View Full Version : September Third Release Date and the Indy Tournament

Frobi-Wan Kenobi
23 August 2004, 04:16 PM
As some of you may have heard 9/3/04 is the confirmed date when the SW minis are to go on sale at retail locations.

I had the chance to play a round in the Mini tourny before having to go play True Dungeon and I am impressed with the cartography (Chris is the man) along with the minis themselves. However, the rules are a little whacked and it doesn't help at all that the people giving the demo at the WotC booth where showing people incorrect ways to play.

Those that are wanting minis for themselves better check with their sources so that enough will be ordered.

24 August 2004, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the thumbs-up, Frobi! Glad you got home safely...I had a blast hanging out with you guys at Gen Con.

Anyway, yeah: the rules are different from the D&D minis...simpler, with some omissions designed to speed up gameplay at the cost of detail. (I miss the ability to make a charge attack with any troop, for example, but I'm told some minis will have a charge-like special ability built into their stats.)

Nevertheless, I found myself enjoying those three tourney games I played (and lost) more than most of my D&D skirmish games. The designers did a terrific job of capturing the flavor of the movies in unique special abilities that complement the game (Luke's impulsive shot, Dark Jedi Vader's commander effect that slays troops that roll a one and gives bonuses to other troops, and R2-D2's ability to lock doors, for example).

I'm also surprised at the range of tactical choices enabled simply by having doors that open and close.

Yeah...Frobi's suggestion is quite a good idea: check with your local shop to make sure you get enough. I really think (and hope) that these things will be flying off the shelves.