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Gyp Ryol
20 June 2004, 05:39 AM
[The familiar words we all know and love roll on the screen.]

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . .

Star Wars: Scales of the Force
Episode I: Dawn of Knowledge

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

It has almost been a millennium since the end of the Sith Wars. The terrible armies of Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma are gone from the galaxy, but the dark thunder of the conflict still resonates in the Jedi Order. Since the end of the Sith Wars and the defeat of remnant forces, the Jedi Order has wrestled with the fact that these new Sith came from within it's own ranks.

A change is needed. For past centuries, the uncountable Jedi Assembly has reduced in size to the twelve member Jedi Council. Jedi Masters are limited in the number of students they may train at one time, and several Jedi Masters now teach in the same academy. Gone are the days of isolated academies across the galaxy. As the Jedi Order attempts to impose more control and observation over its members, a dark presence begins to grow once again amid the Jedi.

The Jedi Council sends out Jedi Masters to all the corners of the galaxy, in search of being sensitive to the Force. For the Jedi Order, it is the end of the era. This is to be the last time Jedi Master may simultaneously train multiple students. Many Jedi Masters scramble to get as many students as they can, in order to preserve the Jedi traditions. Into this near-panic of student acquisition steps Jedi Master Taselda Darillion. Charged with finding the next generation of the Jedi Order, in her hands she molds the future of the galaxy...

[Camera pans down to reveal the upper hemisphere of Courscant.]

Bustling space traffic chokes the planet’s gravity well. From the camera’s upper right-hand corner rumbles a gray hulk of a spaceship. Graffiti in various alien tongues decorate the sides of the drab cruiser, which barrels down it’s flight path to the planet surface. The gray ovoid liner ungracefully plops itself into Courscant’s atmospheric traffic. Small taxi cabs swerve to avoid hitting the droid-operated barge. The ship eventually settles in a berth in a spaceport, next to several similar spaceships.

[Cut to: Spaceport interior, waiting area.]

Chairs desperately in need of reupholstering stretch as far as the eye can see. A recorded female voice speaks over the announcement system. The voice finally cycles to Basic. “Welcome to Blueport West on Courscant. Please follow the clearly marked signs to the baggage claim and exit. Enjoy your stay on Courscant, the heart of the galaxy!” A door connecting the waiting area to the newly arrived spaceliner opens, disgorging weary passengers. Watching the stream of passengers intently, or at least appearing to do so, is a brown robed figure in the foreground of the screen. Long brown hair tied into a simple ponytail falls to the figure’s waist.

The figure’s head turns as it examines the crowd, revealing the figure to be a woman. Her striking features are off-set somewhat by the strip of brown cloth covering her eyes. An unmistakable lightsaber hangs from her sash, and her hands are folded inside the folds of her robe. She turns to regard the two beings accompanying her. “Please be ready. He will be here soon,” she said with a mysterious smile. Her two companions were equally mysterious. One was a Twi’lek, still a child by many species’ standards. The other was a raptor-like alien, a Tiss’Shar. As the woman returns to her scanning of the throng, a young Cathar toting a small bag walks out of the departure ramp. (OOC: Nerra, Vic, and Bosshendo are go! Please include a description of your character with your actions. You all know the woman as Master Darillion.)

[Camera cuts to: a much nicer looking spaceport waiting area.]

A recorded male voice cycles through various alien tongues over the PA until reaching Basic. “Welcome to Tyrena Spaceport. Please follow the blue arrows to baggage claim and red arrows to the exit. The time now is 13:26. Welcome to Corellia, and enjoy the stay.” A much smaller group of beings disembarks here than at Blueport West. Mostly the group consists of Human and Bothan families, obviously on vacation. One figure sticks out from the rest. A female Human, no older than seventeen, exits the spaceliner, looking slightly worse for wear. As she starts to make her way to baggage claim, a voice cries out from the waiting area. “Tadia! Tadia Nourdi, is that you?” The young woman looks up at the sound of her name. She spots a frantic hand waving near the back of the crowd. “Yoo-hoo! Over here!” Tadia recognizes the sound of her Aunt Merglyn, although she hasn’t seen her since she was a little girl. (OOC: Tadia is a go-go!)

[As Tadia makes her way over to her relative, the camera zooms out to a view of her in the spaceport window. The camera then cuts to: the interior of a dingy repair bay.]

A fast-looking swoop sits prominently in the center of the repair bay. A pair of boots stick out from the rear of the swoop, which sway in motion to the classic Duro rock playing on the radio. A flyer is mounted on the wall, written primarily in Basic. It reads, “The Semi-Annual Corellian Free-For-All Repulsorcraft Prix. A daring contest of reflex and skill in a grueling test of ability on the grand re-opening of the Tyrena Speedway!” A gruff, alien voice echoes in the garage’s duracrete walls. “Bren! Bren! Kon’chu apenkee? Aha! Honkee uba! //Bren! Bren! Where are you? Aha! There you are!\\” The owner of the voice is Cevva Kelbis Standro, a rather dumpy and disgruntled looking Rodian, and also the manager of the Thruster Buster Amateur Swoop Team. Bren had been racing with the small team for a few months, and was getting ever closer to his goal. Standro pokes his fat head into the repair bay. “Bren, noonka fret hunka be! Avac un choppa bo horo! Boska! //Bren, it’s not naptime! You have a race in an hour! Let’s go!\\” (OOC: Bren is cleared for take-off!)

20 June 2004, 11:00 AM
(OOC: a bipedal reptalian creature a little over four feet tall stands slightly off to the side of Master Darillion. The creatures scales are jet black with the occasional small splash of bright yellow. His scales are highly shined and smooth like glass reflecting everything around it like a mirror. Despite its predatory appearance the creature seems to have an intelligence about him and does not seem to be particularly aggressive.
He is wearing a dark cloak that appears a bit fashionable to be a jedi cloak and black loose fitting pants which seems a little bit odd.)

[busily looking around at the the scenes and poeple, the creature seems almost dissappointed and definetly out of his comfort zone]
{What is this dingy place....certainly not the Coruscant Ive heard about. Hopefully Master Darillion will be taking us away from here soon...}

[thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of the Cathar. Not sure of proper interspecies contact with the awesome looking creature approaching, the reptile tightens his already stiff and straight posture and nods his head sharply with sincere respect and greeting. He then looks up at Master Darillion for further guidance]

20 June 2004, 11:34 AM
[OOC: You see a young man of average height, displaying a stocky and heavy set stature typical of Corellians from the Northern Continent. His features are unremarkable and you imagine he would disappear in a crowd easily. Except... his eyes. Deep blue, they sparkle with intelligence but also betray a hint of sadness. This last feature is puzzleing, as his face displays a somewhat manical grin. He has a unkempt mustached goatee, black hair and a pale complexion. He wears a blue long coat typical of the style worn by swoop racers of the era (think the style of the Naboo flight suits in Ep1]
Bren bolts upright upon hearing Cevva shout his name, hitting a manuvering vane on his way up.
"Sonofa- Cevva, what in the hell possessed you to do that, you know I was just doing some pre-race focusing!" Before the Rodian could respond, Bren wagged a gloved finger infront of the team manager's face, "Uh-eh, we both know I do it before every race... God!" Bren lifted a hand to check his brow for blood, seeing none, he groped in his pockets for a bottle of Pirin tablets for the headache he knew was coming.
"Also, tell Choba that this loaner is a piece! I can't get the power couplings past 100%, and I'll need all the juice I can get."
He grabs the beat-up black helmet and flight goggles and heads to the 'fresher for his pre-race ritual, muttering about his head the entire way.
[OOC: :D]

20 June 2004, 02:30 PM
The Cathar, Bosshendo, a two-meter tall male with pale yellow eyes and dark brown fur with a more auburn hue around the eyes and mouth, including chin beard and the tips of his mane, which he wears in three bundles down the middle of his head, steps into view. He’s dressed in loose-fitting dark gray pants tucked at the bottom into black leather boots, and cinched at the top with a thin, black leather belt, and an off-white, v-neck undershirt that’s topped by a burgundy cape with a silver-colored, oval brooch with an avian creature carved in the center.

Bosshendo inhales the poorly re-circulated air with a sneer. Though Coruscant has always been home, he prefers the fresh, fragrant air of Cathar. Scanning the dilapidated room, he easily recognizes Master Darillion and, after slinging his small pack over his shoulder, begins making his way toward her and her two companions, both of whom are unfamiliar to Bosshendo. He returns a nod, assuming it to be that being's customary greeting, from a shimmering black reptilian, he is unsure of the exact species, to Master Darillion’s right, and then kowtows both to his new Master and the young Twi'lek male to her left. When he rises from the second bow, he turns his full attention to Master Darillion and says, “I have returned, Master. I am ready for your guidance.”

20 June 2004, 02:58 PM
Tadia Nourdi, a young human female, with short blonde hair and striking blue eyes, departs from the small passenger liner. Tadia wears a short-sleeved red shirt, brown, form fitting pants, and knee high, brown boots. Over all of this she wears a stylish traveling cloak. She fingers the necklace around her neck nervously. Tadia has never been off of her homeplanet, Naboo, and has never been without her family. She struggles to see past the taller occupants of the spaceliner. I wish that I was just a little bit taller. Taking in her surroundings, she notices that the facility is well kept and that most of the travelers are Human or Bothan. Tadia also notices that many of the young males are looking at her, clearly taken by her beauty. Feeling alone and lonely, Tadia follows the crowd toward the baggage claim area. She walks with her head down, trying not to be noticed.

“Tadia! Tadia Nourdi, is that you?” The young woman looks up at the sound of her name. She spots a frantic hand waving near the back of the crowd. “Yoo-hoo! Over here!”

Tadia looks up in excitement and smiles, not believing her eyes. “Oh! Aunt Merglyn, it’s so nice to see you!” She forgets about her fears instantly and runs over to her Aunt. When she reaches Merglyn, Tadia engulfs her in a tight embrace. Letting go of Merglyn, Tadia takes a step back, and asks, “So, what are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in a long time. Why haven’t you come and visited?”

OOC: I based Tadia on a picture I saw over at SWAG. You can see it here (http://www.swagonline.net/view.php?photo_id=84&screen=0&action=search&keyword=human+aristocrat&date=&type=search).

21 June 2004, 07:17 AM
(OOC: Wincing from the poking stick of encouragement, you see a young twi'lek standing next to the master. He is rather short for his species with green skin. There are no marks or tattoos on his lekku and they hang straight down his back. He wears simple clothing appropriate for Ryloth, short breeches and an open vest. A small wood carving hangs around his neck on a leather thong. His eyes are typical for a Twi'lek, black-irised and very difficult to read emotionally. He has a calm and quiet appearance, though you may feel an underlying excitement emanating from him.)

(Being his first time on an alien world...) Wow! This is unbelievable! So many people! So many different kinds of people! He looks all around him, spinning slowly. Nerra has never seen this sort of thing before. Amazement leaps form his eyes and his jaw drops in wonder at all the things to see. Nothing could have prepared him for this. He looks as the others arrive and he smiles. I have a new home, and friends who may like me. Nothing like where I come from. He tugs on Master's sleeve...

"Master when will we see the temple?"

Gyp Ryol
22 June 2004, 01:43 PM
Master Darillion smiles and pats Nerra's shoulder. "I'm sure you'll all see the Temple sooner than you'd like," she says. "I trust you had a pleasant journey, Bosshendo. I'm glad you have returned in one piece. Now, we have much to do in very little time. Please follow me." She turns and leads the group through the spaceport towards the air taxi waiting area.

The exit doors whoosh open with a puff of air. A clamorous din of people shouting for cabs, idling repulsorlifts, and the buzzing air traffic of Courscant is amplified under the plasteel canopy of the waiting area. Master Darillion hails a nearby taxi, and herds the small group into the back passenger area. She talks to the driver, a alien strongly resembling a Corellian frog, for a few moments, then joins her companions in the rear area. A transparansteel window seperates the driver from the passenger area, allowing for private communication. As the taxi pulls away from the spaceport, Master Darillino settles back in her seat and folds her hands in her lap. "Now, is there anything any of you would like to ask me?" she inquires.

Aunt Merglyn chortles as she embraces Tadia. "My goodness! You're all wound up!" she exclaims when Tadia fires off her questions. Aunt Merglyn strongly resembles Tadia's mother, except a little taller and plumper. She smiles a big, rosy grin. "Oh my, let take a look at you. My, how you've grown! Ohh, my dear little niece," she says, pulling Tadia in for another hug. As she lets go, she says, "Your mother called us after you left and told us the big news! She asked your uncle and me to come and pick up here since we're in-town anyway. Your Uncle Wenton is getting your luggage. Let's go meet him, shall we?"

She and Tadia begin walking through the spaceport. "You know how your uncle's job is. The Republic has stepped up the safety inspections in the past few years, so he's on the spacelanes an awful lot. I'm left holding the bag, trying to take care of the house. It leaves us very little time for vacation. Your Uncle could barely get enough time off to see your cousin Kirt in his races here in Tyrena." Aunt Merglyn's eyes twinkled merrily. "You'd barely recognize Kirt now. He's grown a lot since you last saw him. Ooh, there's your uncle!" She waves to a figure down the corridor.

A tall, lanky man returns the wave. Uncle Wenton is his mid-fifties, with disappearing white hair. He's carrying a piece of luggage, hopefully Tadia's. "Well! Is this my Tadia? How are you, kiddo?" says Uncle Wenton. He draws her into a hug. "So. A Jedi in the family, eh? Who'da thought?"

As Bren makes his way to the showers, he hears Cevva shouting at the team mechanic about the sloppy condition of the swoops. Smirking a little, he makes his way through the busy garage. Numerous pilots and mechanics scramble over swoops ranging in quality from the brand-new to the slapdash. Curses in a range of languages ring out as fingers get mashed, smashed, shocked, and cut fiddling with the thrumming engines of the speeders.

Bren almost reaches the freshers when someone calls his name. He turns to see who it is, half expecting it to be Cevva nagging again. To his surprise it's Kirt Gracus, the shining star of the ametuer swoop circuit. "Hey, Soule. Just wanted to say, good luck. Hope we see each other after the prelims. We gotta give people a good race, right?" He extends a gloved hand to Bren.

22 June 2004, 04:34 PM
"Master, will there be a lot of other padawans at the temple?" Nerra looks out the window as the speeder makes its way through traffic. He looks at the city sprawls of buildings as far down as he can see. The buildings tower above him, cutting swaths through the sky above him. This is truly a planet made entirely of a city. He turns to the other padawans and smiles timidly. "Hi." Nerra waves


22 June 2004, 05:28 PM
Bosshendo grins broadly at the young Twi’lek’s question; he had been pondering the same thing for the duration of his trip back from Cathar. He’d awed at the glorious spires that made up the Jedi Temple many times from the far-off window of the apartment he’d called home, but until recently thought that was as close as he’d ever get to them. Perhaps that is why Master Darillion’s answer prompts him to tilt his head and squint one eye in surprised consideration…“sooner than you’d like”…he has little time to give it due attention at the moment, however, as Master Darillion, nearly in the same breath, both greets Bosshendo and quickly ushers him and her other two companions toward the exit. As she’s leading their way through the crowd, he nods in response to her greeting and says, mostly to himself, “As you wish Master.”

Bosshendo is the last of the four to file out of the crowded spaceport and into the impossibly bustling on-world transport waiting area. He takes a deep breath, filling his lungs nearly to bursting; the air, though still crammed with exhaust fumes and other inevitable vaporous residues of a planet-wide city, is much more satisfying than that of the spaceport. He watches his new Master intently, ignoring the many and varied distractions that make up daily life on Coruscant, as she hails a vehicle, directs he and the other two to board in the rear compartment, and then speaks to the driver, who Bosshendo recognizes as a species he’s seen before but knows nothing about. After a short conversation, Master Darillion joins the group in the back of the carrier. Once settled, she asks, “Now, is there anything any of you would like to ask me?”

Before he can even fabricate a question, the Twi’lek speaks: “Master, will there be a lot of other padawans at the temple?” Bosshendo grins again, simultaneously impressed and amused by the young, green being. He is quick and inquisitive…I believe I will like this child. While this thought enters his mind, the Twi’lek acknowledges Bosshendo and the reptilian with a shy smile, a wave, and a pleasant, “Hi.”

Bosshendo’s grin grows to a smile as he returns the wave and asks, in a voice that is much less a growl than his previous intonations, “Hello young one. I am Bosshendo, what do they call you?”

22 June 2004, 06:40 PM
Bren struggles to keep from raising an eyebrow.
Hmmm, usually Gracus is a little more smug, if polite... of course he may just be a little more interested in me since I hooked his stabilizer at Saccoria .
Bren unconsiously scratched the scar on his leg that he recieved in that nightmare with his left hand, and with his right, he caught Gracus' hand and replied, "We sure do. Good luck Gracus, and see you at the lounge afterward." As they broke company, Bren donned his black, plasteel helmet and rested the goggles on the visor), and continued down the tunnel to the facilities, stroking his dark goatee with a wistful smile.

22 June 2004, 06:46 PM
(Starting to relax a little Vic-toro-Nex walks behind the Jedi master and the Twilek and in front of the Cathar. Sensing that the Cathar has been here before- or is at least more comfortable in the massive urban enviroment- Nex steals the occasional glance at the Cathar for behavioral clues while still trying to take in the massive view.)

Once in the cab Vic-Toro-Nex remains quiet listening to the passengers and attempting to gather a clue or two about their destination and the passengers of the cab. At the greeting of the eager twilek the Tisshar smiles warmly and nods.

22 June 2004, 08:24 PM
Encouraged by Bosshendo, Nerra smiles more broadly and responds, "They call me as they say in Basic 'shorty,'" scooting up to his massive stature as much as a little twi'lek boy can attempt. Putting his hand up to his mouth conspirationally, "But my real name is Nerra of the clan Tarkona of Ryloth." Nerra preens in mock noble aristocratic posture. Then he giggles loudly...

Nerra watches another air taxi carrying a Bothan passenger and a person in a heavy cloak. The taxi passes by closely but quickly, distracting the young twi'lek from the others briefly. After the taxi passes, Nerra looks to Vic-Toro-Nex and says, "This place is sooooo excellent, isn't it? I can't wait to get to the temple and see all the neat Jedi stuff!" Full of smiles, the twi'lek glances back at Master. Someday, that is gonna be me.

23 June 2004, 08:11 AM
Rather than responding while the Twi’lek, ‘Shorty’ Nerra, peers through the transparasteel window to watch a passing taxi as if it was a rare bird, Bosshendo relaxes his posture and folds his arms in a mock figure eight below his chest. He has never been on Coruscant before; perhaps he’s never been away from his planet Ryloth…but what of the other, he’s neither spoken nor appears to be overly interested in anything. Bosshendo opens his mouth to acknowledge the remaining unfamiliar being in the vehicle when, as if again picking his brain, Nerra turns to the reptilian and says, “This place is sooooo excellent, isn't it? I can't wait to get to the temple and see all the neat Jedi stuff!” Excellent indeed…and again the temple…“sooner than you’d like,” Master Darillion had said, but why sooner? I’d like to see it now, so sooner would imply we’ve already seen it…maybe she means that we’ll be spending so much time at the temple that we’ll grow tired of it…or maybe the training will be so grueling that we’ll wish we weren’t there…curious, but I’m sure it will be divulged in time.

Bosshendo's thoughts are interrupted by a reply from the thus far silent glossy black stranger: "I too find myself eager to see the temple and full of anticipation regarding the coming days." He lifts his chin in the voice's direction and asks, again as growl-free as he can muster, “Ah, you can speak." He chuckles lightly before adding, "So, what do they call you quiet one?”

23 June 2004, 11:09 AM
"Your mother called us after you left and told us the big news! She asked your uncle and me to come and pick up here since we're in-town anyway. Your Uncle Wenton is getting your luggage. Let's go meet him, shall we?"

"Well, my mother failed to tell me that you would be meeting me here. She must have wanted to keep it a surprise. Let's go then." Tadia walks arm in arm with Aunt Merglyn and listens cheerfully as she tells of her and Uncle Wenton's life on the go. Tadia smiles with joy when she spots Uncle Wenton down the corridor with her bag. This day just keeps getting better. She notices that he has aged a lot since the last time she saw him.

"Well! Is this my Tadia? How are you, kiddo?" says Uncle Wenton. He draws her into a hug.

"I'm doing fine. I was a little scared being on my own, but when I saw Aunt Merglyn I forgot all about that," replies Tadia. She lets him go, takes her bag from him, and sets it on the floor beside her.

"So. A Jedi in the family, eh? Who'da thought?"

