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Nova Spice
15 December 2003, 07:33 PM
Well, after five months of playing Star Wars Galaxies, I've come to a single conclusion about the MMO:

There's no content.

I've seen it all--been to every world, every "theme" park, and every POI (Point of Interest; there's not many at any rate). Yet, I feel like it's EverQuest with blasters. There's no consistent themes revolving around the planets, no impending sign of Imperial oppression, and no events designed to draw PCs into the Galactic Civil War.

Sure, there are Player Cities, Player Mounts, and soon-to-be Player Vehicles, but there's nothing to do in the game. The professions can be mastered without too much trouble and there's only about 60 total weapons in the game--I actually think Unreal: Tournament Edition has more weapons.

I'm sorely disappointed that SOE hsan't turned Galaxies into a true universe. I've yet to see a raid of pure NPC stormtroopers against a Rebel town or outpost. What's up with that? Isn't there supposed to be a Civil War going on? I'm beginning to think a more suitable title would be Star Wars Galaxies: We'll Call It A Draw.

Any one else finding its gameplay lackluster right now?

Talonne Hauk
15 December 2003, 08:09 PM
You're a far more patient man than I. I found it exasperating after two weeks. Granted, part of the problem was playing with dial-up. But a bigger part of the problem was the fact that I saw it as the biggest time-sponge I had ever seen. Mostly this was due to the repetitive tasks assigned, but largely it was due to having to walk everywhere. I was thinking of picking up my subscription when the vehicles were finally inserted, but if it's still as bland as you say it is, I'll pass.

15 December 2003, 10:41 PM
Thanks for posting your thoughts, Nova, I have been thinking about getting either Galaxies or FFXI. I have heard alot of people killing things in 11, and only dancing and crafting from galaxies. this clinches it for me ;)

15 December 2003, 11:05 PM
Well, I started Galaxies today. I'll let you know how I feel, but Nova's post is pretty accurate from what I can tell. Here's hoping it gets more dramatic.

The Ghost
16 December 2003, 02:25 AM
and there's no such thing as "Cries of Alderaan" either.

i think the bigger picture you're missing is that we, as HoloNetters, as Star Wars Fans, as people who are already connected, should take an active approach and try and all do something together on one server.

the game is always more fun with friends.

running by yourself is lame, getting some pals together once a week would be fun, no?

16 December 2003, 06:14 PM
I've had the game installed on my computer for the past week, and I've only played it for a little while here & there.

I started a thread in the C&M forum trying to find out just who else on the Holonet has & plays it, and on what server, but I've yet to get a single reply.

I said this before in that thread, but I'll go ahead and repeat it here, I'm playing on the Bria server, using the Criss Staven character I have in my sig, and I've been roaming around on Tatooine, mostly in the vicinity of Mos Eisley.

I'd be open to teaming up with some other Holonetters to tackle some of the higher-paying missions, but so far, I've yet to encounter a fellow Holonetter in the game.

17 December 2003, 10:10 AM
I wish there was more content, too, but overall, I'm loving the game. I've seen a group of NPC Tusken Raiders assault an NPC moisture farm once (only once, though). I have seen a few incidents of NPC rebels and Imps shooting it out (seems to happen most on Tatooine). Had an NPC rebel run up to me asking for help because he was being chased by a couple of stormies. A few seconds later, the stormies (also NPCs) showed up and gunned down the rebel.

Hell, I've tried to go to my small house, only to find a party of Tusken Raiders waiting on my doorstep for me (and I don't live far from the city at all). I've died more than a few times defending my home from the Tuskens (suffice to say, their losses have far outweighed mine; you just don't mess with a Trandoshan commando). I think the little things like that add to the experience and make it more real, more like how Star Wars is supposed to be.

The game can be more expansive than you think. With player cities, many of which are factionally aligned, you can get a group of friends together and mount an attack on said city. There's your civil war right there. If you're Imperial, take your 5 friends and your pet stormtroopers that follow you around and hit one of the bigger rebel player cities.

Or, just hit a starting city with a large group.

I was present to witness a rather large raid on Bestine once... Had to be about 50 rebel PCs, several of them with pet Graul Maulers in tow, and one guy with a rancor. The Imperials answered in kind with 3 AT-STs, and about 30 to 40 Imperial PCs. I sat and watched this battle start at one end of Bestine and steadily progress to the other end, pushing the rebels back. It was a lengthy fight, too. I'd say it lasted no less than 30 minutes. I could have went overt and joined the fray, but I was too entranced by merely watching the fight (plus, as a mercenary, I need to stay neutral, unless someone wants to pay me).

Individually, there is little content. But with a group, be it friends or strangers, you can make the universe a lot bigger, and a hell of a lot more real.

BTW, Knightstalker, you're on the wrong server. Go to Valycn server, Bestine area. Trigger and myself hang around there, though under different names. ;)

If anyone is on the Valcyn server, keep an eye out for Ryubushi (myself) and Foz-wacca (Trigger). We'll be glad to group with ya and go kill whatever moves.

Fred Getce
19 December 2003, 06:36 AM
Or if you want some real role play fun come to Kauri server and speak to Ousock (me). I am a weaponsmith armorsmith Artisan who charges RPG prices from the books and I use the actual model names for my equipment. That means not only am I cheap compared to the stuff that sells for millions of credits, but they will have real star wars names and models.

Or come to Starsider and speak to Goran'Agar. A rodian bounty hunter. I am currently spending time as a miner gathering ores to sell for cash to save up for a starship. I would love to go to Jabba and get a loan but that is not in the game yet.

