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8 April 2004, 09:14 AM
You know, I just gotta give a big congrats and thanks to the whole Starwars-rpg.net and Online Journal teams. They're putting out a lot of great stuff, and even more stuff to come! They are some hard working people and deserve a thread to honor their recent accomplishments.

This team has managed to revive the Online Journal, give it to us in two gaming formats (D6 and d20), invent the Web Features, and be all-around cool people. It takes a lotta work to do all that and have a life outside of this.

And I give many, many thanks and congrats to Scottyboy, who has been extremely hard at work as the managing editor of the Online Journal. I know how much time and effort he puts into that out of the little free time he has, and just want him to know that his efforts are appreciated by the community.

Thanks for all the work you guys give us. Thanks for trying so hard to make our games better. Congratulations on all the hard work you guys do, and keep it up. We couldn't have such a successful community without you.

Nova Spice
8 April 2004, 02:43 PM

Bravo, fellas, bravo!

You guys at the OJ really are providing an integral part for the community. The quality of the work is outstanding and continually rises with each new supplement. That's a testament to the skill, dedication, and ability that the OJ team possesses. ;)

Keep up, friends, keep it up.