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12 August 2004, 04:46 PM
The morning training regieme had been ordinary on board the training Frigate "Pride of Independance". The newly formed strike team had been re-introduced to eachother here at the rondevouz in Atrivis sector, and training had ensued. Though the team knew eachother in the past, they had never operated in a official capacity, and had need to learn eachother's strengths and weakneses. Though it was a bit rocky with Kradd's rudimentary basic, and his need for frequent translation, it went reasonably well.

Now, after 4 days of such training the team was starting to mesh, and they are eager when they are called to Captain Nels' command ship for a mission briefing. They are seated by a female voiced protocol droid in the sparse office, and asked to wait a few moments. The office is clean and free of personal belongings. It has some holo start charts on the walls, but nothing of any realy interest. The hero's have been waiting about 10 minutes when Captain Nels enters the room in a hurried manner. He quickly takes a seat and pulls out a battered datapad. He punches a few keys and says, "I have a mission for you. We received this report from the Naalol System."

He sets a holoprojector on the table and activates it. An unfamiliar light freighter flashes by, pursued by a Guardian-class Light Cruiser. A brief but spectacular battle ensues. The freighter pilot's skills are impressive, and his ship's armaments are clearly more than the Imperials bargained for. They are evenly matched, as shot after shot hits home. In one final volley, both ships are critically damaged. The freighter descends to the planet below. The Imperials are adrift, engines disabled and hull heavily damaged.

"The freighter is one of ours, called the Golden Jewel. Its captain is Lieutenant Talnar, one of our agents. We believe he dropped out of hyperspace to transmit a message via our communications satellite in the system. Either he had no chance to transmit or he didn't want to tip off the Imperials to our satellite's presence. If his mission was successful, he was returning to base with a cargo of droids."

"The Golden Jewel crashed on Naalol. We have the coordinates from the satellite. We want you to bring Talnar and the droids back to us. He doesn't have much time. The Empire will send for reinforcements soon. You must get to Talnar before they do."

12 August 2004, 07:08 PM
The last few days of training have restored Pillik's confidence in her abilites. After her last mission, she was considering not taking field missions. But after getting to know her team members, she reconsidered. How bad can these things get? Now I've got more support and with Kradd I've got protection.

Shocked out of her thoughts, Pillik attempts to stand and salute when Captain Nels enters the room, but he starts the meeting too quickly. Looks like the briefing is being conducted informally. She sits back and listens as Nels gives them the mission information. Wow, that was a quick breifing. Must not be that challenging then. She glances at her team mates then goes over he mission again mentally. Pillik thinks for a moment, clears her throught, then asks Nels a question, "Um, Sir, why are these droids so valuable? A new prototype or something?"

12 August 2004, 07:42 PM
"We actually don't know." Nels replies, "Talnar was afraid of intercepted communications, so he was intentionally vague. He did state the the cargo would be highly useful to the Rebellion, though the nature of that use only he knows."

12 August 2004, 07:48 PM
A dour man in a rumpled officer's duty uniform sits up. Those in the room know him as Lt. Colton, the team leader.
"What kind of opposition are we expecting. Stormies, with or with out Scout support, or will it be regular army pukes?" Askes Colton.
"Also, what is the location like, and will we be inserting, or going in undercover. If we're going to be inserting, we'll need a couple of hours to pick an LZ, and if not, we'll need documents." states the Lieutenant plainly.

13 August 2004, 03:08 PM
Nels hit a few buttons on the datapad, "There is a Garrison of Stormtroopers, it is a small one, probably about 30 or so with some scouts, but reinforcments could arrive any time. The location is mountaineous, and is currently in the winter season, so it is covered in snow and ice. Frequent storms have kept our spy sat from getting a clear image durring any of the pass-overs, so we know nothing about the LZ. The locals keep mostly to themselves, so insertion may be iffy. At the moment there seems to be only light Imp presence."

13 August 2004, 03:55 PM
Hearing the Captain's answer, Colton grimaces.
Not a good kind of mission... still, if we can keep away from the Imps, we should be able to get him out alright.
Lt. Colton immedietly begins pondering kit and loadout configurations that would be necessary to meet the OpReqs, and still provide enough firepower to deal with the Imps.
"Very well... I'd like to load out our friend Kradd with a plus equipped field kit with our survival gear, he's pretty stout and should be able to handle it. I know you don't like blasters buddy, but you'll have to have one, at least for survival purposes. I'll take the comm equipment, and I'd also like a datapad with everything we know about the planet, landing field, procedures, local fauna, Intel, everything. Oh, and the last person to take the first aid classes will be the one to take the medpacs, if of course we get issued any..." Colton looks balefully at Nels. He has never quite been comfortable with the Alliance support system. In his days with the Imperial Material Command, he had virtually the whole galaxy's worth of supplies at his fingertips. This sorry excuse for a logistical structure was not to his liking.
"I'd like you all to carry the heaviest ranged weapon you're qual-ed for, preferably an E-11 or even a longblaster-" Another look at Nels, "-but if you're only qual-ed on a pistol, I recommend an IM SC-4, but the DL-18 is a good piece. I'll need to have a talk with the quartermaster, then I can check out a shuttle, and I suppose we can review the last Satillite-Int for an LZ."
Following that statement, Colton looks again at his datapad, which contains the personel files for his team.

13 August 2004, 04:36 PM
Nels raises his eyebrows at the list of equipment, "Is that right, leutenant? Are you sure you don't need an AT-AT ot two? perhaps a lightsaber? I think I have a dozen laying around the office." The Captain shakes his head and mumbles something about spoiled recruits, "what kind of operation do you think this is? The Rebellion suddenly get a pile of credits I don't know about? No?"

