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Kanner Ra'an
19 November 2003, 12:06 PM
Booming laughter and loud music fill the crew lounge of the old sorosub ex-passenger linner. The realativly small crew is all assembled, celabrating. The celebration is certainly justified. Over the last month fortune has almost thrown itself at the crew of the Laiton's Gold (renaimed from Laitons Merc). First it was a pirate raid. An assault on a small colony that produced the very expensive luxury yaght of the colonies founder, as well as two individuals with bounties on their heads. The next raid produced gunrunners with a shipfull of stolen weaponry. The third was the best, a luxury passenger liner that calculated a bad hyperspace jump. Last more bounties came thier way. The two pieces captured at the colony informed the big burly Houk captain named Bosg D'Fass that the one who set their bounties had a price on his head as well. Bosg took the bribe to release them, turned them over for the bounty, and when the transaction was complete, shot the guards, released the merchandise, and took the buyer as well. Once seeing the strange man, you can see why someone would want him dead. Tall, muscular, and completely mad. The man, who's name the captain never bothered to mention, is a complete raving lunatic. In the short time it took you to escort him to the cells he promised you a lost treasury world, the Katana fleet, and when that failed, threatend to transform you into a ranat chew toy.
Even then, fate seemed determined to shove credits down the crews throat. At the refueling station Bosg managed to negotiate a bounty off another hunter for a steal. The hunters story was his ship was damaged and he didn't need other hunters invading his ship trying to rip off his bounty. So the old duros only negotiated enough to cover his costs and a small profit, amazing considering the huge bounty on the man. When the cell was loaded by the droids, it looked more like a sealed cargo crate with a small air hole, and the entire crew has yet to see the figure.
So with a huge payday coming in, Captain D'Fass ordered the old R3 to jump for hutt space. With everybodies upcoming bonus looking at at least six digits each, a party was inevitable.

OOC: Aside from all PC's, the crew includes the captain, and six others. a dug, a duros, a nemodian, the first officer (a blood carver), a vodran, and a human. The crew structure is loose, so only the captain and first officer have rank. Additionally no one has a set station.

19 November 2003, 12:44 PM
Ket sits in the corner of the crew-lounge, sucking down his drink. It's not to often that the crew gets to party, so he intends to enjoy it. He sits his drink down next to him and realises that it is only one in a large number that he has already had. Oh well, he thinks, it's time to dance anyway. With that, young Ket gets up and starts jumping around, trying to be in time to the music. "How often do we get to enjoy ourselves like this?" he cries as he slips over on some of his own spilt drink. Bee-Bop, Ket's repair droid, lets out a digital laugh as he sees his master fall.

And it begins. It's been awhile since I've played this way. I hope it's alright. If you have any pointers, please put them in the occ bit. Thanks.

The Ghost
19 November 2003, 01:58 PM
Ghost sat far away from the others, frowning at her datascreen and sipping some caf. The new crewmember wasn't doing the social thing well, anyone could see, but she didn't sign on to make friends. She wanted credits. The binary flowed across the screen and her eyes raced along, reading the code she was working on.

Gyp Ryol
19 November 2003, 04:40 PM
Rodick Von Zad gulped down another shot of the hard Smuggler's Surprise Whiskey. He felt the pale blue liquid sear as it rushed down his throat and grunted contentedly. He was lucky that the crate he had snagged off the luxury liner had not lied about its contents.

He crossed his muscular green arms across his chest and took in the rest of the scene. The majority of the crew was up and dancing in the small room and Rodick even saw one of them (the Arkanian maybe?) take a spill onto the floor. Some were dressed up in the finest clothes they owned, though Rodick thought that the nerf hide suit looked particularly ugly on the Dug. Others were dressed informally, much like Rodick. He wore his off-duty clothes, a pair of Iotran army camo fatigues and a white muscle shirt.

Though he did not show it, Rodick was also pleased that the pirates were doing so well. Extra money raised on missions was free for Bracemen to take, and a little put away for retirement never hurt anyone. But a growing sense of frustration distracted Rodick from the festivities. It had been weeks since he had heard a single word about Gerg Lot, and his patience was growing thin. If didn't hear about him soon, he would have to leave the Laiton's Gold to search for Gerg. He stroked the scar on his left cheek absently as he thought.

20 November 2003, 04:18 AM
Anel reclines in a large, soft acceleration couch in the crew lounge, sipping at a fairly mild drink she's mixed for herself and basically taking in the scene. A fairly quiet woman, she hasn't made many friends on this trip (it was a business venture, after all) however, anyone who has bothered to talk to her finds her personable enough and agreeable. Anel is clothed in her preferable garb: a brown leather sleeveless tunic with tight fitting leather pants that ended with her knee boots, which were starting to become less and less common among spacers these days.

At opposite sides of her hips still hung twin coiled wire braid lashes: shock whips, the feared weapons of the Mistryl. The use of which Anel had shown great proficiency over the course of her time with this group. Not quite finishing a tiny meat snack she was eating, Anel tossed it to the floor below the couch.

Not even giving the morsel time to touch the floor, a greenish blur shot out from underneath the shadows of the couch to snap it out of mid air. Shirrahl, the large green beast that was Anel's companion had proven himself worth his weight in platinum in a melee, and utterly ruthless when it came to protecting Anel. Most of the crew was glad that the nashtah seemed to either tolerate, or genuinely like everyone on board, even if he didnt actually protect them.

Anel sat up slowly, her red-gold hair spilling over her shoulders, much like the ill-fated drink of moments ago. Calling out a command in her native Mistryl, the muscular green creature leapt up onto the couch at her side. With a content smile, she regarded each of her allies here. It had indeed been a good few weeks...

Vega Secure'A
20 November 2003, 10:01 AM
Kell is excited about the bonus pay he will be receiving soon. It has been a long time since he had received a bonus. Now his is just excited on the prospect of what to do with that bonus. But right now its time to celebrate. He is sitting alone against the wall on one of the chairs facing the dancing that is going on. His polearm stands resting within arms reach against the wall behind him to his right. He is content, not eating or drinking, just sitting and enjoying what everyone else is doing, smiling sincerily when Ket falls down. "Wow, hey are you alright?"

20 November 2003, 12:23 PM
Ket looks up from the floor, a shade of red covering his facial features as he pulls himself up from the crew-lounge floor. "yeah I'm good" comes the sheepish reply to Kell's question. "I guess I shouldn't drink so much, but this is the first real thing I've had to celebrate in a long time." Ket slowly brings his pupiless eyes up to look at Kell, "What about you? You enjoying yourself?"

Vega Secure'A
21 November 2003, 04:05 AM
Kell answers Ket as he helps him up, "Oh yeah, imensely! They sure know how to party." Then he looks and nods at the directions of Ghost and Rodrick, "Though do you think they are having fun?"

22 November 2003, 02:55 PM
"Maybe, in their own way. I don't really know much about them. Keep to themselves I a bit I guess." Ket finds himself another drink and offers one to Kell as he sits next to him.

Vega Secure'A
23 November 2003, 06:04 AM
Looking at the fuzing drink Ket is offering "Oh, no thanks. I don't drink. Sorry."

Gyp Ryol
23 November 2003, 09:19 AM
Rodick pushed up from his chair. Leaving five or so shot glasses on the holochess board that served as an impromptu table, Rodick nodded at the captain as he made his way out of the lounge. Over the course of his stint as a pirate, Rodick had been impressed with the way the burly Houk had handled the rowdy crew without a set protocol.

Rodick made his way through the rickety ship, ignoring the slight groans and strains the vessel made as it raced through hyperspace. Rodick was very interested in what kind of prisoner they had taken on. The bounty hunter at the refueling station struck a nerve with Rodick. What kind of hunter would give up his charge just to get his ship taken care of? He shook his head at the foolishness of the idea.

Finally, Rodick reached the cargo bay. Slowly he entered into the holding area. The holding cell the bounty had been brought on in was in the center of a pool of light created by one of the few working lights in the cargo bay. He tapped the sides of the metal cage, testing for a response from inside.

Kanner Ra'an
23 November 2003, 10:09 AM
" Heh!" came a loud cry, not from the cargo crate style cell Rodick was inspecting, but from the nearby holding cells. "Heh! Heh!" the voice said again. Turning to see towards the sound, Rodick sees the other bounty currently on board. The man is a complete mess, with wild, longish, brown hair and a fresh beard. His grey eyes dart around the holding area. " Heh, your an Iortan right. My men are coming for me as we speak to resque me. But, if you let me go, ill give you your own starfight, no...... your own corillian gunship. And a crew. A big crew. The finest mercenaries you can buy. All you have to do is let me out of this cell, and you'll be a rich man. The greatest whatever you want to be in the known galaxy." The man finishes, sounding as if he truely believes what he says.


