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19 September 2004, 06:03 AM
Along with using the Mini's in my RPG games I thought about converting charcaters for use in Mini games.

I don't have much of a problem with giving the characters their Special Abilities, but I wonder about the Cost?

Should cost be based on a characters Level? Or generally based on their combat prowess?

Maybe Character Level x3 ?

Ghengis Ska
19 September 2004, 08:46 AM
They (WotC) are suppossed to be at some point, putting up the RPG stats for the Minis, when that happens it will be much easier to convert them.

But going form D&D conversions and the D&D miis game, Many SA of characters are lost, since the skirmish is designed as a quick and dirty fight, alot of the fine points are lost and many of the cool abiliteis are lost. When we start getting more figures with more abilites it should be easier too.

if you want to do it now, try looking over the D&D Minis handbook to get an idea of how to do it.

Ghengis Ska
20 September 2004, 01:04 PM
Originally posted by Sithspawn

Should cost be based on a characters Level? Or generally based on their combat prowess?

Maybe Character Level x3 ?

Cost is one of the really big whacky questions in converting stuff.

For D&D there is no Formulae and from what we have seen there are many factors involved in it.

A Character Should have the Unique Trait (like Luke, and Obi, and of the named characters) which is typically a cost reducing factor.

Special abilties are definatly a big cost determng factor, but it is onlt one of the things look at R2.
Cost 8 point or so.
He is Unique, has no damage and no attacks, only like 30 HP (which seems to pretty much be VP+WP for figures like Vader) So most of his 5 point cost (no figure is under 3 points) comes from his special ability, which is a big thing in the game controling doors. So he is cost down due to Unique, and high cost due to his ability.

The Rebel trooper at 5 points (2 over every figure) has 10 HP and 10 damage, meaning he is most likely a Thug of around level 3 or so.

Add in class levels and he should go way up in point cost...

I think some one on the WotC was trying to figure out the Formulae or as close as possible to get points right...

But after only one set (where they are bound to over and under cost some figures) we just have to wing it.

Also this is something we haven't been able to figure out yet for SW but is very evident in D&D. Some figures will cost more/less than a figure with the same stats in a differnet faction.

Rebels seem to for an equally priced figure, have poor defense, better to hit, than an Imp with Better Defense, and worse Hit.

So Imps maybe the good Defense, bad hit while Rebels are the Good hit bad defense factions. Both do about the same damage but None Uniques in the Imps do more damage on average (more 20s in none unique than rebels and a 30) while in the Imps Uniques do mostly 10 (Veers, Mara, Tarkin all 10 and Palpy 0), while in the Rebels The uniques do more damage than the none uniques (these are not hard an fast rules and ignore Vader and Luke becuase they are the stars of the universe).

The fringe are still a bit of a mystery..
Alot of Melee fighters, Twe'lik bodygaurd, Scoundrel, Gamorean, Tusken, Wampa, Jabba, Ithorian, Ewok.
They have the most SA, the only one with out one is the Duros...

The Melee heavy SA may expalin some of the low cost but not sure...

So what side the players are on will play a role in what they cost, becuase it effects how they stand out compaired to others of thier faction.

21 September 2004, 01:46 AM
Thanks Ghengis Ska, that's confused me even more :D

Another question, does D&D use the same system?
Can the D&D characters be instantly combined with SW or is there more to it than that?

Ghengis Ska
21 September 2004, 04:56 AM
Not really, the force is no where in D&D, the damage in D&D is in multiples of 5 and SW is in multiples of 10.

a creature can have 5 hp and do only 5 damage in D&D, while in SW everything has at least 10 HP and does 10 damage.

While it could be done with some conversions it would definatly be an ad hoc rules system. SW has with multi attack +12/+12/+12 with vader while a unit in D&D with three attacks would be something like +17/+12/+7, whihc averages out to +12 for each (which is how we think they do it in SW add all multiple attacks and take average)

Ghengis Ska
9 November 2004, 07:08 AM
“Converting a character or creature is not a simple matter of applying a formula. You'll do better to capture its flavor, spirit, and idea than to account for every detail and wind up with something that's overly complicated. Keep in mind that the miniatures system uses a simpler set of rules than the role-playing system. Instead of controlling a single character, you often control five or more. This requires skipping over a lot of small details to make game play easier.” Change your Routine http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ms/20031009b.

