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Vreel Kudarin
23 July 2004, 09:51 AM
The twin suns of the Tatoo system sit high in the vast, clear azure noon sky, searing away at the tiny pockets of life clinging to the blasted surface of the desert world. Out in the vast seas of sand, the temperatures soar to around 65º centigrade, though today in Mos Eisley spaceport, it is holding at a moderately more comfortable 41º centigrade. Still, every sentient in it's right mind is currently indoors, in the shade, or sleeping through the worst of the noon heat, until the late afternoon brings a little respite from the sweltering conditions that test most beings to their biological and psychological limits.

The dusty, junk-strewn streets are almost completely lacking in activity, besides small cleaning droids removing mounds of steaming animal dung, and the occasional closed climate-controlled speeder. Even the scavenging scurriers know when it's time to rest, the packs slinking away to find shade where they will not be disturbed.

For the settlement with the most notorious reputation in the sector, Mos Eisley certainly seems dead at twin noon. Whilst Tatooine, and Mos Eisley in particular, provides an excellent stopover point for smugglers, mercenaries, and pirates, situated as it is at the nexus of several hyperspace routes, many sentients do not frequent this place through choice. Often the unfortunate, the down-on-their-luck, the desperate, the indebted, the escapees, those that have no choice, who find their path laid for them by cruel fate, find themselves on Tatooine, hiding from their past, or apparently lacking a future.

Leaving Tatooine can be one of the most difficult things in the galaxy, for credits are usually all the denizens of this world understand, and if you haven't got the credits, no-one's going to help you out of that tight spot. If a being wants credits, they have to work for them, and in the Outer Rim, work is often harder than it sounds, and much more dangerous.

Work is always available on Tatooine, though the more profitable jobs may take an amount of searching-out.The locals know when something is none of their business. The small Imperial contingent however, is less likely to look the other way. The bars and cantinas of Mos Eisley cater perfectly to those wishing to discuss their activities clandestinely, and with all the diverse traffic passing through Tatooine, there are usually some very interesting deals to be found.

* * *

Alos Bolton is a quiet man, a Human in his late forties who has managed the small cantina near the Mos Eisley police station for almost a decade. Due to it's location, and the temperment of the proprieter, this cantina is sedate for a Mos Eisley drinking establishment. The local police are regulars, and the bar is the haunt of many of the more aged citizens of this frontier spaceport. Those in more 'legitimate' employment wishing for a quiet drink during their lunch hour also make Alos's their watering hole. Lacking a frantic jatz band, and with only occasional scuffles over sabacc games and suchlike, Alos's cantina possesses a slightly dreary, but safe and relaxed atmosphere - in great contrast to the threatening dive that is Chalmun's, in the centre of Mos Eisley.

Behind the bar, awaiting the next customer, is Alos Bolton himself. He scratches thoughtfully at his stubble-covered double chin, grey-blue eyes fixed on a point above the front door of his cantina. Downing the last of his mug of chilled water, Alos then looks over at his barmaid, Ocula. The young Duros girl is perched on a stool at the end of the bar nearest the main door, having just served a pair of Rodian techs with flagons of lum. Alos scowls at Ocula as she sits, happily breezing through a datapad novel. Hearing his melodramatic but quiet guffawing, and understanding Alos's nature, Ocula glances up, her intelligence glinting in her bright red eyes, and gestures with one long-fingered blue hand at the lack of customers.

Alos lets a smile creep into his face as Ocula returns to her reading, silently aggreeing that business is a little slow today. The barkeeper again takes in his current customers. Beside the Rodians, and an Ithorian apparently brooding in a back corner, there is a Corellian spacer in a dark-blue greatcoat sitting alone, and a trio of moisture farmer regulars in for their weekly gripe about the problems with the harvest. Also present, having just failed to sell some piece of salvaged equipment to the farmers, is the odd lad Baskalar, known locally as the 'fish-boy'. Slightly dejected, the blue-skinned near-Human Gilad Baskalar has just been ordered away by the moisture farmers, who are no't interested in the wares he is pedaling today.

Gilad's dewback and cart are currently tied up outside Alos's, part of the animal's bulk being visible through a bubble-like viewport. Alos employs a fiery-tempered Dug to keep an eye on customer's swoops and mounts. Dubok, the Dug bouncer, is currently sheltering from the sun in the doorway at the top of the steps, a faded poncho patterned in checks hung over his wiry, alien body. Alos brings his gaze back across the dim room, passing over the flimsi advert for low-rent accomodation stuck to one of the cuboid pillars, to the Zabrak standing at the bar. Alos knows the tan-fleshed, tatooed Zabrak, Mik, fairly well. He has been around for several months, and often drinks at Alos's. Mik stands in his shorts, jacket, and wide-brimmed hat, radiating a quiet confidence. His four small horns protrude from specially-cut holes in the top of his hat.

The Corellian sometime smuggler Aves Cadon has been in Alos's for a while, waiting for the arrival of 'Marr'sha Kllyan', a Trandoshan who had advertised low-rent rooms. A minute or so before the advertised meeting time, the light of the binary suns streaming through the open doorway is blocked by a large sentient walking down the worn steps into the bar. Aves looks up from his drink, sand goggles resting on his head above his eyes, to see an olive-green scaled Trandoshan padding through the cantina, lilac robes and loose-weave cardigan that suggest femininity draped over it's imposing frame. The Trandoshan drags a breath on the tarstick drooping from it's reptilian maw. The Corellian turns his head to follow the non-Human as it passes through the main bar. The Trandoshan nods and half-raises a three-taloned claw at Alos, behind the bar, then disappears into the gloomy backroom.

Sitting quietly in a back corner of the cantina, next to the doorway to the backroom, the Ithorian who goes by the name of 'Woldun' sees the Trandoshan walk past. The 'Hammerhead' shifts, adjusting his grey-brown, threadbare poncho.

Marr'sha Kllyan sits hunched on a stool in the shadowy, and otherwise empty, function room of Alos's cantina. Opening her massive fanged jaws briefly to let her tongue hang out over her lower teeth, she then straightens the posture of her reptilian bulk, stretching her tail out behind her to flex the olive-green scales. Sighing, the female Trandoshan then allows herself to slouch forward once more over the circular table, and resumes staring at the screen of her weather-worn datapad.

She crosses her powerful, bare arms over her stomach, and clenches her claws tightly into the material at the sides of her loose, lilac silk robes. Cursing, Marr'sha glances up at the open, arched doorway to the main bar. Still no-one. Alos's is a little quiet, especially for this time of day. Sensibly constructed partially underground and fitted with a decent coolth unit, the cantina is the ideal place to retire to when the suns reach their zeniths.

Her beady, deep red eyes well-adapted to the relatively low-light, Marr'sha looks the current occupants of the bar over appraisingly. The only patrons Marr'sha can see in the main chamber from her current position are a pair of Rodian techs in grease-splattered red overalls, a Zabrak in a wide-brimmed hat at the bar, and a table of gruff-looking Human moisture farmers debating something heatedly.

The real party's over at Chalmun's, I guess, Marr'sha mentally drones to herself. Fidgeting and scratching the scales of her wide neck, she then checks the chrono on her left wrist. The display shows 13:03. Patience was not a virtue commonly championed among Trandoshans, though Marr'sha was possessed of more than the majority of her stock. I couldn't have offered a better price! the Trandoshan thinks to herself, I should be swamped with interest. Turning once more to the datapad she carries everywhere with her, Marr'sha rereads the advert she has carefully prepared:

6 Berths available
Basic but clean. Cheap water access. Coolth units. Communal 'fresher facilities.
800 credits a week per berth incl. water.
Meet landlady Marr'sha Kllyan (Trandoshan), back room of Alos's cantina near the police station, Mos Eisley, 13:00 local time...

Marr'sha considers her offer fairly attractive, the rent being low for what is on offer. She had had the ad printed onto flimsi sheets and posted them up at docking bays and several bars all around Mos Eisley as well as paying for it to be included in local info 'casts at public information terminals around the spaceport. There should be plenty of spacers and travellers desperate to acquire some shelter, the Barabel broods silently to herself. I've undercut the others as much as I can afford.

Voices from the bar catch her attention, and Marr'sha glances up to see some more sentients are now present in Alos's. A Human man in a grey flight suit and jacket padded at the shoulders and elbows, a little dusty with Tatooine sand; and a small, grey-feathered sentient in a white robe, who may have gone unnoticed by Marr'sha when she entered. Vague hope stirs in Marr'sha's wide chest.

Kanner Ra'an
23 July 2004, 12:42 PM
"Useless pile of JUNK!" Rayger yells at his speeder bike, kicking it hard . "I hate Jawas. I hate Jawas. I HATE JAWAS!" he yells at it, kicking the rusted vehicle he purchased from his Jawa 'savoirs' after they dropped him off at the settlement. On the last kick the speeder bike makes several very unfiredly noises. Before Rayger can do anything the repulsers fail and the dead vehicle drops straight down right in front of his feet. More sedatly, he repeats "God, I hate Jawa's." one more time and heads into the bar, noting the Dug bouncer and some big reptile attached to a cart staring at him. "Uh, ya. Make sure noone steals my ride please." he says, sure that regardless the pile of junk will be in the Jawa's hands again before he leaves the bar. It does almost bring a laugh out of the bouncer though.

He starts to enter the cantina, noting a strage, bird like creature who does the same right before him. Having spent years at one of their universities, he immeadiatly reconizes it as a male Mrlssi. He finds it odd that one of their kind is on this hell hole of a planet, and doesn't know what to make of him. However now that he is out of the heat, he is more focused on getting a cold drink rather then staring at the locals. He realizes that his jacket, made from a cliffboarer worm, is designed to be hot and isn't practical for this planet. He keeps it on however, as it partial conceal his fair sized carbine that he doesn't want to neccessarily flash at the police that are supposed to frequent the place. He spots a smaller to person table and seats hiself in the fairly comfortable chair . A duros serving girl, aroused from her reading by the bartender, walks over casually and in her language he asks he for a glass of cold Eradiun lum. He pays her, hoping that he managed to order right with his slightly out of practice Duros, and then begins to scan the establishment. Rayger looks around casually at the various patrons, noting some very odd ones Including an Ithorian (which he had never seen before) and one that looks to be half fish. Other then that their are a few Rodians and humans, a zabrak, as well as a big reptiallian creature whos species he cant remember off hand.

Quite a place. he thinks to himself, unused to being in an establishment with aliens. Humans dominate on Eradiu. Though he has always got along with them, he never could get rid of the feeling that it is odd and somehow wrong to be served with them. Its a feeling he overcomes as usual, knowing from experiance not to give in to it.

Rogue Janson
23 July 2004, 02:26 PM
"Another of the same, Occie," Mik asks, putting his glass down heavily on the bar. Either too engrossed in her holonovel or, more likely, embarassed by her customer, Ocula keeps her eyes down while she refills the mug. She loses concentration when it almost overflows, though, her gaze flicking up to the glass and then onto Mik. Seizing the opportunity, he slips the bargirl a rakish wink. She stares at him condescendingly for a second, before looking back down to her holonovel.

"Bit of a slow day today, Alos," Mik tells the man, taking Ocula's attitude in his stride. "Same as always I guess. I might have to look for somewhere with a bit more life."

"Every time you do, they drag you back by the horns," the bartender replies, referring to Mik's habit of getting into fights. "You could always try Chalmun's though."

"You know, I don't think I'd be welcome there any more after I broke that barstool." Mik pauses briefly. "On that nikto. And I've never been dragged by the horns anywhere. You just try it mate." He demonstrates that his horns are too short to get a grip on.

"Anyway," Mik continues, leaning over the bar, "that trandoshan's Marr'sha, right?"

Alos nods in confirmation and Mik heads after her into the backroom. Marr'sha seems a little more delicately dressed than most trandoshan's Mik has seen, the lilac and cardigan looking slightly strange on her. Still, the few trandoshans Mik has run into have tended to be armed to the teeth and using wookiee scalps as accessories, so for once he stays tactfully quiet on the subject. He holds out his hand.

"G'day, I'm Mik Daahn, I hear you have some rooms to rent."

23 July 2004, 03:56 PM
"Thanks for the drink sir," says Aves as he replaces the goggles in the folds of his trenchcoat, briefly revealing the heavy blaster pistol on his left hip. In one smooth motion, he places his tip (generous given his limited funds) on the table and retrieves his worn fedora from his lap and places it on his head. Getting a noncommital grunt from the bartender, Aves shrugs and surveys the room as he gets up from his stool.

A rugged looking Zabrak had just began his walk toward the back room, catching Aves' attention immedietly. Looks and most certainly acts like a regular... interesting. If he's been here long enough to become familier around here, why is he looking for housing? I suppose I'll find out soon enough. .

Aves begins to move towards the back room, scanning the bar for possible trouble. Never can be too careful...
A few Rodians, an Ithorian, and an Aquar populate the room. "An Aqaur? That's a new one... I'll bet he has an interesting story" Aves mutters under his breath as he reaches the doorway.

Just as Aves makes it, a human man enters the bar room looking to be in rather bad shape. If you know you are going to be in this pit, you have to dress for it... He'll learn... or die of heatstroke. One or the other he won't be using the coat much longer. That thought triggered a little smile on Aves' face.
At last he reaches the divide, and hears the Zabrak finish a sentence to the Transdoshan.

"Good day madame, I am also in need of some, force willing, short term accomadations." he said, adding a more friendly smile for effect.

23 July 2004, 05:08 PM
This is just his third trip to the small, usually sparsely crowded cantina, and already both the human bartender and the Duros waitress he calls Ocula know not to bother asking the rough-looking Ithorian, who always sits in the back, if he’d like a drink: “Mother Jungle won’t allow it.”
He said it four times, so similarly it was like listening to some antiquated audio-only playback, during his first visit before he was told, “If you’ve got nothing else to say, and nothing you want to buy, you’re gonna have to leave. I’m not running a free haven from the suns.”
However, a few credits “for enjoying the cool air and atmosphere” placed methodically on the table behind which he was sitting changed the apparent owner’s tune. Thus a mostly unstated understanding was developed: Woldun could occupy any corner of the cantina he felt like, in uninterrupted silence, as long as he put down money like he was drinking away some untold pain. They seem to care only for themselves, for their money…perhaps they know nothing of you, Mother…how sad their lives must be...

Well into his second hour of sitting in what appeared to be deep contemplation, his reason for being present at this particular time arrives in the form of a reptilian female dressed in a favorable shade of purple. She is less imposing than he’d expected, and he curses himself silently as she walks by, masking his agitation by fiddling with his thinly fabriced poncho, for having made such an un-based assumption. A few moments after she’s settled in the prearranged meeting room, he silently consults Mother Jungle, assuring that inquiring about the vacancy is indeed her will, and begins to get up when he notices a Zabrak, one that he’s seen somewhere before, making his way toward the room with the waiting reptilian. Thankful that he won’t be the first to enter, he holds his seat to allow banter to ensue. He presses his palms on the circular bar table when he hears the Zabrak’s pleasant introduction, and is about to push himself upright when a human male, looking as though he’d just been launched toward the planet without an escape pod, staggers in. Woldun regards him longer than he does most strangers (in truth, he mostly disregards strangers) because this one is staring back at him. He thinks for a minute of unsheathing his staff from its makeshift, hunter green all-temp. cloak case…does he threaten us, Mother? Shall I show him the weapon you’ve given me to thwart his advance?…but Mother Jungle sees nothing wrong with the being’s curiosity so, instead, he rises from his seat, picks up his only two belongings and ducks into the adjacent meeting room.
To his surprise, there are three beings inside instead of just two. The other, a human male, must have slipped in while Woldun was concerned with the cantina’s newest arrival. It is a pleasant surprise, to be sure, since now there is an extra person to bear the burden of conversation. Without a word to anyone, the Ithorian finds a seat close enough to the potential landlord that he will appear interested, but far enough away that he’s not in an area of immediate attention. He lays his staff and cloak down on the floor beside his exposed feet, where it had rested similarly in his previous seat, and listens as the human finishes his salutation.

Kanner Ra'an
24 July 2004, 01:41 PM
Overhering the mention of cheap lodgings, Rayger looks up from his drink over to where a small group has gathered around an odly attired female trandoshan. He thinks of his small supply of credits. He knows right now that he doesn't have the neccessary funds to get off planet. Maybe i should try this out. If I could afford it for a while, then find a job somewhere, it might keep me alive for a while. Maybe even get my own ship up and running if the moneys good around here. he thinks, laughing at his last thought of good money on a place like this.

Sighing to himself, he makes his way over to the trandoshan, holding onto his drink and staying silent. He hopes that she is reasonable. He cant afford much, and will need to hold onto the room for a while until he can find work doing sith knows what on this planet.

Gyp Ryol
24 July 2004, 07:37 PM
Gilad Shran Zurel Baskalar stood adamantly in front of the moisture farmer. His open vest was made of the same coarse brown material as Jawa robes. The extremely baggy pants he wore ended at mid-calf, revealing muscular green-blue calves. He hefted the sack filled with spare parts. "You're sure? I mean, the radiatior valve isn't the greatest of the bunch, but the coupling actuators are still good for a few thousand klicks. If you're not using your speeder often, they'd last at least five thousand," says Gilad hopefully, trying desperately to sell the treasures he had plucked from the desert sands.

"Look kid, not today. Try Watto's if you wanna get rid of it," says one of the farmers, trying to tactfully get rid of the fish-kid.

Gilad sags slightly at the second rejection. "Oh, come on. Yukusu kenza keena." The stern looks of the moisture farmers were not encouraging. Gilad sighs. "Mambay, fair enough. Ubanya."

The young fish-kid walks out of the cool cantina and into the blazing noon of Tatooine. He chucks the bag of junk parts into the back of his cart, and bangs the lid down on it. He throws the padlock closed and pauses to wipe his scaly brow. He pats Krayt on his way in. "There's a good boy," he mutters.

He then stops in his tracks, and spun around. What stood before him was a scavenger's gold mine. A broken speeder. It was too good to be true. His sea green eyes widen and his tongue licks his already dry lips. Put together it wasn't worth anything, but if he could take it apart, clean up the actuators, tune the repulsorlift, and revamp the generator...

He quickly looks around. Was the owner near-by? He spots Dubok leaning in the shade of the cantina. Gilad points to the speeder, wordlessly asking if there was an owner. Dubok answers with a simple headshake and a jerk of his thumb into the interior of the cantina. Gilad curses, "Ugama," then walks hopefully into Alos'.

"Say, Alos, you know who's speeda that is? I think I can tando it up for them, if they're willing," says Gilad, leaning on the railing of the bar.

Alos silently shakes his head and points to the back room. "Think he's in there, with the Trandoshan. That 'Dosh is a landlady, you know? You might be interested in what she's selling."

"Taa baa, Alos," Gilad says, and immediately heads over to the back room. He takes a seat, smiling and saying a small 'hello' to everyone in the room. He wiped his face off with an old rag he pulled out of his vest pocket. "So, uh, I hear there are some rooms for rent?"

The Great Ular
24 July 2004, 09:34 PM
After a moment to center himself.. Hursla took stock of his current situation. Almost all of his earnings went to support himself,making saving virtually impossible. Plus the landlord had just announced that his rent was due for an increase. Hursla couldn't imagine the fellow changing his mind, so there was only a few days left before moving was requiste. He watched the tran carefully. Could she be trusted? Maybe. Could he imagine her becoming friendly, certainly.. but only for a short while. Being too imagintive was stressfull, and showy.
Looking about he took in the others in the bar. "Quite a meangrie" thought Hursla. "Everything from an Ithorian to a Aqualish." Some were quite, some were loud. Taking stock of everything he surmised that he appeared weakest. Imagining himself big and strong was too tiresome so it would be best if he played the part. Slowly walking over to the Tran. he quietly attempts to grab her attention, imagining he knows how best to impress her.

" Pardon me. Mam. If you are the one whom has posted the advertisement, I would be intreasted in renting a room."

Vreel Kudarin
25 July 2004, 03:27 AM
"G'day, I'm Mik Daahn, I hear you have some rooms to rent."

Marr'sha looks up at the confident Zabrak with her large, reptilian eyes, as if attempting to gauge his character visually. As the Trandoshan landlady begins to slowly nod an affirmative, another potential lodger walks over.

"Good day madame, I am also in need of some, Force willing, short term accomadations." says the blue-coated Human.

A vague smile suggests itself for a second at the corners of Marr'sha's fang-filled mouth. The raising of the tarstick between her teeth from its drooping position gives more expression than her dour, scaly face. Marr'sha's eyes flick briefly to the Ithorian who has just entered the function room, taking a seat a few tables over.

"Have a seat," Marr'sha drawls to Mik and Aves, "I'm Marr'sha Kllyan (http://groups.msn.com/SWRPG/tatooinecampaign1.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=223). You too, if you're interested in a room," she continues, looking up at Rayger, who has just sidled over, drink in hand.

Within a few moments, Gilad also joins the assembling group, sitting at Marr'sha's table, and says
"So, uh, I hear there are some rooms for rent?"

"Yes, there are," drones Marr'sha in her dull voice. She then looks over to her side, at the small avian sentient who speaks:
"Pardon me. Mam. If you are the one whom has posted the advertisement, I would be interested in renting a room."

Once everyone is comfortable, and Marr'sha has asked their names, she briefly gives details of what she is offering: "Rent will be two hundred and eighty credits a week per berth, not including water, though I'm also offering that cheap. Take it or leave it. Believe me, it's cheaper than anything else you'll find," there is very little expression in Marr'sha's voice.

"The accomodation is on the floors below my apartment, just down the road from here, nearer the outskirts of Mos Eisley. Any of you have any questions so far? If not I'd like to hear a bit about each of you."

25 July 2004, 05:20 PM
"Rent will be two hundred and eighty credits a week per berth, not including water, though I'm also offering that cheap. Take it or leave it. Believe me, it's cheaper than anything else you'll find," there is very little expression in Marr'sha's voice.
Aves worked hard to keep a wince from his face. That would stretch his resources a bit, but would be managable...assuming he found work.
It was only at that moment when he stepped back to look at the assembled group. The prospective landlady immedietly caught his attention. I had no idea that a Miraluka had a clothing line. Aves thought, seeing the unusually brightly colored Transdoshan woman.
The Zabrak he had seen earlier, that rather crispy human, the Aquar, a diminuative avian, and a Hammerhead. A rather motlely crew this is.
Having studied his potential housemates, he decides to get into a little more detail:
"Well, that does sound like quite a bargin madam, so, what type of accomadations are we talking here? Single room flat? Common room access perhaps?" Always good to know how much privacy one has. Aves thought.

"Having said that," Aves starts, "I am Aves Cadon, of Corellia. I'm here by a rather unfortunate mishap that will hopefully solve itself when the Imperial prefects rotate in a few months. For those of you that are interested, I'm in the buisiness of special delieveries of specialized materials." So for those of you who weren't born yesterday... a smuggler. Aves thought with a smile.

Rogue Janson
27 July 2004, 03:13 AM
“The name’s Mik Daahn,” Mik tells the trandoshan, tipping his hat politely. “Everyone calls me Mik. Been on this planet a few months now; I guess you could say it’s because of the Imperials not being friendly types. Me money’s starting to go, so I’m looking for new accommodation, but I can pay the rent until I get some more cash.”

He checks out the others looking for accommodation. They seem a sound bunch, though the Corellian is a bit stiff. Mik wonders what exactly he did to get his ship impounded. He doesn’t recognise the species of the bird-like applicant, or the near-human, but he’s used to that on this planet. On the plus side, neither of them looks likely to fly into a rage and start smashing things if anyone says the wrong thing, like some he’s encountered.

He is more concerned about the Ithorian sitting nearby, who seems to be only half-listening to what is being said, and half listening to something else. From the look of him, Mik doubts it’s some kind of in-ear comlink.

Gyp Ryol
27 July 2004, 05:59 AM
Gilad grins ear to ear. "I'm Gilad Shran Zurel Baskalar. I work as a freelance mechanic and parts supplier." He scratches the back of his head, ruffling the sea-green hair growing there, still grinning, albeit now sheepishly. "I, uh, well, er, what I mean to say is..." The young man pauses, trying to find the right word in Basic, thinking Jawaese would be inappropriate in this situation. "Oh! That's it. I use a barter system. I don't deal much in credits." Gilad bit his lower lip, thinking.

He looked up at the other people in the room, feeling slightly embarrassed. He recognized the Zabrak, but the two Humans were strangers to him. The other two were downright scary. The first, having a normal humanoid body, sported a huge curved head. The other was a small fluffy alien with completely foreign features. Gilad's hair grew long, and he grabbed an end of it and chewed on it as he studied everyone else in the room.

27 July 2004, 07:17 AM
Sympathetic to the obvious nervousness of the strange humanoid, Woldun, who had fully intended to be the last to speak, rises from his remote seat, pulling attention from the being whose species he had never before encountered, and says, “I am Woldun, servant of Mother Jungle.” The echoing of his dual-mouth voice accentuates what would have otherwise been a simple delivery. After pausing to ensure that all eyes were on him, he continues evenly, “I am a traveler with an affinity for nature and a propensity for herbs.” He lets his eyes meet every other pair in the room as he speaks, but when he comes to the potential landlord, he stops, focuses, and, a bit louder than previously, goes on, “I, as well as, it seems, my unfamiliar companions, have little in the way of funds, which begs a question: though your rate is more than fair, I wonder if we could be given a lower, one-week introductory rate? I would be willing to commit myself for a full four weeks post if such an arrangement could be made.” With that, he sits back down slowly, appearing as if he’s entered a state of half-animation. Once stationary, he grants a low nod in the direction of the group, then re-adopts the sort of blank look he so often wares, his look of contemplation. That was a good deed to help that creature, Mother; he did seem to be unraveling. I would like to learn more about him, and his species…as well as the avian, we have seen one like it before, but that is the limit of my knowledge…the rest seem agreeable to me, what do you think?…yes, I thought you’d agree…this arrangement should work nicely provided I can find some means of employment…

Kanner Ra'an
27 July 2004, 10:01 AM
Rayger looks at the Ithorian, thinking to ask how he could serve mother jungle on a planet with next to no flora.He thinks better of it though and looks to the landlady. "My name is Rayger Jindrak. Im from Eradiu, and im a hyperdrive mechanic and a bit of a pilot." he says, only lying slightly. He doubts that his past would be much of a problem. The Corellian is obviously a smuggler or gunrunner, and that doesn't seem to bother anyone. Still he'd rather not play his cards too early. Aside from him, he doesn't get the sense that any of the other are criminal. Even if they arn't completely within imperial regulations. Just how i want it. he thinks to himself. A few months of work then he can be outta here, gone from this planet. He isn't exactly sure where 'outta here' is as he is a wanted man, but he can figure that out once he has the credits to do it.

27 July 2004, 12:09 PM
A motley crew indeed...
While awaiting the 'Dosh's response, Aves takes the time to digest all the new information about his potential housemates.
The Zabrak seems a little... woodsy. Quaint, and probably harmless in of itself, although he imagined the Za- Mik, as quite the rough customer, having overheard a few things about barfights and some knock-down drag out nights.
He wasn't quite sure what to make of the avian guy... Mrissi? Or was it Mrissti. One of those scholorly bird races.
The Aquar, Gilad... something something Baskaler (or Beskalar?)
I probably would do well to start remembering names Aves thought to himself; he seemed nice enough. Jittery little sucker though.
But a parts dealer... probably fixes things... could be useful in the near future, I'll need some help with the blasted hyperdrive.
"Listen, kid, I'd be more than happy to loan you some cash to get you started, I mean, when you deal with liquid capital, you have to go with the flow, am I right?" he says, topping it off with an encouraging grin.
I'm going to need the kid. He knows how to get parts, I need parts, and he can probably help on the job front too, if he's a local.
The Hammerhead seems to be off in the heavens... not a bad place to be, but certainly puzzling, especially the bit about serving "Mother Jungle". The only jungle he'll find here is on the floor of the refreshers in the cantinas... a most unpleasent place, Tatooine.
Still, he also came to the kid's rescue, meaning that he's probably legit Or wants to use him for his own purposes... like me.
A pang of guilt hit Aves. While he was desperate to get off this rock, he didn't want to destroy anyone.
The kid will be fine... and you can reward him too... take him anywhere he wants to go... even back to Velusia.
As for Raygar, the other human... A hyperdrive mechanic. Only one word can describe this particular piece of serendipity: Jackpot!
I'll need to get him on board as well. It should be easier, as he doesn't seem to be here on purpose, and he'll want to leave, and will hopefully see the light. However, the man's background proved to be a point of worry for Aves. Eriadu is staunchly Imperial, even more so than most of the Core, thanks to Captain Compassion himself, Governer Tarkin, of Ghorman Massacre fame.
Still, if he's out here, that means he isn't necessarily an Imperial goon. If he were, chances are he'd be talking to the prefect right now and hitching a ride out of here. Also, something was troubling Aves about Eriadu, and how Raygar spoke about it, as well as the nagging feeling that he was forgetting something about the Eriadu starship industry... something important...
Probably not that important though, and dismissing it for later thought, Aves turned his attention toward is potential land lady.

Gyp Ryol
27 July 2004, 12:26 PM
"Well, gee, thanks!" says Gilad, though obviously not quite grasping the meaning of every word that Aves used. "Well, yeah, then I guess I'm okay, for right now." Flipping his hair with a headtoss, Gilad bounces once in his seat. "Don't worry, I can pay you back, um, Afes."

Vreel Kudarin
27 July 2004, 01:10 PM
The Trandoshan woman listens to the group gathered around her, trying to deal with any questions in turn.

In reply to Aves, she says: "The accomodation is mixed. I have a basement divided into two small, single-sentient apartments. Nice and cool down there, though it could do with a clean. The ground floor has a larger, two-person flat, with separate sleeping rooms and a shared living area. The 'fresher you'll all have to share is at the bottom of the staircase on the ground floor. On the first floor, the setup is more like the basement, two seperate, small quarters," Marr'sha's voice is an unengaging drone, as if she has only a vague interest in what she is saying.

"I live on the top floor by the way, with my daughter," adds the Trandoshan. She drags on her tarstick and turns to Mik, nodding once as he talks his bit. She looks him up and down, her expression either unreadable, or disinterested.

After Gilad and Woldun have spoken, Marr'sha is quick to respond: "As I said, you'll have to take or leave my offer as is, I'm afraid. I can't lower my price further. If you all come along with me in a moment, you can view the property and make up your minds."

Next, Rayger speaks. Marr'sha appears a little more attentive to the man than she has been to the others. Before Hursla can chirp in, Marr'sha sighs deeply, gives a couple of throaty, hacking coughs, and rises to her full, impressive height. The noise of her heavy chair scraping across the floor almost drowns the sudden loud voices from the bar.

"If any of you are still interested, come along with me and take a look. It's just down the street," drones the Trandoshan landlady, loping towards the doorway into the main bar of Alos's cantina. On her way, she again notices the small avian creature, Hursla: "Sorry, I forgot about you. You can tell me about yourself when we get there. If you want."

As Marr'sha Kllyan walks out of the function room, through the assembled group, she stops suddenly, wheezing deeply then spluttering, apparently surprised. Her bulk blocks most of the view into the main bar from where the prospective lodgers are standing or sitting, but loud voices can clearly be heard.

"Okay, and you, lizard! Stick those ugly paws up!" bellows someone. Marr'sha raises her massive claws in submission, remaining just outside the doorway to the backroom.

"Keep your eyes on him, Mazz...Like I said, bartender, hand over the creds real slow. What's that? 'Mumble mumble'. I can't hear you. Maybe the girl can do it for you, if you've got the shakes," sounds another voice, this one heavily accented and probably not Human.

The group in the backroom hear a startled female yelp. They catch a brief glimpse of one of the thieves, past Marr'sha's right armpit, his face wrapped in a black sand mask and goggles, leaning over the bar threateningly. A blaster carbine is clutched in his gloves. He stands about six metres from Marr'sha. Beyond the robber, near the front door, the moisture farmers sit in their private booth, arms raised, looking on with fearful expressions.

Taking stock of their room, if they have not already done so, the group sees there are no alternative exits present. Nothing but a few metal tables and stools, and a couple of empty mugs lying around.

