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14 August 2004, 08:56 AM
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

A vast sea of stars serves as the backdrop for the main title. The title theme echoes throughout the heavens as a roll-up slowly crawls into infinity.

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order

Our Most Desperate Hour

It is a time of turmoil and strife. Extragalactic invaders, the YUUZHAN VONG, have cut a swathe of death and destruction throughout the galaxy. The NEW REPUBLIC, along with a reformed JEDI ORDER, is currently struggling to hold back the seemingly unstoppable alien onslaught.

On the small Outer Rim world of GARQI, resistance fighters battle to liberate their world from the alien invaders. New Republic Intelligence has dispatched a strike team to assit the local resistance, but all contact with the team has been lost.

Now with enemy forces deployed across the galaxy, a new strike team, inlcuding a pair of JEDI KNIGHTS, has been assembled to ascertain the whereabouts of the previous team and to continue their mission of liberating Garqi from its vile conquerers...

A battered cruiser streaks across the stars, its exterior painted a dull black. The ship has no visible running lights or markings of any kind on its hull. The ship speeds towards a cluster of stars off in the distance.

A throng of beings, in groups of twos and threes, crowds around the room's central holoprojector well, quietly chatting amongst themselves.
Several humans can be seen, all wearing New Republic Intelligence uniforms, as well as several aliens, including a Toydarian, two Bith, A rough-looking Chagrian, a Farghul, and a group of three Gungan scouts, adorned in camouflage fatigues. Several droids, some combat models, hover in the background. One in particular, an ancient battle droid, towers above a pair of astromechs. Two cloaked beings of indeterminate species lean against a wall at the rear of the room, their darkened hoods revealing nothing of their features underneath. A Rodian sits away from the rest of the group, his antennae scanning the room, his deep black eyes taking in every bit of his surroundings.

An M-3PO droid, painted dull grey, strides towards the holoprojector well and activates the device. A holographic representation of a forested and plains-dotted planet springs to life. The droid is accompanied by a tall human male, dark-skinned, and wearing the collar insignia of a Major. The Major holds a pointer, and taps the stick on the edge of the projector to gain the group's attention.

Major Poresh: Can I have your attention everyone. I'd like to begin the mission briefing now.

All eyes turn to the Major, and the room goes abruptly quiet.

Major Poresh: As you all know, Garqi is currently occupied by Yuuzhan Vong forces. NRI had dispatched an intel team a month ago, but we've since lost all contact with them. However, the last data dump by the team indicated that Vong defenses are uncoordinated at best, and that the planet has not been fully overtaken by the enemy. Most of the unoccupied territory lies south of the equatorial belt, and scans inidicate that Vong troops are minimal in those regions. We've also detected no evidence of planetary reformation, unlike what's been seen on Ithor or Belkadan, or any of the other dozens of "factory" worlds the Vong have been churning out.

A few heads turn towards each other, and several hushed speculations are uttered. The Major gives the group a minute to disgest this news, then continues with his briefing.

Major Poresh: The team's last transmission shows several gaps in the Vong defense screen, which you can see here, here, and here.

The Major's pointer indicates the south polar region, as well as two distinct regions north of the planet's equator.

Major Poresh: Long range recon probes have determined that the Vong do not have a mass of ships and troops here as we once suspected. We can only guess as to what that means, but it seems our alien friends have decided that Garqi is effectively theirs, and that their troops are needed elsewhere. It has also been speculated that leaving the world relatively undefended is simply a trap to lure in our forces, but we've dismissed that theory in light of the recent events at Fondor.

The Major begins to pace around the room while continuing to speak, his eyes making contact with each and every being assembled here.

Major Poresh: We believe that the Vong are simply not equipped to occupy every world they take, and are massing their forces for a strike towards the core. While Garqi is still heavily occupied, we believe that we have a good chance of landing another strike team on the planet. Tactical analysis shows that the Vong ground commander is not well versed in space-borne defense, and we like that.

A bit of laughter echoes around the room, and even the three Gungan scouts chuckle a bit.

Major Poresh: Most of you here today probably came to volunteer for such a mission. You represent the cream of the crop, as far as our recon specialists go. But this is no ordinary mission. This is dangerous. Those of you who choose to go may not come back. We don't know what happened to the first team, and the same fate may befall yours as well. You know the risks, but I cannot ask of of you to do this as your commander. You must do this of your own will. I've had to order troops to their deaths before, but not like this. This is personal. I hand-picked the first team and I want to know what happend to them. The New Republic does not leave its people behind, dead or alive. This is more than a rescue or a simple recon. We want our people back, and we want the Garqians liberated. So with that said, I now ask for six volunteers to undergo this mission.

Almost immediately, six hands raise, one of them mechanical, the rest flesh and blood.

New Ally:
Major Feln Poresh: Male Human Soldier 8/Elite Trooper 3/Officer 6; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Defense +23 (+11 class, +2 Dex); Spd 10 m; VP/WP 122/12; Atk+19/+14/+9 ranged (blaster pistol, 3d6/20 or DC 15 stun, range 10 m) or +16/+11/+6 melee (unarmed, 1d3+1); SQ Leadership, Requisition supplies, Tactics, Uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to Defense); SV Fort +13, Ref +9, Will +9; SZ M; FP 4, DSP 1; Rep +9; Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 15, Challenge Code G

Equipment: NRI uniform, Major’s insignia, comlink, datapad, pointer, blaster pistol

Skills: Bluff +13, Computer Use +8, Demolitions +5, Diplomacy +15, Gather Information +14, Hide +9, Intimidate +17, Knowledge (tactics) +21, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +10, Knowledge (Yuuzhan Vong) +3, Listen +12, Move Silently +11, Pilot +8, Read/Write Basic, Repair +4, Sense Motive +11, Speak Basic, Speak Huttese, Speak Ryl, Spot +12, Treat Injury +6

Feats: Armor Proficiencies (light, medium, heavy), Combat Expertise, Combat Veteran (Spot), Dodge, Fame, Far Shot, Mobility, Persuasive, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Skill Emphasis (Knowledge - tactics), Stealthy, Trustworthy, Weapon Focus (blaster pistol), Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons)

(The floor is now yours)

14 August 2004, 09:52 AM
Karei Edo, a female Jedi, scans the briefing room from beneath the hood of her cloak. She notices a Farghul, a couple of Bith, a Chagarian, three Gungans, a Toydarian, and an old looking combat droid. The Republic must be pretty desperate if they’re digging old droids out of the scrap heap. Karei stands at the back of the room, near a fellow member of the Jedi Order, waiting for the meeting to begin.

Finally, Major Poresh gets the attention of the group. Karei looks up at the projector and listens to the Major intently. This is her first mission briefing and Karei takes notes mentally. This mission sounds dangerous, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Karei listens quietly as Poresh finishes the briefing. This mission sounds good; I hope that I was chosen.

So with that said, I now ask for six volunteers to undergo this mission.

Well, I guess this mission is more dangerous than I thought if they are only taking volunteers. Karei raises her hand, lowers her hood, and says, “I’m in.” With her face finally revealed, the group gathered in the room sees a young woman, with long blond hair and light blue eyes. She stands about 1.6 meters tall and has an athletic build. Her skin is tan, showing that she spends a lot of time outdoors.

Glancing at the other volunteers, she gives each a nod of greeting. Interesting, the combat droid volunteered and wasn’t ordered to go. I’ll have to find out more about the droid later.

(OOC: I modeled Karei after a picture I saw on SWAG, you can see it here (http://www.swagonline.net/view.php?photo_id=804&screen=10&action=search&selectcat=girl&date=&type=search).)

14 August 2004, 10:20 AM
Cubber Byng brushes his shaggy brown hair out of his eyes to look at the holoprojector. Judging by the briefing, this mission sounded a touch to dangerous for his taste... Still, his chances of survival were good enough, there are people in danger that require his expert assistance, and there is always the chance to sow a little chaos among the Vong.
"I'm in" he muttered and raised his hand at the appropriate time.
Looking around the room, he spots another Jedi student, a girl he met briefly in training... Kar..Kary...Kare-something. Not that it matters really, there will no doubt be time for introductions.
He also sees a rather ecclectic mix of aliens, from Toydarians to Gungans to even Chagrians.
The good ship Integration he thinks to himself.
Then, to his astonishment, he notices the old battle droid has volanteered for the mission.
That'll reallygall the Vong.... good. he smiles as he thinks of this.
Cubber walks toward the rest of the group, as, naturally, he had been sitting in the back of the room. They see a yound man of sixteen or so, who has the pale and pinched look of someone who spends little time outdoors, he has a stocky build, and has shaggy brown hair that shares it's color with a scraggly goatee and mustache that the young man is working on growing. His open robes reveal his lightsaber, as well as a beat up DL-44.
Surveying the assembled volenteers, he thinks:

This should be a fun ride.

14 August 2004, 11:45 AM
Vaidoo listens to Poresh's speach with feigned interest, while doing his best to get a read on the motley crew assembled in the briefing room. I'm not impressed.

Finally Poresh gets to the point: Hunt the Vong and look for his lost and obivously incompetent first team.
Vong are worthy adversaries, Hunting them will bring me a great deal of honor. Certainly justifying some lucrative contract work in the future.

Vaidoo raises his hand from the back of the room, "I'm in". Vaidoo is tall for a Rodian standing 1.9 meters tall, on a lank frame. He has black eyes and dark green skin, dark even for a Rodian. He is wearing black combat fatigues of Rodian fashion.

Vaidoo looks at the other 5 volunteers. A couple of Jedi? I thought the Vong hated the Jedi. They must be brave or stupid, likely the latter. Well atleast they can keep themselves quiet if need be.

He offers a wary smile to the other volunteers.

(OOC: do we know the climate of Garqi?)

14 August 2004, 11:56 AM
Crone Roquin sheathes his vibroscythe and places a sharpening tool back in one of his dark green jumpsuit’s many pockets when he hears the hum of the room’s holoprojector coming to life. Having been preoccupied with cleaning his pair of rifles and then sharpening his melee weapon, this is the first time Crone has really taken in his surroundings. This is a hell of a crowd…the Jedi make sense, and I guess the Gungans do too, and, of course, the Rodian…there’s so many a them they might as well be ugly humans…oh, and the Fargy’s alright… I haven’t seen one a them in years…crafty bunch they are, he’ll come in handy…wonder if he knows Fendik?…hmm, I have a feeling the flyer’s with the ship, but what about the Bith…I don’t think we need a band where we’re going…and what’s with all the droids?…old droids…maybe that’s just to piss off the Vong…or maybe they’re…His thoughts are interrupted by an intentionally loud tapping sound followed by the voice of Major Poresh stating that he is about to begin the briefing.

Though he knows the basic scenario, that is, after all, why he signed on, he listens intently as the Major describes the situation, and then, surprisingly, asks for volunteers. Huh, I thought at least some of this lot would be on orders…well, I’m not gonna miss the party. Crone juts his right hand in the air, and, after both Jedi and the Rodian declare their inclusion, says, “I didn’t come out here for a joyride. I’m your forth.” With that, he lowers the hood of his patchwork, animal hide cloak, exposing his roughly-broken, jagged remains of head horns, to look around the room to see who will make up the rest of the team, and almost laughs out loud when he sees one of the antique droids holding up his arm. I’ll be a gundark’s uncle…I wonder who’s pushing his buttons…this is gonna be some trip…

Gyp Ryol
15 August 2004, 11:26 AM
The Farghul sits by himself, removed from the rest of the group gathered in the briefing room. He sits attentively, taking copious notes of the briefing on his handheld computer. He steals glances at the other members of this small group, evaluating them. Good enough, I suppose. Seems, though, that most of everyone here is of the more violent persuasion. I wonder if military intelligence is in fact an oxymoron. The two robed ones, on the other hand, may be Jedi. Or fools trying to be Jedi. And the combat droids are just downright peculiar. If my research is correct, the Yuuzhan Vong despise droids more than Jedi. How very interesting that they would be here.

The Major explains the situation on Garqi, and the Farghul drinks all the information in. The fact that the Major asks for volunteers is intriguing, but unsurprising to him. On a mission such as this, he needs to make sure he has personnel willing to do this mission out of more than a sense of duty. My own vast technical skills would be well suited for this endeavour. Maintaining, and if needed, creating weaponry and machinary is not something I would trust anyone but me to be responsible for.

The Farghul simply raises a furred hand to volunteer, offering no words to accompany his action. The cat-like alien conforms to the normal dress code of his race, meaning to say he wears no shirt. His luxurious amber fur shines in the room's lighting, and his green eyes carrying a look of supremacy. He sports a pair of royal purple pants. Two bandlodeers chock full of tools and technological devices criss-cross over his chest.

15 August 2004, 01:05 PM
Although his height does set him apart from the other droids, the difference doesn't stop there. An ancient battle droid that looks old enough to have fought in the Battle of Geonosis, it is apparent that he must have changed hands several times in the past. Although his chassis is the same, he is covered in red and black Zabrak clan swirls. At each hip is a Jawa stylized holster, with a heavy blaster pistol sticking out of each. What looks like a Kel Dor breath mask is over his mouth, but it looks superficial, as if that set of engineers just wanted Kaythree to look intimidating. His chassis is deeply pitted with carbon scoring.

When the Major calls for volunteers, Kaythree throws his hand in the air without hesitation. The fluidity of the movement seems unusual for a battledroid. Perhaps the servos in his arms and legs have been replaced also.

15 August 2004, 05:40 PM
Major Poresh surveys the volunteers and nods to each one in turn. I knew Kaythree was in. He hates the Vong more than I do. Why can't command send us more droids like him? These prissy protocol droids are...ah, forget it.

The Major brought his thoughts back to the present.

Major Poresh: Excellent. I applaud you all for showing up, but it seems like our team has chosen itself. With the exception of our six volunteers, the rest of you may report back to your stations.

As the other gathered beings file out of the room, the Major sits in one of the chairs surrounding the holotank and with a slight wave, summons the Toydarian to his side. As the grim-faced sergeant flitters over to the group, the Major addresses his new team.

Major Poresh: Sergeant Roviri here is our resident "procurement" expert. He's amassed quite a collection of arms and armor, along with some other, ah, "gadgets" you may find useful.

Sergeant Roviri hovers by the Major's side, his wings beating a sure and steady rythmn. His uniform consists of only a leather vest, adorned with several pouches and his NCO insignia. Blue skinned and looking a bit worse for the wear, the Toydarian sergeant nods his head in turn to each member of the group. He addresses the team.

Sergeant Roviri: See me in about...30 minutes, deck C. I gotta run one more inventory check. I think that damned Gungan took two of my thermal d's and never signed for them. When i get my hands on his scrawny neck I'ma gonna....

The Major stifled a chuckle and dismissed the supply sergeant.

Major Poresh: That'll be all, Sergeant.

Muttering to himself about the genetic flaws of the Gungan species, Sergeant Roviri flutters off towards the turbolift, scanning his datapad along the way.

The Major took another moment to scan his new team. Tough looking bunch, these guys. Never thought I'd see 'em all in one place. Crone'll do fine. Hunting is what he's best at. The Major was certainly surprised to see Drash volunteer, but knowing his technical skills, there probably wasn't anyone else on the ship as qualified. Looks like I've underestimated him. I think I'm going to recommend dismissing his last supervisor. That efficiency report didn't do him any justice. He turned towards the Rodian and gave a nod. No surprise there. Vaidoo jumps at any chance to hunt. The element that seemed out of place however were the two Jedi. B2K3, Crone, Drash, Vaidoo, all were Corporals, all of them tested under fire under their various commands. But the Jedi. Now this was different. The Major knew he couldn't pin rank on them without permission from Master Skywalker. Would he object? Most likely. I don't want to get into a pissing match with the guy who took out Darth Vader. Better to leave them as civilian advisors. One Jedi already held a military commission in Rogue Sqaudron, but that was different. The two Jedi would have to listed as advisors for this mission. No other options there. But will they follow orders, or try to give them? The Major had worked with only one other Jedi before, and he was in a whole different catagory. Older, more experienced. Might as well get this over and done with.

Major Poresh: Jedi Byng, Jedi Edo, since you two aren't technically a part of NRI, I can't give you any type of military orders, or even pin on brevet rank without permission from Master Skywalker. Be advised that you two will be listed as "advisors" for this mission. That doesn't mean that you can't follow instructions however. I don't want a pair of Kyp Durrons running loose on this op.

The Major took in a deep breath. Here's the kicker.

Major Poresh: This is the hard part. Since B2K3 is technically the highest ranking member of the team by virtue of time in service, he will be listed as the noncommissioned officer in charge. This is only a matter of paperwork however. The only person in charge of this mission is me. I want to make that clear. All of you will have to pull your weight and share the burden of leadership while groundside. You folks will have to work together to pull this off. None of you outrank each other for the purposes of this op. That goes double for you, Kaythree. Corporal Velk is still gunning for you after that fiasco at Dantooine. Breaking arms is not to be considered "corrective training", understood?

Giving the old combat droid a wink, the Major looked back towards the two Jedi. I'll never be able to get over that calmness they have. They're about to waltz into a whole nest full of Vong and they just sit there, not reacting. They're either cool customers, or naive as hell. Sithspit, I was supposed to retire this year. Now I'm sending Jedi on intel ops. Never saw this coming.

Major Poresh: Jedi Byng, Jedi Edo, there is no doubt in my mind that your combined skills will be extremely beneficial to this op, but let me reiterate: no rogue antics. The rest of this team have proven themselves to the NRI already. You have not. That's just how it is. This is a military op, and I expect you two to follow proper procedures while you are attached to my men. Am I clear on this? Good.

I hope they understand that I'm being hard on them because of who they are, not their age. A four-year old Jedi could probably kick every butt on this ship ten times over. I just hope they're as good as Skywalker says they are. Katarn vouched for Edo, and Byng carries a blaster along with the glowrod. He can't be all that bad. Let's pray their masters taught them well. The Major stood and came to attention. He saluted first, breaking a cardinal rule of command, but they deserved a salute from him. He didn't envy any of them. This mission was going to be dangerous as hell.

Major Poresh: Next briefing will be at 2130, after you have checked in with Sergeant Roviri and properly equipped yourselves. Dismissed.

Dropping his salute, the Major tuned on his heel and headed towards the turbolift, his M-3PO aide in tow.

New Ally:
Sergeant Roviri: Male Toydarian Scoundrel 11; Init +4 (+4 Dex); Defense +22 (+7 class, +4 Dex, +1 size); Spd 6 m (18 m fly, good maneuverability); VP/WP 58/10; Atk+14/+9 ranged (blaster pistol, 3d6/20 or DC 15 stun, range 10 m) or +8/+3 melee (datapad, 1d2-1); SQ +8 Species bonus on Will saves to resist mind affecting Force skills, Illicit barter, Lucky (2/day), Precise attack +2; SV Fort +3, Ref +11, Will +4; SZ S; FP 2, DSP 3; Rep +3; Str 9, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 15, Wis 12, Cha 13, Challenge Code E.

Equipment: leather vest, Sergeant’s insignia, datapad, 10 datacards (contains ships’ supply inventory), blaster pistol, shoulder holster, comlink

Skills: Appraise +18, Astrogate +4, Bluff +11, Computer Use +11, Diplomacy +5, Escape Artist +6, Forgery +11, Gamble +7, Gather Information +18, Hide +10, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +14, Knowledge (streetwise)+10, Knowledge (Nar Shaadaa) +7, Listen +10, Pilot +7, Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Toydarian, Repair +5, Search +13, Sense Motive +5, Sleight of Hand +9, Speak Basic, Speak Huttese, Speak Nikto, Speak Toydarian, Spot +10

Feats: Alertness, Dodge, Iron Will, Mobility, Point Blank Shot, Skill Emphasis (Appraise), Skill Emphasis (Gather Information), Trick, Weapon Focus (blaster pistol), Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, simple weapons)

(your turn - feel free to respond to anything said and get ready to grab some gear! I hope you guys don't mind me adding a bit to your backstories. If you don't like those parts, I can always edit them out. Signing on with New Republic military has gained each of the non-Jedi official rank, though when each of you signed on, and if you've had much service time is entirely up to you. You may of course resign at any time, even now, and stay on as a civilian. Military ops are not generally staffed solely with civilians, so by default, all non-Jedi are ranked.)

15 August 2004, 06:12 PM
(OOC: I keep on messing up the quote thing, so the next paragraph is supposed to be one.)

That goes double for you, Kaythree. Corporal Velk is still gunning for you after that fiasco at Dantooine. Breaking arms is not to be considered "corrective training", understood?

"Like I said before, he needed to learn how things work. Anyway, I guess I should be a little gentler with this team. I still say that we should make train for a few standard months at an Iridonian training camp. The Zabrak's aren't bad at that kind of things. For organics.

Will we be in a single squads or will we be seperated?"

15 August 2004, 07:33 PM
Karei moves forward once the other crew members are dismissed. She listens to Major Poresh intently when he introduces Sergeant Roviri, then gives him a nod in greeting. I'll have to see what Roviri's got ater the briefing is over. Karei brings her thoughts back to Poresh, and listens as he addresses the team. She calmly listens as he goes over the command structure of the team and all the rules.

I don't want a pair of Kyp Durrons running loose on this op.

Karei gives Poresh a nod of acknowledgement and thinks, Are the Jedi always associated with Durron? I'll have to prove him wrong on this mission. I have to be on my best behavior. Karei is respectfully quiet as he continues the briefing.

Jedi Byng, Jedi Edo, there is no doubt in my mind that your combined skills will be extremely beneficial to this op, but let me reiterate: no rogue antics. The rest of this team have proven themselves to the NRI already. You have not. That's just how it is. This is a military op, and I expect you two to follow proper procedures while you are attached to my men. Am I clear on this? Good.

"I will listen to your men. This is my first mission, so I do not have a lot of experience. I will support them, but I will not forfeit the Jedi values. I will try to help your men in any way I can. I hope that when we return, you will have ample evidence of my service to the Republic." Karei gives the Major a return salute, then turns to her fellow Jedi. "I don't believe we have had the chance to introduce ourselves. I am Karei Edo," as she says this, Karei offers Cubber her hand in greeting.

16 August 2004, 05:30 PM
Vaidoo offers Poresh a barely adequate salute as he walks away.

These 5 appear to be competent, but we'll see once we're planetside. Being in the bush always brings out the weaknesses. K3 should prove useful if things get sticky, even if only to distract the Vong.

Turning to his teamates, "I will make sure that Sgt Roviri has all the communication equipment we need. I'd like to recon as much as possible once we're down and don't want anyone revealing our position because they aren't listening or have faulty equipment".

With kurt nod, Vaidoo turns from the group and heads down to deck C to see Sgt. Roviri.
I must admit Roviri is quiet resourceful, I hope he has the munitions I requested.

Vaidoo enters Sgt. Roviri's supply office and notices the Toydarian lookign over some inventory files. "You see what I have for a team Sgt. I'm going to need your best covert communications gear along with those special Hutt detonators and timers I requested. Odds are we are going to need to have one hell of a diversion if things get sticky and we need to evac."

16 August 2004, 05:59 PM
See me in about...30 minutes, deck C. I gotta run one more inventory check. I think that damned Gungan took two of my thermal d's and never signed for them.
Thermal Detonators, eh? Maybe I'll have a look at the guy's firework section... heheh Cubber thinks of his own fondness for explosives. It was a love he shared with his father, who had gladly given the kid a few instructions and technique lessons. He had heard of the Rodian's penchant for high explosive destruction, and thought there perhaps is a kindred spirit in the group... at least in the realm of chaos initiating.
I'll require some grenades at least, maybe some detonite for some "distractions" the team may require

Be advised that you two will be listed as "advisors" for this mission. That doesn't mean that you can't follow instructions however. I don't want a pair of Kyp Durrons running loose on this op.
Cubber winced but nodded at this.
Stupid Durron... So impulsive I'm surprised he's made Master. He's certainly not fit to be teaching others respect or self restraint. Although, I can understand his frustration with Master Skywalker. But that isn't the point is it.

Jedi Byng, Jedi Edo, there is no doubt in my mind that your combined skills will be extremely beneficial to this op, but let me reiterate: no rogue antics. The rest of this team have proven themselves to the NRI already. You have not. That's just how it is. This is a military op, and I expect you two to follow proper procedures while you are attached to my men. Am I clear on this? Good.
After Kare... er... Karei! That's the ticket has said her peace, Cubber feels obliged to add his feelings.
"We will, of course follow the guidelines of the mission sir, and if requested, we will lend our... unique assistance. Otherwise, we are just part of the team." Cubber said smoothly. He had participated in a few missions, but never one so dangerous. He was excited, but at the same time very nervous about his prospects for survival.
As the Major leaves and salutes, Cubber offers in return a polite little bow. As he righted himself, Karei introduces herself.

"I don't believe we have had the chance to introduce ourselves. I am Karei Edo," as she says this, Karei offers Cubber her hand in greeting.
"Hello Karei," Cubber says clumsily, "Er... I think we actually were in Master Katarn's self defense class a few months ago. I'm Cubber, Cubber Byng." He saids as he takes her hand and shakes it.

16 August 2004, 06:07 PM
"Hello Karei," Cubber says clumsily, "Er... I think we actually were in Master Katarn's self defense class a few months ago. I'm Cubber, Cubber Byng." He saids as he takes her hand and shakes it.

"I'm pleased to meet you. I know that we were in the same class, it's just I haven't had the chance to get to know you yet. So, I thought I would start with a formal introduction." Karei lets go of his hand and says, "Looks like we've got ourselves into a pretty tuff mission. I'm thinking about going to Deck C to check out what Sgt. Roviri has in stock. Would you like to come with me?"

16 August 2004, 06:29 PM
Flittering about his office, which can best be described as nothing less than organized chaos, Sergeant Roviri scans his datapad as he inventories his shelves, filled to the brim with various equipment. Though the room is deceptively small, and smells strongly of Toydarian muck-lake scent, there is in fact a complex, yet understandable organizational system in place. Towards the back of the room, a small hallway leads to a massive door, magentically and electronically sealed. This is no doubt the infamous armory of the crafty Toydarian.

Sergeant Roviri looks up as Vaidoo enters.

Sergeant Roviri: I said 30 minutes! Can't you people give a guy a break?

Vaidoo: You see what I have for a team Sgt. I'm going to need your best covert communications gear along with those special Hutt detonators and timers I requested. Odds are we are going to need to have one hell of a diversion if things get sticky and we need to evac.

Sergeant Roviri: (sighing) Okay, okay. I've got your detonators and the timers, but it wasn't easy. Wading through all those Hutt lackeys just to make the deal was really trying my patience. But I got them. They're in the armory. When the rest of you show, I'll open up, but not until then.

Sergeant Roviri makes a few entries on his datapad then looks back up at Vaidoo. A wide grin forms upon his mouth.

Sergeant Roviri: As for your commo gear, well, it ain't here. Feez and Welez have that taken care of. They came up with some new kind of comlinks. S-thread hyperwave something or others. Those two Bith could build a Death Star out of a pile of twigs and some synthrope, I tell you. Heh, heh, heh. You'll get those things soon enough.

Sergeant Roviri points to a small bench.

Sergeant Roviri: Have a seat. Your pals should be here in few minutes.

16 August 2004, 06:57 PM
Hmm…glad to have the Fargy along, he can fix my guns if I don’t have time to grab the cutter and have to bash a few Vong with ‘em…gonna have to ask him about Fendik…well, looks like a good group…not sure about the Rodian…seems a bit…off…sometimes combat can do that to ya, and it looks like he’s seen his share…I prefer solo predator hunting, but nothing holds a candle to cutting down these disgusting Vong…after seeing Ithor first-hand, they’re nothing but mindless killers to me…I’m looking forward to adding a few amiphistaves to my cloak…

Crone listens as Major Poresh continues the briefing, concentrating on the Jedi, chain of command, and the Toydarian equipment manager. Despite rank, once we get down there I am not taking orders from a damn droid…I’d much rather follow an inexperienced Jedi than a hunk of old metal…he’ll be great to have along, but droids are only as good at leading as whoever programmed them…especially one that old…and what’s so bad about Durron?…if I was a pilot, I’d kill to join his dozen…well, guess I’ll head down to deck C…load up on ammunition…and that flyer better have cigarras…Crone slowly trails away from the group toward deck C, then decides to let his curiosity get the best of him as he approaches the Farghul. “Hey there, uh, Drash isn’t it?” Crone gives a half-hearted salute, and then continues, “You ever know a Farghul went by Fendik? He used to fix up ranged rigs for me and my pa on Tatooine…good guy. You wanna go see what the flyer’s got? ‘Sposed to have some choice cigarras, I always ask for ‘em on ops so I can get ‘em for free. You like t’bac? I can’t even taste the stuff, but I gotta have it. Hell if I know how I got hooked. Damn, I don’t usually spout off like this, just excited to get on-world. Get this thing going. How ‘bout you?” Holy hawkbats Crone, you gonna talk the guy’s ear off…why don’t you ask him on a date and just get it over with…I gotta get those cigarras, calm myself down…

Gyp Ryol
17 August 2004, 07:47 AM
Drash patiently waits for the Chagrain to shut up. Who needs guns when this one can talk the Yuuzhan Vong to death? he thinks to himself. When the being finally did stop talking, Drash offers a small, amused smile. "Yes, my name is Drash. And no, I've never heard of a Farghul named Fendik. Sorry." He pauses. "As for t'bac, I personally find any form of recreational chemicals disgusting. Living on Nar Shaddaa will do that." He heaves a small sigh. Drash then raises an inquisitive eyebrow. "I don't believe I caught your name?"

