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Rogue Janson
1 January 2004, 11:45 AM
(OOC: aka - The Gloaming)

The hulk of the starship drifts through space like a shattered shell. A few compartments still vent gas into the void, while others glow a dull orange with retained heat. A gradually spreading trail of debris marks its path along the outskirts of the system, desperately fleeing to a jump point. In this uninhabited system, the crew’s only chance was to try and evade their attackers and survive their assault long enough to escape.

The Arrette passes smoothly underneath the ruined ship, its sleek silver form, backswept wing and graceful flight contrasting with the wreck’s blocky compartments and off-kilter spin. At close range, the marks of combat are clearly visible – the stippled scoring of blaster cannon fire, the punctures of turbolaser hits, the ruined gun turrets and antennae and the gaping hole in the ship’s belly.

“No life signs detected, sir, no systems operational.”
The young sensor officer’s voice is solemn and precise.
“It seems the attackers crippled the ship, blew that hole in the main hold and sucked out the bulk of the cargo, then finished it off. There are the remains of several escape pods a little further in-system.”

Captain Sorrannan stands in front of his command chair, the knuckles of his balled fists white. He turns his head briefly to the Jedi Master beside him then back to his crew, his clear eyes just a fraction harder than a second before.

“List the freighter Altan’s Pride as lost, with all hands. Send a message to fleet command informing them we are resuming anti-piracy operations,” the captain orders.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It is the day after the arrest of Spekran-Fas and the escape of Jara Dreenem. In the morning, Teruan station received a distress call from a freighter being pursued by pirates in a system two hours rimward of the station. Master Toleda, her students and the freed slaves - Hanai – were hastily assembled and embarked onto the Arrette, while the station authorities, assisted by Nikalya’s clues, took over the task of capturing the remaining slaver. The corvette arrived too late to help the Altan’s Pride and now it continues rimward, following charts taken from the Honest Trader, to return the Hanai to their home planet.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Shan Toleda sits in the Arrette’s small conference room with her students. The Jedi Master is contemplative, her green eyes distant as if not just focused on the room around her. She leans forward over the table, resting her head on one hand, fingers tracing the line of the scar on her cheek. Either side of their master sit Adun-Isl and Mia-Lann. To their right is a new face, Carron Thar, a Jedi student like them, and to the left, Nikalya. Carron is tall, with black hair, green eyes and a face dark with several days’ stubble. Despite having had the lower half of one leg replaced with a cybernetic one, he looks like the sort of person who can be found on a hundred thousand worlds across the galaxy doing a hundred thousand different jobs dutifully and confidently. Carron has been wandering the galaxy without a master for a while, but after meeting him on Teruan station Master Toleda has taken him on. Gallagher and Kanner Ra’an stand at the rear of the room, the latter uncomfortable sitting for too long.

Opposite this group are two Hanai. Sira Ikeda, all save Carron have met before. The Shenjin-tal sits comfortably, but upright, his hands spread out on the table. Standing behind him, against the backdrop of space is Mideki Sachiyo. Sachiyo is a middle aged woman, sturdily built. Like Ikeda and the other Hanai, she has brown eyes, light brown skin and black hair, which she wears cut short. Her eyes and mouth are narrow, in her severe face they look like dark, guarded slits. Somehow she has acquired a force pike, which she wears strapped to her back. It surprises no-one to learn she is a Hideko, a warrior or guardian. She speaks only occasionally and when she has something particular to say.

Patiently and clearly, with occasional additions from Toleda and Sachiyo, Ikeda explains the history and nature of the Hanai people.

The Hanai are a human people who originated around five hundred years ago. Master Toleda suggests they were probably the survivors of a lost starship or colony vessel. Their earliest history speaks of a terrible journey through the jungles of the planet. Thousands died of hunger, disease and, most of all, the attacks of the drongun-kai, vicious semi-mythical beings or creatures. Eventually, they found their way out of the jungles and the lowlands (misan), reaching high ground and an immense plateau. Here they settled and began to grow, fortifying their borders and keeping the drongun-kai at bay.

The Hanai civilisation is stable and sufficient, though their land is not rich in resources and their technology is limited. They are governed by a noble family, chosen by consensus. Currently this is the Ikeda daimyo. The society is peaceful, a situation aided by the Shenjin-tal. The word means, literally ‘sibling or friend’ and the tradition evolved to bind the traumatised survivors together after the Hanai’s great journey. The Shenjin-tal are mediators, counsellors and guardians of the community spirit. Many are Force sensitive and the Hanai seem to have a high proportion of Force sensitives. “The Force assists those in need – as with Kanner’s people” Toleda adds. The Hanai knowledge of the Force is limited. They know it as the spirit or power of the people, but Ikeda seems willing to accept much of the Jedi’s view of the Force.

Despite this, there has been a rise in banditry recently. Sachiyo suspects groups may have joined together. They have become more active, more inventive and much more dangerous. It was a raid on the border town of Shirai which captured Ikeda, Sachiyo and the others. The raiders surely knew the two notables were visiting the town and took the opportunity to capture notables. To sell the captives into slavery, in the first contact between the Hanai and the rest of the galaxy for centuries, is an act that neither can believe.

Vreel Kudarin
1 January 2004, 01:23 PM
Adun-Isl listens intently to what is being said, alert and refreshed after a peaceful sleep cycle. Though he knows pride can be dangerous for a Jedi, he feels a sense of achievement at aiding in the successful capture of the violent slaver Spekran-Fas. Mentally pushing aside his new-found enthusiasm for being 'out in the galaxy', away from the peace of Tanaab, the young Draethos concentrates on absorbing the information on the Hanai.

Feeling more comfortable than usual, Adun-Isl has the hood of his dark grey cloak lowered. His purple and vermillion scales seem to glow faintly in the soft lighting from the conference room ceiling. Occasionally his simple ochre-coloured metal headress glints as he turns his head to focus on a speaker. The Jedi student's hook-clawed hands lay still on the top of his thighs, under the table.

So, the Hanai have become the victims of raiders. If their civilisation were considering joining the Galactic Republic, sharing in the security and prosperity it offered, the aid of the Jedi in preventing future attacks would do much to persuade them of the benefits.

The Shenjin-tal, Sira Ikeda, has a strong presence, and Adun-Isl finds it hard to divert his attention from the Hanai for long. He wonders after the extent of the man's ability with the Force. Adun-Isl also feels curiosity at Master Toleda's new student, Carron Thar, and finds himself casting a beady-eyed glance in the direction of the nondescript man.

Kanner Ra'an
1 January 2004, 03:32 PM
Kanner stands beside Gallagher silently. His discomfort is not even slightly physically obvious, though his feelings pusle quietly through the force, a testament to his lack of fine control that is prevalent in most of the Jedi. The big Korunnai man speaks little to those around him, still a little tired from another night of rough sleeping. To those who try, they can easily detect feelings of his slight irritation at their conditions begining to grow, even after only a few days. The unnatural enviroment seems to be taking a small but steady toll on a man who spends very little time in such a setting.

Kanners silence continues during the briefing of the origions and history of the Hanai. He cant help but feel great sympathy for the creatures, as their lives parallel those of his own people in so may ways. Their origons as a lost people are the same, as is their harsh enviroment. Memories of his home planet surface. The pains of basic survival are not easily forgotten. At the mention of the the raiders even more memories come to mind. Those of the brutal summertime wars on his planet. Images of the bloody battles are not all, but the feelings through as well are inprinted in his mind. The feeling as soldiers and warriors pass into the force. The visious hunger of the Ack Dogs, the calm anger of the Grassers, the fear of the colonists. All are vived and many in quantity.

Realising that his more force sensative comrades may pick up on his private memories he immeadiatly silences them. He does so quickly and forcefully it were as if he were slamming a door. He refocuses his attention on the briefing, erecting his slopy version of mental guards to keep his memories in check. Their is a time and a place for that later.

The Ghost
2 January 2004, 05:48 AM
Mia-Lann hugs herself lightly, looking as though she were chilled by the air around her. It is obvious she does not pay attention as something else weighs on her mind. The night had not gone well for her, and the lack of sleep is apparent on her face, overlying an almost hidden sadness. She had heard things about Carron, but she didn't care right now, maybe she never would. Her thumb methodicly slid up and down the arm as if the simple act was a mantra.

2 January 2004, 11:30 AM
Nika pays attention, as best she can, to the rambling history lesson Ikeda imparts. While the lost colonists -- or whatever the Hanai were -- picque her curiosity, she takes the time to turn and smile at Kanner every once in a while, having picked up on his anxiety through the Force. She also battled her desire to open up and just let her mind wander in meditation. Now was hardly the time to be daydreaming, Force-assisted or not.

When Sira Ikeda is drawing his lesson to a close, Nika shifts her attention to the new Jedi student, Carron, trying to gauge his reaction to the tale. Seeing how he reacts would help her gauge his personality more quickly, and Nika never liked to be in the company of a true unknown.

3 January 2004, 01:11 PM
If Carron felt any discomfort being in the presence of so many unfamiliar faces, he didn't show it. Physically at least. While he seemed to remain focused on the tale of Hanai, his thoughts were a far different manner. He could sense mild curiosity from the others in the room and something a little different from a few. Unfortunately, he didn’t know these people well enough to tell if this was normal for them or not. 'Best to keep my mouth shut and listen for a while', he tells himself mentally.

Carron stands with his arms crossed, although his right hand absently moves to his forehead to scratch a small scar ever few minutes. He wasn’t so much interested in the history lesson, but tried to remind himself that the information could be useful. If spending time in the Outer Rim taught him anything, it was to pay attention.

As the story continued, Carron glanced at the others wondering if they could except him after what had happen…'No! Mind the task at hand, remember the moment.'

Carron remains quiet as the story goes on.

Rogue Janson
4 January 2004, 06:23 AM
With no questions forthcoming, Sira Ikeda pauses and looks at the Jedi students and their companions one by one. Perhaps judging they have taken in enough, he nods briskly and stands.

“If you will excuse me, I must get some rest,” Ikeda says.
“Thank you,” replies Master Toleda. “Your knowledge and time are much appreciated.”
Ikeda and Sachiyo bow slightly as they leave the room. For a brief while, the room is dominated by the rhythmic thrum of the Arrette’s engines. The spiralling blue and white display of hyperspace seems to hurtle past the window as dazzling show of pseudomotion. Master Toleda breaks the quiet.

“Our main task on Omeyl, as representatives of the Republic will be to negotiate the entry of the Hanai into the galactic community. This could be a difficult task; a people that have to flee from and wall themselves off from the dangers of their own planet may think they can wall themselves off from the galaxy. They have built their own circle of light and do not wish to leave it.
“Our second task is to discover how our Hanai friends came to be sold to passing slave traders when there has been no contact between them and the galaxy for centuries. The captain you talked to, he could not provide an explanation and nor can Ikeda or Sachiyo. I cannot foresee what manner of danger it is, but I do not believe the Hanai will be able to deal with it.”

Vreel Kudarin
4 January 2004, 12:53 PM
Sometimes Adun-Isl wonders how focused some of the other students are, particularly Mia-Lann. Often she is distant, lost in her own thoughts. And there was her abrubt defence against his attention through the Force, back on Teruan Station...Perhaps someone should try talking to her. Really talk to her. Though Master Toleda must have tried at least, in the years Mia has trained on Tanaab. Not being the out-going type himself, Adun-Isl realises he has never really talked in depth with any of his comrades. Everyone has emotional weights to carry, but maybe Mia-Lann's baggage is great indeed.

Kanner too. He can be restless. Maybe this is what can affect my focus and confidence, sensing disharmony around me. Jedi must be at peace to function efficiently.

Sensing that Master Toleda seeks signs that her entourage have been paying attention, Adun-Isl tentatively begins to speak: "Master, did Vanda Dreenem and his crew not abduct the Hanai from the planet's surface themselves? I heard he spoke of the dangers in the Omeyl jungles,"

Kanner Ra'an
4 January 2004, 01:19 PM
" How were they taken?" Kanner adds. " Are these just average slavers who found a backwater planet and saw easy money? Or are they some kind of organised or large scale thing." Kanners attention seems to have returned. He knows the Jedi master sensed the group was not completely attentive, though it does not bother him much. Im no Jedi, so she aint my master come to think of it. he tells himself Which reminds me, i really gotta talk to Nika about that reward money before she hears about it. . Rather he is ligitamently interested in the Hanai's situation, and what exactly Toleda expects them to deal with.

Rogue Janson
5 January 2004, 04:13 AM
“The Hanai say they were abducted by ‘bandits’, or eta. They were marched towards the misan, but then were fed with some kind of drug. All they remember after that are dark dreams.”

Toleda looks thoughtful and slightly troubled, pushing a lock of hair back from her forehead with one hand.

“Nothing suggests Dreenem and his crew were anything other than regular slavers and smugglers or that they were linked to a larger group. A smuggler’s route that passes near to Omeyl, running parallel to the Perlemian Trade Route was recovered from the honest trader’s navicomputer and we are following those directions right now. The planet itself is actually listed and named in the Arrette’s navicomputer, though it is classed as uninhabited. I think it must have been mapped then forgotten about long ago. As for what brought them to Omeyl and what happened there, you -” Toleda intimates Kanner, Mia, Nika and Gallagher, “- spoke to Vanda Dreenem about it. You know as much as anyone.”

5 January 2004, 07:38 AM
"Perhaps Master," Carron's voice sounds strong and sure, "perhaps there is some kind of oginization on the planet, and they struck a deal with the slavers." Carron looks around to the others, hoping that he can make his point.

"I've seen that sort of thing before a few times," As he talks his hands drop causually to his side. "I don't know too much about these slavers, but if they are just run of the mill slavers, I would think they would have needed help, in this istance. Though," he continues with a sheepish smile, "I could be wrong."

The Ghost
5 January 2004, 07:49 AM
Mia speaks up, though there is an obvious weariness in her voice.
"if the ship was not allied with anyone else..." she frowns "they would need help from natives on the surface. There may be a rogue band capturing others and selling them to slavers." Her eyes distance themselves again, looking out a plasteel window.

5 January 2004, 02:49 PM
Carron smiles as he speaks, "thats exactly what I was thinking." Carron looks to the Jedi Master. "Could there be some group or clan that would have a reason or would be more pron to such activities?"

Carron's face turns to extream concentration as his mind sorts out the possibilities. "Perhaps, if there is a group like this on the planet, maybe they themselfs are being influenced by an outside group. But to what end, I couldn't even guess." Carron pauses for a moment. "But this is all just circumstantial, and could be way off."

5 January 2004, 05:56 PM
"While it's difficult to be certain of the motives of any shadow organization, I'd guess that the slavers are supplying this organization with goods rather than Republic credits." Nika shifts her weight in her chair and then continues, "I'd be curious to know first and foremost if any of the Hanai cliques, organizations, groups or the like have seen a significant increase in resources in the last few months. That would at least give us a place to start looking for answers."

She asks slowly, as an afterthought, "For that matter, have any other dignitaries disappeared lately?"

6 January 2004, 03:06 AM
Gallagher has sat back and quietly watched the young and inexperienced Jedi discuss the events. His mission is to support their decisions and actions, both in and out of combat, but not to step on their toes or get in their way. He was a Jedi Auxiliary, a faithful believer in the Jedi Code and the Jedi Order, but lacking the skills and abilities of the powerful warrior statesmen that comprise the Order. Still, he watches the group, knowing that he trained under a Jedi Master before many of them knew of the Order, and has since traveled around the galaxy, often under the watchful eye of his crazy Corellian relatives.

The current discussion draws his attention in, and reminds him of some of the more curious lessons learned while following his family around the seedier regions of the galaxy. Part of the Jedi Auxiliary thinks that he should continue to keep his mouth shut and let the true Jedi take charge. Still, he cannot resist speaking up in this situation.

“You know,” he says softly, from the back of the room, “one thing that these guys typically hate is someone moving in to take a cut of their trade. We could go in as competitors – maybe not slave traders, although that would get us better notice – but as merchants and simple traders. I imagine this shadow group would be much more responsive to a rival rather than a group of Jedi.”

Rogue Janson
6 January 2004, 05:01 AM
“The Hanai maintain their troubles are caused by bandits, eta – those excluded from the community. They do not seem to have any serious rivalries between families or groups – they have lived peacefully for centuries now – but of course we cannot be absolutely sure of this. As far as we know, Nika, no other dignitaries have disappeared like this, though kidnapping is not an uncommon tactic.

“For some of us to impersonate traders might be a risky tactic. We are here partly as emissaries of the Republic and to come accompanied by money seeking traders might not encourage the trust of the Hanai. I do not think they are a people who value merchants highly – but then again, as you say, whoever these ‘bandits’ may be, they are not part of the main stream of the Hanai. If they were the first to deal with outsiders, then they must have wanted something.”

Toleda shakes her head in defeat, an uncommon gesture for the Jedi Master.

“As Carron says, we know too little. We must look to the Force for guidance and knowledge and trust that it will lead us to the truth.”

Satisfied the discussion has run its course, Toleda stands and exits the conference, leaving the group to talk amongst themselves.

6 January 2004, 05:22 AM
Watching the Jedi Master exit, Gallagher continues to stand in the back of the room. His eyes dart about, taking in the reactions from the other members of the party. A look of curiosity betrays his interest in their hopes and desires about the interaction with the Hanai. He begins to wonder what each will want to do, and starts to place personal assessments of the Jedi Master’s pupils in his mind.

Imagining Kanner choosing any option beyond direct confrontation remains impossible for the Corellian. While the large man keeps quiet, he also has moved into direct action previously, and seems to favor an upfront confrontation, quickly getting through any clutter and directly attacking the problem.

Applying a stereotype to the Draethos, Gallagher figures that Adun-Isl will choose to gather more knowledge first. Formulating an intellectual plan, even at the expense of time, is a trademark of his species. While the Jedi Auxiliary knows that stereotyping should be avoided, especially when Jedi are concerned – both in the person and in their actions – the habit is hard to break. Additionally, like Kanner, Gallagher has found that Adun-Isl keeps quiet, observing events and interactions.

Carron is too new to the group for Gallagher to make many assessments, but since first impressions are lasting – even if they are often dispelled – Gallagher relies on what he has already seen. He speaks from experience, which would be strange for a young Jedi, unless Carron interacted with slaver organizations prior to his Jedi training. This piques Gallagher’s interest, and makes him think to discuss Carron’s prior experiences some other time. Still, Carron only made intellectual inferences, and gave no hint to action, continuing to confuse Gallagher.

Mia also keeps Gallagher uncertain, for she seems to have many other things on her mind beyond the situations at hand. Not having seen her in combat in the bar back at Terun station, he does not know what to make of her intentions to enter or avoid combat. Silently he wonders if she poses a greater risk to the group than an asset. Nevertheless, the Jedi Master chose her, so she must add some value, despite appearances.

Gallagher had taken a liking already to the last of the group, Nika. Straightforward and ready to act and interact, the young woman had no fear of entering situations and was ready to help out in a pinch. Besides that, she proved that she had skills when she did the Jedi healing thingy on him back when he was chasing the spacer on Terun station. He figured of anyone in the group, she would have the most diplomatic – as well as interesting and entertaining – approach to solving the problem. Something about her made him think that she was certainly destined for greatness, no matter what path in life she chose.

Silently, he watches them talk about the options and whatever the Force would tell them, seeing how his impressions played out.

Vreel Kudarin
6 January 2004, 10:24 AM
Listening to the ideas being bounced around the table, then watching Master Toleda leave, Adun-Isl leans forward. He folds his arms on the smooth, black, laquered surface and makes his own contribution, in his deep but relatively quiet voice: "Perhaps the best approach for us when we reach Omeyl may be the simplest. We could escort the Shenjn-tal back to his people, to demonstrate in the most clear manner the commitment to justice that the Republic holds,"

Adun-Isl pauses in case anyone has any immediate response, then continues: "If we can gain the trust of the Hanai, without appearing duplicitous, we might be able to learn more about the slavers through observation. And we shall be there to defend the Hanai should they need it. Once the threat is revealed to us, we can investigate and attempt to end it permanently,"

Pleased that he has spoken his mind, which he finds easy among his Force-using friends, compared with when among strangers, Adun-Isl sits back in his chair and lays his claws back in his lap, eager for responses. A slight worry that he will be criticised on his suggestion threatens to creep into the back of his mind, but he dispels it easily. His idea is straight-forward, which he imagines will appeal to the no-nonsense temperment of the Korrunai, Kanner. Adun-Isl turns his scaled head to regard Kanner now. He looks as battle-ready as ever with his vibroshields strapped around his upper arms.

The Ghost
6 January 2004, 12:44 PM
Mia-Lann shrugs lightly, moving away from the others to stare out into space, she wasn't here to plan or surmise and thus left it to the tacticians. Her eyes closed as she retreated within, the frown deepened.

All she wanted was somewhere away from the bustling cities and spaceports, somewhere to clear her head. Her gloved hand touches the transparisteel and forehead to the hand. "i... might know how to find out what they look like." she says softly, not turning around to make herself audible.

7 January 2004, 10:39 AM
Carron nodded his agreement with the Draethos, feeling that that is exactly what they will do. The reaching in to his jacket he produces and small metal box, and retrives a small orange candy. Popping it it his mouth, he closes his eyes and enjoys it's sweet taste.

After he is finish his little treat, he decides that it's time to grab a seat. Moving o the closest chair, he stops abruptly as the familiar sound a servomotor hums through the air. "Blaster!" he says in a hushed voice, grabbing his seat.

Looking up at faces turned towards him, because of his commotion, all he can say is, "Sorry, this damned thing needs always needs to be lubracated."

He keeps himself busy with tinkering with it, more out of frustration then embarassment.

Kanner Ra'an
7 January 2004, 11:40 AM
Kanner looks over at the new Jedi, observing as he sits and begins to tinker with his mechanical leg. Wonder how he got that thing. Either this guy had a birth defect, or i better be real careful when he's training with a lightsabre. He thinks, having almost taken his own leg off with a lightsaber once. The prospect of a mechanical leg doesn't sound to apealing, however this Carron doesn't seem to be making any effort to hide the appendage. Very odd consider how often those with replacement limbs often recieve a great deal of predudice.

He interest in the new student does not go much farther then that however, and he turns back his attention to the planning. He does not add anything, preffering instead to just listen for now. Though Adun Isl's suggestion so far makes the most sense to him, he considers in his head all of the suggestions as well.

7 January 2004, 01:11 PM
Nika shrugs. "Adun-Isl's suggestion to take our time and become familiar first is a good one. Knowledge is power, and in this world we are without any power to speak of. I'd certainly like to observe some of the casual social interaction...it will help me more carefully gauge Hanai in the future."

She glances over at Kanner. "And I bet the big guy wouldn't mind seeing some martial arts demonstrations." She turns her attention over to the rest of the group again. "Splitting up doesn't seem wise, but it may help the Hanai feel more comfortable with us. The fewer outsiders they're confronted with at a time, the easier we'll be to deal with."

She idly twirls a strand of hair, apparently waiting for some sort of response to her suggestions.

Vreel Kudarin
8 January 2004, 09:46 AM
Watching Mia-Lan Saar as she stood alone at the viewport, lost in her thoughts, Adun-Isl reaches out to her through the Force. Telepathy comes easily for the Jedi student, it being an innate ability in Draethos. Mia-Lann, are you alright? You seem troubled, he communicates through the Force, so as not to embarass her in front of the others. He hopes he is not being too intrusive. Adun-Isl's black, marble-like eyes stare at the back of Mia's brown-haired head, wondering what is going on in her mind.

The Ghost
9 January 2004, 07:35 AM
Mia-Lann steps away from the window, looking towards the Draethos. don't she replies mentally. Though the emotion tries to be firm, it seems to waiver on desperation, more a plea than a command. She looks down at the black gloves, forcing her thoughts quiet now that she knows someone else is invading.

black gloves. black gloves. black gloves...

"i guess we'll find out what to do later..." she says absently, moving to go find her bunk.

Rogue Janson
10 January 2004, 04:06 AM
After Mia leaves, the atmosphere darkens slightly and the rest of the group gradually drift off to their cabins or other parts of the ship. A little while later, the Arrette drops out of hyperspace near the radiation scoured Verun system, before reorienting for the final jump to Omeyl.

Three hours of hyperspace travel later the Arrette reverts to realspace near a standard yellow sun, orbited by three planets. The second, is Omeyl, home of the Hanai people.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Descending in the Arrette’s small shuttle, the Jedi students and their companions slowly begin to see the lands where the Hanai live. First, visible from orbit, an enormous mountain range rises out of the surface of one of the southern continent, where two tectonic plates smashed into one another aeons ago. Surrounding the bleak grey rock is a mass of green sliced up by rivers and waterways. The Jedi can feel the undifferentiated, teeming life of the jungle as they approach.

One section of the mountain range forms a curve, like a bay. While on one side the mountains drop away sharply, on the other, the quirks of geography have created a vast mesa, a plateau a hundred metres above the level of the jungle and over two hundred kilometres side to side. Further down, the details of this land gradually become clear. The lighter green patchwork of fields, the lines of terraced slopes, the sprawl of towns and villages, the pristine white of snow and ice in some areas.

The Hanai watch this panorama silently and attentively, never having seen their home from such a perspective. Only Sira Ikeda speaks occasionally, guiding the shuttle’s pilot down towards the town of Edo. The pilot guides the shuttle in a slow, spiralling descent before touching down gently in a field several kilometres outside the town.

One by one, the shuttle’s passengers step out onto Omeyl. From the North-East to the South West, mountains form a jagged barrier against the clear sky. The roofs of the taller buildings in Edo are visible above a slight rise in the West, while around them are fields of rice, grains and other, unidentifiable, crops. To the South-East, the view is obscured by a dark green pine forest, but the knowledge of the steady drop towards the lowland gives an almost vertiginous feeling. Or perhaps that is the air, crisp and bracing, but slightly lighter at this altitude than on a starship. A steady breeze blows in from the mountains, but it is balanced by the warmth of the sun; it seems to be around late morning.

The Hanai, first off the shuttle, express their joy to each other, some kneeling down on the grass. Then they turn to the offworlders, bowing their heads in respect.

“Thank you, my friends for returning us to our land,” Ikeda says. Before he can continue, he is interrupted by several shouts. From several sides, young Hanai are running across the field towards the shuttle, arms flailing in excitement. When they realise they have caught the passenger’s attention, they slow to a more wary pace. Behind them come other, sturdy peasant farmers with their tools, shouting at the children to stop, dark-haired mothers with babies on their backs, even some inquiring ox-like animals, dutifully following their masters. Finally, a pair of Hideko with swords at their waists and long slugthrower rifles ready in their hands.

The Ghost
10 January 2004, 04:44 AM
As they step off the shuttle, Mia-Lann keeps to the side of Master Toleda, arms tucked within her outer robes. The clean air and undeveloped land seem to brighten her spirits greatly as she takes in the verdant nature of the world. "This is almost like home..." she mutters to herself quietly. The approach of natives breaks her reverie, though she hopes to have some free time soon for a walk. Mia watches the two with swords and slugthrowers, ready to act if they attack.

