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Ynnek Rellim
24 February 2004, 01:14 PM
Soon to come. Intro to A Flame Rekindled.

Ynnek Rellim
25 February 2004, 06:12 PM

The New Republic, a symbol of freedom and liberty, has firmly established itself at the seat of the bustling commerce world of Coruscant. Trials and tribulations have tattered the spirits of the former Rebels, but they are still intact, still motivated to protect the lasting symbol of potential prosperity and justice.

Yet, the first two Chief of States, Mon Mothma and Leia Organa Solo, no longer held the desire nor the endurance to run the sprawling beauracracy and unrelentless pressures, both within and abroad. Borsk Fey'la, the manipulative and conniving bothan, though patriot, now leads the New Republic in what has come to be called, the Great Calm. Though it is only a statement made out of relativity and not in actuallity.

Borsk was forced to contend with partisan politics between liberal and conservative forces and the Senate seemingly has degraded to its previous ways. Political deadlock and inactivity have created a dangerous complacency throughout the galaxy, though the effects have yet to be felt.

Although one institution of the Old Republic has failed to materialize into any altruistic vision, the Jedi Academy has surpassed any expectations. Over 200 strong, the Academy had been a self-perpetuating organization with new students entering the rosters. The Jedi are now a force to be reckoned with, though they were still fragile.


Once I get more characters created, I can generate reasons for exactly why you are all at a certain location. I will continue with more specific background information once this is completed.

Ynnek Rellim
17 March 2004, 05:23 PM
Darth Wyld:

The sun shone far too bright for Wyll Bassc's unadjusted eyes. With cramps in his neck, his robes wrinkled, and a small bag at his side, it was apparent he had just walked off one of the less accomadating transports. His master decided a Jedi doesn't need lavish compartments for interstellar travel and he gave Wyll only enough money to bribe a freighter captain to let Wyll stowaway in one of the empty compartments. The situation was humiliating though Wyll thought nothing of it.

Before Wyll laid the expanse of Hanna City, beautiful and functional at the same time as businessmen swiftly shuffled past and daily life continued as it had for the past 10 years. It had just became spring in Hanna City which blossomed with flowering trees and shrubbery. The air was slightly cool as it was early in the morning and a slight zephyr added a little nip to the air.

Master Torik, the Jedi who had discovered Wyll, hardly gave you any specific directions to what Wyll was supposed to do on Chandrilla. Before Wyll left Yavin IV, Torik simply stated, "Make sure the commercial summit goes planned." Wyll's throat was parched and with little thought he went to a cantina which was situated in the proximity of the Hanna City Civic Center. That was where the commerical summit of regional planetary governments was supposed to meet, hosted by an unlikely person, Han Solo.

[See "To All" further down"]



The numerous Corellian ales were not doing much for Josan’s headache. Sitting at the bar within the cantina, uncreatively named “Downtown Cantina”, Josan was hunched over, with his fingers at his temple. Hours of wiring the holographic projectors with uncountable incompatablities with over 6 separate companies had taken its toll.

Smoke clogged the cantina’s uncirculating air, though the ale was unexpectedly good. Music played softly in the background, doing little to calm some of the other patrons who too had been working on compatibility issues at the Civic Center.

Josan had been hired by one of those 6 companies to help wire the entire Civic Center. The pay was not the best, nor were their benifits, but it had gotten him out of a predictable rut back home. Josan began wondering exactly how long it had been since he was home to see his family. A toydarian rudely brushed past blowing smoke in the vicinity of Josan.


Howling Wookie

The pleasure had been Ethan Dodge’s to reach across the playing table and bring the heaping pile of credits towards him. Several of the other players showed a predictable, yet understandable disapproval of Ethan’s convenient winning streak. Ethan’s stacks were considerably higher than the other player’s, some had even dwindled down to a few chips. Sabaac was not the best of their games.

A Rodian, short in stature and ugly to look at, sat to Ethan’s right, a human, dark skinned and muscular, sat to Ethan’s left and across the table was a Cerean, quiet in nature and seemingly stuck in permanant meditation. They had all came for the same reason Ethan had, to win an unimaginable sum of credits, in a tournment of champions in the game of Sabaac. Earlier, Ethan had easily brushed pass the other constestants in the first round of games.