(OoC: I'll post up how many credits everyone has soon. Everyone will have enough for one week of living at Marr'sha's to start with at least [perhaps with the exception of Gilad])

27 July 2004, 01:33 PM
"The accomodation is mixed. I have a basement divided into two small, single-sentient apartments. Nice and cool down there, though it could do with a clean. The ground floor has a larger, two-person flat, with seperate sleeping rooms and a shared living area. The 'fresher you'll all have to share is at the bottom of the staircase on the ground floor. On the first floor, the setup is more like the basement, two seperate, small quarters,"
"If any of you are still interested, come along with me and take a look. It's just down the street,"
Not too shabby, although "do with a clean" sounds a bit ominous to Aves, who knows the Tatooinian definition of "clean" is a bit... wide.
He nods to Marr'sha, and gets up to follow her out the door.
Hearing the ruckus, but hidden behind the lizard woman's bulk, Aves draws his DL-44 from underneath his coat and and moves to the right side of the doorway, his back to the wall.

[OOC: Double move action to draw and move to the door]

Gyp Ryol
27 July 2004, 02:08 PM
"Oh my!" says Gilad when he hears the commanding voices. He realizes with a heart jolt that his spear is in his cart. Gilad, as he often does, decides discretion is the better part of valor and backsteps into the room, huddling behind the table and willing himself invisible.

[OOC: Move action to get behind table, move action to pretend to be invisible]

Kanner Ra'an
27 July 2004, 02:29 PM
"What the... Uh-oh" Rayger says in surprise, hearing the voices and catching a glimpse of their owners. By the Force, this place really is a hive. We're right next door to a police site and their robbing the sithing place. he thinks, not able to believe whats happening.

Seeing Aves drawing a weapon, he refocuses and does the same. Reaching under his jacket, he releases a strap and removes a wicked looking carbine with vertically stacked double barrels into a readied grip. He looks vaguely military in his posture, that is steady, but far more uneasy then any professional soldier would be.

OOC: Move action to draw the weapon and i'll ready an attack should one of the robbers take a shot at us or our landlady.

27 July 2004, 04:19 PM
Woldun was doubtful his suggestion would be granted, but he’s a little deflated nonetheless…but, the accommodations seem reasonable so, when the reptilian, Marr’sha, offers a tour, he picks up his things and rises to follow, recognizing at the same time that she does that the diminutive avian has yet to take the floor. He inhales, about to make his own inquiry into the creature’s life, when Marr’sha apologizes for looking him over and allows for his story to be heard when the group convenes in the potential quarters. This is satisfactory for Woldun, so his question dies in his throat. He steps forward to where the majority of the group was gathered while she and some of the others move toward the main room of the cantina. He blocks out reality momentarily as he consults Mother Jungle: this has gone well…I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take these quarters and interact with these…Woldun is angrily pulled from his prayer by the piercing scream from whom he assumes is Ocula. Looking out into the front room, he all-at-once notices the in-progress robbery and sees some of his new companions draw weapons, but what really strikes him is how the humanoid Gilad sinks behind a table. Once again feeling inclined to help the being, he moves next to his position and throws his cloak over him, exposing his staff. He has no intention of joining any ensuing fray, but he will protect his cloak’s new charge. From his ready stance, he looks toward the avian to make sure it also finds protection. He knows size is not a true determination of strength and ability, but he feels, based on the others’ tales, that it may be the only other one who might not be able to fend for itself…though Woldun doubts, if it comes down to it, that he alone could protect them both…Mother, give me your strength…

(OOC: Move action to align himself with Gilad; move action to throw the cloak over him, thus exposing a polished durasteel staff.)

Rogue Janson
28 July 2004, 09:34 AM
Though he sees the thief is armed with a blaster, Mik isn't going to let that stop him. He notices Aves and Rayger both reaching for blasters of their own, so he should have support.
Robbing a bar... People on this planet have no respect.

Without running but moving quickly enough to surprise, Mik moves past Marr'sha and up to the man in front of the bar, approaching him from the side while he concentrates on Alos. When he reaches the ruffian, Mik grabs him at the collar with one hand, pulling him closer and goes for his blaster with the other. Though his action seems confident, if not reckless, he makes sure to get as much of the man as possible between him and the rest of the bar in case anyone decides to try their luck shooting at him.

The Great Ular
28 July 2004, 11:52 AM
Such MIndless violence!"
Squcked Hursla at what was going on. He dissaproved of violence in almost all instance, after all... he was allergic to it. Not that he was afraid. As he thought this to himself, he hid himself beind a chair and tried to get out of the way of the fighters, He would treat their wounds after it was all over.

30 July 2004, 08:12 AM
Seeing that the avian has opted for cover, Woldun makes note of its location and then turns his full attention to the tussle the Zabrak, Mik, has initiated. This one is quick to action, but what is his cause...is he noble or seeking fame...do you give him your support Mother?...ah, we have no reason yet to doubt he is moving to the aide of the establishment and its customers...for now, he has our blessing...

"Mother Jungle fights with you!"

Vreel Kudarin
30 July 2004, 10:39 AM
"Hey, you! Halt!" shouts the robber covering Marr'sha. He starts to swing his blaster pistol towards Mik, but returns his aim to the Trandoshan when Mik grabs his partner, looking extremely worried.

The thug leaning over the bar is still leering at Ocula when Mik reaches him.

"What?!" says the black-masked sentient, spinning to face his assailant. Any further words are cut off as Mik's strong hand envelopes the thief's throat. He struggles desperately to raise his carbine, but Mik has him pinned in place, using him as a shield from the second robber.

Mik can now see there are only the two thugs in the bar. From the backroom, the others can see Mik has his opponent easily outmatched. He has a large head, making him unlikely to be Human, though his species is still not clear because of his sand mask and large goggles. The robber's carmine and grey apparel marks him as a typical mercenary or pirate. Nothing too impressive, an average thug. A belt of four spare blaster power packs encircles his thin waist.

"Let him go, Zabrak! Or-or-or I'll shoot the 'Shan!" stammers the second robber, a young Human male in a patchy ochre spacer's jumpsuit with rusty metal shoulder pads. Nervously the thief levels his blaster with Marr'sha's face. The tarstick drops from the Trandoshan's mouth as she stands, agape.

Struggling to handle the situation that has fallen out of his control, the young robber apparently still has yet to notice the rest of the group hiding in the shadowy backroom, behind Marr'sha.

Kanner Ra'an
30 July 2004, 12:07 PM
"Sith you." Rayger says, pushing Marr'sha out of the way (As best he can with the large transadoshan) and rasises his large carbine. With only a quick second to sight, he opens up with both barrels, emiting a large thump and sending the deadly shot at the robber aiming for his future landlady.

Hopefully this'll make my rent go down.

Rogue Janson
30 July 2004, 12:55 PM
"Let him go, Zabrak! Or...or...or I'll shoot the 'Shan!" stammers the second robber, a young Human male in a patchy ochre spacer's jumpsuit with rusty metal shoulder pads.
"And get wasted by those guys with blasters there?" Mik asks calmly, while he yanks the carbine away from the other thug's grip, confident the pair are amateurs. It's only when he turns his head to nod at where Rayger and Aves are concealed that he notices one of them is putting this thought into action a little sooner than he expected.

31 July 2004, 08:19 PM
OOC:Got some internet access at the hotel!

Aves sees Raygar make his move. His eyes grow large with surprise.
Not good he thinks. While he has no love for these ruffians, he really doesn't want the Imps to come in, as the prefect is no doubt looking for a reason to arrest him.
"No, no, no, no, no!" he says quickly.
Aves moves to interrupt Raygar's aim by shoving him to the left, trying to keep his blaster, set to stun in the rush to Raygar's position trained on the ruffain, lining up a stun shot on the thug's chest.
He doesn't see if he is successful in moving the shot, and grabs Raygar to keep him upright, as his rush had been more forceful than he had wanted.

[OOC: Attack action to try to prevent Raygar's action, move action to grab him... I think, don't have access to rulebook :rolleyes: ]

1 August 2004, 07:04 AM
Woldon stands dually agape, watching as the scene before him goes from manageable to out-of-control. Mik had the apparent leader incapacitated, and the other was stammering, unsure of himself, he would not have moved on his threat…he could have been talked down, there was no need for this escalated violence…and now, two members of our party are in scuffle…no, no, this won’t due at all…Mother, what am I to do?…yes, I will pray for the miscreant’s safety…that is the immediate, dealing with the two humans Rayger and Aves will have to wait…it’s hard to tell how Rayger will react to Aves’s action…there may be more violence ahead…

Woldun eases his posture and removes one hand from his staff, letting one end rest on the floor of the cantina and pointing the over straight up with his remaining hand. He makes a fist with his free hand, then extends the first two fingers that follow the thumb and touches them gently to the space between his now-closed eyes. Oh great and powerful Mother Jungle, if it pleases you, remove the threat of death from this room, sparing those that may wish to harm others, and bring about a peaceful conclusion to this escapade…

After a deep breath, he lets his free hand fall to his side and opens his eyes…

Gyp Ryol
1 August 2004, 07:15 AM
Gilad pokes his head out from under the S-head's cloak. He sees and hears the shouts and scuffles of a brawl in the cantina proper, and thinks that good a cover as any to sneak out of the establishment. Crawling on his hands and knees, Gilad tries to shimmy his way through the door of the backroom and along the wall of the cantina.

[OOC: Moving at half-speed, double move actions to get out of the back room and into the main cantina.]

Vreel Kudarin
3 August 2004, 10:45 AM
The thief held immobile by Mik makes a few choked-off, but nonetheless defiant sounds, before he is cut short by the bark of a powerful blaster going off.

Aves's shove comes a moment too late, the scarlet energy bolts leaving the barrels before he contacts. However, Rayger's aim is off, as the beams sail wide of their target, reducing a decorative copper gorg to a miniature black crater in the wall.

The cantina falls silent for a couple of seconds, most beings clearly stunned. The young robber himself drops his pistol in shock. It clatters in the silence. His mouth opens and closes, but does not release any sounds.

Crawling around the outskirts of the engagement, Gilad looks up from his webbed blue hands shuffling across the dusty floor to see two Human silouettes in the main doorway. Dubok, the Dug bouncer, lies unconcious at the bottom of the short flight of steps down into Alos's bar. The figures pause before entering, revealing themselves as a pair of Mos Eisley policemen in their dark blue uniforms. One lifts his cap to scratch his sweaty, bald head, whilst the other, the senior officer has his blaster pistol drawn.

"Trouble, Alos?" asks the officer with the pistol. He aims from the hip, letting the barrel glide back and forth between Mik and his helpless restrainee, Marr'sha, who is trying to light a new tarstick with shaking claws, and the now unarmed second thief.

"You in the backroom, get out here where I can see you. Move slowly and drop your weapons."

* * *

It takes Alos a couple of minutes to convince the two policemen, who he knows well, of the innocence of Mik, Rayger, and the others, but the group is soon on it's way, ambling along the sandy 'road' to Marr'sha's property. Alos mumbled brief thanks to Mik and Rayger before they left, offering them both a drink 'on the house' next time they visited his cantina.

The group sees the two ruffians, in cuffs, being manhandled down a side street in the direction of the police blockhouse by the two officers.

Marr'sha's property is not far from Alos's cantina. A mere stroll down a dusty secondary thoroughfare named 'Meteor Street', according to a corroded sign bolted haphazardly to the side of a blockhouse at the junction near the police station. The middle-aged Trandoshan leads the eclectic group just under a hundred metres to her home.

The officiality of the designation 'Meteor Street; is questionable judging by the handiwork of whoever mounted the sign, but a few of the properties the group pass bear numbers, mostly in Galactic Basic, sometimes in Huttese. The pattern of numbering does not appear uniformly logical, but when the six reach their destination, they see a small plate of metal with '23' daubed carefully in white paint over a background of slanted yellow and black hazard stripes affixed to the heavy doors.

The front of number 23 is an odd architectural design. Like nearly all buildings in Mos Eisley, the construction consists primarily of a dusty ochre stone. However, 23 stands taller than nearby buildings due to the steep, triangular, stepped top to the frontage, an unusual visual statement that evokes impressions of battlements on ancient fortresses. The building certainly looks old, in a quaint sense. Perhaps the style was once fashionable, or the designer fancied himself more an artist than architect. None of the group recall seeing a property quite like it before in Mos Eisley.

As Marr'sha taps a short numeric code into the access panel beside the door, which is offset at the left of the frontage, the group has a few moments to take in other details. There is a small arched viewport above the rust-red doors, and the building appears to be of three floors judging by the rows of dark windows set in the imposing wall to the right of the entrance.

"Come along," says Marr'sha politely, in a voice slightly cracked from too many tarsticks, as she turns to face the group standing behind her. The six individuals file in through the horizontally-parting powered doors behind the tall Trandoshan landlady, into a narrow hallway. The walls immediately inside are painted a cool white, though the paint is worn in places. The ceiling of the passageway is curved in the style exhibited by many Tatooine properties, and it soon becomes apparent that the inside of the building is far more conventional than the outside. Simple and utilitarian, as was the norm across the inhabited region of this unforgiving world.

A few metres down the crowded and short corridor, the way turned right. Here there was a door to the left, another straight ahead, and a stairway on the right.

Marr'sha lights another tarstick awkwardly, and places it between her sharp teeth, letting it droop and bob as she talks, retaining her grasp of it between the massive talons of her right hand.

"You know about the two rooms downstairs, I'll show you those in a minute if you want,"

"Here's the ground floor apartment," continues the Trandoshan, activating the door, and strolling into a small, lightly-furnished living area, "You'll have to decide amongst yourselves who has which berth. There's a bedroom there, and another in there," Marr'sha indicates two closed doors to the right of the one through which the group are now shambling. The tarstick never once leaves Marr'sha's scaly green lips.

The common area the group is standing in has a basic kitchenette area - with a mushroom-shaped stone table set into the floor - to the left of the main door, and a much-used sofa and armchair in the centre, facing an outdated 2D entertainment viewscreen in the corner of the room. The coolth control unit is fixed to the wall on the opposite side of the space from the main door, next to some empty, recessed shelves.

"Any questions so far?" asks Marr'sha, her voice rising slightly from her usual unemotive pitch as she looks over her potential lodgers intently, a slightly unnerving look originating from a Trandoshan.

Kanner Ra'an
3 August 2004, 11:09 AM
"You said that you sell water as well." Rayger says, guessing it may be a concern for the entire group of rentees. " Do you have a vaporator or something of that sort on this property, or do you buy from traders." he asks, his voice polite and curious.

So far the rooms look nice, and affordable, though he'd like to get one of the more private rooms in the basement if he can. He isn't uncomfortable around aliens as most from his planet are, but he'd rather have the privacy. Imperial bounties, even as small as his standard one, are nothing to screw around with. If someone does come looking, he'd rather not have a group of unknowns around to interfere. He managed to evade Gassa Fey, and still has his powerful blaster, but that was hard enough. Another luckier hunter could probably finish the job.

3 August 2004, 02:08 PM
Aves is relieved to see that Raygar doesn't seem to be particularly angry at him. This is certainly a positive, as alienating anyone of these people is a good way to make your life suck. Nevertheless, he feels a desire to explain himself... in vague terms at least... to Raygar, to at least make him understand why he did what he did. That will have to wait though.
He reajusts the blaster on his hip for the third time since the police had given it back. Aves was glad that the scuffle had not lead to his arrest, but still felt wary of the prefect's wrath.
Seeing the housing, Aves is surprised at the reletive quality. He had expected the apartments to be smaller, and danker, but quickly reminded himself that on a planet as dry as Tatooine, dank would be absurdly luxurious.
He thinks a room by himself would be best, although he could certainly see being roomed with Raygar... the man is from a staunchly Imperial world after all, and chances are he would be uncomfortable around non-humans.
Also, he finds himself wondering why Ray would be packing that heavy. Tatooine is a dangerous place but really, a stacked carbine? This leads Aves to suspect there is something more to Ray than meets the eye. His willingness to open fire despite his obvious Imperial training... something is wrong.
Of course, this all assumes he is telling the truth about his past... not a givin certainly, but then, he could detect no attempt at deception during the introductions. It strikes Aves that the only reasonable explanation for Ray's behavior is that he is running.
From what... Imperial service? The Hutts... no, Tatooine would be a bad place to hide from them, and anyone employed by the Hutts would know that. A bounty... that seems more reasonable, but still, at this point, anything is possible.
Aves hears Raygar ask a question, and he jerks himself back to reality, vowing to talk to Raygar the first chance he gets.

3 August 2004, 06:45 PM
Woldun opens his eyes and immediately feels both relieved and surprised: relieved in that the thief is unharmed and the local authorities have arrived to bring about an end to the failed heist, and surprised in that Gilad, the one he presumed safely hidden under his cloak, is on his hands and knees, nearly out the door. Perhaps this one doesn’t need my help afterall…I hope my gesture did not offend him…Aside from this new concern, he is content with the outcome, thanks mostly to his calling for Mother Jungle’s involvement. He picks up his hunter green all-temperature cloak, puts it on in preparation for the promised-short walk to the apartments, and sits down in the same seat he had been in when Marr’sha first entered to wait for everything to be sorted and settled.

Woldun is less than observant during the trip to the dwelling; he is preoccupied with internal conversation. Why did Rayger shoot so quickly, seemingly without thought to any contrary solution, of which there should have been at least one that was obvious…thank you for calling on the local police, Mother…their laws are not your own, but they were able to bring peace…now, could he have been scared?…ah, you’re right, anyone who carries a weapon of that magnitude is either doing it purely for show, or is used to putting it into action…obviously it is the latter…but where does a mechanic acquire such combat skills…curious…I wonder if he is the only one to fabricate his story…I agree, Mother, time tells all…speaking of which, I am eager to hear from the avian creature…oh, it appears we’ve arrived…Taking in the visage as Marr’sha keys the entry code in the door control, Woldun whispers to seemingly no one in Ithorian what translates to “This special flower will surely be a beacon in the dark,” meaning that the structure is, as far as he’s seen, one of a kind in architectural design. This pleases him. He is no fan of monotony.

The pleasure continues as he enters the dwelling and gets a good look at what he has ultimately decided will be his, at least for the time being, home. Your compassion is exceeding, Mother…I could never repay your granting me existence, yet you never cease to provide…a room on this level will be perfect…I add another millennia of service to you for this life and all those to come…smiles grow on his mouths as his landlady delivers some added information and offers the floor for questions.

“You said that you sell water as well. Do you have a vaporator or something of that sort on this property, or do you buy from traders?”
Before the Dosh can reply, Woldun chimes in with, “That is indeed an important question, but, either before or just after answering, might we hear from our as-of-yet silent, feathered friend? I am curious as to his situation.” Sensing the being’s timid nature both from his not speaking up previously and his actions in the cantina, Woldun takes it upon himself to arrange for the creature to speak. By doing it this way, Woldun expects to retain some of the focus, hoping it will be easier for the being to speak if he’s not the center of attention. Having said all he has to say for now – all other questions are moot as he has already decided to stay here – he moves over to the sofa and, placing his staff on the floor parallel to the longer piece of furniture, takes a seat in the farthest corner from the entrance, waiting to hear what everyone else has to say; first and foremost, he hopes, the avian creature.

The Great Ular
5 August 2004, 07:51 AM
Hursla was indeed quite. The whole fiasco at the bar seemed to have ruffled his feathers at first, but now he just seemed calm. A soft click.. click.. click sound was made as his staff lightly touched the ground. His grey feathers spoke not of age, but of youth. The staff must be for last ditch self defense. As he let the others talk, a favorite pastime of his, he stretched his vestigial wings a bit and shook out the sand. Looking about he simply took note of, with a bit of a smile, the amenties of the place. Quite better than he had expected for the price. It seemed their were not unplanned holes in the walls, and no apparant vermin to speak up. Water at not such a bad price either it seemed. Yes Yes, this would do nicely...
Suddenly as the Ithorian focuses attention upon him, Hursla seems to grow a bit smaller as they stare.Sighing softly he looks about a bit at the place and with a bit of reluctance he softly squaks...
" You must forgive my silence If I had offended. I am by nature an observer, and I do not wish to get in the way. I often find that others enjoy to talk, so I enjyoy listening. Whilst I am capable of defending myself, I rather do so without hurting others. I am a healer by nature and my code of ethos is as follows. Heal all those you saftly can. Remove yourself before you are injured, neutralize before hurting, hurt before injurying, injure before maiming, maim before paralyzing, paralyze before killing. Speaking of my healing ethos.. has anyone sustained injury? I am not the most skilled herbalist healer on the planet, but I can help. I make a living by attending to the injuries of others. "

Rogue Janson
5 August 2004, 09:51 AM
Mik looks round no.23, trying to have a critical eye. In truth though, he can find little wrong with the place. As someone used to sleeping out in the open, it's rare for him to notice anything at fault with accomodation unless it's infested with vermin or about to fall to pieces. He remains silent for now, letting the others look for any problems.

Rayger asks a good question about water, the most important thing on this planet. Mik hasn't made up his mind about the man, particularly his actions in the bar. He was pretty quick on the trigger. Perhaps he was jumpy, but people without experience don't usually carry a gun like that. With his educated accent, he doesn't seem the type to end up out here, but then again, on Tatooine, who can tell.

Mik listens to the Woldun's comments. Like most of his species, he seems thoughtful and calm, but with a manner that can be vacant or distracted. Then Hursla pipes in. The avian is one of the oddest members of the group, at least to Mik who hasn't met a Mrlssi before. He smells a little strange - most species do, especially on Tatooine, but there aren't that many feathered species in the galaxy. Or maybe it's the herbs he carries. Looking uncomfortable put on the spot, Hursla spills out a summary of his way of life, which sounds alright to Mik.

"It's ok, mate," he reassures Hursla, "no-one's been hurt. This planet's filled with petty thugs like that, but if you look and act tough they shove off without a problem."

Gyp Ryol
5 August 2004, 12:19 PM
Gilad leads his dewback and cart at the rear of the group as they make their way down the dusty desert street. Upon reaching what he assumes to be the apartment building, he does not immediately notice a hitching post for Krayt. "Stay," he commands, placing a reassuring hand on the animal's leathery hide. The big reptile shakes its head, rattling the makeshift reins.

Once inside the structure, Gilad gives a big sigh of relief. He wipes the remaining sweat off his forehead as he admires the building. "Well, this is real nice! Much better than sleeping under my cart with Krayt blocking the wind, that's for sure." He idly pulls at his long hair as the rest of the possible tenets speak their piece. The two humans seemed good enough fellas, though the one with the rifle seemed a bit stiff. The S-head was real nice. After all, he wanted to make sure everyone got a word in, and he tried to protect Gilad back at Alos'. The Zabrak, Mik, was the kind of guy Gilad always ran into on Tatooine. Rough and tumble on the outside, but a good guy underneath.

The littlest one, on the other hand, was still a bit scary to Gilad. The alien didn't even talk like anyone Gilad had ever run into. The only healer GIlad had ever known was that sun-crazed Jawa shaman who lived on the edge of town. GIlad also thought this healer a bit one-minded. Sure, taking care of sick people is great and all, but it's not what life's all about, is it?

Gilad scratched some sand out from behind his ears. "Well, this looks right nice. What about the other rooms?"

The Great Ular
6 August 2004, 01:35 PM
"Yes.... the other rooms..."very quietly spoke Hursla " It might be prudent to examine them as well. I may need a room with strong ventalation to cut the odor my herbs make as they dry. Plus, while I am small I need every bit of room that one of you larger sientients would require. My species were once fliers, many eons ago, before the Maker decided it would be preferable for us to walk the ground. Many of us thus dont like feeling... caged. " As he finished speaking.. Hursla left off for a bit and went quite. Letting the others say what they would... his large alert eyes moving from person to person as they spoke and taking in their body language.

6 August 2004, 04:51 PM
Mother, as always, you were right to make special inquiry about the avian…he too works with botanicals, and he is a healer of wounds rather than a dealer, like, it appears, some of my companions are…I am very interested in speaking more privately with this creature…I wonder why he did not divulge his name…do you think he’s wanted, perhaps notorious?…yes, yes, he would have several ready aliases if that were the case, to extinguish any theories about his identity…again I thank you for your clarity, Mother…I do very much wish to speak with this being…

Woldun is only half-listening to the words that follow the avian’s speech, concerning himself with a more private conversation, until he picks up the tail-end of Gilad’s comments and, surprisingly, another piece from the avian himself. Unfortunate, I was hoping the avian wouldn’t be interested in the rest of the dwelling…well, I shall signal him anyway, to offer up palaver when he is satisfied…As the avian’s scanning eyes meet Woldun’s, he offers a warm, two-mouthed smile, a nod, and motions toward himself, bending both wrist and elbow. He then addresses the group: “I have no need for further observation. I am quite satisfied. Besides, Mother Jungle led me here; it is not my place to disagree with her selection.” Woldun’s eyes fall meaningfully on the avian when he speaks his last sentence, “I will be found right here should anyone wish to talk.”

The Great Ular
6 August 2004, 08:39 PM
Hursla seems to smile... just a bit when he notices the Ithorians gestures. Searching within himself he opens up a little bit. A blossom blooming sending forth bright scents. Though their is no change in his stance or facial emotion of calm intreast.. He begins to imagine things.
Yes yes.. you are all here. He imagines to himself
This is wonderfull.. I can feel what you are feeling if i try. What are you all feeling my soon to be roomates. Are you nervous.. sad... happy.. angry.. or just curious. And what of you my fine Ithorian? Why the intreast.. It is intreast isn't it.. In me? You will all turn colors for a bit, and whatever color you turn will tell me your emotions. You all know the drill.. go ahead.. turn colors. (ooc using Empathy)

Kanner Ra'an
6 August 2004, 09:54 PM
"I guess i can say the same." Rayger says, looking to Marr'sha. The Ithorian is starting to really disturbe him. The curious nature isn't that odd, but how he seems to be paying attention to something no-one else can see is very odd. Its almost like he is watching a holo-vid and simply talking to others during the boring spells. He's a wierd one to be sure. I've heard this place was a dive for scum and killers, not mental cases. He seems harmless enough though. Might just be the species, and im being a little hard on him. We'll see, we'll see. he thinks. "This place looks like it would more then fit my needs. And your very generous with your price" he adds politely. His tone suggests a ligitament compliment instead of sucking up, though in reality he is more regretful then anything. He's sure that after he nearly turned the thief into a bloodstain earlier that she might think he's a loose cannon and turn him down. However he cant afford anything much more expensive, and he cant live outside for another day.

Even if she doesn't, and so far she seems ok with him, he wonders how his future roomates will take to him. If they grow suspisious, one of them might try to look into his backround and turn him in. After all, everyone who's on tatooine needs credits. It makes the twin suns shine. He hopes though that everyone has at least some reason to avoid dealing with the Imperials. That Aves guy seemed pretty eager to avoid the Imps. Damn near threw himself on my gun to stop me from killing that guy. He admited hes a 'runner' of some kind pretty openly too. I doubt he'll try. Imps would probably just charge him with assosiating with a known criminal. Might be able to trust him. Dont know about the others though. They seem fairly decent. I guess i'll have to hope everyone on the planet hates stormtroopers.

Vreel Kudarin
9 August 2004, 11:43 AM
Marr'sha shows the prospective tenants around the rest of no. 23, starting with the basement, which is very dimly lit, the walls painted a dirty brown and black, and covered in places with complex-looking dull-silver exposed plumbing. The temperature down here is noticably slightly cooler. Marr'sha appears none the worse for wear psychologically after the life-threatening incident earlier, though it could just be her blank, unreadable expressions that prevent easy analysis.

As the Trandoshan shows the small group around, she explains she has a relatively reliable, large vapourator fitted atop the apex of the roof, but she still needs to supplement the moisture it gathers with that from the outlying farm providers, which is more costly.

There will be enough water for five litres a day per person, which is enough to stay properly hydrated, for keeping clean, plus enough for a little travel. However, on Tatooine, at around fifteen Imperial credits a kilogram, water isn't cheap.

The floor above the ground level, where the shared living area is, is much the same as the cellar berths, with two seperate, small living quarters, only the rooms are cleaner and brighter, and the temperature is slightly warmer. All the rooms however, have coolth networks in the walls, and Marr'sha's unit seems to be working well.

"I guess the question now is: Are any of you interested in lodging here?" Drawls Marr'sha in her slightly grating, unemotive voice, once she has concluded the tour. She sucks deeply on yet another tarstick, holding it to her mouth with one claw. Apparently as an afterthought, Marr'sha adds: "After what happened earlier, I'll let you all have your first week of lodging for free, though you'll have to pay for the water."

(OoC: Does anyone know if 1kg of water is 1 litre of water? :? )

11 August 2004, 12:42 PM
Hearing this last part, the deal is now quite sealed for Aves.
"I am, ma'am, quite interested in the lodgings here, and am willing and able to meet your price. When can I move in, so I may make arraingements with the guys at the CMG storage locker to get my stuff."

[OOC: IIRC, mL is equal to cm cubed, as well as grams, but I could be mistaken. Irrigardless, you can always make it the price for a kg of water if need be.]

11 August 2004, 05:48 PM
Though Woldun hasn’t moved since planting himself on the convening room’s couch, his ears have followed Marr’sha’s detailing of the water situation. He finds it, as he has found everything so far, quite agreeable. Once everyone is back in the room Woldun has yet to leave and the landlady has said her final piece, large smiles blossom on the Ithorian’s face. Mother, you have out-done yourself! Where I failed in negotiating a first-week rent reduction, you have succeeded two-fold…I knew you wouldn’t allow such violence for nothing…for every action, you have a just cause…sometimes, I’m afraid, I still cannot see to it immediately…I am ever learning, Mother…you are the greatest of teachers…

Woldun continues beaming as Aves asserts himself as an interested party and asks when he can move in. Before Marr’sha can utter a response, Woldun, still sitting comfortably on the couch, interjects, “I too wish accommodations. Your hospitality thus far truly serves Mother Jungle. If all is in order at present, I have my belongings with me and am ready to call this dwelling home.”

Rogue Janson
12 August 2004, 11:11 AM
"It's much better than a lot of the places I've seen," Mik says, nodding approvingly, "and you can't beat a week's free rent."

In fact, the place is a step up from the lodgings Mik's used to, which have consisted mainly of the rough homestead he was brought up in, and starship bunks. Then again, it's the company that counts, and the people here, despite some strange quirks, seem good enough.

Gyp Ryol
15 August 2004, 02:54 PM
"Yeah, seems great! I really like it," grins Gilad. He absently pulls on his long hair as he says, "So, uh, Afes, I guess I don't need to take you up on your offer, huh?"

15 August 2004, 03:25 PM
"So, uh, Afes, I guess I don't need to take you up on your offer, huh?"
"So it would seem." Aves said, not bothering to correct the young alien's mispronounciation of his name.
It doesn't matter, it's only a name... plus, if he ever give up my name... well, Imp bueracracy being what it is, I should have a break.

Kanner Ra'an
17 August 2004, 12:27 PM
"I've already said im interested. I have basically all i own on me, so i wont need to make any comms or arangements." Rayger says happily, secretly trying to let out a laugh at Gilad mispronoucing Aves name. As he looks around at his new fellow tenants, he finally tells himself that they all seem to be good enough people, and that none of them are imperials. This place could work out fine. he thinks, glad to feel a little safer staying in one place for the first time in a long time.

Vreel Kudarin
18 August 2004, 01:02 PM
Marr'sha looks around at her new lodgers, and for the first time since they had met her, a slight smile adorns her reptilian face.

"Then it's all settled, other than you working out which rooms you're having between yourselves," she says, puffing on her tarstick, "Make yourselves comfortable here, I'll go and fetch us a drink!"

As Marr'sha exits into the hall from the communal sitting room, placing one massive foot on the stairs to the left, she remembers something and calls back into the room: "Sorry Gilad, I forgot to mention: there's a sheltered area at the rear of the building where you can tie-up your dewback," before plodding up to the top floor quickly.

(OoC: I'll post up how many creds everyone has soon, honestly :rolleyes: )

The Great Ular
20 August 2004, 06:18 PM
With a wry grin, Hursla says quietly, " I wonder if our landlady is going to charge us for said drink"

20 August 2004, 06:57 PM
Upon hearing Marr'sha proclaim that all is settled, Woldun nods repeatedly and says, in a low whisper, the Ithorian word for "home."

