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19 November 2004, 03:39 PM
[Enter suitable starfield and big letters...stupid director skips that part, swearing heard in the audience.]

In the midst of a vast desert night lies a city of small, misshapen brown buildings. The filthy city is almost deathly quiet in the deepest slice of the night, where few walk in the streets. Those that do are either smugglers, pirates, or other criminals, who are up to either go home (evident by their swaying) or to head to a bar (evident by their laughing and casual, yet sober, gait.) Most of the cantinas stand empty, or with just one or two patrons, almost declaring this city a ghost town.

But not Vernasten's. The bar is alive with activity. Glaring lights spill out into the street and advertise its presence for light-years around. Inside, the constant talking of the patrons is like a never-ending buzz of some insectoid monster. Bounty hunters and smugglers, thieves and mercenaries, infochants and treasure hunters all lurk in booths, on the cramped dance floor, or at the bar. The smell of ozone (from the bouncer's blaster set on stun) freely mixes with the scent of sand, alchohol, and cigarra smoke. The cracked and burnt walls give testament to the establishment's violent history, which just a few moments ago was clearly shown to you. The entire place is a roiling sea of bodies, from the dancers on the floor to the Twi'lek dancers on the stage, to the band, to the waiters, to the patrons, and even to the scruffy, stocky Rodian bartender, who hums and slowly dances to his own tune no one else knows.

But in this ocean of chaos lies a handful of islands of calm. They are scattered throughout the cantina - some in booths, some at the bar, some even on the dance floor - but all are united in the fact that they simply aren't as deranged or as drunk as all the others (with the exception of the bartender, the bouncers, and the droid waiters.)

Truly, Mos Eisley is well depicted here.

[OOC: Okay, post a short physical description of your character (yes, <b>dravas</b>, again, :D, but no histories this time, ) and what he/she/it is doing. You can be dancing or drunk if you want to; what is up above is merely flavor text.

19 November 2004, 04:42 PM
Tara Navin, an eighteen year old human female, stands 1.65 m tall, weighs 60 kg, and her fair skin is tanned. Her dirty-blond hair is trimmed above her shoulders and is kept in place by a brown cloth hat. Tara's green eyes are bright and cheerful. Over her tanned skin, Tara wears a tight white shirt, which leaves her midriff uncovered and reveals her feminine features, and tight low riding khaki pants with reinforced knees. To protect her feet from Tatooine’s hot sand, she wears brown, nerf-hide, knee-high boots. Around her waist, Tara wears a bantha-hide belt.

Currently, Tara is standing at the bar, flirting with a human male. She has had a couple Corellian Brandy's, but is not drunk. Tara seems to be interested in the man, but her eyes are constantly scanning the room looking for a more attractive male. Leaning against the bar is her trusty slugthrower rife, loaded just incase of a bar fight. Tara sips her Brandy and laughs at something the man just said.

(OOC: I created Tara from a picture I found on SWAG. Here is a link to it: Fringer, Female (http://www.swagonline.net/view.php?photo_id=1976&screen=0&action=search&keyword=fringer&date=&type=search).)

19 November 2004, 08:23 PM
Coran Horus, an thirty year old human male, with blue eyes, short brown hair. stands 1.80 m tall, weights 90 kg and his skin is tanned. Coran wears a dusty beige long and large size t-shirt over is beige pants. Over the shirt, he have a belt with 2 straps on is shoulders to sustain the belt he wears with all the tools for his work ( Datapad, datacard, small tool kit, some energy cell ,a medical kit he just purchase). Also a knife in is pocket, to protect him. Tatooine`s is not very safe.

Coran is at the bar, drinking a beer and concentrated entering data on his datapad. He study data he uploads from a starship fighter he find on the dock where he works. Starship tech, his hobby.

(OOC: I will have a picture of my char, soon. Hope is ok GM
NEW: here Coran (http://www.geocities.com/dravas76/corus.jpg) )

20 November 2004, 02:41 PM
Bardo Melvar is typical corelian spacer. He 30 years old now but few people would tell so. He stands 1.75 m tall, weighs 74 kg, his skin is tanned after just few days on Tatooine sun. He have big brown eyes, short haircut and black hair. Bardo wears white pilot shirt with little slit, black trousers and he is carrying blaster at his side. Military boots and half full glass of some Tatooinian Utoz in his left hand.

Slowly moving in rytham of music he is trying to come closer to bar. Feeling lightheaded after a drinking game from last night. He have seen good looking women and now his mind is set. I have to talk to her. As he come closer he cast a looong look at her. What a good looking chick. Move few steps closer and push to the side man that is standing next to her. You better talk to me, I’m from another planet. He grins toward her and signal a bartender to come closer.

Bardo Melvar (http://www.swagonline.net/view.php?photo_id=619&screen=0&action=search&keyword=Corellian+Guy&date=&type=search)

(OOC: I found this picture on SWAG and it's perfect match. Thanks to Stirzy)

Night who says ni
21 November 2004, 12:59 PM
There is a Male Trianii sitting in the back of the cantina who is about 19 years old. He has black fur and grey eyes that look like they have seen to many troubles. He is about 1.9 meters tall about average hight for a trianii and weighs about 160lbs. You see him occationally laugh at someone who has had to many deathsticks or takes a credit or to of the tip of a table next to him with the force. He seems to have an aurora about him that people seem to see him as a darker being. He is ofter looking around like he is afraid there is someone out to get him. He is wearing a cloak that is rugged and seemes to last in all temperatures. He has a bow slung across his back and a spear leaning against his chair. His name is Duarrac and his is the dark side

21 November 2004, 02:55 PM
My, my, this guy looks good. Tara smiles at the man and gently takes his hand. "I believe this man was leaving. Please sit down." The first man vacates his seat, and the newcomer sits. She grabs her Corellian Brandy and takes a sip, then says, "Bartender, get this man a drink. Put it on my tab." Leaning toward the attractive man, Tara introduces herself, "I'm Tara Navin, from Anchorhead. By the way your dressed, it looks like you're a spacer."

21 November 2004, 05:31 PM
Wov, she actualy will talk to me Glancing over his shoulder just in case that last guy dont make anything funny he sit on a chair. He wink to her and with a big warm smile he reply Well honey yes I am. My name is Bardo Melvar from Coronet on Corellia, much more confortable place than this sand ball. And what is such a beautifull looking girl doing in dump like this? Bardo finish his utoz with swift hand movement and take a sip from a drink that just come.

Night who says ni
21 November 2004, 05:50 PM
Duarrac casually looked at the bar. He scoweled at the humans flirting with each other. He never got what humans saw in themselfs, he would much rather have a strong trianii by his side than a feminin creature like Tara.

21 November 2004, 06:04 PM
Coran raises the head after having heard the name of the spacer. I know that name, but he does not remember where. Here have a look to the girl with the spacer. No Coran that girl is to sexy for you, she will never take to you. He take a sip of beer and continue is study. I know him, I`m sure.

21 November 2004, 06:31 PM
Tara listens as Bardo introduces himself. So he is a spacer. Maybe he has his own starship. Taking another sip of her Brandy, Tara answers his question, "Well, I was born here on Tatooine. It was just recently that I decided to try to get off of this rock. I'm sitting in this bar looking for someone with a starship, but no one wants to take me becuase I have barely any money." Tara puts her hand on Bardo's thigh and continues, "But I'm sure a handsome Corellian like yourself has his own starship and would be willing to give me a ride." He'd better have a starship! If not, well, he is handsome.

21 November 2004, 11:39 PM
Bardo smile at her and say confidently: I'll get us both off this rock He than take a drink and slowlly look around a room like looking for someone. After a drink he signal toward Tara to come closer and than he whisper into her ear: Are you ready for a adventure of a life time, my previous ship was destroyed but...I'm going to steal one. Bardo carefully look around once more and come a bit closer to her and continue: I saw few transports that we can steal, but I need someone who can break entry codes, I'm just a pilot...... and dont have any silly ideas about tiping me off couse your future in outside world could be realy short with this he pull his blaster with a extermly swift move and gently lean it on her stomach. Than he look her deeply in the eyes and say: I need your help as much as you need mine, belive me, this is all I want, to get away from here as soon as posible, please help me. Oh boy I hope she will help me or my carer in this place could be over He continue to gaze into her preety eyes and slowly put his blaster back in holster.

