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9 May 2004, 04:08 AM
One year before the events of Episode II, approximately 23 years before the Battle of Yavin, the Republic is under immense strain as systems seceed and either go it alone or join the growing Coalition of Independant Systems.
With theRepublic Judicials busy trying to keep the Republic together, mercinaries and pirates are raiding outlying worlds with ease...
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine requests that more and more Jedi are sent out from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to bring peace, law and order to the Galaxy.....to show the Republic's citizens that it still functions.

One such Jedi is about to be given a mission of the upmost importance...

The Master and his Apprentice face off in a training room on the west side of the Jedi temple, one side of the room open to the cityscape beyond...the crimson sun dipping behind starscrapers as the day ends.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
10 May 2004, 02:12 AM
The room bathed in bright shades of orangy red, the sunset flooding in through the large windows in the training room. Two people stand facing each other in the inner-mid circles of the room. The mature Jedi master, and his younger padawan.

The snap-hiss of two lightsabers simultaneously sound, their green & blue blades casting muddy shadows....Face-off...

Both circle the room, slowly, step over step, sabers tilted forward, locked in deep concentration, each waiting for the other to move...

"EnGuard!" Arian shouts! Eyes wide.

The Master duelist lounged! Narrow side profile. Saber in right hand forward. Left arm stretched outwards from the inner circle... Quick. Fluid. Precise.

ZZZZZSHHHH!!!! blades of energy colide!

Mikail, startled, steped back. Lightsaber raised defensiively - just in time. Deflecting his master's blade.

"Hyah! Mikail replied.


Sidestep. ZZZZZSHHHH!!!! Blocked with skilled ease. Arian grinned, beckoning his student onwards.

Attack! Defend! Counter attack! Defend! Riposte

Arian gave ground, feined left, then sprinted to the nearest wall, with padawan giving chase. Up the wall! Leap & summersalt! Landing in a crouch to his padawan's back.

Mikail swung at empty air, turned on his heel. Barely deflected the strike. The dance was on again.

Lightsabers swinging, humming, crackling, to the beat of the fast paced dueler's dance. Niether saber struck, the padawan trying, the master not. Dazzling though not deadly, should target be struck; at worst a mild burn mark or scar if forced long enough. Safety through practice sabers...

Doge. Duck. Parry. Block - Sting. Mikail was to slow, suddenly feeling the familiar energy prickle below his jaw. Hot sweat trickled down the side of his face, he was beat - in both senses of the word. A flick of his thumb, Mikail deactivated his blade with a sigh.

A moment longer Arian held his blade just below Mikail's chin, just enough for a slight sting yet not enough to leave any mark. Arian thumbed off his lightsaber, but not his stern look.

"Problem master?" Mikail askd,

"Indeed my padawan. And perhaps you can enlighten us both as to wherein the problem lies?"

"Is it because I lost the match?"

Arian cocked an eyebrow "Not quite."

"I was supposed to strike you this time"

"That was the idea of it. However," Arian replied, raising a finger "why weren't you able to strike me?"

"And I wasn't able to strike you. I couldn't find an opening."

"Aha! and therin lies the answer: you must remember to vary your moves throughout the match. Ever changing so you don't become predictable."

"Yes master, I unferstand now"

"Well then, this match wasn't a total loss. You've learnt the lesson for today my young padawan. I'll test you on it sometime. Come now, we'd better freshen up and get a good night's rest. We've a much larger task at hand tomorow..."

Arian's gaze softened to a smile upon his students' enlightenment, and patted Mikail's shoulder.

Master and padawan departed the training hall...

10 May 2004, 02:45 AM
As the master and his padawan approached the door to leave the chamber, the master halted and raised an eyebrow.
As the door irised open the young padawan, inwardly still chastising himself, nearly walked straight into a very serious looking Zabrak.
Master Arian cleared his throat, bringing his padawan back to the here-and-now just before Mikail bounced off...
Jedi Master Eeth Koth...

The towering Zabrak took the padawan's chin in his hand and gently but firmly lifted it, admired the small burn and looked at Arian; "You really must be more careful with your apprentices Arian," he grins, "if you keep damaging them, Master Yoda won't give you a new one!"
"Don't worry young one," he adds, talking to Mikail directly for the first time, as far as Mikail can remember, in his life, "he's really as soft as a Hoojib....it just takes a few decades to get close to him."

Master Arian smiles briefly, but then turns serious; "I thought you wanted to see us tomorrow. Matters have escalated?"

Koth nods, all the humour of a moment ago vanishes faster than a deactivated saber blade. He motions for you to sit on the floor.
"Supreme Chancellor Palpatine himself has requested a Jedi be dispatched on a vital mission: the Outer Rim colony of Hollander IV has been taken over by a group of bandits...about 40 in number apparently. They're terrorising the colonists, importing spice, heavily taxing exports from the colony's mines & ranches...& if anyone resists: the troublemaker & their family are sold to off-world slavers."
"Though Hollander IV is very remote, home to not more than 250 colonists & hence not a priority to the senate, we're all aware of the recent secessions from the Republic. Many of these have been in the Outer Rim & the trend is heading Core-ward. The Supreme Chancellor wants to show the Galaxy that the Republic still functions...that it is capable of protecting its citizens. Thus the Supreme Chancellor requested that a Jedi be dispatched to bring law & justice back to Hollander IV...& it will serve as a sign to other worlds...& the enemies of the Republic...within & without."
"The Jedi council has chosen you: padawan, for this mission."
Master Arian smiles, though you can sense his deep concern.
"Complete this task successfully & you will be a Jedi Knight."
"Remember that the success of the mission will serve as a sign to other worlds...but glory & fame is not your concern. Your concern is the lives of the Hollander IV colonists."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
11 May 2004, 01:34 AM
Mikail sat and listened with interest. He heard much though not directly about the troubles in the galaxy. As much and often he questioned Master Arian, his answer was usuallly "Before trying to understand the troubles of the galaxy, you'd do welll to focus on your training." That was his master's usual way of redirecting the subject, or perhaps Master Arian knew of his past expiditions outside the temple. Mikail very much wanted to be free of the temple, or maybe to be free of certain memories of past. Memories that within these walls that hung over him like a grey cloud much like a form of self atonement. But enough dwelling, best to pay attention.

Mikail nodded solemnly, "I'll do my best to remember that Master Koth" Mikail noticed his master's concern at the mention of going to the colony and earning knighthood upon completing the task. Perhaps this was MIkail's chance to finally prove & redeem himself, but why was his master concerned?

"Do I leave at once then, Master Koth?" then turning to Arian, "Master Arian, I sense some concern. Why?"

11 May 2004, 06:13 AM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Terras Jadeonar & Raven
"Do I leave at once then, Master Koth?" then turning to Arian, "Master Arian, I sense some concern. Why?" [/QUOTE

Master Koth doesn't speak, but Master Arian sighs before speaking; "Do not be so anxious to leave, don't rush off Mikail. You would do well to seek council from your elders, consult the stellar-cartographic libraries, decide upon how you will handle the situation. As Master Koth said: there are approximately 40 outlaws...even I would be hard pressed to take on 40 outlaws in direct combat..."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
12 May 2004, 01:03 AM
Mikail dipped his head in respect "Then I shall consult the data libraries. I asumed I would be given the information needed if I were being sent someplace... I havn't even begun to think about how i'm going to handle the situation when I get there. Permision to goto the libraries Master Arian?" Mkail asked...

12 May 2004, 06:27 AM
"Assume nothing in life, my young padawan," Master Arian answers, then his mood lightens; "Of course, head to the libraries forthwith, and might I suggest a disguise... When you're ready, or you need to consult me, just give me a call. When you're prepared to depart I'll introduce you to the pilot who'll ferry you to Hollander IV..."

You're met in the vast, labyrinthine temple libraries by the aging Librarian Jocasta Nu.
"Ah, Padawan Mikail! It's been sometime since I last saw you in the halls of lore. How can I help you?"
Telling her about your mission to Hollander IV she guides you to a lore-console and brings up data on the planet.
"Is there anything else I can help you with?" she smiles.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
13 May 2004, 12:20 AM
"Master Arian's been keeping me busy Ma'am. Thanks," Mikail replied to Jocasta and studies the planetary data onscreen. Minutes later, having givin thought about his mission, Well, Master Arian said I had to plan this out. First thing I guess is clothes. Second, i'll need currency... Mikail thought to himself. "Excuse me, Jocasta Nu, Master Arian mentioned needing a disguise. Where in the temple would I find something that would blend in? Its the first time i've had to plan all this, and have just been sent on a mission by the council." MIkail asked, giving his tan tunic a tug. While Mikail was on the subject, "Also, when Jedi go out on missions, they need credits right? Whom in the temple do I seek for those?"

I hope when I go see Master Arian when I'm ready to go, I hope I have what I need. He should be pleased...

14 May 2004, 06:32 AM
The grandmotherly Jocasta Nu nods gently at your questions and smiles kindly when you've finished.
"For currency you'd best seek CR-3D, or Cred as he preferes to be called," she smiles again; "yes indeed: a droid. He's the Temple's treasurer...stops you wily padawans from mind-tricking a fortune out of a normal person."
She chuckles.
"The cantankerous old tin is always in the Temple Treasury, for a change in clothes: see Bakayaro...they're easy to find; the only Troig in the Temple."
She bows to you and walks off just as another padawan raises his head from a dataconsole and looks toward her with a question.

You get half the feeling that everyone's been told to give you half the help you need...but perhaps that's just your nerves.

You suddenly realise that you've never heard of the Temple's Treasury...
OOC: sorry dude, rolled a 1. :?
After an hour of searching and asking directions in the kilometer-tall ziggurat you eventually locate the Treasury...
it's a tiny room, barely the size of a turbolift. It is completely unfurnished, with bare chrome walls and a computer console built into the middle of the opposite wall...but in the middle of the room is the single strangest droid you have ever seen!!!
It appears to consist of a canine GV Guardian Droid, though the head and neck-section has been removed and replace with a 3PO Protocol Droid from the waist up. Then painted green.

CR3D cocks his head slightly and gives a mechanical snort; "Whaddya want yung'un?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
16 May 2004, 11:21 PM
I wonder if all the padawans and new jedi have to figure things out for themselves? It's proving quite a different sort of learning experiance and I havn't even left the temple yet! Mikail thought to himself.

When he arrived at the treasury, he was told it would be a droid, he didn't expect it to be a wierd looking droid. "Ummm, excuse me... Cred? I'm padawan Mikail, and I am being sent on a mission to Hollander IV. I'm unsure how long my stay will be, though I require credits. I was told you were the droid to seek." Mikail asked politely, though somewhat in a rush... He still needed to get clothing, and asumed he'd have to find that place too...

17 May 2004, 02:02 AM
"Don't tell me your life story kid. I can see you're in a rush. Jeez, nobody ever comes to old Cred except to take his money. Just tell me how much you need...and try to justify me forking out my beloved credits to you."

When Jocasta said he was cranky, she wasn't kidding.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
17 May 2004, 01:37 PM
Mikail shrugged, and took a guess "Thousand creds?"

17 May 2004, 06:00 PM
You sense that if Cred had eyebrows, one of them would be raised.

"And why do you need this rather large sum of money, padawan?"
Though his tone seems to indicate that he thinks you're conning him, with his hand he does extract a data-cord from a compartment in his torso and plugs the other end into the wall-console.
(you guess for some kinda data-transfer, authentication etc).

OOC: Mikail should have a reasonable idea of the price of things (i.e. the equipment chapter of the RCRB etc).

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
17 May 2004, 08:21 PM
"Hmmm.... Well I asume I'll be there for a week - so, food and lodging, I'd alsowant a temperature cloak, and a utility belt, and a cred chip... How much does that tally up?"

OOC: p143 rcr.
all temp cloak (100)
credit chip (100)
jedi utility belt (potj - 600)
lodging - common 100 per day
- meals - common 15 per day

18 May 2004, 06:39 AM
Cred nods as you list the things you'll need.....
"Okay, you've convinced me," he says folding his arms with a mechanical clang.
"You can have a grand, but you'd best see Bakayaro for your cloak and utility belt...I'm just credits. Cred by name, cred by nature."

After a few seconds a credit chip is ejected from the wall-console. Cred catches it and hands it to you.
"Don't go spending it all in one shop."
He notices your hesitation and gives a mechanical sigh.
"Bakayaro's in the Chamber of Garments. One floor above the main hangars."

As you leave he mutters "Damned kids, can stop a blaster-bolt but can't find his way around his own home."

Hot footing it across a few sections and using a turbolift, you make it to the Chamber of Garments.
Being very late in the day, the cavernous chamber appears to be empty. The room, more of a hall, is some ten or so meters high and stretches back into the shadows...there's ranks and ranks of clothing racks containing garments for every species, for every occasion, made from every material, in every size.
(Who'dve known the Jedi were so fashionable? ;) )
Your footsteps seem to echo as you walk down the seemingly lifeless aisles...
"Coo-ey!" you hear an effiminate, high-pitched voice cry out, then quieter, as if to someone else; "oh do wake up! We've got a visitor!"

As you round the aisle you come to a desk 'manned' by a Troig (think Ep1 Fode-&-Bede: the pod-racing comentator(s)).
One head is in the process of trying to wake up the other, currently dozing, head.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
18 May 2004, 10:28 PM
Mikail took a moment to simply look around, in all directions... whistling to himself as he walked down the clothes racked main aisle and found the main desk around the corner. The being at the desk apeared both half awake and half asleep - litterally.

Clearing his throat, "Excuse me, Sirs? I was told I could aquire clothing & items apropiate for traveling on missions? The council is sending me to an outer rim system of Hollander IV, a mining type planet or so i've read. I think sofar I require a utility belt and a temperature cloak, as well as suitable wear. What would you suggest?"

Mikail looked forward to what the clerk would bring forth. A padawan's usual outfit was plain, dull. drabby and almost everyone in the temple wore them. Personal alterations could only go so far before scoffed at. This was another reason MIkail wanted out of the temple. He also envied the jedi masters who were able to choose their own fashions, as his own master did - much to the distaste of the council. Mikail relished those thoughts for a mere moment then shelved them away, eagerly returning to the moment at hand. The sense of adventure has already been sparked!

19 May 2004, 06:44 AM
As the right head slowly wakes up, the left looks you up and down, rubbing it's chin (with the right hand, strangely).
"Hmmm...can't say I've heard of Hollander IV young sir....you don't have any idea what's in fashion there this season do you? We wouldn't want you arriving in last year's glad-rags, would we?"
"Oh do shuttup Baka!" says the right, now fully awake, head; "A mining colony you say? How about some ore-prospector's coveralls and backpack...we've got some (whispers)forged(stops whispering) ID too, just perfect!"

The left head, looking rather hurt, brightens up; "Yes! There should be some useful gear in that backpack too! Hasn't been used for years.... erm, and there's no problem about the cloak and belt!"

Initially one head tries to take the body one way to get the belt and cloak, while the other tries to go in the other direction to get the prospector's gear. They don't get far.

Eventually, after the Troig has measured you up (you're a little concerned as to why it took your inside leg measurement three times...it seems a little over-friendly) you're bedecked in a dusty, dirty set of coveralls with huge metal-toecapped boots, a wide utility belt (prospector's issue, but containing the usual Jedi gear) and a sturdy backpack (with a hand-held geological scanner in it).

Your lightsaber and Jedi clothes lie on the table between you and Bakayaro.
They speak in stereo, for once, "What about these?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
19 May 2004, 11:39 PM
"Ahh thanks. Anything's better than that uniform. Guess i'd better take it along though. Those i'll put into the pack, and perhaps I could disguise the lightsaber and attach it to my belt" Mikail takes the discarded uniform and shoves it into his pack for the moment. The cloths werent what he'd call cool, though at least nifty. "Thanks again!" Mikail said, turned and left, eager to leave the temple. Mikail went to find his master, Arian for final aproval.

20 May 2004, 06:57 AM
Baka and Yaro wish you good luck and ask that you return the garments in good condition if possible...

Then you head across to the Temple's main hangar. At the nearest door you are met by Master Arian who is stood gently tapping one finger against his wrist-chronometer.
He looks up as you approach;
"Well well well, you like you've just escaped from Kessel," he smiles; "perfect! Only one thing remains..."
He draws a small knife from his belt, reaches up behind you ear and makes a small, deft cut.
He brings his hand down with the knife in it...and your padawan braid.
"That might've been a bit of a giveaway, eh? Anyway, you won't be needing it anymore once you get back."
He pads you on the shoulder and guides you into the hangar.