After their landlady has retreated up the stairs to gather libations and the avian has uncharacteristically initiated conversation, Woldun responds first by saying, "I just hope there is a toxin-free option, for I don't wish to reject our keeper's generosity but Mother Jungle does not allow such things...now, my feathered friend," Woldun makes a two-handed, palms-up gesture toward the avian, and manages an odd, seated bow, "I don't believe you've divulged your name...I apologize for my prying, but I am quite curious..." I agree with this tact, Mother, a friendship with this creature could prove quite beneficial…if he will not come to us, we will go to him…

Gyp Ryol
21 August 2004, 10:38 AM
Gilad brightens at the Trandoshan's words. "Gee, thanks! I'll be right back," he beams, dashing out into the broiling Tatooine heat. He pats Krayt on the nose and gently leads the big reptile to the back of the building. He ties the reins around whatever fixutre is available and then gives Krayt a few scratches behind his eyes. "Stay," he softly commands, and then returns to the inside of the building.

"Phew! It's hot out there," he says on entering. "Course, it's always hot out there, ain't it?"

21 August 2004, 10:48 AM
Aves grins wryly as Marr'sha heads to get the drinks.
This is quite the place.... and quite the group.

" I wonder if our landlady is going to charge us for said drink"
Aves' grin grows wider and he lets out a chuckle.
While the Hammerhead starts conversing with the Birdman, Gilad returns from the torrid outdoors.

"Phew! It's hot out there," he says on entering. "Course, it's always hot out there, ain't it?"
"Indeed it is..." Aves replies
"Say, kid, that reminds me... how is it that you ended up on this rock?"

Gyp Ryol
21 August 2004, 11:00 AM
"Huh? What do you mean? I've always lived here. Well, not here here, but Tatooine's always been my homeo," says Gilad with a slightly confused look on his face.

21 August 2004, 11:20 AM
"Huh? What do you mean? I've always lived here. Well, not here here, but Tatooine's always been my homeo,"
Aves raised an eyebrow. So he's lived here as long as he can remember? Remarkable...
"Really? Well, I can appreciate that. Were we are born isn't necessarily our home..." Aves patted Gilad on the shoulder reassuringly.

Gyp Ryol
21 August 2004, 12:54 PM
"M'kwat? I don't get it," says Gilad, now looking very confused. "Are you saying I wasn't born here?"

21 August 2004, 01:28 PM
"M'kwat? I don't get it," says Gilad, now looking very confused. "Are you saying I wasn't born here?"
Aves worked very hard to keep a look of horror off his face.
Stang! I've upset him... Well, I suppose he could have been born here... but then...
"Well, I guess you could have been born here... although if I remember correctly from 'Human Mutations 201', Tatooine isn't suitable for your species. That and the fact that Velusia is in the Core, and this is so far away led me to believe you aren't from here. Who are your parents? Maybe I could make some inquiries about you with the guys at the CMG before they pack up and head back to Corellia." he offered, hoping really to help the kid out. If I help him... then he'll help me.

Gyp Ryol
21 August 2004, 08:38 PM
Gilad's face took on a thoughtful look as he thinks about what Aves says. "Parents...parents...par-rents. Hmmm. That's a Basic word, right? Huh, uh, hmmm." He tugs at his long hair absently. "I don't think I know that one. What does it mean?" he asks with a completely straight face.

21 August 2004, 10:29 PM
"I don't think I know that one. What does it mean?" he asks with a completely straight face.
Aves' face loses it's battle with his horror.
I may have just opened the galaxy's largest can of worms
"Uhhh... It can mean differant things... really only two apply in this case.
First is the person or people that took care of you when you were younger, and the second is the people that created you, er... produced you." Aves struggles to think of the words in Huttese, but his command of that language falters at this moment.

[OOC: Gyp, don't you dare make me give Gil the 'birds and bees' discussion, besides, Aves only took two semesters of 'Human Mutations' so he couldn't explain the Aquar reproduction cycle ;) ]

Gyp Ryol
22 August 2004, 07:05 AM
"Oh, okay. So lessee. The people who took care of me when I was younger, huh? Well, I guess then that would be the Huiutyl tribe," says Gilad, starting to chew on the end of a lock of hair. "But the people who created me? Well, I think I remember a bunch of Human kids when I was really young, before I lived with the Huiutyl." He grins and gives his long hair a flip. "Don't remember much of anything before that, though."

[OOC: "Well, you see Gilad, when a fish-man and a fish-woman love each other very much, uh, er, um, well, uh, the fish-stork comes and brings them a fish-baby." :D]

22 August 2004, 10:16 AM
"Don't remember much of anything before that, though."
Aves is immidietly relieved as Gilad calms down.
"Tell you what... I can talk to the people at the Guild facillities at the starport before they leave... and have them make some inquireies about you... If you want."

Vreel Kudarin
24 August 2004, 11:12 AM
"Here we are. I hope you've all made yourselves comfortable," says Marr'sha, her massive Trandoshan bulk entering the room. With one massive claw she awkwardly strips off the wrapping from the neck of the green wine bottle that she clasps in the other. Fishing around in a kitchenette drawer, she produces a device for removing the cork, and applies it to the bottle.

Clearly she has had much practice at this, as her three-taloned hands would make the action difficult for most Trandoshans. Fetching a mismatched selection of glasses and mugs from an eye-level cuboard built into a recess, she pours a glass of the deep red liquid for herself, downs it in one gulp, and then looks at each of her new lodgers in turn, asking if they want a glass.

She pours wine for those that do, and as they drink, she alternates between her own glass and her tarstick. She rests the spliff in the ashtray in the centre of the circular stone table when drinking.

"So, have you arranged who's sleeping where?" inquires Marr'sha casually, sounding far more interested and content than she has done all day.

Gyp Ryol
4 September 2004, 12:31 PM
"Well, not really. Maybe we were about to discuss that. In any case, I call a downstairs room!" says Gilad, quickly making sure to snatch one of the cooler spots in the building.

Kanner Ra'an
6 September 2004, 08:04 AM
"I could go for one of those to." Rayger says after Gilad, though less enthusiastically. The underground rooms could hopefully be cooler and he doesn't want to suffer as much any longer. He'll have to look into what kind of cooling units a man can get around here. Though he's sure that they will be more expensive then taking a trip to aquaris, and he cant do anything anyways until after he's seen to making his next rent payment. Not to mention water and food. Great, i can imagine how easy its going to be making money in this place. he thinks. On the other hand, he has some pretty rare skills that could be useful. Maybe if he could find a backer he could set up some kind of hyperdrive repair shop, as their seems to be an unusual ammount of starship traffic going through this planet. Sith, now im thinking of staying in this hell hole. he mentally scolds himself, remembering that earlier today it was all he could do to stop from killing the first lowlife on the street and stealing his ship.

6 September 2004, 08:42 AM
Taking his drink, Aves considers his options, then decides to speak:
"Honestly, I don't really care... I'd take part of the ground level room if someone wants to room with me, I suppose."
Aves, finished speaking, looks over at Raygar and gestures towards the corner with his eyes.
We need to talk...

6 September 2004, 04:13 PM
Woldun keeps his curiosity patiently in check as he waits for the avian’s reply, but is not satisfied before Marr’sha returns with the promised drinks. I will have to make my inquiries in a more private setting…it appears the avian is a bit withdrawn in a crowd…this is an understandable trait...shall we resign ourselves to waiting to speak one-on-one with him?…okay, then I will press no further until you can provide the proper situation…I thank you once again for you guidance… The reptilian landlady offers Woldun a drink which he respectfully declines, citing that Mother Jungle forbids it.

When everyone is served and some measure of relaxed, the topic of room assignments is raised, and Woldun logs the comments of three of his new roommates before piping in: “I am also indifferent to this particular…I will take whatever is left after the rest of you are content with your situations.” Besides, Mother, I’m sure the room you leave for me will be perfect…

Vreel Kudarin
12 September 2004, 11:10 AM
"Well, I'm glad some of you have made up your minds, it really doesn't matter to me," says Marr'sha, after a long and uncomfortable pause, during which she downs her wine and pours herself another full glass. She starts to puff at her tarstick a little more nervously, then refills anyone's glass who needs it.

"So what about the rest of you? I've got the keycards to each room on me if you want them now. Gilad, Rayger, here's the ones for the cellar rooms," the Trandoshan hands two worn and scuffed green keycards of thick plastic to the pair.

"Aves, you wanted this floor? Here's a card to the front door of the flat," Marr'sha stares expectantly at the others for a moment, sips her wine, then continues "So what about the rest of you? I'm sure you've all got things you need to be doing this afternoon, I don't want to bore you all day,"

(OoC: I'm really very sorry guys about the delay in posting. I've been busy, plus the auto-notification has failed to tell me about your latest posts! Once I know what room everyone's gone for/ends up with, we can skip on to tomorrow, when your characters all all free to do whatever they choose).

Rogue Janson
13 September 2004, 11:01 AM
"I'll take the top floor," Mik says, looking up thoughtfully from below the brim of his hat. "I've been here a while, the heat doesn't bother me so much."
A cool room on a hot planet is a luxury, and he doesn't bother with them - if it gets really hot he'll drop in on someone downstairs. Mik also knows that the cooler the interior room, the hotter it feels when you go outside.

Vreel Kudarin
19 September 2004, 03:27 AM
With most of her tenants now decided on their rooms, Marr'sha turns her reptilian head to Hursla and Woldun.

"So, just you two to decide now," the Trandoshan lady says, her voice droll once more. She has almost single-handedly consumed the wine, and she now holds the empty bottle in one hand.

"There's a room left upstairs, and one in this flat with Aves. Just to remind you, rent including water willI be eight hundred credits a week normally, but as I said, for the first week, you'll just have to pay for the water. Five hundred and twenty credits at the end of this week, please. I better be off now, so I'll leave the two keycards here on the table. Make yourselves comfortable. I'll See you all later."

Marr'sha plods out of the living area and up the stairs to her own floor at the very top of the building, leaving the group to themselves.

(OoC: Hursla and Woldun can decide which rooms they want and write it into the posts if you want. Ular, I think Hursla will only need 2/3 the water of the others because of his small size, so he can negotiate with Marr'sha tomorrow if you want.) :)

19 September 2004, 08:00 AM
Woldun simply nods as Marr’sha leaves the remaining keycards on the table and takes her leave of the area. Once she’s out of sight and an awkward silence has set in, Woldun rises from his seat at the couch and moves to the keycards. “Well, I believe I will take the other room on this flat…the upper room should allow for better ventilation for your herbs.” Woldun motions in the direction of the avian as he speaks the second bit of his comment. Yes, this was the best plan, Mother…I am also certain that is the room he would have picked, thus leaving me with the room I chose, or, rather, the room you chose for me to accept…things are working out nicely, Mother, and I thank you for that…your presence on this nearly-barren planet is further proof of your ultimate power…now, what shall we do with the remainder of this day? Woldun looks back and forth across the room, taking in the faces of all of his new roommates, and then says, “Well friends, I believe I will travel to the starport in search of employment leads, would anyone care to accompany me?” Woldun presses his spread fingertips together in front of his abdomen and waits for a response.

19 September 2004, 08:48 AM
"Sure," Aves says, walking towards the door, "I need to get my stuff anyway."

Kanner Ra'an
19 September 2004, 10:25 AM
Rayger accepts the key to his downstairs appartment and tucks it securly into a belt pocket. Having noticed Aves wanted to speak to him earlier, and now finally having the chance, Rayger takes the key to his room and then catches up with the spacer. He is unsure of why the man wants to speak to him, though he is a little curious.

"Aves." Rayger calls to him once their both outside. "Something you need to talk to me about?"

19 September 2004, 03:05 PM
Aves, relieved that Raygar caught his signal, murmurs conspiritorily, so that only the both of them could hear.
"I get the impression that you want off of this rock as much as I do...so I have proposition for you:
My ship is impounded in the lot at the spaceport, and with you're skills, I think we can help each other out.
Ya see... my hyperdrive burned out when I brushed the grav well of the lesser star, so I set down here. I wasn't carrying anything illegal, wasn't doing anything wrong either... well, for me that is, but the prefect impounded my ship anyway. I got the impression that the last owner really pissed him off the last time he was here... but anyway, he can't arrest me without putting my ship in as evidence... my defensive systems are upgraded just slightly above the legal limit, which is only a minor offense... 9,000 credit fine or something, but he's let me loose, and keeping my ship.
All I need are a few parts, and an expert to fix the drive and then we could blast off this rock. The kid can provide us some parts, and I think could be persuaded to help me... err us.
My astromech is onboard still, and is quite capable at assisting, but couldn't do the job alone. So here I am... offering you a trip offworld, hell, even a partnership in my shipping enterprise if you want, and all I need are your expert skills.

19 September 2004, 04:49 PM
After waiting less than a minute for anyone else interested to chime in, Woldun looks at Aves and gestures toward the door. “Well, after you my friend.”

The unlikely pair exits their new abode and Woldun is immediately thankful he has a cooled environment to return to. You will receive days of praise for your grace, Mother…I truly do not deserve what you’ve done for me… Only steps down the dusty road leading away from 23 Meteor Street, Woldun hears someone hail his walking partner, and turns to see Raygar and Aves quickly engage in clandestine conversation. Hmm…I don’t believe this involves us…yes, I agree, we would be best served continuing to our destination… Without a word, Woldun turns his back to the two humans and makes his way at a space slug’s pace toward the starport, already sweating.

Kanner Ra'an
20 September 2004, 07:22 AM
Rayger considers whats being offered. A trip off world and even a partnership. Everything i need to get off this blasted rock and survive outside of imperial space. he thinks. He has to wonder who exactly Aves works for. Hutts, Black Sun, or maybe a petty dictator or warlord. On the other hand, he really doesn't care. He's a felon himself, tried and convicted if they ever get their hands on him. Smuggling and gunrunning is a hot buissness right now. The Imps have outlawed and taxed a lot of products, and inspire a lot of rebellion. The fact that they have the guns to back it up means smugglers are in high demand everywhere.

The choice ends up being elementry to him. "Ok, you got yourself a deal." he says genuninely. " I'll need to look at the ship first, see what she'll specifically need in the way of parts and repairs, but i can probably fix her up. As for that partnership, we'll talk. So what kind of ship is she? Corellian? Sorusuub?."

20 September 2004, 08:18 AM
The choice ends up being elementry to him. "Ok, you got yourself a deal." he says genuninely. " I'll need to look at the ship first, see what she'll specifically need in the way of parts and repairs, but i can probably fix her up. As for that partnership, we'll talk. So what kind of ship is she? Corellian? Sorusuub
Aves is estatic, but hides it for the time being.
"She's a CEC YT-1300, Expanded Hull, CEC hD-2199.2 x1 hyperdrive. As far as I can tell, the power couplings are gone, and the power surge may have taken down parts of the drive... in anycase, neither the main or backup can power up."
Aves offers Raygar his hand "Good to see you're in."

[OOC: Kanner: I'll PM you the stats for the Surprise when I get the chance. I'm sure Vreel the GM God will assure the participation of everyone else, and make the Imperial Prefecture a death trap until we level up at least once :D]

Kanner Ra'an
20 September 2004, 09:48 AM
Rayger listens as Aves describes the damage. Its signifigant to something as touchy as a hyperdrive, but not unfixable. "Ok, corellian. Nothing we cant fix then." he says, taking the offered hand. Corellian vessels are known to be adatable, which raises his spirits. "Alright, i let you go get your stuff. Im going to check out my room and get a drink." he says, and then goes to his basement level room.

20 September 2004, 09:53 AM
Rayger listens as Aves describes the damage. Its signifigant to something as touchy as a hyperdrive, but not unfixable. "Ok, corellian. Nothing we cant fix then."
"You bet, my old man was a shipwright there... he supervised the construction of that ship himself... rock solid." Aves said, with no small bit of pride.
"Okay, I'll see you later then." he says, and follows Woldun to the spacport.

Vreel Kudarin
20 September 2004, 09:54 AM
Soon after Marr'sha vacated the living area, Woldun, Aves, and Rayger leave number 23, heading for the centre of Mos Eisley, where most of the docking bays and bars are situated. It is late afternoon and the air is cooler. The streets are much busier as the suns crawl lower in the cloudless sky.

After Rayger has headed back to his room, Aves and Woldun pass all manner of beings, both sentient and non-sentient, and the activity becomes greater as they near the main portion of the spaceport. In only a few minutes, they reach the nearest of the large docking bays.

Suddenly there is a piercing burst of laser cannon fire overhead, and all around, beings look up to see an carmine-painted R-41 starfighter spiralling upwards after a battered old model Y-wing. The R-41 peels away immediately following it's firing, heading for a different exit vector. The Y-wing, still encased in it's white factory paneling, which most pilots remove for easy access to the essential systems, makes no moves to follow it's attacker. Already the pedestrians in the dusty streets of Mos Eisley have lost interest, though Woldun and Aves notice a blue-uniformed policeman watching the departing R-41 through macrobinoculars whilst speaking into a small comlink.

(OoC: Rostek, It's against my programming to impersonate a deity! :threepio: )

20 September 2004, 12:14 PM
Woldun is somewhat surprised when he notices Aves has practically caught up with him, but as the area becomes exponentially more crowded, and because he doesn’t feel overly inclined to wait for the human, the gap between them stabilizes. Hmm…the heat doesn’t seem to hinder this one…he is strong…and I remember his actions to stop Rayger at the cantina…curious, Mother, that they now conspire together…mutual benefit is a powerful coercer, you are, as always, most wise…I do hope we can find some means of employ in this area…I’m not sure how in-demand an herbalist is in the desert, but you will give me strength to fulfill other duties if necessary…and perhaps grant me the luck to find a job that is more suited to my talents…

While shifting his concentration from his thoughts to deftly dodging all type of fellow pedestrians, street urchins, transients, peddlers, and vermin (both creature and otherwise), Woldun hears a thunderous blast echo from above. Looking up, he sees one star fighter in pursuit of another break from its target, and then watches them both speed away into space. Curious as to the need for one to fire on the other, but not overly concerned, Woldun progresses a few steps closer to central Mos Eisley before he notices a local policeman still intently searching the atmosphere for the fleeing ships. Upon closer inspection, he appears to be muttering to someone on the other end of a comlink. Woldun turns to where Aves was before the incident, and finds that he too has noticed the officer’s continued interest in the seemingly trite situation. Woldun claps his hands together twice in quick succession, throws his left hand in the air, and half-shouts, “Aves my friend…perhaps a word or two?” Once assured he has the human’s attention, Woldun lowers his arm and waits to see if Aves will oblige. Yes, Mother, the human, Aves, has much more experience in these matters…he is, as you say, the captain of his own vessel…perhaps he can clue us in to what has recently transpired, and what this officer might be doing now…

Gyp Ryol
20 September 2004, 06:00 PM
Gilad smiles at the Trandoshan, saying simply, "Thanks!" He then begins the process of moving in. He goes out to his cart and brings in all of his needed living supplies: tools, various spare parts, unfinished electronics, a spare vest, some rags, a small jar of metal polish, and a simple rough hewn blanket that once served as Gilad's pillow.

He plops himself down in his room, leaving the door open, and begins to examine various spare parts, trying to determine what kind of merchandise he would be able to get in exchange for it. Once in a while he takes out a rag, dabs it in the metal polish, and touches up rough spots on some of the more soiled parts. He murmurs and talks to himself as he inspects each piece. "Nope, no good...that's strange...oh, I see...give it a little rub here...now this is good...oh hey, I've been looking for one of these...what were you in?"

20 September 2004, 06:24 PM
Woldun claps his hands together twice in quick succession, throws his left hand in the air, and half-shouts, “Aves my friend…perhaps a word or two?”
"Most certainly, my friend." Aves replies, intrigued at the goings on...

20 September 2004, 07:08 PM
"Most certainly, my friend," Aves replies.

“Well, friend, I have little knowledge or experience with the details of takeoffs, but I don’t believe that,” Woldun lifts his head and darts his sagging eyes skyward, “was what you would call standard operating procedure…furthermore, that officer, as I believe you’ve noticed, looks decidedly interested…even now when they’re surely long away.” Woldun moves a step closer to his counterpart and brings the volume of his voice to just a hint above whisper, “If we approach with good intentions and can, in fact, help out in some way, it may prove financially beneficial…not to mention put you in better standing with the locals…you did say something at the cantina regarding the prefect, did you not?”

21 September 2004, 05:58 AM
“If we approach with good intentions and can, in fact, help out in some way, it may prove financially beneficial…not to mention put you in better standing with the locals…you did say something at the cantina regarding the prefect, did you not?”
Aves had, in fact, been considering talking to the officer. If he could get his hands on those ships... well, even if he couldn't get off world... with Raygar, of course, well... wreckage still has parts.
"You read my mind, Woldun... If anything, it will quench some curiosity."
he said, smiling.

21 September 2004, 06:27 AM
"You read my mind, Woldun... if anything, it will quench some curiosity."
Aves said, smiling.

“Very well then…I propose you move in first, there is a bit of a stigma attached to us non-humans nowadays, and I don’t want to spoil the fruit before it has a chance to ripen…I will follow behind, feigning complete subordination…now, let’s move before he does.” Clever tactic, Mother, this should play into the officer’s hand quite well… Woldun adopts a slumping position and files in behind Aves as the two move to confront the policeman.

21 September 2004, 06:47 AM
"You read my mind, Woldun... if anything, it will quench some curiosity."
"Good idea." says Aves quickly, and he walks toward the officer. He considers Woldun's words... it was true, of course, that non-humans were at a disadvantage in Imperial reign. Not that he bought into that philosophy, but every so often, he got a prickly sensation when interacting with nonhumans... no doubt the result of some subtle cultural programming, which is a lot harder to notice than that overt stuff the Empire does.
Pushing this to the back of his mind for further review, Aves reaches the officer. Concocting a plan, he speaks.
"Excuse me, sir, but I couldn't help but notice the ruckus up above... as well as your obvious interest. I've noted the agrigious lack of personel that your department seems to suffer from, and I have a team at my disposal that would be absolutly perfect for the task of investigating this matter, should you and your department think about... contracting... privately and quietly.

[OOC: Bluff+7]

Vreel Kudarin
21 September 2004, 10:07 AM
The police officer turns to face Aves, letting his macrobinoculars rest against his chest on the strap around his neck, and clipping his stylus-like comlink to his belt. A holstered blaster pistol and a baton hang at his sides. His listens to what Aves has to say, his eyebrows raising slightly. The policeman has a young face, though it is weathered slightly from the suns and harsh winds.

"You're darn right about that. If there's one thing we are it's understaffed. Of course, we've got the Imperial garrison to help us, but there's even fewer of them, and their priorities often seem to lie elsewhere," the policeman pauses, scratching his chin.

"Personally I'm fed up with old Yarden up there. He's the guy in the R-41. Always mouthing off. As you saw he's also got an itchy trigger finger. I think that was just some personal disagreement. Doesn't mean people should be allowed to open up in controlled airspace though. The guys back at the station just tell me to chill though. I'm glad to see someone else showing an interest," the officer extends his hand to shake Aves's.

"Thanks for the offer of help. I can't say I'm qualified to hire you or anything, I'm just a beat-officer," the young man indicates his small rank insignia, "but I for one certainly wouldn't mind you keeping your eyes open for Yarden when he's back in town. You've seen his red R-41. This is what he looks like," the policeman produces a datapad from a pouch on his belt, and in a few seconds, accesses and prints out a small image of Yarden. He hands the piece of thick flimsi to Aves: "Here you go,"

The face in the image is front-on, apparently taken when Yarden was being held at the police blockhouse. He is human, middle-aged, with a scraggly grey beard, bushy eyebrows, and a metal eyepatch bolted over his left eye. The caption beneath the image reads: "Yarden Regil. Class Two offender."

"If you see this guy around, com me. Here," the policeman takes the identity image back, and writes his personal comlink frequency on the reverse, before handing it to Aves again.

"My name's Petr, by the way," says the officer, smiling. Then he looks past Aves, over his shoulder, noticing Woldun approaching.


Meanwhile, back at number 23 Meteor Street, Rayger, Hursla, Mik, and Gilad are moving into and becoming accustomed to their new accomodation.

Mik is on the first floor, with Hursla. One of the small living quarters faces the main street outside the front of the building, the other overlooks a small walled-off area at the rear, where Gilad's dewback is resting in the shade. The rooms are almost identical in sparse furnishing and minimal, bland decor.

Rayger and Gilad are in their cellar rooms, which are similar to the others, but dimmer, light being provided from window slits at street level high in the walls, and lumi-bulbs in the ceiling. The walls are also painted in dark, natural tones, unlike the off-white and cream upstairs. However, as Marr'sha promised, the temperature is fractionally cooler.

(OoC: Hopefully I'll get a map of number 23 up this week, so you can get a better idea of the layout.)

21 September 2004, 10:18 AM
Aves smiles, and bows slightly.
"Of course Petr, I shall contact you if I see him." he turns to Woldun.
"Woldun!" he hands the flimsi to the Ithorian, and indicating his apology. "Take the flimsi back to the house, and I shall call you if the spaceport doens't have any droids to carry the equipment."

21 September 2004, 10:51 AM
"Woldun! Take the flimsi back to the house, and I shall call you if the spaceport doens't have any droids to carry the equipment," Aves says.

“I hear and humbly obey, master.” Yes, Mother, there is honor in being dishonored if it leads to greater honor in the end… Woldun kowtows before the two humans and accepts the flimsi, purposely not looking at it in the presence of the officer, Petr. A proper subordinate keeps his nose clear of his master’s business…and, if I’m to be a slave for this escapade, I will be one of the best… Without another word, Woldun takes his leave from the crowded area and makes haste back to his new home.

Once a fair distance from prying eyes, Woldun, sweating like a Wookiee in a bantha coat at twin noon, moves into an alleyway and leans his back against the building allowing for the most shade. He glances down his chosen alley and both sides of the street, and, seeing no one, takes a good look at the picture the officer printed for Aves. Hmm…”Class Two offender”…I wonder, aside from flagrant weapon discharging, what this being has been involved in…regardless, I thank you for this task, Mother, it will serve us both well… Taking a deep breath, Woldun slips the flimsi under his cloak and carries on toward number 23 Meteor Street.

Kanner Ra'an
21 September 2004, 11:45 AM
Rayger looks around his room, deciding immeadiatly that he got lucky on this one. The room is cooler, thanks to the shade, and he could probably lower it a bit more by covering the window slit all day, or at least until he became a little more accustomed to the heat. He takes note of his few belongings, and how he really needs to get a few new clothes and other things of that nature. I've got to find some work on this planet. I can afford the rent for a little while, but it leaves me with little else to go on. he thinks. He decides he can spare a few credits for that drink. He walks over to his storage unit and deposits his flight suit, along with his large carbine, datapad and all but a few dozen credits, and then locks the unit. He is more then a little worried about thieves, as those possesions are the most valuable things in his life right now. He tucks his small pistol into his pocket, and then goes outside. He makes sure the lock on his door works, giving him some piece of mind, then makes his way to the cantina with thoughts of killing a few worries until its cool enough to walk home comfortably.

Rogue Janson
22 September 2004, 05:04 AM
Mik takes his time settling in to his new accommodation. He has few possessions to arrange, just a few clothes and some survival gear, but he likes to get to know places. After looking round his room and refilling the water flask he keeps with him, he walks over to Hursla’s door.

“Hey Hursla,” he calls, “I’m going out to look for work. If you’d like to come, I know a few places and people.”

Without waiting for a reply, he heads downstairs. Having heard Woldun and Aves leave, he doesn’t bother calling on them. Wandering out into the rear courtyard, he introduces himself to Gilad’s dewback, pleased to see the creature is in good shape and well looked after. Then he continues down, to Rayger and Gilad’s rooms, rapping on their doors and repeating his invitation.

Vreel Kudarin
22 September 2004, 09:47 AM
"That Hammerhead your servant? Where'd you pick him up?" Petr asks Aves, nodding at the departing form of the Ithorian, Woldun. Before Aves can make any reply, a flurry of beeps sound from the policeman's comlink.

"Sorry, Aves, gotta take this," Petr pulls the comlink from his belt and recieves the call, turning his back on Aves for a minute. Aves hears a few words about a blaster incident, and that Petr is requested on the other side of Mos Eisley.

Petr turns back to Aves, a slight look of regret on his face, and explains: "I'm needed elsewhere Aves, I'm real sorry. Nice talking to you, and I'll hopefully see you around!" Petr nods quickly and smiles, then sets off at a jog through the thick afternoon air and street busy with life, passing by the side of Alos's cantina.

Watching Petr go, Aves notices that the broken parts of Rayger's dodgy speeder bike have vanished from the front of the cantina, though the Dug bouncer Dubok is once again guarding the door, having been stunned by the two thieves earlier.

Walking on to the building where his possessions are stored, Aves retrieves them after some brief discourse with a port official. He recieves a reminder to stay in the local area for the next week in case the Tatooine authorities wish to question him, and is asked for the address of his accomodation.


Rayger opens his door almost immediately following Mik's knock, having been preparing to leave already. Upstairs, Woldun lets himself in the front door using his keycard, returning to number 23 with the identity image.

24 September 2004, 11:26 AM
Once inside with the door shut behind him, Woldun announces his arrival by calling to his companions, “Gentlebeings, I have information of possible interest. Aves will bring more details when he returns, but I can show and tell what I know if your curiosity is piqued.” Convinced that enough has been said to entice anyone who might not, as of yet, have ventured out, Woldun reassumes his seated position on the common room couch. I wonder, Mother, who might take up this cause…further, I wonder what, if any, details Aves has indeed been able to acquire…I know we are not generally involved in bounty hunting, but this seems a deserving target…yes, Mother, that eases my mind…if you have foreseen preventable deaths at his hand, then this truly is a noble task… Woldun takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and presses his index and middle fingers on the skin between his eyes. While waiting for whoever might heed his call, Woldun prays in whispered Ithorian.

24 September 2004, 12:34 PM
Aves was about to answer Petr's question when the friendly officer's comlink thankfully beeped.

"Sorry, Aves, gotta take this," Petr pulls the comlink from his belt and takes the call, turning his back on Aves for a minute. Aves hears a few words about a blaster incident, and that Petr is requested on the other side of Mos Eisley.
Petr turns back to Aves, a slight look of regret on his face, and explains: "I'm needed elsewhere Aves, I'm real sorry. Nice talking to you, and I'll hopefully see you around!" Petr nods quickly and smiles, then sets off at a jog through the thick afternoon air and street busy with life, passing by the side of Alos's cantina.

Aves smiled and waved goodbye to Petr, thankful to have a new aquaintance in this place.
Always nice to have a friendly face at the local constabulary. he thought with a smile.
He got to the port station without incident, going into the now roped off CMG wing to retrieve his stuff.
His duffle bag and spacer's chest were in good order, although his potted plant seemed to be droopy, no doubt from the heat.
Just needs a bit of water, then it'll be fine he reminds himself.
Bringing his stuff to the desk to check out, the clerk reminds him of the standard Imperial procedure, and asks him for his current residence for 'future questioning'.
Aves, having already planned for this, takes the official looking datapad from the desk, and, using the stylus, writes in intentionally sloppy, but legible handwriting "23 Meteor Street", with the '3' in '23' shaped in such a way as to appear to be a '5' to most people, but enough like a '3' to be a reasonable excuse. 25 Meteor Street, being very close to his residence, if raided, would provide an excellent alarm for him to make his exit.
Smiling at the desk clerk, Aves begins his walk back to his apartment.

Gyp Ryol
25 September 2004, 01:41 PM
"Oh, hey Mik. Um, sure. I can come with. I need to trade off some of these opakwa anyway if I want to meet rent next week.," says Gilad pleasantly as he shoulders a large bag of spare parts. "Lemme just put these in the cart."

Gilad walks upstairs, carrying the bag easily. He heads outside and hefts the bag into the back of the cart. He puts the makeshift reins on Krayt, though the big animal shakes its head once they are on. "Oh, w'ho add, eyeta," scolds Gilad. He sticks his head inside. "Hey Mik, ashuna. I'm all set."

EDIT: Holy cow! I misspelled 'makeshift' and the last half of the word gets censored. Man, that makes my day.

Vreel Kudarin
26 September 2004, 01:28 AM
As Mik and Rayger follow Gilad upstairs, so that the Aquar can take his bag of parts to his dewback at the rear of the flats, they all notice Woldun sitting patiently in the living area of the ground floor accomodation. So far there has been no response to Mik's invitation from Hursla, in his room on the first floor.

Vreel Kudarin
29 September 2004, 10:25 AM
Gilad, Mik, and Rayger join Woldun in the common room, and the Ithorian shows the others the identity image that the policeman gave to Aves. Presently, Hursla joins them from upstairs.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you at first," says the small, feathered Mrlssi. Just then, Aves returns, carrying his belongings through the front door. He meets the others in the living area of his and Woldun's flat. It is now approaching evening, and the light outside has diminished slightly, along with the temperature.