22 November 2004, 03:16 AM
Coran raises the head again. OK now I no him, I read some reports I download from vessels I worked. The authority wants him. He rises and moves towards the couple. Thats my chance to leave my everyday jobs. "Excuse me". He says with trembling voice. "I listened to your conversation and I could perhaps help you. My name is Coran Horus, I'm work in the space dock #24. I'm a tech specialist. Tweaking computer on starships is my hobby". He look only to Bardo, because he is to intimidate by Tara.

22 November 2004, 07:04 AM
WHAT? who are you? say Bardo terrified pulling a man for his shirt closer and instinctively drawing his blaster and ramming it into his belly. Damn now probably whole place know that authority wants me Before man can answer him Bardo rise from his chair and start pulling Coram outside cantina, quickly he turn to Tara and say: Lets get the hell out of here, will you come? Once we are outside Cantina, Bardo move Coran to some back alley and enraged say: Are you normal, how the hell could you hear me, are you some kind of freak, who are you? He moves few steps back still holding Coran on aim of his blaster.

22 November 2004, 07:43 AM
Coran is tall, but not very good in man to man fight. "I just have very good ears Sir. I’m the only tech in my job who could find the source of the problem with the sound". He said with a very nerves voice. Sorry Sir. I’m not a freak. I just want to help you. I read some info I download and I know the authority want your head. I don’t care about what you do, but I know I can help you. PLEASE DON’T SHOOT ME SIR".

22 November 2004, 09:19 AM
Bardo look carefull at Coran and slowly put his blaster back in holster.
So tell me what do you know about me, and what authorities say? While waiting for answer Bardo turn back looking for Tara could this guy really steal the ship, this could save me from this awful place and continue: So you a tech, you can steal the ship, and what's in this for you?

Night who says ni
22 November 2004, 12:10 PM
As Duarrac watched the couple of humans interacting he decided that he would here what they are talking about also. He uses the force to hear what they are saying. . Stealing a starship! Are they crazy,they will need someone to protect them ... for a price. He gets up and zig-zags through the people until he finally gets to the bar.You will need someone to protect you if you do that. I have that talent.

22 November 2004, 01:27 PM
Coran starts to relax and begin to talk normally..“The only thing I read was a report from a head hunter to the authority of Tatooine, they says something about finding a spacer name Brado Melar, for the attack of some convoy in the Ado Sector. After that, the encryption of the message was to sophisticate for me..

He pause, look around to see if the are spy. .“I’m not a pilot, Sir, I'm just a Tech , but I can help you breaking some entry code. Please I need some action, it’s to boring in my jobs”.

He look to the Brado and Tara and wait for a reaction.

22 November 2004, 02:53 PM
Tara, stunned at the recent turn of events, stands and watches as Bardo takes control of the situation. She listens as Coran explains his intrusion to Bardo. This guy could be a great help to us. I don't have any experience in shipjacking, but Coran seems to know what to do.

Catching Coran's glance, Tara decides to intervene. "Will you knock it off," she says sharply to Bardo, "This man doesn't want to turn you in, he wants to help. I have a feeling that we're going to need his skills in the future."

22 November 2004, 03:23 PM
UH, ok Bardo say suprised by Taras tone of voice, You are apsolutely right, we will need him Than he turn back to Coran and continue Are you aware in what you entering? Once you help us you will have to leave Tatooine, I hope that you understand that. What a bunch of amateurs....well someone have to lead them Now you have said that you are working like tech mehanic, right? So than tell us what ship we can steal, you are from here and you know situation around docks.....We need a fast ship

22 November 2004, 04:26 PM
[OOC: Holy-! Will you people take it easy? Jeez lawheez. Now just hang on for <i>my</i> ride, darnit! :rolleyes: As for you, <b>Night</b>, I'm just going to say you're outside the bar. Jeez. :rolleyes: ]

Just as you three humans (and so far, one Trianii) are discussing your, "interests", outside the bar, a repulsor transport slows to a stop and out pop a platoon of stormtroopers. In about two seconds you're surrounded by more troopers than you can shake a fist at. Your fearful faces seem to not be noticed.

Just as you're about to make a break (which would be suicide) one of the troopers walks up to you. He doesn't look any different from the others, though an air of command seems to float around him. "Cards, please." He guestures for your card. If you don't produce any, he just shrugs. "Well, you look like you're my guys. Don't give me the frightened look; I'm not here to arrest you or anything. Just a routine inquiry."

They poke and prod you into the large speeder, but even as they do so, you notice that they shift uncomfortably in their armor, and on some people it seems a bit awkward. As you climb in and the last trooper hits the hatch shut, the one who approached you (who is now sitting on the opposite side of the speeder) takes off his helmet. His blonde hair sends sweat flying everywhere. "I don't know how those [censored] can stand these things." He then blinks and says, "Oh, yeah. My name's Kando. No, I'm not a stormie - too smart for that. I work for Boss Jundo, know him? No? Well, he ain't no Hutt, I'll tell you that." He sighs. "Just hang on for the ride. And you too, you, er, cat-thing. Don't claw me. No, I'm not xenophobic."

Ten minutes later the speeder stops. Everyone gets out, and you enter what looks like a loading dock. The guards, still in there lower armor, direct you a stairway in the back. After a few twists and turns, you enter what looks like an large, spacious office. After a few minutes of waiting, a hologram appears in the middle of the room. Its of a small Sullustan. He beams at all of you.

"Good day, gracious sentients. I am Jundo, a local, ah, captain of commerce. I have a proposition for you. One you cannot refuse. One that will result in credits for you."

[OOC: Now don't go too far! <b>DEFIANT</b>, I'll introduce you in just a minute; hang on. And will you please talk to <b>Night</b>! He <i>is</i> a player, you know!]

23 November 2004, 12:05 AM
While waiting for answer from Coran Bardo relax a bit, but as soon as he see Large speeder with Stortroopers he thinks Oh, NO somebody tipped me off, and I was so close.... He lowers his hand to pull a blaster but in a moment he see it's useless. Terrified by their presence he listens to their story and silently enter the speeder. Looking angrily at Coran, he look at Tara and think how was I so stupid, I shouldn’t trust them

While riding on speeder: Bardo try to relax and look confident, but suprise once Leader of Stortroopers take his helmet of is something to bee seen, large grin and obvious relaxation flow trough him. Oh, boy and I was thinking this is it.....but who are those people and what do they want from me, hmm us?

On the way to their destination Bardo is trying to remember a path back, but he lost track somewhere along the line.
Once they enter office and hear speach from Jundo captain of commerce, he tries to remember does he know about him from his pirate days.
Now after he hears this, Bardo regain his composure, make one step forward and speak: First, who are you, and what kind of proposition are you offering to us?

(OOC: Knowledge (streetwise) 5 + roll 6 = 11)

23 November 2004, 03:16 AM
Coran relaxes a bit now. But before, when he spots the large speeder with Stormtroopers that paralysed him. I was not aware of the ride in speeder. He finally realise in what problem he is during the message of Jundo. He is behind the others and awaits the response of the last question Brado ask. You want change in your day-to-day jobs. That’s it Coran you are now serve.

23 November 2004, 05:27 PM

Despite your knowledge of the underworld, you search and search your memory with no answer. You haven't seen this Sullustan before, and Jundo doesn't ring a bell. You're not sure what to expect of this guy.

[OOC: Back to his talking...]

"What kind of a job, you ask?" Jundo asks gently. He smirks and nods at each one of you. "Well, as a matter of fact, it is a job that you can probably overcome easily. You are all thiefs in one way or another; the women, a thief of love; this technician, a thief of ingenuity; and of this pirate, a thief of starships. Don't look surprised, all pirates steal a ship one way or another." He smiles. "And this Trianii is probably of thief of the night, who were expertly weaves in and out of shadows. Am I correct? You seem to hold back from the rest. Please, if you are to receive all the credits from this venture, you must all work together as one coherent team."

That is when he moves his left arm back [that would be on your right side, facing him] and gestures towards an alcove in the back. "Towards that express purpose, I have brought in two 'specialists' who can help you. Come on out!"

Out from an alcove move a Bothan and a Twi'lek. "May I introduce two of my, ah, <i>temporary</i> employees. The first is named Tresk. He is one of my information brokers. On his datapad contains the information about your target and how to get there; I will go over that in a minute. The second is Kamo'tak. He is one of my master technicians. He is going to be the one who will maintain your starship, with this human of course." Another large smile. "And could he use the help! That ship is, well, you'll find out in a minute." He coughs loudly into his hand.

"The mission you will undertake is a theft of valuable property. One of the criminal entreprenuers of this sector, a stupid Houk named Vahgar, has stolen some things from me. He persists in a foolish game of robbing my assets and harassing my people. It will stop now. I need you to head to this system: Fahmeem-74. It is not far from Tatooine, possibly a few days. The youngest data we could dig up, unfortunately, was at least six months old, so it might be difficult for your astrogator to chart a course.