Back in the crew the party continues. The captain has returned from the command deck. The music playing throughout the three hundred meter ship has changed from the old Jizz tunes to the currently more popular harsh Zabrak created music. The houk captain share a few words with his first officer, then grabs a bottle or potent liquor and turns to the crew.

" A toast, to the finest scum this side of the hydrian way. You are the by far the best of the worst people society has to offer that i've ever worked with." Taking the humerous insults as the compliments they are, everyone in the room gives a cheer and long drinks are consumed.

The Ghost
23 November 2003, 10:53 AM
Ghost doesn't look up from her datascreen, but lifts her cup silently when everyone toast. The Corellian woman seems to tune everyone out, especially those who seem a little too interested in her company for something other than a pleasant chat.

Gyp Ryol
23 November 2003, 12:32 PM
Rodick crossed his arms and snorted. The wild prizes that captives promised in return for freedom were the first things Iotran Bracemen were taught to ignore. A good dose of intimidating authority usually set the prisoners straight. Rodick marched aggressivly towards the holding cell and slammed the door of the holding cell with all his might. Ignoring the pain in his hand, Rodick snarled, "And if I ever do get my hands on a Corellian Gunship, you can bet that I would use it to blast your sorry gundark face out of existence." He hit the door again to puncuate the point. "If I ever hear your sniveling, pathetic voice again, you gundark, by the Emperor's ghost, I will tear your face right off of your head and give it to a nashtah as a chew toy!" Rodick's eyes, black as obsidion, bored straight into the wild prisoner's grey eyes, daring him to speak.

23 November 2003, 04:49 PM
With the toast, Ket raises his latest drink and with a loud "CHEERS" he swallows whats left and promptly sits back down.
"So Kell, what are you going to by with your share of the creds, if it isn't to impolite to ask?"

Vega Secure'A
24 November 2003, 03:47 AM
After everyone had made the cheer in unison Kell looks at Ket to answer his question "Hmm, I think I'll just save it all just in case of a rainy day, or for when business isn't doing so well. Though there might be something I would get, just hasn't popped in my head yet, lol."
Smiling again he says "What about you?"

Kanner Ra'an
24 November 2003, 12:03 PM
Rodick marched aggressivly towards the holding cell and slammed the door of the holding cell with all his might. Ignoring the pain in his hand, Rodick snarled, "And if I ever do get my hands on a Corellian Gunship, you can bet that I would use it to blast your sorry gundark face out of existence." He hit the door again to puncuate the point. "If I ever hear your sniveling, pathetic voice again, you gundark, by the Emperor's ghost, I will tear your face right off of your head and give it to a nashtah as a chew toy!" Rodick's eyes, black as obsidion, bored straight into the wild prisoner's grey eyes, daring him to speak.

"Well thats not very nice." the captive says, giggling as he does. " They wont be very nice to you when they come for me, will they boys?" the man continues " Will they boys? WILL THEY BOYS?"

"They wont be nice.......at all. You had your chance, now go. I tire of you."

With that said the man turns his back to the Iortan and crosses his arms.


Back at the party, ghost sits reading her datapad. As the woman concentrates, she notices a foul smell. Hoping to purify he sinuses, she reaches down to take a sip of her drink, only to find the smell has contaminated it. Putting he pad down for a second, she sees a smiling Nemodian right in her face, obviously wearing an aftershave that is the source of the smell.

" Is their something wrong with your drink. Here...here, take one of these." He stammers, holding out a bottle of equally foul smelling liquid, "From my home planet. A real delicacy, very expensive..very expensive. The finest their is. Please, try some."

The Ghost
24 November 2003, 12:29 PM
Ghost narrows her eyes. "you've ruined my Caf." she says coldly, sneering slightly. "You have two choices now. either apologize, get me another untainted one, or you can pay for it for the rest of your life, sleemo."

Her free hand strays to her pistol, just in case. "decide or i'll decide for you." The young Corellian keeps her eyes trained on the Nemoidian, obviously used to dealing with this kind of trouble.

Kanner Ra'an
24 November 2003, 12:38 PM
Don Wee is a typical nemodian, and his racial cowadice kicks in immeadiatly, causing the nemodian to recoil a step, but quickly regains his composure. " Why, if another cup of caf is all that you desire, then it is what i desire as well. Please wait one momenent and i will return with your drink." he says, backing up quicky then running off to the table holding all the consumables.

24 November 2003, 02:17 PM
Anel looks up from wrestling around with Shirrahl when she hears such an agressive comment from the usually non-existent and even then usually peaceful voice of the young Corellian girl. Ghost, she believes the young slicer called herself. Despite her age (while Anel was a young woman by most any standards, Ghost was still several years her junior), Ghost had handled herself very well throughout the groups escapades.

At this, Anel notices the shifty Nemoidian. Had the had a bit more in common, Anel would have ventured to say that the Nemoidian was hitting on her, in his own skewed way. However, Ghost, whether from actual distaste or, more likely, annoyance, or even lack of social graces, just blew the Nemoidian's attempts at nicety right out the hatch.

As expected, the trademark Nemoidian cowardice kicks in and the Nemoidian backs down. With a grin that says 'I don't even want to know', Anel goes back to wrestling with her Nashtah on a large empty space in the lounge. From years of companionship with Shirrahl, she knows how to best use his weight and her quickness to, if not actually defeat the hulking Nashtah, to at least frustrate him.

Gyp Ryol
24 November 2003, 04:28 PM
Rodick shook his head disgustedly. It was obvious that the prisoner was insane, and any amount of threatening was going to be a waste of breath and time. The sooner we dump that gundark off, the better, thought Rodick. Growling slightly under his breath, Rodick made his way back up to the crew lounge. He suddenly felt very fatigued and very much in need of a drink. Tiredly he opened the door to the lounge. Rodick was almost knocked down as soon as he entered the boisterous room. Looking down, he found his culprit. The Neimodian looked up sheepishly. Rodick was about to lash out at the poor coward when he noticed the bottle in the toad's arms. Not caring about the stentch or even the contents, Rodick snatched the bottle out of the Neimodian's hands.

The Neimodian made strangled noises in its throat as Rodick popped the seal off of the bottle and proceeded to gulp the entire contents of the bottle. Wiping his mouth off on his arm, he shoved the empty bottle back into the stammering Neimodian's arms. "Take care of that, toad," said Rodick gruffly. He marched right past the stuttering alien into the lounge.

Rodick noticed the Mistryl wrestling with her nashtah and moved over towards the pair. He hadn't seen anyone willing to wrestle a nashtah, trained or not. He stood a good distance away from the struggle pair so as not to endanger his limbs, watching the match with a military eye. It soon became obvious that the Mistryl was not trying to win, but simply agitate the nashtah. Rodick grunted softly and continued watching, seeing if there was anything to learn about the mysterious woman from the match.

24 November 2003, 10:01 PM
Kell's questions lights up Ket's eyes.
"Well, first I have some upgrades for Bee-Bop planed (Ket points to his J9 series driod) and I have all these plans and no money to true and build them. You see dad worked on a ......" Ket pauses and seems to realise that he's rambling. "I'm sorry, you probably know it all already. I just want to build a few things, and this money would reall help. But in all honesty, I just want to stay. This is the only family I have left, well as close to a family as pirates can be. But I think its cool and wouldn't have it any other way."

The young arkanian shuts up suddenly, for the first time the chattish if not annoying kid has nothing left to say. In an attempt to break his own silence Ket pulls out a datapad that show a large list of different blue prints, both completed and half completed and hands it to Kell. (plans for things like droids, armour, and a variety of weapons appear ont it). "These are just some ideas, Bee-Bop helps me build them, but I really like making droids, my dad taught me how, even helped me make Bee-Bop."

Kanner Ra'an
25 November 2003, 01:13 PM
The booming music in the ships comes to a sudden stop, accompanied by the lights flickering madly. Bosg looks up angrily at Ket " I though you said you fixed those circuts you lazy bone worm." he shouts loudly. Before the captain can finsih yelling their is a loud groan, followed by a horrible violent rocking of the ship. The crew and their refreshments are thrown about the room. When back on their feet, the entire crew, save for the badly drunk dug Foss, notice that the blue of hyperspace has been replaced with the star speckelled view of normal space.