"You can have a standard survival pack and what ever snow gear we have left over from that Hoth debacle. It is highly used, but it is servicable. Your datapad will be updated with system and planetary topo maps, as well as a current picture of Talnar. As for weapons, you are on your own. We have some DL-18s but they are a bit beat-up; and a few powerpacks, but there is some big op that the uppers are stockpiling for, and your op is not big enough to warent leaching more than that from it. We have a few buckets in the hangers that might get you onplanet, but fortunatly for you Gaffer here has his own bucket. But just because we love you so much we will pay for fuel."

"Any more questions?"

13 August 2004, 04:58 PM
Colton doesn't blink an eyelash at the Captain's diatribe, in fact, he had expected it. He worked with the good captain on and off for a few years, and he always had his first requesition request flatly denied, as well as the usual complaints 'Kell always has to have his little joke', and whatnot.
But then Dad always said, "It never hurts to ask".
Still, he feels obligated to respond.
"Of course sir I'm still becoming accustomed to the Rebel supply operation. As you no doubt recall, the last operation we ran, our supply chain was a little better, no doubt thanks to Talnar and the rest of our haphazard little logistic system."
He still longed for the Imperial supply chain, but still... At least here he's doing something useful.

[OOC: I thought that might be your response. It never does hurt to ask, though Doc :P ]

14 August 2004, 03:22 AM
A foul odor slowly rises from the Gamorrean’s dark green hide, although his teammates had mostly grown used to the smell during their training. The bleak, gray and overly cleaned briefing room makes Kradd fidget in his seat, and wish for a rapid return to the great outdoors. Even the air tastes stale, but Kradd had grown used to the scent and taste of recycled air during his travels aboard starships. The ship’s engines hum quietly in the background, but do not disrupt the briefing, although his eyelids grow heavy as the droning calls him to sleep.

Kradd has been sitting quietly for most of the briefing. Much of it goes over his head, and confuses the Gamorrean, and the rest matters little. He follows the matron of the clan, even though the one warrior Colton acts as if he leads the group. Kradd does catch enough of the exchange between Colton and Captain to understand that Colton overstepped his place. Better yet, the Captain refuses to make Kradd use a cowardly weapon like a boom stick.

The thought of crushing the Imperial Stormtroopers appeals to him, as he resents their brutality and cowardly use of blasters and armor ever since his enslavement in the Moff’s gladiator rings. He also catches the mention of droids, which does not please Kradd, but he had grown to slowly and tentatively accepts the galaxy’s overly heavy reliance on the inanimate objects.

Watching the matron of the clan, Kradd has no questions and wonders what she is thinking. He hefts his axe from the floor and by shifting his fingers, feels the carefully balanced weight of the weapon. A good blade, even when unpowered by the vibration cells encased in the thick handle, Kradd enjoys the additional destructive benefits of the vibro-axe. He anxiously awaits the end of the briefing, and the beginning of the mission, and his right foot begins to quietly tap against the hard metal floor.

Gyp Ryol
15 August 2004, 11:05 AM
The male Ryn named Gaffer slouches in his chair, tootling a little tune on his nose as he listens to the briefing. He runs a stray hand through his unnaturally silver hair, a leftover from his circus career. Although he is clean-shaven, he still manages to be as unkempt as the next Ryn. Gaffer's light blue skin seems to reflect the briefing room light. The smirk on his face suggests a good joke on the tip of his tongue at all times.

When Lt. Colton started to request supplies, Gaffer's tail straightens in suprise, then goes back to lazy waving. The Captain tells Colton the bad news, and Gaffer gives a little chortle at Nels' sarcasm.

Originally posted by Dr_Worm
"We have a few buckets in the hangers that might get you onplanet, but fortunatly for you Gaffer here has his own bucket. But just because we love you so much we will pay for fuel."

"Whoa, hey! Didn't you mother tell you name-calling isn't nice, Captain? My baby's not a bucket!" says Gaffer indignantly. He crossed his arms sternly over his chest and says with an upturned nose, "It's a dinged up, bashed in, slapdash, patched together, space taped, rusty ole pile of mynock bait! And don't you forget it!" He grins ear to ear. "But hey, I'm not complaining. Gaffer Transportation Company at your service. Special deals on flights of daring heroism and selfless rescue!" He stands and bows deeply with a flourish.

15 August 2004, 12:41 PM
At Gaffer's proclaimation, Colton gives one of his rare smiles.
At least morale is high. he thinks.
"Very well Captain, one last question though. What are our Rules of Engagement? Do we eliminate any Imperials with extreme prejudice, or do we try for a lower profile?"
Without waiting for his answer, he adds, "Any more questions for the Captain or myself? If not, the mission seems time sensitive, so we should probably get going."

15 August 2004, 02:07 PM
Pillik laughs quietly at Gaffer's comment, not wanting to gain the Captain's attention. Looks like we have a joker on the team. Even Colton smiled at that one. She waits for Colton's question to be answered, then says to him, "I don't have any more questions." Then glances over at Kradd and asks him, "Do you have any?" Turning back to Colton, Pillik says, "I agree with you Lt., we have to get this mission underway."

15 August 2004, 04:10 PM
"Good," Captain Nels stated, "the packs and weapons will be delived to your buck...uh ship in the next 30 min, unitl then grab your stuff and get aboard. You should leave the moment you are ready. As for your use of force, use your best judgment. I got no problem with Kradd here littering the snow with dead stromies, but you ought to think about who might come looking for them if you do." Captain Nels stands to leave without waiting for the others to stand and salute him. When he get's to the door he stops and turns. "Oh, one more thing. You will have secure commlinks that link up with a Rebel satilite. They should be secure for three or four transmissions, any more than that and the Imps will be able to triangualte the signal. May the force be with you." With that the door slides open and Captain Nels leaves.