"In any case, when you get to this system, you will find a space station. This, obviously, is where Vahgar keeps his 'ill-botten gootty' and the rest of his junk. From one of my hired spies, we have found the precise location of my property. It is located in one of the cargo holds near the lower section of the station. Again, all this information is on Tresk's datapad for later reviewing. Also on that datapad is a special clearance code to get you in docking range. If you make a lot of noise, it'll only work once.

"When you're there, you must sneak in, or blast your way in, I really don't care, down to the cargo hold, and collect the cargo containers. There should be six containers, all marked with a black triangle inside a red one with a yellow border. DO NOT look inside the containers; they are highly valuable, highly perishble chemicals. Contact with oxygen will ruin them and their monetary value. You will be aptly compensated anyways.

"That is your mission. Price, 1000 credits now as down payment, and I will negotiate the rest of your payment after you return."

He gestures to Tresk. "Tresk, be a good boy and share with them your data. Not now, later, I meant. After they get their ship." At this, he gives a <i>mammoth</i> grin. "I am sure you will like this vessel. The previous owner never paid his loan back to me, so I was forced to take his freighter as collateral. He called it the <i>Zagreb</i>. A weird name, really, but the man was from, ehm, actually I don't remember what species he was. Anyways, you can rename it anything you like, its not as if I really care what it is called. I bid you people well in your journey, and I hope that this will send a clear message to Vahgar never to trouble my business again. Any last questions?"

As he talks about the ship, the hologram shifts to the image of a small freighter. The majority of it is a long cylinder, that is wider on the bottom than it is the top, and has a softened point at the front. On top of the slant (on the point) you can see a cockpit. Four airlocks can be seen on the sides of the plating; two small ones in front, probably for personnel, and in the rear, two larger ones, that might even be able to fit a speeder bike. At the end of the cylinder, attached to its top, lies two wings that stick straight out. Perched in the middle of these wings lie three sublight engines, and on top of those in a hardened housing lies a single quad turret.

All in all, not a bad little ship.

You hear Kando mutter something about, "I remember blowing a guy up in that ship."

[OOC: 'ill-botten gootty'; it's a line Captain Hawkeye said in MASH earlier this night. Go fig! :D ]

24 November 2004, 12:29 AM
Bardo listen to Jundos speach. Once two new members join the group he look them and think:Oh my, how much more, this start looking like field trip. Once Jundo finishes he loses completly WHAT? 1000 credits for breaking into space station and stealing containers? I won't drag them acros the station; You must be kidding with this piece of junk, we will be blown out of sky in a minute we come close to this space station!; Bardo gesture wildly No way, first we will arange fair price and than we can get on work. He thinks for a second and continue: Lets say 1000 in advance and 2000 per person after a work is done, and everything that we steal in proces is ours, deal? Bardo take bold stance, slightly nod to sullustan and smile.

(OOC: Bardo is trying to persuade Jundo: Charisma 2 + 18 roll,
It would be nice if you can show us picture, and tehnical stats of this ship, btw nice shipname ) :D

Night who says ni
24 November 2004, 01:20 PM
Duarrace waves his hand and feels the force flow through him You will give us 500 more credits he tell the sullustian.

( O.O.C. Affect Mind skill mod 7 15 on roll)

Sensei Maiku
24 November 2004, 03:09 PM
Tak smiled at all of the crew and tipped his head slightly. this is going to be interesting, well at least it will get me a few more credits and that much closer to the core. Plus, might make a friend or two along the way He continued polishing what looked like a wrench and slightly gulped at the payment the others were wanting. i hope they know what they are doing

24 November 2004, 03:31 PM
Tara listens to the sullustan's proposal. This could be a good chance to get off this dust ball. Before she can reply to his offer, Bardo and Duarrace demand more money. Oh brother! Can't you wait until we get back, Jundo said he was going to pay us more when we return. Finally able to speak, Tara says, "I'm in, but only if you keep your word and pay us more when we return."

24 November 2004, 04:36 PM
Coran never imagines itself in this situation, robbing a robber. Money is not a problem for him, He live modestly, but that could help a little to carry out his dreams. But the question is. Could it benefit of this money, because this trip will not be easy. For the ship, It is ok, I can tweak some stuff to help. OK guys it is now or never, before I change my mind.

25 November 2004, 04:40 PM
The Sullustan seems to waver for a second, but his firmness stays for good. "No, I'm not going to pay an extra 500. Not now. You have to prove it to me first that you deserve it. However, your barganing abilities are certainly not in doubt. You almost had me there, Trianii! And this one, despite the fact he is a pirate, shows he can be a diplomat as well. And as for keeping some of your things, well, these are mine, but I can be reasonable. Some of them, yes, some will be allocated to you as a fair compensation."

He turns to Tara. "And you can be most assured you will acquire credits from this endeavor. Should I say, somewhere around six or seven thousand? It is certainly possible, but it all depends on your methods and your skills."

He nods to Kando and then gestures to Tresk and Kamo'tak. "All right now. Kando, lead these fine businessmen to docking bay 95. Introduce them to their ship and see to it that they can find their quarters onboard? They can leave tomorrow morning." He gives one last nod, and then his image fades.

Kando coughs very loudly into his hand and shifts uncomfortably in his armor. "All right now, you. Kun, Vyjer, Abba'si'tat, let's get these guys to the hanger. I want to go home tonight and have a good bantha burger." The other guards nod their assent, and clustering around you began to gently push you back the way you came.

The hallways are even colder than before, and you notice the smell of mold and perhaps corpses that soaks through the very walls. The building creaks, and the few varmints in the area scatter. Kando and his men aren't the least bit perturbed by any of this, which can be expected since they probably have lived a great portion of their life in this building, doing Jundo's bidding.

They leave the building and trudge upwards towards the surface. Inside the speeder are two more ersatz stormtroopers, who silently stare at you as you climb in. It is freezing in the speeder, and more than one shiver for a long time as the cold creeps into your bones.

After what seems like days of driving around, you finally come to a stop. Kando tells you to get out, then leads the way towards a hanger bay building. It looks extremely old, perhaps more than any other building. As you go through the slight hallway to reach the interior, you feel as if the building will collapse any second.

The interior area isn't any better. Around the flaking sides you notice that there are a few doors; one leads to a machine shop, another to an abandoned office, and a third, well, the smells that come from that place definitely inform you that the owner has no plans to fix the plumbing.

Valiantly fighting the odor, Kando steps towards the ship located in the middle. It is exactly the picture in the hologram, just with a few more details, mainly dents and scratches. His thugs line up around you in a semicircle, blocking the door.

Kando takes a sniff, and winces painfully. "Damm, I shouldn't have done that. Ahem, anyways, I'm going now. I did my job. Here is your ship; the quarters are all down on the right, towards the rear section, topside. You mechanics might want to check the cockpit in case some scavenger broke in or something; those Jawas are a bit, er, let's just say they're freaky little hooded fellas." With that, he and his men leave, leaving you alone with the stench.

As he gets into the speeder, however, you hear: "Holy bantha, I had to put up with enough in there! Hold it in next time!"

[OOC: Sorry about the sudden visual narration; thought I'd make up for its lack. Oh, and does anyone know <i>Thumb Wars</i>? :D]

Night who says ni
26 November 2004, 08:51 AM
As Duarrac looked at the walls of this old building it reminded him of the orfanage he lived in as a child after a cult killed hid parents because of there dark side force tradition. Duarrac couldn't wait for the money so he could get the equipment needed to kill every last one of the cult members.
(0.C.C. Can that be a darkside point?)

Sensei Maiku
26 November 2004, 03:53 PM
Tak, breathed a little easier when the deal was set. Wow, this could be some major dough He wanted to curl up next to the fire back home as soon as he felt the chill in the speeder after walking what seemed to be the grossest building he had ever been in, none-the-less, an adventure was an adventure. The ride was long, almost too long, too silent. For a happy go lucky fringer, this wasn't exactly his favorite environment. It reminded him of working for his uncle that hot summer, and never hearing a word other than orders. "TAK! you better get that hole dug by noon!" A shiver went down his back and he was suddenly reminded of why he wanted to head to the core sectors. Make some big cash like his father..before..before..He was shaken out of his daydreaming when the horid smell wafted into his notrils. His eyes almost bugging out of his head, he gasped and started to breath only with his mouth. Before the Head man could put a word in or too, Tak was eyeing the ship with a child like curiosity. Wow.. He said quietly under his breath. His brain already mapping out possible repair areas of the ship. He nodded as the man told the mechanics to look in the cockpit, and began to crack his knuckles a little trying hard not to be noticed.Waiting patiently for the others, he began to rummage through his tool kit.

