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Vreel Kudarin
5 January 2004, 12:09 PM
Through the villip-choir arrayed at the front of the small bridge, the crew and passengers of the harbinger drifting at the edge of the star system are able to view the void outside their organic vessel. A mass of shattered debris from planetoid and comet collisions roll slowly alongside. Sheathed in a false vestige of rock to appear as a harmless asteroid, the Yorik-stronha spy ship Thryr-Duk tumbles slowly toward the system's primary star, a pallid yellow orb, hundreds of thousands of kilometres distant.

At over two hundred metres long including it's disguise, the Yorik-stronha ship appeared innocuous enough amongst it's orphaned bretheren as they made the slow journey starward. It supported a crew of twelve along with another twelve passengers, and could carry up to one hundred and forty-two metric tons of cargo. Concealed in it's false hull were a score of volcano cannons and a powerful dovin basal organism.

The Thryr-Duk was named after a great Yuuzhan Vong of legend who had served under General Yo'Gand. Stories tell of Thryr-Duk arriving on the worlds of Yo'Gand's enemies and delivering the message of their impending doom. Some versions of the tales have Thryr-Duk offering a final ultimatum to these worlds, often bringing the terrified people under the sway of Yo'Gand. Other versions tell of him being nothing more than a mysterious and invincible messenger of unavoidable fate, a being who could fade away with a whisper.

Six Yuuzhan Vong stand in line before their commander, Consul Chk'Alla of domain Kirl, who paces slowly from one end of the curved bridge to the other. Beyond him, the captain of the stealth bio-vessel, Subaltern Pegl Vuldak snarls orders to his subordinates, whose heads are buried in cognition hoods. Vira Eonk'asa, She'nuu Zhass, N'var Spis, Riker Ge'are, Aktakl Rna, and Dos Ka'shek are the names of these Praetorite Vong operatives.

"The pain of this skulking, invisible and cowardly, grows intolerable!" hisses the young priest of the God of Carnage, N'var Spis, through his needle-like teeth that protrude from below his white headress mask.

"The time when your patience will be rewarded is almost at hand, Spis," responds Consul Chk'Alla Kirl. During the group's training, the five agents of the Praetorite Vong had worked with another of domain Kirl - Jiilek, a scout, though he had since been transfered to other duties in the vanguard of the invasion. During their weeks of preparation, the abilities of these individuals, both combat-wise and tactically, have greatly improved. The most important lesson they have learned perhaps, is that brute force is not always the best way to victory for the Yuuzhan Vong. This is hard to accept for the warriors. Now they stand on the threshold of their first contact with the hated infidels. Prefect Da'Gara, master of the Praetorite Vong, has grounded his worldships on the frozen planet of Helska 4, ready to strike the first blows against the infidels.

The Thryr-Duk is making a clandestine journey into the Anstromm-Feck system, the location of a small but highly productive mining operation controlled by the infidel empire that calls itself the "New Republic". Anstromm-Feck lies near Telos, a world on the trade route know as the 'Hydian Way'. The facilities in this system harvest hundreds of thousands of tons of precious metals used in the construction of the unliving space-going vessels of the infidels. Insertion Force Thryr-Duk has been assigned to disrupt or destroy the operation entirely. The primary bodies in the system are gigantic asteroids riddled with infidel towers, domes, factories, and landing bays. From here they send out fleets of mining vessels to strip the resources from the shoals of rocks that drift through the dead system.

Consul Kirl addressed the group: "Soon we will be close enough to the primary facility the infidels call Anstromm-Feck 4. It is the largest and most productive, the centre of operations in this system. Riker Ge'are, you shall pilot one of the Yorik-vec Assault Craft down to Anstromm-Feck 4, avoiding the attention of the infidels. Obviously the Yorik-vec shall be loaded with all the equipment you might need. Secrete the vessel and infiltrate the facility. From there you can begin your task of rendering Anstromm-Feck 4 useless to the infidels."

"The Thryr-Duk shall pass on starward, to deploy the second insertion team at Anstromm-Feck 3; but that does not concern you six," Consul Kirl passes his eyes over the agents before him, hands clasped at the small of his cloaked back, "All you need to do is follow your objectives: Firstly, avoid detection. Use caution. Use your ooglith masquers. Dispose of any witnesses efficiently. Secondly, find a way to disrupt the infidel harvesting of metals. Spread confusion, dissent, whatever it takes to weaken this unholy place. Thirdly, remember the ongoing aim of preparing this galaxy for our coming religiously. The job of the main invasion force shall be made easier if they find local populations more...cooperative. You have mere weeks to achieve these aims, and return to the Thryr-Duk. We will be waiting on the other side of the system to avoid contact during your mission. Do any of you have any questions before you prepare for insertion?"

6 January 2004, 02:58 AM
Clasping his arm against his chest in a sharp salute, Aktahl bows his head sharply and strives to keep the smile from his face as he replies, “No, Consul. The path and direction the gods send us is most clear.” Again his attitude shifts between second-in-command to Dos and his intentions to serve as leader of the motley crew. Soon, the young warrior realizes, he will earn glorious scars of battle and before long his crèche mates will sing songs of his triumph.

Rogue Janson
6 January 2004, 05:03 AM
Dos stands proudly as Consul Kirl explains their mission to them. He considers the possibilities of honour. If this task force of six will be enough to destroy such an operation then truly the infidels are as weak as mindless chazrach. Dos was learnt much about them from Praetorite Vong instructors and his companion Executor Shee’nu – though the latter guards his knowledge like a warrior his weapon. There is probably little hope of honourable combat in this operation and the team will be forced to come into contact with, even use, blasphemous machines. At least, he considers, our task is to destroy them. The Gods will know our objective and will smile on us. Dos is a warrior and the ways of thinking of the Praetorite Vong are strange to him, but he has adapted to them fairly well. He has always appreciated the value of deception in warfare and the Praetorite Vong take this a stage further. Then when it has served its purpose the warriors will perform their duty.

Dos’ mind is wandering, considering how to cripple the infidel mines. Discover the vulnerable point and strike it. He wonders what equipment they have been provided with, but refrains from asking. We will find out when we board the transport, he thinks. Questioning now would simply show impatience and a lack of faith.

“We will bring glory to the Yuuzhan Vong, Consul,” Dos says, before snapping a salute perfectly mirroring Aktahl’s.

6 January 2004, 12:44 PM
Excitement filled Shee'nus heart, his skills will now be put to the test and he will show all that he is destined for greatness. The mission sounded simple enough; disruption of enemy harvesting operations. He thinks carefully on sucha task. The more efficient way to do such a task would be to introduce an organism that will corrode the precious materials the infidels use.....i may have to confer with the Shaper.

"It shall be done, Emminence" said Shee'nu crossing his arms in salute. Shee'nu lookan implant shows him events that have led him to the current state. Meeting the others, the travelling in the Garden and now all that effort will now be rewarded.

Vreel Kudarin
8 January 2004, 09:26 AM
Recalling images stored in his lookan implant, Executor She'nuu Zhass remembers the exercise in the Chk'rall Garden on the worldship Rasau Tass. Vira disengaging the bio-lock on top the Thrall Herder, Riker hurling a nang hul down on the pilot's skull. Bypassing several more Thrall Herders and attendant Chazrach patrols, Jiilek leading the way. Being charged by lizard riders in the razorgrass meadow during the 'night' cycle. The gigantic honeycomb coral columns supporting the kilometre-and-a-half chamber of the Garden. The aerial troopers carried on vast wings gliding away from the central column and circling, searching for the group of trainees. Interrogating a captured worker in a villip field. The three warriors dispatching Chazrach guards as the group made it's way up inside the central column, vonduun armour and weapons slick with blood. Everyone forming a circle to fend off an ambush by a horde of young Yuuzhan Vong warriors.

She'nuu himself grasping the vari-coloured, slowly pulsing lambent crystal, placing it inside his cloak. Jiilek warning N'var away as the priest demanded he should carry the prize. Then the journey across to the other side of the Garden, through all kinds of terrain, all the while avoiding or destroying patrols. Finally, scaling the cliff to the exit portal, finding Consul Hoon waiting on the ledge at the top to congratulate the group. And the training had only become more challenging following that....

Consul Chk'Alla Kirl straightens his posture and nods to the six Praetorite Vong agents, which brings the Executor back to the present: "Good. You are honoured in being amongst those striking the first true blows against the infidels. The Gods shall smile upon you. Retire to your quarters to prepare. Assemble in the aft drop portal in..." the Consul paused to consult with Subaltern Pegl Vuldak, "Assemble in four hours. Zhaelor, Pure Ones!"

Exiting the bridge into the ribbed, curving corridors of the Thryr-Duk, She'nuu, Vira, Dos, Riker, Aktahl,and N'var each consider how they will pass the final hours before at last stepping out into the unholy realm of this galaxy. Though Anstromm-Feck 4 is only a rocky planetoid, it will still be closer to walking on a real world than any of them have ever been.

8 January 2004, 09:52 AM
Keeping himself rigid in front of the Consul, once clearly outside the chamber, Aktahl turns to Dos with an exasperated growl. “Four hours?” he bemoans. “At last we are so close to our moment of triumph and again we must wait before clashing with the wretched infidels? I can think of nothing worthy of wasting my time for these hours. We have trained and prepared our weapons, bodies and minds. Now we must be unleashed on the unworthy.”

They clatter further down the passage, their heavy footfalls making echoes in the otherwise quiet portion of the living vessel. A feral grin spreads across the young warrior, further drawing attention to his nearly scarless face. “Of course, it is only wise and proper that we make ample sacrifice to the gods before we embark.” He turns to direct his next question to the priest in their midst. “N’var Spis, will you lead us in appropriate ceremony to honor Yun-Yammka?”

Rogue Janson
8 January 2004, 10:30 AM
Keeping himself rigid in front of the Consul, once clearly outside the chamber, Aktahl turns to Dos with an exasperated growl. “Four hours?” he bemoans. “At last we are so close to our moment of triumph and again we must wait before clashing with the wretched infidels? I can think of nothing worthy of wasting my time for these hours. We have trained and prepared our weapons, bodies and minds. Now we must be unleashed on the unworthy.”
Dos returns Aktahl's look, an unpleasant grin not hiding his own irritation.

"I expect the Thryr-Duk is making a slow approach to avoid detection. We must grit our teeth and act like the quiet krinat, for we are Praetorite Vong now."

The reference to the krinat, a diminutive rodentlike predator shows Dos is not happy with the situation. There are final checks to make on their weapons and equipment and last-minute devotions to the Gods, but nothing that could take four hours. Perhaps the Consul is testing them by informing them of the mission so early. Patience is not a virtue of the warrior caste.

“Of course, it is only wise and proper that we make ample sacrifice to the gods before we embark.” He turns to direct his next question to the priest in their midst. “N’var Spis, will you lead us in appropriate ceremony to honor Yun-Yammka?”
Dos nods in agreement with this sentiment. For now they follow the path of Yun Harla and The Slayer will be becoming impatient. Perhaps their offerings can placate him until the time comes.

8 January 2004, 10:51 AM
"Zhaelor Emminence" Shee'nu crossed his arms in salute once again and turned to see his comrades.

Shee'nu moved from the Consul chambers and approached the Shaper. Seeing on the way, the warriors Dos and Aktahl going of with the Priest N’var.

"Shaper, i require your assistance in a matter concering the art of crafting" Shee'nu said, he looked around to make sure that the conversation would not be heard by anyone. Though he had absolute faith in the Consul Shee'nu prefered to have a backup plan.

"I require a fast growing bacteria that can corrode metal at an accelerated rate...and i require a minature dovin basal, one that can open its maw to devour". By maw Shee'nu meant the powerful singularity with which his glorious people defend their ships with.

Kanner Ra'an
8 January 2004, 11:56 AM
Riker Ge'are, at the mention of sacrifices to Yun Yammka, decides to avoid his comrades for the time being. He knows full well a 'heretic' such as himself is as wanted in a ceremony to honour the slayer as much as he would want to participate in one. Instead he moves to his own bunk. Holding his right arm up to his face, he looks at the tatoo on the palm of his hand. A symbol of Yun Kimara. Forcible he strikes the limb against a piece of Yorrik Coral, reopening a scar at the base of his thumb. Wiping the blood over the tatoo, he begins to quietly offer prayers to his god.

Vreel Kudarin
9 January 2004, 01:29 PM
"Of course we will, Pure Ones! Let us engage in worship of a True God before we embark on our path to greatness," N'var Spis smiles wickedly, displaying a red mouth full of teeth like a shaper's syringes. He sneers at Riker Ge'are's back as the follower of Yun-Kimara takes a different turn at a junction, heading for his quarters.

Attempting to place his arms around the shoulders of Aktahl and Dos, but then remembering the latter was significantly taller and wider than himself, N'var patted Dos lightly on the rear plates of his armour, grinning sheepishly.

"To the oratory, let us offer devotion!" he cries manically, leading the two warriors towards the core of the ship. Next to the proud soldiers, the young N'var Spis looks almost gangly and brittle.

Waiting a little way behind as the party splits up, Executor Zhass asks something of Vira Eonk'asa:

"I require a fast growing bacteria that can corrode metal at an accelerated rate...and i require a minature dovin basal, one that can open its maw to devour".

The young shaper considers this, slowing her pace. Certainly a bacteria is not beyond her means, such knowledge being easy to obtain from the Qang Qahsa. But a downsized dovin basal, that is another matter entirely. Regardless, Vira will not be able to fulfill either request before they board the Yorik-veca. She can try to requisition certain materials, if they have not already been allocated, and craft organisms during the mission. The Thryr-Duk's chief engineer, Adept Loruv P'dak, will likely be able to tell me what has been stored aboard the transport for me. He will be running checks on the Yorik-veca now, thinks the Initiate shaper.

11 January 2004, 09:45 AM
Vira turns to the Executor, "It will take too long to make such an organism before the mission begins, but I can see if I can get the right materials from Adept Loruv P'dak so I can craft it during the mission. I am not entirely certain that I have enough skill to make a miniature dovin basal at this time. I will see what I can do." Without waiting for a response, Vira turns and walks down the corridor in search of the P'dak. "At least I know my abilities are admired by one of our groups members. If I am successful, the rest of the group will know my worth and look to me more often," she thinks, "I'd better hurry if I want to get everything I need."

Vreel Kudarin
11 January 2004, 01:13 PM
Meeting Adept P'dak as he exits the aft drop portal chamber, Vira proceeds to discuss the matter of the materials available to her on the forthcoming mission. P'dak is very helpful and gives full details of what his workers are stowing aboard the Yorik-veca Assault Craft. There are shaping tools to complement Vira's own, an advanced qahsa to help deal with any significant crafting problems, and the basic ingredients for a wide range of basic shaping projects - mainly light weaponry organisms and toxins. Satisfied with the information, Vira returns to the living quarters zone of Thryr-Duk, passing a detail of several workers and a Shamed One scrubbing a black stain from the floor near a doorway with ulichern sponges.

