the same fate. Only the small handful of survivors in this camp escaped with Dannt.

One of them, a doctor by trade, offers to take a look at Rann’s blaster wound. The doctor remarks with great surprise at Toba’s alternative treatment of the wound. He tells the Padawan that the Gungan’s methods certainly differ from traditional medicine, but appear no less effective. Rann should continue to bandage the wound, the doctor instructs, but as far as he can tell, the Padawan appears completely healthy and healed.

During a late morning meal, the former headmaster steps away for a short period before he returns to the group, looking excited. “I’ve got great news,” he says in his gruff intonations. “The Queen has returned safely, and made official peace with the de facto leader of the Gungan peoples. Working together, she prepares a major counteroffensive for this afternoon. The Gungan armies will engage the battle droids on the fields outside of Theed. The Naboo Resistance forces will take on the remaining battle droids in the city, allowing the Queen and her forces to confront the leaders of the Trade Federation directly. Your job is to participate in the urban fighting. You feeling up to it?”

18 February 2004, 05:28 AM
Throughout the night spend out in the wilds of Naboo, Deel had remained uncharacteristically quiet, though he felt considerably out of place and was repulsed by many of she sights, sounds, and, especially smells of the swamp, he kept his disparaging comments to himself, in an effort to boost morale. Now as the morning progressed, he'd become increasingly more nervous, the more of the bizarre looking aliens they encountered. Finally, Deel realized that they were in the center of a refugee camp of some sort that these people had set up. Deel did not fear the Gungans so much as he was fascinated by them. Even living on Naboo for all these months, this was the first time he had ever seen one of these interesting specimens. Perhaps what he found the most interesting was their peculiar dialect, which could, by no means be considered Basic, but at the same time, could not be considered anything else. If Deel had any misgivings about the exotic beings, however, they were instantly dispelled when he saw headmaster Dannt conversing with someone who apparently held some sort of leadership position among the gungans. Upon hearing his teacher's proposal, Deel responded in typical Deel fashion,

"I would love it. Anything that can get me out of this mud and grime will be a welcome relief, especially the beautiful Theed!", he says all of this with a smile however, even getting smiles from some of the gungan refugees who heard his comments: they realize, as he does, that Deel is grateful to them for accepting him, and that he will be going away to fight for their freedom as well as his own.

Howling Wookiee
18 February 2004, 09:58 AM
The young padawan thanks Toba for his primative medical practices and gently pats the bandage to ensure that it is firmly in place and not restrict his movement. The next morning, Rann is somewhat refreshed after a restless night and his shoulder is not a sore as the night before. He eats sparingly of the morning stew and takes up in the middle of the march as it heads out. His wound still aggrivates him and travelling is difficult, tripping occasionally but catching himself before he falls headfirst into the murk.

Rann's eyes dart around through the mist as they travel along. He watches as if trying to get a glimpse of something or someone. The young student almost looks relaxed as his eyes do not find any ghostly images lurking in the thick mists. His relaxed state of being is shortlived as the Force warns him of something but is not specific. He fears he is being paranoid until he catches the same feeling from Sia-Lan.

When Rann first notices the shadow exiting the mist he instinctively draws his lightsaber, but realizing that it is Rorworr, returns it to his belt. The Wookiee states that they are being shadowed and not to be alarmed. But Rann still keeps his lightsaber in easy reach, just in case.

They make it a refugee camp and Rann tries to express compassion and diligence, but feels awkward at the beings staring at him. The group reaches the "center" of the camp and all eyes fix on Dannt. Rann greets him and expresses great relief that he is alive. The padawan walks over and bows deeply to the ornately decorated Gungan that Dannt was speaking with and says, "I am Rann I-Kanu, Jedi Padawan to Jedi Master Ali-Vor. We are here to offer our services to you and your people." After the greetings are done, he sits down by the fire and converses with the others. One of Dannt's field doctors comes over and inspects the padawan's wounds and advises that he is healing good. Rann thanks the doctor and returns his attention to his friends. Dannt leaves then returns with news of a mission. Rann is both excited and apprehensive about the news. Time to get back into action he tells himself. He states to the group, "The Queen's safety is our utmost responsibilty. We will aid her in any means. She should not have returned here and endangered herself but I have heard that she is "persuasive" in certain matters. Dannt, do we have details of the mission, yet?" Rann stands and waits patiently for a response.

((OOC: Man that's long winded. But had alot to respond too.))

Kanner Ra'an
18 February 2004, 12:10 PM
Rayger is mostly quiet throughout the night and hike through the swamps that followed it. The knowledge that Gungan warriors are tracking them puts him slighltly on edge, though he does not let it bother him too much and seems calm throughout the journey.

He continues his silence when they arrive at the Gungan camp. He takes a few recorings, making sure to show proof of this particular alliance with the Natives. He continues to at the time of the briefing, and makes sure to get the reactions of his new teammates.

Well that was unexpected. Rayger thinks at the news of Naboo's young elected matriarch's return. Then this is for sure, the naboo are going for pure sabacc. The soldier knows their is no better way to describe it. If the Gungans are going into open battle with the trade federation and the Naboo are going to strike the city of Theed, then it has to represent a majority of the strength of the planet. Tactically it does not sound like a great idea. The Trade federation is strong and obviously more advanced then the Gungans. Even if the Naboo do succeed the army confronting the troops could be obliterated. But its not my place to object. So if i want to save lives, i better do my damndest to see this thing work right.

"Im in." The peacekeeper says. "But like the Jedi i want to know everything you can tell me."

19 February 2004, 03:47 AM
Waking from a kind-of restful nights sleep, Kian walks further than he had for many years.

A sense of awe welled within him as they walked through the giant heads that previous beings (the gungans?) had created.

Annoyance was the feeling he felt as he sloshed through the water after slipping into the swamp. He grumbled as they walked along "Never get the smell out of these boots." Although he wasn't sure who he was talking to, the mist being so thick.

He sighed with relief when they reached the encampment and felt bad for his whining when their leader detailed the situation and the fact that the team he had joined would be moving out shortly.

He crossed his legs as he sat on the moist ground. He rested his head in his hands, wondering how the hell he got himself into this situation in the first place...

Rogue Janson
19 February 2004, 03:48 AM
The Gungan warriors make Arani a little nervous but she doesn’t let it affect her and gets more at ease as she feels the safety of the Gungan’s refuge. Her mood is improved even further when she sees Lucos Dannt, conversing with some Gungan leader. She listens eagerly to Dannt’s narrative, feeling joy at those resistance members present, and sorrow for those killed or captured by the Trade Federation. The idea of working with the Gungans is hard to imagine, but if anything is likely to confuse a battle droid, it’s a Gungan.

Then, later on, Dannt breaks the news the Queen is a live, on Naboo and has made an alliance with the Gungans to defeat the Trade Federation. As Dannt continues, she knows this could be the final act of the occupation. Its cowardly leaders are the weak point of the Trade Federation organisation; if they can reach them, the war will be over. Arani feels herself brimming with new energy and enthusiasm. With Naboo united against them, the Trade Federation will soon learn the true cost of the occupation.

“Your job is to participate in the urban fighting. You feeling up to it?”

"I would love it. Anything that can get me out of this mud and grime will be a welcome relief, especially the beautiful Theed!"
Arani grins at Dannt’s request and Deel’s response, the dangers of combat for now forgotten.
“Count us in,” she replies, presuming to speak for the whole group, sure that no-one would disagree.

21 February 2004, 05:27 AM
That the team willingly accepts the mission visibly pleases the headmaster, as his face brightens with a smile. “Great. I was hoping you’d all say that.” The smile fades slightly as he gets into specifics. “Unfortunately, I don’t have any details for you. Since this is kind of coming together at the last minute, we’re all playing catch-up. Additionally, we don’t have access to any intel. The plan is for most of the droid army forces to have vacated Theed, simplifying our position. Naturally, we expect some guards to remain, and that’s what we’re going in to attack.”

He shifts, finding a more comfortable position, and continues his speech. “You’re to infiltrate and prepare to attack remaining forces. Upon the signal – and all I know is that you’ll know the signal when you get it – you begin your attack. Continue taking out the forces until a cease-fire is ordered; guess that’s the queen’s ultimate goal here. We’re just buying her time.”

Pausing briefly, the group believes the time has come for the typical question and answer session. As the headmaster rises to his feet, he cuts them off with a wave of his hand. “Unfortunately, that’s all I know. I’ll be taking the other survivors of our cell in as well, on a different path for the same mission. We’ve got no supplies to issue, so you’ll have to use only what you have with you. I’m guessing with the exception of Rayger,” he adds, scanning over the group, “that means pistols for all of you. Glad to see you kept your carbine,” he directs at the Republic observer. “So this is certainly going to be tight. And we had better get moving. Toba and Rorworr will escort you all to the edge of Theed. Then you’ll be on your own. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.”

He leaves them with their guides to make last minute preparations. Toba and Rorworr step off to the side briefly, discussing the routes to take to the capital city. They regroup shortly, and find the team ready to depart. Rorworr explains through his translator that the Gungan guide will accompany them only to the halfway point, before turning to join his armies on the battlefield.

The Wookiee leads the team the rest of the way to Theed after Toba departs from an uneventful journey through the swamplands. Standing at the outskirts of the beautiful capital, the vacancy and quietness strikes a discord among those who have called Theed home. Rorworr pauses, giving everyone a last chance to back out of the mission, although none of the group opts for that choice.

Entering the city, those who have participated in missions into Theed thus far find it only slightly different from their previous encounters. Most of the time, they had not seen Trade Federation guards, but this day there seemed to be even fewer than usual. The Gungan’s ruse must have worked, drawing the remaining forces out of the capital. Sneaking through the ghostly city proves simple; only one small roaming patrol crosses their path, and they just waited for the droids to pass by before advancing their position.

Arriving near the palace, the team stops, spying a commander droid, a security droid, and six soldier droids around one of the Trade Federation tanks. The daunting security unit stands idly in the afternoon sun, obviously not expecting an assault within the city limits. Hiding in the shadows out of sight of the enemy forces, a sound from behind them attracts the attention of the group.

“You there, are you for or against the queen?” asks a Royal Security guard, stepping closer from even deeper shadows.

Quickly assured by Arani that the team has gathered to help liberate Theed, the resistance fighters stare in amazement as Queen Amidala herself steps out from the shadows to join her guardsman. Another soldier and a handmaiden accompany her, coming closer to the small group.

“Loyal citizens,” the queen says, “we need your help. We have to get past those droids and enter the palace. Can you occupy the droids while we run straight for the palace? You do not have to eliminate them, just keep them busy. Once we get inside, your job is done. Flee into the city and find a safe place to hide. We have friends inside the palace who will help us once we are there. Do you understand?”

Kanner Ra'an
21 February 2004, 07:45 AM
Son of a Sith she really is here, and on the front lines. The republic peacekeeper thinks in concealed amazement. Why couldn't the senate have more politicians like this.

It only takes the man a second to remember her request in his amazement. He looks over again at the force the queen has asked them to distract. The droids would not be that difficult, but the tank and its firepower are. The fact that with his carbine he is the most heavily armed in the group does not comfort hime either. On the other hand however the queens leadership could be critical.

It does not take long at all for Rayger to make up his mind. Though he still says nothing, keeping his observers tactics of not influencing the teams he has been sent to observe, the soldier of the republic knows firmly that he will be in this fight for better or worse.

Rogue Janson
22 February 2004, 03:43 AM
Arani's surprise at seeing the Queen is swiftly overtaken by her years spent slowly absorbing protocol and etiquette.

"Yes, your highness," she replies, pulling off as effective a curtsy as she can manage in her current attire. If only Galak were here to see the Queen fighting with us, she thinks. One way or another, this is going to be the end of it.

Knowing there is no point wasting time, Arani turns away from the Queen without waiting for acknowledgement and starts looking over the area and the droid forces. Small arms aren't going to do much against the tank, but a lightsabre might - or at least it could open a hatch. Drawing the tank away from the area would probably be safer though. Mind locked into gear, she checks closely for cover, concealment, escape routes and anything else that might be important.

Howling Wookiee
22 February 2004, 12:51 PM
Rann travels with the rag tag group to Theed in silence. He meditates in the force preparing him for what is to come. Upon stopping outside of Theed Rann gives Rorworr a nod of incouragement that the entire team is ready and willing to press on.

As the group enters the empty streets of Theed, Rann feels a very strong being in the Force. Rann can't pinpoint the person but knows a second before the guard comes out that the queen has arrived. The young padawan bows deeply as the queen addresses the group, "You have the support of the Jedi My Lady." Rann nods toward Sia-Lan as he addresses the group. Both the Jedi know that the ultimate mission is to protect the Queen by any means necessary.

Rann peeks around the corner at the tank. He thinks to himself, "Droids are not a "big" problem but the tank is. Need to eliminate the tank or draw it away." He regards the group, then to Sia-Lan, "You up for some tag? Me and you can draw the tank away and the others can take care of the droids. What do you think?" Rann peeks back around the corner to assess the situation. He then returns his attention back to the group for a response or ideas.