26 November 2004, 04:57 PM
OK Coran, it is the adventure you which to have but, for how much time. That was Coran said to itself during the trip to the large ugly building. Like the other he notice the smell when he step in the building.That place smell like a junk yard, in a cemetery. But the big shock was the view of the ship. “Oh my god, I think I need a pair of glass or the picture in the holographic video was filter”. He said quietly.That looks more like a big garbage cane.

Finally, Coran look around the ship to do some spot check, finding what is required to be repair. Good thing we have a machine shop, I think we will need it. Hope the other Tech, will have good idea to fix that Boat.

27 November 2004, 12:39 PM
Tara walks through the corridors as the men guide them back the way they came. It's pretty cold in here, I've never been so cold before on Tatooine. Trying to lighten the mood, she announces, "You guys sure like to crank down your air conditioners. What brand are they? I'll have to pick some up later." Seeing that their escort isn't amused, Tara shuts her mouth. Geez, they don't have a sense of humor. She boards the transport and rides to the docking bay in silence.

Tara scrunches her nose in disgust as the group enters the bay. "What crawled in this place and died?!" She walks into the docking bay further and surveys the starship. What a hunk of junk! I bet that thing can't even lift off. "Looks like we've got a lot of work to do. But before we start fixing it up, I suggest we sterilize the ship before we even think of sleeping in it. I don't want to be bitten by bed bugs!"

27 November 2004, 03:06 PM
Bardo cannot believe what is happening to him I just want to talk to this chick and what happened? Am I crazy or what, oh my I could be dead and feel better, first that sullustan scum bag did not even listen to me, ignored me completly and those *fake storms* damn He was thinking about ill destiny and thinking about some other stuff until they entered this tar pit. Moment he feels this horrible stench Bardo puke and catches some storms with fluid. sorry guys, rough evening yesterday. He wipe himself and continue, not only it does not look good, but it smells even worse I'm gona check cockpit, anyone around here who knows how to fly, I could use copilot?, and since we all meet in such delightful circumstances I'm Bardo just for the record [/B] He grins to rest of them and head straight to cockpit...

27 November 2004, 03:15 PM
Turning to Bardo, Tara answers his question, "I know how to pilot speeders, but I've never been on a starship before. If no one else has any piloting experience, I guess I can be your copilot." She follows Bardo to the cockpit and on the way says, "Can show me how to run one of these?"

27 November 2004, 03:36 PM
Shure, c'mon let's check this crap out say that in sarcastic tone and hit a hull with his boot, step on a ramp, spit on the floor, he mumble a few words and enter a ship....

27 November 2004, 03:39 PM

Tresk (the Bothan info-broker introduced by Jandos) follows quickly after Bardo and Tara. He has light brown fur apart from on his muzzle which is pinky.And a cream patch over his left eye. The clothes he wears were obviously at one time much in style,but now they are slightly outdated and very sandy.
Excuse me gentle beings he announces to the flight crew, ..it is a pleasure to meet your fine selves,and I am sure I shall enjoy working with you all for the duration.. ..he appears to be working up to something nervously. Jandos allowed us to use this fine vessel,but I am certain he did not wish us to die in orbit of this dust ball..is it wise to allow pups to pilot?..
He gazes at Tara with affection and pity..... I mean no offence at this of course
Seeing the look Tara gave him Teras though "I hope to get this little jaunt over with as soon as possible and get my creds...but I dont wish to wake up dead"...recanting Teras admitted...However I have no skill with speeders or ships.. he glances around nervously..perhaps you...Bardo was it? yes Bardo..you could...watch...her...?
Feeling the heat in the cockpit Teras retreats after refreshments.


27 November 2004, 03:53 PM
Oh, real smart... are you, nooo, of course not I'll just let her kill me and the rest of the crew, and didn’t she just tell that I show her how to run such ship? He looks at Tara in disbelief and continues toward cockpit what a bunch of amateurs

27 November 2004, 03:57 PM
"I'm sure that Bardo will take good care of me in the cockpit. You don't need to worry, Tresk." Tara sees Bardo's look and almost bursts out laughing. My goodness, it seems like no one knows what to do around here. At least Bardo seems to know what he's doing. She turns from the bothan and follows the handsome smuggler into the cockpit.

27 November 2004, 04:10 PM
Once they enter a cockpit it is in no better condition that rest of the ship, his take pilot seat and punch power button. The whole ship light suddenly with a hum. Take a seat, here Bardo say and point to a copilot seat. First let's see in what condition is this ship. He looks at controls and start explaining Tara vital commands. After a few minutes he punch inter comm. and say: Yo boys, quit jerking around and let's get to business, technician and mechanics check conditions of hyper drive and ion engines first, than weapons and shields, I don't want to die if something doesn't work. Coran come to cockpit I need you here. Rest of you clean the ship or we will die of this stench. He terminates transmission and continues to teach Tara in details all what he knows about flying...

((OOC: Please give us deck plan of this vessel and rest of information’s from data pad. Also do I know what type of freighter is this, have I see such model before?))

27 November 2004, 04:30 PM
Tresk looked up from the slime mold infested food processing area...the voice was the Human male from the cockpit...clean up...not the type of duty Tresk was used to..."now if only i had a droid". Hang on a micron...he had the next best thing...Tresk starts wandering through the ship calling for "Tak!" ...he knew a Twilek.:bothan:

27 November 2004, 04:39 PM
Tara sits in the copilot seat and watches as Bardo begins explaining the controls. This shouldn't be too bad. I should be able to catch on pretty quickly. Noting where the intercom button is, Tara listens to Bardo issue commands. When he finishes, Tara compliments him, "Good job, Captain. It's good that someone has finally taken command of this bunch of misfits."

27 November 2004, 05:03 PM
Bardo look at beautiful girl, smile and wink to her: if this mission goes well we will have enough money to go to some core worlds on a little holiday,, you have to see Coruscant...that is something unbelievable, Sky scrapers few kilometers high, ships flying everywhere. You cannot imagine until you see something like that, or maybe Chandrila, Nubia or Corellia... suddenly he stops hm.. not on Nubia I'm wanted there, uh and I hope that Corsec has forgotten my adventures, they probably think I’m dead with the rest of the crew...yes the crew, but now I'm a Captain as Tara say...and how lovely is she Bardo come back from his thoughts and continue: Well you will see them, don’t you worry I’ll take care of you, now let’s go back to flying, what was this panel, now we will see if you have listen what I was sayingBardo points toward navigational console and ask Tara

27 November 2004, 05:08 PM
Could this be the man I've been looking for forever? I hope so. Tara looks into Bardo's eyes and says, "Thanks for thinking of me. No one has ever taken much of an interest in me and I am glad that I met you back in the cantina." She turns to the navigation console and begins naming different controls for Bardo. Tara steals a quick glance at Bardo and thinks, This could be the man, my Captain.

27 November 2004, 05:33 PM
Coran was outside the ship to verify the outside structure of the vessels, When the intercom start, The voice was Brado , giving order to all the groups. Brado think his the boss now .Coran step in to the ship and go to the cockpit where Tara, Tresk and Brado are. Tara is already seat in the pilot seat testing the equipment. "You call me Brado, I hope you have a good reason, I have a lot of work with the hyper drive and ion engines, that piece for junk, need a lot of cleanup".

27 November 2004, 05:38 PM
The cockpit isn't so bad, but a couple of minor consoles have been ripped out. And the stench isn't so bad in here. In fact, it smells almost, well, let's just leave it as "not as bad as the rest of the planet".

Meanwhile, you find the ship's stores are adequately stocked for a couple of weeks of adventuring, and one locker near the rear sports 13 power packs just right for a blaste pistol.

Meanwhile, the ship slowly starts to come alive. Power systems begin to get rerouted, the quad cannon starts receiving juice, and the whole ship seems to <i>want</i> to get off the ground.

Now all you need to do is hook the datapad up to the ship's computer in the computer bay...

[OOC: Sorry for the late post. And yes, I'll see about deckplans (Yo <b>red5_5</b>!) and the data on the datapad. For now, I'll just say you know the way around.]