16 August 2004, 03:11 AM
Kradd, still toying with the handle of his axe, stood as the Captain ended the meeting. While he couldn't speak Basic, and sometimes had trouble understanding, the Captain was clear in his message. Kradd had everything he owned with him, which suited him fine. A warmer coat would do nicely, but it was unlikely that any of the snow gear would fit him. He’d try to find something that would work, even if he had to steal another blanket for the purpose.

He grunted purposefully, and cocked his head to the door, watching Pillik for instructions. He was ready to go.

16 August 2004, 03:23 PM
Pillik stands and salutes the Captain as he leaves. This guy sure doesn't like to be saluted, Pillik thinks. She turns to Lt. Colton and says, "I'll be at the ship, I have to go and pack my things." Giving him a quick salute, Pillik starts for the door. Motioning for Kradd to follow, she exits the room. With Kradd in tow, she walks to her assigned quarters, enters the security code, and enters her small room. Pillik straps on her belt, checks the charge of her blaser, and then pulls her cloak on. Turning to Kradd, she asks in Gamorrean, "Do you need anything?" Pillik knows a little Gamorrean, enough to understand Kradd and tell him some basic things.

16 August 2004, 04:35 PM
"I'll be at the ship, I have to go and pack my things."
"Very well." Colton said, returning her salute a bit sloppily.
"If anyone needs me, they can reach me by comlink." he said "Or I'll be at the Armory, checking out my gear."

At that, he makes his way to the small armory, where he retrieves his Heavy Tracker and Vibrodagger, replacing the latter in his boot sheath. Along with his DL-44, he is fairly well armed...
We're going to need all the help we can get. he thinks.
Strapping on his survival belt and gathering the ammo bandolier with a disappointing look at the mere seven power packs. And one of those goes in the rifle to start... he thinks distainfully.
After this, he heads immedietly to the hanger bay, waiting to inspect his new ride.

Gyp Ryol
16 August 2004, 05:05 PM
Gaffer watches the Captain, the Lieutenant, Pillik, and the Gamorrean exit the room and head their seperate ways. He waits for a few moments, then steals to the door, opening it cautiously. He looks up and down the corridor, making sure no one is watching him. He then bolts to the turbolift and punches the button, hopping from foot to foot. The elevator dings, and Gaffer hops into the empty car, heading straight for the hangar.

His tail waves quickly back and forth as the lift descends. The door pings, announcing the arrival at the hangar. He runs swiftly across the hangar floor, dashing towards a ramshakle Corellian transport at the far end of the hangar. The ship itself is an old JumpMaster-5000, a U-shaped freighter dating from the days of the Old Republic. The faded stenciled word Mischiefmaker is emblazoned under the cockpit viewport.

The Ryn quickly punches his personal security code with both hands and his tail. The landing ramp extends and the Ryn dashes aboard the ship. He looks around the ship, taking in the piles of dirty laundry, unwashed plates, leftover food wrappers, and slightly grimy facilities with all five senses. Gaffer bit his right thumb nervously, saying, "I've got some cleaning to do."

19 August 2004, 01:34 PM
Just as Gaffer is sweeping the last of his ale bottles and crisp tins in to the nearest hidden corner, the rest of the crew begins to arrive.

[OOC: use this time to do some group dynamics and chatting, but I am going to sweep on to the next adventure bit.]

The heros are in near the end of a sleep cycle when the ship claxon warns that they are about to leave hyperspace as expected. Getting to the neares window the heros eagerly await as the streaking stars become pinpoints and realspace surrounds them. The ship, surprisingly enough, has come out of hyperspace in the exact spot programmed and the planet is huely visible in cockpit window. It is a grey and white planet with streaks of green.

OOC: actions and rolls please.

Gyp Ryol
19 August 2004, 01:54 PM
Gaffer plops himself in the pilot's chair in the cramped cockpit. He runs a preliminary scan of the planet, looking for major cities and starports. He also picks up the ship's mic and says, "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. I hope you all had a pleasant night's sleep in our luxury accomadations. Breakfast will be served promptly and stewardesses will be coming down your aisles offering hot towels to those of you who would like one. At this point we ask you to sit back and relax as I try to find the Mischiefmaker a suitable berth. Thank you for flying Gaffer Transport, and enjoy the rest of the flight." He hands off the mic to his tail, which hangs up the small handset.

19 August 2004, 02:21 PM
The sound of Gaffer ploping into his seat awoke Lt. Colton, who was snoozing quietly in the copilot's seat He had insisted on staying in the cockpit, incase of emergency, and had been absent for most of the team's discussions, except of course for the briefing portions.
After Gaffer's proclamation, Colton sat up and looked at his monitor, which displayed the maps of the planet and surrounding space.
"Gaffer, come to point zero-one, zero-seven-zero degrees, minus zero-zero-four degrees z-axis." Colton read blandly. He knew Gaffer was aware of the flight plan, but repeated it anyway.
"We're supposed to run a sensor scan, then make for the planet." he said, waiting for Pillik, the sensor-operation designate, to arrive at the cockpit.
"If we get interrogated by flight control, we'll try to avoid Imperial attention, and just... wing it." Colton stated. "Sound good to you, Gaffer? This is your ship after all."

19 August 2004, 02:54 PM
Kradd follows Pillik to the cockpit, carrying his heavy vibro-axe. He never figured out how all the fancy lights and noises worked, nor did he ever care. In fact, being aboard a starship, he often felt useless. It only mattered when someone tried to board the ship he was on – at which point, he would be told to attack them (defense didn’t really apply to most Gamorreans) – or when he was told to board another ship – which often occurred when his ship was boarded.

Still, sitting in the back of the ship was boring. There was a pretty big ball viewing through the cockpit. At some point he had learned the pretty ball was a planet, but from here, that didn’t matter either.