A detatched Rodian, two wet-behind-the ears Jedi, an outdated combat droid, and, if my research is correct, a Chagrain hunter who smokes. It'll be a wonder if the Yuuzhan Vong don't kill us all ten minutes into this.

17 August 2004, 09:15 AM
“It’s Crone…and sorry about before…being cramped up in ships like this, well, it doesn’t really work for me…I’d much rather be out, ya know? Anyway, shame about Fendik, you two coulda shared secrets…and no t’bac for you means more for me…c’mon, let’s go see if that flyer made good.” Crone turns toward the hallway leading to deck C and waits for Drash to either follow suite, or decline. I hope I didn’t piss this guy off…I’d hate to be on his bad side when I come asking him to fix something…

17 August 2004, 11:21 AM
"Looks like we've got ourselves into a pretty tuff mission. I'm thinking about going to Deck C to check out what Sgt. Roviri has in stock. Would you like to come with me?"
"Um... Sure. I like to keep up to date on muntitions... I could help you out in selecting equipment." Cubber said awkwardly.
"So... Karei, where are you from?" he asked.
If I'm going to trust these people with my life... I should probably know a bit about them.

17 August 2004, 01:19 PM
"So... Karei, where are you from?" he asked.

Karei starts walking to the turbolifts before answering his question and ignores his first comment. "I was born on Bakura and lived in an orphanage for a while. Then Kyle Katarn visited the planet and discovered me. I went to Yavin IV with him and I have been on the moon ever since. This is the first time I've been off of Yavin in a long time. How about you?" She finds the button for Deck C, presses it, and waits for his answer on the way. Then Karei exits the turbolift and seeks out Roviri's office with Cubber.

(OOC: edit spelling)

17 August 2004, 01:44 PM
"I was born on Bakura and lived in an orphanage for a while. Then Kyle Katarn visited the planet and discovered me. I went to Yavin IV with him and I have been on the moon ever since. This is the first time I've been off of Yavin in a long time. How about you?"
"Corellia... by way of New Alderaan." Cubber replied. "My parents were Alliance SpecOps, but settled down after the Thrawn War."
Cubber thought about asking about Karei's parents but then remembered "orphanage" and thought better of it.
"Master Horn was the one that requested my training, but I mostly spent time with Master Solusar and Master Streen.
"So this is your first mission? I've been on a few... Mostly holding actions and evacs, only saw Vong twice. I got one though..." he said, probably brighter than he should have. "On Delo III, out in the Rim. We evac-ed a mining colony, but the Vong got a boarding team through our fighter screen. There were four of them, but the NRDF guys got three of them.
"Technically speaking, they got the assist on the one I took down, as the frag grenade they threw winged it... but I like to think it was an accomplisment." Cubber tried to sound nonchalant about it. The truth was, the Vong had been a priest... not a major combatant, and the grenade had rendered it immobile, but still, he had gotten one.
"So," he said as they reached C Deck, "I believe it's three doors down... on the left."

Gyp Ryol
17 August 2004, 01:54 PM
Drash lithely unfurls from his seat and stretches his arms out in front of him. He sighs contentedly and rolls his head. Gingerly, he places his handheld computer into a pouch on his belt. "Although the Toydarian said to meet him in thirty minutes, it would appear we would be the last ones to leave." He slinks over to the door and walks with Crone down the hallway. As they wait for the turbo lift to return to their floor, Drash says, "So, I hear you are a game hunter?"

17 August 2004, 02:23 PM
“Yep.” Crone beams slightly, and unconsciously puffs out his chest. “Been doin’ it since I was little. Growing up on Tatooine provides loads of targets.” Crone pulls his left arm out of his cloak, grips the empty sleeve with his right hand, and points out a few sections near the elbow. “This one here is from the biggest Dewback I’ve ever seen, this lower one, the furry one, is from a Bull Bantha, and this one, just for old time’s sake, is from a Womp Rat…they’re nothing to brag about, but that’s what I started out on…I used to shoot ‘em from the roof of our hut…this though, this is the prize.” Crone puts his arm back in his cloak, and points to a gleaming white orb in the middle of his necklace. “This is a Krayt Pearl. I took this one from the monster that killed my pa…no matter how many Vong trophies I get, this will always be my favorite thing…so, how ‘bout you? With all those tools and such, you’ve gotta be some sort of mechanic, right?”

17 August 2004, 02:28 PM
"Yes, this is my first mission. As I said, I haven't been off of Yavin for a while, so all of this is new to me. But, I have heard rumors from other Jedi returning to Yavin IV from actions against the Vong. They have been saying that the Vong can't be affected by the Force. Did you notice this when you encountered them?" Karei gets to the door pointed out by Cubber and opens it. She walks in and scans the room, while waiting for Cubber to reply.

17 August 2004, 04:03 PM
But, I have heard rumors from other Jedi returning to Yavin IV from actions against the Vong. They have been saying that the Vong can't be affected by the Force. Did you notice this when you encountered them?"
Cubber grimaced. "That one is true, as far as I can tell." he said.
"It's not that you can't use the force when you face them; you can, like the Battle Mind techniques and even dropping things on them from a height... but you can't affect their minds, or attack them with the force."
"Your saber will be your best friend. Trust me on that one." he said, ducking into the armory area.
"So, this is the place." he said, looking around at the racks of equipment.

17 August 2004, 04:10 PM
Karei frowns at the bad news. "Well, at least I'm good with my saber. I have a feeling it will be my best friend. I might find some good gear in here to help me destroy some Vong." She looks around the room, noticing that some of the team members have already arrived.

Gyp Ryol
17 August 2004, 06:14 PM
Drash smirked. "Give the man a cigarra." The lift pinged, announcing it's arrival. The door whoosed open and the two stepped inside. "But I'm more than just a mechanic. Slicer, saboteur, demolitions expert, blastersmith, pilot, card shark." Drash snickered a little. "Guess I won't need to use that last one too much, huh?" The lift came to a gentle stop and the door whooshed open. "Well, here we are."

17 August 2004, 08:06 PM
Crone puts his fingers to his mouth in a mock-smoking gesture, then says, “That’s quite the list of accomplishments…and don’t write off the last one, we’re gonna need something to do while we wait for the evac shuttle after we rid the planet of Vong trash.” Crone laughs to himself for this statement. I’m either the most confident guy alive, or I’m just plain crazy…I bet Drash here’d bet on crazy…anyway, this cat’s alright…I’ll have to ask him on the way planet-side if he knows anything about ammunition crafting…I’m always up for learning something new…

As Drash acknowledges their arrival and the pair withdraws from the elevator, Crone turns to his new companion and says, “I hope the others haven’t called dibs on everything…especially not my damn cigarras…you put in for anything special?”

18 August 2004, 05:10 PM
After the rest of the group filter out of the room, Kaythree snaps a salute to the Major and also makes his way to the turbolift. He silently enters the supply room, resting against one wall.

18 August 2004, 08:25 PM
Flittering about his office, Sergeant Roviri continues his inventory, scanning his datapad and making entries periodically. Vaidoo sits calmly upon the room's only seat, a small bench, and tinkers with some esoteric, yet dangerous looking equipment.

Well-lit and bright-walled, the office consists of rows upon rows of metal shelves, all nearly overflowing with field equipment and technical gear. Sturdy, military-grade shipping containers can be seen open, revealing their contents. Though seemingly haphazard in array, if one looks carefully, one can see a common pattern among the supplies and items stored here. Field tents and sleeping gear are heaped next to boxes of field rations, while glowrods and sensor packs hang from wall-mounted pegs next to raingear and cold-weather clothing.

Hovering near a shelf containing optical devices and electrobinoculars, Sergeant Roviri studies the shelf's contents with a keen eye, easily picking out an unfamiliar peice of equipment.

Sergeant Roviri: Mee dwanna go stupa! {I didn't order this!} Those damn intel pukes! Always leaving stuff in the wrong...

Sergeant Roviri turns about suddenly as he notices the rest of the team enter his office. He casts a perturbed look at the lot, and waves his datapad erratically as he speaks.

Sergeant Roviri: Kee chai chai cun kuta? {What do you want?} I said 30 minutes! Can't any of you tell time? Koochu! {Idiots!} I've barely started my inventory! (sighs)

Sergeant Roviri hangs his head and apparantly giving up, sets his datapad down on his cluttered desk.

Sergeant Roviri: Fine, fine. You win. I'll never finish this damned inventory. Okay. Let me know what you need, and I'll see what I can scrape up. I'll open up the armory. Here, just let me find the keycard. Where is that blasted thing?

Sergeant Roviri searches his desk and finds his electronic card under a sheaf of flimsiplast notes. He grabs the card and retrieves his datapad, along with several datacards, and stuffs the pad into a pouch on his vest. With his keycard in hand, the grim-faced Toydarian buzzes towards the back of the room, and into the small hallway leading into the armory. Opening the complex lock with a palm-print and his keycard, Sergeant Roviri pulls the massive door open and gestures the team inside.

Sergeant Roviri: Come on in, and let's see what we've got here. Boska. {Let's go.} You can grab whatever you want, but you had better sign for it!

Digging into a vest pocket, Sergeant Roviri pulls out a small plastic box, which he then tosses towards Crone.

Sergeant Roviri: These weren't easy to get, but here you go. Free of charge. Genuine Nubian t'bac, only the best. And it's the only freebie you'll get out of me!

Campaign objective complete - Rendezvous with Sergeant Roviri and acquire weapons and equipment - Experience awarded to all team members.

Supply Room contents, in large quantities:
Field kits
Utility belts
All-temperature cloaks
Aquata A99 breathers
Breath masks
Atmosphere canisters/filters
Datapads (all mastercraft +2)
Datacards, blank
Grappling spike launchers
Liquid cable dispensors
Fusion lanterns
Medical kits
Medpacs (all mastercraft +2)
Power packs
Energy cells
Sensor packs (all mastercraft +2)
Security kits (all mastercraft +2)
Surgery kits
Tool kits (all mastercraft +2)
Assault vests
Camoflauge ponchos
Tactical camoflauge paint kits
Disguise kits
Camoflauge netting
Field ration packs
Condensing canteens
Survival tents
All-weather clothing
Weapon sights and night-vision optics
Sleeping gear
Snythrope coils
Weapons cleaning and repair kits
Power pack/energy cell rechargers

Armory contents:
All non-exotic, man-portable ranged weapons from the RCR, A&EG, HG, UA (sorry, no blaster cannons, E-webs or mounted weapons) to include all models of blaster pistols, carbines, rifles, light/heavy repeaters, slugthrowers, sporting blasters, and even a vintage Clone Wars-era arm-mounted autoblaster for B2K3 if (if he wants it, the techs will mount it for free)
Frag grenades
Stun grenades
Glop grenades
Cryoban grenades
Thermal detonators (only 6 left - make sure you sign for these!)
Detonite charges and timers
Light armor (blast vests, shadow suits, mimetic bodysuits, etc., but no medium, heavy, or powered armor types)

If there are any other weapons, equipment or armors that you want, let me know and I'll see what I can do. If you want a specific model, just post which one(s) you are grabbing. Have at it.

18 August 2004, 09:24 PM
Karei takes stock of everything that she already owns: a lightsaber, a DL-18 Blaster Pistol, and a Jedi utility belt. Looks like I'll need to pick some stuff up from this place. She wanders throught the supply room and begins picking stuff up:

Camoflage Poncho
Field Kit
10 Power Packs
2 Aquata A99 Breathers
10 Blank Datacards
2 Grappling Spike Launchers
5 Liquid Cable Dispensers
Fusion Lantern
10 Medpacs
Tactical Camoflage Paint Kit
25 Field Ration Packs
Survival Tent
2 Pairs All Weather Clothing
Sleeping Gear
Syntherope Coil
Power Pack Recharger
Energy Cell Recharger

The moving into the armory, she begins picking out some explosives. I might need some of these if I end up in a tight spot.

10 Frag Grenades
10 Stun Grenades
10 Glop Grenades

Some knives could be useful, I think that I'll look at some type of Vibroweapon. Karei picks up a dagger, then decides to take two. Just incase.

2 Vibrodaggers

Coming to the blaster section, Karei picks up a weapon that looks lethal and reads the pistols name: T-6 Thunderer. Taking the pistol, she seeks out Cubber and asks him, "I'm thinking that I'll need a pistol that packs a lot of punch. Is this one good enough, or is there anything better?"

(OOC: Hope that's not too much stuff. :) )

19 August 2004, 06:30 AM
Vaidoo currently has a DL-18 stock blaster and Custom Rodian Modfied AR - 1 Blaster Rifle.

As for your commo gear, well, it ain't here. Feez and Welez have that taken care of. They came up with some new kind of comlinks. S-thread hyperwave something or others. Those two Bith could build a Death Star out of a pile of twigs and some synthrope, I tell you. Heh, heh, heh. You'll get those things soon enough

"Sounds very interesting, I look foward to seeing the what the Bith have put together for us."

Vaidoo follows the group inside once Roviri opens the doorway.

He selects:
1 field kit
1 all temp cloak
1 aquata breather
1 datapad, 5 cards

Vaidoo looks at the jedi picking up the grappling spike launcher. "Good idea Jedi . . Karei, i hope i have said that correctly. I think I will grab one as well, 3 should suffice for our group."

1 grappling spike launcer

Vaidoo looks at the swinging saber at her waist. "I have never seen a light saber upclose before. Perhaps you could explain to me how you use it during our trip."

1 liquid cable dispensor
1 macro binoculars
1 medical kit
1 power pack,
5 energy cells
2 sensor packs
1 tactical camo paint
1 camo poncho
20 field rations
1 condense canteen
1 night vision optics
1 sleeping gear
1 power/energy recharger

At the armory:
1 vibro dagger
1 blast helmet and padded vest

Vaidoo then signs for 2 Hutt modified Thermal detonators. "Before i sign for anymore, Who else is familiar with demo work?"

19 August 2004, 12:47 PM
Kaythree strides around the room, inspecting everything, but taking little. In the end, he selects the following:

20 power packs,
A liquid cable dispenser,
a power pack recharger
a utility belt
2 Merr-Sonn underslung rotary blaster carbines (pg 20 A&E)

When he is finished, he turns to the Sergeant. "Would it be possible for your men to mount an integrated comlink into my chassis?"

19 August 2004, 01:06 PM
[OOC: Cubber already has: Dual Phase Lightsaber, Jedi (AllTemp) Cloak, Jedi Utility belt (with all that holds), Chronometer, Modified DL-44 (Improved Crit range, increased Range Increment, as per rules in A&E Guide), and Grappling Spike, Liquid Cable ascension gun.]

Coming to the blaster section, Karei picks up a weapon that looks lethal and reads the pistols name: T-6 Thunderer. Taking the pistol, she seeks out Cubber and asks him, "I'm thinking that I'll need a pistol that packs a lot of punch. Is this one good enough, or is there anything better?"
Cubber raises an eybrow. "Wow... the Thunderer. If it's punch you want, that'll give it to you. While I'm a Blas-Tech man myself, the Soro-Suub's a lot lighter and almost as powerful, and... Nevermind. Just try some dry fires, see if the heft is a hinderance or not." Cubber is relieved that he stopped himself from saying someting stupid, like 'That might be too much gun for you' because, he expects, Karei could probably take him.
That's a sobering thought... he thinks, but tries to put it out of his mind.
Thinking about the probable fight, he picks up a T-6 himself.

Cubber's Utility Belt Already Contains: 4 Power packs, 4 Energy Cells, 2 Aquata Breathers, 6 Ration Packs, JugFilter Canteen.
Cubber picks up the following survival gear:
Field Kit
4 Medpacs*
14 Ration Packs*
Datapad (w/box of 10 cards)*
PP/EC Recharger*
Camo Paint^
Night-Vision Equipment*
Macro Binoculars*
Survival Knife (2) 1 in boot, 1 in^
Ammo Bandolier
*In survival pack
^In utility belt

Cubber picks up the following weapons gear:
T-6 Thunderer
10 power packs (on ammo bandolier)
10 Frag Grenades (on bandolier/on Utility Belt)
6 Glop Grenades
Blaster Cleaning kit

"Before i sign for anymore, Who else is familiar with demo work?"
"I've got some experiance." Cubber said. "Go ahead and sign for some explosives, and I can help you out with them."

[OOC: Wow... the Vong are going to be running into a squad of Rambo's aren't they? :D
EDIT: Looked at contents for Field Kit, deleted a few redundant items.
Also, ran test on LD-1 by myself, found accuracy with unproficient firer unsatisfactory, so instead picked up a T-6]

Gyp Ryol
19 August 2004, 01:24 PM
The cat-like alien softly purrs as he enters the supply room. He walk up and down the supply shelves, tail twitching in excitement.

Drash quickly snatches up from the supply room:
A security kit
A tool kit
A pair of night vision goggles
A quintet of energy cells
A utility belt
A small backpack

Drash takes from the armory:
A knife
10 Merr-Sonn C-22 Fragmentation Grenades
10 Dentonite charges
10 timers

As he exits the armory, Drash stops to raise a quizzical eyebrow at the Rodian's question. "I have extensive training in demolitions and structural weaknesses." He pauses, looking at what the Rodian has taken out of the armory. "Do you intend to use those for demolitions work? You do realize, of course, that thermal detonators are designed as grenades and not shaped charges."

19 August 2004, 01:35 PM
Cubber hears the Farghul tech's statement, and before the Rodian can respond, he says, "True, but they do the job don't they? So unless you can whip us up some thermal wells*, the TDs are the most powerful thing we have... if worse comes to worse, you could rig a charge shaper out of something really durable, but unless we find a cone shaped piece of Mandalorian steel lying around, we'd need it beforehand."

*(described in the old WEG RoE book)

19 August 2004, 07:10 PM
Crone accepts the Farghul’s demeanor upon entering the supply room as a definite “no” to his previous question. If he wanted something in particular, he wouldn’t be so excited about all this other junk. The pale-blue alien briefly scans the area, then, hearing an annoyed muttering in Huttese, he directs his attention to the speaker, Sergeant Roviri. Not long into his tirade, the Toydarian says something that draws Crone’s mouth into a sneer. “Koochu” huh…I wonder if anyone else knows any Huttese…well, that damn flyer better find a box of cigarras on that desk or behind that door, or I’m gonna break rank and turn his little wings into elbow pads…

When the door to the armory is finally opened and Crone doesn’t immediately see what he’s looking for, he crosses his arms in front of his chest and aims a sharp stare at Roviri. Before he can say anything, however, the Sergeant tosses him the object of his desire: an unopened plastic cigarra box.

These weren't easy to get, but here you go. Free of charge. Genuine Nubian t'bac, only the best. And it's the only freebie you'll get out of me!
Crone looks down at the box with a now-pleasant look on his face, nods in agreement, and replies, “Smeeleeya whao toupee upee, Roviri…dolpee nobata koochoo…{Smile when you say that Roviri…I am no idiot…}” Crone flashes the Sargeant a wicked smile. I bet he had no idea...hah...anyway, these are perfect…he’ll keep his wings for now…I guess I should see if there’s anything here I need…Crone slips the ciggara box into one of the few empty pockets of his suit and takes a more in-depth look at what Roviri has to offer.

(OOC: Crone has on his person a vibroscythe, two identical modified slugthrower rifles [his father’s homemade Tusken-esque rifles, modified for better range and damage], a bandolier of personally-crafted slugs, the pouch of his vibroscythe sheath contains a toolkit, some ignitable powder, ingots of metal for crafting slugs, and some various other odds and ends, his suit pockets contain a blade sharpener, gun cleaning kits, capsule rations, a few credit chips, a lighter, and, now, his cigarras.)

From what’s left of the Toydarian’s stash, Crone picks out the following:
a utility belt that he fills witha tactical camoflauge paint kit
a few snythrope coils
6 frag grenades
6 stun grenades
6 glop grenades
6 cryoban grenadesa vibroknife he straps to his left boot
and he replaces his tool and cleaning kits with newer ones
That should be enough…most of what I need I brought myself…except these babies…Crone pats the pocket he’s stowed his cigarras in, then, after listening to the ongoing discussion about demolitions, adds his own two credits, “I’ve done some work with boomers, but usually just to scare a herd so I could single out my target…I like the glop and freeze grenades though…just like shooting womp rats in a barrel…anyway, you guys fight over the thermals, I’m all set.” Crone takes a deep breath, then looks over at Roviri and says, “Tee ava un puffee lumpa wata? {Is there a smoking section here?}”

21 August 2004, 08:12 AM
As the group assembles their field gear and choose weapons, Sergeant Roviri zips about the room, checking serial numbers on his datadpad and ensuring that nonbody slips anything into their pockets. He makes a few suggestions here and there and fields questions as he goes about his work.

B2K3: Would it be possible for your men to mount an integrated comlink into my chassis?

Sergeant Roviri: Heh, heh. Shouldn't be a problem. Hey, don't take that one (points at one of the two rotary carbines Kaythree has selected), take the other one. Yeah, the third one to the right. It just come out of maintenance. Had to replace the trigger group. She should fire like new now.

Sergeant Roviri, having finished logging in Kaythree's selected equipment, observes the two Jedi and grins. Jedi Byng in particular has selected quite an array of gear and weaponry, and gives his companion some advice on her selections. The Rodian stays close to the Jedi and notes the lightsaber on Jedi Edo's belt. He's taken quite an interest in that lightsaber of hers. Heh, I bet when the fighting starts, he'll be the first one hiding behind her. Wants to know how it works, he says. Wants to know if it'll keep him from getting shot, more likely.

Sergeant Roviri: I thought you Jedi were pacifists. You planning on liberating the planet or blowing it up, eh? Heh, heh.

The Jedi nod their heads and continue to pack their gear. Sergeant Roviri hovers over them just long enough to log in their equipment selections on his datapad and moves towards Crone and Drash, the latter obviously excited in the presence of a roomful of tech and weapons. He watches the Farghul and the Chagrian carefully select their wares and tries not to listen to their debate over explosives. Always wanting to blow things up, these types. He turns as Crone speaks to him, in Huttese no less.

Crone Roquin: Tee ava un puffe lumpa wata? {Is there a smoking section here?}

Sergeant Roviri: Not around all these explosives there ain't! Go out in the hallway, or back in my office if you want to smoke.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Sergeant Roviri turns towards the armory door and watches two Bith technicians enter the room. Both are dressed in standard coveralls, and each carries a small, locked metal case. Numerous tools are stuffed into their coverall pouches, and each wears a belt festooned with spanners, wrenches, powered drills, and all manner of electronic scanning devices. The two Bith stop in unison and cast bemused glances at the group, and each other.

Feez D'ido: Anybody order some comlinks?

Welez D'ido: Ha! Good one, my brother. Yes, we are having a special on comlinks today!

Feez D'ido: Also a good one, my brother! Get them quickly, they are selling out fast!

Sergeant Roviri grimaces at their barely passable attempts at humor. Regular comedians, these guys.

Sergeant Roviri: Heads up everybody. These two clowns are Welez and Feez D'ido. They're not funny, they're really annoying, but they're the best techs money can buy.

Welez D'ido: (sarcastically) You hurt us with your comments, little blue one.

Feez D'ido: Yes, hurt us very much. We try to bring humor to the situation and you do nothing but grumble.

Sergeant Roviri: Just show them what you've got and get out of here. I've got an inventory to finish, and you guys are wasting my time. Pushee wumpa! {Out of my way!}

As Sergeant Roviri forces his way between the Bith and heads back to his office, the technicians set their metal cases down on the deck and open them. Inside the cases are what appear to be heavily modified SoroSuub Hush-98 comlinks, a type not commonly seen since well before the Empire. Welez holds one up and adjusts a few controls while Feez speaks to the group, all of whom seem mildly curious now.

Feez D'ido: This, my friends, is a SoroSuub Hush-98 secure comlink. Or rather, it was a SoroSuub Hush-98 secure comlink. It is now one of the most highly advanced peices of technology the galaxy has ever seen.

Welez D'ido: You will sell many comlinks this way, my brother. Excellent sales pitch!

Feez D'ido: Ha! Correct you are, my brother! As I was saying, this piece of equipment has been extensively modified by my brother and I, the result of years of research and trial. Instead of using standard carrier frequencies, these comlinks transmit using a specially modified type of hyperwave s-thread.

A few heads in the group turn, and eyebrows raise, particulary those of Drash.

Welez D'ido: Yes, my brother is correct. For those of you who are not versed in communications technology, s-threads are used in the galaxy-spanning HoloNet system. Now normally, an s-thread communications device would fill this room. What we have done is unique, however. Instead of incorporating the s-thread transmission equipment inside the comlink itself, we have designed the comlink to recieve modified s-threads. A dedicated s-thread transmitter lies aboard this very ship. What this transmitter will do is bombard the planet with our modified s-threads. The comlinks are tuned to the s-thread signatures, and will send a return carrier signal, which will "jump" from s-thread stream to s-thread stream, all the way back to the ship's transmitter. The carrier signal of this comlink is designed to interact specifically with our modified s-threads, so the transmission will take place at the speed of light, and is extremely secure.

Feez D'ido: We have seen no evidence that the Yuuzhan Vong utilize s-threads, or anything comparable, so you can rest assured that your communications will not be interecepted. There is however, one slight problem.

Welez D'ido: Yes indeed, my brother is correct. The problem lies with natural blockage. Our modified s-threads will not penetrate duracrete, steel, most building materials, they will not reach underground areas, and it seems that plantlife, particularly dense foliage, scatters the s-threads on contact. You will have to be out in the open, and not under dense foliage or buildings and such to transmit communications.

Feez D'ido: Should you encounter such obstacles, and wish to communicate, you must move to open fields, or outside of a building. The return signals you send, however, will be picked up by our transmitter/receiver package. We've managed to fix that problem, haven't we, my brother?

Welez D'ido: Yes we have, my brother. We will hear what you say with no difficulties. Now, each of you will receive one primary, and one back-up s-thread comlink. They operate on standard power cells, so recharging them should be simple. They are quite sturdy, but please try to refrain from inflicting any trauma upon the devices. They are hideously expensive, and we have but these twelve prototypes at the present. We...

Feez D'ido: Wait! An idea has just come to me, my brother! Your skill with droid repair and modification has just triggered a brainstorm within me!

Welez D'ido: Yes! I believe I have just come to the same conclusion, my brother! Do you refer to the combat droid which stands before us?

Feez D'ido: Ha! Only a brother of mine could've have divined my thoughts! Yes, the droid! Your skills could be used to install the comlink internally! With a shielded antenna, and perhaps, say, 3 kilometers of field coil, the droid's comlink range would be substantially increased!

Welez D'ido: Yes! I can see it now, my brother! The antenna may even be capable of receiving our s-threads through dense materials! This is most exciting, my brother!

The two technicians both face B2K3 and begin to quiver with excitement. After a moment, Feez begins passing out a pair of comlinks to each member of the team, and issuing each a special holster for the devices. Two comlinks remain in one of the metal cases, obviously the ones reserved for Kaythree.

Welez D'ido: My good droid, if you would permit me, I can install this comlink within your chassis in only a few minutes! I can assure you my skills are quite up to the task, and that your powerplant is more than sufficient to power the device and the antenna.

Feez D'ido: Yes, good droid. My brother is correct. His skills are quite up to the task. Would you permit us?

Obviously, I need B2K3 to respond before I can continue here. As soon as he responds, I'll move things along. But feel free to continue your IC conversations or what have you.

New Allies:
Feez D'ido: Male Bith Tech Specialist 9/Soldier 2; Init +1 (+1 Dex); Defense +17 (+6 class, +1 Dex); Spd 10 m; VP/WP 51/11; Atk+9/+4 ranged (blaster pistol, 3d6/20 or DC 15 stun, range 10 m) or +8/+3 melee (unarmed, 1d3); SQ Heightened Smell, Micro-Vision, Meditative Trance, Expert (Knowledge - technology), Instant mastery (Demolitions), Research, Mastercrafter +2; SV Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +5; SZ M; FP 2, DSP 0; Rep +3; Str 10, Dex 13, Con 11, Int 19, Wis 12, Cha 16, Challenge Code E

Equipment: NRI coveralls, Technical Sergeant’s insignia, blaster pistol, mastercraft (+2) tool kit, locked metal case (contains 6 s-thread comlinks)

Skills: Appraise +8, Astrogate +11, Computer Use +19, Craft (electronic devices) +21, Craft (computers) +14, Demolitions +11, Disable Device +12, Gather Information +6, Knowledge (technology) +14, Pilot +10, Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Binary, Read/Write Bith, Repair +22, Search +9, Speak Basic, Speak Bith, Treat Injury +3

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Gearhead, Point Blank Shot, Skill Emphasis (Craft - electronic devices), Skill Emphasis (Repair), Starship Operation (space transport), Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons)

Welez D'ido: Male Bith Tech Specialist 10/Soldier 1; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Defense +19 (+7 class, +2 Dex); Spd 10 m; VP/WP 52/12; Atk+11/+6 ranged (heavy blaster pistol, 3d8/20 or DC 18 stun, range 8 m) or +9/+4 melee (unarmed, 1d3+1); SQ Heightened Smell, Micro-Vision, Meditative Trance, Expert (Knowledge - astronomy), Expert (Craft - tools), Instant mastery (Forgery), Research, Mastercrafter +2; SV Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +7; SZ M; FP 3, DSP 0; Rep +2; Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 12, Challenge Code E

Equipment: NRI coveralls, Technical Sergeant’s insignia, heavy blaster pistol, droid caller, mastercraft (+2) tool kit, locked metal case (contains 6 s-thread comlinks)

Skills: Appraise +7, Computer Use +13, Craft (droids) +21, Craft (tools) +16, Disable Device +14, Forgery +8, Gamble +6, Knowledge (technology) +16, Knowledge (astronomy) +14, Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Binary, Read/Write Bith, Repair +12, Search +8, Sleight of Hand +5, Speak Basic, Speak Binary, Speak Bith, Treat Injury +6

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Dodge, Iron Will, Perfect Memory, Skill Emphasis (Craft - droids), Weapon Focus (heavy blaster pistol), Weapon Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons)

21 August 2004, 08:49 AM
"Um. Sure. Are you sure you can damage me in any way?" Kaythree seems slightly concerned, not positive if he should trust the skills of the two jokers.

