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10 September 2004, 09:30 PM
Sigh. They always find me.

I was in my local book store today, picking up my copy of The Cestus Deception when a guy noticed the cover and started ranting at me over how much Star Wars now sucked and how he wasn't going to by the DVDs and how much of a moron I was for funding a media hyped money making machine. He went on about supposed changes that had been made and how the movies were irrevelant in the face better media hyped money making machines such as LotR. When I told what I thought of LotR, he called me a traitor to my country and started ranting about how I must never have seen them to have such an opinion. I pointed out that he hadn't seen the SW DVDs and yet still had a negative opinion on changes that may or may not exsist. This did not help matters. After a few more minutes of ranting at me that I was a stupid fanboy (he also seemed to confuse Star Wars with Star Trek on many points,) he was politely asked to leave the store by the staff.

I later encountered the same guy and some of his friends at my local Comic/RPG store. He was wanting to know how to get in touch with the local roleplaying community. The guy behind the counter pointed at me. The guy appologised to me for his outburst at the book store and wanted to know if there were any games running that need players. I told him that the only game I knew of was a Star Wars game. Believing I was putting him on (I wasn't), he called me a lot of rude names and was once again asked to leave the store.

I was meant to going to the movies tonight to see Hellboy, but after two encounters with this guy, I not risking it. If he shows up to gaming nights at the unversity, I'm going to scream.

10 September 2004, 09:47 PM
If I had a nickel for every one of those...
Well, the guy's entitled to his opinion, of course (however inane that may be :rolleyes: ) and should he show up for roleplay night, just make nice, and go into the bathroom and scream ;)
Seriously though, I would just try to be polite, let him make an ass of himself should he decide to do so, and don't remind him how hypocritical he's would be being by showing up (unless he's already well into step one, lol), and let him play... what could it hurt. At worst, he'll be asked to leave (again), and at best, he'll be a new addition (and hopefully a little more accepting of us feeders of the "sucky" machines).
Anyway, just my two creds, feel free to beat him senseless with a chair if you really want to, it's you he insulted repeatedly. B)

10 September 2004, 09:51 PM
Now THAT is funny!

:D :D

10 September 2004, 10:45 PM
Now that's funny. It reminds me of this guy who walked up to me in a Hastings (book / movie / game store) years ago and started ranting about Nightwing and how Batman sold out, not realizing (or caring) that I didn't give a tin whistle about Batman or Nightwing, or anything he was talking about.

I wonder if he was mentally ill or just very, very sheltered and had no one to talk to.

11 September 2004, 12:17 AM
I once had some old biddy come up and gimme a hard time in the local book store for looking through the d&d section....... now the funny thing was she had a copy of a book under her arm to buy.... it was LOTR.

I politely smiled and asked if she realized LOTR was the major inspiration for D&D

11 September 2004, 06:50 AM
Well...here's my irritating geek story then...

I used to do wargaming (Games Worshop, Warhammer 40K, etc) and a coupla guys (other customers) started chatting to me in the store one day...things got round to RPGs and as chance would have it, they were predominantly D&D'ers (nothing wrong with that, I've been there, done that, as most of us have)...though I do tire rather quickly when they insist on telling me the story about the dragon that attacked them, which had a minigun under each wing (WTF?!), but he got out of the battle because the dragon couldn't kill him because they both had the same alignment.
8o like I care.

11 September 2004, 08:52 AM
Seriously, durring my hiatus from gaming a few years back, I walked in to my FLGS to see what I wa missing. There were some games going on and as I browsed I ease dropped on them for old time sake. One DnD game was going okay, but the DM was just cracking me up. I tell you no lie when I tell you he talked just like comicbook guy from The Simpsons. I though he must be intentionally trying to make people laugh, becuse he sure was making it tough for me to keep a straigt face, but no one at the table was even craking a smile. At one point he said "That was the worst dice roll EVER." and I lost it.

Not really a fanboy story, but I ignore them as much as possible anyway.

11 September 2004, 11:54 AM
I think the only thing comparable in my life was I often browse the anime section of a local (bout an hour away) store that I visit once a week on errand runs. Well one day I was doing so with a freind who worked there.

A grungy lookin dude comes up a begins to expound on the virtues of Hentia.

I'm not really into that sorta thing and the last thing I really wanted was I guy I didn't know talking loudly to me in a public store about tentacles, rape, and pornographic cartoons in general.

I waited until he was distracted and slipped away around the other side of the shelf... into the 'special intrest' section. Sigh.

Of course I have been on the other side once or twice. Where I talked to the comic shop owner about my favorite character haveing a special coming out soon and the woman looked at me with this tired face tinged with a bit of annoyance and said quite flatly "Do you think I care?". Never really been comfortable in that store again. Only one or two things of intrest to me (and my dwindling savings) and a person who either is trapped in a living ... um heck OR is just plain abruptly rude to people (she does kind of take a do your bussiness and let me do mine attitude).

