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Donovan Morningfire
5 October 2004, 04:37 PM
Was leery of the game at first. I just figured I'd buy a bunch of minis, fill out the cards saying I used them for RPG purposes (which is planned, as soon as I can get a SW game off the ground in my area).

But over the past few nights, I've been playing this game and having a blast.

Anyrate, I'm looking for some critiques of the few Squads I've put together/used. I've had a fair amount of luck with the Rebel squad, but my Imperial squad got chewed up and spit out the one time I got to play it by Boba Fett, two Quarren Assassins, two Mon Cal Mercs and a Duros mook.

Chewbacca (24pts)
Luke Skywalker, Rebel (17pts)
Elite Hoth Trooper (12 pts)
Hoth Troopers x2 (14 pts)
Elite Rebel Trooper (7pts)
Rebel Troopers x3 (15pts)
Mon Cal Mercenary (10pts)
Total: 99pts

I've been thinking of swapping out the Elite Rebel for a regular Rebel Trooper, and changing the Mon Cal Merc for a Quarren Assassin. That or just changing the Elite Rebel and Mon Cal for a Bothan Spy and Rebel Pilot respectively. The third idea was drop the Merc and upgrade Luke to his Jedi Knight version, but he becomes too tempting a target, and with no ranged attack could be in bad shape by the time he reaches melee.

Grand Moff Tarkin (11pts)
Imperial Officer x2 (28 pts)
Stormtrooper Officer (14 pts)
Heavy Stormtrooper (12 pts)
Snowtroopers x2 (14pts)
Stormtroopers x4 (20pts)
Total: 99pts

If I had another one, I'd probably drop Tarkin for another Heavy Stromtrooper. I managed to set up a fairly effective sniper position w/ the Heavy Stormie, Stormie Officer, and the Imp Officer, all in low cover. Two shots a round (one regular, one from Imp Officer's commander ability) w/ a +3 bonus from the Stormie Officer's commander ability. Only got to play this squad once, though Tarkin's ability was handy to get the sniper squad set up in one turn. Sadly, there was little I could really do against Fett once he flew over and proceeded to rip them apart.

So, anyone got any suggestions for improvements? I'd like to avoid uber-cheese if possible, but otherwise the field is open.

Side Note: Been toying with the idea of a "Fuzzy Fatality" Squad, consisting of Chewie, a few Wookiee soldiers (once I get a couple wookiee soldiers) and a slew of Ewoks (only two out of the 15 or so I'd need). It might not be overly effective, but it ought to be fun.

7 October 2004, 02:28 PM
Actually, I would definately go with the Luke, Jedi Knight. The drop to melee only wont be a huge defecit, and you gain much more than you lose. My squad is centered around the "Dancing Vader" and has proven very effective. Almost too effective really. Especially wen coupled with Imperial Officers that give me an extra shot with my heavy or elite stormies. Bwahahaaa. Ummm... as for keeping a saber wielder alive, just run carefully and stay on the other side of walls (not hard to do... especially on the Death Star map). Anyways... my squad varies too much to be able to post anything for real here, although my two "cores" would be Vader/Imperial Officer and Palpatine/Jade. I know... Im a sucker for being the bad guy :) Hopefully I get ahold of Fett sometime soon... although Id probably just put him in a display case for fear of ruining him with my slobbering jowls. oops... whoa... Ive just crossed a line into dorkdom that I didnt want to cross...

Donovan Morningfire
7 October 2004, 04:34 PM
Slight update based on the killer booster pack pulls I got last night.

For the Rebels, dropped the Mon Cal merc and Elite Rebel Trooper and replaced w/ Jedi Luke and R2-D2. That little droid's ability to keep any door in his line of sight locked is great for crowd control, especially on the Death Star map. Was amazing how fast a combo of Jedi Luke and Chewbacca were able to rip Boba Fett apart (played a grudge match against the guy that reamed my Imperial force, though my Elite Hoth Trooper more than paid for himself by wiping out his goons in short order w/ some help from the Rebel troopers).

Haven't given much thought to the Imperial squad, though I now have an extra Heavy Stormie and Stormie Officer to factor in for a 2nd sniper unit, as well as the Emperor and Mara Jade. May have to just rethink the whole squad.