So, after plopping down heavily into an undersized (for a Gamorrean) seat, Kradd sits quietly, picking at his fingernails, while a song that he can’t remember much of continues to play through his mind.

Gyp Ryol
19 August 2004, 05:20 PM
"No sweat, Lieutenant. Despite my outwardly saintly and trustworthy appearance, I've got a real penchant for Imperial befuddlement," grins Gaffer with a small hoot of his nose. "So, you want me to set her down in a nice civilized, barely hospitable city, or would you rather subject yourself to the harsh and unforgiving wintry grasp of the mountains? We could probably spot Talnar's crash from the air."

19 August 2004, 05:51 PM
"No sweat, Lieutenant. Despite my outwardly saintly and trustworthy appearance, I've got a real penchant for Imperial befuddlement," grins Gaffer with a small hoot of his nose. "So, you want me to set her down in a nice civilized, barely hospitable city, or would you rather subject yourself to the harsh and unforgiving wintry grasp of the mountains? We could probably spot Talnar's crash from the air."
Colton raised an eyebrow but said nothing at the first comment.
But at hearing the second he becomes more animated.
"My thoughts exactly... we'll make a low run with sensors over the place where we lost Talnar's beacon, then run a search grid around the area. Hopefully we'll get to him before the Imps do. But if the Imps have gotten to him, then we'll head to the main city and try to hit the base and pick him up."

23 August 2004, 01:31 PM
OOC: No post from Pillik, but I will go on.

Your scans com back fairly uninteresting. There is light ship traffic in the area, but no sign of damaged or destroyed ships in orbit. The light traffic seems to be of the merchant type, with no imperial ships detected. The planetary scans, in conjuction with known intel from the datapad, indicates the crashed ship is in a mountaneous region. As you approach Naalol to get a better view your comm channel comes to life.

An officious sounding male voice with a rough accent states "Unidentified freighter, please identify yourself, and state your reason for transit."

23 August 2004, 02:17 PM
Colton gave a look that suggested 'Here goes nothing' to his comrades, and tapped the comm button.
"This is private vessel Mischiefmaker of Gaffer Transport, Limited, Captain Dorian speaking. We are transporting individuals to Naalol who intend to participate in your mountaineering and hiking activities... It was all in the brochure...." he said trying to sound bored, and added a sigh at the end for effect.

Gyp Ryol
23 August 2004, 02:22 PM
Gaffer leans back in his chair and puts his hands behind his head, resting his booted feet on an empty stretch of dashboard. "Oh, all right. Just wake me up when I get my ship back," he says pleasantly. He starts blowing a little ditty through his nose as he closes his eyes.

23 August 2004, 02:22 PM
Pillik glances over at Kradd and notices that he isn't interested in the mission at this point. I guess he doesn't know what's going on, so why should he be worried. She sits nervously and listens to Colton. I hope this works, if it doesn't were going to be in some trouble. After the Lt. finishes, she says, "Nice work, I hope they buy your explanation." Pillik sits back and closes her eyes. I don't want to get caught again. The last time was bad, I don't want to try it again. But this time I've got Kradd with me from the start, he'll take care of me.

23 August 2004, 05:13 PM
Kradd sat still, continuing to play with his axe and his eyes drooped heavily. The lieutenant spoke over the talkie device, and the rest of the group idly chatted. The bright circle loomed larger, but none of this mattered to the giant warrior, who yawned despite the nervousness of the cockpit.

23 August 2004, 06:08 PM
Colton releases the comm button and sighs with relief.
Well, that wasn't so bad

"Oh, all right. Just wake me up when I get my ship back,"
"Oh no you don't, Gaffer, lay a course towards the last know location of our boy, and get ready to step on the gas incase they don't buy it."

"Nice work, I hope they buy your explanation."
Colton gives Pillik a hopeful look, "You and me both" he said quietly

23 August 2004, 06:53 PM
"Mountaineering huh? Sounds cold and misreable to me. " The docking official said in an equally bored tone, "Do you need landing clearance and coordinates?"

24 August 2004, 05:57 AM
"Mountaineering huh? Sounds cold and misreable to me. "
"Tell me about it, I'm staying on the ship." Colton said, keeping his tone.

"Do you need landing clearance and coordinates?"
Colton released the comm and turned to his compatriots.
"Was that a question?" he asked them.

24 August 2004, 01:15 PM
Kradd barely hears the background conversation. Finally, Colton’s direct question about a question forces Kradd to raise his eyelids ever so slightly. Without any sense of meaning, he grunts and snorts – or maybe he just snored a bit. The expression is a bit odd, but then again, most things were about Gamorreans.

Gyp Ryol
24 August 2004, 03:06 PM
"Well, in my experience, when the tower asks you for that kinda information, you don't really need it," says Gaffer, still obivously relaxing in his chair. "And like I said Lieutenant, don't sweat it. I got that course laid in for the mountains after you got a jump-start from my suggestion of it. Don't fret. I've got everything covered." He stretched out a little as he came up from his brief rest. "Though it probably wouldn't hurt to in the upright and locked position."

24 August 2004, 04:01 PM
Colton nodded to Gaffer, then tapped the comm button.
"That's a negative on the C&C, Tower. We've got course directions from the travel service. Be advised, we may be stopping back in to the spaceport if the customers so choose after we finish up in the mountains... Over and out." he said, hitting the button when he was finished.

24 August 2004, 04:22 PM
"Affirmative," the officer said, "watch out for storms out there. Communications can be bad so play smart." With that the officer clicks off and the line goes silent.

The area where the crash occured is in a high ravine between two mountains. Fortunatly there are a number of flat outcroppings that can be used to land on.