Gyp Ryol
21 August 2004, 10:57 AM
Drash doesn't seem quite sure how to react. The idea of using hyperspace s-threads in personal communication devices hadn't even entered Drash's mind. And they made it work! he thinks, floored by the Bith's vast technical mastery. I...I...I...I'm in the presence of geniuses! Perhaps I should kneel. No, that's preposterous.

He continued to have a stunned expression on his face as the cheerful Bith put two of the s-thread comlinks in his hands, as well as the special holster. He mutters a small, "Thank you." Then to use the droid's power plant to punch through interference, brilliant! Drash thinks.

His tail begins to wildly twitch and his pupils narrow as he comes out of his internal reverie and studies the devices in his hands. Under normal circumstances I would rip these apart and figure out their internal workings. But somehow, that feels wrong to do to the work of these two wizards. No, out of respect for their work, I won't indulge my tinkering side. That's final.

21 August 2004, 12:07 PM
Crone listens to Roviri’s reply, then sarcastically raises his eyebrows, taps his right forefinger on his temple a few times, and points to the hovering being. “Not around all these explosives there ain't!”...oh really Sergeant Obvious…that’s why I asked where I could go… Crone turns on his heels to walk back out into the hallway when he hears footsteps coming their way. Hmm…wonder if that’s the Major…well, whoever it is, I guess I’ll be putting my smoke break off a bit longer… As he finishes his thought, the two Bith from the briefing room stride in side-by-side.

Crone finds the ensuing conversation between the Sergeant and the D’ido brothers, frankly, quite dry. Technical spit…just give me the damn things… Crone accepts his comlinks with a half-mouth smile and a slight nod. I don’t see the big deal…they don’t even work inside or under cover…the Vong might not know what we’re saying, but it won’t matter if we have to go out in the middle of a field to say it…talk about easy targets…hopefully whatever they wanna do with the droid will work…we can just send him out to relay messages… Crone decides he’ll find out later if the business with the droid works or not, and again starts making his way out of the armory. He looks over at Drash to see if he might want to join him, thinking he could pick his brain earlier than expected concerning ammunition, but the Farghul appears positively smitten. I guess this is right up his alley…oh well, the time will come… Before continuing out of the room, he turns to address the group: “I’m going out to the Serg’s office to have a smoke. If anyone has anything important to say, say it loud so I can hear it through the doorway.” With that, Crone slips through the door and plants himself on Roviri’s desk and takes the cigarra box out of his pocket. He removes the outer wrapping and holds the box to his nose, then opens it. Ah… He chooses a cigarra, puts it to his lips, then closes the box and replaces it in his pocket. He grabs his lighter, ignites the fine t’bac, and puts the lighter away. After a long draw that he holds for several seconds, he exhales with a satisfied grin.

23 August 2004, 01:52 PM
While gathering her equipment, Karei hears the Rodian, Vaidoo, ask her about the lightsaber clipped to her belt. "I would love to show you how it works. After we are done here I'll give you a demonstration of my skill." Only other Jedi have seen my combat skills, this would be a good chance to show them how valuable my skill with the blade will be. She continues packing and helps Roviri log in her equipment. I've got quite a bit of stuff, but I guess you can never be too prepared.

Karei stops when the two Bith enter the room. She listens as they tell about their new invention. Karei laughs inwardly at their jokes and thinks, Nice sense of humor these two have. Receiving the two comlinks from the technitions, she smiles and says, "Thanks, I will take care of your prototypes." Karei takes one of the comlinks and clips it to her belt, then takes the other and stores it in her field kit.

23 August 2004, 02:24 PM
Cubber raises an eyebrow at the Bith, somewhat surprised at their... well, their general eccentricness.
Still, he accepts both comlinks, and does as Karei does and puts one on his belt, and the other in his pack.
He hears Karei and the Rodian speaking, and something in his memory clicks about Karei... something about her lightsaber skill. Rather annoyed that he cannot totally recall this factoid, he contents himself to sign out his equipment on Roviri's datapad.

27 August 2004, 04:27 PM
B2K3's confirmation is all the two Bith need to begin their task. With delicate care, they begin removing Kaythree's chestplate, exposing his internal workings. It appears obvious that Kaythree has undergone extensive modification in the past. Clusters of wiring have been pushed aside to make room for nearly a score of exotic processing modules and reinforced components.

Welez D'ido: Look here my brother! This module must be a high-end tactical analysis system! And the spinal column! Pure durasteel plating!

Feez D'ido: Yes! I see it, my brother! And the powerplant is extremely sophisiticated. More than sufficent to power the comlink. Just to the left of the pelvic servomotor is a perfect spot for the antenna, I might add!

The two Bith continue chattering to each other as they work, taking great pains to not damage any of Kaythree's internal systems.

As the NRI cruiser continues to streak towards it's destination, the camera pans across the length of the ship, highlighting and stopping at the bridge. The camera zooms in at this point, entering the layers of armor plating and arriving inside the vessel at the ship's control center.

The central hub of the ship is comprised of a medium-sized room, sparesly crewed. The captain's chair sits empty amid clusters of control booths and computer terminals. The pilot and navigation station sits a few meters back from the large transparisteel viewports. Off to the right, the communication crewman, a burly human male, keys the transmit button on his terminal.

Commo Officer: Major Poresh, commo here. Nav reports approach vector confirmed. XO is on the way to the bridge.

Major Poresh: (coming in through the commo terminal) Roger that. Bring us to station-keeping and hold fast. Bring all non-essential systems offline and prepare to run silent.

Commo Officer: Aye, aye sir. Vessel to station-keeping. Powering down and bringing her to silent running.

Major Poresh: Patch through to the team and have them assemble in the briefing room ASAP. Get some crewers to bring their gear to the shuttle bay. The op goes in one hour.

Commo Officer: Aye, aye sir.

The cruiser fires it's braking thrusters and slows to a near crawl. Hanging in space, the vessel positions itself below the nearby star system of Garqi. Cassander's Star can be seen winking brightly in the distance, a shining beacon in this dim section of the Outer Rim.


Commo Officer: (coming in through the room's intercom) Sergeant Roviri, commo.

The blue-skinned Toydarian turns toward the wall-mounted commo board and moves towards it, placing his datapad in one of his many vest pouches. He keys the unit and acknowledges.

Sergeant Roviri: Roviri here, go commo.

Commo Officer: Aye. The captain wants the team in the briefing room ASAP. Crewers are en route to begin loading their equipment in the shuttle.

Sergeant Roviri: Copy that. I'll let 'em know. Roviri out.

The supply sergeant faces the team and watches as the Bith technicians finish up their modifications to Kaythree. He looks at each one in turn, and smiles grimly. This has to be the motliest crew I've ever seen in one place. Jedi, hunters, droids. This war is bringing all the crazies flocking.

Sergeant Roviri: Okay guys, you heard it. Some crewers will take your gear down below. Get to the briefing room on the double. It looks like this thing is happening after all.

He moves to turn back into his office, but stops and hovers. Slowly turning around, he eyes the team members again.

Sergeant Roviri: (quitely) And may the force be with you all. Bring our boys back home.

Heading back into his office, a sullen expression on his downcast face, Sergeant Roviri nods to the crewmen who enter the armory and carefully arrange and place the team's equipment on two large hoversleds.

(OOC: Report to the briefing room you...you...Unsanitary Six!)

27 August 2004, 07:04 PM
When the Bith are finished with the modifications, Kaythree's selfanalytical sensors pick up the new device and add it to the functions section in his "brain". It takes him a few minutes to get used to the new way his leg has to move to compensate for the foreign object lodged into his hip. To the amusement of the others, Kaythree falls several times on the way to the briefing room, adding a few more dents to his worn plating.

28 August 2004, 04:59 PM
Cubber nods and makes a bead for the door, heading for the briefing room as quickly as possible without running over the now scrambling crew of the ship.

30 August 2004, 06:43 PM
Vaidoo secures his equipment and heads to the breifing room.

30 August 2004, 06:45 PM
Karei checks her equipment one last time, then leaves the armory. She walks to the briefing room, thinking about the upcoming mission. I hope this doesn't get too complicated.

Gyp Ryol
31 August 2004, 02:21 PM
Drash signs off on his equipment, then throws Roviri a casual salute, regardless if he could see the cat or not. He walks slowly to the turbolift and rides it up, gently resting a hand on the S-thread comlink snugly packed away on his belt. He walks into the briefing room and pulls his handheld computer out of a hip pouch. He pulls the stylus from its grooved storage place and lightly gnaws on the end of it.

6 September 2004, 06:09 PM
Force be damned…can’t a guy have fifteen minutes to finish off a cigarra… As the crewers begin to file in to take the team’s things to the shuttle, Crone grabs one by the sleeve of his uniform and hands him his guns. “Listen, if these things have so much as a smudge on the barrel, you’ll be licking bantha gunk off my boots, got me?…good…now, that’s all my gear, and I think that’s all you need to worry yourself with.” Crone takes another long draw from his cigarra then reaches into one of his many pockets and produces a ten-credit chip. “Here.” Crone slips the chip into the crewer’s breast pocket. “For your trouble…” After ensuring that his chosen weapon currier is on his way to the shuttle, Crone takes three deep puffs from his cigarra, leans his head back, and lets the smoke billow from his mouth straight up to the ceiling. He then takes a cleansing, fresh breath, levels his head, and puts the stub of his cigarra out on his boot heel before tossing it in Roviri’s receptacle. Okay…let’s go to hell… Crone makes his way to the briefing room, pulling his cowl up over his head as he steps out the Sergeant’s door.

12 September 2004, 09:36 AM
The ship's main briefing room, previously bustling with activity, is now ominously darkened and emtpy. The ship's commander confers with a holographic image on the central holotank, while his M-3PO aide ushers the group to their seats.

M-6DX: Please take your seats. Major Poresh will be with shortly. Please do not interrupt his conference.

Major Poresh can be seen standing at perfect rest easy, though it is clear from his body language that his formality is not given out of respect, but only in deference to rank. The holographic image flickers slightly as the the Major argues vehemently with his superior.

Major Poresh: I don't give a damn about my commission, Director. I've already vested too much into this op to back out now.

Dif Scaur: Feln, I don't know what's gotten into you, but I order you to pull out. Is that clear? This is an order, not a request.

Major Poresh: No can do sir. You can bust me down, if I we get back from this. I refuse to abandon my men.

Dif Scaur: Alright, Major, if that's what you want. Success or not, your career is over. You've fanangled much needed field assets, not to mention a entire Carrack-class cruiser, for this little "rescue" mission of yours. You will be brought up for insubordination, theft of NRI property, and disobeying a direct order from me. I will make sure that you are drummed out most unceremoniously, do hear me?

Major Poresh: Loud and clear, sir. But I've still got a few friends left, and a couple of chips I haven't cashed in yet. I'm not finished yet.

Dif Scaur: Oh? And just who do you think will support you? Showalter? Kre'fey? I don't know what friends you're talking about, but whoever they are, they can't help you. You are finished.

Major Poresh: I was thinking a little higher, Director. Solo, Master Skywalker, Colonel Darklighter. They all still pull a bit of weight, I believe.

Dif Scaur: The Jedi aren't popular anymore, so you can forget involving Skywalker in this. He can't help you.

Major Poersh: Actually, he already has. Two members of my strike force are Jedi. Recommened for this mission personally by Skywalker. So we'll just see about things, won't we, Director? Definitive out.

As the transmission abruptly ends, Major Poersh turns to face the assembled team. He makes a brief hand motion, signaling M-6DX to bring up the mission brieifing data on the holotank.

Major Poresh: Sorry you all had to witness that. Not one of my best performances, I assure you. Sometimes I don't think command takes this war as seriously as they should.

Major Poresh glances at the holotank, as a large holographic repproduction of Garqi blinks to life. He begins his briefing as M-6DX passes out encrypted datacards to each team member. The Major illustrates key planetary features with his pointer as he speaks.

Major Poresh: The datacards you are receiving have all the mission essentials, but here's the jist of it. We've determined that inserting here, just south of Pesktda, gives us our best chance of slipping in undetected. Our probes reveal that air defenses are minimal, and coralskipper patrols are concentrating to the north and west, probably trying to round up the locals. There's an old harvester droid factory 40 kilometers southeast of Pesktda. That was Strike Force Raven's operations base, and where we received the majority of their intel reports, prior to our loss of contact with them. You're going to set down 30 kilometers east of the factory and perform an area recon. Next, make your way to the factory complex. We believe it is still abandoned, but Yuuzhan Vong troops have pretty well wrecked the place. You may encounter Garqi resistance fighters there, and hopefully Strike Force Raven is still operating in the area. Once you've linked up with Strike Force Raven, get any intel you can from the Garqi resistance and proceed to the extraction point. There is no leash on this op, so take out whatever Vong targets you deem important. And see if you can thin their ranks a bit as well. But remember that the mission is primarily search and rescue. Finding Strike Force Raven is your number one priority. If you have to blow up most of the planet to find them, do so. Once you locate them, disrupt as much Vong activity as you can and get the hell out. I don't want to lose anybody on this op, so try not to die, okay?

As the Major briefs the team, a list of objectives scrolls across each member's datapad.

Mission Objective One: Insertion
Mission Objective Two: Recon Navpoint Cresh
Mission Objective Three: Manuever to Navpoint Mern (Harvester Droid Factory)
Mission Objective Four: Rendezvous with Strike Force Raven
Mission Objective Five: Establish Contact with Garqi Resistance
Mission Objective Six: Obtain Intel from Garqi Resistance
Mission Objective Seven: Extract with Strike Force Raven
Secondary Obejctives: Destroy targets of opportunity and reduce Yuuzhan Vong tactical capabilities as necessary

Major Poresh: Study your data and maps carefully. The terrain is navigable, but weather has been uncertain lately. The high grasses should provide good cover for manuevering, and the forests are farily thick in the area. As soon as this briefing is over, report to Flight Deck and link up with Lieutenant Daemi. He'll be your pilot on the way down, and your only back-up once you hit the dirt. He'll take care of securing the shuttle, and he'll provide whatever support he can. Your gear should be loaded up by now, so just enjoy the ride down.

The Major pauses, placing his hands on his hips. He looks at each team member carefully, as if burning their faces into his mind. A sullen look spreads across his stern face, and he takes deep breath before continuing.

Major Poresh: I know you are all aware of the importance of this op. Each of you comes with the highest recommendations, and your performances in the past have been exemplary, according to your mentors and supervisors. Stay in communication when possible, and transmit any intel you can you. Take care of yourselves and each other down there, and get the job done. May the force be with you. Dismissed.

The Major turns on his heel and walks towards the turbolift at the ream of the room. M-6DX beckons the group towards the main hallway.

M-6DX: Please allow me to escort you to the flight deck. The shuttle stands ready to depart in 15 minutes. This way, please.

(OOC: I'll have another post up in a day or so. Get ready for a wild ride, folks and make sure those blasters (and lightsabers) are ready to go. Once you guys are dirtside, it's on!)

16 September 2004, 06:04 PM
As the group exits the turbolift, M-6DX saunters off towards a nearby crewman. The flight deck is bustling with activity, as dozens of technicians and crewers make last minute checks and preparations on the small assault shuttle parked in the ready bay.

Small but sleek looking, the shuttle is of a nondescript design, painted in a non-reflecting dull black matte finish, with no visible markings of any kind on it's surface. While the shuttle has no visible weapon mounts, it is clear that this craft has seen action the past. Dozens of micro-meteor craters can be seen along the hull, with large plates of heavy armor seemingly bolted on as an afterthought. The ship's landing ramp can be seen open, with a dim red glare coming from within. Her large engines idling, the ship looks like a predatory beast awaiting the chance to pounce upon it's prey.

As the team makes their way across the busy flight deck, a tall alien spots them, and intercepts the group halfway. Green-skinned and vaguely reptilian appearing, with large eyes on either side of his crested head, the alien smiles widely and opens his arms wide in a greeting.

Lieutenant Daemi: Welcome friends. Your chariot awaits! I'm afraid we don't have much time for pleasantries, but I can at least spare a moment to introduce myself. I am Dien Daemi, pilot, survival instructor, gambler, marksman and scourge of the scar-headed Yuuzhan Vong. I know all of you by name only, but let me say that I am honored to have the glorious task of escorting you into the fray. I can only hope that our relationship grows as we progress, and that our enemies fall at our hands. I'm afraid I've no red carpet to roll out, but if you'll step inside and strap in, we can get down to business, which I'm sure is why you are all here.

Lieutenant Daemi gestures flamboyantly towards the open landing ramp, and remains fixed in position as each team member passes by and boards the shuttle. Noticing the two Jedi, Lieutenant Daemi grins and offers his thanks.

Lieutenant Daemi: Ah! I was not aware I would be piloting Jedi today! My mission brieifing included names, but not professions. I must personally thank your order, for it was a Jedi who saved my life at Dantooine and allowed me to continue to combat the Yuuzhan Vong menace, as well as to serve as your pilot today. You have my thanks Jedi, even though neither of you were directly responsible for my safety. I look forward to watching you in action!

The interior of the shuttle glows softly, the dim red emergency lighting adding to the erie atmosphere of the craft. Shock couches line each side of the hold, and the team can clearly see their assembled gear securly stowed in a recessed section aft of the couches. Lieutenant Daemi seats himself in the pilot's chair, just a meter or so away, and straps himself in. He brings the shuttle fully to life, running a pre-flight check as if he was born doing so. Where the navigator's chair should have been, is a compact astromech droid, it's feet bolted solidly to the deck plating. After a few moments of pre-flight checks and seating arrangement, the group can literally feel the deck vibrate as the ship's powerful engines come completely online. Dimming the interior lights even further, the tall alien sets his hands on the control grips and mutters a nearly-silent prayer, then pats his droid companion on the dome.

Lieutenant Daemi: Ready R6?

The chrome and black droid swivels it's dome and responds with an affirmative string of beeps and electronic warbles. Satisfied that all is ready, Lieutenant Daemi taps a switch and opens up a com line.

Lieutenant Daemi: Best Chance to flight control. Request departure clearance, over.

Flight Controller: (over the commo board) Departure clearance granted, Best Chance. Sealing off the flight deck. You may depart at will. Good luck.

Lieutenant Daemi: Thank you, control. R6, plot a course for Garqi and lock in micro-jump pattern Xesh.

The droid whistles a confirmation and busies itself with the navicomputer. Slowly easing the shuttle out of the hanger, Lieutenant Daemi expertly guides the craft outside and manuevers off to the cruiser's port. Turning in his chair slightly, he offers a wink to the team members, his huge eyes glinting devilishly in the faint red lighting.

Lieutenenat Daemi: Let's see what the techs have done with this old girl since the last time I flew her, shall we?

Turning back to his station, Lieutenant Daemi jams the control stick forward and surges the shuttle into the blackness of space.

The small black shuttle drifts slowly down and port as it moves away from it's parent cruiser, then suddenly accelerates violently, blasting through space like a blaster discharge. As the shuttle engages it's hyperdrive, the nearby stars glimmer and twinkle as they stretch and fade into infinity.

New Ally:

Lieutenant Dien Daemi, NRI Pilot: Male Vurk Scout 9/Starship Ace 4; Init +3 (+3 Dex); Defense +25 (+12 class, +3 Dex); Spd 10 m; VP/WP 98/15; Atk+13/+8 ranged (blaster rifle, 3d8/19-20 or DC 18 stun, range 30 m) or +12/+7 ranged (heavy blaster pistol, 3d8+2/20 or DC 18 stun, range 6 m) or +12 ranged (frag grenade, 4d6+1, burst radius 4 m, range 4m) or +10/+5 melee (knife, 1d4+1/20, range 2 m) or +10/+5 melee (unarmed, 1d3+1); SQ Species traits (Hold Breath, +2 bonus to Survival checks), Evasion, Heart +1, Skill Mastery (Pilot), Trailblazing, Uncanny dodge (can't be flanked), Uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to Defense), Starship defense, Familiarity +2; SV Fort +10, Ref +14, Will +10; SZ M; FP 4, DSP 0; Rep +3; Str 13, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 10, Challenge Code F.

Equipment: SoroSuub “Freedom One” blaster rifle, BlasTech DT-12 heavy blaster pistol, combat knife, Lieutenant insignia, camouflaged padded flight suit (DR 2, Max Dex bonus +4, ACP -2), secure s-thread comlink, field kit, utility belt, camouflage poncho, four Merr-Sonn C-16 frag grenades, eight power packs, four medpacs

Skills: Astrogate +15, Computer Use +10, Gamble +9, Knowledge (Sembla) +4, Knowledge (spacer lore) +6, Listen +8, Pilot +22, Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Vurkish, Repair +12, Sense Motive +4, Speak Basic, Speak Durese, Speak Vurkish, Spot +8, Survival +11, Swim +10.

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Combat Expertise, Great Fortitude, Point Blank Shot, Skill Emphasis (Pilot), Starship Dodge (space transport), Starship Operation (space transport), Weapon Focus (blaster rifle), Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, simple weapons).

I went ahead and took the liberty of speeding things along, so I hope you all don't mind. Feel free to react to the previous posts any way you like. Once everybody is ready, I'll move things along. Lieutenant Daemi will be on the ground with the team, but he won't be tagging along. He's there primarily as backup, but he may turn up later on.

17 September 2004, 10:11 AM
The trip to the flight deck is a somber one. Crone speaks to no one, concentrating all his efforts on familiarizing himself with the fresh data from the briefing. Hmm…looks like an interesting rock…I really don’t know much about it though, I wonder what it’s got as far as predators…aside from whatever the Vong brought with them…the last thing we need is to find this outpost or the factory infested with a pack of Rancor-like creatures that think we’re trying to steal their home…well, at least we wouldn’t have to wait around for the fight to begin…I suddenly have a very bad feeling about this… Crone’s thoughts are interrupted by the appearance of a large, green being that announces himself as their pilot, along with several other things. This guy’s a piece of work… When Lieutenant Daemi’s finished his introduction and motions the group toward the ship, Crone lags near the back, examining the battered-looking craft. Well, it looks like it’ll fly, but will it stay together if we’re spotted… As Crone crosses the Lieutenant to board, he juts his chin in his direction, tossing his head back in a reverse nod of acknowledgement.

The inside of the ship looks like a bunker you’d find yourself in if something’s gone wrong, adding to Crones creeping trepidation, but, as he scans the interior, he finds his prized guns stowed neatly away and slowly sighs away some of his anxiety. At least they’re safe and sound…so far, so good… Crone finds a seat at the end of one of the shock couches. As Daemi prepares for launch and the engines kick in full, Crone takes a deep breath while leaning back with his hands clasped behind his head, eyes shut tight. He holds this position until he feels the shuttle break from the deck floor.

Repositioned so he can see out the front viewport, Crone watches as the stars go from specks to streaks. With nothing else to see outside, he turns toward the Farghul and, breaking his recent silence, says, “So, Drash, you have any experience with crafting slugs, or do you do mainly mechanical, ‘bells and whistles’ work?”

17 September 2004, 12:18 PM
Cubber quickly came off the high that followed the revelation that Master Skywalker himself had recommended him for this mission.
I'm really not fond of the tone he used when describing the mission... like this is some suicide order and we're some "forlorn hope" or some such crap.
He unscrewed the cap of a canteen that was lying in the passenger area, and drank deeply... water thankfully, although a little 'liquid courage enhancer' would have been just as welcome.

[OOC: I haven't seen ol' red around lately... If he doesn't show up for a bit, I'd be more than happy to play Karei until he gets back]

Gyp Ryol
17 September 2004, 01:24 PM
Drash mostly keeps to himself as the mission is outlined, as well as making a note of the conversation between the Major and who Drash surmised to be as Poresh's superior. He makes sure he keeps a double copy of the mission objectives, and begins an inventory of all of his gear. He follows closely behind the droid as the black machine leads the team to the shuttle.

The appearance of Lieutenant Daemi, though somewhat abrasive, was welcome. Space jockeys who had egos that big had to be knowing what they were doing if they wanted to live up to their own boasting. The shuttle, on the other hand, was less than impressive. The Republic isn't sparing anything for this mission. Oh but wait, this shuttle was commendeered, just like this crusier, for the mission by Poresh. How intriguing, thinks Drash.

He straps himself into the shuttle and appraises the interior just as he did the exterior. He muses on the mission to come as the ship detaches from the deck and lurches out of the hangar.

Originally posted by blivengo
“So, Drash, you have any experience with crafting slugs, or do you do mainly mechanical, ‘bells and whistles’ work?”

Crone's question pulls Drash out of his thoughts. "Crafting slugs? I'm assuming you mean slugthrower weapons and ammunition. No, I'm afraid not. I have a sizable working knowledge of blaster weapons, however, as well as extensive repair and maintainence experience of all types of machines, slugthrows included." He tilted his head and raised a quizzical eyebrow. " I'm not quite clear what mean by 'bells and whistles.' Do you mean security and computer system hijacking?"

17 September 2004, 02:32 PM
"Yeah, that...and the technical junk like the two would-be song birds were going on about...you know, like these things." Crone pulls his newly issued comlinks from a pocket and displays them in his palm. “I had no idea what they were yakkin’ about, but you seemed to eat it up…that all sounds like bells and whistles to me…all I can do is craft slugs, and, aside from fillin’ some with powder and rigging a simple impact charge, there’s not much to that…I was just wondering if you might know any secrets I was in the dark on…but, it’s good to know you can fix my boys in case I have to use ‘em as battering rams or something…so, do you mostly fix stuff then, as opposed to makin’ it?” After asking his question, Crone stares blankly down at his comlinks, shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders, then places them pack in their respective pocket. When they’re safely stowed, he returns his attention to Drash, waiting for a reply.

Gyp Ryol
20 September 2004, 06:06 PM
Drash's face took on a slightly amused look, with his mouth transitioning to a slight smirk. "Well, like they always say, if you can't build it, you can't fix it. And if you can't fix it, you can't break it. And if you can't break it, you can't use it. Most of my maintainance is in blaster technology, though I have dabbled in repulsors and airspeeders. Tricky work, tricky work indeed." Drash unconciously adjusts the cloak he is wearing. "But you've piqued my interest with your comment about the simple charge you were describing. You're a game hunter, right?" Drash stops, and says through a slight laugh, "What would a hunter be doing with explosives? Wouldn't you want it to be as quiet as possible?"

20 September 2004, 07:53 PM
“Well now, that all depends on how you look at things…yes, I am a hunter, and most of the time I like to be concealed…but for some creatures, makin’ a lot of noise can be very helpful…for some big nasties, walking around like you own the place sends them the signal that you’re not afraid of them and, not wanting a real fight, they’ll act like you’re not even there…and sometimes, like I said before, I like to toss a boomer into a herd to spook ‘em and separate my kill…but, what I was really talking about are these.” Crone reaches for the bandolier stretching across his chest and pulls out a handful of two-toned slugs, and then hands them to Drash. “These are what I call punchers…they start as regular slugs, but I cut off the top, hollow out the inside, fill ‘em with powder, then cap ‘em with these threaded flintstone heads…you can see that they’re tightened all the way now, but when I use ‘em, I gotta unscrew ‘em a bit…that’s how they work…on impact with bone or something else hard, the flintstone caps are jammed into the slug causing sparks that ignite the powder and boom…one bantha with a hole in his chest…pretty neat, huh?” Crone grins in spite of himself, pleased that he’s shown some amount of technical know-how to his Farghul companion. “I keep ‘em screwed tight when not in use so I don’t accidentally blow myself up when I’m crawling around…I don’t wanna go out like that…” Crone goes stoic for a moment, the realization of what they are all about to do dawning on him. I don’t want to go out at all…we’re gonna get through this thing…and send the Vong back to whatever corner of hell the crawled out of… Taking a deep breath, Crone looks over at the rest of the group then back to the punchers in Drash’s hand, and says, “Well, uh, Drash, pretty neat, huh?”

Gyp Ryol
21 September 2004, 02:29 PM
Drash takes the slugs and examines them, holding the ammunition between his furry forefinger and thumb. He squints as he examines the Chagrain's handiwork. "Interesting. Yes, I can see how you wouldn't want these to go off without firing them first," he says as he turns the small piece of metal over. "Still, you wouldn't want anything getting caught in there," Drash says as he points to the place where the head of the slug and the explosive chamber would be seperated by a gap, "Otherwise you'd have a dud on your hands." His mouth sets itself into a line as he takes one last look at the slug. "But I'm very impressed at the amount of prescion the manufacture of this would take. It's a very solid desgin, Crone." He hands back the slugs gingerly.

