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Master Bob
12 January 2004, 05:02 PM
I have several questions about Knights of the old Republic.
1. What kind of armament is on the Republic and sith cruisers?
2. Why is there kolto instead of bacta?
3. Why do fighters and warships seem so similiar to the Star Wars movies?
4. Should battle meditation be a dark side power?
5. Is Admiral Dodanna Jan Dodanna's great great great great great great... great great great grandmother?
6. Is this game better than the prequal movies.
7. Rate the game 1-10.
Any answers would be apreciated!:)

Darth Fierce
12 January 2004, 05:36 PM
Though I have not yet been able to play the game (darn the luck...I basically need a raise to afford a X-Box), my guess regarding Question #2 is that since the game takes place roughly 4,000 years BBY the planet Thyferra (main producer of bacta) may not have been contacted yet. That, or the game is located in an area of the galaxy remote enough that bacta is not regularly available...

As far as Question #4 is concerned, I remember that Queen Amanoa, the former dark-side leader of Onderon in the "Tales of the Jedi" comic series, was using the power of battle meditation against that of Arca Jeth's before Amanoa's death. Therefore, I wouldn't see any reason a dark-sider couldn't have the power...after all, it mainly is used to direct the course of conflict.

Hope that helps...

Darth Fierce :vader:

Nova Spice
12 January 2004, 05:50 PM
1. The Republic and Sith Cruisers are using laser technology, with perhaps the first hints of turbolaser-class firepower.
2. Fierce is indeed correct. Thyferra has yet to produce the miracle of bacta, therefore Manaan's kolto is apparently the galactic medicine of choice.
3. Because Star Wars technology advances far slower than real life innovations. We see blasters, starships, and hyperdrives as far back as the Tales of the Jedi era (KOTOR) and the Golden Age of the Sith.
4. Why? Battle Meditation's description reads as the following: "You can influence battles by envisioning an outcome you desire."-pg. 15, Power of the Jedi Sourcebook How is "wanting to win" a bad thing?
5. I have no idea. Just because someone had the last name Dodonna doesn't mean much. I'm sure there are Antilles, Organas, and Solos running about too.
6. IMO, the prequels have been enjoyable, therefore they've been good movies for my movie-watching experience. You cannot compare KOTOR to the prequels, as the only correlation is that they share the same name: Star Wars.
7. 10.

13 January 2004, 12:03 AM
anyone know when bacta came about?

13 January 2004, 06:39 AM
The game is excellent, but cannot compare to any of the movies. I give it a 10. If you're looking for an action-oriented RPG based on the D20 system, look no further. The plot is interesting, there' plenty to do and lots of replayability.

That said, Battle Meditation seems to be more prevalent in "light" Force-Users, as a few ToTJ-era Jedi possessed this ability. The most famous being Nomi Sunrider, who was far from being a darksider. I don't recall any Sith or dark Jedi ever using this ability. It seems easier for them to use other skills, like Control Mind.

Darth Fierce
13 January 2004, 07:21 AM
Yes, dark-siders like to use "Control Mind" (remember Joruus C'baoth from the Thrawn trilogy, and the Emperor, to a greater extent, loved to use this power), but if you have the original "Tales of the Jedi" compendium, you'll remember that Amanoa retreated into her Dark Side sanctum when the Beast Riders and her forces went into battle with each other. From what I've heard, Amanoa was directing the outcome of the battle toward victory for her side using "Battle Meditation" until Arca Jeth showed up and used a superior form of the power against her.

I know, I'm a TOTJ geek...:rolleyes:

Darth Fierce :vader:

Master Bob
13 January 2004, 03:01 PM
Thanks people. I have to get back to playing KOTOR.:D