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21 November 2004, 06:35 PM
One year after the Battle for Naboo and the Invasion of Theed, the galaxy is still in conflict. The Jedi Temple has summoned the five of you to Corouscant. You are all waiting in a room, silently, when the doors open, and none other than Jedi Masters Mace Windu, Yoda, and Ki-Adi Mundi walk in. Their presence demands exact attention, and perfect obedience. There is a wave of warmth that hits you as they enter, their aura of the force, wrapping you in its entirety. Master Yoda addresses you and informs you of two jedi on the planet Corellia. Tra-Pas Manu, a Cerean Jedi Master and Kora Sadrunn, his Twi'lek padwan, went to Corellia to answer a disturbance. The last transmission was almost ten days ago. Numerous efforts to contact the two jedi have turned up nothing, and the council is having trouble even sensing their existence. Mundi, a friend of Manu, tells you that Manu and himself are well connected in the force, having been through many hositle situations in their past. As he's saying this, you all experience small flashes of the two cereans, lightsabers drawn, battling many foes. If Manu had passed into the force, Mundi would have sensed it. Master Windu instructs you that the loss of two such jedi is not something that is simply passed over. He instructs you that you are to go to Corellia, and uncover the mystery behind the missing jedi. He also tells you that if there was a disturbance in that sector, be sure to resolve it, if the two jedi were undable to do so themselves. Yoda, Mundi, and Windu all nod in confidence, as Yoda tells you," Be quick, and thorough you must, if this mystery we are to solve. Go now, and with you, may the force, be."

22 November 2004, 12:06 AM
Idimur stood there, taking in the whole experience. The thick feeling of the force given off by the three masters gave him the feeling that he was going to do well on this mission. He looked at his fellow jedi who were to accompany him on their journey to Corellia. Corellia. He had never been there. He had only visited a few planets, and most of them was when he was young and still belonged to Kareel. Kareel. He missed her. She was his best friend, and even though he got to see her alot at the temple, this would be the first long journey he would take without his friend. He looked at the jedi standing beside them. He wondered, could they possibly serve the same connection that he established with her. He waited, and listened. He watched Master Windu. To Idimur, Windu was the pinnacle of the jedi. Though he wasn't as renound as Master Yoda, he still had an amazing reputation, and was far younger than that of the smaller being. Windu was the ultimate jedi weapon, he wielded his lighstaber like he was painting a masterpiece. Every stroke was placed, planned, perfectly executed. Idimur knew, one day, he woud become as Master Windu. Master Yoda had already told him of his great abilities with his own saber. He waited till the masters were done speaking and decided to put in his two cents as to how they would accomplish the task of getting to Corellia.

"Masters, how are we to reach Corellia? If the order were to provide a vessel, I'm sure I could pilot it to the planet. If the group has no objections, I'd be glad to fly us to Corellia."

Idimur waited. He waited for a response from anyone. His masters, his fellow jedi. He loved to pilot ships. He expressed a great talent for manuevering with almost any ship. Idimur tried to calm himself, and used the force to hide the fact that he was very nervous.

22 November 2004, 04:11 AM
"I do not have an objection, so that Idimur leads us to Corellia". He says by looking at Idimur. He is not a very good pilot. But it has several questions he would like to have answers, He never deal with the Dark side of the force. His Master spoke to him about this side of the force, He knows that he must control his emotion and concentrate on the nature of that mission. He raised his hand and asks a question.

"Do we have a contact on Corellia that can give us some information". He ask that question to everyone in the room and continue . " You says also that Manu does not have passed into the force, It’s possible of something could distort this filling". He addressed this question to Master Mundi, with a tremor in his voice. He is very to impress by the presence of three Jedi Masters.

22 November 2004, 01:54 PM
Jaia stands quietly listening, content to let the others ask the questions, and once again serene within the Force. She had had a few moments of anxiety when she realised that the five of them, padawans all, were being sent alone to Corellia. She had been especially worried about travelling from the temple without the reassuring presence of her Master Gon Rissh. These automatic concerns naturally had been quickly overridden by knowledge however, as she had been trained to do. The knowledge that with five of them being sent she wouldn't really be alone despite the absence of her Master, the knowledge that for five padawans to be sent alone like this was an indication of the council's trust in their abilities, and most of all the knowledge that Masters such as these three would never be sending them if it did not feel right in the Force. Once her anxieties had been allayed Jaia had been able to relax back into the warm pool of life that was the Force and there found the best reassurance of all; she could feel that the path just layed before them was one she was meant to tread.

23 November 2004, 01:08 PM
Klamath could not believe he is here, here in front of his role model Mace Windu, and he gives him a mission. I will not fail you! With such dreamy thoughts Klamath continue to listen rest of his companions as they make enquiry about two lost Jedis. Now is the chance that I test all that I been trained for with this thought Klamath wait for reply of Master Mundi

24 November 2004, 05:25 AM
Kain ponders the information he has just been given, and files it away for later use. He looks to the masters and asks "masters, if i may ask, whare on the planet were the jedi, and what actions are we authorized to take to find them?"

24 November 2004, 08:06 AM
Master Windu looks at the five jedi. Mundi and Yoda were almost out the door, but turn around once they hear the questions.

Master Windu-Jedi, since there seems to be no objections, Idimur shall be your pilot. We will provide an adequate vessel for you to reach Corellia. I have seen Idimur's skills as a pilot, and have very much faith in his abilities to make the journey to your destination.

Mundi steps next to Windu and addresses the next question made by Maldak
Mundi-There is a contact on Corellia waiting for you. We regret to say that he was the same informant for Manu and Sadrunn. We have not been able to contact him either, and we fear something terrible may have happened to the three of them.

Mundi ponders a bit at the next question, and looks to Yoda and Windu. The three look at each other for a few moments. Yoda then steps before the five jedi and answers second questions made by Maldak.

Yoda-Undetectable to the force, Manu is. Concerns me, this does. Can hide from the force, only one thing can. The darkside clouds everything.

Windu-There can be many reasons why Manu's force is not detected. Manu could simply be hiding his force for some reason. Perhaps there is someone on Corellia trying to find him, and this person is using the force somehow. Eventhough, Yoda, Mundi, and myself would still be able to detect his presence. Manu could also be unconcious somewhere. But you must still keep in mind that the Dark Side is very powerful, and if there is anything connected to it after Manu, his force will be undetectable until this darkness has fallen.