OOC: Who ever is manning scanners needs to make a computer use check DC 15

26 August 2004, 11:34 AM
Pillik sits back in her seat and gives a sigh of relief. That went pretty good. She takes a look around herself and notices that she is sitting in the scanner station. I might as well make myself useful. "I'll get to work on the scanners, Gaffer."

(OOC: Roll Sent)

26 August 2004, 12:58 PM
"I'll get to work on the scanners, Gaffer."
"Excellent," Colton says, his hands moving to his instraments.
"I'll optimize the software for the terrain." he hits a few buttons on his panels and gets to work.

[OOC: Aid Another Check: Mod +9, Roll Sent]

27 August 2004, 12:06 AM
Pillik begins doing work, and Kradd again feels at a loss inside the contraption. He shifts in his seat, his bulk not finding a comfortable position. Dissatisfied, he grunts and shifts again and yet cannot become comfortable. A yawn parts his jaw, which emits a displeasing odor into the cramped cockpit. Adjusting one more time, his sleepy eyes watch without interest as the big ball grows larger in the forward windows.

Gyp Ryol
31 August 2004, 02:31 PM
"Whoa, hey, watch it, big fella!" says Gaffer, pinching his nostrils closed. "I just spiffed the place up. Don't make me fumagate it, too!"

Gaffer guided the U-shaped rust bucket through the atmosphere of the planet, goosing the throttle a little bit as they approached the wintry Naalol.

31 August 2004, 03:57 PM
The sensors provide a beautiful spot to land a 60 meters from the crash site. It is a covered shelf that looks impeccably stable. Not only that, but Gaffer is pretty sure that even a Gammorean could set the ship down on the shelf. In his arrogance, however, Gaffer makes the landing a bit more flashy than absolutely necessary, and as he is bringing the freighter in he snags the top if the over hang. The ship plops down unceremoniously on the hard rock, jarring all the passengers, and sending those not strapped in sprawling on the deck.

Pillik's sensor sweep reveals a crash furrow where the Golden Jewel crashed on a ridg and then skidded in to a bit of a fissure. Near wreckage of the Golden Jewel is the wreckage of a much smaller craft that is about the size of a speeder of some kind. The sensors do no show any signs of life in and around the crash site below, but the weather is making fine scanning unpredictable.

The air outside is grey and filtered by tiny snowflakes propelled by medium winds. It looks bitterly cold and unpleasant, though by no means as dangerous as some of the blizzards on Hoth (for those that were with the Rebel at that time).

Gyp Ryol
4 September 2004, 12:27 PM
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of our flight together. I do hope you all enjoyed yourselves on this luxury flight to Naalol. You are advised to dress warmly, as it looks cold enough out there to freeze the scales off a rancor. Thank you, and have a nice day," says Gaffer as he goes through the shut-down procedures for the ship. He finally powers the engines down and takes a good look outside. "Hm. Well, it isn't exactly the springs of Se'Pogre, now is it? Still, I've seen worse. Shall we suit up? I think I spied a tail warmer in all that anti-frostbite gear," he says with a lop-sided grin on his face.

4 September 2004, 12:36 PM
"Hm. Well, it isn't exactly the springs of Se'Pogre, now is it? Still, I've seen worse. Shall we suit up? I think I spied a tail warmer in all that anti-frostbite gear," he says with a lop-sided grin on his face.
"Indeed... although it is far superior to Hoth." Colton said, stepping toward the hold- and the team's small stack of equipment.

6 September 2004, 03:52 AM
Kradd leaves the cockpit, heading towards the hold with their cold-weather gear. He scratches himself as he looks for his oversized garments. Grunting as he stretches the slightly small coat to fit his jumbo build, he manages to get the clothing on without tearing the seams, but only barely. He puts a thick and fur-lined cloak over the coat, hoping the extra material will provide a bit more warmth than the thinned coat.

Picking up his axe, he steps behind Colton, and grunts again at the comment about Hoth. Never having been to a place called Hoth, and not understanding the reference, a non-committal grunt made the most sense.

Hoping for a squadron of white-shelled thugs to be at the base of the ramp, Kradd steps forward, ready to lead the team into the melee and begin doing something useful besides passing gas.

7 September 2004, 04:37 PM
Pillik follows Kradd out of the cockpit and gathers up her cold weather equipment. She puts on a heavy coat and straps her belt over it. Checking her blaster charge, Pillik checks on Kradd's progress. I hope that stuff doesn't bust open. She continues dressing, putting on a hat, gloves and snowboots. Pillik moves toward the access ramp and waits for the rest of the group.

9 September 2004, 12:33 PM
As the Colton and the rest of the team donned their garments and checked their equipment, Colton decided now was as good as any to introduce a search strategy.
"Alright boys and girls, I suggest we individually search the search grid, each of us taking a quarter of it, and keep coordnated by comlink. Now remember, we have to keep any transmissions short, and since we aren't entirely sure of our security, keep the questions phrased in a manner that could be construed as being asked while hiking, and answer one click on the set for negetive, two clicks positive, or does anyone else have a system that they are more comfortable with?"

[OOC: Sorry if I'm being a little commandeering, but check the ooc thread for some explanation]

9 September 2004, 12:50 PM
Kradd grunts and frowns, looking at Colton. The expression does not seem positive, especially from a Gamorrean. In fact, from Kradd, it appears downright menacing.

While Kradd understood the gist of Colton's commands, the weighing of the large axe in the massive green hands becomes a sole reply to the lieutenant's orders.

The large brute steps closer to Pillik in a protective manner. Uncertain if anyone will understand his meaning, he waits for Colton or someone else to speak again.

9 September 2004, 02:21 PM
OOC: I am going assume you are all taking 20, and I will split you up as I see fit. It really does not matter much.