“He’s clearly cheating! There’s no way he could have made that much in just 6 rounds of play!”[B], complained the human, obviously frustrated at his losing. The cerean however responded with, [B] “If you didn’t raise the pot in the 2nd round and if you saw through his OBVIOUS bluff, maybe you would be doing as well as I have!”. The stack of chips in front of the cerean was only a few credits higher than the human, which the Rodian had jumped on pointing out.


Skreem and Coldskier

With her trusty pistol at her side, Karyn stepped up to the microphone. Clearing her throat, she sang beautfilly to a crowd that did not really appreciate the arts. She didn’t expect much, after all, she had not intended on singing here. Not until she realized the credits her father back home had wired to her did not arrive, did she finally concede on singing in such a low-profile place.

Just yesterday, Karyn Skyye and her Twi’lek friend, Dor’lana, arrived on Chandrilla from the Outer Rim. The lengthy journey had taken its toll on the two, both were hungry and aching, yet they had each other, and Dor’lana could still take in a breath of fresh air. Every breath she had held dear since her escape from her Hutt owner. A bounty had been put on her head, 1000 credits, an insulting amount of credits to have her head on a plate. Dor’lana secretly wanted it that price to be put higher.

Several instrument players, cantina regulars, accompanied the singing of Karyn. Their melody, one key off with one player stuck playing too sharply, had cramped the singing of Karyn. It didn’t matter, the only thing that could get the attention of all the patrons in the cantina would be if someone shot a laser bolt across the room.

Dor’lana stood off stage eying her friend onstage, and eying a knocked out customer offstage. She was pleased by Karyn’s singing.


To All

Wyll Bassc opened the door to the cantina, allowing a flood of light to go across the bar and into the face of Josan and Karyn, both being perfectly aligned. The patrons within the bar noticed the newcomer and returned to their activities. Jedi’s were no longer anything special to them, they had already became complacent with their small presence.

The bartender, with two of his four arms, motioned his arms to an open seat. “Welcome Jedi”

(Go ahead and talk/respond/greet now)

18 March 2004, 01:57 AM
Wyll blinked as the irritation from the bright light was replaced by pungent smoke of the cantina. With a friendly nod to the barkeeper he went to the open seat and sat down.

He pulled back his hood, revealing a face of rather pale complexion under short black hair. His gaze wandered over the assorted patrons, and came to rest on the approaching barmaid.

I would like some tea, please. he said in a calm, slightly hoarse voice.

His attention was caught by the singer at the microphone. A slight frown appeared as he tried to concentrate on the singer and to ignore the rather unfitting skills of the band.

Howling Wookiee
18 March 2004, 06:29 AM
Ethan shades his eyes as the light spills in around the Jedi into the dark room. It takes a minute for the ruffigan's eyes to adjust to the sudden change, then eyes the Jedi as he approaches the bar. Dodge answers the human's claim, "Well friend I'm not cheating and I can't help it if you came to a tourney will all those creds to "learn" how to play sabbacc." Ethan smirks to himself and at the human for the sharp pun he directed to the human, who is probably not smart enough to know that he is making fun of him.

The dealer droid claims that the current round is over and the next one will start up again tomorrow. Ethan rises from table and shovels all his credits into one of his vest pockets. He saunters over to the bar for a fresh drink and props on the bar beside the Jedi. Dodge think that he might need to find out why the Jedi is here, because someone might pay good creds to find out that info. The human scoundrel motions to the bartender, "I've got his drink," then directs his attention to the Jedi, "Greeting Jedi, I've got your drink." Ethan extends his hand, "Ethan Dodge, sabbacc player extradinaire here for the tourney. Haven't seen many Jedi here on Chandrilla. What brings you here?" Ethan leans his back against the bar scoping out the bar and notices a "techie" brooding over a tankard of ale as he waits for a response from the Jedi.

18 March 2004, 06:34 AM
Josan moves out of the light and has another drink of his ale. He then turns to the jedi and says Greetings, my name is Josan. What brings you to chandrilla, and to the Downtown Cantina?

18 March 2004, 07:05 AM
Taking his eyes from the singer Wyll smiles at Ethan, then at Josan.

Thank you very much and greetings to you too!
I am here for the summit. I am here to help if I can - just for the case something unexpected happens... and of course to learn!

He smiles a boyish smile. It seems he has not seen more the 18 or 19 years.

This cantina is close to the civic center and I was thirsty. So I came here.