This is even truer with the SW system than in D&D minis with it’s implied faster play. You want to convert a character or creature into a Skirmish unit not literally but keeping to the core of the character or creature without losing their essence. You certainly will want to capture as many of a carefully-built character's qualities as possible, but with out bogging down in details to keep the character/unit as a smooth integration into the skirmish

.Stat Cards
Each Star Wars miniature represents a unit from the Star Wars Universe. Each unit needs a corresponding stat card that lists game statistics for the miniatures rules on one side and the role-playing rules on the other. All the information you need to run that unit is on the card. A few blank cards have been made and can be downloaded here and here. Player characters and other creatures and NPCs need to have stat cards created.

A word on the Static Skirmish stats, in the DDM, the Stats on the Skirmish side are presented as Battle ready, meaning all of the things that effect a character, monster in a battle that it does are up and running, a Berserker is berserk, a creature with Power Attack, has shifted from hit to damage etc, and it is included in the stats on the skirmish side, thus it’s to hit, or damage may be off from what it could have in on the RPG side, either Higher or lower depending on various circumstances. This is due to the duration effects of many things in D&D. Like the mentioned Berserker, most will be berserk for 6+ rounds, considering the length or life span of a unit in the skirmish, it doesn’t last longer than what would be 10 combat rounds in the RPG. Ten rounds is the length of most force effects or anything else you could get in the RPG so the same mentality has been followed here, with the big effects being incorporated for the most part because they would be in effect for the whole combat. Other modifiers are also included considering the range of combat distances certain effects are considered to be in effect, when the minis Skirmish stats are looked at as compared to the RPG side, keep this is mind because many of the numbers may not match perfectly, because to generate certain needed damage scores or such there need to be some effects in play.

Conversion of the Stats:
Each mini is represented by series of values, all have HP, Def, Attack, Damage, and Cost many have Special Abilities, and some have Commander Effects, and a few even have Force Powers. Bellow we will go through on the Best Guess Estimate on how these factors are determined for a mini based on RPG stats.

HP: In the RPG a character has VP and WP, in order to simplify the Skirmish HP is equal to VP+WP, and round to the nearest third, not half. By this I mean unless it is a 7 don’t round up, unless really called for in wanting a tougher unit. This seems to mesh with the strengths of units so far; it may change with later sets and more data points. But for now a 5 is not guaranteed to round up to ten.

Defense: In theory the Defense score of an RPG character should be the same as the Mini units defense score, and for the most part this seems to be the case, so generally use the Characters Defense score, and price the points accordingly. When converting do not include limited effects, like the bonus from the dodge feat because it effects only one target, and do not include things like Tumble, or combat expertise bonuses for fighting defensively unless you reflect this in a lowered to hit. The two biggest differences in Def scores are Jedi, and characters with Armor. Jedi are a question left up in the air for now, and will better be determined after Clone strike; as it is now the Defense on the Jedi characters is 2-3 less than what they should have. Armor may have been figured out. I originally thought that they were following OCR rules (original core rulebook) where Armor added to your Defense in place of your class bonus, but I now think Armor, is actually running as the DR value of the armor is added to the characters Def, in place of or with Defense based off of class. Armor goes back to the older SW and more D&D school of though of making you harder to hit instead of stopping damage is it does in the RCR.