Vreel Kudarin
10 January 2004, 08:01 AM
Positioning himself on the other side of Master Toleda from Mia-Lann, Adun-Isl also puts on a peaceful appearance, slipping his arms into opposite robe sleeves. Slowly he rotates his exposed lilac-coloured face to take in the vastness of the space. It is truely refreshing for him to be back in natural surroundings after spending a while on ships and spacestations. Adun-Isl takes a deep breath of the sweet air.

Regarding the natives approaching, Adun-Isl halts. He is confident that Master Toleda will be able to handle any complications their arrival may have caused. He notes the Hideko, but pays them no particular attention. The Draethos Jedi is sure the Hanai will see that they mean them no harm. He only hopes they will not be alarmed by his 'alien' appearance. The Hanai are unlikely to have ever seen a non-Human, he considers.

Letting the morning sunlight warm his head scales, Adun-Isl bows slightly at the main group of natives, holding the inclined pose for several seconds. Relaxing himself with a Jedi breathing technique, Adun-Isl straightens to his full height of close to two metres, and smiles inwardly, the facial expression being impossible for his species. Tomorrow is his twenty-first lifeday. It will be good to pass it on a world as beautiful as this.

10 January 2004, 09:09 AM
Feeling somewhat unsteady on the ground, Nika works to find her equilibrium again in the natural gravity of the world. This is always the worst part about going on a starship, she idly muses.

She notices the Hanai peasants and Hideko, but does her best not to meet the gaze of any of them, nor let her eyes stay too long on any one person. Finally running out of people to examine, Nika distracts her attention by pulling her hair back into a ponytail, wincing only slightly as her fingers drag through a few tangles.

She glances over at Adun-Isl, the only obviously alien member of their group. He and Carron were probably going to have the most trouble gaining the confidence of the locals, if only because they could not blend in as well.

Nika ceases distracting herself and smiles at the children, most of them not significantly younger than she is. She gazes about for any sign of some sort of official, but doesn't immediately notice one. The Hideko will probably fulfill the function of greeting party for now. It's a shame, I was hoping for someone a bit less...reserved.

10 January 2004, 12:15 PM
Standing beside Adun-Isl, Carron keeps his hands behind his back and enjoyed the peacefull looking landscape. So much like home, he thought.

Noticing the natives approching, with their Hideko warriors, Carron was glad he had the comfortable weight of not only his lightsaber, but also his Corellian Corp. Heavy Blaster pistol.

The planet seemed calm and peace filled, but something was telling him that they was something, sinister going on here. Was it the Force, or just his instincts, or some combonation of the two.

Deciding he should put that to the back of his mind, he continues to stand at ease, calm and passive.

11 January 2004, 02:52 AM
Taking his time to complete the post-flight checklists with the primary pilot on the flight deck, Gallagher steps out of the shuttle as the last of the group. While the vista through the main viewports had been breathtaking, it did no justice to the picturesque panorama seen without the hindrance of a crafted piece of machinery and technology disrupting the flow as nature and the Force intends.

As the Jedi Auxiliary takes in the scenery, he does not pay close attention to the unfolding situation of the gathering Hanai. After a moment, the commotion and clatter a few short meters in front of him gathers his focus. A situation for diplomacy in the midst of trained and expert mediators known as the Jedi, Gallagher quietly stays in the back of the group, waiting for the Jedi Master to request something of him, or for some other knowledge or service he could provide becomes necessary.

Rogue Janson
11 January 2004, 04:09 AM
As the offworlders take in the situation with a little concern, Sira Ikeda steps forward and takes control of the situation. The Shenjin-tal calms the nervous villagers and the wary guards, explains what has happened and briefly introduces the Jedi and their companions.

While this is going on, Master Toleda talks the shuttle pilot into returning to the Arrette, explaining that they are under no threat from the Hanai. The party takes a few pieces of equipment with them – some emergency rations, spare power packs and a bulky orbital grade comlink – before the vessel takes off. The Arrette, captain Sorannan has said, will likely be back in three or four weeks. The unnatural whine of the shuttle’s repulsors and the blast of its ion engines cut through the rural quiet before it disappears into the sky.

Just as the shuttle is leaving, a small company of riders on tall quadruped mammals arrives, galloping down the raised dirt road running through the fields. These are more Hideko, dispatched from Edo to investigate the sighting of an aircraft. One goes on ahead, while the others become an honour guard for the newcomers as they head off towards the capital.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The town of Edo is nestled between an arc of hills, though in places, the town has begun to spread up the slopes, eating away at the forests. Its buildings are low, made of wood, bamboo and stone, some natural coloured, others vivid with whitewash or terracotta. Only a few buildings stand more than two stories high, angular and ornate pagodas decked with brightly coloured banners. Word of the captives’ return and the offworlders’ arrival has clearly spread quickly, for as they approach people gather at the roadside to watch. The Hanai are clearly a reserved people, but their excitement is plain through the Force. Even without it, the feeling becomes clear as the crowds become more relaxed. Some onlookers throw multi-coloured rice in celebration. To the vexation of their parents small children dodge through the line of Hideko and out the other side, though most stay clear of the alien Adun-Isl and fierce-looking Kanner, both maybe a head taller than anyone they have seen before. Several of the one-time slaves are joined by friends or relatives, who rush joyfully to them.

There is one other feature of Edo that cannot escape notice. It is not walled, but it is surrounded by a ring of watchtowers. Located on the outskirts of the town and on the hills, many of these have generators or solar panels searchlight, powering searchlights, railguns and beam tubes.

Kanner Ra'an
11 January 2004, 01:33 PM
Kanner seems much more at ease as soon as he exits the shuttle. The fresh air seems to completely reinvigorate him. He looks around curiously at the Hanai. He can tell easily he is an intimidating site to many of them, for both his size, still present weapons, and most of all the fact that he is alien to them. He doesn't make any effort to intimidate them moreso, though he does not give any disarming gestures either. He is slightly wary of how they will be recieved by the Hanai leaders, considering they're prior dealings with offworlders.

12 January 2004, 06:44 AM
Intrigued by the defensive fortification, Gallagher’s gaze lingers on the towers for an extended time. Caught in the act by one of the Hanai escorts, he carefully considers a diplomatic response. “I’m impressed by the show of force, but also interested in the design and necessity of your defensive towers. Who are the primary threats? Do the drongun-kai attack the settlement? Or has it been the bandit raiders? And why do you lack walls or other barriers in addition to the towers?”

12 January 2004, 11:11 AM
As the group is ushered along, through the town, Carron can't help but smile as the children come running through the crowd to see their parents. His widens smile when one of the children bump into him, the young boy stops, nervious of offending a stranger.

"Easy there little one," He says in a calm and friendly voice, "don't worry bout me, I know you're excited, and I bet you want to see your parents, right?" The boy nodded and Carron keens down and ruffs up the childs hair, "go on, I'll let you off this time." With a wink and a pat on the back, Carron sends the boy off.

Standing back up, he turns his head to Kanner, the so far "silent but strong" looking type, and smirks and says, "Kids, eh. They always seem to have enough energy to power a small fleet."

12 January 2004, 11:22 AM
While Nika overhears the question Gallagher voices to the Hideko, she's more interested in the architecture of the domiciles than the defensive situation.

The houses are both beautifully ornate and functionally brilliant, and she can't help but admire the structures. Unfortunately, all her searching still hasn't revealed a cultural center, or a bazaar, or somewhere social interaction occurs. Somewhat miffed, she returns her attention to the buildings, hoping that they might have some hints as to the social customs of the Hanai.

She does her best to avoid the scurrying children without making it look like she's trying to, but can't help but giggle when she notices not everyone is having the same success. She sort of wishes she'd thought to conceal her blaster pistol before they landed, but it's a little late to try at this point. First impressions are important -- and Nika was worried that the moderately to heavily armed group of outsiders might put the Hideko ill at ease -- but they can be overwritten. Nika hoped the Hideko would be as open to the prospect as she was.

The Ghost
12 January 2004, 11:56 AM
Mia follows silently, having an easier time of not being accosted than the others. Her reclusive nature seems almost to form a small barrier causing the children around her to step just out of her way as they dash elsewhere. She keeps her eyes to the ground, a solemn expression worn on her face. Simple villages had a way about them, though calming slightly unnerving. When introductions were over, she hoped to be located somewhere towards the perimiter instead of the center.

Kanner Ra'an
12 January 2004, 12:23 PM
Standing back up, he turns his head to Kanner, the so far "silent but strong" looking type, and smirks and says, "Kids, eh. They always seem to have enough energy to power a small fleet."

" Ya, you wonder where it comes from." Kanner replies, now noticing that the children seem to be even more interested in the party then the adults who know what they are.

Vreel Kudarin
12 January 2004, 12:25 PM
After seeing the slightly wary looks he is receiving from the locals in the settlement, Adun-Isl moves his attention elsewhere, glancing past the riders to the defensive towers. Recognising the ancient technology from lessons given by his father, a scholar, the Draethos Jedi student wonders at the use of beam tubes.

Beam tubes date back over sixteen thousand years, to a time before the formation of the Republic, back to the days of Xim the Despot. Beam tube technology is inferior to modern blaster weapons. Powered by large generators, and with a slow recharge time, the weapons fire energy-particle beams. At the time of their conception, beam tubes changed the face of warfare, easily outmatching any armour of the day. However, the wasteful energy conversion process generates tremendous heat. Cooling equipment is needed to maintain safe temperatures in the temperamental weapons.

Perhaps the Hanai traded for the outdated technology with outsiders, or maybe uncovered it in ancient wreckage or ruins. Adun-Isl's interest is definitely picqued. History and legend have always been a key interest for him.

Relishing the chance to recall aspects of the disparate knowledge he holds, Adun-Isl forgets the attention he is recieving, and continues strolling with his arms folded across his chest.

Rogue Janson
12 January 2004, 02:22 PM
“I’m impressed by the show of force, but also interested in the design and necessity of your defensive towers. Who are the primary threats? Do the drongun-kai attack the settlement? Or has it been the bandit raiders? And why do you lack walls or other barriers in addition to the towers?”
“The towers are to ward off the drongan-kai” the hideko replies, investing the name with a mix of fear and mystery. She leans down from her mount to finish the answer. “But they have not come this far for generations, so we do not need walls like the outer settlements.”

As they continue through the town, Nika begins to spot locations that might suit her. They pass a several taverns and buildings that look like the local equivalent of tapcafs and an ornate garden. That said there are not many; either the Hanai do not spend much time on such social activities or the locations where they enjoy them are unrecognisable or elsewhere.
While Nika is looking around something catches her eye. A solitary figure who seem somehow apart from the rest of the crowd. The same moment, Kanner finds himself turning instinctively to follow her gaze. What he sees is a woman, young but hard-faced, staring at the party, forearms crossed over her stomach. Then one of the Hanai riding beasts passes between them and the moment is gone.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After being led through the town for a while, the group reaches what is clearly the most wealthy part. The paved avenues are lined with elegant sweet smelling trees, walled courtyards hide private gardens and the largest pagodas rise around them. It is to one of these they are heading. With its roofs tiled dark red and its walls a mix of grey stone and wooden frames painted bright red, the seat of the bakufu would be an impressive sight even without the banners dangling from every corner. Most are written in some ancient and artistic script, broad black strokes on white fabric, but a couple, clearly more hastily produced, bear messages for the Hanai are in basic. “Welcome home, travellers,” reads one.

The main pagoda is set amidst a complex of lower buildings that seem to be related to administration and government. These form the outer walls of two sizeable courtyards, all topped with a walkway and towers – though these are more architectural features than serious defences. The courtyard to the south, on the party’s left, is a garden, judging by the vegetation extending above the line of its walls, but it is the one to the right they are heading to. From the other come shouts of command and the clash of weapons, suggesting a training ground. Possibly even more impressive than this is the huge, open area that extends towards the north. Large enough for the whole town’s population to fit comfortably onto, the field is flat and fairly plain. A border of decorative plants marks its edge and poles holding aloft banners and flags are spread around it, but otherwise it is simply covered in a plain green and white grass.

The group proceeds to one of the entrances of the pagoda, where the hideko dismount and stand to attention. The Jedi, their companions and the returning Hanai are ushered through into a meeting hall. Gathered inside, along with armoured guards at the room’s corners, is a group of about a dozen. Recognisable are hideko with swords at their waists, shenjin-tal, their headbands glistening with jewels and others dressed in finely detailed robes. A number of the room’s occupants clearly look as if they are related to Sira Ikeda.

At the front of them all is a man who is clearly the head of the Ikeda family. Tall, for a Hanai, he is just moving out of middle age into wise old age. His skin is weathered, his hair and short beard tinged with grey. Stepping forward, he greets each one of the rescued Hanai in turn, clasping them by the arm. Sira Ikeda, he grasps warmly by both shoulders and briefly exchanges words with. Then he moves to the offworlders, showing no hesitation in studying them carefully, Adun-Isl especially. When he speaks though, the tone is gracious, though his authority is clear.

“I am Takafusa Ikeda, head of the Ikeda daimyo and leader-elect of the Hanai. I thank you for returning our people to us.”

Master Toleda bows her head precisely, a gesture that conveys complete respect without any hint of subordination.

“I am Jedi Master Shan Toleda and these are my students. We come with joy to return your people to you. But we are also representatives of the Galactic Republic. The Hanai were once isolated, but now the galaxy knows of them. We come to offer what services we may to assist you.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After the introductions, the offworlders are swiftly taken away from the bakufu. The object is clear – to allow Takafusa Ikeda to find out about the situation from his fellow Hanai – but the short tour of the town is pleasant. After this, they are given a small meal of rice and soi, during which Sira Ikeda tells them Takufusa is ready to talk to them about the galaxy and the Republic. A young Shenjin, Kunio Nakamura, is assigned to those not involved with the talks. About the same age as the students, he is tall, slim and handsome, with a round-cut green jewel on his forehead, but he is quiet and clearly nervous around the offworlders.

(OOC: that post was quite a challenge to write. I hope it's come out ok and not too rushed through. Any of you can join the talks (I'd imagine nika might want to?) or you can go off and do things yourselves if you want.)

12 January 2004, 02:56 PM
Carron was never much of a negotiator, nor did he much like politics, so he elects to stay behind and maybe explore alittle.

Standing up, Carron looks round at the group, "Well, I'm not sure bout the rest of you, but I'm glade to beable to stretch my legs." Stretching, to get the few knots in his shoulders out, he adresses thoughs who are left, "any one up for a sparing match? I know I could use alittle exersize, so how bout it?"

Kanner Ra'an
12 January 2004, 04:04 PM
Kanners face twists into a smile. "Sure, id be up for a little practice. If your in the mood for something differant." he says. With a movement of his shoulders the massive vibroshields drop from thier resting place to over his wrists and hands. "How bout it?" he asks, curiously trying to disern the jedis reaction to his unheard of weaponry.

12 January 2004, 05:40 PM
Uncertain of the Jedi Master’s intentions for him, Gallagher quietly moves closer to her side when the party begins to split. He debates his options and duties, and decides that unless she asks him to head off with the others, he will remain by her side, in case she needs something. Still careful not to interfere with the Jedi’s actions, the Corellian refrains from making any further comments unless directly queried.

12 January 2004, 07:02 PM
"If you feel it's appropriate, Master Toleda, I would like to be present for the talks at least. A chance to observe the Hanai and speak to some who are not warriors will help me figure them out."

She pointedly removes her blaster and blaster's holster and removes the knives from within her boots. Noticing the other students glances she says, to nobody in particular, "I don't forsee any hostility coming from the Ikeda daimyo, and removing my weapons shows that I trust the daimyo Hideko with my welfare. You might consider doing the same." She momentarily seems puzzled with what to do with them, but she inclines her head at one of the nearby Hideko and is not terribly surprised when the warrior quickly takes them off her hands.

She glances about, taking a good look at the non-Hideko females present. She again turns to Master Toleda and asks "Do you think there's any chance I could get my hands on clothing more appropriate to the setting?"

The Ghost
13 January 2004, 08:26 AM
"Master," Mia says quietly. "If possible, i would like to go from the village and meditate or speak with the planet." She looks to Master Toleda, as solemn as ever in her request. Though she notes Nika's attempt to appease the natives by adopting their customs, she knows it would not work for one such as Mia-Lann. She was less a face than she was an arm, she remembered that description being said of her brother when he was alive as well. A slight frown appeared as she dwelled on the thought, but she chased the phantom from her mind.

13 January 2004, 08:33 AM
Carron raises an eyebrow at Kanner's unusual weaponry, then smiles, "This should be fun." Carron unclips his blaster and hands it to the Hideko. "I'll only need my lightsaber, and I'm sure that a warrior such as yourself can understand a Jedi's connection to their weapon."

Nodding the Hideko takes the blaster. "So then, Kanner, shall we head off to the training ground??" Caron's smile creeps up the right side of his face.

Vreel Kudarin
13 January 2004, 10:16 AM
Having taken his leave of Master Toleda for the tour of the beautiful town, Adun-Isl now watches as Carron and Kanner prepare to duel. Despite Nika's suggestion of disarmament, Adun-Isl has decided to keep his lightsabre clipped to the back of his belt. A lightsabre is a Jedi's life, and besides, it is hidden beneath his cloak and might not even be recognised as a weapon if the Hanai do see it.

Looking for reactions from their guide, Kunio Nakamura, or the nearby Hanai warriors, as Kanner and Carron ready their weapons, Adun-Isl thinks it might be better if the two prospective sparring partners transfered their activities to the courtyard that seems to serve as a Hideko training ground. He begins to say as much to the pair when he sees Mia-Lann walk past, heading for the outskirts of the settlement.

Jogging to catch up, trying not to look too hurried, he reaches a comfortable distance behind her and says: "Mia? Mia, may I talk to you for a moment? I'm sorry about my...intrusion back aboard the Arrete. I should have respected your privacy."

Rogue Janson
13 January 2004, 10:44 AM
After some brief inquiries by Kunio, Nika is led up to a chamber by a servant girl. Here she finds a fine selection of clothing to choose from, perhaps a little grand for everyday wear, but ideal for a formal occasion. The only minor problem is finding something in her size.

Walking out onto the training field, Carron and Kanner spend a little time looking around before starting to spar. About forty people are scattered around the yard practising. Most are engaged in fencing exercises, with padded armour and wooden weapons. Along one side is a line of targets where for archery and firearms training. Finally, a couple of pairs are using grassy patches for unarmed combat training, throwing each other around on the softer surface. Only a few of the combatants turn to look at the newcomers and are promptly smacked round the head by their instructor or partner.

The Ghost
13 January 2004, 12:01 PM
Originally posted by Vreel Kudarin
"Mia? Mia, may I talk to you for a moment? I'm sorry about my...intrusion back aboard the Arrete. I should have respected your privacy."

Mia-Lann blinks quietly at him for a moment. He didn't know what it was like, he couldn't know. At least Carron had a glimpse of what could happen, but this draethos... She sighs, shaking her head, and looks sadly at Adun-Isl.

"There are things you would rather not learn firsthand. Trust me on that."

With that, she turns and departs the village. Mia walks for an hour, letting the Force guide her to a spot. There, on a moss covered rock, she sits and lets herself become part of the planet.

Vreel Kudarin
14 January 2004, 10:37 AM
Feeling a pang of hurt from Mia-Lann's rebuff of his concern, Adun-Isl is dumbfounded for a moment. He stands watching her recede into the distance, walking beyond the watchtowers. He almost starts again after her, but, bowing his head in defeat, he strolls, dejected, back towards the Hideko training ground.

Positioning himself near Carron and Kanner as they spar, Adun-Isl doesn't really take in the combat practice all around him, though it would have reminded him of the Jedi facility back on Tanaab.

Eventually succeeding in putting Mia's behaviour out of his mind for the time being, Adun-Isl decides to get some exercise. Shrugging off his slate-grey cloak, and retiring to a quiet corner of the courtyard, he rolls up the garment and places it at the foot of the wall. Taking several deep breaths, he lines himself up for a series of flips, finishing with a roll, and begins to practice his acrobatic skills.

14 January 2004, 12:00 PM
Ingniting his lightsaber, revealing the until now hidden, orange blade, Carron takes a very orthodox stance. Holding his weapon at middle guard, he starts off in the second or mid circle of the lightsaber fighting stance.

"I hope thoughs things can block a lightsaber, I don't like the site of blood."

when the sparing starts, Carron fights with very controlled and calculated moves, always being sure that he doesn't leave too much open. Or sometimes, leaving just enough open to fool his oponent.

Kanner Ra'an
14 January 2004, 01:45 PM
"I hope thoughs things can block a lightsaber, I don't like the site of blood."

Boldly Kanner bats Carrons lightsaber blade, showing the jedi that his weapons can indeed block a lightsaber. He does not make any offensive movements at all. He knows the fighting style the Jedi favour, and simple lets Carron lead, knowing full well the Jedi does not have the same knowledge.

14 January 2004, 05:30 PM
Emerging from behind a screen more suitably attired for the talks, Nika glances at Master Toleda, who nods and asks the Hideko to help them find their way.

When Master Toleda isn't looking, Nika chafes a bit in the unfamiliar clothing, but isn't unused to the demands of aristocracy. She falls gracefully into step behind the Jedi master, putting such concerns aside in preparation for the questions that are certain to come with the talks.

The Ghost
17 January 2004, 06:19 PM
The forest whispers with life and away from the others, Mia begins to relax slightly. Even worse than being alone anymore was being too close to people. Her nightmares hadn't gone away and she had begun to suspect they never would.

Her concentration, now, was on the planet itself. "Speak to me..." she murmured towards the ground as she sat.

Vreel Kudarin
18 January 2004, 05:18 AM
Having worked up a slight sweat in the morning sun, Adun-Isl finishes his exercise with a handstand held for several seconds, then lowers himself to the grass. Raising himself to his feet, the Draethos Jedi walks over to where he has left his rolled-up cloak, and sits in the shade of the wall, assuming a cross-legged position.

He breathes deep of the fresh air, and lowers his heart rate back to normal. Finding the space to tumble freely on starships and stations was very difficult. Opening his eyes and looking up, Adun-Isl sees that Carron and Kanner are still at it, orange energy blade and vibroshields humming as each batted aside the other's blows. Adun-Isl remembers he had been intrigued when he had first seen Kanner Ra'an demonstrate his strange vibro weapons. Crafted of super-resiliant spaceship armour, the Draethos student had been stunned by their ability to turn the formidable blade of a lightsabre.

Adun-Isl's thoughts turn again to Mia-Lann. He wonders if she is just going for a stroll. Though knowing her previous behaviour, I suspect she'll be gone for a while, he thinks. He hopes she doesn't encounter any danger, though he overheard a hideko warrior tell Lieutenant Flint that the mysterious drongun-kai had not visited the area for generations. Adun-Isl would like to know exactly who the drongun-kai are, and what makes them so dangerous. Going after Mia, even if I could find her, would do no good. She is not ready to converse.

The young Draethos knows a little of Mia's history. She was very young when her settlement was attacked, apparently by darksiders. The raiders slaughtered many of her people. The experience must have had a profound and terrible effect on the young girl. However, Adun-Isl wishes Mia could share exactly what plagued her mind with another. He is sure it would aid in her progress towards Jedi Knight to be rid of her demons. She seems consumed by her worries - a very dangerous path for a Jedi. Does she resent me for not having experienced what she has? Though my parents were not slain, I also was caught in a great upheaval during my childhood. I saw the Mandalorians kill many people I had known. I watched as a vibroaxe took off my father's leg... Adun-Isl winced at the memory.

But Master Toleda saved me and many others. Perhaps she will know how to save Mia-Lann...

18 January 2004, 02:55 PM
As their sparring match continues, Carron can't help but smile. Not only was Kanner's style unique, but his vibroshilds made for a challanging game of cat and mouse.

At first Carron went on the offenssive, trying to understand his opponent, knowing that his lack of knowledge of this man's fighting style was a weakness. I'm sure he knows this too.

Up until this point, Carron's technique had been simple and too the point. Taking a step back, and rubbing his shoulder - Kanner had caught him good with the broad side of his weapon - he says to the warrior.

"I have to tell you, I'm not usually this impressed," his voice holds no arrogance, he is just stating a fact. "I suppose we should turn it up a notch."

Comming at Kanner again, Carron turns up the heat, and his once simple orthodox style trasforms into a much quicker, almost frantic style. His lightsaber twirling with seemingly imposible speed as he taps into the Force to increse his tempo.

[Bust of Speed]

Kanner Ra'an
20 January 2004, 12:19 PM
OOC: Ok, this is based on the descriotion RJ gave me...

IC: Carron, in an effort to get all the surprise out of his burst of speed, delivers a sloppy attack. Kanner, seeing the blunder, takes advantage quickly. An exellent shot rips towards the jedi who jumps out of the way with only slight difficulty. Not making the same mistake again, a flurry of expert blows assualt the Korrunai. Each strike is percise and on target, one forcing the Kanner to desperatly thrust his shield on the jedi's lightsaber blade to avoid losing the duel. Seeing futility in fighting one so well trained with any kind of finesse, Kanner starts slapping his shield on the Jedis lightsaber blade, moving the energy blade aside so he can get a shield in to attack. Carron skillfully uses all his speed to counter the powerful assualt, needing it just to recover his stance in time to deflect the next blow. Seeing the Jedi on the ropes, Kanner puts even more power into his assault, driving the Jedi back.

OOC:Power attack.

Rogue Janson
20 January 2004, 01:54 PM
After finishing their practice fights, an increasing number of hideki trainees have gathered to watch Kanner and Carron’s duel. All are clearly impressed by the pair’s weapons – the glowing blade of Carron’s lightsabre and the razor edges of Kanner’s vibroshields, whining almost ultrasonically as they slice through the air. A few trainers look on, their expressions unreadable, clearly keeping their opinions on the combatants skills to themselves. Occasionally one gestures to another, indicating some manoeuvre or other that could have been used.

Inside, Nika has returned, suitably attired for formal negotiations. Only Toleda and Gallagher remain, the latter waiting dutifully to attention on the Jedi Master, who glances sidewards at him as Nika descends the stairs.
Breaking the silence, she asks, “and what do you want to do, Gallagher?”

“Whatever I am needed to do,” the jedi auxiliary replies.

“Very well. Diplomacy is perhaps not a natural skill for a Corellian, but maybe the Hanai will be interested in what one who has served with the Republic military has to say.”

The trio are led by an attendant into a large hall – overlarge considering there are only three people sitting at its bulky table. Sitting at the head is Takafusa Ikeda. To his left is a woman, who appears to be in her sixties, introduced as Dain Irokawa, a clear jewel on her forehead. Standing to the right is Koza Ikeda, with a pair of swords on his back. A period of formal exchanges and preambles begins the proceedings, with Toleda outlining very briefly the history, state and principles of the Galactic Republic.