Oh! I forgot! My name is Wyll Bassc

18 March 2004, 08:10 AM
The door opening, someone new entering, reasons for Dor'lana to raise her attentions. Light fills the room and silhoetes the obvious Jedi. Hmm.. Jedi... unexpected. Her eyes intent and focused on the Jedi as his gaze falls on Karyn. Dor'lana smiles inwardly as she recognizes that he is noticing Karyn's talent among the clamoring of sounds coming from the local musicians.

As Ethan and Josan seperately approached the Jedi, Dor'lana was intent on heraing what they might be discussing, although proximity to the unharmonious band made that difficult. Though, it's not surprising for people to be interested in Jedi, still, one can never be too careful.

22 March 2004, 09:05 AM
Karyn sits on a barstool, alone in th middle of the stage, her soundcaster in its case at her feet, the mic held close to her lips. She wore a simple outfit: a long purple skirt that matched her hair with a bright orange skin tight shirt made of some light material that hung loosely at the end of her sleeves. It was one of Karyn's favorite outfits in that while it looked good, it was also very comfortable, and deemed fashionable on all but a handful of worlds in the mid-rim and core, especially with a figure like hers. The only downside of it was that her blaster could not be easily concealed. She didnt expect much trouble on a planet like Chandrilla, but Karyn was never one to become complacent, and her blaster hung at her side, from a loosely woven, stylish belt.

Does this ever bring back the memories..., she thought to herself amusedly, recalling her days as an opening act for ungrateful hordes of drunks across the outer rim. Those were turbulent times for her, not knowing where she was going to sleep that night, let alone where tommorow's meal would come from.

As she finished her last number, a spirited song called Back to You, she gave the horrendous-sounding band a cue to stop playing as she sang the last few lines in relative silence, to give her audience a chance to realize that she was far superior to the noise they'd beed subjected to for the past half hour or so.

I've made myself a life that's new,
That's why I won't come back to you...

She held the last note as long as she dared for the somewhat inattentive audience, then let silence hang for a few fleeting moments before standing from her barstool.

"Thank you!", Karyn said enthusiastically, flashing the crowd a truly stunning smile and bowing deeply. After a few moments, the applause subsided, and Karyn took her leave of the stage. At the base of the steps, a human male stood to greet her, holding a drink out to her. She accepted the fizzing, yellow mixture graciously, flashing him another smile and giving him a small hug before commenting that she had to get off the stage for the next act, and walking into the midst of the crowd, the young man already a distant memory in her head.

Soon she found who she was looking for, a lithe young twi'lek female, who had become, over the past few months, her biggest supporter and best friend. Dor'lana had been tagging along with her for a few months, and she had grown fornd of the young twi'lek's caring intellectual nature. Wise beyone her years, Dor'lna was a good listener as well as a familiar face, two things greatly missed by anyone out on their own.

Having made eye contact with Dor'lana, she sidled up next to her at the bar, squeezing between Dor'lana and a large scaly alien, who grunted and nodded to her as he moved over a bit in the crowded bar area.

"With what I'll make here, we'll have enough for a room for the next few days as well as a nice dinner tonight. Anything interesting happen while i was onstage?".

Ynnek Rellim
23 March 2004, 05:09 PM
The bartender, taken aback by the unusual order of tea, fumbled behind the bar looking for tea. Several bowls and metallic glasses fall to the floor making a slight disturbance. He finally found the tea, covered in cob webs and dust, though neatly packaged away in a ready to make mix. His face twisted to form a sickly smile, apparently he was impressed by his own ability to find tea. This smile soon evaporated as he realized he lacked the proper equipment to make tea. However, he was clever enough to use several other contraptions and he beautifully jury-rigged a tea maker. After a brief moment, a cup of steaming tea was brought forth to the Jedi, the bartender obviously pleased at his versatility in drinks and his small accomplishment of making his first tea in over 7 years.

Stunned by the command, the band never the less ended their ensemble of din. Some of the band members mumbled, while others were quite pleased they didn't have to play anymore with the reasoning they got paid the same anyway. But the silence was overtaken by Karyn's voice, the only sound anyone chose to hear, even though the bartender was making his racket at this time. The occilation of her voice in the extended notes was hypnotic. With the conclusion of the song, the applaus was load roar with several yells of endearment and congratulations. Though that didn't last long as everyone returned to their routines.