Night who says ni
27 November 2004, 06:16 PM
Duarrac takes a look around this ship. He decides that the quad cannons look interesting. He takes a seat and looks at the controls. This remindes him of all the quad cannon video games the rich kids had when he was going to school. He also listens intently tobardo teach tara the art of piloting the ship. He alks in in the middle of there confersation and points to a strange looking lever and asks What does this do. I've never seen it in any of the models of star ships.

Sensei Maiku
27 November 2004, 07:38 PM
Tak walks around the ship, noticing how good of condition the ship is for it's age. Running his well trained hand over the hull and stabilizers Tak took a deep breath. "Well darling, I guess this journey is about to begin, how you feeling huh? Well Tak will take good care of you..we will have to think about a name" "TAK!" He heard the bothan's voice come bellowing out of the ship , which almost gave a cringe to his usually soft face. Tak slowly walked up the ramp swinging his quarterstaff in front of him, he slightly leans on it as he eyes the rest of the crew and notices the ship starting up. He leans his head slighlty in to the kitchen area to where the ...brash.. bothan is and smiles slighlty "Yes your highness.." with a sarcastic tone, his chin now resting on the top of his staff. This is going to be interesting Tak..very interesting..

27 November 2004, 08:12 PM
After Coran get in the ship, Tak get inside also and do his show to the bothan with his quarterstaff. Showoff. Suddenly, the ship start. Not like an imperial vessel, but is`t not to bad. That probably why Brado want everyone onboard. OK now we need to talk to that baby, we have to hook the datapad of Tresk, up to the ship's computer. Coran turn to Tresk and says ”Tresk it’s time to be a good boy, we need your datapad”

28 November 2004, 12:44 AM
As soon as Coran get into cockpit Bardo turn around and tell him: Coran let's see some of your's special talents, check out ships computer logs and try to find in which conditions are they, look also if you find anything interesting, than show us some of your magic and take care that all ships systems work properly if we enter a combat. After he finish he look expresion on Coran face and add: Take one of new guys and give him something to do, as far I'm concerned You are in charge on this ship about all tehnical issues!

28 November 2004, 08:51 AM
"Tak...no need to be soooo formal." Tresk grinned. "I suspect I am needed in the cockpit..our intrepid crew are in need of Jandos datapad..however my quarters are in a somewhat...unsettled state"
He knew the Twilek was a master of electronics however his skill with a sonic scrub was lacking...he hoped the smell was the ship ;)
Tak my good friend if you happen to come across a droid that you could send to my quarters i would be greatfull....Did Jandos not have one spare...you dont hapen to have a droid caller you could use...I could make it worth your time...as usual"
Tresk though about his proposition one more time...Tak was a good friend...even if he didnt know it...and to be frank he was handy to know.
He ducked his head under the door to leave,absent mindedly brushing his ears..."Oh anytime soon will be fine Tak" And headed to the cockpit.
Squeezing into the already cramped cockpit Tresk leaned in and handed a Datapad to...Bardo..."Here are the coordinates for our destination" Tresk kept his eyes on the pad keenly..for he knew the value of it. :bothan:

28 November 2004, 09:48 AM
Bardo stop talking with Tara and take datapad;Thank you, let's see what Jando want from us. Before he conect datapad he turn his head back and say:I dont care what is on this datapad, but we will not lift off untill I'm 100% certain that this ship is working properly tahn he conect datapad with ships systems and.....

((OOC: We are eagerly waiting, what do we see))

28 November 2004, 04:24 PM
[OOC: Okay, first, try to respond to <b>Night</b>. He asked Bardo a question and from what I've seen, you haven't answered. I don't care what you respond with anyways; its supposed to be funny anyways. Anything would do nicely!]

[Oh, wait, IC post? What IC post? :D ]

When the datapad plugs into the computer console, you see several interesting bits of data being categorized into several folders. Many of them are concerned with computer security and the clearence code, but a few may prove interesting.






What follows next is a bunch of astrogation data (6 months old), the security clearence code, and also the logo of the containers: black triangle inside a red one with a yellow border. It is interesting. Also contained is a small datasheet on the Fahmeem system itself; three planets, one asteroid belt, one blue supergiant star, and the fact the man's station is orbiting a moon of the innermost planet.

A message is also contained on the datapad:

<i> I hope this information works for you. Good luck, and remember to look at the sights! - Jundo</i>

This man is very well prepared, and possibly a nutcase.

[OOC: It's always a moon, isn't it?]

Night who says ni
28 November 2004, 04:44 PM
These guys must be crazy we can't take that many people I better find out how good these guys are if we are to live through this and get the money to find my parants murderers.There is eight guards, I could only take 5 at my best that leaves 3 for the rest of you. Plus slicing to take out the turrets stun fields and roving patrols. You think we can take them?

28 November 2004, 04:58 PM
Finally Tresk give the datapad to Brado, And finally we now the information we need on are target. Coran finish to read the data from the datapad and go to a consol to find the information Brado ask. Ok, what could you tell me. Humm. very good. That ship look bad from the outside, but very good from the inside. The quad canons are in good shape, Hype drive ok, Shields ok.. He stands up and goes with the other and continues. “Brado, the ship it is in a good shape from the inside. For the security clearance code, we don’t know if it’s the same, we will probably have to decipher some of them”

Sensei Maiku
28 November 2004, 08:28 PM
Tak slightly smirked, if not noticibly, well he tried to make it noticible but never was never that good at being dry or sarcastic for that matter. Too honest Tak He thought. Never would be much of a merchant like his father, oh well. Tresk, where would you expect me to find a droid on this ship. I wouldn't even.. He trailed off as Tresk walked out. know where to begin... obviously said quietly as Tresk was cleary already up in the cockpit. Dang, clean up duty again. He walked around the quarters searching every closet or anything that looked like a compartment for some sort of cleaning droid. Or at least something he could rig into a cleaning droid.

29 November 2004, 01:30 AM
What does this do. I've never seen it in any of the models of star ships.
Bardo quickly answer: it's Hyper drive, you should know that, and now find something usefull to do, I have enough to do if I plan to educate Tara so she can assist me in flight.

After they all seen what they are up to Bardo stand up from his seat call Tara and summon rest of the crew outside the ship. Once thare he start:Well people now you see what we are facing, I had much tougher crew before and that would be real chalenge for us. If we plan to survive this we MUST be organized. Coran in what conditions are ship main systems? Rest of you please take your time and rest this evening, from tomorow we will be off this plant and start small infiltrations games on ship to teach you how to cordinate attacks, I don't want to lose any of you, and I'll be glad to listen to all smart sugestions, now introduce yourself one by one and tell how you can be of assistance on this mission. Bardo stops for a second just to catch some breath and continue: as you may allready have figured out I'm pilot and gun fighter, quit fast and deadly sudenly in a blink of eye he draws his blaster and raise eyebrows You see what I mean, Tara now you He look at Tara and introduce hear to rest of them.

Night who says ni
29 November 2004, 09:19 AM
First off I knew that was the hyperdrive I was talking about the switch beside it. Second off I come from a long line of dark side force users I have inherited that power: for all the people who don't understand more than 1 silable words this means I can use the force. Duarrac says as he takes Bardo's blaster with the force and twirls it around in the air.Why am I stuck with these idiots.

29 November 2004, 03:06 PM
"Well, I'm good at surviving on desert planets and shooting my slugthrower, other than that I'm in the dark. Tara listens to Duarrac, then blurts out, "I thought the Force was some hokey religion. I didn't think anybody believed in it," Tara searches her brain, "Well, there is that crazy old man living by himself in the desert."

29 November 2004, 04:07 PM
Bardo stand in a place and can not belive it, that what he is looking at was something he only hear in some shady cantinas, and that was just fairy tale. His blank expresion tel more than anything. Slowly he say to Durrac: Prey to whatever you belive, but Vader will get you! freak, and return my blaster back or...

29 November 2004, 04:20 PM
After Brado speech. Coran prepared a more accurate report on the main system. After some minute on the console, he finally has a good idea of the condition on the ship. “Captain, … I have the information you ask for.” He take is datapads and start.

Deflector Shields: 93 %. Need some adjustments
Hyperdrive: 95 %. If we change some ionic relays,
Ion engines: 100 %
Weapons: 93 %. The conditions of the quad canon are good but we need to calibrate it.
Sensors: All online and ready.
Communication: Look ok, but we have to do some long rang test.

Coran stops second and continue. Like I mention before, I can help with computer hacking and decipher the security clearance code, if we have some surprise in the enemy planet.