* * * *

Riker of domain Ge'are, follower of the God of Death, strides across the doral ridge of the Yorik-veca Assault Craft, admiring the quad volcano cannon atop the vessel. The port and starboard sides of the roughly crab-shaped craft sport twin volcano cannons. The standard crew for such a ship is five - pilot and co-pilot, plus three gunners. In the war fleets of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Yorik-vecas will be employed as light gunboats, filling the gap between Coralskippers and corvette analogs. This particular Yorik-veca has been altered slightly so it can better fulfil it's role as a Praetorite Vong insertion craft. It hangs, carefully suspended in the womb-like chamber of the drop portal - a space that will soon be opened to vacuum to release the craft. Riker drops down through the topside portal, behind the green crystal canopy of the cockpit.

Following along behind their pilot comes the rest of the group, the warriors first. Even up this close, the dark-grey Yorik-veca looks sleek, fast, and deadly. Two large, blade-like prongs protrude from the sides of the front of the flat transport, curving in towards the cockpit. At the rear, almost mirroring the appearance of the front are two larger sythe-like blades. Smaller prongs decorate various other locations on the thick, coral hull.

One by one the agents of the Praetorite Vong climb down into the dark craft. The inner hull surface has a greenish, glossy quality, slightly reflective like the inside of a shell. Two rough coral chairs stand side by side at the front of the cramped cockpit, for the pilot and co-pilot. Cognition hoods rest on the surfaces before them. Further back, not directly under the semi-transparent canopy there are two more crew positions, spaced further apart and facing opposite walls. These are for the port and starboard gunners. Further back still, nearer the centre of the thirty-metre-long vessel-creature, and raised on a small black dais, is the seat for the dorsal gunner, who would command the most firepower.

Kanner Ra'an
11 January 2004, 02:24 PM
Riker gleams at the ship. Though he preffers flying coralskippers, he is not at all dissapointed with having to pilot this vessal. His scarred face cant help but form a smile as he enters the cockpit. Eagerly he seats himself in the pilots chair and places the cognition hood on his head. The vessals consiousness and his begin to meld. He can feel the dovin basels, the ships mightly cannons, the structure itself. It flows through him. He can tell instantly the changes the preatorite vong have made, and that he is going to thouroughly enjoy this task. The preatorite vong arn't all bad. I must have pleased Yun Kimara in some way. he thinks, as he continues to explore the ship as if testing a new limb.

12 January 2004, 06:28 AM
Shee'nu took every detail with intense interest through his lookan implant. The ship looked as a marvelous crab that would crush its prey with its mighty claws. Shee'nu almost felt sorry that he would have to associate himself with....unliving abominations. All in the name of duty and the Gods he thought. He moved to the storage alcoves to inspect some of the items stored. Both to inspect and to place some of his items in storage which included his personal curved coufee designed to slit the throats of his enemies. Soon to be Infidel blood.

Hopefully, the Shaper can engineer the creatures and the mission will be completed, Sheenu thought. He remembered that he had to give some specific instructions to his comrades before they land. He dismissed the thought for now...when we have launched i will tell them.

He moved to the cockpit to see Riker in the seat with a cognition hood over his head. "How is the vessel Riker?" asked Shee'nu, thinking that the pilot may be more comfortable with direct combat with the enemy rather then stealth. But the journey he faced through the Gardens reminded Shee'nu that the warriors had adjusted to their new role. "For the Gods be willing, the Invasion will truely begin and you may destroy countless infidel abominations"

Kanner Ra'an
12 January 2004, 12:13 PM
How is the vessel Riker?" asked Shee'nu, thinking that the pilot may be more comfortable with direct combat with the enemy rather then stealth. But the journey he faced through the Gardens reminded Shee'nu that the warriors had adjusted to their new role. "For the Gods be willing, the Invasion will truely begin and you may destroy countless infidel abominations"

"It will serve our purposes." he answers the intendant honestly. "And i look forward to that day we finally bask in the glory of the true invasion." he adds in, changing the subject so that he can avoid having to answer any more questions about the ship. Though he is more at ease around the group, he still knows that Shee'nu is a schemer. He turns back his attention to the ships, getting very well aquanted to every part of it.

13 January 2004, 09:47 AM
As much as he tried on the rare occasions he had to spend time near a vacuum-faring vessel, Aktahl never could find much appreciation for the shapes and designs. Even the weapons themselves bring him little excitement. The young warrior never understood the desire to fight an enemy one could not see, and even less grasped the desire to engage a foe with any kind of ranged weapons.

Moving through the opening, and into the passenger bay, Aktahl proudly carries his personal weapons with him. After storing his gear into a corner of the vessel, he moves about the ship idly, but finds nothing of interest. He spots Riker doing some sort of inspection, and the intendant Shee’nu poking his nose into various articles. Bored with the vessel, the young warrior returns to the passenger area and takes a seat in the pleasantly uncomfortable cabin area. Content to keep his hands away from the controls for the powerful weaponry, Aktahl absentmindedly waits for the mission to embark, and the destruction to begin.

Rogue Janson
13 January 2004, 12:30 PM
Dos looks the Yorik-veca over, before he enters. Starship combat is not as honourable as personal combat, but the ship leaves no doubt that it serves Yun Yammka. The vision of the multiple volcano cannons dealing destruction to the infidels almost makes him smile. It takes an effort to reimpose the notion that if their mission goes well the weapons will not be used. All the better, he supposes. When they infiltrate the facilities there may be the opportunity to find worthy opponents to fight. The intendants might not be happy, but they must allow the warriors their little piece of honour. Then the facilities can be destroyed and the unworthy killed in the most efficient manner.

Boarding the transport, he considers going to the cockpit to check on Riker Ge'are, but rejects the idea. Ge'are may be impulsive, but he does not need overseeing in his own speciality. Instead, Dos follows Aktahl to the passenger area to await their departure.

13 January 2004, 05:39 PM
What an impressive display of the shaping art. Looking the vessel over, Vira can find no apparent faults in the design. The creaters must be very talented. Following everyone aboard, she takes in the reactions of the group. Riker is obviously pleased and is in his element. The warrior's reactions are almost always unable to read. The intendant, Shee'nu, is at the moment talking to Riker. Probably finding out if the ship is good enough. Taking a seat in the passenger area, she begins to make a mental note of the steps she will need to take to create the organism Shee'nu wants.

Vreel Kudarin
14 January 2004, 10:00 AM
From the tiny mouths in his cognition hood, the Yorik-veca speaks to Riker Ge'are in stereo. It gives it's name as the Julaken, a predatory avian from the legendary Homeworld. He feels a hint of eagerness in the complex, symbiotic creature. A longing for release from it's 'mother'. A birth into the dark, airless universe outside.

The myriad creatures that make up the Julaken throb with energy in Riker's head. All of them are prime examples of their kind, the best engineering of the shapers, selected for superior quality and strength. As he gets accustomed to the structure of the vessel, Rikers 'sees' the main modification to the standard configuration is the internal layout, allowing for improved storage and living facilities.

Shee'nu Zhass moves through the storage area, noting that it is arranged neatly into differnt types of equipment. There is a large alcove for hostile environment bio-gear, containing lungworms and gnulliths resting in a deep pool of fluid beneath a clear membrane; and oogliths clinging onto a knobbly tree-like growth of coral. Another alcove is for personal weaponry, with racks of claw-like protrusions grasping spare amphistaffs, tsaisis, and thud bug launchers. Next to these are twin small Yorik-coral nests containing thud and razor bugs.

In a another alcove still, further back in the hold, Shee'nu glimpses something different. He can just make out the forms of three smallish but formidable-looking six-limbed creatures, held in stasis mucus-filled pods. The pods are securely fastened to the inner hull with crash webbing.

Considering the shaping of a metal-eating micro-organism as requested by Executor Zhass, Vira Eonk'asa decides it will be a simple and easily-achieved task. That is, as long as she has some peace to concentrate whilst working. Vira wonders where she will get to do her crafting. Adept P'dak, chief engineer of the Thryr-Duk, had informed her there was a shaping chamber aboard the Yorik-veca, situated towards the aft of the vessel. However, Vira supposes the group may not be able to work from aboard the Assault Craft for the duration of the mission. They will likely have to get very close indeed to the infidels. Probably even live for a time in articial constructs filled with unliving abominations. How will she be able to work in conditions such as that?The thought is most discomforting.

Glaring manically about at his comrades seated in the passenger area just back from the control positions, N'var Spis beats his chest, exclaiming that pride fills his bloodthirsty heart at this noble undertaking. Suddenly his eyes snap to the black dais, atop which is the seat for the dorsal gunner. Eagerly the grey-cloaked figure clambers up and takes his seat. As he dons the cognition hood, and sits back, crash webbing tendrils snake over his body to secure him for the flight.

In the pilot's seat, webbing also wraps about Riker. On the coral surface to which the two pilot cognition hoods are attached, a miniature villip inverts, taking on the facial features of Consul Chk'Alla Kirl. It speaks with the voice of their commander, informing them: "I trust you are all at your stations? Prepare for release. May the Gods speed your holy efforts in this righteous endeavour! Fifteen seconds to opening of drop portal. Fifteen.....Ten.....Five....."

Riker Ge'are feels a sudden burst of energy rush through the bio-systems of the Julaken as the portal opens into space. With a lurch that jars the passengers of the Assualt Craft even through their crash webbing, the transport is away. Through the senses of the Julaken, Riker glimpses one vast side of the Yorik-stronha Spy Ship, seeing a slab of rock slide back into place to disguise the drop portal they have just exited. Confusingly, black space, then a mass of brown, then black space fills his view, but within moments the pilot remembers the Thryr-Duk is maintaining the appearance of a harmless asteroid, even down to the rotation.

Pulling the Julaken away from it's mothership with a thought, Riker maneouvers between several large, genuine chunks of rock amongst which the long form of the Thryr-Duk is hidden. He feels the dovin basals lash out to clear a path through a hail of pebble-sized projectiles. Rolling the craft, Riker sees their target. Anstromm-Feck 4 fills his mind, a monolithic rocky planetoid, bedeckled with patches of unliving infidel lights.

A few of the passengers glance towards the cockpit, and can make out the pinpricks of light on the surface of Anstromm-Feck 4 through the green crystal canopy. Riker sends the Julaken speeding away from the cluster of asteroids that are rocketing starward, hopefully giving out the appearance of a small meteorite diverted by some random collision. Stretching out into the void to sense nearby space through the cognition hood, Riker is pleased to see many genuine pieces of rock are being drawn down into the gravity well of the infidel installation.

'Above' the larger clusters of artificial light, trails of ion streams travel both towards and away from the surface. Riker guesses these to be infidel harvester convoys. Naturally, space looks least busy around the open plains of the planetoid looming ahead. The route ahead presents an element of hazard, being filled with asteroids of all sizes orbiting Anstromm-Feck 4.

"I see our enemy! The ship showed me!" roars N'var Spis from the dorsal gunner's seat. Below the cognition hood that covers the top of his head, the others can see his thin, pointed teeth clenched together. A trickle of blood leaks from his carmine gums. "In the near-distance, ahead and to our right!" shouts the priest of Yun-Yammka, clenching his fists on the arms of his perch.

Reaching out, Riker 'spots' the lone infidel craft. A hated metal construct shaped as a two-pronged shaper's fork. It is small, starfighter sized, and traveling along a course that will meet their own, should Riker continue on a straight vector.

Kanner Ra'an
16 January 2004, 11:36 AM
" Target the infidel, BUT DO NOT FIRE!" Ge'are orders the priest. If theirs one thing the survivor of Domain Ge'are knows, its that attention is never good. He is briefly mistified by the thing the infidels fly. He has always known that the infidels of the galaxy use dead things for their foul purposes, but he has never actually felt one of these abominations before.
Switching his consentration away from the infidel, he focuses on maintaining the pretence that they are a meteorite. He adjusts the ships speed, steadly pushing the dovin basels for more speed to simulate a the effects of gravity.

Vreel Kudarin
16 January 2004, 01:27 PM
Tearing through space, the barbed form of the Julaken bears down upon Anstromm-Feck 4, getting ever closer also to the infidel starfighter. Riker knows that to whatever artificial senses the unholy machine possesses, his craft will seem like any other piece of debris falling to the planetoid 'below'. However, once he flies within visual range of the enemy pilot, he could be recognised as something amiss. Riker is sure the true nature of the vessel would be revealed under the close inspection of living eyes.

"We're almost in firing range! The guns are eager," exclaims N'var, enjoying every minute of controlling the focused arsenal of firepower atop the Yorik-veca Assault Craft, "Wait, the infidel is turning. He's heading back the way he came! We should pursue and wipe him from existence! What if he has seen us for what we are?"

Through his cognition hood, Riker also 'sees' the Y-shaped craft bank around in a tight arc, perhaps reaching the end of it's patrol route. Yellow fire seems to glow in the blasphemous twin engines to each side of the stubby infidel cockpit. The craft certainly does not seem fast or manouverable. If it had been a Yuuzhan Vong starfighter, Riker would have thought it looked old.

Finding it hard to split his attention between sensing and piloting in a ship designed for two pilots, the devotee of Yun-Kimara turns his concentration back to the approach on Anstromm-Feck 4. Orbiting asteroids of all sizes were soon around the craft. Despite maintaining the meteorite pretence, Riker finds he has to make slight adjustments to his course, or else the insertion team will be spread over a very wide area, in very small pieces. Two massive satellites, one roughly spherical, the other like a jagged coral sword, pass close to each other. Rotating the Yorik-veca along it's horizontal plane, Riker skillfully slots the Assault Craft through the narrow gap. He is through the worst of the orbital obstacle course.

"Are we to destroy that infidel fighter or not?!" demands the ever-impatient priest, Spis, from back in the transport. "Any true follower of Yun-Yammka would have pounced and dashed him from the heavens!"

The mountain ranges, rocky plains, craters, and infidel settlements of Anstromm-Feck 4 can now be seen in great detail. It is time to pick a location for landing.

Kanner Ra'an
17 January 2004, 02:46 PM
" I DO NOT WORSHIP YUN YAMMKA, PRIEST! IF I WANT THE CRAFT DESTROYED I WILL SAY IT. Now go, leave my presence. Those without disipline are cannon fodder and NOTHING MORE. Let one of the real warriors take your spot." he shouts at the priest. How the priest could be so stupid as to think the enemy has identified what to the infidels must be a totally alien thing is beoynd him. He begins to take the craft in hard, planning on maintaining thr guise of an asteroid for as long as possible. He begins to strech out with the crafts senses, looking for a suitable place to land.