"As for me, I tend to stick with the modern alternative," Drash says as he pats his Merr-Sonn blaster pistol. "Though I haven't used in combat yet, thank goodness." He pauses, thinking. "Have you seen any action? I know I haven't seen any real shooting, much less the Yuuzhan Vong."

21 September 2004, 04:09 PM
“I’ve shot my fair share of scum-sucking Peace Brigaders, and a few of those lizard-things…” Crone pauses, turning one of the slugs Drash just handed back end over end with his thumb, index, and middle fingers. “…I’ve never actually seen one of the Vong…but I’ve seen what they can do…” His breath begins to come in quicker bursts as he slides the punchers back into their places. “I was at Ithor, just after they left…there’s more compassion in a krayt dragon than there is in the entire Yuuzhan Vong population…” Crone clinches his teeth and makes his hands into tight fists, then, with almost Jedi quickness, fixes himself in a rifle-less shooting position, left eye closed, right eye sighting down an invisible barrel, and shouts, “BANG!”

Lowering his hands and grinning slightly, he looks at Drash and says, “Aim for the armpits, that’s what I’ve heard…I’ve been practicing on target dummies, both mechanical and PB, and I’m getting pretty good…I just hope that advice pays off…” Crone lifts his right arm and pats the vibroscythe on his back. “’Cause I don’t wanna have to use this thing…I’d much rather shoot ‘em…” The Chagrian nods a few times, sticking out his lower lip slightly in contentment, and says, “Well, anyway, doesn’t matter too much if those shells get jammed up, they still work pretty much like a regular slug…and sometimes, if they don’t go off right away, certain movements trigger ‘em later and let me tell you, that can get messy…one time this big ol’ narglatch was in full stride, ‘bout eight meters away, carrying a dud in his front shoulder…I got up from prone and fired another shot in the same area and splat, guts everywhere…that was a hell of a shot…”

Crone takes a deep in-through-the-nose-out-through-the-mouth breath and cranes his neck to the left, then back to the right, popping his vertebrae. He then looks toward the pilot and says, “Say Lieutenant, what kinda ETA are we talkin’ here?”

25 September 2004, 12:33 PM
Karei follows M-6DX as the droid escorts the group to the flight deck. She walks near Cubber, but is quiet on the journey down. At the sight of Daemi, Karei is a little shaken. What kind of alien is this guy? Not letting her feelings come through her facial expressions, Karei smiles at the pilot and gives a nod of greeting.

As Karei walks past Daemi, he tells of his experience on Dantooine. This brings a smile to Karei's mouth, and she says, "I am glad that you have such a great respect of the Jedi. I look forward to working with you. If you survived Dantooing, I am sure that your skills are excellent."

Karei boards the shuttle and notices that her equipment is on board already. She finds a seat next to Cubber and straps in. Turning to Cubber, she asks, "Did you know that Master Skywalker recommended us?"

25 September 2004, 12:44 PM
"Did you know that Master Skywalker recommended us?"
Cubber had been thinking of this as well... he had only met Master Skywalker twice in person. Once on his acceptance to the acadamy, and once when he had been dispatched to the Rim.
"No... I've been wondering about that myself. It's kind of a good feeling, in a way, but on the other hand, I'm not liking how this mission is looking." he said, honestly.

4 October 2004, 05:27 PM
A small point of light flashes into existance among the stars. It grows in size almost instantaneously as a brilliant explosion of starstuff tears through the frabric of spacetime. As the explosion fades, a small shuttlecraft elongates, then warps back into focus as it emerges from hyperspace, its forward velocity seemingly halted in a flicker of a heartbeat.

The shuttlecraft makes its way towards the planet below, vast fields of temperate plains and forests visible beyond the scattered cloud cover. Approaching the mid-point between the day and night sides of the planet, the shuttle slips through the cloulds and punches into the atmosphere of Garqi, starlight glimmering of its metal surface as it passes though the planet's long day, and enters the world of night.

Through the viewports, the crew can see the calmness of Garqi's evening, even through the hazy mist of low-lying fog engulfing the grassy plains below. Eyeing a spot highlighted on his heads-up display, the tall Vurk pilot lowers the ship and dumps his velocity, braking thrusters easing the ship's descent towards the approaching landscape. The Vurk carefully manuevers the ship, exposing the landing ramp, while keeping the bulk of the vessel within the treeline, taking advantage of the planet's natural camouflage. The shuttle finally comes to rest gracefully among a small outcropping of a forest, it's landing pads finding a comfortable purchase in the soft dirt.

Shutting down the shuttle's systems with quick, deft movements, Lieutenant Daemi grins and rotates his head to eye the crew.

Lieutenant Daemi: Well, that was easy. We have just sucessfully infiltrated an enemy-occuipied planet, without even scratching our paint. Looks like our approach vector was right on the money. Now, If every insertion could only be this....wait, sensors picking up movement east of our position, and closing in.

Reaching a large three-fingered arm towards his feet, Lieutenant Daemi grabs his blaster rifle from it's carrying case and wraps the weapon's sling around his crested head. Shrugging off his safey harness and headset, he studies the sensor board thoughtfully. He taps a few switches on the beeping console, bringing up a small tactical holo.

Lieutenant Daemi: Hmm. Sensors don't recognize whatever it is. It may just be some local wildlife, startled by our arrival.

Ignoring both the Vurk and the chattering console, Vaidoo decides to let his own sensors be the judge. Unstrapping himself from the shcok couch, the Rodian stands and positions himself near the landing ramp. Drawing his rifle, he leans forward slightly, and nudges the ramp controls with one arm. With a hiss of despressurization, the landing ramp slowly opens, allowing the starlight of Garqi to intermingle with the shuttle's dim red emergency lights.

Vaidoo: Grab weapons, everybody. Wildlife or not, I'm not taking any chances.

While the team shuffles into place and begins grabbing gear from the small cargo hold aft of the troop bay, Vaidoo checks his weapon's charge and peers out, letting his sensitive antenna take in the sounds of the night. Using his heightened sensory capabilities, Vaidoo begins scanning cautiously, allowing his natural senses to adapt to their new surroundings. As his tapered snout carefully sniffs the air, he squints one large black eye and peers through his rifle's electronic scope, slowly scanning the area ahead.

Lieutenant Daemi: See anything? The sensors seem a bit confused about what they're reading.

Vaidoo: Just grass, trees and a few rodents here and there. Nothing really...wait. There it is, movement ahead. About fifty-three meters. Let me switch to thermal imaging. I count twelve targets, small, can't be much more one and half meters tall. Can't make them out fully, but they're definately closing in on our position. I estimate contact in...

A sudden hail of small living projectiles hurtles towards the open landing ramp, humming as they streak towards the ship. Though none of the flying weapons enters the ship, several embed themselves in the shuttle's armor, leaving bloody smears on the vessels pock-marked hull. Vaidoo ducks back behind the cover of a bulkhead, his antenna twitching nervously.

Vaidoo Wlidlife my hide, those were razorbugs! Its an ambush! Moving to covering position!

Lieutenant Daemi: An ambush? How? I took every precaution coming down and...

Vaidoo: Who cares how, just back me up!

As Vaidoo dashes outside the vessel, he moves to the left of the open landing ramp, crouching as he fires his rifle, laying down a swarm of lethal energy. Two high-pitched screams can be heard, followed by a near simultaneous pair of thumps, as two of the attackers drop dead. Lieutenant Daemi quickly slips outside the ship and takes a position to the right of the ramp, sweeping his blaster rifle back and forth, crimson bolts of destructive power spitting forth from his weapon. The attackers, their ranks thinned prematurely, break their formation and charge brazenly towards the ship. Reptilian in appearance, with feral gleams in their eyes, the small horde of alien creatures abandon all pretense of discipline and swarm upon their foes with reckless haste.

Lieutenant Daemi: Reptoids! Get ready people! We need to drop them before they swarm us! There's bound to be a Vong warrior leading them, and it'll take all of us to bring him down!

Vaidoo: I have a bad feeling about this.

Campaign objective complete - Successul planetary insertion - Experience awarded to all team members.
Combat intitiated! Vaidoo kills two reptoid warriors. Take action!

(Don't worry about dice rolls - just post your actions, they'll dictate how the combat goes. I took over Vaidoo the Rodian, since we haven't heard from Luger in a while, but if anyone wants to, feel free to post for him until his return. There's been a lot of talk so far, all of it great, but its high time for some action. Here's where the fun begins....)

4 October 2004, 05:58 PM
"So this is where the fun begins." mutters Cubber as he bursts out the ramp at full speed, calling forth the brilliant blue blade of his lightsaber as he moves.
Cubber positions himself so that he can both deflect any incoming projectiles that are hurtled at the group, as well as take a piece out of any attacker that makes for his companions.
"C'mon, guys, let's do this thang!" he shouts, spinning the azure beam of energy in front of him in anticipation of the first attack.

(OOC: Full Move, drawing/igniting during move, placing himself between ship's ramp and attackers)

4 October 2004, 06:48 PM
Lieutenant Daemi: I hope your Jedi skills are up for this. Look out!

As Daemi shouts a warning to his companion, and before he can move his rifle to cover the young Jedi, the lead reptiod puts forth an amazing burst of speed, running nearly on all fours and leaps directly toward Cubber, a small but wicked looking amphistaff clutched in its grip. The other reptiods, frenzied by their leader's actions, mount a full attack.

(Lead Reptiod charges Cubber; remaining 9 reptiods initiate charges)

4 October 2004, 07:29 PM
As if in answer to Crone’s question, the stars come back into focus and the ship lurches out of hyperspace and descends into the atmosphere of Garqi. Well, you wanted to know how soon… Once the craft has fully landed, Crone strains to see what, if anything, might be waiting for them outside. Just as the Lieutenant interrupts his own praise of the situation, Crone notices a small patch of the high grass move slightly in the opposite direction of the light breeze. We’ve got company…but no, Daemi, it ain’t wildlife…no creature in its right mind would start converging on something this big that just dropped outta no where… Even before the Rodian’s call to arms, Crone is freeing his rifles from the cargo area, slinging one over his right shoulder and loading the over with a set of his homemade punchers. When the landing ramp is down, he takes a prone position in the back left, allowing a clear shot at anything that might decide to jump in at them. He’s about to quiet the group, thinking he can hear a faint buzzing sound, when the razorbug barrage hits the ship.

The next several seconds are a blur as Vaidoo and Cubber both launch out the landing ramp. Voices blend with blaster shots and the snap-hiss of a lightsaber’s ignition, and, practically reflexively, Crone fires over Cubber’s forward shoulder at a rushing reptoid, then rises to a kneeling position, still aiming out toward the oncoming enemies.

(OOC: attack, move action to kneel)

4 October 2004, 07:40 PM
As the reptoid hurtled at him, Cubber brought his saber up to parry the overhead blow from the creature's amphistaff... only to find the creature's head exploding in a blast of chemical-induced goodness.
Seeing it's compatriots rushing him and the ship, Cubber hazards a quick look back to his friends, calling loudly: "Thanks... any more help would be greatly appriciated!" His message given, Cubber turns back towards the on rushing aliens.

4 October 2004, 07:58 PM
Startled by the creatures ferocity, Karei is stuck in place watching the carnage. I've never seen anything like this at the academy! I've got to help Cubber. This is what I have trained for. Snaping out of her daze, Karei pulls out her lightsaber and ignights the acid yellow blade. Letting her adrenaline flow, Karei twirls the saber once, gives out a battle yell, and charges out to meet the enemy. Picking the nearest reptile, she sets her feet and prepares for the rushing alien. Confident in her abilities, she decides to show off a little to the rest of the group. Taking her left hand off the yellow blade's hilt, Karei prepares to parry the oncoming attack. Finally a real challenge! A chance to show my abilities and prove that I am a great Jedi.

(OOC: Full Move; drawing and ignighting saber, move toward nearest enemy.)

4 October 2004, 08:25 PM
As the reptiod warriors encircle the landing ramp, a precisely-aimed slug from Crone's rifle obliterates the lead warrior's head, causing the other reptiods to scramble madly out of the way. Vaidoo and Daemi both train their rifles on the reptiods, keeping the frantic creatures somewhat at bay. One of the creatures reaches Karei's position as she bolts from the shuttle, her yellow blade snap-hissing to life. The creature slams recklessly into the blade, the force of it's charge cleaving the creature neatly in two. Each half of the bisected creature his the ground with an audible thud. The other reptiods halt their charge, terrified of both the glowing lightsaber, and of the rustling growing louder behind them.

Rising up from the tall grass behind the reptiods, a massive, scarred figure slowly emerges. As he rises to his full height, the deformed warrior eyes the nearest reptiod, cowering with terror. He casts a bemused glance at the creature, and with blinding speed, uncoils his amphistaff from his right arm and drives the weapon's point straight through the reptiod's neck. As the creature gurgles it's last breath, the warrior withdraws his amphistaff, and raises his weapon, twirling it overhead in a dazzling flourish. There is no doubt that this is the Yuuzhan Vong patrol leader. Deep scars criss-cross his muscular frame, amplified by the strange plated armor covering his entire torso. His nose appears to have been broken dozens of times, and his oily black hair hangs long and unfettered. The reptiods, terrified of their leader, back off several meters, giving the Vong warrior ample room to manuever. While the rest of the crew emerges from the shuttle, the frightened creatures draw their amphistaves and coufees, creating a hasty perimeter around the landing ramp.

Yuuzhan Vong Warrior: Jeedai! Call off your underlings and face me, and I shall give you both a warrior's death!

His gravely voice rough, and his Basic thickly accented, the Yuuzhan Vong takes a step forward, raising his amphistaff for a challenge when he is violently pushed back by a near point blank blast from Daemi's blaster rifle.

Lieutenant Daemi: Back off, scar-head!

Shrugging off the blast from Daemi's weapon, the Vong warrior plunges two fingers into the hole in his shoulder, drawing dark blood from the wound. Licking his fingers clean, he smiles, his twisted wreckage of a mouth streching impossibly large. He stares at Daemi with vengenace in his eyes, and brings both hands back to his weapon. Daemi glares in disbelief, his smoking rifle lowering slightly.

Lieutenant Daemi: This is not good...

Yuuzhan Vong Warrior: Pitiful vermin! Once I have slain the Jeedai I will tear your head from it's roots!

Then, without pause, he lashes out with his amphistaff, swing hard for Cubber's head.

(Crone moves and attacks, killing the reptiod leader; charging reptiod bisects itself on Karei's lightsaber; Daemi attacks and wounds Yuuzhan Vong Warrior; Yuuzhan Vong warrior takes a 2-meter step and uses a full attack against Cubber Byng)

EDIT: Had to alter the post a wee bit to catch up with red5_5's actions.

4 October 2004, 08:56 PM
Ha! The creature killed itself. Turning to the rustling, Karei sees the Yuuzhan Vong. They're even uglier than on the Holonews. Listening as the leader makes his statement, Karei decides to take up his offer. Before she can answer him, Daemi attacks. Seeing that the blaster bolt causes the creature minimal damage, Karei tightens her grip on her saber. They are just as tough as they are ugly! I've got to teach this guy a leason. Setting her jaw, Karei gets ready to attack the alien. But the Vong attacks Cubber before she can make her move. The Vong is concentrating on Cubber, this is my chance to get a hit or two in. She focuses all of her attention on the vile creature, blocking out the other enemies. The others can take care of the reptoids. Raising her blade above her head with two hands, Karei runs at the towering Vong, swinging the humming blade down with all of her might, intent on serving his head.

(OOC: Move to Vong, Attack, Dodge: target Vong)

Gyp Ryol
5 October 2004, 09:26 AM
Drash struggled to unbuckle his safety harness, having gotten entangled in it at the beginning of the battle. He finally loosened the black straps from his legs and took a quick check of the situation. Those reptoids will be a problem later on. The Jedi can handle the Yuuzhan warrior, thought Drash as he pulled a frag grenade from his belt. Judging the distance, he quickly chucked the grenade to the edge of the reptoid semi-circle, crossing his fingers that his trajectory was not off and would hurt his comrades.

5 October 2004, 10:11 AM
The Vong seemed focused on Cubber, which as far as he was concerned is a positive... for the rest of the group, that is.
While Cubber was fairly certain Karei was the more capable combatant, he was probably more proficient at the art of not getting hit, plus getting in a few shots himself.

"Have at it Vong-boy, just don't get blood all over my robes." he said trying to sound confident as the Vong quickly crossed the distance between them.
Preparing himself, Cubber parries the Vong's staff, (OOC: Agile Riposte) and makes a retaliatory swing at the enemy's torse, which connects only with thin air.
Seeing both the grenade explosion and Karei's movement, Cubber manuvers himself and his attacker so that the Vong's back is to Karei, and braces himself for another attack.

[OOC: Dodge-Vong, Combat Expertise +5 Defense, Defense now 24 against the Vong, Agile Riposte misses as attk is now +0, Go get 'em Karei ;) ]

5 October 2004, 10:34 AM
Cubber parries the warrior's initial attack and makes a quick slash at the alien's gut. Missing, he brings his lightsaber back into defensive position as the warrior twirls his weapon and prepares another blow. The Yuuzhan Vong brings down his amphistaff with tremendous force. It meets Cubber's lightsaber with a distictive "chaa!" sound as the two weapons lock together. Cubber is forced almost to his knees from the blow, but manges to keep the living weapon at bay, accompanied by a cacophony of sickening crackling and scraping sounds as the weapons rub together.

Karei's powerful swing connects with the very top portion of the Vong warrior's head, shearing off his hair, and a good potion of his scalp as well. A second earlier and her blow would sliced the warrior's head from his shoulders. As she recovers from her attack, a fast moving sphere erupts from the shuttlecraft, landing near the center of the reptiod formation. As it touches the ground, the sphere explodes with lethal force, as dozens of tiny fragements are hurled outward. Several reptiods are caught fully within the blast radius, the grenade's fragments ripping them apart almost instantly. The remaining reptiods are severely wounded, one having a leg sliced clean off, another taking a barrage of fragments directly in the chest. Smoke from the grenade's explosion obscures the entire scene, the only light coming from Garqi's stars and the shuttles interior.

The concussive force of Drash's frag grenade knocks eveyone to their feet, including Cubber and the Yuuzhan Vong, both still locked in combat. Cubber, already unbalanced by the powerful Yuuzhan Vong, falls backwards, with the alien warrior falling on top of him. Vaidoo and Daemi are smacked into the ship's hull, the wind briefly stolen from both of their lungs. Karei, in mid-recovery, is swept off of her feet, but manages to utilize her Jedi reflexes to turn it into a backwards shoulder roll, coming up with her lightsaber ready for action. Crone, still in his kneeling firing position, manages to stay upright inside the shuttle, the grenade's concussive energy merely blowing back his hood from around his face.

An erie stillness envelopes the area surrounding the landing ramp, and as the smoke begins to clear, a few groans and curses are heard from the group, who make efforts to regain their footing. The groans and curses turn to wide-eyed stares, as the team members look towards the landing ramp. The Yuuzhan Vong warrior lays completely still, an azure blade of energy poking forth from the center of his back. The dead warrior's head is caked with blood, a large chunk of his scalp burnt and torn away. The head of the warrior's amphistaff lies nearby, severed neatly, though the rest of the weapon cannot be seen. A few muffled noises can be heard from beneath the fallen warrior, and what looks like the tail ends of a Jedi robe can be seen splayed on either side of the alien.

(The "chaa!" sound is the same one that you hear when Anakin stops Dooku's lightsaber from cutting down Obi-Wan in AotC. I freaking love that sound! Its perfect for cinematic blocks and clashes.)

(Karei attacks and wounds Yuuzhan Vong Warrior; Drash attacks with a frag grenade, killing 5 reptiod warriors and permanently disabling 3; Cubber parries an attack and and ends up killing Yuuzhan Vong Warrior)

Things are only letting up for a moment. This Vong meets his maker fairly quickly, but there are many more left to fight. Many more. (insert evil laugh here)

Defeated Foe:
Yuuzhan Vong Warrior: Male Yuuzhan Vong Soldier 4; Init +1 (+1 Dex); Defense +15 (+4 class, +1 Dex); DR 3; Spd 10 m; VP/WP 37/15; Atk+ 8 melee (amphistaff spear, 1d6+6/20 plus DC 22 poison) or +8 melee (amphistaff, 1d6+3/20 plus DC 22 poison) or +6 and +2 melee (amphistaff, 1d6+3 and 1d6+1/20 plus DC 22 poison) or +5 ranged (amphistaff whip, 1d4 plus DC 22 poison, range 4 m) or +5 ranged (amphistaff venom spitter, DC 20 poison, range 20 m) or +6 ranged (razorbug, 1d6+2/20, range 20 m) or +7 melee (coufee, 1d4+3/20) or +7 melee (unarmed, 1d4+3/20); SQ Species traits (Force Absence, Technophobic, +4 bonus to energy weapon stun effects); SV Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +0; SZ M; FP 0, DSP 4; Rep +1; Str 16, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 9, Challenge Code C.

Equipment: amphistaff, coufee, four razorbugs, warrior’s vonduun crab shell armor (DR 3, Max Dex bonus +4, ACP -3), blorash jelly, loincloth, tizowyrm.

Skills: Climb +3, Handle Animal +5, Intimidate +6, Jump +3, Knowledge (Yuuzhan Vong) +4, Pilot +4, Read/Write Yuuzhan Vong, Speak Basic, Speak Yuuzhan Vong, Survival +2.

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (amphistaff), Martial Arts, Power Attack, Two-Weapon-Fighting, Weapon Focus (amphistaff), Weapon Group Proficiency (simple weapons).

5 October 2004, 12:26 PM
As Crone’s about to pick off another reptoid, he notices the Vong warrior strutting into the fray. Initially, his eyes widen in surprise and brief terror upon seeing one up close for the first time, but they soon turn to angry slits. He watches as Karei nearly removes his head, then, eyeing the fresh, vulnerable wound, takes aim, enjoying the thought of one of his punchers blowing his skull to dust. Okay, time to die you son of a…

Before he can pull the trigger, a blast from a frag grenade jolts the ship, all at once knocking off his aim and obscuring his view. Crone curses loudly in Chagrian, and more than once. Not knowing what the scene will be when the smoke clears, he brings his rifle up again and aims down the ramp, meaning to maim any unwanted intruder. As the world comes back into focus, Crone moves his gaze back to the position where Cubber and the Vong had been engaged and sees that the warrior has been impaled on the young Jedi’s lightsaber. Huh…way to go kid…I hope you’re still alive under there…

Crone manages to tear his gaze away from the smoking Vong long enough to aim and fire on one of the the most able-bodied of the reptoids that are slinking away from the area. He then gets to his feet and, making his way down the ramp, yells out to the others: “Make sure none of those lizards make it back to tell the others we didn’t get slaughtered…and someone see if the kid under the Vong is okay…” Well, this was fun...and just the beginning...

(OOC: attack, move action to leave the ship)

5 October 2004, 01:02 PM
The team hears the muffled, but loud "Itphim ofv oph me!" coming from under the deceased Vong warrior.
Cubber's ears are ringing with the concussion of the grenade, and he cannot see, something that he doesn't like very much, but feels the dead weight of the warrior's bulk atop him.
So that's two Vong I've taken in my career... granted, one was already incapacitated, and the other... well, the other just fell on my lightsaber blade... but a win's a win! he thought.

5 October 2004, 01:22 PM
One of the wounded reptiods, attemping to flee on it's single remaining leg, takes a slug from Crone's rifle and crumples to ground, blood oozing from it's chest. Vaidoo and Daemi manage to right themselves and dispatch the last two reptiods, though the one Daemi targets was most likely dead already.

Crone Roquin: Make sure none of those lizards make it back to tell the others we didn't get slaughtered...and someone see if the kid under the Vong is okay.

Liuetenant Daemi: Well, you can stop worrying about the rest of those beasts. What the grenade didn't do, Vaidoo and myself just finished. By the way, whose bright idea was it to toss the grenade anyway? Not that I'm complaining mind you, but perhaps yelling "Grenade!" prior to throwing it may have been in order!

Vaidoo lowers his rifle and with some assistance from B2K3, who much to his dismay missed out on the action, struggles to lift the massive warrior off of Cubber.

Vaidoo: Hey Jedi, I know you're pinned down there and all, but if you can turn off the lightsaber, this would be much easier. He seems to be stuck on it somehow, and I really don't want my face burned off trying to heave this carcass.

(Crone kills reptiod; Vaidoo kills reptiod; Daemi ensures that the remaining reptiod is really dead with a coup de grace; B2K3 emerges from the shuttlecraft and assists Vaidoo)

The battle would've have lasted longer, but the grenade was a bit unexpected. Cool, but unexpected. Rostek claims the first big kill, though probably not in the manner he was anticipating.:D

5 October 2004, 01:28 PM
Vaidoo: Hey Jedi, I know you're pinned down there and all, but if you can turn off the lightsaber, this would be much easier. He seems to be stuck on it somehow, and I really don't want my face burned off trying to heave this carcass.
"Ohkee." comes the muffled reply from Cubber, who fumbles around to correctly position the lightsaber for de-ignition. Finally, the blade retreats and disappears.

[OOC: Actually, given Cubber's propensity to blunder into success (see: My 'First encounter with Vong' story :rolleyes: ) this result fits rather well ;) ]

5 October 2004, 01:55 PM
Cursing audibly for missing out on the combat, B2K3 tries to hide his disappointment by first helping Vaidoo, then using his scanners to search the area, keeping his twin pistols in hand.

[ooc: Sorry I missed this, I didn't have a chance to get online until just now. A full page had been taken up by the time I got in. Ah well, I'll be in the next one.]

5 October 2004, 02:31 PM
Nearly missing the Vong's head, Karei curses at her luck. I could have had him! Before she can attack again, the grenade's concussion knocks her off her feet. Using the force of the blast to her advantage, Karei rolls backwards and comes up prepared to fight. Blast! There's nothing left. She disengages the yellow blade and replaces the hilt on her belt. Karei decides to survey the damage. One Vong warrior and a patrol of reptoids, not bad for not being on planet very long.

Gyp Ryol
6 October 2004, 06:30 PM
Drash remained standing at the top of the ramp, obviously shaken by the grenade explosion. He stuck a finger in his ear and wiggled it around to clear out the canal. The Farghul licked his lips and looked at the carnage rather dazedly. "I'm sorry. The grenade was my idea. I had no idea..." He ran a hand through the fur on his head, leaving the hand grasping the back of his head.

"Groshnik," swears Drash softly in Huttese. "I guess when all you do is practice blowing up buildings, you lose sight of the power a explosive can have on a person. Excuse me a minute," he says, still in a very subdued voice. He takes a few seconds to collect himself in the shuttle while his gather up his satchel and tool belt.

6 October 2004, 07:37 PM
Still on full alert, just waiting for another squad of reptoids to leap out of the vegetation, Crone, without averting his eyes from scanning the leftovers, says “Da pawa do killee {The power to kill}…” Pausing slightly, he thinks to himself, that’s all that matters, then, letting out his breath in a slow whistle, continues, a bit louder so his voice will reach Drash even inside the ship, “Don’t worry about the blast…it did the job…what we’ve gotta worry about is what we just killed…” Crone turns his head from one side to the other, wrinkling up his nose like he smells something horrible, then goes on, “Best case, that was a scout group that’s not expected back, givin’ us some time…worst case, well, this place’ll be crawlin’ with Vong in minutes…” The Chagrian absentmindedly rubs the rough nub of his left head horn with the opposite hand, the puncher-loaded gun is now cradled in the other. I could really go for a smoke, but I don’t really wanna send out any extra signals just yet… Crone rubs his chin with his thumb and index finger, and, in a thoughtful manner, says, “I say we pack up, and get the hell outta here…”

8 October 2004, 04:14 PM
Vaidoo, heaving the Vong corpse off of Cubber, notes the hole in the center of the warrior's chest.

Vaidoo: Nice work Jedi. Looks like you got him straight through the heart. If these Vong actually have them, that is. Hmph, and they say my people are ugly. Look at all the scars on this guy. To think that they actually do this to themselves.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Vaidoo rolls the corpse from the landing ramp, where it lands with a dull thud. Eyeing the reptiod bodies strewn about, he ventures back inside the shuttle to assemble his field gear. I hope that lieutenant knows his camp sanitation procedures. If he doesn't get rid of these bodies, in a few hours the stench is going to be unbearable.

The tall Vurk lieutenant slings his blaster rifle and retieves his secure comlink from its pouch on his utility belt. Moving out from under the tree canopy, he activates the device and takes a knee in the high grass.

Lieutenant Daemi: Let's see if these beauties really work. Best Chance to Definitive, do you copy? Repeat, Best Chance to Definitive, do you copy?

Comm Officer: We read you Best Chance, standby.

A few seconds later, a familiar voice comes across Daemi's comlink. The voice is thin but clearly audible, with little static.

Major Poresh: Good to hear from you, Best Chance. Give me a SITREP, over.

Lieutenant Daemi: Aye sir. Insertion complete, though we ran into a Vong patrol right after we set down. They've been dealt with, and we didn't see any villips or commo creatures on them. Looks like it was just a routine patrol, over.

Major Poresh: That's good news. What's your position, over?