Mundi-Understand that if Manu had died, I would have sensed his passing. Such a death would have put me in a very vile state. His passing would bring me dangerously close to my own death, due to our psycological connection.

Windu looks to Klamath and his stern, unaltered face stares a blank impression.

Windu-I'm pleased with your confidence Klamath. I too hope you will not fail me. Understand that you have nothing to prove, and any emotions that may be aroused by the feeling to show us masters your abilities can not be all entirely good. Control your emotions, and be one with the force. You show passion in your studies, this can be good, but passion can lead you to the dark side. Be careful of what you do when you are feeling this emotion on Corellia.

Mundi and Yoda turn to Kain as he questions the three.

Mundi-The two jedi were answering a call to a small town located in the western hemisphere of Corellia. We will send a datapad with you, as well as several transmitters capable of giving and recieving any information you access, or need access to while on the planet. I last sensed Manu a little east of the town, and lost his impression the same time we lost their transmissions.

Yoda-[COLOR=green]Go now, my yound jedi. Wait for you, this journey will not. The missing jedi, you are to find, and with you, may the force be.

The three masters walk out the door, and a droid walks in and addresses the jedi.

Droid- Hello. I am instructed to take you to the hangar, and direct you to the vessel you will use on your trip. Please follow me.

The droid walks out the door. It leads you to the jedi hangar where you first encounter your ship. It is a decent sized ship.

Droid-It was specially designed for the jedi. Only one pilot is needed, and his has two gunner ports, to operate its twin laser canons. It is fully equipped and supplied for up to six people. I will not be attending your journey, but I am equipped with a transmitter which can be reached anywhere throughout the galaxy using the transmitters you have recieved. I can fetch information from the jedi archives, give you detailed layouts of planets and stars, and even help with your ships navigation. Simply plug the transmitter into the ship's holoprojector, and I will be able to do all astrogating and navplotting needed for the ship. The only thing I won't be able to assist you with is flying the ship. I trust you have already selected your pilot. The ship is ready to load up and take off whenever your group is ready. Pleasant journey to you all.

The droid walks off, and stands at a respectable distance as it waits for the characters to board the ship and take off.

24 November 2004, 07:23 PM
After being answered by all the masters and having heard what they had to say, he felt very confident that he would be up for this challenge. As they left, he wondered why they were being sent without their masters. The council must really have confidence in us he thought to himself. Hello, everyone. I'm Idimur. I guess we'll all be on the mission together. I wish they would've told us how to find our ship. Just as he says this, a shiny, chrome droid walked in and caught Idimur's attention. Idimur listened as the droid told him about their journey and their ship, and followed diligently as the droid led them to the hangar. The droid had a lot to say, and Idimur wasn't able to get every word of it. He was anxious to pilot, but knew that astrogating would be a problem. He was relieved to find that the droid would do all the navigating and astrogating for the ship. He was also happy to know that the droid would be at their becking call, whenever they needed information. Idimur walked onto the ship once the droid was done, and didn't even wait for the droid to say goodbye. Idimur found the cockpit right away, and sat right down in the pilot seat. Only one, Idimur thought to himself as he looked around to see no other pilot seats. Oh yeah, the droid said something about me being the only pilot. Good. No one to distract me. Man, I hope nothing hangs us up in space. I want to get to Corellia right away. Idimur had many thoughts running through his head. He was ready to take off, and simply waited. He had been so caught up in getting to his pilot seat, he didn't even realize that none of the group had even boarded yet.

24 November 2004, 08:13 PM
Maldak his satisfy and anxious by the answers of the Jedi Masters. Yoda and Windu, said something about the dark side could block the effects of the force and this is why we cannot feel the presence of the missing people.

This mission on Corellia will not be something simple achieve. But I hope that contact Master Mundi gives me will be able to help us in our research. If that contact still alive.

After the droid leads us to the ship, Maldak see Idimur walk in to the ship and go directly to the pilot seat. Maldak walked onto the ship and take a seat not to far from Idimur. “ I hope he will be able to control this ship”

25 November 2004, 12:49 AM
Klamath follow rest of the group thinking about words of Master Mace Windu. After a briefing with droid he continue and enter together with rest of the group in Ship. Once there he say: My name is Klamath Windwalker, I hope we will acomplish this mission with this he slightly nod to rest of the group and take a seat, waiting for a yournej to begin.

25 November 2004, 02:43 AM
Jaia walks sedately into the ship and before sitting goes to Idimur and lays a reassuring hand on his shoulder “Calm yourself Idimur. I know that you will do a fine job of piloting us, and am sure we will arrive as soon as we are meant to.” Then taking her seat she returns Klamath’s nod “Greetings Klamath, I am Jaia. With the Force as our ally I am sure that we will accomplish whatever needs to be done." She then sits calmly waiting for the remaining two of her new companions to introduce themselves, and for Idimur to take off once they are all aboard.

25 November 2004, 03:24 AM
When Kain, get in the ship, Maldak turn to his new companion and says. "Sorry for my silence companion , I try to assimilate every part of the mission. My name is Maldak Vong, I am very happy to be part of that mission with you. Force be with you".

25 November 2004, 06:21 AM
As the crew boards their ship for the first time, everyone finally introduces themselves, and they are all noticably ready to begin their journey. The droid taps into the ships computer, and his voice comes in over the intercom.

Droid-I have entered the proper coordinates into your ship. Your astrogating will be done whenever it is needed, and all the information will be sent straight to the ship by me. All you need to do is to pilot the ship there. I trust you are ready, then take off.

As the ship fires itself up, yes, the ship turns itself on, and begins to fire up the engines on its own, most likely controlled by the droid. It arises from the ground. Idimur slowly pilots the ship through the hangar with perfect precision. The ship roars out of the hangar and up into the skies of Corouscant. As they fly, Idimur's skills are apparent as he easily dodges many ships and vessels while flying through the Corouscant traffic. As they exit the atmosphere of Corouscant, they see the beautiful planet from far off. There is alot of information filing through the holoprojector. Text is flying through the projections and is almost too fast to read anything. Suddenly a map of the galaxy pops up, and there are two hilighted planets as well as a red dot, most likely representing where the ship is. A dotted line is shown as the point between both planets.

Droid-I have given the ship a planned course of travel. If you follow this course, you will encounter minimal danger. You will not be able to take another course of travel, as if you get of course, the ship will begin to make its way back to the predetermined plan.