" Sith, all hands to command." Bosg says immeadiatly, the first one up and heading towards the command area. Every sober member of the crew is quickly behind him, rushing towards the old passenger ships command deck.

"Everyone get to a station! I want sensor scans and damage reports now! the gruff voice booms, as the Houk takes his place in the captains station.

OOC: Ok, crew posts are first come first serve. They are

Pilots chair.
Weapons (2)
Shield operator.

Note, since the ship just had an emergancy shut down all systems are cold.

The Ghost
25 November 2003, 02:10 PM
Ghost springs back to her feet, putting away her own data pad as she runs towards the sensor controls.

She kicks some of the durasteel frame and swears at it while she begins the powerup process.

(computer use mod +19)

Gyp Ryol
25 November 2003, 04:25 PM
Rodick belched involuntarily as he made his way towards one of the weapon stations. He was beginning to regret drinking so much. Rodick silently and mentally reprimanded himself for his lack of discipline.

Is the ship we're on count as a space transport or a capital ship?

Kanner Ra'an
25 November 2003, 05:56 PM
OOC: As before mentioned, she's 300 meters long. That makes her a capital ship.

Gyp Ryol
25 November 2003, 06:41 PM
300 meters. Ugh. Thanks though.

Rodick sat down and began warming up the weapons board. He hadn't become as familiar with the weapon systems on the ship as he would have liked, but the life of a pirate and Bracemen left little leisure time for learning. Cursing in Tranese, he proceeded to run through the necessary warm-ups, praying that the guns would still operate.

26 November 2003, 03:53 AM
When the ship lurches, Anel flips up out of the hold she has on one of her Nashtah’s six muscular legs and looks to the captain. Shirrahl, for his part, senses that something is amiss and immediately reverts back from the playful mood he’d shared with Anel moments before to seriousness and alertness that mimicked that of his lifetime companion.

When the captain takes off for the command deck, Anel is right on his heels. As soon as they enter the command area, Anel quickly assesses her proficiency at the various controls. The young girl, Ghost, she saw, realized where she could best help the crew as she made herself comfortable at the sensor station. For a moment, Anel wonders how she passed her up on the way up here, but she doesn’t pause to contemplate, deciding her technical skills, the ones that would help her at a ship control station, were severely limited. She also sees Rodick throw himself into a weapons station and try to huriedly give himself a crash course in capital ship gunnery. After a moment of indecision, she lowers her lithe form in front of the other weapons station, hoping her combat skills will serve her well even across the frozen blackness of space. Finding a switch, Anel brings up the targeting system of the weapon, adjusts it one way, then the other, then familarizes herself with the targeting system and scans her small screen for anything that could mean trouble. After another moment of thought, she turns to Ghost,

“Hey, Ghost, if there’s anything I need to shoot at, try and feed the data into my targeting system, okay?”

With that, Anel does that, hardest of tasks for a warrior faced with combat, waiting.”

The Ghost
26 November 2003, 10:34 AM
"don't worry about what i'm doing. get your guns up and firing first!" Ghost snaps over her shoulder, punching the mainframe forcefully.
"work, you rotting piece of wires!" she grumbles, trying to speed up the load times on the ship systems.

26 November 2003, 12:32 PM
Ket looks to the captain, as hurt by that comment, "I did fix it."

As Ket pulls himself back to his feet, there is a smile playing across his face. Being one of the last on to the command deck Ket jumps into the Engineer station. He mumbles to himself under his breathe, "I knew I fixed it."

Vega Secure'A
27 November 2003, 06:44 AM
Getting up from a faced down position "Well I guess that leaves me with the communications, damn!" Kell runs to the com station and figeting with the comsystems he finally contacts the bridge "Captain, I'm not good with communications but I'll do what I can. Though captain, I think I can temporarily fix those circuits, just enough to get us back on."

Kanner Ra'an
27 November 2003, 11:35 AM
"Well I guess that leaves me with the communications, damn!" Kell runs to the com station and figeting with the comsystems he finally contacts the bridge "Captain, I'm not good with communications but I'll do what I can. Though captain, I think I can temporarily fix those circuits, just enough to get us back on."

"Well if ya dont like it take shields or somtin'. Just dont get comfor'able, we may need ya ta patch up those circuts that were supposedly fixed." The houk yells, out of frustration more then anger at Ket. Myn Dolomar eagerly jumps into the pilots seat and starts flipping switches. The houk captains anger is realieved slightly when the various systems come on line, lights and hums emerging from every station.

"Yes." Bosg yells again. " Ha ha. Ok, Ket, get us a status report, A-S-A-sumtin 'r other. Myn, find out where the hell we are. Ghost scan the area, make sure we aint got an asteriod or sumtin comin at us."

Gyp Ryol
27 November 2003, 07:19 PM
Rodick tapped the power meter for the ion cannon. He was relieved to find that all of the weapons were running and hot. He looked over at Anel at the other weapons station. "You ready to go?" he asked, though more as a statement than a question. He also tossed a glance at Ghost. "Give me readouts as soon as you have 'em, Sensors."

Rodick adjusted in his seat and rest his thick fingers lightly on the controls. He began to recite Tranese proverbs for courage and accuracy.

Vega Secure'A
30 November 2003, 06:41 AM
"Heading toward the shields now captain." Kell darts out the com station and into the sheild operator's booth. He tries to regain the shields as he reads the display, pressing and clicking the various buttons. "Captain. Just a headsup the shields if up will only be up temporarily. Say max, 15 minutes!" Then thinking to himself "At least we'lll be protected for those few moments"

OOC: Kell has no ranks in the Repair skill (you probably already knew that :rolleyes: ) but he does have a significant Jury-rig ability ;)

11 (roll) + 10 (ranks in Jury-rig, ONLY) = 21

Kanner Ra'an
30 November 2003, 09:22 AM
Ghosts sensors suddenly respond to her commands. The results are puzzling. Their is a mass shadow, obviously they were pulled out of hyperspace. However their is nothing nearby that could do that. Their is a planet, but the ship is clear out of its gravity well. She suddenly sees several blips appear on her screen, six she counts. Two of which are very big, possible the same size as their own ship.

As she notes this Galak, the first officer, moves around looking at the various stations, a look of concern on his face. The blood carver is quickly understanding. "Couldn't be the circuts, everythings working properly. Engineering, what the hells going on."

As the Arkanian technician works he cannot come up with any answers. According to his instruments their is damage to the hyperdrive, but only that consistant with the unsheduled reversion into normal space. No power failures, no burnt out circuts, nothing.

30 November 2003, 09:24 PM
"I've got nothing. According to these read outs, what the sensor says it see's, it really see's. Ghost, try doing a scan of any form of energy residue as it could be some kind of weapon that fires 'gravity wells', for lack of a better word, and brings ships into realspace. I'll see whast repairs I can preform from here." There is a look of concern on the young enginners face that has not been seen before, If they have weapons that do that, these shields need to be on line. "i'll see what repairs I can do from here, Bee-Bop, go and see what repairs you can do on the shields with Kell."

The Ghost
9 December 2003, 11:52 PM
Ghost mutters to herself. "you want to do this? then keep quiet." Fingers fly over the controls as she looks for what could be the cause of the trouble.

10 December 2003, 03:02 AM
"You ready to go?"

To this, Anel distractedly replies, "Uhhh...as ready as I'm gonna get..."

Hearing the others talking about some kind of gravity-well firing technology, Anel adds her opinion,

"Well, my guess is that it really is our ship, and we just cant find the error. If not, I'm guessing that its simply some kind of space anomaly. But in the event that it really is some kind of magical "planet-faking" machine, keep in mind that our sublight engines will still work remarkably well. And if that is the case, I'd say maybe Ghost should try to convince the main computer to temporarily override the hyperdrives automatic shutoff system and microjump out of here."

In all this, Anel's Nashtah, Shirrahl, has quietly stalked into the command area and now lies protectively at Anel's side, ready to protect her from anything.

Gyp Ryol
10 December 2003, 04:07 PM
"We can talk about this when we're dead people," grunted Rodick. "Right now we need to concentrate on just what were up against. Magic weapons can wait." Rodick was putting on his persona for this particular mission, the somewhat pushy Iotran bounty hunter Fernik Hak. Inwardly, he suddered at the thought of a gravity weapon. Such technology would bring a whole new, nasty level to space warfare, one that he didn't want to deal with.