Kanner Ra'an
22 February 2004, 01:50 PM
Rayger, though a little uneasy about influencing tactics, decides to speak up. He has seen enough combat to know his advice could be valuable.

"With all due respect master Jedi, you would be exposing yourself to a lot of fire by drawing the tank away. Even then it may be for nothing if it decides to stay in place to defend the position while allow the foot soldiers to be the mobile attack force. My suggestion would be to attack and nulify the droids first. Then the rest of us could destract the vehicle with concentrated fire while you attmept to disable it in whatever fasion you see fit." The republic soldier says respectfully.

24 February 2004, 07:35 AM
Deel, as astonished as the rest of them at seeing the Queen, finds himself in much the same situation as Arani, his cultured upbringing telling him to stand tall in the presence of royalty while his self-preservation kept him in a crouch to avoid notice by the droids. After a few moments, he compromised by taking one knee in a sort of bow to the young woman. After hearing her request, he nods in agreement,

"We will do whatever you require, your highness."

With that, he turns back to look around the corner one more time. Then, an idea...

"Could we possibly take over the tank? I mena, I know it sounds crazy, put could we pull it off? If we managed it, it would be a huge help fo rthe rest of the Resistance fighters..."

Deel dint bother to say what might happen if they didnt manage it. Again, he didnt want to lower morale, and he also figured they all knew only too well what it meant to the resistance that they succeed.

Howling Wookiee
24 February 2004, 08:30 AM
Rann listens to Rayger's suggest with intrest. He logs all the factors in his head and the soldier's suggestion does sound like the best course of action. The young padawan addresses the group, "Well I'll have to agree with Rayger. However that tank is gonna try and pick us off as we attack the droids. I suggest breaking up in 2 groups. One group to take care of the droids and the second to disable the tank. Sia-Lan and myself will best be suited to take care of the tank as you guys cover us behind cover to take out the droids." Rann then focuses his attention to Sia-Lan, "We need to get in there quick and focus all our attention on the tank. First off is to disable the weapons then the tank itself. I can go for the turret and you can go for the secondary weapons." Rann addresses the group as a whole again, "Well comments or suggestions are welcome." He looks to the Queen then back to the group for a response.

((OOC: No action until we have a plan of action.))

24 February 2004, 09:31 AM
With a look of concern upon his face, the lead soldier speaks again, “The time for action is near. Soon we will receive a sign to begin our flight. But I must ask you to remember, you do not have to defeat the Trade Federation units; only distract them long enough for us to sneak past. Going against the tank without your own armor will be suicide. On foot, you should be faster than the hulking weapon. It’s designed for siege, not personal combat.”

24 February 2004, 04:41 PM
Kian is surprised to see the Queen here, in her occupied city. Not being a person from this world he doesn't realise the significance of this queen to these people. But any leader is important in times like these.

Kian raises both eyebrows at the thought of taking on the tank and is relieved to hear a soldier's voice of reason about just needing to distract them.

"I prefer the idea of distraction and moving around. The droids of the Trade Federation aren't particularly bright and neither are their droid tanks. We might be wasting men by taking on the tank."

While probably the least qualified in the group in the art of war, Kian does know when the odds are stacked against him. He takes his weapon out, checks it once again and looks for a place to position himself so that the Queen can storm the palace.

He looks at the others "Shall we?"

27 February 2004, 10:33 AM
Through an alley, across a courtyard, and near another entrance to the Palace, a resolute young queen, accompanied by a bizarre entourage, assembles in the shadows. An older, bearded man and his young apprentice, both dressed in robes, stay close behind her. A young boy, no more than ten standard years of age follows among a small group of soldiers. The monarch pauses, quickly flashing a tiny red signal light at another archway, across the plaza.

A droid occupation force protects the palace entrance. Several tanks rest about idly; the majority of the armor has deployed to a battlefield outside of the city to suppress an uprising of the indigenous population. Around the tanks guarding the palace, several droid soldiers mill about casually, expecting nothing to happen in the city, away from the battle.

Under the other archway, the recipient of the red flashing signal returns with a similar code, but using a blue light. The powerfully built, dark skinned man wears the traditional garb of a Royal Palace Guards, and has other similarly dressed men with him, along with a few young women in the same attire as their queen. He uses his arm to motion a heavily armed speeder forward, preparing for a sneak attack on the unsuspecting Trade Federation forces.

With foot soldiers running by its side, the speeder creeps ahead, and its gunner takes careful aim on the nearest tank. Firing an unusually heavy blaster cannon from a raised position, the speeder announces the presence of the loyal resistance fighters with a thunderous explosive attack, devastating its target. Shocked at the abrasive destruction of one of their armored vehicles, the droid soldiers clamor to respond in kind, and open fire on the speeder’s position, engaging the forces loyal to the Queen.


An explosion resonates through the streets and back alleys of Theed, shaking the palace windows violently. Near a side entrance to the home of the queen and the seat of central power on the planet, a quartet of loyalists stand behind a team of freedom fighters preparing to battle nearby Trade Federation forces. A soldier with the quartet urges the team forward, crying aloud, “That’s our signal! We must move now, while we still hold the element of surprise!”

Kanner Ra'an
27 February 2004, 11:28 AM
Go times Rayger tells himself. Not wasting a presious second the Republic peacekeeper jumps into action. He raises his blaster carbine in both hands, steading it with persision gained from hundreds of hours of practice and a trained calm resulting from seeing a lot of action. Rayger takes aim at the red marked battledroid, drawing his weapon to bear on the units chest. Uttering a few words of encouragement just to himself he fires off a shot at the droid.

Howling Wookiee
27 February 2004, 12:46 PM
Rann's position is revealed in the shadows by his blue lightsaber blade springing to life. He steps out of the shadows and sprints toward the battle droid that is "below" the tank. Once the young Jedi student reaches his target, he swings with calm and smoothness at the droid's "neck" trying to connect and follows through with his attack by spinning on the ball of his right foot, to a battle droid that is adjacent to his first target, sweeping his blade toward the droids chest. Rann comes to rest with both feet firmly planted on the ground facing the rest of the group.

Beads of sweat pour down Rann's face as he executes his battle dance. His wound is healed but, sore and causes some discomfort. But the Jedi student pushes through the pain and concentrates on his targets.

((OOC: Heroic Surge - 1 move and 2 attack actions))
((Edit for clarification on my target.))

2 March 2004, 08:55 AM
Deel edges up to the edge of the doorway when Rann makes his move, using the wall as a barrier both to conceal his motions and block the blaster bolts that are sure to come. Lining up on a droid, he notices its yellow markings, which identifies it as a leader. Hoping that its destrustion will lead to disorder and confusion among the others, he braces his arms against the corner of the wall, and takes a carefully aimed shot at the unsuspecting droid...

Rogue Janson
3 March 2004, 07:07 AM
"If we stay here that tank will zero in on us," Arani tells the team. "We need to keep moving and draw it away."

To their left - towards the South - there is a route leading away. As Rayger and Deel line up their shots and Rann, Arani gets ready to dash for it, hoping there will be enough cover to protect them as they retreat. Leaning forwards, ready to go, she breathes deeply trying to prepare and calm herself.

Fractions of a second apart, Rann's lightsabre hums into life and Rayger and Deel's shots ring out across the quiet plaza. Arani hurls herself in Rann's wake, but heads at right angles to him. She spares only some quick glances at the droids and the tank, concentrating her attention on where she is heading, looking for firing positions, cover and any other threats.

7 March 2004, 03:46 PM
"I'm with you Arani!" whispers Kian. He wipes the sweat from his palms and puts his blaster back in his right hand, sweaty once again.

He waits for her to move. He quickly bolts with her, perpendicular to Rann's path. He runs behind Arani but fires a shot back, hoping to hit a droid, but more to attract their attention.

He keenly looks for a small outcrop of building or anything he oculd hide behind.

10 March 2004, 03:14 PM
Shots from both Deel and Rayger streak out of the shadows and across the plaza towards the droids. As they just begin to realize a threat, the yellow tinged and the red highlighted ranking automatons shatter as the weapons fire impacts their torsos almost simultaneously. The remaining parts crash to the ground with tiny flames extending upwards towards the afternoon sky.

The explosive announcement beckons the arrival of the combat team, and the remaining five of the group race forward. As two head to the south, with Kian loosing a single bolt towards the small squad of enemy foot soldiers, the Padawans ignite their lightsabers while the lanky Wookiee accompanies them towards the throng of waiting droids beside the large battle tank.

Using the distraction, the handmaiden leads the Queen and the two Palace Guards behind the tank, on a direct route to the castle door to the north.

Kanner Ra'an
10 March 2004, 06:07 PM
Rayger sees his shot slam down the red security droid, sending parts scattering to the ground. He forgets about the kill, it is no longer a factor on the battle field. Knowing that the AAT's heavy firepower may soon be focused on his current hiding spot, and that the wall could easily turn into a hundred duracrete boulders smashing into him, the peacekeeper runs from the shadows and into the street.

Automatically thinking of his options, the republic observer disregards the heavily armored tank and focuses his attention on the essential supporting droids. Hoping to divinde and conquer, the balmorrian steadily brings his carbine to bear and sends a shot towards the standard droid occupying the front middle spot of the formation.

14 March 2004, 04:44 AM
Kian doesn't look back to see the success of the distraction, but quickly looks around for a place to hide. An small outcrop of wall, a doorway - whatever. He certainly didn't want to be in the open when the droids realised what was going on and started firing.

If he can't find any hiding place in the architecture, he'll simply hit the floor and hope that flattening himself in such a way is good enough cover.

Once behind over or flattened on the floor, he'll turn to see what's going on.

15 March 2004, 04:12 PM
Stepping off to the side to obtain a better shot while still staying cloaked in the shadows, the Twi’lek scoundrel fires his weapon once, letting the crimson bolt race from the darkness towards the standing group of battle droids. The one in the front center line of the group takes the shot full force and does not even have time to fall backwards into the remainder of the group. The remaining parts crash to the ground, thinning the herd.

The shot from Rayger’s carbine comes only a second later and while he had aimed at the same droid, the blast carries through the now empty space and intersects with the droid standing in the second line. Equally as powerful as Deel’s blast, the carbine bolt throws the second droid backwards as it explodes with muted sounds before slapping into the hard pavement.

Arani steps a bit further from the battlefield, apparently not under the scrutiny of blaster fire from the thinned unit of droid soldiers. She looks about for additional enemies and better hiding points, but sees neither. The plaza to the south extends nearly another twenty meters, but the Trade Federation has no additional forces in the area.

A pair of remaining battle droids open on the widely spread group with their blaster carbines. The first returns fire at the war correspondent, but misses narrowly, and the expended round shatters a stone wall far behind the Republic soldier. The second, directly in front of Rann, shoots at the Padawan. The shot nearly takes the young man square in the chest, and only the hours of training against remotes allows Rann to dodge from the danger. ((-17VP))

Rann’s fellow Padawan closes the distance, and throws her unarmed hand forward, calling the Force to throw back the nearest droids. The closest seems only slightly fazed by the shock, its torso twisting violently, but it remains standing. The one behind it falls to the ground with a soft thud, while the smoldering parts from the two shot by Rayger and Deel scatter across the heavy tiles that cover the surface of the open square. ((-2VP))

Another of the enemy units avenges its companions by firing on Sia-Lan. The young woman, unprepared for the attack, almost takes the brunt of the damage. In the last moment, a tickle from the Force gets her to side step by a thin breath, and her clothes smoke as the blast grazes past her. ((-12VP))

The Wookiee companion loops behind the Padawans and attempts to flank the droids, coming up on their far side. As he does this, Kian drops to the ground and looks about, not finding any nearby cover besides the alley in which Deel carefully masks himself. The prone position in which he places himself adds to the difficult for the droids to hit him, although it does not guarantee his safety.

Almost angry at the near miss from moments before, Rann charges into the fray, his azure blade glowing in the afternoon sunlight. With the momentum of his rush behind him, he brings his blade in a brilliant arc of light over his head and crashes through the slightly fazed battle droid in front of him. He cleaves through the droid’s right shoulder and the lightsaber exits just above the left hip, bisecting the enemy combatant. Using his momentum still, he spins about heroically, with an inhuman surge of energy to attack the second droid setting on the ground. Unfortunately, the thrust from his charge makes his footing falter in the spare parts of the enemy he just finished hacking through, and he misses the fallen enemy.

The missed droid fires from the ground, catching Rann in the right bicep. Through shear willpower he maintains his grip on his lightsaber, watching as the droid rises in front of him. As he attempts to keep his composure, he realizes that a tunnel forms around the droid and forces it into nothingness. His strength fails him and he collapses to the ground like a pile of rags, his weapon that he so precisely kept his grip on slipping out of his fingers. He hears it tinkle away as he realizes the droid knocked him out. ((-8VP;-4WP;-2 Str/Dex; No actions for 2 rounds))

Behind the group, the Queen and her companions race away towards the Palace, using the successful – if costly – distraction the group of young heroes provide.