Attack: The attack bonus is generally the attack bonus of the units primary attack form. Different from both the RPG (SW and D&D) and DDM, SWM does not run additional attacks the normal way. If a character can make three attacks, and generally makes three attacks then they should get the double attack Special ability if they can make 4 attacks they should gain the Triple attack SA. Consistent with the moving and firing of the characters seen in the SW movies, the minis in the SW universe, even characters with two attacks in the RPG, generally do not have two in the Skirmish. Miniatures versions typically have one less attack than the RPG gives them. Vader an 18th level character should get 4 attacks per round in a Full attack, Boba Fett should gets three, Han should gets 2 and Luke Jedi should get 2, Obi-wan should get three. Other than Luke, none of these characters get their full additional attacks, they each get one less, than the RPG should dictate. When a character gets into the multiple attacks give one less per attack, so a character really needs to be able to attack three times to generate 2 attacks in the skirmish. When determine the bonus to hit, this number is generated from the average of all of the bonuses to hit, and one number is used, when this bonus is generated use any modifications for Weapon Focus, or other penalties and bonuses, and is used for all attacks the primary and reduced itinerant. Until other wise noted, two weapon fighting, or multi shot and other bonus to the number of attacks are considered as valid forms to generate multiple attacks, but remember to accurately generate the bonus to the attack roll.

Damage: Damage in SWM is pretty consistent with damage from the RPG, both a blaster pistol, heavy pistol, and blaster rifle all deal about the same average amount of damage, 7.5, 9.5, 9.5 using the DDM method of highest + lowest and average, or even average of the dice, 9, 12, 12. So for the most part character using a blaster pistol will have a unit that does 10 pts damage. A few elite units, or unique with heavy blaster pistols and rifles can do 20 points, but this should be reserved for characters units with modified or specific weapons or unique characters.

These are stats every unit will have, bellow are some of the stats that not every unit will have like SA, Force Powers and Commander Effects.

Commander Effects: Creatures with Noble character classes or certain prestige classes (officer, Crime Lord) can be commanders. But generally characters with PrC classes such as Officer or Crime Lord have levels of Nobel. Very intelligent and powerful characters might be commanders even without the noble or Officer class, such as Vader. But given the lack of routing in SWM, and having no Commander rating to effect the initiative role, and that most units are considered to be independent as compared to DDM equivalents Commanders are not as important in SSM as they are in DDM. Their biggest function is to provide Commander effects or Squad building effects. That said there is no hard-and-fast rule for working out a creature's Commander effect, but you can choose a Commander Effect from one of the commanders in its faction or invent one along similar lines. Generally commander effects that effect a broad range of creatures should be less powerful, giving no more than +2, or cost more for that unit, than an effect that only effects troopers, or bespin guards, bounty hunters etc. A limited effect should e more powerful than a general one.

Force Points: Generally only Force Sensitive individuals should gain force points, a few other characters like high level scoundrels with multiple uses of Lucky could have one Force point as well, to represent the Re-roll effect of the lucky ability. Force points should generally be applied with about 2 on a Force Sensitive with a few additional per every two/three levels of the Character in a Force Using class. Non-Force sensitive should not have more than 1 Force point.

Force Powers: The Force powers so far in the game seem to run some what similar to the way Psionics are run in DDM. You have a list of powers, and they cost X number of points. The Unit starts with a number of points to spend and can do so any way they choose. If the character is known for a specific force power be it a feat or skill, and uses it a lot in the RPG, it may be one to convert, compare it’s effect to known force powers for the cost. Being able to do it only once or twice in the skirmish is not at all a draw back if one considers that it is only about 1-2 minutes of combat, so limited uses is better. The section will likely get a big update after Clone Strike comes out.

Special Abilities: Special abilities or qualities determined from the RPG version of class and race, are very much a case by case bases, Increases to Def should only be applied if it is an increase that is/can be in place for the entire fight and applied evenly, Dodge is not one such because it goes against only one target, but combat expertise and Light saber defense being general bonus that apply to multiple targets could apply to a Mini. This is true for attack and damage bonuses as well, if it is a general effect that can be applied for the duration of a typical combat encounter in the RPG, it could have an effect in the skirmish, or is a feat/class ability which has specific combat oriented effects. Equipment can play a roll here as well, like Fett’s Jet pack giving him fly, or the speeder bike is an example.