Vreel Kudarin
18 January 2004, 09:24 AM
"Khapet! You shall pay dearly when you pass over to your vaunted afterlife - may the True Gods devour your soul a thousand times, Ge'are, you grysh-worm!" N'var Spis spits back at the pilot, though the priest does not open fire on the dwindling starfighter. Why the embattled pair were ever assigned to the same insertion team is a mystery perhaps only Yun-Yuuzhan can answer.

The Yorik-veca's long-range senses pass over the terrain far below, showing Riker Ge'are the detail in his mind. The nearest and what looks to be the largest infidel installation is nestled in the curve of a vast U-shaped mountain range. Probing further, Riker observes that the mountains on the far side from the glistening silver towers and domes are riddled with cave entrances. The area he is focusing on lies at the edge of a large crater filled with many smaller impact points. In the greater picture, plains covered with jagged rock stretch beyond this.

The quiet, slightly raspy voice of the cognition hood informs Riker that the installation he is viewing is the primary settlement on the planetoid.

Kanner Ra'an
22 January 2004, 12:36 PM
Riker sneers, but otherwise ignores the priest, having heard the same things a thousand times before. He is confident the fool will obey him as long as he controls the craft, though he can guess their will be reprecussions later on. Not something that entire worries him though, for such an encouter may even be fun.

"Secure yourselves and prepare for landing." Ge'are warns the group. He slowly steers the ship towards one of the smaller impact craters, hoping the ship will be mistaken for an asteroid fragment if spotted. " Keep a lookout for a cave large enough for us to land in." He adds in an afterthought, streching out with the ships senses once more to do the same.

24 January 2004, 12:28 PM
Heeding Riker's notice, Vira gets ready for landing. I have never been on a planet before, what an exciting experience. Watching the other occupants of the transport, she notices the priest is obviously unpleased with Riker's descision. At least the infidel ship didn't notice them. If they would have taken the priests path and attacked the ship, the infidel installation would know something was amiss, and probably send for reinforcements and tighten up security.

Vreel Kudarin
25 January 2004, 12:54 PM
Plummeting down into the large basin of the crater he has chosen, Riker Ge'are waits until almost the last moment to pull the Julaken out of it's dive. No longer acting as a meteorite, the Assault Craft skims over the rocky brown surface of Anstromm-Feck 4, heading towards the cave-filled mountains behind the primary infidel installation. The organic craft leaps over the lip of the crater, and speeds across the few kilometres to the mountain range.

Riker knows that at this altitude, the Yorik-Veca will be hard to spot. Now that the difficult manouevers are over, the pilot can concentrate on the caves ahead. Many of the entrances at the foot of the range appear large enough to accomodate the Julaken. Those towards the peaks are much smaller and less deep. Choosing one almost midway up the pock-marked face of a cliff, so the Yorik-Veca will be harder to spot from the ground, Riker scans the last few hundred metres of the plain.

Suddenly he notices something. A large, blasphemous artificial construct crawling across their flight path near the foot of the mountains. It rolls ponderously towards a cave opening, it's white, hideous cuboid body supported on eight perfect black circles. The infidel vehicle shudders to a halt near the hole, and the Julaken passes behind it a hundred metres or so, dovin basal slowing the Yorik-veca for insertion into the shadow-filled cave.

"That was another target you missed out there, Ge'are!" shouted N'var Spis, tearing his gunnery cognition hood from his face, stimulating the crash webbing to release him, and grabbing his pointed white mask. The Savant priest of the Eradication Sect leapt down from the quad cannon dais. His amphistaff uncoiled itself from around his grey-robed waist and slithered into his clawed hands.

"We had best get out there and destroy the evil construct, in case it saw us," continues N'var, striding towards the pattern on the floor indicating the position of the keel embarkation tongue.

Riker queries the Julaken on what the atmosphere was like. "The air is thin outside. And it's cold. We shall need to wear gnulliths, lungworms, and ooglith cloakers," Riker refers to the organic breathing biots necessary for survival in harsh conditions. The lungworm is a mollusc-like creature that rests on a wearer's back, feeding breathable air through a tube to a gnullith, a star-shaped creature that clutches onto faces. The ooglith cloaker is like a second skin that will protect from extremes of temperature. All of the organisms are painful to don.

Kanner Ra'an
25 January 2004, 03:02 PM
Riker simply ignores the priest. Though he often finds priests annoying, whether because they call him a heritic or believe themselves to be equal fighters to warriors, he cannot remember one so foolish and uterly deviod of any sense of tactics as this priest.

The pilot of domain Ge'are easily fits himself with the neccessary enviromental gear, having donned it for coralskipper piloting. He includes his new vonduun crab armor as well, though he still finds it cumbersom. To the point where he actually considers leaving it behind. He digresses however and waits for the others to finish suiting up.

25 January 2004, 04:07 PM
Aktahl rises from his bench, anger tearing at the seams of his psyche. He growls, baring his teeth and sneers at the quibbling pair. “Back down, priest,” he commands, forgetting that the cleric speaks for the warrior god. “You know not your place.”

He looks about, not moving, although itching to don the appropriate gear so that they can begin their mission. “While I anxiously anticipate the glory of sacrificing the infidels to honor Yun-Yammka, you would do wise to heed the advice of the scarred warriors. Knowing they do not shirk from battle, then their words sting ever more truthful. They caution, especially in light of our current objectives, that there are times where the better part of valor is discretion. There is no doubt that I detest this work of intendants, sulking through the shadows to deceive our adversaries instead of meeting them head-on in the fields of strife; but that is our role to play. Mind that, or I will serve to leave you a reminder never to forget the orders which we follow.”

His eyes bore into the priest, his chest heaving with the anger that swells inside him. After the priest breaks eye contact, Aktahl moves to dress in the appropriate attire, helping the rest of his team to do the same, and reviewing the status of his weapons that will accompany him into the infidel’s cold and unliving lair.

26 January 2004, 09:21 AM
Shee'nu stroked the crash webbing to release him then he got up from the bench.

"That was another target you missed out there, Ge'are!" shouted N'var Spis

The Priest is quite blood thirsty but that can be expected from the Eradication Sect. I will have to keep on eye on him to make sure he doe s not ruin these plans... thought Shee'nu. He was about to speak when he the warrior Aktahl got of his bench and stood.

“Back down, priest,” he commands, forgetting that the cleric speaks for the warrior god. “You know not your place.”

That will keep the priest quiet for a while thought Shee'nu. He made his way to the supply alcove where he gathered the symbionts to keep him alive in the environment as Riker mentioned it is not suitable for breathing unaided.

“While I anxiously anticipate the glory of sacrificing the infidels to honor Yun-Yammka, you would do wise to heed the advice of the scarred warriors. Knowing they do not shirk from battle, then their words sting ever more truthful. They caution, especially in light of our current objectives, that there are times where the better part of valor is discretion. There is no doubt that I detest this work of intendants, sulking through the shadows to deceive our adversaries instead of meeting them head-on in the fields of strife; but that is our role to play. Mind that, or I will serve to leave you a reminder never to forget the orders which we follow.” the warrior continued.

The comment on the Intendants filled Shee'nu with anger but he kept himself restrained. No matter what they say the warriors serve us thought Shee'nu, and continued equipping himself with the symbionts.

"Pol dwag comrades, we have gone through much together and now we land on the first world in the Promised Land. Remember that this land is full of infidels who have no concept of honour and use their vile...machines like the many creations of the Gods. If you cannot hide your disgust then i suggest staying away from the infidels. Hide your movements well and kill if only to silence someone who knows of our true purpose" Shee'nu said, turning then stopped "Also if you hear of a jeedai being on this world i want you to meet me as quick as you can".

He made his way to the Shaper "Once we settle ourselves on this... dead world, we shall see to it that your equipment is well hidden from the Infidels. After that make with ahste the production of those creatures i asked" he said and then walked off.

Rogue Janson
26 January 2004, 11:32 AM
Rising from his seat, Dos moves quickly to don his ooglith and lungworm. While he does this, he listens to Aktahl's tirade against N'var Spis. So far at least, the priest has not acted on his calls for attack. He is simply an irritant, with his constant chatter. So far, Dos thinks. Should the priest forget his place and prejudice their mission, retribution will be swift.

Dos pays the tiny cilia of the ooglith little attention as they slip into his pores like minuscule needles. He wonders if Spis' ravings are simply to offend Riker Ge'are. Ge'are's beliefs are certainly suspicious, but the pilot is a competent warrior, so Dos feels Yun Yammka must be willing to tolerate his offences.

As the probscis of the lungworm slithers down his throat, Dos listens to Executor Zhass' words. The Executor is the most knowledgeable about the infidels and their ways, and his advice is sound. Still, he lacks the fury of a warrior that brings glory to the gods and gives the Yuuzhan Vong their strength.

Following Zhass, Dos steps out of the Julaken's portal, his eyes straining to adjust to the cave's dim light as he looks around steadily.

Vreel Kudarin
27 January 2004, 10:06 AM
N'var Spis's young, pale, blue-tinged face flushes dark with anger. Hissing through his needle-like teeth at Aktahl, the masked priest storms over to the coral nodules and pulls off an ooglith cloaker, placing the milky, translucent second-skin at his bare feet. He removes his masked hat, and allows the ooglith to drag itself up over his flesh under his robe, inserting burning tendrils into his pores to lock itself to his body. He shivers with delight at the pain, and glares back at the warriors preparing to leave the Julaken.

Moving between her fellow Praetorite Vong agents, Vira Eonk'asa distributes a tizowyrm to each. This tiny creature, when placed inside an ear, translates the infidel tongue known as 'Basic', allowing the user to both understand and speak, albleit with slight delay, the language.

N'var Spis moves then to the gnullith pool, pushing Vira aside to get there, and fishes out one of the star-shaped organisms, making sure it is a lungworm-gnullith symbiote. Grasping the flailing tube that snakes from the back of the gnullith in one sharp-fingernailed hand, he addresses the others before he allows the gnullith's proposcis to slither into his mouth: "Perhaps the warriors would like to show us how to reach and infiltrate our target! If we are to maintain this skulking, I doubt us striding in their front portal will flow well with Executor Zhass's plans. And are we to lug Eonk'asa's equipment with us now?"

Executor Zhass has unfurled the embarkation tongue into the thin atmosphere of Anstromm-Feck 4 with a spoken command to the vessel-creature. He is followed down into the dark cave by the hulking form of Dos Ka'shek. The cavern narrows suddenly a little way ahead, preventing Riker from having flown any further. Before he is halfway down the ramp, Dos hears N'var ranting something at his back. However, his attention is distracted as he catches sight of a leathery wing flitting across the cave, revealed briefly in the low-level green bioluminescence from the cockpit canopy. The Executor appears to have missed the movement.

Back in the Assault Craft, the Savant slaps the breathing organism onto his face and affixes the lungworm to his back. He then steps into the weapons alcove, selecting a spare amphistaff that he coils around his waist, a living bandolier of ten thud bugs and three razorbugs, and two plasma eels that he wraps around his forearms.

Kanner Ra'an
27 January 2004, 11:04 AM
The pilot from domain Ge'are shifts his head slightly as the tizowyrm settles into his ear. Thinking of weapons, Riker chooses his own personal domain Ge'are amphistaff. To supplament it he grabs a bandoleer of eight razor bugs, only two thud bugs, and a plasma eel as well. After strapping the creatures over his armor he heads out into the cave. Though he is curious as to what a planet actually is like, he is catious. He has heard that life on these worlds is untamed and wild, more like the young amphistaffs then the creatures that he uses every day.

This will be interesting he thinks as he decends down the ramp.

Rogue Janson
28 January 2004, 11:00 AM
Unable to speak with the gnullith clamped to his face, Dos signals to those behind him using combat gestures that he has seen movement, but no threat.

Stepping off the Julaken's ramp, Dos speeds his pace. This is his first time on any planetoid bar the Yuuzhan Vong's worldships, but it is little but a barren waste. The rock has a different feel, texture and look to the yorik coral of the Yuuzhan Vong, but it is still less than inspiring. It is only right that we should prove ourselves here before we truly see the glories of the promised land, Dos thinks.
With his initial assessment finished though, there is a task at hand. Dos hurries towards the cave entrance to find a position from which to view the area around; another of the party should take the rear of the cave. With the Julaken's safety and secrecy thus assured, they will be able to plan the next step.

28 January 2004, 11:14 AM
Cloaked in his protective gear, and armed with only his amphistaff, Aktahl follows Dos out of the crafted vessel and into the cave. His eyes search about for the flying creature his companion mentions, as well as keeping an eye on the priest. Without communication, he falls into the entrenched tactical movements, and mirrors Dos’ positioning, but at the rear of the cavern. He lays down in almost perfect unison with his teammate, setting up a careful security point for the cave.

Vreel Kudarin
29 January 2004, 01:00 PM
The mighty Dos Ka'shek moves through the shadows to the mouth of the cave, noting that the Julaken is settled a good twenty metres in, almost it's length. All is silent in the thin air of Anstromm-Feck 4, and the low gravity makes Dos feel much lighter. A narrow shelf of rock protrudes from the lower lip of the cave, leading down to further jagged outcroppings that could facilitate a way down to ground level. There is no sky to speak of, only a black film of innumerable stars. Once he was looking towards these very suns, now he is in amongst them.

Scanning the ground for the infidel vehicle, Dos spots it easily, a hundred metres over to his right. As he watches, a gigantic tongue of blue flame leaps from the machine's 'head', filling a low-level cave. The abomination repeats this mockery of life several times, before rolling backwards, then moving along to a cave nearer Dos's position, and starting the whole procedure again. He didn't notice it at first, but now he sees it. A small platform hovers in the air, dozens of metres above the machine-beast. On it rides what appears to be a bulky infidel in a white protective suit. This tiny vehicle glides into a cave midway up the mountain, launching it's own, smaller, gouts of plasma-fire from an infidel weapon as it moves.

At the back of the cavern, Aktahl Rna approaches the narrow gap, his eyes slowing becoming accustomed to the dark. Lowering himself to the ground, he tries to spot the movement Dos noticed. Glancing quickly over his shoulder to see what N'var Spis is up to, Aktahl watches the priest bounding down the ramp in the low gravity, past Vira, Riker, and Shee'nu, bearing a glowing lambent crystal. The Savant nears Aktahl, casting a pale blue light over the walls of the cave.