Kanner Ra'an
15 March 2004, 04:31 PM
Rayger grimaces as he sees Rann fall from the concentrated fire of the droids, hoping the worst has not befallen the Jedi. He responds to the droids attacks by sending another shot, this time at the droid closest to him. The peacekeeper resists the urge to send multiple shots, not wanting to risk hitting one of the groups allies.

16 March 2004, 02:46 AM
Deel cringes as he watches Rann hit the ground. He desperately wants to exact revenge on the awful droid that struck down his friend, but doesn't want to risk hitting Rann, or more likely Rorworr, standing behind him, so he unleashes his anger on another target. As he creeps to the other side of the doorway again to benefit from the darkness as well as the wall's protection, he takes a moment to set his blaster to rapid fire mode. He aims at some exposed circuitry and drive components, located to the rear of the AAT's thick armor plating. He realizes that the Trade Federation intended this vehicle for open fighting, where it could face all of its enemies, not being surrounded in urban combat like this. Thus the young twi'lek takes aim at its soft underbelly and lets loose with a barrage of blaster fire.

((OOC: Multifire))

Howling Wookiee
16 March 2004, 05:12 AM
After Rann finishes his second attack move he realizes too late that he has left himself open to attack. He does not actually see the blaster bolt leave the droid's weapon, but instead sees a flash of red before his eyes from the close proximity of the shot. Suddenly his right bicep burns with pain and the droid that fired on him starts to waver in his vision. Rann fights to remain concious from the pain. Rann's knees get weak and suddenly "Galak" appears before Rann with an extended hand. "Galak" speaks with a ghostly tone, "Come with me friend and I will make the pain go away." The young padawan extends his hand and as soon as his fingers "touches" Galak's he falls unconcious. The last thing that goes through Rann's mind is that he has been decieved for the last time....................Rann twitches.

Rogue Janson
16 March 2004, 10:08 AM
Arani curses the architects who built this part of town without the usual pillars and facades of Naboo architecture. Without any cover, they are just going to have to rely on speed to get away. Without any incoming fire for now, she turns back to check the situation.

The first thing she notices is good, the Trade Federation tank remains still, though its crew are presumably working to power it up as fast as possible. As she focuses on the group of figures by the AAT though, her heart jumps. Only three droids remain of the squad, but amidst their skeletal metal forms and the wreckage of the destroyed droids is the prone body of Rann. Fortunately, Rann's injury does not look critical; he still moves groggily and painfully.

The battle seems to be moving in slow motion to Arani as she tags the rest of the group. While Sia-Lan and Rorworr press forward, the others seem to have held their positions. Arani does the same, but unlike Kian, keeps her feet, her stance wide and ready to dodge to either side. She feels horribly exposed in the middle of the street, but has no other options. Arani takes aim at the droids, but keeps half her attention on the tank, waiting for its turret to begin swinging round to target the insurgents.

"Rorworr, get Rann away from there!" she shouts at the wookiee. Without knowing how long Rann will be down for, they have to be prepared to drag him all the way home, if that's what it takes. Come on, Arani thinks, we can still do this. She is not willing to contemplate losing another friend. Pistol outstretched, Arani calls any luck she might have to herself as she tries to give Rorworr more space. Amidst the confusion, she finds a moment of calm as everything aligns - her outstretched arm, the line of her view down the pistol, the path of the bolts and their targets.

(OOC: ok, targetting the droid next to Rorworr first, the back ones if I or anyone else destroy it. Multifire. Force Point if I miss the first shot, lucky if I still miss or miss the second.)

18 March 2004, 05:37 PM
Deel’s shot falls short of his large target, without even drawing attention to his position. The Republic soldier’s fire, however, decimates the lanky droid, dispatching it effectively and leaving Arani with a pair of targets that she promptly takes out with a flitter of help from the infamous Lady Luck. Suddenly the group finds themselves in an awkward position of lacking simple targets, but facing a formidable assault tank with the Queen’s party still some forty meters from their access into the Palace.

Rorworr and Sia-Lan take the opportunity to grab Rann and drag him further from the site of carnage towards Arani and Kian who slowly crawls towards the approaching threesome. Sia-Lan lays her hands upon her fellow student of the Jedi, closing her eyes shortly and flowing the Force from the area around her into the young man’s body. ((Sia-Lan, -1VP; Rann +2VP)) As she does, the group hears the approach of a high pitched whine reminiscent of a fast speeder over the growing hum from the battle tank.

Kanner Ra'an
18 March 2004, 06:01 PM
Seeing the droids thoroughly delt with, the republic soldier looks ominously at the tank. Rayger keeps his cool, though he is begining to get nervous. He does not know what to do with something this large. Usually he would have exposives or heavy backup, even the ability to call a hovercraft strike. Now though, the group has nothing but small-arms and several bad injuries. Looking at the queen and her escorts, he sees that they are nowhere near the doorway, and the tank has easily enough time to spot them and take them out.

Well, they can see her if i jab their sithin eyes out. Without a word the Peacekeeper surges forward, running straight for the tank. As soon as he is in range he jumps onto the tank, grabbing onto one of the side handholds normally meant for transporting support infantry droids.

(OOC:Not sure since the tank seems immobile, but I may need a jump test for that. If so and i fail please ignore the last part))

Rogue Janson
20 March 2004, 02:39 AM
"DEEL!" Arani yells. The Twi'lek is out of her sight, but the blaster bolts zapping erratically from his position show his position. As she begins backing off, Rayger launches a charge against the tank. She hopes the experienced soldier knows what he's doing - still powering up and lacking its infantry escort, the AAT might be vulnerable.

Then Arani catches the noise of fast repulsors. One thought crosses her mind.
"Staps!" she calls out to her friends, looking around to try and see where the new threat might be coming from. If they come from the plaza and notice the Queen, we're in big trouble. As if the trouble could get any worse, with Rann injured and Rayger close assaulting a tank. Holding her pistol up ready to fire in any direction, Arani retreats a little further down the road and backs up against a wall, nervously glancing in both directions for the incoming STAP.

24 March 2004, 09:26 AM
The pair of shots come again from the alleyway but miss the tank, to the relief of the war correspondent who leaps to the tank’s side. The heavy gear weighs Rayger down, and he realizes that it might encumber him as he takes the fight to the tank. On the ledge outside of the battle vehicle, he can hear the rumbling of the power core even louder than before, and knows that the siege weapon will soon be operational.

Sia-Lan hears Arani’s call about the STAP and turns to the east, her lightsaber shining brilliantly in front of her as she prepares to defend her friends from the possible attack. Standing directly in front of Kian, she nods for Rorworr to take Rann back towards Arani just as the young Padawan sees the STAP swoop into the plaza.

The fast scout vehicle opens fire with its blaster cannons. Sia-Lan bats two bolts away but her inexperience allows an opening and another shot sneaks through her defenses, leaving her vulnerable for a shot that drops her to the ground instantly. As she collapses, her lightsaber disengages and clatters to the ground at her feet. Her rumpled body lays in front of the unprotected slicer, who quickly squeezes off a shot at the rapidly approaching speeder, although the fire goes wide and misses as Kian rushes his aim. ((Sia-Lan: -7VP, -7WP, knocked out for 1 round))

Rorworr reaches Arani with the male Padawan, although the young man’s lightsaber remains twenty-meters away in the heap of destroyed battle droids at the foot of the tank. Rann’s eyes flutter as they begin to open, although his body rightly feels as though it has taken a thorough beating. ((Rann’s awake, but –2 Str and –2 Dex))

As another of the friends goes down, the Queen’s group gets ever closer to their objective, although that leaves little comfort when faced with a STAP and soon a functional AAT.

24 March 2004, 10:23 AM
Hearing the shouted warnings, the whine of high-performance repulsorlifts, and the blaster fire, Deel pieces together what is going on, he leans around the corner of the alleyway and squeezes off a shot at the droid on the STAP, attempting to disable the vehicle without damaging it...

((OOC: No Multifire))

Howling Wookiee
24 March 2004, 10:49 AM
The young padawan opens his eyes quickly, waiting to find himself surrounded by battle droids. However he is surrounded by his friend who are fight for their life. Rann groans from the pain that his ravishing his body, but he tries to push it back. His hand automatically goes his belt for his lightsaber................only to find it not there. "Blast!!@" , he thinks to himself and finally finds it in a heap of battle droid parts. He visibly flinches from the sudden fire by the STAP then nearly buckles from the pain that he recieves from his Force connection with Sia-Lan. Rann mutters outload, "No not again, not again!" But he regains his composure and understands that he can not help anyone in the condition that he is in and opens himself up to the Force to heal the most serious of his wounds. The student of the Force knows that he will need strength to help Sia-Lan and to be any use to his friends. He calls out to the others before he falls silent in quick meditation, "Cover Fire on the STAP!!! Keep it off Sia-Lan!! Kian take cover and get out of there!!" Then Rann turns to his Wookiee friend and pleads with him and at what he suggests, "Rorworr, we need to get Sia-Lan out of there. I don't have the strength, you need to get her while we cover you." Rann falls silent and hopes the Force can give him enough energy and stamina to help Sia-Lan.

((OOC: Heal Self - applied to VP on sucessful check))

Kanner Ra'an
24 March 2004, 11:33 AM
Rayger thinks quickly about how to use his position on the tank. He has a basic knowledge about the machine, but not much else. Remembering its bulk when trying to jump onto the tank, Rayger unclips his equipment belt and lets the gear fall away without a second glance. Free of the extra weight, he considers his options. Damm thing got more armor then a Dreadnaught. Well, here goes sithin nothing. he thinks to himself. Realizing he cant actually hurt the tank, even at point blank range, he looks for whatever looks vunerable or less armored and fires his carbine point blank straight at it, hoping desperatly to draw out a battle droid to clean him off.

Rogue Janson
24 March 2004, 01:36 PM
"Rann, start getting out of here," Arani tells her friend firmly, leaning out past the hairy builk of Rorworr. "We'll catch you up."
She knows the stubborn padawan will want to stand his ground, but with no weapon and a blaster wound, he is in no state for combat. If they don't start pulling out though, the tank will kill them all even if the Queen makes it to safety.

Stepping steadily forwards, Arani tracks the buzzing AAT with her pistol. Her arm almost shakes with nerves as she aims at the narrow platform and its skeletal rider. When she think she has the lead right, looses a single shot. This done, she hurries, hunched over towards the corner of the wall, ready to drag Deel out of his hiding place if he doesn't start falling back.

27 March 2004, 07:58 PM
Kian swears as the vehicle swoops past him and sees the female Jedi hit the ground. He looks at her for a moment hoping that she's not gone. He quickly half-rolls onto her, hoping to protect her a little from the droid until someone can help get her to safety. Seeing her lightsaber on the ground he thinks to himself 'Wish I knew how to use that thing.'

He then looks up and fires a shot at the vehicle as it swoops past, hoping to hit the operator.

28 March 2004, 06:06 PM
Deel squeezes off a single round that slams into the STAP as it continues its forward momentum over Kian’s head. Arani’s aimed shot follows closely behind the Twi’lek’s. Her hand more steady than her friend’s, Arani slams through the front console of the repulsor vehicle and through the torso of the blue-tinged pilot droid. The STAP pulls up sharply as Kian’s hits it from below. The brain-dead pilot droid slumps over the controls and the STAP pitches downward sharply, headed for the far western wall. It slams into the stone façade without spectacle, showering shattered parts to the tiled stone ground.

Rayger muscles his carbine into an uneasy position while his allies eliminate the immediate threat and Rann sits quietly by the alley wall. As Rorworr rushes to Kian and Sia-Lan’s sides, the Republic correspondent triggers a volley of fire at the AAT, deeply scorching the heavy armor. Away from the tank, in a painful heap near Arani, Rann draws the Force into his body, bringing healing powers to restore his vitality. ((+2VP))

Rorworr helps Kian to his feet and together they heft the wounded Padawan off the ground. The Wookiee prepares to carry her, cradling the young woman in his arms. Her eyes flutter as she wakes. ((Sia-Lan’s awake, but –2 Str and –2 Dex))

To the north, the Queen reaches the palace and begins to slip inside. The distraction has worked and the young heroes have drawn the attention away from the royal sovereign.

OOC: Well, I meant to put the map here, but I forgot. Instead it's in the latest OOC post. (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=178465#post178465)

Kanner Ra'an
28 March 2004, 06:58 PM
Rayger sees the queen and her escort reach the palace entrance. Realizing they have suceeded, the soldiers mind turns from his point blank assault of the tank to escaping before the war machine powers up again. Turning to the group he shouts "Shes in the palace, lets get outta here. Now." before jumping off the tank and maving towards the alley the group emerged from, adpoting a shooters stance in order to cover the other wounded members of the team.

29 March 2004, 04:12 AM
Deel, who hasn't moved from the shelter of the alleyway throughout the entire attack, now busies himself covering his allies escape back to where he stands. He keeps his blaster trained on the AAT, ready to fire if it makes the slightest move.

