View Full Version : OOC: Kianni Station

26 October 2004, 10:47 AM

I am starting a new RPG thread. The premise is a space station located on the edge of Republic space at a time about 15 years before the Battle of Naboo.

This space station serves as both a diplomatic outpost for the Republic as well as a small training academy for Jedi. The game will be open ended and focus primarily on character interaction and growth. As far as external conflicts, being on the edge of republic space presents the potential threats of pirates, smugglers, criminals, and hutts. I don't want to fill in too many gaps in the setting, because I want to leave free space for players to help flesh out the world with their characters.

There will be no actual statistics used in the game. It will rely completely on mature and honest role-playing. I am allowing a broad collection of character concepts. Jedi Padawans, Republic diplomats, Space Station Workers, Republic Pilots, Outer Rim Transient, and such things. More powerful characters will be allowed upon approval only. While the station does need high ranking military officals and Jedi Masters to help run the temple - it doesn't need to be populated soley by such beings. I will also attempt to introduce several NPCs through posting and anyone interested in doing so as well, please contact me.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!