Lieutenant Daemi: We're about 25 kilometers from the factory complex. The team is assembling their gear, and should be moving out promptly. No coralskipper activity noted. Looks like we managed to slip in the back door, over.

Major Poresh: Again, good work. Give me regular reports every twelve hours, or when the situation changes, over.

Lieutenant Daemi: Roger that. Best Chance out.

Moving back towards the shuttle, Lieutenant Daemi relays the Major's instructions to the team. Heading to the aft hold, he begins moving a few bulky-looking crates down the landing ramp. Setting to work at the crates, he opens them, revealing several portable blaster turrets, along with their control units.

Lieutenant Daemi: Looks like those new comlinks are working just fine. I'll stay here and lock the shuttle up. I'll be setting these autoturrets up in a perimeter. They'll be programmed to blast anything that moves, so if you decide to head back this way, I'd suggest contacting me first. I'll have the shuttle ready to lift off again soon, so if you need a quick extract or some air support, give me a call. The chin turret on this little gal should make quick work of anything smaller than a coralskipper. And stay sharp out there. When this patrol doesn't check in, they're bound to send out more.

Returning to his task, Daemi begins setting up the autoturrets around the shuttle, affixing remote control units and adjusting their targeting computers.

Vaidoo, having finished loading up his gear, stands at the base of the lannding ramp, studying a small datapad. His antenna move slowly about, taking in the sounds of Garqi's night, as the environment returns to its natural pattern. Unsure if the rest of the team can hear him, he speaks loudly enough to be heard inside the shuttle.

Vaidoo: I studied these topos on the way down. It looks like we're about 25 kilometers due west of the factory complex. There's nothing between it and us expect for some small patches of trees and some sort of harvester droid control center up ahead. Maybe we can find some supplies there. Besides that, its nothing but grass, grass and more grass. We'll find almost no cover along the way, so I suggest we get moving while we still have a few hours of darkness left. I volunteer to take point for the first leg of our journey.

After slapping a fesh power pack into his rifle and adjusting it's sights for night shooting, Vaidoo stows his datapad in a thigh pouch and takes a long gulp from a condensing canteen. Anticipating trouble, he adjusts the straps on his field kit for a quick release. I still have a bad feeling about this.

Vaidoo: I'm ready to move out whenever you are.

The attached map is crude, but adequate.
It looks like I'll be NPCing Vaidoo until Luger decides to return. I'll have to wing it as far as keeping him in character goes.

EDIT: I just noticed that on the map compass, East and West are on the wrong sides. Oops. Just mentally flip-flop them and everything will be fine. Sorry.

8 October 2004, 07:24 PM
Cubber, a little dazed and his hair more than a little ruffled, gets up and dusts himself off, re-attaching his lightsaber to his belt.
"Wow... that was... interesting." he said between heaving breaths.
He fetches his gear, and, following Vaidoo's cue, affixes the pack's straps for quick release.
Taking his saber in his left (ooc: primary) hand, he throws Lt. Daemi an approximation of a salute and says "Best of luck Lieutenant... we'll try to check in as the situation changes or as it allows."
He then turns to Karei, and with a nervous smile asks: "So, how did you like your first action?"

8 October 2004, 09:40 PM
Cubber Byng: Best of luck Lieutenant...we'll try to check in as the situation changes or as it allows.

Lieutenant Daemi, hearing the Jedi's farewell, stands and returns the casual salute.

Lieutenant Daemi: Once again the Jedi prove themselves as worthy protectors. Farewell my friends, and good luck to you all!

Returning to assembling and programming the autoturrets, he suddenly notices a strange stench beginning to waver around the landing site. Turning his head, he notes the dozen reptiod corpses scattered about the area. Phew! By the Original Light! As soon as I finish with these turrets, I have got to get rid of those bodies! Please, let there be a shovel on board.

9 October 2004, 04:48 AM
Kaythree holsters his pistols and reaches for one of his new rotary carbines. As he walks toward the front of the group, he checks to make sure everything on his utility belt is locked securely. He consults his tactical computer. "When we march, why don't we have a Jedi at the front and rear, with us gunners in between? That way, we are more or less covered from both outright and sneak attacks." Assuring himself that his sensors are at full capacity, signals that he is prepared to leave.

Gyp Ryol
9 October 2004, 07:17 AM
Drash emerges from the shuttle hefting a backpack full of all the gear he couldn't have carried on his bandlodeers. He walks down the ramp and pulls out his handheld computer. He slides the stylus out and begins to make quick notes of all of the downed corpses, breathing through his mouth to avoid the stench. He notes the warrior's armor, facial features, scars, and the remains of the strange weapon he was wielding. He makes some quick notes under a self-labeled category, "Yuuzhan Vong Tactics."

Reptoids engage immediately at beginning of combat. Attempt to use sheer numbers to overpower foes. Tactical note: Grenades effective against rep's tight formation. Pack of rep's lead by YV warrior. YVW appears if Jedi present; other appearance conditions unknown. YVW attacks nearest Jedi with melee weapon. YV weapon resistant to lightsaber. YV armor also somewhat resistant to lightsaber. Tactical note: Need further information.

Drash slips the stylus back into his handheld computer, and gingerly puts the black plasteel device into his hip pouch. He pulls out his blaster pistol, and gives an informal wave to the Lieutenant. "Take care."

He moves next to the big droid. "I agree with Kaythree in this instance. I, however, will be putting myself near the middle, as I am the least combat saavy being here."

9 October 2004, 10:43 AM
Hearing the new rumblings, Cubber decides to weigh in.
"Well, I think Vaidoo, having the sensors and the most experiance, is the best choice for point, I'll go behind him though, within easy access should things go wrong. Karei could take rear though, as she's probably better at this combat stuff than I, despite my recent performance. Kaythree and his heavy weapons or Crone's high powered shooting were back to help Karei, then I think this arraignment would work."

9 October 2004, 12:11 PM
With all his gear already on his person, Crone moves toward the gathering group, letting his alertness subside slightly and offering no pleasantry to the Lieutenant. As he listens to the conversation about the order the group should move with, he thinks to himself, hmm…Jedi’s takin’ over already…maybe he does have a little Duron in him…he’s definitely lucky, and, as long as it doesn’t run out, I can stand behind him…this really doesn’t make much difference though…if they come up on us without us knowin’ it, whoever’s in the lead or the tail is gonna get something they didn’t bargain for… “I agree with the Jedi, we’re gonna want scanners going the whole time, and as far ahead and behind as we can get…I think we should stick the droid in the back so he can pick up anything that might be tracking us…I also think Vaidoo had a good idea about checkin’ out that control hub…chances are the Vong leveled it, but it’s still worth the trip…but, like I said, I think the sooner we move, the better…”

Having said his piece, Crone slings his rifle over his free shoulder and pulls a nutrient capsule out of a pocket and swallows it dryly. He then removes a cigarra from the box, not to smoke, but just to feel it in his mouth and taste the t’bac on his lips. While waiting nervously to see what the group decides to do, the Chagrian cracks all the joints on both hands several times. This debating is going to get old fast…hopefully the Jedi just takes over…I don’t really wanna spend any more time than we have to down here…

9 October 2004, 01:28 PM
Although he seems indignant at first about his plan being altered, Kaythree nods at the Jedi and Chagrian. "Makes sense. I had not considered the sensors." He takes a few steps back, so he is near Karei, ready to move. "I agree about the control center. If nothing else, it can serve as a temporary base of operations in case we need to retreat with wounded. It might be easily defendable. We should hide out there until the sun sets tomorrow night and we have darkness to cover us again." Then, realizing he sounds like he is giving orders he says, "Forgive me. This is my first combat mission in a long time that I have not been alone. I am not very used to thinking as a group member." He starts counting in his head. "Been almost forty years..."

9 October 2004, 01:38 PM
Karei grabs her pack out of the transport and walks out to join the group. She adjusts the back pack to make herself more comfortable. Pack's a little heavy, but I can carry it. The Jedi joins the group as they are making plans. She listens as Cubber, Kaythree, and Crone discuss the plan. I say we just get out of here and cut the chatter, but that's just me. She looks up as Kaythree moves to stand beside her. At least I won't be lonely in the back. Sensing that the group has finalized the plans, Karei says, "Good plan, I'm ready to go."

9 October 2004, 02:02 PM
"Good plan, I'm ready to go."
Cubber nods, "As am I, I think Kaythree has it right on the credits with the control center hideout... hopefully the last crew had the same thoughts, maybe we'll find some clues about them at the place... shall we?" he says, walking into position behind Vaidoo.

9 October 2004, 02:44 PM
Vaidoo, having walked ahead a few meters, notes the brief discussion over marching order. We should be working as a team instead of wasting time bickering. Obviously none of them have ever been on a patrol before. Kaythree probably has, but as he said, he normally conducts solo operations. Why couldn't my squad have been assigned this mission? We would've already moved out long ago.

Ignoring the discussion, Vaidoo withdraws his portable senor pack and scans the immediate area. This won't work. I can't walk point and scan at the same time. Unless... Stricken with a moment's inspiration, he shucks his field kit and reaches into his thigh pouch, wthdrawing a flexible adaptor cable, a small portable reader and several elastic bands. He connects the cable from his sensor pack to the portable reader, fastening it to his left forearm with the elastic bands. Snaking the cable so it runs the length of his arm, he makes a few adjustments on the sensor pack and secures it so the device lies flat on his back. He jumps up and down a few times, making sure the sensor pack stays put, then dons his field kit again.

Keying his forearm-mounted reader, he instructs the device to display the sensor pack's readings on the viewscreen. Though the image is quite crude, an fair approximation of his position appears superimposed on a topographic representation of the local area. As the sensor pack registers the rest of the team, small blips indicating their positions appear as well. Not a true motion sensor, but it should work. I'm glad I stayed awake during all those tech courses, or I'd have had to ask the Farghul to do this for me. Maybe later I can ask him to enhance the display more. I just hope the energy cells last long enough for this to be effective. Grabbing his rifle and positioning it at the low ready, he turns to face the team.

Vaidoo: Okay, now I am ready. If you wish to stay with me Jedi, you'll have to keep up. We'll need to stay about 20 meters ahead of the group at all times. That way we will have ample time to warn the others of any threats.

Turning back around, Vaidoo begins walking, letting his hunter's insticts take over. This is where I belong. Walking the point, stalking my enemy. Vaidoo the Rodian is hunting you, Yuuzhan Vong scum. Beware.

So the marching order is Vaidoo and Cubber up front, Crone and Drash in the middle, and Karei and B2K3 bringing up the rear. That sound right?

9 October 2004, 02:58 PM
While he waits for Vaidoo and Cubber to get the safe distance away, Kaythree powers up both enormous rotary carbines and holsters one on his belt, the other he wields lightly. Noticing that Karei seems a little nervous, he nods at her reassuringly.

That's the right order, lessgo!

9 October 2004, 03:47 PM
Okay, now I am ready. If you wish to stay with me Jedi, you'll have to keep up. We'll need to stay about 20 meters ahead of the group at all times. That way we will have ample time to warn the others of any threats.
"Sounds cool with me... don't worry about me keeping up, Master Vaidoo, worry about the Vong and friends that are crawling around out there."

[OOC: [In Chris Farley voice] "That's Correct" :P ]

9 October 2004, 04:04 PM
Karei nods back at Kaythree. She checks her lightsaber and blaster to make sure they are in reach, then says to the droid, "I'm ready when you are big guy."

(OOC: Locked and Loaded.)

Gyp Ryol
9 October 2004, 04:13 PM
Drash nods affirmatively, and adjusts the backpack straps over his shoulders, trying to find a comfortable spot. He checks the charge of his blaster, making sure it is full.

(OOC: Well, here goes nothin'.)

9 October 2004, 09:01 PM
While waiting for the first two to get their head start, Crone un-slings the rifle he hasn’t used yet and loads it with standard slugs in a quick, efficient manner that conveys the fact that he’s done it many times. When he’s finished, he brings it up in a firing position, then, keeping his hands on the same places on the weapon, moves it so it’s crossing his chest, barrel at the shoulder, butt at the hip.

After the Rodian and the Jedi are approximately twenty meters ahead, Crone, through semi-clenched teeth so not to let his cigarra escape, says to Drash, simply, “Boska. {Let’s go.}” Then, with his eyes ever-scanning the horizon, the Chagrian begins to follow the slight trail forged by the lead pair.

(OOC: I have a bad feeling about this…)

10 October 2004, 09:14 AM
A light breeze billows across the plains, rippling the high grass like waves in a vast sea of yellows and greens. Garqi's primary begins it's journey upwards, the blackness of night slowly being replaced by warm blue skies with a few scattered golden-white clouds. Plains-dwelling rodents and small predators, finished with their nightime hunting, begin to return to their burrows and resting places, ready to wait out the long planetary day.

Vaidoo, wallking point, studies the terrain in front of him carefully, long years of discipine allowing him to ignore the brilliant sunrise and focus on his task at hand. After a four-hour march, slowed somewhat by their heavy packs and hampered movement within the meter-high grasses, the team has made good progress, and can see the outlines of a largish building off in the distance. Continuing to scan left and right ever so subtly, Vaidoo suddenly spots something ahead and off to his right. He instantly takes a knee and raises his left fist, the halt signal. An indention in the grass a few meters ahead raises his suspicions, and he motions silently for his Jedi companion to follow.

As the team halts their movement, Vaidoo brings his weapon to bear and slowly inches forward. Parting the grass with his rifle barrel, he spots a dead body, face down, and from the looks of it, freshly slain. Tattered remnants of an equipment belt and military fatigues still cling to the body, though any gear of importance seems to have been stripped away. Crouching above the corpse, he turns and motions the Jedi to join him.

Vaidoo: Gungan. Killed recently too. But I can't see any tracks. This grass makes it difficult to read the terrain.

Studying the fallen creature, he notes several slashes along the victim's back, caked with dried blood. One of its long ears has been sliced off, and both arms appear to have been broken, apparently after the creature's death, judging from the position of them. Glancing at his forearm-mounted motion tracker, Vaidoo sees no other movement in the vicinity, though the dimness of the reader's screen clearly shows that his sensor pack's power is running out. Keeping his weapon ready, Vaidoo looks at Cubber, confusion and trepidation showing on his face.

Vaidoo: This doesn't make sense. Why leave a body in the middle of this field? The droid control center is only a thousand meters or so ahead. Why dump the body here? What do you think, Cubber? Do your Jedi senses tell you anything?

Rostek, before you post, I need you to check your PM inbox. I just "passed" you a note. Everybody else is of course free to post normally.

10 October 2004, 01:26 PM
As Vaidoo asked his question, Cubber was bombarded by some sort of sensory overload. He grabbed his head, and with his thumbs visciously rubbed at his temples. What he saw horrified him, but it wasn't the dead Gungan... it was... A Vision.
Cubber, trying to put the vision to words, shakily addresses Vaidoo: "Vision!" he croaks in hoarse whisper talk, "They're... there are four big aliens, but just darkened shapes against a haze. One of the aliens points at me and is bowing. He then turns and runs. The others, they... they chase him, but he escapes. The three aliens each are holding a... head in their hands and begin to laugh ... horrible laughter." he sucks in a breath, "I don't like this... I think we need to proceed with caution... there could be Vong up ahead... I don't know what this means though." Cubber shakily. He takes a swig from his canteen to calm himself... and relieve him of the nausea that had accompanied the vision.

10 October 2004, 01:54 PM
Vaidoo recoils briefly as Cubber staggers from the force of whatever vision he is receiving. Not pretending to understand the mysteries of the Force, he waits for the Jedi to regain his composure. Placing a hand on the young man's shoulder, he attempts to steady him.

Vaidoo: Will you be alright, Cubber? You vision sounds very important, but we have press on. We should regroup and warn the others. Let me help you back.

Keeping his hand on Cubber's shoulder, the Rodian guides them back to others, all of whom appear both curious and wary.

Vaidoo: There's a dead body up ahead, a Gungan. He's been mutilated and stripped of his equipment. I find no tracks leading to or away from it, either. And then something...happened to Cubber. He says he saw a vision. I don't know what is going on, but I don't like it.

10 October 2004, 02:01 PM
As Cubber recounts his vision for the group, he again needs to take a drink from his canteen.
"Karei, what do you make of it... I've never displayed any talent for seeing the future, but I think it's a warning from the future... something wicked this way comes, methinks. We need to check out that center, though, it could be the key to all of this... but we need to do it a bit more covertly than we originally anticipated, though."

10 October 2004, 03:01 PM
"If he was stripped of his equipment, it probably wasn't Vong that mauled him. Who else is on this rock? Maybe the other team turned on each other? Do we know if there was a Gungan on the team? Maybe I should contact the sergeant..." Kaythree speaks rapidly and quietly, as if nervous someone will hear him.

10 October 2004, 03:05 PM
"Good idea Kaythree... you've got the comlink mounted internally... so you don't actually need to talk out loud to talk to the Lieutenant do you?"
Cubber said, with some satisfaction out of his realization.

10 October 2004, 03:18 PM
When Crone notices that Vaidoo and Cubber have stopped, he drops to a kneeling position and raises his weapon, aiming in their general direction. Hawkbats…what’s going on up there…damn this twenty-meter distance garbage…if those two get lanced, we’re in one big bantha pile…

Crone watches the two focus on something just ahead of them, then, suddenly, it appears as if Cubber’s been hit. No, no, no… Crone gets quickly to his feet and takes two strides forward before he notices that Cubber seems to be fine and that they are, in fact, making their way back toward the rest.

After the explanation, Crone is, if possible, more perplexed than he was when he knew nothing. Damn…at least what I was thinkin’ before made sense…this is just strange…a messed up, looted corpse and the Jedi seeing things…if it’s as fresh as they say, I don’t really think this is the place to stand around and yak about it…it just doesn’t make a lick of sense though…unless… Re-adopting his marching position, Crone starts away from the group toward the control hub at a different angle so not to have to walk over the body. After he’s moved about five paces, he turns around and says, “C’mon, let’s move on, and stick together this time. I have a good feeling we don’t wanna be in this area anymore…” Looking over at Karei and Cubber, then to the droid, he adds, “You can discuss his daydream and contact the Vurk, the Serg., or whoever while we’re moving.” Turning back around and continuing forward, Crone thinks to himself, If I’m right, we really don’t wanna be here…

10 October 2004, 03:37 PM
Karei thinks over Cubber's vision for a moment. This is a strange turn of events. Why would Yuuzhan Vong be in a Force vision? Aren't they not part of it? Answering his question, Karei explains her viewpoint, "Well, I've never experience anything that you have described. I believe that the vision you saw is a possible future event, but as Master Skywalker says, 'Always in motion is the future.' Keep your senses up and be aware of your surroundings. This vision could become real at any moment, be it now or in three weeks. But right now, I agree with Crone. We should leave this place and get to the command center."

10 October 2004, 04:15 PM
Silently agreeing with Crone, Kaythree also starts toward the control hub. He accesses the comlink and directs it towards Sergeant Roviri's comlink. When the static clears, he sends his message (yes, silently) "Sergeant, we have a mauled corpse, Gungan. It was looted and mutilated after death. Looks fresh. Probable cause of death: slashing weapon. Were there Gungans on the previous team, or could it simply be a slave?" He repeats his message quietly for the benefit of his team.

10 October 2004, 04:33 PM
Monitoring his commo board, the morning shift duty officer notices the secure message indicator blink. Eyes widening, he patches the signal through the bridge speakers. Listening to B2K3's antenna-boosted transmission attentively, he waves the ship's executive officer, just arriving for the morning shift, over to the comm board.

Executive Officer: What is it, Ensign?

Duty Officer: Sir, secure s-thread traffic from Corporal B2K3. He's asking for Sergeant Roviri, says they found a mutilated Gungan corpse. Wants to know if any Gungans were a part of Strike Force Raven.

Executive Officer: Damn. There were two Gungans, Creel and Toba. Better get the Major up here. Do it personally, I'll handle the board, Ensign. And get Roviri up here too. He'll want to know about this, they're both good friends of his.

Duty Officer: Right away sir.

As the duty officer dashes towards the turbolift, the ship's XO pauses a moment to compose himself before responding to Kaythree's transmission.

Executive Officer: B2K3, this is the XO, do you copy?

Noting the lack of a transmission confirmation from the board, the XO thumps his fist and swears under his breath.

Executive Officer: Blast it! We're not sending a signal. Get those two techs on the horn and find out what's wrong with the transmission generator.

Another ensign, monitoring his own board, hears the XO's outburst and responds.

Ensign: Yes sir. Captain on the bridge!

The officers on the bridge all come to attention as Major Poresh exits the turbolift, his uniform wrinkled and his eyes still baggy as he shakes off any leftover sleep.

Major Poresh: Carry on everyone. Give me a SITREP, XO.

Executive Officer: Sir, we've received a secure transmission from Corporal B2K3. He reports finding a mutilated Gungan, sir.

Major Poresh: What?! Who, Toba, Creel? Which one?

Executive Officer: We don't know sir. The transmission generator is offline. I sent word for the Bith to check it out. We can receive, but not transmit.

Major Poresh: Damn those two! They assured me the new system worked! We can't raise anybody?

Executive Officer: No sir, no one. All we can do is listen for now.

Major Poresh: Sithspawn! Try to send a tight-beam to Lieutenant Daemi. Maybe we can relay through him.

Executive Officer: Sir, if we do that, the Vong will be able to fix on our position. They have biotech that can trace standard comm signals. And if there are any Peace Brigade around, they'll pick it up too.

Major Poresh: (sighing) You're right, of course. We'll just have to sit here and wait. I hope they're alright down there.

Several moments later, a voice pipes in over the shipboard comm system.

Intercom: Captain, Sergeant D'ido here. We had a slight problem with the transmission equipment. Try it now, it should be coming online.

Executive Officer: Thank the Force! Sir?

Stepping away from the commo board, the XO relenquishes his place, so that the Major may sit. Keying the transmit switch, Major Poresh opens a line, relieved to see the transmission indicator turning green.

Major Poresh: B2K3, this is the Definitive. We need you to try to identify the body. Two Gungans were a part of Strike Force Raven. Look for tatoos. Creel Toomas had a SpecForce tatoo on his right shoulder, and Toba Carsel had one on his chest. How copy, over?


Vaidoo again takes the lead, moving out a few meters ahead of Crone. Catching a familiar scent, he moves forward a few more steps, almost tripping on something.

Vaidoo: Sithspit! Another corpse! This one's human, and I can smell Rodian hunting rations on him. Yeah, that's what it is. His survival pack's been shredded. Ration chunks everywhere. What in the name of the Original Light happened here?

Carefully stepping through the grass now, Vaidoo encounters several more bodies, mostly human, mutilated just as the rest. Standing on his toes, he spots several more depressions in the grass ahead, spread out in a haphazard pattern. He studies a few of them, noting their clothing, which is of a familiar pattern. Smashed pieces of weaponry and equipment litter the scene.

Vaidoo: Hey, there's more bodies ahead. Dozens of them. Their clothes look very familiar. It looks almost like....Peace Brigade.

Turning towards his companions, he shouts to be heard, a look of agitation on his face.

Vaidoo: These men were Peace Brigaders. I knew I recognized the outfits! A battle took place here, maybe only minutes ago. There's probably going to be a trail of bodies all the way to the control center. I say we circle around the long way. We're in a bad spot for an ambush.

10 October 2004, 04:53 PM
Hearing the shout, Kaythree straps the rotary carbine to his back, drops to all fours, and prepares to move as silently as possible toward the command center. "Let me scout ahead with Crone, the rest of you stay back and low at the safe distance." He looks at Crone, remembering reading that he is a big game hunter, and says, "If I'm right, the two of us should be able to stalk in unnoticed, scout it out, and start to pick off enemies as the rest of the team arrives. That'll drop the numbers in case they are hostile in time for the more melee capable to get in there." Then, recalling again that he's with a team, "Anyone disagree or have a better course of--" He pauses, hearing something. "Incoming message from the Definitive. There were two Gungans on the team. One of them has a SpecForce tattoo on the shoulder, the other had one on the chest. Did you notice one, Vaidoo?"

10 October 2004, 05:51 PM
"How 'bout you guys scout the complex proper, and we'll stay back about 30 meters or so, in the grass, and Vaidoo can take this opportunity to change his cells on that rig of his." Cubber said, thinking.
"Hey, if these guys were Peace Pukes then the original team could be holed up in the complex." Cubber said excitedly. "Do we know the approach proceedures with the team?" he then asked.

10 October 2004, 05:57 PM
"Do you think the original team would have wrecked the Peace Brigade that badly? I can understand killing them, but these corpses are basically scrap. But even so, it can't hurt to be on the safe side." He activates the s-thread again. "Possible original team position located. Is there a certain approach procedure we should follow?" Again, he repeats the message that he sent for the group.

10 October 2004, 06:12 PM
"Do you think the original team would have wrecked the Peace Brigade that badly? I can understand killing them, but these corpses are basically scrap. But even so, it can't hurt to be on the safe side."
"Good point," Cubber says. "I've heard the stories about Darth Vader... do you guys think it's possible the Vong commander just took out his frustrations on these hapless sobs and we're walking into a giant Vong base?"

10 October 2004, 06:20 PM
"Or perhaps a fourth party is involved."

10 October 2004, 06:28 PM
"Or perhaps a fourth party is involved."

Karei looks over the devastation. "It could be the locals. They might be fighting back. They can't take on the Vong, so they decided to hit their weaker allies."

10 October 2004, 06:33 PM
"It could be the locals. They might be fighting back. They can't take on the Vong, so they decided to hit their weaker allies."
"That would explain the mutilation... they can't be very happy with their situation... I guess it's something to hope for. Let's proceed, shall we."
Cubber says quietly.

10 October 2004, 06:35 PM
Hearing Cubber's last statement, Kaythree quickly nods, drops to all fours again, and stalks quickly and quietly toward the command center.

10 October 2004, 06:35 PM
As he comes up behind Vaidoo to have a look for himself, Crone leans in to speak to the Rodian in a low voice, “Speaking of ambush, how ‘bout keepin’ the shouting to a minimum…” Hmm…PBs…if they’re short on slaves, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Vong used these turncoats experiment fodder…I really don’t think our boys woulda done this…I hate to say it, but I think I’m right on the money…

Crone is about to agree with the droid’s plan to scout ahead when it interrupts itself and relays a message from the command ship. His stomach turns a bit at the thought that some of these bodies could actually be their own; he hadn’t cared about the desecration when he thought they were all Peace Brigade. As Cubber and the droid go back and forth, Crone thinks to himself, I’m beginning to think this mission is more to confirm that the first team is dead so nobody feels like they left them behind…but if that’s the case, where’s that leave us… At the end of his thought, he hears Cubber mention a Vong base, then the droid chimes in about a forth party, and Crone decides it’s time to let them in on his theory. Pointing to the droid, he says, “Hold up Kay, I think you’ve got something there, but, Miss Jedi, I don’t think it’s the locals…I’ve heard the Vong have some way of controlling their slaves…” Crone pauses slightly, finding it a bit harder to explain this than he’d thought it would be, then goes on, “…then, they can turn ‘em into killing machines, savages…the way these bodies are all torn up and the food’s been taken, half eaten…well, I’d say we’re knee-deep in some sort of experiment training zone…” He pauses again, this time to scan the horizon, trying to either shake the sudden feeling of being watched or find out for sure where it’s coming from. After a few seconds and a deep sigh, he continues, “I bet the Vong sent the PBs out for exercises, then sent their…well, you know, out to kill ‘em…and kill ‘em they did…anyway, I guess we should get moving...”

Once he’s said his piece, Crone starts moving forward while again scanning the area, still feeling invisible eyes lurking either somewhere out there, or somewhere in his head. I sure wish I hadn’t chewed that cigarra all to hell…I’d go ahead and light it now, but I don’t wanna take the time to pull another one out…I have a feeling we’re about to get company…

10 October 2004, 06:46 PM
B2K3: Incoming message from the Definitive. There were two Gungans on the team. One of them has a SpecForce tatoo on the shoulder, the other had one on the chest. Did you notice one Vaidoo?

Vaidoo: I don't know. He lost of lot of skin, but I didn't see anything on his shoulder. I could go back and look at his chest. What's left of it, that is.

Unsatisfied, Kaythree sends another silent transmission to the Definitive.

B2K3: Possible original team position located. Is there a certain approach procedure we should follow?

Kaythree repeats the message, then hears the internal click of his receiver unit.

Major Poresh: Roger that, Kaythree. You'll need to use a glowrod or some other light source and send out three longs and four shorts. Repeat that sequence twice. That was the prearranged pick-up signal. You can try using infrared lighting also. Hopefully the team still has their IR gear, over.

Overhearing the tail end of Cubber and Kaythree's conversation, Vaidoo frowns. He reaches into his utility belt to fish out a new energy cell for his sensor pack, asking Drash for some assistance with the device.

Vaidoo: Drash, can you help me change out the energy cell in my sensor pack? We might need it's capabilities soon. And I hope you guys are wrong about a fourth party. Vong, Peace Brigade, the missing strike force, those are more than enough for me. All we need now is for a group of Malkite poisoners to show up. Then we'd really be in deep bantha poodoo.

EDIT: Had to play catch up again. You know how slow us old folks are.
Damn, this getting good! Can ya feel the tension?

10 October 2004, 06:50 PM
"Don't forget, it's possible the Gungan was Peace Brigade... it'd make more sense out here with the rest of the bodies." Cubber said, getting very nervous with each passing minute.
"Do we have any IR flashing gear one us? If not, could you rig up a sensor pack or infared goggle set to emit them, Drash?"