((OOC: Covering the AAT))

Howling Wookiee
29 March 2004, 09:19 AM
Rann snaps out of his Force refresher trance and quickly scans the area. He watches just in time to watch the STAP careen into the stone wall. His attention immediately returns to the tank and their escape. The student hears Rayger announce that their primary objective has been achieved and secondary objectives are now primary, Escape!!. Rann starts to turn and exit the way they came to get a head start on the group, because he knows that he will slow them down. However before the turns and tries to run, he calls over his shoulder, "Rayger, on your way out grab the 'saber if you can." Rann turns and runs as fast as his damage ravaged body will take him. He hopes the observer can get his weapon, because he is useless with out it.

Rogue Janson
30 March 2004, 01:20 PM
Arani watches incredulously as Deel keeps his weapon steadily pointed at the tank, as if threatening it to stay put. Not waiting for the AAT to vaporise her friend, she grabs him by the arm and yanks him away.
"Move your green behind, Deel, you nerf-brain!"

With the Queen making her way into the palace, Arani has only one thing on her mind - getting the group away as fast as possible.

4 April 2004, 04:22 PM
Kian sees the STAP careen into a wall. He also sees the Queen entering the palace. He turns to see the Wookie beside him and helps him with the fallen Jedi.

Kian runs south alongside the Wookie who is holding the fallen Jedi in his arms. Kian holds his pistol in his arms, ready for anything. He thinks that was a little 'too' easy.

7 April 2004, 12:47 PM
"Don't forget my lightsaber! I can't do much without it." Sia-Lan looks up to Rorworr's face, "Could you carry me a little while until I get my strength back? It shouldn't take me very long." She reaches out to the Force and brings its healing energy to herself. I hope this helps me or else I'll be a burden to the rest of the group. Sia looks around and notices that Rann is safe and doing well. The rest of the group looks like they are in good condition. This encounter almost turned out bad for me, but not as bad as I had expected.

OOC: Heal self VP

10 April 2004, 03:42 AM
Rayger leaps off the tank and races towards the Twi’lek who keeps a steady aim on the heavy weapon. Before Deel can do anything, Arani grabs him and drags him away from the alley, towards an exit to the south, leading away from the plaza and the palace, into another of Theed’s many squares.

With her arm around Rorworr’s shoulder, Sia-Lan draws on the Force and feels herself slightly refreshed. ((+5VP)) In response to her call for the lightsaber, the Wookiee just growls, his teeth slightly baring and his obvious desire not to rush back towards the tank clearly understood by the Padawan. Kian sticks right behind them, following the group to Rann.

The wounded male Padawan tries to break for the alley, but runs square into Arani who drags Deel away from the shadowy passage. Corralled by Arani and Rorworr, Rann turns back to the south, moving in front of the crowd. A tingle shoots through his mind the moment before he hears crunching over his left shoulder and the discharge of a very large blaster cannon.

Instinctively everyone in the group ducks. A secondary explosion roars above them and small particles of masonry fall to their heads. None of the debris poses a serious risk, but they all know that the tank is now operational, and that sticking around seriously threatens to limit their lifespans. Deel triggers a shot at the tank, managing to scorch the outside, but avoid any real damage.

11 April 2004, 02:53 PM
In response to her call for the lightsaber, the Wookiee just growls, his teeth slightly baring and his obvious desire not to rush back towards the tank clearly understood by the Padawan.

"It's ok, Rorworr, I don't need it, I wasn't thinking strait when I asked you to get it. If you could just carry me a little further it would be greatly appreciated." Sia-Lan is saddened by the loss of her lightsaber; it is one of the only possessions she had that was truly hers. Maybe I could try lifting it to me with the Force. Sia reaches out and finds where her lightsaber lies. She uses the forces power to grip it and in her mind she sees the saber moving toward her and Rorworr. I hope this works.

OOC: move object on lightsaber.

Sorry for the mishap, forgot to look over the skill description.:)

Rogue Janson
12 April 2004, 09:50 AM
Arani cringes at the thump of the tank's cannon and the stone splinters that patter down upon her. Still, this was inevitable. It could be worse. Worried about bunching up, she sweeps her arm in a broad gesture, letting go of Deel in the process.

"Spread out a bit. Watch out for any more staps."

Arani jogs along several metres behind Rann, hunched over to make herself a smaller target and glancing around warily. Having to keep the injured Jedi's slowed pace is frustrating as fear of the AAT builds up in Arani's adrenalin wracked body. She wipes a lock of hair, along with a mix of sweat and masonry dust, from her forehead. The dull throb of her injured shoulder has surfaced again into Arani's consciousness, reminding her of their last encounter. A hit from that cannon would probably leave nothing but her boots left though.

12 April 2004, 10:16 AM
Deel, happy to see everyone safe to some extent after the queen's journey and the tank blast, now slips back into his old attitude: look out for number one.

After Arani pulled him away from the opening in the street, he first ran at an angle until the wall separated his view from that of the tank, then commenced an all out run away from the tank.

((OOC: All out run, what is it? 4x speed? Two full move actions dedicated only to puttin' tarmac behind me.:)))

Kanner Ra'an
12 April 2004, 01:30 PM
Rayger turns to get the Jedi's lightsabers, only to realizes the tank is operational. He crosses his arms over his head and ducks, avoiding and damage from the scattered debris. He does not even try to return fire, knowing the futility of it against the tanks heavy armor. Instead he backpedals as fast as he can towards the escape out, keeping his weapon trained on the tank.

Looking to the others he yells "Move, quickly. Dont give it an easy target!" as he encourages everyone to move. Knowing the tank can take them out quickly running is the only option they have.

OOC: Sorry for the short post. Peacekeeper or not, im with coldskier. All out run away from the tank.

Howling Wookiee
13 April 2004, 05:05 AM
Rann does not look over his shoulder, he merely runs as fast as his feet will take him. He hears the others behind him pressing each other on. He regrets that he had to leave his lightsaber but a death Jedi Padawan can't use a weapon. Rann tries to run sparatically to make himself a harder target. The young man is running as fast as he can trying to stay ahead of the group.

((OOC: Just like everyone else. All out run.))

17 April 2004, 02:17 PM
Sia-Lan tries to call her weapon to her hand, and her eyes go wide as it races from underneath the tank’s powerful repulsors. As her grip tightens around the hilt, her body weakens again, the stress from retrieving the weapon tiring her quickly. ((-4VP))

The group moves as fast as possible, keeping pace with the wounded Rann, as they race through twists and turns of the Naboo architecture. Gaining distance quickly from the palace and the threatening tank, the strike team sneaks away from the city center and towards the outlying suburbs.

Howling Wookiee
20 April 2004, 09:32 AM
Rann tries to stay ahead of the group, trying not to slow them down. He wounds are a painful reminder of what happens when things go wrong. He is angry at himself for leaving his lightsaber. It will be very hard to replace the weapon, hopefully he can get back to it later. All he is concerned about right now is to run from the tank.

Rogue Janson
20 April 2004, 09:51 AM
The most experienced at finding her way round Theed, Arani takes the lead, trying to stick to narrow streets and alleys. They dart from one ornate facade to another in the city's wealthy district, jog down streets lined with abandoned market stalls and stop warily to peer round every corner. Arani is almost used to the emptiness of the occupied city now; the eerily deserted boulevards and seeming the natural home of the skeletal battle droids.

An irregular sound of small-arms fire comes from around the city, accompanied by the occasional thump of heavier weapons. From time to time the group stops in their tracks as they hear the whine of a scout platform, but none pass close enough to spot them. Presumably all the other diversionary teams are doing the same as them, while the strike forces assault the palace. She wishes she could tell by the noise how things are going, whether enough rebels got into the palace and whether casualties were high in the process. The Queen might be captured now and Trade Federation forces spreading out to hunt down survivors.

Arani looks back to see how the others are getting on. The group has spread out a bit. Despite everyone's best efforts, Rann and Sia-Lan trail somewhat, though Rorworr stick dutifully with them. Rayger at the rear, almost right behind the Jedi, as if trying to push them on. Deel and Kian are midway between them and Arani. Arani is tired but still fit; Sia-Lan and Rann must be finding it harder though. Ducking into a winding side-street, she waits for everyone to gather, hoping to give them a brief pause to catch their breath and take stock.

Kanner Ra'an
21 April 2004, 06:51 AM
Rayger stays calm as the group moves forward. He comfortably brings up the rear, urging the others onward and keeping his blaster carbine at hip leve. He keeps both hands tightly on his weapon, knowing in an urban situation that combatants can come from anywhere. Alleyways, buildings, sniper attacks from windows or rooftops, anywhere. The trade federation does not usually use such tactics, but that does not mean they cant and Rayger stays alert. He doesn't mind taking the risk of being last, especially considering he has not yet been injured as others have, though he is axsious to get the wounded Jedi out of this warzone.

He looks to the front of the group, seeing Arani taking the lead. The peacekeeper hopes that she knows where shes going. He has only the barest knowledge of the city from a few maps he looked over during the briefings, so in all sense he is useless to helping in that regard. Seeing as the Trade federation was taken by surprise here, his tactical knowledge is not much useful either. Right now all he can do is hang back and make sure no-one tries to but a vibroblade in soneones back while their not looking.

25 April 2004, 06:41 AM
Kian runs from the tank, but he keeps his blaster pistol in his hand, ready for any new sign of attack.

He keeps an eye on the Jedi that are finding the going hard, but is constantly running with the group, changing directions in an effort not to be an easy target.

He hadn't counted on running from tanks, but then again, he found he couldn't count on many things in life.

1 May 2004, 09:02 AM
Sia-Lan is thankful that the group has stopped to catch their breath. She doesn't want to say that she is in pain, but Sia is sure everyone knows it. I don't want to be slowing down the group. I'm going to need some medical attention when we get somewhere safe. Sia limps over to the nearest wall, puts her back to it, and slowly slides down to a sitting position. Fingering her lightsaber, she thinks, Getting this back sure did take it out of me. I know that I shouldn't have tried to get it back, it is only a material posession. I wasn't thinking rationally at the time. Sia-Lan sits back and closes her eyes, waiting for the group to move on.

4 May 2004, 03:53 PM
The streets of Theed have become a war zone. Royal Security Force members have appeared as if out of nowhere to attack the battle droids. In response, the battle droids seem to have redoubled their efforts, attacking everything they see on sight.

The group of friends have been trying to stay out of trouble, but it’s getting harder and harder to find a safe haven. After running from patrol after patrol of battle droids, you turn a corner and find yourselves back in the main plaza. The palace looms ahead, but your attention immediately shifts to the action in the street.

A terrible droid, larger than any you’ve seen so far, walks toward the palace. Then you notice that it isn’t an ordinary droid. It’s a Trade Federation starfighter droid, walking along the ground on wings that have rotated to become legs! It fires mighty bursts from its twin blaster cannons, reducing whatever it hits to slag.

The starfighter droid, accompanied by four battle droids, strides purposely toward the palace, firing at unarmed citizens along the way. Two palace guards work desperately to protect a group of civilians, but they don’t have enough firepower to take on the battle droids by themselves.

Rogue Janson
5 May 2004, 09:48 AM
The first to see the massive droid, Arani stops abruptly and almost backtracks at the sight. The sound of its blaster cannons could be heard from a distance, but she had hoped to avoid it rather than run right into it. She is about to turn and take another route when she notices the walking fighter is blasting at a group of civilians and a desperate pair of palace guards. Arani swears angrily, at the Trade Federation and the situation.

Desperately she tries to think of ways to take out the droid fighter. With the weaponry at their disposable it just doesn’t seem possible. They’d probably need the cannon off a gian or similar to take the thing down.

“Any ideas?” Arani asks, turning back to her friends.
She crouches down next to a wall and readies her pistol. At least we can take out those battle droids. Steadying her aim on one of the droids she triggers a single shot, then swiftly tracks across to another, firing a pair of blasts at it.

Kanner Ra'an
6 May 2004, 07:12 AM
Rayger ducks behind the nearest thing that looks solid enough to provide good cover then peers over the edge, examining the starfigter droid. "We're pretty shot up already, and we dont have any heavy weaponry that would easily hurt that thing." Rayger says, stating the obvious grim assesment of their chances while surveying the scene. "Maybe a lightsaber could take out a wing legs, disable the thing." he suggests looking to the Jedi "Getting their wouldn;t be fun, but do you think it would work if one of us could get into position." he asks, aiming his carbine and sending a multiblast towards the battle droids then ducking in behind his cover, trying to complete concel himself so he has the luxury of time to thuink. He doesn't want to send either of the wounded jedi in as doing so may mean one could meet their end, and is more then ready to take the remaining lightsaber and do it himself despite his ignorance of the weapons.

His face successfully stays impassive, though his tone is sympathetic to the civilians. He wonders how they got out of the camps, though he can easily imagine the locations were attacked in the first few minutes of fighting and the current targets are former prisioners. Now though they are a liability to the battle. When the republic hears about this theirs no way the Viceroy will slip through the courts. Even they would have to aknowledge this as criminal, no matter how much the federation slips 'em. The peacekeeper wishes that he had recovered his camera equipment earlier, as this scene would kill any trial and send the Vicroy strait to scentancing. Tthough he knows that it was an impractical burden and the datacards he still has are plentiful with undisputable evidence, he curses himself for forgetting to do his job.