While droids mutely go about their business attending to the myriad ships in the Temple’s hangar bay, your master leads you to a ship you vaguely recognise having seen visit the Temple occasionally in the past…a sweeping, crescent-shaped white Kazellis Light Freighter.
Stood at the bottom of the ship’s ramp is a human male in his mid twenties, with short, spiky and unkempt black hair. He’s dressed in a black jacket over dark green spacer’s coveralls, and has high boots. As he turns to face you and your master he bows deeply and you notice the black tattoos on the left side of his face; swirling tribal patterns along his brow, around his eye and along the left side of his jaw.
"How's things Captain?" Asks Arian, "Keeping clean?"
After your master's first question, the spacer begins to answer but stops and sighs at the second question. He smiles when he looks back at Master Arian and spreads his arms.
"Of course I have!" he grins; "things are fine, can't really complain. Just got back from taking Master Kadnessar back to Kuat, and Master Koth pushes a few thousand into my hand and says
Hey, Iaco, how about another quick little job? Just take one of our boys out to this little dustball, a nice simple transport job, little chance of death this time!...so, how could I refuse?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
21 May 2004, 01:22 AM
"Uhh, thanks I guess, Master Arian!" Mikail replied brightly, see'ing his braid of hair now removed, which usually signified a padawan's transcendance to knighthood. It felt kinda good, yet kinda awkward that he was getting his braid cut early yet still a padawan's status until next time he'd be stepping foot in this hanger. It was that timely revelation that
caught Mikail off-gaurd when instead he should've been more worried trying to contain his exitement of the moment that has finally arrived - his dreams and longest wishes.

In the hanger was that crescent ship he sometimes saw arriving or leaving, or at least Mikail figured it was the same ship. His master spoke ot the captain, who had interestomg tatoos, Mikail cocked an eyebrow at his master's question of 'keeping clean' Interesting... In what ways I wonder my master's inference of... Guess I'll soon find out Mikail thought to himself.

At the captain's mention of several thousand creds, Mikail whistled for what he figured was the umpteenth time in the last few hours, though he hadn't been counting. Exitement & curiosity prompted Mikail to eagerly ask "Captain, do you have a name? What is the name of your ship? how fast does it go, and how long will it take us to go there, err to Holland IV?"

With a bit of embarasement, Mikail realized he must've just sounded like a kid all hyped before a class field trip. In all his eagerness, he made a mental note to not forget to say goodbye to Master Arain, and promise to do his best.

21 May 2004, 06:22 AM
The spacer looks kinda over-your-shoulder then speaks to Master Arian; "I see he doesn't have his braid anymore, but it seems he's still wet behind the ears. You sure you wanna let this one off your leash so soon, Arian?"

Your master smiles and pats you on the shoulder; "He's ready," he says nodding, "I've trained him well, and he's learned much during his time in the Temple, both in and out of lessons. He'll do fine."

The spacer shrugs and turn to you with a serious face, "My name is Captain Iaco Tavira," the serious face breaks into a friendly smile and he extends his hand; "but you can call me Iaco."
Now you get to have a good look at him, he seems to be a baseline human, about 1.7m tall and pretty slim...not exactly a fitness fanatic, just thin and lanky. His extensive tattoos seem to be serpentine; like a reptile crawling across one side of his face.
He jerks a thumb toward his ship; "her name's Ivory Hawk. She's not the fastest ship out there, but she'll get you where you wanna go, kid."
"Oh, and its Hollander IV, kid."
"She's got good wings, so we should make the journey in 3 days."
"When you're ready, we'll be off."

Master Arian turns to you.
"Well, Mikail...this is what I've trained you for. You know all you need to know. Go to Hollander IV, bring peace, do the will of the Force, and return a Knight."
For the first time in your life...he bows to you.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
21 May 2004, 04:23 PM
"Riight, Hollander ... So, when do we go? I'm ready to leave now. If it's alright with you Master Arian." Mikail feels honored for the moment, his master having bowed to him.

22 May 2004, 05:51 AM
Iaco smiles, and motions toward his ship.
"Then let's be going!"
Master Arian waves goodbye as you walk up the ramp into the ship's common-room. There's a couple of couches built into the walls, some computer consoles and tables but you don't have much time to look about (or down the couple of corridors leading off from the common room) as Captain Tavira leads you to the cockpit.
The cockpit is relatively narrow, with two seats: one behind the other. Iaco takes the front pilot's seat.
"Strap yourself into the co-pilot's chair kid. I can fly her alone, but you may as well be up here to enjoy the view."
The cockpit has extensive transparisteel pannels giving you an excellent view as the ship gently lifts off from the hangar deck, and angles toward the open city.
You can see Master Arian, his smile gone and replaced with his usual serious face as he backs away toward the door back into the Temple halls.
Iaco takes the ship out into the vast city. Though it's nearly midnight, thanks to the orbital mirrors and the abundance of artificial lighting it's barely darker than evening. Criss-crossing the sky you can see the usual traffic lanes of airspeeders and starships.

Iaco leans over the comm and gets permission from the sector's Traffic Control, then lightly engages the ion drive (pushing you back into your chair excitingly) and heads for orbit.

The consoles infront of you seem to replicate many of the functions of those surrounding Iaco's chair...he's got the ship kitted out to be piloted by him alone.
He looks over his shoulder at you and smiles; "You might not be back here for a while kid, here," he flicks a switch, "take a good look."
The screens infront of you switch from navigational and sensor data to camera views of the Coruscant cityscape receeding behind you.

After a few minutes the picture darkens slightly and you break out of the atmosphere. There's a slight wobble in the ship's gravity.
You hear Iaco "(grumble mutter) fix (grumble)".

Looking back out the windows you can see dozens of ships arriving and departing, splitting the fabric of space as they come and go, to and from the Capital of the Galaxy.
"Here we go..." whispers Iaco as he pulls back a lever.
The starlines and everything else you can see outside stretches, blurs and vanishes to be replaced by a swirling blue mist.
Iaco flicks a few switches and turns his seat to face you.
"Well kiddo, we've got 3 and a half days...and I don't even know your name...?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
23 May 2004, 08:55 PM
"Yessir! strapping in now!" Mikail beamed cheerfully, strapping himself in, while soaking in the interior of the ship, looking all around. "And thanks, i'd sure enjoy the view. The same old view from the temple gets kinda borring these days"

Before Mikail knew it, Iacos had the ship powerd up and was lifting off. Mikail wondered about Master Arian, see'ing him exit the hanger, but the thought was instantly forgotten the moment their ship left the hanger and soared above the city and into the fathoms of space. Finally, can this be real? Hope i'm not dreaming again MIkail watched in silent awe, the captain's words barely registering to him... Then the slight wobble from the ship snapped Mikail out of it, and then he realized, this was for real... And the pinpricked space outside became streaks and blue mist "whoa..." MIkail breathed...

Coming back to reality once again,
"They call me Mikail, captain Iacos. Three days huh? Cool. I certainly don't mind a break from the temple. So, what's there to do durring the trip?"

OOC: dunno what you have planned, or simply wanted to move ahead...
** Later that night, Mikail dreamed of distant worlds, traveling to, and what life would be like adventuring to planets around the galaxy. Mikail certainly was happy with the accomodations. **

23 May 2004, 10:56 PM
"It's Iaco, kid, not Iacos. Anyway, pleased to meet you Mikail. I've met your master a few times when I've visited the temple, but I never met his padawan."
"Well...I've got a little maintenance to do on the Hawk, but that can wait. I've got a sabacc deck back there in the common room. The ship's computer has pretty good datafiles if there's anything you need to look up. And," he points to your lightsaber; "I'll give you a hand disguising your glow-rod there so you don't look quite so Here Be Jedi ."
"But first, I may as well show you round."
He unstraps himself and motions for you to follow him along the short passageway back to the common room. He then shows you around his sparsely furnished ship...common room, passenger quarters (there's eight bunks, but only four of them look like they've ever been used. There's also closets and a very cramped 'fresher)...he points to the door of his quarters, across from yours, the small ship's kitchen and the storeroom beyond it. There's also a hatch and ladder leading down into the ship's cavernous cargo bay in it's belly. At the back of the common room is a small door leading to the gun well.
"Hopefully I won't be asking you to go in there," he says with a smile.
"And to the back of the ship is the engineering systems. Nothing back there you need concern yourself with."

He then slouches on one of the sofas.
"So, you've told me your name's Mikail, how about telling me who you are? C'mon kid...what's it like being a Jedi?"

23 May 2004, 11:02 PM
(Forgot to post the deckplan!)

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
25 May 2004, 01:15 AM
A few 'cool's' and 'neat's' while being given the tour, when they finally settled to a couch in the lounge.

"Who I am?" Mikail asked in puzzlement, with a shrug of his shoulders "other than a pafawan becoming a Jedi soon, I dunno. All us padawans are pretty much the same, same uniform, same braid of hair, same green or blue lightsabers. Only the Knights and Masters that get to venture out often have any real distinctions that they've made for themselves, like Master Arian for example."

"What's it like? since I can remember it's been train & study in the temple. Be selected by a master, become a padawan, and more training. The odd or occasional excursion and more training. Right from the begining, we're taught to believe in the force, through the force we have abilities and taught how to use them."

Relaxing a bit more on the couch, "There'd be the rare occasional sneaking out at night to see what else goes on outside the temple. Getting caught more often that not... For as long as I can remember, I wanted out of the temple - go explore the city, travel the stars, see everything that's not within the temple"

"It's strange though y'know? I couldn't be happier that we'e finally off to somewheres, yet I never thought what it'd be like to do so and not having Master Arian at my side. Funny, isn't huh?" Mikail ended his note with a touch of mixed bittersweetness

25 May 2004, 06:10 AM
Iaco listens intently, rubbing his chin thoughfully. As your story ends he smiles; "Trust me, kid: freedom ain't all its cracked up to be. Just means freedom to make your own mistakes, and be accountable for them," he chuckles, "or that's how I found it anyway."

"I've been zipping across the stars for a good few years now, and my main advice would be never to judge things by how they look."
He drifts off slightly. Then shakes.
"Well...anyway. That brings us to your lightsaber. How about we jury-rig in into a glow-rod casing? It won't work as a glow-rod, but it should pass casual inspection...)

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
26 May 2004, 11:52 PM
"Ahh, right, hadn't thought about that... So what spare parts can we disguise it with or make it resemble? As long as I can still use it if needed. It wouldn't look good if we broke it either, it's on loan from Master Arian until I make my own."

OOC: Craft (lightsaber) +7 (+2 Int, +5 ranks)

27 May 2004, 06:15 AM
"No problem ki-, Mikail," Iaco corrects himself, "I'll just take apart a spare glow-rod, we can strip out the innards and mount your saber inside."

For the next few hours you work on the fake glow-rod.....eventually slotting the saber into the casing, snapping the two halves of the casing back together and re-attaching the glow-lens.

"There!" Iaco says triumphantly at your joint effort; "looks just like a normal glow-rod....pretty much. The switch will go straight through to your saber's switch, so if you activate the 'glow-rod' the saber will ignite. That'll cut it's way through the glow-rod's lens of course, destroying the ruse, but by that time I guess it won't matter."

"How about a little bite before hitting the sack? You amuse yourself and I'll be back in a few minutes."

Iaco heads off to the galley...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
2 June 2004, 11:05 AM
"Yeah, I suppose! A Soda and a snack" Mikail shouts back, giving his modded lightsabber another once over before snapping it to his belt.

Mikail enjoyed the excercise, making a mental note of it for future uses. And it got him thinking about when he would be getting to make his own lightsaber - what would he make it out of? He didnt even have a clue at the moment...

3 June 2004, 06:44 AM
Iaco pops his head back through the doorway; "A soda and a snack?!" he frowns, "not exactly what I expected Jedi to eat and drink!"

After a few minutes he returns with your meals. He sits on one of the sofas and puts his feet up on a crate as he spoons some kinda of heated goop into his mouth.
"So, you wanna tell me about your mission?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
3 June 2004, 10:41 PM
"Thanks," Mikail said with apreciation, and opened the drink and snack, biting into a colored wafer...

Shrugging his shoulders, Mikail replied "Uh, sure. The council said the mission was urgent, and I'm the only thing thats sipposed to be kept secret so..."

WIth confidence, he continued "Anyways, theres this group of bandits that's taken over the mining settlements and they're sending me to remedy the situation. I dunno why me though, just a padawan, unless they figure thats all thats needed for the situation. When I return, they're going to promote me to Knight. Usually there's trials that a padawan is put through including making his own lightsaber, which he must pass before attaining knighthood. There's been the odd exception time to time but those are usually through unusuall or extroardinary circumstances..." Mikail trailed off for a moment, as if puzzled and trying to figure something out...

Leaning forward, chin in palm, elbows on knees, "What gets me though is there's been nothing out of the ordinary in my case though. Well, I guess being sent off on a mission without my master's accompanyment is unusual. But thats just it, there's been nothing like that up til just before I boarded your ship..." Mikail shrugged his shoulders again.

With a sigh of frustration, "Talk about irony... My whole life I wanted out of the academy to explore the stars, and here I am on my first mission doing that and I'm sitting here at total loss of explanation for why i'm out here..." On that note, Mikail slumped back into the couch...

Glancing towards Iaco, with raised eyebrows of disbelief, "So, does lack of force ever present you with such mystery?"

4 June 2004, 01:14 AM
Originally posted by Terras Jadeonar & Raven

Glancing towards Iaco, with raised eyebrows of disbelief, "So, does lack of force ever present you with such mystery?"

Iaco raises his drink to you and smiles; "Every day my friend, every day. It's called life. I've gotta say, I don't have the Force, but I've seen a lot of my guests use it, and it looks real nice! Let me do anything I want, to anyone I want. What I don't get is how you Jedi resist the temptation?" he smiles; "I'd be out there mind-tricking Zeltron honeys, Twi'lek babes...and I'm sure a little Force'd do wonders for my Sabacc hand."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
4 June 2004, 09:10 PM
Mikail broke out in a fit of laughter, in between breaths, "Sorry.... I'd sure like to see the looks.... on the masters faces! .... that'd be asking for a lifetime... of lecturing!"

Laughing it up bit more then calming down a bit, "Temptation? I've yet to figure that one out myself. We're taught the code, told to live strictly by it, and uphold it... If there's anything else, i've yet to find out about it... Oh and they did say the darkside constantly tempts us..." Mikail added as an afterthought.

7 June 2004, 09:55 AM
"Well...goodluck to you," Iaco smiles, then yawns; "Looks like its time to get some rest. The ship's sensors will sound an alarm if anything happens, and I've set my wrist chrono to wake me in 8 hours."
With that he nods to you, stands, leaving his empty dishes on the small table, and heads off to his cabin.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
7 June 2004, 10:45 AM
The yawn seemed infectious, as Mikail began yawning too... He headed for his bunk, imagined for a while about the adventure ahead and drifted off to sleep...

8 June 2004, 02:35 AM
Originally posted by Terras Jadeonar & Raven

(Later) that night, Mikail dreamed of distant worlds, traveling to, and what life would be like adventuring to planets around the galaxy.

The gentle thrum of the hyperdrive reverberates through the ship as it races through hyperspace.

Without a chrono in your room you're not sure how much time has passed when you eventually wake. You're not sure why you woke, you can't hear any movement in the ship, there's no alarms sounding, but something definitely caused you to wake...you can feel that something is happening...a disturbance...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
10 June 2004, 12:29 PM
Mikail woke up from the disturbance, sitting up in his bunk. What's happening or what's wrong? Mikail silently, worriedly thought to himself. Looking around, there was no chrono in the room. It worried him more not knowing what the disturbance was than the disturbance itself. Mikail got to his feet, rubbed the groggyness out of his eyes and decided to check things around the ship.

Stepping out of his quarters cautiously, thinking to himself, Well Mikail, you wanted an adventure, you've certainly got one now like it or not... A few steps down the hall, MIkail realized he forgotten his lightsaber and was going to turn back for it, then hesitated with indecision Hmm, but my lightsaber's already set to look like a glowrod, and if i accidentally activate it, i'll ruin it... I think i'll just leave it. Mikail resolved.

Yep, at any rate, he was going to have to get used to new things real quick. Note to self - try to remember to take lightsaber with yourself next time... Master Arian isn't around to remind me anymore.

11 June 2004, 02:21 AM
Sneaking out into the common room you find it empty...the used food cartons still lie on the table. The door to Iaco's quarters is closed, there's no sound from the cockpit...but the door at the back of the common room; leading to the main corridor, is slightly ajar.
You're sure it was closed when you went to bed.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
11 June 2004, 09:07 AM
Hmmm, stange... Mikail thought to himself, and went to check it out. Mikail paused, before opening the door further to reach out into the force and sense anything out of the ordinary. This is a small ship right? what could possibly be awry?