Characters with the Bounty Hunter PrC should have the bounty hunter trait, many scoundrels should gain the precise attack ability, units with the bodyguard that trait have the Body Guard PrC and some can be made up or converted into a close Skirmish approximation, and will attempt in the future to generate a full list of them.
List of RPG abilities and Skirmish to come.

Role-playing Statistics
Converting the RPG classes into Mini terms looks to be pretty straight forward, generally if a unit is to represent a mercenary or other “professional” class, like Guard it should be a NPC-GM class like the Diplomat, Expert or Thug. Also any one with just 10 HP or less is almost certainly an NPC-GM class because all they have is WP. Anyone with the a class name should be at least partly represented by the class in question, Wookiee Soldier should predominantly have soldier levels, an Ithorian Scout should have scout levels, etc.

Other RPG stats that may have effects carried over.

Saves: In DDM the save is listed as separate ability based on level of the character with modifiers for things like race, or other factors. With far fewer save producing effects in SW, save is removed as ability, and instead, certain items force saving throws, Grenades are a good example. Generally if the effect in question generating the save should have a DC of 10, if the save is bellow a 15. Most grenades have a DC of 12, while we have not seen any effects with larger than 10 saves, Thermal denators could have a 15, and force effects, may have a 10-15 range.

Units with Riders: Some of the Units consist of a Rider on either a creature or a vehicle. In the case of Vehicles, the stats appear to be run like the rider pilots the vehicle. Much of the stats are an average of the two units, the HP seems to be the average of the Hull Points of the Vehicle and the Riders HP for vehicles, and riders with creatures the addition of both Rider and Creature. Vehicles have the attack bonus modified by the rider and the vehicles damage, while creatures are again the average.

Unit Cost
This is perhaps one of he most variable and esoteric off all factors when converting into minis skirmish rules. There are no formulae for costing a unit. There are factors to consider largely in the stats of the mini in combat as well as its abilities. Unique is a cost reducing effect, because you can only field one of that unit, a higher power unit would cost more if it was not unique, and by making a mini unique you can lower the cost of a powerhouse figure. Commander effects raise the cost of a unit. Commander effects that can affect all units within 6 squares should cost more than an effect that is limited, the more limited the lower the additional cost to the unit. Force Points will increase the cost of a unit, while Special abilities will as well. No unit should have a value of under 3 points, no matter how weak the unit is, 3 is a low limit on cost. Faction effects however play an important role in determining the cost of a miniature, this is something still developing in SWM, but is very evident in DDM, that certain factions have a flavor, and if a unit breaks that flavor it will cost more. This is something that information is still being gathered on, but it is something to consider.

Cost: To cost a unit compare the stats to a similar unit, within the faction you are going for and raise or lower it’s cost dependent on the factors mentioned. Play testing and agreement of the parties playing with you are the best to cost units. But the Miniatures Handbook suggests a unit that has twice the attack capability and twice the defense capability of another unit in the same faction should cost as twice as much as the first unit. If a unit has twice the attack capability but the same defense, or vice versa should cost about 40% more than the fist unit.

10 November 2004, 03:32 AM
Wow, that's an in depth look at the mini's.


10 November 2004, 09:28 AM
Great write up Ghengis Ska!!!

I have been struggling with trying to figure out the cost associated with all the aspects of each character. i.e. how many points does a certain def, att, hit points, etc cost.

I made out many spread sheets comparing all the info vs their cost trying to get an idea. While a few things were easy to figure out, many are not. I think ill try to crunch more numbers tonight at work ;) and see if I can come up with a value system.

Ghengis Ska
10 November 2004, 11:07 AM
That's something i have been thinking about doing, but honestly don't have the math skills to do it well, it would have been a very ad hoc system. And honestly from the DDM Handbook, i think it is pretty ad hoc to begin with.., there may be an underlying per faction "cost" but there is no set formulae, to work out every mini. They out right say it in DDM, and i suspect that the same holds true for SWM.
I am guessing there is a Basic Formulae that gets you close but there is no precise one, a ball park figure/forumle would be great, and then you finesse your way to the real cost. they kind of have one for DDM 5x CR of the converted unit, and that gets you the cost in points that is "close", but CR is not in SW. There is a Challange code, but i honestly don't like the challange code becuase of the big difference in GM/NPC classes while they may have decent to hits, there Def typically suck, and are not a threat for a long, which to me makes the SWRPG CC kind of messed up, if you are trying to make encounters, i usally scrap CC and just go with my gut in planning encounters.