The trip to Corellia is not that long, the ship is quite fast, and after only one hyperspace jump, you are there within ten minutes. The holoprojector shows a diagram of Corellia, and marks a spot where the town is that made the orginal call of disturbance. The masters told you to report there first. Idimur has piloted the ship with ease, and his landing is almost better than that of the professional Republic pilots. The ship lands in the docking bay of the town, and the door automatically opens once the ship is securely on the ground.

Droid-You have done exceptionally well at piloting the ship there. You are to now find a being by the name of Tot Okeen. He is the one who will help you with your mission. I have tried to locate his transmitter, but it seems to be gathering only static, so it is either off, or destroyed.

The knowledge that your contact is, uncontactable, may provide some difficulty in getting the information you need. You all have a hard task ahead of you. You will need faith in your fellow jedi, bravery, balance in the force, and most of all you will need exceptional teamwork.

As the door opens and you all exit, you look around Corellia. As you scan the town, you realize one little thing. Kain is nowhere to be found. He is simply missing. You have been on the planet for five seconds, and already you have lost a member of your party. Maybe what you're dealing with is far more powerful than you could imagine.

27 November 2004, 08:34 AM
Idimur has many thoughts going through his head throughout the flight. He is surprised at how simple it is to pilot the ship they were provided with. He is offered no challenge at all. He is pleased to meet most of the crew, but there is something dark with them. He doesn't have the abilities to place it yet, so he continues to pilot the ship.
After landing on Corellia, he smiles at his accomplishment. My first interplanetary flight, successful. He has many thoughts running through his head. He exits the ship before anyone. He is quite anxious to see Corellia, as he has never seen more than a handful of planets that he stowed away on during Kareel's missions. Even then, he never left the ship, for fear of being left behind. I wonder what Kareel is doing right now? He missed her. He surveyed Corellia as the rest of the crew unboarded. He scanned around, and noticed that they were one man short. Who is missing? There were five of us. We have lost one. Who is it, and where are they? Tell them to get off the ship, its time to get moving. Idimur was anxious to get on with the mission, and didn't want to have to wait for a straggler.

27 November 2004, 02:56 PM
Before the trip begin, Maldak have some question on idimur ability of controlling the ship, but after the ballet through the Corouscant traffic. He knows his a very good pilot. The landing on Corellia docking bay was smooth. The door open automatically, and Maldak verify the name of the contactthe Droid told us, is the same of what he have from the Master Jedi. “ Tot Okeen , I have no idea what species is that guys”. He fallows the others outside the ship to begin scanning the town. But he notice something. “Where is Kain”. I remember him get in the ship and I talk to him also. We maybe have a problem.

27 November 2004, 05:09 PM
Having waited for everyone else to exit before making her own way off the ship, Jaia knew that Kain wasn't still on board. "Idimur, Kain is not merely lagging behind on the ship. Therefore he has disappeared to somewhere on planet." I wonder how he disappeared so quickly and stealthily. Judging by the fact that everyone is surprised by his absence I assume that noone saw him go. I suggest we continue with the mission and trust in the Force to see us reunited in due time." She says calmly. Then looking at each of her companions "any objections?"

28 November 2004, 01:54 PM
Klamath nod, he did not like either disaperance of Kain , but they have mission and it is time to move on.

28 November 2004, 03:55 PM
As you all realize that Kain has mysteriously disappeared. You recieve a transmission from the ship. The droid has sent you a small gathering of information regaurding the contact.

[Transmission Recieved]
[Transmission Ended]

As the characters read their newly discovered information, they know they are now looking for a Twi'lek contact, and have been given a very rough description. They are greeted by a small human child, who offers to show them around the town.

Child-Hello. I'm Teran Vassek. What are your names? Are you here for the festival? Or are you here for the arena tournament? What are you doing here? Do you need a place to stay? Do you need someone to show you around? I could show you around. Are you looking for something? For someone? For someplace? Just ask me. Teran knows everthing about anything here in the Kerran District.

The child is very energetic, and barrages the characters with many questions. He grabs Jaia's hand, and starts to pull her.

Come on. Follow me. I'll show you to the cantina. There you can rest, and we can talk about what you're doing here, and what you need help with. Come on.

The child continues to pull Jaia with him, keeping a firm grasp on her wrist, he wrenches his body forward, pulling Jaia along, much like a child trying to pull his mother to show her something he wants. He points the cantina.

Come on. Hurry. The cantina is right over there. I'll tell you everything you need to know. Bring you're pet too, they allow animals in the cantina. They'll give him some food for free if he's hungry.

The child makes a remark as he turns to point to Idimur, referring to him as the character's pet.

28 November 2004, 07:13 PM
Idimur begins to open his mouth to scold the child and inform him of exactly what he is, as his fur begins to get a tinge of black in it. The one thing that has always bothered him has been when people mistake him for a common housepet. Wait. Perhaps this could be a good thing. He thinks I'm a pet. Maybe this could be a good advatage if something goes down. Besides, I don't think we need to announce our presence. I don't think Jedi are the most liked people in the galaxy. Idimur has thought that perhaps allowing people to believe that he is a simple housepet could be a good way to decieve someone in a fight. So he goes along with it, despite having felt disgust for the child. I need to calm myself. My fur is already changing. Can't let anyone see that, especially if they are familiar with a kushiban. I need to keep my emotions under control. He grits his teeth, and is able to force out a pathetic Puuuuurrrrrr. Oh for Odan-Urr's sake. I can't believe I just purred. This child better give us some good information, and the guys better appreciate what I'm doing. I hope I don't have to hear about this when we get back. He shoots a quick glance at the other members of the group. An look of disgust. Kind of a "don't you dare tell anyone" thing. He lets out another Puuuuurrrrrr, and begins to trot behind Jaia, on all fours. Like a beast. I'm walking like a filthy beast. I hope they are getting a great laugh out of this on the inside. I hope that child doesn't ask for any money. the things I do to keep our cover. Idimur puts on a little smile, and begins following Jaia like he belongs to her.

28 November 2004, 08:04 PM
Maldak have to control his emotion. He want to laugh after the child thinks Idimur his only a pet. But we need to be careful and not shows are emotion. Idimur in a pet could give to us a good advantage. We need to be very careful and hide are real intention.

For now, we have to fallow the child in the cantina and perhaps find the information we need for are mission. Maldak turn to Jaia , idimur and the others and says. “Yes child we can go with you in the cantina, but because you seem to know a lot of people and think on this planet. Do you know a Twi’lek name Tot Okeen”. His finish with a big smile. He never us the force, because the dark side could feel that .