10 December 2003, 04:51 PM
Another smile passes Ket's face breifly. Very breifly. His face turns quickly to the console in front. His eyes intent on the screen as his fingers dance across the keyboard. He tries his best to find a variety of ways to give the sensors a boost, or at the very least repair them, so that they can figure out what is going on.

Vega Secure'A
11 December 2003, 05:09 AM
Kell tries to bring back the shields, his eyes carefully watching the various displays and stats as he presses buttons and flips switches, even resorting to hitting the console. "Come on work, WORK!"

Kanner Ra'an
18 December 2003, 11:54 AM
OOC: Sorry for for not doing this sooner. I've just been nailed with 1001 tons of homework lately. Uggh

IC: Ghost sensors tell her little except that thier is a huge gravity mass out their. She cannot however, find a single power trace, energy signature, or even radiation emmission to suggest some technology is responsible. The six blips however become far more evident. They begin to show energy output and weapons signatures. Ships. One is very large, maybe even bigger then their own ship, and the other five seem to be smaller. Possible frieghters by the look of them, though quite possible star fighters.

Bee Bop, Kets odd droid, approches the shields station and begins to assist Kell. The shields hum to life, and the screen now shows the protective field surronding the pirate liner.

Bosg simply sits in his chair, waiting for the status reports. "Myn, what does astrogation have."

Before the pilot can alert the captain that this area is uncharted, the vacated communications station starts blaring. Galak walks over. "Incoming message." Waiting for his captains nod to procede, the blood carver pushes two buttons activating the comm system. One of the observation windows is suddenly filled with transparent static. A second and few pushes of a button later, the still transparent image comes into focus. A green skinned angry looking Khil stares at them with pearcing eyes.

"Open the channel." Bosg commands. The peircing eyes focus in on the captian. " I do not know how you dragged my vessal out of hyperspace but release us at once!" the man yells, his voice sounding very odd to all listening." The houk captain rises quickly out off his seat, obviously insulted. " Listen sunshine. I dont know what the sith ye'r talking 'bout but i do know one thing, it sure as the emperors black bones wasn't me who did this. That leave one person. Now im warning ya, stop what'ver yere doing and let us go. I've got 'lot a firepower here and i'll use it. I've dealt with tougher scum then you and yer puny pile before. And whatever that stupid thing you used to get us 'ere must be drainin a lot o' power so....."

" SHUT YOUR FACE FOOL" the khil captain screams at the top of his lungs, bringing about a burst of static as the speakers try to keep us. " RELEASE US KNOW OR I WILL DESTROY YOUR SHIP AND FREE MYSELF THAT WAY. You have ten seconds before i open fire." he says, gasping for breath. The image erupts into static once more as the other captain kills the transmission.

"Bloody sither's trying to confuse us. We drop our shields and he blasts the hell outta us. Well we aint gonna let that happen are we. We worked too hard for our cut. So lets show him what we got." the houk rants as he returns to his chair.

"Battle Stations!"

Gyp Ryol
18 December 2003, 02:12 PM
Rodick needed no further urging. He brought one of the turbolasers to bear on the larger ship. After checking his sensor read-outs, he fired a bright crimson turbolaser shot at the enemy vessel. He also kept his eye on the smaller crafts, ready to raise the point defense guns in case they ventured too close.

Vega Secure'A
19 December 2003, 05:03 AM
"Whew! Thanks for the help Bee-Bop!" As Kell listens to the Captain shout he says "Man and just in the nick of time too, hu Bee!"

The Ghost
19 December 2003, 10:25 AM
"Wait... what if they didn't break us either..." She frowned at the impulsive attack. "Feh, fine..." Ghost began working trajectories, making sure they weren't caught off guard.

(+1 to ship AC from sensors checks until otherwise noted)

19 December 2003, 11:56 AM
Anel grits her teeth. Having only a passing knowledge of any weapon too large to hold, she simply lines up on the nearest small ship, gives it a slight lead and lets fly...

19 December 2003, 04:04 PM
Ket starts to show the signs of his young age by the sundden but very visable sweat that starts to bead down his forehead. He quickly wipes it away before it blurs his vision and starts plugging away at his control station.

OC. From his station he tries to create some sort of jamming frequency to put off the other ships targeting/sensor system (+14 to comptur use). If it isn't possible he asks Galak to swap so he can use the communications to send it. (is that the right way to use it or is it sensors station? I can never remember?).

Kanner Ra'an
2 January 2004, 05:28 AM
Rodicks turbolaser blast streaks towards the incoming vessel. His impulsive shot is slighty wide however, and and at the great range never comes close to the enemies hull.

Ghost's fingers quickly dart about her sensor station. Range, movement, speed, and other data start to feed into the ships targeting computers. With the new data Anel launches a crimson bolt at the smaller incoming ships, the meter long energy bolt forcing the enemy pilot into a desperate spin to avoid total annihalation.

"Galak, cover me for a second. I've got an idea." Ket says as he runs towards the communications station. Working quickly, he starts to set up a jamming signal. Hopefully clogging the enemies sensors and communications. (OOC:This will require another round to complete)

The enemies response is quick. A missle comes directly towards the ship, impacting on the lower structure. From the shield station Kell and Bee Bop observe the results, which is no apparent damage. What was obviously a rangefinder missle is followed quickly by two turbolaser blasts. One skims the shield while the second is a direct hit. The ships gives a shake from the impact. The smaller enemy vessals start to close in, already within medium range.

Vega Secure'A
3 January 2004, 06:10 PM
"Whoo! Okay Beebop this is your department! Your skill and ingeniouity count alot here. Though if you need some luck and a little bit of good old fashioned hitting the circuits, I'll be right here, heh!"

15 January 2004, 08:50 AM
Seeing her last shot just barely miss, Anel concentrates with renewed effort, knowing that Ghost's mad skill is aiding her where her natural combat ability would fail her in this sort of fighting.

This time she leads the same ship by just a little bit more...

Gyp Ryol
15 January 2004, 04:36 PM
Rodick growled under his breath, annoyed that his shot missed. He took aim at the large ship again and fired, hoping this time he'd hit.

16 January 2004, 01:39 PM
Xainious walks in. "Well cant say I'm impressed." Xainious then looks around the place.

Vash Knives
16 January 2004, 02:33 PM
*While everyone ignores him, Xainious doesn't notice the MSE-6 droid till he trips over it falling into an escape pod, which lauches into space with him in it.* (OOC: Xainious, ask first don't just walk in like you belong here. You don't.)

16 January 2004, 06:44 PM
((OOC: 1st … you cant control the other character like you did with --Xainious doesn't notice the MSE-6 droid till he trips over it falling into an escape pod, which launches into space with him in it.-- 2nd I didn't mean to barge right in… sorry!))

Kanner Ra'an
17 January 2004, 02:38 PM
Thanks Vash, but no thanks. Im the gamemaster and i can manage my own game.

DarkLordXainious, if you want to join this, you certainly can. However this is not an open game. If you wish to play PM me and i'll consider your character idea. If it works, then you can join, but Vash is right, you cannot just post.

Vega Secure'A
20 January 2004, 10:47 AM
OOC: Excuse me guys but, shouldn't this conversation take place in the Out Of Character postings?

26 January 2004, 03:09 PM
Ket looks up from the screen and looks around with a strange feeling he just missed something. With a shrug he looks back at his screen and continues to punch away numbers and code hoping to jam the other ships sensors.

(OCC: I beleive it was going to take 2 rounds so he'll finish off what he started this round.)

Kanner Ra'an
27 January 2004, 07:51 AM
Though the force does not seem to be with Rodick so far, his shot barely glancing the large cruiser as it closes the distance between them, Anel's shot hammers one of the smaller vessels. The direct hit rams through a weak spot in the targets shields and obliterates the enemy ship.

Ket finally looks up from his panel, fingers sore from typing so many commands. According to all his instruments the field is up and working perfectly. Looking at the long range sensor readouts, Ket briefly sees what he guesses is a pause as the opponents realize his handywork.

At the sensor station Ghosts boards come alive on the small sceen at her terminal an image of the attackers comes into view. "I've got a visual." she reports, casually dissmissing protocal and putting the image on the sceen before ordered. The picture is not appealing. The craft, now numbering five, include three more hornet interceptors (one of which was the craft Anel destroyed.), and an old gamma class assualt shuttle. The largest however is a medium cruiser. All her sensors show it is heavily armed and armored.