And i would suggest not compairing every figure to every other, just make comparisons within factions, Compare Imps to Imps Rebs to Rebs etc, and maybe even uniques to uniques within faction. If you can come up with a Non Unique formula then try to figure out what a unique would be in that formulae we may get the cost reduction that unique provides.

I am very interested in seeing what you come up with, even if it is a basic formulae it would be enough to get people started.

11 November 2004, 09:06 AM
Here is what I have come up with. Its not perfect, but its pretty close. 42 of the figures come out exactly at cost. The remaining 15 came out very close, all except the probe droid :(, like he is useful anyways :D.

HP Cost
10 1
20 2
30 4
40 5
50 6
60 7
70 9
80 11
90 12
100 13
110 16
130 18
140 20

Defense Cost
11 1
12 1
13 1
14 2
15 3
16 3
17 4
18 5
19 6
20 7
22 10
23 13

Attack Cost
1 1
3 1
4 2
5 2
6 3
7 3
8 3
9 4
10 5
11 6
12 7
14 8
16 9

Recon 1
Self destruct 1
Tarkin Effect 3
Force Storm 5
Force Lightning 5
Force Renewel 5
Force Grip 6
Blaster Barrage 3
Emperors Hand 1
Lando Effect 2
Flight 4
Strafe 3
Accelerate 2
Droid 1
Careful Shot 2
Force Point 1/each
Accurate Shot 4
Heal 20 3
Lightsaber Sweep 2
Impulsive Shot 1
Leia Effect 1
Repair 1
Override 2
Draw Fire 2
Stealth 1
Ion Gun 1
Melee -2
Mighty Swing 2
Grenades 3
Swarm +1 2
Damage 20 2
Cleave 1
Savage -3
Rend 1
Momentum 2
Rebel Officer Effect 3
Advantageous Cover 2
Heavy Weapon 4
Cunning Attack 3
Bodyguard 3
Mobile Attack 1
Imperial Officer Effect 6
Fringe Reinforcements 30
Veers Effect 6
Emperors Bodyguard 2
Bounty Hunter 4
Unique -4
Speed 2 -2
Jabba effect 4
Double attack 5
Double melee attack 3
Double melee attack 20 6
Triple melee attack 20 9

After crunching the numbers I'm sure I made some addition errors and things might not add up exactly. Some things didnt make sense like Force Grip costing more than Force Storm or Lightning.

I started with making the table for hit points, attack, and defense first, and worked up from the lowest cost figures. Then I did the specail abilites. Hope this is useful to someone.

Ghengis Ska
11 November 2004, 11:19 AM
Yes, very usefull, i am writting it up to insert into a document for conversions i am working on, a question if you don't mind.

You say it holds for 42, what 15 does it not hold for? i am curious if there is faction effects etc, or something else. What are the 15 minis it is bust on, and how much was it off by...

I'd do it my self but if a you know it saves time and b gives me more time to write the other thing up...

11 November 2004, 12:18 PM
For the Rebels:
Luke and Chewie each come out more expensive with the system, by two and one points respectively.

Captive Leia, Elite Rebel Trooper, Rebel Trooper, came out cheaper, by -2, -1, and -1.

For the Imperials:
The Stormtrooper, Elite Stormtrooper, Elite Snowtrooper, Probe Droid, and Stormtrooper Officer were more expensive. This goes along with what I read though in the Dev chat, about them wanting them one to be able to field a large group pf stormies. The Stormtrooper Officer, was 3 points higher, before his commander effect, so I did not assign that a point cost. The three types of stormtroopers came up one point moreand the probe droid came out to 6 over.