Tadia smiles at his expression, and then begins to correct him, "I'm not a Jedi yet, I don't know if they will even accept me. But I will know in at least a few days." Recalling Aunt Merglyn's mention of Kirt, she turns to Merglyn and asks, "When does my shuttle leave for Coruscant? I would really like to see Kirt again if I have time; it has been a long time since I last saw him. Did you say he was in the races her in Tyrena? I've always wanted to watch a swoop race."

23 June 2004, 03:02 PM
Smiling at the contagious excitement of the Twilek, the TissShar smiles
and says "I too find myself eager to see the temple and full of anticipation regarding the coming days."

Silently Tisshar goes back to deep contemplation of the Jedi Master's words "see the temple sooner than youd like." A small feeling of trepidation begins to disturb the waters of Vic-Toro-Nex's usually
calm spirit and mind. Worried that his apprehension is affecting his
composure and thus becoming visible to the others Vic-Toro-Nex tries to think on something else.

His thoughts are most welcomely interrupted by the Cathar, Bosshendo, asking Vic-Toro-Nex for his name.
Putting out his hand in what he hoped really was a universal gesture of greeting the creature speaks once again this time saying...
"My name is Vic-Toro-Nex and I am greatly pleased to meet you,Bosshendo. I have a presentiment that I am going to like you and I look forward to traveling this approaching journey with you."
He then turns to the Twilek and lightly clasps his shoulder with a smile.
"I have the same suspicions regarding you Nerra. I honestly was not sure of how to feel concerning my trip here. However your bright enthusiasm is very helpful and greatly appreciated."

23 June 2004, 06:08 PM
Bosshendo, still wearing a leftover grin from his recent chuckle, reaches out and gives the reptilian a two-pawed handshake, one grasping the open hand while the other closes around its back, and listens to him exclaim, “My name is Vic-Toro-Nex and I am greatly pleased to meet you, Bosshendo. I have a presentiment that I am going to like you and I look forward to traveling this approaching journey with you.” After he’s finished, the two break the handshake, and Bosshendo brings his hands away from Vic’s then synchronously down on his knees, leaving him in a forward-leaning position. He watches as Vic clasps Nerra on the shoulder and states, “I have the same suspicions regarding you Nerra. I honestly was not sure of how to feel concerning my trip here. However your bright enthusiasm is very helpful and greatly appreciated.”

This time he beats the young Twi’lek in replying, but does so in the form of a deep belly laugh. The outburst is short-lived, however, as he composes himself and sits up straight, his arms again crossed below his chest. His grin is now a full-fledged smile as he says to his new friend, “First you’re tight-lipped, now your mouth runs like a river.” He taps Vic on the leg as a friendly gesture and continues, “I have pleasant feelings toward you as well Vic-Toro-Nex.” He pauses and makes a palm-up half-circular motion, acknowledging the whole group, and says, “I have pleasant feelings toward all of you in fact. I am quite glad I agreed to come now; it has gone better than expected so far, and I look forward to whatever lies ahead.” I wonder just what that might be…

Gyp Ryol
26 June 2004, 06:07 PM
Master Darillion sat back with her hands folded in her robe as the three aliens began to get to know each other. At a lull in the conversation, she interjects, "Perhaps now, Nerra, I can answer your question. Yes, there will be several other padawans at the Temple. Other Jedi Masters may be teaching at least twenty padawans simultaneously." Master Darillion pauses for a moment, and continues in a serious tone of voice. "However, if you are afraid of the unknown, you must move beyond your fear. Fear is a negative emotion, with no proper value to life and society. Fear can lead people to do unreasonable things, such as kill or steal." Her smile returns. "No, my young Nerra, you have no reason to fear the other padawans. Everyone in the Temple is triving for the same thing: to obey the will of the Force. If you ever find yourself afraid of something, you must remember that it is the Force that has brought you face to face with the unknown, and the Force will guide you through it."

Master Darillion looks out the taxi viewport. "Ah. It appears we've arrived." The taxi cuts through several lanes of traffic to land at the entrance of a large, squat building, seeming out of place with the elegant architecture surrounding it. The building resembled a heavily fortified fortress, with gun emplacements and security cameras highly visible on the building exterior. The sign identifying the building pulls into view. Although Vic-Toro-Nex is unable to decipher the alien writing on the sign, Bosshendo and Nerra read: Galactic Bank: Courscant Branch. Master Darillion disembarks from the taxi and pays the cab driver. She looks expectantly at her charges.
Uncle Wenton scratches the back of his head, appearing embarrassed. "Well, Tadia, I'm not sure when you'll be able to get to Courscant. Suborbital Spacelines is having a mechanic's strike, and all the other liners are swamped with the people who'd be using SS otherwise. Tickets to Courscant are hard to come by." But Uncle Wenton's face brightens with the sunny grin Tadia remembers from long ago. "But we'll find some way to get you to those Jedi."

"So for right now, you're going to stay with us," says Aunt Merglyn. Uncle Wenton takes Tadia's bag, ignoring any protests in opposition to his actions. The three move off into the spaceport towards the parking garages. "We're staying at a hotel here in Tyrena for as long as Kirt manages to stay in the tournament. He's racing later on in the afternoon, so we have enough time to drop your bag off at the hotel. Are you hungry, dear? We can get something to eat on the way. I'm sure there's a Biscuit Baron nearby."
Bren emerges from the freshers feeling 'freshed indeed. Waiting for him is Choba, the team mechanic. A grinning Duros, he wipes his hands of the engine oil as he says to Bren, "Heya Bren. I gots the swoop up as much as I could. You're right about that there piece. It's a piece of poodoo all right. It should hold together for da race, but I wouldn't put too much of a strain on it. It's prepped and ready in da pit." Choba looks around to see if anyone was listening in on their conversation, and then leaned in close to Bren. His breath smells faintly of Corellian whiskey. "Watch out for Erdan Harrak. That guy's got a mean streak a klick wide. He'll try anythin' to win, so keep yer eyes open." Choba winks one of his big red eyes at Bren.

26 June 2004, 06:44 PM
Bren smiles and pats Choba on the back.
"Alright then, I'll head down now, see you after the race."
Bren then turns and makes his way to the pit. He faintly hears Choba remind him again to beware that arrogent oaf Harrak... good advice, Bren hadn't raced against him before, but he was legendary in the lounges for having a...flexable interpretation of race policy and the concept of fair play.
As he walks, he begins to wonder if Choba had been drinking while he was repairing the swoop. That would be most unpleasent indeed , thought Bren, but vowed to be extra vigilent in his pre-race checks.
As he reaches the pit, he pulls out his datapad with the preflight checklist, and gives it a look over before heading to his swoop.

26 June 2004, 07:35 PM
Smiling back at Master, Nerra considers Master's words... What really is fear? I was afraid when the bigger ones would bully me into doing pranks against the clan leaders. I was afraid when that creature attacked me when I was little. I was afraid even when I thought I wouldn't get along with these people. The Force is so powerful that nothing can beat it. I hope it knows what it's doing. I'm going to make sure I can see the Force really good.

The taxi ride being over, Nerra gets out of the cab and follows Master, fallling in on her right side, a little behind. He looks at the sign with incredulity - "Galactic Bank?" He points to the sign and looks around at the others.

26 June 2004, 09:19 PM
Fear…I thought it was the curiosity of youth…the Force tells everyone’s secrets…I wonder what it tells of me? I know I am not afraid, uncertain, perhaps, but not afraid…or is uncertainty akin to fear…I have so much to learn…Master Darillion says I’m in touch with the Force, but I seem to have no knowledge of it…yes, there is much to learn…I want the Force to tell me secrets…I want it to tell me my father’s secrets…my father…a scowl taints Bosshendo’s face as he methodically exits the taxi. He holds the door open for Vic, the last one to leave the vehicle, then slams it much harder than necessary, drawing a bit of a backward sneer from the frogish driver. What does the Force tell Master Darillion now? Bosshendo bows his head slightly in apology, more to Master Darillion than their driver, and shakes his head clear of previous thought.

Bosshendo, standing in the far back and to the right of Nerra, reads the sign looming over the entrance to the well-guarded building they’ve been dropped in front of and says softly to himself, “What business do we have at a bank?” Looking around, he sees that both Nerra and Vic seem to share his confusion, though Vic appears the most at a loss. He decides to ask his question again to someone who knows the answer: “Master, what business do we have at a bank?”

28 June 2004, 04:17 AM
As Bosshendo the Cathar slams the cab door shut with a little excessive force Nex with great exageration pulls his tail out the way with a mock panic in his eyes. After sensing that something actually does disturb or frustrate Bosshendo Nex decides to drop the joke and turns his attention to the sneering froglike driver.
Busily scowling back at the froggish driver and in awe at the building Nex does not hear Bosshendo refer to the building as a bank.

He then turns around and after breathing in deeply says.... "Well, my new accquaintances that was a brief voyage! It was much less lengthy than I would have presumed it to ...
Righteous Iniquity!! The Jedi have their temple armed to the teeth!!.
Not even the unequivably fortunate casinos in my homeworld are fortified to this degree!!"

1 July 2004, 02:48 PM
Tadia is very disappointed at the news. Looks like I'm stuck here for now. "Well, at least I'm not on this planet alone. Now we can have some time to catch up." She lets Uncle Wenton take her bag, knowing that saying anything would hurt his feelings. Tadia turns to Merglyn and says, "Thank you for letting me stay with you. If you weren't here, I would have no idea what to do."

"We're staying at a hotel here in Tyrena for as long as Kirt manages to stay in the tournament. He's racing later on in the afternoon, so we have enough time to drop your bag off at the hotel. Are you hungry, dear? We can get something to eat on the way. I'm sure there's a Biscuit Baron nearby."

Well, I have a feeling that I could be seeing a lot of swoop races before I leave. "I would like something to eat, it has been a long trip." Tadia follows them, happy that she is with someone she knows.

Gyp Ryol
9 July 2004, 05:07 PM
On hearing Vic-Toro-Nex's remark, Master Darillion's head tilts down and to the left as the whoosing sound of Courscanti air traffic passes overhead. She turns to face the small group with a very patient look on her blindfolded face. "Vic-Toro-Nex, I believe you are mistaken. This is the Galactic Bank, not the Jedi Temple. Though the Jedi Order may have the history of being great warriors, it is not what Jedi strive for. Battle is the very last option ever taken by a Jedi, when a Jedi cannot bring a situation to an end any other way. If you all are to become Jedi, you must remember this." She smiles slightly. "I'm getting ahead of myself, though, aren't I? Bosshendo, your question is a good one. It is not so much what we have to do here as it is you." She motions for the small group to follow her to the bank interior.

The Courscant Branch of the Galactic Bank, though quite drab and imposing on the outside, radiates wealth and sophistication within. Plush nerf leather chairs dot the bank lobby. Small areas are sectioned off by transparensteel to create small offices for private meetings with bank officials. The predominant species within the bank are Muuns, tall and skinny aliens with markedly small heads. Very few security guards are present, however the occasional Iotran wearing a guard outfit can be seen patrolling the Frozian weave carpeting. A vaulted ceiling soars above the bankers heads, complete with painted scenes depicting the Jedi defending the very world of Muun from the Sith forces. The vibrant rainbow of colors on the ceiling cast small pools of colored light to add to the vibrant carpeting.

As they rubberneck to take all the granduer in, Master Darillion firmly leads them to the tellers, who stand behind authentic greelwood counters. A Muun strides from a door behind the counter and over to the station Master Darillion stops at. "Good afternoon, Master Jedi. How can the Galactic Bank be of service?" he says, oozing all the charm of a used speeder salesman.

"Good afternoon. I am Master Darillion. I'm here regarding the Bosshendo account," she replies, in a smileless and polite tone.

The teller's face falls noticibly. Still trying to maintain the smile, he gulps, saying, "Very well. We have been informed of your arrival. All the paperwork has been dealt with. Please accompany me to the safe deposit vault." The teller pushes a button that opens a portion of the counter, allowing him to pass out from behind. He in turn leads the somewhat bewildered group through the grandeous lobby to a durasteel door hidden by potted plants and flanked by two Iotran security personnel. The teller slides a keycard through a lockpad. A small red senser protruds from the lockpad, and the teller sticks his eye right up to it. After a few moments of whirring and beeping, the sensor retracts and the riveted door slowly grinds clanks open.

When the group passes through the door, it is like passing from paradise into a prison. Duracrete walls surround the small group, and footsteps echo down into the bank's depths. The two Iotrans fall in line as the last person passes through the door. They flank the group as they travel down a set of stairs to what is obviously the vault level of the bank. The teller again stops, this time in front of a large vault door. He enters a combination into keypad by the door, and then twists a numerical dial on the vault. A large click echoes down the empty hallways. One of the Iotrans turns the latch on the door and grunts as the door swings open.

The door itself leads to a small railed platfom that overlooks seemingly endless rows of white and silver safe deposit boxes. A small computer terminal rests on the railing of the platform. The teller enters in some data and then stands back to wait. A few moments later, a small droid appears, carrying a long and skinny safe deposit box. The teller takes the box from the droid, and then presses a button on the terminal. The platform itself proceeds to rise a dozen meters or so, ending at another doorway. The two security guards take up positions on either side of it as the teller opens the door itself. "Please, everyone inside. I know you are all in a hurry," he says, indicating the door. Inside is a small conference room with a round greelwood table and highbacked chairs.

Master Darillion, who has been quiet up till now, gently urges everyone inside the room. The teller takes a seat at the head of the table, such as it is, and waits till eveyone is seated. The door closes as the teller opens the skinny box. He takes a pair of reading glasses from his breast pocket and fixes them over his eyes. He then gently removes a few folded pages of flimsiplast. He clears his throat and gives a pointed look at Bosshendo, and then begins reading.

"I, Bruck Tainer, being of sound mind, do declare this to be my last will and testament. If this should be read, it is only done so if I have died due to unnatural and suspicious circumstances. Due to the undoubtable suddenness of my death in this case, it is most important in my mind to make sure that my heart's wishes are fufilled. The slaves who once served me, I now think of as loved ones. It is for this reason that I do leave half of my estate to them. If it should come to pass that at the time of this reading that Shivvi is no longer living, that portion of the estate will go to Bosshendo, but will only be made available to him at such a time deemed appropriate by the Republic Court. As a reminder of this proviso, I leave him a small token I recieved from a very dear friend of mine: a Jedi Credit." The teller pauses and removes a small golden coin from the box. He then replaces the sheets back into the box. "The will goes on to describe how the rest of the estate is to be spent. It does not concern you. However, this belongs to you now." He extends the coin to Bosshendo.

The room is very still and quiet as the golden coin, contrasting sharply with the white room, glimmers in the light.

9 July 2004, 08:00 PM
Bosshendo can’t help but laugh (though in the form of a few short, nasal puffs in lieu of his previous bellowing) at Vic’s apparent obliviousness. He’d thought him accustomed to the area based on his prior actions, but is, along with amused, a bit taken aback by his genuine awe. Though he is dreadfully wrong about their location, he is quite accurate in depicting the surrounding security. He thinks for a second of correcting the reptilian, but decides the situation will resolve itself in time and instead begins taking a more detailed look at the various fortifications when his new master speaks: “Vic-Toro-Nex, I believe you are mistaken. This is the Galactic Bank, not the Jedi Temple. Though the Jedi Order may have the history of being great warriors, it is not what Jedi strive for. Battle is the very last option ever taken by a Jedi, when a Jedi cannot bring a situation to an end any other way. If you all are to become Jedi, you must remember this.” I will remember, but will I be able to apply the knowledge? All I know is action; all I know is fighting… Master Darillion’s brief pause allowed for this self-imposed question, but little reflection, as she continued, “I'm getting ahead of myself, though, aren't I? Bosshendo, your question is a good one. It is not so much what we have to do here as it is you.” Me? His jaw not only drops, but dislodges completely from his skull and plummets like a hawkbat after scurrying prey. He allows himself to be all but involuntarily shuttled inside the bank as he draws inside himself and asks his question for a third time, “What business do I have at a bank?”

Though the question is quite pressing, the drastic contrast between the bank’s interior and exterior begs him to cast his eyes about the place and take in the décor. Bosshendo barely realizes he’s traveled from the entrance way when he hears an alien voice greet Master Darillion with a protocol-droid-like tone. He levels his gaze at the strange-looking creature as his master replies, “Good afternoon. I am Master Darillion. I'm here regarding the Bosshendo account.” The “Bosshendo account?” What in the great galaxy is going on here? The stranger responds with some babble that Bosshendo lets float past his ears as his mind races to make sense of the present scenario. His face is getting quite used to the feeling of lacking a jaw.

Again buried inside himself, though this time completely, Bosshendo is ushered here and there, some seemingly untouchable portion of his mind granting movement while the rest reels off kilometers of blank, dazed thought. He has had no perception of reality for some time until Master Darillion places her hand gently, but with purposeful contact, on his forearm and guides him into a lightly furnished room. He takes a seat on a moderately comfortable, high-backed chair and tries to take in the scene: the strange alien is at the head of the table fooling with a pair of glasses and the contents of some sort of box, the elbows of two guards are visible on either side of the still-open door, and Master Darillion and his other companions are seated near him at the table. He takes a deep breath and clears his mind. The alien makes a throaty sound that causes Bosshendo to regard him, only to notice that the creature is staring at him intently. After seemingly assuring himself that he had the Cathar’s attention, he began reading from a document taken from the box: “I, Bruck Tainer, being of sound mind, do declare this to be my last will and testament. If this should be read, it is only done so if I have died due to unnatural and suspicious circumstances. Due to the undoubtable suddenness of my death in this case, it is most important in my mind to make sure that my heart's wishes are fufilled. The slaves who once served me, I now think of as loved ones…” Master… Bosshendo’s fur-covered face, defying all logic, goes white “…It is for this reason that I do leave half of my estate to them. If it should come to pass that at the time of this reading that Shivvi is no longer living…” the mention of his mother causes Bosshendo to grit his teeth audibly “…that portion of the estate will go to Bosshendo, but will only be made available to him at such a time deemed appropriate by the Republic Court. As a reminder of this proviso, I leave him a small token I received from a very dear friend of mine: a Jedi Credit.” Bosshendo’s hands are fists, and his chest heaves with quick, nasal breaths, his teeth remain clamped together, his jaw having returned from the abyss. There is anger like static electricity brimming from his body. The alien takes a golden coin from the strange box, puts the document he was reading back inside, and mutters something Bosshendo is unable to hear; all that fills his ears is the sound of his fast-pumping blood. He understands, however, that when the creature extends the hand holding the coin that it is his to seize.

Reaching out to grasp the Jedi Credit, the room becomes a liquid blur. Bosshendo places the artifact in his palm and gently rubs it with his thumb. A low rumble emits from the Cathar that is both growl and cry, then, with a deep breath that he seems to draw for over a minute, he suppresses all emotion; squeezing his eyes to push out any unwanted moisture, he exhales. He scans the room and, when his eyes meet the place where Master Darillion’s should be, focuses so hard that he almost sees a beautiful pair of blue eyes emerge from behind the simple cloth. “He was called Bruck Tainer…so I, I…” he pauses, damming his emotions and pushing them down further “…so I am Bosshendo Tainer.” He smiles slightly and drops his gaze from Master Darillion to the falsely-glowing coin. “It is a beautiful gift…tell me Master, what is its significance?”

10 July 2004, 07:28 PM
Nerra goes quiet as he is led through the bank to the secure deposit area. The antiseptic clean of the area put a shiver down Nerra's spine. Only money could be kept here, who would want to stay here for any reason?

When led to the room with the table, he is very confused. What are we doing here? When Bosshendo gets the coin, Nerra's mouth opens with awe...



11 July 2004, 03:22 AM
Profoundly embarrassed that he is obviously illiterate and definetely unaware of his surroundings, Vic-Toro-Nex becomes quiet and recedes to back of the group as they enter the bank.
Withdrawn from the group Vic-Toro-Nex focuses a considerable amount of his thought into an intense, thorough and methodical self-evaluation.
Meticulously reviewing his reasons for coming to Coruscant and his past perceptions of the planet, the Jedi, and his own personal perceptions of his sucessful future among the Jedi and whatever the hell all of that meant- Vic-Toro-Nex finds his usual confidence has suddenly disappeared and is promptly replaced with self-doubt.
Searing stabs of panic attack the creatures own self-assurance as his once solid conviction of his destiny with the jedi is rapidly swept away in the roaring waves of uncertainty.

Silently the young creature contemplates how he is to become an asset to the jedi if he cannot read what everyone else could. Finding himself none the wiser on how he can contribute to the Jedi in his illiterate state
Vic-Toro-Nex starts questioning himself further.
["What must my new master consider of me at this moment!?"] he thinks to himself. ["She is doubtlessly questioning my worth and wondering why she has expended the resources to bring me here! Even now it is probable that she is laughing at my blatant ignorance or worse... seething in anger!"]
The self-inflicted mental lashings proceed as the inquisition continues. ["Master said that peace is the way of the Jedi...Where do my talents fit into that picture?"]