As if knowing their enemy can see them, the ships launch a startling barage. Four turbolaser blasts from the large cruiser swoop towards the old ship, two of which impact on the ship. Kell looks in horror as the shields take the beating in full. The fighters swoop in, their cannon nipping at the shields, though thankfully not able to affect them in full. The last ship in the enemy fleet, the transport, immeadiatly kicks into full speed and strafes the large ship. Laser cannons fire futily at the large pirate vessel, looking for any weak spot or vunerable point in the shields. Suddenly the small ship fall of sensors. Before anything can be said their is a blatent shake in the ship. Looking once again at the readout at his station, Ket notices the rear particle shields suddenly drop down to half power.

Picture of the enemy cruiser. Courtisy of SWAG. (http://swagonline.net/view.php?photo_id=1876&screen=7&action=search&selectcat=starship&date=&type=search)

Gyp Ryol
27 January 2004, 04:06 PM
Rodick paled visibly as the gunship came into full view. He detached his hands from the controls and rubbed his temples, trying to think of some way to salvage a victory out of this encounter.

Making a Knowledge (tactics) check to try and find SOME way to not get the ship blown out of the sky. I believe that's full round action.

Vega Secure'A
28 January 2004, 07:22 AM
As he sees the shield display drop down to half its normal, Kell turns the contact the Captain. Speaking with a concerned tone, "Captain! I don't know if you know, but that first barrage just took half our sheilds out! Just my opinion, but I don't think we can take two or even three more hits like that. I think we need a new plan if we are to make it through this!"

Kanner Ra'an
28 January 2004, 07:43 AM
"Dammit." Bosg yells. "You and that droid do whatever you can. Rodick, Anel, do something to get those things off us."

Vega Secure'A
29 January 2004, 04:06 AM
As Kell listens to the Bosg's frustration he adds ever so carefully, "Maybe, we can allow them to board? I'm sure we stand more of a chance taking them on, right? I mean they wouldn't risk losing both men and a possible ship acquisition, and it beats the ship being blown to smitherines! Just a suggestion, Captain!"

Kanner Ra'an
29 January 2004, 08:57 AM
"WHAT. This ship is carring a skeleton crew! That thing out their is just as big as us, and probably a lot better manned. If we let them board we'll be overrun in as much time as it takes them to walk to then bridge." The houk yells, more out of frustration then real anger.

Vega Secure'A
29 January 2004, 10:16 AM
Squinting his eyes and shrugging his shoulders has he listens to the Captains loud bellowing, "Yeesh! I'm sorry! Thinking to himself 'You big fat houk!' But we're running out of time, faster than you can say Skrilling fodder!"

29 January 2004, 10:36 AM
Anel Lines up on another insectoid ship and lets a shot rip before turning to give her two cents:

"I think we should let them board as well. Then we could overpower whatever crew they leave in their ship and walk away with it!"

Vega Secure'A
29 January 2004, 10:53 AM
"You see, you see Captain! Even she agrees!"

The Ghost
29 January 2004, 12:07 PM
"I don't think they're really our enemy here." Ghost frowns, "Didn't they say something about us bringing them here? Maybe they got caught in whatever we did."

Kanner Ra'an
3 February 2004, 04:05 PM
The ship rocks and turns from the starfighters assualting the ship. The small craft dart around the large vessel, firing madly. The shields repell most of the hits, the hornet interceptors lasers being too small to do much good. The capital ship too starts firing her barrage agian. The persision however is gone as it tries to rip its enemy with a torrent of fire. Anels response is the opposite, and a lucky shot streams towards the cruiser and smashes into the shielding.

Inside Laiton's Gold the lightshow seems even more dangerous. Bosg, looking at his crew as if they were preforming mutiney, starts yelling. Spittle from his mouth start to fly everywhere.

"Great Kell! Once this ship becomes a democracy you'll be all set. In the mean time keep firing! I dont care what it takes....." The Houk stops to catch his breath. "I Have worked my entire life for a score.. like this and i wont let some idiot take it a my... ship.... away from me. No one will board my vessel, no matter what some good for nothing crew wants. I'll ram this ship into him and bring us all down. And you should go down with it. You are by far the...worst...crew ive eve...! I'll do whatev... whatever......wha...." the raging houk Bosg stops once again. Not because he is out of breath again, but as the large man noticed the blood that began spilling out during his raging words. " I cant lose." he says, then drops to the deck heavily.

Galak, the blood Carver having been unusually quiet so far, jumps from his stantion over to the captian and begins checking his vitals. "By the force, his heart stopped beating." The blood carver looks around. "Hes dead!"

Gyp Ryol
3 February 2004, 05:10 PM
"Wonderful. Just what we need," said Rodick. "As if we didn't have enough trouble." He shot a glance at Ghost. "Hey Ghost! Find out where that blasted assault shuttle is! And Anel, you stay on that bloated Carrack. I've got the fighters." Rodick quickly targeted a Hornet using the point defense guns and fired.

Konner, I'm firing at the second fighter in the sequence. ;)

The Ghost
3 February 2004, 06:30 PM
"It's still out there shooting at us. But i've still got my doubts as to whether or not we should be attacking each other like this."

4 February 2004, 07:26 AM
Beginning to get the hang of starship combat, Anel lines up on the cruiser again, in an attempt to at least buy her companions some time. That was when Anel heard the captain's ranting and his subsequent obituary. Never one to waste time on the dead, especially in such a tense situation, Anel immediately moved on.

"Okay, scratch one vote for "fight 'em". I'm still with Ghost, here. Somebody get on that comm and get them to pull back their fighters and to stop attacking! If we can settle this without a fight, so much the better, but if not, my plan still goes, assuming noone's got a better idea. In the mean time, however, I'm not letting them shoot this ship out from under us."

At this, Anel takes her carefully aimed shot at the cruiser. She'd been fairly successful thus far, and hoped her weapon had the power to make the cruiser think twice.

Gyp Ryol
4 February 2004, 03:13 PM
"I can see the crusier Ghost, but where's the blasted SHUTTLE?! That thing drops off the sensors, the rest of the lot are attacking the bow shields, and then the rear shields drop when there's no one attacking them!! What does that suggest to you, huh?!" Rodick literally barks out his words and brandished a hand at the attackers to puncuate his point. WIth his brow furrowed, a hot sweat burst out on his ample forehead. Large stains were becoming visible on his white muscle t-shirt, and his knuckles were a pale green as they gripped the weapon controls hard.

Vega Secure'A
6 February 2004, 04:38 AM
While listening to the different sides of the conversation, Kell looks at Bee-Bop "You can handle this right? What am I saying, ofcourse you can."

Kell walks out of the shield booth patting the droid as he leaves, heading towards the entrance of the ship. Grabbing his polearm, he checks to see if the disk cartridge is full. "Good."

Thinking to himself I wonder if Rodick will consider my plan?

Kell leans on the wall adjacent to the entrance way and waits patiently, arms folded with his weapon held within the fold.

6 February 2004, 05:44 AM
After taking her shot, Anel again turns back to the group,

"Assuming we do try and take the shuttle, we should probably either take one of the boarding part's comlinks to give fake status reports, or take one hostage and force him to give the reports. That'll probably avoid more boarders getting sent our way and also give us more time to get to the cockpit of the shuttle and overpower the pilots. After that, Ghost can use the main computer terminal in the cockpit to seal off our airlock and any other doors in the shuttle, just in case there are more unfriendlies still in the shuttle. After we get out and away, we can deal with the people in the shuttle, maybe even get them to surrender or recruit them. If not...well...its hard to get a breath of fresh air out in hard vacuum..."

Anel's reference is missed by noone. As is her lack of emotion while saying it.

"...I'm better suited for that sort of close combat anyway, not to mention my buddy here..."

At this, she scratches Shirrahl's head, who has been attentive but quiet throughout the situation between the ships.

Kanner Ra'an
8 February 2004, 07:55 AM
Aiming at one of the hornet interceptors, Rodick brings the point defense guns on line. In a brilliant light show, the guns completely shred the unlucky pilot. The other two pilots immeadiatly react, aborting their attack runs and moving into emergancy manuvers. Anel follows up with a shot towards the enemy cruiser. Her blast impacts on the shields.