For the Fringe:
Lando came out 3 points higher, he was at 17 before his commander effect, and I think giving +2 to bespins and having no range limit on it was worth at least 2, if not more IMO. IG88 and Dengar both came out one short. Greedo and the Ithorian Scout both came out costing one more point.

Ghengis Ska
11 November 2004, 02:07 PM
I just spent the last few hours writting up the whole Cost effect thingy... AC if you want to see it before it gets posted and give thoughts e-mail or PM and i'll send it over, or i'll just post it.

I tried to take all of your work on figuring out the costs and look for the patterns in it and a way to derive the amounts you found.

As a guide to actuallying figuring out how to cost a character...

11 November 2004, 05:04 PM
Email it to me :)

Im interested in seeing what you came up with.

Ghengis Ska
15 November 2004, 11:05 AM
So what did you think?

From another conversation on the WotC boards i think it might need to get tweaked a little like higher def over 20 cost more (in the general discription section)... but other than that.. ?

28 November 2004, 07:19 AM
Wow, this will be very helpful to my friends and I as we try to come up with our own guys to throw into our own skirmishes. :)

9 December 2004, 11:21 AM
Originally posted by Ghengis Ska
Yes, very usefull, i am writting it up to insert into a document for conversions i am working on, a question if you don't mind.

You say it holds for 42, what 15 does it not hold for? i am curious if there is faction effects etc, or something else. What are the 15 minis it is bust on, and how much was it off by...

I'd do it my self but if a you know it saves time and b gives me more time to write the other thing up...

Wow! This stuff is terrific! I need some EU characters adapted to MInis. Anyone up for the challenge?

- Stratos

Ghengis Ska
9 December 2004, 11:44 AM
I would love to get the costs of the New Clone Strike Abilites, and then make up a new version, and i just realized that the big file i had is on that Jump Drive i Lost !!@#!@$$ #!@. have to search the house again..

The last thing i did with the older version was this.

Its totally effective ness from combat ability to special powers wielded determines the Cost of any Character. The cost should be the sum total of all of its various aspects from Stats to SA to Effects and powers, this is a close approximation to generate costs as a guideline for use in conversion. It should be noted that not Every Special ability works out with this method, because there is no Concrete formulae for costing units or Special abilities and characters. Fudge room is allowed to either raise or lower the unit with play testing this is designed only as a basis to start a Player for customizing and converting things.


HP– under 50 HP about 1 cost point per 10 points or damage unit, over 50 1.5 per damage unit.
Defense - About 1 cost point per every two points of defense increase over 10.
Attack – 1 cost point per ever 2 point increase over 1, +8 is a 7 point increase so cost 3, +9 is an 8 point increase so +4. No attacks –1 to unit.

Special Abilities General Cost Increases
The Cost of a Special ability is determined by it’s over all total effectiveness, with a bit of fudge room. Looking at characters in Rebel Storm derived the following point costs and we then tried to back engineer them into a general working format.

1 Point Special Abilities
All Special Abilities that benefit a Character, either passively or actively should increase the characters Point Cost. An effect that is not directly related to combat enchantment or passively makes it more effective in combat should cost about 1 point.

Keyed Abilities
Some Special Abilities need another action to happen for them to first come into effect, like the Impulsive Shot, where another Unique Character must be destroyed to activate the Ability. If the Keyed Ability is a non-combat boost, like taking an action it should be 1 point. If it is a Combat boost, the Activating effect should instead be viewed as a limitation to the ability and have a point cost as the ability dictates.

Passive Abilities
Recon does not make the unit more effective, stealth does not increase the attacks or damage of the character, it makes others ignore it in some cases, and both of these are passive effects. So while they benefit either you or your Squad they do not actively enhance the unit, and have a limited use. Recon has to have LOS, etc. This is also true to effects that normally cost a higher value but are now limited in effect Droid, is a good example a passive ability because it’s greatest effect only happens 5% of the time on a Critical, and is an effect that tends to weaken the figure, they are immune to Commander effects. So while it helps the unit is does not actively help it and in fact has a hindrance built in.
Examples: Recon, Self destruct, Emperors Hand, Droid, Impulsive Shot, Repair, Stealth, Ion Gun, Cleave, Rend, and Mobile Attack

Active Abilities
Active Abilities tend to cost 1 point for each active bonus.
Damage: - For every 1 unit of damage over the first (10) add 1 point, for each additional damage unit. For Every Unit of Damage Returned/healed add 1 point to the Cost.
To Hit Bonus - For every Bonus to hit add a point to the Cost.