OOC: enhance senses 7, rolled 11 = 18

11 June 2004, 09:19 AM
The door slides open on its well-greased hinges, revealing the unlit outer corridor...empty. A little further along the corridor you can see the door to the engineering section, also ajar.
With your Force-enhanced senses you can hear slight movement coming from beyond the engineering door...and a faint, tangy chemical smell mixed with sweat...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
11 June 2004, 09:36 AM
Strange...Might as well check it out i guess Mikail stepped into the corridor and started walking to the engineering section, to sneak a peek inside....

12 June 2004, 03:40 AM
Sneaking up to the door, you can hear a single person's rapid breathing inside the unlit engineering section. The person isn't within line-of-sight of the door, but the sound appears to be coming from somewhere in the aft-port corner of the engineering section. There doesn't seem to be any movement now...just rapid breathing.
(you're still at the doorway, in the corridor-side)

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
16 June 2004, 01:07 AM
"Hello? Someone in there? Iacos?" Mikail called out quietly, then was about to use the force to open the door further, though the academy usually scoffed at using the force for trivial and mundane things... Instead, he used his hands, openikng the door, and peered further inside.

OOC: was busy last few days!

16 June 2004, 06:18 AM
The breathing suddenly stops.
"Hey, it's me, don't worry," says Iaco; "hang on, I'll be there in a bit."

After a few seconds he joins you at the door. He's drenched in sweat, his coveralls down and wrapped around his waist, his chest heaving in breath. His eyes are slightly bloodshot.
"A power coupling came loose about an hour ago, shut down the lighting in the starboard sections and woke me up," he sighs, "took me the last hour to fix the damned thing! It's done now."
He closes the door and leads you back to the common room.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
18 June 2004, 09:01 AM
>whew< (sigh of relief) "Well I'm glad it wasn't anything more serious!"
Walking back to his quarters, Could this be the source of the disturbance? Nah... Though I still wonder what could it be... Don't feel like sleeping, perhaps i'll try to meditate on it, like Arian would...

18 June 2004, 04:09 PM
Iaco nods to you and returns to his quarters with a yawn.

Heading back to your own bunk you sit cross legged and puzzel over the last few minutes...
not being familiar with starship engineering, you have to believe what Iaco said about the power coupling. Anyway, why would he lie? You can trust him, he knows Master Arian, right?
Still...Iaco looked pretty exhausted...how difficult is it to replace a power coupling?

You cast your mind back to the moment you woke...
When you first got to sleep you clearly remember dreams of Coruscant, and other planets you've seen in Holos...and...a rocky planet with strange, towering orange-red rock formations...you don't remember that from any holo's...but you definitely dreamt about it...strange...
then you'd slipped into a deep, dreamless sleep...
then something awoke you.
Replaying your waking moment over in your mind...you're sure it was the will of the Force...but why? Maybe things will become clear in the future...

26 June 2004, 11:24 PM
You awake the next (Ship's) day and find Iaco in the kitchen-area massaging his temples and fixing himself a strong coffeen.

"Sleep well Mikail?" he asks, looking like pudu, "We've got a coupla days left before we reach Hollander."

He brings you a basic breakfast and slumps down into the couch opposite you; "So, how're you planning on taking out, sorry, 'dealing with' these bandits?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
27 June 2004, 12:10 AM
"Sleep? nah... Couldnt really sleep much after that... Spent the rest of the night meditatiting like Master Arian, or at least trying... Though I dont think I got anywheres though..." Mikail spoke, with a yawn, then smells the air... "Hey, is that coffeen? I'll try a cup if theres extra. Never really got to try much coffeen as Master Arian prefered stim-teas instead."

"As for the bandits... Hmm, never really thought about it yet... Master Arian never discused plans, just seemed he knew where he wanted to go. Guess I should huh?" Mikail ponders for a moment, "I think i'd probably book a place to stay, talk to and see what the locals are like and what they say about the bandits... Probably look around, try not to get lost and then see what I can do about the bandits..."

27 June 2004, 09:05 AM
Iaco nods as he hands you a cup of hot coffeen. When you take a sip you realise just how strong he likes his coffeen!

After a few cups, Iaco's looking healthier. "Well, I can't say I've done much fighting myself, more running actually, so I can't give any advice on that front," he says.

Over the next two days Iaco spends his time doing maintenance on his ship, occasionally chatting with you about temple life...you notice that he doesn't generally reveal much about himself...

(anything you wanna chat about: speak now, because in the next IC day, you'll arrive).

27 June 2004, 09:14 AM
(dumb@$$ double post!)

2 July 2004, 06:17 AM
As Iaco slides the hyperdrive lever forward the swirl of hyperspace coalesces into starlines that shorten to points...with the blazing orb of Hollander Prime ahead & the dusty brown-green planet Hollander IV just to the left.

Iaco throttles up the sublight drive and heads for the planet...

The sensors show ranches scattered across the planet's primary continent, but only one substantial settlement: Avesholme.
Iaco locks in the landing field's beacon & enters the dusty atmosphere. The planet’s landscape is predominantly dusty plains with some sparse vegetation, winding mountain ranges and canyons…the soil is a dirty orange. Avesholme is located in the shallowest part of a valley between two parallel mountain ranges. To the North and South the valley deepens and branches out into twisting canyons. This is where the majority of the mines are located.

Soon the small town comes into view. A main street cuts through the town lengthwise, with a landing field to the north and stockades full of nerfs to the south. The majority of buildings are single or two-storey wooden structures, with the occasional dusty chrome water-purification tower rising up four storeys. Atop the eastern mountain range is the geotherm-powerplant, with thick cables on towers feeding power down to the town.

Getting closer you can see a beat-up looking YT-1210 light freighter, a pair of Z-95 Headhunters and a Ghtroc light freighter on the landing field.

As Iaco lowers the Ivory Hawk down onto the landing field you can see several people: the Ghtroc’s crew of Sullustans are trying to force a small, stubborn herd of nerfs aboard their ship. One of the Sullustans hands a fistful of credit chips to the nerf herder who begins to leave the landing field…until he is stopped by a pair of towering Trandoshans. You can’t clearly see the exchange, but one of the Trandoshans raises his hand to hit the herder, who cowers and hands over some of the credits before fleeing. The second Trandoshan laughs and fires his blaster pistol into the dirt behind the fleeing human.
“Nice place you picked for a vacation, my friend,” smiles Iaco as a dust devil kicks up and tumbleweed bounce across the plain.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
5 July 2004, 01:49 AM
Watching the Trandoshans, "Vacation? More like vacation's over, ending once you had landed here.You going to be staying a while or how do I contact you? Y'know, incase I need a lift out of here or something..." Then looks to see where the other person had run off to... "Maybe that guy could provide some answers as to what's going on here"

6 July 2004, 07:18 AM
Originally posted by Terras Jadeonar &amp; Raven
Watching the Trandoshans, "Vacation? More like vacation's over, ending once you had landed here.You going to be staying a while or how do I contact you? Y'know, incase I need a lift out of here or something..."

"Good point," Iaco digs a datacard out of his thigh pocked and hands it to you; "my ship's commcode. You'll need to use the colony's transmitter to get a signal to me, your hand commlink won't have the juice."
Iaco takes another look about, sighs "Good luck kid," and he dissapears up the ramp.

As stride across the landing field toward the rough, dusty main strip of Avesholme the Ivory Hawk fires up its repulsors and leaves. Iaco flips you a quick salute from the cockpit before throttling up and heading for orbit.
The town itself is split through the middle by the main strip. It’s nearing mid-day, the star’s getting high…and it’s getting hot. You can see over a dozen Trandoshan basking in the sun on the porches and balconies of cantinas, houses and other buildings.
You can still see the bullied colonist a little further down the street; he paused to catch his breath.
"Hey!" bellows one of the two Trandoshan on guard duty (who just had a go at that colonist), "State your business! What're ya doing here?! You think you can just stroll on into our town? We're the security around here, human!"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
8 July 2004, 01:25 AM
uh-oh.... I didn't expect that... gotta think quick... Think Mikail! "Ah! I didn't know! I came here hoping to find work! Could you direct me towards where I could find lodging and provisions until I get settled in?" Yeah, that's it! It's been ages since i've tried to skew the truth... Mikail shouted back, happily

I hope i don't draw too much attention this way...

13 July 2004, 06:48 AM
"Aren't we the jolly little entrepreneur?!" one of the Trandoshan says (stumbling over the last word) as he holsters his blaster, "First: security. Hand over yer bag and empty yer pockets. Then, maybez, if we likes ya, we'll tell you where to go..."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
13 July 2004, 03:52 PM
"Ehh, aalright I guess" Mikail walks over and hands over the pack. Then seraches pockets, hands come back empty then makes a worried face "Uh-oh, I left my id cards in the cabin-" and waves futily at the sky "hope thats not too much of a problem"

17 July 2004, 08:48 PM
"Glow rod...worthless," the Trandoshan says as he rifles through your backpack as the other keeps an eye on you. The first pulls out your portable ore-scanner, looks at it briefly and puts it back in the bag, and then...
"Weeeelll now, what have we here? "
He pulls out your wallet.
(OOC: did you forget about your thousand credits? ;) )
"Since you've forgotten your ID card, we'll take this in compensation, customs fee, you understand."
The large-denomination credit chips have seized their attention...which is advantageous when you remember that your padawan robes are in the bottom of your backpack too!!!
The Trandoshan throws you your bag (only having confiscated the money) and tells you to be on your way.

The road leads off to your right into town.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
17 July 2004, 10:19 PM
OOC: yup i forgot totally :P n/p consider it was an honest in char flub, resulting now in an honest to goodness puzzle that i got myself into and should be fun working out :P

"Uhh, Yeah, I understand. I guess i'd better head into town and see where I can start workin!"

Mikail caught the backpack, smiled while the trandoshan was in sight... However, a smile was far from what was on the inside, as he mentally kicked himself several times over...

Good going... Mission one, Mikail zero... Mikail you Gundark! What will Master Arian think when I tell him how I spent - lost the council's provided credits?!? Not five steps onto the planet... boy... Now i'm gonna have to find work for real, just to earn food and lodging... Note to self - if i havn't learnt this one lesson yet, i'll never learn it...

OOC: what sorts of buildings do i see as I walk towards town?

22 July 2004, 06:43 AM
OOC: Sorry about the cash mate! "Sir, permission to cackle maniacally?"

IC: You pass through the small gate, noting that the whole landing field is surrounded by a 1m high razorwire fence...more to keep the bantha away from the ships than for security.
The town itself is split through the middle by the main strip. It’s nearing mid-day, the star’s getting high…and it’s getting hot. You can see over a dozen Trandoshan basking in the sun on the porches and balconies of cantinas, houses and other buildings. The buildings are a mixture of wooden and clay or cheap ferrocrete structures, nothing particularly sturdy by galactic standards...
As you head south down the main strip the sunlight glinting off the chrome water tower to your south-east (the northern-most of the three water towers) draws your attention to a Trandoshan stood atop the tower...a blaster rifle in hand. A sentry of some sort. It seems they're not all soaking up the rays.

Almost opposite the landing field is a fair-sized building with a big sign reading "General Store"...
further south you can see where the Judicial's office should be...and in the middle of the town, at a cross roads...there's a pole...you can't see it well from this distance due to heat haze...but something doesn't feel right about...a feeling in the Force...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
26 July 2004, 01:11 AM
Hmmm, wonder what's on that sign pole, middle of town... Maybe from there i'll be able to what I can find for lodging... and there's that feeling again... I dunno what it is, and its driving me nuts... I best be careful as I check things out... Though I wish I could ask Master Arian about these senses...

Mikail carefully looked all around, before proceeding towards the town, walking in the center of the aproach, glancing side to side, heading for the flagpole... Mikail noted the reptilian trandoshans as he saw them. Mikail was also on the lookout for a place where he could rent lodging... The prospect of actually having to find work and working for his lodging still hung glumly in his mind... That and the credits he lost...

26 July 2004, 05:29 AM
As you stride down the centre of the strip you notice that you're being watched...both by colonists: downtrodden looking humans seemingly wondering what would bring an offworlder to their home-turned-hell...and by the trandoshan bandits: lazing in the sun, daring anyone to test them.
Walking down the dusty road you pass a branch off to your left...just more shabby houses...then, on the righthand side of the main strip...

The red painted Judicial office is easy to see: a large wooden building on the left…though you notice that the Republic crest on a sign outside has been scorched by blaster fire and the sign itself sways in the wind hanging from a single remaining hinge. Four muscular Trandoshans bask in the mid-day sun on the building’s porch, blaster rifles resting on their laps.

You can feel their eyes piercing you, testing you, measuring you as you walk past as calmly as possible. Is that sweat trickling down you back due to just the heat?

Approaching the main cross roads you can see that the pole isn't a sign post...
...at the crossroads in the centre of the town stands a 3m high wooden cross…with the corpse of a beaten, almost skinned humanoid nailed to it. The being has been dead for some time, its face fixed in a snarl of defiance, bearing its fangs.
From your xenobiology studies back at the temple you can tell the barely recognisable creature is, no...was, a Wookiee.

As you stand looking at the body, you're aware that a few colonists have stopped going about their business and they're looking at you...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
26 July 2004, 10:11 AM
It was a sinking feeling as he aproached what was not a pole, but...Poor fellow... Must've really gotten razed before afixed on this cross. Glancing around quickly, while wiping the sweat on his brows. Theres certainly enough trandoshans around to raze anything around here Mikail thought grimly, And the council sends me, a padawan soon to be Knight, when this place needs two experianced knights... Mikail lets out a sigh. People seemed to notice he was standing there, maybe longer than he should've, slowly turned around and headed for the General store...

Mikail gave a quick glance at the Judicial Office as he passed it, knowing he was alone on this planet. Was that the reason for the feeling in the force? or the dead wookie? Mikail shrugged it off for now, and started working on what he was going to ask at the general store...

28 July 2004, 06:48 AM
As you glance at the Judicial office on your way back north, one of the Trandoshan shouts something at you in his own language and points at the skinned Wookiee, eliciting rawkous laughter from his collegues.

Passing them you duck into the shade of the General Store, glad to get out of the heat.

The store's not particularly big or well stocked...a few construction supplies (more for maintaining the colony's buildings that anything else)...basic provisions and mining gear...a couple of battered electro-poles for nerf herding...

The storekeeper is an old woman with skin like leather. She watches you as you enter the store, but doesn't say anything.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
4 August 2004, 05:43 PM
"Good-day ma'am, " Mikail said as he looked around, happy to see a human face again, "Would you happen to know of where a new guy could find some work and lodging? A guy who's just lost his only savings to those trandoshans out there?"

OOC: doh! didn't even notice a new update.. past five days been only getting home at midnight, been doing buncha relaxing and game related things today...

7 August 2004, 09:14 PM
"Ifing credits is all you've lost to those aliens, then you're a lucky one, stranger," she replies...and her gaze falls on a small family holo on the counter.
She shakes her head, "my apologies young man. You're one of us, not a lizard." She smiles. "If you's wanting lodgings you's best look to one of the inns.....The Ranch is a good place, though not as nice as is used to be. Head down the strip, past the main crossroads and it's on your left. For work?" She looks you up and down. "I think you could handle it in the mines...unless you'd prefer nerf herding? You can find miners and nerf herders everywhere...if you're a good, honest, hard worker, they'll take you in. If gubbins and whatsits is your business, there's Bror Panan's speeder yard up this end of town. Head down the strip, and take the first turn to the left. He's at the end of the short road."

"Tell me young un', what brings a nice fellow like you to this old rock?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
30 August 2004, 09:18 PM
"Hmmf, yeah those creds - I sure wasn't expectin those reptiles. Now i've got to see I can get lodging on credit while I find work. " Mikail smirked to himself, still not believing his luck. "Hey, thanks for the info, I'll go check those places out. I'll take anything that'll have me."

"What brings me here? I wanted to see the galaxy, though my credits began running out so I the pilot of the transport was kind enough to drop me off at the nearest system than telling me to take a walk through the air-lock." Well, the wanting to see the galaxy part was true. If i stick to a few lines, maybe I won't trip up... Mikail thought inwardly to himself, hoping it sounded credible

"Nice meeting you, old lady. Perhaps when I get some credits I can get some supplies. I best be going. " Mikail walked back to the doorway, looked outside both ways, glanced back at the woman and headed outside. Mikail began walking towards the Ranch, wondering what the lady meant about the place not what it used to be. He hoped he could least find a roof over his head.

OOC: eh, 22 days... I must really be askin for punishment here. Not that I meant to leave it this long. ;)

31 August 2004, 06:39 AM
The old lady waves you on your way with a weak but genuine smile.

Outside it's baking hot.