29 November 2004, 12:25 AM
Jaia smiles at Teran's energy and allows herself to be pulled along towards the cantina. When she sees Idimur's response to the boy's assumption she frowns at him momentarily, I don't really think that's necessary - but then it is his choice, before resuming her smile. "So many questions little one" said with a little chuckle. "I am Jaia and this," gesturing towards Idimur, "is Idimur. It sounds like there is a lot on here at the moment. Tell me what is this festival you mentioned?"

30 November 2004, 10:27 AM
As the group follows the boy, he stops at the door and turns to the characters.

Boy-Here. We'll go around back. That way we can slip past the line to enter, and can seat ourselves. Come on, I do it all the time.

He turns to an alley behind the cantina, and walks into it. He looks down the alley, and motions for the characters to follow, as he keeps a firm grip on Jaia's hand. He pulls her along into the alley. After the characters make their way behind the cantina, they realize there is no doors or windows of anykind leading into the cantina.

Boy-Okay, now that we are out of site, I can give you the information. I couldn't be too sure about this. There are dark spies everywhere.

As he says this, he walks behind a large waste container, and walks back out from it...as a Twi'lek in his jedi robes.

Twi'lek-No, I'm not a jedi. I once was. I used my Illusion abilities to make everyone think I was a child so they wouldn't see me. It is very dangerous for jedi in these parts lately. I wouldn't go around telling anyone. I'm Tot Okeen. I'm the contact you are supposed to meet. Any questions you have I'll answer for you now. But be quick, they might be watching.

Tot looks around as he makes the statement about spies, and people watching. He has declared that he is the character's contact, and is obviously hiding from something, or someone.

Oh, and that is one poor try at hiding your force sensitivity little one. You'll have to do better than that if you want to stay alive in these parts. You all will have to do better at hiding your force.

Tot smiles as he points to Idimur with the first remark. But his face grows serious as he looks at the rest of the group, giving his second piece of advice.

30 November 2004, 12:52 PM
Klamath was completly suprised when Tot Okeen present himself, he did not expect somethink like that: oh, you fool us completly he continue to stare into him. Altrough he see many times Illusion on work he did not expect to find it here. After that he focuses more on the force and look around. Please tell us what is going on around here?

30 November 2004, 03:04 PM
Idimur is shocked at the ability of Tot's deceptive Illusion. He begins to think about the connection witht the force the Twi'lek must posess to be able to hide such power. His thinking soon turns to disgust as he realizes something. Hey! Idimur says in kind of a whisper. If you knew I was a jedi too, why did you make that degrading pet remark. That was quite unneccessary. Idimur crosses his arms and shakes his head as his statement is made. I can't believe he did that. That was sooo cruel. He knew all along I was a jedi. And he still led me to believe I was decieving him. I walked like a beast, all for nothing. Soooo cruel. Idimur's thoughts wonder on, but nothing has really been hurt, just Idimur's pride. Ahh. I'm letting it get to me again. Kareel warned me of my pride. She said it could lead me to parts of the force that are not meant for a jedi to linger into. I must learn to shake off my proud exterior. He probably didn't even mean anything by it. Idimur's thoughts help him see his own mistakes, as he returns to a more serene state.

30 November 2004, 03:59 PM
The real form of that child stunned Maldak. Poor Idimur play has a pet for nothing. Maldak was not happy also. He usually deciphers this kind of magic trick. Tot Okeen is probably a master in that illusion. I must control my emotion . Sorry for my stupidity Tot. I am happy that you are still alive. The Jedi council did not have any sign of your presence. So, do you have information on the disappeared people?

1 December 2004, 02:27 AM
Jaia stares wide eyed as Tot emerges. He must be very strong in the Force. Dark Spies everywhere? The situation must be even worse than we suspected. "Excuse me for asking what may be a stupid question, but how can we be sure that you really are Tot Okeen? After all if you can do such a good illusion of a human child you can just as easily do another in order to impersonate him, couldn't you?" Jaia asks somewhat timidly.

1 December 2004, 11:16 AM
Tot-First of all, there is no festival. There is no card tournament. I said that all to get you to follow me. I made it up so you would think that I knew alot about what was going on in town, and you would end up paying attention to me. I know many of you are baffled at my ablilty to hide my self from you, as well as sense that all of you were jedi. I apoligize Idimur, I meant nothing by it, I needed you to believe I wasn't on to your presence. Very odd things have been happening around here. Ten years ago, I left the jedi ranks to live here on Corellia. One day, a child turned out to be missing. He was maybe only three years of age. I tried to investigate on my own personal time, but was baffled when a second went missing during my investigation. I notified Corouscant and asked for two jedi to come help me investigate. A cerean by the name of Manu, and his padawan named Sadrunn arrived a few days later.
Together we began our investigation. We were able to track one of the suspects to a home, and by use of Manu's telepathy, determine who the next target was. Manu and Sadrunn asked me to watch the home while they went to find the next child. I sat watch on that house all night, and saw nothing leave, yet the next day, it was reported that the child was in fact abducted. I tried to find Manu and Sadrunn, but all I could come up with was Sadrunn's robes shredded as if with a lightsaber. A few feet away was her comlink, destroyed. There was no sign of Manu, but there was much sign of a struggle. After that day I raced to my home, only to find it ransacked, and my own transmitter was missing. With no way of contacting Corouscant, I began to hear rumors that jedi were to blame. Knowing that jedi were being falsely accused, I began hiding, under the belief that my presence would only get me into a deeper conflict. I knew that no contact to Corouscant would eventually produce more jedi to help me. I trust you have a transmitter on you or aboard your ship. I need information on this, because there seems to be more behind this plot.
It seems that this is not the first time that children have gone missing in the Kerran District. Turns out, fifteen years ago, the same incident happened, only who ever came to investigate was able to stop the kidnappings, but not after permanently losing four children. I need to know what happened fifteen years ago, and who investigated the disturbance back then. Can I use your transmitter? You do have a transmitter don't you? Do you not believe the story? Do you not believe I am Tot? If you don't believe me we can check with the temple itself. I have knowledge of the contact password that only Tot could know.

Tot looks very worried while telling you all this. The dissapearance of a jedi is one thing, but the loss of both a jedi and her master, that is a tragedy. The characters are left to decide what to do.