Trudging through the snow is not fun, especailly for the bulky Kradd, but it is not too taxing. Since it is clear that Kradd will not leave Pillik alone, the team splits up in to three search parties.

Gaffer gravitates towards the ship to check the interior, while the Kradd and Pillik check the exterior of the ship an the airspeeder, leaving Colton to search the show around the crash site. After many minutes in the bitter cold Colton, Kradd, and Pillik make their way in to the wrecked transport to share all the info they gleaned.

OOC: Check your PMs and fill in the others in your own words.

9 September 2004, 03:49 PM
Colton, pleased with his results, studies the tracks before him... large numbers of humanoid tracks, all of which suddenly disappear in the same general area... probably hover or repulsor vehicles, which could explain the speeder wreckage on the other side of the ship.
Tugging the heavy duty scarf from under his snowgoggles, he pulls out his comlink...
"This is your Captain... ladies and gentlemen, could we please gather at the exterior of the campsite, on the side nearest the landing site, please... unless you've found some interesting flora or fauna that you want the rest of the group to see... there are some interesting animal tracks where I am, if anyone is interested." he said in the bored, "Captain" voice he had used earlier.

Gyp Ryol
10 September 2004, 08:02 AM
Gaffer hoots and whistles to himself as he looks around the ship. He finds a few medpacs and throws them into a satchel he also found onboard. Taking a quick look in the cockpit, he finds a pair of control pads. He hunts around for a hydrospanner on the ship, and upon finding one, pokes and prods inside the two control pads. He gives a quick double click on his comlink as Colton's message comes through, but doesn't leave the shelter of the ship until he has found the use of the two pads.

12 September 2004, 06:23 PM
Grunting at Colton's message, Kradd pulls on Pilik's arm, and nods his head towards the rendezvous point. They trudge through the thick snow and the large green alien thinks on what he and Pilik found. Truly, it did not make much sense to him. Worse, he was disappointed because he hadn't the chance to break anything yet.

They approach the others, and Gaffer - the strange creature that he is - seems to be dancing around in the snow. White was never a color that suited Kradd very well, although he never paid much attention to colors at all. To have a goofy creature dancing in it made less sense, but that seemed to be the theme for the mission.

17 September 2004, 04:14 PM
OOC: Sorry, red5_5 is still noshow. I will post for him to get things moving. Grrrrrr

As the party reforms near the destroyed transport, and the other retell their reports, Pillik states "Well the big guy and I agree that it is pretty obvious that there was a battle here and at the speeder. Blaster and grenade damage is all over the speeder and transport." Pointing to the side of the transport with a gaming hole in it, he continutes, "This looks like it was made by a cutting torch not battle damage, and as you can see the bay is completely empty of cargo. The airspeeder is a MandalMotors Shadow V Combat Airspeeder, and it looks like it was destroyed by weapon fire; there is no sign of impact damage from a crash. It is, well was, a modified civilian craft, not an Imperial transport." Finnishing his report he marveld at the realtive comvfort the suit gave him in this weather.

17 September 2004, 06:41 PM
Colton was perplexed... and not in a good way:
"Doesn't sound like standard Imp Procedure, and with the speeder it stikes me that this was definately an indipendant operation..."
"I think we should get back to the ship and fly along a road trail, or something our boys may be taking Talnar and his cargo on. Failing that, I think we should head to the city and find somewhere to set up base, make some inquiries with the local underworld and see if we can't find out what is happening."
"Anyone have an alternate plan?" he asked, pulling the hood down off his head, then scratching behind his right ear.

18 September 2004, 05:07 AM
Kradd shakes his head in the negative, as he gives a grunt. He fidgets, trying to adjust in the tight fitting garments. He looks around the area, watching for whomever attacked earlier, in case they decide to return. Anxiously, he plays with his vibro-axe, adjusting it in his grip.

Gyp Ryol
20 September 2004, 05:42 PM
Gaffer stoops to examine his handiwork, or rather boot work in the snow. Satisfied with the pattern, he looks up, saying, "Well, from what I say inside, I'd say that there's a real good chance that Talnar's still alive. There were signs of a fight inside, but nothin' to worry about. Plus, I found these." Gaffer produces the two control pads he found in the cockpit and shows them to Pillik and Colton.

20 September 2004, 06:20 PM
After repeating his proposed plan to Gaffer, Colton examines the pads... "I'll have to take a closer look at these... but that'll have to come a bit later."

Gyp Ryol
20 September 2004, 06:25 PM
Gaffer rolls his eyes, and out of the corner of his mouth in a high pitched voice says, "My, whatever could those devices be, Gaffer?" Gaffer grins and says in an extremely fake game show host voice, "Good question, Lietenant! Why, they're droid control pads, capable of remotely controlling droids properly equipped with receivers. I believe that Talnar's droids may be such types! Isn't that exciting!"

Gaffer smirks to himself as he says, "As for doing anything more, I'd say we should hit up the city for some answers. There's bound to be someone there who knows something."

20 September 2004, 06:31 PM
Gaffer rolls his eyes, and out of the corner of his mouth in a high pitched voice says, "My, whatever could those devices be, Gaffer?" Gaffer grins and says in an extremely fake game show host voice, "Good question, Lietenant! Why, they're droid control pads, capable of remotely controlling droids properly equipped with receivers. I believe that Talnar's droids may be such types! Isn't that exciting!"
Colton, for the second time in the mission, cracks a shadow of a smile, which quickly dies back into the Lieutenant's dour face.
"I guess that makes sense... Remote droids, could be scout droids for colony worlds, or some radiation enviroment or construction droids... the Captain wasn't kidding."
"Well, it seems we're more or less in agreement... let's head for the ship, and find us a road, Gaffer."