An angry response follows. The enemy ships guns blaze. Four meter long turbolaser blasts bombard the Gold. The shields take the impact in full, and sparks fly from the various stations as the circuts overload from the power system trys to compansate. Bee-Bop, diliagntly working the shield systems. Trys successfully to restore part of the shielding, though it is obvious niether vessel can withstand the assualt much longer.

Galak steps up from his dead captains body, not seeming to regretfull for the houks death. Seeing the tremendous pounding the Khils cruiser is delivering, the blood carvers face turns white. "They dont look any more likly to talk then Bosg was." The blood carver states "Myn, bring us along side them. Will broad side 'em. That'll even the odds a little." the commander says confidently. He then turns to the mystrl woman.

"Anel. If their is a boarding crew un board we have to deal with it, and as you like to say your go at close quarters. You, Rodick, and Kell too if you can get him, go take them out. And take Ghost and Ket too. Half the ships in lockdown so you'll need them to open the doors. Try whatever plan you want, just stop the damm sithers."

Gyp Ryol
8 February 2004, 09:12 AM
Given the death of the captain, the Blood Carver was in charge now. Perfect. But the captain was the captain. Rodick immediately got up and said to Anel, "If we're engaging a boarding party, I need to get my weapons and armor. Just make a big rucus when you're fighting, and I'll find you." Rodick then sprinted off to the quarters to get ready for a close-combat fight.

9 February 2004, 02:52 PM
During this whole time Ket has just sat there, dazed, mainly by the fact the cap'n has just died. When he hears his name mentioned to help repel any boarders Ket stands. He has an unusal look of determination, especialy when it comes to combat. "Alright, I'm ready." Ket looks around the command deck and see's what he knows to be his only family, however disfunctional, and readies himself to do whatever it takes to help them all survive.

11 February 2004, 03:01 AM
Anel rises from her weapons station and stretches lazily, almost as if she doesn't realize the seriousness of the situation. She checks the charges in each of her whips and her pistol, full of course. As Rodick leaves for his weapons, Anel sizes up the situation, undistracted, for the first time. Being a Mistryl, she was much better suited for this sort of combat. She knew it, too, and thus assumed leadership of the tiny group, at least in her mind. About the only one she thought might be her equal in small unit combat was perhaps Rodick. Though she would not mind sharing ideas with him, she definitely felt that she and him were the only two accomplished fighters in the group. This decided, she mentally tallied her resources.

First and foremost, she had Rodick. As an experienced fighter, he would become her greatest asset, no doubt. Unfortunately, this meant that if they were forced to split into two groups, she and Rodick would be separated, each leading one of the slicers, with Kell to most likely go with Rodick because Anel would have Shirrahl. Kell was next in line, and while he didnt appear, at least to Anel, to have any distinguishable skills to make him valuable in a fight, he was certainly a more attractive option than either of the gearheads, or even their newly promoted captain, who would probably be the next one down the list, still head and shoulders over the techies, who would need more protection than they would actually fight, though Anelhad seen in the past that they were valuable in their own very special way, and even if she didn’t know these two, she would still strive to protect them, even if only for the technical advantage they gave her. As she was thinking this, she glances up at the rest of the small crew, who she now realized were looking at her, being the only seasoned combat veteran n the group, now that Rodick had left the room.

“Well what are you guys waiting for?! Get up, lets move! You too Galak, when we get their ship, we don’t wanna hafta wait for you to sneak past the capture crew to fly our tails out of this mess.”

Without waiting for the rest of her companions to scramble to their feet, Anel turns to walk from the command deck. As she nears the main hatch, she barks out a loud, clear command to Shirrahl, a single word in the ancient Mistryl tongue that she’d trained her nashtah to heed, and he leapt up and walked a pace behind her as she went to leave the room. Suddenly, she stopped and turned around.

“What we’re going to do is let them get on the ship and get into the corridors. If they all stay in one group and head for the bridge, we’ll just cut out around them as one group and slip out to grab their ship, if they split up, to apprehend us, we’ll divide into two groups, Rodick, Ket and Kell in one, Galak, and Ghost, you’ll come with me. We’ll split up and lead a small portion of the invaders off until we are by ourselves, out of earshot of the other groups. Then, if we cant slip around them, we’ll take ‘em.”

The slashing motion she makes with her hand is unmistakable. For always having the underlying feeling that she wasn’t good enough when she was growing up on Emberlene, she realized that she really did have leadership potential, though she would even admit to herself that she needed experience before she’d ever be really good at it. Even to her ears, she sounded harsh and narrow-minded, though it was only because she didn’t have much time to consult ‘the committee’. These guys were lucky they were dealing with her, Anel thought to herself, true Mistryl combat leaders wouldn’t give anyone else the time of day in a tense situation llike this, and if the people under them couldn’t hold their own in open battle, too bad.

Almost as an afterthought, Anel again speaks, “Someone should probably see to it that the droid thing over there makes it though this as well, it proved that it was worth its weight in fodder while we were getting attacked. Also, it might me a good idea for someone that knows how to work a comm to get on ours and tell them that we surrender. Who all has comlinks? We wanna get at least one in each group. Ghost, if our group gets in first, do you think you could hotwire the controls and lock down the shuttle so doors and security systems need your manual override to open? At least until Galak can start to pilot us out of here, when we can go deal with any stragglers in the ship. Can you do that do you think?”.

Vega Secure'A
11 February 2004, 04:41 AM
All the while everyone is scrambling for equipment and planning for a strategy, Kell, still waits by the docking bay, arms still crossed. He hears faint rumbling amongst the ship and smirks slightly, "Well, well, I guess they've considered my plan." Kell lowers his head and begins to whistle a toon.

The Ghost
11 February 2004, 07:51 AM
Ghost finishes up the process she was running and stands, following Anel.

"Just point me at the terminal you want access to when the time comes" she says confidently, tagging behind the others.

Kanner Ra'an
11 February 2004, 12:29 PM
"No no no." Galak says " Were not giving up the ship for some boarding shuttle in who knows what condition. Your job is to take out the boarding crew. Got it! You want to jump ship. Fine. But you leave this crew at the same time, and any shares in the huge profit sitting in the hold." The blood carver says, in an obviously more then adament tone. "That choice goes for everyone here."

Galak looks Anel straight in the eyes, his gaze leaving no impression that he is not going to give in on this. The mystrl can tell the blood carver is ready to go down with the ship before he will abandon it.

Vega Secure'A
11 February 2004, 12:47 PM

OOC: The toon from the Episode IV scene in the cantina in Mos Eisly where Obi-Wan and Luke go to find passage off, hehe.

12 February 2004, 07:06 AM
Exasperated, Anel brings her iron gaze down on the blood carver,

"Look, I have neither the time nor the patience to discuss this with the committee. When I want your ideas about combat tactic, I'll ask you for them, until then, shut up and listen. And listen good, that huuuuge profit downstairs wont do you a fat lot of good if youre dead, now will it? So, if you ever plan on using that huuuuge profit down there, i suggest you pick your sorry derrierre up and help us. Even if we could take out the boarders, we still have that cruiser out there. We cant get past it. I dont have time to argue. If you dont want to come now, dont expect us to wait on you when we take off in the shuttle."

Kanner Ra'an
12 February 2004, 11:33 AM
The blood carver does not wither, or even seem to notice Anels gaze. "You take off in that shuttle then dont expect fire support from this cruiser either. Besides, we cant go to hyperspace. So what good do you think that shuttle will do. Our only chance is to take out that ship, and i cant do that with a boarding crew heading towards our primary systems, or a crew who fights among themselves. You want to run, you can. But i'll just as soon leave you to the deserters death out here that you deserve." With that Galak walks towards the gun station. The other crew members have been entering the bridge from wherever their battlestations may have been and begin to fill the empty posts.

Vega Secure'A
13 February 2004, 11:51 AM
Unbeknowest to Kell on what the situation has become between the blood carver's proposition and Anel's reply, Kell waits patiently for anyone who is going to participate on the boarding attempt, but feels the change in plan because the rustling amoungst the ship has ceased.

17 February 2004, 01:47 PM
"OK then, I guess that means we go." Ket pulls out his comm and calls To Bee-Bop to meet them only the way as he unhoslters his heavy blaster. This is not how he wanted things to go. Ket did want to test the new modifications to his compaion, just not this way. Just before he leaves his, Ket realises something that just might be useful. His hands run along the console as he tries to set some the scanners internal to see if he can pick up the position of any boarders that way.

