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17 February 2004, 06:49 AM
It just didn’t make sense.

For the hundredth time in the last several weeks Balthazar Cochroth sat motionless, matching the readout on his datapad against the carved script embedded into the Trianni Temple wall. What bothered him, what kept him parked in front of the rows and rows of ancient text was that he could find now flaws, no discrepancies that would lead him to believe that the story unfolding on the rough surface was some sort of galactic joke.
After two weeks of arduous translation, the script now scrolled across the screen of his datapad, reading like a rueful holodrama. The history told of a group of Trianni, thousands of years before, who lived in captivity under the boot of some long forgotten government. It went on to describe a man who arrived and released the Trianni from their shackles of oppression, training them in the ways of the current religion, the Mew Tao.
Combat, art, culture- the savior taught them everything he knew, building them up from a group of ignorant knuckle dragging slaves into a powerful society of artisans and philosophers.

Oh, and he just happened to be Sith.

Baal shook his head again and took a deep breath of stale dry air. Everything he knew or imagined about the Sith went against what was carved into the stone that sat in front of him. Near the bottom, where the history began, everything was written in “sith-script”, a word A’sok coined to describe the various marks and slashes that they found in the old Jedi tomes that now sat behind him atop the temples only table.

And then there was the mystery of the object that sat off to his right on the rough stone floor, emitting a constant pulse of force energy. When he found it, the components were a simple flawless black ball and triangle. By joining the two, both combined to create an artifact that emitted a powerful burst of light side energy.
And now it sat, it’s mysteries hidden somewhere among the thousands of lines of history scrawled upon the mighty walls of the temple. It would take a long time to find the answer, time he didn’t have. In the recesses of his mind he felt the galactic clock moving. Once he joined the two pieces together something was set in motion. They hadn’t much time now.

“You’ve been down here a long time,” High Priestess Grismarr said from behind him. He sensed her approach moments ago, brushing away the interruption long before she stepped into the temple.

“Yes, well, it takes a while to digest that your religion is based off of the teachings of a Sith madman,” he replied, still staring at the datapad. Placing a covered plate beside him, she shoved a book aside and sat atop the table.

“Baal, this ancient text is not what the Mew-Tao is now. Whatever misdirection the religion took in it’s early days, we’ve changed…”

Her words sounded hollow in his ears. “Really?” He jabbed a finger at a particular line of text, nestled in the corner of the wall. “It says here that ‘Scraveren, the High Priestess, had no less than two Protectors with her at all time, sounds familiar doesn’t it?’ The question was met with silence as Grismarr shifted uneasily among the flimplast. On the wall, Baal watched her shadow smooth it’s dress.
“The council had a meeting last night, it was determined that these writings changed nothing; that our religion has grown beyond the history this scripture laid out,” her shadow gesture encompassed the temple. “Our people cannot live in the past.”

“So the truth gets buried under the foliage, and we go on pretending it never happened,” Baal said shaking his head. Everything he knew, everything he believed in, was falling away in pieces.
“No armor. No other sentients may be a Mew-Tao. No…” his voice trailed off. Turning, he looked up at Grismarr who pulled her stare from the walls to meet his.

“Just conventions and customs that mean nothing. Codes put in place by a creature of darkness to indenture our people to HIM. Codes that, had we had known their source a week ago, could have been discarded to save Mew-Tao lives,” he let his gaze linger on her.
She nodded slowly in agreement. “This is true. Don’t think the council hasn’t considered those points,” she said, golden fur glistening under a shimmering white opaque robe. They watched each other for a moment and he looked away, back to the datapad.

“And the council won’t change these customs,” he said, fighting back a surge of revulsion.

Without responding she rose from the table, turning away from him. “I’ve got a meeting with some Mew-Tao that have been off planet Balthazar, we can discuss this further, later tonight,” descending the stone steps, she strolled purposefully towards the temple’s entrance.
Standing, Baal pitched the datapad on to the table. “How many more lives are going to be lost before we cast off these archaic customs Yahwell?” he called after her. She stopped in mid stride and turned back to him, crossing her arms over her chest. Her tail curled up and around her waist, smoothing the seam of her robes.

“The Mew Tao will persevere Baal. Through CSA attacks and starvation and,” her eyes narrowed, “those that think we should discard the old ways. We will persevere and overcome these obstacles because it’s what we must do,” she stared a challenge at him to speak, and when he remained silent she turned and passed through the grand hall and into the darkness.


And so begins Prophecy of the Fates:Odyssey, the second installment in the Prophecy of the Fates storyline appearing over at WWW.Raptorsquad.Net.

Weighing in at over 50+ pages, this installment has all of the action, drama and romance you have come to expect from the Raptor Squad fiction.

I welcome your comments and thoughts and hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

You can find both parts, with complete artwork here:

Prophecy of the Fates: Odyssey

or the downloadable pdf/.doc files here:
POTF Downloads (http://raptorsquad.net/downloads/index.html)

17 February 2004, 07:33 AM
Ooh, looks good, Bob! I'm definitely successfully teased by your teaser. :)

17 February 2004, 07:47 AM
I tease...it's what I do.


19 February 2004, 11:27 AM
Even though I'm member of Raptor Squad (Xander Paddox: Your Resident Tapani Noble), the fiction is awesome! Prophecy of the Fates is beyond great. This story has it all from action adventure to romance to comedy to drama to mystery. It is all there. What more can you ask for? After reading Part I, I quickly had to start reading Part II. And if that is not enough, there will be a Part III!!!!! Ooh, how I cannot wait to read this part.

It's just like Peter Jackson directing The Lord of the Rings Trilogy instead it is Bob directing Raptor Squad: Prophecy of the Fates Trilogy. Except he better not a year in between stories because I know where he lives and where he games.

The masses are yearning for this story! If you have not read these gamelogs, then stop what you are doing and go to:


You are already on the Internet!!!! Why are you still reading this? GO TO THE WEBSITE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I would just like to point out that I DID NOT pay Xander to post the above....

well, not in money anyway, but you would be surprised at what a box of Little Debbies can do.

Kidding! Thanks for the mad props Al!!!!