Suddenly revealed in the light, tens of sucker-mouthed, winged creatures leap from the gap, pouring forth from their cramped hiding space at the rear of the cave. The olive-coloured creatures beat their wings furiously, batting them at N'var and Aktahl as they pass on their desperate escape from the cave. The swarm engulfs the Yuuzhan Vong agents - two attempt to latch onto Aktahl, whilst N'var and Shee'nu each find one of the beasts crashing into them and trying to rake away with their sharp talons. N'var drops his lambent to the hard floor of the cave as he tries to protect his eyes with his flailing arms. The walls are covered with shifting, demon-like shadows in the light of the luminescent crystal.

The rest of the swarm is channeled into three groups as it passes around the Yorik-veca, then out over Dos's head. Once outside, the swarm reforms and uses outcroppings of rock to propel themselves higher up the cliff-face.

30 January 2004, 02:48 PM
Shocked at the sudden movement of the beasts, Aktahl drops to the ground and waits for a moment, trying to figure out their motivation. Behind the living mask, his eyes go wide a thought that scares him. Their movement might attract undue attention here! Quickly he moves from his hidden vantage point towards Dos.

At the larger warrior’s side, Aktahl motions through a silent form of hand signals that they need to move immediately. He points to the flying beasts and then to the infidels blasphemous vessels, and then to his eyes. Trying to relay that they might be spotted may be difficult, for stealthy operations had not been a standard of training with which the young warrior grew up. Luckily their time in direct preparation for this mission had helped instill some of those communication techniques.

I hope they get the idea that we have to move now. Clenching his teeth, he waits for a moment to see if Dos understands. After a moment, irregardless if the other comprehends, Aktahl moves out, taking the point guard position as he snakes away from the cavern.

2 February 2004, 09:23 AM
Shee'nu turned and saw a large flight of creatures rising from the cave entrance when N'var brought his lambents close. The swarm of creatures moved towards the Yuuzhan Vong. One of the beasts slammed into Shee'nus body, trying to use its claws to cause him pain. Stupid creature, i shall not be denied he thought. Trying to force his hand on top fo the beast and force it to the ground. He forced his weight on the creature he also went down so that any infidels then moved his hand to grab hold of his coufee to kill the creature that dared attack him.

Rogue Janson
2 February 2004, 01:06 PM
The swarm of creatures passes over Dos' head leaving him unmolested. His amphistaff remains curled at his waist. Understanding Aktahl's gestures, he glances back at the others before proceeding. Ge'are and Spis both have plasma eels - though he doesn't trust the priest to use his wisely. It should be sufficient; there are only two vehicles, though sadly they will not be able to destroy the blasphemous creations as thoroughly as they might want

Confident that they are well-enough equipped, he follows Aktahl cautiously - a manner that is slowly becoming more natural for him - down the slope.

Vreel Kudarin
2 February 2004, 01:09 PM
As Aktahl bounds towards the mouth of the cavern, the two confused animals who had been trying to find purchase on his chitin armour fly straight towards the embarkation tongue of the Julaken. One sails over Riker's and Vira’s heads into the vessel, whilst the other swoops down on the Initiate shaper, the small hooks on its leathery wings whipping through the air. Vira easily avoids it’s poorly coordinated attack.

Meanwhile, the winged creature harrying N’var is batted away as the priest shakes off his initial shock and lashes out. Summoning his amphistaff into his hands, he strikes the cave dweller with his rigid weapon. The creature is knocked off-course, one of its wings torn, though it flies again at N’var, almost enveloping his knuckles in it’s gaping, suckered mouth. N’var Spis’s young, clumsily-scarred face becomes a scowl under his gnullith, and he swipes out again, shearing the alien creature in two with the razor-edged end of his amphistaff.

A few metres behind the priest of Yun-Yammka, Executor Zhass attempts to grapple and pin the winged animal to the floor of the cave, so he can stab it. However, the creature swirls around Shee’nu, forcing the intendant to turn, just avoiding the aerial pest’s wing-hooks. Again Zhass grabs with one hand, coufee ready in his other, but the creature evades him once more, trying but failing to bite the Yuuzhan Vong’s face in return.

As Dos and Aktahl climb down from the cavern ledge to the rocky outcrop below, heading away from the Yorik-veca’s hiding place, they look down at the infidel vehicles. The large, many-wheeled crawler is now a mere seventy-metres or so away, having cast its blue fire into a low-level cave, then rolled along to the next, getting ever closer to the Julaken.

As he glances over his armoured shoulder whilst lowering himself to the cliff ledge below, Aktahl sees the flying slab gliding his way. It’s pilot seems to have noticed them, or has been attracted by the winged aliens escaping the cave. The infidel riding the gravity-defying abomination is frantically gesturing with his arms. In a few seconds, the hovering platform will be upon the pair of warriors.

(OoC: N'var -4VPs)

Rogue Janson
3 February 2004, 01:58 PM
Dos ducks in amongst a group of boulders. If the pilot hasn't seen them then surprise will be a great weapon. If they have been spotted then hopefully the pacifistic fool will not realise their intent and will approach within striking distance. The infidel flier could easily escape their clutches, or report their presence if given a chance, so they will have to disable it quickly.

Dos peers round to check on the progress of the others, particularly Ge'are and Spis whose plasma eels and thud bugs may be necessary. He curses the fact the priest probably doesn't properly understand warrior hand signals. Still, as long as he attacks fast and effectively Spis will have done his job.

4 February 2004, 04:02 AM
The creature was still alive and trying to use its sharp claws to harm Shee'nu. His repeated attempts to slay the beast had failed. He continued trying to force the creature down to kill it. He quickly spared a glance to see his surrounding and where his comrades were.

4 February 2004, 01:52 PM
Aktahl looks about, trying to find a way to gain the advantage of height on the monstrosity that advances on their position. Using the silent communication through hand signals, he indicates to Dos his intentions to move and begins advancing. He hopes to put himself in a position to jump onto the infidel’s platform.

Continuing to glance back to Dos for any other orders, the lone warrior carries out his solitary plan.

Kanner Ra'an
4 February 2004, 05:13 PM
Sneering at the creatures, Riker quickly uncoils his amhistaff and indiscriminatly luanches a glob of poison at the flying thing after it attempts to attack Vira. Vermin! the pilot thinks. as if we did not have enough all ready. he finishes as he glares towards Spis. Having seen one fly into the vessel, he turns and heads back towards the ship. I am a warrior of Domain Ge'are. A servent and slayer of Yun Kimara. Why i am playing exterminator. No wonder the intendants thrive in this sect. he privatly rants to himself as he enters the ship, looking for the flying vermin before it can do any damage.

Vreel Kudarin
7 February 2004, 01:40 PM
Launched from Riker Ge’are’s amphistaff, the black glob of venom glides through the air in the low gravity, but instead of hitting the animal pestering Vira, it slaps against the neck of the shaper. Reflexively, Vira Eonk’asa turns away from the venom impact, avoiding getting any on the parts of her face not covered by her ooglith cloaker or gnullith. However, the cloaker biot tightens slightly, and Vira feels it rippling, tugging at her pores painfully. There is a chance the ooglith may be dead in a few hours from the venom. Luckily there are plenty of spares aboard the Julaken.

Vira notices N’var out of the corner of her eye as she faces her opponent. The grey-crobed figure stands a few metres away, near Shee’nu, his bald, blue-tinged scalp exposed above his gnullith, simply watching Vira. Producing her shaper’s coufee from inside her garments, she slashes deftly at the flyer, forcing it away from her. It makes a jab of it’s own using it’s wing hooks, but Vira blocks the attack. Eventually it flees, swooping low under the Yorik-veca, following in the wake of the rest of the swarm.

Rushing on past Vira, Riker searches the inside of the Yorik-veca for the other flyer he saw, noticing the revertion to ‘normal’ gravity simulated by the dovin basals. He quickly spots his target, attached to the front of the dorsal gunner dais, near the centre of the living vessel. The follower of Yun-Kimara strikes the creature solidly with his rigid amphistaff, smiting it to the hard coral floor. Weakly it tries to launch itself back down the unfurled embarkation tongue, but Riker strides after it and slices it’s head section from it’s body with a clean horizontal cut.

Several metres in front of Vira, who stands on the embarkation tongue, Executor Shee’nu Zhass slashes out at the agile winged creature as it beats it’s wings wildly in the thin air. Bobbing up over Shee’nu’s head to avoid the attack, the animal lashes with it’s long tail, almost catching the Executor on one cheek. Spinning, Shee’nu stabs with his coufee, his cloaking seeming to hang in the air momentarily, due to the lower gravity of this planetoid. Though his blow falls just short, the creature is sufficiently threatened to flee. It sails around in a tight arc, dodging one last swipe from the Executor, and passing along the starboard side of the Julaken, out the mouth of the cave.

Watching it escape, a word enters Shee’nu’s mind: ‘mynocks’. An infidel term, it is the name of these creatures. From his study of the reports on the Promised Land, he now remembers them. They are a vacuum-based vermin, widespread in this galaxy. They feed on energy sources, and as such, pose little threat to the Julaken.

From his crouched position behind a large rock on the cliff ledge, Aktahl Rna watches as the hovering infidel platform slows to a halt less than half a metre from the edge. Hulking Dos Ka’shek hides nearby, ready to back Aktahl up should he need assistance. The tall infidel riding the platform wears a white insulating suit and transparent-visored helmet, but appears unarmed save for the plasma-casting weapon mounted on his small vehicle. Aktahl can see he has the face of the unworthy ones known as Humans, but this one appears larger and bulkier than what Aktahl has been led to believe is normal for the species.

From his position, Dos can still see the larger, wheeled abomination at the foot of the mountain, almost a hundred metres below and now forty metres out to the right. It is continuing to purge the lower caves with its incandescent azure fire. The star-filled firmament above is busy with machine-traffic and plummeting debris from the asteroids that litter the system.

The platform infidel glances around jerkily, as if looking for something in particular around the mouth of the cave and surrounding outcrops of rock. He almost stumbles and falls from his ride as Aktahl leaps from his cover and jumps easily onto the left side of the platform. Holding his amphistaff like a spear before him, Aktahl punctures the suit and chest of the infidel, and steps aside to avoid a flurry of frantic punches from the terrified man.

The large Human stands almost as tall and wide as Dos, but is no challenge for Aktahl. Striking again, he slashes under the helmet of the infidel, slitting his throat. Red blood gouts from the wound and the body collapses to the deck of the platform.

(OoC: Shee’nu -3VPs)

9 February 2004, 03:33 AM
Aktahl begins to hurl the body off the floating platform but stops, catching himself. The dead body will only force them to look into the cave, revealing our location. His eyes lower to the controls, hoping to find a way to move the monstrosity of a flying vessel. Silently he curses to himself, How can they use this… confounded contraption?!

Jumping lithely to the ground, he crouches near Dos. He motions to the slowly lumbering infidel beast still a ways out from their location. After indicating the two of them, Aktahl signs that they should advance and surround it, ambushing it as it advances on their location.

Rogue Janson
10 February 2004, 10:23 AM
Were it not for the gnullith in his throat, Dos would have let out a cry of victory. Of course the infidel pilot was hardly a challenge, but this is their first blow against the enemy and Aktahl's attack was perfectly executed. The flyer rocks slightly as Aktahl leaps off, his landing throwing up a thin cloud of dust.

Responding to his companion's signals, Dos gestures back towards the cave to indicate no-one else has emerged yet. If they are to destroy the crawler, they may need plasma eels. The idea that perhaps the winged creatuers they encountered are more dangerous than they look crosses his mind briefly, but he ignores it, unable to believe they could challenge the Yuuzhan Vong. Regardless, he sets off with Aktahls towards to vehicle. If they need the plasma eels, Riker and Spis can bring them later.

Otherwise we may have all the fighting to ourselves he thinks with a smile.

14 February 2004, 04:44 AM
Worthless mynock, will not even stay and fight. thought Shee'nu. Though it pains him for thinking it, the fight with the mynock took too much time. A curious thought wandered into his mind though they are not one of Yun-Yuuzhans creations, it may be possible to change them to serve the Yuuzhan Vong. He pulled himself to the present and looked around. Dos and Aktahl have gone forward, possibly to face more of the mynocks. He decided to move back to the Julaken to see if his comrades were alright.

Vreel Kudarin
18 February 2004, 10:17 AM
Aktahl Rna looks over the blasphemous controls of the repulsor sled briefly, before jumping back to the outcropping of rock a little way below the cavern. There are a number of rune-like symbols that could be unholy imitations of Yuuzhan Vong control blister pads, and something that reminded Aktahl of a small bone protruding from the stand near the artificial plasma weapon. If he knew how to operate the infidel vehicle, clearly it would be the fastest way down the mountain.

Dos Ka’shek once more at his side, Aktahl begins to climb further down the cliff-face, working his way down to progressively lower ledges and outcroppings. The warriors feel lighter in the gravity of Anstromm-Feck 4. Below the two warriors, the large wheeled machine-beast moves to the next cave. Soon they will be directly above it, perhaps only twenty or so metres away. There are ample footholds, but in places the rock is fragile and treacherous, breaking away as an armoured foot or hand is placed on it.

Well-practiced in climbing, Dos is surprised when both his feet shear through a lip of rock. Aktahl makes a swipe for Dos’s massive arm, but misses, and Dos falls relatively lightly for his mass to the outcropping far below. Bending his knees to cushion the impact, and twisting as he lands to avoid a jagged mineral clump, Dos is unscathed, though it was a close call.

As he watches Aktahl continue his descent, Dos spots N’var exiting the cave, apparently very eager to catch up with the warriors. The priest of Yun-Yammka signals something to the others, then raises a plasma eel, aiming for the repulsor platform. A little over a minute later, Aktahl has made his way down to Dos. As they peer over their ledge, the infidel crawler comes into view, ponderously manoeuvring in front of the cave that must be below the pair of Yuuzhan Vong.

The unliving vehicle is almost twenty metres in length, and perhaps six wide. It is hideously angular in design, an unnatural white, and riding on eight identical circular devices over the rough ground. The cockpit at the front has a large transparent canopy through which the warriors can see two crew. One infidel stands up from his chair and disappears from sight towards the rear of the cabin. Behind the crew compartment, a flat bed appears to be carrying another three of the flying platforms. Space for the one Aktahl attacked is clearly visible on the back of the crawler. The vehicle is a little over a dozen metres below the warriors.

Striding back to the Julaken, Executor Shee’nu Zhass sees Riker Ge’are at the top of the Julaken's embarkation tongue, his amphistaff blade slick with mynock internal fluids. Vira Eonk’asa stands halfway down the ramp, replacing her coufee inside her garment. Zhass gets a brief glance of the skin-tight ooglith cloaker she, like all the operatives, wear beneath their personal attire, be it armour or robe.

