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Reverend Strone
27 September 2004, 05:32 PM
Just wanted to say, I had noticed that since the debut of the minis game we have had quite a few new folks signing up here on the Holonet. Many are coming here as a result of their interest in the miniatures game rather than the RPG.

I think it's great that we can support both games here and that they and their supporters can compliment each other so comfortably (just as the d20 and d6 systems here have complimented and supported each other for years). We're all the richer for the more diversity we have here on the boards.

Welcome aboard guys!

Who knows, perhaps some of the min gamers will find their way into the RPG as a result of the contacts formed on these boards, just as many of us RPGers will no doubt be won over to the mini skirmish game, having bought the miniatures as aids for our RPGing.

Good to know you knew guys. I hope you enjoy your stay. :)

Nova Spice
27 September 2004, 06:17 PM
I'll echo the Rev's sentiments. The HoloNet has been around for a long time, supporting the WEG and WotC RPG systems. It's good to have it supporting the Minis and it's good to see some of the Minis fans join up, even if the Minis are overshadowing the RPG right now. :P

Welcome to the Holonet! ;)

28 September 2004, 05:45 AM
I'm just glad I found this site!

Rev, you mentioned something that interested me; namely, that the D6 and D20 systems complimented each other. How did that work? I sort of lost interest in the RPG when the license went from WEG to WotC, but I haven't looked at the new upgraded/revised/improved rules at all.

Ghengis Ska
28 September 2004, 09:55 AM
Yes Hi all.

Iv'e been hanging out and reading the Fourums and SWRPGNetwork since about it's start. I never joined till some time ago, and must admit i read more than i post (well till the minis... ;) )

As to how the d6 and d20 complement.

I don't know if the good Reverend had this exactly in mind but for alot of stuff i have noticed it is all Skill checks in both games, the check system is a bit different but all in all are about the same.

d6 had a set range, easy, average, difficult heroic etc that were Set numbers to overcome, you grabbed your handfull of d6 and rolled. hoping the total number beat what ever the dificulty was.

In d20 you grab your d20 roll it and add your modifier and try to overcome the DC.

It is the same thing really. in D6 the modifer was you just rolled more d6's now you roll one dice and add a number instead of rolling more dice.

Both had set numbers to beat based off of the dificulty of the task.
In many cases you can transfer straight over the number from d6 to d20 a difficlut d6 was what a 15? (can't remember) if they have to make a pilot check to land or what not i the d6 adventure it was dificult it is now a DC 15 pilot.

The two games work pretty good together, i have used a lot of d6 adventures for my current SW d20 game...

Reverend Strone
30 September 2004, 03:03 PM
Not quite what I had in mind G, but it's another facet to the equation.

When I speak of the D20 and D6 games being complimentary of one another, I'm talking about the fact that beacuse this site supports both, there is a free flowing of ideas between players of both games who might not ordinarily mix. The D6 game was replete with great sourcebooks, and because we have conversion experts here, those great resources are available for use by D20 players as well. Likewise, the D20 books cover the prequel era and NJO, something that hadn't been statted or covered by the time the D6 game stopped being produced, so those D20 sourcebooks can now also be helpful to D6ers, thanks to the skills of folks here at this site and the spirit of sharing and support that it fosters.

It is my hope that the Mini game will add another dimension and source of great material- be it characters, scenarios or boards or whatever, that can be used across the 3 game formats as well and vice versa.