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Killling Fever
15 August 2004, 01:00 AM
It was a nice day, on Corascant. The sun shined over the houses and it was time for people to go at work. That was the same mather for James Carlton, he worked for a new operation, the EBS, also known as Elite Bountyhunter Squad. It took James a lot of practise though, but his codename was: Killing Fever, because he likes the killing. So there he walked, over the streets. He turned left and opened a door by typing a code; 887721. A red light turned green and he walked in. He took out his pass and a red light scanned it. Another door opened. He walked into a 7m. long hallway. On the right side of the room there were the suiths, for the bountyhunters, on the left side of the room you had the weapons(Laser pistols, Rockets, Jetpacks etc.) But James ignored those stuff, and kept walking to the next door. A voice came from a speaker next to the door and said. "Voice Analyser, please say your name so we can scan your voice."
"James Carlton."
"Voice accepted. Please continue to the next door."
The door opened, and James walked further.
He walked another 7 meter hallway. This time all the operations were pasted on the wall, this time he also ignored that.
The same voice said. "Fingerprint scan, please put your thum on the green pattern."
James puts his thum on the pattern, and the voice continues: "Welcome mr,Carlton, please walk further."
James wasn't smiling, he looked very serious. When he walked in a voice shouted.
"Killing Fever! Get you ass over here. I got a job. There is this connection. From the dark lord. A very strong connection with a small army. He just escaped from jail, if you get him you will get 50,000. Now if you dont stop him, he will recruit a thousand men and will give it to the Empire, and than we are doomed. So now our group is the only hope. Because i did some research and i found out his located in Naboo."
"Naboo?" James asked. "How can he make a army in Naboo? Naboo is on our side."
"That's his idea. He will be having a secret warehouse there. So that nobobdy will even try to search on Naboo. The warehouse is on Clayton street 32. His name is Jaso-ni-boa. I readied a flight for you to Naboo. But be carefull. Many died in this group. Now for crise sake get your suith on." James didnt said nothing at all, but just walked away and took his suith on, and grabbed his weapons. In the weapon and suith room, he took a door that was to the right. A big plane was standing there.

OOC: I need someone to join this RPG and be the pilot.