30 September 2004, 10:06 AM
Aves plops down on to the couch after setting his duffel, spacers' chest, and plant on the floor, then wipes his brow.
It seemed to him that the entire group had congregated into the living area... which is the perfect opportunity for him to present Woldun and his new find.
"Hey guys." he said, trying to get their attention, and, when satisfied, he continues.
"A funny thing happened to Woldun and I on the way to the employment office. A Y-Wing and an R-41 got into a little dogfight over the city, and an officer of the peace informed us that the instigator of that little conflict is, in fact, a wanted criminal-" he indicated Woldun, and motioned for him to hold up the sheet, "-Yarden Regil, is a class two offender, and the nice policeman offered me, which is to say us the opportunity to keep out eyes peeled for him. Now, if memory serves, if we capture him in the act of a crime, there is usually a bounty of some kind for that type of offender, and since we are short of funds, it is something worth considering, no?" he finished, trying to gauge his housemates' reactions.

Kanner Ra'an
30 September 2004, 11:32 AM
"Hmmm, interesting." Rayger says aloud. Bounty hunting's a good way to make credits, if your any good at it. he thinks, pondering if its a good idea or not. On the other hand, a lot of people here could have bounties on them. Might make us a little less welcome if people know were after them. Rayger decides that Aves would be the most knowledgable one on this, and since he recommends it, then its probably a good idea.

"I'd say it is." he decides. "A few extra credits cant hurt any of us. So which one was he. The Y- wing or the old R-42." he asks, giving the smuggler a discreet 'are you thinking' look. Y-wings and their predeccesors are mataince heavy, but its doubtful that their wouldn't be any parts they could use. Especially if they could strip some from the Y-wings hyperdrive.

30 September 2004, 12:35 PM
Aves replied, catching immidietly what Raygar was onto. He had considered it too: Koensayr's parts were ubiquitous, and the Y-Wing has many hyperdrive parts in common with his ship. The Incom is a much tighter vessel, but the power leads that they required could be found about both ships.
"He was in the R-41; it's bright scarlet, by the way, so you can't miss it.
But yes, it's the '41, the kind with the Koensayr 5001e model high stress leads." It was times like these Aves was glad he had his father's help in 'Starship Design Principals'.

30 September 2004, 01:01 PM
Aside from standing from his seat on the couch, holding out a piece of flimsi, and saying “look what Mother has offered us” when Mik and the others entered the room, Woldun has done nothing but stare blankly at the walls, looking as if he’s been frozen in some sort of invisible carbonite. While waiting for someone to answer his call after returning to the dwelling, he had slipped too deeply into a trance-like state of prayer, and is now having to struggle to bring himself back to the moment. He notices Aves motion for him to hold up the image for everyone, but does little more than raise it a few centimeters. Only after Rayger speaks does he draw in a deep breath and, simultaneously, widen his eyes and process that the whole group, the avian included, has gathered once more in the common room.

Ah…quick to act yet again, but this time on the same plane as Aves…this Rayger is a character of sorts…he could learn much from you, Mother…but yes, indeed, having him for the cause for the wrong reason is better than against it…again your wisdom is inspiring…interesting to see the avian once again in the crowd…I had thought I’d not see him when so many were present ever again…I had taken him for a “the fewer the better,” loner type…as you say, time will reveal everything to everyone…only you are without blinders for the future, and I thank you for allowing me to glimpse what only you can show…if only all of the chosen knew their fate…

Wanting to keep this thought from lingering in his mind, Woldun turns a side glance to Gilad and, in a voice meant only for him, says, “And what do you make of this? Your knowledge of the planet and various contacts could be very helpful in our efforts…”

Rogue Janson
1 October 2004, 10:11 AM
"Yarden Regil..." Mik says thoughtfully, addressing his remarks to Aves and Woldun, "I don't think I've heard of him. But I'll keep a lookout for the guy. We're just goin' out to see if we can look up any work. If you'd like to come along, I know a few places that might be good"

1 October 2004, 10:18 AM
We're just goin' out to see if we can look up any work. If you'd like to come along, I know a few places that might be glld"
"Sounds good to me." Aves says.
He hadn't gotten a chance to look around the first time, and now was as good a time as any...

Vreel Kudarin
1 October 2004, 11:24 AM
Gilad mentally checks to see if he recognises the name, but he also has not heard of Regil. As the most 'local' of the group, if he doesn't know the man, it is unlikely anyone else present does.

At Mik's prompt, the group head out, walking the short distance to the 'centre' of Mos Eisley, the busiest area, which is actually situated in the North of the spaceport. As the six beings pass down the street, they notice that everyone is more active in these cooler, late afternoon hours. Gilad and Mik are already accustomed to this.

A closed landspeeder with blacked-out viewports cruises past, repulsors droning, heading in the opposite direction. Up ahead, a massive ronto, it's flanks covered with crates and barrels inside nets, plods into the open area in front of Chalmun's cantina and the wreckage of the Dowager Queen. The old wreck protrudes at an odd angle, striking amidst the simple, light-coloured buildings it stands over.

As the six walk, Gilad and Mik consider where they might go to look for work. The latter has picked up a few jobs from customers at Alos's cantina, which they are just about to pass. Mik gleaned a couple of guide tasks for offworlders (or 'outlanders' as the locals call them) who needed to go out into the desert, and a brief stint as a doorman at a nightclub that closed down within days of opening, after a series of gang-related shootings.

Then there are the docking bays themselves, spread throughout Mos Eisley, though with the largest around the Dowager Queen area. The port authorities might want baggage handlers, or techs, though the existing officials seem to have things set up nicely for themselves.

Chalmun's is the notorious cantina in the centre of the settlement. It's clientele are rough and often violent. It is also well-known (at least Gilad and Mik know) that a lot of the banter that goes on there concerns underworld jobs, probably highly lucrative, illegal...and very dangerous. In addition to Chalmun's, there are several other bars scattered around.

The district at the centre of Mos Eisley, Tar Mass, surrounding Jabba the Hutt's townhouse, can be dangerous area to enter. Thugs and mercenaries prowl the streets, guarding their master's property. The alleys are home to gun merchants and spice dealers amongst many other illicit businesses. At the edge of the Tar Mass neighbourhood, there is the Mo' Moolee Rah open-air market, which specialises in used weaponry and technical equipment.

Further West there is the Lucky Despot, a hotel and casino run by the Whipid, Lady Valarian. Like Chalmun's it has a rather checkered reputation, the building being full of Valarian's henchmen. Mik and Gilad know that Lady Valarian is Jabba the Hutt's chief rival for control in Mos Eisley, if not on the whole planet.

For his part, Gilad has found that the best prices for the spare parts he restores have sometimes been acquired by selling to desperate individuals in the street, those clearly having trouble with their vehicle or equipment. Though there are many local junk dealers trading from shops around Mos Eisley, they usually drive a hard bargain.

A YT-1300 Corellian freighter lifts noisily into the sky from docking bay 94, next to the police blockhouse on the right. The group soon notice a trio of Jawas hussling along on the opposite side of the sandy 'road', sporadically yabbering excitedly to each other. The diminuitive, ruddy-brown cloaked scavengers are clearly interested in them.

Gilad, who has spent much time living with Jawas, catches some of their comments: "Jol iyo chikua!", "Ikee ashuna m'tuske opakwa-pop'nloo," - One is insisting there are too many in the group, whilst another thinks he can successfully steal a few credits. As Gilad watches out of the corner of his eye, the third Jawa, who has not spoken, pushes the confident one forward, but he turns back after a few steps. The Jawas continue to stay level with the group, whilst sentients of all descriptions, from Rodians to Kubaz, pass between them.

(OoC: If anyone doesn't actually want to go out looking for work, just say, and I can edit this post. I wasn't sure if Gilad is bringing any junk with him, or if he's bringing Krayt! :) )

Kanner Ra'an
1 October 2004, 02:42 PM
"I've never seen so many aliens outside a...." Rayger says, a little surprised by the number of non-humans around. The left out part was a common saying on Eradiu. It reffered to a certain chain of plants that used alien labourers, and was the best place to see a group of them aside from the slums on his planet. He had gotten out of the habit of it to avoid sounding Imperial around aliens, something he was thinking in this instance, but had picked it up again on his return to his homeworld. He doesn't feel out of place, as he has grown comfortable around other species, but the sheer number and variety are unusual to him. Thankfully he doesn't gawk or look too outlanderish.

Looking to Mik, he asks "So what kind of work do you expect to find. Doesn't exactly look like theirs and imperial citizens un-employment assistance bereau."

2 October 2004, 12:16 PM
Aves notices the little hooded aliens, speaking in gibberish and pointing at the group.
What did the planet guide say they were called again... Ah yes, Jawas.
Figuring that Gilad, being a local, could help him out on this one, he taps the kid on the shoulder, leans in and quitely asks him:
"Hey kid, I don't like the look of those little suckers behind us... do you know what they're talking about?"

Gyp Ryol
2 October 2004, 03:19 PM
[OOC: Perhaps I should just say that for future reference, if Gilad is going out to scavenge or barter or sell or any other type of work, he'll be taking Krayt and the cart. So for right now, he's riding astride the dewback, cart in tow.]

Gilad looks down at Aves when he is tapped on the shoulder. "M'kwat ibbyt, Aves?" asks Gilad.

"Hey kid, I don't like the look of those little suckers behind us... do you know what they're talking about?"

Gilad turns and looks behind him. He scans the crowd for a few moments. He turns back and says, "Wait, what's a 'suckers'?"

Then, Gilad remembers something. "Oh yeah. Hey friends, those Jawas over there might try to, um, m'kwat huot yoyut, er, m'tuske some credits," says Gilad, indicating the Jawas on the other side of the street. He looks rather proud for getting the Basic words out.

2 October 2004, 05:13 PM
Gilad turns and looks behind him. He scans the crowd for a few moments. He turns back and says, "Wait, what's a 'suckers'?"
Aves grins at the comment. Gilad is a nice kid, although his grasp of basic is a bit... well, basic.

"Oh yeah. Hey friends, those Jawas over there might try to, um, m'kwat huot yoyut, er, m'tuske some credits," says Gilad, indicating the Jawas on the other side of the street. He looks rather proud for getting the Basic words out.
"Ah... So, I guess we should keep an eye out if they make a move at us." Aves says, his hand moving into his overcoat to unhook the strap on his holster.

2 October 2004, 06:54 PM
Enjoying the quasi-camaraderie of the group as they stroll through the now-bustling desert city, Woldun lets Rayger’s near-insult evaporate in the cooler, though still hot, air. He’s been quiet during the trip, partly maintaining the loose pretense that he is a servant to Aves in case they come upon the policeman again and partly just enraptured by Gilad’s mount.

Woldun half-listens to Gilad and Aves’s quick conversation as he pets the dewback’s powerful rear leg. Then, noticing Aves’s hand slip toward his weapon, he, after quickly double-checking that Mother Jungle would approve, says, bowing slightly, “Master Aves, I believe a small verbal confrontation will suffice…” Using his bowed position to lean toward the human, he adds in a lower voice, “We needn’t draw unwanted attention, especially with weapons…perhaps Gilad could send them on their way…” Indeed Mother, this is the way it should be…

2 October 2004, 09:38 PM
“Master Aves, I believe a small verbal confrontation will suffice…” Using his bowed position to lean toward the human, he adds in a lower voice, “We needn’t draw unwanted attention, especially with weapons…perhaps Gilad could send them on their way…” Indeed Mother, this is the way it should be…
Aves gives Woldun a reassuring smile.
"Don't worry, my friend, I have no intention of instigating a firefight in the middle of town, I'm just taking the precaution of keeping that option open should the need arise. That said, I will shoot anyone who tries to deprive us of our already low assets." And in a lower tone he added "Don't worry, it's set on stun, I'm not a big fan of killing things when it can be avoided."

3 October 2004, 08:55 AM
Nodding subserviently after Aves’s reply, Woldun responds, “Very good, sir…” Most true, Mother, a quick stun shot would draw little attention and would certainly teach the small being a lesson…if only all the chosen understood your true stance on violence…sometimes action is necessary, sometimes violence is the answer…I am stronger because I know…I thank you for your enlightenment…I am in your debt as long as you let my life endure…

Woldun mutters a short prayer in Ithorian, then, turning his attention to Gilad while motioning toward Krayt, asks, “So, sir Gilad, how long have you been with your large companion?”

Gyp Ryol
3 October 2004, 09:19 AM
Gilad holds up a finger to the Ithorian, indicating for him to wait. He turns to the Jawas across the street and shouts, "Hey, eyetas. Nyeta m'tuskele pop'nloo kiik. Ashuna bom'loo m'kwo ma ugama." He pauses and gives them a little wave. "Ubanya."

(Translation for GM: Hey, friends. No stealing money today. Go bargain with a bantha. [A Jawa idiom meaning "get lost."] Good-bye.)

He turns back to Woldun. "That should do it. Anyway, what'd you call me? Sir Gilad? Nyeta, eyeta," he laughs, "just Gilad." He pats the leathery dewback on the head. "Krayt's been around for, oh, dunno, yo months. He's a real good hauler, ain'tcha big guy?" says Gilad into the reptile's ear, scratching him behind the eyes.

Krayt responds by shaking his head and letting a small rumble escape from his mouth. Gilad chuckles. "Keet tyet jok, nyet'oga ugo dooka upezzo?" he says, scratching the dewback a little more.

Rogue Janson
4 October 2004, 06:38 AM
Looking to Mik, he asks "So what kind of work do you expect to find. Doesn't exactly look like theirs and imperial citizens un-employment assistance bereau."

Distracted by the conversation about Jawas, Mik passes over Rayger's question temporarily. With a very shaky grasp of Jawa, he tries to follow Gilad's lapses into the language. As far as he's concerned the Jawas are tricky to get along with, but worth getting to know. Since he carries his important possessions securely on his person, their tendency to salvage anything that's not bolted down doesn't really bother him.

With the Jawa's warned off by Gilad, Mik picks up his walking pace again and replies to Rayger.

"If you want to find out anything on a planet like this, mate, there's only one place to go, and that's the bars and cantinas. That's where all the gossip and info is, so that's where we're going. I dunno what kind of work we'll find, but there's bound to be something."

4 October 2004, 08:05 PM
Woldun flashes an all-too-alien double-grin to the young Aquar, then responds, “Very good management of that potentially unpleasant situation, um, Gilad.” Woldun uncharacteristically tripped up on his oral delivery, almost referring to Gilad as “friend,” something a slave, he thought, simply wouldn’t do. Clearing his throats, he continues, “Hopefully whatever you told them will keep them at bay…now, let us focus our attention on this magnificent creature.” Woldun again pets the dewback above the hip bone, then, looking up at the mounted fish-like being, asks, “I would very much like to ride him myself someday, perhaps when we’re not so taken with a task and can make a leisure of it…would you agree to such a request?”

Yes, I do believe that this one would be the most receptive to your ways…he is bonded to this creature, an extension of your presence, so it would only be a matter of time before he realized the connection and came to embrace your omnipotence and all-encompassing knowledge of everything that is life in this universe…

Vreel Kudarin
5 October 2004, 01:50 PM
Stunned by Gilad's use of their language, the three Jawas stop dead in their tracks, falling behind group. At a whispered comment from the pessimistic one, the previously confident Jawa cuffs the others around their hooded heads then leads them in scarpering away down a side alley.

His attention back on the initial conversation, Mik explains they are heading for the drinking establishments of Mos Eisley, and leads the group into the open, sandy area at the heart of the spaceport. The area is a hive of activity.

Ahead, clustered in and around the Dowager Queen wreck, are several lay preachers and their small audiences. High in the side of the old vessel is a Human wearing an off-white robe. He is the most vocal of the preachers, frantic with gestures and indignation in his voice, though his words are lost at this distance against a hundred other noises - the drone of landspeeders. The grumble of the hungry pack ronto being led to a trough at the side of a trading post by a pair of Jawas. The engines of spaceships launching and landing. The conversations of the varied people in the street, standing on corners or outside bars, away from the passage of vehicles and domesticated animals.

Another dewback stands tethered at the side of Chalmun's cantina, to the left of the group. It makes a honk-like sound, shaking it's reigns, having spotted Gilad's mount, Krayt, approaching. An eager-looking Barabel looks up from under the brim of his sun-hat at Gilad sidling over, and stands up from his seat in the shade at the side of the cantina. He calls: "As much water and feed as your dewback can swallow, only fifty credits!" at the Aquar, a sharp-toothed grin on his dark reptilian face. He beckons cheerfully to the group.

There are a couple of other good bars besides Chalmun's in this area, Mik and Gilad know. To the right, nearer docking bay 94, there is the Blue Bantha, slightly more sedate than Chalmun's, which specialises in exotic cocktails. It could almost be called 'touristy', though the travellers that frequent it often aren't making a stopover from convential leisure trips. The Blue Bantha consists of a small adobe building surrounded by heavy awnings that cast merciful shade around the bar, over the tables and chairs, many of which are currently taken.

Opposite Chalmun's there is another cantina, again not as popular, known as Deeko's Dive, after it's Rodian owner. It is frequented by the swoop gangers that breeze through Mos Eisley on occasion, though starpilots are also to be found exchanging tales over cool drinks. Like Alos's and Chalmun's, the Dive's bar is partially underground for added comfort, though it is better lit, with pieces of crashed racing vehicles and neon tubing adorning it's internal walls. Five bright orange custom swoops and a number of assorted speeder bikes hover outside, locked to a security bar that runs along the front of the building. A number of Humans and one Klatooinian, all in dark jumpsuits and leathers, mill about outside, boistrously reliving some vehicular escapade.

Mik casts his gaze between the three bars across the width of the open area, and spots, as do the others a few seconds later, the pair of Imperial stormtroopers standing, highly visible in their white armour, at the centre of the bustling scene, apparently conversing with each other. One holds an Blastech E-11 carbine across his waist, the other bears a repeating blaster of some description, slung over a shoulder.

Kanner Ra'an
5 October 2004, 02:53 PM
Rayger lowers his head and discreetly looks in the opposite direction of the Storm Troopers, hiding his face from them without gaining the attention of the troopers or his companions. Sith spitin stormtroopers. What are they doing here. Damn garrison is supposed to have second rate troops, not specialist shock troops. he thinks, aware that the men are probably just regular scond rate army grunts in stormtrooper armor, but still alarmed none the less. He hates stormtroopers. He used to see them for the hard line mobile infantry that was going to save the empire from a disasterous civil war. Now all they mean is potential trouble in his continueing existance. Either that or arrest and an undesireable free trip back to Eradiu.

Rogue Janson
6 October 2004, 09:50 AM
Mik watches the stormtroopers with half an eye, just to see if they're doing anything in particular. Generally on Tatooine it's not worth hassling people, and it's not like you have to go out of your way to find trouble, but you can never tell with stormtroopers. If they're doing anything more than standing around though, that's useful to know.

Mik briefly thinks about where to go, but the decision is pretty simple. No point messing about. He heads straight for Chalmun's, the most famous - and most notorious - cantina on the planet. He tips his hat to one side to shade his face better.
Mik feels he should give a warning to he smaller members of the group.

"Hey, Gilad, Hursla," he says, looking back and waiting for their attention, "we're going into Chalmun's. It's a bit rough in there, so take care of yourselves."

He expects that Gilad probably knows this already, though then again there's no telling with the fish-kid. He's survived on Tatooine so far though, so he must have some idea of how to look after himself.

Vreel Kudarin
7 October 2004, 01:28 PM
Gilad pulls Krayt up at the shady side of the cantina, near the Barabel who is minding another dewback. The Aquar hops down from his mount and friend, checking that the padlock is secure on the junk cart Krayt has been pulling. The black-scaled sentient again makes the offer of 'all your mount can eat and drink for fifty credits', gesturing to the troughs he is managing. Even if Gilad does not want to take the Barabel up on that deal, the reptilian non-Human offers to 'keep an eye' on Krayt for five credits.

After Gilad has finished with Krayt and the Barabel, the group enter Chalmun's. From the outside it looks like any other drab, nondescript building on Tatooine. A small sign above the main door reads simply: 'CANTINA' in Aurabesh lettering. A stale-smelling Jawa is taking a siesta in the porch area, by the side of a scuffed sofa where a pair of Human crewers in grey flightsuits talk quietly over flagons of lum.

Mik is first to stroll down the steps into the main bar area, passing the droid-detector with it's glowing blue scanners. The Zabrak does so with casual confidence, well-acquainted with this place. To the others, Chalmun's cantina is a new experience. It is busy inside the shadowy bar, and the air is thick with smoke from a score of intoxicanting inhalants. Voices and accents from across the galaxy merge as tales are told, deals are struck, and boasts are made. Mik steps straight up to the bar, where there are a few places. The regular bartender, Wuher, a brooding Human, makes a gruff acknowledgement that could be "Mik," or could be a quiet cough to clear his throat.

The group tries to take in the beings filling the bar. Mik is standing next to the biggest Wookiee he has ever seen, one that is probably taller than Chewbacca, the smuggler who regularly visits Mos Eisley with his famed partner Han Solo. The Wookiee is slightly lighter in colouration, with a single overgrown fang protruding over the lip of his prominent lower jaw, and an overhanging fringe. Unemotionally the Wookiee gulps from a large mug of Corellian ale, eyes fixed on the mixing apparatus Wuher is tending to. The hairy non-Human holds a durasteel quarterstaff almost as tall as his own imposing frame against his muscular side. Unlike Woldun's staff, this weapon features a cylindrical club on either end, and is worn and slightly rusty.

In a booth near the rest of the group, who are filing in, an Arcona talks with a near-Human pilot in a full environment suit with transparent helmet. Some people just can't handle the heat. To the right, two Duros sit with a green-skinned Gungan and a Human woman, their large red eyes catching what little light is fostered in this dim environment. At the back of their booth, a Devaronian appears to have passed out from the effects of drink.

A strange, grey-furred being with four eyes, accompanied by a small, chittering Chadra-Fan, push past Gilad and Hursla, heading for the bar. The Chadra-Fan squeaks urgently up at Wuher, who hands a cup of juri juice over the counter to her, a potent bevarage for someone so small.

As Woldun swivels his eyestalks to drink in the scene, he notices one individual in particular. Another Ithorian is sitting alone in one booth, one along from the Arcona. He is clad in a simple rough robe, as Mother Nature intended, and Woldun can tell he is lost in his own thoughts, completely at ease with this slightly threatening location.

Mik eventually notices someone he knows: Rogg, standing with two of his fellow rust-orange-skinned Nikto heavies, further down the bar, nearer the back of the cantina. Only last week Mik bested the brute in a late-night brawl here in Chalmun's. A fight Rogg started. Rogg spots the Zabrak, and bares his mishappen teeth, making his veiny face all the more ugly. He nods once, and slowly, clearly attempting to intimidate Mik.

7 October 2004, 01:54 PM
Aves had attempted to avoid the stormtrooper's gaze by moving behind Krayt, which may or may not have worked, but either way, the stormies didn't bother them.
He was actually quite excited that Mik had chosen to take them to Chalmun's. Aves had heard tales of the place as far away as the Colonies, and had even heard that Han Solo, the paragon of smuggling smugness came in here when he was on planet.
While he had no expectation of meeting him here, he was still quite fascinated by the very ecclectic clientele the place seemed to draw.
He nudged Raygar: "If you though there were a lot of nonhumans outside..." he didn't bother finishing his sentance, as the crowd seemed to punctuate what he did say quite well.

Seeing the Nikto and company's reaction to Mik, Aves, quite glad that he had taken the precaution of unhooking his holster, reached into his pocket, and through the coat, switched the pistol to "kill".
A Nikto might not go down with a stunner. he thought.
Taking a couple of steps, he leaned in on Mik and quietly asked him the question that was no doubt on everyone's mind:
"Friends of yours?"

Kanner Ra'an
7 October 2004, 02:53 PM
He nudged Raygar: "If you though there were a lot of nonhumans outside..." he didn't bother finishing his sentance, as the crowd seemed to punctuate what he did say quite well.

"Not like imperial space at all." He says quietly in return. He makes sure to keep the "i" word almost silent so as not to earn a beating for being imperial. He is all to sure that this crowd wouldn't be afraid to do that. The place would be an armpit of society on his home planet, but it seems pretty popular here. He looks around, scoping the place out for any prospective companions that dont charge. He also spots the Nikto, who he assumes is looking at him. Sith, bounty hunter. he thinks to himself. His hand moves to the back of his belt where his pistol is conceald. He almost draws it until Aves asks his question. Its then that he realises he is not the target at all. He becomes less biligerant and simply scratches his back, hopefully not revealing the weapon. "Seems like the friendly type. Im sure your old chums." he says sarcastically, again keeping his voice low.

Rogue Janson
7 October 2004, 03:44 PM
Mik steps into Chalmun's cantina with a slightly wary attitude, though he doesn't let it show. He doesn't spend all that much time in here, finding the slightly paranoid atmosphere, not to mention the good reasons for being slightly paranoid, a little wearing. He tips his hat to the gruff bartender and orders a drink, then nods cheerfully at the Nikto thug.

"Friends of yours?"

"Seems like the friendly type. Im sure your old chums."
Even Mik doesn't fail to spot Rayger's sarcasm.
"Yeah. Don't let him give you any trouble, alright mate?"

As Wuher hands him the drink, he tells the bartender what bring him and his companions here.

"Me, and my friends here," he gestures at the five," are looking around for work, and we thought there's be someone here who could offer it to us."

Mik ignores the fact Wuher doesn't seem to be paying any attention. Even if he couldn't explain it, he understands that all bartenders live by knowing when to listen and when to give out information, acting as intermediaries.

7 October 2004, 06:16 PM
Woldun’s attention trails away from Gilad before he can answer the posed question as the Ithorian notices several beings speaking, preaching, to small clusters of sentients. Woldun’s mouths nearly gap to the coarse-covered ground. Oh Mother…such, such blatant blasphemy…I cannot, no, I will not stand for it… wide mouths close to a slit and a snarl, and he begins to move toward the closest blasphemer, clenching his fists, when, as if drenched in an invisible cold shower, a shudder runs through his body. He relaxes his hands and his mouths take their normal shape. I am sorry, Mother…you are, most assuredly, correct…there are other matters at hand, and I can do only a fraction of what you’ll put them through for their transgressions…

Nodding somewhat grimly, Woldun turns and follows the others toward the famed Chalmun’s Cantina. Only when he’s nearly entered the establishment does he scan the area and spot the Stormtroopers. I don’t imagine anyone’s excited to see them…

Once inside, Woldun is pleasantly surprised by the sheer variety of species assembled, not to mention the way they all seem to be abiding each other. Letting the others move toward the bar without him, Woldun continues to scan the crowd, skimming over the species he recognizes, and pausing to gaze longer at those he doesn’t. Then, just after staring perhaps too long at a strange, triangle-headed creature with large, yellow eyes, he spots one of his own, the chosen, sitting quietly by himself. By all the life you nourish…Mother, is that…is that him?

Woldun, whose face had re-formed into the dually-gapped visage it had been outside, averted his gaze from the other Ithorian, and nudged his way to where the others were huddled near the bar. Composing himself, he lost touch with the world around him and went inside himself. Mother…I’d thought you’d have disposed of him by now…I do not dare question your judgment, but this one, if it is indeed him, could not hold his tongue…he leaked your secrets to those who did not deserve, or take reverie for the experience…he embodies all that is weak in my kind…and yet, you spare his life…ah, I see…he is but a pawn in the prophecy…well then, let him stew in what must be self-loathing for his eternity…I beg you to blind him to my presence for I may also let loose my tongue, but it will be his secrets that I tell…

Rogue Janson
9 October 2004, 02:07 PM
With a drink comfortably in his hand, Mik takes a proper look around. He cranes his neck up at the wookiee standing next to him, definitely the largest he's seen. He stares a little more than most people would find wise, attracting a look from the wook. Mik tips his hat, a familiar gesture that involves casually putting his hand to it, and raising it slightly, combined with a small nod.

“Alright mate,” he says. The wookiee makes an indistinct low growl and turns back to his drink.

A little way along the bar, Mik sees a face that's familiar. Though he doesn’t know the Bith’s name, Mik has seen him around, talking to numerous people and guesses he might be good to approach for information.

“’scuse me mate,” Mik says, walking round the bar. The Bith sits perched on a stool smoking heavily from a long pipe. A cloud of odd smelling smoke surrounds him, suggesting that he has been sitting smoking for quite a while, and seems to have created an empty zone around him. He stares at Mik with glossy black eyes.

“Yes?” replies the Bith in a distant voice.
“If it’s about that speeder bike,” he continues with a more deliberate tone, peering in close at Mik, “tell him I could see it was riddled with micro-fractures anyway, so burning out the engine isn’t really a loss.” He wags a finger at one oversized eye purposefully. Taking a deep breath, not from the pipe this time, he looks as if he might continue, so Mik jumps in.

“Na mate, I just wanted to talk to you. Let me get you something.”
He motions to the barman. One of Mik’s talents is catching the attention of even the gruffest bartender.
“The name’s Mik. You’ve been round these parts a while now, right?”

“I have. Octavius is the name. Five seasons since I dropped off a space transport from Hebei. Or was it six; I remember the big womp rat hunt… Perhaps…” he inhales deeply from his pipe and smiles at the recollection, “ah yes, that brings it back three and a half seasons, since I finished my stint as chief engineer and moved on to new challenges.”

“What is it you do now, mate?”

“Freelance technician, mechanic and engineer. People come to me with things to fix, things to build, things they don’t know what they do and I fix them or figure them out. Getting kicked from that maintenance officer job was a good thing you know.” He stops suddenly and moves back a bit.
“On account of the – you know,” he says, looking pointedly at the pipe he is holding, “so they ditched me here and now I’m stuck here.”

“Plenty of jobs on at the moment?” Mik asks. Octavius is at least talkative, but Mik is beginning to wonder if he’s really got his head on right. Still, there’s no hurry and he has seen a lot of people talking to Octavius in the past.

“Definitely. There’s a job lot of new BX15 swoops come in from Sullust that need checking over, new anthrotropic particle filters causing trouble for moisture farmers across the town. Something’s blocking up the osmotic membrane, so they need someone who’s used to that sort of job. One of Lady Valarian’s people is sounding out the effectiveness of running new solar collectors and they asked me to do the plans and estimates. There’s the dravan recovery, but I passed that up – too dangerous. Then there’s a whole bunch of droids I’m due to fix up – Jawas think because they move and talk they work and so does everyone else when they buy the things then they come to me when they don’t, so that’s the Gers, Jelon Tray…” Octavius barely pauses as he reels off the list of work and customers he has.

Picking his moment to come in carefully, Mik interrupts.
“You know, me and my friends are looking for work ourselves. Probably not the same stuff as you, but I was wondering if you knew who’d be good to ask.”
“Good mix of skills we’ve got,” Mik adds, nodding as if he’s confident of the point, “actually… I think Rayger’s a bit of a tech type. Hey Rayger! Over here, mate.”

Mik beckons Rayger over with one hand, trying to remember exactly what it is the human does, or did.

Vreel Kudarin
10 October 2004, 01:13 PM
Within seconds of spotting the lone Ithorian, Woldun is sure of his identity. To a non-Ithorian, the thin, curved face of Momaw Nadon would likely be indistinguishable from any other member of Mother Jungle's people. But there he was. The one who had given the secrets of Ithorian technology and agriculture to the Galactic Empire. Momaw Nadon had been a respected High Priest aboard the Tafanda Bay, the most magnificent of the herdships. Now he is in exile by order of the Elders of Ithor. At the conclusion of his trial, during which Nadon claimed he had only relinquished the secrets in order to save his planet and people from the turbolasers of Imperial Captain Alima's Star Destroyer, the Elders had pronounced: 'We banish you from Ithor and from our mother jungles. Go and consider your evil actions in solitude.' Whilst some Ithorians are known to support the outcast's actions, the majority of the population deplore them.

Momaw Nadon does not make any signs of having noticed the presence of another Ithorian. Following closely at Woldun's heels, feeling safer there, is the diminuitive feathered form of Hursla, who has to move several times to avoid colliding with unaware - or simply ill-mannered - cantina patrons who are coming and going. A Quarren grunts something abusive-sounding at Hursla as he makes for the exit. Hursla listens in on what is being said by the members of the group.