While in the building Vic-Toro-Nex looks skyward in dismay and his vision aquires the beautiful artwork on the vaulted ceiling.
Identifying the Jedi through regocnition of them from countless tales
of their legendary bravery Vic-Toro-Nex also sees their enemy.
The sharp memory of Vic-Toro-Nex does not fail him as his confidence had earlier. The notorious Sith are known to Vic-Toro-Nex by much more than tales. A shadow of dark foreboding clouds the mind of

In the vault Vic-Toro-Nex is still battling his newly founded fears and his resurfaced past ones. Not listening too much to what is being said or done he none the less diciphers that someone Bosshendo knows has died and that the deceased was of notable importance to the Cathar.
Ashamed of his horrible eposide of self-pity and horrendous lack of concern for the events around him and his new friend,
Vic-Toro-Nex watches the Cathar as he holds himself together despite the shattering news. Finding inspiration in the Cathars strength in spite of his loss, Vic-Toro-Nex rallies his confidence into victory over the doubts.
Finally he announces to himself [ "I will remain strong as before and I will find a way to forge myself a place there at the temple as a Jedi but first I must be a friend to my new acqaintance Bosshendo by being right here in mind and body"]
Beaming with pride and determination he looks around the room at the occupants and then at the object in Bosshendos hand.
Vic-Toro-Nex despite his grasping of complex grammar and the importance of adequate speech finds himself only able to echoe the young twilek- "Whoa......."

Gyp Ryol
11 July 2004, 02:25 PM
Master Darillion pulled at her earlobe as she regarded the coin through her blindfold. Her lips pursed in thought, and she placed her hands on the conference table. "Bosshendo, if that is in fact a Jedi Credit, you hold more than a small trinket. Whenever a Corellian Jedi acends to the level of Jedi Master, he has a small number of credits minted in his honor to distribute to selected friends and family." She ran a hand absently through her brown hair. "It appears that your surrogate father, Master Tainer, somehow knew a Corellian Jedi. Wearing a Jedi Credit openly is to show your close relationship to a Jedi Master. Within the Corellian sector especially, it is a mark of respect." She smiles gently. "It is yours to keep, but be warned. To wear it may sometimes attract unnessecary attention."

She stands from the red high-backed chair. "If that is all?" she inquires of the Muun teller.

He nods and likewise stands. "The guards can show you out. I must replace Master Tainer's safe deposit box."

Master Darillion gently encourages everyone to leave the small conference room, and then dutifully falls in line behind the muscular Iotran guards. The guards efficiently take everyone back to the lobby, where Master Darillion once more leads the group through the majestic lobby.

Upon stepping outside, it is obvious that the air taxi the group came in had not left. The frog-like cabbie is perusing what appears to be a local newspaper. He looks up and notices the robed figure coming out of the bank. Quickly making an attempt of hiding the paper, he waves a suction-cupped hand. "Say, can I give ya lift? I was just in the neighborhood, so I figured, why not?" he says with a croaking voice.

Master Darillion simply shakes her head. "You're incorrigible, aren't you, Mr. Swoo?"

"That's why I'm the best, ma'am!" he chirps happily.

He hops out and opens the taxi door with a flourish. The group once again clambers into the taxi as Master Darillion stays outside to speak to the driver, Swoo. Master Darillion soon joins the three in the cab as Swoo lifts the air taxi gracefully off the landing zone and up into the traffic choked sky.

11 July 2004, 04:31 PM
Herded back to the cab, Nerra follows Master. This is just an amazing place... So many people, so many different things. He fidgeted in his seat. Looking at Master, he asked, "Do you know everybody? You are popular!"

Noting the taxi taking off, he said, "Are we going to the Jedi Tample now?"


11 July 2004, 06:32 PM
Though listening intently to Master Darillion’s reply, Bosshendo never shifted his eyes from the strangely luminescent coin. So, my master, Master Tainer, knew a Jedi…was it he who suggested I be trained? His drifting thought was interrupted as Master Darillion concluded, “It is yours to keep, but be warned. To wear it may sometimes attract unnecessary attention.” In response, Bosshendo simply nods three times in succession and curls his fingers around the coin, making a fist, yet continues staring blankly as if can see straight through to the Jedi Credit, his Jedi Credit.

He finally turns his eyes up to his Master when he senses her stand, and, while she converses with the alien bank employee, who also stands, he follows suite, trying to wrap his mind around why wearing a Jedi Credit would “attract unnecessary attention.” He allows himself to be ushered out of the conference room, through the bank, and back to the open-air landing where they were dropped off in a similarly involuntary manner as when he was led in. He is so consumed with thought that he doesn’t even take time to admire the lush interior this second time through; all attention is on his master, Bruck Tainer, and the Jedi Credit, specifically, what he’s going to do with it. He consents to his mind emptying a bit as he enjoys the somewhat-fresh outside air, but doesn’t fully become aware of his surroundings until he hears his Master speak: “You're incorrigible, aren't you, Mr. Swoo?” Looking up, he notices that the driver that he taken them to the bank is still there, presumably waiting for them, but, more than that, it appears that Master Darillion is familiar with this being beyond their first ride. I did not need to see this creature again. Bosshendo exhales a lament-laden sigh, knowing full well that the driver would remember his overzealous door behavior. Though it was really nothing to be concerned with, he did feel bad that he’d let his anger win even a miniscule battle.

He enters the vehicle quickly, deliberately avoiding eye contact with the driver, and sits down in the same position he had in their previous trip. Seated and relaxed, he lets his mind fall back on the coin, clenched tighter than necessary in his fist…yet, the coin was still cool to the touch. What magical ore was this made from? As his master enters the vehicle after another brief discussion with the driver, he starts to ask his mind’s question, but, as has become customary, the young Twi’lek beats him to the punch: “Do you know everybody? You are popular!” With that, Bosshendo lets out a much-needed laugh, and decides that any inquiries about the coin can wait for a more private moment. For now, he stretches as much as possible in the vehicle and anxiously awaits an answer to Shorty’s next question, “Are we going to the Jedi Tample now?”

Gyp Ryol
14 July 2004, 10:48 AM
Master Darillion couldn't help but smile at the young Twi'lek's enthusiasm. "My, but aren't all of you eager. Well, you should keep this excitement in mind during your training. There may well be times you find yourselves wondering why you ever wanted to start." She looked at each one of her young pupils in turn, and each one felt, despite her blindfold, she was looking straight into their hearts. "I'm sorry to say that we will not be going to the Academy quite yet. Now that our business here on Courscant done, we must go to Corellia. There are two more students to pick up. We should be arriving at the spaceport soon. Once we arrive we will need to head directly to my ship in order to leave on time. Please stay close to me." She smiles mysteriously. "I wouldn't want anyone to get lost."

Gyp Ryol
21 July 2004, 01:56 PM
[Cut to: Docking bay interior]

The three young aliens enter the private docking bay at Blueport West. Sitting in the middle of the well-worn duracrete walls sits what can only be the Revealing Light. The ship resembles a patchwork of metal plates over a roughly triangular body. Two large wings butterfly at the back of the transport, and a triangular cockpit sits at the front. The ship is predominantly white, with occainsional patches of blue along the underside of the ship.

The group boards the vessel by a landing ramp extended from the side of the ship. The threesome notice the spaciousness of the ship at once. Unlike other ships, the corridors of the ship are wide and tall, negating the claustrophobic feel that usually accompanies space travel. Master Darillion leads her charges into the passenger lounge, where a large acceleration couch and a few instrumentation panels can be found.

Master Darillion helps anyone with strapping in, then heads to the cockpit with a swish of cloth.

[Cut to: Ship exterior]

The somewhat ungainly looking craft wobbles into the air and flies through the open door in the docking bay wall. The craft flies off into the Courscant sky.

[Screen wipe to: Spectator grandstands at Tyrena Speedway]

Beings of numerous species pack the grandstands, making it difficult to hear the loudspeaker announcing the race participants and winners. Advancing up the crowed metal seats, Aunt Merglyn, Uncle Wenton, and Tadia search for their reserved seats. They find them, half-way up the grandstand. Aunt Merglyn has a little trouble getting through the narrow aisles, but the three eventually plop down to watch Kirt race.

The crowd eventually quiets down enough for the loudspeaker to be heard. "It's a beautiful day for a swoop race, ladies and gentlebeings! We move on to heat number five. Race participants can be found in your programs." Uncle Wenton and Aunt Merglyn furiously scan their programs for their son's name, while Tadia uses her young eyes to try and spot Kirt making his way to the starting line.

[Camera cuts to Bren prepping his swoop.]

Bren looks up to see fifteen swoop racers make their way to the starting grid. Among them is Kirt Gracus, looking rather smug aboard his swoop. Bren returns to checking out his swoop. The swoop is a good as it will get, and he didn't find any mistakes cause by drunken judgement.

As he runs one more test of the repulsorshocks, he feels the swoop vibrate as someone leans their weight against it. Looking up, he sees a very well-fed Human looking right back at him. "Hey Soule," he says in a voice closely resembling Cevva's. "You might as well give up now. There's no way you'd be able to be me and my brand new Mobquet with this tin can." He slaps the swoop forcefully. He comes off of the swoop, as if disappointed it didn't fall apart. He turns and tosses over his shoulder, "I'm going to wipe your frelling butt all over the course."

Bren watches him go, deciding not to waste breath on the pig. Gripping an rag fiercely, he begins to buff the speeder where the big palooka had touched it.

[The camera pans left and zooms in on Master Darillion leading her three charges into the Speedway.]

As soon as the group from Courscant had set foot in the Speedway, vendors had seemed intent on selling them something, even if they didn't want it. Master Darillion ignores them and scans the crowd. She seems to find what she had been looking for, and leads her prospects up into the seats as the fifth heat of the tournament starts in a noisy blast of engine.

21 July 2004, 06:43 PM
*bounce, bounce, bounce*

As Nerra sits down, he picks up on the excitement of the upcoming race. Looking arounf at all the specators, he smiles in anticipation of the action to come.

Is this part of being a Jedi? It can't be, but wow it's fun! I guess being a Jedi means doing and knowing a lot of things. Master must know everything! I wonder who we're here to see. He looks down into the situation below...


21 July 2004, 07:52 PM
Bosshendo has kept to himself since the end of the taxi ride. He took a few moments to admire Revealing Light, realizing he’s a touch jealous with his master’s ability to freely travel the galaxy, but is ultimately preoccupied with thoughts on recent events, especially the Jedi Credit, which, despite Master Darillion’s warning, he has affixed to his brooch, letting it hang by synththreads as if it's being carried in the avian creature's talons. Along with the coin, he is also questioning the need for leaving Coruscant to pick up the two remaining members of their group. Why not just have them journey here? This must be where we’re going to be trained…I am interested in visiting this Corellia, though, and perhaps gaining new knowledge about my master, master Tainer…that still seems odd, knowing his name…if only I could have known it while he lived…it would have been nice to see his smile when the tournament announcer introduced me as Bosshendo Tainer…it would be nice to see how proud he’d be when he found that I was to become a Jedi…I miss him…and it’s all HIS fault…wait…Corellia…I remember where I’ve heard that before…that’s where HE is…the murderer said he was hired by a Cathar on Corellia…this is destiny…he will pay for what he’s done…

Bosshendo is brought forcefully out of his thoughts by the voice of Master Darillion explaining that they’d arrived in Corellia and they needed to be quick if they were to make it to the track before the race had concluded. He rises from the acceleration couch, understanding now that he slept through the entire voyage, but feels more tired than when they’d first entered the ship. He responds with a nod and, though wondering what type of race they’re to see, simply follows behind his master, saying nothing.

The atmosphere at the track invigorates Bosshendo in a way the nap on the acceleration couch could not; it takes him back to a simpler time in his life, a time when the roar of spectators was directed at him. He took a deep breath, oddly enjoying the mix of different species’ body odors and samples of exotic t’bac smoke. He let loose of all feelings but pleasure, and trained his eyes on a human racer who, bravely he thought, seemed to be commanding the least advanced craft on the track. A champion for the underdog, Bosshendo decided to support him when his heat begins.

21 July 2004, 08:16 PM
Bren looks up to see fifteen swoop racers make their way to the starting grid. Among them is Kirt Gracus, looking rather smug aboard his swoop. Bren returns to checking out his swoop. The swoop is a good as it will get, and he didn't find any mistakes cause by drunken judgement. As he runs one more test of the repulsorshocks, he feels the swoop vibrate as someone leans their weight against it. Looking up, he sees a very well-fed Human looking right back at him. "Hey Soule," he says in a voice closely resembling Cevva's. "You might as well give up now. There's no way you'd be able to be me and my brand new Mobquet with this tin can." He slaps the swoop forcefully. He comes off of the swoop, as if disappointed it didn't fall apart. He turns and tosses over his shoulder, "I'm going to wipe your frelling butt all over the course."

Bren watches him go, deciding not to waste breath on the pig. Gripping an rag fiercely, he begins to buff the speeder where the big palooka had touched it.

Even money that Gracus wins again Bren thought, 'Course, Rodney and Frobs could beat him... but this isn't their day, it's his.
Bren had heard that Gracus had quite the little cheering section today, and he had also heard about the scout from Coruscant that had come, representing a pro team. Lucky SOB... But I don't need that, I just need another 10,000, then I can be done... but for how long? How long will it be until I need more. There will be a setback, there are always setbacks... maybe 15, just to be safe. His thoughts were interupted by that rat bantha... Never mind, there will be time for that later.
Bren is only half listening to the man gloat. He was too busy looking over that new swoop. Custom job on the fuel injection... polarized the output emitters, Tagge gearbox.... damn he pondered How am I going to compete with something like that , which is probably illegal in an amateur match, when I don't even trust my swoop to work properly Bren winces when the oaf slaps the swoop, halfway surprised himself that it doesn't fall apart.

"I'm going to wipe your frelling butt all over the course."
Quite possibly... but we'll see, hreakask. Bren smiles at the rather unpolite title he had just given the interloper. Granted, he hadn't said it, but it was progress, after all, he didn't let him walk all over him did he? No, I held my own... right?
Nice swoop, how many tricks did your mother have to turn to pay for it? Yeah, that's what Iwould have said... he thinks as he wipes off the swoop one last time as the interloper saunters away, unchallanged.

Bren, having prepped the swoop, now dons the last of his gear, and focus' himself to the race, and the other racers, their mounts, and the track, and feeds off the enthusiasm of the crowd, to where he is aboslutely, positively, wholly and totally ready
OOC: Palooka? :raised:

28 July 2004, 12:13 PM
Tadia follows her aunt and uncle through the grand stands to their seats. Along the way, she notices many aliens that she has never seen before. Trying not to stare, Tadia studies some of them closely. Once they reach their seats, Tadia looks down at the track, scanning the starting grid for Kirt. Tadia turns to her aunt and asks, "Where is Kirt? I don't recognize him down there with all of the other swoop racers." But before Aunt Merglyn can reply the loud speakers come on and the pre-race begins. I guess that I will find out soon enough.

28 July 2004, 06:33 PM
OOC: Sorry for keeping things held up, I will be better about posting from now on.


Vic-Toro-Nex found himself feeling an odd combination of confusion
and relaxtion here at the track accompanied by his new companions.
In one way he did not understand what in the blazes any of this had to with their future as Jedi yet in another way he was always excited at racing events like this. During his childhood he had dreamed many a dream of him racing the dangerous podracers around even more dangerous tracks. Even now he felt a little envious of the drivers- even the one that seemed to be particularly lacking in fortune down on the track with a racing pod that at least appeared not to be raceworthy.
It would almost appear safer to simply strap a rocket onto his back.
But the pilot seemed to have enough courage and confidence to race it and that spoke volumes in itself.
After a short while Vic-Toro-nex offers to acquire some refreshments for anybody that desired them and sets off for the vendors- and the bookie stand to place a small wager to make things just a little more exciting on an already exciting day. Many times in casinos far far away Vic-Toro-Nex had made a respectable living betting on races but this was the first time he would see the results first hand.

OOC:If anybody cared for refreshments Vic-Toro-Nex is treating and while he is not trying to hide his gambling impulses and talent he isnt exactly advertising it either.

29 July 2004, 07:52 PM
That iced freem drink looks really good. May I have one?


30 July 2004, 08:03 AM
Without turning his attention from the race scene, Bosshendo says, "Thank you my friend, but I am quite fine." Vic-Toro-Nex appears to be coming out of his shell...or he is simply more at home in this sort of environment... He pulls his concentration away from the track to steal a look at Nerra and his new master. Shorty seems to be enjoying himself quite well...but, without eyes, it's so hard to read Master Darillion...

Gyp Ryol
4 August 2004, 06:11 PM
"Ooh goody! Kirt's in this heat," squeals Aunt Merglyn delightedly. "He's in starting gate 7. Oh dear, they all look the same from here."

The roar and thrum of repulsor engines soon fill the stadium. The swoop pilots throttle the engines on their powerful machines. The metal contraption that surrounds them resembles starting gates used in riding animal races. The crowd cheers wildly in anticipation of the coming race. Whistles, clapping, and hoarse yelling in alien tongues mixes with the hum of engine to cause a unique din heard little place else.

A small droid, visible to the racers and those in the pits, rises from the fusionformed track. The ball-like droid glows red, flashes yellow, and finally turns green. The gates in front of the speeders shoot up and the racers need no further urging. The twelve racers speed forward, squeezing every ounce of speed that their machines posess.

Swoops, as a general rule, move fast. Racing swoops move even faster. Tadia, Bosshendo, Nerra, and Vic-Toro-Nex find it hard to distinguish individual racers for the first few laps. Bren, however, sees the patterns in the pack, and knows that, indeed, Kirt Gracus has the race well in hand.

After five laps around the track, the starter droid flashes between blue and yellow a good ditance from the track, signifying the halfway point of the race. Kirt moves out into the front of the pack and after lap seven, is well in the lead. He wins the race by 30 meters and sets a new time record for the day.

[OOC: Vic-Toro-Nex makes a net total of 95 credits from the race.]

As the cheering crowds quiet down, the loudspeaker blares, "Will all participants of heat number six please make their way to the starting gird. Will all participants of heat number six please make their way to the starting grid. Thank you."

"Dats you, Bren," says the Duros mechanic, who had joined Bren to watch the last heat. "Jus' remember, keep an eye out for dat der Erdan," he whispered, pointing over to the fat hreakask.

5 August 2004, 08:01 AM
Well, my intuition was right about one thing today... Good for Gracus, he'll probably move into the pro circuit in a matter of weeks now, and I won't have to race him anymore. Bren thinks, satisfied at the thought that he may be the second or third best racer on the circuit now.
Hearing his pit boss call him, Bren allows the droid to steer him into the starting gate, into lucky number 13 position.
Having already focused himself, Bren concentrates on the swoops around him. He has the feeling that Erdan has the best chances against him, with that swoop of his, but Challky and Drod have been running good races lately. Out of the corner of his eye, Bren saw the Duros in conversation with the Bothan. The two were riding similar swoops... better than his, but not near the illegal outfit that Erdan is riding.
"Here goes nothing" Bren says under his breath as the gates close and the race gets underway.

5 August 2004, 05:03 PM
Tadia stands and cheers with the crowd as Kirt crosses the finish line. "Yeah!!!, Go Kirt!" she yells, then turns to the Mon Calamari seated next to her and exclaims, "That's my cousin! Isn't he great!" The Mon Cal looks at Tadia strangely, mutters something unintelligable, and sits down.

Tadia turns to Aunt Meglyn, flashes a smile, and gives her a giant hug, "He did it! He did it!" She sits down and waits for the next race. Tadia hears the engines start and sits forward in her seat. "This is so much fun!"

9 August 2004, 05:41 PM
Hmm…that racer was quite good…my underdog has his work cut out for him…As the race ends, Bosshendo looks back to see if Vic has returned from the refreshment area. Since he has not, and the young Twi’lek seems preoccupied by his interest in the surroundings, Bosshendo decides it might be a good time to question Master Darillion about his now proudly-displayed Jedi Credit. He aligns himself close beside his master and says, “Master, I have a pressing question about my inherited token…I held it in my hand, tightly, for a long time and yet it never grew warm…it was always cold…just what is it made of?” He pauses, turning his brooch up to look at it, ensuring that somehow asking about it didn’t make the coin disappear. Before Master Darillion can answer, he adds, “Also, if I may speak out of place, as much as I am enjoying myself here…the atmosphere is quite familiar…why not have the other prospectives join us in Coruscant instead? Is that not where we’re to be trained?” He kicked himself mentally for asking, this was none of his business, but it had been spoken, it was too late to take it back. Inching away slightly, he waits for his master’s answers, or, he fears, reprimand.