Gyp Ryol
11 October 2004, 05:53 AM
Drash had, for the most part, remained crouched in the grass, unable to get a word in edgewise to the conversation. He holsters his blaster, waiting for him to say his piece.

Drash, can you help me change out the energy cell in my sensor pack? We might need it's capabilities soon.

"Hmm? What are you talking about?" asks Drash in a low voice. He walks over to Vaidoo, and realizes the sensor pack set-up the Rodian has. He sighs. "Well, if it works for you, I suppose I can't complain." He snatches the energy cell out of Vaidoo's hand and quickly and deftly swaps it in. He examines the old energy cell, then tucks it away into a pouch on his bandlodeer.

Do we have any IR flashing gear on us? If not, could you rig up a sensor pack or infared goggle set to emit them, Drash?

Drash sniffs a bit contemptuously. "Lucky for all of us I have a pair of infrared goggles. If I can get a few minutes of work, I may be able to alter infrared receptors' wavelength and turn them into a signaler of sorts." He raised an eyebrow questioningly, pulling out his infrared goggles and tool set.

11 October 2004, 06:44 AM
Hearing Drash's answer, Cubber turns to K3.
"Kaythree, tell the ship we'll have signalling capability in a few minutes, so let's sit tight for a little bit, until we can signal them."

11 October 2004, 06:47 AM
Hearing Drash’s reply to the question of rigging up an IR signaling device, then Cubber's response, Crone turns and comes back to the group. “Hey, that sounds like a good idea…we don’t wanna just stroll up on our boys who’re probably scared, shootin’ at everything…” After a moment of strange-faced contemplation, he thinks to himself, banthas, then continues, “…how ‘bout the two Jedi and me make a herd circle around Drash while he does his thing and Kay and Vaidoo can patrol out, but not too far, keeping those sensors hummin’…how’s that sound?” Not good actually, but better than gettin’ killed by our own people…and better than just being sitting ducks...

11 October 2004, 09:53 AM
Crone's suggestion made sense to Cubber... he didn't want to end up as a stain on the plain here.
"Sounds good to me... good luck Drash, we'll keep you covered." he patted the Farghul on the back and slunk a few meters away, preparing to cover the tech with his saber.

Gyp Ryol
11 October 2004, 11:32 AM
Drash mutters as he lowers his welding goggles, "It's only a standard wavelength receptor/transmitter conversion." The black goggles firmly in place, he pulls his fusion cutter out from his tool kit and clears a place in the tall grass for him to work on. Replacing the tool, he takes out a fine hydrospanner, and begins to reveal the infrared goggles' inner workings. "Aha. There you are..." Drash purrs. He gingerly removes the infrared receptors and places them gently in the grass. He takes out a fine set of laser cutters and precisely opens the small devices.

Taking a small computer jack from his bandlodeers, he hooks the two receptors to his handheld computer. He sits for a few moments, gazing at the technical readouts on the screen. He slides the small stylus out, and chews on it's end for a little bit. He then makes a few deft programming changes in the receptor's software. Satisfied, he removes the jack and replaces the computer and cord. He then produces what appears to be a small set of tweazers.

Hunched over the device, small sparks shoot up from the receptors as Drash gently prods and pokes the cylindrical receptors. He puts the tweazers back into a pouch, and takes a long look at his handy work. He finally purrs and waves his tail in pleasure. He seals up the receptors with the laser welders, making a very fine weld in the receptors. He purrs louder as his tail reaches up over his head and pulls back his welding goggles.

Drash smiles a toothy smile as he gently replaced the now infrared transmitters into the goggles. He buttoned the devices back up with the hydrospanner. He stands up and stretches, holding the infrared goggles in his furry hands. "Well, there you have it. I'm not sure of the range, though I'd put it at around 50-60 meters. Under optimal conditions, who knows?" he says, with no effort to hide the pride in his voice.

11 October 2004, 12:36 PM
Cubber, seeing Drash come up with what he assumes is pride, slinks over to his postion.
"Great, team, why don't we move into optimum position, and give out a burst sequence of three long ones and four short ones, and do that sequence twice."

11 October 2004, 12:41 PM
After hearing the request from Cubber, Kaythree sends the message to the Definitive. When the transmission click sounds, he looks up, hearing the end of Crone's idea, nods to him and starts to slink away, waiting 10 meters out for Vaidoo to join him.

11 October 2004, 01:09 PM
With Kaythree having confirmed recepit of his tranmission, Vaidoo and the droid stealthily make their way to the complex, alternating between short crouching runs and crawling on all fours between patches of higher grass. A dozen or so meters from the building, Vaidoo stops to catch his breath and scan with his wrist-mounted reader. Noting several blips ahead, he brings his rifle up and peers through the scope, slowly panning from right to left. The view through Vaidoo's scope shows the devastation around the droid control center. Though the building still stands, huge gaping holes appear in it's duracrete walls, and the wreckage of a large harvester droid lies nearby. The control center's windows have all been destroyed, and the roof-mounted rectenna is gone, various peices of it lying smashed on the ground in front of the building. Several Yuuzhan Vong can been seen milling around the complex, shouting orders to a group of reptoids in their alien tongue. The reptiods skitter about, trying to comply as best as their limited intellects allow.

Watching the Vong closely through his scope, he follows their movements carefully. B2K3, using his sensors, sees an electronically-flitered view of the scene as well. A line of humans, Peace Brigade by the looks of them, sit on their knees, each battered and bloody, with small calcified growths on their necks and backs. The four Yuuzhan Vong uncoil their amphistaves from their arms and cause the living weapons to straighten into spear-like shapes. Grunting at the line of humans, one of the Vong warriors points and barks at the captive humans. Though the humans look petrified, one of them stands warily and shakes his head, obviously defying their alien captors. Another human, inspired by his comrade, also rises shakily to his feet. The Yuuzhan Vong scowls, and backhands the first human across the face. Staggering from the blow, the human manages to maintain his footing, and again shakes his head.

The three other Vong move towards their comrade, two of them threatening a captive, while the fourth merely stands ready. The lead human, his wrists bound in some fashion, rushes his tormenter, hoping to knock the warrior back. The Yuuzhan Vong dodges the move easily, bringing an elbow down on the man's spine. The human drops to the ground instantly, his lungs gasping for breath. The Vong warrior brings his amphistaff down hard on the man's neck, severing his head in a blur of motion. Holding up his grisly trophy, he displays the head for the other captives to see. Two of his fellow warriors, seeing their comrade's enjoyment of the spectacle, lash out at a pair of humans, severing their heads with swift blows from their weapons. The three warriors, each brandishing a severed head, howl with delight, waving them in front of the remaining captives.

The fourth Yuuzhan Vong casts a look of challenge at the other warriors, grunting at them in their own language. Tossing aside their bloody prizes, the three gruesome warriors raise their weapons in anticipation of battle. Without hesitation, the fourth Vong warrior slashes at the knees of one of his former comrades, opening up a gaping wound in the alien's left leg. The two other Vong move in to engage and strike with their amphistaves. Moving swiftly and effortlessly, the reluctant warrior parries the blows and postions himself for a killing strike when an explosion suddenly jolts the air. The warriors cease their fighting and turn towards the sound. The fourth warrior, seeing his chance, turns and flees the group, heading off into the grasses at a full run. The other warriors turn back towards their former comrade and prepare to give chase as blasterfire erupts from the top of the control center. Red bolts of energy pepper the ground near the warriors feet, forcing them to step back and scan for their new enemy.

The grenade blast kills an entire pack of reptiods instantly. The others move about frantically, steering clear of the Vong warriors and howling with fright. Moving towards the complex, the three Vong fan out and give themselves room to manuever, all three with amphistaves at the ready, tensed for whatever awaits them. From atop the control center, a lone voice calls out in Basic.

Mysterious Figure: If its humans you want to kill, how about giving me a try?

As the mysterious figure finishes speaking, his shadowy form appears from behind the stump of the rectenna mount. Though his features are hidden, he appears tall and lean, with a blaster clearly visible in his left hand. Tossing his smoking weapon aside, he reaches for something on his belt and brings it to bear. With the sun directly at his back, and his foes blinded by it, he leaps 10 meters to the ground, landing effortlessly and coming into full view. The Vong warriors, recovering their eyesight, circle around and attempt to flank their attacker. The mysterious figure gestures mockingly, and with a distincive snap-hiss, brings a blue-white energy blade into existance. One of the Vong warriors, momentarily startled, stops dead in his tracks and shouts in mangled Basic.

Vong Warrior: Jeedai!

Mysterious Figure: That's right, uglies. But its pronounced "Jedi". Too bad you won't be around long enough to share that information.

The three Vong warriors shout fierce battle cries and charge the shadowy Jedi, twirling their amphistaves high overhead, lending speed to their blows. The Jedi performs a twisting somersault, landing behind the first warrior in a flash. Lunging out with his lightsaber, he catches the first Vong with his back exposed, slipping the weapon into the vital spot near the warrior's armpit. The Yuuzhan Vong screams with rage as the lightsaber comes up, severing his arm completely. Turning the move into a parry, the Jedi blocks the second warrior's strike and sends him reeling with a side kick to the groin. Staggering, the Vong loses his footing and slips, ironically, on one of the very severed heads he was holding only moments ago. The third warrior, wary of his new enemy's tactics, keeps his distance from the lightsaber and slowly circles around, taking care to not step across his wounded companion, or the other Vong warrior, who struggles to rise to his feet.

Jedi: I thought you scar-heads were tough. Seems I was wrong.

Vong Warrior: You dare mock me, Jeedai? I will slay you where you stand, infidel!

Jedi: Ah, so some of you monkey-lizards do know a little Basic. Maybe you aren't all so stupid after all.

Vong Warrior: I will show you 'stupid', Jeedai mongrel!

Jedi: You aleady have.

In a blindingly fast motion, the Jedi surges forward and rotates through a full 360-degree turn, his lightsaber reaching out and tearing the warrior's head from it's shoulders. The headless body remains standing briefly, then topples over, it's neck trailing whispers of smoke from the freshly cauterized wound. The final Vong warrior, having regained his stance, charges the Jedi headfirst, using his amphistaff as a spear. The Jedi, his guard seemingly unbreakable, falls backwards just as the warrior hits him. He drives his boots directly into the warrior's stomach, using his reversed momentum to shove outward with his feet and roll backwards. The Vong catches the Jedi's feet squarely, and is flung upwards, the breath flying from his lungs. Landing on his back, the warrior tries to raise his weapon and parry the coming blow, but it never lands. Instead, the Jedi continues his roll backwards and comes up on his feet, saber held low and ready. The Vong warrior recovers his footing and rises to his feet. Peering beyond the Jedi for a second, a feral grins slowly streches along the warrior's twisted face.

Vong Warrior: You are good, Jeedai. A worthy opponent. The others you struck down were mere vermin, worthless members of my domain.

Jedi: You haven't seen good yet, bantha-breath.

Vong Warrior: Indeed I have not. For if you look behind you, you will see more of my domain arrive. If you are to survive all of us, you will need more than 'good'. You will need your pitiful 'Force' to save you.

Casting a quick glance behind him, the Jedi's eyes widen as six more Vong warriors join the fray, all encased in their strange living armor, and each holding a readied amphistaff in their scarred hands. The reptiods, having been re-organized by the new arrivals, fan out in a protective circle, cutting off any escape attempt by the Jedi. The line of human captives all stare with rapt attention, some cheering the Jedi on, others glancing about, looking for some means of fleeing the scene.

Jedi: Aw, Sithspit. I hope the others made it to the factory alright, or my little 'distraction' will be for nothing.

Encircled by the seven Vong warriors, the Jedi gives his blue-white blade a tiny flourish, then sets his feet firmly, taking a few deep breaths.


Back in their grassy hiding spot a dozen meters away, Vaidoo and Kaythree stir restlessly. Vaidoo brings his rifle to bear on the closest warrior and tenses as he rests his finger on the trigger. Speaking out of one side of his tapered snout, he calls out to B2K3.

Vaidoo: We've got to help that guy out. Kaythree, can you comm the others and let them know we need help here? You and I can take out a few of them, but that Jedi is doomed unless we get the rest of the team up here!

(OOC) You guys wanted action? Well here it is. Let's see what you've got!

11 October 2004, 01:33 PM
Cubber felt the presence through the force, and was up and running even before Drash got the comm signal.
Letting the quick release on his pack go (ooc: free action, right?) and a quick "Take care of my stuff, Drash!" Cubber was off at full speed, his azure lightsaber blaze turning atmosphere to ozone as it springs from the handle.
[OOC: Full run 40 meters, so I should maybe be within striking distance next round, yes? Seriously Gyp, take care of my stuff B) ]

11 October 2004, 03:07 PM
Encircled by the braying reptiods, and fending off brief feints and probing attacks from the seven Yuuzhan Vong warriors, the lone Jedi steels himself, and with a few deep breaths, allows the Force to flow through him. His senses razor sharp and his surroundings suddenly crystal clear, the Jedi makes an impossibly high leap straight up, tiwsting in mid-air, landing so that he faces the enitre group of aliens. He begins focusing his energies, building up in anticipation of striking out, when he suddenly senses a familiar presence in the Force. No, wait. Two familiar presences. It feels like...no, it can't be. She wouldn't be here...

His thoughts are interrupted by a hail of blasterfire from a high patch of grass nearby. One of the Vong warriors is struck by a pair of red energy beams, twisting him around and dropping to the ground. Dazed and injured, but still moving, the Vong warrior tries unsuccessfully to rise.
The Jedi risks a glance sideways and spots a Rodian armed with a large blaster rifle, accompanied by, of all things, a combat droid of some sorts, brandishing a massive rotary carbine.

Turning back to face his foes, the Jedi's senses expand, feeling rather than seeing, a figure closing in on his position. A warm and powerful sensation comes over him, its focus coming from the young man running to his right. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices the figure wielding a lightsaber, its blade colored similar to his own. Grinning at the unexpected assistance, he adjusts the grip on his saber and eases forward. I guess I can hold off on pulling the old electricity trick for now. It always makes me feel sick when I use it anyway.

Over in the patch of high grass, Vaidoo stands and aims his rifle towards another Yuuzhan Vong, cursing at himself for not having dispatched the first warrior.

Vaidoo: Come on, Kaythree! Let's send these scar-heads back to whatever hell they came from!

Vaidoo uses a full attack w/Multifire, injuring Vong warrior for several VP.
I already assumed the group was following from a close but safe distance, so if everybody takes a full-round action (movement speed x4) and sprints forward, you should all arrive just after Cubber.
B2K3 is closer, so he can engage whenever he is ready.

Dropping your gear is a free action here. The only time it won't be is during a surprise attack, or when it would seriously affect the situation. I don't like penalizing people for doing something necessary to fight.

For our Jedi, don't get too caught up in worrying about activating your Force skills and keeping track of remaining actions. Just post your actions and everything will resolve itself. The same goes for the non-Force users. Do what you've got to do, and don't worry too much about tracking things. I'm keeping dice rolls to a bare minimum, and I'll post the dice results only if you want me to. Otherwise, we'll just do this descriptively. Use our first combat encounter as a guide. It went along exactly with how I intended things.

Have at it folks.

11 October 2004, 03:26 PM
Karei expands her awareness and feels the presence of the Jedi. Could it be..? It doesn't matter, he's in trouble and I need to help. She slings her pack off and drops it on the ground. Grabbing her lightsaber, Karei ignights the yellow blade and begins running after Cubber. Looking back, she shouts, "You guys will get my bag, right?"

11 October 2004, 03:45 PM
Even as Kaythree and Vaidoo open fire on the Vong, Cubber gets to their position and hurtles past them, his charging run culminating in a 12 meter force assisted jump. Twisting twice in the air, Cubber comes down in a less than perfect manner, nearly falling on his back before shifting into a combat stance, his saber in more or less perfect Corellian Form V guard position: the end of the saber body 20 centimeters from his left knee, blade pointing upward at about a 75 degree angle at the Vong surrounding the master... and now him as well.
Wow... I didn't really consider that part.... but it was really cinematic. Too bad no one had a recording rod.
"Hello, Master." he said with some mixture of boisterous gusto and knee-knocking fear.
[OOC: How's that for an entrance? B)
EDIT: Major spelling error :rolleyes: ]

11 October 2004, 04:32 PM
One of the Vong warriors lunges at the Jedi, his amphistaff spitting a stream of vemon at his eyes. Bringing his lightsaber up to block the deadly poison stream, another Vong warrior strikes out at the Jedi's feet. The Jedi, tripped by the attack, falls backwards, but maintains his grip on his saber. Rolling sideways to avoid a deadly blow aimed for his head, he twists and flips himself back to his feet, just in time to parry a parellel slashing cut. The two Vong warriors strike at the Jedi, their amphistaves coming in high and low as the warriors use both ends of their weapons.

The other Yuuzhan Vong notice a pair of figures running full speed towards them, both with lightsabers drawn, one a brilliant blue, the other a dazzling yellow. Pointing at the two approaching Jedi, one of the warriors head off towards them, three of his comrades following behind.

The remaining Vong warrior, taller and larger than the rest, spots Vaidoo and B2K3 in the high grass nearby. Gripping his weapon with both hands, he walks ponderously towards the two, heedless of their energy weapons, a look of maddening ferocity on his scarred face.

The cornered Jedi performs a smooth tuck and roll, squeezing through his attackers' blows. Somersaulting out of his roll, he turns on his heel and brings his lightsaber up reflexively, batting away a backhanded strike from his leftmost opponent. Flipping his lightsaber around, he makes a hasty swipe at one of the Vong, who easily dodges the strike. The Jedi, with both Vong facing him, spots one of the severed heads laying nearby and with his free hand, summons the Force around it. Gesturing slightly, he sends the grisly projectile dashing into one of the warrior's heads. Stunned, the Vong warrior tries to shake off the effects of the blow, his guard temporarily lowered. The Jedi seizes the opportunity and lands a clean blow on his opponent's arm, severing the hand above the wrist.

The Vong warrior drops his amphistaff, clutching at the stump of his arm as the living weapon slithers away. The other warrior, fully enraged, grips his weapon like a sword and swings a mighty blow at the Jedi's chest. Taking the blow in the arm, the Jedi reels with the force of the attack, receiving a painful gash on his bicep, the edge of the amphistaff cutting through his light field armor. His right arm growing numb from the weapon's poison, the Jedi switches his lightsaber to his left hand and holds it in a horizontal position. A strange look crosses the Jedi's face.

Jedi: One enemy, one arm. I guess that's all I need.

The Vong warrior, confused by his enemies reaction, hesitates slightly. The Jedi feels the Force concentrating nearby, and takes a few steps backward, putting some distance between him and his attacker. Holding his lightsaber out, point facing his foe, he takes a quick glance and notes the arrival of the two young Jedi. Kyle Katarn, Jedi Master, shouts towards his new allies, who move to engage a group of four Yuuzhan Vong warriors.

Kyle Katarn: Karei? Cubber Byng? What in the blazes are you two doing here?

Faced with a deadly opponent in front of him and several more Vong closing in on the two young Jedi Knights, Kyle feels both bolstered and nervous about their presence. Blast it! I can't feel my arm! I can't help them now. I can only hope Karei remembers everything I taught her. What was Luke thinking, sending her out here? Turning back to face his opponent squarely, Kyle sets his feet and holds his useless right arm to his side.

Kyle Katarn: Well what are you waiting for, tough guy? A one-armed Jedi too much for you to handle?

Noticing that the Vong warrior is the same one he fought earlier, a bit of confidence flows into Kyle. He favors his left side. Maybe I can use that. Or maybe I'll end up skewered. Aw, Sithspit, here goes nothing. Just as Kyle moves to charge his foe, Cubber Byng lands from a Force-assisted jump directly next to him, his lightsaber angling towards the Yuuzhan Vong. The Vong, dazzled by the young Jedi's entrance, hesitates again. His former look of battle lust replaced by a grim determination.

Cubber Byng: Hello, Master.

Kyle Katarn: Nice entrance, Cubber. Glad to see you too. Now, let's whallop this guy and help Karei out before she starts having too much fun. Maybe she'll even leave one or two alive for us.

New Ally:

Kyle Katarn, Strike Force Raven Team Leader: Male Human Scoundrel 1/Soldier 4/Jedi Guardian 9/Jedi Master 3; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Defense +23 (+11 class, +2 Dex); DR 3; Spd 10 m; VP/WP 152/11; Atk+18/+13/+8/+3 melee (lightsaber, 4d8+1/19-20) or +18/+13/+8/+3 ranged (blaster pistol, 3d6/19-20 or DC 15 stun, range 14 m) or +16/+16/+11/+6/+1 ranged (blaster pistol w/Rapid Shot) or +18 ranged (frag grenade, 4d6, burst radius 4 m, range 4 m) or +17/+12/+7/+2 melee (unarmed, 1d4+1/20) SQ Deflect (attack -4), Deflect (defense +2), Deflect (extend defense and attack), Illicit barter, Increased lightsaber damage (4d8), Force Secrets (Affect Mind +1, Force Defense +1); SV Fort +12, Ref +13, Will +11; SZ M; FP 9, DSP 2; Rep +6; Str 12, Dex 15, Con 11, Int 15, Wis 17, Cha 14, Challenge Code G.

Equipment: lightsaber, personalized Bryar blaster pistol (increased critical, increased range), camouflaged combat jumpsuit (DR 3, Max Dex bonus +4, ACP -3), camouflage poncho, secure comlink (inoperative), utility belt, field kit, camouflage fatigues, 4 power packs, 2 medpacs, 1 Merr-Sonn C-22 frag grenade

Skills: Astrogate +5, Balance +8, Bluff +10, Computer Use +6, Demolitions +6, Diplomacy +5, Disable Device +2, Gather Information +9, Jump +6, Knowledge (streetwise) +8, Knowledge (Jedi lore) +3, Move Silently +2, Pilot +11, Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Huttese, Repair +5, Search +8, Sense Motive +8, Speak Basic, Speak Huttese, Speak Shyriiwook (understand only), Spot +5, Tumble +9.

Force Skills: Affect Mind +9, Battlemind +11, Enhance Ability +9, Enhance Senses +8, Farseeing +5, Force Defense +12, Force Grip +3, Force Lightning +3, Heal Self +5, Move Object +14, See Force +9, Telepathy +6.

Feats: Acrobatic, Armor Proficiency (light), Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber), Force Sensitive, Martial Arts, Point Blank Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Starship Operation (space transport), Weapon Focus (lightsaber), Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons).

Force Feats: Alter, Burst of Speed, Control, Knight Defense, Lightsaber Defense, Sense.

NOTE: Kyle is injured, having suffered 4 points of Wound damage and 3 points of CON damage. He has successfully saved against further CON damage. His current VP/WP total is as follows: VP 114, WP 8. Kyle currently has Battlemind and Enhance Ability active, giving him a Dexterity of 19 and a total attack bonus of +24.

11 October 2004, 04:44 PM
After Drash has finished with the IR device, Crone is about to ask if you have to point it at anything or if it just works when Cubber, without warning, dumps his gear and darts in the direction of the two lead group members. With his face scrunched up in surprise, Crone manages to sputter, “Where’s he go–,” before Karei follows suit, also shedding her gear. Frustrated, Crone clenches his teeth and mutters, “Damn Jedi,” then looks out ahead and notices, vaguely, what the fuss is all about.

His eyes now wide as a Duros, he curses loudly in Huttese, then, turning to Drash, says, “Hoist Cubber’s stuff and I’ll get Karei’s…jeena nai kachu {we’re in trouble now}…let’s hurry…” With that, Crone switches to his puncher-loaded rifle, and equips what Karei left behind, grumbling something about lazy Jedi. Then, assuring Drash isn’t left too far behind, takes off, running as fast as his legs will carry him with the extra burden. As soon as I’m in range I’m dropping this baggage and pickin’ off those lizard-things…that oughtta give the laserswords a little more room to work…

(OOC: Running like hell with Karei's (thanks :)) stuff...)

11 October 2004, 04:45 PM
As the Vong charge, Kaythree drops to one knee. Pulling his rotary blaster from his belt, he sends a stream of blazing energy bolts at the one walking towards them.

11 October 2004, 04:51 PM
Karei? Cubber Byng? What in the blazes are you two doing here?

Karei shouts to her master, "Looks like we're here to save you!" Seeing that Kyle is injured, Karei grows worried. Looks like we arrived just in time. He couldn't have taken all of these Vong by himself. She knows that he is a great fighter, but even the greatest can be overcome. Got to get him safe.

Seeing the four charging Vong, Karei decides to stop and hold her ground. The leader brings his amphistaff up and brings it down with a powerful swing. He could knock me over! Better get out of the way. Supressing her reflex to block, she lowers the yellow blade and steps to the side. Letting the Vong's momentum to carry him past her, Karei twirls on one foot, racking the saber across the warriors back. Hoping that she hit the Vong, Karei continues the move. The spin leaves her slightly disoriented, but pointed in the direction of the other three Vong. "Bring it on, Scarheads!"

(OOC: Dodge applied to first Vong)

11 October 2004, 05:23 PM
Nice entrance, Cubber. Glad to see you too. Now, let's whallop this guy and help Karei out before she starts having too much fun. Maybe she'll even leave one or two alive for us.
"Naturally, Master Katarn."
Cubber flourishes his saber high and moves to make an uppercut blow to the Vong that would slice it into two neat pieces, right to left.
I hope Karei and the others can handle the ones that went their way... he though as he swung

11 October 2004, 07:37 PM
The massive Yuuzhan Vong warrior is unprepared for the intense firepower unleashed by Kaythree's rotary weapon. Packets of red energy beams slam into his armor, piercing through and driving him to ground with the force of their impact. His amphistaff reverts to it's serpentine form and slithers away as it's master fall into the grass. A few brief twitches, and the Vong warrior lies still.

A few meters away, Karei faces four Vong warriors. Sidestepping the leader's powerful swing, she twists on her heel and slams her lightsaber into the warrior's back, the blade gouging through his lightly armored back and severing his spinal cord. The warrior drops to his knees, paralyzed and helpless, finally toppling over with a crunching sound as he falls face-first into the grass.

Karei Edo: Bring it on scar-heads!

The three other Vong, facing Karei's blade, split up and move to flank her, their concentraion unbroken by their leader's fall. One warrior jabs his weapon forward, while another swings horizontally, aiming for the Jedi's chest. The third Vong notes Karei's companions charging in, and runs forward to them, ignoring the battle taking place by his side. Vaidoo, several meters away, sees an opportunity and fires off a quick round of shots at the charging Vong. His shots fail to connect, however, and the warrior continues without hesitation. The reptiod pack howls with battle madness nearby, losing all control of their facilities and begin charging in seemingly random directions. Some head straight for Vaidoo and Kaythree, others move towards Karei, while several more turn on each other, unable to control themselves any longer.

Ahead and to Karei's left, Cubber delievers an uppercut blow to his foe, slicing the warrior's armor diagonally from right to left. The Vong, having stepped back at the last second, narrowly avoids the killing blow. His armor smoking from the cut, he raises his amphistaff high and suddenly feints an attack towards Cubber. Catching Kyle off guard, the warrior spins around and lands a devastating kick, knocking him to the ground. Kyle lands on his useless right arm, pain shooting into his entire side. With Kyle momemtarily down, the Yuuzhan Vong advances on Cubber, wielding his weapon like a quarterstaff, filling the air in front of Cubber with multiple slashes.

B2K3 kills Yuuzhan Vong Warrior; Karei kills YVW; Two YVW's attack Karei; Cubber Byng attacks YVW; YVW stuns Kyle Katarn; YVW moves to attack Cubber; YVW charges Crone and Drash; reptiods charge everywhere at once

This is madness! Hopefully, the attached map will help.give you (and me) some idea of what's happening.

11 October 2004, 07:51 PM
Cubber parries the Vong warriors blows, backing up several meters as the blow lands, drawing the warrior so that he has his back to Master Katarn's stunned form. Cubber concentrates as the two disengage momentarily, sizing each other up.
The Vong stares at Cubber, trying to discern any weaknesses, when-
** snap-hiss **
Master Katarns lightsaber seemingly springs to life, and Cubber's hand shoots out calling the lightsaber, blade first, to his hand.
The shortest distance between two points being a strait line, the saber naturally shoots along a strait line to Cubber's hand at moderate speed.
The Vong, being between Master Katarn and Cubber [OOC: You're catching my drift, aren't you johnny? :kenobi: ], looks puzzled at this display, raising his snake-stick as if about to press the attack.

11 October 2004, 07:56 PM
Ignoring the warrior she just felled, Karei concentrates on the two Vong in front of her. One of the warriors jabs his weapon at her. Taking a step back, trying to get out of range, she sees the other warrior swing his amphistaff. Bringing her the acid yellow blade up for protection, Karei prepares for the heavy blow. Must stay calm. Have to protect myself, but I've got to go on the offensive or I'll be stuck here all day. Karei studies her opponents, watching their every move.

After the Vong attack, Karei decides to probe their defenses. Same trick I pulled on the first one won't work with these guys. Fighting defensively, she cautiosly lunges forward and brings the blade down on the offending warrior. I have to keep an eye on that one behind me too.

(OOC: Combat Expertise -2 Attack/+2 Defense, Dodge on horizontal swinging Vong.)