As Aves's eyes make a couple of sweeps over the cantina bar, tables, and booths, he spots several attractive Human and Twi'lek females. There is the woman sitting nearby, next to the mottled-skinned Gungan. Her hair is black, and her skin dark, her features proud. A slimline olive-coloured jacket hangs over her slender frame, whilst a small blaster pistol rests against her right thigh in a holster, just visible under her table. She and the Gungan are holding discourse with a pair of Duros spacers.

At the bar, further round towards the Nikto trio, stands a pale-green skinned Twi'lek lady wearing black overalls, talking over colourful cocktails with a red-haired Human girl in a padded pilot's suit. The two are clearly enjoying themselves, providing most of the little laughter that permeates the dozens of conversations taking place. Aves notices a wickedly curved dagger in an exotic sheath attached to the Twi'lek's belt.

On the opposite side of the cantina, over to the left, in a booth beyond a contemplative Ithorian, an older woman, in her early thirties, sits with two men wearing similar grey and white crewer's flightsuits. The trio are hunched together, keeping their words quieter than most, though occasionally the woman shifts her position, allowing Aves a better view as she tosses back her long blonde hair, or fiddles with the toolbelt around her waist. By her pale, beautiful skin, Aves can see she is not a local.

Then, focusing his eyes down the centre of the cantina once more, Aves spots another female Twi'lek, at the rear of the establishment, doting over an overweight Kerestian. The Twi'lek girl smiles, running her fingers through his twin brown manes, and stroking his low, featureless earholes. She is ochre-skinned, a hue similar to that of many Humans. Only her long, sensuous lekku, or 'head-tails', mark her species. Decorative black ribbons are coiled around her lekku, and she is dressed appealingly in tight, jerba-hide trousers, and a chest-enhancing small brown bodice that exposes her waist and belly. The Kerestian appears to be hammering-out a deal of some kind with the Sullustan sitting opposite him in the same booth.

The hazy-eyed Bith sitting next to Mik rubs his pipe across his cheek, then crosses his arms, looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully, sweat glistening on his massive forehead, "Cheers for the drink. Well, I don't know," he murmurs, though he is just audible over the voices filling the cantina, "I'm sure I remember someone mentioning easy work for grabs," the Bith frowns, apparently having trouble with his memory, and rubs his chin with one grubby hand. Mik slides a ten-credit chip across the counter, the action very understated, and asks the Bith if it's coming back to him yet.

"Times are harsh, times are hard," mutters the Bith, quickly pocketing the credit chip. He drags on his pipe deeply, "I remember now. There's a couple of jobs I heard speak about. Jaltratt Lib, in the back there," says the Bith, pointing a finger into the gloomy rear of the cantina, at the Kerestian Aves has already noticed, "Mr Lib was after some workers...And word has it 'deathsticks' Yooreekee is looking for a few hands for some task as well," at this second piece of information, the Bith, leaning on the counter now, nods to his right, indicating a pale skinned, flat-featured individual with wide-spaced turquoise eyes and a plummage of green and orange feathers draping down the back of his head. Mik and the others do not recognise the species, but Hursla has noticed the man to be an Ayrou, a race that like the Mrlssi, have evolved from avians and lost the ability of flight. The Ayrou are however, more Humanoid, and a lot taller than Mrlssi. Even whilst seated at a table, next to a shifty-looking Balosar, it was clear that Yooreekee stood over two metres tall.

Wuher, obviously listening in on Mik and the Bith, having previously ignored Mik's inquiry, says: "If you don't like the sound of that, Jabba and Valarian are always eager for new employees. And bounty hunting is always a booming business," placing his hands in his pockets and rocking on his heels, his belly prominent beneath his stained shirt. The barman looks to be on the verge of a light chuckle, but instead coughs loudly, and moves over to serve the Twi'lek and Human women with another pair of bantha blasters.

10 October 2004, 02:26 PM
Aves, slightly disappointed that he must attend to business instead of pleasure today, puts on his best Corellian smile, and tips his fedora at the lovely lady at the Gungan's table when she briefly looks in his direction during a pause in her conversation.
He nudges Raygar and speaks quietly out of the corner of his mouth.
"Hey, Ray... 10 'o clock," he subltley nodded in the direction of the human spacer. "Or perhaps 2 'o clock, if you're into something differant..." he added, indicating the human and Twi'lek at the bar.
"You know, this reminds me of my days in the Imperial Navy, barhopping with the other lieutenants from the base." he seemed to look of into space for a moment, then continued listening.
Hutts are almost always a bad idea... but Lady Valarian. Hmmmm, I've always heard positive things about her at Vella's Rift. Some of the smaller jobs sound interesting as well, although I don't like the sound of anything too vague.
"If I had a vote, I'd say general errand-boyitry is my preferance, although some straitforward missions might be better to establish a rep first." said to Raygar.

Gyp Ryol
11 October 2004, 06:01 AM
Gilad shifts nervously from foot to foot. He sticks close to Aves, but anxiously watches the inhabitants of the cantina. Gilad had always felt nervous when passing by Chalmun's, let alone being in it. The mix of alien tounges, smoke, and wierd drinks makes Gilad rub his arm with nervous energy. He pays little attention to the two Human's conversation, only hoping that they would be leaving this unpleasant place soon.

Rogue Janson
12 October 2004, 10:01 AM
“Thanks for the info mate,” Mik tells the intoxicated Bith, “hope you enjoy your smoke.”

He wanders back to the centre of his group of friends, feeling a little woozy.

“Apparently Jaltratt Lib, and 'deathsticks' Yooreekee there are looking for workers,” he says, pointing the pair out. “I don’t know what sort though. There’s more people around here with jobs to be done too, I’m sure, if you want to go look for them. And we could try Lady Valarian too; I’ve heard she’s not such a bad employer. I’m gonna go speak to Lib, meself.”

With that, Mik heads towards the rear of the bar and leans casually against the wall just outside the booth where Lib is sitting, waiting for the kerestian to finish his business.

12 October 2004, 10:09 AM
Apparently Jaltrak Lib, and 'deathsticks' Yooreekee there are looking for workers,” he says, pointing the pair out. “I don’t know what sort though. There’s more people around here with jobs to be done too, I’m sure, if you want to go look for them. And we could try Lady Valarian too; I’ve heard she’s not such a bad employer. I’m gonna go speak to Lib, meself.
Aves shrugs, "Sounds fine to me... I trust ol' Mik's judgement. Raygar, Gilad?" he says, and follows Mik to the booth, casting a wink and the lady at the Gungan table, who gave him a somewhat longer look as he passed.

Kanner Ra'an
12 October 2004, 11:28 AM
"If I had a vote, I'd say general errand-boyitry is my preferance, although some straitforward missions might be better to establish a rep first." said to Raygar.

"I'd feel better about the straightforward ones. We can use a good reputation. Things mostly seem to go by word of mouth around here." he replies to Aves, looking more at the women at the bar then at the smuggler. He is paying attention to what his friend is saying, but their easier to look at. His gaze shifts away as soon as Mik is a few meters away, smelling strongly of some kind of smoke. Used to industrial fumes, it doesn't bother him much, but it is quite noticable.

“Apparently Jaltratt Lib, and 'deathsticks' Yooreekee there are looking for workers,” he says, pointing the pair out. “I don’t know what sort though. There’s more people around here with jobs to be done too, I’m sure, if you want to go look for them. And we could try Lady Valarian too; I’ve heard she’s not such a bad employer. I’m gonna go speak to Lib, meself.”

Aves shrugs, "Sounds fine to me... I trust ol' Mik's judgement. Raygar, Gilad?" he says, and follows Mik to the booth, casting a wink and the lady at the Gungan table, who gave him a somewhat longer look as he passed.

"I guess im in." he replies, getting up and flanking the two as the head towardsthe one pointed out as Jaltratt Lib.

Vreel Kudarin
12 October 2004, 12:43 PM
The female spacer sitting with the swamp-green Gungan and the Duros makes no sign of acknowledgement to Aves, continuing her conversation after sipping at her mug of lum.

To reach Jaltratt Lib, Mik, Aves, and Rayger must pass Rogg and company. The hulking Nikto turns his ugly orange-brown face to follow Mik, as do his two fellow thugs. Rogg's unbuttoned military-style sleeveless jacket leaves his muscular arms and chest exposed. A large machete-like vibroblade hangs in a scabbard at his waist.

"Afternoon, Mik," sneers Rogg in a deep voice, through broken teeth. Without waiting for a reply, he gives a snort, and turns back to his drink. The two Nikto flanking Rogg continue watching Mik and his friends as they walk over to Mr Lib, making a show of sizing-up Rayger and Aves, unsubtle in their attempts at intimidation.

As Rayger and Aves pass the pale green Twi'lek and her female Human friend, the obviously inebriated pair give them a look over their shoulders, whispering to each other, then giggling briefly.

As Mik leans against the wall to one side of Mr Lib, the attractive Twi'lek caressing the Kerestian's head turns and regards him with apparent distaste, clearly not recognising the Zabrak, and frowns dismissively. She quickly turns her attention back to Mr Lib, softly running one hand, then the other, down his long black manes. Mik, Aves and Rayger do not have to wait long for Jaltratt to conclude his business, as the Sullustan who had been speaking to the Kerestian stands up and bows slightly. Mr Lib waves him away with one fat hand, then settles back in the couch fitted to the wall of the private booth. His Twi'lek consort leans in and whispers in his ear. Jaltratt looks past her and smiles at Mik, then beckons the Zabrak and his two Human friends to join him in the booth: "You wish to speak with me? Come! Come."

As Rayger, Aves, and Mik make themselves comfortable, they get a better view of Mr Lib, who is attired in a slightly worn cream-white suit with a column of black embroidery down the centre. He is overweight, the jolly smile stretched across his bulging face. He shifts over slightly, both he and his consort moving further into the dimness of the booth, then places his hands palms down on the table and leans in on the trio expectantly. The ochre-skinned Twi'lek woman continues to massage the Kerestian's pale head, drawing her shapely legs up onto the couch underneath herself. All the time she keeps her eyes flicking between Aves, Mik, and Rayger, an unwelcoming expression that totally contrasts that of her lover's on her young face. Her right lekku twitches at irregular intervals.

12 October 2004, 06:46 PM
When the noise and chaos of the cantina comes flooding back into Woldun’s reality, he is many times thankful to Mother Jungle that the traitor has stayed put. He is pitiful, Mother, but will receive no more attention from me… He notices that the humans and the horned-human seem to be moving with cause toward a specific table, though, having been in a trance-like state during the initial probe with the smoking being, Woldun knows nothing of the details of the ensuing conversation. Raising his head slightly in an attempt to be heard over the roar of multi-lingual mutters scattered throughout the dive, the Ithorian says, “Master and fellows, I will be just outside…since my services are not needed, I will simply get out of the way…I will, assuredly, comply with whatever decision you make…”

After bowing for the sake of any onlookers or eavesdroppers, Woldun turns to leave the cantina. Having not realized he was hanging so close by, Woldun nearly knocks the avian to the ground as he moves toward the door the group had entered through. He reaches out with his right arm, gripping the small creature on the shoulder to steady him, then, stealing a glance back at a reticent-looking Gilad, says, “I’m heading back out-of-doors; if you two would like to accompany me, I would be honored by your presence…” Without waiting for either of them to reply, he releases his grip on the avian and continues for the door, looking forward to some reasonably fresh air. I do not honor you by being in this place, Mother…the libations and stench in the air are enough to nearly condemn the lot…not to mention the fact that he, of all the chosen, looks so at home here…when all is right with the universe, this place will crumble to the ground…

Gyp Ryol
13 October 2004, 12:36 PM
Gilad smiles nervously at Woldun's offer. Going outside meant going back out into the sun, and Gilad spent enough time outside on his scavenging runs as it was. Still, it would be better than standing around in Chalmun's, where you knows what could happen, thinks GIlad. "Yeah, sure, but let's try to find some shade," he says, moving with nervous energy in order to exit the establishment.

13 October 2004, 06:45 PM
Woldun grins widely with both mouths as Gilad accepts his open offer to make an early exit. With his eyes trained forward so not to bump the wrong person on his way out, Woldun responds, “If there’s no free shade, we’ll find a more suitable edifice…”

When he finally reaches the cracked, dusty door, he waits for Gilad and, perhaps, the avian so they can make their way into the bustling streets as a group. Mother, if you find it a reasonable request, might you offer a sequestered spot away from the crowds and twin suns…

Rogue Janson
14 October 2004, 10:16 AM
"Me and my friends here are looking for work and we heard you were hiring," Mik tells Lib plainly. "We've got a bunch of skills between us, so we can probably handle most anything."

"My name is Mik, this is Aves and this is Rayger, and we know a few more people who are keen."

Vreel Kudarin
14 October 2004, 11:04 AM
Once at the doorway out of Chalmun's cantina, Woldun sees that Hursla is indeed following, hopping deftly up the steps, cane in one hand. His grey feathers and small white cloak catch the desert breeze for a moment as he joins Gilad and Woldun outside, in the shade at one side of the low, nondescript building. Though it is refreshing to be out of the threatening atmosphere inside the cantina, outside the Tatooine heat once more assualts the beings.

The three stand near the Barabel who had offered to feed and water Krayt (though Gilad declined the offer). The dark-skinned reptilian non-Human appears to be dozing in his collapsable chair, mouth slightly open, exposing a pink tongue and vicious-looking teeth. Krayt shifts and groans, happy to see his master again. Gilad's mount stands next to another dewback who is also tethered up.

The stormtroopers who were present at the centre of the open area are no longer evident, apparently having moved off. Within the space of a few minutes, a young Human man, wearing a simple but smart brown jerkin and olive trousers, approaches the trio. They had seen him casting glances from his previous position, standing in the shade of an awning outside the Blue Bantha, the bar across the way. As the man walks over, Gilad notices something else. A few buildings along, a mercantile-looking Human stands outside his store, some of his wares on display along shelves and wires around him. He appears to be a spare parts dealer of some kind, though Gilad does not remember noticing his shop before.

The Human reaches them. A credit pouch sits prominently at his waist, alongside a silver comlink clipped to his belt. Nodding down at Hursla, and then to Gilad, the man then turns his gaze fully to Woldun, beginning a slight bow that he suddenly thinks better of and stops, glancing about, possibly nervously.

"Momaw Nadon?" asks the man uncertainly, his eyes flicking over Woldun's large, alien face. He has a distinct, clipped Core Worlds accent, and possesses none of the rugged appearance of the locals, "This is where we are supposed to meet, is it not?"


"'Keen'...'Keen'. We like 'keen'!" chortled Jaltratt Lib, working himself up to a brief but loud and brash laugh, as if his words were some marvelous joke. The merry noise reverberated around the back of the cantina, though few beings looked over. His Twi'lek consort smiled at the Kerestian's cheer, and kissed him on his right cheek. She then turned her attention back to Mik, Rayger, and Aves, who sat opposite in the cantina booth, her expression sour again.

"Indeed I am hiring," explained Mr Lib, "I've been a little short on staff lately, but I've got a couple of jobs coming up that I need temporary...workers for, and, if I'm impressed, there'd be more on offer following that," the overweight Kerestian leans back in his couch, putting one arm around the Twi'lek woman, to play briefly with the loose ends of the laces on the front of her corset-like top.

Mr Lib then leaned back over the circular table, belly pressing in around it's edge, and face illuminated by the small lamp at the centre. He continued: "There's a shipment for me coming in soon, and all I need is for someone to go fetch it, and bring it to a warehouse on the other side of Mos Eisley. Simple as that!"

Kanner Ra'an
14 October 2004, 11:15 AM
Simple as that? Rayger asks himself. Actually, its probably a blue milk run to test us. We go get the package, bring it back unharmed, get our payment, then he sees if he wants to keep us working for him. A little more confident, he looks to Mik with an expression that passes along his approval. His gaze then shifts to the Twi'lek woman. She does not seem to friendly. Maybe a bodyguard or a spy or something. he wonders to himself. She doesn't seem like a normal spice digger despite her appearence.

"How big is this package, would we need a transport?" he asks simply, locking eyes with the Krestian. Aside from that small concern, he has little to ask. Something that would need special conditions will probably be brought up by the employer, so he doesn't worry himself with that.

14 October 2004, 01:09 PM
Shrugging off the woman's lack of acknowlagement, Aves continued with Mik and Ray to the potential employer's table.
Aves, surveying the table, didn't like the Twi'lek woman's reaction to them... Something here isn't quite right... However, for the time being, I'll have to wait and see how and what is wrong here Aves thought to himself.
Letting Mik do the talking, Aves listen intently to the man's answer.
In short, he didn't like it.
That is way too vague for my taste... hell, this "shipment" could be spice, it could be crackers, it could even be slaves... at that, Aves had to repress a gag. Even he, as a smuggler had some sense of ethics. Aves had never smuggled spice, because of a) The massive risk involved, and b) It fueled the system. Slaves... well, it goes without saying that Aves had never considered, and never would consider smuggling slaves. Damnedable Empire and their xenophobia... he thought. However, it is always good to politely and vaguely check before jumping to conclusions.
"Good day, sir," Aves said, addressing the Kerestian, "but, is this cargo of... special nature. Because we really don't have any special equipment, nor the intestinal fortitude, with us to handle any cargo with a mind to interfere with our hauling." he hoped that was vague enough for the man to get the idea without offending him. He really had no desire to start a gunfight in this cantina if he got upset.

14 October 2004, 06:29 PM
Woldun flashes a smile with the mouth closest to the avian when he notices that he has indeed tagged along. You were, as ever, right, Mother…they were both ready to make a hasty exit, perhaps, in the avian’s case, before we even entered…I know I could have done without seeing that face on flimsi again…I hadn’t even considered running into him in person…but, as you say, he is merely a placeholder, so I will rest the issue…yes, indeed, let’s find these two creatures a more accommodating, indoor environment…

Once back in the moderately hectic, still-too-hot outdoors, the small group assembles near Gilad’s mount. Woldun, trying to find a new location to patronize, gazes over toward the Blue Bantha, only to find a set of human eyes staring back at him. He steals a few glances over then next minutes, and confirms that the young male has found something about them interesting. Oh Mother, why must so many humans be so nearly insufferable?…it would not surprise me in the least if this were an off-duty Imperial trying to antagonize whatever alien he can get the desired reaction out of…I, of course, abide the annoyance for the haven of your grace will be worth it in the end…but still, this… Woldun’s thoughts are interrupted as the human begins approaching the group with a look on his face that the Ithorian can read nothing into.

"Momaw Nadon? This is where we are supposed to meet, is it not?"
For a split second, Woldun simply gasps at the hideous thought that he could be mistaken for the most pathetic of all his species, but then his face contorts into what could be the most angry an Ithorian’s face has ever looked. Leaning forward, pointing the first two fingers on his right hand toward the human, and speaking in a voice much deeper than when he generally speaks, Woldun orally explodes, “Creature, if you ever speak that name in reference to me, or even in my very presence, I will become the antithesis of my people and show you whatever power Mother Jungle would see fit to endow…you humans, nursing on the Imperial doctrines…some of you have worth, but the species in general is tainted…I rejoice that it is not you who inherit the universe, Mother Jungle has told me otherwise…” Woldun, having delivered his whole retort in one breath, takes a deep breath and lets it out in a clearly audible sigh, then he lets his arm fall relaxed to his side and returns to a straight-backed position. He takes another deep breath, letting it out this time in a low whistle instead of the more condescending sigh. A bit more calmly, but still in an unusual tone, he offers, “If you must interact with the dishonored, you will find your party in there.” Woldun points to the door that he, Gilad, and the avian just came out of, then, with nothing else to say to the human, turns to his two companions and says, “Come my friends, let’s find refuge from this heat…” Again without assuring anyone is following along, the still somewhat fuming Ithorian makes strides toward the Deeko's Dive. I apologize, Mother, but I will not tolerate such disrespect…

Vreel Kudarin
15 October 2004, 09:23 AM
"Good day, sir," Aves said, addressing the Kerestian, "but, is this cargo of...special nature. Because we really don't have any special equipment, nor the intestinal fortitude, with us to handle any cargo with a mind to interfere with our hauling."

For a moment, Jaltratt Lib looks puzzled, but his Twi'lek consort whispers something in his featureless earhole, cupping one elegant hand over it. Then the lines of fat around Mr Lib's mouth shift, and he beams widely, giving an exhalation of breath followed by a short chuckle. The Kerestian exclaims: "Oh no, no, no!" then leans in over the table further, lowering his voice slightly, "We aren't talking about slaves here. No, the shipment is merely a collection of antiques for my private collection."

"How big is this package, would we need a transport?"

To Rayger's query, Jaltratt Lib replies: "The shipment isn't large. Couple of crates. You can fit it in a landspeeder, which I will provide. So, do you three fancy the job? Or have you got some more questions?" he finishes, lightly. The Kerestian lifts his glass to his mouth, bright eyes flicking between Rayger, Aves, and Mik.


"I-I-I'm sorry if I have offended you. I understood Momaw Nadon was the only Ithorian on Tatooine! My apologies!" the startled man calls after Woldun as he walks away towards Deeko's Dive.

Deeko's Dive, the swoop bikers' bar, is located across the sandy, open space around the wreck of the Dowager Queen. It is a little over twenty metres away from Chalmun's. Only one preacher remains outside the ancient, almost organic-looking vessel as evening approaches. A Human dressed simply in a brown robe, with long black hair framing his sun-tanned face. He has no audience, though occassionally a passerby will mock the preacher loudly, laughing at his proclamations. The man, in his early thirties, shouts of his devotion to the 'Dim-U Brotherhood', declaring banthas to be sacred creatures above all others, to be worshipped, even emulated, but never slaughtered. No-one appears to be taking the Human seriously.

As Woldun approaches Deeko's Dive, he notes it's plain exterior, much like that of the cantina he has just left, though the front of this building is almost twice as wide, a shady veranda area constructed of scrap girders and spaceship bulkhead pieces running it's width. A line of swoops and speeder bikes sits in front of the veranda, secured to the safety railing over which a number of Humans in dark leathers lean, eyeing-over the Ithorian and his companions, flagons of intoxicants in their grubby hands. Their expressions are certainly not welcoming. As he gets nearer, Woldun hears the sounds of an argument from within the building, drifting out the open doorway near the corner of the building. The gangers who had been watching Woldun turn their backs on the Ithorian, and stride inside Deeko's purposefully.

Rogue Janson
15 October 2004, 11:52 AM
Recovering from his puzzlement at Aves' euphemisms, Mik chips in. He knows that no-one takes on three hired hands just to move some crates.

"So we load this stuff up and ship it across town. Are there gonna be any other issues? Collection? Security?"

"More than normal, that is," Mik adds, since security is always a concern on Tatooine.

"Sounds like something we can do though," he tells Lib, looking round at his companions to check they agree.

Kanner Ra'an
15 October 2004, 12:02 PM
"Obviously i must ask, how much does it pay?" Rayger adds in. He doesn't catch on to the same thing Aves and Mik does. To him this is just a test, and their not their for real security.

15 October 2004, 12:07 PM
With his back still turned to the blubberingly apologetic human, Woldun throws up his right hand as if swatting a stink fly. That is as much as he’ll get from me…naive human, my people are travelers, there is nary a planet in the universe that you find but one of us…bless you, Mother, for your kind, calming words, indeed my telling of where to find the pawn was plenty more than he deserved…from this point on, his existence is of no more concern… As that thought leaves his head, his mind is clear, normal; he no longer seems tense and his breathing, which had been coming much shallower, is back to its usual pattern.

When the group first left the cantina, Woldun had noticed a lone preacher still making a case for his false-faith and had thought about drawing nearer to indulge his curiosity, but, after the incident with the human, he would rather not get himself worked up again now that he’s managed to find peace. So, though what he can hear about Banthas being sacred does sound intriguing, it will have to wait for another day.

As he continues forward, closing the gap between himself and Deeko’s Dive, he begins to reconsider his choice of locale. Well, I had thought this would give us a good vantage point to watch for the others to exit, but I don’t believe these racer types appear too interested in making our acquaintance…perhaps the Blue Bantha would be a better choice for… His thoughts are broken up by the echo of an argument brewing within the confines of the cantina itself. Fearing at first that the inevitable brawl might spew out into the streets, Woldun is relieved when the opposite happens, the patrons outside immediately lose interest in him and his companions and return indoors to see what the fuss is all about. Grinning and uttering a quick praise in Ithorian to Mother Jungle, Woldun is about to turn his head to suggest that he, Gilad, and the avian find a place under the makeshift awning to wait for Mik, Aves, and Rayger to emerge from Chalmun’s when he remembers that he’s not even sure if the two are still following him. Stopping dead in the street, he reverses the position of his whole body and assesses the situation, hoping to find that the two smaller beings have been behind him all along. I thank you whole-heartedly for clearing us a place in the shade, Mother, but a curse on me if anything has happened to Gilad or the avian creature while I was so wrapped up in myself…

15 October 2004, 12:50 PM
Aves, hearing Mik and Raygar offer their questions, shakes his head at the Kerestian.
"I've got nothing to add to my companions, I'm good." he said.

Mik is on to something though... of course, a milk run can always go through an obsticle course...

Gyp Ryol
16 October 2004, 05:48 AM
Gilad had in fact began to walk over to the small parts shop, curious to see what kind of devices he had. He stopped and looked over his shoulder when he heard Woldun explode, making a very suprised face. He turned to continue on, walking a little faster towards the shop.

He wipes his face as he nears the vendor. "Good day. Mind if I take a look around?" he asks, a big grin on his blue face.

Vreel Kudarin
18 October 2004, 10:28 AM
"Good day. Mind if I take a look around?" he asks, a big grin on his blue face.

"Sure! be my guest," the man's face lights up, keen to have a new customer. He gestures inside his tiny junk shop, which is dwarfed by the building behind it, guiding Gilad inside with a friendly palm against the Aquar's back.

The store consists of a single room with about sixteen square metres of floorspace, and immediately Gilad can see how poorly stocked it is. The stock that is present is of questionable quality. Gilad sees the owner's smile fade as he watches the Aquar looking around appraisingly. There are no other customers.

Shelves, some inset in the rough, pale walls, others cobbled together, are lined with open trays of small spare parts of all descriptions. Badly corroded aluvial dampners, actuators, feedback suppressor gauges, hinges, bolts, screws, even old tools, including a particularly battered hydrospanner. Gilad spots a metal cellar door half-hidden under a dusty Askajian rug in the centre of the room.

"Okay, so maybe my goods aren't the best around at the moment. I'm going through a bit of a bad patch. But-But I don't just sell, I'll buy too!" says the shop proprieter, breaking the silence.


Turning about, Woldun sees that Gilad has gone to a small spare parts outlet, at the side of the open area, halfway between Chalmun's cantina and the Blue Bantha. The dimuitive Hursla, however, has followed Woldun a few paces behind, and now looks up at the Ithorian, his grey feathers ruffling slightly. The shouting from inside Deeko's Dive seems to have quietened down, though the streets are quite noisy, so any hostilities could be masked.


"So we load this stuff up and ship it across town. Are there gonna be any other issues? Collection? Security? More than normal, that is," Mik adds, since security is always a concern on Tatooine. "Sounds like something we can do though," he tells Lib, looking round at his companions to check they agree.

"That's right, straightforward," replies Jaltratt Lib, smiling, "There shouldn't be any trouble, no, no. Just drive to the outskirts, just over the dunes to the north-east, wait with the dealers, until they can confirm transaction of my payment. Then they'll let you have the two crates, and you drive them to a warehouse in town. There, you will be paid. Simple, my friends!" after this explanation, Mr Lib appears more jolly than he was before.

However, meeting Aves's eyes, something gives in Jaltratt's mind, and he leans over the table once more, or rather into the table, due to the girth of his midriff. "I can tell you aren't stupid. All I need you to do is avoid any... official entanglements. I really wouldn't want those crates to end up... say in the police blockhouse, for instance," Mr Lib's expression is serious for a moment, but then the smile returns to his bloated, grey face. His Twi'lek consort now seems slightly distant, seemingly staring through Aves, Rayger, and Mik, rather than at them.

"Obviously i must ask, how much does it pay?" Rayger adds.

"I will pay you and your friends two thousand, four hundred credits on successful completion of this task, which you can divide between yourselves as you like," says Mr Lib, leaning back on his couch, looking across at Mik, Aves, and Rayger on the chairs opposite, "And, as I mentioned before, if I'm impressed with your work, there could be more... lucrative opportunities in the near future."

Kanner Ra'an
18 October 2004, 11:21 AM
Rayger is a little reluctant when he hears the part about avoiding official involvement, but quickly dissmisses it considering his situation. The wage for the job only drives the last nail into the coffin. Two thousand four hundred Rayger thinks. Thats eight hundred each. That would more then double my funds. He looks to Aves and Mik and nods his head once to confirm hes in. Though he looks in control, inside he is very entusiastic. He was more then a little worried about aquiring money, but this mission could help get his foot in the door, or at least give him some credits to live on long enough to find another job. The illegality is not even an issue to him anymore.

18 October 2004, 12:07 PM
Aves, while discomforted by the Twi'lek's behavior, finds himself very interested in this job...
Simple enough, I don't imagine the Imps are too nosy around here, it is after all, Tatooine.
"Well, I think we're all in agreement then?" he said, looking around to his compatriots.

Rogue Janson
19 October 2004, 04:32 AM
Distracted by the twi'lek woman's gaze, Mik looks round to see if she's staring at something behind them. He flicks back to give Aves his support.

"Well, I think we're all in agreement then?"
"Sure, sounds like a good job to me. We just keep our heads down and there's no problem, right?"

Though he'd rather not get on the wrong side of the local constabulary, eight hundred is a good wage for a quick job like this. And besides, officials in Mos Eisley usually assume everyone's on the wrong side anyway, and are usually right. Trying to keep a good reputation may be more trouble than it's worth.

19 October 2004, 12:31 PM
After two simultaneous sighs of relief that seeped slowly from a worried expression, Woldun grins uncontrollably at the fortune Mother Jungle has shown him, and also the young Aquar. Oh Mother!…you are most magnificent and glorious…thank you ever so much for this recent turn of events…I know now for certain that I acted out your will for you have given me so much…first, a place for us to escape the heat, but, in addition, a chance for Gilad to interact with someone of common interest, thus giving me a chance to interact with the avian on a more personal level…I am truly humbled, Mother…may all the misguided prayers spoken across the universe one day be directed to the true ruler, giver, and sustainer of life…

Turning his gaze so it lands warmly on the avian, Woldun makes an exaggerated right-this-way gesture and says, “Well, my friend, since young Gilad has found something of interest, what do you say we make ourselves comfortable near the end of this establishment’s shaded wall, hmm?” This time, instead of moving on without looking back, the Ithorian waits for some instance of acknowledgement before closing the gap between himself and shelter from the suns.

Vreel Kudarin
21 October 2004, 10:23 AM
"Yeah, no problems, with any luck," says Mr Lib, his smile narrowing slightly, the folds of fat in his face closing on each other, "Excellent, then it's settled!" Reaching over the table to shake each of the men's hands in turn, Jaltratt Lib continues: "I have a dataslate here with the details on - times, locations, even a little map of Mos Eisley and the surrounding area. Here you are," the Kerestian hands a small, slimline device with a high-definition screen taking up almost the entire face of one side.

"The shipment arrives three days from now, mid-week. On that morning, you should go to Momanda Frexl's landspeeder lot, where a suitable transport will be provided for you. Momanda's is on the map. I'm leaving now, but I may be seeing more of you three if all goes well,"

With that, Mr Lib and the Twi'lek woman get up from their couch, and depart the cantina, the consort leading the way through the bar patrons. The overweight Kerestian struggles even to walk up the handful of steps to the main doorway.

About a minute passes before voices are raised above the general din. At the bar, halfway across the cantina, Rogg and his two buddies were standing before the massive, brown-haired Wookiee Mik had greeted earlier.

"...Brave words for one of a slave race!" Rogg is snarling, staring up at the hulking Wookiee, despite his own impressive build. Various gasps at the Nikto's foolhardiness can be heard, even back where Rayger, Aves, and Mik are sitting. The Wookiee roars a short reply, and brings his huge durasteel quarterstaff up across his chest.

"You don't frighten me, animal. I once flew on a hunting expedition off Dosh. Your kind make excellent sport, but the sooner the Empire has you all in the chains, the better!"

Bar stools are flung backwards as patrons attempt to clear the area around the trio of Nikto and the Wookiee, whilst most conversations cease. Many sets of eyes turn to the Wookiee as he straightens his slight slouch, gaining height over Rogg still further. A low growl begins in the Wookiee's throat, and his furry chest rises and falls faster and faster. Rogg's thugs bring their meaty orange fists up into guard positions, whilst the braggart himself lays a hand on the hilt of his sheathed vibroblade.