9 May 2004, 06:15 AM
Kian's jaw drops open at the sight of the droid firing upon the civilians. His face quickly changes from fear to rage as he slams himself into the wall besides Arani.

"Is there anyway we could commandeer one of those smaller vehicles? That way we might be able to make a dint in that thing and save those people!"

Kian looks around to see if his idea is realistic or just plain suicide.

9 May 2004, 08:45 AM
"Maybe a lightsaber could take out a wing legs, disable the thing."

Sia-Lan thinks this over for a moment then says, "It could work, we don't have much of a choice anyway. We have to do anything to save those people." She fingers her saber, knowing that it has to be Rann or herself that does the dirty work. "I don't think that any of you could make it to the droid. Rann or I will have to go, we have the experience with the blade. The rest of you could give the person going some covering fire." Sia looks over to Rann to see what he thinks of the plan.

"Is there anyway we could commandeer one of those smaller vehicles? That way we might be able to make a dint in that thing and save those people!"

"That could work also. We could use both plans to try to take down the droid fighter. Once the speeder hits the droid, someone with the saber could jump out and finish the thing off. I don't know if the speeder could make it to the fighter, it is a pretty large target. Either way, this will be a dangerous undertaking."

Rogue Janson
9 May 2004, 10:35 AM
"Kian, Deel," Arani says, between shots, "could you rig a speeder to ram the droid?"

Of course even that plan involves finding a working vehicle...

Kanner Ra'an
9 May 2004, 03:41 PM
"Id highly advise against it." Rayger calls out over the fire. " A vehicle, if we can find one and get it working, is a bigger target, and droid starfighters would be better equiped to hit something that size. We've got a better chance by providing a smaller target. Besides, i dont think we have enough time to get it working." he says, leaving out the 'The civilians probably dont have much time.' part in fear that it may inspire rash action.

10 May 2004, 03:58 AM
"Let's be realistic, folks", Deel puts in his two decicreds, "There's no way in space we can disable that thing quickly and effectively. I say we go out, get close to the far side of this little plaza and open fire on the battle droids. If and when they all go down, then we fire on the fighter. Hopefully, those people will have the sense to use our distraction and escape."

Deel pauses a moment to nervously light another cigarette.

"Besides", he adds, "What would true civilians be doing here in the city? I'm sure there resistance of some sort. They'll know a distraction when they see it."

Howling Wookiee
10 May 2004, 08:43 AM
Rann is squatted painfully on the wall with the rest of the group. He is sweating profusly and is panting heavily. The young Jedi padawan listens to everyones' ideas and nods, "Well the lightsaber idea is a good one, but I have lost mine." Rann looks embarassed for a moment. "Main thing we need to do is distract the troops and droid walker to give the civilians enough time to flee.

11 May 2004, 12:47 PM
Arani’s shot destroys one of the battle droids. Rayger takes out a second. As the group remains hidden behind a wall, they watch as the Trade Federation forces raise havoc among the Naboo. One of the battle droids picks off a pilot accompanying an astromech, which stops and dutifully watches over the prone figure. Both of the Palace Guards fire on the starfighter droid, although only one hits the looming monstrosity. As the citizens run about, the starfighter retaliates and slays his attacker with a powerful blast from its cannons. With a second shot it vaporizes one of the citizens, while the last of the battle droids fires a shot toward the group of heroes, obviously aware of their presence.

Kanner Ra'an
11 May 2004, 02:27 PM
"We need a decision now!" Rayger yells over the battle. The peacekeeper raises his carbine and fires a shot at another battle droid. The soldier then tries to hide himself behind the wall as much as possible, very aware that even a near miss could easily kill him. He looks to the Naboo citizens. Its their planet, their war, and their people. The observer is keenly aware that they must take out the droid or lose the civilians.

11 May 2004, 02:49 PM
Sia-Lan winces as she sees unarmed civilians getting killed. Her blood boils at the sight of the slaughter. This is one thing that she cannot stand and one of the only things she gets mad over. Sia knows that they must engage the droids quickly. This isn't right, we have to help these people right now! We are the only people capable of helping them.

"We need a decision now!"

"I agree. We need to get out there and distract those droids until the citizens can get to safety. We can't just let them die! We're the only chance they have right now." She fingers her lightsaber, waiting for her friends to decide.

Howling Wookiee
19 May 2004, 08:29 AM
Rann's pain is intensified by every innocent that is cut down by the blaster and cannon fire. He growls through clenched teeth, "We need to do something and something now." Rann gets up, painfully, and sets his feet. Someone needs to come up with a plan or I'm going out to distract the walker." Before he does anything rash, he opens himself up to the Force to rejuvenate his body.

((OOC: Heal Self-apply to VP.))

23 May 2004, 10:35 AM
Sia-Lan stands and says, "I'm going with you!" She feels Rann reach into the Force to rejuvenate himself. I wish that I could do that, but I am too exhausted to connect with the Force. But, I can't let my physical weakness get in the way of the task at hand. "Let's get going. We have no time to spare." She looks to each of her companions, trying to recruit their help. She lingers on Rorworr and asks, "Will you come with us Rorworr?"

Rogue Janson
24 May 2004, 10:44 AM
Arani's mind is in a lock; there just doesn't seem to be any good option. Even while they decide, the droid fighter is blasting away at the Naboo in the square. The idea of an injured Sia-Lann and Rann breaking cover in front of it is hard to contemplate and she wishes she could find a better way, even if it meant putting herself in danger. They are Jedi, they're responsible for themselves, she thinks, but it doesn't give her much comfort.

"Ok, you follow after me," Arani says to the Jedi, speaking quickly and sharply. She points to the narrow alleyway on the opposite side of the plaza. "That fighter shouldn't be able to follow us down there. Everyone else, hit those droids with everything you've got."

At least they can give the droids some more targets to shoot at. In the end, everyone's responsible for themselves, Arani thinks as she launches herself in an all-out sprint across the plaza towards the dwindling group of civilians.

27 May 2004, 01:09 PM
As Arani darts from her position of marginal cover into the open plaza, Deel and Kian hesitate to act. Moving around them, Rorworr ushers Rann and Sia-Lan forward, howling a ferocious battle cry.

The nearest of the automated warriors fires at the pilot that lies on the ground between the group of friends and the starfighter droid. They watch as the astromech next to him mourns woefully as his torso slumps to the ground with a dull thud. Rann and Sia-Lan feel the passing of his life force as another casualty to the invasion.

Ahead and on their left, the remaining palace guard scores a hit against the giant droid before him, although the weak pistol barely seems a match for the strong armor. From behind the advancing party, Rayger lashes out with his carbine, taking down a third of the humanoid droids with a quick and precise shot.

Panicking, the citizens run about chaotically, choosing random directions and distances to travel, as they shriek in terror and mourn for their lost companions. Oblivious to their plight, the starfighter droid fires at the corner where Rayger, Kian and Deel hide, and nearly takes a chunk out of Rayger. The heat wave from the powerful blasters washes over him as duracrete shatters into his clothing and bare skin. Thrown back from his position into Deel’s arms, he realizes just how close that last shot came to vaping him. ((-20VP))

Uncaring, the droid turns its guns towards the advancing party, and while Arani can assume that the droid targeted her, she can breathe easy as the droid lead too much, and only tears up the ground in front of her, dealing cosmetic damage.

Kanner Ra'an
27 May 2004, 04:30 PM
Rayger instictivly rights himselfs from Deels arms, disoriented from the effects of the blast. He reaches to his head trying to steady himself. That was too close. the peacekeeper thinks, aware of just how close he came to being vaporized by the near miss. As his hand retracts, he notices it is bright red. It takes a second more to realize that a chunk of duracreet has left a nasty gash in his head, among other places. The republic soldier turns back to the battle, shrugging off the near death exerience as a soldier is expected to.

Rayger abandons the cover of the stairs, to aware that the duracreet cannot hold up well and provides a good target. He rolls forward and lands on his stomach, giving him a straight view at the last droid and hopefully a smaller target profile. He notices a lone R2 unit near his line of fire. Still, he aims for the battle droid and fires off a blast. "Droid, get out of hear, NOW!." he yells at the R2 unit, hoping the droid will get out of the crossfire, not to mention out of the way of the other Naboo rebels rushing the droid starfighter.

Howling Wookiee
2 June 2004, 06:40 AM
Rann takes off at a full sprint, painfully, and calls over his shoulder, "I'll distract the droid fighter. You guys do what you can with it." The young padawan runs parallel with the stairs and darts infront of the walking terror. Rann bobs and weaves as much as his damaged body will allow him. Hopefully the droid will decide he is an easy target and ignore the others long enough for them to disable it.

((OOC: Total Defense))

Rogue Janson
5 June 2004, 03:50 AM
Hurtling across the plaza ahead of Rorworr and the Jedi, Arani skids to a halt between the pillars of the alleyway on the far side from her friends. She thanks her stars the droid fighter's cannon fire missed her and leans in close to the pillar, grateful for the cover. Taking a second to catch her breath, she checks over the scene. Sia-Lann and Rann are some way behind her, with Rorworr faithfully keeping pace. The others are out of sight behind the palace's steps which, she notices, now have a chunk missing. Only three civilians and one guard remain standing. The droid fighter still stands like a giant insect, it's head swaying from side to side as it looks for targets. One battledroid still advances slowly beside it.

Arani resists the urge to fire at the federation droids and risk drawing attention to herself. She hopes her friends can distract the fighter, then immediately hates the though. But if she is under fire, there'll be no chance of her getting the civilians to safety. Arani takes a deep breath, then shouts out to the plaza, trying to put all the confidence and authority she can into the brief statement.

"Everybody over here! You'll be safe in here!"

11 June 2004, 02:50 PM
Arani’s call gathers the attention of the three remaining citizens, although they all appear hesitant to act. On the other side of the plaza, Deel and Kian continue to hide behind the cover of the wall adorned with statues, as they discuss a plan of action.

The small party of Padawans and Wookiee dart forward towards Arani, moving much slower due to the wounds already sustained by the two Force-users. Cautious to not take another wound, the trio bobs and weaves carefully, presenting a much more difficult target, although their insistence upon sticking together gives a larger area to attack.

Unable to pass on the large target, the battle droid triggers a shot towards the group, although it passes harmlessly through their midst, and impacts against the stone steps behind them with a loud pop and hiss as the energy blast dissipates into the stone.

Simultaneous blasts come from in front of the group and from behind them as the Palace Guard and Rayger both lash out at the remaining Trade Federation forces. The battle droid clatters to the ground under an intense blast from Rayger, while the hulking starfighter droid’s armor scorches again from the attack by the palace guard.

Arani’s call had a mild impact. The citizen nearest her runs to her right, away from the starfighter droid and towards greater cover. The one in line between her and the starfighter droid moves a bit closer, although the last, which she cannot see, stands still in terror.

As if in retaliation, the starfighter droid fires a pair of shots in the direction of the palace guard and the trio running towards him. Neither shot impacts its target, although Sia-Lan realizes that she came very close to being caught in the blast of the powerful droid’s weaponry. Only by moving at the last moment did she avoid another nasty encounter with blaster fire.

15 June 2004, 06:01 PM
Sia-Lan grips her lightsaber harder after that near miss. She surveys the battlefield and sees that only the droid starfighter is left standing. It looks like the citizens are confused and don't know what to do. They probably have never been in a situation like this during the span of their lifetime. These people shouldn't be slaughtered ruthlessly, they must not suffer. The Jedi swear to uphold the ideals of the Republic and protect its citizens. She grips the weapons handle even harder.

Sia-Lan then realizes what she must do. Turning to Rorworr, she says, "Get Rann out of here, don't let him come after me." Without waiting for a reply, she turns toward the enormous droid and runs toward it, lightsaber held high. Sia will not stop her attack until the droid is destroyed even if it takes her life. So this is what Galak felt like when he knew that the time had come to be a true hero.

Kanner Ra'an
16 June 2004, 08:15 AM
Still keeping himself as flat as possible on the ground, Rayger watches in horror as the droid comes close to vaporizing the Jedi Sia Lann. Having come close the that fate himself, he cannot help but feel envy that the woman continues on. Steadying his carbine, the peacekeeper lashes out at the huge droid with a tight beam of deady energy, hoping he can at least distract it instead of doing actual damage.

We cant out fight this thing. We need to give the jedi more time. he thinks as he reaches for the pistol in its shoulder holster, hoping for a little more firepower against the droid.

Rogue Janson
17 June 2004, 09:27 AM
Arani is disappointed by the civilians' response, with only one moving hesitantly toward her. The man to her right at least has the wherewithall to head for cover. Peering round the corner, she sees the third civilian, an incongruously dressed and made-up woman - perhaps a court official or similar - standing unmoving near the blaster-charred body of another civilian. Though stripped of its diminutive escorts, the droid fighter still pumps out fire.

Realising more drastic action is required, Arani readies herself to go into the firing line again. Stepping out from the alley, she calls to the man to her right, urging him to head down there. Then, with her eyes on the droid fighter the whole time, she dashes the half dozen metres out to the woman, grabbing her by the arm and starting to pull her away.

(OOC: dodge: droid starfighter.)