Gyp Ryol
22 September 2004, 03:22 PM
"Right-io righty, Lieutenant! One lost procurement agent tracker spaceship coming right up," Gaffer says, putting the two control pads into his satchel. He then begins to stroll off towards the ship, whistling a little tune through his nose.

22 September 2004, 07:35 PM
Kradd lumbers along behind Gaffer, hoping that Pillik keeps up. HIs head lowers as his mouth turns down in a sort of frown, bending around his tusks. He grunts, depressed. Unable to do anything to help the mission thus far, he feels very worthless. His feet shuffle through the snow, creating long tracks back to the ship.

23 September 2004, 04:10 PM
Kradd points excitedly at the snow bank about 40m to the east, trying to draw everyone's attention, and begins moving as quickly as he can while drawing his axe. His warning, however, is too late for the small band of rebels and red streaks of blaster bolts appear out of the snow. The assailiants are quickly recognized as Imperial Biker Scouts, but that does little to alay the sense of danger the surprise attack invokes.

It is clear that the alert Gammorean seems to threaten the Troopers more than the others, because 2 of them both fire off quick shots that come very close to hitting. The large porcine is able to dodge a bit, but is singed an fatigued by one of the shots. Even with the dodge he is covers the distance between himself and the imperials with relative speed, and prepares to cleave the faceless enemies.

Pillik manages not to be a target, and is givne the oppertunity to prepare for comabt. Gaffer is missed by a longshot that careens off the hull of the freighter, Kell, however has to rely on his combat training to avoid a very close blaster shot.

OOC: Rolls
Initiative (in order)

Hit Rolls:
2 on Kradd-14(miss), 18(hit 10vp)
1 on Gaffer- 10 (miss)
1 on Kell- 23 (hit 16vp)

Okay, roll initiative and all actions please and send them to me. Next round is the first Non-surprise round, but keep in mind you are still flatfooted until your Init comes up. Range is 40m, and the BS have no cover.

Kradd you will be in Mele range this round. Others...keep in mind you are fireing in to melee if you assist Kradd in his attacker.

23 September 2004, 06:53 PM
Kradd quickly waddles the remaining distance, raising his axe above his right shoulder as he closes with the nearest white-shell. He brings the heavy vibro-axe down with a squeal, but the armored scout sidesteps the thrumming blade.

The sides of the large Gamorrean's mouth turn up around his tusks in a kind of grin. In close, where he can see the black of their visors, Kradd is in his prime. The thrill of the battle runs through him as a rush of adrenaline courses through his veins. He squeals again in excitement, ready for a close combat battle.

25 September 2004, 10:15 AM
Pillik turns toward the incoming laser blasts. Flustered she thinks, Oh no! They found us! Fidgeting with her holster, she pulls out her blaster pistol and finds a target, noting which one Kradd will likely be attacking. I'm not too good in combat, but I can't back out now. Pillik raises the pistol and fires of a shot.

(OOC: Dr_Worm, I can't get to the die roller website, so I just posted this up as a general reaction. Contact me to figure out what to do for initiative and the attack.)

Gyp Ryol
25 September 2004, 01:23 PM
Gaffer reacts slowest to the new attackers. He notes how far away they are and decides to make a run from the Mischeifmaker and sprints as fast as he can to his rust-bucket. However, Gaffer quickly backpedals as he belatedly notes that the scouttroopers are between him and his ship. He pulls out his blaster pistol and takes a quick check of the charge.

[OOC: Edited for new information]

25 September 2004, 01:54 PM
Colton is nearly relieved of his head by the Imperial's shot.
Luckily, he bent backwards in time, and saw the red bolt fly 10 centimeters in front of his nose, leaving the air in front of him tinged with the foul smell of ozone.
Off balance, he drops to a combat crouch... and grimaces as a sharp pain shoots up his back.
Must've pulled a muscle avoiding the bolt he thinks, shrugging off the pain.
He searches the area where he saw the bolt come from, and shifts the Heavy Tracker's selector lever to "Auto" [OOC: Waiting for INI to come up, rolled a 10 + 3 dex= 13], and prepares to fire a burst at the Imperials.
Seeing Gaffer make a run for the ship, he yells in his direction, in slightly broken Huttese (hoping Gaffer can understand it),
[Get behinds some cover and take those suckers!!!]

[OCC: Edited for new information]

2 October 2004, 10:25 AM
Okay...most of you are not all that fast this enounter, with the exception of Pillik who got a 25, so the Stormies are fireing before most of you. This post will be largely OOC to get rolls out of the way.

Results- 1d20 (4 times)

ROLL #1: 1 (+ 4) = 5-Stormie at Kell
PC ROll #1: 6 (+ 4) = 10-Pillik miss
ROLL #2: 8 (+ 4) = 12-Stormie at Kradd
ROLL #3: 9 (+ 4) = 13-Stormie at Kradd
ROLL #4: 7 (+ 4) = 11-Stromie at Gaffer
PC ROLL #2: 16 (+ 0) = 16 Kell hit
PC ROLL #3: 12 (+ 0) = 12 Kell miss
PC ROLL #4: 1 (+ 0) = 1 Kell miss

Now it appears that the Stormies all suck this round...I will narrateed it when all rolls are in.

Gaffer: The Stormies are between you and the "rust bucket". So if you still want to do this you may, but they will get an AoO when you pass them. Othewise you may change you actions if you want.

Kradd: I need some attack rolls from you, and remember he gets an AoO this round.