In the training yard, Adun-Isl’s thoughts are interrupted by a Hanai trainee, a lithe girl with sharp eyes, who seems to have broken from the rest unnoticed. She carries two of the wooden training swords, one of which she tosses to him.

“Your acrobatics are very impressive, alien,” she says to Adun-Isl, a slightly aggressive sarcastic tone in her voice. “You wear a weapon like the one with the mechanical leg. Do you fight like your friends?”

While he still holds the sword awkwardly and before he can respond, she spins her weapon in an opening gesture and swipes at Adun-Isl. With a rushed parry, he is only just able to catch the blow on his sword before it hits him in the midriff.

(OOC: Adun-Isl –7VPs)

20 January 2004, 06:21 PM
So far the fight was equal. Carron truly impressed with Kanner's style, but Carron was rtiring while Kanner looks as if he could go a few more rounds then Carron was willing.

So there were two choices, give in and concede, or win. Carron preferred the later of the choices.

Using a brife pause in the battle, Carron switch stances again, holding the weapon high above his head, the tip pointing towards Kanner. The pose gives off the impression of a Sardonian Scorpian reading to pounce.

Hesitating only for a moment as he relizes that a crowd had formed, he strikes with a downward, cross slash hoping to Kanner will leave his lower section open for the kick that was comming right after the thr feign.

Vreel Kudarin
21 January 2004, 01:33 PM
Stunned by the sudden aggression towards him, Adun-Isl leaps to his feet and catches the wooden sword in his hook-clawed hands. After barely avoiding her first blow, Adun-Isl assumes a full-defence style, allowing him time to judge the skill of this feisty young combatant.

"We Jedi are not only warriors," says Adun-Isl, batting aside a double-lunge from the headstrong Hideko with loud clacks that join the buzz of Kanner's and Carron's more advanced weapons, "Violence is not always the solution to a problem. And aggression is not the way of the Jedi,"

Adun-Isl takes a few steps to turn his back from the wall to Carron and Kanner. Maintaining his solid fan of blocks and parries to the last moment, Adun-Isl steps back with a spring in his step, and somersaults backwards, away from the girl and towards his fellow Force students. He lands with his mock sword held in his left hand, pointed at the ground, but ready to raise to defend himself if the girl persists in her attack.

Rogue Janson
22 January 2004, 08:45 AM
“So you run and hide away from things?” Adun-Isl’s opponent replies, spinning round to keep up her attack. The Draethos Jedi parries a flurry of alternating high and low blows from the girl who doesn’t seem to be letting up. Her eyes train on his as she moves with her offense, eager and alert. Her attacks are energetic, if a little unskilled, some almost getting through Adun-Isl’s concentrated defence.

“You know how to use a sword but don’t know what to do with it.”

Vreel Kudarin
22 January 2004, 11:05 AM
"The Jedi act to oppose evils that threaten the Galactic Republic," responds Adun-Isl, having to raise his deep, slightly angular, voice above the sounds of combat. He grunts as he blocks a powerful overhead blow from the Hideko girl, then continues: "This does not always involve fighting. We are ambassadors first, warriors second."

Adun-Isl maintains his concentrated defence as he backs closer towards the main group of Hideko, standing much taller than the spirited young girl.

"I have no wish to fight you, and my rising to your challenge would prove nothing," the Draethos jumps a low swipe from his opponent's practice sword, then guards his face with his own as she switches with blinding speed to a high stab.

"Jedi live by a code of honour. If I lay aside my weapon, will you strike me? You have nothing to prove, it is clear you are skilled in swordplay," taking a chance, Adun-Isl blocks the Hideko's latest attack, then takes a large pace backwards, holding his sword out to his left, and dropping it to the pale grass.

Kanner Ra'an
22 January 2004, 12:52 PM
Kanner falls for the Jedis fiegnt, though not as Carron expects. Kanner does leave his mid-drift open to attack, but only after devliving another powerful blow of his own. Carron, thrown out of position, shows his prowless by compensating and still landing the kick in Kanners gut. The blow does not do the intended damage. It does however knock the wind out of the Korrunai, eliminating the chance to counter attack.

Getting fully involved in the battle, Kanner start to lose himself in it. As if an innate ability, the force start to throb through his mucles. Feeling faster, more ready to evade and parry the quick assualt the Jedi has been fielding, Kanner confidently lauches another attack at the man.

OOC: Enhance ability(dex). No power attack this time.

Rogue Janson
24 January 2004, 05:34 AM
Adun-Isl’s opponent scowls at him and looks, for a second, as if she might hit him anyway. Then she lowers her training weapon.

“If you don’t want to fight, you should have just stayed away,” she tells him sourly.

“You should learn to respect our guests, Ishi. There’s a lot more you need to learn than just how to fight.”

This stern rebuke comes from Mideki Sachiyo, who is walking towards the pair. The girl spins to face her and for and visibly bites back a reply, before bowing her head and stepping back. Sachiyo advances until she is four paces away from Adun-Isl and reaches a hand to grasp the hilt of the katana at her waist.

“I have heard much about the combat skills of the Jedi. Your friends are putting on quite a display, but I would like to test them for myself. Would you honour me with a duel, master Adun-Isl?”

Meanwhile, behind Adun-Isl, Kanner and Carron continue their combat, neither able to gain the advantage. Kanner launches a rapid series of slashing attacks with his vibroshields, driving Carron back. The Jedi is finally able to catch one of Kanner’s shields on his lightsabre blade, sparks flashing around the weapons as they clash. With his opponent pinned for a second, Carron pivots round him and pushes him away. Kanner keeps his balance and springs back into position, but by this time Carron is on the offensive, sweeping his lightsabre blade through a routine of powerful arcs. Each pass, Kanner deftly brings up a shield to parry, the lightsabre glancing off, but the force of the attack pushes the Korunnai into a steady retreat.

24 January 2004, 11:35 AM
As Kanner is caught off guard and is currently backed into a corner, Carron seizes his opportunity and makes one last charge. Holding his glowing blade over his head, ready to strike, Carron makes it five steps before Kanner suprises him by reversing his retreat.

Carron suddenly finds himself spinning head over heels as Kanner drives his knee into his gut and sends the Jedi on a one way trip to the ground.

Lying there for a few moments to catch his breath, Carron finally looks up to the big man and says, "Good match, how bout a drink or four...on me." Carron's face is filled with a smile as he gets to his feet and disengages his lightsaber. "Maybe a bit to eat to, what'd'ya say, pal?"

Kanner Ra'an
24 January 2004, 02:52 PM
"Sounds good." Kanner replies, his breathing rate calming down and thick mucles relaxing. "Though im not sure what passes for drinks around here. I think i'll take a rain check." he says. Looking around he sees the various duelists that were spectators a moment ago shifting their attention to Adun-Isl and a Hanai woman. Needing some time alone, Kanner starts away from the training compound. " I see ya later Carron." he says as leaves. I think ill take a look around. I want to learn more about these hanai

24 January 2004, 06:32 PM
Holding his belly, Carron nods "Suit yourself, but I can't garantee I won't make you pay for keeping me waiting." Waving as his companion leaves, Carron turns toward Andun-IsI's eminate duel. I know I have to learn more about these people, but I also need to know more about my companions.

As his thoughts dwell on his duties, his senses tingle with life. Turning he spots a young female Hideko waiting for his attention.

Returning his lightsaber to it's place on his belt, he bows low. "Greetings," his voice is polite, if not a little weary.

"Greeting to you offworlder," she says in an equally polite voice "I wish to offer you and your friends a drink." Carron now notices that she carrying two water bladders. He accepts his graciously, but before taking a single sip he bows again.

"My thanks, though I'm not sure if my friend wishes to be bothered, but you can try." Carron waits as the young warrior bows again and heads off towards Kanner, before drinking almost half the water in one gulp.

Vreel Kudarin
26 January 2004, 01:37 PM
Adun-Isl briefly considers declining the Mideko Sachiyo's request for a duel. He is tired from his exercise and defence against the headstrong girl, but the Draethos Jedi suspects it would be rude not to accept. Feeling the attention of the other Hideko in the training yard shifting his way as Kanner walks away from Carron, Adun-Isl bows. An audience...Not my prefered setting.

"I am no 'master', Mideko Sachiyo, simply a student of the Jedi arts. I am honoured to accept your request, though I hope I do not dissapoint you,"

Rising from his bow, Adun-Isl regards the black-haired woman. Mideko is middle-aged, well-built, clearly a practicised fighter. She holds a katana. On the Arrete she had a force pike. When we landed, the warriors had rifles. The Hideko seem well-versed in many forms of combat, Adun-Isl suspects Mideko will be a difficult opponent to best. What is her reason for choosing me? Is it because I am not Human? The Jedi student holds his purple-scaled hands slightly out to his sides, and waits for the Mideko to choose her weapons.

She wishes to experience the prowess of the Jedi, thinks Adun-Isl, and decides to draw on the power of the Force to focus his actions. He breathes deep and closes his eyes momentarily, letting invisible tendrils of Force flow through his body, sharpening his reactions and guiding his hand.

Rogue Janson
26 January 2004, 03:02 PM
(OOC: needs slight editing once I’ve talked to chivers)

“If you will, I would practice against your lightsabre,” Sachiyo tells Adun-Isl, “I am well aware it may slice through my weapons. I trust your skill not to injure me.”

Sachiyo walks to ‘Ishi’, keeping her eyes on her opponent all the time, and takes the wooden training sword from her. Judging Adun-Isl to be ready, she turns suddenly, swinging both weapons horizontally at different heights.

Unprepared for such an attack, Adun-Isl barely manages to position his lightsabre to intercept both weapons by flicking it upside down in a high guard. Sachiyo halts her strokes abruptly and spins in the opposite direction to reposition. Adun-Isl does the same and succeeds in setting himself up for an attack before his opponent. She ducks this, but he easily jumps her low swing.

The Jedi’s riposte is a downward blow, which Sachiyo anticipates it stepping early to one side. She jabs with the katana, forcing him to dodge to one side, then converts this into a slash. Adun-Isl is forced backwards, trying to bring his lightsabre back into position to fend of a series of precise strikes that always stop just short of contacting the energy blade. With consummate footwork, Sachiyo manages to merge them into a single prolonged attack that keeps the Jedi off balance.

Though some remain to watch the new fight, most of those watching Carron and Kanner have reluctantly returned to their own training. The space around Adun-Isl and Mideki Sachiyo is empty and strangely quiet, the buzz of the lightsabre and the padding of footwork the only sounds.

(OOC: Adun-Isl -13VPs, +3 attack for 7 rounds)

Vreel Kudarin
29 January 2004, 12:41 PM
Mideko Sachiyo continues her onslaught, whirling with controlled frenzy, a sword in each hand. The Hideko seem to favour a lightning-fast style of combat, thinks Adun-Isl as the blades of the Hanai's katana and practice sword whip close to his body, stopping inches from his azure lightsabre, to represent blocks. The Draethos has to push his knowledge of lightsabre techniques to the maximum to counter Mideko's assault, even aided as he is by the Force.

The veteran Hideko spins blindingly fast, altering the angle of her blades so quickly, Adun-Isl barely has time to sidestep and duck. Pushed back as Mideko presses her advantage, Adun-Isl gets closer to the wall of the training compound. Hopping over a low and bold scissor's blow, Adun-Isl sweeps his lightsabre close to Mideko's left arm, causing her to retreat a few steps.

In a brief respite, Mideko circles Adun-Isl, panting. Adun-Isl too is being taxed. He reaches up to wipe a few beads of sweat from his vermillion, domed forehead in the midday sun. Turning his body sideways to present a minimal target, he takes a few cautious steps towards Mideko. Combat erupts once more, Adun-Isl 'parrying' blows to his left, right, and overhead, respectful of Mideko's katana and trying not to slice through it. However, he is less careful about her wooden sword. Disarming her of that would give her less of an advantage, he reasons.

Adun-Isl feels the Force in his actions, and for a moment Mideko seems to move slower than him as he sees her go for a high slice with her katana and low sweep with her practice sword. Jumping and ducking at once, Adun-Isl avoids both strikes, and pivots in mid-air, dragging his azure blade below him. He slices the tip from Mideko's wood sword and burns a black furrow through the short grass. Landing on his feet in a crouch, Adun-Isl spins on the spot, forcing Mideko to stagger backwards before the glowing arc of his lightsabre.

31 January 2004, 12:17 PM
Watching as Adun-IsI's duelCarron smiles as he relizes that he is a formatable opponate. After his jump/duck move, Carron decides that a little food and drink would do him well.

On his way back to where they had eaten before, Carron always had, as his mother would say, an overly healthy appitite. He Imagined what it would be like if his father didn't make sure he stayed fit, taking him on hunts and training him as a warrior.

The image of a fat, lightsaber weilding Carron was enough to make him laugh. However, it wasn't enough to stay his hunger and so he continues in search of food.

Rogue Janson
31 January 2004, 02:18 PM
Caught by Adun-Isl’s speed, Mideki Sachiyo switches to a more defensive fighting style. The Jedi student feel her dark eyes watching him intently as he dodges round making rapid strikes and sweeps with his lightsabre. Yet Sachiyo keeps him under constant pressure, denying him opportunities for clean attacks, forcing him to stop blows short or run into her blade. As he spins and leaps to attack, she paces round him, keeping him off balance and out of position. The fight continues and Adun-Isl feels his concentration, his connection to the Force slipping. His weapon no longer moves so precisely, his prescience fades. Distracted and tired from the combat, he decides against trying to maintain the battlemind, reasoning the effort will leave him open.

The pair disengage for several seconds, watching each other. Then Adun-Isl advances, sweeping his blade up, then around, stepping forward as he attacks, deftly avoiding Sachiyo’s counter-attacks. The bright blue lightsabre weaves a mesmerising pattern through the area, its light reflecting off the glinting surface of the katana that makes short, thrusts and slashes. In a manner, the two weapons mirror each other, never meeting but each keeping the other at bay.

In the face of Adun-Isl’s weaving assault, Sachiyo retreats, quickening her pace and drawing the Jedi on. Seconds later, the duel is over. Adun-Isl sidesteps a lazy cut by his opponent and swings his lightsabre overhead to attack, only to find her stepping with him. The – slightly shortened – wooden training sword points directly into Adun-Isl’s midriff. He thumbs the activation switch on his lightsabre and the blade disappears back into the handle.

Sheathing her sword, Mideki Sachiyo looks worn all of a sudden, no longer focused on combat. She rubs her arms.

“Very impressive skill for a student,” she says, “your Master must be proud.” Adun-Isl can see a teacher in her as she continues, “you must learn to hide your intentions though. If your opponent knows where you are going, no amount of speed will help you avoid them.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Stepping out of the courtyard, Kanner lets his feet carry him through the town. At first he retraces part of their tour. He passes workshops where craftsmen carefully manufacture intricately designed electronics, smithies, hammering out weapons and tools and doctors with arrays of medicines and herbs visible through their translucent flimsysheet windows.

Wherever he goes, Kanner sees and feels people watching him, though they keep it to themselves. Some people react with fear to the tall figure striding through their town, or with distaste for the alien, or with respect for the warrior. Kanner is rarely inconspicuous, but here he is unique.

The streets of Edo are quiet, with no speeders or groundcars buzzing around them. A basic tram system operates along several main routes, but in most streets, humans and animals are the only traffic. Still, the place is not primitive. The thrum of generators sounds from many buildings, and solar panels glint on the roves of many more. The Hanai’s technology is inconspicuous and conservative, using up as few of their scarce resources as possible. Likewise, their buildings are simple and unassuming, only a few prominent ones rising up proudly above the town.

A twenty minute walk later, Kanner is back near the centre of town, at one of the edges of the great field at its centre. Numerous groups of people mill about here, talking amongst themselves, some listening or dancing to music, children running around excitedly. Over to another side, he can see the pagoda of the Ikeda bakufu, its bright banners and its grey walls.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sheltered amidst the roots, with her back to a massive, aging tree, Mia-Lann stretches out with her mind and lets herself drift into a trance. While her senses dull, the slight chill of the wind and the rustle of branches becoming a faint murmur, she feels the life around her ever more keenly.

In a setting like this, it is easy to tune into the environment. Behind her, the tree silently stretches out towards the sun, nutrients and water flowing up from the ground to its leaves. Amidst the foliage, a dozen tiny mammals scamper about on their numerous legs, chasing down the fat, armoured bugs that waddle vainly away spitting pungent chemicals at their tormentors. Mia-Lann glides with a bird as it launches from the tree. Her sight is the creature’s pinpoint eyesight, but through the Force animals are tiny bundles of feeling amid a carpet of plant life which gradually grows upwards and downwards, extending into the ground on which she sits.

Mia-Lann falls deeper into the trance, losing track of where she is. A pair of heavy reptiles lazily chew on a clump of ferns, soaking in the warming sun. A pack animal plods steadily towards her, around it...

Around it, Mia-Lann sees dark figures. She has slipped into her dreams again, she knows, the fear rising in her. She tries to look away, but knows there is no point. They always come on regardless and she knows there is no stopping them. Something in Mia-Lann tells her this is not right. Perhaps she can stand and fight. Perhaps this is not one of her dreams. Still, as one of the figures raises his weapon she makes no move.

Mia-Lann’s eyes snap open with a start. In front of her, about twenty metres away, stand three figures, dark brown woollen cloaks wrapped loosely round them. One is dropping a dart gun to his side; the other two are hurrying towards her leading a beast of burden. One carries a long dagger in his hand.

Mia-Lann can feel the sharp pain of a dart stuck in her neck and as she stands her head swims. She manages to stay upright for now, but she knows the drug is still working, perhaps she will not manage to resist its effects.

The Ghost
31 January 2004, 05:19 PM
Mia lurches back against the tree, struggling to keep her eyes open as she feels something coursing through her veins. From under her robes, the lightsabre is produced, humming to life in the familiar way. One thought stretches from her mind and flies on the wind back to the village towards her master.


She frowns slightly, looking at the three figures. "I don't want any trouble." She says, eyes going in and out of focus. She settles her mind, concentrating on keeping herself upright long enough to defend herself and trying to keep the fear at bay. "Just be on your way."

Rogue Janson
1 February 2004, 04:08 AM
Just finishing the last of a glass of sweet fruit juice, Carron senses something. Like the ghost of a word it brushes past him, setting him on edge. Adun-Isl? he thinks, knowing the Draethos’ telepathic powers. But no, this comes from further away, from someone else.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the conference room, Master Toleda stops. Across the table, Dain Irokawa looks up suddenly, also sensing Mia-Lann’s thought. After a brief struggle for concentration, she gets through and feels her Master reaching out to find her. Responding, Mia-Lann gives a sense of her direction and position.

“Gallagher, Mia is in danger. Find the others and go to help her. She is out past the town to the East, near the edge of a wood or forest. Hurry.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mia-Lann is a little groggy, but still able to move properly, though her vision seems to be fading slightly, colour draining from the world. Her assailants are two men and a woman, all undistinguished in features and dress. The woman, leading the pack animal, a large, shaggy four-legged mammal with squat legs bent out to either side, stops her advance. Rummaging amidst the creature’s load, she produces what looks like a stun or shock baton and a small slugthrower pistol. The man with the long knife keeps his distance, circling round to get behind Mia. The other silently loads another dart into his weapon.

(OOC: Norman, you can interpret what you sensed as accurately as you want. Mia-Lann –3VPs.)

1 February 2004, 12:26 PM
Gallagher nods curtly to the Jedi Master as he rises. Looking to their hosts, he demands fast ground transportation and requests that it meet him outside. Rushing outside, he looks around quickly for the other students. “Adun, Kanner, Carron! Hurry, we have to go!” Working to gather the trio consumes his attention. Once reigned in, he directs them to the transport and pilots it himself, following the directions the Jedi Master gave to him.

Kanner Ra'an
1 February 2004, 01:17 PM
"What the frag's going on?" Kanner asks Gallagher. Though he held his questions when the Lieutenant first found him wandering about, aknowledging his sense of urgancy, the big Korrunai is still curious and doesn't hesitate to ask.

Rogue Janson
2 February 2004, 10:31 AM
By the time Kanner has been rounded up, the aide who rushed off to arrange fast transport for the group has returned. With him, led by stable hands, are a half dozen of the Hanai riding beasts, tall creatures with mottled fur, long necks, counter-balancing tails and complex looking tack. The mounts bray and shuffle about, but seem well trained and rideable.

The Ghost
2 February 2004, 12:03 PM
Mia-Lann keeps her back to the tree, eyes darting back and forth between the three. "Don't understand me, do you."

She takes a small swipe with her lightsabre, the deep blue leaving an arc of light for a split second as it hums through the air. The frown on her face deepens slightly as her eyes shift out of focus again. Fighting the toxin leads to fighting the panic inside her. What if they don't get here in time... what if they don't come at all? Left alone again to die... get control... a small waivering voice in her head commands, though she knows it isn't even completely certain.

"Back!" she yells louder.

(Full Defense & prepared to use Deflect[Block])

Vreel Kudarin
3 February 2004, 09:19 AM
Having spent the past quarter of an hour meditating in the shade following his duel with Mideko, lost in himself and trying to regain some of the energy he has used in exercise, Adun-Isl is brought around by the raised voice of Lieutenant Flint.

"What has happened?" asks the Draethos Jedi student as he jumps to his feet, donning his slate-grey cloak and running alongside Gallagher. The Jedi Aux. officer explains briefly that Mia-Lann is in trouble.

Why didn't I sense it? Have I upset her so much that she would not even call me for help when she needs it? thinks Adun-Isl, hoisting himself up onto one of the Hideko riding creatures.

He glances around at his fellow Force-users as they quickly head for the outskirts of the Hanai town. Adun-Isl has had some experience riding banthas back on Tanaab, but he is certainly no expert. Fortunately these beasts are well-tempered and easy to control.

Rogue Janson
3 February 2004, 01:22 PM
Gripping tight to their mounts, the Jedi and their allies gallop through the streets of Edo as fast as they dare. The saijun beasts they ride are quick and nimble, dodging round passers-by even when guidance is lacking. They let out loud, vibrating calls as they go, the noise running through the saijun’s neck, into its back and to its rider.

Mia-Lann is now surrounded, but her assailants still keep their distance.

“Stay back, Aso,” the one with the dart gun says to the man behind her, who presumably is getting impatient. “She’s bound to go down soon, no need to take a risk.”

“Take away that energy blade and she’d just be a frightened girl,” the woman smirks. Pulling the hood of her cloak away from her neck, she shakes her long hair, watching Mia-Lann doubtfully. “Not much of a fighter.”

“Get her again,” comes the voice from behind her, “and we’ll be away before someone comes looking for her. Or she uses the Force.”

The man in front frowns at this and raises the dart gun, but does not yet fire, watching Mia-Lann track the weapon with her lightsabre as he moves it. Mia-Lann can still feel numbness eating at her limbs, and hollowing out her body. The dart remains embedded in her neck, but she can no longer feel the pain.

3 February 2004, 01:30 PM
Gallagher urges his mount forward, pressing its speed to the limit. The wind whips at his hair and face, stinging his skin. His teeth clenched, and muscles tight, the Jedi Auxiliary hopes against hope that he will not let the Jedi Master down by losing one of the students. It does not occur to him that the Jedi students should be able to handle themselves and he should not look after them like children. Fear tints his thoughts at the possibility of losing one of them.

3 February 2004, 01:34 PM
Sensing that someone is in danger, Carron wastes no time rushing off to help, where he soon meets the ret, with their mounts. Taking one of his own, Carron says nothing, knowing that he probably has as much info on who it is as the rest.

As they, a group now, head off Carron takes a quick head count and realizes that Mia-Lann is the one missing, though he had guessed that earlier.

He gentely urges his mount, through the Force, to speed up. Not wanting to exhaust the best, he only nudges a little bit.

The Ghost
3 February 2004, 01:36 PM
Mia smirks. "Too late, they're already going to come looking for me. Your best bet now is to leave, before i show you how much of a fighter i can be."

Her mind races, knowing she doesn't have much time left before the toxin knocks her out. She may only have one choice...

Rogue Janson
3 February 2004, 02:23 PM
What confidence Mia has is misplaced as the moment the words of defiance leave her lips she feels herself weaken. Within seconds, her body seems to give up, slumping to the ground, her vision turning to blackness. She just remembers to deactivate her lightsabre before falling.

The rescue party continues riding hard, breaking out of the confines of the town into the country. The woods Master Toleda described are hidden behind a bluff, but the tops of the trees are visible. They can only hope that they have taken the same road as Mia-Lann and she has not strayed far from the road.

With what's left of her senses, Mia-Lann can feel herself being lifted. A voice whispers in her ear.

"We understand you, Jedi. We know you - you and your Republic -bring a light that would drive us out into the darkness to die. What we have are only twilight half-lives, but they are ours to live."

If the man says any more, Mia-Lann does not hear it; she is lost again in the dark world of dreams.

Gallagher is still at the head of the group as they ascend the bluff and get a clear view of the edge of the woods. There is no sign of Mia.

Kanner Ra'an
3 February 2004, 02:32 PM
Kanner races with the rest of the group. He easily adapts to the mount, finding it responds as his much larger grasser would have. Many thoughts race through his head. He knows only what Gallagher could tell him; Mia Lann is in trouble. Though he is confident that like the other Jedi apprenitces she can handle herself in combat. However the sense of urgency is not lost, and Kanner mentally starts preparing for combat.

Thinking of the battle to come starts to whitle away all other concerns. Who is attaking, and why. The earlier duel that has worn him down, not to mention Carron who recieved more punishment. Even Mia-Lann. All those thoughs are pushed aside as he begins to slip into a battle state.

3 February 2004, 05:10 PM
Gallagher scans the area rapidly, desperately searching for the lost Jedi. “From what Master Toleda said, Mia should be here. Can any of you sense her?” Silently he curses his lack of abilities such that he cannot work as the Jedi do to sense their companion through the Force. After a short pause, he urges his ride forward, continuing to search with his natural senses.

Vreel Kudarin
4 February 2004, 10:36 AM
Pulling his saijun to a halt for a moment, Adun-Isl glares intently down into the woodland, trying to spot any movement. Upon prompting from Gallagher, Adun-Isl stretches out with the Force, reaching out for Mia-Lann's aura in the ever-shifting ocean of life. I hope she would not be foolish enough to block me because of my intrusion aboard the Arrete, thinks the Draethos, urging his riding beast slowly down the bluff into the trees.

Vreel Kudarin
6 February 2004, 03:12 PM
As Adun-Isl searches, he finds something that seems familiar, but darker and not entirely aware of itself. At once it is and yet is not Mia-Lann. It pulls at the Draethos, seductively inviting him closer, deeper into the darkness within. Gentle at first, it becomes slightly more insistant.