There was also another occassion that comes to mind but I not sure this classifies as either side of the Fan conflict. A mother came in to the above mentioned comic shop and her son wanted some pokemon cards. Looking at me warily and concered she asked "This isn't one of those things that will have my kids running around in sewers with capes and swords is it?"

My lips just flapped for a second as I was stunned by a statement that felt almost like she was saying something racist. I know I was over reacting but it really shocked me.

11 September 2004, 01:24 PM
man, lousy customer servicre. I woulda tkane my busniess somewhere else from then on

11 September 2004, 01:49 PM
Originally posted by Jaggard
A mother came in to the above mentioned comic shop and her son wanted some pokemon cards. Looking at me warily and concered she asked "This isn't one of those things that will have my kids running around in sewers with capes and swords is it?"

LOL. Yes, ma'am, within MINUTES your children will be blind, insane, their growth stunted, and will be running around the sewers with capes and swords. They will also be blue and speak fluent Romanian.

11 September 2004, 06:41 PM
Originally posted by dgswensen

LOL. Yes, ma'am, within MINUTES your children will be blind, insane, their growth stunted, and will be running around the sewers with capes and swords. They will also be blue and speak fluent Romanian.

Not to mention that pokemon cards double as tarot, and your children will immediately possess sufficient knowledge to summon over 342 different forms of demons and malevolent entities.

11 September 2004, 10:14 PM
No! Not the evil Pokedemons!

Actually, it does remind me of a time a young, misguided student came into the comic store seeking the Necronomicon. The store's owner directed him to the Call of Cthulu RPG, but the guy was adamant - he wanted the real deal. He had read all about it on the internet, and wanted to read through it and see if there were any spells he'd like to try out. When the owner tried to set him straight, the guy looked at him as if he was crazy.

Rogue Janson
12 September 2004, 11:00 AM
Originally posted by Ronin
Not to mention that pokemon cards double as tarot, and your children will immediately possess sufficient knowledge to summon over 342 different forms of demons and malevolent entities.
So is a squirtle a demon or just a malevolent entity?

Nova Spice
12 September 2004, 11:50 AM
Well, I was in my local Hastings bookstore last year, picking up my copy of the Hero's Guide (thank you Moridin ;) ) when a fellow approached me and asked if I played the Star Wars RPG.

Aside from the obvious, I nodded and said I played with four other guys. He then proceeded to inquire if I had ever had any of my players kill themselves.

I was shocked. He then wanted to know if any of my players had ever become so enraptured in the game, that when something goes wrong, they wanted to end their own life.

I walked away.


Darth Fierce
12 September 2004, 12:38 PM
That's scary, Nova Spice...really scary...8o

Sounds like someone had been playing a little too much "Evercrack" before they talked to you.

Darth Fierce :vader:

13 September 2004, 03:52 AM
This happened about 2 months ago. Since there's no dedicated movie store where I live, I had to settle for Best Buy when preordering the OT DVD set. The guy behind the counter asked me why I was wasting my money, since GL has totally ruined the OT. Here is our converstaion, as best as I can remember:

Clerk: Dude, why are you wasting your money on this? Lucas ruined the whole franchise.
Me: Just ring me up, would you? I gotta get back to work.
Clerk: Its like what Ted Turner did with 'Gone with the Wind'.
Me: Not really, guy. Star Wars was already in color.
Clerk: You're an idiot for wasting your money on this crap.
Me: Are you gonna ring this up or what?
Clerk: You must be one of those Lucas-lovers.

At this point, I'd pretty much had it with the guy.

Me: Can I speak to your manager?
Clerk: (points to nametag)

Looking at his nametage, I realized he WAS the manager.

Me: OK, let me talk to your boss.
Clerk: You don't need to talk to him.

If he had started waving his hand around, I would've decked him right there. But instead, I left the guy and went to search for the store manager. I enventually found the guy, brought him over to Mr. Rudeness, and explained the situation. I wanted to preorder the thing, pay in full now, and get my receipt so I could get back to work.

Manager: You realize that Lucas has totally ruined the movies, right?

Needless to say, I cursed them both out and left.

EDIT: Never post with a hangover. If you can't understand what you just wrote, nobody else will.

13 September 2004, 04:22 AM
i am so... so sorry.

ive actually had a lot of luck in the fanboy department. ive never really looked like a starwars fan, and if someone tries to start something about it it I just give them a dirty look and say, "do i know you?"

the one time it did come up was in a religious setting, when i had mentioned something about the real world being a testing ground between good and evil, and the guy started going into some exhortation on judeo-christian values in starwars. i replied that he was correct and that most art can illustrate traditional values, but he decided it was worth taking to the next step and began comparing specific characters to real life religious figures. apparently obi wan represents martin luther and the pope is represented as the emperor on the big screen. im not lutheran, nor catholic, but even so i couldnt help but be offended. i cut him off before he could take it any further, for fear that Leia would quickly become the star wars Virgin and Jar Jar its patron saint...