A small group, consisting of locals and travellers alike, congregated around the Jedi. Indeed many were curious, and others were intimidated. The remaining sabaac players were less than excited at having a Jedi in their midst. Tending to the wounds they took to their ego, they proceeded to buy the strongest ail possible, rumored to power small fighters with only a few shot glasses. Of course, anyone with a background in chemistry knew that the potential chemical energy would only supply a droid for a few minutes, though the drink was still strong enough to knock some of the largest wookies in only a few drinks.

31 March 2004, 07:58 AM
Feeling the fame and infamy of the Jedi for the first time, Wyll is a bit cowed.

I think I get an idea of the lessons my master wants me to learn here...

Accepting the tea with a grateful nod to the barkeeper he turns to Ethan with the cup and raises it in a silent toast to thank him.

Sipping on his tea he concentrates and gains his confidence back.

His nervousness gone he smiles at the patrons around him.

Howling Wookiee
5 April 2004, 08:21 AM
Ethan nods to the Jedi and raises his own glass in response. The two glasses "ting" together and the card player drinks his ale in one gulp and sets the glass on the bar rather loudly. "Barkeep, keep the ales and tea coming. I feel it's gonna be another long night." Ethan returns his attention to the Jedi, "Well Jedi Wyll is is an honor to meet you and if you need any assistance here on Chandrilla, you just let me know. I know this place like the back of my hand." Ethan acknowledges the newcomers to the bar and extends his hand in greeting, "Ethan Dodge, pleasure to meet you." He leans on the bar and directs his attention to Karyn, "That was very good. I've not heard such a good tune since I was on Coruscant a while back." Ethan jestures to the bartender, "I've got her drinks too." He flashes a million credit smile at her then returns his attention to Wyll and the others.

13 April 2004, 03:41 PM
"Seems the bartender here enjoyed having to jury-rig something to make tea," Dor'lana's head tail, which is wrapped casually across her neck and chest twitched slightly at this comment - a tell-tale sign to Karyn that this seemed an odd request to Dor'lana, "for the room's new celebrity." Her eyes casually glance towards Wyll, "As you would guess, he's a jedi."

Dor'lana pauses for the briefest of moments as the alien next to Karyn adjusts in his seat. Satisfied with the intent, she continues, "Seems a bit out of place though, obviously not used to the attention." A smile perches itself across her lips as she leans on the bar tilting her head ever so playfully, "Perhaps you could give him some," her eyebrows lift subtly, "ways to relax?"
Dor'lana's words do not go uninterpretted by her friend, whom sees right through to the interest Dor'lana has in the newcomer. That's always the problem with friends - just can't hide anything.
"Oh, by the way, good call on killing the backup. Cuz they could definitely use the killing. Amazing finish!"

Ynnek Rellim
16 April 2004, 05:43 PM
After successfully handing out a round of drinks to several patrons, and putting away his "tea contraption", the bartender notices an erie silence and decides its time to listen to the news.

Tucked at the end of the bar is a small holo projector. Typically used for watching the Umgulian blob races, several small score cards were haphazardly shoved underneath one corner of the projecter to keep it even. Turning the projector one, seemed simple enough, but it did not seem to work. Puzzled, though still somewhat overconfident from his previous accomplishment, the bartender tried numerous ways to bring the machine back to life. It stood their lifeless.

A load roar was heard from outside, alerting the patrons that a famous speaker had approached the stage. It was obvious only to one person in the room who it was. The jedi could sense Han Solo's presence up on that stage and the crowds reverence.

Still somewhat flustered from the projector's inability to work, the bartender concedes and asks for anyone who could possible fix this "monstrosity" he had called it.

16 April 2004, 09:46 PM
Could I join in?

19 April 2004, 08:54 AM
"Perhaps you could give him some," her eyebrows lift subtly, "ways to relax?"

At this Karyn eyes the Jedi up and down with a skeptical expression. Finally, she turns back to her friend,

"I don't know about you sometimes with your tastes in men. I don't see it, then again, I never seem to, do I?"

With that, she confidently, even casually, strides up to the brown-clad Jedi. With a winning smile, she nods to the man and says,

"Hi, I'm Karyn, I've been touring nearby worlds for the past six or eight weeks, you may have heard me. Who might you be?"

Before the kind-looking man can answer, though, the collective attention of the bar is held by the sounds of a large crowd outside. Careful not to get separated from Dor'lana in the shuffle, she sidles up next to her companion and murmurs,

"What the frell's goin' on out there?"