Adun-Isl struggles to express to the others what he feels, closing his eyes as he wrestles with what he can 'see' in the Force. He brings his saijun to a stop at the foot of the bluff, a little way into the trees.

"I sense...I think I sense Mia-Lann. But she seems strange...Almost as if...As if someone were masquerading as her, leading us on," the Jedi student says out loud, "I'm sorry," he adds as an afterthought, confused as to the sense he got from Mia-Lann. What is this I feel? Adun-Isl asks himself, Does Mia-Lann hold some deeper secret than I had imagined? Has Master Toleda ever sensed this from her?

Summoning the Force to broadcast a message to Mia-Lann, Adun-Isl sends the words: Mia, we're looking for you! Can you give us a sign?

Raising his head again, Adun-Isl says: "It must be her though. She's not too far away, but I am unsure of the direction. Should we split up to search the area?"

Kanner Ra'an
6 February 2004, 04:55 PM
"Mascurading and trying to lead us on? Frag man, someones trying to trap us." The big korunnai says, stating the obvious. Sith. They gotta be a force user. Who else can affect the jedi like that. Dammit. Were on a fraggin unknown world and what does that girl do, goes wanderin off into the wilds on here own. I can see the legandary focus of the jedi right their Kanner thinks to himself, ignoring the fact that seclusion and independance are prevalent qualities of his own.

"I bet i guess where your Jedi is, and we dont have to search. Whoever is trying to lure us is probably the one attacking her. If we go where he wants, we find Mia-Lann. When we do, some of us will fight off whoevers got 'er, and you," Kanner turns to Adun specifically, " swoop in and save her. Then we get out of there and get the Hanai in to sweep the area in numbers."

8 February 2004, 02:22 PM
Carron listens as Kanner and Adun-IsI converse. Hearing the Dethroes' words, he comes to a similar conclusion on who their enemy is. Sith, thats the best explanation.

"Kanner, you got a good idea, but if we can't decide on a decission on her direction, we may have to split up." After speaking his mind, Carron closes his eyes and focus his energy on rejuvanating himself.

[Heal self]

9 February 2004, 03:27 AM
“Most immediately, our duty is to no one or anything beyond Mia-Lann. Adun-Isl, lead on to where you think that she is. I agree with Kanner here that we willingly follow as fast as we can. Waiting and discussing the matter only delays the inevitable, and forces us to risk losing very valuable time. Go with great speed and we will follow. But keep your senses alert and ready for combat. No splitting up, just ride.”

Contrary to his usual demeanor, Gallagher issues the orders without missing a beat. His deference to the Jedi has been put in stasis, awaiting the outcome of the task at hand. Becoming driven by a sole purpose, the Auxiliary knows that time is of the essence, and Mia-Lann’s life stands on the line.

He urges his mount forward, coming in line with Adun-Isl. “Ride,” he commands, following the Jedi into motion immediately, and racing into the unknown after their mysterious companion.

Vreel Kudarin
9 February 2004, 09:50 AM
Spurring his mount into a trot, Adun-Isl turns to Gallagher: "Lieutenant Flint, I'm afraid I acquired no sense of her direction, but I shall make another attempt," trusting his saijun to avoid the trees, the Draethos Jedi closes his eyes once more, gripping the reigns tighter as he concentrates on pinpointing Mia in the Force. He opens himself fully, attempting to let the Force guide his steering of the animal.

Comfortable with his Force scanning, Adun-Isl opens his beady black eyes, then talks aloud: "I don't think we should jump to any conclusions as to a trap - though obviously Mia was in trouble, and we should be cautious. I may have simply misread Mia's aura," As he leads the other mounted Force-users, the young Jedi keeps alert with his physical senses as well, searching for any sign of Mia-Lann Saar or her apparent attackers.

In his mind, Adun-Isl mulls over the possibilities, considering Mia has definitely been threatened by something. He either sensed another side of Mia-Lann, a negative, dark side; or it was someone else. Adun-Isl thinks the former is far more likely, as he recognised the aura of his longtime fellow Jedi student.

If it was someone else however, it must be a Force-user, and possibly one on the edge of the Dark Side. Such a thought immediately triggers memories of the Great Sith War, almost a decade ago. Adun-Isl's family were caught up in the carnage after the Mandalorian mercenary clans were scattered following the ultimate defeat of Sith Lord Exar Kun and the fallen Jedi Ulic-Qel Droma. Though Exar Kun was destroyed at Yavin, Ulic-Qel Droma was allowed to live after being stripped of the Force by the now great Nomi Sunrider. Ulic gave himself over to a self-imposed exhile, and was currently thought to be wandering the fringes of the galaxy. Many senators wanted him executed for his crimes, and resented the Jedi for sparing his life. The Sith are gone, their fire has gone out of the universe.

If there is a Force-user here, it is highly unlikely they would be following Sith teachings, thinks Adun-Isl, Omeyl is remote and isolated, there is little chance someone could have come into the possession of Sith scrolls or other artefacts of record. And then they would need to understand the Sith language. The Jedi Masters are ever-watchful for Dark Side cults in the wake of the Sith War. Master Toleda would know if the Dark Side was strong here, wouldn't she?

Rogue Janson
10 February 2004, 12:29 PM
Adun-Isl opens his mind to the Force, scouring its textures and straining into its distances. Beside him, Kanner and Carron almost glow. The Force is drawn towards them, sweeping up through them like a fountain. Much weaker in the Force, Gallagher still stirs up slight eddies and ripples as he passes and his mind shifts around. Beyond them, though, Adun-Isl feels nothing.

Then, almost at the edge of his perception, he catches something, a presence in the Force that is familiar to him. Just as it slips away, Adun-Isl yanks his mount into line with the direction of the feeling. Branches begin whipping past him almost unnoticed as he canters into the trees. Close behind come Gallagher, Kanner and Carron, riding their saijun hard to keep pace.

10 February 2004, 05:04 PM
Gallagher stirs his saijun into action with sharp pressure from his heels. He rides quickly after Adun-Isl, trying to keep up with the alien Jedi, and holding onto his reigns as best he can. The branches whip at his relentlessly, threatening to drive him from his saddle with menacing blows, scratching thin, bloody lines into his face. He calls out unintelligible shouts to encourage the beast onward, chasing the fast-paced Jedi. Gallagher curses mildly under his heavy breathing, wishing he had the skills of the master of the Force to aid his riding capabilities.

Rogue Janson
12 February 2004, 04:37 AM
Clinging tight to their Saijun the group plunges through the woods, trying to catch up with Mia-Lann. A little way in, they hit a small trail. After a few hundred metres, they are forced to slow, partly because the mounts are tiring, partly to have a chance of spotting Mia-Lann and whoever her attacker may be. But none of the party can see any sign of activity through the foliage around them, save the occasional animal passing by.

12 February 2004, 04:56 AM
Gallagher curses under his breath. This is getting us nowhere. We’re only losing time. Allowing his saijun to rest for a moment, he scans the area, desperately hoping to spot a clue. “We’re going nowhere fast. We need some kind of real direction. Otherwise we’re going to get hopelessly lost.”

Kanner Ra'an
12 February 2004, 11:49 AM
Kanner looks to Flint with the same frustrations. "Unless you got a better idea we've got nothing else to go on." He says. It is obvious the Korunnai is no happier then anyone else with the situation. He tries to calm his tired mount, using his natural abilities with animals that have been practiced since birth.

Realizing he may have a better chance at finding Mia-Lann in such an enviroment, he tries to sense her. He is not sure how he does it, but he streches out with the force. The technique comes to him very naturally, as if he were simply using his own eyes to scan for the Jedi.

Rogue Janson
12 February 2004, 01:12 PM
The whole party pauses to give their mounts a rest and allow Kanner to concentrate. The Korunnai tries to open himself to the Force like a sixth sense, but the state of mind is elusive. Finding Mia-Lann could be difficult at the best of times, but Kanner sees nothing but shadows, even the presence of those around him clouded and hidden.

Kanner’s senses give no warning when suddenly the sound of a shot disturbs the woodland quiet. As the saijun bray in alarm, an arrow hums past Adun-Isl, tearing a gash through the bottom of his robe and there can be no doubt they are under attack. Their attackers are somewhere ahead and to the right, but still hidden for the second. The furthest forward, Adun-Isl catches sight of an arm and something being thrown. The object, some kind of grenade, scatters along the ground, before exploding with a dazzling flash in front of Gallagher. The Jedi Auxiliary is quick enough to shield his eyes, but his mount rears up in panic and only a remarkable display of dexterity keeps Gallagher from being thrown. The heat and sparks from the grenade ignite the undergrowth with a fierce hiss of steam and wisps of smoke begin to rise as ferns blacken and char.

Adun-Isl is the first to clearly spot the ambushers, a group of three Hanai concealed about twenty metres away. To the left is the grenade thrower, now holding a pistol and a few metres to his right is another man with a katana held in both hands at his waist, pointing down to the side. The shooter, is crouched behind a bush a little behind the pair, re-cocking and aiming her rifle. Adun-Isl slips to one side in his saddle as the bullet zips past his shoulder. Directly to his right, he sees the archer, now drawing to shoot at Kanner. The arrow flies true and he is only saved from injury when his mount veers to one side of its own accord. The crack of another shot brings Adun-Isl’s attention back to the front, but this time the slug misses by a metre, thudding into a tree.

(OOC: Adun-Isl –6VPs, Kanner –8VPs (including see force). Everyone has control of their mounts for now, save Carron, whose saijun is trying to turn away. Gallagher’s is dazzled though. The party is arranged like this: A-I in the lead, Gal a little behind and to the left; Kanner almost level with Gal, Carron at the rear. All attackers are about 20m away from A-I. Oh, and saijun’s move is 20m, though you’re at ¾ speed on the track and ½ speed off.)

Kanner Ra'an
12 February 2004, 01:42 PM
The big Korrunai glares at his attackers, angered more then alarmed. Not even wasting a second he kicks his mount into motion, letting out a blood curtling battle cry and heading towards the attackers as fast as the saijun’s legs can carry him.

OOC: Using a charge against the nearest Hanai.

13 February 2004, 03:35 AM
The mount bristles under Gallagher’s attempts to move it, and the rider begins to understand that the explosion affected it quite directly. He swings his legs off the saijun and crouches low to the ground, trying to gain cover from the attackers. Moving quickly, Gallagher attempts to place a tree between himself and the weapon fire. Setting behind the tree, he draws his blaster into his hand and prepares to take a shot in a lull of their attacks.

Vreel Kudarin
13 February 2004, 10:59 AM
Seeing Kanner charge past towards their attackers, riding his saijun flat-out, Adun-Isl spurs his mount in the imposing Korrunai's wake. Pulling the riding beast over to Kanner's left, just behind him, Adun-Isl unclips his lightsabre and prepares to dismount as quickly as he can, planning to roll into the midst of the partially concealed Hanai. Once there he will ignite his lightsabre and try to sunder the nearest weapon.

We have to close this distance quickly to avoid being picked off, thinks Adun-Isl, They seem few in number. Perhaps we can disarm and detain them without the need for bloodshed.

Rogue Janson
15 February 2004, 08:33 AM
Quickest to react and barely remembering to flick his vibroshields into life, Kanner hurtles toward the nearest opponent. Seeing the charge, the man drops his bow and frantically scrabbles for a knife. Leaning down to one side as he passes, Kanner slashes with the vibroshield on his right arm, opening a bloody gash across the man’s torso.

With that opponent down, Kanner begins to pull his saijun round to attack the main group, now on his left. As he does so, however, he spots another trio that have appeared and are approaching in front of him. His mount still reacting well to his commands, he charges off again, only to find the three split and scatter before he can reach them.

Ducking behind a tree, his pistol grasped firmly, Gallagher peers round to try and pick out a target. Carron is hurrying along the trail to catch up and readying his lightsabre for use. Adun-Isl tries to keep his saijun calm while he rides into another volley of gunfire. Again, all the shots go wide, shearing through the leaves and branches as they pass. Adun-Isl’s attack is slower than Kanner’s, weaving through the trees as he readies his lightsabre. Ahead, the woman with the rifle, hearing her injured ally’s cry, is beginning to swing round to target Kanner, but then she stops, looks behind her and turns back to Adun-Isl. At this point, the advancing Jedi notices another figure, a young woman half-hidden by a large tree, making small abstract gestures with one hand. He also feels her manipulating the Force, twisting it into lines of control and manipulation.

Adun-Isl has no time to reflect on this as the katana-wielder steps forward to meet him. With a remarkable display of control and agility, the Jedi slips off the back of his saijun, which without his guidance, veers away from the combat. His opponent hurriedly covers the few metres between them slashing his blade at chest level. Adun-Isl uses his remaining momentum to flip over the attack and catches the man lightly with a spin-kick. The counter-attack is a sharp chop, but Adun-Isl’s time duelling earlier has been well spent. Moving as fast as he can to meet the strike, his lightsabre shears through the sword with a flash of light.

Gallagher’s attention is yanked back, when a bullet cracks into the tree above his head. Advancing to catch the group in a pincer is another armed group. The shot was fired by a woman, just over twenty metres away. She fires several more times as she advances, missing the Jedi Auxiliary as he rushes to bring up his blaster. A man armed with a long knife is closing rapidly, crouched and darting through the undergrowth and another with a blaster pistol is just behind. Around Gallagher, fire is beginning to spread, the smoke beginning to make his eyes water. The noise and smoke is unfortunate for Carron, as he tries to guide his mount to meet the new threat; it refuses to approach the flames despite his best efforts.

A minor firefight starts up as Gallagher opens fire. Blaster bolts fly both ways as the two sides dodge in and out of cover, but all go wide of their targets. Meanwhile, the man Adun-Isl has disarmed tumbles backwards away from him, dashing away. The other three back off, firing as they move, one of the shots grazing his arm.

(Adun-Isl –6VPs)

Kanner Ra'an
15 February 2004, 12:28 PM
"STAND AND FIGHT COWARDS!" Kanner yells at the attackers, raw fury in his eyes. Glancing around he spots the nearest Hanai warrior. Using his mounts speed to his full advantage, he kicks it into motion once again. Encouraging the beast to close on the warrior like an Ack Dog to fresh meat.

16 February 2004, 10:44 AM
Coughing with the onset of the heavy smoke, Gallagher fights to keep his eyes from watering up so much that he cannot see his targets. He moves from behind his hiding place to another tree, closer to his companions. Once at his new location, he takes solitary shots at the nearest enemy, slowly trying to thin the herd of assailants.

Vreel Kudarin
16 February 2004, 12:36 PM
Marking the ex-katana wielder as no longer a threat on his mental map of the woodland skirmish, Adun-Isl hurries onwards through the light scrub, using trunks as cover as he dashes towards the nearest Hanai. The young Jedi tries to spot the Hanai Force-user again as he runs, then decides to warn the others, easily reaching out to send a telepathic message to his comrades: They have a Force-user.

Choosing the attacker with a pistol as his target, figuring the rifle-bearer to be ill-equipped for close-in combat, Adun-Isl hops over a small, bracken-covered mound, spinning full-circle in mid-air. His azure lightsabre blade cuts a glowing arc around his flapping grey cloak as Adun-Isl aims for the Hanai's pistol.

Adun-Isl hears Kanner's furious war-cry and inwardly cringes. Though Kanner is no Jedi, anger and lust for combat is dangerous for any Force-user. The Korrunai is treading a dangerous path towards the Dark Side as he attempts to run down the fleeing Hanai.

Rogue Janson
19 February 2004, 02:52 AM
Kanner furiously surges after his opponents as they vainly flee. Riding skilfully he swiftly catches up with one. The woman doesn’t seem to pay any attention to him, intent on escaping. As Kanner punches a vibroshield down towards her back, Adun-Isl’s telepathic message filters through his brain.

He almost overbalances and topples from his saijun as the blow passes straight through its target. As he watches, all three of the fleeing Hanai shimmer and fade into nothingness, leaving him alone with his anger.

Choosing the attacker with a pistol as his target, figuring the rifle-bearer to be ill-equipped for close-in combat, Adun-Isl hops over a small, bracken-covered mound, spinning full-circle in mid-air. His azure lightsabre blade cuts a glowing arc around his flapping grey cloak as Adun-Isl aims for the Hanai's pistol.

Adun-Isl weaves towards his opponents to avoid their fire. All four are accelerating their retreat, the Force-user almost sprinting away, the pair with slugthrowers turning less often to attempt shots. Adun-Isl soon catches up with one and attacks as he twists round to fire. The spinning slice catches the weapon accurately with the lightsabre tip, cutting into the barrel and knocking the weapon from the man’s hand. Disarmed, the man follows his companions in running as fast as he can away from the Jedi.

Carron succeeds in guiding his mount a little way forward, but as it approaches, it again it veers away from the noise of the gunfight leaving him stuck on the sidelines. Luckily for him, Carron is not yet under fire, Gallagher still the target. Popping out from his cover, Gallagher’s aim is thrown off when an all too close blaster shot showers him with charred pieces of bark. The attackers on this side are now pulling back though, the knife wielder now nowhere to be seen and the shooters steadily retreating.

(OOC: Kanner 1 DSP)

21 February 2004, 04:20 AM
Gallagher pauses for a brief moment, considering the fact that the enemy retreats. He does not feel inclined to chase after them, especially when his mount roams without him and with the smoke in his eyes. Still, with the knife wielder missing, the Jedi Auxiliary carefully moves, watching cautiously for the attacker to appear.

Moving away from his cover slowly, he scans the area, looking to see if any of his companions remain in trouble, ready to take a shot at one of their assailants if necessary. The hit-and-fade tactic troubles him, leaving an unsettling feeling. We didn’t inflict enough causalities for them to retreat. What was their motive here?

Vreel Kudarin
21 February 2004, 07:18 AM
"Halt!" Adun-Isl finds himself shouting as he continues to pursue the retreating Hanai. Are these the ones known as the drongun-kai? he considers. Realising they have yet to locate Mia-Lann, Adun-Isl knows these attackers must have been involved in her disappearance. I wish I knew more about the drogun-kai, what their motives are, he thinks. They may be escaping with Mia-Lann, the Draethos Jedi sends, through his innate telepathic ability, to his comrades.

"Halt! We seek only our missing friend, not hostilities!" he continues to shout in his deep voice, with its slightly angular intonations. Taking a risk, he disengages his lightsabre, but keeps it ready in his left hand whilst running after the rifle-bearers and distant Force-user. In case they fire at him still, he prepares to duck behind tree trunks or rocks for cover.

Kanner Ra'an
21 February 2004, 11:03 AM
Spitting out a curse, Kanner quickly regains his balance on his mount. What in the name of.... What were those things? the Korrunai asks himself in disbelief. The warrior simply stares for a moment at where he saw the Hanai attackers only a second ago. The sounds of the continuing battle however remind him of the others, as well as Nika whom they still have not found. The Korrunai brings his mount about, giving one more look towards where the Hanai had dissappeared, now feeling odd at how angry he got at someone who wasn't their. Dissmissing it all for later, he kicks his mount into motion and sets off towards Gallagher, Adun-Isl, and Carron.

Rogue Janson
22 February 2004, 03:22 AM
Adun-Isl keeps pace with the people fleeing him, leaping over roots and ducking under branches. One glances round at his call, but does not stop. At the front, the young woman slows slightly, but Adun-Isl does not notice the reason until he is almost on top of it. A dull silver ball amidst the vegetation, the red light on it blinking rapidly. Adun-Isl throws himself to one side as the grenade detonates. The concussion wave knocks him further to the side and he lands awkwardly against a tree, a trickle of blood leaking from one ear.

To Adun-Isl, the pressure on him makes the explosion almost noiseless, but, heading back towards the track and Gallagher and Carron, Kanner hears the distinctive sound of a concussion grenade over to his right. Though Adun-Isl is out of his sight, he sees the concussive wave like a ripple through the trees, shaking loose leaves and twigs from their branches.

Though the noise and fire is dying down, Carron finally gives up on his recalcitrant Saijun. Dismounting, he heads over to Gallagher, standing in front of the Jedi Auxiliary, with his lightsabre ready to meet any incoming attacks.

“Where have they gone?” Carron asks as Gallagher peers intently through the trees. Though at this distance, they are almost completely obscured, his keen eyes spot all three of his attackers passing the same point, disappearing out of sight down a slope and behind a mound.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mia-Lann lies slung over some kind of animal in darkness, buried under a sheet and a mass of boxes and bags. Her hands and feet are bound. She has been listening to the sounds of combat somewhere in the distance since regaining consciousness, while the mobility slowly returns to her body. All her muscles seem to be responding now, although they are sluggish and cramped from her uncomfortable position. In a confined space like this, the musty smell of the pack animal is overpowering.

The firing seems to have ended now, with one last bang, and Mia-Lann hears hurried feet approaching, crunching through the leaves. She recognises the voices of her kidnappers and can make out some of their breathless conversation.

“…How many were there?”
“Four, I think; two attacking Tomaka and the others. I think the Jedi must’ve killed at least one, so they retreated.”
“Glad we got the easy one.”
“Now we’ve got to get her away before they carry on looking.”

(OOC: Adun-Isl -5VPs, -1WP, fatigued; Mia-Lann counts as fatigued)

The Ghost
22 February 2004, 02:29 PM
The darkness had enveloped her slowly, but it clung tenaciously. She fought against the dream, but seemed to be losing. No, she couldn't lose, she wouldn't lose now. they would pay for doing this to her, for doing this to her family

The void raged within her as consciousness regained. Head swimming, Mia-Lann Saar forgets one thing as she wakes groggily: She is a Jedi. She only sought to fill the void.

footsteps approached and she heard two talk
“Glad we got the easy one.”
The easy one...

They would find out now how easy they had it.

She welled the Force to her, drawing it into her tired body to replenish herself, but that wasn't enough. The void called for retribution, and this time it could not be silenced.

Flinging her still bound hands in the direction of the voices she yelled at them as dark energy crackled and shot from her hands, the lightning hopefully hitting its mark.

24 February 2004, 06:21 AM
“They’ve run off,” Gallagher replies, watching carefully for a moment longer than necessary, searching for any of the assailants to turn back and assault his position again. “We’re clear. We need to regroup and see how the others are. Oh, and get our mounts back together.”

Rising, he moves to Adul-Isl, lying haphazardly at the base of a tree. Slipping his blaster back into its holster, Gallagher crouches beside the Jedi and gives him a cursory examination, asking the Draethos if he is okay.

While he continues to examine Adun-Isl, Gallagher looks over his shoulder to Carron. “Can you check on Kanner and together round up our mounts?” Leaving the human Jedi to his task, Gallagher tries to find some way to help the wounded Jedi. Without a medical kit and lacking mastery of the Force, Gallagher fumbles for little to do, besides trying to get Adun-Isl comfortable and treating him for shock.

Rogue Janson
25 February 2004, 11:47 AM
In the darkness, Mia tries to sense the target of her hatred. She feels the anger surging through her and she struggles to control it, to focus it into the dark lightning. It is not a technique she has been taught; a technique mastered only by the Sith. While she feels the power building in her, she knows something is not right. Instead of coursing outwards, the lightning Mia creates turns back on her. She feels its electric touch dancing agonisingly across her body, making her muscles spasm and body jump.

A little way away, Kanner, Carron and Adun-Isl all feel Mia-Lann drawing the power of the Force to her, to strengthen herself, then a wash of anger and pain.

When she finally is able to regain control, Mia-Lann slumps in a shocked daze, still in the darkness.

(Mia-Lann no longer fatigued, but -13VPs, dazed for 1 round; she’s in the direction gallagher’s attackers fled in (the South, I think), but I couldn’t think of a neat way of working that into the text.)

Vreel Kudarin
26 February 2004, 09:48 AM
Shuffling onto his back and leaning his head on a mossy mound, Adun-Isl looks up at Gallagher with his beady black eyes. He nods in silent thanks as the Jedi Aux. officer checks him over, the slight movement bringing pain to his ringing ears.

Seeing Lieutenant Flint has no medical supplies, Adun-Isl pulls some wadding from the basic medpac in his own utility belt that he took from the Arrete's shuttle. With one piece in each clawed purple hand, he dabs away the blood that has trickled from his ears. Reaching again for his medpac, he retrieves a tablet for the pain, and gulps it down.

That was completely unexpected, thinks Adun-Isl as his mind starts to put things back in the correct order. Suddenly he feels Mia-Lann through the Force, a sudden spark of anger in the direction the Hanai retreated in. Who are they? I suppose the term 'eta' could be applied to them - bandits, outcasts. I heard Sira Ikeda use it on the Arrete. I wonder what divides them from mainstream Omeyl culture? Adun-Isl's mind whirls.

"Mia-Lann's out there! They definitely have her!" shouts the Draethos Jedi student with a start. He sits up quickly, clutching Gallagher's arm desperately. Then regrets moving so quickly, a sharp throbbing in his head. Taking a deep breath, the young Jedi attempts to stand, looking for his saijun mount.

28 February 2004, 03:07 PM
Helping the alien Jedi to his feet, Gallagher tries to calm him, urging the Force-user to relax. “Rushing out there now, especially when we’ve taken a beating, is not the best choice,” he continues, with an attempt to not sound admonishing. “If we rush out there now, when there are more of them than us, and when they are less wounded than we are, we’re not going to do Mia-Lann any good.” Carefully considering his next words, Gallagher cautiously advises, “Perhaps we should even return and seek out Master Toleda; regrouping and gaining her assistance would seriously help this situation. We’re more stumbling in the dark than following clear directions.”

Kanner Ra'an
3 March 2004, 11:31 AM
Kanner quickly closes the last gap between him an the others of the group. He can see Gallagher talking to an emotional Adun Isl and knows immeadiatly they sensed the same thing as him moments earlier. Though he misses the very first part of Flints statement, he hears the second. Namely leaving to regroup and consult with Toleda.

"I dont know Leutenant. If their attacking us then they obviously dont want us here. If we give up now then we risk losing any trail of them." He says hardily. "I dont think were going to get a second shot at this. They know this terrain far better and stand a good chance of losing us completely if we delay." He doesn't add that the feeling the group got from the Jedi a few moments ago does not spell good intentions for her.

Rogue Janson
5 March 2004, 07:14 AM
Standing with Kanner, his Saijun held by the reins, Carron adds his thoughts.

"Mia-Lann's nearby, we might not get a better chance to find her," he looks at Adun-Isl, "and if she's conscious you can talk to her, right?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Someone lifts up the sheet covering Mia-Lann. Though her daze has worn off, she remains limp, not looking up into the bright light at the man. She spots the dark silhouette of a pistol in his hand, ready for use.

"What the tai was that? Are you sure you took all her technology off her?" The speaker is a woman, a few metres away, apparently pacing round edgily.

"Who knows; we'll ask Tomaka if we get the chance. Just hand me the potion so we can dose her and get out of here."