26 June 2004, 04:47 PM
As Arani rushes forward and grabs the woman, Deel and Kian step out from behind their protective cover and send a salvo of blasts as the large droid. The droid takes the hit from each, but seems to absorb the shot from Deel while Kian’s blows off a protective piece of armor, exposing the inside of the assailant.

Rann continues his forward momentum, unaware for a brief moment that Sia-Lan splits off and charges the droid. He turns and looks over his shoulder to find that his fellow Padawan is directly underneath the starfighter droid, and Rorworr has halted his movement to fire at the target. Rorworr’s blast goes wide, as he has yet to master the bowcaster, and Sia-Lan’s blade, clumsy in her tired hands, glances off the heavy starfighter armor. Next to Rorworr, the heroic palace guard continues his assault on the droid, but the walking siege weapon moves out of the way of the pistol fire and avoids another hit.

Rayger triggers his carbine and finds the opening from Kian’s shot. Sparks fly from the exposed area and dark smoke begins to pour out from under nearby skin. The droid fires once at the citizen nearest to it, but misses as it brings its guns to bear on the former soldier turned correspondent. The powerful salvo misses Rayger but explodes in front of him, sending him tumbling backwards to the feet of Deel and Kian. The pair had to shield their eyes and turn their heads to avoid the debris which accompanies the ex-soldier. Rayger’s eyes quickly lose focus until he only sees darkness of unconsciousness. ((-4VP; -11WP; Knocked Out for 3 Rounds))

The blast hurled his carbine free of his grip, although his pistol – not yet removed from the holster – remains with his body. The little astromech droid that had been next to him flies closer to the Wookiee, tumbled on the ground haphazardly.

The man whom Arani had called to steps tentatively closer to the alley, while the other man stares in shock at the scene. The woman in her grip has gone white with fright, unable to move on her own accord, and shivers run through her body.

Howling Wookiee
26 June 2004, 05:17 PM
Rann watches with sadness as Rayger flies from the impact of the near miss. He thinks to himself, "I need to do something.........." The young Jedi padawan jerks his head toward the droid starfighter. He watches it shift on his 4 spinely legs then it hits him...........he gathers what strenght he has left in him and opens himself up totally to the force. He focuses intently on the walking starfighters front, right leg and imagines moving it with his mind. He realizes he has never used this aspect of the Force before, but he is determined to help his friends. He tries to pull and push with the Force, hopefully putting the droid starfighter off balance and hopefully his friends will take adavantage of it. The task seems impossible with the size of the walking war machine but as he has once hear, "Size matters not!"

((OOC: Move object on front, right leg of droid starfighter.))

Rogue Janson
29 June 2004, 09:46 AM
Arani fights a sense of frustration that the civilians aren't moving. At least they should have the sense to get out of here. She tries to project a sense of reassurance as she puts one arm round the woman's shoulder while grasping her other arm.

"Come on," she says, more gently, "just come with me."

Arani starts to pull, gently at first, but ready to drag the woman all the way if necessary. She realises how terribly vulnerable they are. She just hopes the murderous starfighter droid doesn't target them.

29 June 2004, 01:34 PM
Arani escorts the woman to the alley while Deel and Kian give cover fire over Rayger instead of trying to pause and help him. Shouting as he triggers his weapon, Deel tells Kian to hurry and get the soldier out of the battle and behind something secure. Distracted by the commands of the Twi’lek, Kian’s shot misses, but Deel blows another panel off the droid, whose actions begin to seem slower and disjointed. Rayger’s previous blast hit a stabilizer, throwing the starfighter droid’s balance out of normal operating parameters.

Wisps of Force energy connect Rann to the droid’s leg. He feels a new bond to the droid and the Force as the he visualizes his connection wrapping around the leg as if he commands living vines. Seeing the leg securely entwined, Rann yanks the connection towards him, attempting to pull the leg out, and put the starfighter off balance. The connection grows tighter, as would syntherope, as it begins to carry load. The Padawan pulls harder, and watches as the leg trembles under the pressure and scrapes a few centimeters across the hard ground. He draws the energy into himself again, straining with the exertion, and then gasps as he feels the connection snap and his concentration break. ((-1VP))

Sia-Lan rallies with another attack, but frowns as her blade continues to bounce harmlessly off the droid’s thick plating along its legs. Rorworr attempts to aid her, but the bowcaster again proves too much for him to handle and he misses his target. Continuing the trend of the heroes’ bad luck, the droid evades the guard’s shot, and prepares to counterattack.

It raises the leg that Sia-Lan keeps attempting to cut out from underneath it, annoyed at the continued pestering. Turning the move into an aggressive action, the droid slams the pointed foot back into the ground, attempting to impale the young Padawan. She sees the quick movement in time, however, and nimbly sidesteps the assault, although the localized quaking of the ground beneath her feet sends vibes of unease through her body, upsetting her stomach.

The droid follows the missed squashing with a quick blast at the palace guard, although it wobbles first, afflicted from the wound received from Rayger, and instead of blasting through the guard, it merely renders a portion of the steps

Rogue Janson
30 June 2004, 01:08 PM
Arani bundles the woman into the alley, out of sight of the starfighter droid.
"It can't follow you down here," she tells her and the slightly more composed man nearby. "Now get away. We'll be right behind you."

She turns back to the plaza to see Sia-Lan avoid a stab from one of the fighter's massive legs. Though she dodges easily, the Jedi looks tired, not her normal agile self. The rest of her friends form a line across the front of the palace. A jolt of shock runs through her as she spot the prone form of Rayger. Even at the distance, she can see both his clothes and flesh shredded from shrapnel, sunlight glinting of wet patches of blood. The Republic soldier is still moving though, in a dazed fashion. Deel and Kian stand over him, still firing their pistols steadily. Rorworr is starting to reload his bowcaster with another bolt, with the palace guard nearby standing his ground despite a blast mark in the ground behind him marking the near-miss. Rann stands still, one hand outstretched, clearly attempting to use the Force withotu much success.

Things are clearly desperate for Sia-Lan to attack the droid close-up and Rann to attempt telekinesis, something he is not skilled at. They have two injured, including their best shot and still the droid is fighting.

Time to pull out, Arani thinks. Hit and run. Don't stay to fight. They are insurgents not properly equipped soldiers. Their goal is accomplished - the civilians are safe. Except one. Breathing heavily, Arani pushes off from the wall, dashing out one more time, determined to get the last civilian to safety. As she runs she tries to find the breath to shout out, hoping her friends will obey and withdraw safely.

"Everyone get away! We're done here! Split and run!"

Howling Wookiee
1 July 2004, 08:51 AM
Rann takes off toward the blaster on the ground that is closests to him, but in midstride he hears Arani's shouts between the paniced croud and the cannon on the droid fighter. He changes directions as fast as his ailing body will handle and makes a b-line for Rayger. Once there he hastely gets the Republic soldier to his feet and helps him in the direction of Arani. He shouts to Kian and Deel, "Cover our escape and make sure Sia-Lan and Rorworr make it out. I've got Rayger." Rann moves as fast as he can carrying the weight of Rayger.

((OOC: Double movement.))

1 July 2004, 01:42 PM
Arani is surprised to find the remaining man moving towards her, and helps to escort him to the safety of the alley, while he has begun to heed her commands. The other two disappear from the area, while Deel nearly takes advantage of the opening Rayger made in the armor, but his shot barely misses the uncovered area. Coming at a glancing angle, the armor absorbs the blast and the droid is not phased. Kian takes his time, ignoring Deel’s order to remove Rayger from the battle, and lining up a shot on the droid. He finds a perfect opening and slowly squeezes the trigger on his blaster pistol. The shot flies forward, and blasts through the armor, blowing another protective piece of plating off the substructure, exposing even more of the droid’s innards.

Rann arrives at Rayger’s side as Sia-Lan takes advantage of the opening which Kian made in the armor and plunges her lightsaber into the exposed systems that run behind the surface. The droid moves for a moment, but the Padawan grits her teeth as she twists the lightsaber, hearing the satisfying explosions of systems melting as the energy blade comes into contact with them. The energy surge triggers audible popping of circuit breakers in another part of the massive weapon.

The droid’s exterior lighting flashes before it fades out. Stabilizer systems whine and hiss as they lose power and then the droid unceremoniously falters and collapses to the ground in front of the young woman who delivered the final blow. It hisses and steams, while smoke pours out from destroyed flight and combat systems. In a brief moment, it goes from being a menacing danger to a pile of scraps in the formerly pristine plaza of Theed.

As soon as the droid has been destroyed, the remaining citizens understand Arani’s advice and quickly flee from the area. They offer no parting comments, and no words of thanks. The ordeal has proved beyond their tolerance and flight becomes the only instinct flashing through their minds.

The remaining visage is one of carnage and destruction. Understandable when a siege weapon fights a close quarters battle, smoking blast marks scorch the plaza in many areas, while the dead citizens unfortunately lay among the ruins of the Trade Federation combat units.

1 July 2004, 02:59 PM
Sia-Lan lets out a sigh and deactivates her pink lightsaber. Sia looks down at the droids remains and scans the plaza, surveying the damage. We did it! We saved some of them! She smiles and turns around to look at her comrades, noting that they are all still alive. Sia-Lan walks slowly over to her friends. Although she is tired, Sia knows that they have to get out of the plaza before reinforcements arrive. There will be a time to heal and rest later.

Howling Wookiee
2 July 2004, 04:14 AM
Rann turns and looks over his shoulder when the droid collapses.
Although he does not slow down, he relaxes a bit. "Guys we need to keep moving. More will surely follow." With that being said he moves on to exit the plaza.

Rogue Janson
6 July 2004, 11:33 AM
Arani stares open-mouthed as the droid starfighter crashes to the ground, finding it hard to believe the towering war-machine has been brought down. The civilian standing near her flits away with a sudden speed, and she finds herself scanning over the plaza. Three blasted bodies lie scattered on the paving stones, but all her friends are still alive, as is the brave Naboo guard and there are no more Federation forces in sight. A grin lights up her face, just as the adrenaline come-down hits her, making her tired legs almost fall away from under her, then almost lock up.

Putting away her pistol, she half jogs after Sia-Lan and throws an arm round her friend's shoulders, feeling just a twinge of pain from her own incompletely healed shoulder.
"So those glow rods have their uses after all," she says cheerfully.

Guys we need to keep moving. More will surely follow."
Rayger looks in a bad way, as Arani approaches him, but the tough soldier is coming to his senses, so probably isn't getting any worse. She calls ahead to Rann, already taking the lead away from the plaza.

"I think we can take it a little slower now, Rann."
Hurrying didn't get them anywhere last time, after all.

Kanner Ra'an
7 July 2004, 05:10 AM
(OOC: Im assuming Rayger is about fully conscious now. Please dissmiss this if im wrong)

IC: Rayger starts to stir slightly, aware that he's moving. Instictively he starts to try to walk, to carry his own wieght, and then notices that hes being supported by something else. As he come around a little more he realizes that they are no longer in the courtyard and that their are no sounds of battle in their close proximity. He also realizes they have stopped. He hears Rann's voice close by, registering that it is the Padawn who's helping him along. He hears Arani voice next, but what exactly still doesn't come through.

Once he gets out all of the gliterstim webs in his head, he tries to test his own footing. Looking to the other, he asks, "Did we do it, did we get the civilians out?". As Rayger looks around, he is glad to see that group made it out alive, even if they are more beat up. As well, the more he gains his senses the more he realizees his own body is badly beat up. Their are some burns and bashed area from debris, and he remembers something about the droid starfighter.

Reaching for his side holster, he is jubalent to find the pistol still their and draws it with his right hand. He is ready to fight if neccessary, though he knows he couldn't survive another battle without a great deal of luck. Looking around, he could say the same for some of the others. All have been bruised or bloodied, weather a little or critically like himself. Though he could never say it outloud, he hopes that the group decides to withdraw instead of throwing themselves back into the ongoing fight in the streets. Not just thinking of his own survival, but that of the others.

Howling Wookiee
7 July 2004, 05:47 AM
Rann stops as Arani addresses him and the group. He shakes his head, "I disagree. We need to hasten our retreat and get these civilians to safety. More will surely come when the droid masters do not get a response from the starfighter. We need to keep moving and heal our wounded." Rann puts a calming hand over Rayger's newly drawn weapon, "Calm yourself my friend. The fight is over now. We defeated the starfighter but some civilians were lost. Let us move quickly from here for we can not survive another fight like that." After finishing, the battered and pain stricken padawan continues to exit the plaza. He still supports Rayger but only in lightly, trying to let the soldier get his feet back under him.

7 July 2004, 11:52 AM
The guard approaches the resistance team and thanks them for their assistance. As Rorworr rights the astromech droid, the guard hands the rest of the group a sealed pouch, and tells them: “Take this to Ambassador Kron of Alderaan. It’s vital that he receives this.” With that, he thanks them again and dashes out of the plaza, doubtlessly off to continue the fight elsewhere in the city.

The little droid beeps happily at the group of friends, but then rolls over to the late pilot and utters a mournful cry as its master does not move and it realizes the fate the pilot received. After a moment, it turns its attention back to the group and approaches.