You head back down the main strip, trying to stay in the shade of the Eastern-side's buildings. You keep your eyes straight as you pass the old Judicial office.
You pass a dozen or so colonists going about their business, clad in pretty dirty work wear...a couple of them seriously stink: must be nerf herders.

South of the central crossroads, past the crucified Wookiee, you find The Ranch...

A fairly large two-storey building on the east side of the main strip, just south of the crossroads clearly displays the sign The Ranch: Good Ale, Clean Beds. Underneath someone has scrawled more in an alien language.

It seems to be one of the better-kept cantinas you’ve seen, not too much blaster-scoring, and most of the archaic glass windows are intact. There’s a couple of Trandoshans lying on the porch.
You spot the pink hue rimming their black eyes: spice addicts.
Through the windows you can see the patrons are a mixture of Trandoshans and humans.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
8 September 2004, 12:56 AM
Hmm, I think I'll try the mines before the nerf ranch. I'm hoping I can get a room on credit or something first of all... Mikail thought to himself grimly, the stink of the ranchers still stuck lingering in his nostrils.

"Guess we'll have to see..." Mikail muttered to himself as he reached the cross-roads, doing his best to ignore the wookie, and began walking up to 'The Ranch'. The sign & building's appearance looked promising in sharp contrast to the spiced trandoshans occupying the front porch. The alien writing, Mikail fleetingly hoped was just as friendly in meaning.

After peering inside, Mikail was careful to walk past the trandoshans on the porch - hoping not to disturb them and proceeded inside. Mikail was nervous, hoping he wasn't letting on he was as nervous as he actually felt.

Making his way over to the counter, Mikail glanced around at the interior - patrons, fixtures, whatever was within his peripheral vision instead of cranking his neck around too much. Once at the bar, "Barkeep? Is there any rooms availble?"

8 September 2004, 06:29 AM
You manage to sneak past the glit-biters on the porch easily enough; they were off in their own dimensions.

There aren't full doors, just two pannels at chest height which retract into the walls with a squeak as you approach...
There's about 15 people in the bar. The bartender is a tired looking young human woman maybe just out of her teens, dressed in worn, ale-stained clothes that have been repaired many times. Theres a couple of other humans (one male, one female) serving drinks to the customers: six Trandoshans and one human who wears ore-prospector’s gear are playing a card game in the middle of the room, at a different table another Trandoshan is hassling the serving girl. Three more ore prospectors sit at the bar. Off in the far corner, keeping to themselves are a pair of humans dressed in dirty brown leather jackets…you notice that they appear to smell, even at this distance.

As you enter, the bartender casually looks you up and down, clearly glad that you're not a trandoshan, but still inquisitive.
As she walks up to where you stand at the bar you spot a slugthrower pistol just concealed on her side of the bartop.
"Good day stranger. The name's Rena, Rena Shild. Sure we got empty rooms...business ain't exactly booming, as you can see," she says this with a tired voice, but a smile...though you can also tell her attention is divided between you and the rest of the bar. "Can I get you a drink? It's mighty hot out there ain't it?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
9 September 2004, 10:28 PM
Dosn't seem to bad of a place, wish I didn't have to keep my cover. It would be real easy to go over and save that waitress from that reptile. Drats, the order is about protecting people and here I can't... And checkout the bartender, just slightly older than I am... These trandoshans are really a downer for these people. Ok, I guess I do have a reason to help this place out, not just for the order... Mikail thought to himself...

"Yeah, it's hot out there, and I could use a drink- cold water if you have." Mikail answered, quickly thinking water, hoping it was free. "I uh, about those rooms...I uh..." Ahh shock, how am i gonna tell her? or why am i having trouble telling her? I didn't have trouble with the old lady... MIkail panicked to himself, somehow caught off-gaurd by his own reaction, stumbling on words. Mikail tried to calm himself, starting with taking a breath. "I'm not sure how to explain it but, I-uh- I left my id on the transport that dropped me off here, and the dude at the gates took my creds." Mikail finally said it, and feeling incredibly sheepish about it for the second time today.

"I hope to find work here, maybe at the mines or somethin, then i'd be able to pay for the rooms. All I have is what i've got in this bag. Or maybe I could help out around here?" Mikail asked with a shrug, then sat upon one of the barstools, feeling hopefull...

10 September 2004, 07:37 AM
"Water, sure!" she says, her face lighting up as she starts walking across to some shiny chrome taps.

She stops as you stumble on your words.
"Aaah," her face drops, "no creds, huh? You'll be wanting recyc' then," she then heads across to a less clean but clearly more used tap and pulls you a glass of faintly yellow 'water'.
"Don't worry mister...?" she raises an eyebrow, and lowers her voice; "so long as you're not a lizard, you've got friends here. You can easily get some work with the colony's miners...hang around here long enough and they'll show up to drink themselves stupid tonight...earlier if they have a bad day. That guy playing cards with the lizards; he's an ore prospector...from CEC...but I wouldn't suggest you work for him. Sure...he gets access to good ore veins because he's got his corporate high-tech gadgets...but he always his dues to the lizards...that's what he's doing now: deliberately losing. Scum sucking filth, he's almost as bad as the reptiles," she clears her throat, realising she may have said too much to a complete stranger.
"A- anyway, so long as you can get me the rent by the end of the week, you can have a room. Rent's 10 credits a night, fifteen if you want meals. Get yourself a good deal with some miners and you should make 15 to 20 a day."
She turns away, to face the rest of the bar and shouts to the serving girl, whole arm is in the vice-like grip of the trandoshan.
"Hey, Tyria, show our new guest to room four will ya? And Yarroq, quit bothering my staff or I'll start collecting rent from ya!"
This makes the trandoshan errupt in laughter, and thankfully release the girl who scampers over to the bar to stand by you.
"You wouldn't dare try that again Rena, and you know it!" he chuckles, cracking his knuckles.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
12 September 2004, 11:42 PM
Recyc? Guess it's one of the few things i'll have to live with for now... Still wish I hadn't lost those creds... "Yeah, for now I guess..." Mikail replies, trying not to sound too disapointed...

Lowering his voice to match hers, "Thanks, I really appreciate the kindness and the tips. I thought my luck went for the worse the moment I stepped onto this planet and lost those creds. "

Doing the math in his head, "I'll try to have rent in on time, should be about 105 creds if i'm not mistaken. Rats, it occurs to me I would've had enough creds to make a payment in advance to cover the better half of the year..." Mikail said, realizing he spoke the last part out loud...

Waiting for Tyria, Mikail quickly asks in a lighter mood, "So, should I look forward to the meals that come with the room?"

12 September 2004, 11:57 PM
Originally posted by Terras Jadeonar &amp; Raven
..enough creds to make a payment in advance to cover the better half of the year..." Mikail said, realizing he spoke the last part out loud...
A couple of the trandoshans look up from their cardgame at that. They make eye contact, then go back to their game.

[QUOTE]Waiting for Tyria, Mikail quickly asks in a lighter mood, "So, should I look forward to the meals that come with the room?"[QUOTE]

"Nothing but the best," smiles Rena. You notice that she always keeps her lips together when she smiles...
As Tyria comes across to you you get a better look at her: she can't be older than 17, lean...cute but not beautiful. She has long dark hair, but you couldn't guess when she last washed it. You do spot bruises on her arm...too big for human fingers...
"I'll show you to your room, and I'll be up with your meal within the hour, if that's okay?" she says.

She leads you up the creaky staircase and along the balcony to the 4th room, with an old-style metal key she opens the door and lets you into a small 2m by 2m room. There's a small wooden-framed bed, a chest of drawers and a window that looks out onto the flat roof of the single-story house just south of The Ranch.

"This gonna be okay?" smiles Tyria as she hands you the key.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
13 September 2004, 10:42 PM
whoops... Maybe I shouldn't have said that outloud. But then again, they might decide to question the one who robbed me, wanting their peice of the share or make sure it hasn't been horded... At any rate, i'm hoping it'll take some attention from me, being a newcomer here... Mikail thought to himself...

"Alrighty!" Mikail said with a bit of cheer, to the waitress named Tyria.

Walking up to the room, Mikail glanced around, and did notice the bruises and such on Tyria's arms... Soon as she opened the door and showed the room, asking if it was alright, Mikail exclaimed "Yeah, this is great, almost- err, it's way better than the accomodations I had on my travels over here... You wouldn't beleive how they cram in so many bunks in a tight space..." Mikail barely caught himself in-time, when he was about to say 'jedi temple dorms' and corrected with at least a truthful comment about starship quarters... At least I didn't lie this time... If I can use the truth all the better...

Mikail takes the key as offered and glances at her arm, then looking at her, deciding to ask "So, umm, was it always rough like this? I mean with those reptiles around... "

14 September 2004, 06:29 AM
Tyria tilts her head to one side; "Mister, you haven't even told us your name...yet you're sure asking a lot of questions," she frowns at you, then sighs.
"The reptiles have been here for about three months...one day their fighters tore across the plains, slagged all the freighters and the Judicial shuttle...then they brought in their freighter too...they...", she pauses; "they...killed Rorahab, and pretty much took over...as you may have noticed. No one fights back...no one knows how, or their all too afraid." Her eyes are wells of hopeless sorrow.

Wiping her eyes, she turn to leave.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
15 September 2004, 01:59 AM
"Wait- I- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to - I kind've got caught up in all this since I came here, having lost my credits to them and all. You're the first person to have asked. My name's Mikail, just Mikail..." Mikail stammered for words at first, feeling dumb for not mentioning his name sooner, she being a girl barely younger than he was didn't help things either. Sofar Mikail's track record wasn't too great with them. Mikail knew he had to start making friends in this place if he was to investigate the trandoshans further before figuring a way to deal with them...

"Rorahab? I seen him in the town center when I arrived. I didn't know what to think at first except that was the cruelest thing i've ever seen. I could see why nobody's done anything about it, those reptiles seem pretty strong, if only there weren't that many around... I would like to hear sometime what this place was like before they came..."

15 September 2004, 06:13 AM
She blushes and smiles at your stammering.
"It's okay Just Mikail. Have a seat," she motions to the bed, then she closes the door and stands by the window, looking out at the street...her eyes seem to lose focus as if she's looking back, remembering what the colony used to be like...

"it's never been a very busy place...not successful enough to bring the big names like the Mining Guild or Trade Federation...but we got by...a nice, quiet life...not easy, but this was a tight-nit community...everyone knew each other, everyone helped each other. Not now...everyone's scared that someone is collaborating with the lizards...everyone keeps their doors locked."
"My grandparents came to Hollander from Alderaan...they were tired of the Core. They had a nerf ranch on Alderaan so they just paid a freighter captain to ship them and their herd out here. My gramps had lung-rot, so he hoped the dry air would be better for him. That's all this place is really...nerf ranches and mines."
"We've never really had much contact with anyone, 'cept freetraders coming to pick up nerf shipments or crates of ore...usually humans too...never stinking lizards like these."
She balls her fists.
She signs and turns back to you with a smile as she sits on the bed next to you.
"So why do you care, Just Mikail? What's your story?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
16 September 2004, 01:31 AM
"Uhh, it's Mikail only" Mikail tried to smile. "Ok" Mikail sat down, the door was closed, it made Mikail slightly nervous. He listened to without interupting, her story and of the town life before the trandoshans. He related it to kind've what the Temple was like, just alot more freedom he mused.

Tyria asked for his story and why he cared, sat down next to him... It didn't help his nervousness any, nor did her cuteness apparent through the scruffyness. He glanced at the window, floor and then her, having run out of places to look, Mikail started talking, not quite sure where he was going with it...
"Sounds like a nice peaceful place. Peaceful if you've been on worlds that never sleep - like Coruscant. Speeders, ships of all kinds flying about, the streetways always filled. Over there, unless your galaxy famous, your nobody and could practically slip into the crowds and be lost until you want to be found. The city reaches miles high, the ground below dark and fathomless as the nightsky above."

"I thought it was an amazing place, I wanted to see what there was to see. But my m- uncle- adopted uncle Arian showed me better once; a place so different than Coruscant. I can't remember the planet, but there was nothing but open water or sand for miles around, mountains in the far distance. One cloudless starry night he asked me if i could hear or smell anything - and I couldn't, save for the slight salty tang of the ocean, the swoosh of the waves and the sky pitch black and brightly pin-pricked with white above... He chuckled and said that was all I trully needed to know. I think we stayed there for what seemed countless hours. I didn't really understand it then, and was kind've bored with the place - devoid of everything, nothing to do... We got back to Coruscant and I realized that's the one thing of all things Coruscant didn't have... Air wasn't fresh, the sky not as dark and always filled with colored lights, flickers or streaks that out-shone the stars..."

"My master said to come here, see what it's like so I did..." Mikail paused uh-oh, I slipped big-time... "Ahh frell, guess i was going to have to shoot myself in the foot sooner or later." Mikail looked around then straight at Tyria, in a serious and hushed tone, "What I'm about to say, I have to beg you to keep quiet about or I'm a dead person - and likely be strung up to join Rorahab." Mikail somehow found the confidence to gently reach up, placing a finger to her upper-lip-over her mouth in guesture to keep silent. "Everything I said sofar wasn't a lie. My master, he's pretty much an adopted uncle to me, pretty much the only semblence of family i've ever had. I grew up with other kids in a Temple on Coruscant, but they weren't really family - friends at most. My master's a Jedi. I'm not one yet, but still training to be one..." Mikail gently removed his finger, that part of his confidence ran out, giving back to shyness. "Before I slipped, I was going to finish and say that its cruel what those trandoshans have done here to this place-" glancing at her bruised arms "and to you and your folk"

Mikail sat worriedly waiting for her response, partly glad he got some of this off his chest, yet unsure if it was the right thing or would this sign his fate to join Rorahab?

16 September 2004, 06:20 AM
She listens intently to your story...her eyes dreamy as you describe Coruscant...and even more so when you describe a planet with open water, something she has clearly never seen or even imagined could exist.

She does frown when you slip up...and then listens carefully as you explain the truth...then errupts into laughter. Tears roll down her face as she giggles and she rocks backwards, fighting for breath between laughs.

After a while she manages to calm herself down..."Thankyou Mikail," she smiles, "no one's made me laugh like that for years," she says, wiping her eyes. "A Jedi, that's a good one. I don't think there's a single person on this rock who's ever seen a Jedi. Nice story Mik'."

"Well, if you do feel like telling me the truth sometime, you know where I work," she says, touching your hand gently, "but, speaking of work, I'd best get back to mine."
She stands and leaves the room, pausing to smile at you before she closes the door.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
17 September 2004, 02:47 AM
"Your welcome" Mikail says almost inaudibly as the door closes behind her...

Mikail stretched out and laid back on the bed, staring into space, wondering if he did the right thing or not. While she didn't take it serriously, if she joked to others about it she could draw attention to herself and to him. In that sense, Mikail was worried for Tyria - who seemed like a nice girl even if somewhat unkempt. Her laughter did seem to un-arm his nervousness, and for a moment had set in his mind that he wasn't going to end up harming every girl he met in some way... Yeah, that incident from years ago had stuck within his mind like a burden that hung over him... Being at the Temple served a constant reminder and being away from the Temple was relief... But he was back to square one - he may have just put her life in danger by slipping in the first place...

Tyria said she'd bring dinner in an hour... So Mikail had an hour to think what he was going to do, and definately try to make sure her life won't be put in danger... But what was the right way to handle this? Mikail pondered...

17 September 2004, 06:44 AM
Sat cross legged on his bed in meditation, Mikail recalls and studies the past ten or so minutes...the time he spend with Tyria. He's almost sure he can trust her, and that he's made a friend. Working back, she only seemed close to the barkeeper: Rena, and the other member of staff: a guy about Tyria's age.

(as for Mikail's thoughts on what to do: that's not for me to decide ;) )

After a little under an hour, there's a knock at the door...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
18 September 2004, 02:11 AM
Sitting on the bed, Mikail still hadn't come to any resolutions... The knock on the door gets his attention, Mikail tries to reach out into the force to see what he can sense, considering he slipped to Tyria. While he presumed he could mostly trust her, it wasn't the same as completely trust her... What if she joked about his Jedi story to someone else? Now he had to be prepared for anything...

OOC Enhance senses +7, 3vp cost...

18 September 2004, 04:19 AM
As you let the Force flow through you the range of your senses expands greatly...
you can see the intricate grain of the wooden door, every knot and dent...you can feel a slight draft on the back of your neck due to the ill-fitting window...
you can also smell a combination of raw meat and beer-breath coming from the individual on the other side of your door, you can hear their deep, raspy breathing and the creak of leather...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
18 September 2004, 06:21 PM
Time seemed to stand still...A moment of indicision for Mikail... What to do?!? Do I answer or stay silent? Would they think the room's vacant and leave? Or if I shout, they'll know I'm here, unless it's not me they're looking for...