18 February 2004, 05:36 AM
Anel, out of patience, regards the blood carver one last time,

"Look, just becuase your buddy there was so stubborn", she gestures to Bosg's lifeless form, "Doesnt mean you need to be. Please, go wth me on this one. We stand little to no chance taking on all those ships in a direct shootout. The least you can do is give me good will and promise to back me up when we take that ship. We have much better odds taking on that cruiser in two ships. And I'd advise you not to try and hinder us. Shirrahl and I would not be very happy."

At this, the nashtah growls and flexes its powerful legs, his claws gouging deep ruts in the deckplating.

Intimidate: 9 (roll) + 8 (mod) = 17

((Trying to intimidate him into giving us some support.))

Kanner Ra'an
18 February 2004, 11:56 AM
OOC: Just a reminder im doing all the rolls. Just post your intention for whatever at the end of your post and i'll do it.

IC:Anels threat seems to have an effect, though it is not a positive one. "ENOUGH! I am in command and i make the decisions. Now we cant win this fight with a boarding team on board. So get down their and take them out, then you can do whatever you want. End of discussion!" The blood carver says passionatly." And dont EVER try to threaten me again human."

While the argument has gone on Myn has brought the large ship along side their enemy. The blood carver commander shifts his attention to his console and lights of the enemy ship with any gun he can, and likewise for their enemy.

19 February 2004, 03:21 AM
Though the expression on Anel's face is one of annoyance and frustration, she realizes, with a wry grin, that the aderenaline that she feel from her argument with the captain will help her in the fighting that is to come. Resolutely, she turns and stalks out of the command area, barking out a command in Mistryl that Shirrahl immediately heeded, and followed after her. Over her back, she called out to her companions and anyone else in the command area that was up for a fight.

"If you want to help fight to save our skins, get your @$$es down to the docking bay!"

With that, Anel takes her leave of the command deck.

Gyp Ryol
22 February 2004, 06:32 AM
Rodick grumbled, muttered, and hurrumphed his way through the old passenger liner. The one time he leaves his arms in his quarters and the ship is attacked. Rodick just hoped that he would be able to get to his quarters with half the ship in lockdown. He couldn't fight a sandflea without his arms. He had to get to them. The sounds of battle raged all throughout the ship, but Rodick's thoughts were solely on his armor.

Kanner Ra'an
22 February 2004, 07:37 AM
The sounds of the battle remind the crew of their urgancy as they proceed to the docking bay. It takes several minutes as the turbolifts are offline and the many ladders about the ship need to be used. Having recovered his armor and weapons, the Iortan Rodick meets the rest of the small group before they reach the docking area. With Ghost and Ket opening blastdoor and disarming the sparse anti-personel turrets that impead on their progress, the going is fairly quick.

A good ten minutes of travelling ends at the main line that transports cargo from the docking bay to the ships oversized cargo hold. Ghost quickly disarms the motion sensor turret that guards the line, though she is not certain that it was even working in the first place. All that remains is the blast door.

(OOC: Just making sure to give the group time to make any plans you wish. The line behind the blast doors is just a big repulsar field that moves cargo crates around like an assembly line, and can go either way.)

Vega Secure'A
24 February 2004, 03:54 AM
Kell leans on his polearm using it as a support, waiting as Ghost puts the finishing touches on her task at hand. "Well people, What's the plan besides mowing our way through their ship? Are we going to split into groups? Whose heading for the bridge? Whose heading to the engine room? Why are we doing this again?"

Pauses a moment, brow raised, eyes looking up as he realizes what he had just said, then looks around with a smile "Hehe, nevermind that last question, I ... thinking out loud ... you know."

24 February 2004, 02:42 PM
Ket looks at Kell after finishing the last set of commands that he had just sent to Bee-Bop. "You know I wonder that too sometimes, then it passes.." With a little smile he turns his head and starts checking over his heavy blaster, making sure that every things is ok. There was no way he wanted it to short if there was a battle coming. With another glance down the hall Ket again turns to him com "come-on Bee-Bep, you don't want to miss this." With that, he's ready, "Let me know what you want me to do guys, I'm no battle expert, but I can follow orders."

Vega Secure'A
25 February 2004, 11:00 AM
Trying to only get Ket's attention, "Ahem!" then whispers, "Bet you want to take orders from Anel, lol!" saying as he smiles.

"Though you better watch out for her pet. It looks like it always wants to eat."

25 February 2004, 12:30 PM
With a cheeky grin and in a low voice, "Thanks, I'll remeber that, and try to stay out of her pet's way."

26 February 2004, 08:37 AM
"Ahem! Bet you want to take orders from Anel! Though you better watch out for her pet. It looks like it always wants to eat."

Though Anel doesn't catch the comment, Shirrahl hears his companion's name and perks up to take a glance at the two beings standing over him and flashes them a toothy, animal grin.


After a moment, Anel turns to regard the group.

"Lets hurry and get into the docking bay before the shuttle gets here. We can behind crates or fuel tanks or something and let the main boarding party go into the corridors. As soon as they're gone, we board the ship, overpower the pilots that they'll leave on the ship, then leave Ghost and maybe Ket to hotwire the controls. Then Rodick, Kell, and I will track down a portion of the boarders and try to take them out to help Galak up on the command deck. Divide and conquer. The more of them we take out, the less will be left to attack him. Also, the quicker we can leave. Any questions?"

Anel motions Ghost over to the panel by the blast door and tries to answer any questions sent her way.

Gyp Ryol
26 February 2004, 08:40 AM
As Rodick strided confidently towards the group, he placed his helmet firmly on his head. The entire suit of armor completely covered him from head to foot in gleaming blood-red, with black trim seeming to deepen and accent the ghastly color. Two small guns were mounted on the armor's right forearm guard. A blaster pistol was holstered on his left hip, with the butt of the gun sticking out so that Rodick would havce to reach across his body to draw the gun with his right hand. A vibroblade also shared the left hip and it was sheathed neatly in a leather scabbard. In his hands, he was loading a slugthrower pistol. An ammo belt encircled his waist, from which hung his weapons.

Rodick scanned each member of their little group with a critical eye. Anel, first and foremost, would be the one Rodick could depend on being consistent in battle. Her nastah would make their jobs a heck of a lot easier. As for the rest of them, Rodick was skeptical. Ghost, Ket, and Kell were all gearheads. While that in and of itself wasn't bad, the fact of the matter remained that they probably would not be much good in a fight. If they split into two parties, they would cover more ground. However, if they stuck together, then they would stand a much better chance of surviving and taking down more boarders.

He nodded at Anel. "Sounds good. They won't even know what hit 'em. Though I really think we should stick together, if we wanna stand a chance." He holstered his slugthrower in the empty holster on his right hip to puncuate the point.

Vega Secure'A
26 February 2004, 09:36 AM
Kell nods, "Good plan, good plan, except one thing. The first wave we let past us will have a much easier time taking control of this ship. I doubt Galak and his crew can last against those thugs, well maybe just Galak, but the rest of his crew will be skrilling foder. So I suggest we ambush the first wave then proceed with your plan Anel. Don't forget we still haven't had our pay yet, and a captive with a bounty on his head is aboard this ship. We don't want them to take our catch and the credits too, do we?"

He looks around for more ideas, comments, rejections, and acceptance from the rest of the team.

Kanner Ra'an
7 March 2004, 05:10 PM
At the urging of the techs, the massive doors begin to slide open, revealing a pitch black corridor easily ten meters tall and twenty wide. The movements of the durasteel doors is accmpanied by screeching and grinding, a sign of the mechanisms origons as stripped down industrial equipment. All gathered know that anyone nearby will easily be able to hear the painful noise. Multiple lights come one, row after row engaging in sequence and filling the pitch black corridor with harsh light. The multiple movement repulsars are inactive, and dozens of large crates of supplies and spare stand prone waiting to be unloaded to their needed sections.

Vega Secure'A
10 March 2004, 05:05 PM
Looking around at everyone, especially Anel, "Ok? Are we'll all in agreement? We'll ambush the boarding party first?" Kell quickly enters through the blast doors and heads behind one of the large crates, hiding behind it as best as he can.