Limitations on Abilities
For every level of limitation of the ability subtract 1 cost point. The opposite is true for removal of limitations, like powers that only need Line of Sight for the SA to work and not within a certain range, generally add a Point of Cost. Also add in 1 point of cost if it has the possibility of hitting an area or multiple targets.

Example: If you follow this general method with get Cunning Attack with +10 damage and +4 to Hit should cost +4 for the to hit, and 1 for the Damage, but has a hindrance of can only be used on un active characters so subtract one CP or even two for a very limited use, giving 3. This holds true for Damage +20, giving a +2 cost increase.

2-Point Special Abilities
Effects that have the chance to negate a game rule should receive a 2-point cost adjustment for each rule they change or ignore. Override stops the normal function of doors for a round, so should cost 2. Accelerate gives a much faster movement than normally allowed. Bodyguard and Draw Fire override the normal options of which character the opponent attacks, Draw Fire not being Automatic is costs less than Bodyguard, While they are similar abilities the fact that Bodyguard an be automatic replaces the limitation of the save in the case of Draw Fire, and Emperors Body guard being limited to only working on 1 character is cheaper due to the that limitations. Flight ignores both Terrain and AoO, so costs 4.
Examples: Accelerate 2, Careful Shot 2, Override 2, Draw Fire 2, Flight 4, Bodyguard 3, Emperors Bodyguard 2

3 Point Special Abilities
If the ability gives a bonus to a normal game rule, it should have a cost of 3 per effect. Swarm gives bonus for each additional attacker, +3 for ability +1 for Bonus to hit –2 melee only =2. Advantageous cover gives better cover bonus, +3 for effect –1 for limited to cover.

Additional Attacks
Generating Additional Attacks costs 5 points per additional attack. Double attack is worth 5 points; if the additional attack is melee only subtract the melee reduction from the cost.
Examples: Double attack 5, Double melee attack 3, Double melee attack 20 6, Triple melee attack 20 9

Cost Reducers
Any effect that limits the Character should reduce the Cost of the Character, be it limits in Attack modes, movement and control number you can field, or speed.
Melee –2
Savage –3
Unique –4
Another good way you reduce the cost is to limit the effect of a bonus, this will typically reduce the cost by one per each limited effect.

Faction Effects
Rebels 0, except Unique -1
Imperials –1except Unique +1
Fringe +1

Variable Cost Abilities
Reinforcements/Minions cost as mush as the Point cost of the figures added.

Force Powers
Force Points cost 1/each for a character to have.
All Force Effects cost 3 Points, if they deal damage then add in the Cost of the amount of damage, if they effect multiple targets add that in as well. If there are limitations on range or other factors adjust the price for those as well.
So Force Lightening 3+1+1 for five, if the ability returns health it, costs 1 per damage unit returned. Blaster Barrage 3, Light saber Sweep 3 –2 melee, +1 multiple attacks, Heal 20 3 – 3 for effect –2 for melee +1 for returned
Examples: Force Storm 5, Force Lightning 5, Force Renewal 5, Force Grip 6, Blaster Barrage 3, Heal 20 3, Light saber Sweep 2

Commander Effects
Commander Effects should cost as a base 3 points for an effect of +2 to a Combat stat. If they do not affect a combat stat lower the Cost, as well as lowering cost for limitations and raising cost for no limitations. If the Effect gives Special Ability to followers, add the cost of the SA to the Cost of the Commander effect as well
Examples: Jabba effect 4, Lando Effect 2, Tarkin Effect 3, Leia Effect 1, Rebel Officer Effect 3, Veers Effect 6, Imperial Officer Effect 6