With the help of another man, the leader lifts Mia until her head is raised. She can now see the woods around her and her three kidnappers, the same as before, though looking a little tired and nervous. As his associate holds her nose and lifts her head up, the leader presses a vial to her lips to get her to swallow the contents.

Vreel Kudarin
12 March 2004, 09:37 AM
Adun-Isl begins to nod in agreement with Kanner, but his head throbs. He agrees the trail of Mia and her kidnappers could be lost if the group gives up the pursuit now, with the abducted Jedi student still close.

However, with the help of native Hanai trackers, the kidnappers may be located once more. Adun-Isl feels the pressure of having to make a decision bearing down on him. It is not something he wants with a headache.

Perhaps Lieutenant Flint is right. Regrouping at the Hanai settlement with Master Toleda would be the cautious option. She will know how best to proceed. And as to Mia-Lann's safety, her captors syrely would have killed her had they wished immediate harm on her. Normally quiet, she certainly felt to be putting up a spirited fight in the Force, thinks Adun-Isl, I wonder what these outcasts want with Mia. Did they know of the arrival of offworlders and plan to capture one of us? Or was this a opportunistic act? We shall need information on their motives from the Hanai back in the town before judgements can be made.

"Mia-Lann's nearby, we might not get a better chance to find her," he looks at Adun-Isl, "and if she's conscious you can talk to her, right?"

Adun-Isl inclines his bald head gravely at Carron, and replies: "Indeed, Carron. What do you want me to say?"

19 March 2004, 03:17 AM
Gallagher stands back, quietly. The Jedi make the decisions, he knows, and he has already offered his advice. He has fulfilled his role to his best abilities, and now it is time for them to lead.

Kanner Ra'an
19 March 2004, 05:06 AM
Kanner waits to hear what the others have to say. Though he has already made up his mind, and baring some real presuading words from anyone else, and is going to find Mia, and figure out who attacked them, while the trail is still fresh.

Rogue Janson
20 March 2004, 03:00 AM
Perhaps it is Kanner’s impatience echoing in him, but Carron feels an instinctive sense of urgency. Slipping a foot through the stirrup of his Saijun and awkwardly mounting up, he looks to Adun-Isl.

“Tell Mia-Lann we’re coming.”

A little way away, Mia-Lann struggles instinctively against her captors’ awkward hold. With a little help from the Force, she resists and spits out a mouthful of the black liquid they are trying to give to her. The lead bandit snarls angrily.

“I don’t have time for this,” he tells her, bringing his knife up so it presses against Mia-Lann’s arm. She can feel the blade rubbing gently against her robe, threatening to cut through if she twists about. The man raises the vial again.
“You either drink this and go back to sleep or I’ll make you drink it.”

20 March 2004, 03:09 AM
Sighing to himself about the actions they prepare to endure, Gallagher climbs onto his own mount and prepares to head out. With the feeling that they are making a mistake, he keeps his mouth shut and nudges forward, stopping by Carron’s side, ready to head out.

Rogue Janson
14 April 2004, 10:05 AM
Trying desperately not to take another dose of the knock-out drug, Mia-Lann successfully twists away from her assailant. As he pauses before returning to the struggle, she sees the anger and frustration in his eyes. Fearfully, she tries to shove him away with the Force, but only succeeds in jarring him slightly. She tries to regain control of herself when a voice pushes into her mind. Adun-Isl’s impression is concerned but determined, reassuring her help is approaching.

“I warned you,” the bandit leader begins ominously, but before he can continue he is interrupted.

“Gara-san, someone’s coming!” calls the female bandit, one hand cupped around an ear, the other pointing in the direction of the noise. Mia-Lann can hear the sound of rapid footfalls and the rustle of branches closing rapidly.

“Kra! Just keep them back while I deal with this one, then get away.”

Despite his unease, Gallagher guides his saijun expertly through the wood, pulling ahead of Kanner and Adun-Isl, with Carron trailing a little further behind. Gripping both the reins and his blaster pistol tightly, he looks around keenly for any sign of Mia-Lann or her kidnappers. Then, rounding a small outcropping, he seems to hit a path or a natural gap in the trees. Down this, about thirty metres away, he sees a squat pack animal and one of the attackers they have just fought. It takes Gallagher a second longer to get into position to see what he is doing. Slumped across the back of the animal, looking pale even at this distance is Mia-Lann. Holding it by the hair, the man is lifting up her head with one hand. In the other hand, Gallagher sees the glint of a knife.

Following Gallagher, Adun-Isl cannot see Mia-Lann, but he does spot another figure crouched in the bushes, a woman already lining up her pistol at the Jedi Auxiliary.

(Mia-Lann –3VPs, 1DSP. The woman Adun-Isl’s spotted is about 8m to the right of Mia-Lann – so he can see her by looking round Gal, while Gallagher obscures his view of Mia-Lann. They’re both about the same distance away. I suppose because Carron & Kanner haven’t seen anyone they’re posts should wait until they know what’s going on.)

Vreel Kudarin
16 April 2004, 11:00 AM
"Lieutenant! Shooter to the right, in the bushes!" Adun-Isl shouts at Gallagher's back, tapping his boots on the sides of his saijun to spur the creature in a charge for the woman with the pistol. He unclips his black-gripped lightsaber from his belt, though does not ignite it, and concentrates on steering his mount towards the hidden woman.

Desperately Adun-Isl tries to think of a way to avoid more violence, preparing to dismount hastily a few metres from the shooter and offer a hasty ultimatum for her to drop her weapon and avoid harm.

17 April 2004, 01:50 PM
His body already on alert from seeing Mia-Lann, Adun-Isl’s warning jolts Gallagher to a higher state of caution. Without taking a moment to think, he shouts out to the Draethos, “Cover me!” The saijun lurches as the Jedi Auxiliary spurs his heels into its flanks, urging it ahead toward the female Jedi in peril. Gallagher attempts to squeeze off a shot at her assailant, rushing to her aid.

Kanner Ra'an
17 April 2004, 06:30 PM
Kanner is caught off guard by the warning of a sniper and reacts defensivly. He grips the riegns tightly with his left hand, and pulls his rugged blaster out with his other. Seeing Gallagher moving his saijun forward, and Adun Isl making a charge towards off, he makes the decision to stay with the Lieutenant and help him.

Rogue Janson
21 April 2004, 01:24 PM
Crouching low on his saijun with his blaster pistol held out, Gallagher tries to line up for a shot, ignoring the branches and trees rushing past him. These are joined by the bright red flash of blaster bolts and the zing of bullets cutting through foliage as he comes under fire.

Riding off to the right, Adun-Isl keeps pace with the Jedi Auxiliary, though he has to guide his mount more carefully through thicker vegetation. As Gallagher passes the hulk of a dead tree, a man springs out. Gallagher is on too fast for him to catch, but with surprising agility he grabs onto the tack of Kanner’s mount and leaps up onto it. Kanner manages to keep control of the bucking beast and as the man grapples half to attack him, half to stay on, he pins a knife-wielding arm firmly with one hand. With a violent movement, Kanner pulls his feet from the stirrups and lets himself slide backwards and sideways off the saijun. He lands on top of his attacker, with a satisfying crack. When Kanner rolls over, he sees the man still conscious, but gasping for breath.

Gracefully swinging off his mount, Adun-Isl hits the ground five metres away from the female bandit, but she takes a brief, fearful look at him before dropping her pistol and turning tail. Meanwhile, Gallagher, working on instinct, feels the time is right and fires a single shot at the man in front of him, aiming to the right to try and avoid any change of hitting Mia-Lann. The bandit dives to the side, but the shot hits him in the shoulder. Weaving his way round Kanner, Carron follow up behind Gallagher. Reaching out with one hand, he mimes a grabbing motion and the blaster pistol of the bandit leader sails through the air to scatter on the ground in front of Gallagher’s saijun. After shouting an angry curse at his opponents, he turns and, clutching his shoulder, starts running haphazardly away, choosing to head into an area dense with trees and undergrowth.

(Carron -2VPs)

21 April 2004, 04:48 PM
Gallagher charges forward and pulls his mount to a sharp halt in front of the captured Jedi. Sliding off the saijun, he takes a protective shooter’s stance at Mia-Lann’s side, scanning for enemies threatening either his charge or himself. The Auxiliary calls to Carron, “Carron! Get her out of here! Hurry!”

As the Jedi approaches his position, Gallagher pauses to help lift Mia-Lann toward Carron’s saijun. “Hurry! Get her back to the village! Go! Now!”

Kanner Ra'an
22 April 2004, 06:25 AM
Kanner does not give the bandit a bare second. Seeing the man is still recovering, he decides to all out attack. He draws his clanched fist back and sends a hard blow straight down towards the mans face with everything he has behind it.

OOC: Power attack and punch.

Vreel Kudarin
22 April 2004, 10:07 AM
Watching the woman fleeing, Adun-Isl crouches quickly to retrieve her blaster pistol, then tucks it into his belt. He sets himself a mental note to hand the weapon over to the Hideko in the town. What are these rogue Hanai fighting for? he continues to ponder, Surely life would be easier living in one of the Hanai towns, in peace.

Grabbing the reigns of his saijun, the Draethos Jedi student makes his way through the trees to where Gallagher is defending Mia-Lann's position. He hears the Lieutenant call for Carron to take Mia. Glancing around himself and the large, lean frame of his mount, Adun-Isl keeps a lookout for further attackers. He heard several blaster and slugthrower shots when he was charging on his saijun. Adun-Isl makes out Kanner through the vegetation, apparently stradling the body of a downed opponent, one massive fist raised to pulverize the helpless Hanai.

That's no behaviour for a Jedi, thinks Adun-Isl, shocked. He quickly reminds himself Kanner does not follow the path of the Jedi, and has a tendency to use the Force more as the power of nature. The Force likely does not seem as dark and light to him, reasons Adun-Isl ruefully. I must air my concerns with Master Toleda when we return to the settlement. Mia-Lann's odd behaviour, and now this.

The Ghost
26 April 2004, 09:06 AM
The tired girl closed her eyes, exhausted from the expendeture of energy. She hurt all over and did not want to see the world. She saw a way that had made the pain disappear for a moment... but it came back worse than ever.

She relented as more hands shuffled her. Words were heard but not understood as she slipped into the darkness of sleep.

Rogue Janson
1 May 2004, 04:27 AM
Kanner’s punch slams into the man’s chest as he tries vainly to ward it off. Coughing painfully, with blood leaking from his mouth, the bandit puts his hands out in a gesture of submission before Kanner can attack again.

“Please…” he splutters, “I give up.”

It takes a second for Kanner to register what the man is saying, but when he does he controls himself, lowering his fist and roughly patting the bandit down to check for any weapons.

Grabbing hold of Mia-Lann around the shoulders, Carron pulls her bodily out from the clutter on the pack creature’s back. A look of deep concern passes across his face as he sees her eyes roll back and eyelids droop. She is not in danger, he can tell, but something is seriously wrong.

“Probably the effects of some drug,” he tells Gallagher, as he hoists the unconscious girl onto his shoulder. Keeping watch, Gallagher sees no more movement through the trees, save the fluttering of some small flying mammals. Feeling a sense of safety at last, he helps Carron with the task of lifting Mia-Lann up onto his saijun.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next day, the Republic party says goodbye to Edo. After a long sleep and the careful attention of Master Toleda, Mia-Lann seems not to have suffered any side-effects from her drugging. Nika has filled everyone in on the progress of the negotiations. So far they are inconclusive. The Hanai are attracted to the technology and power of the Republic, but are also wary of its intentions, resolute about retaining their independence.

The bandit who surrendered to Kanner only withstood a little questioning before his injuries made it impossible to continue. The Hanai do not seem to treat him well and his interrogation may have been a little too forceful. He claims to be from the Northwest and his accent backs this up. Other than this, he repeatedly explains how the Jedi will come and drive “us” into the jungle. He does not seem to know many details, however, merely taking orders and information from his superiors.

Upon Master Toleda’s insistence, the Jedi and their associates are now heading Northwest, starting on the three day journey to the border town of Shirai; the town where Sira Ikeda and the others who were taken offworld were captured. As a guide they have Ishi Katsada, the spirited trainee hideko with whom Adun-Isl sparred yesterday. Coming from a village near Shirai, she volunteered for the job, enthusiastically as always. Now, however, she seems infected by the party’s reflective mood, as they walk along quietly.

Vreel Kudarin
1 May 2004, 05:07 AM
Pensively Adun-Isl strolls beside Jedi Master Shan Toleda. His forearms rest comfortably in the opposite sleeves of his dark grey robe, crossed against his midriff, though his mind is not at ease.

The rough treatment of the rogue Hanai Kanner captured bothers the Draethos Jedi student. Though he understands cultures have varying customs and social rules, the treatment of the helpless prisoner was harsh. I must always remember there is grey, as well as light and darkness, Adun-Isl intones mentally. The chittering of small, hidden avians filters into his conciousness, and he feels that life is all around.

His hood lowered, allowing the morning sun streaming through the scattered trees to warm his rough purple skin, Adun-Isl breathes in the fresh air, rallies his worries, and speaks quietly to Master Toleda, keeping his gaze fixed on Ishi Katsada, who leads the group along a vague trail through the wilderness.

"Master, I am still troubled. There is that which I mentioned to you briefly last night," begins Adun-Isl, refering to his concern over the behaviour of Mia and Kanner. He hopes the others are out of earshot, or preoccupied with their own thoughts, "But there is something else also. I am no negotiator or diplomat, but I was thinking perhaps it may be early for the Republic to seek the absorbtion of Omeyl. We know little of Hanai culture, or the reasons for the hostilities between the settlement-dwellers and these rogues in the wilds. Introduction of our technology could lead to more destructive confrontations between the peoples of this world."

Adun-Isl pauses, eager to know his Master's thoughts on his concerns.

Kanner Ra'an
1 May 2004, 05:42 AM
Kanner walks along silently, enjoying the chace to wander among the Hanai's uncivilized areas without a sense of urgancy. The sense of so much life arond him is always comforting. He is however bothered by his own thoughts, specifically the idea of sending the party to the northwest province when the Hanai he subdued specifically stated that they were afraid of the Jedi being here to drive them out. Though he is not worried to much about a direct attack, seeing as Toleda's students and himself managed to drive them off or escape fairly easily before, he does wonder if the precense of all of them may cause these northwestern Hanai to be vigalent and standoffish. He is content to wait and see what happens however. Toleda is not incompitent by any means, and he is no diplomat and hence in no position to contradict her.

Rogue Janson
2 May 2004, 09:55 AM
“Technology can be a blessing and a curse. Who are we to decide for the Hanai what they will make of it? Whether or not they join the Republic is not our decision to make.”
Master Toleda does not keep her voice low, like Adun-Isl, but speaks clearly enough for the others to hear.
“Regardless of what we do, the galaxy has discovered the Hanai. They will have access to technology whether they join the Republic or not. You've already seen this – the eta you encountered had blasters. I would expect they acquired them in exchange for the slaves they sold.
“You are right we know little of the Hanai though. You notice their word eta has two meanings. Both bandit and outcast. The divisions in the Hanai are greater than they are willing to acknowledge or explain. But the Force is leading us to the town of Shirai and I feel we will find what we need to know there. It was a little impolite for us to leave Edo so quickly, but I don’t believe we could have accomplished any more there.”

At the head of the party, Ishi spins round to face Toleda and Adun-Isl.
“Don’t expect a welcome, from Shirai,” she says, walking backwards while she talks, the bow on her back waggling awkwardly. “The towns and villages around there are run by daimyo elders. If you’re not part of the ie they don’t care for you.”

(OOC: ie - community)

Kanner Ra'an
2 May 2004, 01:28 PM
At the head of the party, Ishi spins round to face Toleda and Adun-Isl.
“Don’t expect a welcome, from Shirai,” she says, walking backwards while she talks, the bow on her back waggling awkwardly. “The towns and villages around there are run by daimyo elders. If you’re not part of the ie they don’t care for you.”

"Not even when their an armed group of powerful soldiers?" Kanner asks, ignoring the fact that Jedi take the title of warriors reluctantly-when they take it at all - much less soldiers. None the less he does think that ignoring a group of powerful aliens is slightly odd, not to mention ungrateful since Toleda brought the group to the planet to return a group of enslaves people.

The Ghost
3 May 2004, 07:48 AM
Originally posted by Kanner Ra'an

"Not even when they're an armed group of powerful soldiers?" Kanner asks

Mia-Lann lags slightly behind the others, eyes staring past the trees as they walk. her voice seems small and detached as she speaks

"She means they will not recieve us well. Outsiders are danger to them... not to be trusted. How do they know we won't kill them all with our power."

Vreel Kudarin
3 May 2004, 09:48 AM
“Technology can be a blessing and a curse. Who are we to decide for the Hanai what they will make of it? Whether or not they join the Republic is not our decision to make.”

Adun-Isl eagerly takes in Master Toleda's words, and nods, his head bowed. "Of course, Master. We are merely representatives of the Republic, not politicians."

Listening to Ishi, Kanner, and Mia-Lann, Adun-Isl's worries are not eased. Silently he wonders whether Omeyl is ready for the Jedi. Whilst the group is planetside, he considers if they should attempt to separate themselves from the conflict in Hanai culture, to prevent one side from using them to gain an extreme advantage. If one side clearly has the greater good of the population in its aims however, that is another matter.

Rogue Janson
4 May 2004, 05:07 AM
"Most people don't like heavily armed strangers turning up on their doorstep," Carron adds, tapping one of Kanner's vibroshields pointedly.

Master Toleda nods in agreement, turning her attention away from Adun-Isl.

"Think of the great Master Odan-Urr, as implacable and powerful a fighter as any in the Jedi order. But he did not look like a fighter, so people saw and listnened to his wisdom. If you look like a warrior, people will expect you to act like one. They'll either expect you to fight them or fight for them; either way, you cannot avoid conflict."

4 May 2004, 09:24 AM
Gallagher leads a trio of pack animals, carrying supplies for their journey. At the rear of the traveling group, he only hears snippets of their conversations, but keeps to himself. The large Korun troubles the Auxiliary with his intensity and tendency to give in to battle instead of negotiations. Additionally, Gallagher questions Toleda’s plans to depart Edo for Shirai so soon after recovering Mia-Lann. He would have preferred sticking around a bit longer to make sure she was back to normal after her ordeal. The rhetoric of the Jedi intrigues him, but he concentrates on nudging the pack animals along, keeping them in line.

Rogue Janson
6 May 2004, 03:43 AM
The Jedi party continues on for the rest of the day. To their right mountains rise above the plateau on which the Hanai live, curving round slowly to shield it on two sides. To the West can be seen glimpses of the great jungle that covers the lowlands, a mass of green stretching off into the hazy distance.

Ishi avoids the town enroute, but they pass through or near various villages, attracting curious and sometimes fearful looks. Few people other than occasional groups of hideko approach them however. The suspicious hideko are shown a letter of marque from Takafusa Ikeda and let the party on their way.

They stop for the night in a copse, sheltered from the elements and the eyes of the local farmers. With a small fire built, the group sits in a circle round it. Ishi sits in close, nervously as the sun begins to fade away.

Master Toleda, has been intermittently lecturing on the Force and the Jedi during the day. She has emphasised three things – knowledge of the past; action in the present; and concern about the future. Now, with everyone gathered, she asks them a simple question about the past.

“In your encounter with the bandits yesterday, do you feel you acted like Jedi?”

(OOC: that’s directed to everyone, though you can interpret it as you want.)

Vreel Kudarin
6 May 2004, 09:42 AM
Adun-Isl has enjoyed the peace of the trek, listening to and learning from Master Toleda. Now as the fire-light dances over the figures crouched or sitting around the flames, his interest deepens further. How will the others respond to Master Toleda's open question? Of those present, only Carron, Mia, and himself purport to follow the path of the Jedi.

Adun-Isl remains silent, though he is not considering whether he himself has acted according to the tenets of the Jedi Code. He is certain he has acted morally. Adun-Isl is intrigued as to how Kanner in particular, as well as the other students, will answer. The Draethos waits for someone else to speak. Will those following their own path claim the Jedi Code does not apply to them?

Glancing around, slowly rotating his rough-skinned, domed head, Adun-Isl's beady black eyes reflect orange flickers from the campfire.

8 May 2004, 02:34 AM
Gallagher sits back, letting the firelight play across his face in the serene evening. Hearing the master Jedi’s question, he realizes that he has not given that thought at all. For a brief moment, his brow furrows as he wonders if he even needs to worry about acting like a Jedi. As the forehead unwrinkles, he admits to himself that by taking on the mantle of a Jedi Auxiliary, he agreed to accept the Jedi way of life, and to follow their Code.

Realizing that the actions of the previous encounter have started to blur in his mind, it takes a few moments of listening to the fire crackle and hiss to think about his answer. As none of the other students speak, he feels comfortable being the first to respond. “Master Toleda, I think that yes, we acted like Jedi. We faced our fears and odds to rescue one of our own, and did so in the most expeditious and humane manner possible.”

While Gallagher considers expounding on his point, he closes his mouth instead, allowing for others to respond to the question. He continues resting his back against a log, watching the group for reactions, and curious for their opinions.

Rogue Janson
15 May 2004, 12:18 PM
Carron leans in towards the fire, rubbing the slight growth of stubble on his chin with one hand. He has been fairly quiet throughout their journey, though he hasn't voiced or shown any concerns.

"I think we did ok," he says, though he can't hide a note of uncertainty in the curt statement.
"I think I need riding lessons though," he adds.

Vreel Kudarin
16 May 2004, 02:01 AM
Adun-Isl was a little surprised when Lieutenant Flint responded first. He hadn't considered the Republic officer included in the open question, though now he thinks he understands Master Toleda's query more.

After Carron lightens the mood, the Draethos Jedi almost begins to speak, but decides not to at the last moment. If I respond for all of us, I will have some criticism, and I do not want to alienate my comrades. However, if I speak simply for myself, I may sound arrogant and self-assured.

Adun-Isl waits further, making an attempt at the appearance of further consideration, staring into the crackling tongues of flame in the campfire. Even with the fire, he feels a slight chill, so raises his hood to shield his head, and hides his face in its shadows. Master Toleda knows what I think. But does she want me to open my concerns to the whole group?

The Ghost
16 May 2004, 06:04 PM
Mia-Lann sat silently, eyes intent not at the fire but into the darkness about them. She would try to listen again to the planet's whispers another time. For now, she had no answers nor questions. There was only herself and every thing else. She shifted her gaze to the stars above, so much empty space between each thing. The night loomed as if waiting for them to turn their attention from it. Eyes darted this way and that, the facade of vigilance destracting from the fact she did not look at the others.

Rogue Janson
17 May 2004, 02:17 PM
Carron shifts awkwardly, pulling his mechanical leg towards his body. He rests one arm on the knee and covers his mouth as he eyes Mia-Lann sideways. Finally, seeing she has no comment, he speaks up again, breaking the short silence.

"You sure you're ok, Mia?" he asks, "You didn't seem... quite right back in the woods."

Kanner Ra'an
18 May 2004, 11:56 AM
"What happened out thier anyways?" Kanner asks, finally daring to speak. "We all felt something, and we know it was you." his tone in normal and does not attempt to be intimidating, though it does hold a slight edge as is normal for a large man.

The Korrunai is grateful for the change in the direction of the conversation, and eager to hear Mia's answer. For the former, he has never liked how the jedi view the force, and long ago dissmissed their ways of thinking and their codes and guidelines. For the latter he is very curious as to what happened to the young Jedi and anything she might have seen. Some powerful force user created those illusions out thier that fooled him, and he is more then a little anxsious to find out who they are. So far Mia's reserved nature had prevented that, but now that she is in the spotluma he is hopeful she will come out of her shell long enough to tell her story.

The Ghost
23 May 2004, 06:19 AM
Mia-Lann continues to stare up at the night sky.

"i am fine." she replies, ignoring the other question.

They did not seem to understand how the natives felt, coming from larger planets they did not experience the same mentality.

"There is something else behind this... They knew what i was."

Kanner Ra'an
23 May 2004, 08:44 AM
"Big deal. We're the only offworlders on the planet if you dont count any slavers that might be around. With most of us being Jedi it doesn't take a genius to figure out who you guys are."

Kanner waits a few more seconds. He isn't sure why Mia's avoiding his question and doesn't bother pressing the issue. He makes a note though to keep it in mind for the future.

Rogue Janson
24 May 2004, 09:45 AM
"We know these bandits have had contact with offworlders," Master Toleda says in response. "They may have heard about the Jedi and, as Kanner says, we do not hide that is what we are. Still, they seem to have a very strong negative reaction to us; there is something going on that we do not understand yet."

She turns her head to look at Mia-Lann, returning the subject to the reticent student. Her eyes glint faintly in the firelight.

"What is it that has your fellows so concerned for you, Mia-Lann? These things should not be dismissed; either they are rightly concerned, or you can set their worries at rest."

The Ghost
28 May 2004, 09:50 AM
"Nothing happened... i was still under the effect of the poison they had shot me with and barely conscious."

Her eyes shifted back to the stars above. "i'm fine now."

Kanner Ra'an
28 May 2004, 11:19 AM
"Thats all good but we still felt something strong through the force and we know it was you, right Adun?" The Korunnai says, turning to Draethos who is closer to Mia-Lann then anyone else gathered.

Vreel Kudarin
29 May 2004, 12:51 AM
A little concerned about being singled-out for support by Kanner, remembering how he seems to have upset Mia over the past days with his interest in her melancholy attitude, Adun-Isl nonetheless feels obliged to back up his fellow Force student.

"I also felt very negative energy for a moment, Mia-Lann. Something hard to account for as simply the effects of the drug," he says, as softly as possible across the dancing campfire.

He is worried that Mia will feel victimised at all this attention being directed her way, but believes Master Toleda knows how to handle the situation.

The Ghost
31 May 2004, 09:45 AM
Mia-Lann shifts uncomfortably, drawing her knees up to her chest as she sits. She gives the Draethos an icy glare as he starts in on her, too. It was his fault they were picking on her.

She pulled her knees closer, wishing she could just disappear. Why did everyone hate her? She didn't do anything wrong, it's not like she invited someone to capture her. Why did they have to pick on her?

Rogue Janson
1 June 2004, 10:00 AM
Master Toleda cuts firmly into the uncomfortable silence.

"No-one can make you talk about your feelings Mia-Lann, but you should remember the Jedi code: There is no emotion, there is peace; there is no ignorance, there is knowledge. You certainly don't seem to have peace of mind.
"Every being in the galaxy makes mistakes and even the greatest Jedi is not without conflicting emotions from time to time. Many people are either ignorant of their mistakes, or fear that they might be used or held against them, but here, amongst friends, that should not be a concern. A Jedi should always be ready to discuss their mistakes, or their negative feelings because it is only by facing up to them that they can be resolved."

With Mia-Lann still unresponsive, Master Toleda moves on, though it is clear the issue is far from closed. Instead, she leads the students in meditation, encouraging them to let go of their grip on the surroundings and feel the Force apart from time and place.