Talon Razor 'GM'
29 December 2003, 02:37 PM
I recieved this game and have played it for several days. What I think is this:

You have to make the game fun.

I got together with several people from the same Player City as me and we've been having a blast. I've already seen raids by the Rebellion on a Imp Outpost, chased down bounty hunters, hunted Rebels on Talus and more. You must experience the game with f riends and it is a blast.

My main character is on the Valcyn Galaxy, under the name Tovo Windstar, a mounted marksmen scout working on Ranger and joining the Imperials. I've tried contacting you and Trigger but can't. We need to get together though!

It is fun with others.

Nova Spice
29 December 2003, 03:01 PM
You have to make the game fun.

Exactly my point. The fact that you have to make a game that costs fifteen dollars a month, fun, is ridiculous. It's a paradox in and of itself that a game has to be made fun by its players. Shouldn't the game already be fun without players having to invent ways of entertaining themselves?

My account runs out January 26th. If it isn't better by then, I'll just have to settle for D20. Regardless, I prefer pen and paper over MMORPGs any day.

Oh, and for in-game purposes, my main character is on the Eclipse Server. I play Jowltharr, a Wookiee Teras Kasi Artist/Scout/Entertainer dedicated to serving the Alliance Headquarters on Corellia.

29 December 2003, 03:30 PM
Talon, I saw where you tried to send me a tell once, but unfortunately, I was in the middle of a battle with my ever-crappy dsl. Apologies for not being able to respond.

I swear, I'm going to shoot my modem, go to the main office, and blow it up if they don't stabilize my service.:vader:

29 December 2003, 07:24 PM
Talon, toss me and Ryu on your friend list and if you see us on, send us a tell. we can go hunt krayts together!! It'll be fun!!! Trust me................where's the beer?!?!?!?! Ryu, you know I dont work well until i've had a 12 pack! /emote downs the 12 pack. much better. Now, where's that Tusken you needed picked off at 500 Yards? /emote stumbles about the area trying to get a good shot with Matilda the T-21

29 December 2003, 08:37 PM
I quit during the Beta and remain glad that I did so from the occasional peeks-over-shoulders I take. I mean, five months on and vehicles/mounts are just being introduced. The game'll be worth playing in another two years at this rate. Worth playing and totally obsolete. ;)

29 December 2003, 10:50 PM
KnightStalker - give me a yell in-game. I play on Bria too as Sox na'Kreyte. Droid Engineer, Merchant and artisan. Also have a TKM/Chef alt as well for a bit of variety. :)

As for the others, yes, there is a lot of work to get anywhere in the game, but levelling is easier than it probably should be. It has the best crafting system of any MMPORG ever and it's quite a challenge to be the best at your profession and it is very competitive and very complex. There are so many different options and resources available, that knowing the best combos is really an art form.

Content is not huge right now, a lot is make your own. They released it 6 months too early IMO. Just now everything is really starting to sort out and be quite good. This next month's patch will finally attend to all the broken professions.Yaaay :)

30 December 2003, 10:17 AM
An echo to Ardent's response: I picked up the game about two weeks into the release and played for the free month, and was severely dissapointed. After spending the better part of 2 years following what I expected to be one of the best Star Wars Games ever, I logged on to find almost nothing promised to us hope-filled gamers was there. Spending days killing Womp Rats and Butterfly nests wasn't quite my vision of Star Wars at its best, but I remained optimistic, trying to work my way up the experience ladder. All too often, however, I found my self bogged down in uneventful tecnical junk (gathering resources for example), and leaving a paperweight on the keypad for about half an hour just o get to the next city.

As said before, Sony is just now releasing what we all hoped to have at the very beginning of the game, so I might give it another try this summer (when I might actually be able to afford the fees), but I'm not going to trust to hope. Sony pretty much crushed that already.:)

Nova Spice
30 December 2003, 02:36 PM
As said before, Sony is just now releasing what we all hoped to have at the very beginning of the game, so I might give it another try this summer (when I might actually be able to afford the fees), but I'm not going to trust to hope. Sony pretty much crushed that already.

Well said Atredies, well said. I too followed the hype for nearly two years and have been disappointed for some time. Initially I was hopeful as well, giving SOE two months to sort out all the bugs and such.

Now, I find myself looking at an MMO with lots of potential, but with idiots running the show. Save for Haden Blackman, the entire Dev crew is incompetent.

And you can quote me on that. ;)

30 December 2003, 05:24 PM
Nah, I've spoken to and even worked with a few of them...they're not incompetant. It's the Sony suits who aren't up to snuff. They pushed a project that, in all honesty, should have had twice the development staff and a much higher budget and forced them to abide by an unrealistic deadline.

When you look at the good games coming out these days, you're looking at small, cohesive development teams who've a) worked with each other before (something most MMO crews don't have the benefit of) b) take their sweet time when it comes to things like code and the engine and c) are published by understanding firms like Eidos, Rockstar or another production company formed by former developers.

AFAIK that's unlikely to happen in MMOs because, bluntly, nobody working in the software business has the capital means to support an endeavor on the scale of an MMO (which isn't to say they've tried...you can google up some of the failures if you're not convinced). You can't go to a bank and say "I'd like six million dollars to start up my own MMO" no matter how many years in software development and publishing you have. Heck, aside from the EverCrack team, I don't think most of the MMO development teams have worked together prior to.

I'll continue to find solace in great games from great development houses published by understanding labels.