“Well, my friend, since young Gilad has found something of interest, what do you say we make ourselves comfortable near the end of this establishment’s shaded wall, hmm?”

"That sounds good. The suns are very taxing, and I still find myself uncomfortable amongst so many... well, so many aliens," answers Hursla to Woldun's question, following him onto the empty veranda outside Deeko's Dive. A bench bolted to the wall, facing out into the centre of Mos Eisley, runs the length of the building's front. Raucous laughter and cheers come from inside the establishment. Hursla and Woldun hear a bottle smash, but the voices inside seem in good cheer, if a little boistrous.

Presently, a Rodian wearing a dirty apron over his rusty orange and brown jumpsuit strolls out, crosses his arms over his chest, and stares down at the Ithorian and Mrlssi sitting in his veranda.

"U wamma wonka? Kee chai chai cun kuta? Uba bedwana yocola - O bolla!" says the Rodian loudly in a nasally voice, his green, moist snout twitching with the Huttese words.

21 October 2004, 07:12 PM
Aves, very pleased over the recent development on the job front, accepted the dataslate and began to move back, with his companions, to the table at the front.
He almost didn't notice the escalating situation between the Wookiee and Rogg.
One thing Aves really hated about Imperial service was the slavary issue, and the Imperial's general attitude toward non-humans, especially those considered "primitive" as Wookiees were. He had gone through similar "discussions" with those that would insult Wookiees before, and Aves thought he may be a little sensitive about such things.
Aves' hand flew into his coat, removing his pistol from it's holster, but it and his hand were still concealed within his coat. When he got within three or four meters behind both of them, he decided to try to stop the situation from coming to blows, and failing that, help the Wook out.
"A problem, gentlemen?" he said in a cold tone, he eyes fixed with a tint of disgust at the Nikto bully.

Rogue Janson
22 October 2004, 09:30 AM
(OOC: aaargh! Call of Kashyyyk!)

Happy with his first well paying job on Tatooine, Mik relaxes, finishing his drink off slowly. He casually watches the goings on in the cantina.

It's not long before something happens. Either Aves is braver or crazier than he though, because the Corellian is trying to get himself between Rogg and his thugs and the immense wookiee. In Mik's estimation the wookiee can handle himself and anyone else involved would just be dangerously in the way.

Still, he's not letting a friend get into a fight on his own and moves to back up Aves. While he waits for the situation to develop, he leans with one hand on a the back of a nearby chair, his eyes on Rogg. Not seeing any way of this dispute being resolved peacefully though, he's ready for action. If Aves can resolve it, he's going to have to be the smoothest talking spacer Mik's seen.

22 October 2004, 09:57 AM
[OOC: Aves positions himself where he can hit Rogg with a blaster shot without the Wook as cover... Between their positions, about 2m away, also, as a reminder, Aves understands Shyriiwook]
"Listen, why don't I just buy the both of you a drink, and we can avoid any unnecesary altercation here." he says softening his manner and pulling some credits out of his pocket [ooc: non gun hand] in an offering manner.

Gyp Ryol
22 October 2004, 02:10 PM
Gilad birghtens. "You buy, huh?" He rubs his hands. "I'll be right back." The young alien quickly dashes out into the desert square towards Krayt and his cart. The big animal sleepily shakes it's head and rumbles as Gilad nears. Gilad chuckles as he unlocks the cart and heaves the bag of parts out of his cart. Carefully relocking the latch, he leans down by Krayt's ear, and whispers, "Ikee ashuna kwatu mibbu. Taa baa, eyeta. Shanay shanay."

Throwing the off-white sack over his shoulder, Gilad tosses his marine hair and strides over to the parts shop. He grins as he enters the establishment again. He lets the bag down with a clunk of rattling parts. "So, I got a lota parts here. Yukusu kenza keena. What can you offer me?" He pulls at a strand of his hair and idly twirls it in his hand, grinning in his customary goofy way.

Kanner Ra'an
23 October 2004, 03:37 PM
OOC: I hate it when i lose posts. This is the second time i wrote this one.

IC: Rayger subdues his enthusiasm at having gotten the work. After politely dissmissing themselves and giving one last look to the odd Twi'lek woman, he moves over to the bar and orders himself a glass of lum to celebrate. He notices the arguement between the wookiee and the nikto, but doesn't really think to do anything about it. Its not his buissness and frankly he doesn't want to be the wookiees meal or pay a hutt for the nikto.

However when Aves and then Mik decide to intervien he changes his stance. He's not about to let them get into this on their own, so he moves to flank Aves, standing behind him and off to the right to keep anyone from coming at the smuggler from behind. He keeps his drink in hand takes a long sip, looking at the nikto especially. He decides that he really hopes Aves plan works and they take the drinks. They dont look to friendly and are probably better brawlers then him

OOC: Id like to ready an action. If someone does go to hit or shoot Aves, Rayger throws his glass at them and draws his vibrodagger.

26 October 2004, 07:03 PM
While Woldun finds the bench only moderately comfortable at best, he’s still quite content to be both sheltered from the suns and able to rest his now-somewhat-aching feet. The Ithorian had been thinking before the avian accepted his suggestion that, assuming he would accept of course, he would first and foremost ask him his name so he could address him appropriately; however, a new, more immediate topic of interest gripped Woldun’s mind during the avian’s reply. Hmm…I wonder why he is so uncomfortable around beings of other species…it’s rare, I would have thought, for a non-human to find his way to Tatooine and have apprehensions regarding other species…yes, Mother, I believe I shall inquire about this oddity…

As Woldun is about to end the awkward silence brought on by a combination of the avian’s coyness and Woldun’s own introversion-esque thought process, an angry-looking Rodian approaches the pair and nearly-shouts something in a language Woldun assumes is either Huttese or the Rodian’s native language. He has no idea what he’s just been told or asked to do, but, noticing the apron draped over the antagonist’s jumpsuit, he assumes that brandishing a few credits will appease what appears to be a Dive employee, if not Deeko himself.

Woldun, without rising from his seat, slowing points his left hand, palm out, to the Rodian while slowly reaching his other hand into a front pocket of his poncho, pulling out the equivalent of ten credits, and handing it toward the new arrival. Well, Mother, I hope this is enough to appease this, um, gentleman…I don’t foresee anything more than having to find another place to loiter being the negative outcome, but, nonetheless, I’d rather not have to deal with any further confrontation if this doesn’t work…

Vreel Kudarin
2 November 2004, 09:17 AM
"A drink? I don't know you," responds Rogg, turning his ugly orange face to look at Aves, but keeping his muscular chest towards the Wookiee, "And I don't drink with animals," the Nikto finishes, turning back to the massive non-Human standing with his hairy back to the bar. There is a growl of agreement from one of his thuggish followers, but from which of the pair it is unclear.

Behind the Wookiee, Wuher eases into view, and says quietly, but gruffly: "Hey, no blasters, people." The cantina is now completely silent, save for the heavy breathing of the Wookiee, who clenches his fists tighter around the shaft of his quarterstaff, and glares at Rogg, predator-like.

The Nikto stares at the bartender for a moment, then looks around at Aves, Mik, and Rayger. It appears some calculation is taking place in that coarse-skinned, veiny head of Rogg's. From the green-fleshed Twi'lek nearby, Rayger, Aves, and Mik hear: "Who are thosh ggguys?" as she whispers to her friend, slurring with drunkeness, and perhaps not speaking as quietly as she intended.

"Like I said: We don't drink with animals, do we?"

"No!" come the simultaneous barks from Rogg's toughs.

"We've got work to do now, Wookiee, but next time you see me, you better run the other way," at this, the trio of Nikto make a slow exit, muscling through the throng in the busy cantina, and pausing once at the steps to gaze back over the patrons, who are already turning back to their drinks. With a final snort of derision, Rogg exits the building.

The Wookiee watches the Nikto leave before lowering his quarterstaff to his side, adjusting the olive-coloured bandolier of carrying pouches across his hair-covered torso, then looks at Aves. "Wyaaaaa," he moans, non-committedly. Aves, who has an understanding of Shyriiwook, hears the sound clearly as the Wookiee-equivalent of 'hello', albleit a slightly disinterested one. Apparently having no further interest in conversing with those who felt inclined to back him up, the Wookiee turns to Wuher and orders another drink for himself: "Wu yaga gah ahyag." Silently the bartender obliges, and pulls on a tap on his haphazard-looking equipment to fill a large flagon with lum.


"Ahh, eniki... Cha wana do bota," says the Rodian, a little calmer now, after a few seconds of puzzlement. He takes the credit chit rather sharply out of Woldun's hand, and deposits it in a pouch on his apron. The Rodian then goes back inside Deeko's Dive, waving a hand over his shoulder and muttering under his breath, shaking his head slowly.

As Hursla and Woldun gaze out over the 'centre' of Mos Eisley, with the dark-hulled wreck of the Dowager Queen on their right, and the Blue Bantha to their left, they notice how the streets are slightly less busy and evening approaches, many sentients now occupying bars and other entertainment facilities. From Chalmun's, across the way, three rusty-orange-skinned Nikto exit, looking about, then walking to the right, dissappearing behind a building from which rises a thin, domed tower.


"May I have a look through all this?" asks the junk shop owner, already ploughing through Gilad's spare parts with eager hands and keen eyes, "Wow! a Jellfriss-Kam7 modulator. I had a guy in here a couple of days ago after one of these... Ohh, nice overflux stops, though this one's missing the core fuse - oh no, here it is, must have fallen out... Yeah, some of this is very good. I have to be honest with you, this is the kind of stuff I need, for the discerning customer, to get my business back on it's feet. I certainly couldn't afford to buy all this off you at the moment. My credit situation at present isn't exactly fluid. But... Well, how about if I sort out the bits I really like, and give you a price for that. Does that sound okay, er... Sorry, what's your name, kid?"

2 November 2004, 09:51 AM
"Wyaaaaa," he moans, non-committedly. Aves, who has an understanding of Shyriiwook, hears the sound clearly as the Wookiee-equivalent of 'hello', albleit a slightly disinterested one. Apparently having no further interest in conversing with those who felt inclined to back him up, the Wookiee turns to Wuher and orders another drink for himself:
Aves smiles and nods to the Wookiee, "And good day to you." he then tips his hat and slowly walks back to the table.
"Well, that wasn't so bad. I was actually half-expecting Rogg to shoot me for interupting his fun. Still, it's good to help people when you're in a new place, getting a positive rep, and all that."

Gyp Ryol
2 November 2004, 12:30 PM
"Oh, sorry. Gilad Shran Zurel Baskalar, at your service. But, sure, you can see if there's anything you like in there. I haven't been able to find anyone to but it yet." Gilad pulls on a bit of his hair as a thoughtful look comes over his face. "Say. You wouldn't happen to be looking for some help around here, would you? Okay, hold on, lemme just, uh, finish." Gilad pauses, trying to make sure that the right words come out. "I make scavenger runs out into the desert often. And I find beauties like that overflow capacitor out there in the sands. Whaddya say if I bring in my best stuff to you evey week and we make a deal on it?" he finishes, grinning at the prospect of having a stable buyer.

7 November 2004, 11:51 AM
Oh Mother, so many people are so enamored with money…if they only knew what it was to be so involved with you, money would all but disappear…yes, indeed, it does serve to pacify many mind-less aggressors…your reasoning for its creation is, as all your reasoning is, sound and brilliant…

Without averting his gaze from the less-congested streets, Woldun says, in a softer-than-normal voice, “The right amount of money can get a being out of many tough situations…now, if I can convince you to tell me your name, might I then be able to make a few other inquiries?” Woldun grins with the mouth that is facing the avian, hoping this, along with the softening of his voice, will encourage the avian to open up to him. Yes, Mother, I think we will be better served to probe lightly at first…I am very much interested in his apparent xenophobia, but I agree that we have a better chance at an honest answer if we ease him into it, rather than just confronting him with it straightaway…

Rogue Janson
8 November 2004, 09:29 AM
"Well, that wasn't so bad. I was actually half-expecting Rogg to shoot me for interupting his fun. Still, it's good to help people when you're in a new place, getting a positive rep, and all that."
"Sure, as long as you don't get your arms torn off while you're doing it,"" Mik adds, a little surprised at the wookiee's restraint.
"Let's go and see how the others are," he says, interested to see how Woldun, Hursla and Gilad are getting on. Finishing off his drink and placing it on the bar, he heads for the exit, out into the glare of the Tatooine suns.

8 November 2004, 09:46 AM
"Sure, as long as you don't get your arms torn off while you're doing it,""
With that, Aves gives a hearty laugh, downs the nearly full glass of cheap Corellian whiskey, smacks his lips and follows Mik out.

Kanner Ra'an
8 November 2004, 11:46 AM
"Why do i think hes not joking about that?" Rayger asks retorically before downing the last of his drink. He would have thought the wookiee would be a little more thankful, though aparently that wasn't the case. For all Aves' good intentions, the only thing he may have done was alienated that Nikto thug. Whatever. If he didn't, we would have all felt bad for what could have happened afterwards. he reminds himself. He is surprised how coldly he has begun to think lately, and is glad that he can still remember to be decent.

"So Mik, who was that guy back their." he asks as he catches up with the two. "Didn't seem like the friendliest guy around here." With that said, Rayger looks around at some of the many less savory citizens around. On the other hand........

Vreel Kudarin
9 November 2004, 10:05 AM
“The right amount of money can get a being out of many tough situations…now, if I can convince you to tell me your name, might I then be able to make a few other inquiries?”

"My name is Hursla," says the Mrlssi quietly, his bird-like feet swinging briefly from the bench. He lays his gnarled cane across his lap, then adjusts his white cloak about his small frame, and glances up briefly at Woldun, before looking back at the veranda floor, and continuing: "What is it that you want to know?"


Rayger, Aves, and Mik exit the cantina and stroll out into the sandy open area that is the 'centre' of Mos Eisley. A samba-jatz rythm beats out from the speakers mounted inside the awnings of the Blue Bantha bar. The preachers have all left the wreck of the Dowager Queen (http://groups.msn.com/SWRPG/tatooinecampaign1.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=226) as evening approaches. A pair of swoop bikers roar past Chalmun's, startling Krayt and the other bantha, and waking the nearby Barabel from his doze. Retrieving his hat from the dusty ground, the black-scaled Barabel replaces it over his reptilian face and settles back against the wall of the cantina in his foldable chair.

Mik spots Hursla and Woldun just before the others. They are sitting in the shady veranda of Deeko's Dive, behind a row of speeder and swoop bikes. Gilad is not with them.


The shop owner nods silently to Gilad, then spends another minute or so rummaging through the bag of parts. Fetching some empty plastic trays, he begins laying choice pieces of tech into them carefully. He squints and stares at the ceiling, calculating mentally. Finally he looks at Gilad and says: "I think I can afford this stuff I've picked out, and I can give you three hundred, fifty creds now. Oh, sorry - my name's Launce Char, Gilad. And if you can provide parts like these consistently, I think a long-term arrangement sounds excellent! "

Seeing the parts Launce has chosen, and knowing those that remain in his sack, Gilad can see that the shop owner is offering a reasonable price. Launce walks to a heavy security locker in the corner of the room, and retrieves a large pack of credits, looking expectantly to Gilad.

Rogue Janson
11 November 2004, 08:40 AM
"So Mik, who was that guy back their." he asks as he catches up with the two. "Didn't seem like the friendliest guy around here."
"Ahh, just someone I've run into before..." Mik replies. "Rogg, your typical thug. Working on a construction site at the moment, I think, probably the new houses going up on the other side of town. Likes to cause trouble, but he's not that dangerous."
The last statement is in relation to Mos Eisley's typical inhabitants, of course.

Mik shades his eyes from the suns as he looks around. The centre of Mos Eisley is pretty quiet at the moment, usually the case at this time of day, in the heat.

Though Woldun has his usual imperturbably distant air, as he approaches, Mik feels Hursla is looking a little puzzled. Mik steps into the shade of Deeko's Dive and leans on a rail near the pair.

"Alright Woldun, Hursla. How's it going?" he asks.

13 November 2004, 02:19 PM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson
"Ahh, just someone I've run into before..." Mik replies. "Rogg, your typical thug. Working on a construction site at the moment, I think, probably the new houses going up on the other side of town. Likes to cause trouble, but he's not that dangerous."
"Well, he's quite the charmer then, isn't he... I've met dianogas more pleasent than "Rogg"" Aves said, tipping his hat so he wasn't blinded.
He sees Mik begin to move toward Deeko's Dive, and it takes Aves a moment to figure out why: Two of their compatriots are standing on the veranda. Aves quickly moves to follow Mik to the shady protection of that area, and nods when Mik greets Woldun and Hursla.

Gyp Ryol
14 November 2004, 11:31 AM
Gilad smiles, his sea-colored eyes brightening. He takes the pack of credits and gives Launce a harder-than-intended handshake. "You've got yourself a deal, Lao-, er, Laen-, um..." Gilad pause a moment, looking slightly perplexed as he struggles to pronounce the man's name. He grins again, shaking the hand vigorously as he decides, "Char!"

He hefts his leftover parts and almost skips out of the parts shop, clutching the credits tightly against his sweaty chest. He goes right to Krayt, who groans softly at the boy's approach. He quickly unlocks the cart and throws the extra parts in, slapping the lip down and excitedly clasping the lock. He speaks softly but intensely to Krayt, telling the creature all that had happened and all the wonderful things to come in breakneck Jawaese. He gives the leathery creature a good rub around the eyes as a parting gesture.

Gilad, still posessed in his skipping mood, hurries towards Chalmun's, but spots the other loitering around Deeko's. He bounds over to them, full of energy and enthusiasm. "M'um m'aloo, eyetas!" says Gilad louder-than-necessary. "Whatcha doin'?"

15 November 2004, 06:19 PM
"What is it that you want to know?"
Woldun smiles brightly and pats the avian lightly on the shoulder, then says, “Well, Hursla, more than we’ve time for at present, I’m quite sure, but what’s most nagging in my mind is a question regarding your comfort around members of differing species…what makes you so reserved around, as you said, ‘so many aliens?’” Indeed, Mother, it may be to forward, but my mind will not let the issue rest…it is so unlike a non-human traveler, especially to these parts, to have such feelings…I agree I may have overstepped his boundaries, but, if nothing else, we at least I am now aware of the small creature’s name…

Vreel Kudarin
17 November 2004, 09:47 AM
“Well, Hursla, more than we’ve time for at present, I’m quite sure, but what’s most nagging in my mind is a question regarding your comfort around members of differing species. What makes you so reserved around, as you said, 'so many aliens?'

"Did I say that? Well, I admit I'm not that keen on crowds. I have no problem with other species, though I have never traveled," explains Hursla quietly, pausing as Mik, Rayger, Aves, and then Gilad join them in the veranda of Deeko's Dive, "It was an accident I ended up here," he finishes, fiddling with the cane across his lap, trying not to look at his new flatmates too much.

The four facing Woldun and Hurlsa, who are seated on the bench, can see through the tinted window behind the Ithorian, into the bikers' bar. The closest being they can make out is a Human man led on his left cheek in a small puddle of spilled bevarage, alone at a circular table. Beyond him, swoopies and other young racing enthusiasts mill about, standing, drinking. Some are clearly affiliated with particular speeder bike or swoop gangs, marked out by their rough orange or black attire.

Two Rodians and a Human are watching something on a hand-held vidscreen, enjoyment in their faces. Mik recognises Deeko himself, wearing his trademark barkeeper's apron. The Rodian is strolling over to a large group of black-clothed Humans, Twi'leks, and a Sullustan. Right at the back of the Dive, leaning against the bar, is the massive dark grey form of a Herglic. Pieces of debris from vehicle crashes can be made out, bolted to the walls as memorobilia.

Out at the front of Deeko's, a Devaronian male, a discomforting grin on his face, walks past. The horned being walks unsteadily onwards, scratching his neck. An battered astromech with white and green paneling trundles along behind it's master, a Mon Calamari wearing a full environment suit with glass faceplate, who is heading for the Blue Bantha.

A pair of Gran stride through the open doorway of Deeko's Dive, to the left of Woldun and Hursla, each casting glances with their three eyestalks at the strangers. A moment after the Gran enter, a tall, gangly droid possessed of a blue metallic sheen follows them inside, though he appears to pay no attention to the group on the veranda.

17 November 2004, 07:46 PM
Woldun yearns to pry further into Hursla’s mind, but, as the rest of the group draw near, understands, with backing from Mother Jungle, that the time, for now, has passed. In fact, he makes no remark to the avian whatsoever; instead, he extends a lethargic, splay-fingered wave in the direction of his closing companions and, in reply to Mik’s salutation, simply shrugs and turns his head aside, as if to say “neither good nor bad.”

Shortly thereafter, to Gilad’s energetic greeting, Woldun speaks: “Simply enjoying our paid-for protection from what dwindles of the suns’ light…come, join us…” Woldun pats the empty portion of the bench beside him, then, after making quick eye-contact with the three coming from Chulman’s, adds, “…waste not what Mother Jungle has allowed us…and I am eager to learn of your efforts for procuring employment…”

Gyp Ryol
21 November 2004, 10:14 AM
"Gee thanks!" says Gilad, who quickly sits down next to Woldun. "Boy, oh boy, did I hit the jackpot! There's a guy down the street who has a parts shop, but he needs parts to sell, so I'm gonna be a supplier for him." He pulls the pack of credits from under his vest. "Just with the stuff I had, he gave me three hundred fifty!" He stops, and purses his lips for a minute. He looks up at the three men still standing. "That's good, right?"

Kanner Ra'an
21 November 2004, 01:15 PM
"Definatly could be worse." Rayger says, a little stunned that the junk the fish-kid was hauling around was that valuable. Obviously it wasn't junk at all. He thinks for a second about the ruined speeder bike that the Jawa's ripped him off for. No wonder the little sandcrawler vermin can survive on scrap. Its a valuable commidity around here. Sith, i hate this planet.

Vreel Kudarin
23 November 2004, 09:37 AM
As Woldun, Gilad, and Rayger talk, Mik and Aves notice the Rodian bartender through the tinted window behind their Ithorian friend. The green skinned, saucer-eyed being is looking straight at them, and walking with purpose towards the veranda. Mik, who has been around in Mos Eisley for a while, recognises the Rodian as Deeko, proprieter of the Dive.

Deeko swings around to face the group, suction-cup-tipped fingers of one hand clutching at the corroded doorframe. He wipes his free hand on his grubby apron, an expression that may be an angry scowl on his face.

"Kee chai chai cun kuta? Bedwana yocola!" snorts the Rodian, now gesturing with his large, spindly hand at Aves, Mik, and Rayger in particular, rubbing his fingers together. The antennae topping his rough-fleshed head twitch, and a vaguely musty odour wafts in the direction of the group.

Aves, Mik, and Gilad, all familiar with the unusual scent of Rodians, also understand the proprieter's grumpy Huttese words: [What are you doing here? Buy drinks!]

26 November 2004, 09:43 AM
Hearing the bartender's little... erm, encouragement, Aves says, for the benefit of those that don't speak the language: "I believe the gentleman is requesting that we purchase some drinks. I'm not entirely adverse to that idea... we can discuss recent news and opportunities." Removing his hat to survey the bar, Aves scratches his head and tries to wet his lips.
"On the other hand, we are a tad low on credits... perhaps we should retire to the apartments for discussion." he turns to his companions, "Yes, no, anyone?"

[EDIT: Had to catch up to Vreel's latest post.]

Vreel Kudarin
26 November 2004, 09:43 AM
Such is overwhelmingly the case in Mos Eisley, credits rule over all, and greed is the main drive. A helpful hand is hard to find, without the cash to buy it, that is. Even shade can have a price tag. The remaining hours of the evening are passed uneventfully for Marr'sha's group of lodgers, with Aves, Rayger, and Mik explaining to the others the small job they have lined-up working for Jaltratt Lib, in three days time, at midweek. The full details of the errand are contained on the dataslate in Mik's possession.


The next morning, with the twin suns of Tatoo sitting low in the cloudless azure sky, the lodgers of 23 Meteor Street awake in their new accomodation. Already Mos Eisley is alive with activity, some sentients taking advantage of the coolness before twin noon.

Down in the cellar rooms, Gilad and Rayger wake. On the ground floor, Aves and Woldun rise, and on the first floor, Mik and Hurlsa get up. The coolth unit of the building is working efficiently, the temperature being much more pleasant than yesterday.

From the first floor, Hursla and Mik can look out over the activities of the sentients moving about in the sandy streets and alleys, the occasional speeder zipping between buildings, and craft coming and going from the spaceport. There is angry shouting from the rough district around Jabba the Hutt's townhouse.

In his cellar berth, Gilad begins to notice something. There is a slightly odd odour tingling at the edge of his perception, hanging about somewhere in his dark flat.

27 November 2004, 06:28 PM
Woldun is about to add some reassurance to Rayger’s comment when the now-larger group is again accosted by the apparent Rodian owner of the establishment they are, admittedly, loitering outside of. Appearing to understand the guttural language sputtering out of the Rodian’s mouth, Aves suggests that the group either go in and have drinks, something Woldun, of course, doesn’t wish to partake in, or go ahead and return to their lodgings for the evening. The group decides on the latter, and, to the Rodian’s chagrin, they depart.

As soon as Woldun wakes the next morning, he goes just outside the front door and gets half a handful of sand from beyond the stoop and carefully carries it back into his room. He aligns himself in what he guesses is the center of the room, drops to a knee, and adopts his familiar two-fingers-on-the-forehead prayer position while holding the collected sand out in front of him. After a few seconds of deep breathing, he begins to repeat, in barely more than a whisper, a phrase in Ithorian that translates roughly into basic as, “I hold in my hand a part of you as you hold us all in yours.” When he’s done this for five full minutes, he lets the chant blend into one ominous humming sound by continuing the repetition with one mouth and creating the humming sound with the other until, after another minute, all you can make out is the humming sound. While this transition is taking place, he begins to splay his fingers on the hand holding the sand, allowing it to drop lightly to the floor. The whole ritual stops abruptly as soon as the last grain of sand has hit the ground, and Woldun gets slowly to his feet and walks out to see what the others might be doing.

Gyp Ryol
28 November 2004, 10:08 AM
Gilad yawns and stretches as he wakes himself up. He scratches himself all over as he drags his tired body out of bed. Grabbing his rough hewn clothes, he hikes his pants up and slips his Jawa robe vest on. Gilad breathes deeply through his nose, when he notices the slightly odd smell.

He stops and looks around. The three slits in the middle of his face open and close as he sniffs the air again in his room. Gilad sniffs himself first, trying to see if it was time to bathe. Experiencing no loss of conciousness, Gilad decides the smell must be coming from something in his new room. He feels his curiousity building, and the fish-kid begins to sniff around in his room, trying to divine the source of the nagging smell.

Kanner Ra'an
28 November 2004, 12:18 PM
Rayger awakes with a yawn. His sleep was mercifully good over the cool tattooine night, and he dreads to step out into the hot sun. However he remembers the job that they took yesterday, so he drags himself out of bed and gets dressed. His wears his hide jacket, despite its discomfort, because he has little else to wear. He also puts his hold out pistol in its increasily custumary spot in the back of his pants. One done dressing and cleaning up, he heads upstairs to see who else is about, and if his new partners are ready to head out to their job.

Rogue Janson
29 November 2004, 08:37 AM
Mik wakes early, as usual, before the suns' heat has built up. He spends a little while looking out his window, familiarising himself with, and enjoying, the first-floor view. Many of the buildings in Mos Eisley rise only one storey (or less) above the ground, so he can see a little further than he would in many other towns. As a swoop bike roars past at top speed, only just making a turn successfully, he decides everything in Mos Eisley seems normal. Dressing in his usual tan trousers, and a loose grey shirt, he straps on his knife and hip-flask and finally puts on his hat.

Not having stocked up on food yet, Mik heads round the corner to get some breakfast - some dried churba - from a street vendor. He walks back to the house chewing the unfortunate creature.

He returns to the house to see Rayger and Woldun up and about. He greets them with a cheerful nod.

"Good night's sleep?"

Vreel Kudarin
29 November 2004, 10:37 AM
As the young Aquar nasally investigates his dim, cool living space, he begins to centre-in on the faint smell. Following it along the wall behind the head of his bed, which is painted black in it's lower portion, and muddy brown in it's upper, he reaches a battered old metal cabinet. Around here the odour is strongest, and actually a little unpleasant now. Almost dung-like, though far worse than Krayt's droppings, which Gilad has long been acquainted with.

One of the doors is loose on it's hinges, so the grey storage locker cannot close properly. Inside it is empty, save for a few wire clothes hangers hooked over the horizontal bar.


Up and about early, at one point Mik checks over the details of the trial job arranged with Jaltratt Lib at the cantina last night, using the simple keys of the slimline dataslate they were given to view a basic map of Mos Eisley, and times and details of what is expected.

Notable locations on the map are selectable, giving additional information on what goods and services could be obtained where and so forth. Mik already knows the reputation of most of the places listed.

In two days time, the collection of the cargo is scheduled. At 15:30 local time they are to arrive at Friendly Frexl's Used Speeders, where they will be provided with a transport. At 16:00 the shipment will arrive by light transport behind the dunes to the north-east. Mik and company are required to be there to collect the crates. After this, the shipment needs to be delivered to a warehouse on the other side of Mos Eisley, down in the south-west of the settlement. At this warehouse payment will be made.

It is not noted on the dataslate, but Mik, Aves, and Rayger were cautioned by Mr Lib to avoid any 'official entanglements' during collection and transportation of the antiques.

29 November 2004, 12:22 PM
Aves awakes after a rather restless slumber. While not particularly hungery, he head to the common room to converse with his two main compatriots about their job.

Gyp Ryol
29 November 2004, 05:03 PM
Gilad rubs his nose in an attempt to clear the smell from his nostrils. He puts his fists on his hips and considers the locker for a few moments. Gilad finally shrugs and tromps upstairs. He rubs his eyes as he comes up into the light, yawning. He flops himself into a chair in the common room. Gilad looks around at each of the beings there, and says sleepily, "Okka wamoomaz kwat, eyetas." He looks back down at his room. "Hey, Rayger, is there a bad parufah in your room? 'Cause something smells like poodoo in mine."

Gilad grabs some of his hair and chews on the end of a lock. He scratches his stomach as he does so, clearly thinking about something.

Kanner Ra'an
30 November 2004, 11:38 AM
"Ugh, no. Not that i could tell." He says, staring at the kid oddly as he chews his own hair. "It was fine when i left."

Vreel Kudarin
1 December 2004, 09:41 AM
As the group, minus Hursla (who has not vacated his bedroom yet), mill about on the ground floor, they realise the lack of food and other supplies in the near-empty common room/eating area outside Woldun's and Aves's berths. Mik however, is happily chomping on a tasty churba.

Faintly, a noise is growing above their heads, apparently from the second floor, where Marr'sha lives, unless Hursla has someone in his flat with him. The rumblings resolve themselves into angry voices, one high-pitched, the other deeper. The owners of the voices seem furious with one another, though the accusations flying back and forth cannot be made sense of down here, muffled by the intervening floors.

Something smashes, a door slams, then opens again, and heavy footfalls race down the stairs. The group of lodgers catch a glimpse of black and carmine garments, and scaly arm, which disappear around the corner in the corridor outside the common room, heading for the front door.

"I hate you!" comes a squeal from the entrance to number 23, then the door swooshes closed.

"You ungrateful little nerf!" roars Marr'sha as she bounds to the base of the stairway, her voice emotional for once.

From just outside, there comes the sound of a speeder bike revving, then the whine of the repulsor pads as the vehicle zips away. After a few moments with her back to the group, the tall Trandoshan landlady makes a slow turn and regards her lodgers through the open doorway of the common room.

"Oh, sorry about that. Little tiff with the brat," Marr'sha explains, her tone again it's usual uninflected drone. Just then, there comes a small whistle from Marr'sha's right side, and Hursla skips past.

"Morning. I'm just going out on an enquiry. Walking home last night, I saw a place that interested me," says the Mrlssi quietly and quickly, eager to leave and uncomfortable with the attention. Giving a nod with his beaked face, Hursla turns and leaves, a single grey feather falling to the ground in his wake.

Marr'sha watches him exit the front door, out of sight of the others, then faces them again, asking: "So what are you people up to today then? Been fortunate enough to find any work?"