Kian and Deel take over helping Rayger from Rann, freeing the Padawan to gather the wounded soldier’s blaster carbine. Rorworr’s translator companion reappears out of the shadows and approaches the Wookiee, who looks at it curiously and the others in the group surmise that they are having a brief conversation that the rest of the team cannot hear.

The little translator tells the team to follow the Wookiee, and they set out. Arani keeps up with Rorworr, while the Padawans take the rear, keeping Deel and Kian, along with Rayger in the middle. The little astromech trails behind the team, keeping pace as they leave the site of the deadly battle with the starfighter droid.

Few sounds of battle continue to come from far off in the city, and it seems that the majority of the Trade Federation forces have left Theed. Elsewhere, in the palace and unbeknownst to the small resistance group, a final showdown ensues between Queen Amidala and the Trade Federation Viceroy.

The team scurries into another plaza that shows no signs of battle, and the pristine architectural designs of the Naboo remind the group of the peaceful times that predate the week of siege and blockade by the power and credit hungry Neimoidians. Crossing quickly through the open area, Rann and Sia-Lan both falter and drop to the ground at the same time, as they feel the impact of a powerful wave of shock in the Force.

Deep within the palace complex, in the heart of the plasma power station, a fierce battle between Jedi and Sith takes a pause as Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn falls to his knees with the shock of being impaled in his chest by the Sith Lord Darth Maul’s lightsaber blade. His young Padawan, Obi-wan Kenobi screams in shock, horror and rage from behind a plasma shield, where he could not come to the aid of the man who has served as his father figure, mentor and friend for the previous decade. The Sith Lord gives him a feral grin, knowing that the strongest of the pair has been eliminated from the contest. His red and black tattooed and horned head are purposefully reminiscent of demons from children’s fables, and serve to enrage Obi-wan, fueling his anger, which Darth Maul readily encourages.

Still on the plaza, Arani is the first to reach her friends, propping them up and inquiring as to what happened. Neither Rann nor Sia-Lan can tell her, only that they felt a massive shock from somewhere in the city. With Arani’s and Rorworr’s help, the two come back to their feet. Slowly, still trying to shake off the effects of the daze induced by the sudden shock, they move forward through the open plaza and through another connecting street.

Back in the power center, the plasma shield drops and Obi-wan Kenobi, bursts into the open chamber with the intent to destroy Darth Maul. A battle reminiscent of the great Sith War beings anew. With ferocity unknown to a Jedi, the Padawan attacks the Sith, hammering away with his lightsaber and pushing back the dark being. The Sith Lord counters and the contestants flow back and forth like the tide. The stronger of the two, however, uses the anger of the lightsider against him, and being fueled on young Obi-wan’s rage, delivers a decisive blow that leaves the Padawan hanging precariously at the top of an abysmal shaft leading to the core of the planet.

Taunting the hanging warrior of the Force from the landing at the top of the shaft, Darth Maul first kicks Obi-wan’s lightsaber into the darkness of the pit and then scrapes his own red lightsaber blade along the edge of the metal, showering Obi-wan with sparks, daring him to act and waiting for him to fall. Confident in the Padawan’s perilous position, the Sith Lord enjoys his presumed triumph. Darth Maul’s expression falters, however, as he sees a change in Obi-wan’s eyes.

The Padawan’s face changes from a look of desperation to a visage of determination. With a surge of Force energy, he leaps with inhuman ability from his shaky handhold up and out of the shaft, somersaulting in the air over Darth Maul’s body. As he does, he calls Qui-Gon’s lightsaber into his hand from next to the Jedi Master’s body, rearming himself as he lands behind Darth Maul, leaving the Sith Lord between the determined Obi-wan and the bottomless shaft. With fluid grace, Obi-wan spins around as the lightsaber ignites and brings the green blade quickly through the Sith Lord’s body. His eyes still wide in shock, Darth Maul stumbles backwards into the pit, with a wave of dark energy radiating away from the severed body as it succumbs to death.

Outside of the palace, in a nearby plaza, the team of young heroes continues to progress away from the starfighter droid. They are stopped again, as Rann and Sia-Lan double over again with painful contractions in the shock of Darth Maul’s death. They feel a wave of cold, chilling them from the inside out, and driving a painful ache deep into their stomachs. As they fall to the ground again, out of the holds of Arani and Rorworr, their teeth and fists clench against the pain, and they involuntarily curl into a fetal position.

After an incredibly long moment, the pain subsides, although the memory of the pitch black, horrible and icy evil remains to haunt them. Their friends, while questioning them to what is wrong, help them again to their feet, worried more now than before about the pair.

Kanner Ra'an
14 July 2004, 01:34 PM
"Rann, Sia Lann, are you two ok." the peacekeeper asks. Turining to Deel and Kian he says "I can stand, give them a hand up." leaning slightly against a wall and freeing the two up to help the ailing Jedi to their feet. He knows that the Jedi have magnificient powers with the force, and it doesn't take a Mrlsst scholar to guess that it is the strange power that could be afflicting them now.

Howling Wookiee
15 July 2004, 04:26 AM
Rann withers on the ground next to Sia-Lan. Their eyes meet for a mere second before the blackness hits him and he grabs his stomache and holds back the vomit. After a short period, the "episode" fades away. Rann sits on the cool stone of the plaza in puzzelment. Finally he starts hearing his friends' inquiries after the ringing in his ears subside. He merely looks at them with a blank look on his face, "I do not know what just happened............but I have a bad feeling about it." Finally the young padawan gets to his shaky feet with the help of Rorworr. He tries to explain the sensations to his friends, "The first wave as a strong, painful blast in the Force. The second was something cold and black. I think neither was a good thing. We need to find out what happened, although I don't feel any of it had to do with the Queen and her mission, be we need to make sure she was sucessful." He slumps over with his hands on his knees trying to recover his bearings.

22 July 2004, 04:52 PM
The friends adjust their groupings, to help carry their wounded comrades and Rorworr takes point. He leads the group through a few more twists and turns of the streets and plazas of Theed, without running into any Trade Federation interference.

They arrive at a freestanding building and Rorworr takes a moment, leaving the team in an alley, to scout out the interior of the building. Moments later, the side door opens and he leads them inside to an apartment. They find the rooms quiet and open, and most take to resting on the beds and couches, while the others look over their wounds.

The Padawans have no additional episodes, and pass into a peaceful sleep. With the help of a painkiller, Rayger also slips into a slumber, leaving the mostly uninjured in the central room, quietly discussing the situation.

Using a central access terminal, Kian sits down and proceeds to call up available information about the happenings across town. He surprises Deel with the amount of access that he manages to achieve, although before long the general restrictions peel back as well. Deel announces to Arani and Rorworr that the invasion has been successfully repelled and the Queen is back in power, safely in her palace.

The group of four celebrates for a while, and slowly Rayger, Sia-Lan and Rann wake and join in the merriment that their difficult struggles made possible. Deel steps out of the apartment to fetch a doctor, returning a short time later with medical assistance. The doctor tends to the wounds of the Padawans and Republic Observer, and under her tender care, they are allowed to remain in the apartment for the recovery process.

Before the wounded pass again into a peaceful sleep, Rorworr takes his leave of the group. He tells his friends that he wishes he could stay with them, but that he needs to find his family in the woodlands and swamps outside of Theed, and then he would begin searching for other refugees that had fled the hostilities. The Wookiee hopes to see his friends again soon, but has duties to which he must attend. He parts amicably, and heads quickly out of the city with his translator droid in tow.

Kian also tells the team he has to leave them. As a part-time faculty member, he tells them, he has to get back to the House of Learning, and hopes to see them back there in the coming months, as order is restored on the planet. He thanks them for their help and praises their abilities before he leaves the apartment and the team.

Deel promises to escort the doctor back to her home, and tells his friends and allies that he too must leave them for a while. A hint of mischief sparkles in his eyes, and Arani assumes that he’s once again up to his old tricks, starting even before the battle droid remains have been cleaned from the streets. But he promises to catch up with them again in the future, and then leaves with the doctor, disappearing down an alleyway once he leaves the apartment building.

Arani watches over the rest of the group as they pass into sleep for a while, continuing to recover from their wounds received while overthrowing the oppressive Trade Federation forces. The afternoon wanes and a beautiful sunset casts deep colors and shadows across the newly-liberated capital city of Naboo. Familiar sounds slowly return to the city as Arani watches out a window in the apartment.

Rogue Janson
23 July 2004, 09:53 AM
Left watching over the injured.
It’s not something that would normally appeal to Arani, but for once she doesn’t mind. She’s grateful for the chance to rest and simply enjoy the peace. The city streets are still unnaturally bare, save for the few security troops doing precautionary sweeps, looking for any rogue droids or Neimoidian personnel, but she has almost got used to the emptiness. The sound of joyful voices raised once more in the city brings everything back though, as she waves happily at the occasional passer-by.

As the evening fades, it’s plain the Naboo are not wasting any time clearing up. Speeders pass by carrying the motionless forms of destroyed and deactivated battle droids. She almost ducks for cover as the scallop-shell front of an AAT appears round the corner, before the haphazard way it moves reassures her the pilot is not a droid. Despite moving at a crawl, the hapless driver skids round the corner, almost crashing into a building on the opposite side of the road. In the opposite direction, transports begin to appear carrying food, and then people, released from the Federation camps.

Arani glances back at the sleeping form of her friends. Even after so much action, there is only so much inactivity she can take and she looks around for something to do. The thought of checking and cleaning her pistol crosses her mind, but Arani quickly rejects it. Instead she wanders along to the computer terminal Kian had been using. The welcome screen now features a celebratory message declaring the defeat of the Trade Federation and the liberation of Naboo, along with some details of what civilians should do. There is also a link to messages from people seeking friends and relatives, along with another, more sombre, link to a list of the dead and injured. Arani quickly hits the former.

Her fingers rap on the terminal as she types in ‘Korden’, waiting painful seconds as it accesses the network. Then, to her relief, a message comes up with the header ‘Ciaran and Almad Korden.’ She scans through hurriedly, seeing, first that her parents, then her siblings and various other family members, are safe, well and seeking news of her. She notices a couple of names missing from the list, but this barely registers. Arani composes her reply, telling them that she is fine, and her friends are safe, if not all in quite such good condition. She omits to mention the blaster injury to her shoulder. After this, she searches for a few more friends, and relatives of friends, noticing a few more unaccounted for. This still fails to dampen her mood and she walks back to where Rann, Sia-Lan and Rayger lie peacefully, trying to compose herself and avoid shaking them to wake them and recount the good news.

Howling Wookiee
23 July 2004, 10:27 AM
The sudden excitement in the abandoned apartment brings Rann's heavy eyes open. He props up on his elbows and looks at Arani and Deel and the others as they celebate. The young padawan thanks the Force when they tell him what all the excitement is all about, but his aching body does not allow him to celebrate too much. Rann wishes farewell to his companions that leave and tells them, "May the Force be with you." He merely smiles to each one as they leave and then rests his head back down on the couch he is laying on. After what seems an eternity, he awakes again refreshed. Rann gets stiffly to his feet and walks over to Arani, "Today is a good day and I feel a new begining for all of us. The Force has guided our actions and will continue to do so." He watches the Nabooian sun as it tracks it journey across the sky. He continues talking to Arani, "I feel we have won the battle but at a much higher cost than I'm comfortable with. However we've done what needed to be done." He finishes with out expecting a response, but just watches the sun's lazy path across the colorful sky. Rann realizes that recent events have changed him. Some good, soom bad, but he is a changed student of the Force and he will let the Force guide him to make the right decisions.

Kanner Ra'an
23 July 2004, 11:10 AM
Unlike the natives and their jedi friends, Rayger finds little peace in the aftermath of the battle. He was not a volenteer fighter like the others, and his duties did not end when the trade federation was expelled from peaceful Naboo. As soon as he is able to he start writing reports to his numerous superiors in the peacekeeping forces and the justice departments. Though he made attempts to locate them, most of his recording equipment was lost. Thankfully Rayger kept some of the recording rods on his person, so he is not without neccessary evidence. He knows that RIOP recordings will only go so far in the courts, but he smiles with satisfaction and he downloads his entire report, recordings and all onto a datacard.

The next moring he is estatic to learn that Arani's family survived the invasion. Though he has not spent much time among the (now former) resistance members, he does care for them and is glad to learn that they have not lost their lives thanks to the invasion. Though he is still more then a little sore despite the painkillers he's been on, he does enjoy himself at their small celebration. Afterwards he is back to work again. (Note, forget this part if that R2 unit is no-longer following us. Im just assuming it did). Rayger enlists the small R unit droid that followed them once its pilot met her unfortunate end, to help him transmit his report to the holonet. Though he thinks to ask Kian, he prefers to let the Nabooians rest.

