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9 November 2004, 02:25 PM
The hallways of Coronet Central High filled rapidly as students hastily made their way to and from class. Lockers banged open and closed loudly, kids talked, shoved, and flirted in all the usual ways; it was a typical day for the students of CCH – for most of the students at least. For Tallan Alistar it was a tad bit out of the norm, today he had more things to keep track of than he wanted to even think about. Today was the conclusion to a record-breaking season for CCH’s Shock Ball team and it seemed that the notoriety of Tallan’s services had also reached a record level. The second Tallan got to school he was inundated with bets from students and even some teachers, it seemed every kid had done extra chores, begged, borrowed, or stole credits to make larger than average bets. Every bet was on CCH. That was just one facet of Tallan’s day; the one he faced now was his quantum physics test. A test he had failed to study for at all this past week and with the ringing of the class bell Tallan made his last notes on the bets for today on his datapad and rushed off to class.
Mr. Fink’s classroom door flew open as Tallan Alistar rushed into class late as usual and took his seat. With deliberate slowness Mr. Fink glanced at his watch and brought out his datapad and jotted a few things down. “Well Mr. Alistar it appears you will be working at a deficit today, seeing as how I will have to deduct five points for your continual tardiness. Now if you would be so kind you have also been granted to pleasure of distrusting today’s examination.” Tallan rose slowly from his desk and performed his perfunctory duties and over the next hour labored over his exam.
“Times up, test face down, and I will see you after the break.” Mr. Fink said. Tallan wasted no time in complying. Rushing out of class Tallan headed off school grounds to a nearby convenience store. As he was told Danner Kraft was at the store on time. “Hey Tallan over here.” Danner said waving Tallan over.
“Danner, shut up. I saw you, don’t announce to the whole galaxy we’re here ok?” Tallan said ushering Danner towards the back of the store.
“Sorry man, I’m not used to doing this sort of thing.” Danner said as he took a drink of his protein shake.
“Well don’t get used to it or your career won’t last long at all chief, now here’s half and you know where to meet me tonight. Don’t mess this up and everything will be fine, I’ve done my part now the ball is in your court, literally.” Tallan said putting an envelope in Danner’s letter jacket.
“Wait…” Danner began.
“No, no waiting, its all about action now, I’ll see you tonight.”

Tallan went back to school and went through the rest of the day trying to keep his nerves calm as he took more bets. After school Tallan rushed out to his speeder and tore out of school. Weaving through downtown Coronet traffic at high speeds is not always the best idea, but today good time meant good credits. When Tallan arrived in front of the Brandy Bar he parked his speeder next to a few swoops and speederbikes. Tallan’s blue gray eyes starred back at him from his rearview mirror. “Just another day, you’ve gone over every detail, this is what you do, and you’re the man.” Tallan flashed himself a smile and took a few deep breaths before he got out of his speeder. With steady strides Tallan walked into the not quite dive bar, but not quite the type of bar you want to be seen in that was so creatively named the Brandy Bar, despite not serving brandy.

There were a few patrons in the bar having a few drinks and less conversation. “Hey Tallan, Loto has been waiting for you, he’s in the back.” Carl the bartender said to Tallan as the young man walked in. “Oh and bring him a beer while your at it.”
“Sure thing Carl, got one for me pal?”
“For a minor like you? Yeah I guess that would be alright, now get outta here.” Carl said with a grin.

Tallan took the drinks into the back room where a mildly plump Loto Knavevs sat reading the holo news. Behind him were monitors featuring holocasted sports from all over the galaxy. Loto was a mid level player in what Tallan imagined was a much larger operation, but what mattered was that Loto had found people to bet on the CCH Shock Ball team as they competed for the Planetary title.