9 August 2004, 05:46 PM
Nerra cheers and encourages the swoop riders as they make their way around the track. Jumping up and down, he yells and cajoles the riders. Then, having a fit of memory, he asks someone, "Who am I cheering for?" In his excitement, he forgot his drink and spilled it on another person nearby. "Oh, I'm sorry!" Nerra exclaimed.


10 August 2004, 04:54 PM
After calming down a little, Tadia turns to Aunt Merglyn while they are waiting for the second race to get underway. "So what happens now? Does Kirt win anything, or does he have to keep racing? I hope that he gets something for winning that race. It would be pointless if he won and then didn't get anything." Tadia sits back and waits for her Aunt's answers.

12 August 2004, 05:29 PM
Vic-Toro-Nex is truly entertained by the race and eager for the next to start. He is especially happy to see that Bosshendo is happier now and that Nerra remains excited as ever.
Vic-Toro-Nex laughs and tells Nerra not to worry about the drink and that the creature probably needed a cool down anyway.
He also tells Nerra he will be back with another and on his way out playf
ully jabs Bosshendo in the arm. Once again he offers to acquire refreshments for the master and Bosshendo and with that he leaves.
Putting some credits down on this race as well, and why not it was a good day after all, he purchased the refreshments and a small toy
model of a pod racer for the Twilek boy Nerra, who seemed to be rather interested in this Pod Racing just like Vic-Toro-Nex was at the Twileks age. And for that matter Vic-Toro-Nex was finding that the excitement of watching Pod Racing hadnt left him either.

Gyp Ryol
16 August 2004, 01:22 PM
Master Darillion gives her now familiar mysterious smile. "I would be happy to inspect your coin under more accomadating circumstances, Bosshendo. As for the other students," she says, looking out into the crowd and track, "one is unable to leave Corellia due to an unforseen situation, so we are here to act as transport. The other..." She pauses, then looks at the revving swoops congregating in the starting gates. "The other doesn't even know he's a prospect."

Meanwhile, across the sea of beings, Aunt Merglyn turns to her niece. "That was just a preliminary race. After this one, the championship race will take place. Dear, is it the top two from every heat that races in the championship?" Aunt Merglyn asks Uncle Wenton. The balding man puts down the binoculars he was peering through and grins, "That's right. Our Kirt just has to win one more race!"

Down in the starting grid, all twelve racers anxously await the starter droid. The thrum of repulsors and the rumble of the engines sends a thrill through Bren. The metal gates around him rattle from the noisy machines. As Bren spys the starter droid hovering into position, he feels something different about the race. It was as if someone was steadily lowering the noise around him. Soon as he heard, all he felt, was his own breathing, his own heart beat. He saw the starter droid's light flash to green, and hit the throttle hard.

The gate shot up in front of him, and his swoop surged out with the pack. He still heard nothing except his own breathing and heart beat, and slowly, the color of his vision started to fade to shades of brown and white. Bren noticed, barely out of the corner of his eye, a few spots of color in the crowd, then it all washed behind him as the swoop sprinted forward.

Bren felt as though he wasn't really conciously piloting the swoop at all, but just letting his hands do all the work. He saw his swoop pull away from the pack. A glorious feeling washed over him. He sped around the track, not thinking his way through the race, but feeling. It was the most natural and simple thing he had ever felt, and if felt wonderful.

This state seemed to go on forever. Bren didn't even know what lap it was, but somewhere along the backstretch, two dim patches of color pulled along either side of him. Even in this weird state, Bren recognized Erdan Harrak on his right and Drod on his left. Bren tried to get out of the middle of them, but Erdan swerved right into him. Drod saw the move coming and braked just in time.

Bren was hit hard, sending the swoop careening towards the outside wall. As Bren sped towards the wall, out-of-control, his hearing and color vision returned. He saw the ad for Fryt's Motor Oil on the wall heading straight for him. And then blackness.
To the spectators in the grandstands, it was obvious the young Human named Bren Soule was running an extremely good race. In lap ten, however, the last lap of the race, Erdan Harrak and Drod managed to catch up to him. Erdan hit Bren's swoop, sending it careening into the outside wall. Drod braked in time to miss being pushed by Bren's speeder, but he overcompensated and crashed into the infield.

Aunt Merglyn shrieked as the swoop hit the wall and Uncle Wenton muttered "Oh no," under his breath. Spectators all around them were on their feet, trying to see what was going on.

When Erdan had pulled alongside Bren, Master Darillion immediately jumped to her feet and said to her hopeful students, "Follow me. Now." She ran down the steps of the grandstand and towards the southeast corner of the track, exactly where Bren was headed. She was almost completely there when Bren hit.

Track security was on the scene in short order, pulling both Bren and Drod clear of the wreckage. Drod was in better condition than Bren, so track security got Bren onto a stretcher and began to take him towards the track medical station. Master Darillion stops one of the security guards and says something to him not audible over the din. She motions for her charges to follow the guards as they make their way through the now massing spectators trying to catch a macabre glimpse of the crash.

In this crowd is Tadia and her relatives. Uncle Wenton had managed to push a way towards the front of the crowd, and got a good look at what was going on. They were situated towards the track exit. As the small funeral-esque parade passed, a brown robed woman wearing a brown blindfold in the procession stops the guards carrying the young man and moves over to Tadia.

"You are needed here," she says calmly to Tadia. "You can help this man." The woman radiates a sense of tranquility and calm admist the turmoil, and Tadia knows in her heart that this blindfolded woman is a Jedi.

[OOC: About the only way Bren can react right now is unconcious moans of pain.]

16 August 2004, 03:13 PM
Tadia watches as the twelve swoop racers get set for the next race. Only one more race for Kirt. I hope that he wins it. She is brought out of her thoughts when the swoop racer engines start up. Tadia turns her attention to the starter droid, anxiously awaiting the start of the race. The droid flashes green, the gates open, and the race begins. The swoops were clustered together at the start, but soon after the start, one racer had the lead, flying with great ability. This guy’s good, I wonder who he is. He could give Kirt some trouble in the championship match. Tadia glances over at Aunt Merglyn’s program and finds the riders name: Bren.

Her attention returns to the race, but it seems that two racers are catching up to the spectacular Bren. Darn, I was hoping to see him in the next race; I hope these two don’t beat him. The two racers moved up next to Bren, and it was becoming a tight race. Then suddenly, one of the racers hits Bren’s swoop, sending it out of control towards the wall. Oh no! This can’t be good. Tadia puts her hands over her eyes, not wanting to see the wreck, and hears the loud crash. She sees Uncle Wenton at the front of the crowd. I hope that rider is alright, it sounded like a nasty hit. Tadia notices the racer, Bren, lying on a stretcher, looking seriously hurt. She watches as the racer is taken out of the arena, and is startled when a brown robed woman comes over. A Jedi? What is a Jedi doing at a swoop race?

"You are needed here," she says calmly to Tadia. "You can help this man."

What can I do to help him? I’ve never healed anything that serious before. But I have to try; it seems that I’m the only qualified one here. Tadia pushes away her fears and answers the blindfolded woman, “Ok, I’ll help him.” She turns to Aunt Merglyn and says, “I have to help that man, I’ll be back later.” Pulling back her cloak, Tadia checks to make sure her medical kit is still there, and then follows the Jedi.

16 August 2004, 06:06 PM
“Thank you for accommodating me Master.” Bosshendo scans the venue, trying to discern exactly what his Master was looking at during her pauses in answering, but, again due to the cloth over her eyes, it was quite difficult to tell. When he doesn’t find anything in the crowd of particular interest, he finishes, “I look forward to both learning more about my inherited token, and meeting the rest of my fellow hopefuls.” I am sure she knows I’m lying…that didn’t pan out as I’d hoped at all…my curiosity concerning the coin can be stifled easily, but I was really hoping she was going to say we’d made the special trip to seek out my…that disgrace to my species…regardless, I don’t think I can leave this place without first confronting him…Bosshendo comes back to the moment when he hears the next heat of racers open the throttle and scream out of the starting gate. Realizing his fists are again clenched, and, this time, he’s bearing his teeth, Bosshendo releases an angry growl that’s masked as encouragement for his predetermined heat favorite, the so-called underdog.

Generally excited for the performance of the young swoop racer, Bosshendo has calmed completely and is again enjoying his present situation. During the last lap, as two other racers begin to gain on the underdog’s lead, Bosshendo adds another, much less angry, growl of encouragement to the fray. Then, one of the racers pulling even rams into the underdog’s swoop, hurling him into the wall. Bosshendo is on his feet and running toward the wreckage, before realizing he had even left his seat, and is surprised to see that Master Darillion and the others are already on their way ahead of him. He had been so focused on the race that he hadn’t heard his Master’s order to follow, nor noticed the group get up. Upon seeing his Master moving in, he knew intrinsically that she was going to the underdog’s aide, so he filed in behind, bellowing for the gathering onlookers to make way. While following the injured on a stretcher away from the arena, Bosshendo is surprised to see Master Darillion single out one of the now-numerous crowd to help, then understanding blooms as he puts his conversation with his master together with the current scenario. This must be one of the beings we’ve come for…how else would Master Darillion know she was a medic…and is the underdog the unsuspecting one?…I would hope we would come to the aide of any injured racer, but her moving in so early, before she knew the extent of the wreck, might give her intentions away…then again, I still do not understand the mind of a Jedi…maybe we’re here because she knew this was going to happen?…but why, in that case, let him race?…hmm…my mind may not be cut out for this…I do look forward to wielding a famed lightsaber…no, I must focus on the here and now…With the young female now in tow, Bosshendo lets loose a barely intelligible growl in an attempt to ease their passage: “MOVE!”

17 August 2004, 08:16 PM
Watching the racers closely, I wonder which person Master is picking up. My excitement rose when the leader got caught up by two others. Then I saw one impact the other, then the wall.

Oh no!

When Master called us, I followed closely, hurrying as best I can. When Master says to go with the Security guards, he obeys silently. Worried by the situation, I pull on my sleeves with anxiety. I try to make myself small so I am not in the way.

18 August 2004, 06:20 PM
Even after hearing countless tales of the dangers of swoop racing and seeing many crashes on viewing screens, Vic-Toro-Nex is still shocked and taken back the terrible event that transpired.
After murmuring a few words of hope for the unfortunate racer that he doesnt know and now doesnt expect to ever meet,Vic-Toro-Nex hears the master instruct them to follow her.
Quietly Vic-Toro-Nex follows her and the others.
At a complete loss at what to do, he simply does what he can and helps clear a path with Bosshendo while making sure Nerra is not seperated from them due to the crowd.

Gyp Ryol
31 August 2004, 05:37 PM
Bosshendo's roar cuts like a vibroblade through the chaos of the racetrack. The crowd hastily parts in front of the small group, and the four security guards carrying Bren hurry into the racetrack facilities, followed closely by Master Darillion and her charges.

The security personnel guides the procession through the twisting duracrete corridors of the track facility. As calls go out over the intercom for the track medic, Tadia moves closer to Bren, to asess the damage done to him. The first obvious wound are the burn marks across his face and torso. Bren's left leg lies limp on the stretcher, broken or worse. His head is a solid lump of white cloth, with small red splotches blossoming around the top of his head. Every so often, the young man lets out a soft moan. Tadia checked her medpac and seriously hoped she could find better materials in the racetrack clinic.

The security guards eventually lead the group into the pristine white interior of the medical bay. An operating table, some surgical tools, and a bacta tank, among other medical instruments, adorn the clean interior. The security guards gently put the stretcher down onto the operating table, and Bren gives out a soft moan as they do so. One of the security guards has a whispered conversation with Master Darillion, then the small group is alone in the medical bay.

6 September 2004, 05:26 PM
Having been preoccupied with easing their passage first through the crowd, then around the facilities, Bosshendo doesn’t get a good look at the young racer until the small group is, to some degree, settled in the medical bay. This does not look good…he is making sounds now and again, so he may be slightly conscious…still, I never saw wounds like this in the dueling pits…and I am sure nothing will be done about the one who caused this…that is the nature of activities like racing though…wrong as it may be…how I wish I could do something to help, but I have always been the cause of injury, never the cure… Bosshendo diverts his eyes from the patient and moves toward Master Darillion. “Master, I know nothing of healing…what would you have me do?”

Gyp Ryol
25 September 2004, 02:20 PM
Master Darillion places a calming hand on Bosshendo's shoulder. "Peace, Bosshendo. Simply do what you are told." She turns from the feline alien and runs a gentle hand over Bren's injuries. Her face softens in what appears to be pity. She raises her head and looks through her blindfold at Tadia. "What would you have us do, young one?" she asks Tadia gently.

25 September 2004, 03:51 PM
Flustered, Tadia answers the Jedi, "Well, someone could find some medical equipment around here, and maybe a droid. Other than that, I don't think anyone can help me." She turns back to her patient and begins looking him over. Tadia checks out his injuries and to get a good prognosis of how serious they are. If the injuries are bad enough, I could use the bacta tank over there. Tadia begins working on Bren, stabalizing him so she can begin healing his wounds.

28 September 2004, 03:39 PM
Even before Master Darillion makes physical contact with Bosshendo, a calm spreads over him, and, for the first time, he suspects he feels the Force directly. He finds that his breath comes easier, and his mind is as clear as transparasteel. For a fraction of an instant, he wishes he was elsewhere, on some secluded island where he could center his concentration on the Force and endeavor to touch it in return. However, the immediacy of the present situation quickly brings him back to the moment. He listens intently to Tadia’s reply to Master Darillion, and, sparing little time for thought, says, “I have no knowledge of medical equipment, but I can acquire a droid.” As the words are leaving his mouth, he is already dashing out the door the group entered through and running down an unknown corridor. I noticed no droids on our way in…I only hope there is one somewhere in this direction and not waiting on the other side of the complex…

Gyp Ryol
1 October 2004, 02:28 PM
Bosshendo tears through the duracrete corridors, looking high and low for a medical droid. He takes several twists and turns, and notes the signs pointing to various locations in the complex in an attempt to keep track of where he is. The cat-like alien approaches a T-intersection, and slowing slightly, decides to turn right. As he rounds the corner, he stops short in order to avoid colliding with a MD droid. "Oh my," it says in a deep and cultured tone. "Are you in need of medical attention?"

Meanwhile, back in the clinic, Taida manages to get fresh bandages onto Bren's wounds, further slowing the bleeding. Satisfied for the time being, Tadia begins work on Bren's head and chest, trying to find any fractures. Nerra and Vic-Toro-Nex find a cabinet full of splints and quick hardening cast material.

Master Darillion stands with her back towards the wall of the clinic, staying out of the way of the three nurses. She watches the proceedings with interest, but says nothing.

3 October 2004, 09:28 AM
After doing a double-take to ensure that he wasn’t imagining the MD droid standing right in front of him, he responds to the mechanical question, “I am quite well, but there is someone, a racer, who is gravely injured. Your services are needed, and we must hurry.” With that, Bosshendo sprints back through the complex, concentrating on making the reverse turns he’d made in his search for the droid, when he realizes the MD is nowhere to be found. This will not due…the machine is much too slow…

Running, once again, away from where he needs to be, Bosshendo finds the droid standing in the middle of a hallway, looking as confused as its immobile metal face can muster. Without a word of warning, Bosshendo takes a deep breath, drawing his strength, and bends down, wrapping his arms around the droid’s waist and attempting to hoist him up and carry him back to the others.

3 October 2004, 03:56 PM
Tadia, pleased with her work so far, moves to Bren's upper body. She begins her examination of his head and chest. Her fingers move deftly over his body, surveying the damage. Finding a few trouble areas, Tadia begins working on the most serious wounds. I'll have to get all of his major injuries under control before I try to put him in the tank. Tadia continues patching up the rider, totally concentrated on the well being of her patient.

5 October 2004, 04:45 PM
Paniced still but gaining a grip Vic-Toro-nex continues to assist nerra and look for other ways to help.

"Oh i hope Booshendo finds a droid..." thinks Vic-Toro-Nex "then i finally will be of use"

Gyp Ryol
6 October 2004, 09:22 AM
Back in the grey racetrack corridor, the MD droid lets out a startled exclamation as Bosshendo wraps his arms around the metallic nurse's waist. As Bosshendo grunts and heaves, he feels an explosion of strength through his arms and legs. The sensation is similar to a wave of heat roaring from his chest and crashing down along his limbs. The young Cathar feels his back straighten under his load, his arms grip more tightly, and his legs move faster down the stark corridor.

Bosshendo grits his teeth and runs as fast as he can through the underbelly of the racetrack. He casts only quick glances at signs, trying not to trade speed for accuracy. He feels a slight tug from the Jedi credit now flapping against his furred chest, and follows it down one corridor, then another. He then eventually finds himself back at the medical clinic, having arrived much sooner than he had expected.

He lets the droid down onto it's feet, and immediately notices the foam around his mouth, his heaving chest, and the fur matted with sweat. His legs wobble under him, and he staggers over to a nearby chair, feeling more exhausted than he has ever felt before in his life. Strangely, however, the Jedi credit maintains feeling cool against Bosshendo's chest.

Master Darillion walks over to examine the panting Cathar as the MD droid recovers from it's ordeal. "My goodness," it says in a low male tone. He whirs and clicks over to Tadia, who is now checking the severity of Bren's rib fractures. "My name is T6-MD-0. I have been programmed by professors of medicine at the University of Groesht for medical administration. How may I be of service?"

As if cued by the droid's voice, Bren's eyelids flutter and he lets out a soft moan. Bren feels as though he is struggling to swim to the surface of a very deep lake. He sees the light shining through the water, and struggles to hold on to his breath as he frantically claws his way upwards. His head breaks through the surface and his eyes open wide with a sharp gasp of breath. Bren's body aches from head to toe. Sheer words fail to describe the breadth of the pain. He sees a young Human female alongside a droid of some kind working on his chest. The droid turns and notices Bren's open eyes. "Please remain calm, sir. Everything is under control."

(OOC: Welcome back to the living, Rostek!)

6 October 2004, 09:55 AM
For what had seemed like hours, Bren's world had been blank save for two constants: Unspeakable agony and total darkness.
Now, in addition, there was a jumble of sound which he couldn't understand.
That bastard, Erdan! I'll kill him... once I'm out of a hoverchair.[/I If ] [I]I'm ever out of one. he thought, the realization that he could be permenantly injured bubbled to the surface. He tried to put the thought out of his mind as another rush of pain hit him. He desperately wanted to scream, yell out, or something, but lacked the energy to do so, and stayed back, his hands shaking for lack of any other response.

6 October 2004, 11:46 AM
Bosshendo sits bent over in a chair, his head between his knees as he breathes quick lung-fulls of air. He is altogether exhausted and extremely excited all at once; a paradox, to be sure, but reality nonetheless. While still slumping forward, he reaches up with his left hand and presses the Jedi Credit to his chest. Despite the exceeding heat that his body is producing, the coin is, and remains, cool, soothing. Thank you for your help my old Master…my true father…

The Cathar straightens in his seat, and, somewhat unexpectedly, notices that Master Darillion is making her way over to him. His visage brightens, and, though he’s still quite winded, he exclaims, “Master…I…I felt…it…I felt…the Force…it made me stronger…couldn’t have…carried the droid…otherwise…” Bosshendo closes his eyes and breathes so deeply that he seems to grow taller with each inhalation. Lowering his voice slightly, now that he’s gained more control over it, he continues, “Master…I felt him…” Bosshendo taps the dangling Jedi Credit lightly. “…he told me where to go…a part of him lives on, perhaps…also, through it all, the coin never warmed; in fact, it remained quite cool…what manner of construction or precious substance allows for such a property?”

6 October 2004, 05:34 PM
Seeing the medical droid arrive gives Tadia confidence. This guy will make it and be healed of his injuries soon. "Please begin working on his injuries and tell me if anything is seriously wrong with him," she tells the droid. Continuing her work, Tadia notices that her patient is coming back into conciousness. This is good. She waits for his eyes to adjust, then says, "I am Tadia Nourdi, I have medical experience. The droid and I are administering to your wounds. How do you feel?"

6 October 2004, 05:56 PM
"I am Tadia Nourdi, I have medical experience. The droid and I are administering to your wounds. How do you feel?"
Bren hears the voice talking to him, but it takes him a moment to find the source. He sits up a little in order to get a better angle on those standing above him, as his left eye is covered in bandage. Seeing Tadia, he tries to forment a coherant answer between pulses of excruciating pain, then, doing so, struggles to find the will to croak it out.
"Horrible." Bren croaks hoarsely, "but nice to meet you anyway." he manages to get out before being forced to lay back.

11 October 2004, 05:08 PM
"Pleased to meet you, too," Tadia answers. Good at least he has feeling. Maybe the droid can do something for his pain. Looking up at the droid, she asks, "Is there anything you can do to alleviate his pain? If you can't do anything, keep working on his wounds."