OOC: Just for future notice, I'm making the Hide check now, if thats ok.
Hide skill roll: 10 (took ten) + 5 (modifier) = 15

Gyp Ryol
17 March 2004, 05:31 PM
"Okay, everyone into a crate!" said Rodick as quietly as possible, while he himself swung onto the repulsorlift to the cargo control lines. As Rodick ascended to the booth, he extended and retracted his gauntlet knife out of anticipation.

Kanner Ra'an
17 March 2004, 06:00 PM
The small turbolift quietly bears the Rodick up to the control booth. The belligerant iortan happily finds only an ancient supervisor droid manning a labour droid control station. The twelve limbed droid, manning its encasing consol, does not aknowledge the iortan and continues to preform its tasks.

As the Braceman begins powering up the cargo transfer line, the droid finally makes its prescence known. In a voice that suggest the droids vocabulator was made from scrapped parts, it monotumisly tell Rodick;

"Do not recommend engaging inter-vessal repulsar transfer system until all biologicals have cleared the transport line."

Seeing the other crewmembers in no position to set off the safty sensors, Rodick quickly cycles through the various holo-views of the tran-line. Around the fifth or sixth image he finds the source. A large boarding team, at least ten individuals of mixed race, slowly advancing through the crates and other obstructions. One, a dug, seems to be in command as it is constant motioning threateningly at the others. The only other standout is a large Callerd. The being from the beligerant species draws attention from the huge shoulder mounted blaster that is almost as large and himself and must be held stable by microrepulsars. The other eight do not seems to be worth much notice, with the acception of one armed with a flamethrower. Each is armed with a compact carbine and wearing light body armor.

Gyp Ryol
17 March 2004, 06:31 PM
"Belay that order. Stand clear of the crates," Rodick nearly shouts to the beings below him. Working quickly, Rodick shuts down the droid the only way he knows how: with a blaster pistol. He then proceeds to power up the cargo lines, keying the lines with the boarders on them. He picks up crates on his end of the line and prepares to send them flying, with all due speed, straight into the boarders.

Kanner Ra'an
18 March 2004, 04:38 AM
Rodicks bolts slams right into the droid, sending a shower of sparks into the booth. The Iortran does not even notice as he works feverously to get the lines moving. Seeing the group clear of the lines, he powers them all up. Crates immeadiatly start moving at great speed down the repulsarlifts. Rodick looks to the screen where the boarding party was only a second ago, and is dissapointed to see them no longer present. Looking once more he finally spots them near the opposite end of the line. He then remembers that the lines move all objects on them, not just the crates. Ready to curse, he then notices most are in positions to suggest they were flung off the ramps, having not activated the metal sensative scanners which engages a tractor beam to remove the crates off the ramp. Three of the boarders lay or sit on the ground, obviously injured. One of which, a rodian, lays still on the floor with his head the centre of a growing pool of blood.

(OOC: Good move)

The Ghost
28 March 2004, 08:53 AM
Ghost melds into the background patiently, waiting for her skills to be of any use. All this running around and fighting aren't her style anyway.

31 March 2004, 08:33 AM
Careful not to reveal her position, Anel aims her Luxan carefully at the fuel tanks on the back of the flamer-weilding pirate. Half-crouched behind a conveyor system, she is very well protected. Also, she rests her weight heavily on the surface, further stabilizing her aim.

((OOC: Crouching for half-cover, Hide check (untrained) 14 = 11 (roll) + 3 (mod), Aiming Ranged Touch Attack: 22 = 13 (roll) + 9 (mod).))

Kanner Ra'an
31 March 2004, 12:56 PM
((OOC: Crouching for half-cover, Hide check (untrained) 14 = 11 (roll) + 3 (mod), Aiming Ranged Touch Attack: 22 = 13 (roll) + 9 (mod).))

OOC: Thanks for posting. One thing however. I make all the rolls. GM preferance.

31 March 2004, 01:22 PM
Oops, I'm sorry! I did that before too, didn't I? Stupid me!:rolleyes:

Vega Secure'A
2 April 2004, 05:55 AM
Kell upon hearing Rodick stands clear just as the crates start moving. He holds his weapon firmly, runs near Anel's positioned, and crouches.
"Sheesh! I almost went with the crates" Thinking to himself, Thanks for the warning Rodick!

OOC: Sorry for the delay. Oh, and crouch position confers a +2 to Defense and ranged attacks, right?

Kanner Ra'an
9 April 2004, 02:11 PM
OOC: Ok havn't heard from Ket'ril so simply assume he is their but cowering in fear or something. Vega, quick referance says being crouched does give a bonus to attacks, but only melee.

IC: Rodick having successfully delayed the boarders, the crew moves into cover. As Anel takes aim despite the long distance (OOC: The boarders are a fair distance down the lift, so you will suffer some range penalties.), a flurry of bolts dart down the distance and strike the control booth, with Rodick. Though the walls surrounding him offer some protection, the plastisteel crumbles when struck by a bolt and send shards everywhere.

Below the others see the team advancing quickly up the corridor, weapons at the ready, but none seem to be following an particular target and the boarders seem to be paying attention to the now shot up control booth for the lift.

OOC: A perfect 20 for your touch attack coldskier. Rodick -1 vitality.

Vega Secure'A
10 April 2004, 04:00 AM
"Rodick stay down!" Kell rises from his position and runs along the walls closest to his position to reach the side of the tunnel. Upon reaching the position he readies his massassi polearm to strike the first boarder that he sees or if two enter at the same time, the next boarder that enters singly.

OOC: This happens if there is no initiative order yet. How far is it from his positon to the entrance way though? Can Kell make it hustling?

Kanner Ra'an
10 April 2004, 04:18 AM
OOC: Iniative will go by posts, but you are in combat now. The boarders are not entering anything. It is a very large tunnel you are all in and they are just in sight of you.

12 April 2004, 10:28 AM
((OOC: Damn, I wish I would have just shot! :P))

Anel, having taken the time to line up her shot, she slowly squeezes a shot off at the flamer tanks, keeping both eyes open ;) (actually :) :P). She hopes that the explosion from the tanks will take out not only that soldier but possibly several others, at the very least setting them on fire and causing general discord.

After shooting, she ducks behind the crate again, petting and soothing Shirrahl, keeping him quiet so as not to lose the element of surprise he brings to every battle.

26 April 2004, 08:22 AM
OK, were beyond *bump*ing now...

*kicks thread in the behind!!!*

Gyp Ryol
29 April 2004, 02:24 PM
"Emperor's black bones!" cursed Rodick. He scrambled to get out of the control booth, his purpose served there. Rodick threw himself flat onto the lift after hitting the down control. Hopefully those Sithspawn boarders would have a harder time hitting him.

4 May 2004, 08:46 AM
OOC: OK, we've gone almost a month now and the only people that have posted are myself, Kanner and Gyp. I think these people need PMs or something, at the very least, Kanner, could you give us a GM post? I really like this thread, and hope it keeps going!:D

Kanner Ra'an
8 May 2004, 05:57 AM
OOC: Ask and you shall recieve Coldskier.

IC: Anels shot rips down the corridor and scores a hit in the top of the backpack fuel cilander. A pillar of flames leaps from the container into the air, much to the peril of its owner who draws a small vibrodagger and cuts furiously at the straps holding it on. Booming over the mans cries for help as he tries to get rid of his weapon, everyone can hear a loud order in thickly accented basic.

"Down the corridor, OPEN FIRE."

A barrage of bolts sail down the corridor striking crates and other objects in their way. Debris and shrapnil (sp?) fly everywhere. Kell is forced to leap out of the way, narrowly being missed by a rifle and pistol shot that come his way. Higher up on the decending turbolift, Rodick can see fairly well that the boarding crew seems to be just throwing a lot of firepower around not actually aiming for anything. Suspicious of cover fire, the Iortan notices two men moving quickly through the maze of crates and containers on the lift, while the others slowly advance while carpet bombing the bay with blasterfire.

OOC: Kell -9 VP

10 May 2004, 09:02 AM
Anel smiles in satisfaction at the havoc her shot has wreaked. In an attempt to further complicate matters for the invaders, she lines up on the power stack of the portable blaster cannon the big ugly goon is wearing...if she can take that out, this whole invasion force will become easy pickings...

Gyp Ryol
14 May 2004, 08:45 AM
Adrenaline pumping through his system, Rodick grinned ferally inside his helmet. The turbolift hit the bottom floor, and Rodick quickly drew his etched vibroblade. "Time to earn the pay." He moved off into the crate maze to hunt down the sneaking boarders.