“So kid you got everything all set?” Loto said barely glancing up from his reading.
“Of course, piece of cake, my guy is all set. We’re golden, nothing to worry about.” Tallan replied as he sipped his beer.
“We better have nothing to worry about, I’ve got quite a nice chunk of credits riding on this kid and god knows where u got the scratch together to make the bet you did, but I know you’ll be in a world of hurt if you don’t come through.”
Tallan smiled and took a deep pull from his beer. Loto was not far from wrong when he said Tallan would be in a world of hurt, Tallan had used everything he had including the cash from other kids bets to put together the fifteen thousand credits he used for his bet. Though many would probably say that this was a needlessly dangerous and foolish move, Tallan realized that is one way to look at this gamble, but when you control some of the odds its worth the risk with this amount of credits to made.
“Don’t worry about a thing Loto I got everything covered. I gotta jet, but I’ll see you tonight at the victory party when I’m rich and your, uh, well richer baby.” Tallan said with a smile and turned to go.
“Sounds great kid, but aren’t you forgetting something?” Loto said. Tallan blushed as he turned around and handed over an envelope of credits.
“Sorry bout that chief, ok see ya later.”


“Horrible. Absolutely horrible, I haven’t seen you perform this badly since you were ten. What is going on?” Asked a stern man dressed in a fine suit.

“I’ve got a lot on my mind Hal, I’m just not really in the mood.” Tallan said placing the DL-18 in a shoulder holster. Hal was his father’s head bodyguard and was Tallan’s teacher in the things they didn’t quite teach at CCH.
“Oh you’ve got a lot on your mind, sorry I guess that’s an excuse for poor performances, and what if that clay target had a blaster and was firing back at you? I guess you could just ask the attacker for a time out, because apparently this is all a game to you.”
“Hal I’m not my father, you guys take this all way to seriously, I mean I don’t need to be a super soldier like you were or whatever. Sure a lot of what I have learned is cool and all, but really I’ve got my own life to live and business to take care of.” Tallan yelled. He simply had too much on his plate right now to deal with one of Hal’s strict lessons.
“You’re right you are not your father, but you are his son and that means you are a target as well. Oh and at some point this lessons probably will save your ungrateful unmotivated ass when one your scams goes wrong.” Hal said his voice also rising a bit.
Tallan gritted his teeth as he looked away from Hal towards the pool on the property. Hal was in front of Tallan’s hospital room from the moment he was born and had practically raised the boy himself. Tallan hated fighting Hal and knew the he was right in this instance, but he had never liked admitting he was wrong. In one swift motion Tallan drew his blaster and fired two quick shots striking the clay target. With quick strides Tallan advanced until two more targets popped up. Like Hal had trained him he acted with swift calm efficiency. The targets shattered as bolts slammed into them. Ten targets later Tallan holstered his blaster.
“You were right Hal, but really I gotta get going, one of my scams my fall apart without my presence.

Danner breathed heavily as he ran with the ball, players from Highland Park High moved in around him in attempts to stop his advance. Normally Danner would have no difficulty in breaking through their lines, but today he wasn’t playing for CCH, he was playing for himself. Danner saw the defensemen coming in on his left, but turned that way anyways. The defensemen slammed into Danner hard enough to knock him to the ground, but when Danner hit the ground he let go of the ball and watched as a HPH player snatched it up. In a show of anger Danner stormed off the field.
“Danner what in blazes is wrong with you?! You’re the captain you are supposed to be leading your boys to victory not defeat! Cool off and score some points, this is not the regular season any more get your act together!” Danner’s coach yelled at Danner as he sat down on the bench, but all Danner was thinking about was the credits that would be in his pocket. Danner looked back to the stands and saw a tall young man in a black suit with no tie take a seat and lit a cigarette. The young man had sunglasses on and seemed out of place amongst the other yelling teenagers, he just seemed too cool. Danner shook his head as he realized he had a sort of envy of Tallan and what he did how he went about his life. Danner was comforted by the fact that he had at least done this one thing for himself, his whole life he had done everything everyone told him to do. Today this was for himself. With his confidence in his actions higher than ever Danner got back into the game ready to throw away the best season in CCH’s Shock Ball history.