Vreel Kudarin
9 June 2004, 09:52 AM
Meditation. Adun-Isl, who had been staring into the crackling fire for the past minute or so as Master Toleda once more attempted to open Mia up, exhales quietly in relief. He is glad for the break in tension such an exercise will bring. Though desperate to know what it is that torments Mia-Lann, his closest comrade among Toleda's other students, he is now very concerned that she resents him greatly. Master Toleda considers it time to back off. Hopefully Mia can find her voice eventually, Adun-Isl thinks.

Settling into a cross-legged position, the tall no-Human makes himself comfortable, adjusting his slate-grey cloak. He frees-up his hook-clawed purple hands from the elbows down by hitching up his volumous sleeves, but lowers his face, almost completely obscuring his domed head in shadow. This always made him feel more at ease, hidden, unseen. For Adun-Isl, not being noticed felt like his natural state.

He begins Jedi breathing techniques in time with Master Toleda, briefly thinking of his days scurrying about stealthily in space station access vents and half-forgotten corridors, back in his childhood. Perhaps that is why I cherish the shadows so. Maybe there is more to it, however, reasons Adun-Isl, then starts to clear his mind of all thoughts, separating himself from the campfire, his fellow students and the life out in the forest. Separating himself from the present, allowing his quiet mind to drift on the eddies of the Force, to listen, and not speak or question or worry or plan. To listen to the Force...and let it teach.

Kanner Ra'an
9 June 2004, 11:51 AM
Kanner leaves the issue with Mia be. He's now intensly curious about what happened to her, and why she completely denies it, but he keeps it to himself. Then mater Toleda begins the meditation exercises. The Korunnai feels an almost immeadiate dread about it. Of all the Jedi techniques he tried to learn meditation required the most dicipline and focus. He tries to calm himself, to open himself more to the force. However the more he thinks about it, the more he focuses on his task, the less he seems to be able to acomplish. As he feels the calm, the focus, and the dicipline from the others Kanner is only more discouraged. Why cant i touch it. Why cant i seem to focus the force as these Jedi seem to do so easily. he thinks.

This is the exact reason he quit his jedi training. The dicipline seems like a damm to the river which is the force's power. When he relaxes, lets it loose, it flows freely and willingly. However when he tries to control it, concentrate its power it closes off to him, and he can barely seem to even touch it.

Still feeling the others doing well, Kanner simply gives up. Trying not to draw attention to himself, the Korunnai gets up and leaves the other students to their medidtation. Never having been good with mental shields, frustration and memories of failure roll off him and are lost in the calm of the meditation. He exits the copse sheltering the students and walk a few meters away. He calms himself down and stops thinking about the force. He simply lets it flow into him, not trying to control, or listen to it, but simply letting it flow. He once again feels the force strongly again, from the controlled needle point into the intense prescence he is used to. Much better. Much. he thinks.

11 June 2004, 02:01 PM
Meditation was one facet of the Jedi training which Gallagher could accomplish. He usually lacked the additional connection to the Force that the Jedi Masters said would come during meditation. Still, the breathing and clearing of his mind were usually possible, just as any other being in the galaxy could do meditation, just at a lower level than that of a Jedi.

Any other being in the galaxy, save Kanner, thought Gallagher as he sensed the hulking warrior rise and depart the tent. It did not require insight of the Force to understand that the Korunnai had great difficulty with the Jedi Path. He still seemed to command the Force, although his methods seemed to lean towards the Dark Side more than the Auxiliary thought prudent.

Allowing the thoughts to leave his mind, Gallagher continues with the meditation practice, relaxing into the lesson as his body begins to take over from the mind.

The Ghost
12 June 2004, 08:19 PM
Free from the persecution of her so-called draethos ally, Mia relaxed slightly. The hum and flow of nature sang in the evening a way the daylight always seemed to muffle. It was more wild and alive now, and she easily slipped back into the song.

The night song was unfortunately marred due to the presence of others, the waves of frustration from her other accuser clashed horribly. She would not be able to concentrate this close to others, and something kept gnawing on the back of her mind. Something elusive...

Rogue Janson
16 June 2004, 05:25 AM
Away from the group, Kanner tries to push aside distractions and let the Force guide his thoughts. He can feel the life around him, extending out to some indeterminate border, like a bubble of warmth. Kanner senses danger but pushes outwards. A little bubble continues to surround him as he moves into the darkness. Then, suddenly, it collapses in on itself, into Kanner.

Kanner is alone, standing on the plains of his native Korun which stretch out around him. His muscles are knotted in tension or frustration or anger, he can’t tell. A bead of liquid trails down his face into onto his lips. He tastes salt – sweat, or…
At his feet lies the bulky carcass of a dead grasser, a gaping bloody slash opened up across its stomach.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kanner is not sure how long it has been when he returns to the group, only that he is cold. The others are still almost as he left them, though Ishi is now dozing, close to the fire, shifting uneasily in her sleep. As Kanner approaches, Master Toleda places a hand on the young hideko and she begins to rest more peacefully. Toleda gives Kanner a long look; he turns away and goes to lie down. Gallagher, less attuned than the others, is already watching Kanner as the Jedi students come out of their meditative trances. Carron stretches his arms and biological leg before starting to clear a space for sleeping.

Master Toleda leaves them with one thought.

“Remember this: to know others you must know yourself. To be at one with others you must be at one with yourself. The barriers we construct do not always keep the bad out and the good in, they keep the bad in and the good out. Now get a good night’s sleep, we will have a lot to do tomorrow.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The sun is almost set over the town of Shirai, only traces of its orange light breaking through the wall of mountains to the east. The Jedi party arrived in the town hours earlier after an uneventful journey. They were greeted with suspicion despite their letter of marque from Ikeda, kept outside the town gates while its elders discussed what to do. Then the elder council refused to allow any of the students to join Master Toleda while they inquired about her and her party’s nature, motives and intentions. Instead they were kept under the watchful eye of several hideko.

Two hideko still accompany the five students, though the looks of suspicion on their faces keep fading into ones of annoyance and resentment. The reason for this feeling is clear – it is Sonno-joi tnoight in Shirai.

Like Edo, Shirai has at its centre a large open area, like some kind of park. Tonight the entire town is gathered here. While a few latecomers still mill at the edges, presumably looking for friends or family, the bulk of the people are now sat around the centre of the field, in a loose but clearly deliberate pattern, marked out by poles of bioluminescent bamboo that glow a faint blue. In the near darkness young men and women carrying burning torches or luminescent sticks weave a ritual dance through the crowd. Presumably attracted by the intricate pattern of lights, hundreds or even thousands of firegnats have gathered, tiny specks of bright red or green that trails the dancers in a procession. At the centre of the spectacle, moving around the front of the assembled people, are several shenjin-tal, distinctive thanks to the occasional glint from the stones on their foreheads. The smell of incense floats on a soft breeze, along with muted chatter, the rhythm of drums and what could be incantations or litanies.

At the border of the field, the offworlder party is too far away to hear what is being said. After meeting with the elders, Master Toleda had explained to them the nature of Sonno-joi – it is a ritual that binds and purifies the community. It is one of confession, where individuals admit their mistakes and how they have wronged others, one of celebration, that the community is together and unified, and one of mysticism, bound together by the power the Jedi know as the Force. Even know, the power of the gathering can be felt by the students. As outsiders, though, the elder council will not allow them to participate. Still in discussions with Toleda, it is easy to suspect they might be just as unhappy as the guards at not participating in this important event.

(OOC: edit - didn't make clear before that Toleda isn't with you.)

Kanner Ra'an
20 June 2004, 11:09 AM
(OOC: I hope I remembered the Korun grazer correctly.)

OOC: Actually its a grasser, but otherwise you got it right. Big elephant sized animal that Korrunai ride around and heard with Ack Dogs.

IC: Kanner gazes at the proceedings from the groups spot away from the cerimony. He cant really concentrate, even though he is completely open to the senses and powers that eminate from the Hanais ritual. His own flash of memories seems to haunt him to much to let him focus on it. The images were of the past, during the hieght of his last summertime war before he met the Jedi. He needed no vision to remember that. The summertime wars on his planet were brutal, and thats how his people needed it to be if they were ever going to win. Their gurillia (sp?) war against the jups, the colonists, had been going on for a long time and probably would strech far beyond his life.

However he cant explain why he was suddenly remembering this in such detail. Why after all these years he was thinking of his brutal homeworld and its bloody conflicts. It had been a long time since he left and he had no intention of ever going back. He wasn't a Jedi, and would never be one, but even though his home wasn't with them it certainly wasn't their either. His thoughts start to drift, and what master Toleda said during last nights meditative exercise comes to mind

“Remember this: to know others you must know yourself. To be at one with others you must be at one with yourself. The barriers we construct do not always keep the bad out and the good in, they keep the bad in and the good out.

again he wonders why his mind brought that up.

Vreel Kudarin
25 June 2004, 10:50 AM
Adun-Isl has waited patiently with his fellow students of the Force, and the hideko guards whilst Master Toleda met with the elders of Shirai, but is more comfortable now that she has returned briefly. Adun-Isl listens with interest as Shan Toleda explains the lively Sonno-joi ritual taking place in the field before them. The Draethos has always been eager to learn about new cultures. He stands tall in his grey cloak, hook-clawed hands clasped at his lower belly respectfully.

After the skirmish in the woods near Edo yesterday, the lights and chanting of the quaint ceremony are relaxing, even if the Jedi do not seem completely welcome. As Master Toleda explains the meaning of the ritual, that it entails admitting one's mistakes, Adun-Isl finds his gaze drawn briefly to Mia-Lann, standing quietly as ever in the twilight. She may be observing the ceremony, but equally, Adun-Isl thinks, she may be lost in her own thoughts. Master Toleda leaves the students once more, to speak further with the local elders.

Feeling the faint power of the Sonno-joi at the edge of his awareness, Adun-Isl closes his eyes, and stretches out in the Force, attempting to see the ritual from a different perspective, to sense the emotions and the auras of the many who are taking part.

Rogue Janson
8 July 2004, 04:17 AM
As Adun-Isl reaches out mentally to the sonno-joi ceremony, he senses Nika also exploring with the Force. The students can see the aura of Force around the ceremony, lines of energy and emotion curling off the participants and twisting through them. Surrounding some – mainly the few Shenjin-tal – is a dense shell of Force, or perhaps it is a flowing river and they are the course, carrying it through the landscape of the crowds.

A sudden sense of being watched makes both Gallagher and Carron spin round. Sitting in the shadows, on the step of a house, is a man, seeming out-of-place in the otherwise deserted streets. Though his features are hard to discern in the dim light, he seems to be in middle age, his hair is draw back in a pony-tail and he has small, round glasses that glint faintly as they occasionally catch reflected torchlight. The robe, shirt and trousers he wears are a little worn and dirty and his face appears slightly gaunt. He watches the offworlders carefully with a solemn, pensive expression. As the others notice the target of Gallagher and Carron’s attention, he stands up slowly, removing his glasses and holding them by his side.

“Hail,” says Carron, breaking the silence, “my name is Carron Thar, Jedi student. Who are you?”

The man glances hesitantly at the group’s two hideko guards, who have stepped forward towards him, then makes up his my mind.

“My name is Iso Nakana,” he replies, in quiet tones. Before he can say anything more, one of the hideko interrupts, stepping in between him and the group.

“You shouldn’t talk to him. He has been cast out from this town.”

Adun-Isl pushes in further, trying to get a closer view of the sonno-joi. He can sense emotions like threads, red for passion, blue sadness, bright yellow joy, but something is obscuring his senses, stopping him from seeing things clearly. He sharpens his mental focus, losing himself deeper in the Force. Now he sees the black threads, which scatter under his attention, only apparent as negative against the colours of the rest. Still, they form a kind of net around the rest. As he tries to get through, Adun-Isl feels doubt, hatred and most of all, fear. He recoils instinctively from it, like a slap, though not before glimpsing the dark threads snaking in amongst the others, tugging and pulling them apart.

(OOC: A-I -3 VPs)

Vreel Kudarin
8 July 2004, 09:30 AM
Adun-Isl's eyes burst open as he struggles to comprehend what he feels through the Force. He takes a step backwards, stunned. It is a moment before the Jedi student can find his voice, but when he does, Adun-Isl blurts out: "There is something very wrong here,"

However, Adun-Isl notices that the others have turned away from the Sonno-joi ceremony, and are talking with a slightly haggard-looking man standing near the entrance to a house. A hideko guard is standing between the group and the rough hanai. Adun-Isl listens briefly to try and discern what is being said, before repeating his previous statement, louder this time.

Is something terrible building in the Force, requiring urgent attention? Or are these background echoes of Darkness I feel? Has Nika or Master Toleda sensed the presence of this power? Adun-Isl's hungry mind whirls with questions.

I have a bad feeling about this...

14 July 2004, 01:04 AM
Caught up in the conversation between Carron, Nakana, and the hideko, Gallagher doesn’t register Adul-Isl’s outspoken remark. He wonders for a moment if he should be so forward as to ask the guards to allow the man to speak. The Jedi Auxiliary feels certain that he should again take the supporting role, and allow the Jedi to decide and act. He stretches his fingers out, at his sides near his hips, ready to dive into action if the situation turns ugly. Something bothers the Corellian, but he cannot place the source of the irritant. Unconsciously, he dips into the Force, trying to read the empathic signals being emitted by the hideko who just spoke to his group.

Kanner Ra'an
14 July 2004, 01:22 PM
Kanner turns slightly to see the man spotted by Carron and Gallagher. He doesn't know what to make of him, even after their guards tell them that this Iso Nakana is an outcast. He almost turns back to the Hanai cerimony until Adun Isl warns the group of something, and repeating it. Getting a little worried about what the sensitive Jedi is talking about, he decides to try take care of this outcast and deal with whatever the problem is.

"Is their something we can do for you." he asks Nakana in an even tone, while motioning for the guards to wait for a just a moment. He is sure that the Jedi would have an issue with the uneccisarily killing the outcast, or anyone for that matter, by their guards.

Rogue Janson
15 July 2004, 06:21 AM
“I think I can help you,” Nakana replies quickly to Kanner. Gallagher can read the emotions coming off the hideko as if they were his own. Both are suspicious of the group, and slightly fearful, and contemptuous of the ‘outcast’ Nakana. All this is fairly clear simply from looking, but Gallagher also catches the way they focus all their attention away from Nakana, as if he is beneath their notice.

Both guards tense and one places his hand warily on the hilt of his sword. Before they can speak again, though, Nika intervenes.

“It’s alright if we speak to this man,” she says calmly but firmly. Her prodding of both men’s minds with the Force, trying to put the suggestion straight into their brains is unskilled, but seems to work.

“It’s alright if you speak to this man,” the nearest repeats, stepping aside and relaxing slightly.

Nakana steps forward a little gingerly, balancing his glasses back on his nose.

“You have a power, like the shenjin-tal, don’t you?” he asks, sounding a little awe-struck. “But I have never seen anyone control someone’s mind like that.”

Carron nods in response.

“We’re Jedi, trained in the Force, the energy field that connects all living things.”

Nakana pauses briefly, looking again at the still quiescent hideko. The low chant of the sonno-joi fills the silence.

“I believe we can help each other. You are here because of the starship that crashed, are you not?” The word ‘starship’ sounds archaic and unfamiliar on Nakano’s lips. “No-one in this town will talk to you, and no-one will listen to me, so I think we can help each other.”

[OOC: Gallagher –1VP]

The Ghost
15 July 2004, 11:32 AM
"They say you are an outsider..." Mia-Lann says, stepping towards the man and pulling back the hood from her head.
"What have you done to earn their contempt?" as she says this last word, her eyes flick briefly to look at the Draethos who has been the cause of her own recent persecution. She forced herself not to frown at the thought and returned the concentration to this Nakana person.

Rogue Janson
16 July 2004, 03:35 AM
“Ah well,” Nakana begins, “let me tell you my story.”

“I used to own a plantation growing luma bamboo, that we use for lighting, a little way south of Shirai. Business was good – the plant grows better here than on the higher lands – and I decided to start a new venture. The reason this town is here is the mine. No-one would place a town so near to the misan, where people are afraid to leave their homes at night, were it not for the deposits of iron and zirc here(*). We hanai have very limited mineral resources; we don’t have the wealth of the stars to draw on like you. Though the veins are rich, there is only one mine, owned by Shigeru Yokona. Yokona is very powerful in this town and is the youngest member of the elder council. I thought I could open another mine and increase supply, benefiting everyone. From the start, however, Yokona saw me as a rival and tried everything to make me fail.

“We sank the shaft a season ago just East of the town. The first tunnel had no problems and I hired more hands to expand. This was when things started to go wrong. Part of the new tunnel collapsed, almost trapping several people. A week later the lowest section flooded, then we had a near cave-in. Yokona said that the area the mine was built in was unsafe for excavation and that it should be closed down. But my best miners assured me it was safe. I began to suspect bad workmanship. I would have put the new people on hold and hired a different team, but Yokona had already bought up all the labour, claiming he was expanding himself, and nothing I could do would persuade his new employees to come and work for me.

“When another cave-in killed one of my people, Yokona brought the matter to council, trying to force me to close down the mine. I had looked at every prop and wall with my foreman and many of those done by the newer hands had been deliberately damaged or poorly built. I couldn’t convince the council of this, but I have friends of my own in this town and under pressure the council agreed to an independent inspection. We called upon Dano Ikeda, from Rana to the North. A shenjin-tal, a member of the Ikeda daimyo and foreman of a mine for thirty-five years, no one could doubt her judgement or impartiality.”

“I went down alone with Ikeda and showed her what we had found. She agreed that there was no doubt that the problems were deliberate – to disguise poor work takes artifice. As we headed back up the tunnel, we noticed something new. No-one had been in the mine for several weeks, and a thick layer of dust had gathered. In that dust were our footprints – and another set. As if she knew what was going to happen, Ikeda suddenly pushed me away and told me to run. As I did so, a small explosion cracked one of the props and the tunnel began to collapse. I saw her, a little way behind me, struck by a falling prop. I tried to get back to help her, but I myself was stunned by a falling rock. When I came to, the tunnel had collapsed further and begun to flood.”

Nakana pauses at this point to compose himself. One hand is balled into a fist and his voice is almost cracking.

“When I got out, I tried to persuade people to go down and try and rescue Dano Ikeda. But Yokona accused me of deliberately causing the cave-in to prevent her from revealing my responsibility for the previous incidents. He declared it was too dangerous for anyone else to go down and called a special session of the elder council. This time he won. The council cast me out.

“Normally an outcast would leave the town, but I have a wife and children here and I love them. I could not bring myself to leave when I knew I was innocent. I survive with help from a few friends who were unhappy with the judgement, though they must do it secretly. Before long the hideko will drive me out though. If I could reach Dano Ikeda’s body, the notes she made may still survive, and maybe she could be laid to rest properly. But I have tried and cannot do it. That is why I need your help.”

(* OOC: misan – lowland/jungle area; zirc – rare metal used in high intensity electronics (such as weaponry))

22 July 2004, 06:39 AM
Gallagher grins. The man tells of an alluring adventure that speaks of intrigue and possible dangers. Since the station incident, Gallagher had easily accepted his role in the group, and the relatively benign – with the slight exception of Mia-Lan’s abduction – way of life. To be honest, he had been missing the action that his relatives had often stumbled upon – or stirred up – when he lived with them after his Jedi training.

Realizing that the Jedi really should speak for themselves, he finds them all quiet for a moment. Not wanting to risk losing the opportunity to dive into the intricacies of the small town, and anxious for something to do besides sitting back and waiting for this ceremony to end, he prepares to speak. Before he does, Gallagher remembers that the Jedi exist to help and protect others, and that seems to be at the heart of Nakan’s request.

“Nakana, I’m sorry for not introducing myself. I’m Gallagher Flint. And we’d be happy to help you sort out this problem. Ikeda definitely needs a proper burial, and we are just the group to make sure that happens.”

Rogue Janson
24 July 2004, 04:28 AM
In the dim light, Nakana’s eyes shine with relief. He steps forward and his posture changes; he straightens up and seems more confident.

“Thanks you, Gallagher Flint, I will be forever in your debt. I must warn you that thiswill be dangerous for you. The tunnels are unstable and some are flooded. I have tried myself and barely got out.”

Seeing that no-one objects to the danger, Nakana begins to lead the party away. The hideko attempt to intervene again, but Nika impatiently brushes them aside, her control of this aspect of the Force seeming to grow with her determination.

The mineshaft, when they reach it, is located a little way outside the town, with a dirt road leading to it. On the surface are a few huts for workers and machinery and the winch system for the lift-cage. None of the lights are working, but a few sticks of luma bamboo have been planted, giving out a very faint glow. The white glare of the half-moon also illuminates the scene. Nakana disappears inside one of the huts, returning with three glow-rods.

“These are all I could find, I’m afraid. Most of the equipment has been taken away,” he tells the group. He points to a hut on slightly lower ground than the others, next to a small stream. “That building has the machinery that pumped water out of the tunnels in. That one,” he points at another, nearer hut, “pumped fresh air in. Without it, the air will certainly be stale and there could have been a build-up of dangerous gases like firedamp. Some of the parts have been stripped, but there are some old spares that no-one wanted to take scattered around that might get them working again. The lift winch is also broken, there is a ladder you can climb down if you want.”

24 July 2004, 10:16 AM
“Sounds good, Nakana. We’ll scout around, get our bearings, come back together and proceed. Naturally, like you, we want to bring this to resolution soon, but we also want to proceed with due caution. Nika and Carron, you two come with me, and the rest of you, check out the air pump. We’ll see if we can’t get the water pump working.” Gallagher pauses in thought, then continues, “Let’s get those both working, then we’ll meet up to start searching the caves.”

He turns back to Nakana, “Do you have a map of the caves? Especially if you can give us an idea of where you were at when the cave-in happened?”

Kanner Ra'an
24 July 2004, 01:30 PM
Kanner accepts one of the glowrods, and turns to Adun Isl and Mia. "Looks like were a team." he says. He waits for the Outcasts reply, as he does not find the idea of roaming around in the mines that appealing. He's unsure of how they might get the pumps working if they find them, as he has only basic repair skills that he picked up from maintining his equipment in the wilds, and he doubts the spiritual Jedi would have picked up those more worldly skills. Though he hasn't seen much overly complicated equipment from the Hanai, he does hope that it is in good condition and will be simple to get working.

Vreel Kudarin
25 July 2004, 10:38 AM
Adun-Isl follows the others and listens to Nakana reluctantly, preoccupied with the Force aura he sensed in the ceremony back at the village. After the group reaches the mine entrance, Adun-Isl suddenly wonders if they should have informed Master Toleda of where they were going.

When Kanner walks over to the Draethos and his fellow Jedi student Mia-Lann, Adun-Isl leans close, hoping someone will listen to his concerns this time, and says clearly: "Back at the Sonno-joi, I sensed something was very wrong in the Force. There were undercurrents of negative energy flowing through the people. Master Toleda should be told, I feel, if she has not already sensed it for herself."

Privately, Adun-Isl wonders if the group should even be aiding this 'outcast' Nakana. Though he sounds genuinely wronged, friction with the local authorities could be caused by the act of helping him, something the Jedi do not need as representatives of the Galactic Republic.

The Ghost
26 July 2004, 09:38 AM
"Go back to her, then. if you feel it is important, we can handle the pump by ourselves." Mia curtly replies to the Draethos. She turns to Kanner, taking the glow rod, and gives him a slight, forced smile. Guarding her thoughts against further intrusion would be easier if Adun-Isl were not with them, she knew, and to be out of his presence would do wonders for her nerves.
"Lead the way, Kanner."

Rogue Janson
27 July 2004, 03:07 AM
“Do you have a map of the caves? Especially if you can give us an idea of where you were at when the cave-in happened?”
“The layout is quite simple,” Nakana replies to Gallagher. “There are two separate tunnels heading South. We were looking at the Western one when the cave-in occurred. The tunnel is maybe one hundred and fifty metres long in total. It heads downwards, following the seam, and there is a larger excavated section about half-way, on the right. I am worried this area may have flooded, but the tunnel does rise again, so the end section should be dry. The Eastern tunnel almost parallels the other. There is a small connecting tunnel, but it was never finished and there is solid rock between them.”

The two groups of three set off to investigate their assigned machines. As Carron opens the door to the pumping house, a pair of scurrier-like creatures scampers out and away. The pumping machinery housed here is mainly a motor, which drives the underground pumps. Between them, Carron and Gallagher set to checking it over, while Nika makes sure they don’t miss anything.

Stepping into the hut housing the ventilation system, Kanner is pleased to see the sort of machinery he is most familiar with. Technology on Korun tended to be either small enough to carry or solid enough to be left on its own. This is the latter; understandably, ventilation seems to be something taken seriously. Kanner pokes and checks parts, frowning at the rusted parts where a hole in the roof has let water in. A mess of chewed wiring suggests that the fans aren’t likely to work at the moment. He lever a few panels up with the edge of a vibroshield, noting several sets of perished valves.

Meanwhile, Gallagher and Carron try to start the water pump. A terrible grinding and heaving noise makes it clear this is not a good idea, before it splutters out. A swift check confirms that the first thing the motor needs is more fuel. Gallagher also notices what seems to be a secondary actuator, or its equivalent, missing, as well circuit boards for the monitoring panels.

27 July 2004, 03:21 AM
“Well, I’m not too worried about the monitoring panels, but the actuator might be important. ‘Course, first thing we need is more fuel. Nika, think you can find us some? Carron, I’ll go see about an actuator, if you don’t mind continuing seeing what you can do about the pump here.”

He rises, steps out of the shack. Running his hand over his mouth and chin, he starts back to Nakana, to ask about those spare parts but gets to thinking about the miner’s description of the layout. He imagines that lightsabers could finish the connection tunnel. If the far end was dry, some breathmasks might make the work down there bearable. Better yet, Jedi were known to be able to carefully adapt their breathing, so that maybe they could get one or two down there to check things out, with the others trying to monitor the first pair from the surface.

The idea had merit, but he worried what would happen if the two that went in got into trouble – either passive or active. Unless the team had a foolproof way of pulling the pair out, Gallagher didn’t want to risk anyone going in blind. He didn’t have a breathmask or aqua-breather either. That made his plans a little more difficult.

“Nakana,” he asks as he approaches, “where did you say those spare parts were? I need an actuator for the water pump, and if you think there are spares for the monitoring system, those would be good too.”

Rogue Janson
30 July 2004, 02:46 AM
As Gallagher goes back out of the hut, he sees Nakana is one step ahead of him, already having scrounged a few basic tools. He directs Nika and Carron to a low, flat-roofed building nearby, then distributes tools to Gallagher and Kanner. The Hanai tools are a little unfamiliar, but most of their functions are recognisable – unpowered screwdrivers and spanners, a basic soldering iron, and various other archetypes.