Edit: Spelling

Gyp Ryol
12 October 2004, 05:31 AM
Drash stands looking a bit dumbfounded as the two Jedi bound into action, leaving him and Crone alone with their packs. "You've got to be joking," he mutters. Crone then surges forward, hefting the female Jedi's pack. Drash looks down at the other Jedi's pack and sighs. In a blur of motion, he whips out his blaster pistol and sloughs off his own pack. He moves down to one knee and prepares to shoot any enemy that comes into range of his blaster pistol.

(Readying action to shoot first enemy to come within 20 meters. If YVW already is, fire at will!)

12 October 2004, 01:19 PM
After the Vong falls, Kaythree lets his carbine cool for a second. He surveys the battle, looking for the most opportune enemies to take out. Still on one knee, he aims at the one behind Karei and begins shooting again.

12 October 2004, 05:12 PM
Crone pays little attention to the action going on in the nearing distance as he pounds forward, heaving under the extra weight. Then, during a chance glance toward his load’s owner, he notices one of the Jedi’s attackers bear off target and head in he and Drash’s direction. That’s it you worm-brain, come to poppa…

Using his forward momentum to shuck Karie’s pack and throw himself into a prone position, Crone draws a slow breath in through his nose, steadying himself. Grinning slightly, he takes care to aim dead-center in the Vong’s chest, then moves the barrel up and a bit to the right, lining his bead sight up with the warrior’s eye socket. One thing’s for sure, you’re gonna see this coming…

Once the running Yuuzhan Vong Warrior is in range, Crone squeezes the trigger of his father’s puncher-loaded rifle, and smiles at the feeling of the stock slamming against his shoulder.

(OOC: move action to go prone, attack charging YVW)

12 October 2004, 06:02 PM
As the frantic battle rages on, B2K3 peers through the smoke of blasterfire, his electronic senses easily piercing the veil. Picking out a Vong warrior attempting to strike Karei from behind, he cycles his weapon, and with a firm trigger squeeze, sends a pair of crimson bolts forward. The bolts strike home, spinning the warrior around and tearing through the meat of his shoulder. Hitting the ground with bone-crunching thud, the warrior drops, futilely clutching his wounded limb. Vaidoo claps a hand on Kaythree's armored shoulder and then, raising his rifle and aiming, picks off a pair of near-defenseless reptiods charging their position. Both continue to scan for targets amid the chaos.

Crone and Drash, arriving somewhat late to the scene, drop their companion's packs and take aim with their weapons, Crone dropping low into a prone position and letting off a shot at an advancing Vong warrior. One of the reptiods hurtling towards them comes a bit too close for Drash's comfort. Firing almost reflexively, he pops off a quick shot at the beast. The bolt slams into the creature's open maw, splattering it's head apart in a grisly shower of bone and brain. The creature's momentum carries it forward, until it finally comes to a shuddering stop mere centimeters to the right of Crone's face. Three more reptiods, in the midst of charging, veer off as their companion dies. The skittering beasts quickly turn and flee, heading back towards the droid control center and relative safety. Up ahead, the advancing Yuuzhan Vong feels the shock of air pressure as one of Crone's explosive slugs sails past his ear, barely missing flesh. He suddenly halts himself. He quickly weighs his chances at crossing the 15 or so meters to their position and frowns, a doubtful look coming across his face. Facing down the barrel of Crone's slug rifle and Drash's still-smoking pistol, the warrior opts to die fighting, reaching across his chest and drawing a razorbug from his bandolier.

Karei, totally focused on her situation, notes the warrior behind her fall to the ground but continues her movement. Her attacker tries a backhand swipe from one end of his amphistaff, the razor-sharp tip tearing a large chunk of her robe apart. Slipping away, Karei, still in motion, barely dodges the blow and brings her sulfurous yellow blade down hard, severing the warrior's living weapon at the head. As the lifeless amphistaff falls to the grass, the Vong jumps backward, himself barely avoiding Karei's return swing. Drawing his coufee from it's belt sheath, the Vong warrior ducks low under her blade and aims for a knee strike with his wickedly-edged knife. The knife blow catches Karei's left thigh, opening up a deep gash from hip to kneecap.

Several meters away, Cubber is on his own, in a desperate struggle with his powerfully-built opponent. The massive Vong moves in to strike with an overhead chop. Cubber, thinking quickly on his feet, and knowing he is no match for the warrior's brawn, reaches out his free hand and calls Kyle's lightsaber to his hand. The Vong hears the snap-hiss of the second lightsaber, and turns around quickly to try and intercept it. But Cubber's command of the Force speeds the weapon towards him, point first. The blade buries itself in the warrior's lightly armored bicep, digging through the armor and burning through muscle tissue, emerging straight out through the back of his arm. The Vong warrior loses his battle focus and calls out in pain, harsh gutteral shouts emanating from his throat. With his back towards Cubber, he reaches out with his opposite hand to try and free the lightsaber, which literally hangs from it's living sheath. Briefly exposing the vulnerable spot near the armpit, the Vong struggles to reach the lightsaber hilt, just out of his grasp a meter away.

Kyle Katarn, still lying on his side and grimacing in pain, watches the spectacle with interest.

B2K3 severely injures YVW; Vaidoo kills two reptiods; Karei dodges an attack and sunder's YVW's weapon; YVW injures Karei for 3 points of Wound damage; Crone barely misses with an attack on YVW; Drash scores a critical hit and kills charging reptiod; YVW draws a razorbug; Cubber Byng uses a neat trick and wounds YVW; YVW loses Dex bonus to Defense in an attempt to free Kyle's lightsaber from his arm

Just for the record, Drash scored two straight natural 20s.

12 October 2004, 07:15 PM
Karei winces in pain as the blade passes through her skin. Her leg, unable to hold her weight, buckles and she falls to her knee. Blast!!!! Looking down at her leg, she sees blood ooze out of the wound, soaking her clothes. Stunned for a moment, Karei thinks, I've been wounded? How? I've never been hurt before, this guy is must be good. I've got to finish him now.

Standing, Karei balances on her good leg, making sure not to apply pressure on the lame leg. She brings the yellow blade up, preparing for another strike. This is going to hurt. Launching her self at the offending warrior, Karei steps forward and swings the blade horizontally at the Vong. Grimacing at the pain coursing through her leg, Karei renews her offensive.

12 October 2004, 07:23 PM
Greatful his trick worked, and seeing the break in his opponent's defense, Cubber spins, moving forward to get the right angle, and makes to bury the end of the lightsaber blade into the vunerable spot his the armor.

12 October 2004, 07:52 PM
Karei regains her footing and wobbily slashes at her opponent. Her wound having slowed her somewhat, the Vong leaps backward and aviods the stroke. Bringing his coufee to his lips, he licks her blood from his blade and grins wickedly.

Yuuzhan Vong Warrior: I have drawn your foul blood, Jeedai. I can taste your weakness.

Taunting the Jedi with quick slashes from his weapon, he dances about, his footwork superb as he feints and retreats, attempting to draw her in close. Tossing his coufee from hand to hand, he alternates jabs from left to right with blinding speed. Grunting, Karei tries to keep her wounded leg from buckling and continues to strike at the fiend.

Cubber's foe, still struggling to free the lightsaber from his arm, realizes only too late his mistake, as the young Jedi plunges his blade deep into the warrior's exposed flesh. Muscles and arteries sizzling, the lightsaber burns through his shoulder with a white-hot fire. His mouth gaping open, the warrior issues a guttural snarl and lurches forward, freeing himself from Cubber's blade. His ruined arm, still pierced by Kyle's locked-on saber, hangs uselessly at his side. The warrior falls to his knees, unable to withstand the pain. His lungs heaving with breath, the warrior manages to raise his head and meet the Jedi's eyes.

Yuuzhan Vong Warrior: I am de...defeated. You have shamed me, Jeedai. Allow me to...to die with honor. Take my head from it's shoulders. Fi..fi..finish me, so that I may meet Yun-Yammka as a warrior should, in glorious battle!

Kyle manages to push himself upright with his good arm and glances between the fallen Vong and Cubber. He feels the conflict within the young man, and looks at him, but says nothing. This is Cubber's choice.

Yuuzhan Vong Warrior: Do it Jeedai! Finish me!

Cubber Byng severely wounds YVW; YVW is helpless

12 October 2004, 08:01 PM
Karei wobbles as she tries to attack the Yuuzhan Vong. I'm too slow, can't get close enough to him. Stepping back from the warrior, she brings her blade up to defend herself. Better to be reactive right now. Glancing down, Karei sees more blood seeping from the wound. I have to heal my wound or I'm dead meat. Can't exactly stop and use a medpac though. I'll have to use the Force. Karei calms herself and reaches out to the always present energy field. Tapping the Force's energy, she pulls it's power through her body, focusing its healing energy on her wounded leg.

12 October 2004, 08:10 PM
Cubber closes his eyes for a moment, and Master Katarn's saber extingushes and falls to the ground as Cubber removes his own saber from the Vong, who falls to the ground.
Cubber stands over the helpless Vong's body.
Should I send him to the beyond... with a decapitation?
No... I know that if I do, some part of that comes from my anger at his people... this poor sod doesn't know any better, he's just doing what he thinks is right... however sickening I find it. Cubber shudders briefly.
"I wish you peace... however you wish to find or define it. If it is any consolation, you were a worthy opponent." Cubber says, telekinetically tossing Master Katarn his saber, then breaking out into a run to assist Karei, who he now notices is in deep trouble.

13 October 2004, 08:01 AM
Watching his shot buzz harmlessly past the Yuuzhan Vong Warrior’s ear, Crone shouts, “Dammit!” He starts to rise up on one knee, but is momentarily startled as a reptoid carcass hits the ground near his face. Hmm…I definitely owe Drash one now… Luckily, the warrior has halted a moment too, allowing Crone to compose himself, kneel comfortably, and take aim at the Yuuzhan Vong, who is now brandishing a razorbug. Okay…instead of the eyes, let’s go for that poor excuse for a nose… Once again Crone holds his breath and squeezes his trigger, hoping to down the Vong before he has a chance to toss his living projectile.

(OOC: move action to kneel from prone, attack YVW again)

13 October 2004, 12:45 PM
Figuring that the others can take care of the remaining Vong, Kaythree decides that he doesn't like the number of reptoids in the battle. Moving a little closer, he starts picking targets and firing.

Gyp Ryol
13 October 2004, 12:45 PM
Drash stops and stares at the headless reptoid carcass laying in the grass. Damn, he thinks simply to himself, at the one moment his intellect gives way to sheer gut reaction. He lowers the pistol for a second to let a disgusted grimace flash across his face. Taking in the scene, he sees the Yuuzhan Vong pulling out a razorbug, and raises his pistol again. If we let him get that thing out, we're both in serious poodoo.

Drash levels his pistol at the macabre alien, pauses in slight suprise as Crone fires, then recollects himself to pull the trigger.

13 October 2004, 01:56 PM
Crone, rising to one knee, curses himself for the missed shot. Again taking aim, he fires at the warrior, who reaches for one of the flying weapon's affixed to his bandolier. With blinding speed, the brutish alien slings the razorbug forward. A split second later, a pair of shots, one energy, the other a metallic slug, slam into the Vong in sequence. Drash's pistol shot catches the Yuuzhan Vong in the hip, burning away a piece of armor but doing little serious damage. Crone's homemade explosive slug, however, finds it's mark, burying itself deep within the scarred warrior's face. Literally flying backward from the impact, the tall alien hits with force, his legs coming almost horizontally off the ground. As the back of the warrior's head hits, the puncher goes off, blasting the Vong's head apart. Bone, brain and blood splatter among the grass, leaving a dark stain. The razorbug, taking flight homes in on Drash's position, it's blurring wing motion creating an erie humming as it speeds towards him.

Karei, struggling with her adversary, finds a few seconds of breathing room as her opponent circles about her. Calling on the Force, she guides it's energies to her wounded leg, feeling blood vessels seal and muscle tissues flex and rebuild. Though still in pain, the steady flow of blood is reduced to a mere trickle. The Vong warrior stares at Karei in confusion, unable to grasp the look of peace and concentration on her face. Glancing about, the warrior notices another Jedi moving towards him. Facing Karei again, the alien charges forward, his coufee held low. Feeling the Force flow around her, she allows it to build inside, as waves of warm energy permeate her every fiber.

Vaidoo, seeing the injured Jedi Master slowly rising to his feet, runs over to his side. Lending a hand, he helps Kyle stand fully upright. Calling his lightsaber back into his left hand, he leans against Vaidoo slighty as he calls upon the Force to mend his wounds. The Rodian keeps his rifle at the ready.

Vaidoo: I am Vaidoo. Are you able to function, sir?

Kyle Katarn: Yes, thanks, Vaidoo. My name's Kyle. You see those nasties over there?

Kyle points to a pack of reptiods charging towards the captive Peace Brigaders, most of whom are still bound at the wrists.

Vaidoo: Yes, I see them.

Kyle Katarn: Good. Would you mind shooting them for me? I seem to have left my blaster up on the roof there.

Vaidoo: (grinning) It will be my pleasure, sir. You wish to question the captives, I assume?

Kyle Katarn: They might be in the wrong, but even the Peace Brigade doesn't deserve to be slaughtered like animals. They might have information we need. And just call me Kyle. I'm not too fond of titles. I'll be over there, helping Karei take out the rest of the trash. If I don't pass out first.

Kaythree, noting Vaidoo's departure, decides to help "take out the trash" in his own fashion. Deep thumps sound from his carbine as he targets several of the frantic creatures.


Unnoticed by the rest of the group, a lone dark figure slinks among the grasses near the control center. Spotting two Yuuzhan Vong, one with a severed hand, the other slowly dying from the injuries inflicted by the younger Jedi, the dark figure creeps towards them. Glancing around cautiously to keep his presence hidden, he draws a slender coufee from his belt and hunches over one of the warriors. Raising the weapon, he plunges it into the warrior's unarmored throat. The alien makes a few gurgling sounds as his life fades out. Moving towards his next target, the dark figure again slashes the throat of his helpless victim. Crouching, he watches both aliens calmly as they stain the grasses with their blood. Whispering, he addresses each of them in turn as they silently die.

Dark Figure: The Trickster has witnessed your betrayals and perversion, and she is most unpleased. Think on this as you face your destiny, my brothers.

Cubber Byng moves towards Karei's position; Kyle Katarn moves to Karei's position; Vaidoo attacks reptiods; B2K3 attacks reptiods; Drash attacks YVW; Crone Roquin kills YVW
Kyle Katarn uses Heal Self (roll 10 + skill mod 5 = 15; Kyle heals 1 WP)
Karei Edo uses Heal Self (roll 13 + skill mod 6 = 19; Karei heals 2 WP)

13 October 2004, 02:12 PM
Cubber feels a sensation in the force as Karei attempts to heal her wounds...
She's not going to be able to keep this guy off much longer! he thinks, and barrels at full speed at the Vong warrior, and raises his saber blade high to deliever as major an attack as possible when he gets there.

[OOC: Cubber charges the Vong warrior (If within proper distance, if not, then full move) +2 attk/-2 DEF]

Gyp Ryol
13 October 2004, 02:49 PM
"Fracking!" curses Drash loudly. He jumps to the side of the projectile's path, rolling in the grass to soften the impact. His tail curls up into a small coil around his rear as the small bug hums towards him.

[OOC: Using Tumble to get the heck out of the way!]

14 October 2004, 07:08 PM
Crone, aside from an uncontrollable, devilish smile, takes no time to relish his second, precise shot, or enjoy the aftermath of a successful kill. Instead, he immediately repositions himself to take aim at the fist-sized, insectoid weapon making its way toward Drash. To Crone’s, and hopefully Drash’s, advantage, the Farghul tumbles out of the other’s line of sight as an evasive maneuver, giving him a clear, though still quite difficult, shot. Just before firing, Crone yells, “Stay down Drash!” I don’t know if I can hit something this small, but I might at least knock it off target… Closing his non-sighting eye and taking in his breath, he gently brings the trigger back, sending a puncher on a course to intercept the closing razorbug.

(OOC: move action to re-adjust position, attack razorbug)

16 October 2004, 07:39 AM
Kaythree continues firing at the Reptoids, trying to thin out their numbers while the Vong are taken care of by the others.

16 October 2004, 09:55 AM
Karei's leg feels better and she thinks she can now press the attack. She moves forward quickly, with lightsaber held high. Karei brings the blade down in a powerful strike on the Vong. Teach this guy to mess with me!

25 October 2004, 06:09 PM
Hurling himself out of the way, Drash manages to dodge the living projectile just as a well-aimed slug from Crone's rifle splatters the rear half of the disk-shaped weapon into dozens of bloody pieces. Bits and pieces of the razorbug pelt Drash's fur and coat the grass with slick blood. One large chunk of the strange projectile creature continues its course, having no living master to return to. A few dozen meters further, and the wounded creature drops from the air, dead in flight.

Meters away, the deep thump of a blaster rifle sounds as B2K3 continues to perform a one-droid assault on the hapless reptiods. Vaidoo, noting Kaythree's success, takes aim himself, firing off several bolts at a pair of the skittering beasts.

Karei, still feeling the effects of her leg wound, surges forward with a powerful attack, mustering all the strength she can for this one blow. Her lightsaber slams into the Yuuzhan Vong warrior's armor, the force of the blow cleaving deep into his shoulder. Momentarily overcome by pain, the warrior screams a gutteral cry as the energy blade burns through the muscles and tendons of his shoulder. His right arm going numb, he drops his coufee, but manages to grab the young Jedi with his free hand, holding her close so that she cannot free her weapon.

Cubber Byng, having run full tilt towards the fray, brings his own lightsaber down with force. His blade scrapes across the warrior's lightly armored back, sending a shower of sparks forth as the energy beam meets resistance from the living shell-like armor. Still clutching Karei in an iron grip, the warrior spins her about to face his new enemy, keeping her between him and newly arrived Jedi. Though in considerable pain, he manages remain on his feet, and with blinding speed, he lashes his clawed hand towards Karei's throat and shouts a curse at his enemies.

Yuuzhan Vong Warrior: If I am to die today Jeedai, then this one shall die with me!

The lightsaber firmly entrenched in the warrior's living armor, the Vong begins to squeeze Karei's throat with a crushing force. Blood runs freely down the warrior's back, and Cubber can see signs of his knees beginning to weaken.

Kyle Katarn, seeing his apprentice in the warrior's death grip, summons a burst of energy, allowing the Force to surge through him. He leaps mightily, landing next to Cubber just as the young Jedi recovers his combat stance. Seeing no way to attack the warrior without hitting Karei, Kyle pauses and sends his thoughts out to his young apprentice.

Kyle Katarn: You can do this, Karei. Let the Force flow through you.

Crone attack and kills razorbug; Drash succeeds with Tumble check: roll 14 + skill modifier 7=21; B2K3 and Vaidoo continue their reptiod killing spree; Karei wounds YWV; Cubber damages YVW; YWV succeeds with grapple on Karei and attacks

Sorry for the delay folks. Sometimes the real world gets in the way. Now, let's get back to the action. Oh, yeah, just so you know, the easy encounters are about to go bye-bye. ;)

Gyp Ryol
25 October 2004, 06:25 PM
Drash shakes himself as he rises from the ground. He looks forlornly at his pelt. "Oh, this is never going to come out..." he mutters under his breath. He salutes Crone with his gun hand. "Thanks! I owe you one." He gazes off towards the flashing lightsabers and Kaythree's brilliant red barrage on the reptoids. "Think we should join them?" he yells to the Chagrain.

27 October 2004, 02:10 PM
Karei struggles to break the warriors grasp. Clutching his arm, she gasps for air. I need more strength. Calling out to the Force, Karei uses its strength to supplement her own.

(OOC: Enhance ability to strength.)

30 October 2004, 05:11 PM
Now relieved of his saber, Cubber can only watch as the Vong holds Karei in a death grip. Seeing Master Katarn progress to their position, Cubber leans over to him.
"Any ideas Master? I seem to be fresh out." he said, drawing is DL-44, for insurance.

4 November 2004, 10:22 AM
Crone watches his slug’s path connect with the insectoid weapon and lets out the breath he’d been holding in the form of a celebratory rumble. Drash is quick to his feet, so the Chagrian spares asking if he’s alright. Instead, he rises himself and looks off in the near-distance to where the rest of the group continues to fight.

"Thanks! I owe you one."
“Nah, that just makes us even…”

"Think we should join them?"

Crone takes a few seconds to fully load his weapon, this time with regular slugs, then starts trudging forward, trying to get a feel for what’s happening. Hmm…looks like we’ve got numbers, but the lady Jedi looks like she might be done for…I guess if she dies she won’t mind that I left her stuff lying back there…I wonder why this mystery fella and Cubber aren’t doing anything…it looks like there’s only the one left…I swear I will never understand Jedi…machinehead and the Rodian look like they’re getting the job done though…I guess I’ll just wait ‘til I catch up to see what I can do…

4 November 2004, 06:12 PM
WIth the Force as her ally, Karei summons an intense burst of strength, breaking her opponent's grip and sending him sprawling on the ground. The Vong warrior hits the dirt hard, and lays there, his wounded shoulder twitching slightly as the lightsaber embedded within it shifts. His will broken, and his body battered and torn, the warrior gasps for air. He turns his head and sees the sulfurous yellow energy blade still rigid within his armor, the living shell forming a rough holster for the weapon. He can feel the blade's power tearing him apart inside, but lacking strength to fight anymore, he can do nothing about it.

Yuuzhan Vong Warrior: It was a glorious battle...Jeedai. You have broken my spirit, as well as my body. I will not sit by Yun-Yammka's side in the afterlife. I am shamed.

Feeling the burning fire of pain in his back and shoulder ovetake him, the warrior shudders, and lays still.

Kyle runs to his apprentice's side and holds her steady and upright. From her ragged breathing, he can tell this fight took a lot out of her, even with the Force at her side.

Kyle Katarn: You did good kid. You should sit and rest. Its pretty much over.

As Kyle spoke those words, the thrumming drone of Vaidoo and Kaythree's weapons tapered off. A few of the skittering reptiods dashed off into the high grasses, but most had been felled by the two. The scene was hellish, with dead and mangled bodies strewn everywhere. Thin whipsers of smoke trailed from dead reptiod carcasses, and a foul stench arose from the corpses littered about. The sun had finally begun to rise, bringing the warmth and light, but at the same time fully revealing the ugliness of the scene.

Kyle, still holding Karei steady, glanced at Vaidoo, as the Rodian made his way over.

Vaidoo: The captives are all alive. Well, most of them are. A few of those creatures got to them, but me and Kaythree took care of it. I count five captives still alive.

Kyle Katarn: Well, that'll have to do. Would you mind rounding them up? We should move inside the control center, in case more of their friends show up. There's a network of tunnels inside, that's how we've been moving about. The Vong are too caught up in their technology bias to actually go inside, so we're relatively hidden down there. We've got some supplies inside too. Karei will need some medical attention.

Vaidoo: I'll move them inside. Where is the tunnel entrance?

Kyle Katarn: You'll see a big chunk of ceiling on the floor. It's under there. But unless you can lift a few metric tons of duracrete by yourself, you'll need a Jedi to lift it. Let's get moving.

Picking Karei up and carrying her, Kyle and the others make their way towards the control center. Vaidoo, up ahead, motions with his rifle at the captive Peace Brigaders, rousing them up. As the captives rise to their feet, one of them shouts, his head indictating something east of them, and closing fast.

Captive: What the kark is that?

Vaidoo, noting the direction the captive looks towards, brings his rifle scope to bear and peers into it.

Vaidoo: Uh, Kyle, there's a Weequay heading right for us. Should I drop him, or is he a friend of yours?

Kyle Katarn: Sithspit! I told him to wait with the others. What's he doing here?

Vaidoo: So you know him, I take it?

Kyle Katarn: Yeah, he's with me. Renath-Don, our resident weapons expert. Let's get inside, he can meet us in there. Maybe between you guys, these captives and Renath, we can figure out just what the hell is going on here.

Sorry about the slightly anti-climatic ending to the Karei/Vong battle, but I think I gave her enough trouble as it was. But don't fret, there are many more battles to come.

Karei uses Enhance Ability (roll 15 + skill mod 7 = 22 for a +4 bonus to Str; Karei breaks grapple)

4 November 2004, 06:19 PM
Cubber retrieves his saber from the Vong's body, making sure that the warrior is dead in the process.
Slightly tired from the exertion and effort required for TK, he walks over to Karei and Kyle.
"You guys are pretty beat up... that leg wound looks nasty Karei, you sure you can walk, or more importantly, run?" he said, trusting Master Katarn's ability to move as he just had.
Seeing Master Katarn's reaction to the new arrival, Cubber awaits news.

[OOC: EDIT for Gyp's post]

Gyp Ryol
5 November 2004, 06:04 AM
Drash lifts his pack from off the ground, looping his arms through the straps. Hefting it once to let it settle, he looks over to where the lightshow had been. As he sees the small group begin to move off, Drash mutters, "Fracking, Sithspit, lazy nerf of a Jedi." He gives the male Jedi's pack a good kick, then grabs one of the straps and begins to drag along the ground towards the rest of their small strike force.

6 November 2004, 04:22 PM
After finishing up killing the reptoids, Kaythree shuts down the rotary carbines and puts them on his belt. When he sees the approaching creature, he stands silently but puts his hand on one of his pistols.

6 November 2004, 07:40 PM
Even though the Weequay appears over-burdened with gear, he manages to put on a brief burst of speed and catches up with the group. He appears not much different from any other member of his species, though his chest and shoulders seem as though they belong on a much larger creature. Several long braids issue forth from his leathery skull, draping over his battered camo armor. Numerous weapons are strapped and slung across his body, the most prominent being a large blaster cannon across his back. He cradles a large Merr-Sonn G8 rifle in both hands, and a vibroblade hangs sheathed at his waist. On his left thigh is holstered a heavy pistol, and a pouch, apprarantly full of grenades, resides on the other thigh. His visage is rough, but there is a fire in his eyes unlike that of any Weequay the group had seen. Catching up to Kyle at a brisk jog, he nods his head in greeting.

Renath-Don: Kyle. Is everything alright?

Kyle Katarn: We're fine, mostly. What are you doing here? I thought you were with the others?

Renath-Don: We spotted a Yuuzhan Vong controlling beast enroute here. It had a full compliment of reptiods in tow. I stopped to engage it.

Kyle Katarn: Great, more bad guys. How soon 'til it gets here?

Renath-Don: It will not be arriving. I destroyed it.

Kyle's eyes widened in surprise. He knew just how big the Vong control beasts were, and how tough they were. And with a full pack of two dozen reptiods, it was a formidable opponent. Kyle wouldn't even think of tackling one without an X-Wing or Y-Wing bomber.

Kyle Katarn: What do you mean you destroyed it? Those things are at least 10 meters long! What did you do, chuck a thermal detonator down its throat?

Kyle laughed for a moment, thinking his old friend was pulling a fast one on him. Renath nodded towards the cannon slung across his back and stood motionless. Kyle's brief bout of humor faded quickly as he realized Renath wasn't joking.

Kyle Katarn: You're serious? Wait, of course you're serious. You're a Weequay. Your whole species combined couldn't get a laugh out of a one-armed Hutt at a juggling contest.

Renath-Don: That would be funny, though I would not laugh. I would have been here sooner, but the beast required seven shots to take down. Changing power packs cost me several seconds. The reptiods were easily dispatched with grenades.

Kyle shook his head. The guy just took out a tank-sized war beast, by himself no less, than ran all the way here just to see if we were okay?

Kyle Katarn: Renath, if we get out of this mess, I'm gonna see about getting you a raise.

Renath-Don: If we do get out of this mess, I shall remind you.

Looking around at the strike force, Renath nodded at each one in turn. He was surprised to see two more Jedi, but no indication of it showed upon his stern features. The horn-less Chagrian intrgiued him, as did the Farghul, but it was the ancient combat droid that drew his stare for a long moment. Its red and black finish sparkled in the morning sun, and it wisely kept an appendage near its weapons. Renath looked forward to seeing this droid in action, something no doubt he would get to witness soon.

Renath-Don: We do have another problem, Kyle. My IR signaller was lost during the battle. The others will have no way to identify us if we approach.

Kyle Katarn: Great. Mine's on the transport with the rest of the team.

Kyle looked back at the strike team, seeing the slightly puzzled looks on their faces.

Kyle Katarn: We've been using IR signallers to identify friendlies. The Vong don't seem to be able to see in infra-red, and they automatically attack anything with a glowrod. Even the Peace Brigaders don't carry them. They've been using old-fashioned torches at night, or those weird glow bugs the Vong use. If we go near our people during the day, we get sniped, and are people are all crack shots. Too many of the Peace Brigaders have been using cloaking creatures to try and inflitrate our positions. We've already lost a bunch of resistance fighters to infiltrators, so we don't take any chances. IR signaling is the only safe way to identify ourselves.

Renath lowered his weapon slightly and pointed towards the captive Peace Brigaders and the control center nearby.

Renath-Don: We should get inside and wait for cover of night. More patrols will be out soon. Maybe one of those captives knows what happened to Toba. He's been missing for a week now. Perhaps he was enslaved like the others.

Kyle Katarn: I shouldn't have let him talk me into doing a solo patrol. I know he's good, but I fear the worst. Well, if they know anything, we'll find out. A lightsaber hilt under the chin should get us some answers.

