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15 November 2004, 04:04 AM
Very surprised no one has posted anything about this yet...

So overall I liked the book. The missions are fun, and, for the most part, simple. They require a lot of Unique characters, so it may be hard for new players who have yet to "complete their set" to jump right in (although you can always substitute for a miniature that you have).

The new tiles are fun, and most have in-game stats. The most notable are the weapons lockers, the e-web, and the speeders. Very fun to use, and adaptable to any campaign.

The back of the book also has a section on how to design your own adventures. Useful. Even mention of a GM, creating yet another bridge to the RPG.

The kicker was the double sided map. Soooooo great. I am actually somewhat dissapointed. I would have liked to have seen a couple more maps, but considering the quality of this one... ill make due. Tatooine and Cloud City are both great locations, and well set up to allow for all types of battles.

All in all... Im a fan. The price... a little high for my tastes, especially considering I really just bought it for the maps. But for anyone who has enjoyed the game thus far, i think you will enjoy it at a whole new level with the Ultimate Missions book.

15 November 2004, 07:54 AM
Glad you like the maps! I'm really proud of those. :)

Ghengis Ska
15 November 2004, 11:03 AM
Overall i liked the book, the two maps alone made it worth while to buy, my complaints are nothing to do with the maps for the most part, one is i wish the tiles had been more terrain than the add on bits, while the add on bits are very nice and cool, i liked the new droids and ATST etc, and the stats for them, but me personally with the Action collection stuff will be using those instead of many of the tiles for characters and ships the other bits with the junk to add etc while i like them me, as an RPGer and who has access to terrain in the 3d format would have preffered some terrain in the fromat of the tiles in the starters big chunks. The little bits i got lots of, they are very well done but i wanted more big sections...

i'm not saying the tiles aren't well done far from it they are very well done, which makes me all the more reluctant to cut them up and use them, i don't want to" destroy" them.

The two big maps rock, but the glue used to bind my book bleed in and there were blemsishs on mine when it opened it from the sides along the folds sticking together :(

My other complaint is that the books could have had some better explinations, or maybe i just haven't found them yet, i haven't read it all the way just lookd through it...

16 November 2004, 07:54 AM
Originally posted by Ghengis Ska

The two big maps rock, but the glue used to bind my book bleed in and there were blemsishs on mine when it opened it from the sides along the folds sticking together :(

AHHH!!! Mine too.

Actually I would love to see a book of just maps. I can handle setting up battles on my own, but the maps are the tricky part. Its just too labor intensive to do new maps, but the payoff is well worth it. A good map can make or break the battle. I wouldnt mind seeing a book of pure large tiles (similar to the ones that came with the starter pack's map) so you can put together your own situations with more ease.

20 November 2004, 12:09 PM
If its mostly maps I probably won't end up getting this book.

As a preexisting miniatures gamer, the squares based map system Star Wars Minis uses is AWFUL IMHO.

My group has already decided to use common sense 3d miniatures terrain and tape ruler measurement, getting rid of the god awful LOS rules the game uses.

(Ive got 2 sets of Necromunda terrain, Heroscape, and tons of Warhammer 40K scenery. Its no Death Star, but it rocks on toast well enough!)

So is there stuff in the book for us minis gamers who refuse to become slaves to the silly 2d maps and 2d map rules?

Ghengis Ska
20 November 2004, 02:40 PM
Maybe, maybe not.

About 95% of the book is scenerios, which could be adapted for non 2D stuff.

And some of the new rules, like making scenerios, as well as some of the Power up rules etc. but if you really like the 3D the tiles and maps will be a waste.

Donovan Morningfire
27 November 2004, 03:27 AM
To say I wasn't impressed with UM:RS is an understatement. Maybe it was more a case of me getting my hopes up after not having any new SW:RPG products in several months.

The added maps were nice, and the terrain bits were okay, even though I had a heck of a time getting the latter out of the book (the perforation wasn't done to well, and ended up carefully cutting them out). The rules for random scenarios and alternate rules were interesting, something to spice up the game instead of just having "Wipe them out, all of them!" matches.

But the core of the book, the movie-related scenarios, just fell flat. Too many of them seemed lopsided towards either the Rebels or the Imperials. While that might be okay for a campaign where it will even out in the end, for a one-shot game that's just not good.

The other gripe I have is the reference to damage and movement numbers that are probably from the D&D minis game. Falling damage and Force Push doing 5 points of damage, and jumping rules for 5 feet increments. Of course, the real kicker is the final scenario, where Luke has a special way he can spend Force Points for that scenario, but they only do 15 points of damage. I'm wondering if for the sake of convience double those damage references and change the jump and falling bits to 1 square?

The addition of the three droids and the AT-ST I have mixed feelings about. The Gonk droid is just a 2 point, 20 HP doorman, which could be useful, the R5 has all of R2's abilities, just -10 HP and and -3 cost, and isn't unique. I thought just one character with Override could be a hassle. Though it would give characters that routinely field IG-88 and 4-LOM some added options while not requiring them to play Rebels.

Overall, I'm just glad the local gaming shop entered the book at 10 bucks less than the cover price. Helps make a big difference between feeling let down and feeling ripped off.

The Ghost
29 November 2004, 03:55 PM
i picked it up accidentally. ordered the wrong thing from Do Or Dice.

the maps are super nice and all, but that's the best feature. and it's a little unweildly to fold & unfold.

the cardstock has 2 major problems:
1) the perforation that connects it to the book is practically nonexistant
2) you have to cut everything out after you've torn it out of the book

the rest of the book is generally bland and something Minis gamers can do without.

i'd rather have seen a book of smaller maps (8x11, 16x22) for all different kinds of terrains with some cardstock that's properly perforated.

29 November 2004, 04:41 PM
Hmmm... I'm a little disheartened by all the negative reviews this book has been getting, particularly since I ordered a copy online about a week ago. Meh, I only had to pay for shipping costs though, so at least I'll get some new maps to play on...

4 June 2005, 02:12 PM
'Cause I can't afford it yet (if ever). Though I've only read it in stores, it looks interesting (and those few WEG minis I have can be useful, especially the EWEB and crew).

Does anyone know if the Rebel Storm minis line is still in production?

4 June 2005, 07:39 PM
Donovan told me a while back it was going to be re-released, I think this month.

Dono, can you clarify?

Donovan Morningfire
6 June 2005, 10:06 AM
Originally posted by Ris
Donovan told me a while back it was going to be re-released, I think this month.

Dono, can you clarify?
I had thought that WotC would be doing a re-release in June of Rebel Storm. But I've yet to see anything among the various SW-mini related message boards I haunt about an official comment on a re-release. Let me do some digging to see if it's a bona fide fact or an idle rumor.

Of course, if anyone else has solid info one way or the other, feel free to pipe up.

Edit: I checked several one-line retailers, and they are taking pre-orders for Rebel Storm, with the proviso that it will not be a huge print run. Time frame from what I could find is slated to be late June/early July. So it appears a reprint is going to happen (the reprint figs will have 2005 stamped on the underside of their bases to differentiate for those hardcore collectors that only want figures from the premiere set), just not quite as soon as first thought.

Reverend Strone
6 June 2005, 05:08 PM
There is also a rumour of possible mixed boosters in the future, reissuing old figures from different series (some with possibly new paintjobs for variation).