In the dim light provided by their glow rod, Carron and Nika search for the parts they need. The building is clearly a storage house, filled with shelves and boxes. Most of the valuable stuff seems to have been taken, but it has been left in such a mess, there is probably some left, if it can be found. Rooting through a pile of overturned containers, Carron narrowly avoids being bitten by an angry rodent that jumps out at him before darting away. The pair soon find a few useful bits and pieces, such as spare screws, bolts and electrical pieces.

In a small backroom with a smashed window that has scattered glittering shards of glass across the floor, Carron discovers a small canister of what smells like fuel. He congratulates himself and searches the rest of the room, which seems a bit neater than the rest.

“Carron,” Nika’s voice comes from nearby, “what does a secondary actuator actually look like?”

Despite occasionally dressing down to look a bit like a mechanic, Nikalya Renew-Honaus clearly hasn’t gone any further and picked up anything useful about the profession. In fact, without a glow rod her chances of finding anything not in the same room as Carron are limited anyway. Thankfully, Carron has stumbled upon something. He checks it over, noting the power input wires and somewhat larger output plug, along with what seem to be capacitors, buffers and resistors labelled in something that looks a lot like an ancient version of galactic standard practice.

“A bit like one of these,” he replies, emerging from the room, holding a small but heavy dull metal and black rubber part.

Vreel Kudarin
30 July 2004, 10:07 AM
"Go back to her, then. if you feel it is important, we can handle the pump by ourselves."

At Mia's comment, Adun-Isl bristles, a feeling a little unusual to him. A flash of annoyance almost breaks through his calm demeanor. Is Mia-Lann's behaviour getting to me? the Draethos Jedi student asks himself.

Pathetic, Mia, thinks Adun-Isl, struggling to control his frustration with the petulant young woman, Trying to portray me as unhelpful. Very well, I'll go along with the rest. Lieutenant Flint is probably the most responsible amongst us. If he thought Master Toleda should have been informed as to what we are doing, he would have done so.

Without another word to Mia-Lann or Kanner, Adun-Isl follows the pair to the ventilation hut. He enters after Kanner and stands off in one corner, looking around the shadowy room, comfortable with the archaic machinery - which reminds him of the space station he lived on as a child - but not recognising any particular components. Mechanics is certainly not his forte. He watches as Kanner levers up a cover, peering inside.

As he looks on, cloaked arms crossed over his torso, Adun-Isl mentally chastises himself for letting slip with negative emotion over Mia's jibe. I must stay focused. The student uses a simple Jedi breathing technique to harmonize himself.

Kanner Ra'an
30 July 2004, 11:59 AM
As he pries open pannels and boards, Kanner grows a little grim at the prospect, but continues on trying. When they leave the tunnels and return with a few hanai tools, Kanner is no less optimistic, but still tries to get the rotting machinery online. It is similar to something he would find on one of the few permanent settlements on his planet. Big, tough, and should last a lifetime. Unfortunatly this one hasn't, and he was glad to hear that the others are having better luck with the water pump system.

Make sure red and blue dont connect to green, or else the wires can become really... he thinks, before a flash of something overloading blows up in front of his face, ....mean......

"Sithspit." Kanner says, turning to his two Jedi companions. "I dont think we can get this thing working. Its rusted to the sith and the wirings gone the way of the combat arachnid. We'd need a few days and a shuttle full of replacement parts. I thought i might jury rig it, but i dont think thats going to happen." he finsihes, looking back at the machine one more time. "I vote for just cutting our losses and lending a hand to the others."

2 August 2004, 02:36 PM
While Gallagher had never repaired a water pump like the one before him, it’s concept remained simple and straightforward, and the operation mimicked dozens of other pumps that he had worked on in the past. With the fuel and parts that Carron and Nika brought back with them, everything slipped back into place. After replacing a cover over the opening – which promptly fell back off again since it lacked the proper fasteners – Gallagher forced a sticky switch next to a green dome light into the opposite pole.

A great deal of sputtering and smoke pours forth, forcing the Corellian to cough and hack as his eyes quickly filled with water. He reaches forward to blindly shut off the power, but the sputtering smoothes, as the pumping mechanisms begin to work. The smoke still clouds the room, but Gallagher can see that green light indicates that the pump operates normally.

He leaves the room and breathes in the cleaner air outside of the door, grinning at Carron and Nika as they wait for him. The lop-sided smile broadens as Carron asks if the pump is now working properly. Gallagher informs the group – gathering after Kanner’s failed repair attempt – that the water should begin to slowly recede.

“Now, since the air pump isn’t working, I can go take a look at it, but it sounds like it’s shot. That means we can press ahead into a cave that might have toxic gases, or we can try to find some kind of portable breathing equipment. And until the water pump really kicks in, we’ll probably have to swim some too, unless the breathing gear can work underwater too. Suggestions?”

Rogue Janson
10 August 2004, 09:35 AM
"I'm afraid there is no breathing equipment here," Nakana tells Gallagher, "the ventilation system was never meant to be off for long enough to need them. Mostly the air should be breathable, but you need to be wary of firedamp that may have bled into the tunnels. This will choke you if you spend long enough breathing it, but more dangerous is the chance that it will catch fire if there is a spark. So be wary if the air smells strange or you feel oddly tired.”

“I am sorry. If this were easy I would have done it myself. Instead I must depend on noble strangers taking risks for me.”

10 August 2004, 08:53 PM
“Damn,” Gallagher replies without shielding his irritation. Firedamp was a sure way to spoil their spelunking experience. “Don’t worry about us, Nakana, I was just trying to take the easy way out. But we’re professionals, and this should be well within our powers.” As he finished his speech, he silently cursed Kanner for frying the air pump, but admits it would have probably happened anyway.

“Okay folks, we’re going to have to go in as a team. Keep your three-person groups, and watch out for each other. Don’t wander away from these sub-teams at all. We’re dealing with a tricky situation and we’re going to have to be careful. Put all your senses on full alert. If you see something going down, make sure we all know. If we need to get out, we do it quick and fast, but careful. If you can find safe rooms for us to be able to retreat to, call them out so we all know. Those become the default rendezvous as we pass each one.”

“If we have to split up, we’ll deal with that at the time. I don’t think that’s a good idea though. And you heard Nakana: if the firedamp has leaked into the caves, we could be walking into a powder keg. So, do your best not to use any technology. We’re going to have to go old-fashioned on this, but I don’t think we should leave our gear up here. You never know.”

“Okay, let’s go!” Without pausing to ask for questions, Gallagher spearheads the group into the caves. He heads down the ladder quickly eager to solve this mystery.

Vreel Kudarin
11 August 2004, 10:02 AM
“I am sorry. If this were easy I would have done it myself. Instead I must depend on noble strangers taking risks for me.”

As Nakana speaks, Adun-Isl pins all his attention on the scraggly man, trying his best to gauge his intentions. The Draethos Jedi student even briefly reaches out for Nakana in the Force. Perhaps it was the building tension Adun-Isl feels on this planet, the strange behaviour of Mia-Lann, and the Dark feelings at the Sonno-joi ceremony, but suddenly Adun-Isl feels any trust he held in the man evaporate.

How do we know this man isn't one of the renegade Hanai, or in league with them? Admittedly, it would be a sharp change in tactics against the Jedi to attempt to trick them into peril, compared with the straight kidnap attempt and skirmish earlier in our expedition, but still...

"I have a bad feeling about this, Lieutenant," Adun-Isl forced himself to voice his concern, keeping one eye on Nakana. Perhaps someone should wait on the surface with Nakana in case anything goes wrong down there."

Kanner Ra'an
11 August 2004, 10:25 AM
"I have a bad feeling about this, Lieutenant," Adun-Isl forced himself to voice his concern, keeping one eye on Nakana. Perhaps someone should wait on the surface with Nakana in case anything goes wrong down there."

"It shouldn't be that bad down their." Kanner says, at the same time removing his bulky vibroshields and setting them against the nearby shaft wall. Their two large and bulky for this, not to mention they easily make sparks. "Not a place we'd like to be going, but as long as we're careful it shouldn't be that bad." he says, trying to re-assure the Jedi. He doesn't believe the Jedi is cowering out for a second. He is a self consious one, but not a coward. However he doesn't think this is a truely dangerous situation. All the same, the Jedi often claim to have a sense of these things, and it would be wise to trust him. "But if you want to stay, it sounds fine with me. Mia will be with me anyways, so i know she can contact you if we get into trouble. Whatever your conviced is best."

Leaving it at that, Kanner is the second one down the shaft, following right after Gallagher.

Rogue Janson
11 August 2004, 12:04 PM
“I’ll stay up here if you want,” says Nika, “I don’t think I’d be much help down there anyway. Just call for me if you need anything.” She sounds a little too obviously happy to be staying on the surface; if she picks up on Adun-Isl’s suspicion, she doesn’t show it.

Stopping occasionally to sweep his glow rod over the ladder and ground below, Gallagher leads the party down. Jumping off the last few rungs, he lands at the bottom and looks around, his light soon joined by the others. They are in a cavern dug out of the earth and rock. To the East and West are walls shored up firmly with timber. The chamber is a little too large for them to see clearly to the North, the walls fading into blackness. To the South, as Nakana said, are two tunnels. Both slope downward, the right hand one somewhat more steeply, presumably following the mineral veins. Some way down both, the light of the glow rods glints faintly off a sheen of water. At the moment, they are standing next to the lift-cage a great box of crosshatched metal. In both directions away from the cage run tracks, with a few mine carts standing on them.

The air down here is stale but breathable. A large, chugging vent seems to be sucking in, a slight breeze suggesting that the system is working and fresh air is being drawn in further inside the mine.

11 August 2004, 08:39 PM
“Nakana said that they were looking in the western cave. He also thinks it may have flooded and that the eastern branch parallels it, and with a bit of excavation, we might be able to get through.”

“I propose we head down the western one and see what we can find. I got the water pump working, so maybe it’ll clear enough for us not to waste time and energy with the eastern branch.”

“By the way, anyone got any ideas why this air pump is working? I thought you had fried it, Kanner?”

Kanner Ra'an
12 August 2004, 12:29 AM
“By the way, anyone got any ideas why this air pump is working? I thought you had fried it, Kanner?”

"I dont have a clue. That air vent wasn't in any shape to function. The wiring was just a symptiom. Everything had been rusted out or corroded. Theirs no way its doing this." the Korrunai explains as he shines his glowrods around the room, getting a better sense of it.

"Whatever it is, i guess we should just count it as a blessing for now. Its not like we're going to just turn back." The big man looks to everybody to see if he is indeed right, and that the students are not going to be deterred by the strange fortune. "I guess the eastern way seems best, especiallly if your right and that pump will have it cleared out."

12 August 2004, 02:33 AM
"Wait a second, Kanner. You saying eastern or western? I proposed western." Gallagher gives the large Kourani a curious look. While they are likely dealing with a simple misunderstanding, the Corellian knows that simple misunderstandings can often lead to violent deaths.

With a great deal of more suspicion, he adds: "As for the pump, I think it means we should be extra cautious. If there's fresh air down here, and it isn't your pump, then likely someone else is pumping air into the caverns. Could be Nakana's competitors, who came back after they pushed him out. Keep your eyes open."

Rogue Janson
12 August 2004, 03:13 AM
As Gallagher speaks, a spluttering noise echoes down the vent, followed by the sound of a fan grinding to a halt. As it does this, something else must go wrong as there is a bang and a cloud of dust issues forth from the vent, puffing up around Kanner and Gallagher as they try to shield themselves from it. A 'clang' sound suggests something has also fallen off.

Carron neatly drops down next to the pair.

"Maybe Kanner's tinkering got the fans to start up running on battery or capacitors for a bit. This one's definitely shot now though," he says, rapping a knuckle on the metal vent for effect.

(OOC: oops. This is actually possible though; because the vents are scattered around, Kanner was working on a generator & regulator for them, not a central motor. Maybe the Force was with him and gave him some help despite his failure.)

12 August 2004, 04:35 AM
"Yeah. I guess he did fry it with some kind of crazy jolt that had it working for a bit. Oh well. Guess that rules out the competition running around down here too. But we should still be on our toes, watching for anything unusual. Who knows what other booby-traps they left down here." Gallagher's eyebrows raised as the corners of his mouth turned down in a frown. "Now, which way?"

Vreel Kudarin
12 August 2004, 10:21 AM
As Nika has opted to stay on the surface with Nakana, Adun-Isl feels a measure more comfortable, and decides to go down the mine with the others. He catches Nika's eye before he turns to head after Gallagher, and, summuning his species' innate ability with telepathy, places his voice inside the young woman's head briefly: I think you should watch Nakana. I do not believe this situation is as simple as he claims. Contact Master Toleda if you have to.

A slight inclination of her elegant face suggests Nika has received his opinion, and the Draethos Jedi student moves to allow the shadows of the mine to engulf his grey-cloaked form.

Staying at the rear of the group, he focuses his keen eyes and hearing, alert for the first sign of danger or foul-play. He pays particular attention the the rear of the group, clasping the hilt of his lightsabre clipped to his belt for reassurance.

Adun-Isl's tension is only heightened by the strange activity of the ventilation fan. He scans all around, totally alert. Adun-Isl leaves the decision making to the Lieutenant and the others, for he considers himself no leader.

Kanner Ra'an
12 August 2004, 10:33 AM
Kanner shakes his head, and looks at Gallagher. He makes a mental note to kick the generator on their way out just because its agrivating him. "I think that generator was just looking for an excuse to blow up in my face again." he states, as confused as the others on the matter." Well, at least we know their will be a little air down here." he says optimistically before turining to the leutenant again. "Sorry Flint, i meant western like you said." (OOC: No more writing posts at 4am for me). Once again he starts looking around with his glowrod, trying to see evidence of any hazards the fan may now present, and otherwise just being generally catious of ones that may already have existed.

12 August 2004, 08:17 PM
"The west it is," Gallagher states plainly, stepping forward into the tunnel. He advances slowly, and cautiously, examining each step and watching carefully for hidden dangers to reveal themselves. He speaks his thoughts aloud, "Hey, let me know if you guys get any special tingling sensations of the Force warning about hidden dangers. I'd prefer not to walk into a trap or natural hazard."

Rogue Janson
13 August 2004, 01:45 AM
The party begins to advance towards the right hand tunnel, waving the beams of their glow-rods warily around. Kanner sees no immediate danger from the fan vent, or anything else, but he can't shake the feeling something's just escaping him. Both he and Adun-Isl turn their heads sharply at a faint noise to their left, but see nothing.

As they get closer to the tunnel, it becomes clear that the flooding is severe. The ground slopes downwards and soon water reaches up to the roof, obscuring the rest of the way. How far this goes on for is impossible to say. The still water is dark, the glow-rod beams just lighting up circles on the surface, rather than penetrating below.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Up above, at ground level, Nakana paces agitatedly.

“Why don’t you sit,” Nika asks, hunching her own tall frame down on a flat rock and gesturing at another nearby. Reluctantly, he complies, some of the tension seeming to bleed into the rock below.

“It is some thing that I am reduced to this, relying on and putting the lives of outsiders in a vain try to redeem myself. There was a time when we knew where we stood. The community had to be unified to keep away the drongun-kai, troublemakers cast out. But these past years more and more have been expelled from the ie and the wounds haven’t healed. A divided community should not make judgements like that. If I challenge it, what about others? Will this just cause more division?”

“Isn’t there a process for that sort of thing?” Nika asks, trying to keep up with Nakana’s train of thought. He hangs and shakes his head in response.

“You don’t understand I suppose. It is a decision representing the whole ie; for anyone to consider challenging it would set one against another and create division. Eta are not Hanai, they are nobody.”

“So that’s why you had to turn to us for help,” Nika says, receiving a resigned nod in confirmation.

13 August 2004, 04:17 AM
Scowling, Gallgher turns around. “That’s not going to work, unless we really want to try to swim it. We could explore the east tunnel, and see if you guys can’t cut through the smaller passage that is to join the two. Assuming we all agree the risk of firedamp is benign enough to proceed.” He throws a thumb over his shoulder, casting spectral shadows against the cave walls. “Or we dive.”

Kanner Ra'an
13 August 2004, 11:17 AM
Kanner looks into the water. "I'll dive. If its only a short strech thats flooded we might be able to save time. Its a lot safer then trying to cut a whole in the wall." he says. He removes his belt with his blaster pistol on it, and throws any more loose equipment into a small pile. He does keep his small viboknife with him.

Giving a nod to the others, the Korrunai man wades into the water and dives below, trying to swim to the other side.

Rogue Janson
17 August 2004, 04:36 AM
“I’ll go in as well,” Carron tells Gallagher and Adun-Isl. He removes his shoes, ties the laces together and hangs them around his neck. Then he takes off his cliffborer-skin jacket, asking Gallagher to look after it for now.

Carron enters the water just as Kanner gulps in a breath and dives. Swimming in the still water is simple enough, though the temperature saps his energy. Unlike the cool of the underground tunnels, the coldness of the water cuts straight through to his body. More of a problem is seeing where he is going. The water is far from clear, and his movement sweeps up clouds of silt. In the brief periods he is able to keep his eyes open, he can only see a few metres ahead.

The Ghost
17 August 2004, 11:42 PM
Mia-Lann frowns slightly, standing back away from the others. Her outward consternation gives little insight into what she contends with inside.

<i>if i touched one of the blast points, i could find out... no, it's not a good idea. perhaps i could try to sense anything underneath.</i>

With a small sigh, she sits on the ground and begins to meditate, attempting to feel what shape the tunnels are in.

Kanner Ra'an
18 August 2004, 12:01 AM
Kanner continues swimming in the dark tunnel. He would have preffered the other Jedi to have stayed behind. Theirs no need for two people, and having more people safely behind would have made a rescue easier. None the less, its the farthest thing from his mind as the cold of the water threatens to drain his strength. His mind unconsiously rebels, fighting back against the drain by drawing all the strength it can to his arms and legs.

OOC: Enhance ability to strength please.

Rogue Janson
19 August 2004, 10:29 AM
Kanner continues swimming, though he feels himself tiring slightly faster than he’d expect. He makes slow but steady progress, as does Carron behind him. Kanner is forced to make an abrupt turn when he almost swims straight into a wall that looms out of the darkness, as the tunnel turns to the right.

Back along the tunnel, Mia-Lann tries to relax and feel the mine around her, but she has little immediate success, unable to focus her thoughts away from distractions.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Paying heed to Adun-Isl’s suspicions, Nika has been trying to judge Nakana’s sincerity. With only moonlight illuminating his face, she has to rely mainly on his voice and the Force. Through the Force, she feels sadness and worry, which overwhelm any finer reading, though underneath she detects some sense of strength, or hope. The Hanai’s tone and movements seem to follow this, but she is unable to tell definitively that he is being completely honest.

Nakana seems to interpret Nika’s focused attention as interest in what he is saying – and indeed, Nika does find it intriguing, helping her understand how Hanai society works.

“During our journey through the misan to the high ground here, our ancestors realised that to survive the drongun-kai they would have to be united and work together. They developed the sonno-joi to bind the Hanai together. In it, the members of the ie share their feelings and thoughts with one another, through confessions and the Shenjin-tal. You have a power like theirs, do you understand this?”

He looks quizzically at Nika for a second before continuing.

“With the help of the sonno-joi and the Shenjin resolving conflicts and bringing out emotions, the Hanai became strong and united and we are able to keep the drongun-kai at bay. However it was also necessary to expel those who would disrupt the ie and bring disunity.”

“I think I understand,” Nika says. Before she can say anything else, Nakana’s demeanour changes; he looks around as if realising something.

“Most people would be afraid to be out in the dark because of the drongun-kai. When I was a farmer I used to work late in my groves often and never felt in danger. Still, we must be wary, with the sonno-joi tonight there are not as many hideko on guard.”

(OOC: Kanner -3VPs, Mia-Lann -1VP)

Rogue Janson
27 August 2004, 02:28 PM
Though he still makes steady progress, Kanner finds it increasingly hard to find his way forward safely. Just the distance to where his arms reach out to every stroke is difficult to see, in the brief periods when he is even able to open his eyes to check his heading. Coming round the corner, he turns too far, knocking a shoulder and elbow into the rock wall. Behind him, Carron swims somewhat more strongly, almost catching up with Kanner.

Unfortunately, Carron misjudges how far ahead Kanner is, and almost swims into one of his kicks. He slows down when a foot hits his arm. Realising Carron is close behind, Kanner turns a little to the right, but he is closer to the wall than anticipated and his foot strikes what feels like a support strut.

Back along the tunnel, Mia-Lann, Adun-Isl and Gallagher still wait in the darkness, with only Gallagher's glow rod providing illumination. Calm and concentration are still elusive for Mia-Lann, the tunnels seeming as dark and impenetrable with the force as with the eyes. A feeling of unease sneaks up on Gallagher, though he is unable to place the source and pin down what is causing it.

(OOC: Kanner -2VPs, Mia-Lann - 1VP. Kanner & Carron have been underwater now for a bit over 30s, btw. Some pretty bad rolls for this post.)

28 August 2004, 02:05 AM
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Gallagher begins to pace across the small hall, the light from his glowrod casting strange, greenish shadows against the stone. “Something doesn’t feel right. Either of you getting anything out of them?”

Vreel Kudarin
28 August 2004, 02:51 AM
Adun-Isl steps up to the edge of the flooded tunnel, and bows his coarse-skinned dark purple head in concentration. He attempts to reach out in the Force to gauge the well-being and progress of Carron and Kanner. the young Jedi tries to put aside his concerns over this expedition to allow himself to concentrate.

Rogue Janson
28 August 2004, 05:56 AM
Adun-Isl finds Kanner and Carron in the Force without difficulty. Their presences shine out as brightly and familiar as ever. He senses nothing untoward with them, just the focus of holding their breath and concentrating on swimming.

Both Kanner and Carron have now found their rhythm, swimming ahead strongly. Kanner still has difficulty finding his way though; as he reaches forward for a stroke, his hands punch directly into a wall, scraping his fingers and almost knocking the glow-rod from his hands. Both swimmers begin to feel some of the unease that has hit Gallagher and redouble their efforts to reach the end of the water. Carron resists the urge to look back, feeling something is happening behind him.

Finally, Kanner breaks the surface and soon begins wading out of the water. The swim has been long, but he still has some breath left. He is pleased not to have to gulp in the air here to refill his lungs because it is much more stale and unpleasant than back along the tunnel. Pointing his torch ahead, he sees a pile of rocks and earth blocking the tunnel.

Carron comes out of the water just behind Kanner, shaking his head to clear the water streaming down it. Just as he wades out to waist height, he is forced to steady himself to stop himself from being knocked over as a powerful wave surges through the water. A deep rumble running through the mine can be heard and felt by everyone present, followed by an unnerving quiet in which the only sound is the disturbed water sloshing around.

(OOC: Just in time there. Adun-Isl -1VP, Kanner -4VPs)

6 September 2004, 04:03 AM
“I’m not comfortable with this. Maybe we need to go after them?” Gallagher stops his pacing and peers into the dark waters, before looking between the two Jedi with him.

Kanner Ra'an
6 September 2004, 07:51 AM
"Sithspit." Kanner says, looking at the blocked tunnel. Taking a second to catch his breath, he appraises their situation. "Your the trained Jedi, how about letting the others know we're alive." Kanner asks Carron, hoping the disiplined Jedi could preform under these circumstances. At the same time he thinks about his body, and unconsiously tries to call the force to him, to rejuvinate his muscles. Looking around once more, this time at the wall, then back at the water again, he makes a decision. Not wanting to go back right away, he experimentally walks over to the stone wall and kicks the far right side, jumping back right away.

Vreel Kudarin
20 September 2004, 10:12 AM
Adun-Isl has to focus his mind to avoid a sudden wave of desperation. Just as he had expected, something has gone wrong. He walks a step closer to the collapsed, submerged tunnel, and attempts to send a brief message through the Force to Kanner and Carron: We're all okay on this side.

Feeling the cold creeping across his purple skin, Adun-Isl pulls his dark cloak tighter about himself. At what point should we contact Master Toleda? the Draethos Jedi student thinks, We must assess the situation more precisely first, I suppose.

The Ghost
21 September 2004, 12:59 PM
"Feel free to try, though i don't think any of us are as suited to the task." Mia-Lann frowns slightly, keeping an eye on the draethos out of the corner of her eye. He was likely scheming against her still...

"For now we wait."

Rogue Janson
22 September 2004, 05:07 AM
Using his natural ability, Adun-Isl easily communicates his message to Carron. In response he receives an image of what Carron can see, the tunnel blocked in front of him, with Kanner moving towards the obstruction.

Kanner himself feels the cold being driven out, from his chest to his hands, as he concentrates on his body part by part. With his right leg, he strikes out at the pile of rubble and dirt blocking the path. Either Kanner is stronger than he thinks, or luck is with him because his booted foot solidly strikes a sizeable rock. The force of the kick dislodges it and as Kanner leaps back warily, a small landslide of debris follows him, sliding down from the top of the blockage. Behind him, Carron coughs and splutters in the cloud of dust that Kanner has stirred up. As it slowly begins to settle though and the pair shine their glow rods over the mound, they can see that a small space seems to have been cleared at the top.

“Nice going,” Carron remarks dryly, spoiling the effect by coughing loudly at the end. “You think we could make that hole bigger and get through?”

On the surface, having felt the slight tremor of the subterranean explosion, Nika sends a worried query down to Adun-Isl, easily establishing a connection with the Draethos’ telepathically receptive mind.

(Kanner +4VPs)

Kanner Ra'an
22 September 2004, 07:38 AM
"Im hoping so." Kanner says, shining his glowrod right in the new hole to see if the place is blocked or the entire tunnel has colapsed. " I really dont want to go back the way we came in. You think your lightsaber would be safer, maybe take some of the rocks off the top rather then me starting a cave in?"

Vreel Kudarin
24 September 2004, 09:22 AM
"There is another tunnel back here," says Adun-Isl quietly, after a minute of thought, "I know it is not finished, but we could use our lightsabres to cut the rest of the way into the chamber we're trying to reach, and try to link up with Carron and Kanner," he continues, whilst stalking back through the shadows towards the left-hand tunnel.

"Lieutenant Flint, could you bring your glowrod, please?"

24 September 2004, 12:03 PM
Flint steps forward, raising his glowrod. "Sure thing. Happy to help." He looks at the wall, and then back to the Draethos. "You really think you can safely cut through? What about the explosive gas?"

Vreel Kudarin
24 September 2004, 12:35 PM
Adun-Isl averts his eyes from Gallagher as he approaches, reminding him of the firedamp problem. Mentally the Jedi student chastises himself, This is why I am not a leader: I overlook important issues. Perhaps it is better that I follow.