N’var Spis turns to look at Shee’nu for a second, before ducking under the Yorik-veca, and hurrying to the mouth of the cave. Vira points at the dark glob of venom on the skin of the ooglith around her neck, then walks back inside the Julaken. She stimulates the dying organism to slip from her body, falling to the floor like a leathery rag below her shaper clothes. The young shaper feels the chill of the Anstromm-Feck 4 air as she dons a replacement ooglith.

Before he heads after Dos and Aktahl, N’var Spis looks along the cliffs to his left, in the opposite direction to the pair of warriors. He sees, in the distance, a number of other infidel crawlers. He sneers underneath his gnullith as they pour their azure plasma-fire into caves. He wonders what the purpose of their activities is. Perhaps Executor Zhass knows. I care not, they shall be destroyed regardless!

Turning back to the others, N’var signals: Infidel targets below, before pointing in the direction of the distant vehicles. As agents of the Praetorite Vong, all the operatives present have gone through basic training in the hand gestures used by the specialist warriors known as Hunters. They should understand.

N’var then notices the small infidel vehicle hovering a short distance from the mouth of the cave. Cursed thing! Stretching out his left arm, a plasma eel uncurls itself into his fist. Running both hands along it, N’var causes it to stiffen into a spear, and raises it, preparing to hurl the explosive biot at the hovering infidel sled.

(OoC: Dos -9 VPs)

21 February 2004, 04:31 AM
Aktahl crouches next to Dos, ready to begin their assault on the crawling monstrosity. He readies to jump over the cliff but stops himself, easing back down, considering an option. Signaling to Dos, he indicates the crawler and then in a surprise twist, that they should not attack it. His hand signals continue, instructing that they should regroup with the others, and then assault their main objective, the base. The unscarred warrior hopes that Dos understands his intentions, in the situation where they cannot speak to each other. It is better to attack the head and communications than the many luscious targets below. If we attack these smaller groups, but allow the main portion to call for aid, then we have already failed in our covertness.

Kanner Ra'an
21 February 2004, 07:30 AM
Hostiles, already. the pilot thinks at N'var's single. Deciding not to waste time on speculating their motives, Riker runs up to the mounth of the cavern to join the other warriors. He makes sure once he reaches the outer portion of the cave to not make his movements readily apparent to anyone watching the cave.

As soon as he is beside Dos and Aktahl the pilot looks out to the terrein to see whatever it is that threarens them. Maybe their will be some honor for Yun Kimara in... co-operating with the Preatorite Vong. the pilot silently tells himself, unwhiling to even begin to think of himself as their servant.

He serves only one master.

22 February 2004, 05:18 AM
Have we been spotted? thought Shee'nu, wondering if their mission has proven to be a failure or not. He sees Riker moving in the direction where Dos and Aktahl moved to after the mynock attack. He began to consider whether he should stay with the Shaper or follow the warriors. The Shaper is important to his plans to destroy the infidel facility. He decided to follow Riker to the mouth of the cave but didnot continue. He moved behind the rocks to conceal him from the view of anyone who might be watching. He looked to see what has stalled the warriors, using the implant eye to 'remember' what happens and if anything triggers the implants memory of villip recordings he read on the infidels.

Rogue Janson
22 February 2004, 01:37 PM
In the airless chill, Dos silently considers the best course of action. His instinct, of course, is to attack immediately, but the loss of a crawler - even if no distress signal is received - will undoubtedly provoke a search. On the other hand, another flyer will surely be sent up to investigate and perhaps search the area.

Dos thinks back to the tactical doctrines and theoretical situations he has studied, hoping for an answer to the dilemma. He is highly uncomfortable with his indecision and thankful there is no superior officer present and he has the time to consider. In an alternative situation, the consequences of indecision could be fatal.

Vreel Kudarin
23 February 2004, 01:16 PM
Striding past N’var as he hoists his plasma eel, Riker of domain Ge’are clambers down the cliff after Aktahl and Dos. His amphistaff rests, coiled around his right forearm. More accustomed to piloting yorik-coral vessels than scaling rocks, Riker soon finds it a challenge not to fall. Every now and then the outcrops level-out, allowing normal movement, but for the most part he has to worm his way down through jagged, brittle terrain.

After a minute or so, Riker reaches the area Dos fell from. The cliff-face here curves in on itself, forcing him to support his own weight completely, hanging from a lip of rock for a few seconds, before he can swing in to better handholds and make the final climb down to Dos’s and Aktahl’s position. However, struggling to reach the sheer face of the rock, the fringe of ledge he hangs from cracks then breaks in his hands, sending him into freefall. The low gravity of Anstromm-Feck 4 lessens the impact, but the follower of Yun-Kimara lands slightly awkwardly. Looking up, he sees his fellow warriors are only a few metres away, hiding behind some large rocks above the abominable infidel vehicle.

As he approaches, he watches Aktahl signing not to attack the infidel vehicle. Riker can see the massive warrior Dos is torn by indecision, considering their options carefully. The warriors have now spotted the other infidel crawlers in the far distance to their left, all at the foot of the mountain range, presumably flaming unseen caves.

The occupants of the vehicle will eventually notice their missing flying machine, and a search would uncover our vessel. The crawler carries three more of the floating platforms. But if we destroy or disable the abomination, other infidels will look for it, and that could lead them to the Julaken. Perhaps we could allow the vehicle to leave, maybe ambush it elsewhere, muses the hulking warrior.

Dos thinks of the wider picture: These unholy vehicles must return to a base of operations once their work is done. We have seen no evidence of a settlement on this side of the mountain range. The primary installation of the Anstromm-Feck star system is on the other side of these mountains. For a brief moment, the unthinkable creeps into Dos’s keen tactical mind – that the insertion team capture the crawler, decipher its controls, and pilot it to the infidel city, using it, and ooglith masquers, as a guise to gain entry.

Certainly the possibility of such events was raised during the Praetorite Vong training. The group had been assured that should such necessities arise, a Yuuzhan Vong could be absolved through purification rituals, upon returning from infidel ‘civilisation’.

Executor Shee’nu Zhass crouches near to N’var, hiding behind a rock, and scanning the area at the foot of the mountain. He sees Riker climbing down towards Dos and Aktahl, who are positioned above a cave where the wheeled vehicle is pouring its blue fire. Thinking of the mynock swarm in the cave, and these abominations, Shee’nu considers the possibilities. To the infidel peoples of the Promised Land, mynocks are pests, feeding on artificial energy sources, draining machines of their unlife. They must be attempting to purge this planetoid of mynocks, meaning the creatures may have become a serious problem.

Movement to his left brings his attention back to the fiery priest of Yun-Yammka. Vira has appeared from inside the cave, and has apparently stopped N’var from throwing his plasma eel at the repulsor sled. N’var gestures frantically at the machine carrying the dead body, hovering near the lip of the wide cave ledge. He raises his explosive biot once more, but Vira moves to step in his way. The priest pushes her roughly aside, making a hand gesture of curse.

(OoC: Riker -8 VPs)

24 February 2004, 06:32 AM
Still pondering their options, Aktahl realizes that the crawler provides a limited threat at the moment, and the flying contraption he had already encountered might draw greater attention. Making a decision, he signals to Riker and Dos that they should retreat up the hill, and pointing to the flyer he indicates that he thinks they should focus on that, giving a signal to subdue, instead of eliminate, which seems strange since the flying thing does not live. He further signals then they should regroup and sneak under cover to the mining facility, the target of their mission. Indicating the base, he signals that the team should focus on eliminating the ability to call for help first, and then strike the infidels without hesitation.

Rogue Janson
26 February 2004, 10:04 AM
Whatever we do, they will most likely look for us, Dos thinks. Therefore we should strike now while they are unawares. The flyers are also a problem - should one lift off, it could he as hard to catch as a skarn fly.

Dos tries to communicate to the others in the slightly limited language of hunter's signs. The mother will send its flying children to look for its lost child. Strike now while they are unaware. He bridles at describing unliving monstrosities as living creatures.

Kanner Ra'an
1 March 2004, 11:22 AM
Riker peers over a rock at the unliving abominations that have the focus of the other warriors. What sick beings plague this galaxy that would live with things like that. the warrior thinks at the sight of the crawler. He sees the other warriors comunicating in hand signals, catching the basics of what they have to say. The though of crawling away from the infidels disgusts him, and he hungers for the destruction of their dead creatures.

Eyes cannot see if they are jabbed out. Kill them now and leave none to look. he signals to the others, his hands moving in the movments almost violently. He then points to his plasma eel, then to the blasphemous vehicle below.

17 March 2004, 05:22 AM
Shee'nu scowled at this turn of events. They had arrived on this planet and may be spotted by infidel abominations. This does not please me he thought. Looking around on what action the warriors may take. I will see what Dos has to offer in these situations.....if he succeeds in preventing our presence being found than i will...'let' him take command of these decisions while i focus on completing our mission he thought. He snuck a glance to see where everyone was positioned.

Vreel Kudarin
17 March 2004, 12:36 PM
As the hand signals fly back and forth between the warriors, one of the repulsor platforms, manned by an infidel, rises from the rear of the wheeled vehicle, steering well clear of a sudden gout of plasma fire from the unholy weapon mounted above the crawler's crew cabin. The windscreen of the vehicle darkens in response to the bright, short-lived azure flames.

Rising slowly, the new gravity-defying sled approaches the level of the warriors, heading in the direction of the cave far above, where the Julaken is secreted. The helmet of the infidel pilot seems fixed in the direction of first repulsor platform.

The infidel suddenly raises one gloved hand to the side of his helmet as a bright white flash reflects on his faceplate. Up above the warriors, near Shee'nu's hiding place, the first repulsor sled has exploded. debris fall in slow motion, flaming briefly in the thin atmosphere.

The Executor watches as N'var stands looking proud with himself at the destruction of the abomination. He strides over to Shee'nu, making no attempt at concealment. Far below and to his right slightly, Shee'nu can see this second repulsor sled has been halted by it's pilot, just below the ledge where Aktahl, Dos and Riker are crouched. The infidel seems stunned to inaction by the silent explosion.

Kanner Ra'an
17 March 2004, 01:22 PM
Riker nearly breaks his jaw to hold back the thousand curses that wish to flow from his mouth. I will rip that infernal priests foul heart from his chest and feed it to my K'zartak. the warrior thinks, one of many idea he has for N'var should his stupidity not get the Preatorite Vong team killed.

Collecting himself, Riker rips his plasmaa eel from its resting spot. No going back now he thinks, then silences his thoughts and lets his anger take over. The warrior looks over the edge, seeing the infidel pilot and his dead beast stunned in shock. Not waiting for the infidel to react, the pilot violently throws his explosive down towards the craft.

18 March 2004, 10:04 AM
How dare that Priest!! the Executor thought angrily. Now they had been seen and they would have to cover their movements which would be difficult. He looked to see the infidel hover craft and how much closer it was getting. The warriors must dispose of that now and cover up the remains. thinking than silently cursed himself that they had no villips with which to communicate with one another. Also because he felt that he should have stopped the Priest.

It was a mistake to believe the Priest could learn..'patience' he further thought. He then turned back to see if the Shaper was safe. Perhaps some 'shaped' mynocks will cover this mess up he smiled at the thought.

18 March 2004, 05:13 PM
Cursing in his mind, Aktahl wishes he had killed the zealot when he had the chance instead of letting him continue with his plans to attack the infidels too quickly. Nearly hurling himself over the ledge to the hovering platform, the unscarred warrior holds himself back at the last moment as Riker releases the plasma eel. Again, curses fly behind the protective hood. The precious waste of our limited resources is stupid when we can so easily kill them in close combat, even if they do not deserve that honor. Choosing the next nearest target, he taps Dos’ shoulder to indicate they should move together and attack the crawler before he begins his descent.

Rogue Janson
20 March 2004, 03:12 AM
Dos looks back over his shoulder in shock and anger as the repulsor platform detonates behind him. May Yun Yammka take that priest in his maw then spit him out like a piece of bad kresh. He looks briefly for Eonk’asa and Zhass. Why did the executor not stop the foolish priest? Perhaps in his madness, Spis has slain the scheming intendant. The thought almost brings a smile to Dos' lips.

He turns back as Riker hurls his plasma eel at the second platform. With Aktahl, he begins the climb down to the infidel crawler, hurrying impatiently down the rock face to reach his target.
This is what comes of being led by intendants. Now the servants of Yun Yammka must do the real work.

Vreel Kudarin
5 April 2004, 09:20 AM
Riker straightens his plasma eel before hurling the rigid, spear-like organism. A trail of orange flames flicker at the tail end, whilst the serpent-like head glows white with building plasma energy. The plasma eel impacts with its target, the front of the repulsor sled erupting with a flash than incinerates one of the infidel rider's legs and destroys whatever unholy imitation of a dovin basal powers the tiny platform. The vehicle, and it's slain pilot, briefly burn as they fall the short distance to the jagged rocks at the foot of the mountain.

As the anti-grav platform, sheared almost in half, tumbles to the ground, there is a pause in the flames being projected from the larger, wheeled vehicle. Aktahl and Dos use this opportunity to leap down onto the canopy of the crawler cockpit, just in front of the plasma-fire weapon. At the mouth of the cave, and around the giant front wheels of the vehicle, are strewn blackened, skeletal winged creatures. The protective cockpit viewport begins to return to transparent from opaque black, and the vehicle reverses slowly away from the cave. Abruptly it stops, the wreckage of the repulsor platform that Riker destroyed clearly visible to the driver, though he cannot see Dos and Aktahl.

Beyond the infidel plasma weapon, mounted in a turret atop the crew compartment, the vehicle is lower, a flat bed carrying the two remaining anti-grav sleds. The pilot of the last platform appeared to exit from the rear of the cockpit.

13 April 2004, 05:46 AM
Shee'nu moved forward, not to far from where the priest and shaper were. Moving across the rocks he went to see the condition of the large blasphemous machine. He turned his head to look around for more of those...mynocks. They would be usefull to cover the mistake made by the priest he thought angrily. He turned his head once again to look forward in the direction where the warriors are.

Rogue Janson
20 April 2004, 09:22 AM
Rushing into action, Dos drops lightly off the roof of the cockpit to the flatbet part of the crawler. He briefly considers waiting to see if a crew member to come and take another flier to investigate, but rejects the idea. Even a warrior would inform his base of a situation like this as rapidly as possible. Instead, he draws his rigid amphistaff up behind his head, then slashes downwards at one side of the door, the weapon's blade slicing into the metal in uncanny silence.

20 April 2004, 01:30 PM
Aktahl jumps after Dos and duplicates his efforts, without question or hesitation. Together, they work fervently to slice off the outer shell of the lifeless beast, and to the precious crew inside.

