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21 September 2004, 11:48 AM
Here's a copy of a thread I posted on the WotC boards, in case any folks here live in the Northwestern PA area:

Just passing along info that may interest folks in the Northwestern Pennsylvania/Northeastern Ohio area:

There will be a Demo Day for the StarWars Miniatures Game on Sunday September 26th, from 2:00p.m. until 6:00p.m., at "The Dragon's Lair" game shop in Edinboro, PA. (Edinboro is a college town not far south of Erie, and is easily reached from I-79.) I believe a local WotC rep will be there to demo the game to anyone interested, and I'll be on hand to sign maps, answer questions, and hopefully play a few rounds as well.

Dragon's Lair
106 Meadville St.
Edinboro, PA 16412

24 September 2004, 04:28 PM
Just a final reminder: the event is this weekend, so feel free to drop in and say Hi if you're in the region. I'll be the one wearing a SWRPGNetwork shirt with my name on it. :)