As the droid transmits, he sits quietly and briefly reflects. He has spent some good years on his military exchange with the republic, and has experienced a victory such as this before. It hasn't been so sweet though. Naboo was a completely helpless planet, with only a handful of security forces and cerimonial troops formally guarding it. Yet with them and a army of primitives they managed to vanquish one of the biggest, weathiest groups in the republic. A group who is responsible for a great deal of the Buracratic plague that is hitting the great body. As the droid is sending the infromation into the computer terminal, he wonders if it will do any good in the long run. Surely the the justice department will order partial disarmament as they have difinitive proof of military engagement. But after that it will go to the courts, where they will argue weather or not the invasion was legal. Weather the slaughter of people in that courtyard where he was injured was legal. And he wouldn't be surprised if they got off entirely, instead of being shut down as they should. But their will be issues of supplies to colonies, and trade federation ownership of planets and bodies and so many other issues that it will be lost and maybe even go unresolved.
The frustrated soldier lets out a sign. Maybe this is my last term with the republic. Maybe im done here. he says to himself, thinking of the lucrative spot in his own planets military that will await him after this exchange program. It doesn't appeal to him as much as it once did though. Out here he is helping people, and as he looks out to the contryside and sees the planet free once more, he cant help but take pride in it.

Once again letting out a sigh he looks at the droid who has finished its work and waits paitently for him. "How about we go find you an oil bath somewhere. I dont know about you, but i hate how i look after a bad firefight." he says, and then gets up and begins looking around for such a facility. He knows that the palace, who they eventually will have to return the droid to, have the neccessary equipment to do so. But the wounded peacekeeper likes the excuse to go and explore the planet that he nearly died in defending.

24 July 2004, 04:41 AM
Rayger works at the console and is irritated when it replies that a data transmission error occurred when he tried to send his reports. Apparently, the Holonet access is still limited and intermittent at best for the recently besieged planet. Giving up on the transmission, he prepares to take a walk. A rapid onset of fatigue from his wounds and the medication take a quick toll on him, and he realizes that he cannot leave the apartment as soon as he would like. A bit frustrated to remain a not-so-willing patient, he returns to the common room to relax as Rann and Arani share a conversation watching the evening sunset.

Sia-Lan rises to join them, and the group talks of the joys of the end of hostilities. They find some unspoiled food in the kitchen of the apartment, and share an evening meal, before the trio of patients return to their slumber, leaving Arani awake for a short time.

Eventually, the call of sleep and the weariness from recovering from the fighting and her own wound claims the remaining member of the team, and she finds solace in an overstuffed chair, in which she curls up under a blanket as the fresh air from the open window slightly cools the apartment, making for a comfortable and peaceful rest.


The morning sun shines in through another window and gently wakes Arani and her friends from their peaceful night of sleep. Exhausted from their activities – and for the trio, their medications – they all slept without any dreams, slowly waking in the morning in their own time.

They find the fixings for a morning meal, and are engrossed in sharing it as a lazy day begins when a knock on the door interrupts them. Arani rises to get it, telling her friends to relax and continue eating. With a touch of apprehension and caution, she opens the door slightly to reveal a robed and hooded figure, clad in garments of deep rose.

Arani pauses a moment, before the person before her looks up and smiles from beneath the hood. Immediately they recognize each other and the guest steps forward and embraces her friend. Extremely happy to see Dané, another friend from the Royal House of Learning, Arani returns the embrace, and then ushers the young woman into the apartment and to the table.

Dané greets Rann and Sia-Lan with a hug to each of them, and cordially introduces herself to Rayger, pleased that for his assistance on behalf of the Republic. As her friends inquire as to what happened to her during the blockade, she relates her story.

“I was lucky enough to be at the palace the day that the Trade Federation,” the name visibly irritates Dané, a feeling shared by the rest of the group, “launched their invasion. Initially, it was not a good place to be, because the Queen and her entourage was captured. I was with them. Rayger, as my friends know, I’ve been training to be a potential handmaiden for the Queen. I was at the palace that day for some training, and therefore with the Queen when she was captured.”

“We were on our way to a prison camp when a pair of negotiators sent in secret from the Supreme Chancellor intercepted our group and aided in our escape. We fled to the Queen’s personal starship, and ran the blockade to our freedom! We had a whole other adventure from there, trying to make our way to Coruscant so that the Queen could plead her case to the Senate.”

Dané pauses in her story to look at Arani, “Arani, I know that these other three have seen that planet before, but let me tell you, it was a sight to behold! I have never seen so many buildings and beings and starships and speeders in one place!” Her amazement easily carries over through her body language as Dané continues. “At the same time, it is so different from Theed and Naboo that it’s impossible to imagine, or to even make sense in a retelling. While I certainly wouldn’t want to live there, it’s definitely a place that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime.” Her eyes and smile, wide with the excitement, fade slightly as she turns back to the table, and resumes her tale.

“The Senate wouldn’t listen to our plight. Instead, they wanted to form a committee to investigate the accusations, and then leave the matter for the courts to decide. Frustrated with the process, our Queen opted instead to return to Naboo and lead her people to freedom herself.”

“I think you all know the rest of the story, since I’ve heard tales of your exploits. We returned to Naboo, evaded the Trade Federation and made plans to retake Theed. In the process, the Queen befriended the Gungan people, and established a new alliance which aided us in overthrowing the Trade Federation.”

“I know that you played a part in that, and the Queen sends her personal thanks for aiding her in entering the Palace.” Dané’s eyes and tone have switched from excitement in her story to serious in relaying the Queen’s gratitude. “You all are not forgotten in your efforts.”

The solemnity in her tone changes back to more eager as the story returns to the main stream. “Well, the Queen managed to reach the throne room and,” she smiles wryly, “negotiate a settlement with the Trade Federation Viceroy. Our pilots, at the same time, destroyed the Droid Control Ship above our planet, forcing the deactivation of the Trade Federation armies, and freeing us from their occupation.”

“All of which leads me to now. I came in part to relay the Queen’s gratitude. But I also came to ask for your help. I know that you all are accomplished and heroic fighters. The Queen has tasked me to investigate a group of renegades that has gathered in the swamps outside the city. These renegades consist of both humans and Gungans, and we have heard that their leader speaks out against the Queen and the Naboo-Gungan alliance. My mission is to scout out the camp and report to the Queen the severity of the threat to Naboo. This mission is a test, I think, for me and perhaps the culmination of my training. What I’m hoping is that you all will agree to help me with this task.”

Kanner Ra'an
24 July 2004, 01:18 PM
Rayger listens to the Naboo handmaiden in training. He hadn't heard any rumours of this group, but it does not surprise him. "I've heard of such groups before poping up in situations like yours. An invasion like this, not to mention the huge change the alliance between the Gungans and the Naboo brings, often stems such groups who feel that the current leaders arn't running things right." he says. "Im not sure i can assist you though. The republic sent me as a legal combat observer. Medling in internal polotics would probably be a violation, and hurt my credibility for the legal battle thats going to follow this mess." he says, a bit of a heavy tone in his voice. He does want to go along, but he has to remember he is a professional and he has a duty to preform.

"I do need to transmit some reports though, and i might be able to gain clearance to provide continued aid while i do so. But as of now i have to go by the book. Sorry." he finishes, apology in his tone as well as in his statement.

Howling Wookiee
25 July 2004, 08:24 AM
Rann wakes up refreshed and rejuvenated. He walks over to the open window, stretching and yawing along the way. The padawan leans down and rests his hands on the window seal, then goes through his daily routine of Jedi calming techniques and clearing his mind. As he is in deep meditation he thinks, The dawn of a new day is upon us........

He sits down and eats with the others, par-taking in casual conversation. Rann finishes a glass of blue milk and set the empty glass right in front of him. The young padawan looks at the glass with half closed eyes and concentrates on the glass. The glass has his full undivided attention, unlike his first attemp using telekinesis on the droid in the heat of battle. He lightly taps the Force and room suddenly goes completely dark with on the glass glowing vibrantly. Soon in Rann's minds eye he watches small tendrils snake out and grasp the glass lightly. Once Rann feels he has a sure hold on the glass, he coaxes the tentrils to lift the glass. The glass wables for a moment, then gently rises about a meter off the table. Rann snakes out another tendril to vertically rotate the glass, the glass spins end over end very slowly. Rann tries to fine tune is control and spin the glass faster, pretty soon the glass is spinning with great speed and a smile crosses the young padawan's face.

Rann senses something is different in the room and senses Arani get up to get the door. He refocuses some of his attention to the presense behind the door and gets a powerful, commanding presense behind it. He recognizes that Force signature anywhere, Dane . Arani opens the door and the two embrace. Rann finds it harder to concentrate with the arrival of his friend and suddenly his attention snaps back to the room. He immediately looks to the glass and then watches it streak, with blazing speed, between Arani and Dane as they release their embrace. It smashes against the opposite wall with a loud crash. Rann jumps up the make sure they are alright then plays off his embarassment by hugging Dane, "Go to see you again." He releases the embrace and walks over to start cleaning up the mess.

Rann listens quietly to Dane's retelling of her story and does not interupt her. Only after she finishes asking for help does he speak, "My skills and loyalty are to the needs of the Queen. I will help her in what means that are at my disposal. However, I would like to check in with my master to update him on my status and to assure him that I am alright. I'm sure he will echo my duty to the Queen and will have no quarrel with this mission." Rann turns to Rayger as he speaks, "You duty is with the Republic and if you feel that this mission will contradict that, you must go with your duty."

Howling Wookiee
25 July 2004, 08:34 AM

Rogue Janson
27 July 2004, 03:11 AM
"I do need to transmit some reports though, and i might be able to gain clearance to provide continued aid while i do so. But as of now i have to go by the book. Sorry." he finishes, apology in his tone as well as in his statement.
“The invasion’s over, Rayger. Can’t you go off-duty for a bit? The holonet link probably won’t be back up for a while.”

Arani really doesn’t know about the holonet, but she can tell Rayger is torn. She tries something else.

“You don’t have to get involved anyway, all we’re doing is going to check these people out, so you can do what you’re here to do – observe. And you never know when it might be helpful for us to have an official Republic presence.”

She turns back to Dané.

“Of course we’ll help you Dané. A Naboo-Gungan alliance against the Naboo-Gungan alliance. You don’t need to be a Jedi Master to sense that’s a bit strange.”

Arani is puzzled by the idea. There may be some Naboo who are xenophobic enough to virulently oppose the alliance, and perhaps some Gungans who feel the same, but to join together… And if they are simply opposed to some specific point or principle in the alliance, why go renegade. It’s not like the Queen will persecute anyone who disagrees with her.

Kanner Ra'an
27 July 2004, 09:04 AM
“The invasion’s over, Rayger. Can’t you go off-duty for a bit? The holonet link probably won’t be back up for a while.”

Arani really doesn’t know about the holonet, but she can tell Rayger is torn. She tries something else.

“You don’t have to get involved anyway, all we’re doing is going to check these people out, so you can do what you’re here to do – observe. And you never know when it might be helpful for us to have an official Republic presence.”

Rayger looks slightly more torn for a second. Though usually very duty oriented, he does wish to help out the naboo. As well Arani is right, the holonet may not be availible for some time. Im complaining about the rebuplic being too buracratic, but here i am quoting observer protocals.

He looks up at the group. "Well, i guess what the republic doesn't know cant hurt them." he says, then with a smile. "Besides, i doubt the communications will return any time soon, so i guess im officially not under orders."

28 July 2004, 12:07 PM
Sia-Lan wakes up refreshed and ready to get out of the apartment. I need something to do, I can't stay in here any longer. She walks over to her equipment, sitting on a table in the corner, and begins to put it on. After fastening her lightsaber onto her belt, Sia goes to the dining area and eats breakfast with her friends. She enjoys the time she is spending resting with her friends, but Sia feels that she must be doing something else.

Confused at her conflicting emotions, Sia-Lan briefly reaches out to the Force to see what she needs to do. She feels Rann practicing with telekinesis, and his concentration on his task. During this time, Sia senses another presence, one that she knows well. It is Dané, a good friend, and with her presence she feels a nudge from the Force. What does the Force want me to do? Is it something that Dané is involved in?

Sia-Lan comes out of her meditation to greet her friend. She gives Dané a hug, and says, "I am glad that you are fine. It has been a long time since I last saw you." Sia listens intently to Dané as she tells her story. The nudge from the Force continues to get stronger as she continues to listen and once Dané has asked for their help. The Force wants me to go with Dané, so I will go with her, but I will discuss this feeling with my master first.

Sia-Lan looks at Dané and tells her, "I will help you Dané, but I will have to speak with my master, also. But with the Holonet down, I don't know when I will be able to contact my master. I feel that he would permit my involvment in this issue." She turns to Rann to make sure that it is fine with him, and she also wishes to talk with him about this strange feeling she has recieved.

Howling Wookiee
30 July 2004, 07:23 AM
Rann rubs his chin for a moment in deep thought. Then addresses Dane, “It seems that the Holonet is still spotty at best. I can contact my Master at a later date. I feel we need to find the reasoning for this unrest in this “alliance” and seek to a peaceful means to bring it to an end.” He continues to think quietly for a minute then continues, “I’m assuming the quicker we resolve this situation the quicker we can contact our superiors. Dane, before we head out what other information do you have on this “alliance” that could be useful.” Rann waits quietly, arms clasp behind his back, for a response.