Kanner Ra'an
21 April 2004, 06:25 AM
Holding back a battle cry thanks to his gnulliath, Riker leaps with the other warriors and begins assualting the clear soft spots (windows) of the hard shell of the dead animal thing that the indifels uses for transport. The warrior is hacking at it with reckless abandon while silently singing praises to Yun Kimara for a chance to finally fight the infidels. Though it is not living targets that can fight back like he would prefer, they are still better then slaughtering thrall fodder that the training programs normally supply. The chance to destroy just one piece of blasphemous dead creatures is enough to take the edge off even his reluctance to be here.

Vreel Kudarin
22 April 2004, 10:39 AM
As their amphistaffs score deep into the edge of the portal on the back of the crew compartment, Aktahl and Dos catch glimpses of a frantic infidel crewman through the viewports of the outer and inner doors. Short compared to a Yuuzhan Vong, his pinkish head is covered by curly brown hair, and he is of the species known as 'Human', the most prolific of the cursed races in the Promised Land. He wears a heavy white environment suit like his slain comrades, though he has no helmet.

The vehicle reverses in a gentle arc, before starting to move at a slow pace in the direction the Yuuzhan Vong had spotted other abominations. The warriors continue to hack away at the door. Soon the sharp edges of the warriors' amphistaffs are slicing through the lock mechanism at the side of the door. The two infidel runes on a panel to the side of the damage, one of which had been glowing green and the other red, both turn to flashing blue. A burst of white vapour escapes from some dying unlife component. The outer hatch slides to the left slightly, the lock parts landing quietly on the deck, leaving a small gap.

The vehicle now on a straight course, Dos and Aktahl see the terrified expression of the Human controller, apparently the only remaining occupant of the cockpit. He fumbles for something out of sight, then raises a small unliving weapon they recognised as a 'blaster pistol' in trembling hands, leveling it with the small viewport of the inner hatch.

Crouched atop the crew compartment, and hacking at the wide viewport with his amphistaff blade, Riker finds the transparent material much tougher than it appears. Mostly his blows clatter from the window, though gradually white impact lines begin to mar it's surface. Inside the cockpit, an infidel comes into view, terror on his face as his eyes meet with Riker's. The small man's fingers fly over the unholy controls of the giant crawler vehicle. Suddenly Riker catches a reflection of blue light on the chitin shaft of his weapon, and feels heat building at his back. Reflexively he dives to the left. He barely manages to avoid a stream of azure plasma-fire as it is belched from the turret weapon further back on the roof.

Still Riker is not safe, as the cannon begins to track in his direction, a torrent of blue fire pouring from the nozzle of the infidel weapon. The Yuuzhan Vong pilot has to roll off the roof and drop to the rocky ground beside the massive front wheel of the vehicle. Beyond the second wheel, Riker sees rungs for climbing onto the flatbed at the rear of the machine, where Dos and Aktahl went. The crawler slowly begins to reverse in a shallow arc, then heads off to its right, towards the other distant crawlers further along the mountain range. Riker has to be careful to avoid being crushed by the wheels, each of which is taller than himself.

Far above, up the mountainside, Executor Zhass, Initiate Eonk'asa, and Savant Spis watch as the warriors leap from sight, then reappear on the wide back of the crawler as it reverses, giving a better view of the action. N'var Spis beats his robed body in delight at the attack. The trio can make out a stream of plasma-fire, and a figure falling from the cockpit roof. Two of the warriors are now out of sight, behind the crew compartment. The infidel plasma-caster abruptly stops and after a few seconds the vehicle begins to reverse again, turning almost half circle. The wheeled monstrosity then begins to tundle silently in the direction of it's kindred crawlers, far off to the left of the cave where the Julaken is hidden.

Shee'nuu Zhass, searching with his keen eye and lookan implant, tries to spot anymore of the mynocks that seem to infest this mountain range. He is even more certain now that the infidels are purging the caves on the cliff faces of these creatures. However, none can be seen amongst the shadowy crags.

Two crawlers on the horizon appear to have finished flaming their caves, and are moving slowly in the direction of the vehicle the warriors are assaulting. After a few seconds though, it is clear they are just moving to their next assigned caverns, as they resume their work. The local star, rising over the sharp peaks above, glints on objects hovering above the distant crawlers. More repulsor platforms, thinks Shee'nu. Beside the Executor, N'var rises, standing tall and proud as he watches a figure climbing the side of the crawler far below their rocky ledge.

Kanner Ra'an
23 April 2004, 06:18 AM
A poison smile crosses Riker's face as he recovers from his fall. That is the best attack you infidels have. You cannot kill a warrior of Domain Ge'are so easily fools. I will enjoy offering your pathetic lives to Kimara. he thinks as he gets up. Seeing the rungs on the side of the beast, he rushes over, unafraid of the huge circlular legs of the dead thing. He runs up to the side and climbs up as quickly as he can, aware that they must soon destroy this blasphemous monstrosity.

Vreel Kudarin
26 April 2004, 10:55 AM
Seeing the gap between the first airlock door and its frame, Dos Ka'shek shoved his amphistaff into the breach. Almost immediately Aktahl Rna did the same, also using his rigid weapon for leverage to prise-open the door. Hauling himself up onto the flatbed at the rear of the infidel vehicle, Riker Ge'are appeared at the backs of his two fellow warriors. There was not enough room for Riker to also aid in shifting the hatch.

The infidel crawler began to climb a shallow ridge, strewn with rocky debris, though the suspension on the strange metallic wheeled beast absorbed most of the bumps. Within half a minute the door was levered sideways enough for Dos to enter the hideous airlock, filled as it was with sharp, unnatural lines. There was too little room for either of the other warriors to joing him, but Dos began slashing into the lock and rim of the second door. This infidel material is much weaker than yorik coral, thought Dos as the blade of his amphistaff scored deeply into the metal hatch.

Through the small viewport, Dos could see the infidel frantically slapping a control panel, shouting into a small tube that protruded from the worktops. Intermittently the Human would glance back up in horror at the hatchway, blaster pistol shaking in his hand.

Rogue Janson
29 April 2004, 06:54 AM
Without pausing, Dos begins assaulting the inner airlock door. Holding his amphistaff two handed above his head with the tail pointing forwards, he stabs it into the metal, then uses his weight to yank it downwards.

Though he is not as familiar with infidel technology as other members of the party, he suspects that the pilot has been reporting in to his base or the other crawlers, meaning they have probably lost the element of surprise they had hoped for.

Vreel Kudarin
29 April 2004, 10:48 AM
With a final slam of his fist on the control panel, the short infidel screams in apparent frustration, then turns to the airlock hatch. He must be able to hear the strikes of Dos's weapon reverberating in the air-filled crew compartment. Again he raises his blaster pistol, but clearly the man is no warrior.

His free hand now scrabbles at something out of view, and he produces a large helmet, placing it over his head and hurridely fixing the clasps around the neck to make his environment airtight.

The hatch lock is severed and Dos rams the fanged end of his amphistaff into the gap as the air rushes out of the cabin as it is exposed to lower pressure. With his great strength Dos heaves the doorway open, straining his massive muscles with the effort. The infidel seems too shocked to fire his blasphemous weapon at first, but as Dos bounds towards him, he motions as if attempting to fire, but looks confused.

Briefly he fiddles with the side of the gun, but Dos cuts him down with a slash diagonally across his midriff, opening the weak body up in a fountain of carmine ichor. The blaster pistol goes off once in the infidels spasming hand, the energy bolt impacting with the wall, the safety catch finally released.

The crawler continues to edge its way out of the dip, nearing the rim of the shallow depression at the foot of the mountain range, heading for the other monstrous wheeled vehicles that Vira, Shee'nu, and N'var can see from their high vantage point at the mouth of the cave where the Julaken is secreted. The group will need to infiltrate the sprawling installation on the other side of the mountains to proceed with their mission.

4 May 2004, 09:29 AM
Aktahl leaps into the opening behind Dos, quickly moving inside the belly of the lifeless beast, searching for targets of opportunity. He supposes the false head over the infidel’s face offers protection from the void of space, much as his own ooglith and lungworm do. A look at the heretical gear both intrigues and sickens the young warrior.

Putting the thought behind him, he seeks a path through the corridors to the pilot of the vehicle, warily watching for other infidels to sacrifice in honor of Yun-Yummka.

Vreel Kudarin
7 May 2004, 09:43 AM
The warriors find that the crew compartment of the infidel vehicle is fairly small, and no other crewmen are evident, unless they are hiding behind the hideous metal paneling or inside the artificial guts of the unliving beast. The trio leave the blasphemous crawler to roll on its way, and make for the cliff-face.

* * *

During the time it takes for the three warriors to scale the cliff-face and ascend back to the other Praetorite Vong agents, Vira and Shee’nu notice something. As their eyes take in the vast, rubble-strewn, pock-marked plain stretching out from the mountain range, they spot an occasional meteorite plummeting out of the starry black sky, impacting on the surface of Anstromm-Feck 4 in clouds of dust and debris.

Far above their heads, at the edge of the ultra-thin atmosphere, small flashes of white light flare, more often than a meteorite makes planetfall on this desolate planetoid. Gigantic pieces of rock and ice can be seen orbiting Anstromm-Feck 4 in the menacing, chaotic sky.

Shee’nu knows the infidel races make use of unnatural force fields to protect their space-going vessels, so perhaps those here are using a massive invisible shield-wall to block the masses of debris that make this system so hazardous. Clearly the shield is not all-encompassing or effective, but it seems to be preventing any rocks landing near this mountain range.

The three slightly-strained looking warriors haul themselves up onto the cliff ledge near Vira and N’var, having climbed without any further falls. The two crawler vehicles and their attendant repulsor platforms that are trundling in the direction of the hidden Julaken continue to do so, purging caves as they go. They are now much closer, but still no immediate threat.

N’var glares at the others over the top of the star-shaped gnullith clasping his face, and makes several adamant hunter gestures with his long-nailed hands: Equip ourselves. Proceed to primary target.

8 May 2004, 02:25 AM
Aktahl breathes heavily through his gnullith as he considers killing N’var immediately for his stupidity. Digging his nails into his palms, Aktahl restrains himself. He glares back at the priest over the top of his gnullith. He turns his back defiantly on the priest, and signals to his ally Dos, I am ready to go.

Kanner Ra'an
8 May 2004, 05:43 AM
Riker tries to hold down his fury and the Warriors make their way up the cliff face. The fight against the infidels has done little to exaust his andger, or his desire to kill the stupid priest. When he sees the man, N'var, he shoots him a look of pure acid with a thousand promises of dishonorable ways to die behind it. He can see the restraint from the other warriors, the main reason for holding his temper now, and notes it pleasently. He smiles at the thought of the incompitant priest's fate should he do something else foolhardy.

8 May 2004, 10:38 AM
Shee'nu could see the anger in the warriors eyes. He did not blame them for it. The Priests meddling may kill us all before our mission is complete he thought. He then signalled to the others through a number of hand movements that they have to go and continue their mission.

9 May 2004, 09:00 AM
Vira notices the tension in the group, especially between the priest and the warriors. They should be fine, just as long as they complete the mission without tearing eachother apart. She shoulders her load and gets it situated on her back. Double checking that she has everything, she signals that she is ready. Finally we are on our way. May the gods help us in our quest to destroy the infidels!

Rogue Janson
9 May 2004, 12:43 PM
Dos signals for the others to follow him and enters the Julaken, not checking to see if they follow him. Once safely inside the airlock, he removes his gnullith, the creature's feeder tube retracting back up his throat. They will need some kind of plan to proceed. While he considers the options, Dos equips himself from the ship's armoury with a bandolier of thud bugs and a plasma eel.

9 May 2004, 05:25 PM
Keeping in step with the bulkier warrior, Aktahl proceeds into the vessel and mimicks Dos' actions. Even with his gnullith off of his face, he remains silent, trying to contain his anger at the priest.

Kanner Ra'an
9 May 2004, 07:06 PM
Riker follows Dos inside the vessel, not showing his usual contempt for anyone trying to order him. He rips the gnullith off his face and out his throat, throwing the creature off to the side. He sees Dos retocking his weapons, and Aktahl silently containing his anger. He debates for a second weather this should be brought up now, and determines that it probably should. The other warriors staying silent is not unusual. Most warriors are natural in their obedience, and are not used to taking issues usually belonging to their master. Riker however, has never considered anyone outside of Domain Ge'are his superior and has no qualms about breaking protocol.

"You fool! What by the blood of the gods were you thinking?! Do you have so little glory that you are desperate to have the gods notice you. Now the infidels will know of our presence when their metal steeds do not return. Your stupidity has already cost us. Justify yourself!" he finishes, letting his temper flow freely into his words without fear. Even himself, never one to contain hims words or temper without good cause, cant imagine how stupid the priest must be. Though he is sickened by the tactics they must adopt, he is fully aware that the future of all Yuuzhan Vong lies in gaining a foothold into this galaxy.

Vreel Kudarin
10 May 2004, 09:47 AM
As soon as the group has stalked up the embarkation tongue and the portal has closed, Riker lets loose his fury at the Savant priest N'var Spis. The young Eradication Sect priest, barely eighteen years of age, and the youngest of the Praetorite Vong insertion team, whirls to regard Riker with a glare like a barrage of razor bugs. His patchy grey robes hang about his wiry body, and he rests his thumbs on the amphistaff coiled around his waist. The tall point of his white mask-hat scrapes the ceiling of the Julaken.

"You fool! What by the blood of the gods were you thinking?! Do you have so little glory that you are desperate to have the gods notice you? Now the infidels will know of our presence when their metal steeds do not return. Your stupidity has already cost us. Justify yourself!"

N'var Spis waits for Riker to conclude his tirade, then lets a crooked, needle-toothed smile split his pale, slightly bluish face.

" 'So little glory!' Pah! There can be no glory for heretics such as you, follower of Yun-Kimara! Any death or destruction visited upon the infidels is an sacrifice to Yun-Yuuzhan and the True Gods. Let them send more, I will slay any who come. Better still, let us move to the installation now and continue the slaughter!"

Even as Riker and N'var face off, the keen mind of Executor Shee'nu considers the circumstances. Their target, the primary infidel installation in the system, is on the other side of this half-moon-shaped mountain range, in the shelter of the crescent. The cliffs are treacherous and difficult to climb. Abomnibal infidel vehicles go about their work at the foot of the mountains on this side. The caves in the cliffs are infested with mynocks. How best to proceed?