There wasn't anywheres to run or hide. Mikail glanced at the window, guessing he could jump through if he needed to, but would prefer not to. He checked his disguised lightsaber, making sure it was within easy reach. Mikail ddin't want to use his lightsaber either unless he had no choice...

Mikail decided to stay sitting silent, and see if they'd go away or lose interest. However, he kept his legs and posture ready to spring, and lightsaber ready for moment's notice.

19 September 2004, 05:08 AM
As the seconds pass...the individual on the other side of the door seems to tap lightly, then you hear counting "1, 2,.....3,....4". Then a light grunt.
The door creaks as a weight is pushed against it, and a gruff voice whispers; "human, stay away from the girl if you value your life."

The weight is then removed and footsteps clomp away, back toward the stairs down to the bar.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
21 September 2004, 01:22 AM
Mikail continued to sit in silence as the person had left... Now I wonder where that came from and why? Guess I'll have to really be careful...

Mikail remained sitting on the bed, wondering how much time had passed sofar, wondering when the meal would arrive- if ever, considering the warning he'd just received.... This really made Mikail wonder how Master Arian would proceed about things after this.

21 September 2004, 06:41 AM
With so many questions whizzing around in his head, one voice comes back to him...the voice of a diminutive, hunched, green alien possessed of seemingly infinite wisdom;
There are questions for which we can never have answers. We can only be answers.

As Yoda's words sink in, there's a knock at the door, lighter than the last, and Tyria's voice calls;
"Hey Mik', you awake in there? I've got your meal here."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
22 September 2004, 01:05 AM
"Yeah, come in, it's not locked." Mikail replied, keeping his voice lowered, instead of shouting... On second thought, Mikail stood up and reached over towards the door and opened it, letting her in.

"Tyria, I've got to ask... You havn't said anything about me downstairs have you? I had the strangest visit, a warning actually. From whom I don't know. Just a short while ago... I uhh don't have a chronometer so I can't say exactky when..." Mikail asked, keeping his voice down if not somewhat hushed...

22 September 2004, 06:38 AM
Tyria thanks you for opening the door for her. She brings in a tray with boiled vegetables and a huge nerf steak on it. It smells fantastic. Totally different from the food at the Jedi Temple, almost......decedant!
she sets it on the small bedside table and then leans against the wall by the door.
When you ask the question she frowns; "no, I didn't say anything...some of the mining crews have returned early, so I've been busy serving. Someone wwarned you? About what? Are you okay?"

With you senses still heightened, you look at Tyria in a way you haven't looked at anyone since...since that other student at the Temple...same cute cheekbones...even her hair smells similar.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
22 September 2004, 10:06 AM
"Who? I'm not sure, save for being male and gruff. I stayed silent, didn't ask, and the guy lumbered away afterwards. Maybe he was drunk and confused the room number with someone else's?"

Mikail decided to change topics and shift his eyes over to the food before he got nervous again. "Wow, that looks better than what most places serve on the more populated planets. If this place had a little bit of advertising and some tourist attraction, you and Rena would have a nice supply of creds rolling in. Guess you've got a good supply of nerf around here."

Mikail was running out of topics...

22 September 2004, 07:34 PM
She laughs; "Suuuure, and the lizards would rob all those rich Core Worlds tourists blind, beat them and sell them into slavers like they already have with half this colony."
"Jedi: no, businessman: no. Keep trying Mik'," she pats you on the shoulder. "When you're finished eating I'll introduce you to some of the miners downstairs, maybe that'll be a better line of work."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
23 September 2004, 01:12 PM
"Alrighty" MIkail replied, and began sampling the food.. a couple bites and with aproval, began digging into it...

24 September 2004, 06:56 AM
After you finish eating Tyria leads you back down to the bar area, which now contains over a dozen more people.....a few miners have joined the central sabbacc game, some more nerf herders sat at a corner table, and four miners are sat at bar stools.
Rena looks to Tyria, who nods back before turning to you; "I've gotta get back to work, but Rena'll introduce you to those miners at the bar; Adol Etison's crew are good people."
She gives you a smile and a wink before she rushes off back to the bar and starts pulling beers.
You can feel a pair of eyes watching you. Watching you like a predator. In your periferal vision you can see the Trandoshan who was bothering Tyria, watching you from a seat by the door.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
3 October 2004, 11:55 PM
Mikail nods in acknowledgement to Tyria, then walks towards the bar where Rena was. The sense of being watched disturbed Mikail, maybe rattled him a bit. Mikail tried not to look directly at the trandoshan near the door, he didn't want to give anything away that he had noticed... Mikail couldn't help but wonder if that was the person who paid him that little visit earlier. And Mikail had approached the bar.

"Rena? You we're going to introduce me to some miners? The meal was the best i've tasted in a long time by the way."

4 October 2004, 02:48 AM
Rena smiles at your compliment and puts a glass of water infront of you; "you're welcome, but you should thank Tyria: she cooked the meal," she turns to the rather pug-nosed miner who stands next to you; "this is Adol Etison, one of the best tibanite miners on Hollander IV."
Etison, a well-built man in his mid 30s, smiles happily and raises his glass of ale to you. "Yeeeah, tha's me. Rena here said there wus a new guy in town, down on his luck and looking for work. I gotta say, boy, you don' look like you've seen a lotta ore-faces. You think you can handle a vibro-pick? Haul a good few kilos o'tibanite on those lean shoulders o' yours? You think you can do, you got yourself a job".
He motions to the other three miners: "this here's Gonar Zilar (a rather tubby man in his late thirties who is already onto his 3rd ale gives you a shallow nod), Bardo Valton (a thin guy maybe in his mid twenties nods at you with a smile) and the youngest member of my crew: Todrin Trigit (a gaunt youth perhaps the same age as you nods embarassedly)."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
6 October 2004, 02:04 AM
Mikail feels slightly embarassed having thanked Rena presumtuosly, and makes a mental note to thank Tyria at best conveniance, preferably when away from the crowd... "Ahh, I'll be sure to thank her then"

Turning slightly to face the miner Adol, "I'm pleased to meet you sir, I'd very well like to work. I think I can handle a pick and a few kilos." Mikail smiles reasuringly, and glances to the other gentlemen as Adol points to them, Mikail gives each a nod or a brief wave...

"So, when's next shift or how early next morning?" Mikail inquires...

9 October 2004, 01:46 AM
Adol tilts his head; "Son, you still ain't given me your name. Round here wes usually introduces ourselves, y'know?"

Rena laughs; "Yeah, he never told me either."
Just at this point, Tyria is walking past and she stops; "Oh, Adol, don't be so hard on Mikail! He's just a bit shy, not used to how we do things on Hollander."
She smiles at you and walks off to serve the nerf herders in the corner.

"Well...it seems you did introduce yourself to someone," Rena chuckles.

"Weeell, Mikail, we'll be heading out within half an hour...make sure you're outside by the red speedertruck, and we'll see how you hew an oreface."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
19 October 2004, 11:14 PM
Mikail was going to answer, though Tyria answered for him, once again bringing a bit of a blush to his face as he shrugged his shoulders and tilted his head...

sheesh, i'm blush central today... hope it's not showing too badly. Well, least there's nobody from the academy to see me like this, I'd never be able to show face in there again without hearing about this!

"Yeah, it's Mikail... just Mikail. If I may excuse myself, I'll be back in a few minutes."

Mikail went back to his room, rifled through his satchel, unsure what to take with himself. He had his disguised lightsaber clipped to his outfit. He figured maybe that was enough. Mikail tossed his satchel into the tiny closet, closed the door, then stepped out of the room - locking it behind him.

He made his way back to the bar, "I'll be ready when you are Mr. Etison." Mikail spoke to the gentleman politely, then grabbed a stool next to him to sit on.

20 October 2004, 05:55 PM
As you return to the group, Gonar also return from outside; "Bror fixed the truck, Adol. Looks like we're good to go!"

"Well, good timing Mikail. Usually we spend the whole day at the mine, but today we had to head back into town to get the truck fixed. But time's a wasting, so let's get back to it."

The four miners lead you out to a beat up old speeder truck, parked next to a speeder bike with what appears to be a snake skin seat. Bardo spits extremely closely to the bike and Adol quickly pulls him into the truck. A different pair of Trandoshan (not the stoned ones, they seem to have gone, or been removed) watch you leave from the front porch of the Ranch.

Gonar guides the truck north through the town, and once he passes the landing field on the north side, he accelerates to the speeder's rather unimpressive maximum speed and takes you out into the countryside, following a ragged path, beaten down by daily use by speeder traffic.

"'s a good few klicks to our mine, Mikail. So,....what brings you to Hollander, of all the backwater dustballs?"

OOC: pic of the countryside

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
21 October 2004, 12:26 AM
Mikail watched the little scene outside with the speederbike in silence. He got into the speedertruck with the others.

Once past the landing field, Mikail looked out towards the landscape with interest. He never seen such hills of rock in layered shades, and was interested in see'ing the mines. Lost in the sight, he almost didn't notice them speak to him. They wanted to know why he was out here of all places. Mikail needed to think and recal for a moment.

Snapping out of his gaze in more ways than one, "I wanted to get away from the core, and see the galaxy. I was running short of credits so the Frieghter captain had let me off here. I figured I could work and earn enough credits eventually to move on again, or maybe even settle down here. Turns out, those reptiles robbed me blind upon setting foot here and Rena is giving me a room on credit." Mikail explained, sticking to the story he had been using sofar.

Deciding to change subject, ask a few innocent questions "So, what are we mining? How deep does the mine go? I don't have any equipment of my own so I'll need borrow some. And i'm a quick learner."

21 October 2004, 06:37 AM
"A drifter from the core, eh?" comments Adol, "weeeell, you sure coulda picked a better place to stop off," he chuckles.

"Every crew's got their own mine, and they don' mess with another crew's territory...which usually doesn't amount to anything more than one mountain anyway," Adol explains as Gonar drives you deeper into the barren rocks, further from the grassy plains.
"We've got ourselves a decent little mine...been working her for a coupla years. I dunno if you know much geology Mikail, but here we're mining tibannite. I'm sure you've heard of tibanna gas, right? Weeeell, tibannite is a solid, ore form. Sadly it ain't nearly as valuable, but there's plenty of it in Hollander, so we mine it."

"It's either that, or herd nerfs," pipes in Bardo; "and I sure don't wanna get nerf spit on my clothes, that drek's hard to clean off!"

"Yeah well, more mining, less whining;" says Adol.

"Since tibannite is, how shall we say....volatile, we can't use standard mining lasers or BD4 droids. If you hit a tibannite crystal with a laser or blaster, it'll vapourise. Most of the rocks we mine aren't big enough to do any damage, but we're trying to take the ore out of the mountain, not vapourise it. And if you were unlucky enough to hit a real big crystal of tibannite...you might just cause a cave in. 't wouldn't be the first..." Adol trails off, looking out the window.

Bardo takes over; "so, we use vibro-picks. Hew the rock face and sort out any tibannite crystals into carts which, at the end of the day, we haul back to the truck and take 'em back to town to sell. The crystals are easy to spot; kinda look like lumps of tree amber, anywhere from the of a datachip to the size of you fist. Bigger if you're real lucky."

The trees outside begin to vanish as you drive into the mountains...

After maybe an hour's drive Gonar pulls up by a dark cave enterance; the mine's mouth. A wooden plaque above the mouth display's the mine's name: Necil's Legacy.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
23 October 2004, 01:37 AM
"A drifter from the core, eh?" comments Adol, "weeeell, you sure coulda picked a better place to stop off," he chuckles.

"Well, I didn't really have a choice or say in the matter." Mikail replied truthfully

"So, how many mines are around here? I mean territories?" Mikail glances around at the slowly changing scenery, "Yeah I know of Tibanna gas but never heard of it in solid form. Well, given the situation right now with those lizards, maybe it not being as valuable is a good thing? If what they'll do to just a wookie for being one, what would happen to the town people if Tibannite was valuable?"

"I wouldn't know what nerf farming is like. I do know they just taste good when cooked right. I'm guessing mining is the preferable choice?"

Listning about the cave-ins made Mikail shudder, it made him feel better knowing they used safer methods to dig with. "So, using vibro-picks is safe for tibannite then. So amber is easy to spot from the rock? does it glow or shine?"

Looking at the wooden plaque, pronouncing it verbally, "Necil's Legacy... Interesting name, is there a story behind this or?" Mikail asked with curiosity

23 October 2004, 07:51 PM
"No one keeps a record of the mines really...so...who knows how many there are?" comments Adol as he starts walking across to the cave entrance, a backpack and vibropick in hand.

Gonnar answers about the ore; "Well, at least if it were more valuable we might be able to get a smuggler to haul it away secretly, and for a better price. As it is, the price is so low it's not worth paying a smuggler to fight his way past the lizard's ships to pick up a load of ore. The profit margin just isn't big enough. Still, you've probably got a point...if it were more valuable, the lizards'd probably have us all toiling in the mines."
Todrin mumbles something about slavery and slouches off into the mine.

Bardo comes across to you and hands you a vibropick; "yeah, I'd say mining is the preferable option. You've basically got four options on Hollander: mining, nerfing, some kinda work in the town; if you can put up with being so close to those drek-eating lizards....or being sold into slavery. That's what happens to anyone who goes against those cold-blooded killers."
He lowers his voice; "young Todrin there lose his parents and wife that way. He stood up to the lizards, so they took didn't hurt him, didn't even touch him,...just took away everyone he cared about and sold them to slavers."
He signs deeply.

"C'mon, lets head in, I'll show you how we do things."
He pauses, head down, as you read out the mine's name.
"Yeah...Necil was Adol's wife. The mine used to be her father's, when she married Adol they shared it...until she died in a cave-in a year back."

He turns and strides into the darkness...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
4 November 2004, 11:13 PM
In astonishment, "Tibbanite's worth is actually that low? That makes me wonder about the nerf ranchers - if they're doing any better or not. Do you think the reptiles are paying them more attention?..."

"Only four options? What about those without any options? I mean who couldn't stand being around those reptiles in town but somebody's gotta right? There wouldn't be any town to return to if everyone had that choice right?" Glancing at Todrin, "Sorry to hear about your wife and all. I can't imagine a worse punishment, and probably being strung up like the wookie is the lesser of the two...

From hearing about Necil, "Seems like everyone's lost something sofar... At least Adol's got this mine."

Gripping the vibro-pick, testing it's weight with a few swings with hand placement, "well, I guess we should get to work? show me where to start swinging!"

9 November 2004, 05:46 AM
Originally posted by Terras Jadeonar &amp; Raven
In astonishment, "Tibbanite's worth is actually that low? That makes me wonder about the nerf ranchers - if they're doing any better or not. Do you think the reptiles are paying them more attention?..."
"Well...the reptiles tax any shipments the nerfers make, and lots of nerf just go missing from the plains whenever the reptiles wanna eat...so the nerfers are as deep in the poodoo as we are. 'cept ours doesn't stink as much," Bardo chuckles as he leads you through the dark catacombs. You notice how the temperature drops as you go deeper and deeper.

"Only four options? What about those without any options? I mean who couldn't stand being around those reptiles in town but somebody's gotta right? There wouldn't be any town to return to if everyone had that choice right?"

"Well...all trade goes through the town, so there ain't much choice really."

He stops talking when you get to a 2-way fork in the rock, a glow-globe providing dim illumination. You can see that the rock has been manually hewed away...no droids, no lasers...it must have taken years.
Bardo points down the left-hand fork where you can just about see two of the other miners some 20m down the passage, lit by glow-globes hanging from the walls. The walls themselves are dull...except they seem to be sparkingly slightly near the miners.
"The others are working two passages down that way, but we'll work down here," he says, leading you down the right-hand passage and taking a glow-globe from his own pack. Turning it on, it gives a little illumination.
As you get to the end of the passage, only 10m or so from the fork, the rock face begins to sparkle brighter. Bardo puts the globe down next to one that's been left in the tunnel and turns that one on too. With the combined light, you can see clearer: there are micro-crystals of tibannite imbedded in the rock all around you...occasionally there are larger chunks.
The amber glow from the crystals reflects in Bardo's eyes and he smiles at you;
"Now you see, doncha?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
9 November 2004, 06:39 PM
"The herders have it twice as bad... Well, they're a bit more worse off then everybody else it seems. And nobody tried to rally the town and try to stop the reptiles... Nobody's got any rifles of sorts?" comments and then asks...

Mikail's voice trails off as they walk into the mines, the temperature was cooler but not too bad compared to the heat earlier when he had arrived. Mikail notices the walls of the mines, commenting "Wow, all this by hand? Aldo must've had this this whole lifetime!"