1 December 2004, 05:31 PM
After much speculation, and taking in all of what Tot had to say. Idimur begins to try to make an assumption of what could possibly be going on. He thinks to himself I wonder, perhaps the robes and comlink could have been a decoy. Maybe Manu is in on it. No. A jedi such as Manu could not be able to go against the jedi. I must not think such things. Idimur wants some more information on what Tot found at the house, or at least some more information on Manu. We have a transmitter in the ship, Tot. I think it would be wise for you to contact the temple so they know you are okay. I think we should go to the ship now. You said only three have been abducted. If we act fast, perhaps we can figure this out, and save the fourth. Idimur has begun to use his logic instead of his emotions. They must hurry, if we are to save the fourth child, we must discover what is behind this, and if it has kidnapped, or worse, killed master Manu and his padawan. His thoughts racing, he waits for a reply from Tot and the rest of the group.

1 December 2004, 08:05 PM
The revelations of Tot says something to us more on the circumstances of the disappearance of Master Manu and Sadruun the padawan. What disturbs me in all that story, it is that other disappearances took place after this event. Children disappeared. Why? Maldak has problem to believe of Master Manu has something with these disappearances. But it is questioned why Tot found only traces of Sadrunn and not Master Manu. In what kind of mission are we. It look at Tot and says. "Idimur is right we must join the temple". Maldak is however very confused, There exist a possibility that Tot his the source of all that. I must be careful.

1 December 2004, 11:31 PM
Jaia stands silently shocked by Tot's revelations. Vanishing jedi, kidnapped children and jedi being blamed. Things are indeed much worse than I could have suspected. She says nothing, content with the course of action proposed and seeing no need to add further delay by commenting further on what they had been told.

2 December 2004, 12:20 AM
Klamath look at Tot and try to sense where his words true trough force. Force will tell me is he speaking the truth. than he agree with rest of the group and sugest that they move to the ship, and tell Tot: maybe is the best for you to keep your cover and again asume childish apperance.

((OOC: can I make wisdom or some other check to probe him and see if he is telling the truth))

2 December 2004, 02:01 PM
Tot follows the characters back to the ship, once again under his child illusion. Once on the ship, the characters show him to the transmitter, where he makes his contact with the temple.

Tot-This is once Jedi Master Tot Okeen, asking to speak with the Master Mundi of the Jedi Council.

Droid-Very well sir, I will patch you in to the jedi Council chambers. There you may speak with all of the Jedi Council

Tot-That will be fine.

There is an awkward pause as the droid connects the transmitter to the Jedi Council Chamber room. After a few seconds of silence, a screen in the ship flips on, and you can see a wide panel view of the council chamber room. There in the middle of the room, stood the three masters as before. Standing in the background was the rest of the Jedi Council.

Yoda-Master Tot Okeen, alive and well, I am relived to see. Manu's presence, sense I do not.

Tot-It is good to see you to master Yoda. I am sorry to say that Master Manu has gone missing, as well as his young padawan, and three children. I fear that without your help, I will lose another child to this entity as well.

Windu-We are eager to help you in any way that we can. What is it you are in need of?

Tot-I need information on the disappearance of four children, some fifteen years ago in this same sector of Corellia. I need to know their names, and where they were abducted.

Mundi-I'm sure we would be glad to give you all the information you need. But before we can do anything, we need to hear the jedi contact password you were given at the beginning of the assignment. Without the password, I'm afraid none of us are allowed to help you, by law of the jedi tradition.

Tot-Very well. The galaxy will live in tranquility if certain matters are a bit overlooked or unheard.

Mundi-Perfectly recited. Before I give you any information though, I need to know what has happened to Master Manu and his padawan Kora Sadrunn.

Tot-The two dissapeared while we were investigating. I discovered Sadrunn's robes and comlink, both destroyed. There was no trace of Manu, and no sensing him either. I fear that what has taken the children, may have taken Manu and his padawan. I also fear that perhaps whatever they encountered, very well may have killed them.

Mundi-I see. Well, the information you have asked for will take some time to find. We know you are running out of time, so we will have our scholars get on researching that right away. Anything else you need master Tot Okeen?

Tot-No. Unless the padawans have something to say?

Tot looks at the characters, wondering if there are any questions.

((OOC:The Sense Motive used by Klamath gives him little sense of what Tot is really thinking. He only gets a hint of his intentions, which seem to be goo.))

2 December 2004, 02:18 PM
Actually, I would like to know a little about the kidnappings fifteen years ago. Who was the jedi to investigate that disturbance. And did they report who was doing the kidnappings, or how they stopped them? Also, no disrespect to Master Manu, but I would like a background check on him, and his padawan. Where they are from, when they first met, and what did their last transmission say? I hope that is not too much information to ask. Something just doesn't fit right. I assume from the password that Tot gave, that he is the real Tot. Teachings of Odan-Urr. I remember reading that passage many times during my studies. I hope they don't think that this is a matter that should be overlooked. The dissapearance of children is very serious. Especially when it is the second time. Idimur thinks to himself about the possiblities of what could be going on. He awaits an answer from the masters.

2 December 2004, 05:07 PM
Maldak have just one question for the council. He says. Member of the council or Master Tot, Do we have a Map of the area, with that we could try to see whether disappearances are in the same area and perhaps maximize our research. Idimur raised all the other questions, which he already had in mind. I hope all the information asked by Master Tot and Idimur will arrive very quickly, because we have no time. More we wait and thin is the chances to find alive Master Manu and is padawan Kora Sadrunn

2 December 2004, 05:45 PM
Klamath stand little more on the side and continue to look at Tot, he is still not sure is he perrson who they have to meet.

2 December 2004, 07:49 PM
As Tot, Idimur and Maldak talk to the Council Jaia stands silently, eyes closed and only partially aware of the conversation as she relaxes into the Force. This has long since been her habit, partially for the reassurance its contant presence gives her and partly so as to be sure not to miss any guidance it might be trying to give her. She continues to stand like that, 'listening' to the Force for the duration of the others' conversation with the Council. She sees little point of them all bombarding the COuncil with questions, and trusts the others to ask all that is needed to be asked.

3 December 2004, 10:15 AM
Mundi-All of this information we can provide within a a few hours. We will get the background search on the last disturbance if that is what you request young padawan Idimur. I don't undertand why you want a background check on Manu and Sadrunn. Surely you don't think they are in any way involved in the kidnappings. But if it is a background check you need to find them, then I suppose I can get one for you as well.

Yoda-Much I have sensed in the moments passed. A dark presence, I feel eastward. Discover this darkness, you must.

