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13 December 2003, 09:35 PM
ok, pop quiz here folks... what was the coolest adventure you had sticking it to the empire. Be it saving the day or stealing/destroying that nasty super weapon. Or even just pulling there nose and getting away with it. Lets here from ya..

5 January 2004, 04:45 PM
Not quite a best, but a very sly "movie tie-in"

We were sent on what seemed to be a very standard (and dull) scenario to steal four top of the line Power Converters from an Imperial outpost. We'd been told that getting two was essential, but four would be best. So after successfully stealing all four, we decided the Rebellion wouldn't miss one and fitted it in our Stock Light (getting a nifty speed bonus too :D )

Little did we know our GM was running the campaign parallel to the movies and the Power Converters were destined for the Tantive IV. The Power Converter we nabbed meant it didn't have enough speed to out run a Star Destroyer and hence Leia was captured by Darth Vader- oops!! :rolleyes:


5 January 2004, 10:06 PM
I had my players on the death star after it blew up alderran. They were in system when it went up and there ship was totaled. Picked up by the Death Star put in Bacta tanks. They were freed by Old Ben himself on the way to find the tractor beam controls.

6 January 2004, 05:20 AM
Back to the "Sticking it to the Empire" topic of this Threadů

There was the time I turned my X-Wing in to a kinda "Rich man's Catapult" and dropped a Power Droid from my cargo bay on to a passing Scout Walker that was giving my friends some trouble :D

But maybe (if it's OK with the Mods) we could also open this Thread up to "Cool Movie Tie-In Adventure" post (??)