"So, how many people are digging here?" Mikail asks, looking towards the fork.

Following Bardo, until he stops and lights the glow-globes fully, Mikail looks around and whistles with astonishment at the walls, the amber glow that seemed to radiate from little specs within the wall. It was like nothing he had ever seen before! Well, sometimes when the light had hit just right, back at the praxeum, the room would be washed in a reddish orange, but this was pure golden...

"Uh-huh....." Mikail mumbled in reply, still looking around at the walls, taking closer looks at the visible crystals.

"So.... Where do I start? Just anywheres or?..."

10 November 2004, 05:35 AM
Originally posted by Terras Jadeonar &amp; Raven
[B]"The herders have it twice as bad... Well, they're a bit more worse off then everybody else it seems. And nobody tried to rally the town and try to stop the reptiles... Nobody's got any rifles of sorts?" comments and then asks...

"Well," Bardo says, stopping just before he was about to swing his vibro-pick at the rockface; "I guess a few of the nerfers have got slugthrowers, maybe some of the townspeople too...this planet's got some nasty critters in the wilds...but no-one's got the ba- ahem, spirit, to stand up to the lizards. Did you see what they did to Rorahab?! And if they don't kill you, they sell your family to this off-world slaver...who's gonna stand up to them, you?!"

Mikail's voice trails off as they walk into the mines, the temperature was cooler but not too bad compared to the heat earlier when he had arrived. Mikail notices the walls of the mines, commenting "Wow, all this by hand? Aldo must've had this this whole lifetime!"

"So, how many people are digging here?" Mikail asks, looking towards the fork.

"Adol." Bardo corrects; "Like I said, the mine was in his wife's family originally...I dunno how old it is really. There's just the five of us mining it...four until you came along."

"Well, anywhere you see a decent amber glow, try to hack it out," he explains, "any decent crystals you get, show me and we'll put them in those sacks over there to haul out at the end of the day..."

He then swings his humming pick at the rockface, cutting away a small amount of rock, and dislodging specks of amber, but nothing significant...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
13 November 2004, 10:02 PM
Mikail begun swinging the rock pick like Bardo was, and inbetween swings, "Me? Myself? I'd probably be keeping Rorahab company if i tried. Least i've no family here to be punished I guess. But what if the whole town got together? Like, you'know - and I mean everyone. Yeah, they might manage to take a few but they wouldn't be able to take everyone! There'd be nobody to mine the mines, herd the nerfs, run the town... Right?"

"Yup, I'll show ya all the crystals I find."

Mikail's mind began to work at the problem, offering any ideas that came to mind. He wanted to help the people, though he wasn't sure he'd be able to do it alone...

14 November 2004, 11:28 PM
"Heh, you sure do talk brave, Mikail," Bardo says between swings, "I wish there were more like you here. Then maybe we could do something about those lizards. But as it is most of the people here are just too scared. After what they did to that Wook'...that scared the fight out of most people...heck, everyone probably. No one here likes the situation, but what can we do? I few are pretty vocal about it...Rena back at the ranch for example...everyone, human and reptile, knows that she's no fan of the greenskinned bast-" the end of the word is drowned out by the thunder of falling rocks down one of the other passages.
"What the frell?!" curses Bardo, turning and sprinting back down the passage toward the others.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
14 November 2004, 11:53 PM
"What was that?!?" Mikail shouts, and runs after Bardo, "Hey! wait for me!"

Mikail didn't know what was going on, he never worked in the mines before. What caused it? Was it normal? Mikail without further thought trailed Bardo, and would do whatever he could to help.

15 November 2004, 12:07 AM
Bardo leads the way round the corner, past the T-junction, with the passage out to the surface to your left, and on; the way Adol, Gonar and Todrin went...

Bardo starts coughing as he enters a section of tunnel clogged with dust. You can barely see your hand infront of your face...just a dull gold glow comes from deeper down the passage...

Suddenly Adol is by your side; "Dunno what the frell happened, something up in Gonar and Todrin's passage," he coughs badly, hacking up phlegm.

As the three of you feel your way deeper down the passage you find the young wiry Todrin lying on the ground unconscious, flecks of rock inbedded in his face, bleeding from the scalp. His vibro-pick is stuck backwards into the opposite rockface...

A meter further on lies the chubby form of Gonar...under several large rocks...he isn't moving.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
17 November 2004, 10:10 PM
"Glad your alright Adol! What about the others!?!" Mikail shouts to Adol, the air thick with dust, Mikail too finds himself coughing. He follows both down the passage, Mikail couldn't beleive his sight... He glanced at the one unconcious, but his imediate concern went right to the one half burried under the rocks.

What to do? What to do?!? Mikail thought franticall, unsure what to do - try first with the guys to move the boulders, or use his force abilities which would mean revealing himself. How could he complete this mission while not using the force? To frell with the mission!, being a Jedi is supposed to be about helping others. Maybe I won't have to tell them I'm a Jedi.

"We gotta get him outa there if we can! Look, no time to explain, just be ready to pull him out alright?"

Mikail hopes they trust him instead of waste time by questioning him. He already had one burden of guilt by letting loose his force powers and emotion, he didn't want to have another one this time for not using them...

Mikail stretches out his hands, feels for the boulders throughh the force, making sure his feet are firm on the ground... and with all his might, tried to begin to lift...

ooc: Move object, 6 ranks... roll'em!

18 November 2004, 06:39 AM
Bardo and Adol inhale sharply at the rocks begin rising off Gonar's limp form. After a second Bardo snaps to it and pulls Gonar away, letting you ease your force-hold on the rocks and drop them safely back to the ground.

Bardo immediately starts checking Gonar's pulse, curses and begins CPR...but Adol just stares at you in disbelief.
"Boy, you gots some explaining to do."

"Dammit Adol! Later! Check on Todrin will'ya!" shouts Bardo, "Mikail, I dunno how you did that, but if you know any way to save these men..." he looks up at you pleadingly...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
18 November 2004, 10:07 AM
"I don't know what else to do!!" Mikail exclaimed with upturned hands "If we can get him breathing and get them out of here maybe? Are there any others in the mine yet besides us?" Mikail asked, kneeling down to the one not breathing, "I'm not sure what else to do. I can lift rocks but dunno how to heal."

Turning his head to Adol, "I'll explain later as long as you can keep quiet about what I did."

19 November 2004, 05:54 AM
Adol looks at you almost in shock;" What?! Surely you can do something! You're a Jedi, right? You must be!"

OOC: you ccan use Heal Another untrained...or Treat Injury...though the miners should be able to do the latter too...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
20 November 2004, 10:13 PM
"I guess I can try! I've never done anything like this before!" Mikail replies, deciding not to answer Adol's question for the moment. Mikail places his hands on the person's chest, closes his eyes and concentrates. Mikail's not sure what to think or how to do this, except to try send some of the force into the other's body...

OC: wis 13(+1) , using heal another - untrained... roll'em!

21 November 2004, 05:02 PM
Since Gonar has worse injuries than Todrin, you place your hands on Gonar's chest.
Taking a deep breath you try to calm yourself and you can feel tendrils of the Force spreading out from your fingers...intermingling with the Force within Gonar's body...but you can feel that he is rapidly fading. With each breath a small quantity of your power ebbs into Gonar...slowly, steadily his diminishing glow stabilises.

Finally opening your eyes you see that his face isn't so pale...he appears to be stable.
The thought also comes to you that, as you felt through his body with the Force, you possessed the power to save him, as you did, or to take his life easily. It is a disturbing thought.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
22 November 2004, 12:01 AM
Mikail looks up at Bardo, "I did what I could, while i'm not even sure what I did, I think he'll make it now, but he still needs medical attention beyond my capabilities! I don't know how injured he is, except that we almost lost him. We need to get him to to a doctor, soon..."

The thought of the force as a power that could be used to give or take so easily, ran a shiver down Mikail's spine... He'd already crossed that line once, almost taking a life by accident, and harming others. It made Mikail uncomfortable to think about it, even moreso that he wanted to help these men. It unnerved him that he was able to help in the slightest bit of way - to make that difference of life or death, and he didn't have a clue how in the force he was doing it. This would be the second time of such in his lifetime...

Looking at the other one on the ground, unconscious, "Are we getting out of here now or should I try do what I can for him? I can't promise anything, just so you know"

And even with such unnerving thoughts which really should've been left for a later time not so critical, Mikail had found himself offering , asking to help again, to use the force in a way that was untrained to him... And why he did, totally escaped him...

22 November 2004, 12:21 AM
Adol scoops up the unconscious Todrin after wrapping a cloth around his head.
"He's banged up pretty good, but he'll make it."

Bardo carries Gonar's considerable bulk on his shoulder, "C'mon, we'd better get them back into town to see Doc Chalco. And Mikail...thanks," he smiles at you and leads you back to the speedertruck...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
22 November 2004, 12:25 AM
Mikail helps where he can, shouldering some of the wieght, helping carry one of the guys.... "But not a word about this alright? I mean what I did back there" Mikail speaks, along the way...

22 November 2004, 12:33 AM
Neither Adol nor Bardo speaks until you get back to the truck, load Gonar and Todrin in the back and Adol gets the repulsors running. Bardo stays in the back of the truck to keep an eye on his unconscious friends.
Adol has a grim look on his face as he throttles up and heads back to the town, trying not to bump the speeder around too much...

After a few minutes Bardo speaks up; "it sure explains all your questions earlier...but why the secrecy? You were sent by Coruscant, right? The Republic sent you to save us, right? So what the frell are you doing getting a job in a mine?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
22 November 2004, 12:46 AM
Mikail replies, looking towards the back of the truck, "Firstly, those reptiles took all my creds upon arrival here... How's a guy suposed to get by with the shirt in his travel sack only? Secondly, how was I gonna find anything out or accomplish anything by walking into town and saying 'here I am, I'm a force user! come flayy me!' I don't wanna 'end up like the wookie now would I?"

"Somehow I don't think you would've believed me anyways, not til it was too late and I was well over my head in the middle of however many reptiles preparing to string me up and skin me at town square..."

22 November 2004, 12:53 AM
This causes Bardo to laugh, dispite the seriousness of the situation; "you ain't quite the holo-vid eternally-calm, kill-all-badguys Jedi I was expecting, that's for sure."

"But you are here to save us, right? I mean, why else did Coruscant send you?" Bardo continues, "so what's the plan? Challenge Traggisk to a showdown at sunset?"

Adol's eyes are fixed on the makeshift road, though you're sure he's listening to every word.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
22 November 2004, 01:05 AM
"Sorry to disapoint, my master would better fit that description!"

"Save you? I was sent to find out what's happening here... Then deal with it, guess that entales saving you in the process if I suceed... How many reptiles did you say were here? Oh wait, you didn't did you? I guess that's going to be a mighty big if then, about the saving I mean..."

"So who's this Traggisk guy? Take him down and thats it? Why do I find that hard to believe?"

22 November 2004, 01:48 AM
"Save you? I was sent to find out what's happening here... Then deal with it, guess that entales saving you in the process if I suceed... How many reptiles did you say were here? Oh wait, you didn't did you? I guess that's going to be a mighty big if then, about the saving I mean..."

Bardo holds up his hands; "hey, calm down. I'll help as much as I can," his brow furrows in concentration, "there can't be more than 30 of them, a-"
"fourty, more like," breaks in Adol, "you never were great at maths, Bardo."
"Whatever, fourty then," Bardo mutters, "you musta seen their ships on the landing field: banged up frieghter and a coupla headhunters..."

"So who's this Traggisk guy? Take him down and thats it? Why do I find that hard to believe?"

"Traggisk's their leader. Hard to discribe him really, they all look as ugly as each other...though he wears Rorahab's bowcaster like a trophy...ruthless...truely cold-blooded. His right-hand lizard is Busskish. He's short and wiry...looks like a runt, shoulda been eaten by his mutha...but he's dangerous. Rumour is that he's off-planet at the moment...went off with the last batch of slaves...dunno when he'll be back. Hopefully not soon. He's got a quick temper, and a quicker trigger finger."
"And I'm sure you met Yarroq. He lives rent-free in the Ranch...likes to harrass the women...particularly Tyria. Poor girl. He also sells low-grade spice to some kids. Poodoo-for-brains jerks."

With Adol's foot hard to the floor, you make it back to town surprisingly quickly, though as you approach the outlying buildings the two Trandoshan on guard by the landing field step out to block the road.

"What the frell?" exclaims Adol.
"We don't have time for this!" Bardo curses.
"Shut up, let me handle this," whispers Adol.

One of the Trandoshan stays in the middle of the road, his blaster rifle at his hip, lazily aimed in the general direction of the speedertruck. The other, a dark brown skinned, scar-faced son-of a snake slowly walks up to the cabin, his rifle slug over his shoulder.
"Adol...back early? Ssso keen to pay your taxesss?" he lisps, then leans in and takes a good look at the three of you, noticing that the back of the truck is full not of sacks of crystals, but with two unconscious humans. "Adol," he shakes his head, "you know you've got to pay up by tomorrow.....Traggisssk issss expecting crystals. Are you going to give him thossse two corpssess? We don't accsssept damaged goodsss. You'd bessst have it in cashhh by sssunrissse tomorrow or one of your crew will be ssssold to sssslaver-friends of ours. Hurry hurry Adol."
He cackles and steps away from the cabin.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
27 November 2004, 06:40 PM
"fourty, more like," breaks in Adol, "you never were great at maths, Bardo."
"Whatever, fourty then," Bardo mutters, "you musta seen their ships on the landing field: banged up frieghter and a coupla headhunters..."

Mikail whistles, "Forty.. Wow... That's going to take some thinking, else I'll end up like Rorahab for sure..."

"Uh yeah, that's probably what I saw on the landing field. Knowing what ships are what aren't my strong point."

"And I'm sure you met Yarroq. He lives rent-free in the Ranch...likes to harrass the women...particularly Tyria. Poor girl. He also sells low-grade spice to some kids. Poodoo-for-brains jerks."

Mikail answered, "Yup, I think I know who your talkin about, the one hassling Tyria all the time... right?"

Arriving at the town, Mikail stayed silent as the reptile approached and spoke with a superiority that made Mikail wonder how could the townspeople stand for this for so long?

After the reptile left, "They're not kidding about wanting their crystals are they? With two short, thats going to be next to imposible even if we worked the night through aint it? Frak, there's gotta be something that we could do"

Mikail thinks for a moment "We're going to the the doctor's right? Then what? Back out to the mines?" MIkail asks as he tries to think of some way to help them out or even the odds... "Hey, where does this Tragissk and his reptiles stay?"

27 November 2004, 06:52 PM
Mikail answered, "Yup, I think I know who your talkin about, the one hassling Tyria all the time... right?"
"Yup, that's Yarroq," Bardo says with a scowl.

After the reptile left, "They're not kidding about wanting their crystals are they? With two short, thats going to be next to imposible even if we worked the night through aint it? Frak, there's gotta be something that we could do"

Adol looks down, "Nope, with Gonar and Todrin injured...we can't make enough. I dunno...I could sell the speeder...but then we'd be finished."

Mikail thinks for a moment "We're going to the the doctor's right? Then what? Back out to the mines?" MIkail asks as he tries to think of some way to help them out or even the odds... "Hey, where does this Tragissk and his reptiles stay?"

Adol doesn't answer, he just looks at his boots, lost.

Bardo speaks up; "we'll take Todrin and Gonar to Doc Chalco...then...there's no point going back to the mines...," they both look at you differently when you ask about Traggisk's location, as if you're finally acting like a holo-drama Jedi...
"He and his cronies took over the old Judicial office...that's where the top lizards live...and they keep all the loot they steal..." Bardo looks at you expectantly...

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
28 November 2004, 12:30 AM
Mikail looks down in defeat for a moment... "Don't sell the speeder..." Looking up at them again, "I'll go to the Judicial building then. Maybe I can reason with this Tragissk..." Mikail sighed heavily like a great burdon upon his shoulders, knowing what it might come down to... But then an idea struck him - "Hey- do any of ya have or know who has , a comunications unit, the kind that can contact other planets or ships? it dosn't have to really be working or anything..." In Mikail's mind, a plan was forming - even though he wasn't quite sure what yet...

28 November 2004, 03:43 AM
Bardo's brow furrows as he thinks. Adol gets the speeder moving into town and heads for the doctor's surgery as fast as he can.

"Far as I know," Bardo answers, "the only transmitters on Hollander are in the Judicial office...and you'd have to be suicidal to just saunter in there, even if you are a Jedi...or on their frieghter..."

"And I don't think you can reason with Traggisk. He jus' ain't the reasonable-type, if you get my drift."