Windu-Padawans, your new assignment has been declared. Padawans Idimur and Maldak are to go to eastern disturbance. We will have the droid upload a map of the area setting a red dot on the place the disturbance was felt. Tot, you are to take Jaia and Klamath and try to find the other child before he or she is abducted. I too sense a dark presence, but not in the same eastern location Master Yoda has sensed. Jaia, Tot, Klamath, I am having a map sent to you too, this time, with a black dot where I sense the darkness. It is in the city. It is very weak, so try to get there fast.

Yoda-Go now, and with you, may the force be.

The transmission is ended, and your personal datapads all begin to beep. The new maps have been uploaded, and your new assignment objectives have been declared. It is an hour away from dark, and you are running out of time. Idimur and Maldak are to go east, to find a disturbance that Yoda has pointed out, while Jaia and Klamath, are to follow Tot, to investigate a dark presence in the city. The characters must now decide what to do.

4 December 2004, 06:39 AM
Now with a clear objective Klamath is much more certain what to do. Master Tot let's get going, time is running out and we have people to protect, please where we will start? With this Klamath tight his brlt little and look at them.

5 December 2004, 12:02 AM
Opening her eyes again Jaia responds to Klamath with "We start by making haste to the indicated location," activating her pad and bringing up the map as she speaks. "Master Windu said we should move quickly." Glancing at the map she leaves the ship, moving rapidly, trusting Klamath and Tot to follow.

6 December 2004, 08:06 AM
Idimur pulls his datapad from his robes, and it flips on, displaying an image of the Kerran District. On the screen are both dots the masters had spoke of. He understood that he was to go to the one to the east. He looked at MaldakWell. We should move quickly. We have a good distance to cover. Jaia, Klamath, Tot, May the force be with you. Man, it looks like this might be way out there. We had better hurry. Idimur went running off, on all fours, the fastest way he knew possible. He looked back to see that the other three were making their way off to their location, and to make sure that Maldak was right behind him.

6 December 2004, 09:27 AM
Maldak verify the informations he receives on his datapad. “We have to go East Idimur”. After some exchange with the other Jedi, Maldak start his journey with Idimur. He tries to stay behind him, but Idimur is very fast when he starts to running. “ Idimur, not to fast, I have only two feet, I don’t want to lose your trail”. Maldak look back and see the other three making their way off to their location. “Force protects us and the other group".

7 December 2004, 05:56 AM
The two groups part. Idimur leads the way eastward, with Maldak frantically trying to keep up, while Jaia tries to lead the other group to their designated location. Tot and Klamath follow, but Tot quickly jumps ahead, darting in and out of alleyways.

Tot-Follow me. I know a faster route.

Idimur and Maldak run far east, out of the city, and hit a thick wilderness. The two jedi keep moving quickly to cover as much ground as they can. The trip is long, and there is little time.

Jaia and Klamath are quick to follow Tot, as he weaves in and out of alleys, and streets, and the like, they almost lose him once or twice. Their destination is far on the other side of town.

{One Hour Has Passed.}

Idimur and Maldak happen upon a cave. It is dark now, but the two have enough moonlight to see the entrance to what seems to be a deep cavern. The opening is extremely large. And at the entrance there is a rough statue of a man in a robe. It is a very rough carving, and takes a while to realize exactly what it is.

Meanwhile, Tot suddenly stops running, he lifts his hand to signal to stop. He looks at his datapad.

Tot-It says that the disturbance came from around this general vicinity. I don't understand.

Tot looks at the datapad with puzzlement as the group looks around and finds themselves in a dark, secluded alleyway.

Tot-There's nothing but trash and old freighter crates here. This is no more than a place for the homeless. What could have caused a disturbance here? You two wait here, I'm going to get a look around. Call if you see anything suspicious.

Tot looks around the alley, he spies an empty freighter crate. In one great act of agility and power, he leaps on the crate, and atop a roof about four meters high. He disappears over the edge of the roof, and Jaia and Klamath are left to see what they can find in the abandoned alley.

Out in the wilderness, Idimur and Maldak are studying the statue and the entrance to the cave. Suddenly, a foreboding feeling comes over them, as they get a heavy sickness in the pit of their stomach. They feel a dark presence, coming from around fifty meters back the way they came. It is like a boulder, sitting in the very base of their stomachs. Its wrenching feeling lets them know that it is powerful.

The two groups are left to do their investigating. One has been left by their guide to try to discover what made the dark presence felt by Master Windu, while the others have experienced the power of darkness Master Yoda spoke of, and are left to deal with the problem that they are faced with in the wilderness.

What will the characters do?

[[OOC:Jaia and Klamath had to make spot checks, four each to be exact, which were all succeeded. The two also had to make Sense Force checks along with Tot, all of which failed. Idimur and Maldak only had to take ten on their Sense Force checks, to get the dark feeling they percieved. Get ready for some fun.]]

7 December 2004, 08:31 AM
We better be ready when Tot returns say Klamath to Jaia and prepare himself for what is comming.

((OOC: Battlemind and Enhance ability(strenght) in this round for me))

7 December 2004, 09:59 AM
Idimur can feel the presence of the dark side, and it is quite powerful. He grabs his stomach to help fight off the feeling of the dark sickness. After wrenching the pain away, he looks up, in the direction he senses the disturbance. Come, Maldak. There is something out there. We must go. We have business to attend to. Maldak and I must overcome this dark presence, and destroy it if necessary. Such a terrible sickness could only be made by such a powerful entity. But if it is that powerful, why could we sense it? Could it not hide its power from us? Yes, it could. It wants us to find it. So find it, we shall. He looks to Maldak This entity is powerful. But it wants us to find it Maldak. You must realize that. It is more powerful than either of us, so we must come together if we are to defeat it. Be ready, we shall find the darkness, and destroy it. Lets go. After saying this to Maldak, Idimur turns, and slowly trots to the disturbance, not in any rush, as to refrain from falling into an ambush.

Ooc: Idimur is now in a hustle.

7 December 2004, 12:46 PM
"Yes, we must stay alert. Jaia responds to Klamath. Meanwhile, using the force to assist her she begins to methodically make her way around the alley they are in searching for any clue as to what brought them to this place.

[OOC: uses Enhance Senses]

7 December 2004, 02:04 PM
Like Idimur, Maldak feel also the presence of the dark side. The feeling is very powerful. Maldak fall on is knee with a powerful stomach sickness. I have to fight that pain and concentrate on my task. He go on his feet and continue and talk to is body Jedi. You are right Idimur, we must find it and merge are power together to defeat it. That’s are only chance of successes. Maldak continue to walk with Idimur to the disturbance, but not without his stomach pain.