29 November 2004, 04:27 PM
Quit jerking around, give me back my blaster tells Bardo, Than he listen to Corans report and speak: good, this is OK for now, but I want all systems at 101% operational when we reach our destination, and I'm deadly serious, our lives depends on this

Sensei Maiku
30 November 2004, 11:14 AM
After searching for what seemd forever and still yet to find a droid his ears perked up slightly with Bardo calling everyone into the cockpit. He stood there with a smile wanting to learn about everyone that is about to go on this journey with him. After hearing Bardo and Tara and of course the strange force user in which he winced about hearing of the dark side. He had heard bad things about it but none-the-less he wouldn't let it affect him. He had to stop himself from laughing outloud however when bardo got his blaster taken away. After coren explaining the ships condition, he slightly edged forward and spoke softly at first. "Well, the name is Kamo'Tak..Tak is what my friends or..enemies call me doesn't really matter. I am a decent pilot and usually talk myself out of a jam. Fighting is not really my forte' so to say." He looked up with a smile however. "But before I came here I ran a mechanics shop, fixing droids and stuff but mainly stayed to my love..starships." He patted the side of the hull slightly. "So if this baby ever gets a little bent out of shape, I am your man." said like a slogan. Probably from his shop.

Night who says ni
30 November 2004, 02:34 PM
I can't belive the insult! Vader! My grandmother is a better force user than him and thats not because she trained with the leader of the dathomir force withches. And a hokey old religon that's my life she talking about! You idiots Vaders to busy playing with the "almight emporers hands". And the force is no religon ... more of minipulation that my family specializes at. :mad: And who does bardo think he is taking control just because he is an old man doesn't mean he nows more than the dark side! Duarrac turns around imeadiatly turns around and storms off to he quarters which brings back as many bad memories as the rest of this place.I can't wait to get back form this adventure so I can find my parents killers. [/I ]In anger Duarrac takes out a stone from his pocket and throws it against the wall. Not knowing what he had done he remembered that that was his favorite stone his father had given him. Daurrac slowely gets up and pickes up his stone. The stone is odison it is the blackest on his homeplanet and has been smothed out all the way safe at the top which has been carved to look like the top of his spear.[I]Some day the dark side will flow through this object. Duarrac thought to himself as he focased his anger through the stone.

Sensei Maiku
2 December 2004, 04:30 PM
After hearing the dark force user spout off a little, Tak drew back into himself just a touch, the yelling hurting his head slightly. As soon as the rock hit the side of the hull, his temper rose. "Hey! Watch it!, what did the ship ever do to you!" He ran over to the spot and looked for any minor damage. Idiot Tak never took kindly to people who abused tools or ships or anything that is useful. Just wasn't right, taking for granted anything could get you killed, and with this mission Tak wasn't going to take any chances. He slowly turned back to the crew after realizing how stupid he just sounded and blushed a little. "Well, he shouldn't have taken his anger out on the ship, he could have broken something...." A modest look came on his face as he waited for a reaction from the crew..

Night who says ni
2 December 2004, 04:57 PM
Listen whats your name Tek?Teke?Tak?whatever this stone will be more important than this hunk of junk will ever. A scratch will not kill it! Just get back to work and mind your own buisness this it my room you know I can throw around what ever I want as long as im livin here! Man I hate it when people try to boss me around. Duarrac yells as he looks at tak

4 December 2004, 06:49 AM
As soon as Durrac lose his concentration and run away his gun fall to the ground, Bardo kneel and pick up gun. Fricking weirdo, those people should be hunted...and put on some safe place, he he he He enyojed a moment of thinking..Now back at his feet he turn toward the rest of them and say: Good, now that everithing is so great again we can take some rest now, but Coran when I said that all ship sistem should be at 101 % I was not kiding. Tomorow in the morning we will take off and you and your tech crew can continue to work on the ship in Hyperspace, remember to take all gear you need. And for the rest of you good night. Than he turn his attention to Tara and say carefully so no one else can hear in soft voice: follow me, we have to take best cabin, captain cabin, before they start to litter around crew quarters, or you want to sleep with them He turn around, enter a ship and headed straight toward captain room...

5 December 2004, 02:01 PM
Bardo enter his quarters, this day tired him, and now effects of rough night before start to kick in. Sweet dreams he say to Tara as she enter into cabin. It would be nice to talk to Tara but I'm dead, well not so dead but... with such dreamy thoughts he sat on bead and quickly falls asleep. Few times during the night he mumbles Tara no, ohoho and such stuff. Force only knows what was happening there?

Early in the morning he stand up, he catches a glimpse of young girl sleeping on bead next to him, he was tempted to peek under a blanket but noise from other part of ship prevented him. Damn bastard can’t they sleep a little longer With such thoughts he exit cabin and start yelling Everybody rise and shine he laughs let’s go, no time for napping we have job to do he walks toward the bridge thinking I should kick them while they where sleeping.
Once he enter a cockpit he take a seat, make brief per flight check and start engines, Coran did a good job with this bucket satisfied with ship condition he concentrate on flying. Familiar hum fill his ears and ship slowly start to rise from docking bay. He press comm. button and adjust frequency: Transport Zagreb is about to leave your space he transmits this to flight control officer and continue ascent toward space. Zagreb was gaining on speed he looked as day begins to move and space become closer. Once they exit Tatooine gravity well he called on Tara. Please help me with astrogation than they carefully input datapad information for hyperspace jump to Fahmeem system. Once they finish he pull the lewer and suddenly bright lights where all around them. He turn to Tara and say well that is it, I hope we make good calculation or we could all have really short trip he smile and continue should we continue our flights lessons from yesterday?

(OOC: Astrogation skill: 7 + 8 roll +2 Tara aid on task = 17)
((OOC: I’m sorry because I skipped much of the evening and headed straight into space, I was trying to little speed up things. If anyone want to add something that happened in between go for it.))
(((OOC: If any other enter in cockpit when I'm explaining Tara ships comands expect this: Return to your post, and do something usefull not to mention anythin else....)))

5 December 2004, 03:23 PM
Coran at the same time try to awake, it had a big night, because he finished the repairs very late this night. He moves towards the cockpit and says, "Not to hard with the ship, it is repair, but it is not a new imperial vessel". And it carries on its way has the cantina to eat something. It think. I hope everything it’s ok, I do a lot of job yesterday evening, and I don’t know the result. Suddenly it rises and run to the cockpit, and says. I forgot to tell you, Hyperspace is perfect with the start, but a little unstable to finish. I check that right now, that will take a minute. Coran leaves the cockpit on furious look of Brado.

Sensei Maiku
6 December 2004, 08:56 AM
Already up and tinkering with the shield generator. Mainly just wiping of the dust, Tak sat back and took a drink of hot chocolate. Taking in the job at hand, he felt the ship slip quickly into hyperspace and smiled. Well, here we go Tak was pretty good at flying and astrogation but his love was working on the ships. He stood up slowly and cracked his back and went into the bathroom washing his face and staring into the mirror for a few moments. He slid back into his room and opened his tool kit. Every thing is here..

8 December 2004, 06:18 PM
That morning was too quiet. Tara and Brado in driving lesson, Tak, try to make miracles with is face in the bathroom, Duarrac still in his room. Coran him try to repair the hyperengine. "Why I am here in this nightmare, I have my head in a hole to repair that piece of junk". Suddenly, he drops a tool the bottom the hole and sparks leaves the hole and in the same time, big cries resounded of the bathroom. "Ops, I think that I made a mistake”. Coran finish is fix and goes to his room.

Night who says ni
9 December 2004, 12:02 PM
Duarrac had a restless night. Bad memories of his parents murder. He wakes up with a yawn, gets dressed, and desides to cheak if anyone needs help. Hey Coran need anyhelp with anything im no mechanic but I can hold stuff or get things hard to get to with the force.

10 December 2004, 04:51 PM
Despite Bardo's excellant skill with hyperspace calculations, the old age for the hyperspace data, coupled with a series of random hyperspace fluctuations, means that the entire trip takes <b>57</b> hours to complete. During this time, (little over two days) you "enjoy" each other's company, talking, swearing, punching, etc. And then the next day you do it again.

When you're thoroughly fed up with existence on the meager ship, you finally drop out of hyperspace and into the Fahmeem-74 system. Outside your viewport you see the black, star-studded cloak of space, though off to your right you can clearly see a white moon, and further along a purple gas giant. A much smaller blue dot revolves around the red supergiant star, but you cannot find any transmissions from any of the planets, so they don't seem to be inhabited.

Instead, you pick up power readings from a tiny point in space, a silver dot. Sensors identify it as a medium-sized space station, floating in deep space, orbiting no planet.