Renath-Don: Rough justice?

Kyle Katarn: Luke wouldn't approve, but he's not here, is he? Let's get going. My apprentice here needs some patchwork before we can travel anyway. And I might need to lay down myself. I'm getting a little too old for this.

Just moving the plot along. Move along, move along.

New Ally:

Renath-Don, NRI Heavy Weapons Expert: Male Weequay Fringer 2/Soldier 9/Elite Trooper 4; Init +2 (+2 Dex); Defense +23 (+11 class, +2 Dex); DR 3; Spd 8 m; VP/WP 137/18; Atk+17/+12/+7 ranged (blaster cannon, 4d8/19-20, range 40 m) or +17/+12/+17 ranged (blaster rifle, 3d8/19-20 or DC 18 Stun, range 40 m) or +15/+15/+10/+5 ranged (blaster rifle w/Rapid Shot) or +16/+11/+6 ranged (heavy blaster pistol, 3d8/20 or DC 18 Stun, range 8 m) or +14/+14/+9/+4 ranged (heavy blaster pistol w/Rapid Shot) or +16 ranged (frag grenade, 4d6, burst radius 4 m, range 4 m) or +15/+10/+5 melee (vibroblade, 2d6+2/20) or +15/+10/+5 melee (unarmed, 1d3+2); SQ Species traits (Pheromonal Communication), Barter, Uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to Defense); SV Fort +15, Ref +9, Will +5; SZ M; FP 2, DSP 3; Rep +4; Str 14, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 10.

Equipment: Merr-Sonn PR7 blaster cannon (slung across back), Merr-Sonn Model G8 blaster rifle w/sling, Merr-Sonn Power 5 heavy blaster pistol, vibroblade, camouflaged combat jumpsuit (DR 3, Max Dex bonus +4, ACP -3), camouflage poncho, field kit, utility belt, secure comlink, 10 power packs, 2 energy cells, 2 medpacs, 4 Merr-Sonn C-22 frag grenades, BlasTech Ramtek power pack recharger, hand-made flute, Quay orb.

Skills: Computer Use +6, Craft (sculpture) +7, Entertain (flute) +15, Gamble +5, Intimidate +12, Knowledge (archaeology) +7, Knowledge (tactics) +9, Listen +10, Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Old Corellian, Read/Write Srilurrian, Search +9, Speak Basic, Speak Sriluurian, Spot +11, Survival +2, Treat Injury +5.

Feats: Armor Proficiencies (light, medium, heavy), Dodge, Iron Will, Multishot, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Skill Emphasis (Entertain [flute]), Toughness, Weapon Focus (blaster cannon), Weapon Focus (blaster rifle), Weapon Focus (heavy repeating blaster), Weapon Focus (light repeating blaster), Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, primitive weapons, simple weapons, slugthrowers, vibro weapons).

6 November 2004, 08:00 PM
We should get inside and wait for cover of night. More patrols will be out soon. Maybe one of those captives knows what happened to Toba. He's been missing for a week now. Perhaps he was enslaved like the others.
Cubber winced. "We ah... kind of found the remains of a Gungan back there were our position was," he points at their position from the beginning of the skirmish, "Now, that doesn't necessarily mean Toba's dead, since we couldn't find any of the identifacation markings Command gave us, but... I'm not feeling too optimistic."
"As for approaching the team... Master Katarn, didn't I once hear you talk about using telepathy to communicate silently? I never got that far in my studies," Cubber admits, shrugging, "but haven't you got a handle on that kind of thing?"

[OOC: And I know you do, Telepathy +6 ;) ]

Gyp Ryol
7 November 2004, 09:52 AM
Drash scowls fiercely as he joins the rest of the group. It is only through sheer force of will does his suffer through the conversation between the Weequay and the older Human male Jedi. When the younger male Jedi speaks his piece, Drash's patience finally snaps.

"Yes, thank you for asking. Your pack is fine. I appreciate your grateful word of thanks for a burden you so suddenly enforced upon me. Here's your fracking pack!" Drash says intensely. He throws the pack at the younger male Human's feet with a vicousness.

He takes a deep breath, rubbing his temples. "My apologies. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Drash, technical engineer. We were made aware of your use of infrared signalers, and as such, I have rigged one up for your use."

7 November 2004, 10:02 AM
"Yes, thank you for asking. Your pack is fine. I appreciate your grateful word of thanks for a burden you so suddenly enforced upon me. Here's your fracking pack!" Drash says intensely. He throws the pack at the younger male Human's feet with a vicousness.
Cubber winced. "Er... my bad. Thanks Drash, both for your willingness to pick up the slack of my laziness and for your assistance in the combat effort." he bows slightly, keeping a straight face with is words bearing no more hint of sarcasm than usual. "I forgot, we had our tech wiz here build a IR device... so we're in good shape then."

7 November 2004, 10:19 AM
Kaythree still seems a little stiff about the newcomer. He lets his hand stray slightly away from his pistol, but not far. He gestures at the captives, "A suggestion. When you finish questioning them, we should kill them. They will be a burden and of no use to us. Also, do you wish for me to question them? I'd like to deal with the ones that tell people droids need to be destroyed.And I have a fun and excrutiatingly painful poison just for them..." A strange, metallic laugh comes from his vocabulator.

7 November 2004, 10:26 AM
"A suggestion. When you finish questioning them, we should kill them. They will be a burden and of no use to us. Also, do you wish for me to question them? I'd like to deal with the ones that tell people droids need to be destroyed.And I have a fun and excrutiatingly painful poison just for them..." A strange, metallic laugh comes from his vocabulator.
"That was... a little weird." Cubber mumbled.
"As you may know... I cannot allow you to simply kill these fools. I don't know exactly what to do with them though." he looks to Master Katarn for support.

7 November 2004, 10:35 AM
Kaythree turns quickly to Cubber. "You want us to drag them along while we perform our mission? They can be your charge. But when they give us away to the Vong, you'll be more than happy to kill them. In my long time as an operative, I've learned that those who take prisoners die first."

7 November 2004, 11:02 AM
After making his way back to the group and noting not one but two new people, Crone listens as the deliberations on what to do next recommence. Though he isn’t completely ignoring the conversation, Crone does allow his thoughts to drift away from what’s going on immediately to what his witnessed on his way in. Damn Jedi are something…I thought the girl was dead for sure…I guess she’s gonna be pissed about her stuff now…I…

Crone’s attention is grabbed from his thoughts and centered on Drash as the Farghul explodes on Cubber. Wanting to laugh out loud, but partially containing himself, Crone lets slip a few nasal grunts and allows a smirk to surface on his pale face. Cubber quickly and somewhat awkwardly apologizes, and Crone is about to inform Karei that he had intended to bring her pack with him, but had just left it in the field before running in when the droid adds an interesting suggestion on what to do with the captives to the mix. Man, I’m really starting to like this bucket a bolts…

Cubber, of course, immediately shoots down the un-Jedi-like idea, drawing as inspired a retort as Crone had ever heard from a droid. With a lull in the debate, the Chagrian decides to add his piece: “I agree with the droid. This is going to be hard enough without a handful of sleemos following behind us, making noise and whatever else they can to give away our position…if you ‘cannot allow’ us to kill them, then why don’t you turn the other way…like your buddy said, Skywalker isn’t here…what he don’t know, won’t hurt him, but having them tag along might hurt us…”

7 November 2004, 11:03 AM
Cubber sighs, "It's not that I'm particularly fond of the idea of taking these fellows prisoner... it goes against everything the Code stands for... definate Dark Sideage in that action. Even ignoring as you do it is against the principals that make us better than the Vong.
He then gets a twinkle in his eye.
"Hey, the Vong were about to kill these guys, maybe there's a reason... Why don't we ask them?" he says a bit too brightly. Cubber walks over to the closes Peace Brigader, drags him over to the group by his collar, and proceeds to adjust his grip so the prisoner looks him in the face.
"Care to explain the field of dead bodies, buddy?" he asks.

[OOC: Edit to catch up with blivengo's post.]

7 November 2004, 04:25 PM
Kyle listens as Cubber relays the information about the dead Gungan.

Kyle Katarn: Damn! It has to be him. Renath, see if its really him, but keep your eyes peeled.

Renath nods, heading off in the direction indicated by Cubber. Kyle frowns, trying to make sense of the situation. These new arrivals were obviously sent to find his team, but the presence of his apprentice and her companions seemed only to complicate matters for the elder Jedi. There was definately something unforseen at work here, but what it was Kyle couldn't tell. He would have to meditate on this when he got a chance. Turning his ear back towards Cubber, he caught the young man's suggestion of telepathy as a means of silent communications, but he quickly sets the young Jedi straight as to the extent of his abilities.

Kyle Katarn: Sorry Cubber, but we ruled out telepathy a while back. Seems I'm only good at communicating with other Force-users. I tried when we first got here, but I can't seem to get it to work right.

As Kyle was finishing, Drash and Crone made their way over. Giving the young Jedi a firm piece of his mind, Drash forcefully tosses a pack at Cubber's feet. Watching the brief spectacle with amusement, Kyle wondered just what brought this unique group together. That techie sure has some spirit. As the conversation turned towards the captives, Kyle was slightly alarmed at the suggesstion to kill them once any useful information was extracted. Crone and the battle droid seemed to be in agreement that killing the captives was the correct choice. A few years ago, Kyle might have thought the same thing, were he in their shoes. But he was a Jedi Master now. Threatening them he could do with no problem. Jedi in the past had resorted to such means, with good results, as long as no actual harm was done. But killing prisoners didn't sit well with him anymore. There'll be plenty of killing to come. He was about to interject, but Cubber beat him to the punch. I don't like the way this is turning out. The non-Jedi don't follow the same code we do. This could get ugly if everyone starts bickering at one another. I guess its up to this old guy to step in and keep the kids in line. Again, Kyle was cut off from a reply by Cubber, this time the younger Jedi literally dragging one of the captives over and using a bit of forceful intimidation.

Cubber Byng: Care to explain the field of dead bodies, buddy?

Captive: Go ahead and kill me, Jedi trash. I ain't talkin'.

One of the other captives, a battered and grizzled-looking older man rises painfully to his feet, the bonds tieing his wrists together giving him some trouble. He slowly makes his way towards the group, giving the other captive a swift kick in the rear.

Older Captive: Shut up, Mersh. We're dead either way, and we don't owe the scar-heads any more loyalty. They betrayed us.

Mersh: You old fool! This was just another test, to see if we're worthy! You and your....

Giving Mersh another swift kick, which knocked him loose from Cubber's grip, the old man stood over him and spat.

Older Captive: I may be a fool, but I'm smart enough to know an opportunity when I see one. If you want the Jedi to kill you, go ahead and keep insulting him. Me, I'm gonna start talking. I've got a wife and three kids I'd like to see again.

Steadying himself, the older captive surveys the group, at last fixing his gaze upon Kyle. Glancing down at his blood-staining clothing and bare, torn feet, he tries to straighten himself and provide a somewhat dignified appearance. Giving the elder Jedi a nod, the old man begins relaying his tale.

Cliegg: My name's Cliegg. The idiot there is Mersh. His big mouth has done us no favors recently, so just ignore his stupidity. The others over there are Dorm, Jurgen and Fallas. All good men, but all deceived as I was. We're all career mercs, and the Peace Brigade offered us plenty of cash to hire on with them. Like I said, I've got a family to support, and money's hard to come by these days. When we hooked up with the Brigade, it was just another job for us. They sent us here, two whole companies, led by some desk-pilot named Merrel Vin. He's no soldier, but he's the one in charge of the Peace Brigade operations here. We thought we were just going to be rounding up the locals and sending them to the Vong. We didn't care what the Vong were doing with them, we just wanted the credits.

Kyle Katarn: So what are the Vong doing with them? We've been so busy organizing the resistance that we haven't had the time to look at the whole picture.

Cliegg: Don't you see the white growths on our necks? Let me show you.

Turning around, Cliegg tilted his head downward, making sure the entire group could see the small white calcified lumps on the nape of his neck.

Cliegg: They're using the planet's population as slave troops. Thye got the bright idea that humans and aliens would make better fighters than their reptiods, but they haven't quite figured out how to control us yet. That's what this is. All the bodies here. Its a training exercise. To see how well we fared against the reptiods. When the Peace Brigade got here, a bunch of us were ordered to go with a group of Vong trainers and "assist" them. That's when they enlsaved us.

Vaidoo, perking up at the mention of other alien slaves, gives Cliegg a long hard look.

Vaidoo: You said alien slaves as well. Does this mean there are other non-human slaves here?

Cliegg: Yeah, a few. No Rodians, if that's what your asking. But we did have a Gungan and a bunch of Nikto. The Hutts sent a group of 'em here, but they weren't working with us. Don't know where the Gungan came from.

Kyle Katarn: So Toba was captured. Damn, this bad news. So this "exercise" was just a test, to see if they could control you?

Cliegg: Yeah, but it wasn't successful, as you can see. There were forty of us here, up against a couple of dozen of those reptiod things. They tore us to pieces. The Vong took all of our energy weapons away, and gave us those crummy knives they use. We're all riflemen, not knife-fighters. We didn't stand a chance. And those big armored beasties they use to control the reptiods didn't work on us. We tried to fight back, but we were slaughtered. When you guys came along, the Vong were trying to figure out which one of us instigated the whole mess.

Vaidoo: So you tried to rebel, and most of you died in the process?

Cliegg: Yep. Look, I'll tell you more, but you've got to get us somewhere safe. My friends here are in bad shape. Even this idiot Mersh needs some attention. Just hole us up somewhere with some food and a blaster or two. If you guys are gonna go up against the Vong and the Peace Brigade, we want to be as far away as possible.

Kyle Katarn: We'll see what we can do. But for now, let's get inside and into the tunnels. We can all do a nice little meet and greet down there, over a hearty meal of ration bars and stale water.

When I read Gyp's post I was drinking some milk. I laughed so hard I spit it all over my monitor.

Gyp Ryol
7 November 2004, 05:04 PM
(OOC: Yay! I didn't know it was that funny...)

Drash picks at his teeth with his sharp nail in irritation. "Yes, please, let's do that! It's the first sensible thing I've heard since we landed on this miserable rock. Better in a tunnel than out here where space only knows what kind of horrid...thing could rear up to bite your head off." He shudders in revulsion.

Calm down, Drash. Things are on the up and up. You've lived through a personal encouter with the Yuuzhan Vong, and you may have found members of this former strike force. That Jedi's brainwaves may need to be amped up a few frequencies, but I can't plan for everything... he thinks to himself as he pulls out his handheld computer.

He begins to make a rough log of the mission so far, documenting planet fall, the two encounters with the enemy, and a record of initial contact with the missing strike force. He makes a few more notes under Yuuzhan Vong Tactics, noting the Yuuzhan Vong's willingness to use even allies as troop fodder. Drash pauses in his writing, chewing on the end of the sylus. His tail waves back and forth as he thinks. Finally, Drash closes the small black device with a snap, slipping the small stylus back into it's place.

7 November 2004, 05:06 PM
Kyle Katarn: We'll see what we can do. But for now, let's get inside and into the tunnels. We can all do a nice little meet and greet down there, over a hearty meal of ration bars and stale water.
"Sounds good to me." Cubber says. He was a bit surprised when Clieg "educated" Mersh, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise.
"Vaidoo, care to lead the way?" he asked. The Rodian nodded in the affirmative, indicating the captives to start walking.
"Master Katarn... we still have an.... asset available to help these guys." he drew closer. "If we can tell for certain they aren't lying, we could send them in the direction of the shuttle. Lt. Daemi could pick them up and restore them to captivity there... we could always pick them up on our way back too. They'd have to gag their buddy there, but it's a possiblity."

9 November 2004, 01:20 PM
An artificial sounding sigh comes from Kaythree's vocabulator. "I still don't trust them, but if you insist on keeping them alive, I will watch over them. And at the first chance they try to give us away or run for it, they are dead." He turns to the prisoner, "You're lucky the Jedi are here..."

9 November 2004, 06:01 PM
As Cubber makes his morally-loaded reply, Crone rolls his eyes and thinks to himself, Jedi and their damn “Code”…always acting better than us “regulars,” not even stopping to think that we don’t give a dewback’s toenail about light and dark…all I’m concerned with is not dying, and I don’t think dragging these slugs along is gonna do anything but make that harder… Noticing the Jedi perk up, he wonders what the hell is going through his mind now, but his guessing is quickly ended as Cubber manhandles one of the captives, dragging him toward the group. Now, is that really proper Jedi behavior?

Crone smirks slightly as Cubber begins interrogating the prisoner he’s brought over, but his mouth soon turns south, then just gapes, as the second captive hobbles over and relays a truth too similar to Crone’s previous premonition. Holy hawkbats…I can’t believe that’s actually what’s going on here…I thought I was just lookin’ down on things…I mean, killing these chumps if they were just gonna cause trouble is one thing, but using allies as test dummies for some kuchakee experiments…that’s just messed up… Crone’s thoughts are pulled from within when the older Jedi, that Cubber seems to know, mentions heading into a tunnel.

Hmm…Drash and Cubber seem fit to go underground, but I’m not so sure…we might be safer for a while, but if we’re found, we might have no way out…now that would be sitting ducks…but, if everyone else goes in the tunnel, there’s no way I’m volunteering to stay out here like metalhead…hmm…what to do… After a few seconds of quiet debating, Crone says, “Hell…I guess the tunnel’s our best bet…but I don’t really wanna leave Kay out here with these…” Crone gestures in the direction of the captives, but decides not to acknowledge them otherwise. He then turns his attention to Cubber and the older Jedi, who seem to be sharing a private conversation, and continues, “…so, Jedi, what’s your code say we do with them.” With this last word, Crone nods in the direction of the captives. I wouldn’t be surprised if leaving Kay out here with them was a Jedi-approved plan…who cares if we lose a capable, though mechanical, fighter, as long as the code is satisfied…I bet Duron would have no trouble killing this lot…

9 November 2004, 06:42 PM
Cubber turned when he was addressed, "If I heard Master Katarn correctly, they come inside with us... of course Kaythree I'm sure will have no problem ensuring they don't cause much of a fuss."
"I understand there is plenty of room, and we can eat, get some rest, and conduct our questioning."

10 November 2004, 12:35 PM
That strange laugh comes again. "I didn't mean stay out here with them. I'm not that big of a fool. I meant I would guard over them when we hide out and then tomorrow when we move." Kaythree looks down on the prisoners, "Although we could probably use them as bait..."

14 November 2004, 01:38 PM
Karei listens to the conversation as she looks at her wound. It's mostly closed up. But, it could still get infected. I'd better get my bag, I think I have a medpac in it. She rubs her neck, which is still sore from the Yuuzhan Vong's grip. I'll have a bruise there in the morning. Looking up at Crone, Karei asks, "Did you happen to bring my equipment with you? If not, could you point me in the direction where you saw it last."

14 November 2004, 02:55 PM
The smile that Kay’s comment about using the captives as “bait” had forced on Crone’s face was quickly replaced by a shifty-eyed, blank expression as Karei finally confronted him about her pack. “Well, I did have it…but after the firefight kicked up I dumped it and didn’t pick it back up...” Looking around at the other two Jedi, he quickly adds, “…but can’t one of you do your Jedi thing and make it fly over? It should be in that general area…somewhere…” Crone points in the direction that he and Drash had recently come from, then, realizing the overall atmosphere of the now-larger group was relaxing, decided to go ahead and pull out another cigarra, though he figured he’d wait ‘til they were down in the hole before he worried about lighting it up. He’s still a little wary of the smoke blowing around. If there are Vong downwind that’d be like a beacon, and I’m not really in the mood to shoot anyone right now…

14 November 2004, 03:12 PM
Listening to Crone, Karei replies, "Well, thanks for bringing it as far as you did. Sorry for leaving you with it." Karei stands up, grimacing slightly at the pain of her injury. I've got to work through the pain. She begins walking in the direction Crone pointed, searching for her pack.

Finding the heavy object quite a ways from the group, Karei bends down to pick it up. I never realized how heavy this thing is. She slings the bag over her shoulders and adjusts the straps. Walking with a slight limp, Karei trudges back to the main group.

16 November 2004, 07:28 PM
As Kyle prepares to lead the group towards the ruined control center, the burly Weequay returns at a brisk jog.

Renath-Don: Kyle, it was Toba, though there's barely enough of him left to identify.

Kyle Katarn: Blast it! I should never have let him go. Creel is not going to take this well.

Renath-Don: He'll want revenge.

Kyle Katarn: We all do, Renath. But revenge, and grief, will have to wait. We need to rest up.

A flash of raw anger passed across Kyle's face, flickering for a brief second and then disappearing. He took a few deep breaths and did his best to calm himself. Toba Carsel was a fine soldier, one of Kyle's friends. The fact that he allowed Toba to go out on his own and recon weighed heavily upon him. And now he was responsible for six more lives. Well, five lives and bloodthirsty droid. Where the hell did they dig that out from anyway? Never seen that model before. Must be really old.

Kyle Katarn: Well I guess that's everybody. Let's go.

Leading the group through the twisted wreckage of the control center, Kyle navigates over chunks of rubble and obliterated machinery. At a nod from Kyle, Renath moves forward and sniffs the air around him. Following his nose, the Weequay, finally satisfied that no other beings are about, holds out his right hand, palm down, a field signal for "no threat detected." Kyle focuses his attention on the massive chunk of duracrete ceiling laying near the mddle of the central room. Extending one hand forward, he closes his eyes and concentrates deeply, allowing the Force to permeate his being. The duracrete slab slowly begins to rise, eventually hovering three meters overhead. Kyle stands stiff and rigid, totally focused on his task. Underneath the giant slab lies a durasteel maintenance hatch. The Weequay bends over and begins undogging the hatch's retaining pins.

Renath-Don: Quicky, down into the tunnels. He can't hold that thing up forever.

Ushering the group down the maintenance hatch, the team spots a soft glow coming from a dozen meters down. A small but sturdy ladderwell stretches into the depths.

Renath-Don: Maintenance tunnels. The Garqians don't like to waste crop fields, so most of their machinery and power generation equipment is below ground.

As the last of the group moves into the tunnels, Kyle carefully walks forward, still maintaining his Force hold on the giant duracrete slab. Making his way down the ladder, his eyes shift underneath their lids, clearly straining from the effort. As he secures the maintenance hatch, he allows the great slab to lower, finally settling it down with a firm thud.Sithspawn, I'm tired. If they only knew how close I came to dropping that thing on everybody's heads. Halting on the ladder, Kyle feels his chest heave as he struggles to regain his breath. As his pulse returns to normal, he moves downward, the dim light below becoming ever brighter.

Leading the way, Renath-Don guides the group through the narrow tunnel system. Pipes and conduits run along the sides and top of the tunnel, with glow-panels flickering in a few spots. Various signs and warning placards adorn the tunnel walls, and faded yellow arrows mark the many twists and turns of the vast underground complex. The tall Weequay guides them through a dizzying maze of lefts and rights, finally emerging upon a long central tunnel, a few meters wider than the others, allowing the group to move side by side.

After several long minutes, the group comes to a largish room, obviously a maintenace control center. Computer terminals line one side of the room, with various peices of surveillance and monitoring gear spliced into the network. A few screens show other locations within the tunnel network, a few others show more distant unrecognizable areas. An old automated turret at the opposite end of the room pans left and right quitely, its large barrel focused on the steel hatch ahead of it. A remote monitor rigged up next to the turret shows the view of another longish hallway, dimly lit.

A few cots are set up in the center of the room, with more stacked neatly in one corner. Pressure crates serve as makeshift tables and workbenches, with scattered tools and equipment laying about. A large power pack recharger sits unattended along the rightmost wall of the hexagonal chamber, with a dozen packs in place and room for another dozen or so. The charge indicator reads half, and rising slowly. A few glow rods mounted over head and spliced into the ceiling conduits cast a slightly brighter glow than the failing ceiling-mounted glow-panels. Racks of weaponry, most of it old and outdated, line an entire section of the room. Pistols and rifles of varying models are displayed, and even a pair of old Merr-Sonn blaster cannons lie in residence, similar to the one carried by Renath-Don.

Kyle takes a seat on one of the cots and pulls a battered field pack from underneath. Removing a canteen and a ration pack, he quickly tears into it, though the bland look on his face indicates the flavor of its contents. He takes a large gulp from his canteen, and then digs a medpac from his pack. He carefully applies a synthflesh patch to his wounded arm, and administers a small dose of anti-baterical agent. Returning to his tasteless meal, he eyes the group.

Kyle Katarn: Go ahead, make yourselves comfortable. We've got plenty of food and water, and even a power charger for your droid over there.

Pointing towards the improvised mess area, Kyle also nods in the direction of a immobile GNK power droid, its legs removed, but its operational lights brightly lit and steady.

Kyle Katarn: What do you say Renath, we safe for a little bit?

Renath, observing a few of the monitoring screens on a nearby computer terminal, shakes his head uncertainly.

Renath-Don: I am unsure. I will consult Quay.

Kyle Katarn: Uh, Renath, what I meant was...

Ignoring Kyle for the moment, the Weequay reaches into a pounch on his utility belt and withdraws a small orb, black and non-relective. He shakes the tiny globe and stares into it deeply, completely focused on a minature panel on one side of the device. Renath seems to be in an almost trance-like state as he waits for the orb's message to reveal itself. Exhaling deeply as the Quay orb reveals its mysterious message, Renath looks up at Kyle and frowns.

Renath-Don: Quay does not know at this time.

Rolling his eyes slightly, Kyle sighs and places his emptied ration pack on the floor.

Kyle Katarn: Ummm...thanks, Renath. That's great. Tell Quay thanks for me. I'm going to bed.

And with that, Kyle lies back on his cot and immediately falls into a deep slumber.

20 November 2004, 04:31 PM
As he plugs into the power droid, Kaythree looks at Kyle. His metallic voice seems to take on a haughty quality when he says, "I'm not their droid. I'm B2K3, and I belong to no one. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't refer to me as if I were a comlink or speeder. I am a sentient, and I've been serving in various militaries for much longer than you've been alive." He pauses, relishing the feeling of energy rushing through him. It seems to calm him somewhat. "I must sound like a droid-rights activist. Please, forgive me." His eyes dim somewhat and he turns slightly, watching the prisoners.

Gyp Ryol
21 November 2004, 10:00 AM
Drash put all of his junk and his pack in a spot along the underground room's wall. He stretches his arms up above his head and a low rumbling soundc came from the Farghul's throat. He shook himself out and plopped down in front of one of the computer terminals.

He began to check out the makeshift network the Weequay and the older Jedi had cobbled together. He flips through several of the camera views, and tries to figure out the operating system behind it. Drash's tail waves back and forth, its tip brushing the ground as it sways.

21 November 2004, 03:22 PM
Karei breaks out one of her medpacs. Sitting down on an empty cot, Karei rolls up her pant leg and cleans off her wound, and then covers the wound in gauze. Laying down, Karei gets comfortable on the hard surface. Finally, she drifts off to sleep, trusting that the area is safe and secure.

21 November 2004, 03:27 PM
Allowing himself a few minutes to eat dinner from a ration pack, Cubber leans against a wall, lightsaber clenched in his hand, and starts the procedure for a healing trance.
As he drifts off, he mutters "Good luck Kaythree, don't enjoy yourself too much with the prisoners."

21 November 2004, 06:16 PM
Once he reaches the makeshift, underground base, the first thing Crone does is light and take three deep breathes through his cigarra. That damn flyer really hooked me up…if I were a nicer guy, I’d say I owed him something… Crone grins at his silent, snide comment, his pointed teeth keeping his cigarra in place, then finds the nearest, unoccupied cot and plops himself down less than gently. After pulling out a canteen from a nearby field pack, Crone roots through his pockets until he manages to find three food capsules and swallows them in one gulp, holding his cigarra in his right index and middle fingers momentarily before replacing it and taking another t’bac-filtered breath.

While seated and moderately relaxed, Crone goes about the task of cleaning and reloading both of his hand-made rifles, one with all of his remaining punchers and one with what he often refers to as “regs.” When he’s finished, he lays one down on either side of the cot, then removes his vibroscythe from its sheath and lays it on the floor at his head. Never can be too careful…or too ready…

Crone has nearly finished eyeing up the room, trying to pre-plan what he’d do given certain, obviously general, scenarios, when Kaythree’s little outburst draws his attention. Crone snorts a laugh, then, while lying back and making himself as comfortable as possible, says, “’Droid-rights activist’ or not, you keep those scanners hummin’ Kay, and if you pick up anything out-of-the-ordinary, beep really loud or something…oh, and if one of those prisoners so much as breathes funny, you won’t hurt my feelings if you shoot him…” Never can be too careful…

22 November 2004, 12:43 PM
Originally posted by blivengo
“’Droid-rights activist’ or not, you keep those scanners hummin’ Kay, and if you pick up anything out-of-the-ordinary, beep really loud or something…oh, and if one of those prisoners so much as breathes funny, you won’t hurt my feelings if you shoot him…” Never can be too careful…

Kaythree laughs. "I haven't lived this long by letting my guard down. Rest assured, the scanners are on. And as for the prisoners...Lets just say I still have that poison on reserve. Surely we don't need all of them."

22 November 2004, 03:02 PM
“…Surely we don't need all of them.”
As his eyes close on what promises to be a short-lived, restless bit of sleep, Crone thinks to himself, That’s exactly what I was thinking…