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Darth Fierce
3 August 2004, 04:29 AM
I was browsing the Internet this morning and found an article on the official Star Wars website noting the name of the first of the upcoming post-NJO era trilogies.

According to the article, the trilogy will be call "Star Wars: The Dark Nest." The only other details I have on the upcoming trilogy at this time is the titles of the novels--"The Joiner King," "The Unseen Queen," and "The Swarm War." However, by those titles it might be inferred the novels will have something to do with a hostile insectoid race. Just hoping it's not basically "The Geonosians Strike Back...";)

Darth Fierce :vader:

3 August 2004, 08:24 AM
ust hoping it's not basically "The Geonosians Strike Back..."

Or some variant of Ender's Game and the Buggers.

3 August 2004, 08:39 AM
or an aliens cross over

3 August 2004, 12:39 PM
Thinking about it, i am wondering if byu chance, they are now staring to pay a little attention to the one race, IMO which has never been really represented in the novels. They did have 2 whole modules from 1st ed devoted to them thoough...


Nova Spice
1 September 2004, 10:30 AM
Thinking about it, i am wondering if byu chance, they are now staring to pay a little attention to the one race, IMO which has never been really represented in the novels. They did have 2 whole modules from 1st ed devoted to them thoough...THE CHARON!

I hope not. The concept of Otherspace has always been too Trekky for me.

And besides that, rumor has it, that one of the main characters for this series is none other than Raynar Thul. Perhaps he did actually survive? :)

I'm really looking forward to the post-NJO era. I think it has great potential for a whole new theme in the Star Wars universe.

1 September 2004, 11:57 AM
Sounds good to me.
(I am new here just for everyones infomation)

3 September 2004, 05:06 PM
About what Wolverine said, concerning the Charon:

Ugh! I think that insectoid beings from another dimension may just push the realities of Star Wars just a bit.

Orginally posted by Nova Spice:
I hope not. The concept of Otherspace was always too Trekky for me.

I totally agree. The Charon business seems more like Star Trek than Star Wars. Not that I dislike Star Trek - its good, but it has its own universe and its own RPG.

I hope the post-NJO era does get explored, for it has great potential. My group were about to play a campaign +50 yrs. after the defeat of the Vong, although its languishing for the moment. (Ahem.) Anyways, I was never a big fan of the NJO. Perhaps they might fix some things in this new era.

I wouldn't expect a sourcebook, though. SJ.

7 September 2004, 10:12 AM
The Charon and the Vong were very similar only difference was that Charon tech had no 'will' while Vong cherish the life of their creations.

Plus there is that talk saying that the Charon are descendants of the Kathol servitor race.

25 September 2004, 05:28 PM
I always found the Charon to have already been done - well, pretty much "kind of" in Aliens.

IMO, if you cross the Aliens with Yuuzon Vong you get Charon.

Darth Fierce
22 October 2004, 06:59 PM
I was looking aroung TF.N this evening, and discovered some interesting new tid-bits from a link to the Official SW site about the first post-NJO novels:

Read Below, If You Dare...

You Still Have Time To Stop Reading...

Getting Closer...

Last Chance To Stop...

Okay, Here It Comes...

Apparently the first book of the trilogy will revolve around a team of Jedi (including both Jaina and Jacen Solo) which disappears into the Unknown Regions near Chiss Space. The Chiss respond angrily, accusing the Jedi of meddling in a border dispute between their race and an unidentified type of aggressor.

Luke, Han, Leia, and presumably more of the old gang venture into Unknown Space after Jaina and Jacen, only to come face to face with a group of aliens led by a Force-User steadily advancing on Chiss Space. This is obviously at least part of the group of enemies that the Chiss have alluded to in the past...which means: no Charon, no Geonosians, etc., but a whole new type of foe. Yea!!! :D

It is also reported that the NJO short story "Ylesia" will come hard-copy with the first book of the new series.

Darth Fierce :vader:

Nova Spice
22 October 2004, 09:08 PM
Yea, I read that Fierce. I do like the way the story sounds, particularly with the Chiss involved. However, I am a bit concerned that Luke, Han, and Leia are once again being thrown into the fray.

I really wanted to see those three settle down with the defeat of the Vong. And The Unifying Force did such a great job of sending the Heroes of Yavin into the setting sun gracefully.

7 November 2004, 09:18 PM
Sounds interesting...but yet another evil new race hell-bent on galactic domination I do not want.

I look forward to reading the trilogy, but I'm not getting too excited about it.