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15 November 2004, 03:30 PM
As the subject states, this is an ewok folktale about how fire was discovered. Credits go to the D20 Galactic Campaign Guide, where I got the names and inspiration for the story. It's long. Also, bear with me. This is my first fan fic. It is also the first tale in the collection I'm making. Constructive critisism is wanted.

Tale One: The Bringing of Fire

A handful of ewoks had been on its trail for days. The ewok village of Che Womak had realized that the warmest time was when the sun was out. When it went away, it got cold outside. Cold enough to give ewok children the chills. Some died of the cold sickness. The oracle Kaink sent a group out to search for where the sun hid. They were led by a powerful shaman named Zarrak, who carried a sword with a blade of light. He had disappeared as a child, and was found in the woods, fully grown. He never spoke of what had happened to him. But he could speak several strange languages, and no one knew why. There were five warriors in the group, led by Tokat. Tokat possessed a magic bow that he won from the Kazak-riddler. There was also a very good scout, named Gwig. He possessed a magic helmet that made vision and eyesight much better.
They had just set up a camp, the only light was starlight peeking from gaps in the forest canopy above them. Zarrak look around at the motley group. He spoke to Gwig in ewokese, “How long do you think until we find the sun’s hiding place.” Gwig looked up at what was visible of the sky. “A few days, maybe. It gets hotter during the day now.” Tokat approached them, stringing his bow. “You don’t think that’s because spring’s ending?” Gwig looked furiously at him. “A few days, I said!”
A horn interrupted their conversation. “The warriors,” Tokat whispered as he ran towards the sound. The unmistakable sound of the Gorax’s growl came from the woods. The warriors charged toward it with a battle-cry. “Run!” Tokat yelled. The Gorax was known for not staying dead if it is managed to be killed.
Zarrak and Gwig complied. They ran to the west, the direction they last saw the sun traveling. Gwig took the lead. They saw the light of Tokat’s magical arrows and the clashing sound of the red bolts hitting the Gorax. Then they heard Tokat scream. Indeed, it seemed screaming filled the night. They ran until tired, then looked back. The sun finally cleared the trees. Gwig looked up happily. “We should wait until later so we can find where the sun sleeps.” Zarrak pointed at a small cave. “There, we should be safe in there.” He leads the way.
As the sun began to set, they took off again, moving swiftly through the forest. When night fell, they began to feel discouraged. Then, they heard a sound. It was someone yelling in a language they didn’t understand. “Damut Hexprak! Yuu mest oop mai tint!” They crawled toward it. A huge bird was sitting in a clearing, two tents were set up, and two paleskinned tall creatures were sitting by a circle of stones. And inside of the circle of stones was: “The sun!” Gwig yelled. Zarrak clapped a hand over the scout’s mouth. “Shh!” The paleskinned creatures had already heard them, and pulled up magical bows just like Tokat’s. They started shooting red bolts, again, just like Tokat’s, at the two ewoks. Zarrak pulled up his sword of light and charged. Gwig picked up his harness of spears and started chucking them. One of them fell to the light-sword. With his dying breath, he said, “Hexprak, ruun!” The other creature took the advice and ran away.
Gwig approached Zarrak. “You killed one of the…what are they?” Zarrak looked over at his comrade, “They are called hum-“ He stopped, looking oddly at Gwig. “They are nature spirits. The one called Hexprak must control the sun. You see those branches sticking out of it? Let’s grab a couple and take them back to Che Womak. The oracle and chieftain will be pleased.” So they each grabbed a large branch from the sun and ran back to the village. Several times on the trip, it seemed the light and heat from the sun would go out, so Zarrak suggested that they held up a second branch to each of them, and the new branches promptly lit up with the essence of the sun.
When they arrived at the village, Kaink had died when the Gorax attacked the town. The chieftain, Mokee, was still there, however. He was very happy that part of the sun’s energy had been captured. Zarrak suggested to him that they dig a pit and fill it with branches, then place the essence inside. The village did so, and the pit lit up brilliantly. Zarrak spoke, “To this village, I give the siz, the power of the sun.” He seemed to try to think of something appropriate. “Remember to keep throwing branches into the Pit of Siz, and it will not go out. Give this gift to the other villages, but when this Pit goes out, so will the sun.” He looked up at the stars. “I’m going to leave again. I miss…where I was before.”
And so Zarrak left the ewoks, and was never seen again. A week later, Gwig sat in the upper layers of a tree, feeling the heat of the sun upon him. He looked up, and saw the huge magic bird he had saw when he and Zarrak found the sun’s hiding place flying from a clearing in the distance. It flew straight up, and he lost sight of it in the blue sky.
And to this day, the fire in Che Womak’s Pit of Siz burns.