(OCC: Sense Force checks ,We have to stop the pain...)

7 December 2004, 04:44 PM
Jaia and Klamath ready themselves for anything that could come their way. As Jaia states they must be ready for anything, she uses the force to raise her senses. This action is just in time as she hears someone behind her.

Voice-Jedi. He told us you would come. You will not stop us in our task. Make sure they don't leave this alley...alive.

As this is said, Jaia and Klamath see two dark figures fly from the shadows into the alley. Jaia is able to see the other two jump atop a roof and vanish. The two figures are garbed in black robes, and have black hoods covering their faces. One raises his head, and a crooked smile is all that can be seen from under his hood. The two figures are instantly ignited, as Jaia and Klamath see two red sabers burn to life.

Idimur and Maldak are able to shake off the effects of the dark disturbance, but continue to follow it to a small clearing against a cliffside. They approach the cliffside reaching the point the darkness is coming from. Suddenly there is the sound of a woman's voice, soft, and confident.

Woman-Well. You have come after all. I was beginning to worry that nobody would come at all. I actually thought there would be nothing to oppose us this time. Oh well. Time to have some fun. Have you met my children?

As the woman states this, there is a prominent growl comming from behind her, and as if they were summoned out of nothing, two massifs appear from behind the woman.

Woman-Place nice children. Don't kill the poor jedi children too quickly. Make them suffer. Hahahaha!

The woman vanishes into the darkness, and the feeling of a dark presence is all but gone. But the two massifs are not.

The characters are all faced with a hostile situation. Two Massifs threaten Idimur and Maldak, while two unknown lightsaber wielders oppose Jaia and Klamath. And Tot is nowhere to be found. The fun begins.

[[OOC: For combat purposes, the two characters are four meters apart from each other in each case. In the wilderness, the battle will take place in a circular clearing sixteen meters in diameter. In the alley way, the alley is twenty by eight meters, and a the opponents are standing three meters from the entrance to the alley. The characters are also ten meters from their opponents in each case. Klamath succeeded in his Battlemind and Enhance Ability checks giving him a +2 for BM, and a +4 to STR for EA. Jaia gained a +4 for her ES check.

Also, Initiative results are as follows:
Alleyway Battle: Jaia 21, Dark Being A 18, Klamath 15, Dark Being B 14.
Wilderness Battle: Idimur 25, Maldak 22, Massif A 19, Massif B 11.

In the two battles Jaia and Idimur are up first. So I would like it if these two could post first. The groups are in different situations, so the initiative rolls only apply to those they are in combat with. Don't bother with the other groups results. Just want to make sure. I know you're all smart. Let's get it on!]]

8 December 2004, 11:01 AM
Idimur looks at the two beasts and grins. So its fun they want. Well, fun we can give them. Maldak, if you can, don't kill them, just keep them from killing you. Only end them if necessary. Idimur prepares for the enemies about to come. I can feel the force run through me. With it, I shall overcome.

(Ooc- Enhance Ability for DEX, selects Massif A as his dodge opponent.)

8 December 2004, 01:36 PM
Jaia reluctantly ignites her lightsaber and assumes a defensive stance, the green blade held in front of her. As she does so she says in as friendly a tone as she can muster "There is no need for this. Would you not rather discuss the problem?"

[OOC: using Total Defense action]

8 December 2004, 04:00 PM
Maldak is now in front of two massifs beasts. After Idimur ignites his lightsaber, Maldak to the same. The two green blades are now ready for a fight. “Don’t worry Idimur , their mother will not recognize them after we have finish with it”. He prepared his attack for an imminent attack. “Ok Maldak feel the force, use you instinct”

(OOC: Enhance Ability, Massif A, Deflect (defense) on opponents attack)

9 December 2004, 05:43 AM
In the alley, Jaia's lightsaber ignites a brilliant green, and she tries to dissolve the situation.

Dark Being A-Ha! This has to happen, the jedi must pay. And they will start with you.

The opponent charges Jaia and brings a mighty slash with his saber. Jaia, having readied her own defenses, easily deflects the blow.

Meanwhile in the wilderness, Idimur and Maldak bring their sabers to life. Idimur, who is now more dexterous with the force, is ready for whatever the Massifs can bring. Massif A lets out a huge roar, and charges Idimur. It snaps its teeth hard, but Idimur easily dodges the creature. Massif B growls and waits for its counterpart to draw blood. B is reasonably smaller, and looks as if it is waiting for the first blow to be struck, before it jumps into the fray. It sits there, growling at Maldak, snapping its jaws.

[OOC: Jaia's defense easily overcomes the attack result of the Dark Being's charge result of 18. Idimur, also easily defeats the Massifs charge result of 21. Maldak gets a +4 bonus to whatever stat he needed(you didn't specify DEX or STR). His deflect(defense) is noted, and will happen upon the first enemy attack to him. When you say Massif A, do you mean that is your dodge opponent? Maldak does not have the dodge feat yet. Please clarify in an OOC post next time. Now Klamath, and the final Dark Being go.]

9 December 2004, 05:57 AM
Watching as Dark sider charge Jaia Klamath prepare himself for action, He move into position behind Dark Being A trying to flank him and once there he strike him holding his lightsaber with both hands.

(OOC: my curent attack modifier is +11 (+2 Battlemind, + 2 strenght (result of Enhance ability) and + 7 BAB + STR. My damage modifier is +6 using LS with 2 hands and temo STR mod. of 18.)

9 December 2004, 10:00 AM
As his much larger opponent attempts to strike, Idimur easily jumps to the side, and looks at the beast. He quickly reacts with a powerful swing to the neck of the creature. Such a noble try, beast!

[OOC: I use my Agile Riposte feat to take a free AoO against the Massif, attack bonus +13(+4BAB, +8 DEX, +1SZ). +8 DEX due to +3 bonus from Enhance Ability.]

9 December 2004, 11:39 AM
Maldak check the Smaller massif for any movement. and a same time he take a small look to Idimur. And says. "Everything ok Idimur, I take care of the small massif". The small massif continue to growls at Maldak.

(OCC: Sorry I take care of the Massif B , and it was Enhance Ability DEX and no I do not have dodge feat)

10 December 2004, 08:09 AM
Klamath steadily swings a mighty blow to the Darksider, bringing his lightsaber down in a slashing manner, wielding it with both hands like an axe. The darksider narrowly deflects the saber, but only by exerting much of his own energy. The other Darksider smiles and laughs.