Tallan knew that he was one of the few people that early evening that was inwardly smiling, the rest of the kids around him were dismayed, more than a few were looking at him as if they thought they might get their money back. There would be no such kindness; in the underworld of illegal gambling there could be no such kindness. An hour later Tallan had paid Danner the rest of his winnings and was on his way to the Brandy Bar. Lighting a cigarette Tallan cruised easily down the streets taking his time, he was in no rush this time. His plan had worked to perfection, he now had enough money where he could buy his own starship and get away from being his fathers son. Although at times being the son of the president of one of the largest transporting companies had its advantages, Tallan was sick of having everyone know all about him the second they knew his name. As Tallan parked his speeder he needed no pep talks this time, everything felt in place, this was how things were supposed to be.
“Carl my Goodman, a beer for me and everyone else tonight, I’m feeling generous.” Tallan said as he walked into the bar.
“Whatever you say Tal, round of drinks on you. Loto out back and he seems pretty happy.” Carl said as he handed Tallan a beer.

“Well kid, you did it, I knew you could, never doubted you.” Loto said with a big grin.
“Yeah never doubted me, sure. Well that doesn’t matter now chief we did it and no one is the wiser. I for one am sure glad that a lot of kids and people around CCH have a penchant for gambling.”
Loto laughed as he pulled out a silver brief case and slid it across the desk. “That my friend is your future independence, you don’t have to be daddy’s little boy anymore.”
Grabbing the case Tallan opened it and smiled as two hundred and fifty thousand credits starred back at him. “Loto you’re a terrific man never let anyone tell you different. I however have got some spending to attend to; I’ll see you tomorrow though. Take it easy bud.”
“You too Tallan and be sure to not spend it all in one place.”


Feeling a bit better from his hangover Tallan dressed in a gray three-button suit and a white shirt. He had always loved dressing well and now that he no longer was going to be to school Tallan saw no reason why he shouldn’t do whatever he wanted. He had one more meeting with Loto to get set up with a guy who had an YT-2400 for sale, then Tallan was taking off for good. Walking over to his standing mirror Tallan looked himself over and was pleased with what he saw. Hanging from his mirror was his holstered blaster. Tallan was about to grab it, but hesitated. He was no longer going to be a target he remembered, being off planet he could be anyone he wanted. With that thought Tallan headed off to get his new ship.

There were few vehicles at the Brandy Bar as usual when Tallan pulled up. Loto was at the bar talking with Carl when Tallan walked in. “Hey fellas, hows it hanging?”

“Great kid, so your boy should be here any minute about the ship. Did you have a good time last night kid?” Loto asked.

“Hell of a time guys, bit hung over, but it was worth it.” Tallan could here the sound of several vehicles pulling up. “You expecting customers Loto?”

“Do I ever kid? Carl get the ah…” Loto began.

The door to the Brandy Bar flew open as several large men entered just as Carl was coming up with an old shotgun in hand. One of the large men drew a blaster with trained precision and fired two shots sending Carl flying. A well-dressed man entered after the obvious muscle. Tallan and Carl both shot their hands in the air and remained like trees.
“Do you know who I am gentlemen?” Asked the well-dressed man.

Tallan looked to Loto who in turn looked at him, neither was too eager to talk. “No we don’t know you. I’m guessing you’re not with the Liquor commissioner.” Tallan said.
“No I am not young man. I am Chavin Giovonai, I am sure you have heard of my father and family. Well my father, god bless his soul, has been in pour health his mind is not quite as sharp as it once was. You see we are very family oriented in my family and well my little brother paid a visit to his sick papa last evening with news of loosing a bet he made on a Shock Ball game. He said that he was fairly sure that the game was rigged and that someone benefited greatly from this. While it was not a huge amount of credits, my little brother wager, he still complained about this to my father. My father as I said is not well, he told me to bring him the heads of those involved in the treachery against his baby boy. So you see that’s who I am, I am the man that must kill you.” Chavin said.