1 December 2004, 09:46 AM
Hearing the tussle, Aves shudders at the though of two lizard-women- both of whom could tear him to pieces- fighting.

Marr'sha watches him exit the front door, out of sight of the others, then faces them again, asking: "So what are you people up to today then? Been fortunate enough to find any work?"
"Yes, actually- we've got some contract work upcoming." he says cheerfully.

Vreel Kudarin
2 December 2004, 10:27 AM
"Yes, actually- we've got some contract work upcoming." he says cheerfully.

"Ohhh," says Marr'sha, her voice droll, "That's good. Just to remind you lot, you each have a keycard for the front door, but you can also engage the security lock from inside or outdoors by swiping your card and typing a four-digit code. Usually do that at the end of the day, makes me feel more secure at night. You'll have to remember the code: 'one one three eight'. It's the same to disengage the mechanism too,"

After explaining this, Marr'sha looks as thoughtful as a Trandoshan can for a moment, before continuing: "I'm going out shopping for myself this morning. If any of you want me to get any supplies for you to stock up the kitchen, I can make a list. You could pay me back later when I return."

Marr'sha pulls out a pad of flimsi and a stylus, her reptilian face moving slowly between her lodgers, waiting for any requests.

Vreel Kudarin
7 December 2004, 09:32 AM
Noting everyone's hesitation, Marr'sha clears her throat with a hacking, smoker's cough, and rumbles: "Well, never mind, I'll get you a few packs of bantha burgers, some venop fruit. Maybe a nerf steak too. There's a nice Corellian shop down the street. My treat. If you're all out when I get back, I'll just put it in the cooler unit in here."

Putting her flimsi pad and stylus away in a small pouch on her belt, Marr'sha gives the group a small wave from the hip with one massive three-taloned hand, lights a tarstick and places it between her fangs, then leaves to do her shopping.

The sound of the front door swishing open reaches the lodgers, and then a few seconds later Marr'sha calls back down the hall: "Mik! There's a man waiting out here who wants to see you. I'll leave the door open for you."

Rogue Janson
9 December 2004, 09:10 AM
Mik looks puzzled. He knows a few people in Mos Eisley, but wouldn't expect a visit from any, especially so soon after changing address.

"Wonder who it is?" he says out loud.

Setting his hat right, he turns his back on the others and makes his way down the hall towards the door.

9 December 2004, 09:43 AM
Well, never mind, I'll get you a few packs of bantha burgers, some venop fruit. Maybe a nerf steak too. There's a nice Corellian shop down the street. My treat. If you're all out when I get back, I'll just put it in the cooler unit in here."
"We're much obliged, Madame." Aves says.
As Mik hears of his visitor and prepares to check on that person's identity, Aves gets up to follow him- "You don't mind if I tag along to cover you, do you? I'll stay out of sight; from what I saw yesterday, most of the people you seem to "know" aren't the type to come calling." Aves said, shrugging.

Vreel Kudarin
9 December 2004, 09:50 AM
Mik sees him off to one side as he reaches the doorway. A Human male is standing a few feet away, in the sandy street outside number 23. He is dressed in baggy ochre trousers and a loose, unbuttoned pale green shirt with a high collar. The man's chest is marked with scarlet paint that has been smeared in two lines that run up across his cheeks, bending to reach his ears. Mik does not recognise him, but sees the tension in his expression in the second or so before the man speaks.

"Found you, Dunda!" screams the tanned-skinned man, exploding with forward momentum. He launches himself towards Mik, brandishing a hatchet-like vibro-axe that he whips round from behind his back, manic fury on his face. He slashes one-handed, with barely controlled, but fast strokes, and the worn blade of the small weapon misses its mark on Mik's chin by a centimetre as the Zabrak takes a step back in defence. The vibro-hatchet embeds itself in the metal doorframe of number 23, and the attacker takes a couple of seconds to wrench it free, giving Mik the time he needs to respond properly.

Aves, hanging back by the foot of the stairwell, sees the unfolding melee at the front door, though Mik blocks his view of the attacker down the narrow hallway. The others, in the common room, hear the start of the scuffle - the shout, and the clatter of metal.

(OoC: Mik -5 VP)

Rogue Janson
9 December 2004, 10:22 AM
Taken aback by the unprovoked assault, Mik steps backwards, trying to figure out if he knows the crazed man standing in front of him. He resists the instinct to go for his knife. He doesn't want to seriously hurt the man, and besides, neutralising his weapon is a better idea anyway

Rather than backing away, Mik uses his opponent's temporary distraction to advance on him. At close range he will have trouble swinging the hatchet with any power. With one hand, Mik goes to grab the arm holding the hatchet, while ducking slightly and trying to get his other arm round the man's abdomen.

Kanner Ra'an
9 December 2004, 11:19 AM
Rayger starts to tag along with Aves and Mik, more out of curiosity until Aves mentions the near confrontation last night. It does nothing to help the slightly paranoid man from Eraidu. When he hears the words "Found you, Dunda!" being screamed he runs out the door, seing the two struggling with an unfriendly looking vibrohatchet in the middle. "What the sithin... what are you....?" Rayger stammers for a second. Realizing that this is not some friend of Mik's and that he is in actual danger. he reaches for the small of his back and draws out his light holdout pistol. "Freeze bantha fodder, or i'll... shoot you."

9 December 2004, 12:41 PM
Muttering loudly "I knew it!" Aves draws his pistol and prepares to fire a stun shot into the melee. Alas, the narrow nature of the stairwell prevents him from getting a satifsactory shot. Scrambling a few meters up the stairs, Aves shouts "Turn him around, Mik!" and levels the blaster, ready to pop the axeman if and when Mik succeeds.

[EDIT: Vreel enlightened me as to the exact nature of the stairwell, and I rightly accepted his entreaty to reconsider ;) Consider yourself lucky, Mik]

Vreel Kudarin
12 December 2004, 01:08 PM
Mik's attacker frees his weapon quicker than he anticipated, and draws back from the Zabrak, elbowing Mik away as he tries to grapple. Once more engaging in hacking at his target, the crazed man fends Mik a step backwards with horizontal slashes of his small vibro-axe, then lands the hatchet in the dirt at the foot of the doorstep with a mighty downward sweep of the blade, slicing a slither from the side of Mik's boot sole. The humming weapon pulls up easily in a small cloud of dust, then the attacker pauses for a moment, his face gleaming with sweat and his eyes glazed over with aggression. Mik's opponent is extremely determined and possessed of a wild, unknown motivation.

Further back along the short corridor, Aves and Rayger stand shoulder-to-shoulder, both having drawn blasters to back Mik up. However, without a clear line of sight to the attacker, the two Humans refrain from firing, not wishing to hit Mik in the back in error.

(OoC: Mik -3 VP. It's my fault for not getting round to doing a floorplan of the building yet, sorry guys for all the confusion. The stairwell hasn't actually got anything to do with the front door, it runs alongside the corridor to the entrance. I'm afraid the hall is too narrow for Rayger to push past Mik and the axe-man to get outside. I really will try to get a map up tomorrow!)

Rogue Janson
13 December 2004, 09:59 AM
Seeing his attacker come close to injuring him a second time, Mik draws his knife, but more for defence than attack. He starts to make a few slashes and jabs to keep his opponent busy, while looking for an opportunity to grab his arm and stop him swinging the hatchet. In the hallway he doesn't have much room to manoeuvre, but he concentrates on distracting the human from attacking and blocking any blows, hoping perhaps with a little time either his anger will subside or an opening will present itself.

(OOC: fight defensively. Rostek, at least wait till you've got precise shot before firing into any melée combats I'm in :rolleyes: ;))

Kanner Ra'an
13 December 2004, 12:09 PM
"Ugh, should we try and rush them. Push them both out of the way and then shoot the guy." Rayger asks Aves, assuming an aggressive shooters stance that contrasts his confusion. He tries to follow the axe wielding psycho with his pistol, but Mik keeps getting in the way. Stupid people on this stupid planet. Stay still so i can shoot you, you sithin pile of sun baked bantha. he thinks in frustration as he waits for the smuggler to wiegh in. He is confused and hasn't fought people with axes ever before. Not to mention he has no idea if killing the thug would earn him a deathmark or something else bad that hes heared about this planet.

13 December 2004, 01:08 PM
"Ugh, should we try and rush them. Push them both out of the way and then shoot the guy."

"Maybe we should just tell Mik to drop and roll, then we stun him, tie him up and figure out why he's trying to kill Mik?"

[OOC: Ready action- fire stun shot when melee disengaged]

Kanner Ra'an
13 December 2004, 02:59 PM
"Ok." Rayger says, moving to allow his friend more room to shoot. Raising his pistol again, more akwardly this time, he stands ready to kill if Aves cant stun. That and his blaster doesn't have a stun setting. "Mik, drop!" he yells as loud as he can.

OOC: Readying an action: Rayger will fire off one shot if Aves cant stun the guy.

Rogue Janson
14 December 2004, 09:21 AM
Mik has a vague idea that Rayger and Aves are behind him and when he hears Rayger's shout, he guesses their intent. Without time to consider what he's doing he decides to duck, dropping rapidly to his haunches. It puts him in a bad position to fight from, but it's better than risking the twitchy trigger fingers of the pair behind him and getting shot in the back.

Vreel Kudarin
14 December 2004, 10:20 AM
Mik's change in strategy is successful in holding back the apparent madman. As the attacker tries to advance on the Zabrak, he has to jerk aside from Mik's defensive knife slashes, curtailing a number of his attempted strikes with his vibro-hatchet. As the man struggles forward, pushing Mik a pace back down the hallway, he now fills the doorway, blood-red bodypaint creating a startling appearance. His axe swipes are even more restricted in the narrow confines, and he finds he can only make vertical sweeps with the small weapon.

However, with Mik putting up a stout defence of warding strokes with his knife, none of the attacker's blows come close to touching Mik. The stone walls on either side do receive a number of chips as the super-vibrating blade sparks against them, though.

The axe-man appears oblivious to Aves and Rayger, at the end of the hallway where it turns right to the common room and foot of the stairs. At Rayger's shout, Mik gives a lunge that forces his attacker back for a second, then drops low. Aves's blue stun bolt impacts solidly with the axe-man's bare chest, causing the sides of his unbuttoned shirt to ripple with the energy discharge. The vibro-axe clatters to the floor in front of Mik, the 'dead-man' switch turning the dangerous blade off.

Looking up at the attacker's paint-striped face, Mik sees fervour fade to bewilderment. The man goes slack-jawed, then tumbles over, collapsing unconscious onto Mik, who is crouched before him.

Kanner Ra'an
14 December 2004, 11:44 AM
"What was that about?" Rayger asks Mik as he walks outside with his pistol still aimed at the guy. He catiously picks up the vibrohatchet, watching to make sure the guy doesn't get up. It doesn't seem that likely though, as the man is out for the count, and he grabs the back of the guys coat to help get him off his Zabrak friend. He sticks the weapon in his belt and starts searching the unconsious axemans pockets as he looks to Mik for the answer, commenting. "Maybe theirs a bounty or something on thisn guy. Lets see if i can find any ID."

14 December 2004, 01:25 PM
Aves is rather surprised with the accuracy with his shot- certainly he expected to hit him in the narrow hall- but still, nice work on his part.
"Maybe theirs a bounty or something on thisn guy. Lets see if i can find any ID."
"Good idea- either way, we need to drag his butt downstairs and tie him up. And, ah- Mik... you probably should stay out of sight. He was obviously normal enough that Marr'sha didn't think to stop him- and then went into a berserker thing when he saw you." Aves said, sighing with relief.

14 December 2004, 06:21 PM
After responding to Mik’s “Good night’s sleep?” inquiry with a slight shrug and simultaneous curling of his lips, Woldun has slipped into one of his nearly trademarked “walking comas.” He perceives the banter around him, the tiff between mother and daughter, and even manages to commit “1138” to memory, but, after Mik and the pair of Humans move to intercept the Zabrak’s visitor and, judging by the sounds echoing into the living quarters, the interaction becomes violent, the Ithorian seems to cut himself off completely. Mother…what type of being is this Mik Dunda…he seems no more evil than the average, yet trouble seeks him out…and not only in bars, but in his place of residence…and what of the humans…I’ve seen glimmers of good from Aves, but they are both so quick to their weapons…but are they quick to lend them in support of their friends, or just for the chance to brandish their power…curious indeed…someday, I wish to know as you do, but, again, time tells all…

With a sudden, almost too-swift motion, Woldun drops to one knee and adopts his prayer position. He inhales deeply, then exhales while chanting an Ithorian prayer regularly reserved for bringing rain, but, in this instance, meant more figuratively, to bring about a means of cooling off his companions’ present situation. When he has completed the chant for the fifth time, his breathing returns to normal, he rises slowly to his feet, and walks over to the couch, sitting down in his now-favorite spot as if nothing out-of-the-ordinary has just happened. All the while, he keeps his gaze fixed in the direction of the front door, waiting to see, ultimately, who emerges.

Vreel Kudarin
15 December 2004, 10:05 AM
Searching the unconcious man thoroughly, Rayger discovers fifteen credits loose in one trouser pocket, and two small scraps of yellow flimsi and a stylus in the other. Both are scrawled over in black ink with poor handwriting. One appears to be a personal comlink frequency, the other simply reads: 'Mik Daahn, mid 20s. Zabrak.' There is a screw-top salve of scarlet bodypaint, nearly all used, in the pocket of the attacker's unbuttoned, sun-bleached green shirt. A tiny, silver, basic-model comlink is clipped to his ronto-hide belt. Other than this, the only other belonging the axe-man was carrying was his vibro-hatchet, now inert in Rayger's belt.

Rayger thumbs the button to close the front door, catching a glimpse of three Mos Eisley police officers strolling along the street, towards the edge of the settlement. Various spacers and locals of varied species also go about their business, seemingly no-one having noticed the scuffle at the front door of number 23.

Aves, Rayger, and Mik haul the limp body of the savage man downstairs to the cellar, deciding where to secure him before he comes around. There is Gilad's or Rayger's quarters, the corridor, the cellar 'fresher, or the small utility room from where maintainance can be carried out on the water, energy, and coolth systems of the building. As for bindings, the thing that comes immediately to mind for Mik is a coil of rope he noticied at the back of the building, hung on a hook, when he was having a look around.

In the living room, as Woldun moves to sit on the sofa in his favourite place, he sees Gilad's dewback Krayt through the small window behind the vidscreen, waddling past in the walled-off area at the back of the premises. Gilad hears his friend bray, and looks out, knowing something has disturbed the devoted animal. He and Woldun see the green face and bug-like eyes of a young Rodian peering over the back wall briefly, before the head drops out of sight.

Gyp Ryol
15 December 2004, 04:07 PM
Gilad knits his eyebrows in concern and gives Woldun a quick look. He springs up from his seat, rushing out the back of the apartment complex, intent on Krayt's plight. Once out of the door, he goes to Krayt, making calming sounds and rubbing the dewback's head. Gilad looks around, trying to see any evidence of foul play.

Rogue Janson
17 December 2004, 01:00 PM
Mik leans on the doorframe for the cellar, rubbing his chin and thinking. His first assumption is that this has been some kind of mistake; no-one on Tatooine dislikes him that much. When he sees the note with his name on, though, he takes it a bit more seriously.

"I'm gonna go get some rope," he tells Rayger and Aves, leaving the room and hurrying up the stairs. Out the back of the house, he grabs a coil of rope, but also sees Gilad petting his dewback and looking worried.

"Alright mate? What's up?" he asks, looking around himself for any sign of trouble. "Something spooked your Krayt?"

Gyp Ryol
18 December 2004, 06:32 AM
Gilad looks around, somewhat nervously. "Yes. He was braying and moaning out here. And I think I saw a Rodian out here too, but I don't see him now."

Managing to calm Krayt, Gilad grabs his Tusken spear from the cart, half expecting trouble. The fish-kid walks out away from the house, looking for any signs of the young Rodian he had caught peeking in the window.

19 December 2004, 06:43 PM
Woldun rises from his seat in nearly the same motion he’d used to plant himself, and walks, with less purpose than might be expected, after Gyp to see what the Rodian may have been sneaking about for. As he rose, Woldun picked up his staff from its resting position on the floor against the couch. Before he gets to the door, he notices Mik slip out, obviously with something on his mind.

When the Ithorian emerges from their abode he hears the tail-end of Gilad’s statement, and quickly replies, “You did indeed see a Rodian out here, my friend…” Woldun pauses as he puts both hands on his staff and leans forward, using his weapon to prop himself up. “…but what he was concerned with eludes us both…is your creature-friend unharmed?” Mother, may your wrath come quickly and with ten lives of pain if the Rodian brought any harm to this Dewback…

Vreel Kudarin
20 December 2004, 12:24 PM
As Mik retrieves the old coil of rope from it's hook on the back wall of number 23, and heads back down to the cellar, Gilad and Woldun wander off through the gate in the archway at the back of the property, leaving the small yard, and entering a backstreet. Gilad could see no evidence of tampering or other activities in the near-empy yard. In the cellar corridor outside Rayger and Gilad's rooms, the unconscious axe-man moans slightly, but falls quiet again, unable to move any of his muscles or articulate his thoughts properly yet.

Directly behind number 23 is a smaller, single-storey building. Someone is sitting under a brown awning on the roof, relaxing with a cool drink. He is gazing in the opposite direction to Woldun and Gilad. An alley runs either side of this building, past a long, low block of flats on the right, and an L-shaped abode on the left. All the buildings in sight are the same wan sandstone hue, so simliar to the dust underfoot. Slowly but surely, the twin suns continue to climb in the blue morning sky of Tatooine. It is in front of the L-shaped building that the young Rodian, likely only a teenager, lopes into view, hands in the leg pockets of his purple and red jumpsuit.

The Rodian appears to have been lurking around the corner of the yard wall at the back of Marr'sha's property, after poking his head over earlier. Behind him waddles a Jawa, small even for one of his species, wearing a backpack stuffed to bursting-point, and young, blond-haired Snivvian girl, who sneezes repeatedly from her sizable nostrils into a rag she clutches to her wide, bovine face.

The Rodian boy glances over his right shoulder and sees Gilad with his spear and Woldun with his staff, and picks up his pace, trying to get out of sight behind the house at the rear of number 23. His Jawa and Snivvian friends give some words of complaint, but trundle along after him.

Rogue Janson
1 January 2005, 04:44 AM
Returning to the cellar, Mik hands the rope over to Rayger and Aves, but stays near the door, ready to leave before his attacker recovers. Slipping his hands into his pockets, he quickly explains to the pair why someone might want to kill him, telling them that before he came to Tatooine, he worked with a sector ranger to put away one of the bosses of the Archon Triad, who put a price on his head.

"The good news is that the Triad and Jabba the Hutt hate each other, so Tatooine's pretty safe," he concludes.

Kanner Ra'an
1 January 2005, 08:15 AM
"Huh, that doesn't sound like any fun." Rayger says as he helps tie up their prisoner. He is actuallly more then a little sympathetic to Mik, having his own bounty on his head. "So this guys a bounty hunter for the triad. That must mean we can get something for him from the local Imperials. He probably doesn't know much or anything, but the local outcasts around here would probably be desperate for any career break to get them off this planet. Maybe we should drop him off before we go to the job?" he suggests.

1 January 2005, 09:16 AM
Aves was more than a little horrified to find that he was cavorting with a man who had an active bounty- where the bounty-ee's current whereabouts are known.
Not quite as safe as I'd hoped... Curses. Aves thought. However, there was not a lot that he could do about all of that right now.
"We should probably figure out how they know where you are and where they are getting their hunters, though... just a few questions, and then we can dump him." he said

Vreel Kudarin
3 January 2005, 09:34 AM
Rayger and Aves make quick work of dragging the unconcious attacker into the small maintenance room in the cellar, and tying him, sitting on the stone floor, to a large vertical pipe. His arms are stretched out behind him round the wide tube, and there is enough spare rope after several winds round his torso for tying his feet together. The axe-man's legs are stretched out before him, and his chin rests against his collar bone as he mumbles incoherently. Most of the piping and other equipment filling the small space relates to the coolth system of the building. It is outdated, though well-maintained.

Gradually the attacker comes round, finding Aves and Rayger standing over him, and Mik just behind them, in the doorway of the small, dark room.

"Euurraggh!" he cries out angrily, trying to lunge forward from his low position. His face contorts with rage as he finds himself securely fastened to the pipe, at the mercy of his captors. After a few seconds of frantic struggle against his bonds, the axe-man stares up at the three men, breathing heavily under the coils of rope around his body.

"Found you, Daahn, found you," he says, coarsely, his mouth dry. The strange man smiles manically at Mik, "Found you here. Know about you. Not long, not long..." the man's voice trails off in the quiet room, as his attention wanders around the piping and access panels. Suddenly he chuckles to himself, sighs deeply, and relaxes his body. The attacker lets his head lull to one side, and he glares up at his three captors, the smile on his cracked lips slowly fading, and his eyes drooping.

3 January 2005, 11:41 AM
"Found you, Daahn, found you," he says, coarsely, his mouth dry. The strange man smiles manically at Mik, "Found you here. Know about you. Not long, not long..." the
"Indeed you did." Aves said, turning to look at Mik- "Congragulations... Now, who hired you? And how, precisely, did you find him?" Aves asked.
This whole situation struck Aves as entirely too strange. This guy seemed a bit too unstable than he was used to... still, Aves sincerely hoped the guy was willing to talk, otherwise, this unpleasent houseguest only added to the body heat in the room.

Kanner Ra'an
3 January 2005, 04:59 PM
Rayger stand silently as the axeman comes around. Somebodys been out in the sun too long. he thinks as the man talks. "Daahn." Rayger asks quietly to Mik, hoping that the axeman wont here but not really caring otherwise. He doesn't pose much of a threat now, and even if he does figure out that they dont really know each other that well, theirs little he could do with it tied up to a pipe.

Vreel Kudarin
4 January 2005, 09:14 AM
"Ha! 'Hired', Ha!" rousing out of his dozy appearance suddenly, the prisoner spits his words angrily, apparently incredulous at Aves's suggestion, "What you care anyhow?" finishes the man, turning his eyes away from his three captors, staring at a hydrospanner hung on the wall in the narrow gap between two vertical pipes running out of the the main coolth control unit.

After a few seconds, his randomly roving attention is back on Rayger, Mik, and Aves. He coughs hoarsely, then says, smiling: "Know what you're doin' with me yet?" The lines of red paint running over his cheeks stretch and curve as his grin widens.

Up at ground level, in the sandy alleys at the back of number 23, the Rodian, Snivvian and Jawa children slip out of sight of Gilad and Woldun, round the side of the house behind Marr'sha's property.

4 January 2005, 10:36 AM
Aves follows the strange man's eyes to the 'spanner, then proceeds to walk over and pick it up.
"So... you weren't here to pick up the bounty on his head- or perhaps you were, and I phrased the question poorly. Still, I would be rather interested to know the answer to the second question.
As for my interest- I am living in the same building as Mr. Daahn, and thus find that my security is somewhat congruent with his own, and thus I find myself in the curious position of defending a man I hardly know. Please, enlighten me as to your interest and means for killing him- I cannot claim to know him well enough to understand why." Aves said, twirling the hydrospanner in his hand.
There was something very unsettling about this man to Aves. Bounty hunters rarely prefered to engage in personal combat with their quarry- not very efficient- and Aves had a funny feeling that anyone crazy enough to do so would also be crazy enough to take a crazy bounty... he would prefer to know what that would be.

Kanner Ra'an
4 January 2005, 01:28 PM
Yup, way way way too much time in the sun. Rayger thinks, wondering if the man is even compitant enough to know why he was trying to kill Mik. This guys has more problems then a stock R5 after taking a jump off a cliff. He still just continues to stand their, not really knowing what to do. However he is a little more worried about how much of a threat this guy is. If he gets loose, Rayger doesn't doubt that they'll have to shoot him again.

Vreel Kudarin
5 January 2005, 09:10 AM
"You gonna hit me with that?" responds their prisoner, tauntingly. From his expression, it looks doubtful he believes Aves will use the hydrospanner to interrogate him, "And what's with all that ponce-talk, nerf-dung? Talk straight... Daahn's my mark. Won't cha let me settle this fair with just him?"

The man's eyes, previously wild, appear to be focusing more clearly. His attention seems stronger as the minutes pass, and his thoughts appear more coherent from what he says. He seems unintimidated by his current situation.

"No-one hires me. Choose me own jobs... Euuurrgghhhh," the restrained attacker says, moaning in pain after he finishes, grimacing and lowering his eyes to the floor. He appears genuinely in pain. Suddenly he shakes his head furiously, growling angrily.

5 January 2005, 10:50 AM
He's a glit-biter! Aves thought Andris, more likely... would explain the pains and the strange confindence
"Hit you... hardly, although-" Aves depressed the button on the 'spanner's body, spinning the head, which made a high pitched whine- "I can think of a few things that would make this little chat more interesting."
"Well, I'm afraid I simply can't just 'let you at him'- not very neighborly of me, but allow me to sort out your situation with my compatriots for a moment." Aves backed up a few steps and spoke quietly with the other two.
"Anyone have any ideas, or want a go with him?" he asked.

Rogue Janson
6 January 2005, 10:48 AM
"Where's Hursla when we need him?" Mik says. "He might be able to tell us what this guy's on."

"If he's a freelance bounty hunter, he's not a very good one. We could turn him over to the authorities. Attempted murder's a crime even here, unless you've got powerful friends. Which I doubt this guy has."

Mik talks loudly enough for their captive to hear him, the possibility that the man could get any angrier with him seeming unlikely. What to do with him a bit of an issue. It doesn't look like this guy will take a hint and lay-off, but the traditional Tatooine solution of beating him until he can't stand then dumping him in a back street isn't one Mik likes.

Vreel Kudarin
8 January 2005, 11:45 AM
"Awwww, you'll get yours, Daahn, mark it, you'll get yours!" the restrained man growls from his low position, staring blaster bolts between Rayger and Aves at Mik, "If I don't take you out, someone will soon. The Triad'll 'ave you dead. They know you're in this sector, an' I found ya first!" he continues, before letting out a light chuckle that dissolves into a moan of pain, then a whimper.

"I ain't got no-one orderin' me, but I don't need that. My own man. And I'm gonna 'ave you, Daahn," the attacker manages through gritted teeth. He squints severely, giving the appearance of pain in his head. His words are quiet and difficult for him now, and presently he begins shivering slightly, his head lolling. Mik, Aves, and Rayger think he may even be holding back sobs, though it is difficult to tell with his face obscured from their position.

(OoC: Not sure where blivengo and Gyp have got to...)

Kanner Ra'an
8 January 2005, 12:05 PM
Rayger looks at the axeman and sighs. "This is going nowhere." he says quietly. He pulls out his hold out pistol and sets it to kill. He then hold the gun by the barrel and offers it to Mik. "Its up to you. We can take him in, but the Imps around here arn't the greatest. Or we can end it here and send a message to any other hunters around. No-one will think any less of you." he says to the Zabrak. He doesn't want to see the physco die, but he also wants to scare off any other bounty hunters who may come for Mik. A good one would likly scope out the place first, and then they could find him along with their quarry. Developing a reputation as a bad claim would probably go a long way to ending that threat.

8 January 2005, 12:47 PM
"This is going nowhere." he says quietly. He pulls out his hold out pistol and sets it to kill. He then hold the gun by the barrel and offers it to Mik. "Its up to you. We can take him in, but the Imps around here arn't the greatest. Or we can end it here and send a message to any other hunters around. No-one will think any less of you."
"On that same note though- if we kill him, the Imps may find out... And it appears none of us want any... Imperial entanglements. Our best bet in the long run is to get the hell out of here- Ray and I can help you a bit on that, but first, the matter at hand..
He tried to kill you Mik, so it's your call." Aves said.
It had become very clear to Aves that Mik would be an excellent addition to the plan to free the Suprise- but first, this hunter must be dealt with one way or the other.
The fact that the Triads were aware of Mik's presence also implied that the Hutts were either in business with them or didn't know they were here- perhaps seeking protection from Jabba, with a minor contract, would be the proper way to go... That is something, however, for future thought.

Rogue Janson
11 January 2005, 09:02 AM
"There's no need to go that far," Mik says, rejecting Rayger's blaster, showing more alarm at the idea than the attempt on his life. "And I'm not moving house right after finding one. I'll take him to the Imps and try and persuade them to do something. If he comes back we'll try something more serious."

"How much am I worth anyway?" he asks their prisoner. Then, noticing his condition, adds, "are you alright mate?"

Vreel Kudarin
11 January 2005, 09:18 AM
"W-water," the man manages, his eyes lowered, and his voice a quiet rasp. He seems on the edge of conciousness, on a chemical down after his earlier stimulant-enhanced rage. He gives no answer to Mik's first question.

11 January 2005, 10:51 AM
"Aw, hell- he could be going into nerve shock... he needs some water." Aves said, motioning for Mik to follow him to retrieve some. "Watch him Ray- Mik and I need to discuss something as we retrieve some H20."
As they get to a reasonable distance and close to the dispenser, Aves speaks to Mik in a serious voice.
"I'm not talking about out of the house- I'm talking about off this planet. Obviously we're hunted men of various degrees- if the Triad knows you're here, then we aren't safe for long- and Ray and I have a means of getting out.
My ship is impounded in the consolate's lot with a busted hyperdrive. Ray is a hyperdrive tech- ergo, we have a means of getting off this rock and out into the galaxy. I you want, we'd be happy to take you off this planet with us if you help us bust out- and maybe even a steady job on the ship afterwards. It'll take us a bit to get the proper parts together, but then we'll be golden. Just think about the offer for a while before you answer, okay?" Aves said, filling a cup with water and turning back towards the room with the man.

Vreel Kudarin
12 January 2005, 10:04 AM
Aves takes the flagon of precious water back to the prisoner, and presses it to the man's dry lips. Aves has to go back for more, and the man drinks almost a litre in total. After that the failed attacker falls unconcious again, totally exhausted, but in a stable condition now.

Between Mik, Rayger, and Aves, the as yet unidentified man is hauled down to the Mos Eisley police blockhouse. It is now mid-morning. Along the way, the group gets a few strange looks from the beings they pass in the street, but most either assume the men are helping a friend who has had one too many Corellian ales; or simply know better than to pry into other peoples' business in Mos Eisley.

Back at number 23, Gilad and Woldun return to the common room, having tried to tail the three sneaky non-Human children for a while in the alleys at the back of Marr'sha's building. Unfortunately the Rodian, Jawa, and Snivvian managed to elude the duo somehow, though they appear to have caused no damage or stolen anything from the yard.

When Aves, Mik, and Rayger drag their prisoner, with his hands tied behind his back with a short length of rope, up to the reception desk in the foyer of the police compound, the casually-dressed man behind the counter looks disinterested, but puts down his datapad and leans over, saying: "Handing someone in? We're a bit busy at the moment-"

The receptionist is interrupted by a uniformed police officer who cries loudly from across the room, then jogs over. Aves recognises him immediately as the officer he spoke with yesterday. It is Petr.

"Well it's not who I gave you the indentigraph of, but this is something better! I can't believe it, you've got one of the most wanted men in the sector there - Davig Millar. You sure he's out cold? That guy is one mean cookie," Petr blurts out excitedly, "I'm gonna have to inform Lieutenant Harburik on this one!"

Lieutenant Harburik turns out to be the Imperial liason officer in Mos Eisley, usually based in the Imperial barracks right next door to the police station. He has a disagreeable manner and is particularly blunt with Mik. Whilst Davig Millar is carted off to a cell in stun cuffs by two policemen, and his vibro-hatchet is taken in as evidence, Harburik interviews Mik on his own in a first floor office, leaving Petr to take statements from Rayger and Aves downstairs. Petr informs them there is a sizeable reward for the apprehention of Millar.

Harburik's interrogation of Mik drags on into the early afternoon, the Imperial Lieutenant being thorough in the extreme, repeating questions and treating everything Mik says with contempt. The Lieutenant appears to have a file about Mik on the datapad he clutches throughout the interview, pacing the cramped room, as Mik sits and patiently answers all the questions - how he has come to be on Tatooine, where he is living, why he thinks Davig Millar attacked him, and so on. At the end of it, Harburik, sounding slightly defeated, sighs, and says: "Luckily for you, Daahn, your story tallies with what I know about you. You're free to go, but you better keep yourself clean... Zabrak."