As you close towards the station, a voice breaks out on the intercom: <font color="orange">"Hey, you ugly nutcrackers! Its about time you hauled your lazy butts up this way! Need you to move some of our booty! Now give me that damn clearence code now and get in Docking Bay 3!"</font>
<i>Meanwhile, back on Tatooine, in a secret office...</i>
Sitting at the desk, closing down his holocomm, is Jundo. Leaning up against the wall is Kando, weariness evident in his eyes. Jundo deactivates his computer and turns to his bodyguard.

<font color="purple">"So, it appears our decoys are already en route. Our infiltration plan should work perfectly. Ah, tired, Kando?"</font>

<font color="tomato">"Dead tired. Having to deal with a group of gas turbines who smell not only of crud but booze as well, is, well, not exactly my dream vacation."</font> He shrugs. <font color="tomato">"As for our boys, yeah, they're on their job. Should be easy for their first time, what with the distraction they're getting."</font>

Jundo gave a cool smile. <font color="purple">"Yes, it will be. Vahgar won't know what hit him, not until <i>after</i> he's dead, anyways. Meanwhile, we need to get you outfitted."</font>

Kando replies, surprised: <font color="tomato">"Me? What am I doing, besides sleeping?"</font>

<font color="purple">"Why, to supervise this, of course. I don't need our new employees to go rogue. I also don't need our other team from messing up either, though you must minimize your contact with either group."</font>

Kando lowers his shoulders dejectedly. <font color="tomato">"Damn."</font>

11 December 2004, 12:53 AM
After an exceptional long trip Bardo is Happy to finally arrive at their destination. Once there he check out remaining information’s from datapad and turn on comm. Switch: OK, we arrived at our target system, so far thing are great, lets all meet in lounge and discus tactics how do we go from here. Bardo stand up and wait until Tara come with him, once there he say: I set a course to this space station, but on lowest speed so that they think that we have very slow or damaged ship. You all have seen info on datapad and now tell me how we will go on from here. If we go there unprepared we all may die.

Night who says ni
11 December 2004, 01:05 PM
Duarrac turns to the group in general from the corner he is sitting in and says[,B]I think that we should just blow everyone up, take what we need and get back to get payed. Tara, Bardo and Me can handel the guards, and the rest of you can slice through all the technological crap.[/B]

11 December 2004, 02:19 PM
Coran is seat near a console. He is very nervous. He says to Brado “Tak , Tresk and me can take care of the technical stuff, but we need to be careful. It strange but have a tiny feeling Jundo do not tell everything”. He stops and swallows hard, and continue; “Now I hope the clearance code work and we don’t have trouble”.

11 December 2004, 03:40 PM
Yep, I had a same feeling when Jando was talking about this mission, we should be carefull, can you tech boys look some way around or maybe some diversion to ease our job, but we dont hav much time in 30 minures we are there! As he say those words Bardo lay back on desk and think for a while Hm, if Jando was lying than were in trouble, but why he would do that.... After nothing smart come out of his thinking he say: Duarrac idea seems fine to me let's kick some alien ass, he he he he finish with a smile and start to chech his blaster

Sensei Maiku
13 December 2004, 10:56 AM
"Whoa, we are here, finally..." Tak said as he walked into lounge, looking fresh from a shower. "who made the astrogate calc anyway? Sitting down in a chair he listened to the others discuss the tatics, and somewhat nervous feelings about this mission. " Just to clarify one more time, what exactly is our mission?" said with a wrinkle in his very tight forehead. "Because, I need to know what kind of diversion ect..would be apporpriate.."

16 December 2004, 05:06 PM
Controller Dude: <font color="purple">"Hey, aren't you gonna-whoa, now <i>that's</i> an ugly ship. Hey, watch it, man! Huh? I AM NOT UGLY LIKE THAT SHIP! YOUR MOMMA IS UGLY LIKE THAT SHIP!"</font>

[Nameless stupidity heard over the intercom in the cockpit. Just so this place doesn't go to the bottom of the thread listings.]

<font color="purple">"Huh? Who are you and what the hell are you saying?"</font>

[Never mind.]

[OOC: Occasionally I'll do something totally stupid like this. Go fig. :D SJ.]

<font color="purple">"Hey, what's all those words down there?"</font>

Royalist Soldier
18 December 2004, 12:43 PM

"Tak...I think the access codes we need are on the Datapad I brought...so we dont need a diversion...yet"
Although Tak was keen and an excellent tech,he lacked some more of the "Diplomatic"skills needed in these occasions.

"Perhaps it would be better if I talked to the controllers" he ventured. Hopefully his association and teachings from the Bothan Coucil meetings his father let him listen in to would be useful now. Even if they were a little boring!

The well groomed Bothan looked around the cockpit quizzically.....

"Time to see if these codes we have are correct...Coran,you transmit and I will help cut the ice with our new friends"

19 December 2004, 05:28 AM
Sitting in pilot chair, and listening on open comm channel what is this "Controller Dude" speaking Bardo could not believe what is he hearing, his temperature rise, eyes widen and his whole head look as it 's gone to explode any moment Oh, my this one gone eat some space Recovering from such insult Bargo hit comm button and spill his venom: Listen you scum, this is perfectly nice Vessel and if you don’t quit your shi***ng I'll teach you myself some manners. For a moment he was so mad, he could open fire on that space station but at a last moment he hears Tak words and reply again: This is cargo vessel Zagreb requesting clearance codes for dockingHe hit again comm button to end this conversation, turn his head to Tak and say: Ok, now is time to show me what you can do and if this codes really work, fry their communications system so that we have time to look around this station before everyone get alerted. Tara prepare, rest of crew go on turrets, I dont want to be surprised if something go wrong way He is still so upset, only image that is forming in his mind is as he throws This Controller Dude into airlock, pressing close button one side and open on another.

19 December 2004, 11:40 AM
It`s the moment of truth. Coran takes the datapad of Tresk and with the assistance of Tak he sends the code. Coran says Tak, "I hope that's the good code we send to "Controller Dude" and not dimensions of Tara body". After a good laugh, Coran carries out the order of Brado and goes checked the turrets. I hope we would not have to use them, I do not know how long we will be able to hold an attack.

Royalist Soldier
21 December 2004, 07:43 AM
Tresk tries to conceal his hold-out blaster down the back of his trousers...

((OCC Hide check +3, rolled...6!!! GAH...a pox ridden 6..=9))

..I think I did a good job there..there is no way they will find it until it may be needed.
Tresk goes to the airlock and peers out at the spacestation for signs of fighters or other welcome...

((OCC Spot check +4, rolled 12..better =16.))

"I hope there is nothing out there " Tresk shouts through the ship...
things like this made him nervous...he was really an 'ideas' kind of Bothan..."I just hope this rabble are up to the job" he thought to himself
and I suppose it is up to me to ensure Tak does not get himself hurt...


28 December 2004, 06:27 AM

As you look outside, you see a pair of quadlaser turrets above the docking bay, but they fail to track the ship, so they may not be functioning correctly. Oh well.
The mammoth doors to the docking bay open to allow the <i>Zagreb</i> to enter. The area is quite sparse, though there are a couple of generators lined up against the left wall and a few unmarked crates over in a corner. As the ship extends its landing gear, the doors close, and a much smaller door next to some kind of office opens. Out first in a Klatoonian clad in battle armor and a Santa Hat, and behind him comes a pale, lanky Human guy and a Rodian who smells of booze.

Human: <font color="sienna">"Hey, isn't Christmas over yet, Rokar?"</font>

Rokar: <i>(checks watch)</i>: <font color="red">"Not back on Klatooine, it isn't."</font> The Human shrugs to his Rodian compatriot, who just belches.

The Klatoonian walks up to the ramp descending from your airlock and says, <font color="red">"Welcome to the armpit of the galaxy, and you're late, by the way, though with a hunk of junk like this I wouldn't be surprised. We better get you guys over to bay 14 so you can pick up those droids boss got. And what is it with the smell? I though Rooda was bad enough with the egg nog, but, jeez..."</font>

[Sorry for the late post, yet again. Also, would anyone like to add in a part for the scenery? This is where I ask for you guys to contribute making up the scenes, and I'll do that from time to time. What would <i>you</i> think a docking bay would have? Hmmm? I reserve the right to reject anything TOO outrageous, such as another ship, since this docking bay can only hold the 75m long <i>Zagreb</i> and not much else.]