Before they move toward the door, though, Karyn is careful to grab her credit voucher from the bar owner and stuff it into her shirt. In addition to this, she also grabs her soundcaster case as well as readjust her belt, resettling her blaster against her thigh.

19 April 2004, 02:10 PM
As the Zeltron turns around to see where the roar came from she leaves Wyll staring, searching for words. He closes his mouth, regains composure as he feels the source of the noise through the force.

Confused by the effect the few words form the Zeltron... "Karyn"... had on him he strains to gain his serenity back.

Mr. Dodge, Mr. Josan, thank you for your kind welcome, but I think my mission requires my attention outside, Mr. Solo is about to speak.

With that he places the empty cup on the bar gives both a friendly nod and turns to go outside to get a glimpse of the speech and the famous hero.

19 April 2004, 03:32 PM
Josan considers for a moment, decides that he is not in imminent danger, then steps up to the bartender. "Let me take a look at that thing for you." He then attempts to ascertain the problem with the holoprojector.

Howling Wookiee
20 April 2004, 09:30 AM
Ethan nods as the Jedi excuses himself and figures that he will see that all the hipe is about outside. He makes his way out of the bar and into the streets. He peers his head over the crowd to see where Solo is getting ready to speak. Ethan tries to make his way to the stage so he can hear.

Ynnek Rellim
20 April 2004, 06:51 PM
Josan approaches the dysfunctional projector, sitting idle, lacking any purpose other than a paper weight. The problem had appeared obvious, to a trained technician. A simple pressing of 3 buttons, adjustment of concealed dial, and a slight tap brought the projector to life. Though the sound quality was less than desirable, it provided enough to saturate the room with comprehensible sound.

The default station was the Holonet news. Upon turning up the volume, a sense of dread came through everyone as the first words began to register in the minds of the patrons. "Empire Strikes New Republic Outposts, And Talus" Sabaac chips were dropped, instruments left unattended, and beers no longer were being chugged. Although there was no footage of the attack, the statistics were clear. "Thousands are dead in a flurry of Imperial attacks involving just a few Star Destroyers. Losses for defending New Republic fighter squadrons are numerous though no details can be given to the nature of the attacks. Communication with Talus is also impossible and the New Republic Board of Commerce has banned all travel to Talus to prevent secondary losses. Reinforcements have been dispatched from undisclosed locations. Cheif of State Fey'la has announced a state of emergency for all surrounding systems."

One patron was disturbed by these developments and could no longer take the news. He stormed out, conveniently not paying for his ale. The Bartender did not bother to stop him.

Oddly enough, Wyll could sense something was wrong, and so did everyone else in the cantina. But the sensation had grown strong. Before getting to the door, the mild "tingling" turned to a horrific migraine as the echoes grew stronger in the Force. Had this been a delayed force sense? Before reaching the door, Wyll could no longer stand and is forced to lean against a small table.

21 April 2004, 07:43 AM
A low moan escapes from Wyll's lips as he leans with both arms on the table.
Breathe slowly... concentrate... pain... will... pass... now!...

He tries to concentrate on the meditations against pain Master Torik had shown him.

Free your mind from the pain... detach yourself from that feeling... assess the situation around you. Find the source!

Looking around he blinks tears of pain from his eyes, watching the patrons and the cantina again, staring at the Holonet news.

4 May 2004, 05:25 PM
Dor'lana's muscles tighten as she listens to the report while watching the Jedi leaving. Hmmm... 'Solo'... I should know that name... . Then as the report concludes and the impact hits home with her, she remembers the rebel woman that helped her. Scenes flash through her mind's eye as the Wyll almost collapses onto the small table, and then things click for her.

She quickly strides over to Karyn, "I want to help them. Solo, he's with the Rebels. " she speaks quietly into Karyn's ear as she helps pickup the equipment, "What's with the Jedi?"

Ynnek Rellim
13 May 2004, 06:48 PM
All eyes were affixed on the Holonet monitor. Perhaps had this happened just a few years ago, the celebratory mood so common in the cantina, would have remained intact. But times had changed, and now reverted back to the harsh reality of a never ending war.