Gyp Ryol
12 October 2004, 05:53 AM
The medical droid looks up from the stitches it is sewing on Bren's side. "I can give him a shot of local anesthesia to dull the pain. Would you have me do that, Ma'am?" The droid's deft hands, complete with two opposable thumbs, neatly sew up the gash on Bren's side.

Master Darillion, meanwhile, gives Bosshendo a small towel. "Here. Dry yourself off, and take deep breaths. You did a very good thing today by carrying that droid, and I have no doubt the Force was with you." She gently takes the coin in her hands and looks at it through her blindfold. "Interesting..." she murmurs, a slight smile forming on her face. "We will have to talk under less strenuous circumstances, Bosshendo."

She rises from Bosshendo's chair and walks over to Bren's gurney. Master Darillion puts Bren's hand in hers, smiling mysteriously. "You are in good hands, Bren Soule. We will be placing you in the bacta tank soon." Her smile gives Bren a sense of peace, and eases the pain pounding in his body.

Master Darillion turns and sees a Dug security guard enter the clinic. The convoluted alien gives a jerk over his shoulder. "I got two 'umans 'ere lookin' fer a Tadia Na-- Neu-- Nerdy," says the Dug, struggling with Tadia's last name. Behind him stand Uncle Wenton and Aunt Merglyn, the latter nervously wringing her hands. "You okay, kiddo?" asks Uncle Wenton, letting a rare frown of concern pass over his face.

12 October 2004, 07:05 PM
Gladly receiving the towel from Master Darillion, Bosshendo gives a quick bow/nod and begins sponging the sweat from his face. At his master’s suggestion, he takes several deep breaths, all the while relishing in her positive comments concerning his bringing the droid, especially when she agreed that it had been the Force that had assisted him. Before he even has time to draw a smile at this accomplishment, he is caught off-guard as his seemingly blind-folded master gently grasps the Jedi Credit hanging from his brooch. He manages a deep breath in, but can’t seem to let it escape until his master again rebuffs his inquiry into what, exactly, the coin is. As she rises and begins walking away, he exhales with a sigh and a politely forced, “Very well, Master.”

After this, Bosshendo props his elbows on his knees and, with the towel draped over his hands, burries his head in the surprisingly soft fabric. I am doing it, Father…I felt the force…but it wasn’t the first time…once previously have I felt such power surge through me…great power, but…such rage…do you know this Master Darillion?…is that why you came to me that day?…did you come in search of me or the wielder of some dark power?…Father, I don’t want to fail you…but I cannot leave this planet without facing him…and I don’t think I can face him without loosing control…

Looking up at the sound of unfamiliar voices, Bosshendo notices a Dug and two older humans standing by the door.

12 October 2004, 07:36 PM
"I can give him a shot of local anesthesia to dull the pain. Would you have me do that, Ma'am?"

"Yes, please administer the medication," Tadia replies to the droid. She watches as the droid continues healing Bren's wounds. Noticing the Jedi, now standing near the gurney, Tadia watches as Bren's pain seems to dull. Amazing! Did the Jedi do something to help him? Preparing to ask the Jedi Master about the pain suppression, she is interupted by someone. Turning around, Tadia notices a Dug in a security guard uniform.

"I got two 'umans 'ere lookin' fer a Tadia Na-- Neu-- Nerdy," says the Dug

"That's me," she answers the Dug. Smiling slightly, Tadia helps the Dug with her name, "And it's Tadia Nourdi." Her smile grows larger when she sees her aunt and uncle.

"You okay, kiddo?" asks Uncle Wenton, letting a rare frown of concern pass over his face.

"Yes, I'm fine," Tadia tells her uncle, "Though I was concerned for Bren over there. But he should be fine now." Wanting to introduce her aunt and uncle to the Jedi, Tadia finally realizes that she hasn't even been introduced to the Master formally. Turning to the mysterious Jedi, Tadia says, "I would like to introduce you to my Aunt Merglyn and Uncle Wenton, but I don't know who you are exactly. I know that you are a Jedi, but that is all."

Gyp Ryol
17 October 2004, 03:49 PM
Master Darillion removes herself from Bren's side, and faces Aunt Merglyn and Uncle Wenton. Aunt Merglyn gasps involuntarily at the blindfold over the otherwise striking face. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Master Darillion of the Jedi Order." She gives a slight bow to the pair of Tadia's relatives.

Behind her, the MD droid opens the bacta tank and begins the delicate process of placing Bren into it. A breath apparatus is placed over his mouth and nose, and goggles are expertly placed over his eyes. The driod then manipulates the gurney to allow Bren to be presented in a vertical position.

A small harness is hooked around his waist and shoulders, and the droid takes special care around Bren's wounds and stiches. The broken swoop racer is then lifted by pulley off the gurney, swung over the bacta tank, and slowly lowered in. The bacta tank lid swings over and shuts with a slight puff of pressurization.

Master Darillion glances over at Bren floating in the yellowish liquid. A smile forms at the corner of her lips. Softly, she says, "Your niece did a very good thing today. She's very special." She again faces the small crowd now gathered in the clinic. "Thanks to her, Bren should be fully healed in a few hours."

The MD droid pipes up. "Actually, ma'am, I estimate that the young man's duration in the tank will not exceed 45 minutes."

Master Darillion, for a split second, looks suprised. She quickly covers it up with a smile. "Excellent. Well, in the meantime, I believe we could all use a good meal. Nerra? Vic-Toro-Nex? Could you see if you can find a cafeteria and get us all something to eat?" She gives Nerra a credit chip and sends them both on their way.

[45 minutes pass. Interact in this time if you so wish, but plot continues once Bren is out of the tank.]

Most everyone had completed their meals when the MD droid extricated Bren from the healing bath. The MD droid lowers him back onto the gurney, where he towels off the young swoop racer. A spare set of clothes had been located by Bosshendo, and the MD droid aids Bren in putting them on. (Behind a screen, behind a screen. Get your minds out of the gutter.)

Aunt Merglyn and Uncle Wenton sit with Tadia near the end of the row of chairs, with Bosshendo, Vic-Toro-Nex, and Nerra occupying the last three. Bren is told by the MD doird to rest for a few hours, and so remains on the gurney. Feeling a little stubborn, however, Bren has sat up, and looks around at the people gathered. Master Darillion stands near the middle of the room, her arms kept inside the folds of her robe.

She looks at each of the young beings in turn. "This is one of the moments in life where you stand at a fork in the road. Each of you has the potential to do wonderful things in the galaxy, but only if you are able to fully realize that potential. All of you have the ability to become a Jedi, but only if you choose that path. You all have touched the Force in some way or another, but have done so at great cost. Bosshendo, the Force was with you when you carried that MD droid here. Bren, you tapped into the Force when you were racing today. Tadia, the Force was with you when you were healing Bren. Vic-Toro-Nex, the Force is what has allowed you to survive this long. Nerra, the Force was with you when you convinced you father not to marry that unfaithful woman." She extends her hand out to them. "With my help, each of you can realize what it is to control the Force flowing through you. The training is hard, and the lessons may be difficult, but the rewards are unfathomable."

She puts her head down, hands hidden once more in the folds of her robes. "I cannot force this upon you. This must be your decision. If you feel you have the will, I will take you the Jedi Academy. If not, the Order will gladly make arrangements for your safe return to your homeworld." Her head raises, and she gazes at them through her blindfold, waiting for their answers.

17 October 2004, 05:25 PM
Bren hears snippets of conversation as he is wheeled to the tank.
During his immersion, he sees only the bright lights, until he falls into a state of relaxation as the anesthetic trace gases in the breath mask do their work.

As he emerges, he is suddenly cold, but his thoughts are still a little erratic, due to the gas.
As the droid helps him into the provided clothes, Bren's mind clears some as he takes in his surroundings.
As he thinks, the droid roughly pulls up the black trousers a bit higher than is comfortable (OOC: ;) ).
Bren huffs, and motions for the droid to stop. "Easy on the goods, buddy. I'm going to need those."
Bren emerges from behind the screen, just as Master Darallion

"This is one of the moments in life where you stand at a fork in the road. Each of you has the potential to do wonderful things in the galaxy, but only if you are able to fully realize that potential. All of you have the ability to become a Jedi, but only if you choose that path. You all have touched the Force in some way or another, but have done so at great cost. Bosshendo, the Force was with you when you carried that MD droid here. Bren, you tapped into the Force when you were racing today. Tadia, the Force was with you when you were healing Bren. Vic-Toro-Nex, the Force is what has allowed you to survive this long. Nerra, the Force was with you when you convinced you father not to marry that unfaithful woman."
Bren raises an eyebrow, but is interested in what the blindfolded Jedi has to say.
Me, a Jedi? Well, it certainly would help in my work. Hell, with that insurence, I'll have enough money to start working. Being a Jedi would certainly make the work easier, and cheaper."

She extends her hand out to them. "With my help, each of you can realize what it is to control the Force flowing through you. The training is hard, and the lessons may be difficult, but the rewards are unfathomable."
Bren slightly stiffly raised a hand. "Alright, you've hooked me, I'll give this a try."

18 October 2004, 05:09 PM
Tadia speaks quietly with her aunt and uncle as the group eats. What a strange mix of species. I've never seen some of them before. I'll have to find out more later. She eats her food, a bowl of soup and a roll, watching the MD's progress. Looks like he's got everything under control. She sits back and relaxes, waiting for Bren.

Tadia sees Bren emerge from the bacta tank and listens to Master Darillion's proposition. Well, I've come this far, I don't want to quit now. Answering the Master's question, Tadia says, "I am ready to do my part. I want to learn the healing arts of the Jedi to help those that suffer."

25 October 2004, 04:44 PM
During the mealtime, Bosshendo had managed to find his calm and, for the first time since sipping tea with his long, lost grandmother on Cathar, felt relaxed, even happy. This frame of mind is all but undone, however, as Master Darillion stands and begins to address the group, ending with pointed question of whether or not each will decide to walk the path of toward knowing the Force.

Even before the words meet his ears, Bosshendo knows his answer, but still he waits, allowing the moment to penetrate his whole being, and thinks to himself, I really am to be a Jedi…I promise to be a great one, Master…greater even than the one who gave you this coin… Reaching up with his right hand to gently cradle the Jedi Credit in his palm, Bosshendo takes a small breath in and out through his nose, and then after both Bren and Tadia have announced their commitments, adds, “I wish to serve the Force, Master…I will come with you…” after I’ve dealt with all that haunts me on this world…

28 October 2004, 01:59 PM
Vic-Toro-Nex ponders the offer very hard and after a few moments of silence decides that he is definetly game for the change of direction the Master is offering him. With an enthusiastic nod and a toothy smile
Vic-Toro-Nex accepts the offer. Although still confused at what he can do for the Jedi, Vic-Toro-Nex is optimistic and is happy to continue his journey with his new found master and friends.

"I will do whatever is needed Master." is Vic-Toro-Nex's simple reply.

Gyp Ryol
1 November 2004, 01:53 PM
Nerra, the young Twi’lek, bites his underlip as he considers Master Darillion’s words. He nods his head slightly as each of the other assemble beings voices their desire to follow the path of the Jedi. Finally, he seems to come to a decision. His face tries to put on a determined look, and his eyes brighten as he looks at Master Darillion. “Yes. I want to be a Jedi. Just like these guys.” He looks rather proud of himself as looks around at the other people in this small group.

Master Darillion nods gravely to the five young beings. “Very well. You have made your choice. Remember that while this is the path that you have chosen, you are all affected by the will of the Force. It was the Force that led you all to this point in your journey, and you have answered that call, and are going willingly where it leads you.” She approaches Tadia’s relatives, taking Aunt Merglyn’s hand. “Please. Inform Tadia’s parents of her departure, and that she will contact them as soon as she reaches the Jedi Academy.”

Aunt Merglyn looks into the female Jedi’s blindfold, and is comforted by what she sees there. She nods once, too overcome by the emotion of the moment to speak. Uncle Wenton gives Merglyn a squeeze on the shoulder. “Don’t you worry, ma’am. We’ll make sure they know about it all.” He stands up and helps Tadia’s aunt rise from the chair. “Well, we’d best be off. We’ll have to tell Kirt as soon as we get the chance. You take care, kiddo.” Uncle Wenton embraces Tadia in his long, skinny arms. Aunt Merglyn dabs her eyes with her hankie and engulfs Tadia in a strong bear hug. “Oh, my dear little Tadia,” she whispers. Her eyes are full of tears of pride as she backs off from the hug. “Look at me. I’m running on like a faucet. Now don’t forget to write us!” Uncle Wenton smiles. “Go get ‘em, Tadia. Bye.” He and Aunt Merglyn walk out of the medical clinic, hand in hand. Aunt Merglyn’s sniffles can be heard as they walk down the duracrete corridors.

With the two relatives gone, Master Darillion resumes her serious expression. “Now, we must be off. Your training is to begin immediately. Bren, I have taken care of any necessary arrangements with the racing team, as well as securing your payment. Your personal belongings have already been loaded onto my ship, which is waiting for us at the starport. Is everyone ready to go?”

[Screen wipe down to: Night. A plush study. A robed figure can be seen standing on a balcony overlooking Courscant from the interior of the study. Various speeders and starships can be seen moving speedily across the sky. Coming from behind the camera, a small and frail man walks towards the robed figure.]

“Excuse me, Master,” says the old man wearily.

“Yes? What is it, Yaun?” answers the robed figure impatiently. His voice is deep and resonant, resembling somewhat of distant rolling thunder.

“According to the last communication, Master Darillion has gathered all of her students and it heading to the Jedi Academy on Alsulondend IV.”

“So, the blind mother bird returns to the nest after such a short time. Curious. How many prospects does she have?”

“Five, Master.”

“Typical. She always advocated that archaic idea of ‘quality over quantity.’” He turns around to face Yaun. His face remains awash in the shadows of the night. “Have the ship prepared. Now that she is ready, I must be as well.”

[The figure walks forward, the shadows peeling back from his face. At the moment when it would be revealed in it’s entirety: Camera cuts to downshot of the Revealing Light. Master Darillion and the prospects enter the docking bay.]

After narrowly avoiding the striking mechanics and engineers, everyone in the group boards Master Darillion’s ship and straps in for a long trip. Everyone, that is, except for one. Bosshendo remains outside the starship, looking back out the door he just came through. Master Darillion gestures towards the ship. “Please, Bosshendo, let us be off.”

Bosshendo clenches his fist and sighs. “I’m sorry, Master, but you’re going to have to wait for me. There’s some…unfinished business I must take care of before I leave this planet.” He looks Master Darillion in the blindfold. “I cannot leave without this matter being resolved.”

Master Darillion purses her lips and places her fingertips together. After a moment of thought, she says, “I have sensed a simmering need for vengeance in you ever since we arrived on this planet. Bosshendo, should you act out on this vengeance now, without the training of the Jedi, your life will be forever dominated by the Dark Side, the side of the Force that spawns and is fed by such dark emotions. However, if you come now, and learn to channel that vengeance in a way that will further the true will of the Force, that of the Light Side, the side of the Force the Jedi strive to maintain and uphold.” She pauses. Then, she says quietly, “I guarantee that you will never feel satisfied with the outcome should you act now.”

Bosshendo grits his teeth, feeling a sort of mix of anger and frustration. So close! So close to bringing that Sithspawn to his just end! he thinks. “Master, you don’t understand,” he pleads. “I-”

“I understand all too well, Bosshendo,” Master Darillion interjects. “Do you know how many students have chosen to resolve these types of issues without completing their training? Do you know how many of my own students, bright and full of potential, were struck down in their prime, due to their own actions? You must believe me when I say you must come with me, lest these feelings overcome you, and twist you into a being you scarcely recognize.”

Bosshendo struggles to argue for the emotions raging inside of him. Images of his dead mother and surrogate father race through his brain, but Master Darillion’s words resound in his head as the right way. Yes, I must wait. Wait until I am stronger, stronger in the Force. I swear it, he will beg for mercy on his knees once I return. He looks up, a sort of defiant look in his eyes. “I will come, Master Darillion. I do want to learn the ways of the Force, and grow stronger.”

Master Darillion sighs. “Very well. Go onboard and strap yourself in.”

[Zoom out as Master Darillion boards the ship behind Bosshendo. Camera cuts to the Revealing Light jumping to hyperspace from above Corellia. The camera pans right. The Revealing Light drops out of hyperspace, going past the camera. The camera pans right, following the ship. The starship approaches a verdant green planet. Camera cuts to: The Revealing Light landing in a docking bay in a starport. Master Darillion exits the ship first. Coming through the doors of is a very odd trio of beings: two very large and hairy aliens, one of which clothed in similar robes to Master Darillion, and a female Human, also robed as a Jedi.]

Master Darillion starts in surprise. “Glyymlyy!” She walks briskly towards the large hairy alien robed as a Jedi. “What in the stars are you doing here?” The huge alien roars something and embraces Master Darillion in a bone crushing bear hug. “Oh, my goodness!” says the otherwise calm and collected Jedi Master breathlessly.

She turns to the five beings emerging from the ship. “Come, come. He won’t bite. This is one of my former students. This is Jedi Knight Glyymlyy and his padawan Unea.” She stops and regards the other large brown alien. “I am Master Darillion, of the Jedi Order. Who might you be, and what are you doing with Glyymlyy?”

(OOC: Phew. Go nuts, guys. I'll be in a coma for the next few hours after exerting myself like that.)

1 November 2004, 05:38 PM
[OOC: I've misplaced Bren's stat block, so if you would be so kind Gyp... :rolleyes: I cannot recall if Bren understands Wookiee or not, if these guys are in fact Wooks, so to be safe:]
Bren is the last off the ship, still limping a bit from the soreness the crash caused.
He sees the two aliens, who Master Darillion seems to recognize.
Bren slowly approches, trying to catch what the aliens and the Master are talking about.

7 November 2004, 11:32 AM
Bosshendo watches Corellia grow ever smaller as the Revealing Light breaks the planet’s atmosphere, preparing for the jump to lightspeed. You will be made to beg for mercy…or beg for death…I swear it…when I’m a Jedi, there will be nothing to stop me… As the ship lurches forward into hyperspace, Bosshendo moves away from the window and takes a seat, keeping to himself for the entire trip.

When the ship touches down, Bosshendo exits immediately after Master Darillion and is instantly taken aback by what he sees. Where are we? I thought we were to return to Coruscant for training…are there yet others that we need to pickup? Hmm…Master Darillion is certainly happy to see that large fellow… Bosshendo breathes deeply, enjoying the sweet, fresh air. …well, if this is to be just a connecting stop, I hope we are to stay for a few days…I would very much enjoy breathing this air and relaxing before beginning what promises to be a grueling training process… Bosshendo is noticeably less tense than he had been during the group’s time on Corellia. Being separated from the planet seems to have lifted a bit of the weight from his still-aching heart. The dark recess is still present, still plotting revenge.

Taking the cue from his new master, Bosshendo fabricates a broad grin and moves toward the master and apprentice, offering a low bow and stating, “I am Bosshendo Tainer. It is a pleasure to meet any friend of Master Darillion.”

14 November 2004, 11:33 AM
Tadia crys as she parts with Aunt Merglyn and Uncle Wenton. "Tell Mom and Dad hello for me. I'll write as soon as we reach our destination. Tell Kirt hello for me, I really wanted to see him again." Tadia hugs her aunt and uncle one last time before they leave. Now I'm alone again, but I'm in the company of Jedi hopefuls. I'm sure I'll get along with most of them. She gathers her things and follows Master Darillion back to the spaceport. Once aboard the Revealing Light Tadia finds a seat and straps in for the ride. The struggles of the day finally catch up to her and Tadia falls asleep.

Tadia sleeps through the whole trip, waking when the starship lands in the spaceport docking bay. She exits the ship with everyone, following the Jedi Master. Tadia follows after Bosshendo, and gives the newcomers a bow and a small smile, and says, "I am Tadia Nourdi. It is a pleasure to meet you all."

Gyp Ryol
17 November 2004, 03:41 PM
The large hairy alien Jedi, Glyymlyy, likewise bows to Bosshendo and Tadia. He spots Bren hanging towards the back and makes a motion with his large arms for him to move forward. Nerra pokes his head out of the ship ramp opening, woken from his doze by the loud alien rumblings outside. He shyly comes down the ramp and towards the little group.

Glyymlyy takes another look at Bosshendo and wuffs something in his native language. Master Darillion, having somewhat regained her composure, smiles at Glyymlyy's comment and says, "Well, maybe so. Perhaps I just take a liking to that sort." She nods at Nerra, who approaches timidly. "This is Nerra Tarkona. Nerra, did you speak to Vic-Toro-Nex at all?"