3 October 2004, 04:06 PM
Kradd growls and swings his axe at the nearest white-shell firing at his companions. ((AoO = 11)) As their barrage ends, he swings again at the nearest enemy, attempting to bring the battle close to home instead of letting them use their fowl-conceived ranged weapons. ((Atk = 14))

((OOC: Of course, I’m always ready to use Cleave))

3 October 2004, 04:22 PM
Pillik grimaces at her missed shot. I should practice more. Especially if I go on missions where I get shot at! Looking around the field, Pillik spots a nearby boulder. I could use that. She sprints over to the rock, hoping it will give her some cover. Bracing her arm against the top of the rock, Pillik fires off a shot at the trooper she missed. ((Atk= 7)) I hope Kradd doesn't get in the way.

Gyp Ryol
12 October 2004, 05:40 AM
Gaffer grins. Aye, so it's a fight they be wantin'. Fair enough! he thinks mischeviously. "Have at you!" he yells as he lets loose a shot from his blaster pistol.

12 October 2004, 09:20 AM
Even in this cold forbidding environ, the blood of combatants runs hot. The loudest and most boisterous clash, of course, being the melee between Kradd and the Troopers. The large porcine is vicious in his attacks and his rage can be felt by all the parties involved. If that rage could kill it would have the whole lot down for the count, but unfortunatly the trooper manages to avoid the blows and fire off some clumsy shots in return.

Many of the rebel shots fly wild in the confusion but Gaffer and manages to Kell manage to make the Stormies jump rathter violently to avoid the red blaster bolts. Pillik tries her best, but only manages to mar the snow beyond the troopers.

OOC: Next round...send em my way and I will update sooner this time. Gaffer and Kell managed a hit each with only VP loss.

12 October 2004, 10:15 AM
Kell, seeing his shots miss just to the right, corrects his aim and squeezes the trigger to fire off another burst at the trooper.

12 October 2004, 07:38 PM
Pillik frowns at her bad shot. Not getting very close, am I? She lowers the weapons muzzle and targets the stormtroopers again. Hope that's good enough.

Gyp Ryol
13 October 2004, 01:06 PM
Well, I'm going to need to get a wee bit closer if I really want to sock it to those Imps. Gaffer dashes foward, leaping forward with his hands outstretched. Relying on his old circus experience, he rolls forward through the snow, using his tail to round out the somersault. He plants his feet and stands determinedly, raising his blaster pistol and popping off a shot at the stormie.

[OOC: Move action to move 4m, then making Tumble check to move 6m more. Attack action to attack the stormie Gaffer attacked last round. Applying Dodge bonus to that stormie. Rolls on the way!]

14 October 2004, 04:40 PM
His dark brown brow furrowing further in deep irritation at his successive missing of his elusive targets, Kradd heaves the hefty vibroaxe again, hoping to take advantage of a target firing nearby. ((AoO=18)) The tide of battle surges, causing crashing surf in all direction, as the snow kicks upwards under a shuffle of feet. The powder begins to blend with the white armor, but the black highlights of the enemy troops serves to give Kradd a target for his main attack. ((Atk=12))

17 October 2004, 02:49 PM
Pillik manages to hone in on his target and the effect makes the Scout Trooper duck quickly to avoid the brilliant red bolt. Kell, in response to his last near hit, fires another folly with military precision. The first shot takes the trooper in the chest and flings in prone against the snow. The second is a miss, as Kell changes targets and fires his third at a trooper that Gaffer had been aiming for. The shot marrs the armor, but the stormie stays in the fray. until Gaffer's well aimed shot picks him up off his feet and plants the trooper still in the snow. The Scout Trooper, in return, manages to get a shot off that comes very close to Gaffer [crit...no confirmation] and causes him to pull out of his tumbling dodge in an akward manner that pulls some muscles in his right thigh. Gaffer has his revenge though. As he roll out his pistol levels on the trooper that had shot him and scores a hit that knocks the trooper in to the snow, where he ceases to be a danger.

His dark brown brow furrowing further in deep irritation at his successive missing of his elusive targets, Kradd heaves the hefty vibroaxe again, hoping to take advantage of a target firing nearby. The tide of battle surges, causing crashing surf in all direction, as the snow kicks upwards under a shuffle of feet. The powder begins to blend with the white armor, but the black highlights of the enemy troops serves to give Kradd a target for his main attack.

Kardd's first attack is close, but the second is quite wild. The Trooper evades well, and aim's in for a shot that singes the poor porcine more than he might have liked.

Damage taken this round:
Gaffer- 7vp
Kradd- 10vp

Next round there are only 2 other Troopers, one of which is in Melee with Kradd. The other trooper (non melee) will not be fireing, instead he is speaking in to what appears to be a wrist communicator and acting defensivly.

Gyp Ryol
17 October 2004, 03:01 PM
Frell, that hurt. Lord Skywing would never've let me hear the end of this if he saw it, thinks Gaffer, recalling an extremely pompous Vor from the Mid Rim Travelling Exposium. Gaffer's tail suddenly twitches as he spots the stormie's head bent over his wrist. When a whitehead ain't shootin', he's callin' for back-up. Noting that Kradd has the other stormie all nice and occupied, Gaffer levels his blaster pistol and shuts one eye, hoping to hit where he needs to.

(Rolls on the way!)

17 October 2004, 05:30 PM
Kell looks with satisfaction as two of the troopers go down.
Quickly surveying the field, he sees one of the troopers in engaged with Kradd, while the other seems to be... No! Not good!
Kell quickly swings his rifle to engage the talking trooper.

17 October 2004, 06:07 PM
As the trooper sends a blast, nearly singing the hefty Gamorrean, Kradd responds with a swing of his large vibro-axe, taking the opportunity to attack. ((AoO=9)) The trooper easily avoids the clumsy move, and prepares for the obvious follow-on strike from his target. His grip loosened in his failed attack of opportunity, the melee combatant barely keeps hold of his weapon, and then quickly follows through with the anticipated attack ((Atk=12)). His target again avoids the vibrating blade, leaving Kradd frustrated with his inability to connect with his target.