As if the attack on Talus was bad enough, the tone of the already alarmed anchor deteriorated as another peice of news came across the interstellar communication lines. "In addition to the assault on Talus, Borleias and Alzoc III have reported, and I quote 'unsurmountable damage coupled by extreme loss of life'. We will continue to broadcast continuously ....." The silence remained. Borleias had just been open to commercial and military interests of the New Republic and had been considered a lucrative investment. Alzoc III, the home of the Talz had also became yet another hot spot for the New Republic's entrepreneurs and bureaucrats alike. Apparently all had asked the same question to themselves. Why these three planets, and why now? Of course, no one in the room truely knew the answer, though all had suspicions.

Wyll had though his pain would subside, but it had only grown and all had taken attention to his condition, some patrons rushing to aid the falling Jedi. After only just a few minutes, the Jedi's excrutiating pain subsided, and a dreadful realization, come only through the force had materialized. With a pale face, Wyll could only utter, "We're next".

And with that small phrase, Hanna City's alarms blared echoing through the streets, piercing the false sense of security all had come accustomed to.

Howling Wookiee
17 May 2004, 07:24 AM
Ethan comes in from outside realizing that there is nothing to see out there. He makes it in just in time to see the Jedi in intense pain. The scoundrel runs up to Wyll and supports him, “Jedi are you alright? What is it? What’s the problem?” Ethan’s questions are answered in an utter from the Jedi, “We’re next….”
Ethan’s head whips around to look outside as the alarms ring a warning of war and destruction. The ruffigan grumbles to himself, “All I wanted to do was win some creds.” He looks around to assess the situation and it appears that everyone is on the verge of panic. He shouts so that everyone can hear him, “Ok everyone just calm down. We should have a little time before the first wave of the assault makes it planetside.” Sweat starts dripping off his brow as he leans in to the Jedi, “What’s our next move Jedi?” It is apparent that Ethan Dodge figures that he will have a better chance of surviving this if he sides with the Jedi. He grips his holstered blaster pistol as he tensely waits for a reply.

17 May 2004, 08:01 AM
“What’s our next move Jedi?”

Wyll looks up to Ethan. His face wears an expression of confusion and surprise. Then he seems to snap back into gear and his face becomes solemn. He straightens himself and adresses Ethan:

Thank you.

He raises his voice...

The means of attack are unknown up to now. We can expect groundattacks and aerial bombardements. Does anyone know if there are shelters nearby which could protect us from an aerial bombing?

They won't show mercy..."unsurmountable damage coupled by extreme loss of life" doesn't sound like they're taking prisoners

Those of you who are willing and able to defend themselves and others will be needed now. Are there sturdy, defendable buildings near here where we could organize our defense?

Master, I know you taught me well! I hope I was good in learning!
What I could have learned doesn't matter now. I am as experienced as I am, lamenting is of no consequence. It's time to act!

He walks over to the door, looking at the sky, searching for signs of the attack.

17 May 2004, 09:04 AM
Karyn is shaken, but her years of experience allows her to hide most of it. Confidently, she steps up to the Jedi. Always looked to as leaders in times of trouble, the Jedi were known for their leadership abilities, but Karyn realized that this particular man was not used to this sort of thing, and felt that he needed some backup. Sidling up next to him in the crowded room, she spoke to him.

"Looks like someone nominated you the head pumbaa of this shindig.", with a smirk to help restore his confidence, she continues, "Look, I don't know what we can expect here, but I know we can haul all these people around through a battle zone. I say let's take 'em to this place's basement. there ought to be some vacuum packed foor for the bar that can sustain 'em until the attack is over. I, for one, think we need to get a small group together and investigate. The Council, or whatever it is you report to should give you mad kudos, or bonus points, or whatever for any good intel you could give 'em. And i...well...I think Dor'lana and I need to get offworld somehow...or at least out into the countryside where the most danger we have is an expeditionary force, or some orbital turbolasers sighting in."

Letting him ponder this for a moment, she leaps onto a nearby table, and shouts in her loud clear alto. She decides that her figure, combined with the fact that the bar's patrons are used to listening to her, and her voice's appeal will get more people to listen to her and to receive her message than the Jedi, or the man that was buying the drinks.

"Ladies and gentlemen! You all need to quiet down so we can help everyone out! The quieter you get, the better your chances for surviving this little scrape unhurt! Please, everybody take a seat and finish your drinks! Also, anyone who feels they could benefit the group as a whole, please come forward! Again, please remain calm and quiet! Thank you!"