"I had forgotten about that issue, my apologies Lieutenant," Adun-Isl says aloud. Still, he takes a few more steps towards the alternate tunnel, and continues, "I think we should have a look at the end regardless. Perhaps we can determine if it is safe enough to cut. It may be the only way to reach Kanner and Carron,"

As he walks alongside Gallagher, Adun-Isl glances back over his cloaked shoulder, to see if the ever reclusive Mia-Lann is following. Then he resumes watching where he is placing his armour-plated boots, careful for any pitfalls.

24 September 2004, 12:48 PM
Flint smiles at the Jedi, "Don't worry about it. You know the limitations better than I do, and can probably sense the firedamp easier than I can. Let's move forward and see if your theory holds. I'd like to get through that way, and meet up with Kanner and Carron. I'm not excited about trying to swim after them anyway." He follows close behind Adun-Isl, trying to shine light on the path.

Rogue Janson
26 September 2004, 03:22 AM
The left hand tunnel that Adun-Isl and Gallagher head down is largely the same as the one they have already explored. Before long, as it slopes downwards, they find water blocking their path. The shallower gradient on this tunnel suggests that the submerged stretch may be shorter than the one Kanner and Carron have faced. Both still get the feeling something is just avoiding their sight, hiding from the sweep of the glow-rod. As they approach the water, Gallagher hears a faint splash, though when he focuses the light, there are just a few small ripples spreading out and reflecting off the tunnel wall.

"Im hoping so." Kanner says, shining his glowrod right in the new hole to see if the place is blocked or the entire tunnel has colapsed. " I really dont want to go back the way we came in. You think your lightsaber would be safer, maybe take some of the rocks off the top rather then me starting a cave in?"
“I don’t see as how it’d make much difference, Kanner,” Carron replies. “We’re gonna have to pull some rocks out of there either way, and I think we’ll get a better feel doing it by hand. If there’s anything that’s jammed though, I can slice through it though.”

Putting his words into action, Carron clambers a little way up the pile, which remains fairly solid under his weight. Holding his glow-rod very awkwardly in his teeth, he begins pulling out large and medium sized rocks, widening the gap at the top.

“I ink.” Carron removes the glow-rod from his mouth, and spits out a load of dust. “I think I can see through to the other side. Possibly. There’s a support beam still keeping up the roof slightly, then there’s a few large rocks blocking the way, but we might be able to move a couple and squeeze through.”

26 September 2004, 05:45 AM
With a grim look, Gallagher speaks up, against the backdrop of dripping water in the pool. “I’m getting the feeling we’re not alone in here. Do any of your mystic powers tell you of anything else that’s joined us down here in these caves?” He stands at the edge of the water, his body tense. The uneasy feeling has grown over him, and his eyes dart about in the darkness, searching for the hidden guests.

Vreel Kudarin
28 September 2004, 09:10 AM
Calmly unclipping his black-hilted lightsabre from the belt inside his cloak, Adun-Isl ignites the Jedi weapon, casting a soft blue glow inside the rocky tunnel. He then begins to walk into the water with slow, deliberate steps, holding the humming blade before him, low above the fluid surface, hoping the extra illumination will show up anything lurking beneath.

In the Force, Adun-Isl centres himself, enhancing his senses beyond their normal limits, alert for the slightest movement or sound, and ready to defend himself from a possible attack.

Adun-Isl proceeds slowly, attempting to locate the end of the tunnel without going underwater completely. If he cannot reach it without going under, he sees no point in proceeding any further, as his lightsabre will be of no use. Perhaps the end is beyond a dip in the cave roof though. Swimming may be neccessary... thinks Adun-Isl. He is not comfortable with the idea.

It could have been a stone falling from the ceiling that made that splash. But something is not right here, we all sense it. The quicker we link up with the others, the safer we shall be, as Adun-Isl's naturally information-hungry mind starts to slide into speculation, his thoughts turn more negative: Perhaps that rockfall was deliberately engineered to split our group. This could indeed be a trap.

Rogue Janson
30 September 2004, 10:17 AM
Adun-Isl wades into the water, feeling it steadily soak through his robes, higher and higher. Though his lightsabre provides only a little illumination, through the Force, his senses become more attuned and he can almost feel the shape of the walls around him and the floor below. The water gets steadily deeper until it is clear he will have to go underwater. He wades until it is up to his chest, then turns off his lightsabre, clips it to his belt and begins to swim. The darkness closes in around him, with only the light of Gallagher’s glow-rod shining faintly down the tunnel, but he uses the Force to replace his sight totally, sensing the tunnel walls around him. With no more headroom left, Adun-Isl pauses and fills his lungs, before diving under.

In the other tunnel, Carron continues to carefully pick away at the rockfall, passing rubble back to Kanner, who deposits it behind them. Trying not to dislodge anything, he squeezes himself through a gap between the rocks and the lone support beam that still remains.

Past the blockage, the tunnel continues for a little way. Without any form of ventilation, the air in this part of the mine is thick and hard to breath. Moreover, a smell of decay permeates the tunnel. Carron finds himself short of breath, but not wanting to breath any more of the unpleasant atmosphere. Kanner soon slips through the narrow gap, taking care not to knock his vibroshields on the walls, and the pair continue along the tunnel.

At the end, they reach a chamber, about fifteen metres across. Kanner is the first to spot that in the centre of the room lies the body of a woman. Lit up in the round beam of his glow-rod, with her arms across her chest, perfectly still, she looks almost like someone interred in a burial chamber. For the length of time she has been down here, Dano Ikeda looks surprisingly well preserved, though even from a distance, Kanner can see the decay. He begins to approach, but stops short momentarily, getting a strange sense.

Swimming with keen strokes, Adun-Isl forges through the submerged tunnel, visibility causing him no problem with the Force as his guide. In less than half the time Kanner and Carron took, he breaks the surface again. The tunnel slopes up steadily now, but Adun-Isl still can't make out the end.

(OOC: Adun-Isl -4 VPs)

Kanner Ra'an
30 September 2004, 11:38 AM
"Hold it." Kanner barks, grabbing Carron and stopping the Jedi, probably a little to hard but effectivly. "Somethings.......wrong...... i..." he says, unable to comprehend exactly what it is he feels. "Somethings not right here. I dont know what." The korunnai begins to scan around the room. The place has been sealed off far to long, and the air stinks from the decaying body that rests in it. He lifts his glowrod up and scans the ceiling, looking for cracks or any indication of a possible danger. Something, anything, that justifies his sense of dread.

30 September 2004, 11:58 AM
Gallagher watches as Adun-Isl slips away under the water. He half looks at Mia, his glowrod still casting an eerie light around the chamber. “Um, okay. Not quite what I was thinking.” He turns full face to Mia, “He never answered my question. I get the feeling we’re not alone in here. Are you getting any sensations like that? If so, can you tell me anything about what’s down here with us?”

He continues to search about with his eyes and ears, hoping to catch a glimpse of what stays cloaked in the shadows. With the other three Jedi gone, the knot in his stomach builds larger and heavier, weighing the Corellian down. Everything about this adventure suddenly seems very, very wrong.

Vreel Kudarin
1 October 2004, 11:56 AM
Well, I've come this far. I shall see this through, reasons Adun-Isl, intent of locating the end of the tunnel. The young Jedi takes a few steps up the rough slope, water sloshing then dripping from his dark grey cloak and coarse purple flesh. Adun-Isl reignites his lightsabre to provide some illumination, his senses still fully alert for any risks or signs of life.

We should remain together for safety, I shall let Mia and the Lieutenant know I have surfaced, Adun-Isl thinks, the idea of telepathic messages being more second-nature to him than most other Jedi, gifted with the ability as his species is. He stops, and stretches out in the Force, reaching for the incandescence of Mia's spirit, with which he finds it slighty easier to connect than Gallagher's, and sends: I have reached the end of the water. The tunnel slopes up from here. It is not far, concentrating more carefully, Adun-Isl attempts to give a brief, basic impression of the submerged section to Mia, to aid the pair in reaching him.

(OoC: Obviously if my lightsabre illuminates the leering eyes of the giant cyborg Sith wyrm with it's chaingun teeth and missile launcher nostrils then you can disregard the TP bit... :D )

Rogue Janson
4 October 2004, 06:24 AM
Kanner's scan of the chamber reveals nothing of concern. The supports in the entrance tunnel, unsurprisingly, are somewhat damaged and bowed, but the main chamber seems in good condition. On the walls ahead and to the right, he can faintly see the dull green ore that was mined here. He can sense no sign of what he just picked up. Kanner can tell that beside him, Carron is doing the same thing.

"There's something strange in here," Carron says quietly, "but I don't think it's danger. Maybe the opposite even." Clearly he has only been slightly more successful in reading the faint aura than Kanner.

While he sends his telepathic message, Adun-Isl catches a movement through his Force sense. With his eyes, he can see nothing, but through the Force he can faintly 'see' a small creature, as a blur of matter, feeling and energy. It looks out from a hiding place then, presumably deciding it is out of sight in the darkness, scurries away down the tunnel. Adun-Isl can hear its tiny feet pattering on the ground. He guesses it is one of the scurrier-type creatures they saw on the surface.

(OOC: Kanner -1VP. Finally some good rolling. No Sith wyrms. This time.)

The Ghost
5 October 2004, 07:20 AM
"i cannot sense things down here as well as..." she frowned internally as the Draethos bombarded against her mind again. "Adun-Isl is safe on the other side. He wants us to follow." Her tone was decidedly opinionated as to which side she would rather stay on, but if she had to further entomb herself within this place...

"You decide."

Vreel Kudarin
5 October 2004, 12:54 PM
Having contacted Mia, Adun-Isl takes a deep breath, then advances carefully up the slope, again holding his azure lightsabre blade before him. It's thruming power emboldens the Jedi student. Though he fears not the shadows, indeed feeling safer in them, the idea of being buried below tons of rock in a deathtrap mine does not appeal to him. With the Force, he feels the way ahead of him, searching for any crack or hole in the floor, any indication of rockfall.

As soon as he finds where the tunnel must join with the chamber they are trying to reach, Adun-Isl plans to make an experimental cut into the rockface, to gauge how easy the task of reaching Kanner and Carron will be.

Kanner Ra'an
12 October 2004, 11:34 AM
"I dont know, lets keep moving then. If we're not in danger then we might as well scout the tunnel and get back to the others when we can tell 'em something useful he says. He takes one more look at the body. "I think we should search her body, at least find out who she was or something." he says, leaning over the body and beging to search through her clothes for anything she may have.

OOC: If he finds nothing, Kanner will just begin to move on to scout the tunnel.

Rogue Janson
13 October 2004, 07:52 AM
Continuing along the tunnel, Adun-Isl finds that it soon broadens out into a chamber, similar to the one Carron and Kanner are in nearby. He sees nothing of note in the room, only some mining carts and a discarded helmet. On the right hand wall of the chamber is another tunnel, somewhat narrower than all the others. Using the Force to feel its shape, Adun-Isl can just about sense a dead-end, clearly the section that was never finished. As he concentrates on the tunnel, he notices something else, a strange odour in the air, different from the general stale and subterranean smells.

A couple of dozen metres away from Adun-Isl, Kanner is investigating the body they have found while Carron paces the edges of the room, checking it over with his glow-rod. Feeling unwilling to disturb the dead woman, Kanner performs only a cursory search. The items he notices are clearly obvious. First, a notebook placed prominently on the ground and second, the woman’s headband, made of finely patterned fabric, with a clear crystal set in gold on the forehead.

(OOC: A-I -2VPs. Adun-Isl is the only person in the group able to roll above a 10.)

Vreel Kudarin
14 October 2004, 10:11 AM
Firedamp? wonders Adun-Isl, the nostrils near the base of his purple face flaring slightly as he takes in the smell. He stalks through the blackness, walking over to the unfinished tunnel. Adun-Isl holds his extinguished lightsabre at his left side - I'd better keep this off for now, thinks the Jedi student as he feels his way with his Force-enhanced senses, remaining alert for danger, Though I cannot see how else we will reach Kanner and Carron. I may have to chance this flamable gas if we are to all make it out of here alive, at that thought, the gravity of the situation hits Adun-Isl fully, and underneath his senses concentrating on the present, he has to suppress concern over the events of the immediate future.

Rogue Janson
14 October 2004, 10:33 AM
Adun-Isl moves cautiously down the tunnel, ducking under the wooden beams that support the roof. Suddenly, when he is almost half-way along, he feels somthing in front of him change, or move. A second later something scuttles out rapidly from what must be a burrow in the side of the tunnel and launches itself at him.

The creature almost glows orange with agitation in his Force sight and he can hear it hissing angrily. Mandibles click loudly, but Adun-Isl retreats safely from the attack. Through the Force, Adun-Isl's sense of the creature is vague, a mix of movement, shape and feeling, but it is below his knee-height, with multiple pairs of legs flailing as it moves. The smooth arch of its back seems hard and lifeless; probably some kind of armour or shell.

Vreel Kudarin
14 October 2004, 11:18 AM
As he steps back from the creature, Adun-Isl automatically ignites the blue energy blade of his lightsabre in defence. Adopting a poise to parry attacks at the lower portion of his body, and trying to get a better view of the animal by the pale light cast by his Jedi weapon, Adun-Isl reaches for Gallagher's mind through the Force, deciding against Mia-Lann after her continual resistance to his attentions, and sends Lieutenant Flint, there is a creature here. I may need help, at the same time shouting the words into the darkness, hoping that the pair will reach him shortly.

In no way does he relish the idea of killing something that is probably just protecting it's nest, so Adun-Isl experiments with a few feints towards the creature with his humming lightsabre, hoping to scare it back into the burrow or hole where it came from. All the time he keeps his guard up. Those pincers could be envenomed, reasons the Jedi student.

Kanner Ra'an
14 October 2004, 11:23 AM
"Wow, check this out." Kanner says, showing Carron the jewel and marvelling at it for a moment. He shoves the item into his pocket as well as the notebook. Noting that the tunnel doesn't seem to be promising, he looks back to the cave entrance. "Im not feeling to good about this place. I think we should head back out. We found this girl, maybe if we need to come back we can do it with breath masks." he recommends, heading for their impromto entrance and the way out of the tunnel. He makes sure to shove the notepad somewhere were it will be dry, as he doesn't see much alternative to swimming out. After all, if the woman couldn't get out its doubtful they two of them can.

14 October 2004, 04:53 PM
"You decide."
Biting his lip, Gallagher stares into the dark water. As he begins to answer Mia, he hears a voice in his head. It comes from Adun-Isl, and begs for assistance.

"We go in now!" he tells the female Jedi, as he tucks his glowrod into his belt. He lunges forward, slogging through the water, splashing about noisily, hurrying to get to a point he can safely submerge. Having nearly dived into the water to come to the aid of the Draethos, Gallagher tries to retain some level-headedness in his approach.

At a point where the water covers his waist, Gallagher takes a deep breath and dives under the surface, knowing he can move more quickly by swimming than by trying to wade through the cold pool. He pulls himself forward, trying to find the right mix of conservation of energy while maintaining his best speed, hurrying to Adun-Isl’s side.

Rogue Janson
15 October 2004, 12:32 PM
“That’s one of the bands the shenjin wear,” Carron says, the beam of his glow-rod refracting through the jewel casting angular patterns across the floor and ceiling. After looking down at the corpse for a second, he agrees with Kanner.

“Let’s get out of here then.”

The creature in front of Adun-Isl skitters backwards slightly as he threatens it, but moves round to try and avoid his blade. As he raises his lightsabre slightly above low guard though, a flash of flame erupts around it. Adun-Isl dives to the ground, but not quite fast enough. The flame shoots along the upper half of the tunnel, with a sudden blinding orange light. Adun-Isl feels the heat almost burn his back and head, through his sodden robes, and the force of the blast slams him into the ground.

As Carron and Kanner approach the cave-in they have opened up, the explosion rumbles through the mine. The tunnel fills with dust and stones and small rocks rain from the ceiling. Kanner neatly dodges, but a rock barely misses injuring Carron’s shoulder. The shock passes and the rockfall slows, but doesn’t stop and accompanying it is the steady and ominous sound of shifting earth and stones.

Adun-Isl reopens his eyes to see nothing but a searing orange glow across the blackness of his vision. Other than some bruises he is uninjured, though a steadily increasing heat on one his arms suggests his robe may be on fire. However, in the seconds while he recovers his breath, a sharp pain clamps through one of his shoulders. Apparently still alive, his animal opponent has taken the opportunity to bite him and now he can feel blood leaking out of the wound.

(A-I –20VPs, -3WPs. I haven’t written anything for Gal & Mia, but you’re making good progress.)

15 October 2004, 01:57 PM
Gallagher pulls himself forward through the dark waters, his sense of dread building with each stroke. The plan to split up suddenly makes his stomach drop, and he wished that he could have asked Mia to telepathically call to Kanner and Carron as well.

The Ghost
15 October 2004, 08:53 PM
With a light shrug, the dark brown robe slides from her shoulders as she steps towards the pool. Wading in, she takes a few deep practise breaths and becomes acclimated to the chill water.

"Be on your guard when we get to the other side," she notes out loud. "could be dangerous."

With that, she slips under the water and presses into the abyss ahead, trying to keep her mind's eye aware of what lies before them.

Vreel Kudarin
16 October 2004, 03:46 AM
"Arrrghh!" Adun-Isl cries in pain as the bug-like creature punctures his shoulder. His lightsabre lies nearby on the rocky floor, the 'dead-man switch' having extinguished the blade when he dropped it as the explosion floored him.

Firedamp it is, then, concludes the Jedi student, reprieving himself for taking the risk. Twisting violently to try and shake the creature away from his shoulder, he hopes his Force senses can cover for his flashed-out vision until his eyesight can recover. The situation is much more serious, I only hope I have not been poisoned, thinks Adun-Isl, attempting to stand and shrug off his smouldering grey cloak. Once free, he quickly retrieves his lightsabre, then raises his armoured fists in defence, and prepares to strike out with blows as opportunities arise, backing in the direction of the slope he came up if possible.

Being attacked by creatures smaller than himself is a relatively new experience for Adun-Isl, though there was one occasion in his childhood when he stumbled into a mynock nest in the air ducts of his spacestation, long before the Mandalorian attack. This creature seems rather hungry.

Rogue Janson
19 October 2004, 04:53 AM
Twisting his body, Adun-Isl feels that the creature that bit him is not attached, though he has no idea whether it has retreated or is preparing to attack again. The shock of the explosion has broken his concentration and the Force no longer provides him with a sense of his surroundings. He scrabbles on the ground for his lightsabre, and succeeds in finding it. With his lightsabre clipped back onto his belt and fists prepared, he warily backs down the tunnel. As some sound filters back into his stunned ears, Adun-Isl faintly hears the small thumps of several things hitting the ground.

“We definitely need to get out of here now!” Carron says urgently to Kanner as the tunnel starts to collapse on top of them. Trying to pick their way through falling debris barely visible in the dim light, the pair rush to the narrow entrance they excavated. Scrabbling up the pile of rubble, and shoving aside a few rocks, Carron pushes himself into the narrow gap, barely squeezing through. Behind him, an increased flow of stones and earth spills from the ceiling, closing up the space further.

(OOC: A-I -1VP)

Vreel Kudarin
20 October 2004, 09:54 AM
Half-blinded, and increasingly frantic, Adun-Isl turns and tries to make his way back down the slope to the water, hoping Mia-Lann and Gallagher will make it through soon with the glowrod. It was foolish of me to have gone ahead alone.

Without the aid of the Force to 'see', Adun-Isl stands little chance against the attacking creature. I hope this section of the mine is not about to collapse, I may have killed us all! the Jedi student thinks, starting to panic.

Kanner Ra'an
23 October 2004, 11:36 AM
"Sithspit." Kanner says as the tunnel starts to come down on him. His size is now unfortunate as he begins to ddesperatly try to squeze himself through the small opening they made earlier. In panic, his body begins to call on the force by itself, drawing strength and vitality to his arms and legs as he tries to push his large frame through the small opening. Not doing so means suffication and death. Man these Jedi really know the worst chairity cases to help out. he says silently as he struggles.

OOC: Enhance abilty, strength again, to help me power through that tiny space.

Rogue Janson
24 October 2004, 03:20 AM
The Force flowing through his limbs, Kanner attempts to push his way through the rapidly closing gap. Earth and stones pour down on him as he tries to drive his shoulders through a gap that’s too narrow for them. In front of him, he can see Carron scrabble down the far side of the mound and turn back to look.

“Sith! Kanner!” he shouts, clambering back up and starting to clear debris with his hands.

Kanner’s strength finally dislodges a rock obstructing his progress and he moves forward for a second. But this causes the minor avalanche from above to increase until Kanner can feel it building up on his back. Then, with a terrible cracking sound the beam holding the last of the roof up snaps. Kanner dodges back from the small boulders dropping from above closing off the narrow exit completely. He can feel himself being rapidly buried, the weight making it hard to breathe, even if every breath didn’t threaten to suck in a lungful of dust and earth. With no hope of getting through, Kanner strains his muscles in the confined space and forces himself backwards, dragging himself out of the collapse and standing upright again with dirt spilling of his body.

After swimming rapidly and without incident, Gallagher reaches the end of the submerged section of tunnel, with Mia-Lann a little way behind. As he hurries out of the water, in the light of his glowrod, he can see the roof further up the tunnel is threatening to come down. Earth trickles from the ceiling and support beams creak ominously. From beyond his vision, Gallagher can hear thumps suggesting the mine there is in an even worse state.

Trying to find his way back towards the entrance tunnel in complete darkness, Adun-Isl feels an urge to move and steps forwards hurriedly. A fraction of a second later, he feels a rock fall past just behind him. The Force has not deserted him, though it might seem so a second later when he trips over something on the ground, landing lightly on his hands and knees. As he starts to stand up again he spots a faint light coming up the entrance tunnel.

(OOC: Kanner –4VPs, +6str)

Kanner Ra'an
24 October 2004, 08:41 AM
"Sith!" Kanner yells in frustration, grabbing a large rocks and throwing it against the wall with all of his enhanced strengh. The entrance he used to get in looks sealed completely, and he's pretty sure that trying to tunnel out would only mean another avalanche of rocks and dirt. He picks up his glowrod and points it down to the other end of the tunnel. He can assume that Carron will be able to make his way out on his own, but he's going to have to find his own way out. Either that or the mysterious corpse is going to be getting some company for a very long time. With a sigh, Kanner makes his way down the tunnel, hoping to find a whif of fresh air or some light or anything.

24 October 2004, 12:07 PM
"Adun!" Gallagher yells as he looks into the darkness of the tunnel. The strong smell of earth fills the room. He warily eyes the creaking support beam. Without turning his head, he speaks in a softer voice to Mia, "I've got a bad feeling about this."

He squints, trying to look a bit further down the path. Tentatively, he steps forward slowly. "We may have to find a way out of here really fast."

Gritting his teeth, he calls again, "Adun-Isl! Where are you?"

Vreel Kudarin
25 October 2004, 09:04 AM
Seeing the light of Gallagher's glowrod, Adun-Isl rises to his feet, one hand flailing for the side of the tunnel for reassurance of his balance. Stumbling onwards as best he can, towards the light, the Jedi student holds one hand over his punctured shoulder, to stem the bleeding.

"Lieutenant Flint! I am here," he calls out, and tugs the hood of his slate-grey cloak over his domed purple head, hoping it will provide at least some protection from the falling grit and stones. That creature likely retreated to it's nest in the face of this quake. We must find shelter too if this calamity does not abate! thinks Adun-Isl, heading down the slope towards Gallagher and Mia-Lann.

The Ghost
25 October 2004, 12:37 PM
silently, Mia-Lann wrings the excess water from her hair as she follows. Hearing the distressed voice of Adun-Isl, she looks up to note the draethos emerge from the darkness wounded. Her hands open and close for a moment, hearing the synthetic skins of her gloves squeak with movement.

"Perhaps it is time to be going, then?" she muses curtly, moving to assist her hurt companion. The Force builds within her as she puts a gloved hand to the wound. heal she thinks at the wound, applying a bit of pressure as they continue their movement towards the water.

(heal other +9 mod)

25 October 2004, 01:26 PM
"Yeah. Well, glad to find you." Gallagher looks on as Mia touches Adun-Isl, figuring she's likely healing the alien. "I think she's right. Unless you have some really compelling reason for staying, we probably need another swim to get out of here. Any objections?"

Gallagher avoids asking about the injuries, preferring to arrange for the immediate actions as necessary and query about the wounds when the ceiling is not trying to collapse on them.

Rogue Janson
26 October 2004, 04:28 AM
The sharp pain in Adun-Isl’s shoulder recedes as Mia-Lann channels the healing power of the Force. Giving his arm a few trial movements he finds no problems except a few twinges and a little stiffness. Meanwhile, Gallagher keeps his glowrod trained on the ceiling. His shouted warning as he dodges aside himself allows Mia-Lann to avoid a minor shower of dirt and medium-sized rocks.

Returning to the chamber he was in before, Kanner looks around for anything promising. The foul air is now filled with a thickening cloud of dust and his glowrod creates a thick beam of light. The progressive collapse seems worse to the near left hand side and back along the tunnel – when he looks back Kanner can see the entire tunnel slowly falling in, a fate which could eventually befall the whole chamber. He moves quickly under a more stable area of roof and starts checking round the edge of the chamber as Carron has already done, but finds nothing to give him hope, just bare walls.

(OOC: A-I +3WPs, M-L –2VPs, Kanner –1VP)

30 October 2004, 06:39 AM
"Time to go! Let's move," Gallagher says, turning around to dash back towards the submerged section of the tunnel. With a very short pause to look over his shoulder, making sure the pair are keeping up with him, He quickly wades into the water and dives beneath the surface, swimming away from the cave-in.

Kanner Ra'an
30 October 2004, 12:43 PM
More then a little discouraged, Kanner decides he can do nothing except keep going. He procedes down the tunnel, scanning with his glowrod for anyway out. He is getting a bit frantic. He by no means wants to die down here because of suffication. He'll bring the walls down on himself before he lets that happen.

OOC: Since i dont really have a lot of options, Kanner will just keep going down the tunnel.

Vreel Kudarin
1 November 2004, 09:40 AM
"Thank you, Mia," says Adun-Isl, placing his hook-clawed hand gently onto Mia's briefly, before moving on down the slope towards the water. It appears Mia-Lann has not abandoned all attention towards me as yet, thinks Adun-Isl, flexing his shoulder. He steps aside from a shower of grit and small stones, though some cascade from his hood down the back of his soaking cloak.

"We are swimming back the way we came?" asks Adun-Isl over his shoulder, preparing to step into the dark water once more. The Draethos struggles to control his fast-beating heart at the desperate situation.

The Ghost
4 November 2004, 11:35 AM
"Thank you, Mia"

she withdrew her hand from the talons of the Draethos sharply and moved towards the water.
"find the others after we're safe"

with a deep breath, she plunged once again into the watery passageway.