Darksider B-Pathetic Jedi. You'll pay for that one.

The opponent holds his hand up, fingers spread, then suddenly begins to close them. Slowly, his outsprawled hand becomes a wretched claw. Klamath suddenly feels something wrenching in his chest, like someone was squeezing his heart, purging it of all life. Klamath has not felt such pain before. He fights against the onslaught brought upon him by this dark manuever, and soon it is over, but only by the use of his own impending efforts.

Meanwhile in the wilderness, Idimur jumps to the side of the large Massif who just expertly whiffed on his attempt to crush the little jedi in his jaws. Idimur responds quickly with a swing to the animal's neck. In half a second the animal is sent to its doom, and as the head rolls, its body goes limp.

The Darksiders in the alley have made their moves, and demonstrated their dark power. The first Massif has been punished with extreme prejudice, and the battle is only beginning. In the alleyway Jaia, Klamath, and the Darksider are all together in a cluster of flashing lightsabers, as the Dark counterpart looks on, unleashing his wrath from afar, and still no Tot. In the clearing, Idimur and Maldak are left with just one opponent. How interesting this is becoming.

[OOC: Okay, here's what happened stat-wise. Klamath, due to your amazing bonuses, you struck a huge blow, but it was not enough to hit WP, but you did give the Darksider a hefty burden. That swing of yours brought him down 18VP. Not bad. However, Darksider B unleashed a powerful Force Grip on you, which you did not save successfully, dropping you a good 15WP. Jaia is up in that battle.
For the wilderness fight. This one was exciting. Idimur, on your Agile Riposte's AoO, you rolled a 19. A possible critical. Due to your EA bonus giving you an amazing +13 melee attack bonus, you easily defeated the Massif's defense. On your critical you dealt a whopping 15WP. That was enough to end the enemy. Man were you lucky. I hate it when the characters foil my plans like that. Anyways, the round is up, time for Jaia and Idimur to respond. Man is this a good fight.]

10 December 2004, 10:07 PM
"Very well then, if you insist that we settle this through violence then so be it" Jaia comments as she takes a swing at the darksider while he is distracted by Klamath's attack.

13 December 2004, 07:29 AM
Such a waste. She thought highly of these beasts. A pity. If that was supposed to defeat me, perhaps this darkness isn't as powerful as I thought. Then again, this could always be another trap. Idimur looks at the dead beast he just struck down, and turns to the remaining foe. He decides to be on his guard to the best of his abilities. He sticks his saber out in front of him, in a strong defensive position, firmly standing his ground.

{Ooc: Idimur has now changed to Massif B as his dodge target, and has decided to use the total defense action.}

14 December 2004, 06:26 AM
In the alley, Jaia decides that the only way left to deal with the enemy, is to end him. She swings hard, but does not strike. Her swipe is easily dodged by the darksider, who in return brings down a powerful blow aimed at Jaia. Jaia is able to intercept it with her blade, but it was not easy.

Darksider A-Ha. You jedi are not as strong as you think you are. We will finish you quicker than expected.

Darksider B-Jorn, do not toy with them anymore. Master may need our help with the child. Hurry up and finish it.

Jorn (Darksider A)-Fine. Just when I was having some fun, you have to go and ruin it.

In the wilderness, Idimur's stance is firm, and his defense has prominently increased.

[[OOC: Okay, Jaia, your attack failed. Sorry, but your result was a whopping 7. His attack however was right on target, literally matching your defense. You suffered a loss of 15 VP. You're still in it. So you two need to work out a strategy. Idimur, total defense has been noted. Maldak, make a move, you're up. Klamath too.]]

14 December 2004, 07:08 AM
Altrough heavily wounded Klamath decide to attack again same Darksider A. He move again in position to flank him and strike.

14 December 2004, 06:04 PM
Maldak think, I had enough of that beast. “Idimur be ready”. With the force, he moves a medium stone towards the animal. In the same time Maldak attack the massif on the head. After that he move out of rang of the massif.

(OCC: Move Object, attack massif B )

15 December 2004, 07:41 AM
In the alley, Klamath summons the strength to swing his saber at the Darksider, Jorn. As his saber cuts air, the villain is able to deflect the swing with a fancy maneuver, but it was a little to close for comfort.

Jorn-Don't just stand there you idiot! Do something!

Darksider B-But I thought you were having fun.

Jorn-Kill him! Damn it, Torvolt! Kill both of them!

Darksider B(Torvolt)-Fine, fine. Alright jedi, no more playtime for you.

As Jorn jumps back against the wall, Torvolt realeases a powerful wave of force at the characters. It hits Jaia and Klamath with unrelenting force, and sends them hurtling back into the alley, were they hit the ground.

Torvolt-Ha. Pathetic jedi. You know nothing of the force.

Meanwhile in the wilderness, a rock flies at the Massif, who is somehow able to dodge it, but at great expense. The creature leaps right into the path of Maldak's lightsaber, and it recoils to jump again. The lightsaber swing hits the animal in the front leg, severing its front paw. The creature lets out a huge roar, and snaps at Maldak, who narrowly averts the bite.

[[OOC: Round up. Okay, here's the stats. Klamath, you did 17VP damage with that swing of yours, but not enough to hit WP yet. However, the Darksider B was able to succeed in Force Strike check against the both of you. Which you both failed. Jaia, you and Klamath lost 10VP and flew about five meters where you landed on your backs. Jaia, you're turn. In the woods, Maldak, you're move object check succeeded, you lose 2VP, and the Massif lost 10VP for the ability to dodge it. You got a critical on your attack roll, and it lost 7WP, but did not pass out. Sorry bud, but that's how the dice fall. Idimur, you're up.]

15 December 2004, 01:14 PM
Jaia picks herself up off the ground and stands there staring reproachfully at the two darksiders as she sends calming, friendly emanations out through the force to try and remove the hostility they obviously hold towards her and her companion.

[OOC Using Friendship force skill]

16 December 2004, 05:37 AM
Idimur stands firm still. He sees that the animal has been injured. Should we kill it? I have a feeling that is not what the force wills us to do. Its anger, its hate...its fear. It must be afraid of us. Maldak, wait! Perhaps we can change this creature's ways. Lower your saber. Turn it off. Maybe, it won't fight if we show it mercy. Idimur deactivates his saber, and uses tries to feel what the massif is feeling.

(Ooc: Lightsaber is off, Use of Empathy skill.)