"We owe 'em twenty thousand credits...ten'd get them off our backs," Adol mutters, "heck, I'd rob a bank or a store, but we don't rob our own people."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
1 December 2004, 12:05 PM
"I don't intent on being suicidal either. I was thinking of dropping by tonight - later tonight and see what's up. If i'm lucky i'll be able to check the place out. Maybe even get that transmiter" Mikail replies, sounding hopefull... "Maybe the landing strip too... We'll see."

Pondering for a mement, "What are the night like? is it fairly quiet or do they have someone on watch-? the reptiles I mean." Mikail asks, as they head towards the Doc's office to which Mikail didn't know existed...

Several plans start forming in his head, and questions and guesses as to what would be easier. At any rate, Mikail mused it'd be much like sneaking out of the praxeum albiet the cover of a very lively city. His reasons were clear though - checkout the Judicial building. Maybe and a very iffy one - get the transmitter so he'd be able to call in for help if needed. The landing pad which had a ship on it or Mikail hoped - at very worst if he couldn't get the transmiter and couldn't remove the trandoshans, perhaps they could get everyone aboard and escape...

2 December 2004, 06:57 AM
"Well," Bardo says, hefting Todrin over his shoulder, and then looking about to check no lizards are near, fortunately there aren't any, "they don't much like the night since it gets pretty cool...I guess cuz they're cold blooded...but they still have a couple of thugs on the Judicial office stoop...maybe a couple more by the landing field...and there's always one up atop each of the water towers with a rifle."

Adol looks at Bardo with surprise; "Boy, you take way too much interest in those reptiles, you should watch your step." He then turns to face you; "and you, Je- just grab Gonar's feet and help me get him into Doc Chalco's. Scheme all you want later."

Stopped outside the long, low wooden building, you can see a sign above the door:
"Doc Chalco, Apothecary."
Adol shuffles over to the door of the building and boots the door open, calling out as you both haul Gonar's hefty body inside, "Hey! Doc! We got an emergency here!"
The room is a very basic, almost primitive operating room, with a large examining table in the middle of the room stained dark with blood. Various serrated blades hang on the walls. Most are relatively clean. The contents of a medikit are scattered across a desk with a badly repaired chair infront of it. a few cupboards line the walls.

From a door at the back waddles a slightly hunch-backed woman in her late fifties dressed in a reasonably clean white smock. Her silver hair is rather unkempt and wild, but her face is kind.
When she sees the unconsious forms of Todrin and Gonar she seems extremely surprised; "quick, quick, lie them on the table!" she hurries over to them and checks their eyes; "what happened Adol?" she says, then she notices you; "and who are you?!"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
22 December 2004, 09:34 AM
"Boy, you take way too much interest in those reptiles, you should watch your step." He then turns to face you; "and you, Je- just grab Gonar's feet and help me get him into Doc Chalco's. Scheme all you want later."

"I figured that was good as any a place to start gathering some info." Mikail helps as needed with carrying Gonar into the building. Stepping through the door and Adol calling out the doc'. He couldn't help glance around at the interior, he never seen a place like this before. It was quite far from the clean orderly med center at the temple.

Mikail helps set Gonar on the table, and promp;y responds "Mikail, just arrived intown earlier today- Ma'm"

25 December 2004, 04:04 AM
As Adol and the doctor begin looking over both Gonar and Todrin, Bardo leads you in to one corner.

"Okay, Mikail...what do you intend to do? If I can help, I will...if Todrin's okay then I'm damned sure he'll be with us....but I really don't know if you can convince many others..."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
19 January 2005, 08:08 PM
"Hmm, I hadn't really thought that far yet Bardo, I just figured kinda get a better idea about the reptiles and the Judicial office. That was before we pulled into town and now gotta makeup the difference in owing..." Mikail shrugged and slumped his shoulders

Glancing past Bardo to the table for a moment, "I dunno, nobody's ever held a meeting of sorts about the reptiles? How much taxing or enslaving is going to be put up with before theres no-one left here? Can't enyone lend ya the money or try a card game to get the funds?" Mikail spoke as he tried to think of ways to both rally the people and raise some creds... Then a light dawned on him, "Hey, what about a knife throwing competition or something? I think i'd be able to win us the funds..."

20 January 2005, 05:28 AM
Originally posted by Terras Jadeonar &amp; Raven
"Hmm, I hadn't really thought that far yet Bardo, I just figured kinda get a better idea about the reptiles and the Judicial office. That was before we pulled into town and now gotta makeup the difference in owing..." Mikail shrugged and slumped his shoulders

Bardo sighs deeply; "c'mon man. You're the best hope we've got." He looks at you pleadingly, "you gotta save us."

Adol sniffs and mumbles something about the Republic not giving a nerf's droppings about a backwater dustball.

Doc Chalco briefly looks up from injecting Todrin with a rather archaic looking syringe, but she quickly gets back to work, moving on to the more badly injured Gonar. She listens to his chest, checks his breathing...

Glancing past Bardo to the table for a moment, "I dunno, nobody's ever held a meeting of sorts about the reptiles? How much taxing or enslaving is going to be put up with before theres no-one left here? Can't enyone lend ya the money or try a card game to get the funds?" Mikail spoke as he tried to think of ways to both rally the people and raise some creds... Then a light dawned on him, "Hey, what about a knife throwing competition or something? I think i'd be able to win us the funds..."

"Sure...soon as they nailed up the Wook', a bunch of guys got together and decided to chase the reptiles out of town," says Adol, "The greenskins came in just as the meeting was closing, stunned everyone who was there...they were the first ones sold to Snow."
He shrugs; "I'm not much of a card player....and no one's got the money to lend me. The Trando's take all the spare cash anyone's got."
"I'm no cardshark either," says Bardo; "can't you, y'know...," he says to you, gesturing.

"A knife throwing competition?!" exclaims Adol, "Son, you sure you weren't hit in that cave-in?"
Bardo is slightly more supportive..."wait, wait. It might work...but you'd have to challenge one of them...how about Yarroq: the reptile at the Ranch...he doesn't seem to like you anyway..."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
23 January 2005, 03:30 AM
At the suggestion of Yarroq, "Hey! Now that sounds like a plan... Make him a bet that he couldn't refuse, simply win, and that should solve the current issue... This I know I could win..."

Shrugging his shoulders, "I'm just unsure how to get his intrest. I've just arrived here earlier today. What would be good? Offer the speedertruck ? or double the dues owing or myself? When you'd be the best time to go at this?"

23 January 2005, 04:48 AM
"Well...Yarroq likes Tyria, as you may have noticed," explains Bardo with a wince; "and I noticed that she's taken a shine to you. All you gotta do is keep flirting with her in the Ranch infront of him...me and Adol's stick with you," Bardo looks across to Adol, who seems less than extatic about the idea; "right, Adol?"

"Yeeah, I guess."

"Soon as Yarroq moves to tear your head off, we propose the bet," Bardo says with a smile.

"As for your stake...well, you Jedi are always putting your lives on the line right?" his mouth hangs open, realising that he just said the 'J-word'.

"What?!" says Doc Chalco, straightening up from working on Gonar. He stares at you, "you're a Jedi? What are you doing here? Why..."

Bardo ignore her; "just tell Yarroq that if you lose, the reptiles can sell you to their slaver buddies. If you win: Adol's debt is cleared. How's that sound?"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
25 January 2005, 02:58 PM
"What?!" says Doc Chalco, straightening up from working on Gonar. He stares at you, "you're a Jedi? What are you doing here? Why..."

"Long story doc, you just gotta trust us, I'll explain later" Mikail replied.

Nodding his head, to the rest of Bardo's plan... "Sounds like a plan to me! As soon as your both ready to hit the ranch, I guess" He finishes enthusiatically

28 January 2005, 06:05 AM
Well lets get goin' then!" says Bardo with enthusiasm, stepping out into the late evening sun.

"Don't go getting everyone's hopes up, kid," whispers Adol as he follows Bardo, "Bardo grew up on holodramas glorifying you people. I been around a good few years more...seen your lot lock themselves away in your temple on Coruscant...just coming out to run errands for bickering politicians. Don't think I ain't glad for your help. I am. But I don't wanna see anyone else I care for taken from me because of a part-time hero with magic." He looks back to his two friends on the doctor's table.

"Don't worry Adol," says the old doctor, looking up from stitching a deep cut on Gonar's head with a needle & thread, "they'll be fine. I can take care of their injuries."
You're not quite sure about her tone in that last sentence.

Bardo's already striding off toward the Ranch, with you & Adol a bit behind. The sun's on it's way down...maybe an hour or two of light left.
There's now a pair of speederbikes outside the building...& 2 Trandoshan in red-dust splattered blastvests, goggles around their necks, blasters in animal-skin holsters lounging on the stoop to catch the last of the sun. Parked infront of the Ranch is an A-5A speedertruck...caked with dust & dirt but clearly not owned by a miner or nerfherder; they wouldn't have retrofitted it with a crude turret with a flamethrower...

Before you can even climb the first step, you can feel that the atmosphere inside is different...
the two small slatted doors retract back into the walls as you & Adol follow Bardo in.

Inside you find Tyria, Rena & the other staff hard at work. Many mining crews have stopped by to wash their throats with cheap ale. A small band of eight or so nerfherders sit stinking-out a corner. The rest of the bar is full of rowdy Trandoshan, at least two dozen. You immediately know Yarroq is present as you feel his eyes bore into you.
But Bardo stops dead in his tracks for another reason. All the lizards are gathered round a hulking dark green Trandoshan with crimson eyes...four Wookiee scalps adorning his blast vest...and a bowcaster lies on the table next to him. Your eyes pick out the Republic Judicial crest on the stock. Somehow you doubt he got it as a retirement gift. Several other weapons are holstered at his belt...
and at his taloned feet straining at its chain, is a sleek, snarling nashtah.

Adol steps closer to you; "that's Traggisk. The top lizard. He doesn't come here often...except for entertainment."

Out of the corner of your eye you spot Bardo take another miner's pint and down it in one before turning to face Yarroq and bellowing;
"Hey Yarroq! Feel like losing some money?!"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
31 January 2005, 12:51 AM
Upon entering the Ranch, Mikail scouted the room for Tyria, after being shown by Adol who the head reptile wa. Bardo made his announcement, which surprised Mikail - Mikail thought he was supposed to get Yarroq's attention by other means...

So much for anything going to plan Mikail thought to himself,

Mikail sighed, shrugged his shoulders, and flagged Tyria over as she walked by, then hesitantly put an arm around her waist... "Uh- hi! Got a moment? Umm, whatever happens, don't worry... Just go along with it ok? I'll explain later." Mikail tried to appear cheerful, though he was more nervous than anything.

Master Arian ain't ever gonna believe a story like this.... And I thought some of the stories he told me were wild...

31 January 2005, 02:33 AM
"Welcome back," smiles Tyria; "hard day down the mines?" she says sympathetically.

Most of the bar turns to look at you, Bardo and Tyria when Bardo shouts out.
"What the hell are you doing?!" says Rena between clenched teeth.
Before anyone can answer, Yarroq barges his way forward, one hand resting on the grip of his holstered blaster. He ignores Bardo and walks right up to you, stopping scant centimeters infront of you. He stands a good ten centimeters taller than you. And his breath stinks of rotten meat. Now you know who knocked at your door earlier today.
"You are a troublemaker. You just flew in this morning, and already you're treating the place," he looks at Tyria; "the things, like they're yours. They're not. Do I have to teach you a lesson?" he growls.

The entire bar is silent.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
1 February 2005, 08:55 PM
"I don't see your name on anything, Yarroq. " MIkail simply replies, forgetting his nervousness. "Teach me lessons? Sure, how about tips on knife throwing? the best out of a few rounds, winner takes all..." Mikail tried baiting, where Bardo left off, "Care to wager some creds- say the amount Aldo's short fo, and Tyria - if I win.... If I lose, well, you got youself a slave - me." Mikail propositioned, trying to feel brave....

2 February 2005, 05:58 AM
"I'll take that bet!" booms a deep, gutteral voice from the center of the gathered bandits.
The source pushes his way forward: Traggisk. With a huge fang-filled grin on his face.
He looks to Yarroq; "You will accept the human's bet."
His crimson gaze shifts to you; "each of you gets to throw three dead blades at the target. The closest knife to the target, without hitting the target, is the winner."
Tyria's brow crinkles; "why wouldn't they want to hit the target?"
Traggisk's grin broadens; "because, my dear, you will be the target."

"Frag this!" shouts Rena, reaching for something under the bar but the clatter of dozens of the Trandoshan's weapons being drawn stops her.

Yarroq opens his mouth to protest but is silenced by a glare from his boss.
Several other Trandoshan snicker.
"Outside, now," orders Traggisk. He says something in his own language and a pair of bandits grab Tyria, dragging her outside. She looks at you wide eyed as most of the bar file out.
Adol has his head in his hands.
Bardo wanders up to you; "erm...I don't know what to say...this isn't what I expected...."
Rena nails you with a glare only fractionally less scary that Traggisk's; "don't hit."
"No!" whines the male member of Rena's staff, collapsing to the floor crying; "that's my sister! No!"

The bandits drag Tyria, who is silent with shock, out to the town cross roads and proceed to tie her to the post, the dead Wookiee's feet a meter above her.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
12 February 2005, 11:44 PM
Bardo wanders up to you; "erm...I don't know what to say...this isn't what I expected...."

"You and me both Bardo..." Mikail exhailed a reply, his shoulders sagged slightly from the incredible weight that was just put onto them. In the back of his mind, he could almost hear Arian chastise him for the life that was now put at stake with words of the Jedi code. The Jedi were about serving and protecting, not endangering those very same people. But most masters didn't have a non-jedi past-time career, which made Master Arian somewhat unorthodox in his views and teachings - Mikail could almost imagine his master's firm hand placed on his shoulder and telling him to have faith in himself an the force and things just may prevail...

Mikail shrugged off the moment of reflection, and went with the crowd outside the bar to the crucified wookie. He had to beleive in himself, not swell up with fear and doubt if he wanted to win, and most importantly now - save Tyria's life... But the past still hung over him like a dark cloud....

"Tyria! Keep your eyes closed!" Mikail shouted, not really knowing what to say that would help otherwise.

See'ing her strung up helplessly on the cross, scared, below the decaying wookie, it made Mikail want nothing more in the whole galaxy right now than for this to be all over... So Mikail focused directly on Tyria...

OOC: Enhance Ability +9:dex, Move Object +6

14 February 2005, 04:14 AM
With a crowd of both Trandoshan and colonists around you, the setting sun at your backs...Traggisk stops you and Yarroq about twenty paces from Tyria.
She whimpers and squeezes her eyes shut.

With a snap of his fingers a Trandoshan brings forth a set of six throwing knives and presents them to Traggisk. He grins, showing barely-clean fangs and turn to you and your opponent.
He looks at both of you...his gaze settles on you.
"Throw first."

Your breath is shaky. Taking a deep breath it comes smoother and you let yourself slip into the Force. You take a light hold of the small knife's hilt and slide it from the leather sheath. The highly polished metal gleams orange in the setting sun's light.
Raising the knife, you turn to face Tyria, cock your hand and feel the Force flowing through your body. More envigorating than oxygen...you can feel the slightest breeze, the vibrations your pumping heart sends through your body, the tension easing out of your muscles to be replaced with calm...

Whipping your hand forward you let the knife fly...
it streaks out with the slightest nudge from the Force toward a point above the poor girl's head.

With a thud it strikes the wooden post, decimeters from her hair.
(2 'pips' lower than her Defence. A close call indeed).

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
14 February 2005, 10:40 PM
Mikail breathed a sigh of relief, that was a close one... First one down, but it wasn't over... yet.... His past fears still ebbed at the back of his mind.

Mikail took another breath and let the next one fly...

15 February 2005, 05:16 AM
Yarroq's eyes close to slits at seeing your extremely close throw. He knows it's gonna be tough for him to beat you. But he knows he must win to save face among the other bandits.
He takes a deep breath and draws the second of the six knives from the sheath, holding it lightly by the tip of the blade.
He turns to face the post and Tyria who stands frozen in place, eyes tightly shut.
With the flick of his wrist he sends the knife spinning toward her.

There's a chink of metal striking metal, and both knives clatter to the ground.
The watching bandits give a cheer while the colonists just look on, some being comforted by others, many hiding their eyes.
Traggisk offer the sheath to you...

your knife flies from your hand...

16 February 2005, 05:22 AM
Your knife flies straight and true...a throw any circus performer in the galaxy would be proud of...
and only by drawing deep on your reserves of the Force are you able to change the knife's trajectory at the last moment...sending it away from Tyria's jugular and off past the post.