Ynnek Rellim
17 May 2004, 07:42 PM
A patron, no less than 4 meters in height, of some obscure alien descent, would not take accept the singer's proposition.

"SIT DOWN YOU SAY!?!? In a dire time such as this, where destruction is not only a reality, but practically guaranteed, and you want me to sit down and finish my ale!"

There was one patron, amid the chaos, panic and confusion, that remained utterly calm, as if the brewing storm was nothing but a convective afternoon shower. Nonchalantly he stated, "Nothing can penetrate our defenses. The New Republic would never have left this planet unguarded for its nearly as essential to the fabric of the Government as lets say, Coruscant."

A few citizens in the cantina could not help but to nod their head in agreement, though most were unconvinced of their safety.

While the conversations between the cantina-goers continued, the bartender pulled out something interesting, an old Rebellion era relic. He dusted it off and he knew exactly how to work this thing. Apparently it used certain orbital platforms, antique radar and other detection methods as well as hacking into the military communication lines set up by the Empire to determine exactly what naval forces were where. Perhaps not the best of bartenders, but a loyal rebel he had been.

After observing the solitary view screen, he decuded the Empire's plan, and it was quite simple, though its entire plan had not climaxed in one day, or in just one single act. Instead it had probably started about a week ago with minor "pirate" like attacks, one that would not easily be recognized as organized Imperial coordination. The attack on Talus, Borleias and Alzoc III were of no importance for the grand scheme. Though they were important in weakening the protective shell around Chandrilla. A folly that had only been encouraged by a babbling buearcracy and ineffective leadership. All this had been explained so simply by the bartender so even the nearest gungan could comprehend what was going on.

A screeching noise dominated the sky. This noise was not unfamiliar to anyone. It was the messenger of death, the bringer of destruction, and the call sign of the oppressive Empire.

18 May 2004, 09:18 AM
As Karyn moves to the stage and begins her speach, Dor'lana follows quickly to stand on the floor in front of Karyn, taking up a protective posture against any would-be drunkards. Although they noone seems to like what's being said, only the one spoke up, and Dor'lana eases her tensed muscles. The bartender pulls out his little doodad and begins his explanation, Dor'lana listens intently. The end of his message to be accentuated by the screaching from outside.

Taking a moment to look back at Karyn, she comments quietly under her breath, "Too late..." A look of indignation spreads across her face, as her head-tails lay completely straight down her back. I didn't escape from that sith-blasted hutt to die in an Imperial bombardment! "Karyn, let's see what Mr. Solo is doing. He had to know this was going to happen." She then lowers her voice and leans in to Karyn's ear, "...and I'm sure has a ship!"

27 May 2004, 07:33 AM
The screeching sound can mean only one thing:

Aerial assault! Everybody into the cellar! You're chances are better down there! Anybody who want's to help those outside stay here, we'll organize a team!

Wyll steadies himself, calming his fears, looking who will heed his call.

Ynnek Rellim
28 May 2004, 10:24 PM
Some of the patrons were more than willing to lock themselves into the cellar. Their reasoning was having a door, however thin, between them and the Imperials was better than standing in the open. Others, including the bartender did not wish to huddle in the cellar, and instead they insisted on lending a hand.

"A rebel I was over a decade ago, and I loyal rebel I still am. They cannot bind me physical, or in principle of government. The bartender defiantly declares his allegience. He pulls out a blaster rifle and a vibroblade, both of which he holsters. Underneath the ledge of the bar counter, he pulls two blaster pistols out and passes them to two other patrons.

The screaches from above intensify and the first burts of laser fire lightens the sky with a strange beautiful red glow. The bartender opens the door to the street and asks the haphazardly thrown together group, Ready to put some Imperial dogs out of their misery?

Description of street*
The street is perfectly linear, lined with shops, bazaars and other commercial buildings. At intervals of 15 meters, thick trees have grown on either side of the street. Street vendors are few and far between with just 2 of them in visible range. One is about 20 meters to the east (the road is east to west) and the other is 45 meters to the east. The second vendor sits right in front of the Civic Center, which is also at one end of a square where the street terminates. The only sounds audible are that of Imperial starfighters and laser cannon fire.

24 June 2004, 08:00 AM
We should try to reach the civic centre. Mr Solo may need help... or rather could provide it...

His lightsword in hand but not lighted Wyll starts to dash for the first vendor stand.