10 January 2005, 07:27 AM
Coran unlock is seat belt and stand-up and go to look to the windows of the ships to see what look the docking bay. The Docking is very big, but not very clean. Grease and rust all over the wall and the floor. Coran notices the crates near the generators. “Could that crates be the one we have to pickup”. He continues to look outside. He notices the human, the Klatooine and the Rodian guys. They look in party. “Oh my good those guys look like they never see peoples for a long time.” Says Coran very low. After that he turns to the other member of the ships and says. 'People it’s time be Rock, lets go”

OOC: I not sure if I can do it, Seach check on the crates

10 January 2005, 10:15 PM
Bardo jump out of his seat and head for the ship exit. Now will this controler guy see, how I deal with pigs who insult my ship Once in the hangar he touch his gun just to be sure that is on right place. He call rest of the crew and say: Ok, guys and girls we are here. Now let's do the job and head back!

Night who says ni
12 January 2005, 05:09 PM
I dont like how these people look I think that we should just kill them get what we came here for and get the money. Daurrac wistpers to the group in general and then readies his spear. And stands near the door ready to attack.

15 January 2005, 02:29 PM
The Klatoonian jerks his thumb towards the door as he walks up to Bardo. <font color="red">"You're the captain, yes? Well, get your group ready and let's go."</font>

15 January 2005, 05:27 PM
Bardo take his coolest stance and wawe with a hand giving a signal to rest of the crew that air is clear and to follow him:C'mon guys let's hurry up!

Night who says ni
17 January 2005, 04:27 PM
Daurrac slowely follows Bardo, contiually looking as cool as ever.

17 January 2005, 06:22 PM
Coran fallows Brado, but he is very consern about what Daurrac said. “Captain, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to do what Daurrac says. We don’t know exactly the real number of people in the place. I saw some crates near the generator. Maybe we should check if it’s the package we have to pickup”. Here stop look outside to see the small office and continue. “If we can have access to the office, Tresk and I can hack the console and verify”

18 January 2005, 07:38 PM
Bardo stop for a minute waiting for guards to move some way in front. Than he turn toward Coran and say in low voice. Ok, You two do that and be careful not to be noticed. He nod to him and wink. Than he rise his voice enough so guards can hear him:Two of you guys stay with the ship and check it out before next take off. he continue than to follow the guards.

24 January 2005, 10:43 AM
Tara stands near Bardo, letting him deal with the guards. He knows his way around these places. Shouldering her slugthrower, she walks up next to him and takes his hand, "I'm coming with you Bardo."

25 January 2005, 01:51 PM
Rokar and the Rodian enter go through the doorway at the end of the hangar bay, walking into a short hallway that leads to an elevator that leads to the lower levels that lead to several cargo bays which lead to your cargo and which probably lead to some really nasty dude.

The human stands watch over to the side by the office door. He isn't very attentive, though; he immediately picks up a CD player and puts in a Britney Spears CD and starts bobbing his head to the music. [OOC: All players within 6 meters must succeed at a Will save of DC 7 or throttle him...;) Just kidding!]

Meanwhile, Rokar, over at the door, stares, mystified, at Tara's slugthrower rifle and says, "What d'ya think ya gonna do with that thing? I mean, c'mon girl, we all happy people here! We need no fight, we need no anger! It's not like I'm going to shoot you!" He turns to the Rodian. "Well, on second thought, this guy has been a bit fiesty lately."

The Rodian turns to his companion, and asks, drunkedly, "Oro?"

"Shut up, dirtbag, we're not having a moment..."


[OOC: Eh?]

25 January 2005, 03:01 PM
Tara puts her hands on her hips and glares. And then she replies to Rokar, "I like to carry it around; its one of my only possessions. Besides, I don't trust you guys yet. If you have a problem with it tell me know so we can deal with it."

Sensei Maiku
27 January 2005, 03:48 PM
Tak slowly edges his way out of the ship and takes a walk around it, making sure odds and ends are ok. He starts to stretch out his neck when he hears bardo talking to the guards, he takes a few steps and grabs his quarter staff, twirling around a little bit. I will just stay behind a little, watch the ship! Rubbing a gloved hand thru his head tails, he smiles and flips out a wrench. More exciting anyway..

29 January 2005, 12:43 PM
[Rokar]: "Its just so damn big, and besides, I don't want that getting poked up in the place where the sun don't shine." He scratches his neck. "That, and I've just never trusted anyone with a big gun. Liable to shoot themselves as much as they'll shoot the next guy."

[OOC: Can we PLEASE move THROUGH the door and ONTO the adventure so we can see some ACTION, some DRAMA, some COMEDY, and yes, something even remotely related to a CAMPAIGN!]

29 January 2005, 01:19 PM
Ignoring Rokar's comments, Tara takes Bardo's hand again and pulls slightly, "Let's go and get this over with." With a wink Tara adds, "When we're done here, I might have a special treat for you back on the ship." She leads him through the door and further into the adventure.

29 January 2005, 11:38 PM
Beeing completly unprepared Bardo is stuned once Tara cought him by hand and lead into unknown, he tried to say something but.....

30 January 2005, 12:49 PM
Coran fallow Tara, Brado and the other to that doors. He think, Poor Brado, I don't know what he feel about the move Tara do.. "Ok guy's lets go, we have a job to do"

Night who says ni
31 January 2005, 01:05 PM
Daurrac continues to follow Bardo and almost laughs outloud at the humans flirting with each other and hopes that there ill be some action soon.

Sensei Maiku
1 February 2005, 02:00 PM
Tak slightly gets spooked as his team slowly leaves him, and quickly he snatches up his quarter staff and runs towards them to catch up. Running a hand over his head, acting cool, as he slows up after reaching the group.

12 February 2005, 06:24 PM
[OOC: Sorry for my lack of attention. You see, I found this interesting card game called "Magic: The Gathering" and then I made a club to create spoofs for it, and then they wanted me to make a website for it, and I've been working on that, and trying to make yet another RPG campaign (called <b>Bughunters</b>, over at MtM Forums (http://mikemugger.proboards44.com), that has nothing to do with Star Wars), and, wait, I'm supposed to post? ;) ]

The Klatoonian and the Rodian lead you through a small connecting corridor to a sideways corridor. The empty hall creaks a little, and the greyish-blue walls are covered in grime, indicating that they haven't been cleaned in a while. The duo leads you over to the right, to a small recessed door in the wall. Its opens, revealing a small turbolift, and the Klatoonian bows, saying, with a smirk: "After you, ladies and gentlemen." You all hop in the white turbolift, and it sprints downward. You immediately get the sense that something is wrong; the cargo you need is on Deck 8, and it appears you're heading to Deck 11.

But before you can say anything, the Rodian perks up and talks to Rokar. He groans, and unhappily turns to you.

"I hate to tell you guys, but stupid here has just invented a new type of music. He says its going to be the rage, but he wants to test it out on you first. Okay, stupid, go."

All of a sudden, the Rodian puts one hand up to his mouth like its a mike, starts shaking his other hand, and begins to make bizarre noises from his mouth. "Cha deeka yo dooba, chinga wa-woova, huka huka yong dee. Ling juuka con vika booba, yong yika long dee. Copa yabba yogogo cha chiga, conga dinga..." And while he's doing this, he starts dancing, edging up close to Tara, backing away, getting low, going high, waving his legs around like he was really smoking pot on a Saturday night.

"He calls it 'rap'." And with a grin, Rokar adds: "I call it crap."

[OOC: And now, I present to the audience, Beedo, the inventor of that crappy music called Rap! Featuring my favorite song, "You can't spell CRAP, without RAP." <i>No offense to those who like the music, however. I just don't like it.</i>]

14 February 2005, 03:12 AM
As soon as Bardo hear familiar rytham he turn to Tara and start to make some lyrics:
oh, baby come to me,
we'r together, set me free......man you are good
but when he see that raper is moving on Tara he pull his blaster and stick it into his mouth, would you try to rap with this?, Lets continue, and why are we heading to level 11, we have to pick up cargo from level 8?. Bardo ask and turn blaster towards other being.

15 February 2005, 04:56 PM
Coran do not like "Rap" or "Crap" either, but now when he see Brado pointing is blaster to the other being. Coran says "Ok guy's, we have to pickup the cargo very fast before, the other member of the station found any thing." He stop and tune to Brado and ask "Do you thing we can ask are host, if the Deck 8 is guard"

Night who says ni
20 March 2005, 05:57 PM
(O.C.C sorry i havent been posting gave internet up for lent sorry for using the I.C. post for explaining myself to can someone pls do me a favor and explain it to some of my campains and stuff oh and I agree on thar Crap Rap thing rock rules!)

Daurac follow mindlessly who ever is in charge as his mind wonders of again.