Nerra, a bit overwhelmed by the presence of the two imposing-looking aliens, simply shakes his head. Glyymlyy's padawan, Unea, stands at the alien Jedi's side, stone-faced.

27 November 2004, 05:24 PM
Bosshendo notices the large, furred Jedi that Master Darillion had been so happy to see give him a good once-over and then make mention of some observation. Judging by his master’s response, Bosshendo decides it was nothing overtly negative, but is still quite curious as to what was said about him. “Perhaps I just take a liking to that sort”…what sort?…I surmise it’s not just our similar stature and appearance that large fellow, Glimly wasn’t it, commented on…perhaps he can read my thoughts as well, and has penetrated deep to find my want for revenge…maybe we have more in common than meets the naked eye…

Deciding to take whatever was said of him as a complement, Bosshendo grins and dips a subtle nod in the direction of his master’s ex-apprentice. While doing this, he makes a mental note of the stern, unremitting look on Padawan Unea’s face, as well as the fact that the other large alien, the one Master Darillion doesn’t even know, has made no response to the question asked of him nor, for that matter, done anything aside from stand there looking only slightly less standoffish than Unea. I’m not sure what to think of these two…or, on that same token, the two humans we picked up on Corellia…Corellia… Bosshendo clinches his teeth and manages to push his rising aggression back into the pit of his heart. …I suppose the female medic, Tadia, is alright…she handled herself very well at the track, but she may have too much to go back to for her to make it through…the racer, on the other hand, has the competitive edge that will serve him well…young Nerra is the one I worry about…very quick-minded, but seemingly too timid…but what do I know…I probably have more faults than any, but I am getting ever more anxious to see what this is all about…

27 November 2004, 05:50 PM
Bren notices the large Jedi's entreaty to come forward, and being the polite guy he is Bren quickly complies.
"I'm, Bren Soule, it is a pleasure to make your aquaintance." he says.

[OOC: 'Rostek', Gyp? :P]

24 January 2005, 10:54 AM
Tadia watches the interchange between Master and former-apprentice. Maybe I'll be a Jedi Knight one day, and I will have a similar relationship with Master Darillion. Tadia stands quietly, waiting for the Jedi Master to continue on. As she waits, Tadia thinks of home and the happy feelings it brings. I've been living the spacer's life for a while, but now I want to get into a nice bed and sleep for a long time. I want to get to a place I can call home. Then I'll send letters to my parents and Aunt Merglyn.

Gyp Ryol
14 February 2005, 06:58 PM
Glyymlyy envelops Bren's hand with a huge, hairy paw and growls a greeting. He flashes Bren some teeth in a big grin, and slaps him heartily on the on the shoulder. Bren feels himself knocked slightly off balance as well as a small pang of pain. His face obviously shows it, because Master Darillion says, "Careful with that one, Glyymlyy. He's had a rough past few days."

Glyymlyy barks a response to the female Jedi Master, then growls and grunts something more. He bows to all of those present, and then turns with Unea and the other large alien who came with him. The odd trio walks out of the docking bay, but not before Unea looks back over her shoulder with a slightly disdainful glance.

Vic-Toro-Nex by this point had managed to wake himself and stumble out to join the group. Master Darillion turns to address the five Jedi hopefuls. "That was one of my former pupils. He can be a bit boisterous, but he such a strong sense of wisdom. You will most likely meet him again at the Academy. Glyymlyy is the assistant teacher for Interspecies Relations." She smiles at all of her students. "But come. You must see your new home for the time being."

The robed woman leads the group of young beings out of the duracrete docking bay. The door leads right out onto a terrace looking west over the land surrounding the docking bay. Master Darillion sweeps a robed arm over the vista. "Welcome to Alsulondend IV."

Green and plush countryside rolls gently out to the horizon. Small rivers and streams separate patches of green crops, providing ample irrigation to the obviously ample harvest. Scattered houses and homesteads seem to be the only architectural structures visible. As the young students gaze out, they begin to make out the faint shape of a mountain range to the south of the spaceport. To the north, a slender black spire seems to pierce the blue sky. The only modes of transportation the Jedi hopefuls see are a few lev train tracks and some small repulsorsleds. The air is surprisingly fresh, clean, and somewhat sweet, very much unlike either Courscant or Corellia.

The verdant landscape does much to ease some of the anxieties and tensions in the young pupils. The sweet sound of birds chirping fills the air, along with the lowing of some far-off pack animal. Alsulondend IV seems an idyllic farm world, where the harsh fingers of urbanization have not yet reached. Indeed, the spaceport itself seems to simply spring out of the ground, for on closer inspection the walls are not duracrete, but locally mined stone, maintaining the world’s ecological viewpoint.

Strangely, as all this peace surrounds him, Bosshendo feels his Jedi Credit grow chillingly cold against his chest. As he looks down to inspect it…

The thunderous roar of explosion, amplified by artificial walls, shatters any sense of peace the students had accrued. A wave of heat envelops them from behind, along with the sound of snapping flames and secondary explosions. Master Darillion whips around, a look of horror on her usually placid face. The students turn to see the doors to one of the docking bays down the curved corridor blown open, rubble strewn around the entrance and small flames sputtering around the entrance. The entire group moves as one, hurrying towards the obvious source of the explosion.

As the group of students and Master neared the explosion site, they witness a horrid sight. A KT-500 freighter had obviously once touched down here, but all that was left was the main disc section of the ship sundered in two by an explosion. Various liquids and vapors escape from cracks in conduits and tanks onto the floor of the docking bay. Flames were everywhere, consumed any flammable material that had been on the ship. The freighter itself was ablaze, but the force of the explosion had snuffed much of the initial fire.

Master Darillion stands shock still, taking in all the horrible carnage. She shakes her head, blindfolded eyes still transfixed on the burning freighter. Then suddenly, her head whips around to look at a pile of rubble. She stretches out her hand, and all the students feel a subtle change in the air around them, as if it were charged with an unseen energy. Slowly, the different pieces of rubble lifted up and moved elsewhere in the bay.

Master Darillion eventually let her hand down when what the rubble was covering became clear: a badly banged-up Kel Dor. By some stroke of sheer luck, his breath mask had not been broken. His pale red skin was mostly covered in dust and ash. Slowly he stirred and lifted himself up with one arm, groaning in pain.

Nerra and Vic-Toro-Nex, standing at the rear of the group, suddenly hear hurried footfalls from the corridor. They turn around to see a near-Human step into the docking bay, a strange sword in hand. He looked from the Twi’lek to the Tiss’Shar, asking the silent question that was on everyone’s mind.

Another set of rapid footfalls approached the explosion and soon their source was known as well. A very well dressed Human male, dressed in what appeared to be a suit, dress shirt, dress slacks, and carrying in his right hand what appeared to be a cane with a swan as the handle, stepped into the disaster area, looking very much out of place. His face was square, sporting a well trimmed goatee and mustache. His black hair was kept firmly in place by a hair product of some kind.

He looked at the three aliens gathered at the rear of the area, then saw Master Darillion near the Kel Dor. He jogged over to the Kel Dor and knelt by him. Checking the young alien’s pulse, he pulled out a very ornately detailed comlink and put it up to his mouth. Bren’s ears, used to picking out details in the din of the racetrack, heard the Human clearly say, “This is Master Mikov Varss. We have a Code 22-Red at Docking Bay 76. I repeat, 22-Red at DB 76. Please send emergency response team over right away.”

He looked over his shoulder at Master Darillion. “Anything you or your students can do in the meantime, Taselda, would be greatly appreciated!”

[OOC: Lucas and Caamasi, welcome to the party. Caamasi, Kajj heard the explosion while heading to customs and came running to investigate. Lucas, consider Wuff at, oh, 4 WP sounds generous. And neither of you have the lightsaber listed on your equipment list, since I want to keep you even with everyone else. Don’t worry, you’ll get them soon. :P]

15 February 2005, 10:13 AM
Kajj sadly rests his sword on his bed. Looking down at it, he reminices of his father and his people, the Druek. This is now the last connection between me and my people. Someday father, I will return and end the tyranny of the Lio Quitas with this very sword. A bit of Kajj's long black bangs falls infront of his eyes as he stares down at the sword. Kajj brushes it back with his right pale white hand. Turning towards the mirror, he checks to see if his new jedi clothes is on correctly. He stares the reflection at the pale, white skinned Druek. He stands proudly at 2.2 m and pierces himself with his green eyes. Perfect. I look like I have always been doing this now. Just as he is about to go lay on his bed, Kajj hears an explosion. What was that? Wait, that sounds like it came from the docking bay. I better get their asap! Kajj runs to his bed and grabs his sword and then runs out the door to the docking bay. Reaching the entrance of the docking bay, he sees some Jedi infront of the burning remains of a freighter. He notices two, maybe three humans, one is turned around and not facing him, a Cathar, a Twi'lek, and a few others. Slowly thinking of what to say, Kajj says in a serious tone, "What happened?"

Lucas Carr
16 February 2005, 02:46 PM
Wuf began to push himself up from the ground, but before he had gotten very far he seemed to be searching for something with his hands. And soon he had found the protective goggles that somehow had been thrown off in the explosion.

Wuf replaced them before standing up, ignoring his injuries to show no weakness. The others saw a 1.4m short and thin teenager stand up before the two Masters. His left hand automatically went to his waist and he placed it on the dark brown robe, with wide flowing sleves, that reached to his ankles and pressed. As if making sure that something still was attached to his utility belt. And at the same time he looked over his left shoulder towards the ship.

Underneath the robe, Wuf wore a black leather vest, over a sand tunic, and an off-white under tunic that used drawstrings to hold the sleeves in place at his wrists, with a dark green and lightning blue bandana tied around his neck. The pants were dark green and tucked into tan boots.

He brushed off the dust from his clothes, to make himself semi-presentable before bowing to Master Darillion. The bow was quick and shallow, almost too shallow and quick to be appropriate.

"Master Darillion," Wuf said. "I am Padawan Wuf Korr and I traveled here with my Master Kyle Dane, but he is no more." He indicated the exploded ship by pointing with his left hand.

"I don't know what happened and I can only assume that it was the will of the Force that I survived. My Master has spoken highly of you."

Next to Wuf was a dark green bag with a Kel Dorian emblem, covered in dust, that contained all of his other belongings.

20 February 2005, 11:21 AM
Bren was used to seeing crashes (as well as being in them, incidently), but he had never seen a starship crash on a platform before.
As much as he would prefer not to think it, his first thoughts were, of course, That was awesome, a sentiment only partially redeemed by his second- I hope no one was seriously injured.
It seemed to be that there were, sadly, casualties. At least, it seemed, that there were some intact persons coming from the wreck. The Master in the bay called for assistance, Bren went forward to check on the survivors-
"Are you guys alright!?" he asked after they introduced themselves as they answered Master Darillion's initial prompting.

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Lucas Carr
21 February 2005, 01:02 PM
[OOC: I edited my previous post to change Wuf's attire a little.]

Originally posted by Rostek
"Are you guys alright!?" he asked after they introduced themselves as they answered Master Darillion's initial prompting.

The short bright red teenage Kel Dor, turned his head slightly towards the male human. Some might have felt that Bren acted rudely or disrespectfully by interrupting Wuf's conversation with Master Darillion, but Wuf did not as he knew that things easily could have been reversed.

"I'm fine," Wuf lied without any show of respect for Bren nor with any disrespect. And then he turned his head back towards Master Darillion in expectation of her answer.

Gyp Ryol
21 February 2005, 03:03 PM
The sharply dressed Human looks at the young Kel Dor with a very stern face, though now the alien's back is to him. "Young man! Sit down at once, you are in no condition to be standing. You must be in a more relaxed position if you expect Master Darillion to tend to you at all." The man's face and tone seems to suggest he is a bit put out that he has not been addressed yet.

Wuf feels some sort of energy surround him that lifts him off his feet and rotates him to a lying position. He is promptly then placed on the ground, where Master Darillion comes over to diagnose his wounds. The elegantly dressed man stands and surveys the remaining students. After a slight moment's consideration, he points to Tadia. "You, help Master Darillion with the Kel Dor." He points to Nerra and Vic-Toro-Nex. "You two, go out and down the left corridor. You should encounter the reponse team. Lead them here as fast as you can." Nerra and Vic-Toro-Nex nod and jog off, following the man's instructions. "The rest of you, we'll search the wreckage for survivors," commands the man, motioning with his hand for Dajj, Bosshendo, and Bren to follow him.

The man slips out of his suit coat and tosses it and his cane towards one of the cleaner sections of floor near the wall. The pupils can now clearly see a lightsaber dangling from the man's belt. He moves briskly towards the wreckage. "Come now, time is of the essence!"

Master Darillion, meanwhile, tends to Wuff's wounds. He attempts to speak again, but Master Darillion shushs him. "Now is not the time. When we are at peace, and removed from this chaos, we may speak at length." She glances over her shoulder. "Tadia, I need your help."

Lucas Carr
21 February 2005, 06:01 PM
Wuf noted the tone in Master Varss' voice and though he had heard the man identify himself when he spoke in the comlink, he didn't remember the man's name. Though he did remember that he had referred to himself as Master, and Wuf had assumed that he was a Jedi Master.

But Varss' had not earned Wuf's respect, nor had he said anything that required a response, so Wuf had not yet addressed him. But now he had been told to sit and that required a reply. But before enough time had passed to allow a negative response, someone used the Force to make him comply.

But Wuf had made his stand and he could now allow his wounds to be treated without loosing face.

1 March 2005, 10:21 AM
"The rest of you, we'll search the wreckage for survivors," commands the man, motioning with his hand for Kajj, Bosshendo, and Bren to follow him.

Not wanting to disobey an order from someone who looked like the man in charge, Kajj immediately follows him to the cooling wreckage of the ship. Kajj knew that time was of the essence if any one was to be saved from the wreckage.

Facing the wreckage, he sees off to the right a leg of someone trapped under a huge piece of the ships hull. Turning towords Bren and says, "You, help me lift that piece of metal off that person," pointing to the partially covered Jedi.

[OCC: Hey Gyp, sorry to bother ya but my computer died on me and I lost my stats for Kajj. I been having problems with it since the 17th, and then I had to leave for a few days, and well its still not fixed. Do you mind sending me the stats. Thanks in advance]

2 March 2005, 07:59 AM
"The rest of you, we'll search the wreckage for survivors," commands the man, motioning with his hand for Dajj, Bosshendo, and Bren to follow him.
"Okay." Bren shrugged and moved to the wreckage.

"You, help me lift that piece of metal off that person," pointing to the partially covered Jedi.
"Sure..." Bren says, moving to the piece of wreckage with the Druek and moving to lift that bad boy off the unfortunate victim in question.

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EDIT- Fixed Species oopsies for n00b#1 ;)

Gyp Ryol
2 June 2005, 01:44 PM
[ Camera zooms out on the damaged docking bay ]

The three young sentients, with the aid of Master Varss, manage to lift the piece of rubble off a badly burned Human as the emergency response team rushes into the bay.

[ Camera wipe to: An empty stretch of land, with a mag-lev track running across the screen ]

A white train hums forcefully down the track, heading towards the mountain range the students saw earlier. The tall stalks of Alsulondend grain ripple as the wind of the train whips over it.

[ Camera cut to: the base of a mountain ]

The floating train comes to a stop at the base of the mountain. When it fully stops, two metal arms of a mechanism attached to the mountain clamp onto either end of a train car. The car then detaches from the chair and swiftly ascends up the side of the mountain.

[ Camera zoom out ]

As the car rises higher, the destination becomes apparent. Nestled in between the twin peaks of the mountain is what can only be the Jedi Academy. A gleaming white and gold structure, with softly curved feature and delicate spires rise parallel with the peaks on either side, the Jedi Academy straddles a waterfall, which rumbles gently as it sprays onto the green countryside below.

[ Camera cut to: Jedi Academy interior ]

Master Darillion leads the small group of Jedi hopefuls through the Grand Hall of the Jedi Academy. The students gawk at the gold inlays of the white marble pillars, and crane their necks to see the high white marble ceiling. The deep blue carpeting beneath their feet does little to muffle the sounds of conversations, lessons, lectures, and reprimands in the hall. The students see a large number of young sentients wandering around in the hall, going this way and that, some looking more than a little lost.

Some students are doing more than walking. Master Darillion’s group catches sight of two extended lightsabers. Two students appear ready to engage in a lightsaber duel. Both of the dueling students were Human, one of whom was rather large around the middle. The other was slight shorter was black hair. As the two prepared to cross sabers, from across the hall came dashing another Human Jedi student. He stepped between the two students and told them off. Rather angrily, the large Human duelist shut off his saber scowled and stalked off. The second looked somewhat disappointed.

Tadia thought she saw Master Darillion smile at the sight of this, but at second glance, she couldn’t be sure. Master Darillion seemed conscious of Tadia’s glances, and she turned her blindfolded gaze on her and Bren. She gently drew the two of them apart from the rest of the group. “I feel it best that you know what is ahead of you,” she says in a low voice. “I am about to take you in front of the Education Coucil here in the Academy. They will determine whether you are fit to train or not. The others that I hope to make my students are already Jedi, and should not have to undergo this process.” Bren and Tadia feel a strange surge of warmth within them when Master Darillion said “my students.”

[ Camera cut to: A simply furnished waiting room, with a large set of marble double doors at one end ]

Bren, Tadia, Wuf, and Kajj sit waiting in some of the chairs. Master Darillion had been in the Council chambers for a little over a quarter of an hour. Understandably, a few of the students were getting restless. They all started at the sound of footsteps and looked towards the entrance to the waiting room. Coming up from the Academy were three Human males, obviously students of the Academy, and a stout, pug-nosed alien behind them.

The pug-nosed alien looked at the four already waiting. He grunts a question. “Master Darillion in there already, is she?” The students already there nod their heads a little timidly. He snorts again. “Fair enough. These three are s’pposed to do watevah ya lot are doin’.” He squints his beady little eyes at the Council door. “Prolly already knows they’re ‘ere, she does.” The large alien grins, revealing a large number of crooked and square teeth. “Yall be fine. Cheers.” And without any further explanation, he leaves, shutting the door behind him.

The chronometer on the wall beeps, indicating the new hour.

[OOC: Allow me to introduce Luna-Wolf as Aleric il-Vath, skakid as Zaisn Ord, and Ronin as Kai Kadnessar. For the three new guys, I’d like you to provide a brief physical description in your first post. Everyone post! Scales of the Force is back!]

2 June 2005, 01:56 PM
Staring a little bewildered as the thing entered the council chambers, Kajj then tries to relax. But sitting in a chair too small for his stature, Kajj finds it hard to do so, so waits impatiently for Master Darillion to return. Kajj then turned to the others with him and asked, "So who are you guys?"

[OCC: hey Gyp, you think you could send a copy of my stats to me. I lsot them when my computer when crazy on me, so I would be most appreciative if I could get a pm version of it back.]

2 June 2005, 07:46 PM
Aleric is 5"7' with brown almond shaped eyes and black hair croped close to his skull. He wears the standard robes given to him by the order and appears comfertable in them, as if through accustomed to thier use, along with a vibroblade in a sheath attached to his right leg. Brown leather gloves and boots adorn his hands and feet.
He discreatly looks over each sentient with something approching approval until he catches sight of Kaji, and his eyes harden at the "sub-human" with a weapon. He Moves to an empty chair in a corner of the room and stares at KajI openly, pushing his robes away from the leg with the vibroblade, displaying it in a non-agressive manner, yet letting anyone who looks see it clearly.He folds his arms across his chest and leans back staring at the sub-human.

3 June 2005, 06:17 AM
Kajj notices the awkward silence with his question, and decides to just shut up for the time being. Brooding in his seat, he notices a human staring at him. What the hell is his problem? He notices the human is brandishing a vibro weapon. What an unelegant weapon those vibro weapons are.Not wanting to look intimidated, Kajj puts his Druek sword on his lap, openly displaying it, and stares right back at the human.

Lucas Carr
3 June 2005, 09:37 AM
Wuf turned his head and looked at the four individuals that arrived. But they weren't speaking to him. And he didn't want to speak with them, so he turned his head back and ignored them.

3 June 2005, 04:54 PM
Zaisn scans the room nervously with his green eyes dodging from student to student. Cautiously he brushes his hand through his short black hair. Seeing the weapons Zaisn's stomach turned.
Jedi where protectors and these two are showing off for eachother like beasts. Maybe someone needs to break the tension.
"Greetings I am Zaisn Ord," the human stepped between the two hoping to break their gaze.

4 June 2005, 06:33 AM
Kajj looked up at Zaisn and said, "I'm Kajj Saldor, son of Koric Saldor."Then Kajj gets a bewildered look on his face and says, "I mean," Kajj pauses for a moment, "I mean, hello, I'm Kajj Saldor, son of Koric Saldor." Slowly getting his composer, Kajj continues to speak, "Excuse my rude greeting. We Druek aren't known for our manners." Kajj then smiled at Zaisn.