13 September 2004, 04:43 AM
Years ago when I worked in a comic shop, there was one comic nut who frequented the place and drove me absolutely insane. He would always lurk in the store until just one or two people remained (including staff), and then target them for a 'conversation' which always started out as, "What comic books do you like to read?"

Now this in itself isn't so bad, but he was a (wait for it)... complete freakin uber-dweeb! He didn't ask you because he was genuinely interested in having a 1 to 1 conversation about enjoying comics... he just wanted a hook so he could tell you all about the comics *he* loved. And he would follow people around the store regaling one comic story after another... all as if they were his own experiences.

Now, if this had been infrequent, I'd say no biggie. Takes all kinds, and you'll find most of em in a comic/game shop ;) But for whatever reason, I was the one staffer on the floor whenever he came in. And invariably he'd ask *me.* But he did this more than once, apparently not recalling the previous episodes we'd had.

The first time was an eye-opener. I learned from that. The second, third, forth, and so on were increasingly less inclusive on my part. But I was a staffer, and so had to be polite with the customer(s). Captive audience... this guy's dream!

Finally I had enough, and the next time he started out with "What comic books do you like to read?" I told him point-blank... "I hate comic books" and just walked away.

He never forgot that conversation. Never bothered me again either. He still came back to the store for purchases, so I didn't jeopardize my job with that long overdue shut-down.

On a separate note... at GenCon this year, I saw a few people wearing t-shirts with one of the most awesome slogans I've ever seen... "Don't tell me about your character." Man, I loved it. Wish I'd found where they were sold. :D

13 September 2004, 08:27 AM
I would have to say the weirdest fanboy experiance for me was at a Borders in Des Moines.
I was just minding my own buisiness, leafing through a copy of Warcraft RPG and some dude just straight up asks me, straight faced, without any provocation on my part: "Would you like to read my fanfic?"
I just kinda stared at him for a second and kind of weakly said "Uh... no, I'm good." and then he just ambled off.
Crazy, crazy stuff.

13 September 2004, 09:07 AM
Ugg, I can't think of any one single wierdest encounter off the top of my mind. They kind of blur together... The biggest problem is that my Hubby used to work for the local comic/ game shop, so half the time we can't go anywhere without someone recognizing him and wanting to rant and rave about one subject or another that's associated with comics and/ or games.

Then there was "Wonder Woman," coined because she is sickly in love with the comic character to the point where she named her first born daughter Hippolita. She also believed she and I were best friends when we were going to the same local college- I'd be using the internet for one reason or another in the comp lab and she'd sit down next to me chatting a storm away about you guessed it, Wonder Woman. But she never noticed that I didn't respond to her and had headphones one to drown out her voice.

The second worst is the guy the local comic shop has do all of the official AEG events. He doesn't understand squat about Japanese culture and yet tries to run a L5R game. He can't even pronounce Courtier properly- he said it as Cour-te-a... :raised: When we wnet to meet the owner of AEG when he stopped by the store, the guy was much much more interested in speaking to us than being around this bonehead. (And don't ask me how he's able to buy all the latest D20 stuff when he has no job, no car, and lives with his parents still when he's at least into his late 30's. Heck, I was out of my parents place byt he time I was 19! The dork tried to pawn money and rides from us.)

Probably the one thing that realy ircks me with our game/ comic community is the owner of the main comic store in our area. My hubby and most of the others in our game group worked for him at one point and time or another (even I sad to say worked for the Hobby Distro company he bought a couple years ago and has run to the ground- I left after week and a half of not getting any lunch breaks on 7 hour days along with being told I could never take a sick/ vacation day 8o .) He has actually had the balls to tell employees we are friends with that they're not allowed to game with our group!? All the people he's said this to pretty much either quite or told him no, he had no right to say such things to us. If I trusted the post office to get us our comics safely, we'd never go there again. As it is, I much prefer giving Media Play our money for game books.

Thankfully, the anime/ manga crowd leave me alone for the most part and are otherwise pretty nice.

14 September 2004, 05:59 PM
Yeah... I've seen plenty of freaks in gamming stores. I was truely scared the first time I saw the 30+, overwieght D&D groups that lounge in there for hours.

A story about that:

The DM (fat, bad attempt at a beard) cracked a joke, half of the people at the table (also obvioulsy hard core D&D-ers) crack up for about 2 minutes. The rest of the table, consisting of more of less 'normal' people, stare at them. Most of them politely left withing half an hour.

One of my teachers played Everquest... his eyes were always blood shot, and he would play between lectures.