As Mik returns to the foyer, Lieutenant Harburik follows him down the worn sandstone stairs. Mik finds Aves and Rayger drinking caf with Petr, chatting casually at the reception counter. They tell Mik about the reward on Davig Millar's head, that he is a serial killer wanted by authorities throughout this area of the Outer Rim. However, Rayger and Aves have their explanation cut short by gruff words from Harburik. He informs them there is currently a hold-up with Imperial funding on Tatooine, so the full reward cannot be paid out.

"Give them a thousand and send them on their way," the Imperial Lieutenant tells Petr, turning on his polished boot heels and striding out of the front door into the blinding sunlight.

"I'm sorry I can't give you all the credits, guys, but you heard the Lieutenant. You've done a great service, and I for one appreciate it. I didn't expect to see you again so soon, Aves," says Petr, retrieving a small box containing one thousand credits of chits from a safe behind the counter, and handing it to Aves, "Hopefully catch you again sometime, but it's time for me to get back on patrol. Oh, and keep an eye open for Yarden Regil - if you can bring Davig Millar in, Regil shouldn't be any trouble at all. Bye!"

The group has the remainder of the afternoon, the evening, and then the following day free to pursue whatever activities they want. The day after that (midweek) is the 'antiques' collection job for Mr Libb, when they are to report to 'Friendly Frexl's Used Speeders' in the morning.

(OoC: Feel free to describe roughly what activities (if any) your characters get up to over the next day and a half (e.g. Gather Info, buying things, etc), and where they carry them out. We can then skip to the job. Janson, I've assumed Mik tells it pretty much like it is to Harburik, but if you want to make clear in your next post exactly what things Mik gives away during his questioning, please do so.)

Kanner Ra'an
12 January 2005, 12:48 PM
"Wow, you attract some pretty nice killers." Rayger says, looking at their bounty. "Probably easier ways of earning money though." He walks with the other two, looking at the various venders. He realizes he probably has to buy some new clothes and basics which he is sorely lacking right now, but decides to leave it off until he has some more money. He does eye up all the local part stores around though, and commits every seller of new, used, salvaged, and scapped tech to memory. His mind is bent on getting off this hell hole, and those parts are the way to do it. The idea of forming a repair place on this planet comes to mind again, and he wonders how well the enterprise would do. Their seems to be a great deal of traffic here, especially with people who want to avoid imperial entaglements while getting the same results. He could do well here. However he decides to focus on having the option of leaving, then he can think about getting the credits to own such a shop.

12 January 2005, 01:01 PM
I didn't expect to see you again so soon, Aves,"
"What can I say, Petr- I'm like the Nerfpox, I show up whenever you least expect it." Aves says with a smile. Taking the box, he leads his companions out.
Over the next day and a half, Aves is busy [Gathering Info] in the cantinas, working on finding out the wherabouts of Regil, as well as making inquiries into the Tatooine underworld for hyperdrive parts and *ahem* high qualitiy fouling pieces to aid in the escape.
Over the evening, he discusses escape tactics and needs with Raygar and possibly Mik.

Rogue Janson
14 January 2005, 07:45 AM
The trip to the police compound certainly produced better results than Mik had expected. Not just getting rid of their problem but getting a reward for it too! The lieutenant's tone annoyed him, but unlike so many people on Tatooine he has nothing to hide from the Imperials so was able to answer the questions without any problems. Harburik's final threat doesn't intimidate him either; Mik isn't easily worried to start with, but the idea that the Imperials have the time or ability to cause trouble for every alien who doesn't 'keep themselves clean' on Tatooine is ridiculous.

Pocketing his share of the Imperial credits, Mik hits the cantinas with Aves, giving the newcomer to Tatooine tips on where to go and what to avoid as best he can. As they sit down in one, he gives Aves an answer to his earlier proposition.

"I arrived here with bounty hunters and triad agents right on my tail," he tells his companion, "but until now I haven't had any trouble on Tatooine. So I reckon it's pretty safe for the moment. Still, you need any help getting that ship out and going, and I'll be happy to give you a hand. And maybe if things do hot up I'll take you up on your offer."

15 January 2005, 10:04 AM
As to the mission, Aves will emphisize the boring nature of the job. Not that he doens't like Gilad and Woldun... but really alien aliens will attract undue attention. Credit wise- Aves, as always, carries his cash in a pocket sewn on the inside of his pants, with only a few small denominations in his inside coat pocket for buying drinks and whatnot.
While at the cantina, Aves is glad to have a semi-local to the area assist him in his search- always good to have the lookout for dangerous things and people.

"I arrived here with bounty hunters and triad agents right on my tail," he tells his companion, "but until now I haven't had any trouble on Tatooine. So I reckon it's pretty safe for the moment. Still, you need any help getting that ship out and going, and I'll be happy to give you a hand. And maybe if things do hot up I'll take you up on your offer."
"Fair enough- still, if you want that ride and/or job- it's yours since your helping us out." Aves said, taking a drink from his glass.

Gyp Ryol
16 January 2005, 06:49 AM
For the next day and a half, Gilad busies himself with his daily routine. He treks out to nearest areas of the Dune Sea to try and find some junk worth scavenging. Since he heads out in early morning, Gilad returns before noon to appraise and examine anything he might have found. The fish-kid then tromps around town, trying to find anyone who will take the spare parts he has left.

16 January 2005, 08:45 AM
After tailing the young trespasser and his companions through the winding side-streets and back alleys of Mos Eisley with Gilad in tow for nearly forty minutes, the Ithorian loses sight of their leads and, though the walk has been quite refreshing, decides to abandon the task and return to number 23. Yes, Mother, based on the lack of harm or damage, I too believe the youths were simply making mischief…however, it may still be wise to keep a watchful eye…one can never underestimate the intentions of a stranger…especially on this planet…for now, though, yes, we will give them the benefit of the doubt…

The next day, Woldun scarcely leaves his room, and anyone walking by immediately notices a pungent, yet not entirely unpleasant, odor seeping from beneath the closed door. From time to time, one might also hear the low rumbling of ancient Ithorian chants. Woldun has taken this day to pay homage to his Mother Jungle for all the endowments of the past few days.

When he has risen and finished his morning ritual, Woldun decides to take a walk similar to the one the Rodian had led them on. When he returns a short while later, he has a strange feeling that he’s been gone for a long time. Shrugging it off and blaming it on the power of the twin suns, he takes a seat in his normal place on the couch and waits to see what the day will bring. He seems to remember Mik and the humans saying something about a mission, but can’t quite remember the details.

Rogue Janson
17 January 2005, 09:46 AM
After a day spent touring Mos Eisley and its cantinas with Aves, Mik decides it's time to get out of town for a bit. The next day, he rises early, gears himself up with water and some food and heads off towards the edge of town.

Once out of the city limits, Mik lets his feet guide him, instinctively learning the lay of the land, getting a feel for the sights, sounds and wildlife of Tatooine.

Vreel Kudarin
17 January 2005, 10:51 AM
Returning to number 23, the group find Hursla has come home. The Mrlssi explains he has arranged a job in an 'alternative healing' store in an alley off Meteor Street, a shop that specialises in 'herbal remedies and spiritual regeneration', owned by a Ho'Din named Spero Nuh'let. Hursla says he will be working in the store as a steady job, to earn himself enough for passage back to his homeworld, Mrlsst. Marr'sha is astonished upon her return to learn that her new lodgers have thrawted yet another aggressor, this time on her own doorstep. Yet this doesn't seem to upset her, and she quietly packs the shopping she has done for the group into the cooler unit in the kitchenette of the common room. Courtesy of their landlady, the group now has enough food for a few good meals - including bantha burgers, juicy venop fruit, a loaf of hard Tatooine bread, some hydroponic vegetables, a few skewered gorgs, even a nerf steak.


Finding information on Yarden Regil proves easy for Aves and Mik. Regil is fairly well known in most of the cantinas and bars they visit. However, Aves parts with twenty Mik with ten credits over the course of the evening and the next day, buying drinks to inspire conversation in people willing to speak about Regil. On the day after the Davig Millar's attack, Mik goes wandering out in the sands, so Aves finds hilmself alone trawling a few bars. The beings they speak to - a couple of near-Human spacers with dappled faces, a Duros light-freighter pilot, the Barabel who sells shade and water for pack animals outside Chalmun's, and a shifty-eyed Devaronian who goes by the name of Labria - all dislike Regil, mentioning his trigger-happy nature, and tendency to take his feuds into the skies with his carmine R-41 starfighter.

The Duros who Aves and Mik speak to once had a landing strut on his craft slagged by a stray cannon bolt from Regil's R-41, as he dived upon the ship of someone who had 'ruffled his feathers' with a personal insult. The near-Human spacers also abhor Regil's behaviour, calling him a general, unpredictable menace to everyone in Mos Eisley, someone who enjoys creating trouble for its own sake. They give a physical description of him, and it matches the indentigraph picture Aves and Woldun were handed by the policeman, Petr.

The Devaronian, Labria, makes it clear he is in the business of information brokering, and would welcome any queries (and ale) Mik and Aves wish to provide him with in the future. He can usually be found in Chalmun's cantina, alone in his favourite booth near the bandstand. In Labria's opinion, Regil is part of a loose pirate force that comes together from time to time to carry out raids in Wild Space, beyond the Outer Rim. Apparently Tatooine is where Regil returns for a few days every month to spend some of his violently-appropriated wealth. Often he does this in the Lucky Despot, the casino owned by Jabba's chief rival, Lady Valarian. If this is true, it will be a few weeks before Regil is in Mos Eisley again. Officer Petr certainly seems intent on arresting Regil after his latest hot-headed aerial stunt, though whether the rest of the spaceport authorities are so concerned is less clear. The Devaronian understands that officially Lieutenant Harburik of the Imperial contingent wants Regil brought in for heavy weapons offences. Labria says that Regil's prefered docking bay is number 94, a little way behind the Blue Bantha cocktail bar, though he claims that is also the favourite landing space of Han Solo, a well-known smuggler who works for Jabba the Hutt.

"One of these days, Regil will spat with Solo over that, and Solo will lay him dead," comments Labria, "Or his Wookiee will break him like a stick," he adds, giving a short cackle, unnerving with his demonic, horned appearance.

At one point during their travels around the bars of the spaceport, Aves notices a young Chadra-Fan attempting to relieve him of the small change in his trouser pocket. Realising her attempt has failed, the pickpocket scarpers away between people in the street, heading in the direction of the Tar Mass district, the particularly dangerous area to the rear of Jabba's townhouse.


Meanwhile, Rayger begins forming a mental map of as many scrap, tech, and salvage dealers as he can. There are plenty all around Mos Eisley, most streets having a few of various sizes and specialities. He discovers several down side streets at the edges of the Tar Mass district. They look unappealing with armed goons hanging about outside, guffawing and brawling amongst themselves, but gradualy Rayger gets the impression that it is those stores where the most valuable and restricted parts are to be found. Increasingly small bands of roving Jawas follow Rayger about, trying to sell him useless junk that he doesn't need, furiously attempting to make themselves understood in their jibbering langauge. Despite the apparent low-quality of the Jawa goods on offer within Mos Eisley, a few helpful individuals tell Rayger that some decent deals are often to be found when a clan sandcrawler rolls up to the outskirts of the spaceport.


Gilad rides Krayt out to the south of Mos Eisley, having found the slightly rocky terrain in the foothills of the mountains relatively bountiful in the past. Over the course of the time he spends out there, Gilad gathers some decent pickings, much of which appears to have fallen or been blown out of a medium size vessel recently. There is no sign of the main body of the ship. He retrieves various parts of a blast door mechanism, pieces of expensive hull plating, and a battered crate full of largely intact, but outdated circuit boards. Cleaning up and evaluating his haul once back in Mos Eisley, Gilad estimates he has a good two hundred credits of parts to add to the ?-worth he already had in Krayt's cart.


Woldun's meandering stroll across Mos Eisley takes him around the south section of Tar Mass, through back alleys clogged with junk and witness to dealings of all kinds, around to a main street upon which a most unexpected sight greets him. There is a large property with a glasshouse extention. The glasshouse portion seems steamed up in places - and the internal space appears filled with verdant vegetation. Immediately Woldun thinks he recognises some of the foliage from Ithor. It is not long before he discovers from a passing old Human woman that the house belongs to Momaw Nadon.

Upon his return to number 23 later in the day, Woldun discovers that some enterprising pickpocket has relieved him of twenty credits. He tries to remember when this could have happened. He thinks of the clumsy insectoid being who stumbled into him at the back of that awnings shop... and the energetic young Chadra-Fan who had run into him, apparently playing a chase game with a Human lad. Woldun had even helped her back to her feet. She had seemed so polite though...


Mik's jaunt northwards out onto the Great Mesa Plateau takes him through the dunes where he thinks he and his flatmates will be collecting the goods for Mr Libb tomorrow. If it is a small freighter, they will be well hidden from prying eyes back in Mos Eisley, and aided in secrecy by the haze that shimmers across the horizon. Mik sees little traffic on his walk through the expansive, pale orange and brown landscape. In the mid morning a group of five swoop bikes roar out towards Bestine or Arnthout (two hundred kilometres to the West) riding dust clouds as they speed dangerously low to the ground. Occasionally the hardy Zabrak spots the glimmer of a spacecraft high in the cloudless azure sky, either decending on Mos Eisley, or far ahead, flying north-west towards Mos Taike. Mik knows the pattern of the dunes will alter quickly under the power of the Tatooine winds, but learning their layout may be useful for the near future.

As midday approaches, Mik hunkers down in the merciful shade of a great ruddy-brown boulder. As he sits, sipping from his flask, he sees the distant shape of a sandcrawler edging across the western horizon, the Jawas probably following an age old route between remote moisture farms, plying their salvaged wares. Mik waits almost two hours before rising and continuing his walk, knowing that it isn't worth the risk to walk in the Tatooine wilderness when the suns are at their highest points. In all, Mik travels about thirty kilometres during the day, taking a long U-route out from the edge of Mos Eisley, and returning in the late evening to the opposite side of the spaceport. Mik passes through several moisture farms on his journey, the vapourators and low dome entrances dotted about the landscape is a break from the sand and scattered rocks. Mik gets suspicious looks from one moisture farmer he meets, who is on his knees repairing a vapourator. However, once he introduces himself, the farmer brightens up a bit, and they share a bit of friendly banter concerning the tempermental nature of farm equipment, before Mik is on his way. On the way back through the settlement to number 23, he stops off for a cool drink at Alos's, finding it most rewarding after the long hike.


On the morning of the job that Rayger, Mik, and Aves arranged with Jaltratt Libb, the Kerestian they approached in the cantina, the group turns up in the forecourt of Friendly Frexl's Used Speeders. The lot stands near the outskirts of Mos Eisley, at the Y-junction of three main 'roads'. The main building is large, the sstone section almost like an arrow pointing straight to the heart of Mos Eisley, the wreck of the Dowager Queen. The rest of the building looks haphazard, and of more recent construction. Its walls are less worn by the winds, the colour less bleached by the burning light. The lot is walled off with tree twenty metre sections that join to the main building, and a small warehouse constructed of salvaged starship bulkheads and hull plating stands in the forecourt. A couple of ASP labour droids thud about, following their routines. Sparks from welding can be seen showering in the shady interior, and the more expensive-looking speeders are parked in storage areas in the open sides of the main building. There are about a dozen vehicles in all, in various states of repair. Eight are floating on their repulsors in the forecourt, lined up along the walls. There a a number of techs, mainly Humans moving between the other speeders, which have some panels and internal components removed.

Just before the group had left number 23, Petr had turned up on the doorstep, and handed Aves something wrapped in an old bit of cloth. It was his E-11 blaster carbine, confiscated along with his ship by the Imperials. "I'm sure it won't be missed from the lock-up," Petr had said, "And I expect you might need it, if fugitive-capturing is going to take up a proportion of your time. I can't say this about many people in Mos Eisley, but, Aves, you and your friends seem like good citizens. See you around."

'Friendly' Frexl turns out to be a Caarite. Only Mik and Aves know the name of his species. He stands one metre tall, dressed in a clean white tunic, held tight to his small frame by brown leather padding down the centre and across his shoulders. The tunic hangs loose underneath, mostly covering his baggy brown trosuers. Dark blue harnesses hold his trousers in place at his lower shins and heels. His feet are bare, and large for his size, with three almost hoof-like toenails each. He strides confidently over to the group on his sandy forecourt, crossing his little arms, and beaming up at them with a broad grin that reveals his double rows of stubby white teeth, set below a slightly protruding nose. Frexl's skin is hairless, and pink, tanned somewhat by the twin suns from what is normal for his species. His pointy ears twitch amicably as he speaks and listens politely. Frexl certainly seems friendly enough, introducing himself humbly, and then spouting a bit of ingratiating banter, before leading the group over to the speeder that has been hired for the collection job by Mr Libb.

The speeder is a ugly thing, heavy and sluggish-looking, its grey-green paint chipped, corroded hull showing in places. For those of the group who have seen holos of Clone Wars-era vehicles, they are reminded a little of the MTT droid transports used by the Separatist forces. The speeder has two seats in the piloting compartment at the front, with the pilot's chair on the left. The rear section has a sliding door on each side, as well as another at the rear that folds up over the roof to allow loading of fairly sizable objects. Narrow, uncushioned benches are built into the inside walls of this section, with basic retraining harnesses for three beings on each side. On the inside, the vehicle is painted white, and looks a little better maintained than the outer hull.

"Sadly, there's only a climate control in the front compartment, so it can get a little sticky back here," explains Frexl, hopping up into the open rear section, "But you can leave the doors open for ventilation. There are safety bars," he continues, unfastening one from it's wall mounting and demonstrating how it can be clipped across an open doorway, "We don't want any accidents, do we?" he says, chuckling mirthfully.

Frexl then quickly runs through the controls in the pilot's cabin. The speeders functions are straightforward. A street map of Mos Eisley is displayed on a small screen between the passenger and pilot, with the waypoint routes already programmed in for reaching the collection point beyond the dunes to the north-east, and then how to reach the warehouse on the other side of the spaceport. Frexl then lowers his voice, drawing the attention of the group inwards on him as he returns to the rear section, pointedly tapping on the right-hand integral bench. Nodding as he speaks, he says: "As you'll have gathered, this shipment is very important to Mr Libb, so he's made arrangements through me to aid you in your work, in the unlikely case you encounter complications," Frexl slips a finger below the rim of the low bench, and activates an unseen switch. The top of the bench pops up suddenly, and has to be pulled upwards by Frexl to reveal a secret storage section inside. Nestled inside the small compartment, polished and black, is a light repeating blaster, apparently of BlasTech manufacture by the design of it.

"If you should encounter any serious, you know - determined, persistant - hinderences, it's imperitive Mr Libb still recieves his goods," says Frexl, staring down at the repeating blaster, running one small pink hand across its stock, "This little beauty can be fixed onto any of the safety rails, as so," explains the Caarite, hoisting the heavy weapon out of the secret compartment and clipping it onto the bar across the rear doorway, "And like this, the weight is supported, and the recoil absorbed, whilst you have quite free movement, along and around," Frexl slides the weapon in it's mounting from one end of the rail to the other, at the same time swiveling the repeater on it's ball mount. He then returns the blaster to its compartemnt and reseals the lid.

"Well, you had better set off, my friends," finishes the Caarite hopping back out of the vehicle after fixing another of the safety bars into place, but leaving the third on its mount to allow access to the rear compartment, "Who's the pilot?" Frexl then asks, extending his little hand to shake heartily with each of the group in turn, a wide smile again on his small face.

(OoC: I wasn't sure if you wanted Gilad and Woldun along on this job, Gyp & blivengo, but if they are, I can edit mentions of them into this post)

Kanner Ra'an
17 January 2005, 02:11 PM
Now that'll discourage anyone from interfering. Rayger thinks, looking at the light repeating rifle. He wonders slighty as to what they'll be carrying thats so important as to install restricted weapons onto a transport, but remembers that its none of his buissness. He looks again at the cargo area, and notes that it would get pretty hot back their if you had to stay out for any ammount of time. He also fingers the large carbine semi-hidden under his hide jacket. He brought the weapon along to ensure they could re-act to any such incidents, so more hardware is not something he'll object to.

"I think we're good to go." he says to the odd alien speeder dealer, looking at his companions, then again at the cargo area. "So whos driving?"

17 January 2005, 05:32 PM
I'll drive- if we run into some resistance, I know some manuvers- plus whoever's manning the gun- we can lose 'em." Aves said. He was very pleased with the new contacts the group had made, as well as the information gleaned from those aformention personages.
He wasn't particularly confident with the vehicle, although Aves didn't allow that to show. At least it'll be able to take a few hits... he though aimlessly.

Rogue Janson
19 January 2005, 02:37 AM
"A bit slower than you're used to, eh Aves?" Mik says, looking over the heavy but sturdy looking speeder transport. Wandering round it, he gives the sides a few hefty slaps and yanks on a couple of components to confirm his impression, though he doesn't really know what he's doing.

Having circled the vehicle, he jumps up into the back and hefts the repeating blaster, looking at the unfamiliar settings and sockets.

"Anyone used something like this before?" he asks, making it clear he hasn't.

19 January 2005, 06:18 AM
"A bit slower than you're used to, eh Aves?"
"Just a bit" Aves smiled, "But I bet she could take a few hits... I'd prefer not to find out, of course."
Aves hops in the cab and familierizes himself with the instruments. He had never actually driven a speeder truck before- he had plenty of experiance with regular speeders... it was only a matter of scale and mass. Still, Aves thought that he would probably have to spend the trip to the site testing the response and manuverability of this beast.

Kanner Ra'an
19 January 2005, 11:38 AM
"I handled them before, but im not proficient." Rayger says in response to Mik. He handled such weapons in basic training, but he was a shipboard soldier, so the training was never extensive. He hadn't even seen one in years. "Aves is doing the driving work, so how 'bout we split the other job. You take the back on our way their, i'll take it after we pick up the cargo." He suggests.

Rogue Janson
24 January 2005, 10:29 AM
"Sure thing Ray," Mik replies. "We all ready to go then?"

Leaning with one hand against the inside of the speeder, Mik looks down on the others as they get ready, keen to make a move without delay.

Vreel Kudarin
24 January 2005, 10:37 AM
Listening to the group talk, Frexl then says: "Well, just remember, the light repeater is only in case of an emergency. The owner wants it back afterwards, and Mr Libb wants his delivery. Keep it hidden inside the bench unless you absolutely need it. If the Imps see it, you're in trouble."

The group are soon on their way, Aves in the pilot's chair, Rayger next to him, comfortable in the climate controlled cabin. Woldun, Gilad, and Mik occupy the stowage section in the rear. It is much warmer there, but with all three sliding doors left open, safety bars attached across the gaps, the breeze as the vehicle accelerates brings a welcome respite from the heat. Aves is greatful for the tinted front windscreen, which helps deal with the glare from the twin suns somewhat, when they swing into view. The group encounters little speeder traffic, passing only two other vehicles, one of them a completely enclosed police grav car hovering slowly around the corner into Meteor Street as they continue on to the most north-east tip of the spaceport. The windows of the police speeder are blacked-out, so Aves cannot see if Petr is in it. Within a couple of minutes, Aves has driven the speeder to the outskirts of Mos Eisley, following the route indicated on the map display.

The pickup point for Mr Libb's 'antiques' lies about three and a half kilometres away, out across open sand and then beyond some dunes. Not wanting to attract attention, Aves doesn't kick the speeder into full acceleration. Instead he slowly increases the speed to a modest one hundred and fifty kilometres an hour, holding back from the temptation of the '200' highest mark on his display. In a minute and a half, the group reaches their first objective: an open hollow in the cusp of a circle of dunes. The ground here is firmer, a cracked rock bed suitable for the incoming transport to land on. Mik presses a key on the slimline dataslate Mr Libb gave them, bringing up schedule information for the collection. The time is just past 10:00 local hours, meaning that the freighter carrying the goods for Jaltratt Libb should be here any moment. They spot it as a silvery glint high in the hazy blue sky. It drops abruptly from high orbit to the north-east, swooping in low many kilometres away, and roaring towards the speeder fast, following the terrain expertly.

Soon the small vessel, a dark-grey hulled Muurian is hovering in to land a few dozen metres away, it's front raised until the final landing strut has made contact with the grit and sand. Movement can now be seen in the cockpit. The Muurian is a primary contender with the CEC YT-1300 in the light freighter market, and is similarly of an unusual, asymetrical design. One thin triangular wing juts out at one side, whilst the ship is full-bodied on the other. A defensive blaster turret sits atop the craft, the weapon at the moment pointing directly forward relative to the cockpit. The cargo ramp of the ship slowly lowers to the sand, and a humanoid figure strides down the ramp, coming to a stop at the bottom. It appears to mop it's brow, then places it's hands on it's hips, looking at the speeder.

Kanner Ra'an
24 January 2005, 11:41 AM
Rayger looks at the light frieghter as it decends, as well as scanning the landscape, nervous that their could be imperial troops waiting for them to make the exchange. It occurs to him that dozens of these landings must happen every day on tattooine, and that they are a fair distance from the imperial controlled city, enough that the empire probably doesn't care as it would cost more to enfore the taxes then they would collect from them. "Well, guess we should go say hi. The sooner this is over, the sooner i stop looking for stormtroopers." he says to Aves, making sure his blaster is no longer on safety, but leaves it dangling safely under his hide jacket, where it should'nt attract to much attention.

He hops out of the speeder, looking to the others to see how they faired on the trip out. He wishes he didn't have to take the rear on the way back, but he did make that deal. He dissmisses that and walks towards the captain of the ship. "Goodday sir. Have what we came for?" He asks, being polite but to the point.

24 January 2005, 12:43 PM
Aves nods at Ray's suggestion, and the both of them exit the vehicle. Aves leaves the engine running, in case someone gets second thoughts.
Aves clicks his pistol to "kill" and keeps it hidden beneath his coat, out of sight of the as yet unidentified figure on the freighter's ramp. He remains silent as Ray delivers the salutation, calculating in his mind the amount of time it would take to run back to the truck and punch it.

Rogue Janson
24 January 2005, 02:04 PM
As suggested, Mik keeps the light repeater tucked behind his feet until they are safely out of town. Then he pulls it out and checks it over thoroughly, making sure he knows where all the switches are, how the power packs load and anything else he might need to know. Happy he has a rough feel for the gun, he puts it back on the floor and returns to looking out the back of the vehicle.

Out of town, Mik is less gregarious, speaking little to Woldun and Gilad, just staring through the heat haze back towards the town and at the landscape around. As well as tracking their route, his eyes are open for anything unusual or suspicious.

When they stop at the drop-off point, Mik hops out of the speeder and wanders down the shaded side of the vehicle to watch the transport approach. As it lands and Rayger and Aves disembark to talk, Mik moves round to the opposite side of the speeder, just to keep an eye out for any danger. Even at the best of times and this close to Mos Eisley, there are a variety of dangers in the deserts of Tatooine, from womp rats to tusken raiders.

Vreel Kudarin
28 January 2005, 09:49 AM
"Mr Libb's guys, uh?" says the apparently unarmed dark-blue-skinned Duros at the bottom of the ramp, "Mewlfris, come out here. Keep your eyes open," he calls back up into his ship. A tawny-furred Farghul appears at the top of the ramp. The feline being plods out past the Duros and Rayger and Aves, smiling politely. The Farghul is dressed in a long, dark-brown skirt, tied loosely around his waist, but fixed across his hips with an polished decorative belt of gold beads. He produces a pair of macrobinoculars and begins scanning the horizon all around, without saying a word. A thin-barreled blaster pistol rests in the low-slung holster of the Farghul. Rayger and Aves can hear that the power systems of the transport are still running.

"I'm Dailok, by the way, not that you need to know that. My crew are just bringing out your cargo," explains the Duros pilot. First a Human spacer, then an unusual - eight-limbed, but bipedal - being, exit the Muurian, each pushing a grav sled bearing a large grey armourplas box. They pause to one side of Dailok, and make their greetings. "Once I have confirmation of payment transfer from Mr Libb, we'll take the crates over to your speeder. So if one of you could just comm our mutual friend to inform him everything is present and correct..." says Dailok, his voice trailing off to be absorbed by the faint sound of wind blowing across the dunes, stirring the sand in places. Both Aves and Rayger know the comm frequency stored on Mr Libb's dataslate, and that they would need to let him know the crates had arrived before he would make payment to the crew's account. Dailok now has a datapad in his hands, and looks to Aves and Rayger expectantly.

At the rear of the Speeder, Mik keeps an eye on things. Only the highest minarets of Mos Eisley are visible as occasional white blurs above the heat haze, down through the channel in the dunes that they entered this area from. There is no sight or sound of anyone else nearby, though the view is screened considerably by the dunes in most directions. It isn't long before Mik notices the change in weather. The wind is growing stronger. The air currents sound angry for a moment as they crash against one corner of the vehicle, before there is a temporary lull. Looking in the direction of the Muurian transport, Mik sees more evidence: there are distinct golden trails being pulled, wisp-like, high into the bright sky in the north. He knows full well the weather can be somewhat temperamental on Tatooine.

Even inside the back of the transport speeder, Gilad also notices the gathering winds, and glancing out through one of the open doorways, he sees the sands begin to stir. Having lived with a Jawa clan out in the desert in his younger years, Gilad knows that a sandstorm, or worse, is likely.

Over at the Muurian transport, the Farghul, Mewlfris, finishes a sweep with his macrobinoculars, lowers them pointedly, and turns to Dailok, saying: "I think we better make this quick, Dail. We got a blower being born in the north!" The Farghul raises one hairy arm, pointing to the wisps of dust gathering in the otherwise perfect blue sky.

29 January 2005, 04:36 PM
"Mr Libb's guys, uh?"
"Indeed... Pleased to make your aquaintance- shall we get to business, then?" Aves said pleasently, keeping his eyes sharp for any potential double-cross move.

"Once I have confirmation of payment transfer from Mr Libb, we'll take the crates over to your speeder. So if one of you could just comm our mutual friend to inform him everything is present and correct..."
"Of course- I believe Raygar, you have the comm." Aves turns to the other human and says "Shall we get this over with before we all melt."
"I think we better make this quick, Dail. We got a blower being born in the north!" The Farghul raises one hairy arm, pointing to the wisps of dust gathering in the otherwise perfect blue sky.
"Not good! Let's get going, or else we're going to have some problems." Aves says, wincing.

Kanner Ra'an
30 January 2005, 01:09 AM
"Right." Rayger says, moving towards the speeder and comming thier employer (OOC: Dont remember if Rayger has a commlink, so he may have to use the speeder). He hears the trailing words "blower" though they have no meaning to him right away. What the sith could that mean? Theirs certainly no chance of dying from something being blow around out here. No trees or any rocks or anything. No debris. The only real danger possible could be being bur.... buried... by... the...sand............ Oh Sith!

"Hello. This is Rayger Jindrak. We need to confirm the pickup of our assigned delivery. Quickly please."

30 January 2005, 12:54 PM
Woldun has been stooped and silent since leaving number 23 and heading out to start their mission of sorts. As it has become increasingly apparent that stereotypes against non-humans are rampant even in this remote, largely alien-populated planet, Woldun decides it’s probably for the best if he reassumes his false-role as a servant. Yes, Mother, there is no need to offend the ignorant and create an avoidable situation that could hinder our appointed task…I will appear no more than a passenger unless necessary…

During the ride out to the rendezvous point, Woldun kept to himself, quietly appreciating the fact that all the non-humans now appeared to be in a state of servitude, riding in the climate control-less back of a vehicle driven by two humans. Ah, Mother, you do have quite the sense of humor…

In a somewhat ironic twist, when the group is met by the carriers of the all-important cargo, they’re not staring back at other humans, but at aliens. Then, to further the twist, an action that brings a half-grin to one of Woldun’s mouths, a human who is evidently in a lower position than the two non-humans that emerged from the ship first comes out performing a small feat of manual labor. You are truly making a comedy of life today, Mother… Woldun nearly laughs out loud at the strangeness of it all, but the sound sticks in his throat as he notices that Gilad seems to be a bit on edge. Laying a hand lightly on the aquatic being’s shoulder, the Ithorian, lowering his head in concern, says, “Is there something the matter…has something gone wrong?” Woldun chances a glance out to where the exchange should be taking place and notices Rayger coming back to the speeder at a rather quick pace. Turning swiftly to where Mik is situated, just outside the back compartment where he and Gilad remain, Woldun perceives him to wear a tense, urgent expression. Oh dear, Mother, I fear your work of theatre is quickly becoming a tragedy…I hope I’m wrong, I much preferred the laughs…