Lucas Carr
4 June 2005, 10:25 AM
Wuf smiled, scratched his right cheek with the long nail on his index finger, repositioned himself in the chair, and continued to wait for the Master.

4 June 2005, 05:46 PM
Aleric stands up and extends his hand to Zaisen " My name is Aleric, I'm one of the learners here." He smiles. He also offers his hand to the druek. "sorry for staring and such, it's just we do not recieve many strangers with weapons here. Sorry about that." He smiles apolegeticly.

5 June 2005, 07:02 AM
Kajj stood up aswell and smiled awkwardly. "Understandable. I'm sorry as well. I meant no offense to you."

5 June 2005, 08:09 AM
Kai stood patiently by the seated padawans, with his arms folded, hands in the opposite sleeves. He nodded to them; "I am Kai Kadnessar. Pleased to meet you."

A little tall for a human male, Kai's figure was pretty well hidden by the voluminous brown Jedi robes, his short brown hair barely visible under the large hood but for his padawan's braid.

Knowing only that he had been summoned here from his meditation, he took the time to study the others in the room...his attention immediately drawn to the two displaying weapons. Clearly some rivalry there...which could prove dangerous. He sighed lightly and hoped that both Kajj and Aleric would put away their bravado and their weapons.

Zaisn stepped between the two and diffuses the situation, thankfully. It seemed that Zaisn was pretty level headed....and Kajj and Aleric might prove to be also, though perhaps rash.

The other (Wuf) seemed quiet, like Kai, he was content to just watch.

5 June 2005, 09:04 AM
Bren watched the festivites amongst the newcomers... a strange lot, but the swooper had little doubt that he would become much better aquainted with them over the next few days.
"Greetings- I'm Bren Soule... we're with Master Darillion, how about you guys?"

5 June 2005, 03:53 PM
To Bren "Well, I was raised here around the academy, I've seen Zaisen and Kai around but we have not had the pleasure of being introduced. *grins* this probably has something to do with us reaching Padawan Learner age, baby steps on the road to Jedi Knighthood. As for you guys, well, the acadamys been strapped for recruits, your probably gonna be joining us... *sighs and sits back down, stretching out* "I'm exauhsted, Did a 12 mile run today.*looks around* So what about you guys? whats your stories?"

5 June 2005, 06:17 PM
Kai nods, "as Aleric says, I too have been a student here for as long as I can remember," he says, though the others may get a feeling that there's more the young would-be-Jedi isn't telling.

"You four (Bren, Tadia, Wuf, and Kajj) just arrived on planet? I can't say that I remember your faces...anyway, it seems all seven of us are waiting for Master Darillion. I don't suppose you know anything that you wouldn't mind sharing? The three of us were simply summoned and escorted here..."

5 June 2005, 09:46 PM
* Aleric snorts* escorted? Maybe for you. It felt like a damn rodian death march the way Old master pig-face was staring daggers at me. He's aged like milk. He gets more and more sour every year, and more then a little chunky." * He removes his gloves and hangs them off his belt, Then looks thoughtful* Though i suppose the whole pink lightsabre prank didn't really help his attitude about me.....

Lucas Carr
5 June 2005, 11:27 PM
"I am Wuf Korr," Wuf said without standing from his seat. "I am the Padawan of Jedi Master Kyle Dane. Or I was until the ship we were traveling on exploaded after landing."

"Someone wanted someone dead. And if I find out that any of you had anything to do with my Master's death, I will take care of you."

6 June 2005, 02:53 AM
After Aleric and Kajj's face-off, and now Wuf's attitude, Kai sighs deeper and runs his hand over his face.

"We are Jedi learners. Like you. And yet here you are throwing around accusations at people you have never met before and know nothing about!" he asks in a calm voice with a frown on his face, "have we made any threats to you? Do you sense any hostility via the Force?"

"I may only be a learner, but that is not the attitude of a Jedi. I am sorry for the loss of your master but I can assure you that I had absolutely nothing to do with it and I resent your childish, baseless threats."

"Jedi have no use for revenge. By all means seek to bring your master's killer to justice. But seek not vengeance."

He was beginning to think that if these learners were put together on a mission they wouldn't need to face any evil-doers...they'd end up killing each other over nothing but petty pride.

6 June 2005, 07:53 AM
"I was brought here for my own 'protection' by my father," said Kajj. "My father is an influentual officier within the Dominion of Dorig. Its an empire of 300 worlds ruled by the Lio Quitas, with military support by my people the Druek. My father wants to change all that and bring about a democractic government. This has put him at odds with the current Archduke of the Dominion and much of the aristocracy of the government. My father didn't find out I had force abilities until I was 10, an adult in Druek terms."

"He had me brought here to save me from the political infighting that would have occured if everyone knew that I could control the force. I have only been here a couple of days. All I have left to remember my father is my sword," said Kajj as he raises the sword, in its sheeth, to eye level, "this is all I have left to remember my people."

Kajj sighed as he continued, "And I wish I could talk to him, but he said that is too dangerous since other factions may try to kill me. I'm sorry for my rude behavior from before, its just my people are a beligerent lot and I have been brooding since I left my family a couple days ago."

Lucas Carr
6 June 2005, 09:35 AM
Wuf rose from his seat, his right hand going to his left hip, but returning empty.

[I assume that Kai is much taller than Wuf as he is described as tall and Wuf is only 1.4m]

"I did not accuse," Wuf said to the much taller human in a stern voice. "I made a promise. And if you ever dispute my honor, or that of my Master, it will be the last thing you do."

The bright red (that's his normal color, not a sign of anger) Kel Dor seemed to be looking intently at Kai, though no one could tell for sure as his eyes couldn't be seen. And for those that knew Wuf's people, he was far from the most attractive member of his species.

His off-white under tunic used drawstrings to hold its sleeves out of the way at his thin wrists, but the dark brown Jedi robe better hid his built now than it had done when some of the others had seen him after the explosion.

6 June 2005, 10:14 AM
Zaisn approached Wuf quietly and put a soft hand on his shoulder. "It is truely a tragedy when we lose someone close to us," the human smiled quietly. "Don't worry however, your master has gone on to join the force as have many before us. And as we all will one day."

Lucas Carr
6 June 2005, 10:28 AM
"Don't touch me," Wuf said and hit Zaisn's hand away from his shoulder. "And I know more about the Force than you do."

6 June 2005, 02:28 PM
"We are all learners here Wuf. Your knowledge is no more nor no less then the rest of us. Such beliefs will only make you arrogant, and that will cloud your judgement," said Kajj.

"And as Jedi, we can't have clouded judgement if we are to serve the greater good."

Lucas Carr
6 June 2005, 02:43 PM
"We shall see," Wuf said.

6 June 2005, 02:50 PM
Kajj smiled, "Hmm, I like your attitude. You act like a true warrior. But we both have much to learn. In time, we shall all be able to strike out at the evils of the galaxy, whether it be pirate and dark jedi," Kajj paused, " or Lio Quitas," he paused even longer, to let the words soak in, " and those who murdered your Master."

6 June 2005, 05:30 PM
*His Eyes narrow, becoming slits, as he regards the belligerant Alien verbally attacking Zaisen*
"Watch yourself Kel Dor, You may know more about the force then we do, but 20 credits says me and the rest of the group can subdue you pretty quick. Not that we will need to of course, considering theres a whole temple full of Jedi at shouts length. But just in case, watch yourself." *He moves closer to Wuf, hands at his sides ready to defend himself and anyone else if need be. " Now your angry and pissed that someone or something happend on that ship that cost your Master his life, yes? *points to the druek* Kajj has problems withHim and his dad at deaths door from assasins, And BOTH my parents, Jedi Knights before me, were slaughtered just as i was born on some sorry ass planet not worth fighting for. *arms foreward, palms up in a placating gesture* So cool it. Sit down, take a nap, meditate, or just talk to the people around you about this without threataning anyone. The only enemies you have here are ones you make. No one here doubts Yousr or anyone elses honor.

6 June 2005, 05:57 PM
Originally posted by Lucas Carr
Wuf rose from his seat, his right hand going to his left hip, but returning empty.

[I assume that Kai is much taller than Wuf as he is described as tall and Wuf is only 1.4m]

"I did not accuse," Wuf said to the much taller human in a stern voice. "I made a promise. And if you ever dispute my honor, or that of my Master, it will be the last thing you do."

Kai sighed again.
It was becoming a habit.

"I did not dispute your honour. I objected to you making threats to myself and the rest of assembled Jedi learners. We are your equals and I am quite sure we had nothing to do with the death of your master. I object to you trying to intimidate us. And I object to your attitude."
Kai pointed to Wuf's right hand, which had moved to his hip.
"Your immediate reaction was to go for a weapon. I may be just a learner, but that is hardly a wise reaction for a Jedi."

Kai stopped as Zaisn spoke to Wuf.
The fact that the Kel Dor refused all of their attempts to calm or befriend him shocked Kai. He was expecting the other learners to be varied, to be sure, but this Kel Dor acted more like a Hutt-employed thug than one who wished to become a Jedi.

As Kajj spoke to Wuf, Kai hoped that warrior-to-warrior it might help reign him him...but it didn't seem likely.

"If we are to work together, which I anticipate we will...we must be willing to give our lives for eachother...not take eachother's lives. And with your current attitude..." Kai looked about the room, at the other learners, "I would lay down my life for anyone in this room, any of these strangers, because I believe they would do the same for me...except you."
"You may well believe that you will never need my help...and I truely hope that you're right."

6 June 2005, 07:36 PM
Kajj stood perplexed as he heard the other speak their words of compassion. Kajj scoffed at them and said, "Wuf, don't worry about what they say. All you need is control. Learn to focus your anger and rage and then learn to tame it. Only then will you begin your path down the light and as a true warrior. If you let your rage control you you will only bring pain and suffering, not justice. We Druek have seen this happen all too often to even the best warriors."

Lucas Carr
7 June 2005, 01:15 AM
Wuf spoke with Kai and their conversation was interrupted first by Zaisn and then by Kajj.

Originally posted by CaamasiJedi49
Kajj smiled, "Hmm, I like your attitude. You act like a true warrior. But we both have much to learn. In time, we shall all be able to strike out at the evils of the galaxy, whether it be pirate and dark jedi," Kajj paused, " or Lio Quitas," he paused even longer, to let the words soak in, " and those who murdered your Master."

Wuf nodded slightly towards Kajj. “So we shall.”

Kai continued to speak, but before Wuf had answered, Aleric spoke in Zaisn’s defense. Followed by Kajj speaking for Wuf.

“Do you have a problem with your grammar, human?” Wuf asked Aleric with added emphasis on the last word. “Or do you have something against me personally?” He continued without letting Aleric answer. “You sound like a bigot to me. And an honorless weakling at that. Or was it your parents that were without honor?”

“But perhaps if I say this again, you will all understand. I do not threaten or accuse. I only promise and state the facts as they are. And there is no rage, only honor.”

7 June 2005, 06:20 AM
Another sigh escaped Kai's lips.
The longest yet.

He shifted his weight and looked to the doorway...wishing the Master would come soon...or anyone for that matter.

If the others wished to continue bickering, so be it...but Kai was tired of it. He would have to meditate on matters deeply...but for some unfathomable reason the Force had brought these individuals together...and he was sure it wasn't so they could tear verbal chunks out of each other.

He strolled over toward Bren and Tadia, ignoring any further conversation behind him, and sat cross legged before the human man and woman.
"Welcome to Alsulondend," he says with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

7 June 2005, 02:15 PM
* Aleric stops upon hearing Wuffs words, his face becoming emotionless, his body becoming completely still as he stares at him. He stares for several moments Bearly suppresing his anger before speaking, enunciating each and every syllable forcefully*
"Mention my parents again and I'll personally show you who's the weakling here. They knew more of honor and the force then you, and I will NOT have filth such as you defiling them with your ignorant and slanderous tongue." *takes a step foreward his hands clenched tightly next to his sides, untill he his face to face with Wuff, staring down into his eye goggles* Go ahead, do it, Insult them again filth.
(will save if wuff antagonizes him again.)

7 June 2005, 04:51 PM
Watching this bad situation unfold, Kajj reacted without hesitation. Quickly unsheething his sword, he used it to create a barrier inbetween Aleric and Wuf. "Stop this nonsense," yelled Kajj. "You are letting your rage control you. That will only lead to the dark side! Remember, control your rage!"

7 June 2005, 05:34 PM
* Aleric grabs the Blade in his bare hand gripping it tight so it slices his palm wide open, his blood runs down the edge and drips to the floor as he throws it out of the way* " I am in control, why do you think he's still standing? This doesn't involve you Kajj, This was between me and that red-skinned bastard the second he decided to insult my parents.
(i'd imagine 1 vp lose?)

Gyp Ryol
7 June 2005, 07:14 PM
OOC: First blood has been drawn!

Ahem. Anyway, that's goin' straight to WP, Luna-Wolf, not VP. 10 WP left for Aleric.

And as a side note, L-W, I'd appreciate it if you would write with spoken words in quotes and actions in third person complete sentences. Skip the asteriks around the action descriptions, as they're unnecessary. EX: Aleric's eyes narrow, as he regards the belligerant alien verbally attacking Zaisen. "Watch yourself, Kel Dor..."

Lucas Carr
7 June 2005, 10:17 PM
"You've found a convenient way not to fight weakling," Wuf said. "Perhaps we can do this again some other day."

Gyp Ryol
7 June 2005, 11:02 PM
"The Council is ready to-" starts a gentle voice from the doors to the Council chambers, but it quickly falls silent as the situation in the waiting room comes into view. All of the students jerk their heads to see Master Darillion standing in the entry way, taking in the chaotic scene: Kajj, standing with his sword seperating the two flush-faced apprentices, Aleric, dripping blood on the floor, and Wuf, staring defiantly, with Kai, Zaisen, Bren, and Tadia looking on in stunned silence.

Master Darillion solemnly regards each of them in turn, and despite her blindfold, each student feels her scrutinizing gaze, peering right into their souls.

Aleric quickly attempts to hide his bleeding hand behind his back, but the small puddle on the floor and the red sheen on Kajj's blade does little to aid his efforts of concealment. Kajj lowers his sword to the floor, somewhat unsure as to how to react. Wuf stands as he was, ready for any rebuke that may be forthcoming. The four innocent students wonder if they would be punished, as the other three surely would be.

A bubbly voice speaks, issuing from nowhere and everywhere at once. "Master Darillion, what seems to be the problem?"

"It appears," she says calmly and slowly, "that a few of the students have gotten into a rather heated discussion. It also appears," she adds, "that Aleric has injured himself in the process."

"Is that so?" asks a different, gruffer voice, one that is clearly coming from within the chambers. "Well then, by all means, Taselda, bring them in. I'm now much more interested in meeting these 'prospective students' of yours." The sarcasm in his voice was hard to ignore.

Master Darillion's face blushes for a brief instant. She opens the chamber doors a little wider, motioning inside. "If you all would, please. The Council is ready to see you now." The seven students shamefully file past Master Darillion into the Chamber. She stops Aleric long enough to wrap a white bandage, which she produces from a fold in her simple robes, over his wound.

The students file into the round Council chambers. The round room feature no wall hangings or ornaments of any kind. The room is made of white marble, just as everything else in the Academy is, but is dimly lit. No windows allow a view of the beautiful Alsulondend countryside. The brightest lights shine down on the Council's podium, which resembles the podium of the Supreme Chancellor of the Senate. In the middle, and highest position, sits a familiar man. Master Mikov Varss looks down on the students as they enter into the chambers. No longer dressed in his sharp suit, Master Varss wears the robes of the Jedi.

On Varss' right sits an old Twi'lek man. He is obviously obese, as is evidenced by his thick head-tails and extensive paunch, on which his lumpy hands rested. His purple skin is lined with wrinkles and dark splotches, making him a rather harsh punishment on the eyes. He looked at the students rather sternly as they entered.

The creature on Varss' left could not really be said to be sitting. On the left was a large, egg-shaped tank, filled with a yellow-red bubbling liquid. Floating inside the tank was quite possibly the largest brain any of the students had ever seen. The main body of the brain floated near the top of the tank, and the stem and various tendrils seemed to drift lazily below it. A few large blood vessels twitched on the surface of the brain. There were no eyes to be seen anywhere, so the students couldn't tell whether the large brain was able to see them or not.

When all the students had entered, Master Darillion closed the Chamber door with an echoing thump. She then came to stand to the right of Tadia, who was closest to the door. The students stood in silence for a few moments, gawking at the Council before them.

After a time, the old purple Twi'lek coughed, causing his wide belly to shake slightly. "You've had you're time to stare now," he says harshly, and the students immediately recognize his voice as the gruff, sarcastic one from earlier. "Now, we need to know what happened in that waiting room." He pauses. As someone inhales a breath to start speaking, he quickly adds, "And don't go interrupting someone while they're talking. You all get one chance to speak to tell us what happened. No more. Choose your words wisely." He gives Aleric in particular a hard stare, then flops back into seat, mopping his sweaty face with a large hankerchief. Perhaps talking that much for the old Twi'lek was like taking a 10 mile hike.

Master Varss gives the students a quick once-over his pursed lips. He smiles encouragingly. "Who would like to go first?"

8 June 2005, 05:01 AM
"Masters . . . with your permission," Zaisn spoke up respectfully.

The dark haired human bowed his head for a moment to show the council the respect it so greatly deserved, and to gain his composure. Raising his face he took a quiet breath, smiled at the council, and took a confident step forward.

"I believe what we have is a misunderstanding. Each of us come from a diverse background all have seen some of those close to us go on to become a part of the Force,” Zaisn held his hands out, palms up, and motioned. “Some, like myself, saw them go on long ago. It also seems some have experienced this event recently and are still on high guard from those that would do it again.”

Zaisn scanned the council as he spoke. “Words of warning were said. Some of which may have been chosen poorly. Some may have been received poorly.” The human’s green eyes softened as he smiled again. “I don’t intend to speak for the others; I simply wished to share my point of view. I shall step back so they may speak. Thank you masters.”

The dark haired young man stepped back into line and waited for the next student to speak.

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8 June 2005, 06:53 AM
"If I may Masters," said Kajj.

Kajj step forward, then bowed before talking. "Masters, Zaisn insit is very good. But their is more. Wuf and Aleric were argueing over some mis-placed words. Both, like myself, come from troubled past's. But unlike me, they have both suffered loss, I have only suffered separation."

Kajj continued, "I tried to calm Wuf down, but the situation became critical and it looked as though a fight may insue. I wanted to make some barrier to keep each other at bay. All I had was my sword and my lightsaber. I knew that sword wounds can easily heal, but lightsaber wounds are forever. So I put my blade inbetween them to ensure a fight didn't happen."

"Aleric, still angry over misplaced words spoken by Wuf, reached out and grabbed my blade until his hand was cut open. HIs reasoning was that I didn't need involve myself in the arguement. But I did not wish for fellow warriors to kill each other. So I acted with what I thought was right. I'm sorry if I disappointed you Masters." Kajj bowed again and returned to the group of Jedi.

8 June 2005, 07:19 AM
Oh no, Kai thought as he heard the hiss of Kajj skinning his steel.

Wuf and Aleric seemed to have all the balls in the galaxy, but little of the self-restraint.
He stood and turned to see the trio of learners in their Tatooine standoff...and witnessed a drop of blood from Aleric's hand. He sensed that they had crossed a threshold that they could never retreat back across. Blood had been shed between Wuf and Aleric...and by Kajj's blade. The floor could be cleaned. The cut would heal. But none of them would forget what had transpired.

It was not lost on him that the three involved were the threemost aggressive in the room. Two bore weapons and the other was armed with an attitude more stubborn than a crazed bantha.

As they walked toward the council chamber he positioned himself near to Kajj. "Kajj," he said in a low voice, "I would meditate with you later." Events had brought questions to Kai's mind...questions he wished to share with Kajj...though the sword-bearer was clearly a warrior, he seemed to be more level headed.

Entering the chamber he immediately quietened, both vocally and mentally. The council was an impressive...no, let's not lie...scary presence. Something at the back of his mind, a feelling he had occasionally, told him to trust the will of the Force...

He listened intently as Zaisn gave his testimony. Kai immediately respected Zaisn as soon as he had seen him: a peacemaker.

Kajj spoke next, factually and in defence of his actions.