* * *

In the cabin of Crawler Two, Joobo raises one sucker-tipped green finger and points out the left viewport, his voice almost a squeak from his twitching snout: "Sithspawn, Dak, did you see that?! Number Three just rolled! They're stuck on their side in a crater. How much training did they give that crew before they sent them out? I don't see their flyers,"

"We best head on over there an' give 'em a hand. I hope they're okay. We've finished our section anyway. See if you can comm One and let 'em know what's goin' on. I doubt you'll get 'em with the increased meteor activity though," responds the other occupant of the large vehicle's crew compartment. Two repulsor sleds are piloted back to dock with Crawler Two, the controllers enter the airlock, and it begins rolling towards the crater where Three lies on it's right side, massive wheels still rotating in the thin atmosphere.

10 May 2004, 09:57 AM
Shee'nu turned his back to see the warriors went the other way. By the Gods they defy me so openly! his mind filled with anger and tried to keep calm. He moved to the Julaken and entered. The organic ship closing the vacuum inside its being. He tore of the gnullith and kept it by his side for later use. He just entered the room when he heard a loud voice.

"You fool! What by the blood of the gods were you thinking?! Do you have so little glory that you are desperate to have the gods notice you. Now the infidels will know of our presence when their metal steeds do not return. Your stupidity has already cost us. Justify yourself!"

The heretic making demands to a member of the Elimination sect? How interesting he thought.

"It is best we not stay with a action that can not be undone" he gave the Priest a sharp glare then looked at the warriors "To best cover our tracks it might be necessary to make the abominations appear as they had an accident." Shee'nu said.

"Shaper" he turned to Vira "Can you craft an organism that may explain what happened to the...machines"

Rogue Janson
11 May 2004, 10:34 AM
While he picks up his weapons, Dos plans. If the crawlers report back and the infidel base is alerted, their mission will be harder. So they will have to be eliminated. But even then the team will have to circumnavigate the mountains to reach the mining facility, by which time it might well have noticed the absence of its vehicles. There is a possible solution to both problems, but it is not a pleasant one...

"The Executor is right, we must eliminate the crawlers without attracting suspicion." Dos ignores the dispute between Riker and the N'var Spis. "However we also need to reach the infidel facility on the other side of these mountains. If we destroy one crawlers and capture the other we can ride it to the infidel base. Seeing the return of their vehicle, the infidels will not be alarmed and we will have access to their facility."

Dos maintains a steady composure despite the abhorrence of using one of the infidel machines. There is no need to express his feeling, the others will feel the same. It must be put aside for the greater glory of the mission.

Kanner Ra'an
11 May 2004, 11:58 AM
Riker turns his attention away from the stupid priests pathetic attempt at a rebuttal and focuses on the mission. An idea occurs to him, even though it goes against all his warrior instincts.

"Perhaps we should not do anything about the infidel abominations. They have no knowledge of us. They could not identify any of our weapons used. Their infidel minds will be unable to understand what has happened. That will confuse them and draw resourses away to solving the mystery instead of keeping their operations secure. As it is we have only destroyed one. A stupid mistake," he says, looking directly at the priest, " but not one that would immeadiatly set the cowards off. If we do destroy the others then their will be no doubt in their minds, and they will flee and alert others. Let them focus on the death of their comrades while we draw our aphistaffs."

It is obvious by his facial expressions that this is not Rikers first choice, and that he would rather be out fighting the infidels right now instead of plotting or arguing with incompitant priests. However he is a surviror, and is willing to do what is neccessary to prosper and gain honour for the dead god.

Vreel Kudarin
12 May 2004, 09:09 AM
"I agree, Dos," says N'var Spis boldy, trying to speak over Riker, "We can obliterate the abominations using the Julaken's cannons! All the quicker for us to get on with our assigned task," N'var looks positively gleeful at his own suggestion.

12 May 2004, 11:13 AM
"No!" Shee'nu said sharply "Rikers option is more viable. Should we destroy all the infidel abominations then they will only grow more suspicious. Though one thing remains certain....that the death of the abomination will make them suspicious. The infidels are sly creatures and very divided. They may suspect another group is responsible but they may increase their security." Shee'nu was thinking, his amphistaff tightened its grip on his arm. Sensing its masters troubled thoughts.

"Only two options remain for us to complete our mission. We can either journey across this desolate wasteland to the installation. The journey being dangerous and a possibility may be present. Or we can wait for the next infidel abomination....slay its crew and wear masquers."

Shee'nu could see the that the second option did not sit well with any of them. They were after all Yuuzhan Vong. Children of the Gods who created life itself. To use non-living things is against everything they were taught. We do this for the glory of the Gods Shee'nu thought to himself.

"We will not use the Julaken for destroying the infidel machines." he looked at the Priest "This mission requires the art of Yun-Harla priest. Yun-Yammka will be satisfied after the Worldships arrive. Not before!" making sure the priest understood his words well.

13 May 2004, 08:16 PM
Aktahl has been listening and choosing to add his opinion in the midst of the coming argument. “The crawlers are not the task. We have been charged to assault the main facility. We have already been sidetracked with the one crawler; any further assault on the crawlers will delay our movement, and risk the loss of the element of surprise. If we move on our primary target, then the crawlers will not matter. Let them return to find their homes in ruins, and then we will slice their throats and let their tainted blood honor the gods.”

Vreel Kudarin
16 May 2004, 02:21 AM
"This bickering is pointless!" hisses N'var Spis, raising his arms in a gesture of frustration, "Are you suggesting we trek all the way around the mountains on foot, Rna? With at least two other abominations rolling around out there? They are sure to notice the machine we have already gutted of infidels before long,"

"Unless anyone has any other ideas on how to get on with our mission, I suggest we defer to Executor Zhass to lead us to our target. After all, it is his Caste who direct the Praetorite Vong," grinned N'var, turning his masked face to Shee'nu.

The group knows well that the Intendants command the vanguard force that is the Praetorite Vong, and though the team were given no specific hierarchy for this mission, Shee'nu ranks higher than the warriors by Caste. And whilst Vira then N'var technically rank higher in the social order, arguably being closer to the Gods in their work, it is Shee'nu whose Caste specialises in planning and commanding others.

Vira, Shaper Initiate, stands near the Executor, silent, and apparently deep in thought, the tentacles of her living headress motionless.

19 May 2004, 04:55 AM
His eyes narrowed as Shee'nu looked at the Priest. Being a member of the Intendant Caste makes one suspicious of others. He thought for a moment on a plan of action.

"There will be no destruction of the other infidel walkers. We shall wait for the next blasphemous machine and secrete ourselves on it. When it returns to the infidel base we shall cause the machine" he said the word with some distaste "to fall and destroy itself. The infidels will be to preoccupied with the destruction of the second one at their nest that we will have no distraction as we hide amongst their numbers"

It is indeed a more cautious though sensitive course of action. Better then travelling the wastes and being spotted he thought. Though he was not sure if they should kill the second walkers crew or hide in some hidden alcove.

He had to be carefu.....being in relative command of the group means that any failures will be directed at him.

"Though it may not seem honourable to you" he looked at the warriors "the Gods have entrusted this task on us."

Vreel Kudarin
23 May 2004, 11:40 AM
Crawler Two pulls up near Three, at the edge of the shallow crater the other vehicle has toppled into, around one hundred and fifty metres away from the cliffside cave the Yuuzhan Vong insertion team currently occupies.

"Hey, that's odd, the repulsor sleds are missing off the back," notes the Rodian, Joobo, in his nasal-accented Basic, staring out of the front viewport with his saucer-like glossy midnight-blue eyes.

"What in the Maw were they drivin' back this way for anyway? Quick, we betta get out there. They musta knocked themselves out, 'cause they're not answerin' the comm," says Dak, turning to the two sled pilots at the back of the cabin, "Joe, Tavik, could you take a look at them, since you're already suited up? Cheers."

* * *

"So we are finally decided?" asks N'var, a little impatiently, "Then let us stride onwards in the name of the True Gods!"

The young priest clenches his fist before his masked face melodramatically, then walks over to the armoury alcoves, grabbing a large carrying pouch, which he proceeds to fill with bandoliers of thud, razor, and snap bugs, a couple of plasma eels, even a spare amphistaff.

Looking over at the others as he selects his weapons, he nods at Vira, who is only marginally older than he, then at Dos.

"Our young shaper and brave warrior is already prepared, let us hurry and follow the Executor's directions," says N'var, noting Vira's backpack of shaper tools and materials and Dos's weapons. The Eradication Sect Savant slings his own organic pack over the shoulders of his grey robe, and almost as an afterthought, reluctantly plucks an ooglith masquer from the branch of a tree-like protrusion of yorik coral.

"Do we don these now, or after we reach the infidel installation?" he asks, staring with disdain at the Human disguise, like the shrivelled skin of a flayed infidel, whilst walking purposefully towards the embarkation tongue.

Kanner Ra'an
25 May 2004, 03:46 PM
Riker almost despairs looking at the priest as he struts around the ship gathering weapons and other creatures. By the gods...... when Yun Yuuzhan mutalated himself to create all of us he must of surely gotten that one from his ass. the pilot thinks.

As the priest begins to arm himself, something Riker attributes to giving a child a plasmaa eel and waiting for it to explode, he approaches Zhass. "Well executer, if you wish to command and you believe you are entitled to, control your subordinate before i kill him." he says, then passes the executer and walks towards the other warriors. He briefly wonders what the Intendant will think of a rebellious heritic demanding something from him. He doesn't really care, but hopefully the Intendant will find a way to control the priest. He is far from afraid of the priest. Quite to the contrary, he would most likly have to fight the other to get the pleasure of sacrificing the priest to Yun Kimara, though the idiot could be of some use if he learn to be more intelligent then a dead ooglith.

Vreel Kudarin
6 June 2004, 03:23 AM
Having armed themselves with weapons, ooglith masquers and other equipment, the Praetorite Vong insertion team makes it's way down the cliffs efficiently, following the three warriors, who by now know the safest route.

From the ledge where they had started, the group had seen that another infidel vehicle was tending to the one that had overturned after they had slain the crew. A third crawler was still flaming caves in the distance with it's rooftop weapon.

As the insertion team approaches the two vehicles across the craggy plain, movement can be made out around the crashed crawler. Using rocks and craters as cover, the group nears their target, and are now within fifty metres or so. A couple of infidels in white environment suits clamber around the crew compartment of the overturned, greyish vehicle.

Rogue Janson
9 June 2004, 12:49 PM
Dos crouches by a large rock, trying to make his bulky frame look like another piece of debris. He eyes the crawler over, looking for possible hiding places, but advances no further. The intendant She'enu, more skilled at covert operations, should lead this approach.

Vreel Kudarin
11 June 2004, 09:37 AM
The group of Yuuzhan Vong agents are close together at present, though cover is easy to find. The raised crew compartment of the undamaged crawler, with its wide viewport, is facing towards the direction they are approaching from, though it is difficult to see into it due to the glare from the local star. The overturned vehicle is facing the opposite direction, with the open doorway at the rear of the cockpit visible, and the flatbed section closest to the Yuuzhan Vong insertion team.

Some of the underside of the overturned infidel vehicle can be seen. The massive wheels raise the underside far from the ground, but it is slightly lower beneath the cockpit and at the rear of the abomnible artificial construct. The hideous straight lines of paneling and what could be small hatches are visible.

The two infidels in environment suits have now entered the crew compartment of the crashed vehicle.

11 June 2004, 02:12 PM
Aktahl signals to Dos that they should advance quickly, sending the others in the group to eliminate the threat inside the overturned crawler, while the two prime warriors launch the attack against the vehicle sent for help. A two-pronged attack would more quickly eliminate the easy prey, and allow the unit to advance towards their objective.

Kanner Ra'an
12 June 2004, 10:54 AM
Riker balks for a second at the suggestion that he be sent with the non-warriors to the lesser of the targets, but holds himself. The other warriors know each other well, so it is excusable. Besides, their is little honor in these weak infidels and he is in no mood to fight with Dos or Atkahl. The pilot motions to the others that he is in agreement. Hit them hard and fast, like a maddend Vua'sa he finishes. He gives a quick glance to all and then quickly starts moving under cover of the rocks towards the previously conquered infidel craft, amphistaff eagerly crawling into his grip. He keeps his eyes open, looking for more of the infidels strange flying dead-beasts or foolish actions by stupid priests. Adreniline starts rushing through his viens, and pain from his earlier fall begins to come back, filling him with pleasure. These infidels are not warriors and their is little honor is killing them, but at least their is killing of something.

14 June 2004, 07:13 AM
Shee'nu moves through the background of rocks behind the warrior of the false god Yun-Kimara. In such missions he should be leading this group but this time he was going to watch over the priest. He uncurls his tsasai which slithers from his arm and stiffens until it is as hard as stone. He looks down to see the mouth of the serpent sharpening. Shee'nu spares a glance at the priest and continues to do so. He follows the warrior Riker to the infidels. Moving carefully in the art of Yun-Harla he moves slowly and quietly. Ready to kill the infidels, for glory, for honour, for the Gods.

15 June 2004, 06:12 PM
Vira pulls out her coufee, ready to help her fellow Yuuzhan Vong defeat the infidels. She notices that Riker looks insulted that he is being sent with non-warriors. Vira will just have to show him that she fights with as much skill as the other warriors eventhough she doesn't have their physical advantages. Deciding to stay at the back of the advancing group, Vira moves quietly and tries to keep her equipment from making too much noise. She stays alert, looking for more infidel machines. This should be fun, it's not everyday that I get to do these kinds of things.

Vreel Kudarin
16 June 2004, 11:54 AM
As Dos Ka'shek and Aktahl Rna sweep round to the right of the undamaged vehicle's crew compartment, so as to add to the cover offered by the large debris littering the crater edges by staying out of direct sight, Riker Ge'are and N'var Spis lead the attack on the overturned infidel machine, the priest practically ignoring the available cover and almost stumbling over himself in his grey robes to keep up with Riker. Executor Shee'nu Zhass is just behind N'var, keeping a close eye on him.

So we aren't following the Executor's plan to secrete ourselves aboard one of these abominations after all, N'var thinks to himself, Though that means more blood for the Gods when we cut the crew down, we shall have to sully our honour temporarily by controlling one vehicle and piloting it to our target. At least we shall cleanse our flesh in ritual once we return to the Yorik-stronha.

Riker can see the small oxygen canister on the back of one of the white envirnoment-suited infidels through the damaged airlock doors as he approaches. The two infidels inside are moving frantically, struggling with something inside. They are standing on the right wall of the cockpit due to the angle of the crashed crawler. Before Riker, N'var, Shee'nu and Vira reach the hatch Dos cut through earlier, one of the infidels turns around and leans his head out of the rear airlock door, turning the visor of his helmet briefly to the cockpit of the undamaged vehicle, before spotting Riker as he bounds over the rocky terrain, amphistaff at the ready.