Reverend Strone
14 September 2004, 07:48 PM
The single worst thing that the guys in my local comic store could ever have done was hire a pretty young lady to tend the register.

She was actually very pleasant and a good shop assistant, and genuinely into the stuff, being a role-player and proud geek, but then-in lay the problem. It ment that the shop was perpetually filled with lonely unwashed and sweaty fan-boys who clustered at the desk around her, usually four or five deep, taking advantage of the fact that here was a cute girl who was into comics and couldn't actually run away from them.

These guys would speak very loudly in that way that leaves no doubt to anyone in the store that they were actually having a conversation with the girl in case you hadn't already noticed. If you dared to attempt to hail her attention for service or try and buy anything you would be stared down with the dirtiest looks by the sweaty middle-of-Summer-jacket-wearers- how dare you interrupt their flirting with something so trivial as a purchase because they were really getting somewhere dammit!


Rogue Janson
15 September 2004, 03:12 AM
See what I'm missing by not having a local gaming store...

15 September 2004, 05:55 AM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson
See what I'm missing by not having a local gaming store...

I hear ya!
Thank God for Amazon!

15 September 2004, 07:30 AM
Reverend Strone,

Oh, wow, we had that over the past year as well. She was a really sweet gal and fun for me to talk to too- not many other gamer gals for me to speak to in real life. But she was a tad naive at times- comes with territory of being a 19 year old girl I think since I was the same way. But man, was she ever stalked by some of the nastiest smelling creeps that ever laid foot in that store. It got to the point where the guys that worked with her watched out for her because of the nasty people that'd hang all over her.

Rogue Janson, Ronin

Yeah, the two of you are deffinitely not missing much.

15 September 2004, 07:58 AM
Reverend, dragonseye, sounds like your gaming store employees need the classic fake boyfriend story. Over the summer, one of my roomates was apparently just exceedingly attractive, to the point that he got some really aggressive women after him. We (the roomates in the apartment) eventually worked up a fake girlfriend story for him. When he mentioned her, that was our cue to talk about "Katie," supplying imaginary details so his story sounded legitimate. :D

15 September 2004, 08:27 AM
apparently just exceedingly attractive, to the point that he got some really aggressive women after him
Wow! That's exactly the same problem I have... so hot, the womens is just flocking to me! :rolleyes: :D

15 September 2004, 08:29 AM
you know there are just Female archetypes that drive guys nuts. Women who:
Play bass (the guitar not the fish)
Play drums
Play Videogames
Play RPGs

I think it is a sad statement on the number of females that take up these activities, so they find themselves a sought after minority. I have to admit to getting a little goofy over board bettys from time to time myself, and a Woman drummer...yowza!

Rogue Janson
15 September 2004, 10:04 AM
Originally posted by Shadowdeep
Wow! That's exactly the same problem I have... so hot, the womens is just flocking to me! :rolleyes: :D
Yeah, you and the rest of us... We all know Jedi_Staailis just used the 'roommate' story to be modest. And Dr Worm just pretends to be married for the same reason, just as Ronin pretends he's in far away Japan.

15 September 2004, 05:39 PM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson

Yeah, you and the rest of us... We all know Jedi_Staailis just used the 'roommate' story to be modest. And Dr Worm just pretends to be married for the same reason, just as Ronin pretends he's in far away Japan.

Dude! You blew my cover!8o
There's a roar like thunder as thousands of high-heels charge Ronin's appartment door and the windows shatter as high-pitched voices screech "We've found you!".
Or maybe not. ;)

17 September 2004, 10:30 AM

Somehow, I don't think a fake boy friend story would of stopped them from hitting on her/ stalking her. I guess I was more irked that the owner pretty much encouraged this to happen because it "boosted sales." :rolleyes: Which I doubt was actually true when all they did was drool on the countertop.


Ah hah! So that explains why my hubby puts up with my sillyness- I play video games, role play and skate (well roller skate. I wasn't gifted with a good enough balance to ride a skate board.):P


LOL I could just imagine the women running down a crowded Japanese street, tackling you the moment you step out of your apartment. :D

Grr, we almsot got to go to Japan too. But the company decided to send the Hubby's boss instead of him to teach their Japanese customers how to use the software. Oh, you should start seeing more Arachnid soft tip dartboards in bars and such now over there.;)

20 September 2004, 01:54 AM
Just a quick update on the original story:

The guy showed up at Thursday gaming night, trying to get in contact with Saga and get in a game. I was busy at the time, so another committee member dealt with him. He apparantly has finally got the message that my Star Wars game is the only game currently running in need of players, and he wants to sit in on a session to see what I GM like. I am going to let him, partially because he found the name of my RPG system amusing, but mostly because he was apparently very appologetic and didn't realise that he had insulted the president of the very gaming society he wished to join.

21 September 2004, 05:28 PM
Never mind.