Kai bowed.
"It seems that as soon as the seven of us were put in the same room, tensions grew. This began with Aleric displaying his vibroblade, and was countered with Kajj revealing his sword." I half expected someone to openly brandish their manhood for comparison, Kai carefully didn't say. "Zaisn introduced himself, attempting to dissolve the tension. He succeeded."
"We began to introduce ourselves and engage in small talk when Wuf introduced himself with the promise to kill any of us if we were connected to the recent murder of his master," Kai reported.
"I commented that I didn't find Wuf's attitude becoming of a would-be Jedi, to which he reached for a thankfully-absent weapon, and continued his promises of violence should we insult his precious sense of honour."
"Zaisn again attempted diplomacy."
"Wuf dismissed all attempts to calm him or befriend him."
"Aleric came to Zaisn's defence. Myself and Kajj again tried to calm our Kel Dor colleague."
"Wuf then insulted both Aleric and Aleric's late parents. Aleric, it seemed, could not ignore this slight and confronted Wuf. It was then that Kajj attempted to separate them with his sword."
"Aleric injured himself and Wuf stated that he had done so to escape fighting him. It seemed our Kel Dor colleague would do anything to provoke Aleric, or any of us."
"Aleric became Wuf's target since he too seems to have a strong sense of honour."
"And here we are." He finished with a bow, disappointment thick in his voice.

8 June 2005, 08:42 AM
As Kai returned to th group, Kajj leaned closely to him and said, "After this is over, we can meet in the meditation chamber." Kajj then turned his attention back to the Masters.

Lucas Carr
8 June 2005, 09:26 AM
“I protected my honor,” Wuf said without bowing to the Council or stepping forward. “And that of my late Master Kyle Dane. I spoke what I saw, including the weakness and lack of honor of Aleric.”

8 June 2005, 11:28 AM
Zaisn was surprised slightly at Wuf's statement. He wondered quietly if Wuf's master would have behaved similarly. Quickly the young man silenced his thoughts realizing the council's ever watchful scrutiny of the entire situation.

8 June 2005, 02:25 PM
Aleric steps foreward and bows "Masters, you all know me, and you know my faults and strengths better then even I do, Including my reaction when disrespected for little or no reason. The Kel-Dor verbally threatend us, and then, when we attempted to calm him insulted me, and whats more insulted my parents. I did my best to control my anger and nearly failed and for that I am sorry masters. I cut my hand on kajj's blade on accident, hes a good fighter, keeps it sharp and clean."
Aleric moves back to his place in line and stands still awaiting the councils judgement.

8 June 2005, 03:49 PM
Tadia, overwhelmed by the situation, stands quietly by Master Darillion. I guess I'm not used to such verbal arguments. Listening to the other students, Tadia looks over at Alerics wound. Someone needs to look at that.

Glancing at Master Darillion, Tadia feels relieved and decides to step forward. "I didn't catch the whole argument, but I believe it was all a misunderstanding. And I hope that it will be resolved soon and peacefully."

Lucas Carr
8 June 2005, 08:36 PM
"It wasn't a threat," Wuf said as soon as the word 'threaten' crossed Aleric's lips and while he continued to speak. "Learn some grammar."

Wuf knew that the Masters most likely would see his reply as a violation of their instructions. That he was interrupting another and that he spoke for a second time. But Wuf didn't see it that way. And as the Masters hadn't earned his respect, it didn't matter anyway.

9 June 2005, 04:46 AM
"shut up." Aleric snaps at Wuff " This is over for now Kel-Dor, We sound like bickering younglings.

9 June 2005, 07:37 AM
Originally posted by Lucas Carr
"It wasn't a threat," Wuf said as soon as the word 'threaten' crossed Aleric's lips and while he continued to speak. "Learn some grammar."

Wuf knew that the Masters most likely would see his reply as a violation of their instructions. That he was interrupting another and that he spoke for a second time. But Wuf didn't see it that way. And as the Masters hadn't earned his respect, it didn't matter anyway.

By the Force, did that little Kel Dor never shut up? And who was he to speak about the intricacies of linguistics?! Grammar was the structure of a language, not the meaning or connotation of a word. His inflated sense of honour and lack of respect for anyone else did not bode well for the future...if the life of one of the learners was in peril, and Wuf had that life in one hand...and his honour in the other...Kai feared that Wuf would choose selfishly. They would have to do their best to make sure that such a situation never arose...

Gyp Ryol
9 June 2005, 08:20 AM
The bubbly, gurgling voice rings loudly in everyone's head. "Be silent, as Master Poncket has instructed you!"

The old Twi'lek, Master Poncket, glances over to the large brain floating in the jar. "Thank you, Master Eebrex." The Twi'lek Jedi turns his steely gaze on Wuf. "I can only imagine that you learned this arrogant and bombastic attitude from Master Kyle Dane. Such shows of disrespect and disregard of one's superiors could only be taught by one such as Master Dane."

Master Varss' eyes went wide at Master Poncket's words, and Master Darillion inhaled a sharp breath. The students shifted nervously and stole glances at Wuf, to see his reaction.

Lucas Carr
9 June 2005, 09:10 AM
"I show respect where respect is warranted," Wuf said without moving from his place and without any anger. "And you have not earned my respect."

10 June 2005, 06:15 AM
Originally posted by Gyp Ryol
The old Twi'lek, Master Poncket, glances over to the large brain floating in the jar. "Thank you, Master Eebrex." The Twi'lek Jedi turns his steely gaze on Wuf. "I can only imagine that you learned this arrogant and bombastic attitude from Master Kyle Dane. Such shows of disrespect and disregard of one's superiors could only be taught by one such as Master Dane."

Not ten minute ago Kai had been thinking that he pitied the late Master Dane, whoever he had been, for having to have taught such an awkward padawan as Wuf...but now it seemed that Wuf had gained at least some of his cuddly personality from his recently deceased instructor.

Clearly Master Poncket was one who spoke his mind...as the reactions of the other masters displayed...

It seemed their misbehavior had taken front stage and whatever reason they had been summoned for was still waiting in the wings...if it wasn't cancelled entirely...

10 June 2005, 06:28 AM
Zaisn waited silently. Surely the flow of the Force had brought him to this point for a reason, but for what?
A voice of reason would surely be drowned out by the loud screams for violence. Zaisn glanced at the masters to see their reaction and silently hoped that the Force hadn't lead him to this point to prevent him from being the great Jedi mediator he had dreamed of becoming.

Gyp Ryol
10 June 2005, 03:14 PM
Master Poncket's large lips curled into a smile momentarily, and leaned back in his chair, apparently satisfied with himself. "Very well then. I am satisfied with the student's accounts. May I suggest we move on to the real purpose for their presence, Master Varss?" says Master Poncket, wiping his forehead with a hankie again.

Master Varss nods, and looks to Master Darillion. "Master Darillion, if you would be so kind as to give us a moment?" The blindfolded Jedi Master simply bows to the council and leaves the Council chambers, the large marble door causing the room to echo once more.

Master Varss turns his attention on the students once again, with one hand fiddling with his well-groomed goatee. He smiles ecouragingly at the students. "We've gotten off to a bad start." Master Poncket grunts. "I believe a proper introduction is in order," continues Varss, ignoring the large Twi'lek. "This is the Academy Council of Alsulondend IV. I am Master Mikov Varss, headmaster of the academy. To my right is Master Regtif Poncket, dean of students. And Master Eebrex, assistant headmaster in charge of cirriculum."

"A huge brain is in charge of the cirriculum?" blurts out Bren.

The gurgling voice in everyone's head comes in gentler than earlier. "Yes, I must admit I revel in the exquisite appropriateness of the situation whenever the job becomes a bit dull." A feeling of mirth and amusement bursts in everyone's mind.

Poncket clears his throat. "If we may continue? The reason why you are all here is because Master Darillion actually believes that you all can be trained to be Jedi Knights. As I'm sure you're well aware, your behavior while in the waiting room is highly unbecoming of even a Padawan learner, much less a Jedi Knight."

Varss cuts in. "However, Master Darillion has expressed great faith in each of your abilities and speaks highly of your potential to be great Jedi." He closes his eyes for a moment, concentrating on something. "And I know see how she came to that conclusion. The Force does run strongly in each of you, and your potential does seem impressive."

Eebrex's burbling voice pops into everyone's minds, saying, "But potential means nothing without control. You are young and untrained, and as such you allow your emotions to have a significant influence on your action. In order to properly connect with the Force, you must learn to disconnect from your feelings, and use them as tools, and not let them control you."

Varss resumes his own speech, and says, "Here at the Academy you can learn the ways of the Force, and the path of the Jedi. But as I'm sure Master Darillion has warned you, such a journey is long and difficult, requiring as much knowledge of yourself as your knowledge of the Force."

He places his fingertips together. "This is your first step down that path of knowledge. The Council needs to know why it is you want to learn the way of the Jedi. What is it that drives you? What has brought you here to learn? You must look deep inside of yourself to answer this question, and that the right answer is the one that you find there."

Poncket leans forward. "And remember, the Force makes it very easy to see right through any lies. What you answer must be the truth, or you will find your welcome here very short indeed."

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10 June 2005, 03:48 PM
Tadia watches as Master Darillion leaves the Council Chamber. Now, on to business. Turning her attention to the assembled Masters, Tadia listens to their instructions quietly.

What is it that drives you? What has brought you here to learn? You must look deep inside of yourself to answer this question, and that the right answer is the one that you find there.

The real test. Tadia closes her eyes and thinks deeply. Well, I want to learn how to use the Force to heal wounds. A Jedi Knight on Naboo told me I have potential. I’ve used the Force a few times to help patients at the hospital. But, why am I really here? Looking deeper into herself, Tadia scrunches her eyelids shut. Why? Then, suddenly, the reason comes to Tadia and her eyes flash open.

Tadia steps forward excitedly and bows to the Masters. “I am Tadia Nourdi from Naboo,” she says. Then after a brief pause, Tadia truthfully announces, “And I have come to learn the Jedi ways to help others.”

10 June 2005, 06:26 PM
What is it that drives you? What has brought you here to learn? You must look deep inside of yourself to answer this question, and that the right answer is the one that you find there.

Kajj closed his eyes and thought long and hard on this. Why am I here? What is the force that drives me to become a Jedi? Then, Kajj finally understood what he had to do, what his destiny was as a Jedi.

Kajj stepped forward and said, "I am Kajj Saldor, son of Koric Saldor. I am a Druek, and a former citizen of the Dominion of Dorig. And I come to learn the Jedi ways to begin saving the Dominion from self destruction and the dark side." Kajj then bowed and returned back to his place, happy to know the truth of his destiny with the force.

Lucas Carr
10 June 2005, 07:57 PM
Wuf's eyes followed Master Darillion as she left the room, she was the only Jedi he had met here that he respected. His Master, an old friend of hers, had told him about her.

As Master Poncket spoke about the inappropriateness of their actions, he only established himself, in the eyes of Wuf, as one not deserving respect. For there was nothing more important than Honor.

He listened to the instructions Master Eebrex gave. He was young, that was true. And compared to a Master he still had much to learn. But he was in control of his emotions. But as the Master finished, Wuf realized that Eebrex meant that Wuf's Honor was controlling him, instead of Wuf being in control himself.

And that just showed how little Master Eebrex understood the way of Honor, as well as how little respect he deserved.

Wuf listened to the instructions given by Master Varss and to his questions. He didn't have to search to find the answers to them, but he hadn't come here to join their Academy. Wuf didn't like school and he never had. But this was the Jedi, this was the Force.

"I am Wuf Korr of Dorin," Wuf said. "And I didn't come here to learn. I already had a Master, but he is no more. I saw Master Dane's prowess in battle and that is what I want to learn, that is what drives me in the Force. And I want to continue to learn of the Force and the way of the Jedi."

And as an afterthought he added, "And I need a new lightsaber."

11 June 2005, 02:15 AM
Aleris stand still for a moment, orginizing his thoughts. They drift back as always to the planet Uk-Weh, and the tyrant government that murdered his parents and scores of civilians in its rise to power, and he speaks. " I am Aleric il-Vath, and I come to learn so I may deal justice to evil-doers and help right wrongs."

11 June 2005, 08:30 AM
"I am Zaisn Ord," the young human spoke. "I have never had a homeworld. I honestly wish to follow the force's lead. Currently I believe the force to be leading me towards a roll as a mediator. I hate to see the pain caused by fighting. . . fighting in any form."

11 June 2005, 06:38 PM
Bren stays silent as the various padawans have their little pissing contest, raising an eyebrow as the Kel Dor and one of the humans put their substansial character/personality flaws on parade. Normally, he'd add his bit of witty reparte to the match, but as these two seemed bent on fighting over virtually nothing... well, it wouldn't do to peeve off two or more of his new classmates (who were potentially valuable allies and who were obviously better prepared than Bren for fighting) so early in his stay.
Ye gods... Are all Jedi so damn touchy? Obviously not... the Druek guy and the one named Kai seem pretty level headed by compairison, but jeez Bren thinks.

Thankfully, the Council of this particular conclave interupted the contest-Bren, of course, followed the instructions given to him and stood silently alongside the others.

What is it that drives you? What has brought you here to learn? You must look deep inside of yourself to answer this question, and that the right answer is the one that you find there.
"Well... I'm here because Master Darillion told me I should be. I'm just a swoop racer- and not a particularly great one at that. She told me on Corellia that I have "force potential" or something, so here I am. So, I guess what drives me right now is... curiousity." Bren says

12 June 2005, 02:34 AM
Kai listened intently to the others' stories and what drove them...eventually it came to him to speak. He took a deep breath, tried to gather his thoughts, think of what to say.

"I was brought here as a baby by Jedi who discovered me in an escape pod, the only survivor of the mysterious destruction of a starliner. That is how I came be here."
"I stayed because I know no other life...and I feel that I should be here. Something within me tells me that I should remain here. It feels...familiar."
"It is this feeling that drives me toward whatever the Force wills."

Gyp Ryol
13 June 2005, 06:50 AM
Originally posted by Ronin
"It is this feeling that drives me toward whatever the Force wills."

Kai's words echo in the nearly empty Council chamber. As the last sounds die away, the Council sits deep in thought. Varss has his eyes closed, stroking his goatee. Poncket squints at the Jedi-hopefuls, kneading his fleshy neck with his knuckles. Eebrex continues to float in his bubbling pod, as inscrutable as ever.

Master Varss opens his eyelids and looks at Master Eebrex. Apparently recieving some sort of signal, he turns to regard Master Poncket. The old Twi'lek returns Varss' gaze, then nods once. Varss turns to the students gathered before the Council.

"It is the Council's decision that you all are to study the ways of the Force under Master Taselda Darillion. You are to be admitted into the Jedi Order as Padawan learners." He pauses, choosing his next words. "You each have obstables in your paths that will block you in training. Do not presume you know what these obstacles are, for such presumption is arrogance, and that is the path to the dark side. A Jedi's life is one of constant learning, of selfless service, of tireless defense; one of weighing yourself on the scales of the Force, and divining its will."

Varss stops and smiles. "But with the proper training, training which you will recieve under Master Darillion, you can learn to listen to the Force, and know what it is you are meant to do. Welcome to the Jedi Order."

"You are all dismissed. Servant droids are waiting for you outside to show you to your rooms. Remember to meet Master Darillion in the Meditation Room at precisely ten hundred," says Master Eebrex, the doors to the waiting room swinging open. The students dutifully file out, passing Master Darillion on their way, who smiles warmly at them all. She hushes Kai and Kajj as they try to speak to her. She says, "Silence now. You have all had a long day. Go and get some sleep. I shall see you tomorrow morning."

A glance at the clock tells the students that it is in fact 2247 at night, much later than any could have guessed. The students find seven small floating servant droids waiting for them, who lead them to seperate rooms. The soft veil of sleep quickly falls over the students, and they sink into bed, feeling exhausted. As their eyes droop and the world begins to fade out, a small voice whispers, "The Scales of the Force." Then they are asleep.

Gyp Ryol
13 June 2005, 07:11 AM
[Camera cut to: Darillion standing before the Council, moments after the students have left]

"But can't you see it in each of them? Can you not see that these are the ones?" pleades Master Darillion, a look of suppressed anguish on her face.

Varss shakes his head. "Taselda, it is not up to us to interpret prophecies. The Orphans could be any number of children anywhere in the galaxy who have not been discovered yet. And perhaps they shall never be discovered. Not all prophecies are fufilled."

Darillion stomps her foot, an out of character reaction. "But I've read the prophecy, and all the signs point to now, all the signs point to them. Why can't you see that?"

"Taselda get a hold of yourself! Is this the kind of insolent behavior you will teach to your new Padawans?" barks Poncket. He point a finger at Darillion. "You know that the Council was against letting you have so many pupils, but you were so convincing that they needed your instruction, we relented. But now-"

"Are you saying I'm not fit to teach them?" asks Darillion sharply, apparently trying to keep her emotions in check.

"No one is doubting your instructional capabilities, Master Darillion. What Master Poncket means, I believe, is that the Council finds your real motivations for training these Younglings a little hard to swallow," burbles Eebrex, coming to Poncket's aid. "Not to mention, you seem to have overlooked a key part of the prophecy."

Master Darillion looks unconvinced.

Eebrex continues. "Does it not say that all of the Orphans were to be without parents when they find their new home?"

"I'm well aware of what the prophecy says, Master Eebrex. All I'm saying-"

"Then explain to me," interrupts Eebrex, "how these seven can be the Orphans when the girl still has her parents?"

Master Darillion is taken aback. There is a short silence. "What do you mean?"

"The girl, Tadia, had strong memories and connections to a man and a woman on Naboo, connections that run back into her childhood. I can only assume that these beings are her parents," says Eebrex quietly.

Darillion's brow furrows over her blindfold. "But that's not right. Her true parents are dead. I'm sure of it. I have seen it."

Dead silence reigns in the Council chamber. Varss runs a troubled hand through his slicked back hair. "Then we are in a precarious position indeed."

[Camera cut to: downshot of Darillion standing in the Council chamber. Music swells until iris wipe to credits.]

OOC: End of Episode I. Look for a new thread with the start of Episode II soon.

13 June 2005, 07:16 AM
Kai bowed his head as the council delivered their decision...and he thought that the seven were lucky after the disaster in the waiting room. Whatever the Masters saw in the new padawans, Kai wasn't sure he could see it in certain members of the group.

As they filed out, the thought crossed his mind that he and Kajj had better ask their new master for permission to meditate but as soon as the very thought passed from Kai's brain to his mouth, Master Darillion answered the unspoken question and bid them all goodnight.

Kai followed the droid to his sparsely furnished room and rested on the cot...after eighteen years as a learner at the temple, he had finally been accepted as a padawan. He felt proud, but aprehensive.

Eventually sleep took him...

He dreamt of the hum of lightsabers...and images he could barely make out swam in the mist before his eyes...lightsabers...blue and green...clashing...alarms and the ground beneath his feet buckling and rocking...eventually the dream faded as he slept deeper.

Lucas Carr
13 June 2005, 12:20 PM
Wuf heard Master Varss' words.

Originally posted by Gyp Ryol

"Do not presume you know what these obstacles are."

"A Jedi's life is one of constant learning, of selfless service, of tireless defense; one of weighing yourself on the scales of the Force, and divining its will."

"Listen to the Force."

And the words hit him as with great force and penetrated him to the deepest depths of his innermost heart. And no word had ever had greater meaning, to anyone, than these words at this time had to Wuf. He pondered on these words again and again, to savor it, and draw every ounce of nourishment they contained into himself.

These words, these truths, were sufficient, much more than sufficient, for Master Varss to gain Wuf's respect!

So before he left the council room, Wuf made a quick shallow bow to Varss, while ignoring the other two Jedi Masters.

He left the room as if he was floating. There was nothing that stopped him, no obstacles in his path that made walking difficult. He followed the droid as if on autopilot while his mind was otherwise occupied.

As he entered his room, Wuf was planning to meditate, but it was as if all strength left him. As if this experience had carried him home, but temporarily also drained him. So Wuf quickly fell asleep.

14 June 2005, 07:44 AM
After Kajj and the everyone else had been dismissed by the masters, Kajj was about to speak to Master Darillion when she hushed him, and sent him on his way to his room. Once inside he quickly fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of another place. Kajj saw pictures of war, of suffering, of death. He saw his homeworld of Dorig in flames, his father and mother dying in his arms, and the Archduke laughing manically. And behind him, in the shadows, an darker evil pulled the Archdukes strings. What is this, Kajj wondered. This is the future, the shadow replied, the Dominions future. War will engulf the Dominion. And all because of you.........

Kajj woke up screaming NO! Sweat ran all over his body and he was short of breathe. "It was only a dream," said Kajj in relief, "but is it really my future? Am I really to destroy the Dominion? Will I cause my parents to be killed?" He paused as he let the questions soak into him. "No," Kajj said, trying to relieve is fears, "My father and mother are safe on Dorig, far away from me. And when I return to them, I will be a great Jedi Knight. I will bring peace to the Dominion, father I will have your dream come true."

And with that Kajj slowly fell back asleep.