Vira, at the back of the hurrying group, with her coufee drawn, spots the pilot of the undamaged vehicle waving frantically through his side viewport at the two suited-up infidels, apparently shouting into a small device in his hand. His warning seems to have been heeded. The infidel peering out of the hatch raises a hydrospanner in defence, but Riker, charging the last few metres, bats it aside, landing a powerful strike with the spear-end of his living weapon into the visor of the infidel. The transparent material cracks, the sharpened tip of the warrior's amphistaff embedding itself in the man's left cheek. Blood splatters over the inside of the visor and Riker pushes his weapon free using the boot of his vonduun armour. The injured infidel collapses awkwardly in the airlock, his screams unable to travel through the thin air as he tries to cover the hole in his helmet.

The second infidel lunges over the body of his comrade, wielding a long cutting torch. His attack is poorly timed, the burning blue flame at the tip of the unholy tool passing to one side of Riker, who fills the small chamber as he clambers towards this new target. N'var and the others are close behind, but can't fit inside the cramped airlock to assist Riker.

Allowing the head end of his weapon to relax, Riker commands it to snap at the infidel. The fangs of the serpentine visage tear through the thick fabric of the Human's arm, gouging out carmine furrows in his flesh beneath, but fail to inject their poison. Riker sees the infidel cry out in pain inside his helmet, but admirably the man steels himself and swings his ignited cutting device back around with his good arm. The bright blue flame whips near to the breastplates of Riker's armour, but leaves Riker unharmed.

With a series of retaliatory slashes, Riker slices gory wedges through the infidel's torso, felling him. The overturned crawler is now empty of infidel life, other than the infidel with the pierced facemask, thrashing feebly as his air supply bleeds into the thin atmosphere of Anstromm-Feck 4.

Taking advantage of the two infidels aboard the undamaged crawler being distracted by the assault of Riker and the others, Aktahl and Dos scale the ladder and the side of their target, and pull themselves up onto the flatbed section, where the hovering platforms are nested. They reach the outer airlock door at the rear of the crew compartment apparently without being noticed. Before any moves can be made to gain access, the two comrades notice a light change colour on the control panel near the hatch, and a glance through the small viewport in the door reveals a infidel in a white environment suit cycling the lock to exit the vehicle. The inner hatch should seal and the outer open in a matter of seconds.

(OoC: Riker -2 VP)

16 June 2004, 02:15 PM
Aktahl grins behind his living mask to his partner as they await the ascent of the infidel. He pays close attention to how the wretched, encapsulated individual operates the controls, hoping to glean an idea of how to work the unholy and unliving crawlers. Cautiously he prepares an attack, timed to strike the unworthy opponent at the instant the opportunity presents itself. Glory would be theirs.

Kanner Ra'an
20 June 2004, 10:57 AM
Riker basks in his kills for a moment, offering prays to Yun Kimara and offerings of the infidels lives. After his finishes his silent worship he looks to the quickly dying infidel leaking oxegen. It occurs to him that the thing could possible help them pilot the crawlers, but none of them would know how to heal his suit. Instead he stiffens his weapon and drives it down into the dying mans chest. (OOC: Assuming hes a helpless defender)

After his execution Ge'are exits the infidels crawler and looks towards the other memebers of the strike team. Noting that they were all at least armed to help if he had needed it. As it should be. he thinks Their is some fight in every Yuuzhan Vong. He quickly signals that the prey has been killed and to move for the other crawler, not especially ordering but more stating his own intentions. This is evident as he starts to move off towards the active infidel metal beast, moving quickly but not sprinting. He is sure that if the infidels he recently beat are of any indication, Dos and Aktahl could handle the entire crew with each by themselves.

23 June 2004, 11:22 AM
Vira lowers her coufee, slightly disappointed, when she sees Riker come out of the metal beast. He must have taken care of the infidels quickly. They must not have put up much of a fight. I would have liked to have been there. Noticing that Riker is not concerned for Dos and Aktahl, Vira puts her coufee away and follows him towards the functioning metallic beast. If one warrior can take care of two infidels that fast, then two warriors shouldn't have a problem with the rest.

25 June 2004, 04:34 AM
To late to stop the blood drop now Shee'nu thought. He let his tsasai curl around his arm, back to its rest position. The warrior of the false god has proven he can handle situations himself. Shee'nu kept himself at the rear of the group watching the other members. He looekd at Vira and noticed that she placed her coufee back. Probably wanted to enjoy the battle he said. He moved through the shadows that rocks provided and checked for his remaining comrades and infidels.

Vreel Kudarin
25 June 2004, 10:02 AM
Peering through the tiny airlock viewport at an angle, so as not to be in full view of the infidel exiting the crew cabin, Aktahl sees the man press the top rune on an ugly, right-angled control mechanism. The infidel rune turns from blue to red. Clumsy in his protective gloves, the infidel hastily pulls a small lever to the right of the rune downwards, and the inner lock proceeds to close.

Aktahl ducks to one side as the infidel turns to look out the viewport. The outer hatch opens, and the white-clothed infidel steps out, brandishing a small, spear-like weapon with a barbed end across his chest. The weapon bears a trigger mechanism. Immediately the Human notices the hulking form of Dos to his right, and begins moving to face him. Aktahl slices down through the man's ribs and heart with the blade of his amphistaff, catching him offguard. The blows also damage the breathing apparatus at the base of the infidel's helmet, and a white stream of pressurised oxgen erupts from the tear. The man is slain easily.

The outer hatch remains open behind the bloody, fallen body of the infidel crewman. Quickly stepping into the breach, Aktahl sees that only a single infidel, another Human, and one that appears unarmed, remains inside. The man is stumbling backwards into a corner, fumbling to get a helmet over his head, his face contorted in terror.

Meanwhile, Shee'nu, Vira, and N'var follow Riker as he scales the climbing rungs on the right side of the undamaged crawler vehicle, up onto the flatbed section carrying the docked repulsor platforms. They come up near the massive armoured warrior Dos.

(OoC: http://groups.msn.com/SWRPG/callofthegodskillstable.msnw :D )

26 June 2004, 04:24 AM
Knowing that there is only enough room in the chamber for one, Aktahl immediately repositions the lever that the slain infidel had manipulated. His thoughts do not have time to dwell on the cursedness of using the lifeless tools of the unworthy, as the mission dictates the necessity of action.

With the lever in place, he manipulates the rune which the slain worker had touched, and hopes that he has chosen the proper order to allow access into the hard-shelled but unliving crawler.

A fliting thought races through his mind that if he has chosen poorly, the crawler may choose to swallow him whole, and dispose of the intruder. Certainly several of his native crawlers would do such a thing. He banshes the thought by the belief that if such a thing were to happen, at least he would die in the glorious service to Yun-Yammka.

Vreel Kudarin
28 June 2004, 09:24 AM
Aktahl's manipulation of the infidel control mechanism proves successful, and within moments the young armoured warrior is standing over the cowering Human, who has failed to get his helmet secured.

Having used the blasphemous control pad rather than break his way in, Aktahl has maintained the air and pressure inside the crew cabin.

The infidel pilot is hunkered on the floor , trying to squeeze further into the corner in a foetal position, covering his face with his arms and stammering incomprehensibly. The tizowyrm inserted in Aktahl's ear fails to translate any of the doomed man's babbling.

28 June 2004, 02:10 PM
Snarling at the weakling, Aktahl steps on its scrawny neck and then drives his amphistaff into the meat of the torso, enjoying the feeling of the life draining out of the dispicable shell. Figuring that there can be no more of the infidel crew aboard the crawler, his attention returns to the portal he had entered, where he mimicks the crewmember's actions, opening the airlock to allow his fellow warriors entrance into the vessel.

Quickly, he demonstrates to the first to enter the manner in which to use their enemies' system, so that he may be freed to finish searching the vessel, despite his self-assurance that all the infidels have been cleaned from within.

Once the cursory inspection has been completed, Aktahl quickly removes the infidel's lifeless body from the interior of the crawler, and then attempts to begin removing any remaining signs of struggle, so that upon review, the infidels at their base would have no reason for suspicion.

Vreel Kudarin
29 June 2004, 10:25 AM
Soon the entire Yuuzhan Vong insertion team is standing inside the pressurized crew cabin of the unholy machine, in breathable air. The bodies of the infidels have been tossed over the side next to the overturned vehicle, and Aktahl is making attempts at hiding the little evidence of a skirmish that remains.

The controls below the wide frontal viewport are few. Two hideous infidel chairs overlook a strange device like a small ribcage with only two ribs protruding from a console on the right, whilst the left side, presumably the co-pilot's area, bears a monitor and several banks of glowing runes.

There is enough seating space in recesses for a further four sentients, sitting behind the two vehicle controllers. Paneling betrays the presence of covered storage space in the walls, with handgrips indicating simple sliding release mechanisms, but besides this, the small white chamber is basic and undecorated.

The eight-wheeled crawler vehicle already faces along the shortest route around the crescent mountain range, and the third vehicle the Yuuzhan Vong group spotted a while ago may be coming up from behind anytime.

Kanner Ra'an
7 July 2004, 05:19 AM
Not quite sure of the infidel oxegen, Riker removes his gnulliah anyways and takes in a breath of air. The two other warriors did not seem to damage the infidel craft in their attack, and should they bbe able to decifer the strange controls, the insertion team may find it an able, if blasphemous, form of transport. He looks around casually, noting the many strange and distgusting things in the strange craft. Most of it is repulsive. So many straight lines and edges. Utterly un-life like, a poor and horrible attempt to craft a being. He is unsure if the infidels were even trying to make a creature when they shaped this dead beast he now stands in.

When all are assembled, he asks the obvious question. "We have secured the crawling beasts, so what now." he does not offer his own opinions first, wanting to see what the others present. It is a good way to see how they think, when they are in the field on a real operation with more dangerous opponents then thrall. By the god, hopefully. he says to himself as he thinks of the infidels they have encountered so far.

12 July 2004, 10:39 AM
Shee'nu took a loook around at the unliving abomination. This thing that they were encased in. It sickens him to be in such a thing. He heard so much about the infidels and their ways but to actually experience such a thing was completely different.

"We have secured the crawling beasts, so what now." Said the worshipper of the false god.

Shee'nu sneered "We will have to manipulate this...abomination back to its creche. Should the Gods favour us the Infidels will not discover the truth till its too late"

Kanner Ra'an
12 July 2004, 12:19 PM
Riker walks over to whatever looks most like the central command station. He hopes that their is some similarity between Yuuzhan Vong craft and this dead infidel technology. He catiously scans the controls, looking for anything remotely reconizable.

Vreel Kudarin
13 July 2004, 09:15 AM
Riker steps up to the pilot station to the right, taking a close look. Realising that the third crawler may reach them at anytime, and notice it's damaged brethren, he knows the haste with which the team must be on its way.

There is nothing resembling a cognition hood present, but the strange crescent-shaped item protruding from the command bank is clearly a manual control of some kind. It appears only to rotate left or right. In a recess in the floor, in front of the right-hand swivel chair, are two footpads.

Various primitive, 2D displays are still luminous with piloting data, and the Praetorite Vong insertion team can hear and feel that whatever powers this unholy construct is still active. The largest, most central screen appears to show a view from orbit of the half-moon-shaped mountain range in which the target installation is nestled. Glowing waypoints indicate the route around the back of the crescent, to the installation. A flashing dot likely indicates the current position of the crawler.

Riker is familiar with the theory of this primitive imitation of a cognition hood, his thoughts turning to the information that passes through his mind when he melds with his coralskipper and when he is under the guiding influence of a yammosk. By contrast, the controls of this infidel beast are basic, if a world away from what he is used to.

Kanner Ra'an
13 July 2004, 01:28 PM
Riker turns to the other team members. "I believe i can control this infidel beast, though it is unlike any ship i have ever bonded with." he says as he seats himself in the rigid control seat. It is uncomfortable, not only because it is dead but because it is straight and padded. Unlike anything Yuuzhan Vong, galaxies away in fact. The follower of Yun Kimara ignores this to the best of his ability and with slightly visible reluctance, grabs the control organism in front of him. He looks at the route the blasphemous infidel thing has laid out, having to fight his disgust to try and read it acuratly. They are simple enough, if somewhat hard to get a grap of for one who is used to blaze bugs.

"I suggest you secure yourselves comrads." Riker warns, giving the other strike team members a chance to grab onto something before he experimentally pushes one of the pedals.

14 July 2004, 12:47 AM
Leaving the controlling of the infidel work beast to the pilot of the team, Aktahl retreats to a corner of the control room. He keeps his eyes open for any more dissension among the team members, as well as occasionally checking the outside area of the craft, and retains his breathing apparatus in case he needs to quickly depart the vehicle to eliminate any opposition.

21 July 2004, 11:31 AM
Shee'nu moved forward to help Riker in his understanding of infidel technology. After all studying the infidels was Shee'nus specialty. All those reports he had red had taught him much on the infidel ways and though the abomination encasing him disgusts him he could live with the distaste he felt in his very being. For the Glory of the Gods.

Vreel Kudarin
23 July 2004, 10:21 AM
The large infidel vehicle jolts forward at Riker's first tentative press of the left-hand pedal. It soon becomes clear that the left pedal accelerates the unholy construct, whilst the right brings the lumbering machine to a halt quicker. The strange semi-circular device Riker has his hands on alters the direction of the crawler.

With Executor Shee'nu giving pieces of advice at Riker's side, the Yuuzhan Vong are soon rolling at a good pace across the wide, rocky expanse below the mountain range, gradually rounding the crescent-shaped mountain range. In fifteen minutes they have covered quarter of the distance indicated by the waypoints on the hideous glowing screen between the pilot chairs.

There is no sign of the other crawler to the rear. Towering, dark-brown and grey behemoths of rock block the light from the local star to the right of the vehicle. The view out the left viewport shows the terrain becomes more haggard and cratered further out from the mountains. Occasional meteors can be glimpsed impacting with the invisible field that shelters the mountains and still unseen infidel mining installation.

24 July 2004, 03:38 AM
Pleased that the other crawler seems to have decided to leave them alone, and the lack of communications has not raised any alarms, Aktahl continues to watch in silence as Riker’s abilities impress him. The distasteful and blasphemous creations of the infidels confuse the warrior, and that Riker can understand and manipulate their abominations impresses him. With the gnulith still secure in his throat, he does not say anything, but continues to watch the pilot work.

28 July 2004, 12:19 PM
Vira stumbles slightly as the large metal beast begins to accelerate. I had better find a seat, I have a feeling this ride is going to get bumpy. She sits in the unholy artificial seat and fiddles around with the devices that secure a person to it. Vira finally gets the belt secured and settles in for the ride.