“Wait a second Mr. Giovonai, I took every bet personally I know everyone I take bets from and I certainly did not take one from a Giovonai. So I am fairly certain this is a really crappy deal for Carl your boys blasted, but I am confident that we can put that behind us and move on with our lives.” Tallan said, wishing he had heeded Hal’s advice in not ever leaving home without a weapon.

“Quite convincing young man, but you are flawed. My little brother however does not yet use the name Giovonai, he uses the name Haven Jazel, and he plays Shock Ball at your school. He placed a bet with you and lost, he is convinced that you rigged the game. He followed you here and alas here we are.” Chavin moved closer to Loto and gave him a smile. “Now you sir may have a chance to live here, did you take any part in this betrayal of my little brother?”

“Mr. Giovonai” Loto began his voice shaky and his posture became slight slumped. “I had no part in this, Tallan here came to me with this idea, I just agreed to put it on the books, in no way did I have any part in it.”

Tallan looked over at Loto angrily, he never expected the man stick his neck out for him, but he just sold him out quite quickly.

“Well young sir it appears my business is just with you then.” Chavin said indicating for Loto to leave. Loto agreed happily by running out the back door, Tallan held no delusions that Loto was going for help.

“I guess it does, but while I respect that you and your family our quite powerful, you may want to consider my last name as well.” Tallan said, happy for once that he was his fathers son and as he spoke he slowly moved a bit closer towards Chavin, keeping his posture as unassuming as possible.
“And what family is that you come from young man?”
“Alistar Transporting, my father is Tallan Alistar the VII, I am Tallan Alistar the VIII. Killing me would be the worst move your family could make. I know you know the sway my father holds and I understand the power you stand to inherit when you take over. However you still are not Boss, your father is and he is making unwise decisions, decisions that could ruin your family. I am sure there is something we could work out.” Tallan hoped that Chavin would be reasonable, but if he was not Tallan was now close enough to strike.

“You raise some interesting points young Alistar, but I’m afraid that I am in no position to question my fathers orders at this time.”

“I see, well that really sucks.” Tallan said. Acting with trained swiftness Tallan darted forward and grabbed Chavin by the throat bringing him in front of himself as a shield. “Drop your blaster I can kill him before you take me down.” Tallan said even though it most likely was a lie. Remarkably the goons did as Tallan ordered and backed off. Applying pressure Tallan force Chavin down with him as Tallan picked up one of the blasters then kicked the other behind him.
“This is a most unwise choice young Alistar, now not only is your life forfeit the life of your family is now forfeit. Brave but very foolish young man.” Chavin said.

“An unwise choice, but really the only choice I have.” Tallan said as he sent a beam of high intensity energy ripping through Chavin’s skull and then turned the blaster on the two goons. Tallan searched the dead bodies for creds and then took off for his speeder. As he sped through traffic Tallan went over his options, strangely they were fairly similar to his prior plan; leave everything behind and disappear. Now his leaving was not so clean, he now had one of the largest crime families on Corellia wishing him dead and his own family was in danger. Tallan was not too concerned about the Giovonai’s getting to his family, they were well protected, but he was unsure as to the lengths they would go to get him. There was one glimmer of hope that Tallan saw, if he could get to Haven and silence him then perhaps the Alistar name would be lost to the rest of the Giovonai’s. Killing a classmate did not appeal to Tallan, but neither did being beheaded. There was also Loto to deal with, that wouldn’t be nearly as disturbing since the little bastard had sold him out faster than a beer at happy hour. With his plan forming Tallan began to calm himself so he could put everything into action, it would be a crazy next few hours, but he had to do it.


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...This is pretty good. Is there more?

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I am intregued about what will happen. Will therel be more ?