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Donovan Morningfire
23 October 2004, 11:24 AM
Last night at my FLGS, I was playing in a SW Mini's tourney. Not official, just tossed together by some guys to try and get more people playing. We had a whopping 8 people show up to play.

Any rate, one guy had the "neat" idea to fild Sith Lord Vader (aka Riverdance or Rockette Vader) and Emperor Palpatine as his army. It's a hundred points even, and he did a pretty good job of wiping out his opponents in the first three rounds. I fared okay in the tourney, using 4-LOM, R2-D2, Jedi Luke, 2 Elite Hoth Troopers, and 4 Rebel Troopers.

But my question is this ... what other "super-cheese" armies have you guys seen? I've seen Boba Fett and Jabba (both 50 points each, w/ Jabba's 30 points of Fringe reinforcements) and a Mara Jade/Emperor combo w/ an Imperial Officer and a couple Royal Guards (which wrecked me hardcore due to a string of natural 20's on one of Mara's Blaster Barrages).

25 October 2004, 07:07 AM
So where did you finish out of the 8?

I think Jabba is overrated, the extra 30 points just dont seem worth it to me after forking out 50 points for the fat man. Who basically gets your BH +2. In a higher point game, I might take him though.

I played this weekend in a tourney, only 4 showed at my local gaming store, but I did win it all. :D We each bought 2 boosters and then got to use 30 points of our own to make a 100 point squad. And dont you know, since I hate Jabba that who I pulled. I also got Captive Leia. I used my 30 on Luke and an ewok chirpa:

I realized halfway thru my 1st match that the key to taking down higher guys was combined fire. I got lucky with an Elite Hoth Trooper, an Elite Snowtrooper, and a Rebel Officer. My opponent used his points on the 4-LOM/R2 combo. Plus he pulled a 4-LOM, since the tourney was setup a certain way, he played with (2) 4-LOMs. \

I sent my lowly troopers, stormies, and fringe waste ahead as cannon fodder while my Elite combined fire with the "normals" for the attack bonus. Luke and Leia, my heavy melees, went in around another way. I ended up with Leia and my Elite Hoth.

I have gotten my brother in law to play once, and I think he liked it, but wont ever buy any, but he can use mine, so Im thinking of trying out that Dancing Vader/Emperor combo, and of course the Mara/Emperor one too.

Donovan Morningfire
25 October 2004, 03:54 PM
For the record, I managed to place 2nd. Which I guess is doing better than okay, but the store prize support blew ($25 total, which meant $15 for 1st and $10 for 2nd). What boosted me was wiping out the Vader/Palpy combo. 4-LOM more than paid for himself by playing sniper w/ R2 on hand to heal damage, and Luke did quite well in mopping up the trash. The 2 Elites were there to soften up the big guys or take out stuff that Luke couldn't immediately get to.

As far as Jabba, think of him as a 20 point character that lets you flesh out the last 30 points after seeing what your opponent is fielding. The guy that took 1st used Jabba to deadly effect, dismantling a pure Uniques Rebel force and the Vader/Palpy combo by lugging in Greedo and Dengar, and then a weenie-horde Stormtrooper force thru 3 Mon Cal Mercs. The only reason he didn't use Boba Fett as the rest of his army was he didn't have a Fett. He used IG-88 and a Quarren Assassin as the rest of his force, and it worked out pretty well for him.

I at least have to give some credit to the guy that took my Fuzzy Frenzy idea and built an army consisting of Chewie, 5 Wookiee Soldiers, 3 Bothan Spys, and 10 Ewoks. Sadly he got trounced :(

Ghengis Ska
25 October 2004, 07:51 PM
For sick combos, Jabba and Boba, Then throw in for the Jabba points all bounty hunters, i forget the ones i used but it was a sick combo and took out King of the Dance vader, a dewback and some heavy stormtroopers, quick...