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4 March 2004, 02:42 PM
This is the thread for the freelance campaign! If you are a participant, the adventure will take place HERE! If you want to join, PM me instead of posting on this board.

Jedi Master Talon
18 March 2004, 09:04 AM
Just listening to what you've said. I'm playing. If it helps I'm planning on being a Human Jedi. Also I'll get my character to you tomorrow or next Monday.

18 March 2004, 09:31 AM
Like i said before, i'll be playing a dark jedi. BTW, what level are we starting at? Just checking in.

18 March 2004, 10:23 AM
Im checking in and im still playin. Ill get you my stats by tomorrow or monday as well. Ill be playing a Human Soldier.

Gyp Ryol
18 March 2004, 01:36 PM
Gyp here, checking in. I'm still interested in playing, though I don't know what I'll be playing yet. Depends on how Almaster answers my questions. The group seems to be leaning towards Jedi ever so slightly (:P) so I may go that direction.

18 March 2004, 02:36 PM
also, you jedi people...because this is in the imperial era, you do NOT gain the bonus feat for bveomeing a jedi knight and do NOT start with a lightsaber, though u will get one later.

for the dark jedi, this does not apply.

Also, it'd be nice if we had a bit of a mix, so if everone didnt play a force using theme that would be nice......

Jedi Master Talon
19 March 2004, 09:11 AM
I'm Guessing I'm the first one to give you my character so here it is. If you have any questions Almaster about my character just PM me.

Jedi Master Talon
19 March 2004, 09:15 AM
I'm asking this question here because it might help us all. How much money do we start out with?

22 March 2004, 03:10 AM
you start w/ the max that your character could start out with, according to the RCB.
Also, finish up your character s and post em like Talon did cause i will be starting the game very soon.

Gyp Ryol
22 March 2004, 07:37 AM
I'll have mine posted later on today. I'll be playing a Wookie scoundrel.

22 March 2004, 07:51 AM
i'll post today or tomorrow, human dark jedi guardian

22 March 2004, 08:08 AM
Ill be playing a Human Soilder, and I'll post either today or tomorrow

Gyp Ryol
22 March 2004, 05:06 PM
I present to you Drybowanykam, Wookie outlaw tech, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Gyp Ryol
22 March 2004, 05:15 PM
Hey, Almaster, have you tried contacting Maynard or Miles Lodson about the game? They expressed interest in it earlier on in the Trader's InfoNet board.

5 April 2004, 08:36 AM

Sorry about the long wait, I was on vacation.

Questions and Comments:

1) You are allies, right?
2) I dont GIVE you trouble. This is FREELANCE. Go make your own trouble if you want some.
3) DSP will be RARLEY givin out, only for using DS feats or force skills.
4) You CAN screw the game. (Example: Kill Darth Vader in episode 4)

Once this is staigtend out, we can begin!

5 April 2004, 08:40 AM
Hem...I still need DarkPrincess's character sheet.

If you arent playing, PLEASE TELL ME! I allrwady have an adventure semi-planned out.

Gyp Ryol
5 April 2004, 01:03 PM
I'm still interested in playing, so count me in.