Yarroq lets out a sigh of relief as the gathered colonists watch you. Bardo and Rena hold back Tyria's brother.
Tyria is still frozen to the spot with fear.

"Yarroq," says Traggisk.
The fourth knife streaks out...
and with an ear-splitting scream it hits Tyria in her left arm.
Her brother breaks away from Bardo and Rena and dashes toward his sister, only to be brought down by a stun bolt from a bandit.
The bandits roar with laughter, barely drowning out Tyria's scream...which is silenced by a stun shot from another bandit.
"Yarroq!" Traggisk chuckles, "are you trying to damage your prize?!"

Tyria's body stands limp against the post, held upright by rope at her ankles, waist and shoulders. Blood; the colour of the sky above you as he sun settles behind the mountains, runs down her arm and drips from her fingers.
Traggisk turns back to you with a feral grin.
Two knives are left in the sheath.
"Your last throw."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
28 February 2005, 10:40 PM
Breath held and teeth clenched, then exhale as the knife narrowly missed...

Mikail flinched as Yarroq's knife hit, Tyria screamed. Tyria's brother startled him, suddenly snapping as well as been dealt with a stun-bolt...

Mikail didn't think there was anything he could possibly shout to Tyria to re-asure her it'd be ok. He tried to ignore the taunt from Traggisk, closing his eyes, drawing a breath. Inner calmness was fleeting as his exhaling breath.

Picking up the knives, he starred at Tyria for a brief moment, thinking of nothing else, held his breath then threw...

OOC: Move Object +6, spend force pt...

1 March 2005, 05:36 AM
She looks so innocent and helpless, bound against the post, unconscious...no longer aware that her life may well be in the balance...the throw of two knives.

"You're mine, human," growls Yarroq, "you and the girl. I'll make you watch as I -"
"Shuttup pudubrains!" shouts Rena.

Taking a deep breath, you let fly your final knife...and with the guidance of the Force, it embeds itself a couple of inches above Tyria's dark haired head.

Yarroq is silent. As he reaches for the final knife, you notice his hand is shaking. Traggisk watches him carefully. You get the feeling that Traggisk might be more than displeased with Yarroq, should he lose...

Yarroq avoids looking at you as he turns to face the post. It does occur to you that he might deliberately kill Tyria, just to ensure that he doesn't lose, and to deny you your prize...

The knife flies.

The setting sun reflects crimson off it's blade.

And with a thud like the hands of time, it strikes the post.

A good deal higher than your own knife.

You won.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
2 March 2005, 01:44 AM
Mikail lets out a sigh of releif, a double one infact - the tournament won and over with, Tyria alive albeit one arm injured.

He flashed a brief smile to Bardo a took a step forward to unfasten Tyria, then turned to both trandoshans Yarroq & Traggisk, "I beleive we're settled here are we not?Creds are to go to Bardo and Aldo, and Tyria won't nolonger be bothered by Yarroq, as that was the agreement...?" Mikail ached to goto Tyria, but had to make sure the winnings were being held up...

2 March 2005, 05:47 AM
"It's Adol" grumbles Adol as he rolls his eyes.

Traggisk nods as Yarroq stands by him with his head downcast; "Adol's taxes are cleared for one month. My cousin here," he motions to Yarroq, "will not bother the girl again."

Traggisk grabs Yarroq by the arm and strides away toward the Judicial Office, followed by the majority of the bandits. Now the sun's all but gone down, they're retreating from the cold night. A few head off to other buildings in the town.

Bardo smiles at you, then runs forward to check on Tyria's brother. Bardo lifts him up and starts walking across to Doc Chalco's. The old woman is stood on the stoop of her home/clinic, watching everything.

Rena nods to you and joins you in walking across to free Tyria, Adol follows at a slower pace.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
18 March 2005, 03:15 PM
"Umm, sorry Adol" Mikail apologizes, still can't beleive himself still mistaking that pronounciation.

He stood to observe Traggisk adhere to the deal, then with a nod from Rena, goes to tend Tyria. With Rena's help, he did his best to unfasten Tyria from the pole, being careful with her left arm, not to move it much.

"Gotta be careful with the arm, lets set Tyria down..."

For a moment, Mikail considered trying that force thing again, to see if it'd help anything then decided against it. It would look wierd and there were still enough people around who might catch on. And if any of the trandoshans caught wind of it, they may forfeit the wager they lost. Mikail supposed he should be lucky they even honored the lost bet.

But won't it hurt worse if we move her any farther with the knife still lodged in there? Mikail thought grimly to himself. Then again, it wouldn't look too suspicious if I held one hand over the spot for a moment, then ease the blade out? then keep the hand there for a minute longer? Mikail second guessed, then decided to go for it.

I'm no healer, wished I knew more what I was doing.... "Ok, i'm going to remove the blade, it shouldn't hurt much..." Tyria, laying on the ground, placed one hand around the knife wound, and concentrated on Tyria, tried to envision the force flowing from his hand to the wound, keeping it there for a moment longer before inching the other hand towards the knife's handle.

"Soon as the blade is out, think we ought to bring her to Doc's place to get this arm looked a?"

20 March 2005, 06:18 PM
Concentrating on the deep cut in Tyria's arm you try to let the Force flow into the wound, but when you take your hand away nothing has changed. Sometimes you wish Master Arian's training had included less physical or combative abilities...

"What are you doing?" asks Rena, looking at you strangely; "Let's get her to Doc's place." Rena helps you lift Tyria up and carry her across to the doctor's house.
Adol joins you; "don't worry son, ya did well," he pats you on the shoulder, "me, Bardo, Gonar and Todrin would've been for it if it weren't for you," he smiles.

Bardo follows, carrying Tyria's brother as the crowds disperse for the night. A few nerf herders mount old speeders and head back to their ranches, other residents go home to their wooden shacks. A couple of Tranies are silhouetted against the sky sat atop the water towers.

"Two more casualties?" asks Doc Chalco as you get to her shop/home, "you're a dangerous person to know, young Mikail," she sighs. "Bring them inside."

The four of you, carrying Tyria and her brother, enter the doc's office/operating room again to find Todrin waking up, his head wrapped in bandages. Gonar is still out on another table.
The youth looks at you all, and at the two unconscious forms between you.
"Someone wanna explain what's goin' on?"
Bardo smiles, heaving Tyria's brother onto the table that Todrin vacates; "Good to see you up and about mate! I'll explain everything later."
"Gonar'll be awake tomorrow, up and active in a couple of days."
The doc sets to work on Tyria's arm first, since both should wake up from the stun blasts naturally in good time.

As Rena, Todrin, Adol, Bardo and you file out of the house Doc calls to you just as you're about to close the door. Then she speaks, quieter, "Mikail. No more casualties. Please."

Outside, the town is quiet as night has fallen. Rena stands infront of you; "well, it looks like you've earned free bed and board Mikail." She smiles; "plus I can kick out Yarroq now. Things are looking up."

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
5 April 2005, 11:48 PM
"What are you doing?" asks Rena, looking at you strangely; "Let's get her to Doc's place." Rena helps you lift Tyria up and carry her across to the doctor's house.

"Uhhh, nothin... " Mikail blinks and shakes his head

"Anytime Adol, just happy to help." Mikail replied, and he meant it. He felt bad Tyria had been put in the middle by accident- it wasn't his intended outcome. But it was some releif in the end, knowing to have done good.

Mikail cringed upon arriving at the docs office. He pretty much remained silent the whole time. He didn't need to be told that this was hid fault. Even when he tried to help things seemed to come at a price. It made Mikail wonder about himself though- if it was always going to happen like this.

As Rena, Todrin, Adol, Bardo and you file out of the house Doc calls to you just as you're about to close the door. Then she speaks, quieter, "Mikail. No more casualties. Please."
Mikail sighs and bows his head, "Yes Ma'am."

Outside, the town is quiet as night has fallen. Rena stands infront of you; "well, it looks like you've earned free bed and board Mikail." She smiles; "plus I can kick out Yarroq now. Things are looking up."

Mikail glances at Rena,"Thanks, I guess.." then takes in a sweeping glance at the town around them, sighs and glances back at Rena's smile. "Just dosn't seem fair, y'know? Helped Adol get in the clear, but Tyria and her brother get hurt from it, and that earns me free room and board." Mikail pauses for a moment, "It's not that I don't appreciate the offer, it just seems that everything comes at a price." Mikail lets his shoulders slump a bit, glances at the ground- without thinking where it takes his field of vision, then quickly at the town again, not wanting to seem like he's starring at her or anything in particular. Not knowing what to talk about, kinda feeling awkward standing and talking there, "Well, least its seeming to be a nice night...considering all things today..."

8 April 2005, 06:18 AM
Rena pats you on the back; "chin up Mikail. Tyria and Pall will be fine. Take a walk. Clear your head. I'll be up late so don't worry about the door being locked". She waves goodnight to Bardo & Todrin and heads back to the Ranch.

Adol turns to leave then stops; "Mikail, we need to be back in the mine
tomorrow...you bought us a month's freedom, but they'll be back onto us next month...unless you've got something else you need to do?"

"Yeah man," adds Bardo, "what's the plan? Surely you can do something before the month's up?!"

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
15 April 2005, 02:06 AM
"Th-" Mikail was gonna ask but too late as Rena already turned back towards the ranch. He didn't want to attract any attention by calling out to her yetWhich door did she mean?!? main door right? So the ranch will still be open later or? How many doors does that place have? Mikail stood there puzzled for a moment. His thoughts interupted by Adol,

"Uh, yeah of course I'll help all I can!" Mikail replied, but not too loudly. "Uh, didy'a catch that bit what Rena said, any clue which door she meant? the ranch usually open late or keeps a door unlocked?" Mikail glanced towards the ranch.

"As for plans, I gotta think... Gotta clear my head a little first after tonight, y'know?"

15 April 2005, 06:14 AM
Adol, in a rare moment of cheerfulness, bursts out in chuckles; "Mikail the Charmer. She meant the front door. With the Trandos in town she has to lock up at night or they'd raid the safe and the ale stores. She didn't mean her door."
"You're gonna have your hands full enough with Tyria," Bardo adds with a grin.
"Someone wanna tell me what is going on?!" asks the young Todrin, his face the perfect example of confusion.
Bardo puts an arm around him and leads him away; "I'll explain on the way home."
Adol stops sniggering; "we'll stop by the Ranch tomorrow morning at six...if you wanna join us...but for now, like you said...take a walk, clear your head. Goodnight Mikail."
He turns and wanders off into town with his two younger companions, leaving you alone in the rapidly-quietening town.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
17 April 2005, 02:27 AM
Thankfull for the night sky Mikail almost felt embarrased from the clarification of the front door mean unlocked. "Uh right, thats what I was asking about. Thanks." he replied sheepishly with a shrug of his shoulders.

Turning to Adol, "Yeah alright, come get me when your heading out. Goodnight Adol." Mikail said in turn.

Man, what was I saying, infering, or let alone thinking?!? From Rena to Bardo, I royally screwed up.. Dunno why I didnt asume it was the front door and not something else. I really need to clear my head unless I want to look like an idiot, asuming I hadn't already.... For everything they taught at the temple, nobody said things could happen like this...

When they left, Mikail was still standing outside the doc's office. He turned around slightly and glanced back- held the gaze for a moment long enough to go back into the office but decided better of it. No sense upsetting the doc.. Maybe just as well I take a walk.Where to? Dunno.. Just start walking and try to forget about it.

Unsure where to go, he just started walking. The night's cool breeze in the warm, albiet dry air was refreshing, wafting a few strands of his white hair. He missed the familiar sensation of the wind ruffling through his dull Jedi Robes.

Hmph, just when I thought those robes were dull and boring, and wished I could wear something more like Master Arian. Now i'd rather be wearing them than this outfit.

He ended up at the town's center square, the crucifix and paused. Looking at the ground, was it not even half hour ago everyone stood in a crowd, spectating Mikail's fool-proof plan gone wrong- horribly wrong. He looked up, at the dark ghostly vissage of the crucified wookie against the night sky, its ragged shape blocking out the stars. You think its any easier? Mikail asked the silent wookie with his mind

Not getting a reply, nor expecting one, Mikail began walking again, ending up tracing his footsteps from whence he first came and it led him to the edge of town. The landing field was just ahead, the 1m razorwire fence was lit by the moonlight. Mikail climbed up upon the small gate and sat down on it, rested his chin in his hands, glancing straight ahead and eventually to the starry sky above... wondering, thinking, pondering, losing himself deep in thought.

Why this mission, this particular mission I had to be sent out on alone. Send a padawan to do a Jedi's job, a tough one at that. What would have Master Arian have done? how would he have done things differently tonight? Is this what being a Jedi's all about? Mikail sighed.

Looking up at the blinking stars above, forcing everything out from his mind of current, losing himself. Wasn't easy, but little by little, he lept focusing the stars, the empty expanses, wondering what's out there, which little dot was Arian on... And just imagining himself float amongst those stars, free of everything. Kindof what he used to do at the temple way back, when the galaxy above was a mystery, and even moreso, many long nights out in the open coastal plains on the one world Arian took him to train on. Those were warm nights too, with the breeze soft and humid against the skin, with a mild salty scent from the ocean a few km away from their sodd hovel. Sometimes, Arian would have his guitaro with him, as they laid back, stargazing... Or he'd be proped up against the tree, gently strumming it to a tune. It was always very relaxing. There was one tune he played somtimes, a tune Mikail first heard once on Coruscant on one of his little "midnight ventures" through the streets.

It was one of the open seat tap-cafes Mikail had strolled past, though the music caught his attention and drew him in to find a seat. There was a single red skinned Devaronian sitting on a chair, back of the tap-cafe, on a stage. He was playing a guitaro, his velvet like voice softly singing a nice but lonely tune of sadness and sorrow. The Devaronian seemed to have been singing it with somber hearfelt quality which is what attracted him in the first place. There were a few other people sitting quietly and listning, elbows proped on the tabletops, sipping various beverages.

It took Mikail a while to recal the lyrics as the guitaro strummed song played in his head, kept replaying it over and over in an endless loop to some variation...

Pretty girl on every corner
Sunshine turns the sky to gold
Warm warm, it's always warm here
And I can't take the cold

Streets littered with diamonds
Everyone is glistening
This whole world shines so brightly
I can't see a thing

She is pretty as a picture
She is like a golden ring
Circles me with love and laughter
I can't feel a thing

The sky's gonna open
People gonna pray and crawl
Gonna rain down fire
Gonna burn us all

Sky is gonna open
People gonna pray and sing
I can't feel - a thing

She is pretty as a picture
She is like a golden ring
Circles me with love and laughter
I can't feel a thing

17 April 2005, 10:45 PM
As Mikail's voice fades across the northern plain a slight wind picks up. A couple of clouds scud across the star-filled sky. With so little light from the town you can see thousands of stars, as if to the edge of the galaxy...a far cry from the near-eternal daylight of Coruscant.

A nomadbush tumbles along and catches on the undercarriage of one of the bandit's Headhunters. The sleek fighters sit like giant metal birds of prey either side of the beat up old YT-twelve-ten frieghter.

The wind also carries whispers from the other (eastern) side of the road...from behind the general store...young voices. Human voices.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
17 April 2005, 11:13 PM
The voices managed to draw Mikail's attention away from his inner self, or whatever it was he had drifted into while gazing at the moonlit landscape, and the few vessels on the landing field.

Mikail eased himself off the hard railing, noting the stiff hind quarters. How long had he been sitting there? Minutes? half hour? hours? Time was a funny thing, it went as it pleased but you'd never know it unless you had a wrist-chrono to check it. He didn't have one on him though.

Mikail walked back, towards the general store, at least his mind was mostly clear of troubles from having drowned it with warmer memories of past.

Aproaching the general store, Mikail slowed down, not wanting to make any noise and to better hear the voices and what was going on.

18 April 2005, 03:16 AM
"Don worry about where the cred's comin from. I'm payin ya aint I?" comes a young male human voice from behind the store.
"Hannisss. Your parents would be so disssappointed" chuckles a familiar voice: Yarroq.
"Just gimme the stuff man, I need it!" Hannis pleads.
You hear movement, then light footsteps heading away from the general store...in the alleyway behind the store, heading south.

"I usually do this" says another, older human male voice. It's not so deep, maybe a late teenager. "I don't need you interfering!"

"Interfering?!" Yarroq replies, his voice a combination of anger and amusement; "thisss is my businesss, boy. You are just a courier. And I have another job for you...the newcomer: Mikail I believe his name isss. Find out all you can about him and tell me."

"I thought I was just your courier?" the human retorts.
You hear a slight russel.
"If you want more of thisss, then you'll do as I say."
There is more movement...
"Good boy. Meet me here again tomorrow. Same time."