View Full Version : French Refs and Goal Judges

Vash Knives
7 January 2004, 05:54 AM
With the recent american victory in the world junior hockey championship, one question must be asked-WHAT THE FRELL IS WRONG WITH THE REFS AND GOAL JUDGES THESE DAYS??? In the first period, Canada scored two goals, but the clever b****** the americans called a goalie hid that fact from the goal judges. If you were to watch it closely at the moment you would notice a small object go into the net, then out into the american goalie's glove. That object can only be the puck. Then for the forth american goal the Canadian goalie was clearly knocked over as the goal was going in-would that not be interference by the american player that was close enough to do so? And yet there was no Canadian powerplay. Why?
(note: French is a Canadian insult toward officials who are clearly biased agianst Canadians-think back to the last winter olympics.)
And don't disregard this because I'm Canadian-I have a point-and it's not the top of my head.