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21 November 2004, 09:47 PM
Hello all,
Sorry, I wasn't able to find an answer to my question in the rule book, but if a character, say an Imperial Stormtrooper, is standing on a low object that affords him cover and that Stormtrooper is attacked by a Rebel Trooper... If the Rebel trooper is in an adjacent square to the in cover Stormtrooper, does the Stormtrooper still get cover from the Rebel attack?

Also, if a melee only character is attacking a character is hiding around the corner of a wall, does the defending character get cover? Just as an example, what if Tarkin was in the square in a corner of the Detention Block next to the door and a Wookie soldier is standing outside the Detention Block in the square in front of the door. Does Tarkin get cover?

Ghengis Ska
22 November 2004, 06:12 AM
The answer to your first question is on page 11.
under Low Objects and Cover, and right aboe it where they say
"an adjacent enemy never has cover"
In short an attacker ignores adjacent low cover, so the trooper has no cover.

Two i'm not 100% sure of the situation you are describing...
so ofr now all i can say is most likely, or they can't attack at all, becuase i'm not sure if they have line of sight or not.

22 November 2004, 09:33 AM
Hey, so it is. Just that one line. Thanks, Ghengis! :)

One other question for combined attack... A Stormtrooper makes an attack with an officer within 6 squares and hasn't moved, so he gets +3 to his attack. If he were to combine fire with a another unactivated character would that attacking Stormtrooper then get attack of 4 with +3 added on for Commander effect and then +4 for the combined fire? So he'd have a total of 11 plus his roll?

Ghengis Ska
22 November 2004, 09:56 AM
The way combined fire works, is it just adds the +4 to one attack, if the character had double attack it would only be applied to the first attack and not the second, you would need another person to combine on that one as well to get the bonus, commander effects would not come into play on the guy who is combining, so if you are asking does the guy combining fire get the +3 from the Stromtrooper officer no. becuase he is not techincally activating, he is sacrificing an action to aid the other guy, and not doing anything in his own right.

The total break down would be Stomies +4 (normal Attk Bonus) +4 for combined fire from other person, and +3 from Officer +11. His total is +11.
I think what you were asking is is his Total +14 = +4 Normal, attack bonus, +3 Command effect, +4 Combined Fire, +3 on Command effect of the combine fire guy).

The stromtrooper normally has a +4 to his d20 roll anyway.

22 November 2004, 11:59 AM
Cool, thanks again Ghengis... :)

27 November 2004, 07:36 PM
Regarding attacking around a corner:

Let me see if I'm picturing your question correctly:

2 R
3 I X

There's a Rebel in C2, an Imperial in B3, and a wall in C3 (its walls are on the borders between C2/C3 and B3/C3). Let's say the Imperial is the one with melee (i.e., Darth Vader).

The answer, in this situation, is no: The Rebel does not have cover. The Imperial gets to designate a corner of his choice from which to attack, and as long as a clear line can be drawn from that corner to all four corners of the defender's square, there is no cover. (Two lines will go along the wall, but merely "touching" the border of a square that grants cover isn't enough -- the line has to enter the square.)